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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 13, 2013 8:00am-10:00am PDT

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from the cnn center, this is "cnn saturday morning." it's saturday, april 13th. good morning. i'm alison kosik. with north korea showing no signs of backing down, the u.s. secretary of state pays a visit to the north's big ally, china. a big nascar race today is drawing a lot of attention because of three letters attached to it.
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n-r-a. >> are you trying to finish your taxes this weekend? would you think of deducting a swimming pool? you have to hear these crazy tax stories. but first to china where secretary of state john kerry is urging leaders there to pressure north korea to tone down its threats. kerry said the u.s. and china face enormously challenging issues. >> you said at the very begin with your comments that this is a critical moment. i look forward to having that conversation with you today to do exactly as you said, lift this conversation up, broaden it, define for both of us what the model relationship should be and how two great powers, china and the united states, can work
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effectively to solve problems. >> this comes after kerry visited south korea yesterday. there he warned north korea that launching a missile would be a huge mistake. ana coren is live in seoul. what came out of the meetings in china today? >> reporter: john kerry basically asking for china's help to use its leverage and influence over north korea. we know that china is north korea's only friend and oally i the entire world. it provides fuel and aid. if it wants, it can turn off taps as far as money goes into north korea. it flows into north korea illegally through banks and companies and that is what funds its nuclear weapons program. now china has obviously backed the u.n. sanctions against north korea following the third nuclear test and it's also said that it is fed up with rhetoric coming out of pyongyang and no one country has power to influence the region the way that it does. we know that china is tired of
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this but it needs to put its money where its mouth is if you like and to turn off the taps, stop the money flowing in and to use its influence over north korea to really change things here on the peninsula. >> is kerry's visit expected to have any impact on north korea at all? >> i think if john kerry can get through to china, yes, possibly, it will have a huge impact. you mentioned that john kerry was here in seoul yesterday and while he had tough words for north korea, he also had a tone in his message saying the door was open to diplomacy if north korea was serious about denuclearization. it's something that's really getting up pyongyang's nose. perhaps we see concessions from the united states in the hope of
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deescalating things here on the peninsula. >> anna coren reporting in seoul. thank you. there's you in a confirmed case of bird flu in china's capital. a 7-year-old girl in beijing is the latest person to be infected with the disease. the country's official news agency says she's being treated and is in stable condition. so far 44 people in china have been infected with the new variation of bird flu. in indonesia, a plane overshot the runway and landed in the ocean. amazing pictures of the lion air flight carrying about 100 people. fortunately no one was killed amazingly enough. only one person is confirmed injured and a total of 18 people were taken to the hospital to be checked. the airline says the boeing 737 is new and only been in use since march and the pilot was fit to fly. back in the u.s., authorities velinvestigating th
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murders of two texas prosecutors searched the home of eric williams, he used to be a justice of the piece in kaufman county until last year. the prosecutors who were killed, mike mclelland and mark hasse handled the case. williams' lawyer says he's innocent and a gun residue test william took hours after they were killed came back negative. a nascar race in texas today is at the center of a political controversy. at issue is a decision by organizers to award the national rifle association naming rights to the race. our susan candiotti is live in ft. worth, texas, for the running of the nra 500. how much does this issue resonate with those coming to the race, drivers, people watching? >> reporter: certainly the people who are attending this race and there will be a few hundred thousand of them coming here this day. they are now trickling in. the race doesn't happen until tonight. this is a hugely popular event.
