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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 3, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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reporting. >> stay with us for the developments. which are bound to happen. >> i'm brooke baldwin. >> i'm john berman. >> tomorrow, jeremy irons. >> and "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. happening now in the newsroom, a college coach crossing the line. >> [ bleep ], [ bleep ] you bleeping fairy. you [ bleep ]ing [ bleep ]. >> mike rice kicking players, throwing balls at their heads. >> i am shocked. >> plus -- >> that is oil. >> spillproof. arkansas launching an investigation into the terrible oil spill that has flooded a neighborhood. also conrad murray. the prison interview. >> you believe in your innocence? >> absolutely. no doubt. because i did nothing wrong.
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>> michael jackson's fallen doctor. the denials, and the strange singing on cnn last night. ♪ he's a little boy that santa claus forgot the little boy that santa claus forgot ♪ >> and controversy in the classroom. should teacher raises be tied to student test scores. late-night deal. >> here he is, jimmy fallon! >> new reports from hollywood, jimmy fallon will indeed replace jay leno on "the tonight show." live in the cnn newsroom. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin with a story sure to rattle anyone who whose kids play sports. grabbing, shoving, throwing
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basketballs at players, hurling ugly slurs. >> you [ bleep ]ing fairy. >> that's mike rice, head basketball coach at rutgers university, at least for now. espn's release of the tape has ignited internet fury and calls for rice to be fired. pamela brown reports. has the university responded? >> we haven't heard anything official from the university, but the school's athletic director tim pernetti defended his decision not to fire rice when the video surfaced several months ago. grabbing pushing, kicking, and punching them. [ bleep ]. >> and screaming homophobic slurs. >> you [ bleep ]ing fairy. you're a [ bleep ]ing [ bleep ].
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>> rutger's head basketball coach mike rice going off the handle and abusing players during practices from 2010 through 2012 according to the sports network. the footage surfaced after eric murdoch, rice's director of player development until he was fired, showed it to rutgers athletic department officials. in an interview with espn, murdoch says the abuse caused several players to leave. >> to see your coach physically putting his hands on players, physically kicking players, firing balls at players from point-blank range, the -- the verbal abuse, the belittling, i was in total shock this guy wasn't fired. immediately on the spot. >> reporter: on espn tuesday, the school's athletic director was asked why he didn't fire rice? >> the moment we became aware of the video in november when it was presented by eric and his
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lawyers, we immediately convinced an independent investigation into the matter, talked to everyone in the program, we evaluated the situation and success mended mike in a more segue than coaches have been suspended in recent memory. >> reporter: as this video goes viral, many are calling him to reconsider and fire rice. even lebron james fwhaweighing n twitter. if my son played for rutgers or a coach like that, he would have some real explaining to do and i'm still going to whoop on him afterward. come on. coaches losing their temper is nothing new. remember bobby knight? he was known for his hot temper and throwing chairs. but this video led to his dismissal at indiana. >> maybe i grabbed him by the shoulder, by the walk of the neck, i don't know. i don't remember everything i have done in practice. >> reporter: now the question looms, will rice face the same fate as knight?
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so the questions remain this morning, whether rice will keep his job and whether pernetti and others involved in the suspension will face disciplinary action. we have reached out to the university, but so far have not heard back. we'll keep you posted on developments. carol. >> i'm sure you will keep reaching out to rutgers, many thanks to you. earlier, we heard from an epsn reporter looking into the blossoming scandal, he was asked are these kinds of abuses all that uncommon? >> what we've seen in recent months is more and more of these incidents coming to light. and i don't known that means there is a heightened sensitivity to it, but we had a report recently on espn where we talked about coaching millennials, and it's the case now that a lot of student athletes are pushing back and not tolerating this type of behavior. how common is it? i think if you were to have cameras at every practice across the country. you might be surprised that some
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stuff goes on that people would be shocked about. >> he goes on to say salty language is a normal part of college athletics, and shocked to hear homophobic slurs in this day and age. >> five days, five days, that's how long it took colorado officials to know that evan ebel had disabled his ankle monitor. ebel required to wear the monitor while he was on parole for assault. on march 1 49. his ankle monitor sent off a tamper alert. it took authorities five days to investigate and by then, a pizza delivery man had been murdered and so had colorado's prison chief. and police continue to investigate the murder of two prosecutors in texas, in colorado, a prosecutor had her own close call. investigators say an unarmed intruder killed after trying to push his way into the home of the prosecutor and her husband,
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who happens to be a sheriff's deputy. jim spellman more from colorado. >> carol, authorities tell us it was just before midnight monday night when a call came in from 911 from a district attorney in hot sulfur springs, colorado. she reported a stranger at their door acting erratically. there was some sort of altercation and either the deputy district attorney or her husband, who say sheriff's deputy, shot this man. his name is joshua stevens, in his early 30s. only moved to the community about a week earlier. apparently looking for work and staying with some friends there. we don't know why he was at their door or what led to this altercati altercation. prosecutors and law enforcement have been on heightened alert since the murder of colorado's prison chief and the murder of the assistant district attorney and district attorney and his wife in texas. at this point, investigators don't believe there is any
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connection between those cases and what happened in hot sulfur springs a lot more work for investigators to do before they figure out what happened monday night. carol. >> jim spellman reporting. seven minutes past the hour, the president making a new push for gun control in a few hours, president obama will head to denver where state lawmakers passed tough new gun laws. the president will speak at the denver police academy, a few miles from the theater where the massacre in aurora happened last summer. surprising moment from former north carolina governor mark sanford. he gave a victory speech with his fiancee by his side this is the same woman he was having an affair with. she almost never appeared in public with sanford. he's won south carolina's primary for a u.s. house seat. sanford will face elizabeth
