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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 12, 2013 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> they are really full of joy. >> we are putting back people to their own home. >> bruno hopes to move 70 more families by the end of the year. cnn hero with a new recipe for helping others. >> pasta! . >> cnn newsroom with carol costello begins right now. happening now in the newsroom, nuclear north korea? >> the every north currently has weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. >> north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. >> also, tornadoes. >> that [ bleep ] is getting big. >> so -- >> we were looking at the green grass starting to come. >> hail and rain.
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the mega storm stretching from canada to the gulf of mexico and the path of damage in its wake. plus -- >> let's get started. >> newtown parents angry over the hit show glee and its depiction of a school shooting. one father who says they deserved a warning. holy wow. a bench clearing brawl knocked the 140 million pitcher out of game. live in the "cnn thuz room." >> good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. this morning, nuclear tensions we have not seen since the end of the cold war. as the world waits for north korea's defiant launch of a missile. u.s. intelligence report raises the stakes, its chilling
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conclusion, the regime may be able to arm a missile with the nuclear weapon this morning, secretary of state john kerry in south korea, delivering a strong message. >> we are all united. in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the rhetoric that we are hearing from north korea is simply unacceptable. by any standard. and i am here to make it clear today on behalf of president obama and the citizens of the united states and our bilateral security agreement, that the united states will, if needed, defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> kerry's blunt tone underscores how strained the diplomacy has become with the nation and its belligerent leader. >> reporter: kim jong-un has
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threatened a nuclear strike and revelations from a new intelligence report shows he may be capable of following through. >> the north currently has nuclear weapons, capable of delivery by ballistic missiles. >> reporter: congressman doug lamborn quoted from a new military assessment which says north korea may be closer to marrying nuclear missiles with the means to deliver them. >> whatever it takes to miniaturize it to the point where it could be placed on top of a missile there, is some degree of confidence, moderate confidence by the defense intelligence agency, that that can be done by north korea. >> this as president obama public al peeled to north korea to end its belligerent approach. >> no one wants to see conflict on the korean peninsula. >> translator: our arms are ready to fire in the exact
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coordinates are input to the war heads, once we push the button it will be fired and the strong holds of our enemies will be turn sboud a sea of flames. >> reporter: the u.s. believes north korea has at least one musudan missile on the launch pad. after initially raising the launcher, they lowered it thursday. they are not sure if kim jong-un is working off or testing that it works before firing. >> i don't think really he has much of an endgame. >> reporter: the director of national intelligence says kim is trying to get recognition from the united states. north korea is a rival on the international scene as a nuclear power and that entitles him to negotiation and accommodation and presumably for aide. >> the north koreans had a lot of problems with accuracy. getting the missile to fly where they aim it. and the defense department
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suggests that the reliability of any north korean nuclear weapon would be low. and, remember, this is a military assessment. it remains to be seen if u.s. intelligence agencies have come to the same conclusion. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. >> as a destructive storm heads east, people across the south waking up to ripped up trees and damaged homes. powerful winds and torrential rain pounded areas from missouri to the carolinas. at least three people died as the storm crossed the united states this week. people are picking up the pieces. here is cnn's david mattingly. >> this is where the worst damage is. >> reporter: for the second straight day, severe weather menacing more than a half dozen states. the hardest hit, mississippi. this tornado caught on video. in one county, one person killed. five injured. in one rural area, a path of
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destruction at least 30 miles long, extended to west alabama. >> cleaning up the spot where i was fixing to put up a new mobile home and i went home to take a quick bath and i heard the sirens going off. and i jumped into my clothes quickly. >> reporter: into the night, watches and warnings, storm damage, all the way into georgia. >> lived up here about two years, third or fourth one that's come through the area. we seem to be in a topographical situation where the storms come right through here. very powerful this one pretty impressive. just the way it threw the metal around up in the trees. >> reporter: the southeast, acutched to severe storms, is emerging from a colder than normal spring. these storms, a sign that the season is heating up fast. and it's not unusual to see about 100 tornadoes across the country in the month of march,
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but because it was so cool, we are only saw less than 20, so now it's april, that is come roaring like a lyon, carol. >> thank you to much, david mattingly. the stock market preparing to open in less than 30 minutes. futures pointing to a lower opening after thursday's record-breaking close. zane asher in new york. good morning. >> reporter: hey, carol, yeah. futures down right now. investors prosecute pretty much cautious, and retail sales fell last month. people are spending less on electronics, and certainly a sign of nervousness. and kicking off bankings earnings, and they both gave us record-breaking profits. shares of both companies are down in free market trading. jpmorgan made 6.5 million. wells fargo made 5 billion.
