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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 3, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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ankle is hurt or something like that. and i look down at my leg and my bone is six inches out of my leg and i just go into automatic shock. and i really, really want to thank luke, because luke jumped right on the scene, and just had a prayer for me and it was either -- he was saying that prayer, what was going through my mind, eermg iither i'm goingy and my team is going to be devastated and we're probably going to win this game or i'm going to try to say some words that can get us through. and they beat duke by 22, so i said i think my words got through good enough. >> take us through luke -- you mentioned he was there by your side. he said after the game, if he was in that situation, he would want a teammate next to him. >> luke is a great guy. luke is -- from the time he's been here, he's just been a leader. and i can really say that i really have a deep kind of love for luke because he's never going to tell you anything wrong. he'll get into a guy and practice all the time, but
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that's just luke being luke. and when he jumped on the scene, and how he did, you know, i was really more expecting payton because you know how payton is, he's really always there, but seeing luke there, it really just touched my heart. he said a prayer and he got me through and i saw coach and i just kept repeating over and over again, coach, i'm going to be good. we just got to win this game. that's most important right now. i'll be fine. just win this game. >> seeing tape of it, the reaction of your teammates, not of the injury, but the reaction of your teammates, have you seen -- >> i've seen -- it was, like, a ghost, i've never seen -- shane is crying his eyes out, everybody is just in real shock, you know? and just looking around and seeing that, it was devastating, you know? but they pulled it through. and that's really most important right now. we still have a season and we don't want our season to end, so
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got to get the job done. >> almost been three days. what has been the biggest surprise for you flaft thrin th three days? >> all you guys, all the support i've been getting. i've been touched by everyone. someone called me earlier today and was saying how this is bigger than just me, like, a lot of people are looking at me as a role model now because a lot of people that have been in injuries that ended their careers and car accidents and things of that nature. and people are really taking note to how i handled the situation. it wasn't nothing that is out of the ordinary. it is kind of just my character. how i handle it, so, you know, all this attention, it is not me, but it is really appreciated. >> i'm sure you had -- you were talking to your teammates. what was it like when you saw them? >> it was a great feeling. i've missed these guys. that was the biggest thing, getting back here, being in indianapolis, my girlfriend did
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a great job, just being there for me the entire time until my mom and my stepdad could be there. and but it is nothing like seeing my teammates. we're brothers. and i wouldn't trade these guys in for the world, you know? it is just a bond there that never has been broken and that's just as real as it gets. >> lebron and calls from michelle obama, what was the one where you went this is big, this is national? >> definitely a conversation with kobe. i'm not a strong -- i've always been a lebron kind of guy, but kobe, you know, kobe reaches out to you and people make accounts for the twitter and instagram, i felt like it was disrespectful, that's the only reason i ended up getting back on twitter to just verify this guy isn't me. so, just reaching out to me and showing that it doesn't matter what -- how old you are or what the situation is, everybody cares, that really touched me. >> i heard -- >> the george gibbs story from
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notre dame. >> no, sir. no, sir. >> the phrase, calling your teammates over, it has taken on this dramatic -- you're on the cover. do you see this as being a touch stone in sports? >> kind of with the injury that occurred and everything going on. it is not something that i planned, that i wanted it to happen this way, you know? i'm not a media guy. coach will tell you i'm one of the kwquietest guys in the worl and the support, i just really appreciate it. >> you're going through everything that you're going through, after the surgery, did you know of anything that was going on back at the arena and when did you find out you had won? >> it didn't come to me we were going to atlanta until the next morning because all the medicine i was on. i didn't remember coach coming to the hospital that night, honestly. and just me waking up and seeing that trophy right there kind of
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felt like, a step closer to where we need to be. >> have you seen any of the tape of the second half, the last 15 minutes? >> i saw the highlights. they put like a video together of duke coming back and tying the game and i don't know what happened. i guess there was a time-out or a huddle and those guys came out and started playing as hard as they could and they were on a magnificent run, payton was playing great, shane, everybody stepped up. it was very, very, very proud -- i was very proud of my team. >> the puppy you named scar. >> named him scar. little pit bull. he's got a connection already. it is one of those things where i need something to do, somebody to entertain me. i felt like the dog would be the perfect situation, you know? >> when did you get him? >> they got him the day -- i was -- first day i was in the hospital, they face timed me
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zach and wayne went and picked him up for me and showed me how they had the shirt, his name, my number, looking at him, looking at me, it was an emotional time right there. >> how cool was the shirt you're wearing right now? it is a motto for the team. >> i just feel like they're not playing just to win a national championship now. we accomplished a big east championship last year. we accomplished making it to the final four last year. our goals are still the same. my injury is not -- i still want to win a national championship like -- as long as i did playing. and when we cut down the net, that's the most important. >> you grew so much this year on the floor and off the floor. what was it -- what made you a different player? >> it was really just him having the confidence in me, really. i've been telling the media this since my suspension, since i came back for the marquette game, he basically told me i
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need to go out there and play basketball. and watching guys like russ and payton and learning from what they do and these are some of the best guards in the country, honestly. just something i can't take from that. you take a lot from watching rush, you know. kind of like, coach wanted us to be more like russ, just being aggressive and doing more stuff and i kind of felt like i started to pick it up, like, and kept progression, kept aggression as the season went on. but stuff happens. got to get the job done without me. >> you're from conyers, georgia. going back to atlanta now for the final four. how much support from your hometown and how much more -- >> tons of support. everybody i was really close with in high school has really been reaching out and trying to make sure i'm fine and they want to come visit. and do things, like i don't have a basketball tournament, but most of the guys told me, i'll still be busy, like as if i was playing. i'm going to try to get as much
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time as i can in with them. and i appreciate all the support and everything i've been getting, but we still got to go out there and get a job to do. >> you said they listened to your message. what are you telling them for saturday? >> i don't think i have to tell them anything. i think they'll look over to the bench and see me sitting there. that's all the motivation we need, really. this isn't one of those things where we need to be motivated. i kind of feel like we're in the final four. there is four teams left. either we're going to win or be back here in louisville. >> how long until you start playing again or what are your thoughts on that? >> i'm taking it day by day honestly. they said it would take the bone 8 to 12 weeks to heal. whatever the time period after that, i'll be able to play. i don't know right now. >> your team has a lot of second half comebacks. from the inside out, as a player, can you see and feel the fatigue that a lot of these teams are feeling midway through the second? >> yeah, coach g. does a great
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job with us. we cry and moan about it and give him a hard time in the summertime, but he does a great job of making sure we're conditioned and in better shape than any team we faced this year. and that kind of sets in for a lot of teams, like your colorado state and notre dame and all those teams that we played that really just got tired, only game i could really think of that really knocked us out last year was when marquette beat us pretty bad and then we played them again in the big east tournament last year and just seeing guys over there on their knees and can barely breathe and it was just, like, this -- everything we do is for a reason, you know? and everything here helps. >> what was the message for -- >> i'm okay. i appreciate all the support that they have been giving me. and if there is any way i can reach out to them and show them that i do appreciate it, i will.
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>> give coach an opportunity. is if there is any other questions for coach, anything anybody needs to get in right now. >> do you have any response to the rutgers situation? >> you know, it is very difficult to watch that, very disappointed. i hope -- i hope mike gets some issues taken care of, and it was very difficult to watch that whole thing. i hope for his sake he gets -- with his family, i hope they get back and they recover in some positive way. but it was difficult to watch certainly. and i hope for the situation there, a lot of healing must take place with something like that and i hope it does. >> when you see stuff like that, talking about the relationship you have were your players what goes through your mind when you see that? >> you know, i've never seen anything like that before.
