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tv   CNN All Access with Rachel Nichols  CNN  April 6, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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who's ready to party? ♪ >> you are looking live at downtown atlanta, scene of the ncaa men's final four and even though the games are still a few hours away, the party definitely already started. there is a crowd on every corner here, and the teams are where you go. >> in just three short hours the wichita state shockers will play the louisville cardinals at the georgia dome. after that it is the syracuse orange against the michigan wolverines. rach, it will be an unbelievable final four at the dome. >> it already started. welcome to our atlanta studios, cnn's all access to the final four. i am rachel nichols joined by reng i miller, basketball hall of famer, broadcaster, movie connoisseur -- you don't look
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happy. >> i am upset. john would be rolling over in his grave right now. i am telling you -- >> are you leaving the show? >> 11 national basketball championships and you put ucla back here in the back? no. no one puts ucla in the corner. arizona? steve, are you serious? i have never lost to arizona. this is where we're going to take our rightful spot right here. now it is time to start the show, rach. let's go. >> thank you for that patrick swayze moment. nice. it is a lot of bragging about ucla for a guy who never took ucla to a final four. in fact, i believe, look, reggie miller here, i believe won one game in the ncaa tournament. >> why are we going to go there? >> supposed to be establishing your credentials and all i see are short shorts. >> that's what is established in this piece. look how short. john stockton right now should be thought that my shorts are shorter than his.
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>> i think you got smoked in this game. who is that? >> please don't bring up his name. finis. i cannot get the game out of my head. >> scored 31 points against you. >> and a shot in the league, too, until they found out he could play. >> look at that, reggie miller, so young. so pretty. >> i think i was 6'5" and probably 135 pounds right there, soaking wet. >> and going to wear that outfit tonight, right, after the show? >> right. >> right n that outfit will you get a lot of action, a lot of takers. you have been in this tournament before and i will give you love. you did win an nit tournament before. tell me what the kids are feeling right now. >> the bus riding over to the dome, obviously for the seniors this could be your last time at greatness, so it is a one and done situation. that's when it gets ramped up.
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>> excellent. there is a kid sitting there today in that locker room getting ready, but not to play. he is going to be sitting on the bench in crutches, kevin ware, just gruesome how he went down last weekend. his bone sticking out of his leg. so horrific to watch. we're not even going to show it to you now. in the past few days i have had the chance to talk to both louisville coach rick patino and kevin ware about what happened and what happens next. did you realize that was your bone sticking out of your leg? >> i did, but my first instinct was like i can't start crying. i can't do this right now. i am yelling. as soon as luke got done with the prayer, i was telling them you got to win this game. i don't care what you do, i will be good, i will be fine, and the coach heard me and started calling the guys over there and they kind of got it together, and they made me proud. they beat duke by 22, you know, and we still got another goal to accomplish. we have to win the national championship.
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>> going into the final four what effect has kevin's injury had on your whole team? >> the negative effect is we have no back court substitutes. that's the negative thing. the positive thing to our guys is they saw how much they love each other and that's great. they sort of knew it and now they felt that emotion and have it for each other. >> rachel, the twitter verse went crazy after this injury and this play. here is king james, my prayers go out to kevin ware and his family. may you have a speedy recovery, kid, and come back even stronger. >> isn't just king james. kobe bryant called him. michelle obama called him, and i want you to look at this photo of him. this is just sort of after he had had his surgery and trying to get up and walk around and he is so drugged up at this point and he told me he did not even remember the first lady calling him. he was so cute about it. he was like call me back, first lady, please call me back. >> it is amazing. even on the crutches, when you
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saw the injury live obviously and now you see it bandaged up, it is amazing he is getting around good on the crutches as well. >> maybe if louisville will win he can go to the white house for real and that will make him very happy. do you think -- >> a little more clarity. >> do you think that his injury is going to affect louisville's negatively, positively, what do you think it will be like to have him on the bench. >> one of two things will happen. win one for the giper, rally around the injury, do this for kevin ware or playing against the shockers, it could affect them they don't have the play of ware out there and could be upset. >> win-win for the giper, of course, would require kevin ware to know who the giper is. earlier this week someone had to explain it to him. he is young. children out there. we'll be watching to see how louisville reacts and we're watching a lot more than the games. the final four turned into something so much bigger than just the culmination of a basketball tournament. we have reporters stationed all over downtown atlanta to capture the madness.
