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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 11, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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youshocking allegation youshocking allegations. the government accused of doing experiments on premature babies without telling the parents about the risk. cnn investigates. the irs says it can read your e-mails without a warrant. and a fight between a gun and bat. bat wins. plus -- >> you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle. so what are you waiting for? >> the words of an american terrorist. the problem is he's wrong on one thing.
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and what's day in america without a little controversy. today the new barbie making waves. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. -- captions by vitac -- hi, there. i'm brooke baldwin. good to be with you. beginning with breaking news on this thursday. reports of a tornado right now moving over mississippi. chad myers, it's in to alabama. tell us what you know. >> >> that's correct. it was on the ground. has been on the ground for a long time. it has produced one fatality. the storm continues to be on the ground as it travels to the east of columbus, mississippi. these are kind of rural areas, thank goodness, because this is probably an f-3, f-4 tornado on the ground. it did hit a town near may con, mississippi, earlier, but it's now moving in a very rural area
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near alabama. they're already taking some of the kids out of school already. the last time we happened we remember the vivid pictures of tuscaloo tuscaloosa. those kids are going home. more tornados in southern mississippi and some of the patien parishes of louisiana. this is going to be one of those days, if a storm is headed your way, assume the worst. get inside, get the pets inside. don't go outside. don't take pictures. protect yourself. it will be into georgia later tonight, brooke. >> chad myers, thank you. we'll get more information as you're reporting. we're making phone calls. we'll try to get some videos as soon as we possibly can. i want to move along though. we want to give you a heads-up. any moment, history in the making today. president obama will present the medal of honor to the family of an american priest who died more than six decades ago.
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you hear the music. these are live pictures inside the white house. this is where the ceremony will take place. let me just tell you though. this story is absolutely fascinating because among other heroic acts, he stole food for p.o.w.s during the korean war without firing a single shot. you will hear emotional memories from this man's fellow soldiers. stay right here for that. but first the federal government is under fire for research it funded that may have risked the lives of the most vulnerable, extremely premature infants, 1,300 of them to be preci precise. the consumer advocacy group public citizen is reporting on this. they say the little ones were exposed between 2005 and 2009. public citizen just september a l letter to the head of department of health and human services
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demanding an apology for misstudying oxygen levels in premies. it accuses researcher of not warning parents of blindless or death if the families took part in the research. a co-author said this, quote, the word unethical doesn't begin to describe the egregious and shocking deficiencies in the informed-consent process for this study. it is highly likely if they had been appropriately informed about the nature of the research and its risks, many, if not most, parents would not have been allowed their babies to be in this city. i want to talk with dr. elizabeth cohen. >> there's a big question that needs to be answered. when you have what's called a micropremie, lot those babies
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need oxygen. how much ox subsequent do you give them? that's the big question. here's the problem. if you give too much oxygen, high levelings of oxygen can cause blindness. if you give low levels of oxygen, that can cause death. what knee oh nay toll gists do with each individual baby, they see what they need and give them what they need and hopefully no more because it could cause blindness. they say, you know, we don't know what the exact amount is right one half is going to get a relatively low end of the range and the other a high end. we're going to randomly choose who gets relatively high levels or low levels of oxygen and what public citizen says that's unethical. you should be see what they actually need rather than ass n assigning them. >> when you hear about the
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risks, how could they not tell the parent? >> that's the part that the national ens substitutes of health is upset about. the nih wrote a letter to the doctors and said, hey, we look at the consent form and you didn't warn parents that high levels could cause blindness and low levels could cause -- >> why? >> well, basically researchers say we were within the range that could be safe. we're in a range that doctors give babies all the time. we skewed to the high end for one group, low end for another group. we weren't giving crazy highs or crazy lows. >> is it good enough for the parents? >> it's not good enough for the nih. the letter says, hey, you didn't warn about the risks that you were supposed to. in fact, the university of alabama which has been the lead research around this, they have said we will ensure that the future consent form clearly delineates risk. in the future, we will make sure that forms clearly tell parents
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or study group as what the risk is. maybe this time they didn't get it the way they should have. >> right. what about the babies? how do they fair? >> you know, the doctors say the babies have done great and the doctors say the babies actually have done better than babies who weren't in this study. some people, public citizen, would argue with that. it kind of depends how you look at the numbers. what's interesting is the results they got were pretty much what you would expect. babies on the high end were more likely to get a disease that could result in bindnelindness. babies on the low end could die. people say why did we put that on the baby? >> it sounds like a fair question. microbabies, less than 2 pounds. >> 2 pounds, 12 ounces. >> thanks for that. in a few moments, a chaplain
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will be awarded a medal of honor more than 60 years after his death. we want to share a picture of him here. this is a picture of him. he is on the right. he's helping -- you see him carrying this exhausted soldier off the battlefield. president obama will honor him and his family very, very soon, but first cnn's barbara starr with a closer look at this extraordinary man -- we've got a lot of pictures of the white house -- of this man. >> reporter: in the winter of 1950 the korean war was tough going for often overwhelmed u.s. troops. here on the right, an extraordinary soldier who never fired a shot and now more than 60 years after his death, he's receiving the medal of honor. the nation's highest award for valor in action. for frchl
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for father amil kapon, a showing of faith. >> you still keep his picture on the wall. >> that's a picture of him holding his pipe when it was shot out of his mouth. >> reporter: he met the priest whelp they carried the wounded along the long stretch to the north. >> he was on the front edge of a long stretcher we were carrying and i said, i'm mike dowe. what's your name. he said amil kapong. >> it's for these guys too. they would tell everybody they didn't want the story to die. >> reporter: stories of a priest rescuing the wounded. >> it didn't matter if there were mortar shells falling around them. >> reporter: mike dowe says he is still around because of
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father kapaun. >> he was able to engender a spirit of loyalty and meaningfulness to being adaptive to resisting your captors and maintaining your faith with your country that enabled you to keep your will to live. >> reporter: the priest regularly stole food for the starving men. >> he'd come around and say "hot coffee" and give hot water to all of us there. man, that was -- may not sound like much today, but that sure meant a lot under those circumstances. >> reporter: the enemy, the north koreans and chinese, began to fear the now ailing catholic priest. >> the koreans came in and told him they're going have to take him to the hospital. the hospital -- you ask all the guys, the hospital was just a death house. >> reporter: but his friends