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and this is partly because interest rates are low as are credit demands, normal to see somewhat of a pullback. douthiting record highs, and a new record for the past two days. and investors have pumped 60 billion into stock funds so far this year, more than any full year since 2004. despite the fullback, in general, analysts do think these indices have room to run. jpmorgan's ceo jamie dimon is optimistic about the future and thinks the economy is improving. >> ja zain asher, live this morning. nasa wants to put flights back into space by 2017. nasa already uses private companies to make deliveries to the international space station. today, a background and one
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check bill similar to the one in the senate is expected to be introduced in the house. cosponsored by democratic congressman mike thompson of california and republican congressman peter king of new york. as you know, the senate yesterday voted to overcome a republican led filibuster and open debate on several gun control proposals. this morning, police trying to find out who mailed a bomb to sheriff joe arpaio. the package intercept before it got to the sheriff and a bomb squad deactivated. arpaio is known as america's toughest sheriff for his hard stance on crime and illegal immigration. just ahead, a white supremacist prison gang is under suspicion in the murder of two texas prosecutors and the group's cofounder talking with reporters. we'll talk to that reporter, next. [ male announcer ] ah... retirement. sit back, relax,
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ó? 12 minutes past the hour. a second suspect behind bars in the murder of colorado's prison
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chief. thomas guolee arrested in colorado springs. they think he and james lohr, arrested last week, are associates of evan ebel, the man believed to have shot tom clements, colorado's prison chief. ebel killed in a shoot-out in texas. all three have been tied to a white supremacist prison gang known as the 211 crew. this group is similar to one that texas associates are investigating in the recent murders of a texas prisoner, his wife and another d.a. in texas. charges brought against the aryan brotherhood in texas. members of that group reportedly celebrated from prison when they heard about the slayings of these prosecutors and this prison chief according to its cofounder john murray. murray quit the group and is now a police informant. talked to authorities about the texas murders and sat down with
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"usa today's" kevin johnson. kevin joins us now from washington. good morning, kevin. >> good morning. >> tell us about the meeting in the prison with these people? >> well, it was -- almost like meeting with anybody else. except that obviously the person on the other side is somebody who is regarded as fairly dangerous. obviously, glass separated us, but he talked very articulately for about an hour. while we were there. photographer taking photographs of him. >> john, so the audience is clear about this, this is john murray, cofounder of one of these white supremacist groups, correct? >> yes, he was a cofounder, a founding member of the aryan brotherhood of texas. and he joined the group or helped found it shortly after he was sentenced to a life sentence for attempted to murder a police
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officer. >> and when prison inmates heard about the colorado prisons chief being murdered what was the reaction in the prison among members of the white sprupreme cyst group. >> in the solitary confinement, where he was. there were some hispanic gang members, white gang members, when news traveled to them via radio, newspaper, that there was some celebration that in his words, everybody was happy. >> is he saying this white supremacist group or a white supremacist group was responsible for these killings? >> no, he doesn't say that. in fact, he said there was no chatter before these killings took place. nobody had any knowledge of the killing or the specifics of the crime. i think it was most of it
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bluster, that these people who consider law enforcement adversaries were now taking some satisfaction in the since that the law enforcement community had been dealt a terrible blow. >> are police right to investigate these groups in part of this killing? >> he has a lot of motives for saying what he's saying. number one. a couple of reasons why law enforcement is looking at these groups and there is noefd that these groups were responsible for these killings, but one is the indictments returned in november, charging 34 members of the aryan brotherhood of texas and then a bulletin issued by the texas department of public safety in december indicating that there was credible evidence
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that members of the aryan brotherhood were considering taking retaliatory law enforcem of the role that led to the indictments in november. that taken together, has led law enforcement to at least consider this group. they are not saying this group did this crime. but taken together, those -- those two major developments have cast a spotlight on this group. >> "usa today's" kevin johnson, thank you for joining us. you can read the article online, >> yes, you can. >> thank you so much, kevin. checking top stories. a recognition 60 years in the making, president obama awarded the medal of honor to a u.s. army chaplain. father neil kapuan would deliver
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hope to the living and last rite rites to the dying. he died in a korean prison camp. a new campaign to end homophobia in professional hockey. >> respect your teammates. >> if you can play, you can play. >> if you can play, you can play. >> the you can play project will air messages of tolerance. the partnership, first of its kind in professional sports. the los angeles police department says it will no longer automatically tell the media about celebrity, when prangsteres phone in fake emergencies at the home of the rich and famous, prompting a s.w.a.t. team response. they hope the lack of media coverage will discourage those calls. did you see the brawl?
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unbelievable. los angeles dodgers, $147 million ace will not be pitching any time soon because of this brawl. greinke to carlos quintin, there is goes. greinke fractured his collar bone, and he was fighting carlos quintin. he got nailed by pach, charged the mound. both benches cleared. several players tossed from the game. greinke and quintin had have a history of bad blood, and boy did greinke pay for that he could be out for weeks, if not months, because he has that broken collar bone now. rachel nichols in augusta to talk about the masters, but before that, let's talk about this brawl. usually baseball players running at each other, pile on top of each other, nobody hurt, but in this case, quite different. >> absolutely. these guys do have a history, and certainly bad blood between them. you know, if i was going to pay you $147 million over six years,
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you might be a little careful, even when you are pushing and shoving with the guy you don't like that. part of the reason they gave him the money, he's a passionate guy. they like the way he throws himself into the game. they just don't want him to throw himself into the game the way dehere. a huge brawl, got so bad and things so heated this actually continued in the players' parking lot as the game -- after the game, after this was all over. matt kemp confronted a padres player outside the stadium. a lot of things going on here, a lot of moving parts. but the part left over in the morning is that zack greinke out for quite some time. a blow for l.a. for sure. >> we'll await the suspensions and fines to come, right? let's switch gears, talk about the masters, tiger woods shot a 70, same opening score he won with three times. pretty good. >> absolutely.
6:21 am
creature of habit. he can't be disappointed in the fact that this started out several of his masters bids. the one master he didn't win by shooting a 70 on the first day, he shot a 74. this is a good start for him. he would like to shoot a little better. the course is playing in a way that phil mikkelson described you have to attack the green bays the. the ball sticking a lot more. look for that today. tiger certainly more comfortable. more relaxed than we've seen him in a long time. we talked about the fact that he has more balance in his life. he has a better idea of how to singularly pursue golf, but at the same time maybe also a little bit, have more of a life, more friends, family that kind of thing and we're seeing it on the course. >> yes, we are you know who was in the gallery? lindsay vonn with a big cute hat on. >> yeah, we are seeing that balance, maybe put it that way. i had a chance to chat with lindsay a little bit. never been to the masters
6:22 am
before. has a very nice credential to get her anywhere she wants to go nice way to see the masters for the first time. she has an injured leg. can't walk the course with tiger the way she might like to. around for the first hole. watched him around nine and ten. mostly sitting inside watching on tv, cheering him on, making a few appearances. expect that again today. we'll have to see what she says and what she is wearing. come on. >> of course. of course. rachel nichols reporting live from the masters. >> talk back question for you today. should social security be cut? or tweet me @carolcnn. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. question for you this morning, should social security be cut? what is the campaign promise worth anyway? around 2$230 billion over ten years. in 2008, candidate obama vowed
6:26 am
he would not cut social security. >> now is the time to protect social security. for future generations. >> fast toward to 2013. bloodied over failed negotiations, the president bit the bullet for cost of living cuts to social security. if you want to know exactly what that means. let's say you got $12,972 in social security last year, the average benefit. if the new system already in effect, you get only $12,336 this year. $633 less. even some lawmakers who support the president are furious. >> in 2008, he said that he would not cut social security. we want the president to remember what he said and not go
6:27 am
back on his word. >> contrary to popular perception, social security does not add to the deficit. if you need bipartisan proof of that, let's go back to 1984. >> social security has nothing to do with the deficit. social security is totally funded by the payroll tax levied on employer and employee. >> we're told social security is solvent for another 24 years, that's not to say that we shouldn't worry about social security, because we should. but there are other ways to fix it, like raising the payroll tax, or the retirement age. talkback question for you today, should social security be cut? or tweet me @carolcnn.