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and i'm sure that there is a different side of him that really cares about his players. but that was difficult to watch to say the least. >> coach, you talked a lot about your guys and the relationship. going back to the final four what does it mean for you? >> you know, the final four is just, like i said earlier, the best thing about a final four is to put on that uniform and play in it. second best thing is to be part of it as a teacher. as a trainer. as an equipment man. you know, because we're all there together. we had to get there together. and not one person that can get a team to a final four. it is a collective effort by everybody involved, you know? sports information director after every game is up to 3:30, 4:00 in the morning. i know it because once in a while he'll stop by and see me at that time. so, you know, it is a collective
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effort for everybody to finally -- >> don lemon here. that was coach rick pitino, commenting on the situation that happened on sunday with this player and also commenting on the rutgers coach saying he hopes his family gets back together and he gets his act together. and, you know, in some way he cared for his -- for his team. we're going to talk more about that in a little bit. also, speaking at that press conference was louisville guard kevin ware. he just spoke out for the first time since he broke his leg in a gruesome scene on sunday, the ncaa basketball tournament. seems to be in really good spirits right now, taking things in stride. his injury was so horrifying, it brought his teammates and his coaches to tears. we just learned that ware is headed to atlanta tonight to watch his team in the final four. his hometown is just outside of atlanta. and i have this reminder for you. rachel nichols will have an interview with kevin and his mother, that's next hour here on
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cnn. make sure you tune into that. the other college basketball headline, you heard the coach mention it there, one of the reporters asked him about it in the press conference, rutgers university basketball coach mike rice speaks out. this is the first time that we're hearing from him since the video to was released showing him abusing players physically and verbally at practice. he was fired this morning. >> as i stated three months ago, after i watched the video how -- how deeply regrettable those action actions. i also stated i was going to try to work on changing and i think i've accomplished a lot of that. can't say anything right now except i'm sorry and there will never be a time where i'm going to use any of that as an excuse.
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there won't be any excuse. i've let so many people down. my players, my administration, rutgers university, the fans, my family, who is sitting in their house huddled around because of the fact that their father is an -- was an embarrassment to them. and it is troubling, but i will -- at some time maybe i'll try to explain it, but right now there is no explanation for what is on the films because there is no excuse for it. i was wrong. and i want to tell everybody who believed in me that i'm -- that i'm deeply sorry for the pain and the hardship i've caused. >> this is painful all the way
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around. you can hear the pain, the anguish in his voice, the video is painful as well. i want to show you more of the video now. it is what sparked this investigation. >> [ bleep ]. you're a [ bleep ] -- >> espn released this video less than 24 hours ago, rice is seen yelling homophobic slurs at players during a practice session from last november. he threw basketballs at their heads and violently pushed and even shoved them. want to bring in now grant wall, a senior writer for "sports illustrated," joins me now from new york. so, grant, the rutgers athletic director knew of rice's behavior in the past but only suspended him. why not fire him back then? >> i'm sorry, i'm having a hard time hearing you. can you repeat that? >> why not fire him back then when the athletic director knew about his behavior? >> yeah, that's the big question right now. once you see this video, all these videos, you hear the
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things being said, he goes beyond the pale and any administrator who knows what they're doing would have fired the guy upon seeing this for the first time and amazingly, give espn credit for reporting all this stuff yesterday, and speaking to tim pernetti, the athletic director, he said it was the first offense in his mind. well, you'there are a lot of fi offenses that took place and pernetti may have felt he could have rehabilitate, in his words, coach rice. that decision which could be really a poor one in retrospect, especially now that they have fired the coach, only now that the video has gone public. >> grant, grant, i want to read this. you brought up pernetti. he's the athletic director. here is what he said. a quote from him. he said i'm responsible for the decision to attempt to -- attempt a rehabilitation of coach rice. dismissal and correction action were debated in december and i
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thought it was in the best interest of everyone to rehabilitate, but i was wrong. moving forward i will work to regain the trust of rutgers community. that was released before rice was fired today. is pernetti's job in jeopardy, you think? >> i would think it should be and has to be, especially when you see someone like chris christie, the governor of new jersey, putting out public statements yesterday saying that rice should have been fired, and putting out another statement post firing of the coach that he still doesn't understand why those above him didn't act in the right way back in december when they suspended rice instead of firing him. now, the president of the university, rutgers university, of new jersey, the president of the university now says he -- had not seen the video until yesterday where the athletic director pernetti said yesterday the president had seen the video long before. so there is a lot of questions
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right now about how far this might go, whether the athletic director should lose his job as well. clearly the whistle-blower eric murdock -- >> lost his job. >> he did lose his job. and i think there is a real issue there that he lost his job, he alleges, because he supported the -- >> was the whistle-blower. hey, grant. we have to run. listen eric lot of things fell through the cracks here. we'll talk to you more and discussing this story a whole lot more here on cnn. thank you, grant. we appreciate it. there are some other big news now. this one involving television. jay leno is out as host of nbc's late night flagship "the tonight show." when this press release came over, you should have heard the new rooms erupt because it is confirming most of what we have been hearing. all the rumors making headlines over the past few weeks. leno will end 22 years as "tonight show host" in the spring next year, when jimmy fallon, jimmy fallon will take over and "the tonight show" will move from l.a. to the big apple
11:19 am
to new york city. entertainment correspondent nischelle turner live for us in los angeles. bill carter is here. television is going crazy right now. so it is all nuts. so, nischelle, leno is on top of the battle for late night viewers. his ratings are good. he's number one. >> yes. >> and it says it in this press release. why is nbc making this change now? >> well, you know, first of all, there is a lot of reasons why. nbc said their official reason is simply because they felt like it was time. here is what they said. they said we're purposefully making this change when jay is number one, just as jay replaced johnny carson when he was number one. jimmy fallon is a unique talent and this is his time. now, all of those things seem to be true. >> johnny retired. jay len wrote is not o is not r. >> it says jay leno announces he
11:20 am
is leaving. so they're spinning it as this was jay's idea. so that's what they're saying on paper. but we all know that jay loves to work and, you know, i think the worst kept secret in hollywood is he doesn't want to leave his show, but that's the situation they're in now, don. >> all right, bill, to you, leno is not just number one in his time slot. listen to what nbc says. "the tonight show" with jay leno ranked number one ahead of its abc and cbs time period competition in 18 to 49-year-old viewers and total viewers for each season since leno's return in march of 20 10. so, bill, he's beating jimmy kimmel, david letterman, overall in terms of most sought after viewers. what is really behind this switch then? >> well, it is a timing thing. look, i mean, jay had a -- had a contract that goes through september of 2014. and then jimmy fallon's contract was going to be up in 2015 and i don't think they wanted to lose
11:21 am
fallon. they had some concern about that. i also think jay is in his mid-60s and they feel like for the future, the way television is changing and the internet aspects of this, they need to get a younger guy in there. jay told me that really the difference with this was he went along. he agrees with this. he's on board with this. >> hey, negative time here. but where does he go from here? where does jay leno go? >> i think he'll go on the road, he'll do -- always in demand in vegas and for corporate comedy gigs and then he'll play his options out. somebody will probably call him up at some point because he does deliver numbers. i wouldn't be surprise to see him back on television. >> i think nischelle agrees with that. yes, initiatel yes, nischelle? >> absolutely. >> thank you. appreciate it. guns, beer, gambling, illegal drug use, inmates allegedly holding a party in jail. is this anything new? what new orleans is planning to do about it. then, the line is getting