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could not save him. his final moments with the p.o.w.s being carried away was difficult even for mike dowe. >> he turned to me and said something to the effect, mike, don't worry. i'm going where i always wanted to go, and when i get there, ais i'll say a prayer for you. >> reporter: to this day his remains are buried in a mass grave in north korea. his nephew says, still, the family would like to bring him home. >> forgive me, barbara. we're awaiting history here. go ahead. >> as we await the president in the next few minutes. this is really a remark story. if this story isn't enough for you. in fact, the vatican has father amil kapoun's story under investigation. they're looking at naming him a
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saint of the catholic church, of canonizing him. over the last 60 years these men have fought to get him the medal of honor and many people of the faithful who have prayed to father kapoun have testified to the church about miracles they believe have occurred in his name. it is just a remarkable, remarkable story. these men never gave up, brooke. >> what a proud day for obviously his family, his friends, for army, for chaplains. we are 'waiting this posthumous honor here at the white house. history in the making. you do month want to miss thee moments. 90-second break. back in a moment just like peoe you want to be sure the money you're about to spend is money well spent. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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. again, we're watching and waiting. live piers in the white house. let me say again, history about to be made with this posthumous recipient of the medal of honor. we'll take you there as soon as it happens, i promise, but i do want to move on until we see the live pictures and the ceremony begin. lit me tell you about north korea. as the world waits for north korea's next move, cnn has learned they're ready to fire the musudan missile. it could be fired from peninsula any day now. the one question still don't have an answer to. why. here's the top u.s. intelligence
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chief. >> i don't think really he has much of an endgame other than to somehow elicit recognition from the world and specifically most importantly the united states of north korea's arrival on an international scene as a nuclear power and that that entitles him to negotiation and to accommodation and presumably for aid. >> all of this as china, north korea's last remaining ally, seems to be getting fed up with kim jong-un's threats. what's the evidence of that? this jon stewart clip gone viral in china. >> look past the picture of kim jong-un. there's a chart marked u.s. main land's strike plan with missile trails aiming at hawaii, california, d.c., and for some
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reason, austin, texas. you're going to blow up austin, texas? what? are you just trying to get the rest of texas on your side or did south by southwest reject your indy film "little miss unshine." >> that's racked up 28 million views in china. secretary of state john kerry flies there tomorrow to try to talk china into reining in their friend in north korea. wolf blitzer takes you inside north korea, what's at stake. he's got it covered in a special edition of "the situation room" at 6:00 p.m. and again at 10:00 p.m. pacific. back at home, at least two people have been killed. dozens more have been hurt after this bus tipped over on an
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indiana highway. this bus was on its way to dallas. at least 36 people had to be rushed to the hospital. >> we have over 30 people that were passengers on the bus. we have two that are confirmed deceased right now. the passengers have been taken to various hospitals throughout the metroplex. >> that bus was bound for oklahoma casinos. it lost control, hit barrier, swerved across several lanes of traffic, and then tipped over a concrete median. the grandparents of two little florida boys who were abducted are speaking out. the police say the boys' parents kidnapped them, took them on a boat, set sail for cuba, and authorities rescued these two little guys and reunited them with their grand paints who had been given legal custody of them. the grandparents say the boys had no idea they were abducted. >> they have been told that everyone heard about their
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sailboat trip to cuba, another country, as they called it, and their airplane ride back to america, and that everyone wants to take their picture. we ask that there be no mention of any events of the past week. cole and this is chase. >> there they are in front of all the cameras. the boys' parents are being held without bond. they have a hearing monday on kidnapping charges. >> coming up, victoria's secret angle amanda kerr being stripped of her wings. the gossip has been furious, it has been fast, but the lingerie company has just responded. that's next.
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and now to the white house we go as we're about to see the president. here he is. first lady. about to present the medal of honor to the family of an american priest who died more than six decades ago. let's watch. let us pray. almighty and eternal god to whom we come, to whom we belong, this day survives in a us memories of
11:22 am
a faithfuler is eventual and loyal patriot. his ministries especially in the front line of combat chaplain emil kapaun contended feverishly of evil, giving of himself unselfishly for the welfare of those he called his boys. we're humbled, o god, by the strength and honor of a chaplain who often appeared from no ware during combat operations and remained only long enough to perform his duties before moving on as the bat el of seoul raged. we bestow our highest honors poer chaplain kapaun. may he inspire us to serve with steadfast hearts which no one worthy thought could drag us downward, with unconquering hearts which no tribulation can wear out, and with upright hearts, which no one worthy purpose may tempt aside. this we ask and pray in your
11:23 am
holy name, amen. >> amen. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> good afternoon. >> please, have a seat. on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. thank you, chaplain. you know, this year we mark the 60th anniversary of the end of the korean war, a time when thousands of our prisoners of war finally came home after years of starvation and hardship and in some cases torture. and among the homecomings, one stood out. a group of our p.o.w.s emerged carrying a large wooden crucifix nearly four feet tall. they had spent months on it, secretly collecting firewood, carving it, the cross and the body, using radio wire for a
11:24 am
crown of thorns. it was a tribute to their friend, their chaplain, their fellow prisoner who had touched their souls and saved their lives. father emil kapaun. this is an amazing story. father kapaun has been called a shepherd in combat boots. his fellow soldiers who felt his grace and his mercy called him a saint, a blessing from god. today we bestow another title on him, recipient of our nation's highest military decoration, the medal of honor. after more than six decades of working to make this medal a reality, i know one of father kapaun's comrades spoke for a lot of folks here when he said, "it's about time."
11:25 am
father, as they called him, was just 35 years old when he died in that hellish prison camp. his parents and his only sibling, his brother, are no longer with us, but we're extremely proud to welcome members of the kapaun family, his nephews, his niece, their children, two of whom currently serve in this country's national guard, and we're very proud of them. we're also joined by members of the kansas congressional delegation, leaders from across our armed forces, and representatives from the catholic church which recognizes father kapaun as a servant of god. and we are truly humbled to be joined by men who served alongside him, veterans and former p.o.w.s from the korean war. thank you.