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only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger. i'll be waiting for you in stall 5. it confirms your reservation and the location your car is in, the moment you land. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. good morning. thank you for joining me. i'm carol costello, stories we're following at 30 minutes past the hour. watching the opening bell on wall street. stock futures pointing down. wells fargo and jpmorgan chase released earnings reports that failed to impress investors. christine romans watching it all from new york. >> hi, there. looking at a market hitting record after record after record, carol. a lot of people looking for a
6:31 am
pause, a reason to take profits. retail sales report, very disappointing, another reason why people are saying, look. looks like consumers having a little bit of pullback after records and new highs almost every day this week. time to take some off the table. bank results. banks coming up with record profits, carol, but sales a little bit softer. jamie dimon, jpmorgan, record profits, but, again, their loan growth pretty soft and jamie dimon saying small businesses are being more cautious than they need to. first quarter profit numbers of the banks. look at the numbers. wells fargo. $5 billion in profit in the first three months. take you through the disappointing retail sales. electronics and appliances down. gas stations down, consumers spending a little bit less in the month, for whatever reason, and that's got people thinking that maybe -- maybe, the end of the first quarter not as strong as they had hoped, and vin'ses
6:32 am
taking profits. carol, 14,825 on the dow jones industrial. up 2 1 0% this year in the stock portfolio. a lot of people saying look, people plowing money into stocks. not surprised to see a pullback on a friday morning. who knows how it will close? >> you are right. christine romans, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> let's talk politics now. in kentucky, a mystery solved. maybe. in case you have forgotten, the staff of senator mitch mcconnell, caught on tape discussing how to take down ashley judd, parts by attacking her mental health. those tapes were leaked. now a new firestorm after one state official says a liberal group is responsible for the secret tape. >> they were there, for whatever reason, whether or not somebody from mcconnell's campaign tipped
6:33 am
them off, they were there. they overheard this salacious conversation and decided to record it. >> joining me now, cn thnch contributor and cnn strategist maria cardona, and we have jason johnson. welcome to you, both. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. >> what he was talking about, the location of this, the liberal group in the hallway of mcconnell's re-election campaign headquarters and listening through the door and had a recording device and they recorded it through the door? it's very convoluted and we don't know exactly what happened. but that's how things stand right now. mitch mcconnell said this is a watergate style bugging. how would you characterize this, jason? >> this is like matthew broderick and tracy flick in "election." so incompetent. i don't see how it raises to the level of political controversy. progress kentucky is known as a joke in the state. they raised $1,000 as a super
6:34 am
pac. somebody should get prosecuted. maybe a misdemeanor. this won't hurt mitch mcconnell it makes the liberals in the state look really incompetent. >> what was released, if i were mitch mcconnell, i wouldn't be happy about that. >> i would agree. but jason has a point in that the topics mitch mcconnell talking about on tape, thoughing youly and disgusting and underscores a lot about what people believe about mitch mcconnell, he can get down and dirty in politics, they are really nothing new. on that point, the outrage should stop. what we need to focus on is were any laws broken? my understanding, the folks at progress kentucky are talking to the fbi and cooperating them as they should this is a group that does not have a very good track record in kentucky. they were involved in some
6:35 am
disgusting tweets about the senator's wife, which are completely abhorrent, and the democratic -- the official democratic party has completely said that is not the way to go, as they should. so i'm actually glad that the gentleman talked about this was not something that the official democratic party is involved in and basically called out progress kentucky for the talks. >> the left isn't finished with mcconnell yet, because this watchdog group, a left-leaning watchdog group called responsibility foretics in washington, asked them to investigate in any laws violated by mcconnell staff members. they might have done this research on ashley qod judd on senate time, using senate resources. come on, really? jason. >> yeah, i think this is relick douse. maria knows this, i know this. i have worked for both parties. this is what you do. i don't think that what mitch
6:36 am
mcconnell was saying, wasn't him, it was his staff member, saying about ashley judd was really that bad. anything in your background except for race and ethnicity of your wife should be in play. if ashley judd had mental problems, they can talk about it they didn't run an ad about it. the left is trying to justify bad behavior, mitch mcconnell didn't do anything that bad. progress kentucky can be completely ignored. mcconnell will be fine. >> maria, this could help mitch mcconnell. >> yes and this is why i think the progress left in kentucky is missing the boat, because there is plenty to run on from a substantive standpoint and issues standpoint against mitch mcconnell. is he vulnerable. a 36% approval rating in kentucky. so what -- what these -- the liberals are giving mitch mcconnell is a place to talk about issues that he doesn't want to talk about, because he knows he's vulnerable. let's focus on the issues and
6:37 am
how he is not very well liked in kentucky. how what he is really afraid of is somebody challenging him from the right. from the tea party. the tea party hates him in kentucky. again, another vulnerability for him. >> well, i'm sure will this will continue in the days and weeks to come. maria cardona, jason johnson. many thanks. >> nearly four months after the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary, "glee" airs an episode about a school shooting. newtown residents are not happy. we'll talk about that. [ male announcer ] when gloria and her financial advisor made a retirement plan, they considered all her assets, even those held elsewhere, giving her the confidence to pursue all her goals. when you want a financial advisor who sees the whole picture, turn to us. wells fargo advisors.
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40 minutes past the hour. time to check top stories. expecting a tax refund this year? probably not as much as facebook.