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first up, nischelle turner live at centennial park. how are you doing out there? >> reporter: you know, rachel, when teams find out they're going to the ncaa tournament, they call it going dancing. you can't have a dance without great music. that's why you can stay in the studio. i am here at centennial park in atlanta with the people for the big dance concert series. when i say the people, i mean tens of thousands of people. this place is packed because we're talking about three days of the biggest names in music and when i say the biggest names in music, i mean people like sting, daf matthews band, mcla more and ryan lewis, zac brown band, flo rida, ludacris, about ready to take the stage any time now and the best thing about this big dance concert series, it is all free. i will spell it for you. f-r-double e. carlos diaz, as i send it to you, i know are you a ludacris fan. i will give you a shot for you.
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apparently i am adopted by the syracuse family because i have on syracuse orange today and it was not by design, i will admit. i was just having a girl moment and i was trying to find the prettiest color for tv. carlos. >> and i appreciate that. i have something going on over here i am afraid of here. i thought i would be over here with rowdy fan from the likes of syracuse, michigan and louisville and seems i have stumbled upon a little west side story. is this the cards against the shockers or the sharks against the jets? these people are freaking me out. i don't know what's going on here. it is getting kind of crazy. joe, what do you have at the georgia dome? please help me out, my friend. >> oh, always entertaining, carlos diaz. love the glasses. live out in front of the georgia dome. the excitement outside building as well around the stadium. we're just a few hours away from tip time. it is game day, people, and obviously the activity online very exciting. it is powers in numbers if you look at that graphic there over 11 million comments about this tournament to date, the most
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popular hashtag, march madness. most discussed game, duke-louisville. got to be because of kevin ware. taking your tweets throughout the show. send them in. we'll show them. we'll talk about them. and if you want tweet reggie miller. he ain't gotting in nothing to do the next hour. i love the twitter pic you put up in february of chris weber celebrating his 40th birthday with the walker and the cake. awesome. made me feel old. it was an awesome picture. >> i appreciate it, joe. father time catches up to us all. break down the schedule for tonight. first up we have wichita state and the aforementioned louisville cardinals followed by the syracuse orange and the wooden award winner trey burke and the michigan wolverines all on cbs. >> it is going to be a good night and we're joined by the coach of pitch, amy dixon. thank you so much for being with us today. >> great to be here. >> excellent. jamie, i want to talk to you a little bit just about these moments. i mean, it is incredible for everyone in this tournament and
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especially though for the louisville team with the way they are dealing with kevin ware. you have played them. have you also played wichita state. you have also played all of the times, michigan, syracuse, in the final four. with wichita state, that loss was so emotional for everybody and i want to show what you were dealing with afterwards. can you show trey just pouring his heart out? >> me, myself, it is a bitter taste in my mouth and my career and one of the worst games i ever played in the history of playing here. i am sorry. sorry i let my team down. one of the worst games i ever played. >> now, coach, i have been a player and i have been in that seat and as a coach how do you approach tray like that? >> i felt helpless. i was across the table and you don't know what you can do, and you just know that all of the emotions, it is his senior year. he is our point guard. he is our leader.