11:26 am
now, obviously i never met father kapaun, but i have a sense of the man he was because in his story i see reflections of my own grandparents and their values, the people who helped to raise me. emil and my grandfather were both born in kansas about the same time. both were raised in small towns outside of wichita. they were part of that greatest generation, surviving the depression, joining the army, serving in world war ii, and they embodied those heartland values of honesty and hard work, decency and humility, quiet heroes determined to do their
11:27 am
part. for father kapaun this meant becoming an army chaplain, serving god and country. after the communist invasion of south korea, he was among the first american troops that hit the beaches and pushed their way north through hard mountains and bitter cold. in his understated midwestern way he wrote home saying this outdoor life is quite a thing and i prefer to live in a house once in a while. but he had hope, saying, it looks like the war will end soon. that's when chinese forces entered the war with a massive surprise attack. perhaps 20,000 soldiers pouring down on a few thousand americans. in the chaos, dodging bullets and explosions, father kapaun raced between foxholes, out past the front lines, and into no
11:28 am
man's land, dragging the wounded to safety. when his commanders ordered an evacuation, he chose to stay, gathering the injured, tending to their wounds. when the enemy broke through and the combat was hand to hand, he carried on, comforting the injured and the dying, offering some measure of peace as they left this earth. when enemy forces bore down, it seemed like the end that these wounded americans, more than a dozen of them, would be gunned down, but father kapaun spotted a wounded chinese officer. he pleaded with this chinese officer and convinced him to call out to his fellow chinese. the shooting stopped, and they negotiated a safe surrender, saving those american lives. then as father kapaun was being led away, he saw another
11:29 am
american, wounded, unable to walk, lying in a ditch, defenseless. an enemy soldier was standing over him, rifle aimed at his head ready to shoot, and father kapaun marched over and pushed the enemy soldier aside, and then as the soldier watched, stunned, father kapaun carried that wounded american away. this is the valor we honor today. an american soldier who didn't fire a gun but who wielded the mightiest weapon of all, the love for his brothers so pure that he was willing to die so that they might live. and yet the incredible story of father kapaun does not end there. he carried that injured american four miles as their captors forced them on a death march. when father kapaun grew tired,
11:30 am
he'd helped the wounded soldier hop on one leg. when other prisoners stumbled, he picked them up. when they wanted to quitnoing that stragglers would be shot, he begged them to keep walking. in the camps that winter deep in the valley men could freeze to death in their sleep. father kapaun offered them his own clothes. they starved on tiny rations of militant corn and birdseed. he somehow snuck past the guards, forged to nearby fields around returned with rice and potatoes. in desperate some men hoarded food. he convinced them to share. their bodies were ravaged by dysentery. he grabbed some rocks, pounded metal into pots, and boiled clean water. they lived in filth. he washed their clothes, and he
11:31 am
cleansed their wounds. the guards ridiculed his devotion to the savior and the almighty. they took his clothes and made him stand in the freezing cold for hours. yet he never lost his faith. if anything it only grew stronger. at night he slipped into huts to lead prisoners in prayer, saying the rosary, administering the sacraments, offering three simple words, "god bless you." one of them later said with his very presence he could just for a moment turn a mud hut into a cathedral. that spring he went further. he held an easter service. i just met with the kapaun family. they showed me something extraordinary. the actual stoll, the purple vestment that father kapaun wore when he celebrated mass inside that prison camp. as the sun rose that easter
11:32 am
sunday, he put on that purple stoll and led dozens of prisoners to the ruins of an old church in the camp and he read from a prayer missel that he had. those of different faith, perhaps men of no faith, saying the lord's prayer and "america the beautiful." they sang so loud that other prisoners across the camp not only heard them, they joined in too, filling that valley with song and with prayer. that faith that theyed my be delivered from evil, that they could make it home, was perhaps the greatest gift to those men, that even amidst such hardship and despair, there could be hope. amid their misery in the temple
11:33 am
they could see those truths that are eternal, that even in such hell, there could be a touch of the divine. looking back, one of them said that that is what kept a lot of us alive. yet for father kapaun, the horrific conditions took their toll. thin, frail, he began to limp, the blood clot in his leg, then came dysentery, then pneumonia. that's when guards saw themselves to rid the hopes of the priest. dham for him and over the protests of the men in tears who loved him, the guards sent him to a death house. a hell hole with no food and water, left to die. and yet even then his faith held firm. i'm going to where i've always wanted to go, he told his brothers, and when i get up there, aisle say a prairie for
11:34 am
all of you. then as he was taken away, he did something remarkable. he blessed the guard guards. forgive them, he said, for they do not know what they do. two days later in that house, father kapaun breathed his last breath. his bode was taken away, grave unmarked, his remains uncovered to this day. the war and the awful captivity would drag on for another two years, but these men held on, steeled by the memory and moral example of the man they called father, and on their first day of freedom in his honor, they carried that beautiful wooden crucifix with them. some of these men are here today, including herb miller, the soldier that father kapaun saved in that ditch and then carried all those miles.
11:35 am
many are now in their 80s, but make no mistake, they're among the strongest men that america's ever produced, and i would ask all of our courageous p.o.w.s from the korean war to staend and accept the hand of grateful nation.
11:36 am
>> i'm told that in their darkest hours in the camp in that valley, these men turned to song. as we prepare for the presentation of the medal of honor to father kapaun's nephew ray, i want to leave you with the words of that song which sustained these men all those years ago. even though i walk in the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil for you are with me. your rod and your staf, they comfort me. you prepare a table for me in the prerns of my enemies, you anoint my head with woil, your cup overflows. surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and i will dwell in the house of the lord for ever.
11:37 am
ray, would you please join me on stage for the reading of the citation. >> the president of the united states of america authorized by act of congress, march 3, 1863, has awarded in the name of congress the medal of honor to chaplain emil j. kapaun, united states army, for conspicuous gallantry and risk of life above and beyond the call of duty. he distinguished himself by acts of gallantry above and beyond the call of diety while sieved with the third battalion, eighth cavalry regimen, third cavalry against an armed enemy in korea on november 1st, 1950. on nof 1st as chinese communist
11:38 am
forces viciously attacked the elements he calmly walked through withering enemy fire in order to offer aid and rescue through no man's land. they found thims surrounded by the enemy. facing annihilation, the able-bodied men were ordered to evacuation, however, chaplain kapaun fully aware of his certain capture left to stay behind with the wounded. after the enemies succeeded in breaking through the defense in the early morning hours of november 2nd, chaplain kapaun continually made rounds as hand to hand combat ensued. as chinese communist forces approached, chaplain kapaun noticed an injured chinese officer amongst the wounded and convinced him to negotiate the safe surrender of the american forces. shortly after his capture, chaplain kapaun for complete disregard of his personal safety and unwavering resolve bravely pushed aside a soldier to help a
11:39 am
fellow soldier. not only did he save the life of sergeant miller but also his unparalleled courage and leadership inspired all those present includes those who might have otherwise panicked and fled the enemy until captured. his extraordinary heroism and selflessness beyond the call of duty are keeping with the high acts of military service, the third battalion, eighth battalion regimen, 3ird cavalry regimen and the united states army.
11:40 am
>> let us pray together. lord god, let us go forth into the world in peace and dedication to your service. let us follow captain kapaun's example held fast to that which is good, rendered to good. to the faint hearted. may we support the weary and even courage the tired and honor all peoples. let us love and serve and may god's bless being upon us and remain with us today and always as we ask and pray in your holy name amen. >> amen. >> well, i can't imagine a
11:41 am
better example for all of us, whether in uniform or not in uniform a better example to follow. father kapaun's life, i think, is a testimony to his human spirit, the power of faith, and reminds us of the good that we can do each and every day regardless of the most difficult of circumstances. we can always be an instrument of his will. so i hope all of you have enjoyed this ceremony. i certainly have been extremely touched by it. to the kapaun family, god bless you. to all of our veterans, we're so proud of you. and my understanding is that the white house has pretty decent food, so i hope all of you enjoy the reception. thank you very much. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two.