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people come here literally from all over the country who follow stock car racing to watch this nra race that is being sponsored by them and is being held here by the texas motor speedway. it's the texas motor speedway that negotiated the nra to sponsor this race. and of course it's sanctioned by nascar. for the most part here, people here are just huge racing fans. they don't care about the politics of it. they don't care that the nra is sponsoring this. they just want to see their favorite race car drivers. >> they could have found another sponsor for this race. they could have waited until after the debate to have the nra sponsor a race. it's really poor timing. >> reporter: that was senator chris murphy and he is from the state of connecticut. he said that as you heard him there that the timing of this just isn't right. he said that newtown families
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feel the same way. because of what's happening on capitol hill right now, of course the major debate going on about gun control legislation and therefore he says why did they have to do this now and he wishes that nascar might have intervened and that fox would not broadcast it tonight but of course the show will be broadcast and be seen by many, many people tonight. >> nascar spokesman has said that the nra sponsorship is going to be fitting in within the existing perimeters that nascar affords. do you know what those perimeters are? do we know if and how nascar will change them if they do at all? >> reporter: here's what we do know. in a case like this, you have texas motor speedway negotiates with a potential sponsor in this case, nra, and so they strike a deal. but then it's up to nascar to approve it. they could have rejected that sponsorship. the negotiations we are told began before the newtown massacre but they were
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finalized, the deal was announcannounce ed just last month. that is striking a cord with people who wonder why this has to happen now. we don't know. we do know because of this controversy that nascar is saying that maybe we should reexamine the perimeters and take another look at it. they won't tell us exactly what it is about the perimeters that they'll look at. >> okay. susan candiotti in ft. worth, texas. thank you. tiger woods will start the masters today with a two-stroke penalty against him. penalized for taking an illegal ball drop on the 15th hole yesterday. woods is the world's number one golfer. we'll take you live to augusta at the bottom of the hour. of all of the things that could happen as the lakers fight for a spot in the nba playoffs, their leader, kobe bryant, goes down with a possible torn achilles tendon. he could be out three months to
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a year. an mri is scheduled for today. he fought back tears when he explained to reporters how bad he hurt his leg. >> i was just hoping it wasn't what i knew it was. just trying to walk it off hoping that the sensation would come back but no such luck. >> what was that sensation? >> i had no achilles. that's the sensation. lakers fans aren't the only ones disappointed so are the dodgers fans. zach greinke is out with a broken collar bone after a player charged the mound. brainwashed since birth. a north korean defector recalls a lifetime of propaganda. we'll hear her story next.
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brainwashed since birth. she escaped from north korea ten years ago and says she endured a lifetime of propaganda that
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still haunts her today. >> reporter: bizarre. over the top. welcome to the one and only television channel available in north korea. korean central television, kctv. to the outside world the state run images run from the weird and ridiculous to unbelievable and outlandish propaganda. look at what happens as she watches kcatv. the their god, referring to kim jong-un, his father and grandfather. how can people think of him as a god? that's what you're taught since birth, says this defector, who escaped north korea ten years
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ago fleeing the brutal regime. she says it's been a long time since i last saw this and i feel -- i'm getting emotional. i don't know how to express this. this is not a lie. this is not an act. it's real. if anything happens, north koreans will give up their lives and they will jump into a fire. >> this is very powerful even though you left ten years ago, this still has power over you. >> we watched a children's show that she refers. the good north korean cat defeating the south korean rat. and a war film that depicts the north koreans defeating americans. if there's a revelation for this woman that fled north korea so long ago, it's this.