11:22 am
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guzzling beer, doing drugs, playing with guns, all behind bars. shocking video shows inmates with guns and apparently doing drugs inside a new orleans jail. we don't know when the video was recorded. it surfaced in a court hearing over proposed reforms in new orleans. an expert testified he had never seen this kind of dysfunction, he calls it. sara ganim live in miami for us and sunny hostin is in new york. what the heck is going on? how does this happen in prison? sara, i mean, getting guns, drugs, i mean, do they have help getting this stuff in, sara? >> that's a great question, don. how they got this stuff inside the jail is something we don't know the answer to at this point. clearly guns, drugs, cell phones, which they used to shoot
11:26 am
this video, those are all contraband, not supposed to be in the jail. you can actually see on some of the videos how the inmates could freely walk around, could reportedly even walk out of the prison and then come back in. so, you know, you could presume the conditions were like that. it would be pretty easy to get some of this stuff inside. i want to tell you that cnn did talk to the mayor this morning and he gave us a statement where we asked him how the videos surfaced and he said this. this tape was hidden away from the public in a safe in the sheriff's office, and only came to light when the city's legal team fought to uncover it. as you mentioned, it was first aired for first time even though these are several year old during a court proceeding going on all this week and the fight is over who should have to pay to fix this problem. clearly this is not how a prison should operate. >> sunny, listening to the statement that sara got, was this a cover-up? did they know this and they were holding the tape and they kind of tried to cover it up? >> well, there is no indication
11:27 am
of that yet, but it is clear that people are concerned. there is this consent decreate agreed to in december between the justice department, the southern poverty law center representing some of the inmates and the sheriff of the jail himself, sheriff guzman. it is a 53-page, don, agreement. and the agreement, consent decree, and proposed, hasn't been approved by the judge yesterday, which is why there is a hearing, addresses all the issues. it would provide for increased staffing so people can't just leave a jail and have all of this contraband and that sort of thing. it would also provide for some mental health care, would provide for violence prevention, a significant problem now in the new orleans jails. and, of course, medical care because we know so many horrible things have happened at that particular jail. and so people are certainly looking at this, and trying to fix it. the real question is the cost,
11:28 am
who has to pay for it. who has the money. they're estimating it could be like $17 million that the city would have to come up with. >> jail is supposed to be about rehab. doesn't look like that's happening there. thank you very much, sunny and sara, appreciate that. streets, roads, driveways covered in oil. have you see this video? dozens of homes evacuated. now exxon is agreeing to pay. they have a lot of questions too. we're americans. we work. we plan. ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. to help you retire your way, with confidence. ♪ that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. let's get to work. ameriprise financial. more within reach.
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some of the hottest stories in a flash. roll it. so you remember the south carolina governor who said he had gone hiking on appalachian trail, but was actually down in argentina on an extramarital fling? mark sanford, that's his name. why is he smiling? he is one step closer to a comeback. just having won the republican primary for a seat he once held in congress and the woman at his side, that's her, the one from argentina. they're engaged and mark sanford is running on a theme of redemption. >> i think that for every one of us that are absolutely can make
11:32 am
a -- we all have events that we regret, that we mishandled, that we wish we could have done better and i would certainly say that for me it was with regard to the events of 2009. i tried to be transparent in the after maemathcards on the table but some people may never forgive me for that. >> you can hear from him live later on cnn. he talks to jake tapper at 4:00 eastern on out le"the lead". right now, a drug trafficking arrest causing a stir in connecticut. dozens of arrests in the southeastern part of the state. law enforcement official tells cnn the investigation involved more than 100 targets in connecticut, new york, rhode island, massachusetts and puerto rico. targets include trafficking drugs from puerto rico and the dominican republic. news conference is happening this hour in new london, connecticut. we'll bring you more details as we get them here on cnn.
11:33 am
more than 3500 barrels of oil gushing through streets like rivers, forcing families to evacuate homes. now, exxon is assuming responsibility, telling cnn it will cover 100% of the costs. the pipes burst in the town of mayflower, arkansas, on friday. arkansas attorney general has launched an investigation into the rupture. >> most importantly to me i want to know what happened. i want to know what we're doing to clean it up and i want to know what we're going to do going forward to ensure that the natural resources of arkansas that have been damaged were compensated for that. >> so they are covering the costs. but exxon says it is still too early to give a timeline for the cleanup or the final bill. more trouble for the man who used to be the voice of elmo on "sesame street." kevin clash, remember him? he's been hit with another lawsuit, accusing him of having sex with an underaged boy.
11:34 am
this is the fifth, the fifth sex lawsuit against the former "sesame street" puppeteer. he quit the show last fall. in attem we have been attempting to reach clash, but so far we have not been successful. the dow down, you can see that, 100 plus. right at 100. still got some time, though, before it closes. we'll check back. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find some good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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president barack obama jump starting his push to tighten the nation's gun laws with today's speech near the aurora movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people last summer. a victim's family member says the time to act is now. >> don't wait until your family is touched by violence like this. do it now. let's act. let's be responsible. >> well, the president is to speak at the denver police academy 5:00 eastern time. colorado lawmakers recently passed tough new gun laws including universal background checks and a limit on gun magazine size. our chief white house correspondent is jessica yellin. she joins us now from denver. so, jessica, what is the mood in denver? is everyone on board with the tighter gun control laws now? >> reporter: hi, don. no. not everyone. but polls show overwhelming support for background checks. but the law is facing some stiff
11:38 am
resistance. gun rights groups are vowing to mount a challenge to the state democratic governor in the next election because of the new law that just passed. and at least a dozen colorado sheriffs say that they might not enforce the new gun safety laws in their counties. they're arguing that the law might violate the constitution. the law, as you point out, not only requires universal background checks for all gun purchases, it requires the buyer to pay for their own background checks and limits to ammunition to 15 rounds. here is what one sheriff who opposes the law says about it. >> the president and the vice president made their presence very well known throughout this, between them and mayor bloomberg. there is a feeling by a lot of coloradans that a lot of these things at the state level were pushed from washington, pushed from new york, and pushed from chicago and i can tell you in colorado people don't like that. what has been passed is not effective. and it is going to create a very
11:39 am
expensive bureaucracy in the state of colorado. >> reporter: so it is becoming a political issue here. but, again, background checks, that issue alone has overwhelming support, even in this state. >> so, jesse, the president is trying to build momentum for gun control on the nationwide level. on a national level. when are they going to consider expanding background checks? >> reporter: the president is trying to revive the momentum he saw nationally after the sandy hook shootings. right now the u.s. senate is likely to take up the gun safety measure the week after next. so that's because democrats still are looking to make a deal that will win over enough republican votes needed to overcome opposition. they need to get past a 60-vote requirement and need that extra week to get the time to find those 60 votes. now, sources tell me the president is going to argue here in denver today that if a cowboy state like colorado can pass gun safety measures, then surely the
11:40 am
u.s. congress can do the same. that will be the essence of his pitch when he shows up, don. >> jessica yellin, thank you very much. appreciate that. a sheriff has been shot dead outside a courthouse in west virginia. our affiliate wowk reporting that police have caught a suspect. the victim is mingo county sheriff eugene crum. more details as they become available on cnn. the words illegal immigrant, illegal immigrant, think about that. do they offend you? does that offend you? the associated press is making a change. we'll explain why. parents exposing their kids on social media, and in this digital world, funny comments one day could be harmful later. so are parents sharing too much about their kids? my panelists weigh in next.