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he just felt like as he said there, he let his teammates down and all of those emotions, my career is over, letting the fans down, the team down, that was what he was saying. he gave us a great five years. he red shirted one year, played through a lot of injuries and did a lot of great things for us. we went right after him, reached for him and thanked him for everything he did. every kid, this is their dream to come and they want to play. every team that comes into this tournament, all 68, they all think they're going to win the whole thing. when the end comes, that loss, it is a shock, it is disappointment, and there is regret, too, at the same time. >> now, that clip was taken from the wichita state game. they played louisville tonight. can you give us a scouting report. >> louisville is the team i picked from the start. i think they have the most experience and a mission. they're on a mission because they have the final four last year and you can kind of sense that. getting to the final four is not enough with this group and they have made that real clear and i think they have done that from
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the start of the season. >> this team is good. they're very good. >> and baker is key. i think he is the guy under rated guy and he was hurt through the conference, the conference schedule and back now and he was the guy that gave them something when we played him, so he is not averaging big numbers, but he makes them a better player. >> coach, i want to ask you about the big issue in college basketball right now is what's going on at rutgers, situation with former coach mike rice who was fired and then the athletic director resigns and we have also seen this video by now abusing his players, pushing his players, and the physical abuse, the verbal assault on these kids, and you have an interesting perspective because mike rice was actually an assistant for you briefly at pitt and you know him personally. what's your reaction to this? >> very shocked obviously, just surprised. he was a good assistant, and just don't know where it came from. to say this isn't college basketball, but he is a good
12:14 pm
person, and i think this is something that we can all look at and know that this is not college basketball, but again we're going to see it over and over again, but there is a lot of great things in college basketball. >> are you a little surprised the players didn't go latrel a little bit. >> i don't know how they all acted or talked about it. it seems as a lot of players have come out and said -- haven't said too much about it, so it is somewhat surprising. there is no question about it. again, it is -- i don't think it is again not something that you see much at all in college basketball. >> and this is interesting, too. we see so many coaches doing it the right way instead who are able to motivate these players and we saw it during the ncaa tournament, these coach's speeches in the locker room, having fun with the guys and the positive sides of the relationship and this is an all access show so we want to take
12:15 pm
you behind the scenes in the locker room in the miami locker room. >> about the game you love. this is basketball. you have to play basketball today. when they have the basketball, they look, hands high, contest the shot. understand that? when the shot goes up, what are you going to do? you're going to block out, you rebound with two hands. ball on the court, you rebound with two hands. do you understand? yeah! >> like doing the worm down there and all the guys go on. >> come on, coach. come on. >> we have done a few things. i wouldn't have the cameras in there to do it. he has a knack for tv, i guess. he is a great coach and what he did with that team this year is unbelievable. seniors, again, this tournament will come down to seniors at the end of the day in the final four games, but the seniors, experienced guys. >> robot for you or something? come on. >> is that what that is?
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>> i don't know what it is. it is bad, whatever it is. >> that is not what that is. okay. quick. you said your pick is louisville. sticking with that? >> yeah, louisville for the first game and if we're talking second game syracuse as well. i go with the big east, acc teams as we go forward here. >> nice way to say goodbye to the old big east. very nice. thank you, coach, for your time. we certainly appreciate it. now we'll turn to you, the viewers. we need your help. we are supposed to come out of the show with predictions. tweet us. reggie, are you responsible? >> i have our pick and i think it will be -- i am going to wait. next segment. >> drama. >> you are teases. >> build it up. >> i will get this out of there. that's all i got to say. to break with a little more all access with miami. >> i asked you guys to be fighters. you know what i saw out there? muhammad ali. yeah.
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72-65 victory in the 1966 national championship game, a win for the school as well as the civil rights movement as all five starters for texas western were african-american, a first in an ncaa championship game. highlights included bobby joe hill stealing the ball from louie dampier and tommy in the span of a minute and converting both to layups. don haskins matched wits with the legendary adolf rupp and can prevailed.