6:41 am
social media giant expects to get back almost 430 million bucks. wow, that's after raking in more than a million in profit last year, according to the center for tax justice, because facebook is writing off the value of its ceo's stock options. the practice is perfectly legal, but some in congress want to close the loophole. an elephant named carol in missouri is recovering after being hit in a drive-by shooting. the elephant part of the wrinkling brothers & barnum & bailey sir circus. carol's trainer was asked why someone would want to do this to the elephant? >> that's the million dollar question. a horrible act, and i believe that if it wasn't for a witness that actually jumped into action and chased the gunman, that he would have shot her again. i believe it was totally intentional. we just don't know why. >> look at her. she seems okay behind her
6:42 am
trainer, doesn't she? police say that attack was deliberate. a reward of at least 20,000 for tips leading to an arrest. pastor rick warren made startling revelations about the suicide of his son matthew on thursday, warren tweeted, "someone on the internet sold matthew an unregistered gun. i pray he seeks god's forgiveness. i forgive him." matthew warren shot himself to death last friday. law enforcement officials haven't confirmed the pastor's claim, but did say the gun's serial number had been removed. last night's episode of "glee" is causing controversy. this segment contains spoiler. it was about a school shooting and scenes like this upset some from newtown, connecticut. >> all right, let's get started.
6:43 am
>> spread out. spread out. over there. spread out and hide. >> it does give you the chills. some newtown residents say it's too soon to show an episode like this and said no one from fox or "glee" reached out to newtown. with us novia skype is andrew palle, a parent of children who survived the shooting at sandy hook. welcome, andrew. >> good morning, carol. >> did you watch the episode? >> i did not. >> why do you choose not to watch it? >> we're in a healing process here in newtown, and it's too soon for those of us so close to what happened on 12/14, it would have reopened wound that we're trying to heal.
6:44 am
>> the episode itself, it opened with a warning, suggesting parental guidance. was that enough? >> that's great there was a warning for parental guidance, at least for us in newtown, where it's still new for us, that wouldn't have been enough if we didn't know about this. >> what did you want the fox network to do, or the producers of glee? >> we have no problem, at least the parents i've spoken to, that they aired an episode with a school shooting. it's reality. it happened. it happened here, at columbine, many other places. what is really upsetting is that no one, none of the producers reached out to newtown, who let us residents who are so close to this know that this episode was airing and if anybody is a fan of "glee" which i am not, so i don't usually watch it anyway. but i know many of my friends who do it would have been a shocker to them if they didn't know what the episode was about.
6:45 am
>> you know it must be tough to watch any television or see any movies these days, there is so much violence in tv shows and movies. >> yeah, it seems like that's the big seller. people love guns and shooting and blowing things up, and part of our culture. but think when it comes to movies, we know what we're going to see. you can make an informed decision. watching tv, if you don't know what the episode is going to be about, it's more of a surprise. >> is it upsetting you that the gun control debate, they are actually going to debate a law on the floor of the senate, it starts on tuesday, and not debating anything about the violence depicted on television shows or movies. should they be debating that too? >> i think as part of the gun control issue, several different layers, because there is the mental health aspect. there is violence in our culture, and there is the gun control debate. i think the three separate
6:46 am
debates that need to go on. i don't thank at least on the senate floor that it's three debates that should be happening at the same time. i know there are advocacy groups in newtown throughout the country that are looking to control or put controls on gun use and clip size, things like that. but with the other aspects, i think those are debates that need to occur and need to occur soon. but they are separate. >> just the last question for you. are you relieved that some sort of gun control involving background checks finally is going to be debated by the federal legislature? >> i think most people here in newtown and columbine, virginia tech, they just want a vote. we want to know what our legislators have to say. so we can make informed decisions when it comes to the next round of elections. >> andrew palley, thank you for joining thus morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you.
6:47 am
talkback question for you today. should social security be cut? or tweet me @carolcnn. is (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly
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. talkback question for you today, should social security be cut? from jake, yes, it should, for people 35 and under. social security was never meant to be a safety net for everyone
6:50 am
forever. >> leila, i live on social security. tell me how you could live on $ $16,000 a year and take a pay cut. why can't the most powerful nation in the world take care of theirs?" and all we have to do is raise the income limit to 150k or 200k. why do we always try to save on proms on the backs of those who need them? tweet me @carolcnn. detroit lions' fans are saying, is this a joke? the newest kicker, a norwegian man with an unbelievable leg, you know, from the famous norwegian football league. i can't even go on. acceler-rental.
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6:54 am
the dodgers don't know how long they will be without the star pitcher after he broke his collarbone in one unbelievable bench-clearing brawl. joe carter is here with the "bleacher report." >> carol, there's no timetable on his injury but it takes six to eight weeks rehab. this is a big loss for the dodgers because they just signed him to a big contract, six years $147 million and ends up breaking his left nonthrowing collar blown when he collides football-style with a charging carlos quinton. he did it on the field and then
6:55 am
he got a little exchange in the parking lot. he went to words with quinton in the clubhouse and it spilled out into the parking lot. the best part about this, these two teams will play again on monday. this will be in l.a., though, not in san diego. after 18 holes at the masters, the 14-year-old from china has everyone's attention now. tianlang guan posted a better score than ten guys who have won major championships before. he's beating bubba watson. he won an impressive 1 over 73. if he posts the same number today, is he going to make the cut. >> i feel great to play a first round here and i just a little nervous on the first tee and after that. >> let's talk a little tiger woods. he is not at the top of the
6:56 am
leaderboard at the start of today but he is good enough after playing one round to be there on sunday. he shot a 2 under par 70. today he will tee off at 1:41 eastern. for all things master, check out this weekend, texas motor speedway is the site for all things nascar. it's sponsored by the nra which has brought on its share of controversy and critics. they have sponsored a nascar race before but it was before the sandy hook shooting. nascar has no official position on the gun debate but will take a look at evaluating future sponsorships. remember this video that surfaced last september that got more than 2 1/2 million views on the internet? the detroit lions liked this man so much, they brought him in for a tryout, waited a little while to sign and said, let's sign this guy to a contract.
6:57 am
norwegian rugby player harvard rugland is going to join the lions. his trip shot video which has gone viral is called kickalicious. he tried out for the new york jets, which didn't work out. he moved to florida and hooked up with a former nfl kicker and the two of them honed in on his skills for months and as you can see, with a contract, it obviously paid off. >> but for the detroit lions -- i'm a detroit lions fan. i'm just plummeted by this. >> i like it. i like everything about it. because he's got a really, really powerful leg. if you just work on him getting better with his accuracy, he can kick it into a trash can and wherever -- >> but he's not on the field with players who could tackle him. >> true. that's the wild card. you never know. he's obviously talented.