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you didn't know kim jong-un. do you feel the same love and devotion to him you felt toward kim il-sung. >> he looks like his grandfather. he's the same. he's doing exactly what his grandfather and his father did. the power of propaganda on a people. the power of a regime. >> after seeing that and hearing the vicious threats, it seems like being near north korea could be a nightmare but people who live close by in south korea say it actually feels like business as usual. christine rivers is stationed there with her husband who is in the military and talked with my colleague, victor blackwell, about what it's like to be there right now. >> in the united states it feels like tensions have reached the boiling point. what does it feel like there? >> this might sound crazy but it
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doesn't feel that intense over here. not as intense as it feels over there i think. our families e-mail us every day and want to know how we're doing. we're doing fine. >> you live on a base and this is near pyongyang tech, 85 miles from this dmz. do you think about that on a daily basis how close you are to although it's the demilitarized zone it's the most militarized real estate in the world. >> i think i'm definitely aware of it every day. i don't think about it every day. >> you have an emergency alert system in your home, right? has it ever gone off? >> it has not yet. >> you have this baby girl, what's your daughter's name? >> maria. >> you have maria. your husband there. you have a gas mask, there's one for your husband and there's one
8:17 am
for your baby. i couldn't imagine as a parent having to place that on my child's face and know that we have got to go. how have you prepared for the potential that you'll have to leave other than just packing the bag? >> right. i know that sounds really scary but i really don't ever anticipate having to use that. i feel like over here we're definitely more prepared and i would much rather be overprepared than underprepared. even though it does sound weird and kind of scary to know that you have a gas mask and alert system in your home and things like that, it makes me feel better because i feel like if something does happen, then, you know, the military knows what's going on and they're going to get us out of here safely and quickly and they'll do their job here. it sounds scary but it's not as scary as it sounds really. >> you are a much more calm than
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i'm sure your family is when they call to ask how are things over the past few months. thank you so much for speaking with us this morning. >> sure. no problem. thank you. ti > ticktok. we'll count down the top five most outrageous tax deductions next. work to clean and tighten pores so they can look half their size. pores...shrink 'em down to size! [ female announcer ] pore refining cleanser. neutrogena.® we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. she was a picky eater. well now i'm her dietitian and last year, she wasn't eating so well. so i recommended boost complete nutritional drink
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it's getting closer. monday, april 15th. you know what that means. tax day. the deadline to pay uncle sam. this morning we're looking at wild and crazy tax deduction
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stories of course. here are five favorites from that caught our eye. number five, a texas man deducts a smokestack that sits on his property as a charitable donation to the city because it is considered a local landmark. he's able to write off more than $100,000. surprise there. number four, a california businessman who owns a string of pie shops tries to expense his lunch meals because he says he ate pies to dessert to study ingredients for research. that didn't fly with the irs. a texas landlord is unsuccessful when trying to deduct his dog's vet fees explaining he used his dog as his security system for the various properties he owned. good one. number two, an elderly woman tries deducting costs for a swimming pool because her doctor told her it was good therapy for her knee. turns out the pool belonged to her son and had no connection to her except for the swimming. and finally, the number one
8:23 am
craziest deduction. a retired new york lawyer unsuccessfully tried to claim prostitution as a medical expense deduction calling it sex therapy and a positive health benefit. how's that for an audit flag? these are true stories that cpas shared. as tensioned mount on the korean peninsula, the u.s. meets with the country that could be key to calming it down. is washington hearing what it was hoping to from china? first, as the construction industry picks up, one american company is celebrating potential new customers along with a big anniversary. otis elevator changed the skylines of our city. tom foreman has their american journey. >> what is it? >> it's been a staple of horror movies for decades. a great sky scaper high above a city. a calamity strikes like in
8:24 am
"earthquake" and an elevator plunges and yet that almost never happens in real life because 160 years ago a man just outside of new york drew this diagram on a scrap of paper. a simple idea for a simple invention. his name was elijah otis and pedro knows all about him. >> what he invented is a device was one which when the rope broke the platform remained in position and remained safe. that opened up vertical transportation safely for people and enabled tall buildings. >> reporter: indeed the elevator's safety brake opened the heavens for architects in rapidly growing cities. >> buildings shot up. first five floors and then 10 and 15 and 102 floors like here. >> reporter: this is what it looked like when those elevators were installed in the early 1930s. today the otis company lays claim to elevators all over the
8:25 am
planet in very tallest buildings and fully expects to be climbing to even greater heights as demand for urban offices and homes continues to grow. >> there's buildings on the drawing board that weren't imaginable only 10, 15 years ago. that's another area for technical challenges in innovation with megatall buildings. >> more than a century and a half after otis started his small company, business is still looking up. tom foreman, cnn. with a new 2-year, 24,000-mile scheduled maintenance program, a 3-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, and a 5-year, 100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty. we've got you covered eight ways to sunday. come to think of it, sunday, too. right now chevy truck owners can trade up to a silverado all-star edition and get a total value of $8,500. the dependable, reliable, chevy silverado.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. secretary of state john kerry and china's president said today they are committed to the