11:41 am
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11:43 am
listen up. this is going to cause some controversy for sure. it is time to open up the conversation and get to the hot topics of the day, the stories that will dominate the dinner table tonight. still dinner tables, whatever you're doing talking. first up, the ap, is the ap becoming pc, politically correct. dropping the term illegal immigrant from its style book. the ap says the word illegal should describe only actions, not people. the ap says illegal immigration is acceptable, but illegal
11:44 am
immigrant is not. in a blog post, the executive editor explained the reasoning, quoting her now, she said we had in other areas been ridding the style book of labels. we concluded that to be consistent we needed to change our guidance. john mccain won't be filing the style book, he was at a town hall when someone asked him to stop using the term i word that is illegal, according to the arizona republic. this is how mccain responded. he said, quote, someone who crosses our boarders illegally is here illegally. call it whatever you want to, but it is illegal. i think there is a big difference between someone who does something that illegal and someone who is undocumented. i'll continue to call it illegal. to discuss here now with me is psychologist and relationship expert alowin tart, veteran washington journalist and blogger craig crawford, kimly miller, senior opinion editor of the washington times and television and national public radio host faith bailey. okay.
11:45 am
is that? >> you got it, don. >> since i butchered your name, i'll start with you. do you agree with john mccain or the ap? >> you know, i applaud the ap for being consciousious about language and being transparent about why they're evolving or making choices about their language. my feeling is what is more important than where you stand on the, you know, whole immigration thing is this spark a debate about immigration. >> the wetback word is not the same thing. now i know you're the cbs sunday morning lady. >> i'm that lady. that's right. >> now i get it. i'm not -- i'm not saying -- >> raise your hand if you disagree with what faith said
11:46 am
and what -- go ahead. >> well, i'll tell you, first of all, john mccain is absolutely right. it is a shame, the ap claims it is the wire service of record in straight news. this is clearly an agenda to persuade the public leading up to the senate debate over immigration reform. i mean it ridiculous. they are illegal. they are illegal immigrants. there is nothing else to call them. it is like saying, you know, a convicted felon is just someone who is living for the time being in prison. this is what it is and -- pc language gets so completely out of control and once again we have seen that happen in the mainstream media. >> i think we got to remember, don, the ap is not saying banning the use of the word illegal. you mentioned in the setup, they're saying illegal immigration is still okay. people who are here illegally is still okay. they're trying to get away from -- all these people and -- >> very good point. a very good point. when you say the word criminal, criminal is not a good sounding
11:47 am
word. but we still use the word. when you say the word felon -- >> criminal -- but we don't call them a criminal until they're a convicted criminal. >> but if you cross the border illegally, aren't you illegal? i don't understand -- >> you are a person who is here illegally, which the ap -- >> oh, my gosh. real really. >> why can't we just say undocumented worker? if people found that offensive, we have to listen to them. >> where do you stop? you have to go, okay. i don't want to be called a criminal. okay. fine. i'm a person of criminal -- >> not the same. >> yes, it is. >> okay, how about this, if we're going to call them illegal immigrants what do we call the people who hire them, criminal employers? >> there you go. we love to employ them. >> no one said they shouldn't. faith, you've got to talk a little bit earlier. i cut you off. i'll give you the final say on this. >> my point is that wherever you stand on this spectrum there are still people on the far right
11:48 am
going to be calling them aliens and people on the far left are going to be hilariously calling them would be americans and economic refugees. what i think is good about what the ap is doing is that it is sparking this debate. we're all talking about it and we can all name immigrants, whatever we want to as long as we put our own personal air quotes about it. and ap is just trying to be consistent. >> i don't like the fact that we're just dehumanizing people. they're real people. >> it is -- >> that's not the point. >> we have to listen to them. >> hang on. hang on. go ahead. >> the sky is blue. somebody who is a drunk driver is not somebody -- let me finish talking. if you're a drunk driver, if they drove drunk, they're not somebody who is behind the wheel after 15 martinis. it is what it is. it is common usage. it is exactly factually correct and this is what journalists use. now we have the ap style book, all of us who are journalists use as our guideline and continue --
11:49 am
>> last word, you guys are still talking. that's it for this. we're going to move on. stay with me, guys. because up next here on cnn, they post pictures, personal information and funny moments about their kids. but could parents' comments on social media websites hurt their kids later in life? my very noisy panel, they follow direction, they're going to weigh in next right after this. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's lobsterfest
11:50 am
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11:52 am
[ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. my panel is back. we have another topic. let's bring them in real quick. so faith, you said, we got to evolve same sex marriage, you don't like calling it same-sex marriage, you like calling it marriage equality. what is up with that, miss pc? >> i don't know if that's pc. i think it is more catholic, with a small c. it is -- years ago broadcast journalists were saying homosexual, then gay, gay marriage, same-sex marriage, it is about marriage equality. it is not about gay people and straight people. it is about everybody having the right to be married. and what i said to you during the break was in the '60s, they didn't call it black rights, they called it civil rights, everybody gets rights. >> i was at the marriage bureau this week and they didn't say
11:53 am
gay marriage. it said spouse and marriage, no distinction made. like forward to the day we all call it marriage. >> cnn made the change six months ago. we're way ahead of the curve here is what i say, i don't care what you call it, just give me the same rights. congratulations. >> i just wish they would shorten the lines at the marriage bureau. that's all we got left to complain about now. >> up next for the panel, parental tmi. moms and dads gushing about their kids online and everywhere else. and for many it is simply too much information, tmi. well, now there is a new book, quote, all about the jaw dropping self-indulgent and occasionally rage inducing world of parent overshare. author blair koenig divied up the postings into categories like mommy jackers and
11:54 am
sanctomommies. here is one example. om goodness. my daughter has officially begun puberty. she is only ten years old and tells me after school today that she started her period. is this happening? at school yesterday. is this really happening? and another, my baby is so smart, how many 21-month-old babies do you know who can count to ten? >> oh. >> i don't see the problem. >> go ahead. >> what do you mean? >> i don't see the problem. if you're a parent and sharing milestones of your kids, there are lots of people and relatives that like that comment. if you don't like it, you don't have to comment on it. but if i want to share what is going on with my child, it is okay. >> for the guy talking about a daughter getting periods, come on, i don't want to hear that. emily, way too much, don't you think? >> that is completely disgusting. i would shoot my father and i have a gun if he did that to me on facebook. and i do see this happening. we all like to see our friends' kids and family's kids and
11:55 am
easter, birth okday, but people address their child, like, don, you were born eight years ago today, and you've been a blessing in our lives, and i'm, thinking, don's not on facebook, he's playing video games. go tell don about the blessing of his childhood. why are you telling me. >> there are going to be some very embarrassed adults. >> not very pc to say you're going to shoot someone. that's a whole other gun control topic. >> i was fine, i don't believe in pc. i think that's a big problem in our country. i'm perfectly fine. my father should know he is safe and i'm not going to shoot him though directly. i'll only shoot someone who enters my house. >> this is embarrassing for the kids. what about the parents? >> i have a 10-month-old and i think he's the most adorable delightful person in the world. but you don't have to. and i'm not going to inflict that on you.
11:56 am
the only other people who think that are my husband and my father. what about the kids, right? when my kid is in high school, and i'm telling him, you know, be careful what you post on facebook, because it is always going to be out there, he can say, well, did you do close-up instagram of my bris? it doesn't give you a leg to stand on. >> it is about us wanting more attention. i'm a parent and i talk about my child and people comment and having comments, it makes me feel like i have attention and i feel like people are noticing me. >> that's a slippery slope. >> the internet -- >> the internet -- >> we got to run. but faith, and i know you'll relate to this, when people talk about their kids like that, it is like the dog, remember the thing with the dogs about dog lovers? >> thank you, don. thank you. i get so much hate mail for that. >> enough already. >> thank you. thank you. dogs aren't people. >> thanks, everybody. thanks. thanks, all of you. louisville basketball player
11:57 am
kevin ware is out of the hospital and talking. coming up in half an hour, we'll have a sit down interview where ware and his mother about his injury and also his recovery. if you're looking to go to school, you deserve more than just flexibility and convenience. so here's a few reasons to choose university of phoenix.