6:58 am
he's obviously athletic. he's a kicker. >> okay. joe carter, thank you very much. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts after a break. but i wondered what a customer thought? describe the first time you met. you brought the flex in... as soon as i met fiona and i was describing the problem we were having with our rear brakes, she immediately triaged the situation, knew exactly what was wrong with it, the car was diagnosed properly, it was fixed correctly i have confidence knowing that if i take to ford it's going to be done correctly with the right parts and the right people. get a free brake inspection and brake pads installed for just 49.95 after rebates when you use the ford service credit card.
6:59 am
did you tell him to say all of that? no, he's right though...
7:00 am
happening now, the newsroom,
7:01 am
tornadoes ripped through the south. >> it's getting big. >> and snow. >> you're looking at the green grass starting to come. >> hail and rain, the megastorm stretching from canada to the gulf of mexico and the path of damage in its wake. nuclear north korea? john kerry trying to ease tensions that north korea may have weapons. plus -- jay-z fights back with a rap after his trip to cuba with beyonce. and there's an app for that. he lost his hands in an accident and now a smartphone is giving him his life back. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. this morning, nuclear tensions we haven't seen since the end of the cold war as the world waits for north korea's defiance launch of a missile.
7:02 am
a u.s. intelligence raises the stakes. the regime may be able to put a nuclear weapon on one of its missiles. if that's true, it would mark an ominous advance in its nuclear program. in south korea delivering north korea a strong message is john kerry. >> we are all united in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the rhetoric that we're hearing from north korea is simply unacceptable by any standard. and i am here to make it clear today on behalf of president obama and the citizens of the united states and our bilateral security agreement that the united states will, if needed, defend our allies and defend ourselves. >> even within the u.s. intelligence community, there's no consensus that north korea has succeeded in making a
7:03 am
nuclear weapon small enough to arm a missile. but, if so, the grim prospect raises troubling questions. how far could the missile travel? how accurate would it be? in other words, is it time for to us worry? here to break it down for us is pentagon correspondent chris lawrence. so is it time for us to worry? >> i can tell you, carol, pentagon officials are concerned about north korea's developing capabilities. we weren't even supposed to hear about that assessment. one official told me that it was a mistake on this end that it was labeled unclassified and thus talked about in an open hearing. but the congressman who mentioned that said it's something that he feels the american people need to hear about. since then, they've come behind that and tried to clarify that assessment and say they don't believe right now north korea has the capability to miniaturize a weapon. when you look at this mock-up,
7:04 am
it's the difference between having nuclear weapons and a nuclear warhead. in other words, can you make your nuclear weapons small enough and light enough and then fit them and attach them to an actual delivery vehicle that will actually travel where you want to aim it? it's a very, very complex action and right now they are saying they don't believe north korea has gone through all the tests and developed that capability yet. >> so we're left just as confused as we were before about north korea's nuclear capabilities? >> i don't think we're less confused, carol. i think north korea has clearly moved the ball. i mean, when you look at their capability, it's a fact that they have done three nuclear tests now that, although their missile tests have failed, they have shown some progress. i mean, in the beginning, six, seven years ago, these tests were blowing up 30 seconds after
7:05 am
takeoff. their last missile test did get a satellite into orbit. that's a far cry, putting a satellite into orbit. they are learning the technology. these are steps along the way and they are getting a better handle on that technology, carol. >> okay. secretary of state john kerry is in south korea and says we won't tolerate it. but when you get to the bottom of what john kerry was saying, he actually wants north korea to talk with south korea? am i right? >> that's right. he wants dialogue. when you look back just yesterday, the director of national intelligence said he believes at the end of the day that is kim jong-un's end game. he wants to be recognized as an emerging nuclear power and wants that recognition to come from
7:06 am
the united states. although secretary kerry says a nuclear north korea will not be tolerated, in many ways, when you look at the capabilities that they are developing, they already are a nuclear state in many ways. it remains to be seen exactly if and when things start to ramp down if there can be some dialogue along those lines to sort of curtail that nuclear development. >> wow. chris lawrence reporting live from the pentagon this morning. let's talk about the weather. as a destructive storm heads east, people in the south are waking up to downed trees and homes. take a look at this massive storm in mississippi. that's scary looking, isn't it? torrential rain and tornadoes pounded areas from missouri to the carolinas.
7:07 am
at least three people died. one tornado left a 30-mile path of destruction. while the south deals with damage from spring storms, it still looks like winter in parts of minnesota. bird island got nine inches of thick, wet snow. some people had already put away their snow blowers and were getting ready for spring. what's that? kids were happy. they got another snow day off for school. today a background check is expected to be introduced into the house of representatives. it's co-sponsored by mike thompson of california and peter king of new york. yesterday, as you know, the senate voted to overcome a republican-led filibuster and open the debate on several gun proposals. that debate is expected to last about two weeks. pastor rick warren made some startling revelations about the suicide of his son matthew. on tuesday warren tweeted "someone on the internet sold matthew an unregistered gun.
7:08 am
i pray he seeks god's forgiveness. i forgive him." matthew shot himself to death last friday. they have not confirmed the claim but the serial number on the gun had been removed. an accident leaves a young father without any hands. now the double amputee is getting what doctors call the next best thing. prosthetics controlled by your smartphone. it's an amazing story. cnn chief medical correspondent sanjay gupta has the cnn exclusive. >> march 1st, 2008, that was the date that live as jason knew it changed. the husband and young father was riding his four-wheeler when he came in contact with a downed power line. next thing he remembers, waking up in the hospital three days later. he was alive but both his hands were gone. they had to be amputated.
7:09 am
he did not let that new reality get him down. making life with prosthetics as normal as possible. five years now after the accident, koger is embracing another first. he's the first double hand amputee in the world to receive prosthetic hands that can be controlled with a mobile application. this is part of a new wave in prosthetic technology. the eye limb ultra revolution is now available to the masses. it's the closest thing to a real human hand. unlike most conventional prosthetics, this hand boasts five individually powered fingers, including a fully rotatable thumb. the new ap technology allows for 24 additional rip patterns, movements that many of us take for granted, like this, a tripod grip to pick up a pin.