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colbert-busch, the sister of stephen colbert. award winning superintendent has left jail after posting bond. beverly hall accused of rewarding teacher who's allegedly changed student test scores in the atlanta public school district. she earned $225,000 in bonuses over three years for the unexplained test score game. the former atlanta superintendent denies wrongdoing. 35 other atlanta educators are indicted. 26 have turned themselves in. the man in prison for the involuntary manslaughter in the case of michael jackson is speaking out amidst a new lawsuit, trying to clear his name. conrad murray insists he is not guilty. not all that's making news this morning. last night, conrad murray, dr. murray, actually sang a song, a nat king cole song for anderson
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cooper. ♪ he envied all those lucky boys, but goodness knows he didn't want a lot ♪ ♪ i'm so sorry for that laddie who hasn't got a daddy ♪ ♪ he's the little boy that santa claus forgot ♪ . that song tells my story. >> i know. i know. this interview comes as michael jackson's mother is accusing concert promoter aeg of negligent hiring. when they hired dr. conrad murray. joining succeus is don lemon who spoke exclusive to dr. murray. i know it's not correct, but he sounds crazy. >> yeah, yeah. listen, i wasn't surprised he sang that song. in the interview with me on friday, he talked about, you know, his childhood and not having certain things and really being the brunt of what happened to michael jackson and relating
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michael jackson as a child. because michael jackson didn't have a childhood. it was uncomfortable to watch as you were sitting there watching. i don't know how anderson didn't flinch or laugh. my first inclination would be to do so. >> but then you remember what this man is accused of doing to michael jackson. it becomes quite serious. and how could have anybody hired this doctor? >> that's the crux of the case. who hired michael jackson? aeg or michael jackson? that's the skruks for both sides here. and aeg is saying, listen, we are like a credit card, like visa or master card. we were simply fronting the money to conrad murray for michael jackson. michael jackson, conrad murray was michael jackson's physician and we were only paying him up front. the family is saying something opposite and suing for $40 billion. at the top end. $40 billion. of course, they probably won't get that. the interesting thing, the way i
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got dr. murray to speak to me, i said, listen, you seem like villain to most people. you sat in the courtroom. i was there in 2011 when he was convicted. you didn't really say anything, you showed emotion one time. do you feel like you've been made out to be the bad guy. that's when he wanted to talk. take a listen. do you think you have been made out to be villain? >> i don't want to pass judgment on others. i can see that i am a scapegoat. there is no doubt about it. all of the mishaps that he has encountered in life seems to trickle down on me and i think that is the case of the scapegoat. nobody has taken any responsibilities for anything that they have done to this man. but because i was at the wrong place at the wrong time, here i am. >> who is responsible in his mind for michael jackson's
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death? >> michael jackson himself he says, and for people who are around michael jackson, meaning the family. the family did not take responsibility and people he calls hangers on. he believes by the time michael jackson died, no propofol in his system. and his attorney says that, he has proven the theory nothing is there. so michael jackson self-ahead ministered and blaming other drug use that dr. arnold cline administered that may have been in his system. really no one else. michael jackson's friend and really trying to help him toward the end, but he just happened to be there, was the last person when michael jackson died. >> oops. that's really sad. don lemon, thank you so much. kevin ware back with his brothers. the louisville guard rejoined teammates two days after surgery to repair his shattered leg. joe carter was there when ware returned to campus with his mom. describe it. what was the mood like? >> i can tell you what, carol.
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very surprised, but yet very happy to see a big smile on kevin ware's face when he arrived to the practice facility yesterday. obviously on crutches two days removed from a huge surgery where they had to put a rod in his leg, he was in a really good mood. mom in a good mood. carrying the championship trophy the team won sunday night after beating duke. came to practice yesterday, watched the team practice for three hours, got in a van after practice, as they were passing us by in the van, mom gave us two big thumbs up, kevin and his girlfriend waved and smiled. the mood good between him and his family. the plan today is to see if kevin is able to get on a plane tonight with the team. set to leave louisville about 7:00 p.m. eastern to head to atlanta. doctors want to give him one last check, make sure there is no infection. if is he medically cleared, he'll be able to join the team a big point of motivation for that team if he's sitting on the sidelines, sitting on the bench when they play wichita state.
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>> many thanks, joe carter. after a video of his duet with jay leno went viral, jimmy fallon back to his usual tricks. >> the theme for last night's "dancing with the stars" was prom night. which makes sin s sense, since did was sit around and watch other people dance. ♪ all by myself i'm going to be all by myself ♪ >> god knows no shortage of dance partners now. jimmy fallon reportedly closed a deal with nbc to take over as host of "the tonight show." a.j. hammer. this doesn't really come as a big surprise. >> not really a big surprise. these reports he has signed a contract extension with nbc that would guarantee he will take over "the tonight show," some
6:16 am
outlets are confirming the news, but the timeline is up in the air. nbc executives want fallon in place by the winter olympics next february. that's an important time. nbc in such a ratings slump, the only really reliable audience magnet they have is sports. leno under contract until next fall. so that timeline may not exactly work and that may not leave enough time for jimmy fallon to figure out his transition to the new show. get a new set built in new york, which is apparently where the show would originate from. and nbc would love this to go as smoothly as possible. but i don't think anybody can guarantee, carol this say done deal until fallon is sitting behind that desk and doing well in the ratings. >> okay. we'll keep our eye on it a.j. hammer, many thanks. 12,000 barrels of oil rushing down streets and soaking into front lawns and backyards. smell unbearable. arkansas is investigating this
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arkansas investigating exxonmobil for a nasty oil leak in the town of mayflower. 12,000 barrels of crude oil poured into streets and soaked into lawns. the neighborhood overcome with the strench of crude oil. people were forced to evacuate, two dozen of them. it was caused by a two to three inch gash in exxonmobil's 60-year-old underground pipeline that transports canadian oil to texas. with us from little rock is arkansas attorney general dustin mcdaniel. welcome. >> good morning. thank you. >> good morning. what action is your office taking, and why? >> well, the attorney general's office is responsible for representing the people of the state. and so most importantly to me, i want to know what happened. i want to know what we're doing to clean it up. and what we're going to do going forward to ensure that the natural resources of of arkansas that have been damaged are compensated for that.