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zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. hello, everyone. don lemon here in for brooke today. this is just in to cnn. we just learned that the u.s. has deployed a ballistic missile
12:00 pm
defense system to protect its base in guam from a possible north korean attack. again, this is just in to cnn. north korea did more than just talk, though, today. just more than just talk tough today. closing the industrial zone there, a place where south koreans and north koreans work together to show cooperation. the closing of this crossing signaling a shift in north korea's behavior. more on this, we go in to barbara starr at the pentagon. barbara, tell us about the missile defense system. >> well, hello to you, don. this is for guam. as you know, about 2,000 miles out in the pacific ocean from north korea. and we have some video to show you of the type of missile system that is on its way to guam. this is a missile systethat sits on the back of a truck, the missiles come off of it, and they are going to be positioned in guam to protect the u.s. military base on that territory against the possible north korean attack.
12:01 pm
defense secretary chuck hagel talked about all the north korean threats to guam and other areas just a short time ago. >> some of the actions they have taken the last few weeks present a real and clear danger and threat to the interests certainly of our allies starting with south korea and japan. and also the threats that the north koreans have leveled directly at the united states regarding our base in guam, threatened hawaii, threatened the west coast of the united states. >> now, you'll recall that already a few days ago hagel announced a move to put more missile defenses on the west coast of the united states and in alaska. think of this as the halfway point, if you will, guam, to
12:02 pm
protect that nation that territory against the north korean threats. a lot of people might say north korea doesn't have the missiles to attack guam, but hagel is making it clear he's not taking any chances. there is a lot of intelligence float around indicating the north koreans are planning to at least try more missile launches in the coming weeks according to u.s. officials we have talked to. >> let's talk about not taking any chances. the secretary of defense said today it only takes being wrong once. is this the latest move by the u.s.? is this the latest move that, you know, that the u.s. no longer believes north korea is bluffing? >> i think the view in the obama administration is they can't afford at this point to bet, if you will, that north korea might just be bluffing because they're unpredictable, nobody knows what they might do and u.s. intelligence is lacking. remember, the u.s. really has no ability, if you will, to see inside the north korean regime.
12:03 pm
u.s. talks to china a lot. that's one of the ways to get some understanding of what the north koreans are up to. but the intelligence is very sketchy, very uncertain. so at this point, they just don't want to bet on being wrong. don? >> barbara starr in washington. thank you. from washington now to texas. a news conference is scheduled this hour that could reveal more details in the search for the person who killed two prosecutors in kaufman many count county. right now the main clues are muddy tire tracks outside the home of one of the dead prosecutors. they're desperate for clues. this now live from kaufman county, cnn's george howell. hello to you. what more could we learn at this upcoming news conference? >> reporter: don, you know, we have many, many questions under the sun right now. a lot of reporters asking a lot of questions and put it into context, you have a community that is nervous.
12:04 pm
you have prosecutors that are concerned that public officials are being targeted. so we have a lot of questions to ask. we got some sort of better understanding of where this investigation is going. i want to show you right over here, you can see cameras are set up, this news conference that happened here in the next 20 to 30 minutes, our camera there in the red, front and center. and we will ask investigators, you know, to find out where they're looking, if there are any people of interest in this case, what they're looking into. and we'll of course pass that on to you. >> and as you can see from the cameras, cameras set up there, lots of interest in this particular case. george, i understand investigators questioned a former county employee, this man is named eric williams. we'll put his picture up. he agreed to be questioned by investigators. there he is. hours after the killings of the mclellands. he's one of a number of people whose names have popped up. why him, george? >> again, this is a person who both mclelland and hasse at one
12:05 pm
point prosecuted. so what we understand, we spoke with his attorney, david sergy, and we learned that investigators, they had a meeting at a local denny's to take swab samples from his hand to test for gun residue. now, cnn does not know the results of those swab samples, what it revealed to investigators. but sergy says his client did cooperate voluntarily, said his client has nothing to hide. but you said it right, this could be one of many different people that these prosecutors have talked to over the time, so investigators are doing their best to find credible leads to get to the bottom of this murder case. >> george, as we said, a lot of interest in this. we'll be carrying the press conference for you at the bottom of the hour as it happens on time. president barack obama trying to rally support for his push to tighten the nation's gun laws by hitting the road. the president is set to speak at the denver police academy in about two hours. that's not far from the aurora movie theater where a gunman killed 12 people last summer.
12:06 pm
colorado lawmakers recently passed tough new gun laws including universal background checks and a limit on gun magazine size. president obama wants more laws nationwide. to jake tapper, our chief washington correspondent and anchor for "the lead", he joins us now. so, jake, take us forward. what do you expect to hear from the president today? >> i think what you'll hear, don, is president obama call for congress in washington, d.c. to do what legislators in colorado have done, which is colorado, the president will say is a frontier state, a state that has a history and respect for gun ownership, but they did take some measures to add restrictions on gun ownership including universal background checks, expanding them and a ban on high sxaft magazine, i believe over 15 rounds. so president obama will say that congress and washington, d.c. should do what colorado has done. of course, they're very different. the legislature in colorado is democratic. where as in washington, d.c.
12:07 pm
this is obviously the house is republican and there are some questions about whether or not this gun control legislation will be able to get through the senate, because not every democrat is on board and certainly some republicans are not as well. so that's basically his pitch today. >> okay, so that's a political battle here. let's go to the front lines, so to speak. you spent time with agents on the front lines of the nation's battle with gunle hav le havgun. tell us what you learned. >> everybody talked about how enforce the laws on the books. that's something that the gun control people want, something the nra people want, they say just enforce the laws on the books and crime will be reduced. well, we went out with a team from the california attorney general's office. these law enforcement agents. and their job is to get guns from people who are not allowed to have them. but do have them. california has gun registration so they combine the list of people who have guns with the list of people who are not allowed to have them, felons,
12:08 pm
people who have domestic violence problems, people who have been adjudicated as having mental or emotional problems and they go and make -- take this other list, this third list, called armed and prohibited, about 20,000 people in california, and these 30 or so agents then go and try to get the guns from these people. it sounds very difficult. it is even more tough than you think it is. so we went out to see what enforcing the laws on the books actually means. >> even though he's admitted there are guns in the house and he's done a lot to own guns, you're not allowed to go get them? >> well, everybody has rights and his rights are search and seizure. at this time he denied consent to search his residence. so we'll go present all the facts to a judge and ask to search a residence for the illegal weapons inside the residence we believe to be in there. >> don, that was the home of somebody who had a domestic
12:09 pm
violence restraining order. and the law enforcement agents went there, the guy said he had the guns in the house, but he was not going to let the agents in the house to get them. >> can't wait to see that. jake tapper, thank you very much. for more on the nation's battle with gun violence, don't miss "the lead," jake tapper, right here at 4:00 p.m. eastern at the top of the hour. [ male announcer ] away...