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a short time ago the senate gave the go-ahead for the first controversial gun control debate since 1994. in recent days you have seem democrats and republicans working in washington, yes, to compromise coming to a deal to expand background checks. supporters and critics have sounded off in the senate. >> special interest lobbies of either the left or the right should not dictate what we do. we do not lead a lobby yift permission to pass laws, to fight crime, to improve public safety. >> the president has told some of these victims' families that this side of the aisle doesn't really care about their loss. that's not true. that's false. >> as for the nra, they plan to keep score on lawmakers' score
11:46 am
on gun laws saying, quote, gimp the importance of these issues all will be considered in nra's future candidate evaluations. coming up, i want you to take a look at something with me. mattel's new mexican barbie doll. do you see what's under her arm? a chihuahua, and she also comes with a passport. critics? they say this further stir owe types, but are they being too sensitive? we're going to weigh in. hot topics panel next.
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
time to talk about the things you'll certainly be talking about over the dinner table tonight. we call it hot topics beginning with mattel gets bashed over its quote/unquote mexican barbie. here's a look. mattel says this mexican barbie is fashionably ready for her fiesta with her bright pink dress and ribbons. but then there's this. she comes with a chihuahua and passport. they say mexican barbie is one of hundreds of dogs all with dogs and regional passports. we have our panel with us here. and tv purse analyst and radio host tonia hart. so welcome to all of you. and sabrina, let me begin with you. do you think this is offensive? do you think critics have a point that this increases
11:50 am
stereotypes or nah? >> i think we should have a little fun once in a while with our toys. i love the fact that there's a chihuahua there. my only concern is it reminded me of paris hilton rather than from mexico. i'm from california. i'm not sure that it's as accurate as they wanted it to be. >> david, what do you think? >> i think clearly the critics have a point and i also think mattel has a point and i think basically if this can spur a discussion about diversity and about sensitivity and about where the lines are in that, that's a good thing. and here's the thing. it's going to become hard to become perfect. if this spurs a conversation about what is perfect, you know what? the more conversation, the better. >> i know they've slammed on so many barbies in the past. i know you were a keynote speak fe er for barbie, but hang on. i want to read. he says the bright pink ribbons,
11:51 am
the chihuahua, that kind of stuff is so easy to use and someone else points out the fact that we're in this whole debate over immigration reform and here we have a passport here. tonia, you defend the barbies. why? >> well, first of all, brooke, i don't think any little girl or any little boy who picks up a barbie with a pink costume on is going to say, oh, let me put this down because it's too bright. i can't deal with it. no. kids like color. kids like dogs. >> it's going to cause a complex. >> no, it is not. all of the international barbies comes with a passport. barbie is what she is. a fashionista who's had more careers than we can ever imagine a doll or barbie having. >> we look at the pregnant barbie. a dog came out in '02. you had oreo fun barbie.
11:52 am
here she is. she appears to be african-american. there was a caucasian version as well. and then there was wheelchair barbie named becky. her hair was so long it apparently got caught in the wheels. i don't know. paul, comedian, what do you think? >> first of all i'm excited because i'm going to be adding this to my collection of my barbies that i have and i'm not afraid to admit it. >> good to know. good to know. >> in all seriousness, they complain there's no narrative to this particular doll. they're dolls. the little girls provide the narratives. brothers set fire to their hair. they don't portray women accurately or realistically. these dolls have 38-inch busts and 25-inch waists and no private parts. >> they have beach houses. my girls keep saying we should
11:53 am
have the beachhouse i don't know. i don't get it. i had one barbie as a kid and i pulled her apart. what does that say about me? mattel is saying there are hundreds of these dolls, they all come with regional dogs and passports so obviously they stand behind the barbie. let's move on. what's the most outrageous thing your boss has ever asked you to do? i know one of you has an extra special story. we're going to weigh in there next. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point, i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my health care professional, that's when she suggested the lyrica. once i started taking the lyrica, the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone.
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11:55 am
all right. back to the panel. anti-social media. have you ever noticed this. you talk to them in person and all is good and then you read an e-mail or tweet and you pick up aggression. people are much more hostile hiding behind a keyboard instead of in person and it's leading to real world issues and it's leading to not speaking to someone or holding a grudge. they asked 2,700 people and they found that close to 97% agree people are ruder on social media than in person. tanya hart, have you experienced this? >> yes. well, you know, i'm in the media business and i get a lot of stuff. >> a lot of gruff all the way around. >> yeah. >> what i think has happened here is with social media, there's no sense of responsibility. it didn't come packaged like that. so you have people who are rude in real life and social media
11:56 am
allowed them to be even more rude. i don't think that we should be surprised about this. i think we should have seen it coming? >> there is at least a name tied to a twitter handle or facebook profight. it's not like some anonymous shady comment section on a blog. we can find you. we know who you are. >> but you're not going to run into them. >> no. you're not going to see them on the street. some people are bullies. social media works very well for bullies but they know they can do this. they can intimidate people online and they don't have to worry about a beatdown in real life. >> and social media and the internet has emboldened people. because you have an opinion doesn't mean you should express it. it's sort of emboldened people to say whatever they want to say, i thinking there's no ramifications. tumbler. if you have a tumbler account, you think you're a publisher, an author. it's like me thinking i'm baseball player because i'm walking around wearing a cup and
11:57 am
a baseball cap. it's ridiculous. >> you see someone on line and you think they're interesting and kind and you meet them in person and you're like, ew, you not who you portray to be. >> you have separate personalities. the reason it can be off-putting on social media is the person putting stuff out there thinks they even never going to burp into them. guess what? what happened online affects what happens offline. >> i'm sure it's like a curve. if you run into them, the politer you're going to be and if you don't think you're going to see them, all gloves are off. >> let me segue from online to in-office requests. careerbuilders have asked people what their bosses have made them do. a boss asked and employee to buy a rifle and he would pay the worker back, hook him up with
11:58 am
illegal substances. i'm not making this stuff up. come up with a science fair project for the science fair for his daughter. remove stitches and last one, clip the dog's nails. paul, i hear you have a pretty good story involving a diaper and a baby shower. >> yes. >> spill it. >> it's like you're inside my brain. a partner at the law firm i worked at time was a female partner, pregnant. they through a baby shower for her and asked me to dress up as a giant baby wearing nothing but a diaper and a bottle. >> and you did it? >> i did it. >> why did you do it? >> because to me that's friday night anyway, so what's the big deal. >> tmi, paul, tmi. >> i wanted to keep my boss. >> that's probably what it is, why people clip dogs' nails or clip stitches. that's the climate. >> when i was in politics, i had
11:59 am
bosses who say you have to look into my background to see if there's anything embarrassing in my background. guess what? if you find embarrassing stuff they get real defensive. it can be really uncomfortable. >> go ahead, tanya. >> it's kind of interesting. i've been in media and i've done some things that rival indiana jones. in this business i fiend myself going the extra step. there was a big story about an a-list celebrity who got help helping out a tranny, transvestite. we took a crew out. we were out till 4:00, 5:00 in the morning seeing which celebrities were turning up transvestites. >> i'm sure we have good stories to share over brews. i don't have anything crazy but hopping on a lot of planes and -- >> i heard a lot of stories about you, brooke.