12:21 pm
that was certainly a great moment in sports history, a turning point for college basketball. welcome back to cnn's all access at the final four. i am joe carter outside the georgia dome. texas western won the game in 1966 but it was kentucky coming into the game as the heavy favorite and came up short. we got to thinking and we put together a list. bleacher report has it going, the best teams to never win the tournament. you have teams like the '91 running revs, '93 michigan, the fab five, the bald heads and baggy shorts and back-to-back final fours they didn't win and my favorite has to be 1983 houston cougars upset by jimmy's nc state, the air ball claimed the pass, loved the celebration from jimmy v. join the conversation on twitter by using the hashtag bestwhoeverwon. rach and reg, a lot of great
12:22 pm
teams that came up short. what do you think about the list? >> reggie, any favorite there is or just ask carlos about his personal school's success in the ncaa tournament? >> joe, i would love to ask where does colorado state fall into that? i didn't see anything on bleacher about colorado state, my friend. >> reporter: yeah. no comment, reg. no comment. football mabl. basketball, no comment >> just wanted to make sure. >> reggie, still throwing the ucla banner out here? >> i am. i don't want to be a homer here about ucla. when you think of the tournament, you think of the four letters ucla. right? >> one tournament win? reggie miller? >> it is okay. it is all right. >> what about this year? who this year? ucla not in the final four. >> they're not. i am going to jump on what coach dixon was talking about. louisville is the overall number one for a reason.
12:23 pm
now that they have something to play for in the kevin ware injury, i think this is a chance for rick martino to get a second national championship. we are going with the cardinals. >> i will jump on board with your prediction and go with whatever you say. i have to correct you, it is not louisville. >> louisville. >> l cardinals, what are we going with? >> my mother-in-law is from louisville and will be upset if she heard you say louie-ville. >> i am betting nischelle knows how to pronounce it. we'll hear other predictions. everybody has a school they root for, at least a bracket they're rooting for something, and, nischelle still at centennial park. who did you find out there with their predictions? >> you know, we have found a lot of people out here. luda is on stage and he has the crowd rocking. there are so many people out here for the concert series and you asked who i ran into and one of the people i ran into was the
12:24 pm
zac brown band. they took the stage here last night as well, and they had this place on fire. i sat down to talk a little bit before they went on stage and we talked about a lot of things and i found out interesting things about these guys. not only do they make good music, they make good food. the zach brown band a bunch of food is. zac himself is a personal chef. we had to get into our favorites and here is what these guys had to say. >> i am narc leps i but sugar, i am hypo glycemic. if i eat sugar, i will fall over. >> it is amazing to see. he is like playing guitar and all of a sudden -- >> it is bad. i go to the movies with the little dwirlz and we sit and i will eat recess pieces, like a third of the box and like drooling in my popcorn. if i had my choice, probably be
12:25 pm
a hundred grand. >> reece. >> the easter ones. >> reese's. >> they really do. >> those boys love to eat. i have to say i am a reese's girl myself. we talked a little final four and get their picks who they thought would win and by consensus from the zach brown band they think the louisville cardinals will win the tournament. is it louisville or louisville and i continue the debate with my folk from louisville, i will say it again and how they pronounce it may surprise you. take a look. >> i said louisville. >> louisville. >> tomato, tomato. >> louisville is the official pronunciati pronunciation. >> i have a problem with this. all of the years i lives in lexington, kentucky, i was told it is not louie-ville. >> they are wrong. >> i need the consensus.
12:26 pm
>> i am from cleveland and i sigh louisville. >> smart guy. cleveland rocks. >> you're from indianapolis. what do you say. >> i have been saying lou aville. >> louisville. >> three. >> louie-ville it is. >> all right. rachel and reggie, you guys have to finish this debate. i am going to take whatever you guys decide. i am going to start pronouncing it that way from now on. what do you think? >> you are right. do not let sh tell you otherwise. louisville. >> lou-ville. >> i am with zac brown. lou-a-ville. >> come on. >> okay. i am with zac brown. there is three that get it to the dome. >> lul-ville. >> what else you got, reg? >> one last celeb rid toy hear from, the commander in chief. it is time for our first bought.