6:21 am
the first step, of course, is to place the company on notice that we want them to retain their records, documents, e-mails, things that are going to be important as we gather evidence going forward, and then today i'm going to go personally to the site and get a feel for what's happening on the ground. >> it doesn't sound like you trust exxonmobil overly? >> to their credit, they have been cooperative so far. however, i think that it's my responsibility in the adversarial system that we have to be very aggressive and ensure the people of arkansas are being representative authorize offly, it's not is much about trust. it's about ensuring the right things are being done step by step to make sure this environmental incident is addressed properly this is not the type of thing we deal with in arkansas. i've been in touch with my friends in louisiana and
6:22 am
mississippi who, unfortunately, have a lot more experience with much larger spills than this and i'm getting an awful lot of good advice on how to proceed. >> we all remember what bp did. so we're with you. i'm wondering, you have crude oil inside some homes. crude oil seeping into the ground. how could that harm your home? could it harm a home irreparably? could it sink into the ground and affect the aquifers underground? >> i don't want to step too far, but i would think some homes would be damaged beyond repair. i think a lot of the grounds soil will have to be believed, replaced. some homes may be destroyed. much of this area may have to be completely redone. are you right to talk about the ground water. we have a fragile environment in arkansas. we protect it, we call ourselves the natural state for a reason.
6:23 am
and whether it's the lake conway which is a source of drinking water and recreation in faulkner county or the extentive underground aquifers, essential to arkansas's economy and environment, we'll find out exactly how far the spill goes. >> last question, the pipeline that runs underneath the state, 60 years old. exxonmobil earned a near record profit of $45 billion last year. wouldn't it be nice if they replaced that pipe? >> i don't know how long they intended for that pipeline to be in use when it was put in the ground just after world war ii, and i don't know exactly when it was last inspected or what the inspection records are, but i can assure you the people of arkansas are going to ask those questions and we're going to find out. >> arkansas attorney general dustin mcdaniel, thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> you're welcome.
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now is your chance to talk back on a story of the day. should the rutgers basketball coach be fired? disturbing video on espn. rutgers coach mike rice, kicking, shoving, punching and berating players with homophobic slurs. [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ]ing fairy. you are a [ bleep ]ing [ bleep ]. >> rutgers suspended rice for three games, fined $55,000. are you are saying you are kidding, you are not alone. lebron james said if my son played for rutgers or a coach
6:28 am
like that he would have some real explaining to do and i'm still going to whoop on him afterward. come on. rutgers practically fell over itself trying to right the bully's wrongs, but not in rice's case. after watching the video in november, the sports bully was let off easy. c nnch nn after the rutgers athletic director fires mike rice, he should fire himself. we reached out to rutgers and rice, we have not heard back. the athletic director told wfan radio -- >> there is a lot of hindsight 20/20 that there will be there was no other option than to term night mike. i made that decision, i'm accountable for it i have to live with that. >> really? deja vu all over again. bobby knight, indiana coach, notorious for his temper. this took this video with knight with his hands around a player's
6:29 am
neck to get him fired. the ultimate irony? knight has a gig at espn. the same network with analysts calling for rice to be fired. should the rutgers coach be fired? or tweet me @carolcnn. the conservative man of the moment. now dr. ben carson taking aim at the left. calling white liberals racist. but is he ignoring problems within his own party? our political panel will weigh in. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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bob will retire when he's 153,
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which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. good morning to you. i'm carol costello. thank you for being with me. story we're watching in the newsroom, 32 past the hour.
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the dow begins the day at all-time high. that could change. the u.s. private sector added 158,000 jobs last month that number, below prediction. on to politics now. dr. ben carson. world renowned john hopkins neurosurgeon turned media darling, and a star turn at the annual conference of conservatives, cpac, where carson drew cheers when he hinted at a possible white house run. but he stumbled in a white house run, where he seemed to link homosexuality to beastiality and ho he has apologized. >> as a christian we have a duty to love everyone as ourselves. i love gay people, i love straight people. this was really on my behalf, somewhat insensitive and i certainly apologize if i
6:34 am
offended anyone, because i was not in any way comparing gays with people who engage in beastiality or sexual child abuse. >> but now carson is focusing on a different target. white liberals. >> you're attacked also in many respects because of your race. because you're not supposed to think like this and talk like this. a lot of white liberals just don't like it, do they? >> well, you know, they are the most racist people they are. they put you in a little category, you have to think this way. how could you dare come off the plantation? >> joining me now, robert zimmerman and ron christie. welcome to you, both. robert, you are a liberal elitist, i say that lovingly. >> i feel so special. >> so you know a lot of
6:35 am
intellectual white elitists. >> we have conference calls every couple of days and work up our list. i deplore, when i see anyone, from any category, use racism as a political punchline or excuse. let's be realistic. bigotry, racism, exists in every segment of our society. but the issue for dr. carson, he's trying to engage in the attacks on white liberals as he calls them, he's under attack for bigoted behavior himself. it took several days to get to his apology at cnn. comments about the gay community were out of context. i cannot imagine the right context those statements would be acceptable in. >> i want to try to take the politics out of it. it's an interesting and important issue. you know, i mean there are races of every political persuasion,
6:36 am
right? we can all agree, right? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. so this is from the blog pointing out liberal racism, while failing and refusing to accident at that time ambulate ant racism in his own party just means that dr. carson is not serious with his concern over the racism that african-americans face. he is only the latest voice to be a schil for the republican party, desperate to rebrand themselves." does he have a point, ron? >> no, absolutely not. you listen to the mark levine show when he interviewed dr. carson, he was spot on for his criticism of keeping blacks in a box and keeping them in the plantation. every day, i get a note you are an uncle tom, you're a sellout. i was called that from an aide of maxine waters' office, if you are black, conservative and dare
6:37 am
not to be democratic, a liberal, are you accused of being a sellout, an uncle tom. i like robert zimmerman a lot, he's my friend and a white elitist. the underlying sentiment where we have re-elected the first african-american president, we have so many areas of progress in this country and areas of race and it seems to me the liberal establishment can't stomach having african-american conservatives. >> i've heard that from more than one person, robert. liberals are among the most racist, it's not politically correct to say it. >> it's also -- it's a dumpstb stereotype. m ron is not just a man who i have personal respect for, but he gives conservatism a good name this is not really
6:38 am