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denuclearization of north korea. that came after the two met in china. foreign affairs reporter is live in washington. is the u.s. actually hearing what it wants to hear from china? >> reporter: it's hearing what it wants to hear. secretary kerry came out of a press conference with the foreign minister of china saying he and chinese officials have reached unprecedented cooperation, joint statement calling for a peaceful resolution on the korean peninsula. now, i'm sure that we're waiting to see that statement and i'm sure it has some specifics about how the u.s. and china are going to cooperate but what always seems to be the case is china says it will cooperate and then that cooperation isn't as full as the u.s. wants. it really remains to be seen whether china is going to put its money where it's mouth is and not just say all of the right things but get a little bit tougher on north korea. >> interesting. so yesterday in south korea at least john kerry indicated the
8:30 am
door for diplomacy is still open. information came to light that north korea may have the ability to fire a nuclear tip missile. that created a big stir in washington. what also is the latest fallout from that? >> we're a long way from getting back to the table with north korea. that's what officials say. first of all, they have to really wait for this latest round of escalations and threats to calm down. u.s. still is expecting some kind of action from north korea. don't know exactly what it's going to be. they are expecting some kind of missile test. it could be a barrage of missiles. you have the birthday of the founder of north korea, kim il-sung on monday. things could calm down. rhetoric will stop and north korea could get back to the table. they are still looking before that to happen for north korea
8:31 am
to make some commitments to stop its threats, to work toward denuclearization, curb its nuclear program and then there are all kinds of goodies that the u.s. can offer north korea that it has wanted in the past such as security guarantees, such as economic aid as you know the country is really in dire straits and perhaps even some kind of peace treaty. there are a lot of things in the offing north korea could get but first it has to back down from the brink and commit at least to trying to have some dialogue with the u.s. and the other partners in the region. >> that's really the trick is getting that dialogue going, isn't it? >> reporter: it is. north korea a lot of times says it wants to get back to the table and then you see these threats but these latest reports that north korea has a nuclear weapon that could be used have been a little bit hyped. you have seen john kerry and the head of director of national
8:32 am
intelligence pour cold water on this. north korea clearly has made a lot of advances in its nuclear program in all components. we're talking about the actual nuclear warhead, the missile to deliver it and miniaturization being able to shrink it and fire a nuclear weapon but nobody in the u.s. really thinks that north korea right now is capable of launching a nuclear weapon at any country really so what the u.s. is hoping is after this latest round of threats they can start to get back to the table and work at getting north korea to move back a little bit and try to put curbs on that nuclear program. it will be very difficult. as you have seen, north korea wants to be accepted as a nuclear power. john kerry and others in the u.s. government saying that's not going to happen. >> okay. thank you. the judge in the retrial of deposed egyptian president hosni mubarak quit the case this
8:33 am
morning. he referred the trial to a lower court saying he stepped down because of medical reasons. the court has 60 days to pick a replacement. today is the first day of the retrial and mubarak was brought to court on a stretcher. he was flown back to a military hospital on a helicopter. new this morning, tiger woods will get to continue vying for his fifth green jacket after all at the masters but he starts play today with a two-stroke penalty. rachel nichols joins us now from augusta. good morning. a disqualification, that would have shaken up the entire tournament, wouldn't it? >> reporter: absolutely. let me take you through what happened here. he hit a shot on the 15th hole yesterday that was such a flukey shot if you take a look at it. it hits the flagstick and then careens into the water and then tiger woods has three options from there according to the official rules of golf. he chooses the option of going back to the site of his shot and
8:34 am
then the rule book says that he needs to drop the ball "as close as possible to where he took his original shot from." looking on tv, he drops it near where he took his shot. a television viewer called in and thought tiger had broke the rules. everyone watching today because apparently the masters takes it seriously. while tiger was on the course yesterday, they reviewed his shot while he was playing 18 and the rule committee decided he played within the rules so tiger woods at that point was in the clear. came in, signed his scorecard. after he signed his scorecard, he addressed the media. in two separate interviews he talked about that hole and said if he had taken his drop in his words about two yards from where his initial shot was. that is against the rules. if you go back and look at the video, it's closer than two
8:35 am
yards. it's a few feet. in reviewing this light of tiger woods' comments, the committee decided that he was guilty in some respects and was to be assessed a two-shot penalty. the reason he wasn't disqualified is that he had in initially cleared him so their ruling is it's not fair to penalize him now when they themselves had cleared him before his round was even over. complicated but that's golf and the end result is that tiger woods now starts today two strokes behind where he thought he was and definitely at a disadvantage. being three strokes off the lead with two days to play is something tiger woods can make up. five strokes back, tougher although he has done it before. he's won the masters from six strokes back. >> rachel nichols, very interesting back story. i'll be out watching for sure. thank you very much. a key witness who says jodi arias was abused might have done major damage to arias' case. the turning point was in the answer to this question.