7:10 am
the skin over the prosthesis helps. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn. >> we'll be right back. omeone checks our credit. oh. this one lets us know what happens if we pay off our loans. yeah. what's this one do? i dunno. ♪every rose has it's thorn ♪just like every night ♪has it's dawn score planner is free to everyone. free score applies with enrollment in bret michaels slider still in beta. it's healthier, ammonia-free. and with aloe, vitamin e, and coconut oil, my hair looks healthier than before i colored. i switched. you should too, to natural instincts. i switched.
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12 minutes past the hour. time to check the top stories this morning. police are trying to figure out who tried mailing a bomb to sheriff joe arpaio in air sgrri. he's known as the toughest sheriff for his hard stance on crime and illegal immigration. a second suspect behind bars now in the murder of colorado's prison chief. 31-year-old thomas gooley was arrested in colorado springs. he and james lure were in a white supremast prison gang. most sailors and ships will
7:14 am
be out of the port. earlier this week, the navy grounded its blue angels' team for the rest of the year, the tough flyers in the military. wall street has been trading for just about 30 minutes and right now all indexes are lower after disappointing bank earnings and lower than expected retail sales. a new poll shows there is some optimism out there. with us now from new york is cnn business correspondent zain asher. good morning, zain. >> good morning. the poll shows that americans are feeling better about the economy. we saw the record highs yesterday but, you know, it's true, they are pulling back slightly. that's partly because, as you mentioned, retail sales with disappointing -- down 1.4%. still, the market is still near record levels. the cnn poll shows that 50% of americans think the economy is doing well.
7:15 am
highest amount of people since 2007. the mood has been rising. 36% back in august the economy was doing well. 50% say the economy is doing badly. you might be asking yourself why is that? that's because there's an upside and downside so this recovery. you've got food and housing market in full recovery. spending is i can approximating up. corporate earnings also rising. on the downside, you've got unemployment at 7.6%. 12 million people are without a job. carol? >> that's for sure. zain asher reporting live from new york. thank you. talk back question for you, should social security be cut? or tweet me @carolcnn. to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪
7:16 am
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7:18 am
now as you talk back on one of the big stories of the day, the question this morning, should social security be cut? what's a campaign promise worth anyway? maybe around $230 billion over two years?
7:19 am
in 2008, candidate obama vowed he would not cut social security. >> now's the time to protect social security. for future generations. >> fast forward to 2013 bloody over failed budget negotiations with the republicans, cost of living adjustments to social security and other federal benefits worth $230 millibillio. let's say you got $12,972 in social security last year. that's the average benefit. if the new system were already in place, you would get only $12,336 this year. that's $633 less. even some lawmakers who support the president are furious. >> in 2008 he said that he would not cut social security we want
7:20 am
the president to remember what he said and not go back on his word. >> contrary to popular perception, social security does not add to the deficit. if you need bipartisan proof, i'll take you back to 1984. >> social security has nothing to do with the deficit. social security is totally funded by the payroll from employee and employer. >> it's solvent for another 24 years. that's not to say we shouldn't worry about social security because we should but there are other ways to fix it, like raising the payroll tax or the retirement age. talk back question for you today, should social security be cut? or tweet me @carolcnn. i want to talk more about this. joining me now is steven moore, a member of the "wall street
7:21 am
journal" editorial board and christine romans, host of "your bottom line." welcome to you both. >> hi, carol. >> i want to start with you, ste steven. if social security doesn't contribute to the deficit, why do we keep talking about it? >> the clip from ronald reagan back in 1980s, back then social security was bringing in more revenues than it was paying out in benefits but that's not the case today and it's certainly not going to be the case 5, 10, 15, 20 years from now as 80 million baby boomers enter retirement age. this is going to be an enormous cost on the budget. on this one it makes a lot of sense to make some of these gradual changes to the program that will help fex tix the fina for those paying into the
7:22 am
program. >> let's go back to what ronald reagan said saying that social security will be solvent for 24 years. does it add to the deficit? >> there are two different things but they are related. let's be clear, the president touching social security in this way, putting up this chain cpi, a different way of doing the cost of living, this is a political move to tell republicans that he is ready to deal and you're right, if stephen moore is agreeing with something that the president is doing, the president is really, really ticking off progressives. they are furious. the symbolism of a democratic president putting social security changes into his budget, they hate it. paul krugman hates it. robert rice hates it. on down the line, people hate it. carol, you made two very good points, raising the retirement age and raising the cap on your income that you pay taxes on for social security. a lot of people are saying the biggest fix is right there. make rich people pay more of their income in social security -- >> that's how ronald reagan
7:23 am
fixed social security back in the '80s. he raised payroll taxes. why not suggest that? >> well, because taxes are so high right now. we just had a huge tax increase on rich people and the whole idea of social security was people would pay in for their own benefits. actually, people who makeov ove $100,000 a year get a crappy deal on social security. we've been talking about this change in the formula for calculating cpi. as christine knows, this also affects people's taxes. it will change the way we do the bracketing of taxes. so it's $100 billion of that 230 billion is actually increases in taxes. so i think, christine, this is kind of a deal the republicans and democrats should both go for and all we're talking about is more accurately defining how much prices are rising each year. >> that sounds so logical and you throw a bunch of numbers at us but what it comes down to, a lot of people live on their
7:24 am
social security benefits. >> that's true. >> that's all they have. >> that's true. and it's not a lot. the average is $12,000 a year. so -- >> 23% of married couples live on their social security. if you're single and elderly, it's more than half -- about half live on their social security. >> that said, it's real money. it affects real lives. if you cut it, what are you going to do to all of those people that aren't going to have enough money to live on? >> the president has put some escape valves in their for veterans and low-income seniors. they have anticipated exactly what you have said and have made escape valves, the people who are very elderly will not feel this, elderly veterans will not feel this. they have tried to anticipate those complaints, carol. >> i'm looking at this graphic and it says age 80 you'll suffer, what, a loss of $894 in
7:25 am
social security benefits. at the age of 80, that's when you especially need those benefits. it's not like you can get a part-time job at starbucks when you're 80. >> by the way, at the same time the president is talking about this change, he's talking about taxing 401(k) and i.r.a. plans and that's a bad idea because we want more americans to have private savings to supplement their social security benefits. the only thing people should think about, look, we're talking about senior citizens and we don't want senior citizens to be driven into poverty by these kinds of changes but we also have to think about the generation xers. this will not exist if we don't make changes so it doesn't go into bankruptcy. we've got 80 million baby boomers retiring and the money that was supposed to be set aside for those people in social security, guess what, over the
7:26 am
last 20 years that money was spent out of the social security fund. >> i know. i just think it's interesting because back in the '80s when president reagan was dealing with this, i was a very young person and i listened to the very same arguments and i never expected social security to be there for me when i retired. i didn't. but it probably will be. so as i listen to all of this political rhetoric out there, i have my doubts. and i think a lot of other people do, too, that we really need to cut benefits to save social security. >> well, this is a very gradual thing. by the way, the average young person today thinks it's more likely they are going to see a ufo than they will see a social security check when they retire. it's a program that a lot of young people don't have confidence in right now. >> come on, when you were 20, you thought the very same thing. >> i know. and i'm not so sure i'm going to get it and i'm getting older. i have gray hair here.