productive. this is important. we have a responsibility to attack racism, not in the partisan context, but when we see it in the own party. i have seen dr. carson stand up to the racism that donald trump is engaged in, or the bigoted behavior in the republican party, their attitude toward women or the gay community. that's the standard by which we have to judges these issues. we look at ourselves, our own party and hold our own parties accountable. >> thank you for tackling such a tough subject this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. >> coming up in the newsroom, a hovi he craft or a bubba craft? a new way to hit the links. welcome to the new new york state. what's the "new" in the new new york? a new property tax cap... and the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. new opportunities for business. over 250,000 new private sector jobs
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41 minutes past the hour. after almost 42 years, louis taylor is a free man. he has adamn'tly maintained his innocence for nearly half a century behind bars. >> how does it feel to be out, sir, after 40-some years. >> it feels good to feel free mother earth under my feet. that's only part of the story. they don't know the whole story. our story still out there, but it's unfortunate, the tale of two tragedies, the tiny hotel fire and me getting convicted for it. >> he went to prison when he was 16 years old. >> he accepted a deal for his relea release, pleaded no contest. taylor, 59 years old. a new look at the sinkhole that took the life of a florida man on february 28th. it opened up under a home and swallowed jeff bush sleeping in
6:43 am
his bedroom. this video shot by a government contract worker using a video camera on a pole. you can see how deep that sinkhole is. bush's body was never recovered and the house had to be demolished. jay-z, adding another line to his resume. sports agent. is he launching a company called rock nation sports. first client? new york yankee superstar robinson cano. and mike rice captured on video abusing his players, yelling homophobic slurs. so why isn't he fired? we'll talk about that.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
it's the buzz of the sports world today. rutgers university men's basketball coach mike rice going over the line. espn aired this video from a team practice where rice grabbed, pushed, shoved players, threw basketballs at them, yelled homophobic slurs and other kinds of slurs i can't say on tv. rutgers suspended the coach in december, but it's facing pressure to fire rice. our affiliate, news 12 new jersey interviewed tim pernetti, athletic director at rutgers. >> first question, when did you hear about it? what was your reaction? >> well, you know, we were
6:47 am
amazed aware of some things last summer, and then i was presented a tape in november and we immediately commenced an investigation. hired someone independent of the university to do it talked to everybody in the program. looked at hundreds of thundershowers of practice film. needless to say, a lot of behavior unacceptable and not to the rutgers standard. that's why we handed out a significant amount of suspension we did and the things that came along with that. unfortunate situation, definitely not an instance where i had a lot of people at my door concerned about the matter, but as soon as we were made aware of the fact, we dealt with it, and mike paid a significant price for that. >> the video we're seeing today, the way the media works, you think it just happened. this happened before the suspension? this happened beforehand? >> yeah, everything -- we've look the ahead practice film every single day, this all occurred before, and needless to say, helped us set the parameters for what our expectations were, every coach at rutgers understand what the
6:48 am
rutgers standard is, and at this case, the coach varied from that and paid saying pent for it, we are taking this first offense to educate mike rice on the rutger's standard. >> i hear who leaked the video. it wasn't leaked at all. how did it become public? how did espn get their hands on it? >> eric murdoch, and his attorneys, who have been in discussion with rutgers about his employment, produced and provided the video. which is vifine. we are a public university, we expected it to be produced. we didn't produce it in december. we are concerned about the welfare of student athletes and a lot of kids on that film may not like to be in the spotlight. had we not dealt with the issue -- we've dealt with the ish new a segue if you look at what's been done in college basketball the last five, ten
6:49 am
years. we are comfortable moving forward we understand each other and no margin of error going forward as it relates to people's behavior. >> this sort of starts the fire again. the ashes still smoldering. how does this affect mike rice's tenure? >> i think it will affect mike rice wherever he goes. certainly affects his tenure. we are trying to support him. but we also have to penalize him in the process too. there are certain words that are said and actions that are taken that are no acceptable no matter who you are, where you work, and certainly not at rutgers. it will have an affect and a difficult thing to climb out of, but everybody has to try to do their part to make that happen. >> is his job safe today? we'll see how this all shakes out? >> we dealt with there 4 1/2, 5 months ago, and it's clear where we want to go on an ongoing basis. that's still where we are. >> "sports illustrated" executive editor joins us now. did you catch all of that? >> i caught all of that, i did. >> he seems to be intimating,
6:50 am
the athletic director, that this mike rice abusive incident was an isolated one. did it seem that way to you? isolated one. did it seem that way to you? >> well, the tape speaks for itself. there were multiple, multiple instances and i don't know how this becomes a matter of degree. this is so far over the line and you hear athlete and coaches talk about what goes on in practice, that it's a huge environment and people don't unless they are part of a team. and the response from the sports community say i've never seen anything like this. for an athletic director to talk about this is the first offense and there was a three-game defense, it's fairly appalling. you wonder if mike rice is going to survive this. >> well, the ncaa has ruled. they could be involved. because one of the seven ncaa
6:51 am
principles is student athletes' well-being. could they say, rutgers, you're not taking care of your students well enough by letting this guy continue to coach? >> yeah, the ncaa tends not to get involved in affairs like this. i don't see how anyone sees this tape and says it's not a case of student athletes getting abused. the other irony, if one of the students or these athletes said, enough is enough, i don't need to subject myself to this, i'm going to transfer, they would have had to sit out for a year as a penalty. you can treat your players like this and have a three-day suspension and then have your boss assert that this was adequate, it's pretty ludicrous and i think that the fallout from this is just againing. i can't imagine that it's very tough to see how the coach is
6:52 am
going to survive this and i fram frankly think that the athletic director is at jeopardy as well. >> he had a winning basketball program, rutgers doesn't. i don't know what that says but i want your thoughts on this. >> you're right. bobby knight has a national title and that probably would have led to behavior being acceptable elsewhere but any coach under any circumstances, physically abusing his players like this, the homophobic remarks and, again, there are dozens and dozens of incidents. this wasn't just one bad day of practice, again, i don't see how a coach survives this, he shouldn't survive this and i'm
6:53 am
not sure how a three-day suspension is adequate either. >> jon from "sports illustrated," thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. rrrrrrrrrrrr! when i'm hungry, i feel like i want to faint. this is my hungry monster. one in six americans struggle with hunger every single day. if i could stop hunger, i would definitely do it. [ male announcer ] let's growl back at hunger. during april, walmart and kellogg's are coming together to fight hunger by donating to feeding america. which contributes to food banks in your own community. support us in creating the biggest growl ever. [ kids growling excitedly ] ♪ arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz.