12:00 pm
>> uh-huh. no diaper and baby shower for me, guys. >> remember that night in new orleans. >> no, no, no, no, no. on that note, david, sabrina and tanya and paul, thank you. three teenaged girls accused of running a prostitution house using social media. we're on the case. the irs says it could read your e-mails without a warrant. and in a fight between a gun and bat, bat wins. plus madonna hitting back against international claims that she is a diva. and republicans admit they need new faces, but apparently they include this one. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. -- captions by vitac --
12:01 pm
hour two, i'm brooke baldwin. beginning with breaking news in the world of weather reports of a tornado moving right now over alabama. chad myers you were talking last hour, one fatality confirmed in mississippi. what more do you know? >> that's right. we have dangerous situation for mississippi, alabama, georgia, and even parts of northern florida for the next few hour, even southern tennessee. we have a lot of moisture, a lot of humidity in the air and a big cold front to the west that's trying to push all that away. what ebb you get warm and cold that clash, when cold air tries to force its way under the warm air, the warm air goes up. sometimes it goes up and begins to spin and that's when we get the tornadoes. tornado watches from tuscaloosa all the way to the gulf coast. with very severe weather from hattiesburg to decatur and birmingham and this continues through much of the night. one area i'm considered about is
12:02 pm
reform, alabama, tuscaloosa here. the more storms we see fired tonight, some of them ahead of the lines to the west could rotate. if you see storms coming, play worst-case scenario. get inside. stay inside. get pets, kids, stay inside, get away from the windows. and if it looks bad, sounds bad, get inside the lowest level of your basement away from windows. >> chad myers, thank you very much. now, three teenaged girls charged with a shocking crime, running a prostitution ring, enslaving young girls out of this ottawa townhouse. luring their victims through social media, pitching them out to johns, some who raped them, others who sent them home after realizing they were sex slaves. one of these alleged ring leaders even boasted about it on twitter called her victims hos
12:03 pm
tweetsing she was the female quote/unquote bill gates. they had cell phone photos and along with names and phone numbers of mens willing to pay for sex. i were recruited from online sites like lava quest. we're joined by john walsh, live from new york. john, good to see you here. a lot of questions come to mind. first for me when you think of sex slavery, i don't think of ring leaders being 15 and 16-year-olds. does that help them? i don't know, lure these yuger victims? gain trust? >> i think you're right, brooke. you know, social media can be a great tool. the internet's a wonderful, wonderful super information highway, but it's also a dangerous place. so these younger gals have figured out how to exploit other girls. for example, know is in canada
12:04 pm
which has problems, but the united states is the number one country that is the number one offender of sex trafficking, and we are the country that uses children for sex trafficking. last year for example the fbi took down 100 pimps around the country and rekooved kids between 13 and 14. so this is just a lower age of pimps using social networking to exploit children. >> but, john, also to hear about these alleged offenders here boasting on twitter. and, again, the power of social media as you talk about that. in all of your years here, have you ever heard of something like this? >> well, in other countries i've about done sex trafficking cases all over the world. and in other cases the pimps are younger and they exploit younger children than themselves. but this is really kind of unique, and i've got to give the police in canada a lot of credit for going after these victims because they'll be tried as juveniles, they may, you know, only pay a penalty of a couple
12:05 pm
of years, but it's a tough uncomfortable subject and i think cops are getting better at it. who's not getting better at it are parents monitoring what their kids are doing on social networking websites. that child is your responsibility until they're 18 years old. whether they're a victim or whether they're a pimp, somebody needs to jump in here and see what they're doing. >> good take away for parents, certainly sharing the responsibility and watching their kids closely. john walsh, thank you. >> thank you, brooke. president obama called families of newtown victims today after the senate voted to end the filibuster against tougher gun laws. the senate voted 68-31 to kick start a major debate on gun control legislation. the white house says today's procedural vote is a big step, but the real battle is just getting started. >> we have been encouraged bibi partisan progress on this very important package of proposals.
12:06 pm
there is still work to be done. this was simply while very important a first stage in an effort to get sensible common sense legislation that would reduce gun violence in america while protecting americans' second amendment rights signed into law. >> as we mentioned, this is the very beginning. any gun control legislation the u.s. senate might pass would face steep hurdles in the house. republican speak over the house john boehner says he will wait and see what the senate produces. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these victims. and i fully expect that the house will act in some way, shape, or form, but to make a blanket commitment without knowing what the underlying bill is, i think, would be irresponsible on my part.
12:07 pm
when they produce a bill, we'll review it, and take it from there. >> and the nra made one thing crystal clear today. i will seek political retribution lawmakers who support gun control proposals that the nra opposes saying, quote, given the importance of this issues votes on all anti-gun amendments or proposals will be considered in nra's future candidate evaluations. it's a question heard around the world. is north korea about military action or is it just testing the world? cnn has learned a musudan missile that was raised to be fired has been lowered. what does that mean? is it a bluff altogether? >> who really knows. i think it means one of two things, either it is testifying
12:08 pm
its rocket launcher and raised and lowered it to make sure it is good to go and perhaps a launch is imnemt. that's according to the united states and south korea and authorities, or perhaps north korea is bluffing. you have to remember we've had a month's worth of rhetoric coming out of pyongyang now. so perhaps this is just more posturing. but i think, brooke, the real factor in all of this is an up coming date, a very important date as far as the north koreans are concerned, and that is anniversary of the birth of the founder of north korea, who is kim jong-un's grandfather. you can expect if the missiles are to be launched, it will be before then or on that date, which is the 15th of april. >> thank you. here at home, two grandparents of these two little florida boys who were abducted, they're speaking out today.