7:27 am
>> stephen moore, christine romans, thanks for playing today. >> thank you. let's talk about north korea. confusion as the congressman claims that north korea is capable of firing off a nuclear missile. we'll talk about that. marjorie, i can't stand you. you're too perfect. even the inside of your dishwasher sparkles. okay. so i'm the bad guy for being clean. you said it. ladies, let's not fight dirty. cascade kitchen counselor. see, over time, finish gel can leave
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call... to switch, and you could save hundreds. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? breaking news out of north carolina for you. the campus a & t campus is now on lockdown after a report of a man with a weapon. we believe he has a gun. no shots have been fired. a campuswide search is now under way. i wish i could give you more information but i can't. a & t campus on lockdown.
7:31 am
congressman drops a bombshell in a public meeting with north korea. >> the north has weapons delivery of missiles. >> people armed the world said what? his testimony is causing problems. the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations is doing the same. here he is in an interview with piers morgan. >> i studied this issue extensively and i'm not sure that information is correct. the problem is, nobody knows because we don't have any hard intelligence there. >> so let's talk about this. maria cardona is a democratic strategist and cnn contributor. welcome to both of you. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. first off, this information that slipped out during an armed services committee meeting has confused the entire country
7:32 am
because it's not definitive. it's a guess. so my question this morning, should congressman lamborn divulged this? >> i can tell you that the disperse sal of such information, whether it's a member of congress or a branch official is certainly not something to be taken lightly. if the congressman had information that he obtained in private and in confidence and disclosed that, that's something for the house ethics committee to take a closer look at. >> let's listen. >> i did that properly in that this was declassified whether it's a mistake or not, i can't answer that. but this is -- given the seriousness, this is something that i think people need to know about. >> so he's saying that it wasn't classified but it might have been meant to be classified. he just doesn't really know the answer to that question. so maria, he says the public has
7:33 am
the right to know so i guess the question for you is how much information do we have the right to know when it comes to situations like this? >> well, if it was information that was meant to be public, then i do think we have the right to know. but that is where the big question lies, carol. and unfortunately, the congressman is not an expert on these issues and if there was any questions in the minds of his staff and i understand that there was because they double-checked with somebody on whether this was declassified information, then i don't think he should have used this in a public hearing. they should have been a little more careful. i think he strained way too close to the line of information that, you know, frankly, it is doing exactly what classified information like this could do, which is raising the level of anxiety amongst all of us and i think that could have been avoided had the congressman been a little more careful, double being triple, quadrupled check
7:34 am
about this information and maybe it would have known that it was not meant to be public and it was classified. if it was declassified, it was not his fault. again, this goes to the kind of responsibility that you have as a member of congress when you have this kind of information at your fingertips. >> and he is a member of the armed services committee, right? >> yes. >> i want to quote something else that congressman lamborn said. he wants classified information about north korean nukes. he says, i'm concerned that we're not going to get the funding from this administration to protect our country like we should. that sounds to me like he's playing politics because he doesn't want those defense cuts to go into effect and he wants more money for the military and maybe this is a way to do that. >> well, i would certainly agree with his sentiment that this administration has shown a willingness to reduce our armed forces capabilities. if you look at our ability to send aircraft carriers around the world, the air force has
7:35 am
certain combat wings not out flying right now due to the sequestration which the president proposed and signed into law, i agree with that sentiment. we need to make sure that the commander in chief has the training and money necessary and this administration has shown a willingness to slash the department of defense and our military. yes, i'm very concerned about that. >> maria, is it right to be concerned that the president won't pony up the money to protect our country from a possible nuclear war? >> i'm sorry, carol. when you have these kinds of claims coming from a party that actually wanted to go into sequestration, wanted the cuts to go into effect, it is the epitomy of politics. we need to get to the point where folks serious about this issue are talking about it without blame, especially coming from a party who actually touted
7:36 am
the sequestration as using it for political leverage when you're talking about a threat level and something that gives all americans anxiety. let's get serious about trying to find a solution. >> all right. we'll have to leave it there. maria cardona, ron christie, thank you for joining us this morning. >> always a pleasure, carol. he's rapped about having 99 problems but is cuba one of them? jay-z going to cuba with his wife beyonce. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers.
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7:39 am
the campus of north carolina of a & t university is still locked down. there is a report of a man with
7:40 am
a gun near the general classroom building. he's described as 5'11" wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans, white cap and white t-shirt. from what we understand, no shots have been fired but students are being told to stay where they are in campus, not to go outside. those not on campus are being told to stay away until this alert is lifted. as you might expect, a campuswide search is now under way. when we get more information, we'll pass it along to you. all right. let's talk music, politics, and jay-z. he is fed up about all of his critics about his trip to cuba and he's firing off in, what else, song. ♪ i done turned havana to atlanta ♪ guayabera shirts and bnandana ♪
7:41 am
♪ >> i'm sure you got that. it sounds like jay-sdplchlt z i he got approval to head to cuba from none other, the president. but i thought it was the secretary of state who gives permission. enters jay carney to answer that question. >> i guess nothing rhymes with treasury. because treasury offers and gives licenses for travel, as you know, and the white house has nothing to do with it. >> it's amazing what the white house correspondents think is funny. joining me now is prince charles alexander. hi, prince. >> carol, how are you today? >> i'm good. i'm good. i like what you said about jay-z's song. i'm going to read what you said. a pretty good rhyme and beat for someone worth a few $100 million. i guess he's come a long way from brooklyn? >> yes.