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6:55 am
just one out is all that separated darvish. andy schultz is joining us with today's bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning. one out away from a perfect game and then giving up that hit, that's what happened to darvish.
6:56 am
marwin gonzales hits the perfect game but hits it right between hu's legs. it ends in heartbreak but the rangers still won 7-0. and brittney griner's career may have come to an end but cuban said he would draft her. he's willing to give her a shot. he said, hey, she's ready. she tweeted, i would hold my own. let's do it. finally, are you tired of riding around all of the pesky water
6:57 am
while you're golfing? this is a bubba craft. it's fun to do. scary to drive it. i only had a five-minute lesson but then i learned how to drive it. >> this golf cart can go anywhere on a golf course leaving relatively no trace behind. head over to carol, i don't get to the golf course very often but if they had that, i think i would go every weekend. >> i'm one of those rare people that think that golf is unbelievably boring. >> maybe you would try that? >> yes, maybe. andy, thank you. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" after a break. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum.
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7:00 am
happening now in the newsroom, a man shot dead after trying to force his way into a colorado district attorney's home. >> my first thought was, another incident of public officials being targeted. >> a random attack or the latest in a string of attacks on prosecutors? plus -- >> [ bleep ]. >> caught on tape, a basketball tape using homophobic slurs and
7:01 am
abusing his players. is a three-game suspension enough? and tired of paying to watch cable television? you can soon watch on your laptop. >> i don't think i've ever eaten a fish. >> the little clown fish is swimming back. >> there is a sequel to "finding nemo". >> you're live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. thank you so much for being with me. it has been a very scary time for those working in the legal system. two prosecutors killed and last month's prison chief. now an intruder tried to get into a colorado couple and was
7:02 am
killed in their home. he tried to force their way into their house. police don't think there are any other links to the recent attack. >> investigators at this point want to make sure we let everybody know that there are no apparent ties from this shooting to any prior recent shootings. however, the investigation is ongoing. investigators are looking at all possible leads, all possible ties, and trying to learn everything they possibly can about this man. >> jim spellman is joining us from denver. who shot the man and who was he? >> it's unclear if it was the deputy district attorney or the sheriff's deputy. his name is joshua stevens and he's in his early 30s. he was unarmed when he came to their door. he made his way from michigan here, apparently looking for
7:03 am
work and was staying with some friends. the deputy district attorney and her husband lived in what was one time an operating hotel. it still has the sign, "riverside hotel." why he would be coming there at midnight, we don't know. it would definitely be unusual to have somebody come to your door at that time of night. we checked on his background. all we were able to find was an arrest in 2007, fleeing from police. police are going to want to know who he has been spending his time with. because even though police say at this time it doesn't appear to be linked to the other attacks, we know people around the state have been on extremely high alert. i can only imagine that the knock on their door at midnight might have been like. >> was it more than enough on the door? there were reports that the man was trying to force his way in.
7:04 am
what was he doing? was he trying to breakdown the door? what was it? >> we don't know. it was right before midnight when the deputy district attorney called 911 and she said there was this man behaving erratically. that has been yet to be answered, what happened and why he would be there and how this led to an altercation where somebody was shot. >> jim spellman, thank you. the man in prison for involuntarily manslaughter in the meek kell jackson case is trying to clear his name. dr. conrad murray is speaking out and saying that he is not guilty. last night dr. murray sang a nat king cole song for anderson cooper. ♪ she's the little boy that
7:05 am
santa claus forgot ♪ ♪ he wrote a note to santa for some crayons on a toy, broke his little heart when he found santa hadn't come ♪ ♪ in the streets he emptied all of the lucky boys but goodness knows he didn't want a lot ♪ ♪ i'm so sorry for that laddy who hasn't got a daddy ♪ ♪ she's the little boy that santa claus forgot ♪ >> that song tells my story. >> wow. and i know you said wow. this interview comes as michael jackson's mother is accusing achlaeg of negligent hiring of dr. conrad murray. a surprising moment from mark sanford. he gave a victory speech with this woman by his side. this is the same woman that
7:06 am
sanford admitted to having an affair with in argentina after saying that he was hiking the appalaichan trails. sanford won the primary senate seat. sanford will face democrat elizabeth colbert bush, stephen colbert's sister. and outside the line, rice is shown throwing basketballs at the players and hurling homophobic slurs. >> you're a [ bleep ]. >> cnn has reached out to the university and coach for comment. they have not called back. kevin ware is back on a louisville campus after he shattered his leg. he hopes to travel with the
7:07 am
final four but his doctor will have to clear him. rachel nichols will talk to ware live at 3:30 p.m. eastern. in just a couple of hours, president obama embarks on a mission to revive a nationwide support for gun control. traveling to colorado, a state affected by recent gun violence at an aurora movie theater. some of the toughest gun control measures in the country. jessica yellin is joining us by the phone in denver to preview the new push. good morning, jessica. >> hi, carol. sources tell me that while he's here president obama will highlight the fact that this state, with the western frontier tradition, passed their new gun laws. he's going to use the success here to push congress to try to do the same and make that the
7:08 am
top priority issue when congress comes back from recess, which happens next week. while he's here today, carol, the president is going to hold a round table with families of victims including from the aurora movie theater and columbine massacres. carol? >> he's got a challenge trying to push any gun control measure through congress because i hear the background check bill is going before congress is in trouble. >> you're right. a handful of republicans has promised to filibuster that bill, which includes universal background checks for all purchases. senate democrats are looking for the 60 votes they need to overcome that opposition. they currently don't have it. they are working on a compromise. one option is to try to make a deal to eliminate the record-keeping background checks to win over more republican support but if they do not get enough republicans to overcome that 60-vote block, this bill
7:09 am
would fail, carol. >> jessica yellin, we'll get more from you later today. gun control opponents like the nra say there is no need for new laws. we just need to enforce the laws that are already on the book. is that true? anchor of "the lead" jake tapper, did a story on bad guys funding the nra. is that right? >> it's interesting. everybody agrees that we should enforce the laws on the books. this is what the agents are doing in california. they work in the attorney general's office. there's a list of individuals who are registered to have handguns, who have to register if you have a handgun in california. then there's a list of individuals who are prohibited from having guns. these are felons, people who have been adjudicated to have emotional problems, people with restraining orders, domestic violence. they combine the list and come up with this third list. it's about 20,000 people. they are called armed and