8:36 am
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to the jodi arias trial now and some real fireworks in the courtroom this week. prosecutor juan martinez really went after the defense's domestic violence expert. at one point he was able to get that expert to admit that the victim in the case, travis alexander, actually feared jodi. listen. >> isn't it true that mr. alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant, jodi arias,
8:40 am
based on her stalking behavior? >> he was afraid of her, yes. >> earlier my colleague victor blackwell asked hln's jane velez-mitchell what she thought about this moment in the case. >> that was perhaps her greatest admission and she was talking about a message that travis alexander sent to a friend saying he was scared of jodedi because of her stalking. the defense expert said he couldn't have been that terrified of her because he continued to communicate with jodi arias and indeed he continued to have sex with jodi arias and who would have sex with their stalker, which is one of the many conundrums and ridles ri riddles of this case. >> we don't see this back and forth between the expert and attorney like we saw this week. >> do you want the truth of this? >> yes or no? >> mr. martinez. >> yes or no.
8:41 am
yes or no. >> the person in the blue shirt over there moved over to mesa, arizona, correct? >> it is not a yes or no. i can't give that a yes or no. >> that's stalking behavior. >> i'm over here. you look to the left. >> many criticize juan martinez for being too aggressive. in arizona jurors can ask questions of the witnesses and it would appear it's working based on the questions. they allege that he abused her and most of the questions, the overwhelming majority, were very hostile toward the defendant indicating that they don't buy her story and they don't think she's the victim and that she's a manipulative pathological liar. i would think based on the jury questions that they like the prosecutor's style. >> i want to get to something else that happened over the past few days.
8:42 am
an interrogation that we're going to watch. let's look and then we'll talk about it. >> sure. i don't know what this is all about. >> it's about an incident that took place yesterday. >> i know for a fact you were in central park yesterday. >> you know for a fact i was in central park yesterday? >> i do. >> jane, how did you get involved in all of this? >> well, i wanted to find out what an interrogation felt like because the interrogation tapes are very crucial to this case. what i learned is, a, these seasoned detectives who did a mock interrogation with me and i actually reenacted the jodi arias headstand, they felt that the detective that interrogated jodi arias did an incredible job and remained professional and pointed out some of the techniques. there are techniques like what if i told you that it was all
8:43 am
caught on cell phone camera. the suspect hears that and thinks my gosh maybe they have me and i should try to spin it and admit what i did and put a good spin on it. there's also the either/or technique. are you a monster? of course not. maybe you just had a bad day and did something you now regret. tell us about it. i learned some of these great techniques that detectives use to extract confessions. it really is a chest game, three dimensional chest game and a head game. >> want to stay up to speed on the jodi arias trial? you can with jane velez-mitchell. watch her program on our sister network hln we can nights at 7:00 eastern. there's an app making youtube feel so six seconds ago. it's the latest social media craze and it only takes six seconds coming up next. tomorrow night anthony bourdain brings his taste for
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adventure to cnn. it begins tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern and pacific only here on cnn. i'll be watching. to get in the picture. for her, who dares to show her love to the world. for the daring ones, there's crest plus scope. the only toothpaste that combines the freshness of scope with the whitening power of crest. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, you can save money with progressive commercial auto. [ sighs ] [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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twitter's vine app is making youtube feel so six seconds ago. vine lets you share videos that are barely longer than a sneeze. it's the hottest thing on social media and it lasts only six seconds. jake tapper shows us how. >> reporter: there was once a time when really short shorts meant this. today it means this. the video sharing app vine was launched just in january by twitter. the same company that has made communicating 140 characters at a time the norm. vine fuels creativity by limiting the length of video clips to just six seconds. those videos are then posted on
8:48 am
an endless loop to your twitter account. since its debut, vine is a go-to service for not just avid tweeters but advertisers. and celebrities. this woman created what may be the world's first vine resume. and it landed her a job. actor adam goldberg is known as the king of vine thanks to his soap series where he pieces together one man's unraveling life. >> this app has changed you. >> six seconds at a time. vine made a teaser out of teasers. check out this six-second trailer for the movie "wolverine." the concept can seem a little tricky so we decided to help out all of you still stuck in the social media ice age by getting a lesson from this guy. twitter co-founder jack dorsey showed me how quick it is.