12:09 pm
police say the boys' parents kidnapped them, took them on a sailboat, headed to cuba, and authorities then rescued the boys. they swooped in, ryu nighted them with their grandparents who had been given legal custody of these boys. the grandparents say these little guys have no idea what had happened. >> they have been told that everyone heard about their sailboat trip to cuba, another country as they called it, and their airplane ride back to america and that everyone wants to take their picture. we ask that there be no mention of any events of the past week. this is cole and this is chase. >> the parents are being held without bond. they have a hearing monday on kidnapping charges. and have you ever heard the expression, don't bring a knife to a gun fight? you have to listen to this story. instead of a knife, he's got
12:10 pm
bat. he battled bullets with a bat. in this video it shows a bat was enough. coming up we're talking to a former nypd detective about the store owner's gut reaction. p, i. business trips add up to family time. this is my family. this is joe. hi joe! hi there! earn a ton of extra hhonors points with the daily grand promotion and feel the hamptonality. picasso painted one of his master works at 56. doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50. not everyone peaks in their twenties. throughout their lives. passion keeps them realizing possibilities. an ally for real possibilities. aarp. find tools and support at
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12:13 pm
inside this chicago store. look at this with me here. you see the two guys on the right-hand side. this is a souvenir shop. they're trying to rob the store. the owner, watch the left side of your screen. they're trying to take this one guy down. wait for the bat because these guys may be armed. here he is wielding a bat. swinging it around. he's trying back and forth. owner is fighting. comes out swinging. looks like a novelty bat. doesn't look like a full-sized bat. the owner keeps going after he's been shot. this goes on for a minute. by the way, that shop owner is going to be okay. we talked to him today and he said he's just grateful to see another day here. this alleged gunman has been arrested but we wanted to bring in former nypd detective gil
12:14 pm
alba in new york. it ooh tess kind of video where you think i don't know if i would think to grab a bat if i have a gun in my face. as a former cop, when you watch this, what do you see? >> certainly no law enforcement officer is going to condone a fight with a bat when someone has a gun. but this is a differnt scenario. he sees the guys with the gun. the one guy grabs one of his customers who's a relative and says give me your money or i'm going to kill you. the other guy goes around the counter to open the cash register and he felt like these guys are going to shoot anyway and he had to protect himself. >> obviously his life was on the line but did he do the right thing. >> you know, i think under the right thing under these circumstances he not only did the right thing but he saved himself and his relative. this guy was shooting at close range. not only did he leave the store, he walked out of the store, but he comes back and tries to shoot
12:15 pm
the owner of the store several times. thank god he missed him, but, you know, the store owner hits him in the head a few times so hopefully this guy, you know, took some kind of a beating. >> i want to play another piece of video. i asked my producers to pull it. you see guns, his life is clearly on the line. i want to play this video because i want to file this under dumb criminal behavior. here's a guy in his pajamas. he's going to rob a convenience store. forgets to put the mask over his face. comes back, throws something, shatters the glass, falls down, and runs. i have to wonder, gil. these criminals, a lot of them are pretty dumb. >> definitely. but even dumb criminals get away. but this guy looks drunk and he trips over everying. >> drunk and dumb. >> yeah. i'm glad they got the two guys who robbed the store. this guy is just a plain idiot.
12:16 pm
thank god everything worked out for the store owner. you know what's bad? he has to go back in the store. he's been a store owner for 28 years. you don't feel comfortable in your own story. he has to go in err day and it lingers on. that's what happens with these robberies. it lasts for a long time. >> thank goodness he's okay. gil alba, thanks very much. >> thanks for having me, brooke. they determine how to move forward from the presidential election. one of the solutions as we've been reporting, rebrand the republican party, but to do that they're turning to a familiar face. next we will talk to gloria borger. we'll ask her if the old guard can lead the gop's new path. ♪ haters best get to bloggin' in it ♪ ♪ so hot right now that our designer ♪ ♪ sunglasses be foggin' ♪ this crowd is classic ♪ so we play 'em like rachmaninoff ♪ ♪ just hooked 'em up with score alerts ♪
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12:19 pm
republicans looking to rebrand the party. they are turning to a familiar famous dick cheney, the former vice president is in the
12:20 pm
spotlight after his dire warning on north korea's threats. cheney told republican congressional leaders, quote, we're in deep doo-doo. here is jimmy fallon. >> listen to this. just yesterday dick cheney told the house that u.s. is in deep doo-doo with north korea. incidentally that's the color of the suit i got at target. >> okay. so jokes aside, cheney will speak to top-level republicans meeting in california this week for strategy sessions on broadening the party's appeal. chief nanlt gloria borger joins me from washington. is it surprising for cheney? old guard, right? they're trying to have a new path, new party. does that surprise you? >> old guard. i think republicans were trying to get past dick cheney and sort of -- don't forget. dick cheney's popularity when he
12:21 pm
left office was pretty bad, so, you know, you wouldn't assume that he'd be the person they would be turning to, but i do think within a certain group of people and as we speak, he's talking to the republican national committee, kind of a closed door lunch session. in terms of republicans preaching to the choir, dick cheney is pretty good at that. so i think in terms of talking to him in terms of foreign policy, you saw that on north korea, they probably think dick cheney is a decent person to listen to. and i also think, brooke, this is a little bit about dick cheney getting back in the mix, trying to protect his legacy, his reputation. he's been more outspoken as you know than the former president. very critical of president obama. thing he likes that. i think he likes that role. >> so what is this new role he seems to be carving out for himself? >> critic, vocal critic and with
12:22 pm
a certain group of people. that would be the republican base. i think dick cheney has a certain amount of credibility, and he's a person out there rallying the base. if you're looking for independent voters, if you're looking for moderates, dick cheney is never going to be your person, but if you're trying to say to the base, we haven't forgotten you particularly on strong defense issues, i think -- think dick cheney is your man. but as you know on an issue, for example, like same-sex marriage, dick cheney who has a gay daughter has come out and said, you know, we ought to leave it up to the states. so on some social issues he may not be with them but on foreign policy, he's a hawk, as you know. >> as you know, with the autopsy and everything, they're trying to move ahead. gloria borger, thank you. >> a little bit of, this a little bit of that. >> speaking of news on everyone,
12:23 pm
amar'e jo recall involving more than 3 million cars and a war of words between madonna and the government of malawi. plus a scientific discovery on lightning that might impact your plane ride. and masters, nope, it has zero to do with tiger woods. the power block coming at you next. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video,
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12:26 pm
feby earning your degree fromore racapella university,re. you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at you know who's watching this whole gun debate playing out in america? al qaeda. they already think america's gun control system is weak and they think it's so easy to get guns in america that wannabe terrorists should take advantage of it. >> let's take america as an
12:27 pm