7:10 am
prohibited. we spent the night with department of justice in california officials, acts, trying to get these guns. it is incredibly labor intensive. here's the scene from the night we spent with them. >> and even though you've admitted that there are guns in the house, you are not allowed to go get them? >> well, everybody has rights and his rights are against search and seizure. at this time he denied consent to search his residence. we'll go present all of the facts to a judge and ask to search the residence for the weapons inside the residence, what we believe to be in there. >> and so that takes hours and hours and hours, not to mention all of the hours we spent going to the homes of people prohibited from having gun who were not there and pretending not to be there to do this job to get guns from 20,000 people who have guns, prohibited from
7:11 am
having them, california has just over 30 people in the entire state. every year they get maybe 2000 people who have guns, they get them back. but they also get 3,000 people added to the list. so it is a very difficult task and this is just enforcing the laws on the books. this is one -- we decided to explore this. one argument that people are making, just enforces the laws on the books. it's a lot tougher than it sounds. >> i know. because it's not only a shortage of manpower but preventing the authorities from going after -- from enforcing laws on the books, right? >> that's right. that was one case you just saw. another case the officers went into the home of this man and i think he was in fontana, california, east of los angeles, the guy fainted or -- they weren't sure if he was faking it or not faking it. he fainted and they had to call in paramedics, they had to call the fire department.
7:12 am
it was a whole thing and at the end of the day they recovered a lot of different guns that this guy was not allowed to have. it is incredibly labor intensive. everyone agrees he should not have guns. it's not so easy to get them back. >> i can't wait to see the full report. jack tapper, thank you. just ahead in the newsroom from the school house to the jailhouse, we'll have the latest on the atlanta public schools cheating scandal and what's happening to its former -- or the atlanta system former superintendent. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children
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7:15 am
this didn't take long. the rutgers' basketball coach mike rice has been fired. his contract has been terminated. espn released this video of him abusing the players. he hurled homophobic slurs at his players. let's head to new york and check in with cnn's pam brown. there's so many questions. why didn't rutgers' fire this
7:16 am
guy before? >> that's right, kashcarol. there are so many questions. as you mentioned, carol, we did receive a tweet from the assistant athletic director at rutgers university and in that tweet he says, based upon recently revealed information and a review of previously discovered issues, rutgers has terminated the contract of mike rice. now, this comes amid public fury over the video that we're looking at here where we clearly see mike rice, the basketball coach of rutgers in close range with his players, hitting them, grabbing them, throwing basketballs, as you see right there, at the players' legs and at their head. officials at the university first saw this video last november. it was brought to them by the head of player development at rutgers whose contract was not
7:17 am
reviewed. from there, there was an investigation and the university decided to suspend mike rice for three games and fine him $50,000 and now that this video has been released to the public, we're seeing the extent of mike rice's behavior and we're hearing that he no longer has a job with the university. again, waiting to hear official word from the university and we'll bring you the very latest. carol? >> pam, i'll let you get back to the case. i want to bring in jon worheim. rutgers said that they have fired this guy because of recent information. that defies fragility, doesn't it? >> there's no reason for this coach to have kept his job after
7:18 am
it was first released. the statement that the athletic director attempted to rehabilitate someone who engaged in this behavior is appalling and the precedence for keeping him for this amount of time and rutgers does not come out of this looking pretty good, no. >> is this just another sad part of the sports culture in our country, that this guy was kept on and the university thought he could be rehabilitated? >> i think among other things it highlights the imbalance. we talked about it a few minutes ago where the student had complained about this and south to transfer, the student would have sat out a year and the fact that the coach walks away with a three-game suspension and a fine that's a small fraction of his salary, this shows how tthe fod
7:19 am
and hypocrisy of college sports. >> bobby knight was fired by indiana. but eventually another university hired him. will that happen for mike rice, do you think? >> he is an olympic coach who won three titles. meek rice does not have that track record. a lot of disgraced coaches have gotten back on top and extended the ladder again but i don't think he's going to get a division one head coaching job any time soon, no. >> jon wertheim with "sports illustrated," thank you. mike rice fired by rutgers university. we're going to take a break. we'll be back with more. we can start losing muscle --, 8% every 10 years. wow. wow.
7:20 am
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7:22 am
new developments to tell you about this morning in the case of two murdered prosecutors in
7:23 am
texas. they are looking at eric williams who was fired in a corruption probe and reportedly had been prosecuted by the two men who are now dead, who were killed. we're talking about these two men. mike mcclellann and mark hasse. cnn's george howell is live from kaufman, texas, and george, an investigator. george, what can you tell us about this person of interest? >> reporter: well, cnn spoke with his attorney. investigators met at a place here in kaufman to take swab tests. again, this is something that we
7:24 am
learned and one person that investigators may be talking to several other people. you have to put you it into perspective because this is one possibility along with the aryan brotherhood. we've also heard about drug cartels, the possibility of this being an inside hit. there are many possibilities under the sun. you can tell that investigators are chasing the shadows of all of the cases that these men have prosecuted over their careers to find any solid, credible leads to help them get to the bottom of this case. >> tell us about the atmosphere there. you are at the courthouse and walking around the courthouse, what is the atmosphere like? >> reporter: it was really interesting, carol. we saw these public officials being flanked by law enforcement officials and everyone is i can taken serious he look. we got a sense of how concerned
7:25 am
he is doing his job in this type of environment. take a listen. >> i feel like he was murdered for what he did and it makes a difference in the way i do business and i'm not going to walk in fear. >> reporter: brandy fernandez would be filling the spot, carol, for the next 21 days until governor rick perry here appoints a new d.a. even she has security. 24-hour security given what is happening out here. >> wow. richard, we're hearing all of this speculation about gangs targeted district attorneys. is this common? >> no, it's not. most of the person gangs has rules against that because of the repercussions it would cost.