8:49 am
before long, i was a mean, lean, video sharing machine and the app is so entrenched in pop culture, the trifecta film festival is allowing people to compete for six seconds of glory with competition on the best vine video. here's one take on "citizen kane." there are no filters. no editing or ways to add audio. in fact, the biggest obstacle on vine is time. right now vine is only number one in the u.s. there is no version of the app for android phones. jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> you can watch the lead with jake tapper weekdays at 4:00 eastern time on cnn. when you see this video, you'll say ouch. it's a bridge that ends up leaving trucks topless. i'll tell you why.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
it's called the can opener bridge and trucks that go under it become ending topless. our jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: it's a bridge over troubled traffic. a bridge too low for trucks too tall. for the past five years, watch your back has been using cameras to record the results and posting them on his website, 11 foot 8. that happens to be the clearance of the railroad tressel in durham, north carolina, known as the can opener bridge. some vehicles just get a shave. others get stopped cold. from nearby businesses it can be -- >> almost earth-shattering and
8:53 am
people jump out of their chairs. >> reporter: some get off easy, an rv loses its ac. a pod gets left behind. tressel was a working railroad bridge and sometimes trucks hit as a train passes by. the railroad, norfolk southern, installed a crash beam to protect the century-old bridge so the bridge always wins. not only has he uploaded about 60 crashes, he also collects pieces of debris and sometimes gets drivers to sign them. >> just a hobby. you know, it's to have some fun. >> reporter: not so much fun for the drivers. authorities know of no serious injuries. signs start warning of the low clearance several blocks away and vehicles too tall trigger the overhead flashing lights which drivers manage not to see. and don't even think of trying to slowly sneak up on the can opener. so, you say, why doesn't someone
8:54 am
fix it? raise the bridge? lower the road? but the sewer main runs right under the highway and the bridge would cost millions to raise, so the can opener keeps racking up hits that youtubers enjoy putting to music like "rocky." and the good, the bad and some ugly crashes, it's enough to make you want to burn your bridges before the bridge burns you. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. "cnn newsroom" starts at the top of the hour with fredericka whitfield. you have a busy day. >> beginning at noon eastern time, with our legal guys, they bring intriguing, fascinating cases. this one involves an employee who had to have brain surgery, came back to work. her appearance altered quite a bit. and she says her employer discriminated against her. our legal guys, richard and
8:55 am
avery, going to tackle that case involving hooters. you know, a huge chain that has restaurants all across the country. how far reaching might this case be potentially? and then mark geragos and pat harris rate criminal legal minds, we're going to be asking their opinions about the jodi arias case. they also have a book out called "mistrial" revealing the good, bad the ugly in our legal system, everything from jurors angling to convict, to the media and beyond. and then the movie "42" the jackie robinson story. that hit theaters this weekend. we're going to be talking to one former executive of the mlb. he was the highest ranking african-american in major league baseball. we're also going to talk to ernie banks, the first black player to join the cubs team. we'll be talking to them about their ideas about 42 and what jackie robinson meant to them
8:56 am
and how his legacy still resonates. >> a good preview to the movie if you're looking to see the movie. i know i am. thanks. forget using cash, ditch the coin, the bitcoin is the next big thing.