12:27 pm
check in with jake tapper in washington, d.c. >> rachel and reggie, president obama defeated many a tough political opponent over the course of his career. when it came to the march madness picks he proved himself no match for cinderella. to the president's brackets. it was round one when the president learned an important political lesson. never ignore florida. it was florida gulf coast university and their astounding upsets starting with one over georgetown that were early tourney upsets that left his bracket at that point in the 30th percentile. he wasn't just getting beat by most of the country he was getting beat by the mini me. he turned it around and correctly picked the semifinalists and then the sweet 16 did not exactly sour the president's bracket. he forecast five out of eight winners in the round. it wasn't until last weekend that the president's bracket officially hopped a one-way train to bust-itville.
12:28 pm
only one of the pronled winners made it to the final four. of course i am referring to louisville. the cardinals. that's not the team he tapped for the title win. he tapped, of course, indiana, but to go all the way he thought the hoosiers would be hoisting the trophy following the national championship. i should mention for full disclosure sake president obama did much, much better than i did. my brackets are horrendous and i didn't pick anybody who is in anything. this is really very embarrassing. back to you. >> good to know that jake tapper is not going to take my job at cnn any time soon. >> good to know that whoever did the president's bracket is probably going to be walking boe the dog now. >> not going to be a good job anymore. this was not a good year for him. he normally does better than this. >> that's true. luda on stage right now. we will bring you back. more to come from downtown atlanta. up next we have not only a
12:29 pm
little bit more from centennial park, a really, really, really big bracket, carlos dias has it at cnn center. we'll get to tweets and the all access at the final four continues. here is a little all access with wichita state head coach greg marshall. >> all right. number one in the country, number one seed, what does that mean? what does that mean to you? what number are we? huh? you cannot make people respect you. you cannot make people respect you. all right? you can certainly not allow them to disrespect you. okay? let's go make that happen. let's go. 1-2-3.
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rachel, all the tweets are starting to come in. my man a maher stoudemire, good luck to louisville tonight. >> he donated some win for wear wear. >> when you move, i move. >> just like that. it is good. don't need to be you. you should be out there singing. >> after him the band muse comes up fan and from what i understand he is a huge fan. >> i am a huge fan of college basketball and reggie miller. those two things i live for. reggie, as you know, we get paid
12:34 pm
to prognosticate and my bracket has been busted. i don't know what i am talking about. why don't we go to the fans and find out what they think about tonight's games? start with the louisville cardinals. what do you have to say? why do you think that louisville is going to win the national championship. >> we're a family and it has been a long 27 years and we'll bring it home to louisville for kevin and the city. >> what do you think, is that good? we have heard from louisville. let's hear it from wichita state who will be playing louisville in a matter of hours. we have what is your name? >> brian. >> brian. okay. brian, i love this, who's your daddy. very nice. brian, why are -- why is wichita state -- what's a shocker first off. >> someone that harvests wheat. >> i know this now. who are you going to shock louisville and shock the nation tonight? >> greg marshall has our team playing angry now. we're ready to make shocker history and bring home a
12:35 pm
championship. if i am a louisville fan, i am scared. you don't want to go to war with the shockers. >> wow. talking smack there. there we go. over to sir kiyracuse quickly h. a true fan if i have ever seen one. why do you think syracuse will take on the championship. >> we have the two-three zone that the wolverines have no idea what to do with. >> you did beat the hoosiers. >> who smoked indiana? >> you guys did, yeah. >> exactly. >> appreciate that. thanks for that. suddenly i don't like the orange all of a sudden and last but not least the michigan wolverines. mark, why is michigan going to take this home? >> besides having the national player of the year, forget the fab five, we now have the fresh five. >> love it. >> robinson iii, hard way
12:36 pm
junior, mcgather. do i need to say more? go blue. >> we heard from the experts. where bring it in. bring it in. here we go. let's go. back to you guys. >> love how he throws himself into his work and able to interview super mario in the michigan outfit. that was nice as well. >> four different perspectives now. now i am questioning the picks. >> do not back off our pick. do you like how i took his pick? there will be a lot more to come on all access at the final four including behind the scenes with all four coaches. can we do a flashback? do you miss them at all? >> look, we were right in the middle of the first two games with the eagles of florida gulf coast. so exciting. these guys, we said act like you have been there before and they had never been there before and it showed. >> go dunk city, yeah.