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12:12 pm
for a dealer and the rv that's right for you, conrad murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011. today is day two of jury selection in the civil trill over jackson's death. catherine is suing aeg live for $40 billion alleging aeg did not properly supervise murray while jackson was getting ready for the concert. for his concert tour. let's bring in mr. alan duke, a man i've seen a lot of lately. spent some time with in los angeles this weekend, covering the press for this trial in los angeles. so, alan, have you seen any jackson family members so far in
12:13 pm
court? >> no. they have not been there. randy said he may come yesterday. he didn't. for the camera and the courtroom argument. none of them are here. this is really a tedious time. they're going through one by one this jury pool, trying to select about 100 people who they then next week would whittle down to about 18 people to hear this case. and it is awfully difficult. one reason, don, you know how much a juror gets paid per day in los angeles? any clue? >> no. it is about 25 bucks here. >> worse. 15 dollars a day. and they're expected to be here for maybe three months to decide a case that could give the jackson family billions of dollars. kind of strange, kind of ironic. >> yeah. it is. alan duke, i wish we had more time, thank you very much. alan, we'll be seeing you a lot more and hearing from you a lot more as you'll be writing about this trial, covering it for cnn. tune in friday night for a special cnn report, it is on michael jackson. it is the final days, friday
12:14 pm
night, 10:00 eastern, right here on cnn. mark sanford left office when his affair became public. now, sanford wants back into politics and right by his side, his mistress, turned fiancee. what are voters in south carolina saying about this comeback can we call it? that story is next. music ... music ... music...
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12:17 pm
remember the south carolina governor who said he went hiking on the appalachian trail but was in argentina on an extramarital fling. mark sanford, that's him, take a look, right there. he is smiling. why? he's one step closer to a comeback, having won the republican primary for a seat he once held in congress. the woman at his side, that's her, the one from argentina. they're engaged. with us now from charleston is bill sharp, he's a news anchor at cnn affiliate wcsc. bill, not a huge surprise that mark sanford won his primary runoff yesterday. what about the fiancee effect? appearing right next to him. what do people think about that? >> well, don, she almost stole the show from him.
12:18 pm
not even mark sanford knew she would be there according to what she told us. she had apparently told the governor she was in miami. he wasn't expecting her either. i had been asking mark sanford for weeks, don, when will we meet your fiancee. are you going to bring her out in public? when will we meet her? he said, you're delving into my private life here and she's a very private person. i can't answer that. so last night we spotted her, don, followed her as she walked up to governor sanford, you saw a grin that was from here to california on his face. not just because he won the runoff, but because he saw his fiancee. now, when she came up to him, his boys, he has several boys, they were surrounding him. they moved out of the way, the fiancee moved in, he hugged her and he had a big grin on his face. >> love does those things to you. he said he fell in love. so, for those who don't know,
12:19 pm
sanford es sanford's opponent is elizabeth colbert bush. she's a democrat. sanford is the republican in this district. the district they're running in is very strongly republican and yet republicans seem worried. why is that? >> don, i don't think republicans down here are worried at all. mark sanford is a force of nature in many ways. he's like lazarus from the bible. he came back from the dead. when he first announced about two months ago, i asked him, i said, governor, you've cheated on your wife, lied to your staff about hiking the appalachian trail, you left your post for five days unattended as governor, nobody knew where you were and you had one of the biggest ethics fines in state history. why should anybody vote for you? well, he said, bill, you know, i made some mistakes. but i've gotten right with god and his grace is a wonderful thing and i've asked everybody's forgiveness. and, don, it seems like a lot of people have forgiven mark sanford. a lot, though, haven't.
12:20 pm
so it will be interesting to see how this race shapes up on may 7th with the special election between mark sanford and elizabeth colbert-busch. she pronounces it colbert-busch. her famous brother, stephen, pronounces it stephen colbert. >> his fiancee is very pretty. i have to say that. thank you, bill. >> she's an attractive lady. >> she certainly is. thank you, bill. appreciate that. you can hear more from mark sanford live in a few minutes. he talks with jake tapper at 4:00 eastern on "the lead." a moment that everyone is still talking about as louisville guard kevin ware's leg snapped on national tv. this hour we'll hear from ware and his mom about his injury and recovery. new car!
12:21 pm
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how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age.
12:23 pm
♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪ imagine watching live tv anywhere you want, on your phone, on your ipad, right here, for $80 a year. i'm zain asher. this is your money. aero allows users to stream live network television straight on to their mobile devices. networks like abc and nbc are unhappy. they filed lawsuits saying the company violates copy right
12:24 pm
laws. a judge disagreed ruling in aereo's favor and now the company is expanding and networks are crying foul. >> see all color shows in living color. >> reporter: first came the tube. then the flat screen. now the television industry is preparing for another revolution. this time with these. >> the one key media point that is missing in -- on the internet is television. that's our true objective. >> reporter: meet chet conogia. his company will let you stream live tv from network stations like abc and nbc straight on to your phone or ipad, all day, every day. >> there is a lot of demand for people to be able to access content over their computers. in a more flexible way. people want to pay less. >> we think of aereo as the simplest way you can get television online, no box, no wires, nothing required. >> reporter: it works by using
12:25 pm
these tiny antenna, about the size of a dime, to capture broadcast signals. it is precisely the reason the network giants are having trouble sleeping. in a statement, the national association of broadcasters called aereo's operation ill lele legal, agreeing with other critics who called it a sham. >> this say controversial service for sure and the legal fight isn't done. >> reporter: networks say they have found a clever way to make money from content it doesn't own. but lucky for aereo, david is winning against goliath. on monday, a u.s. appeals court found that aereo's technology violated no copy right laws. a huge blow to the 17 network broadcasters who had hoped it would retreat back into its cave. >> aereo , technology is something that media companies are slow to adopt. we think it brings great opportunity. >> i think it is very likely you'll see a lot more flexible ways for people to watch tv
12:26 pm
because if the broadcasters are smart, they'll start responding to consumer demand. if they don't start doing that, then aereo and other companies will continue do it for them. >> right now you can only get aereo if you live in new york or parts of the northeast. but the company does plan to expand to 22 cities this year and after 100 by the next year. from the cnn money newsroom. that's it for me. we'll be back same time tomorrow.
12:27 pm
they're coming. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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12:29 pm
as we told you earlier, news conference happening this hour that could reveal more details in the search for the killer of two prosecutors and a woman in texas. kaufman county d.a. mike mclelland and his wife were killed last weekend and ada mike hasse was gunned down in january. george howell is standing by for the press conference now. george, it is going to begin at any moment and hopefully we'll get some answers to a whole lot of questions. >> reporter: my league ed lavandera telling me there will be an arrest made in a related case. that's some of the information we'll get in this news conference, just about to start here in a few minutes. again, this is a case that has shocked this community, talking about the murders of two prosecutors in the span of two months. we're talking about mike mclelland and his wife cynthia and mark hasse. and there have been many questions about why this happened, a lot of speculation
12:30 pm
as to different groups that could have been involved. there were theories about the aryan brotherhood of texas being connected to this case. there have been -- >> stepping up to the mike. let's listen in, george. >> this press conference is to confirm a question a lot of you have asked of us today, we'll confirm the arrest of nick morale, 56 years of age of tarryl, texas. he was arrested yesterday by the texas rangers and has been charged with one charge of terroristic threat. mr. morale was arraigned this morning and is being held in the kaufman county jail on $1 million bond. morale. >> first name? >> nick. nick. during the course of the investigation into the murders of mike and cynthia mclelland, a threat against the safety of a county official was received. the threat was then investigated, leading to the arrest of mr. morale at a location in kaufman county. specific details of this investigation and arrest will not be discussed at this time.