7:42 am
so now instead of the police he's running from the republican party. he's got a whole political party chasing him. and, you know, he's actually looking to try to invigor rate himself in that message and now instead of the hood he's got obama and america as his hood. it's interesting how he's weaving the fantasy together. it's fun. >> i'm looking at these pictures of him in cuba and he's like in a polo shirt and smoking a big, fat cigar. he looks like a rich guy. >> and he's got one of the most notorious young rappers on the scene right now. he shouted him out in his composition also. you know, to tell the truth, i like the song. i think it's really interesting. the fact that the republicans are actually listening to hip-hop, i don't know what that means. >> i think that means they want to bash president obama because
7:43 am
they are still intimating that it was president obama that gave jay-z and beyonce special mission to go to cuba even though the treasury department says, no, it was us. >> i listen to the song but i don't really know hip-hop. it's the newspaper of the streets, it's basically -- jay-z is telling his story and his reality is that he went to cuba and there's probably something that rhymes with treasury. so he's using obama as a metaphor. he's got reality in the song, some fantasy in the song, some pop culture. he shouts out dylan and zoolander. >> i thought it was interesting that he chose to respond in song like beyonce did about the lip-snyching.
7:44 am
why not just issue a statement? >> i don't know. this whole thing about the hip-hop genre, in many ways they feel like traditional media will not voice what they are trying to speak about the way that they would voice it so it's to come out with a song. it seems like he has started a controversy. this is interesting to me. >> it's fascinating. it will probably go away in the next few days anyway. prince charles alexander, thank you very for being with us this morning. >> thank you, carol. you have a good day. >> you, too. the best golfers in the whole world chasing that green jacket. tiger woods could have a very memorable masters. we'll take you live to augusta next. before students were flocking to bioengineering courses... before the birthplace of california became the cradle of 750 clean-tech companies...
7:45 am
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patients may experience slow heart rate. free trial offer for them. nurses to talk to for you. visit ♪ the los angeles dodgers ace will not be pitching any time soon. i'm sure you've seen the pictures by now. zack is pitching to carlos quinn continue. he takes offense to the hit at the shoulder and tackles him. unfortunately, he put his shoulder down, his nonpitching shoulder and broke his collarbone. the fight continued and both benches cleared. in fact, the fight continued into the parking lot after the game. of course, greinke will probably
7:48 am
be out six to eight weeks with the broken collarbone. shane is joining us from augusta. >> reporter: he has done it on three previous occasions and he's a notoriously slow starter here at the masters. if that's anything to go by, thing are on track. it was a solid but unspectacular performance yesterday. consistent but struggled on the greens and he knows that you need patience to win here at the masters as he articulated when he spoke to the media after the round. >> this is more so than most courses, you have to be very patient, especially with the greens as soft as they are and as slow as they were. it will bait you into firing at some flags. you've got to be disciplined. it was a good solid day.
7:49 am
i'm 200 par and four back. >> reporter: tiger limits what he gives away but you'll sense the discipline that he has and you're going to need all of that. younger players don't fear tiger as they once did. it's been eight years since he won a masters and five years since he held a major. there's a lot of pressure on him. he's still very much in the hunt, carol. >> i cannot help but notice that it's raining behind you. will there be delays today? >> reporter: we're hoping not. everyone is out here. they are enjoying the golf but i think this is only going to be around for the next couple of minutes. we avoided a serious downpour last night. it did hit a lot of areas around georgia but it's good to see so many people enjoying golf and they will continue to wear their shorts. >> that's fabulous. thank you very much, shane. talk back question for you
7:50 am
today, should social security be cut? or tweet me @carolcnn.
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talk back question today, should social security be cut? vincent said, "i paid in for 48
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great skyscraper towers across a city and an elevator plunges. yet, that almost never happens in real life because 160 years ago a man just outside of new york drew this diagram on a scrap of paper, a simple idea for a simple invention. his name was elijah otis. >> he invented the device in which if the rope broke, the platform remained in position and became safe and that was opened up for transportation safely for people and enabled tall buildings. >> indeed, the elevator's safety brake freed the imaginations and opened the heavens for architects in the rapidly growing city sdpies. >> buildings started to shoot up. 102 floors in the empire state building. >> this is what it looked like
7:56 am
when the elevators were installed in the early 1930s. today there are elevators all over the planet in the very tallest buildings and fully expects to be climbing to greater heights as demand for urban offices and homes continue to grow. >> there is buildings on the drawing board that are unimaginable only 10, 15 years ago. so it's another area for technical challenges and innovations in mega tall buildings. >> in other words, more than a century and a half after otis started his small company, business is still looking up. tom foreman, cnn. . see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel).
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get the blood tests. change your number. turn it up. androgel 1.62%. you. he's not the first dog to get his jaws stuck with peanut butters but wearing a dinner jacket and holding his own spoon, here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: why eat a sandwich when you can eat peanut butter straight out of the jar? the guy laughing is the cameraman and the dog is oden and the spoon belongs to oden's owner. and if you think the cameraman's laughter is contagious, just imagine being there. >> i was basically crying behind the camera laughing so hard. >> reporter: at least he could see the action. his roommate and the dog's owner, ashlynn parker was underneath the green jacket with
7:59 am
her head hiding. >> sheefs reaching around oden. >> reporter: the dog was wearing a white shirt and vest. what inspires someone to make a dog in a shut eating peanut butter video? two dogs dining with much better manners. these two waited patiently for their dinner and used silverware to eat. they even fed each other. the video that inspired ashlynn and trevon was uploaded a few years ago. the master minds put out another video revealing their technique. they decided to remake the doggie dining classic and the rest is canine cinematic history. i'm watching a dog in a suit eating peanut butter. what am i doing with my life? and what did