example. america is absolutely a wash with easily obtainable firearms. you can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle without a background check and most likely without having to show an identification card. so what are you waiting for? >> that is al qaeda video from 2011. and the man in the video urged sympathizers living in the u.s. to carry out terrorist attacks similar to what we saw in mumbai in 2008. way want to bring in croom and justice correspondent joe johns in washington. joe, we talked. now we know there will be a debate, right, on this compromise we heard yesterday, the expanded back ground checks. would it help keep them from buying compromised guns? >> probably not. it would probable not keep an al
12:28 pm
qaeda sympathizer with a clean record from buying a gun. you can't get a gun if you're, say, an illegal immigrant, under indictment, a felon. you can't have been adjudicated as mentally ill but being an al qaeda sympathizer isn't on the list. however, the proposal could make one big difference. if a sympathizer falls into one of those categories and a gun show is required to do a background check, then in that case the sale could be prevented, brooke. >> there were a lot of ifs and maybes. >> right. absolutely. >> how are they approaching gun laws from a national security perspective? >> the pro gun people have long made the note that there's a long held issue. there's support for that. they've sused that guns bought
12:29 pm
without background checks can make their way into mexico, but gun rights supporters who don't like this issue very much have probably one good argument and that one good argument is essentially there's no evidence of terrorists getting guns and so on. on the other hand, they've always said if criminals -- if you end up making guns illegal, then only criminals are going to have guns. that, of course, would include terrorists. so that video that you showed has been around a couple of years and they've attacked the assertion made in that video pointing out that he said you can only get automatic weapons in the united states. that's not necessarily true. you can get semiautomatic weapons in the united states pretty easily. so that debate kind of goes on, brooke. >> and the debate in the senate begins as well. joe johns, thank you. bottom of the hour, i'm brooke baldwin. technology, sports business,
12:30 pm
health, science, news, we're hitting it all for you right now in what we call the power block beginning with your money. take a look. dow up 50 points. half hour until the closing bell. the climb as we've sort of seen all week long. let's go to alison kosik live at the stock exchange with more good news. what is it that's leading all these huge gains we're seeing? >> that really is the money question. it isn't one thing propelling it. part of it is the economy. most of it is the fed stimulating the economy with billions of dollars and you have investors seeing the headlines of the records every day. they want toup on the train before it leaves the station. also this is the tail end of historically what's been the best for stocks. coming into summer the market historically doesn't do as well. sam sobel, he's the chief equity strategist at s&p capital puts it this way. listen to this. >> the market has outperformed
12:31 pm
itself november through april compared with may through october almost 75% of the time. so it's averages plus batting averages that causes people to say, you know what? in the summer investors focus more on their tans than their portfolios that and there goes the dangerous sell in may and go away. >> their tans, huh? what about cars? talk about this massive recall, millions of foreign carmakers. what is this aboutsome. >> this is a recall that circles the globe. it affects countries, north america, japan, china. most of them toyota models, honda models. more than one million at east each of those companies. one analyst says, guess what, this could spread. ford and kriesz ler say they're not affected but gm, 48,000 pontiac vibes are included. they're made by toyota in an old joint venture. the issue is the passenger air
12:32 pm
bag can deploy with too much pressure. look at how the pressure causing one plastic part, the inflater, the casing, it can burst sending pieces flying. they all use the same manufacturer. that is sort of the weak lyink n this recall. >> if you missed any of thesing you want to run through some of these cars again, has it all for you. >> that's right. >> alison kosik, thank you. >> thank you. now this war of words between the material girl and the country of malawi. madonna is shooting down accusations from the government that she demanded royal treatment on her recent treatment to the african nation, the government saying this in a station. madonna had asked to meet the president and believe the country, quote, should have abandoned everything, rolled out the red carpet, blasted a 21-gun salute. remember, madonna adopted two kids from malawi in 2006 and 20 2009. and now let me show you some pictures. look at this.
12:33 pm
you can see multiple lightning bolts here. scientists have discovering it's not always visible. it's this phenomenon called dark light nij and apparently it's just as powerful. chad myers, dark lightning. what is it? more powerful in a different way. for a long time we know that thunderstorms produce gamma rays and x-rays. we didn't know where the rays were coming from. and obviously for a long time, we knew about lightning. volts, amps, it can kill you, you see it. we know about that. but if you get hit by a dark lightning, you won't die, at least not immediately. it's a radiation strike. not a lightning or bolt strike. the main way to get hit by this is if you're flying through a thunderstorm. most airplanes, pilots fly around storms so there's no real risk but if your plane gets hit by one of those dark strikes, about one in thousands would be
12:34 pm
dark strike. you would see a dark purple haze and you would get a lifetime supply in less than one second. so we're going to do more research on this. obviously the researchers there at f.i.t., florida institute of technology doinger er. on this. they're going into the north where some of this has been seen by gamma detectors. it might take us a year or two. >> i found out something today. two gals on my show in planes say they were hit by lightning. >> what happened? >> there was a lot of smoke. they had to make an emergency landing. i would be very frightened. chad, thank you. they're off at augusta. the first round of the masters teeing off this morning. tiger woods at 200 par. take a look at those cheering them on. nope. here she is. new girlfriend.
12:35 pm
lindsey vonn. how about bubba. last year's champ, bubba watson, having a tough round. a couple of holes to play and a lot of people watching this 14-year-old amateur. you heard me. 1-4. tianlang, go on. he's the youngest player in masters history, 14, in eighth grade, holding his own. he's 1 over par through ten holes. and today marks one year since the arrest of george zimmerman on a murder charge. his case got national attention when he was accused of killing an unarmed teen. to mark the anniversary, his mother has some harsh words. she's penned this online letter calling out anyone who thinks he's guilty. and this isn't the first time a family member has been speaking out. remember that? on the case next.
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
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12:39 pm
george zimmerman's mother releases the scathing letter on the first anniversary of her son's arrest in the killing of florida teenager trayvon martin. gladys zimmerman writes the zimmerman family will always remember april 11th as, quote, the day the justice system failed us as americans and as a consequence, an innocent man was arrested for a crime solely to placate the masses. george was charged with murder.
12:40 pm
drew findley is here. you know, we haven't heard from her at all. she has totally stayed out of the spotlight. she's not here. i can't ask her why she's coming out now and penning this letter, but why would one do this? >> you know, i have to tell you, i'm a little confused by the letter, and i'll tell you the reason why. having tried so many homicide cases and murder case, one of the things i always tell young lawyers is never forget somebody died. no matter what your defense is, there is a loss of life. to publish a letter and to never recognize the loss of trayvon's life is really unfortunate and it's not a good move. i'm not talking about just as a humanitarian, but as a lawyer. if she wants to write the letter and go public with it, at least acknowledge that you're sorry that a life was lost, you believe your son was justified because of self-defense, but you still grieve for any parent that lost their child. >> she's obviously very, very angry and she's also blaming media, she's blaming congress. she's lashing out.