7:26 am
>> from your vantage point and you've studied gang behavior over the years, what do you suspect is going on here? >> well, i have to say that would be pure speculation. there were some ties involving the colorado head of the department of corrections up there, that it was involving the 211 crew, which is a subgroup affiliated with the aryan brotherhood gang. >> so we know evan ebel was gunned down in texas and police are pretty sure he's the one responsible, he belonged to a white supremacist group. so was he acting alone, then? >> we'd have to get the facts but i'd be careful calling him a white supremacist because it gives you a stereotype that these groups are formed because of their racial hatred. they are criminal groups, more
7:27 am
like the mafia, so these organizations will not discriminate in using whoever they can because the bottom line is money. >> and george, back to you for a second, you say police are covering all bases there in texas, right? evan ebel was gunned down in texas. >> reporter: they are not saying anything. in fact, just the other day when we thought we'd have a news conference with the sheriff's office, we were told that that would not be happening. they are very tight lipped about any indication as to who could be a suspect in this case. but i do want to go back to one point, as far as the aryan brotherhood of texas, we've hearded fr heard from our sources that they are less likely to be involved in this but still on the radar. you have to remember back in
7:28 am
december, the department of public safety, they put out a bulletin stating that the aryan brotherhood was actively tar et going, would actively target law enforcement. that's certainly why that was raised with hasse's death again. >> i'm sure you'll continue to be on the case. richard, george, thank you for being with us. george, tough be with us. we still appreciate it. thanks to you both. we'll be right back. tummy grow. rrrrrrrrrrrr! when i'm hungry, i feel like i want to faint. this is my hungry monster. one in six americans struggle with hunger every single day. if i could stop hunger, i would definitely do it. [ male announcer ] let's growl back at hunger. stock up on select general mills groceries at walmart's low prices between april 1st and 30th and you'll be contributing to food banks in your own community. join us in creating the biggest growl ever. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
7:31 am
breaking news to tell you about. rutgers university has fired basketball coach mike rice. you saw that video of espn of rice abusing players, throwing basketballs at them and hurling abusive comments, homophobics and other comments i can't tell you on tv. we received a statement from tim pernetti. i'm going to read it to you right now. he said "i am responsible for the decision to attempt a rehabilitation of coach rice. dismissal and corrective action were debated in december and i thought it was in the best interest of everyone to rehabilitate, but i was wrong. moving forward, i will work to regain the trut trust of the rutgers community. let's talk about this with dan. welcome, dan. >> thank you for having me. >> that was fast. >> they had to do it.
7:32 am
they really had no choice. there was no way rutgers was going to be able to run their basketball program if mike rice stayed. people are asking, having seen this tape, what took so long? >> exactly. we're going to show you the tape again so people understand what exactly coach rice did during this practice session but the athletic director thought that he could rehabilitate the coach. is this a normal practice for universities. >> i don't think so. i've never seen anything like i saw on tape yesterday. it horrified me. you can't throw basketballs at people's heads, you can't call kids in this day and age those names. people don't call their kids to college to get called those names by basketball coaches. he had anger problems going back to his prior college. they wanted a fiery coach but this guy went over the line clearly many, many times and i don't think there was any question he had to go.
7:33 am
>> so pernetti wanted a fiery coach. what do you mean by that? >> look, there's something to be said about aggressive coaching to push players to be their best but in this day and age you cannot be abusive. i think he was abusive over the course of three years and when tim saw that tape in december -- i've known tim for a long time. he's very well respected and considered one of the smarter people. i don't know what he was thinking. this was not a first offense as he called it yesterday. this was going on many times over three years. >> so do you think his job would be in jeopardy, too? i think it might. >> i think this was sort of the wind in the finger to see what the reaction is and this is not leadership. but i think that pernetti is trying to save his job. whether he will or not, i'm not
7:34 am
sure. >> do we have a quick bite? let's listen now, the athletic director for rutgers. i'm sorry. this is the coach. let's >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> okay. so we just wanted to show you an example of what kind of behavior on the basketball court we're talking about. if there was any thought at all that this coach might be rehabilitated and that maybe the public wouldn't find out about this because although mr. pernetti said they strive to be transparent at rutgers, they weren't. this tape was released by espn. it wasn't transparent to the rutgers family until it was aired on espn. you wonder how often this is going on at other universities.
7:35 am
>> well, a lot of universities will go at great lengths to protect a winning coach. mike rice was a losing coach. that's what baffled people yesterday when they saw this tape is why would the rutgers administration want to keep mike rice having seen what they saw? because it's not like he was bringing a lot of value to the athletic department in terms of wins and losses. >> i'm sure there will be more to this story because i do suspect that athletic director will be in trouble. dan wolken, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] the 2013 chevy silverado 1500
7:36 am
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7:38 am
jim carey a conservative?
7:39 am
a video that mocked former nra president charleston heston ♪ charleston heston movies are no longer in demand ♪ ♪ take him up to heaven because they couldn't drive that gun from his cold dead hand ♪ >> it's so foul we can't show you the whole thing. the title of the video is cold dead hands. it's a spoof on one of the heston favorite quotes. carey said, hold on, folks i don't want to take away your guns. every american has the right to speak their mind. every american has the right to bear arms but it's up to every american to draw the line when it comes to a reasonable means of self-defense. joining me now is robert zimmerman and will cain.