12:37 pm
♪ >> they are rock stars. >> these guys are for real. >> rounding up and straight to the top. >> welcome to your kodak moment, my friend.
12:38 pm
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the reality is that by the end of the night here in atlanta there are going to be some
12:41 pm
players crying and at least two of the coaches here trying to console them. not yet, though. we have special access to all four of the coaches here in atlanta and right now we'll let you sit in on our conversations as they prepare for some of the biggest games of their lives hoping not to be shedding tears tonight. >> you're here in the final four. you almost didn't get here. tray burk hits the big shot. everyone is going crazy except for you when you look at the video. are you calmly clapping. what was going on inside your head as you are so cool to the outside world? >> i am thinking of the next move right now when he hits the shot, even when we win the game, there was a shot at the buzzer. it is, you know, when you coached as long as i have, well over 1,000 games now, there is games you thought you won and you lost and there is games you thought were lost and you won. you're always thinking i don't want to go out of that mode of
12:42 pm
what's next? so that's one we did win, when we did get to the final four and beat florida. i didn't know what to do. i would congratulate and didn't know what to do and i was thinking what's next? syracuse, that's what's next. >> you face michigan on saturday. the coach credits you for a large role in his coaching progression. >> i don't know about that. he is tremendous coach, and a couple times that i could recommend him, i did, but sometimes the athletic directors can't figure out who they should hire and have to help them a little bit. john was the right guy and he has been the right guy every place he has been because he knows what he is doing. when you win every place you're good. i am not sure i am that good. i only won one place and he has won every place and he is a tremendous coach and they're probably the best offensive team in the tournament at this point. the guys have really gotten
12:43 pm
better and the perimeter guys have been great all year. it is a tremendous challenge for us. >> people keep saying how close are they? how close are they to finally as you say actually winning? can you win it this year? >> without a doubt. we don't have to play a perfect game. louisville is an outstanding team, well coached, great athletes, tremendous on both ends of the floor. we don't have to play the perfect game. it is not a seven game series. i am sure they would beat us in a seven games series. it is 40 minutes. anything can happen. >> took 21 years to avenge christian light inner. you did it. how is that feeling? >> i never mentioned it to one team and i said, listen, 20 some odd years ago and i have been watching that shot and i want to put him to bed and i said this is the same moment, the elite eight, and for me personally i need to put him to sleep. we all laughed right before the game i said that and afterwards
12:44 pm
they said good night, christian, that's it. >> now you feel as you lay dying you will not see that shot flash before your eyes? >> i can die in peace. >> i am finally glad coach got a chance to exercise those demons and, coach, word is out he possibly made the hall of fame. >> probably possibly, like the worst kept secret ever. >> i know, right. >> tweet from dickey. he is in on the secret. i am so happy for jerry and guy lewis and rick patino. they're now hall of famers. it is such a thrill to get that call and that will be officially announced tomorrow. a little early word for you, part of the all access at the final four and we have a little more luda coming up. i think he is wearing a kevin ware jersey. >> that's love right there. that is love. >> that injury turned a number one overall seed into everyone's sentimental favorite and unbelievable. we will have more to come here
12:45 pm
on cnn's all access to the final four. when we come back we'll check in with joe carter and show you some of the best tweets of the tournament. and more luda. we're all set to bundle your home and auto insurance together. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. [bell dings] ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen!
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12:47 pm
this team is for real. >> that's the beauty of this game, the drama created. >> they are hearing it from the crowd. >> mind-boggling to go against this. >> louisville heads to atlanta.