12:41 pm
she said there's no reason her son should have been charged with murder. i want to read this. quote, it is astounding that despite the vast amount of information and evidence now available that supports george's self-defense claim, the majority of the media avoids it. she goes on. even members of congress and self-proclaimed activists use the term murder wrer when they speak of him. in effect they're reenforcing the only acceptable outcome in their eyes. has there been a proverbial rush to gist it is here in this case in your eyes? >> i don't believe there's been a rush to justice. believe there's been a rush to publicize the case in as much as it's attracted the national media and even enter national interests is another self-defense case. as we sit here right now in this city and in cities all over the country and even in rural areas, there are self-defense trials going on that are very similar
12:42 pm
to this one in which somebody has been unfortunately for them indicted and charged with murder for a jury to decide their fate. this type of scenario is more commonplace than one would think. it just happens to have garnered national attention. >> i want to move on. i found this little zinger here from the aclu. this is what -- aclu says it requested in god. documents from the irs. they read people's e-mails without getting a search warrant first. so, drew, when it comes to snooping -- i mean there have to be boundaries when you're looking at e-mails and facebook pages. what are the boundaries? >> they were founded in 1996 which is antiquated. it didn't in any way fathom that we'd have i'm stored by google, yahoo, and, you know, all these other organizations. >> time to update that. >> time to update that. that's what's so fascinating about this is that demarcation
12:43 pm
of liberals and conservatives isn't happening here. we're seeing bipartisan supplying pore. we're seeing republicans and we're seeing democrats. as a criminal defense lawyer i'm on the board of directors for the national association of criminal criminal defense lawyers, we're buddying up. we're getting together and saying, hey, no matter our political differences, one thing we value is our privacy. >> privacy. drew finladling. thank you. listen to this. the white house quoting jay-z lyrics. >> he spoke with the president. aisle just quote. i turned havana into atlanta, boy from the hood i got white house clearance. obama said, quote, chill, you gonna get me impeached. you don't need this expletive anyway, chill with me on the
12:44 pm
beach. >> queue the laughter. the voice of a white house reporter asking jay carney white house spokesperson about jay-z and beyonce's recent trip to cuba. quoting this guy, jay tapper has been in a few of the white house briefings. in his whole time i wonder if he's ever seen anything like that. jake's next. hwelcome back.. nice to see you again! hey! i almost didn't recognize you without the suit. well, this is my weekend suit. weekend getaways just got better. well, enjoy your round! alright, thanks! save a ton on our best available rate when you book early and feel the hamptonality.
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with so much competition, finding the right job is never easy. but with the nation's largest alumni network, including those in key hiring positions, university of phoenix can help connect you to a world of opportunity. in today's world it doesn't take very long for a celebrity to respond to any criticism and
12:47 pm
mr. jay-z becomes the latest here. the rapper just recorded a song taking on critics who are blasting jay and beyonce for this recent trip to cuba. listen. >> never thought i'd be talking rap beef with jake tapper, but, jake, there's always a first for sneefrg i don't know why you say that. i'm straight up hip-hop. >> i mean clearly, but i wasn't clear whether jay carney was. let's talk jay carney. here he is. there's a reporter quoting these
12:48 pm
lyrics, talking of the trip to cu cuba. do you rb seeing that in your trips to the briefing room? >> i don't recall rap music in the briefing room. >> lyrics of any kind. >> ghoinlt that was. that sounded like queen latifah. that was some serious free-styling going on in the press room. i was very impressed. >> do you have more on this? what do you have more coming up at the top of the hour? >> first of all, jay carney had a great rejoin der of that. he said maybe he thought jay-z only said he got permission from the white house because he couldn't come up with a rhyme for treasury. that was a pretty good response from mr. carney. i have had my exchanges with him but you have to give him props for that. >> okay. props for that. >> we're going to be talking with senator joe manchin, one of two senators who came up with the bipartisan background check bill. we'll talk with him in studio and the pentagon press secretary with the latest from north korea. we'll be looking at the success
12:49 pm
of the app vine. are you a viner? >> i'm not a viner, but i know all about it. to me it's a video tease. >> six seconds. it's an art form. we'll be looking at that. it's the number one app. it only launched in january. it launched in january and the co-founder of twitter will show me how to use vine. we'll obviously be talking about mr. z who's knowledge of communism and totalitarianism is unperilled. >> j.t. and jay-z on tapper. thank you. we'll see you coming up at the top of the hour. coming up next. a mother accidentally backs her car over her 19-month-old son. he dies. she's in washington today trying to get every single car in america equipped with a camera. she'll share her heartbreaking story with me next. geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7.
12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
it is the tragedy every parent prays never to experience, burying a child. karen pauly has had to endure that along with the knowledge that she was the one who accidently backed over her 19-month-old son. on april 17th, 2011, she was pulling out of her driveway not realizing that little jack had gotten out of his seat and had
12:53 pm
gone behind her car. now she is part of a band of parents gathered today in washington with this unified call of action. but here's the thing. action has taken quite a while to see. a 2008 law required the federal government to establish a standard for rear visibility in cars specifically rear end cameras. by 2011. that was the deadline set by president bush with this law. however, the law still has not gone into effect. that is why this group has gathered including karen pleading for the final step to happen. >> since the bill passed, 400 children have died from rear back overs. you'll hear from some of those families who have suffered losses that could have been prevented if we had a rule requiring cameras. >> karen pauly joins me now from washington. my condolences of course to you. i know you're coming up on two
12:54 pm
years since jack's death. i want to ask why you're in washington. first i just have to ask, you had a hand in his death. how is it that you have the strength to come on national television and talk about this? >> i just feel like i could -- i had two choices -- to crawl into a ball and never leave my room or do something to help prevent other families from having to go through what i went through. it was a no brainer. >> so here you are in d.c. you want these cameras, these back-up cameras in all cars. >> yes. >> as we mentioned this was supposed to be handled by the federal government two years ago. nothing has happened. what is your message today to members of congress to change that? >> i just think it's important for them to know how many accidents are happening. 400 children have died in the two years since this was supposed to be issued, by back over accidents. that's just senseless.
12:55 pm
50 kids a week are hit in back over accidents. two of them are usually fatal. we just can't keep putting it off. >> and what do you say to people who might be watching or hearing of these stories who think, well why do i need a camera? i can just turn around and look behind the car. what's your response? >> that's just not enough. there is a huge blind zone in the back of your car. we have a picture where there are 63 children behind an suv and if you look in the side mirror you can't see any of them. that is how big of a blind zone there is behind the car. you may think that it's sufficient without a camera, but that's not the case. >> the bigger and bigger the cars are the tougher it is to see the blind zones. just finally on a personal note, in these last two years since losing jack, has it at all gotten more bearable for you?
12:56 pm
>> nope. just different. it's still a daily struggle but i have a great family and great friends and being involved with kids in cars really helps to try and make sure that these accidents stop happening. >> we will follow up with you and make sure that they do, that you can help enact change in washington. karen pauly, thank you. >> thank you. welcome back. nice to see you again! hey! i almost didn't recognize you without the suit. well, this is my weekend suit. weekend getaways just got better. well, enjoy your round! alright, thanks! save a ton on our best available rate when you book early and feel the hamptonality. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. [bell dings] ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ]
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a hermit in the state of maine is under arrest and accused of some 1,000 burglaries. here is surveillance video. this is a man breaking into a camp kitchen. it led to the arrest of 47-year-old christopher knight also known as the north pond hermit. police say knight lived alone in the woods, stole from lakeside homes and camps to survive. he told police he had only spoken to one person, a hiker, in the 27 years he lived in the woods. and now to this video. oop. do it again. it was a tiger shark. wanted the same tuna this hawaiian kayaker was apparently trying to snag. >> that shark made a circle, came around, and went under the boat, hit the kayak then kind of hit me.