7:40 am
welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> will, i'm sure you watched the jim carey video in totality. please characterize is for us. >> well, he makes fun of charleston heston who is no longer around to defend himself. and said gun control opponents were heartless m-feres. does that encollapse late it for you? >> yeah. and jim carrey said it was supposed to be funny. he was surprised by the level of hatred he faced due to a difference of opinion. >> hold on. hold on. i'm going to give robert his air time but he told anyone who
7:41 am
opposed his view a variety of names and some people pointed out that he was a canadian and an actor and he said, hey, where did this get so personal? >> will, i've got to point out, this is not about jim carrey versus conservatives. it played on the stereotypes of rural americans. his op-ed is very heartfelt and sincere and people should read that but that video was such a distraction. it's like michael moore's comment about the autopsy of the mass shootings. it's a distraction of the real issues before our country which is getting 50 votes in the senate to stop the right wing from engaging in a filibuster so we can't even get a vote on gun safety legislation. >> you're right, robert. it is a distraction. so why do people who are for gun control keep doing this? because you can't villville fi
7:42 am
other side. >> i'm not suggesting that it's justified but the left goes after the right for people like ted nugent and now jim carrey. often it's driven by media and social media as well and it really is a distraction from the s substantive issue. >> president obama is heading to colorado and he's going to visit the police there and visit the theater where all of those people were killed and he's going to use that as a backdrop to push congress to pass these gun control measures. do you think there's a chance? >> do i think there's a chance? >> do you think there's a chance that any sort of gun control measure will pass congress? >> perhaps a slight chance on expanding background checks but many of the proposals, such as a
7:43 am
ban on assault weapons, has withered away and rightfully so. you asked about the gun control proponent side, distraction or an attack, because reason is not on their side. they don't have the ability to point out a single functional difference between assault weapon and the majority of semiautomatic weapons in this court. it doesn't make any sense. so what do you do when -- you indulge in emotionalism. >> here's some facts that might be helpful to you. for example, when the president of columbine -- remember, if there were a limit number of imagi magazines reduced to 10, here's another fact. when we have universal background checks, it provides a much more effective effort to take away guns from people mentally unstable or criminals. already under the present system, 78,000 gun applications were rejected for people unfit
7:44 am
under the president's background check. so there are real facts here. they are not about emotionalism. the issue now is about the safety of our country and the safety of our citizens. that's what this debate is about. >> all right. we have to leave it there. robert zimmerman, will cain. >> thanks. broadcast tv or on your iphone or tablet. what is happening now is not making cable companies really happy. [ driver ] today, my ambulance knew all about a bike accident,
7:45 am
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time to look at our top stories. angelina jolie wants you to look good and help girls in afghanistan as well. she's launching a new line of jewelry. she's known for her work as an actress and as a u.n. goodwill ambassador. you could soon ditch that
7:48 am
en expensive cable bill. zain asher explains. >> then, the flat screen, now the television try is preparing for another revolution. this time with these. >> the one thing missing on the internet is television. >> met chet kanojia. for $80 a year his company aereo will let you live stream tv straight on to your phone or ipad, all day every day. >> there's a lot of ends for people to be able to access content over tlear their computers. >> we think of aereo as a simple way to get television online. there's nothing required. >> it works by using these tiny
7:49 am
antenna to capture broadcast signals. it's precisely the reason the netwo network giants are having trouble sleeping. the national association of broadcast calls aereo illegal and others call it a sham. >> the legal fight isn't done. >> networks say it's a clever way to make money from content it doesn't own but lucky for aereo, david is winning against gol l goliath. a court ruled that aereo violated no copyright laws. >> aereo is not attached to any of these media companies. technology is something we need companies to adopt and we think it's a great opportunity. >> i think it's very likely that you're going to see more ways for people to watch tv because they are going to start
7:50 am
responding to consumer demand and if they don't start doing that, aereo and companies like aereo are going to do it for them. >> sounds like good news for me and bad news for the cable companies. >> pretty much, carol. the ruling says that by using aereo, consumers are renting out their tiny antenna. consumers, as you mentioned, see it as more choice. you can watch tv on your iphone on the go and for cable companies it completely undercuts them price wise. cable companies now have the option of replicating what aereo does and could use it as leveraging power. we'll be watching. carol? >> okay. thank you very much, zain asher reporting live from new york. as we told you earlier, rutgers university has fired the basketball coach mike rice for this abusive video from basketball practice where he
7:51 am
hurled insults at his players and abused them physically by throwing basketballs at their legs and head. we now have a statement from the university president, robert barchi. "coach rice cannot continue to serve effectively in a position that demands the highest levels of leadership and accountability and cannot continue to coach at rutgers university. therefore, tim pernetti and i have jointly decided to terminate mike rice's employment at rutgers." cnn will have much more in the hours to come. we're going to take a break and be right back.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
i'm so excited about this. the movie may be "finding nemo". >> just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. >> i love that movie and that fish. and now ellen degeneres announced the long-awaited sequel on her talk show. >> and today i am proud to officially announce that pixar is releasing "finding dory."
7:55 am
and here's the good news. they say i'm one of the top five contenders to play the part of dory. i will be dory again, which is the most fun in the world. the entire sequel is about dory. the name of the movie is about "finding dory" and that's the name of the movie. and that's it. >> a.j. hammer is joining us now. what took them to long? did they forget? >> it could be because pixar was able to get the entire cast back together, ellen along with andrew statton. maybe it's because of the release of the 3-d version of "finding nemo." but really i'm thinking it could be because of all of the lobbying that ellen degeneres
7:56 am
has done to get the sequel made. you have to look at how she pushed for "finding dory." >> they made a movie on this and then it was so successful that they made a sequel which happens when movies are very, very successful. i'll much wa the super bowl and do it once like finding nemo. >> finding nemo 2 would be hard because it's almost impossible to get the entire cast together with the same writers and directors and pro us doers. anyway, that brings up shrek 4. >> she mentioned it a couple of times, carol. and i must point out, this role for ellen predates her talk show. so imagine how much we're going to hear from her about this movie as we get closer to its release, which isn't for another two years. >> oh, but still i love ellen so much it doesn't matter and i
7:57 am
love dory, too. i'm a happy woman. a.j. hammer, thanks. we'll be right back. she knows you like no one else. and you wouldn't have it any other way. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all
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