12:31 pm
we are providing you a copy with the arrest warrant affidavit. that copy has had identifying -- personal identifying information redacted out of it. at this time there is nothing to link mr. morale to the murders of mike and cinch wynthia mclelr mark hasse. making threats against persons carry criminal penalties under state and federal law with some penalties being pretty severe. all threats will be taken seriously and investigated and prosecuted in order to ensure the safety of citizens and our public officials. the investigation of the murders of mike and cynthia mclelland is ongoing, okay. investigators from many law enforcement agencies are working on leads that have been received on the tip line and through other channels. those tips are all being investigated and vetted thoroughly. please be aware that although a great number of resources are being utilized in this investigate, the daily
12:32 pm
activities of all the law enforcement agencies involved in this joint investigation continue. law enforcement actions will continue to occur within the community and may have no bearing on this case. kaufman county sheriff's offices would like the citizens to understand and be aware that security has been stepped up throughout the community, sheriff burns asks citizens to be aware of their surroundings, err on the side of caution and never hesitate to call 911. anyone with any information on the murders of mike and cynthia mclelland are encouraged to contact kaufman county crime stoppers tip line. 877-847-7522 or online at [ inaudible ] >> due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, we're not going to release any information into the investigation at this time. but anybody that thinks they
12:33 pm
have any information, anything at all, whether it be big or small, please call the tip line or report that online. >> there a vehicle, any kind of description? >> not that we're releasing at this time. >> is it true the fbi has taken over this investigation? >> hold on a second. there was a phone call threat. that information will be in the arrest warrant affidavit. >> is it true the fbi has taken over this investigation? >> no sir. it is a joint investigation between the kaufman county sheriff's office, the texas rangers and the federal bureau of investigation. we're working together and in a collaborative effort. each group has specific things that they're good at and we are pulling those together to come to a resolution to this situation. >> does it appear this charge is not connected with the facebook threat? >> i'm not sure of a facebook threat. i know this charge is connected to a telephone call.
12:34 pm
>> somebody named bob on a facebook page that another assistant district attorney is going to die. >> yes, sir. and i'm not going to discuss that at this time. it is part of an ongoing investigation. >> that's not this case. >> that is not this case, no, sir. [ inaudible ] >> we have not in this investigation named officially a person of interest or any suspect. >> -- specifically directed at this investigation or related to something else? >> it came in on the tip line, it was set up for this investigation and the hasse homicide. well, if the kaufman county crimestoppers line and came in on -- >> how would you characterize the number of leads you've gotten on the tip line? >> i don't know the exact number. but leads are coming in on a
12:35 pm
very regular baseis. >> can you say there is any connection to any evidence you found at the hasse scene? >> i'm not going to discuss anything about the evidence that has been found due to the ongoing nature of our investigation. >> thank you. [ inaudible ] >> i don't know a number. quite a few. yeah. >> it changes every day depending on what we're following. [ inaudible ] >> right now we don't have anything that links him to it. >> do you feel like you'll be able to name a person of interest? >> i can't answer that question. i don't know the answer to that question. [ inaudible ] >> no, ma'am. that's correct. >> sir, you are the spokesman for all the agencies. tomorrow is going to be a very high profile memorial service. given whoever is behind this has shown little regard for his own safety, his or her own safety,
12:36 pm
tell me about the safety measures in place during that -- >> at the memorial service? i don't know the information about that. >> investigators in kaufman county, texas, announcing an arrest. they say it is connected to the killings that have happened there with mike mclelland, his wife. also the ada. this guy's name, george howell standing by there, 56-year-old nick morale. terroristic threat. $1 million bond. but they don't believe, aleast according to the investigator, he's responsible for any of this. just making a terroristic threat. what is going on, george? >> reporter: right, don. what we can understand, somehow connected to the case, and through the tip line, a line that was put out for the public to offer, you know, tips and information to help investigators in this case. and from what we understand, mr. morale allegedly made threats -- made a threatening call on that tip line. and investigators have certainly
12:37 pm
taken action. $1 million bond in this case. so that's what we know. but you saw it right there, don. investigators really offering no information when it comes to what happened to the murder of mike mclelland and his wife cynthia. no information into the murder of mark hasse. and we have been asking questions for days to try to get some insight into this case. a lot of people in this community, don, have questions. they are concerned. prosecutors are concerned about what is happening out here. investigators, as you can see, are being very tight lipped about their investigation until they get more clues and take some direction on it. >> george, we'll let you go and do what you do and talk to the investigators there after that press conference. and soon as you get more information, please, bring it back to us. >> reporter: don, if you can stay with me real quick, this is a picture of mr. -- mr. morale, just to show you real quick. we're just getting this picture. again, this gentleman arrested from tarryl, texas, for making a
12:38 pm
threat and is in jail here, connected to this case. >> george howell, ed lavandera as well, thanks to both of you. back in a moment, everyone. can youlyric can.aid do this? lyric can. lyric can. lyric by phonak is the world's only 24/7, 100% invisible hearing device. it's tiny. but that might be the least revolutionary thing about lyric. lyric can be worn 24/7 for up to four months, without battery changes. call 1-800-414-5999 for a risk-free trial.
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♪ tonight, tonight my ratings were all right ♪ ♪ 20 years >> well, he's number one in late night, but nbc won't have jay leno to kick around much longer. nbc announcing today leno is leaving "the tonight show" next year, news released from the peacock network confirmed rumors that have been running rampant for weeks really. jimmy fallon will take over the reins of "the tonight show" in the spring of 2014. and the show will move from los angeles to new york with "saturday night live" chief lorn michaels as executive producer. as for leno, though, nbc quotes
12:42 pm
him as saying congratulations, jimmy. i hope you're as lucky as me and hold on to the job until you're the old guy. you need me, i'll be at the garage. jimmy fallon's reaction according to nbc, i'm really excited to host a show that starts today instead of tomorrow. except for a brief time with conan o'brien at the helm, the tonight show has been hosted by leno since johnny carson left in 1992. rutgers university basketball coach mike rice is without a job today. a video released showing him abusing players physically and verbally at practice. he spoke out a short time ago. >> i've let so many people down. my players, my administration, rutgers university, the fans, my family who is sitting in their house huddled around because of the fact that their father is --
12:43 pm
was an embarrassment to them. and it's -- it's troubling, but i will -- at some time maybe i'll try to explain it, but right now, though, there is no explanation for what's on the films because there is no excuse for it. i was wrong. and i with and to tell everybody who believed in me that i'm -- that i'm deeply sorry for the pain and the hardship i've caused them. >> painful to watch, right? you know what is more painful to watch, the video i'm going to show you that sparked the investigation. [ bleep ]. you're a [ bleep ] -- >> so espn released this video less than 24 hours ago. rice is seen yelling homophobic slurs at players during a practice session from last november. he threw basketballs at their heads and violently pushed and shoved them. rutgers athletic director tim
12:44 pm
pernetti initially only suspended rice. he released a statement today saying i am responsible for the decision to attempt a rehabilitation of coach rice. dismissal and corrective action were debated and in december and i thought it was in the best interest of everyone to rehabilitate. but i was wrong. moving forward, i will work to regain the trust of the rutgers community. well, sports fans stopped and they cringed in horror when kevin ware's leg snapped on national tv. just three days after that shocking injury, the basketball star is speaking out now. we'll hear from ware sand his mother live.