12:48 pm
>> rach, look at this list, this is probably the best all time team ever. ncaa came out with the best players and the all time march madness team and speaking of lists, let's head out to the georgia dome to our own joe carter. >> yes, speaking of lists, be h bleacher report putting together a heck of a list. best performances of all time. and also on the list carmelo anthony from 2003, 33 points against texas. most all time by a freshman. my favorite, not a person but a team, villanova, '85, the eighth seed beating patrick, georgetown, shooting 78% from the field. we want to know what you think. who do you think had the best final four performance? #bestfinalfourperformance. you can also throw in michael
12:49 pm
jordan, '83, glen rice, '89, and the list goes on and on. we're getting tweeting. as we said, we will show them throughout the show. this is is from stevie johnson. cuse-and louisville. saying it wrong. michigan's burke whiz and fear the zone. it is like suffocating defense that syracuse puts out there. >> steven johnson wants everyone to win it sounds like, joe, right? he is for everyone. >> reporter: say that again. >> he just wants everyone to win. reggie, what about you? >> reporter: you're right. >> you look through the performances joe was talking about. what was your favorite final four performance. >> i think you think i will go with bill in '73, the guy i grew up with, my mentors in '79 versus larry legend himself,
12:50 pm
larry bird. >> can you do the magic johnson smile? you don't have the teeth for it. i am sorry. >> sorry. >> i want to know if somebody else is going to join that list this weekend. heard stevie ment everybody else trey burke. i am watching trey burke big-time. this kid has no conscience. >> zero! >> take a look. >> three-point game. five seconds. fires for three! and the game is tied! he's tied it. >> are you kidding me? >> i love it. >> see, that's the reggie i know. >> that's what i'm talking about. like it. >> whoo! see, that was you out there. that's exactly how wide my eyes would be. >> see, i shouldn't have asked you to do the magic johnson face. i want to see that face now. all waking up. ♪
12:51 pm
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outstanding basketball. wichita state is heading to the final four. >> all he kept saying, win the game. win the game. i've not seen that in my life. >> tell you what, we are talking about the all access louisville bringing it at centennial park. we always talked about the emotions from a player's perspective, right? i want to know from a journalist's standpoint, how do you approach all this? >> well, i wasn't doing the harlem shake. >> no? >> that's a little old. got to get with the times. but it was pretty cool. we have been documenting my journey through ncaa tournament. this is the bus, by the way, the cnn express bus. do you have a bus? >> no, i don't. what's up with that? >> you need to get a bus. it is the way to travel. we started in auburn hills and moved on. it's amazing to see the moments that sticks with you in a great
12:55 pm
game. it's talking to all these kids. >> the white house? >> i'm from d.c. i'm presidential. and you get to see that kid who lives on your block who's always in the driveway, always with the basketball and doing that three, two, one, whoo! >> that was me. >> they get to have that moment. and the fans too have been so incredible. screaming for their schools. even if they're not really basketball fans, they just want to support, represent, and then you get all the people screaming from their brackets so they become syracuse or michigan fans. it really just gets the entire country involved, whether you love sports or not, whether you love basketball or not, you get to cheer for something. it's a lot of fun. >> i will say this, looking at that piece, you are a rock star, lady. >> just because i have a bus? >> you have a bus and all the kids running up to you and shaking your hand and asking for your autograph and pictures. that's got to be a nice feeling. >> clearly, you have to get a bus. i know you have a hall of fame basketball career, but if you get a bus -- >> david levi, i need a bus. >> we'll get david levy to get
12:56 pm
you a bus. >> we will be back wrapping things up from atlanta. a little action with ludacris. you do to fist pump too? >> do the wave! come on. as certified recovery specialists at lifelock, we're dedicated to getting you back on track from identity theft. to protect you from being a victim in the first place, we have specialists for that, too. ♪ [ alarm blaring ] ♪ [ lasers zapping ]
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12:59 pm
man, it is heating up in atlanta. look at the ucla bruins. that's great. take a look at that. you're not going to see that for the rest of the night. they're not in the final four. you're still going with louisville, by the way? >> we are going with louisville. >> doing our picks.


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