12:45 pm
welcome to the new new york state. what's the "new" in the new new york? a new property tax cap... and the lowest middle class income tax rate in 60 years... and a billion dollars in tax breaks and incentives. new opportunities for business. over 250,000 new private sector jobs were created over the last two years. and 17 straight months of job growth. with the most private sector jobs ever. lower taxes, new incentives, new jobs, now that's news. to grow or start your business in the new new york visit
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12:47 pm
so trust me, you want to stick around for this right now. a live interview. louisville guard kevin ware talking to cnn, just three days after breaking his leg in a gruesome scene on national television. ware's injury occurred sunday in a game against duke and the ncaa tournament. cnn's rachel nichols is in louisville with kevin and his mother lisa. go ahead, rachel. >> thanks, don. here with kevin ware and his mom lisa. thank you, guys, so much for joining us, because it has been quite a few days. first of all, tell us about the leg. how much pain are you in? what do you feel like right now?
12:48 pm
>> i'm actually fine really. it might hurt here and there, just the actual part where the bone came out, but i've been fine. i've been trying to walk as much as i can, you know. i got two metal plates, metal rods in my knees, one at the top, one at the bottom. i got a metal plate on the side of it, and i'm just ready to recover from this, you know? >> listen to what you just said, the part where the bone came out. i mean, this is surreal. can you describe for me what it was like when this happened to you, when you first saw it and take me through the moment. >> it is kind of insane, you know, because we played duke earlier in the year in the bahamas and the same exact play happened, not the injury, but the contesting the threepeat shot of the same and earlier in the year it happened just like that, but i kind of closed out not seeing where i was jumping or how i was
12:49 pm
going to land, so me just trying to contest the shot and just trying to see if it went in or not, kind of looking back and not seeing how i was landing kind of messed me up i guess i landed completely wrong and honestly, i felt like, well, it hurt -- i thought it was like a cord, like that went across, but it turned out to be my knee, you know. and coach just gave me one of those looks, like, like somebody just saw a ghost or something like that. and i'm looking at him, like, confused. so i looked down at my leg and just kind of like my arm and i seen my sneaker on, but my leg is, like, this, so i just going to automatic shock and -- >> did you realize that was your bone sticking out of your leg? >> i did, but it was like as soon as i went into shock, my brother came to the rescue, luke came right over there, and luke said a prayer for me, and he's saying this prayer, i'm just looking around, looking at rush, looking at payton, looking at
12:50 pm
shane, all these guys, these are my brothers, you know? this is a big game. we're on a big stage right now. so my first instinct was, like, i can't start i'm just thinking in my head, like what can i do? so i'm just yelling. as soon as we got done, yo, i got to win this game. y'all got to win this game. i'm going to be good. i'm going to be okay. i'll be fine. coach heard me and starts calling the guys over there. they come together and they made me proud. they beat duke by 22. we have to win a national championship. that's still on the agenda. >> you still have to go out and win this game. what makes you do something like that? >> i've kind of learned that being selfish isn't going to get you far in life.
12:51 pm
looking at it, it was like nobody was around. everything that happened there. it could happen how you plan it. he controls e everything. without god, there is no us. so i just felt like this is just another situation that is going to deter me and get me to a better mind state. it just opened up so many things. all the support and everyone behind me right now. we really appreciate it. >> that moment your teammates are crying. these are your brothers. they saw you on the floor. if you hadn't said to them go win this, do you think they would be in the final four right now? >> he set up for three or four
12:52 pm
more minutes. i feel like those guys fought so hard for me and i've been playing so well, you know, it's just like we come up short because of this injury. and it's tough, but it's life. i'm ready to face it. >> have you seen a picture of this? have you seen video of this? >> i've seen picture. i've seen a quick glance of it. i turn away from it. i feel like me trying to get back on the basketball court, that would stop me from getting where i need to be. i don't want to see the video. i don't plan on ever seeing the video. >> 20 years from now, you want to see it? >> i never want to see a video. i feel like it will put me in a mental state where i don't need to be. especially if i want to be successful with basketball. that would mess me up.
12:53 pm
>> lisa, you have seen the replay. you have seen what kevin doesn't want to look at. when you first saw this, you were out of the room watching the game when he got hurt. >> i was at a friend's house, and we were watching the game. it had happened. when i looked at the tv, all i saw is the team laying on the floor. so i'm trying to figure out who got hurt. when they showed the replay of it and then i heard somebody say i think he broke his leg i just lost it, you know. my husband came up. i walked away. my husband came behind me and picked me up off the floor and was talking to me and praying with me and my girlfriend, whose house we were in. we were just all devastated because it looked that bad.
12:54 pm
it really looked that bad. i can't imagine what that felt like for you to not know what was happening with him because they move on with the rest of the game on tv. >> the time spent suffering in anguish, waiting for a phone call was enough, but i thank go ahead it wasn't longer. if he called me 30 to 45 minutes after that happened in the emergency room before he went to surgery. his immediate words were mom, calm down i'm okay. i thank god he put it in his heart to calm me, to soothe me. i don't think anything else could have. i was fine for the rest of the evening. until -- because i knew he was going into surgery and would be sedated.
12:55 pm
i would be there next thing in the morning. i was good with that. when i did see him, all i wanted to do was hold him. i was thankful to be able to see him. >> so you tell your teammates go on, win the game. you call your mom while you're being wheeled into surgery basically to comfort her. so you're taking care of everyone else. but was there a moept before you went into that surgery where you had a moment to yourself or other two people around where you understood what was happening to you and let you yourself get upset. >> my girlfriend kept me in a great state of mind. she kept telling me i would be okay. that kept me on the right track. >> did you break down at all? >> not at all. i felt like i had to be strong for everybody. and that kind of just showed my
12:56 pm
character, honestly. that helped everybody. it helped me at the same time. i felt like seeing that stopped me from having so much pain right now. that's just how i feel. >> and your coach came straight from the game and brought the trophy. >> i honestly don't remember. i was on so much medication. i was very proud of just everybody. just the whole situation. we were in the situation that we were in all year. and to come up short, we accomplished everything we wanted. >> those guys won it for you. you said this guy is like my brother. they fought on that flor for you.
12:57 pm
i felt like the second half of games is when teams don't really want to face us. i feel like any team right now doesn't want to face us. our focus is locked in. we understand we're facing a great wichita team. they know they have to get the job done. not just for me but for everything that we worked for this year. >> can you go back to the moment where you saw the trophy and knew they fought for you? >> thank god. that's the first thing i did. it was like christmas. basketball christmas. looking up to your left and even knowing. like i really did it. and it was big. the last thing i knew we were up four going into my surgery. and that was huge. 1/2 huge. >> and you got phone calls for
12:58 pm
everyone, but the first lady michelle obama called you and rick said you're now the coolest coach you know. the president calling you, okay, fine. what do you think? >> i don't remember speaking to her. please, call again. please. i really, really appreciate it. it's a once in a lifetime thing. i know the president picked us to lose indiana in the black et. when i speak to him at the white house, i will forgive him. >> the p is back in the united states. i want to make that clear. you said you're okay if you never played basketball. ooem not okay with just the fact that i'm injured right now and i won't play basketball again. i will play basketball again. i'm 8 to 12 weeks away from this
12:59 pm
bone being fully healed. rehab, i'm going to rehab as hard as i can and get back on the court. i know patience is key. that's one thing i have to learn. i just can't wait. i really can't wait. >> we are thrilled you have such a good prognosis from the doctor. we are thrilled you will be with your team at the final four. thank you for your time. >> can you hear me there? i don't think rachel can hear me. anyway, nice interview. >> hey, rachel, we have a few seconds left. she unplugged me. the part i really liked when she talked about being a mom and relating. i can imagine if that happened to me without my mom being there. most people can relate to that. he is certainly in good spirit considering what happened on sunday if you saw that horc


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