8:57 am
do you knowing the winklevoss twins? best known for their fight with mark zuckerberg over who started facebook. they made millions from a smartphone currency called bitcoin. the bitcoin stock has dropped from a high of more than $260 a
8:58 am
share to just -- to just over $77 yesterday. what is bitcoin anyway and how and it work? our maggie lake reports from a new york bar where people are spending bitcoins. >> can i get 25? i'm going to pay with bitcoin. >> reporter: you don't have to whip out your wallet to pay for a drink at this bar. bitcoins are accepted. >> 2.55 bitcoins, send payment. >> reporter: they began with this group of early adopters. the group was won over. can you explain how it works? >> you go to your wallet on your phone, your bitcoin wallet and scan the qr code, press send, we get the bitcoins transferred into dollars within minutes, you get your drink -- >> reporter: and you get paid. one of the few brick and mortar places to accept bitcoins. >> they are transferred person to person via the net. >> reporter: they are sold
8:59 am
through a limited number of online exchanges. you can't buy them with a credit card, but you do need to link a bank account or cell phone. >> i just heard about this. >> reporter: charlie is an investor and the co-founder of exchange bit instant. he says the currency has a reputation to overcome. >> in the beginning bitcoin was over 80% volume for all illicit activity, drugs, fake i.d.s. >> reporter: the boost of popularity came in cyprus where people had little access to traditional banking. they say bitcoins would have offered a currency. you don't want to take your real coins out of a bank just yet but there are places in new york city you can spend bitcoins there are concerns about consumer protection. there's a reason people started putting their money in banks. you have some transparency. you have recourse. you don't get any of that with this new currency. >> no, you don't get a regulator. there's a reason why we have
9:00 am
regulators and we are not in the wild west. >> can i pay with this for bitcoins? >> reporter: despite the swings, the managers say they're convinced bitcoins have benefits for businesses and are here to stay. >> if everyone would use bitcoins, i would love that. i wouldn't have to deal with waiting for credit cards. it would be a much smaller processing rate. >> reporter: people find a way to pay for a good drink one way or the other, but they hope the experiment will raise the currency profile, at least in this new york bar. maggie lake, cnn, new york. and "cnn newsroom" continues with the one and only fredericka whitfield. have a great day. >> you too. we have a lot ahead, including all eyes on north korea with that country showing no signs of backing down. u.s. secretary of state kerry pays a visit to the north's big ally, china. what the u.s. and china are saying after those key meetings. and another day at the races, including a nascar fan, but it's not the cars but the
9:01 am
sponsors of the race, the national rifle association, that's generating a lot of buzz. we'll explain more. and a waitress claims hooters forced her to quit after she had brain surgery. she said her boss insisted she wear a wig to cover the scar. and she refused. we're taking a closer look at her lawsuit. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in china today urging leaders there to pressure north korea to tone down its threats. kerry met with china's president and the foreign minister. he said the u.s. and china face enormously challenging issues. >> we both joined in stating that the united states and china remain fully committed to the september 2005 joint statement of the six-party talks and to its core goal. that core goal is the verifiable denuclearization of theco korean
9:02 am
peninsula in a peaceful manner. >> this comes after kerry visited south korea yesterday. there he warned the north that launching a missile would be a huge mistake. we're live from seoul, anna, what came out of the meetings in china today? >> reporter: well, fredericka, john kerry basically said this is a critical time for korean peninsula and asked for china's help. you know, china is north korea's only friend and ally in the world. it provides food, fuel and aid. basically, if it was to turn off the taps of money flowing into north korea, that would stop its nuclear weapons program. now, china has obviously backed the u.n. sanctions that were imposed on north korea after its nuclear test back in february, but they haven't necessarily enforced those sanctions. so, john kerry is asking china to step up, to use its leverage, its influence and really change
9:03 am
things for the peninsula. >> so what's next in kerry's visit? >> reporter: well, john kerry having held these talks with china, he will basically continue to place pressure on this, you know, super power because it can really change things. he was here in seoul a little earlier. yesterday he held a joint press conference with south korea's foreign ministry and basically pledged his support to not just south korea, but japan. said if there were any provocations he would issue a stern warning to north korea not to go ahead with those missile launches. have you to remember there are two missile lauvenls positioned on the east coast of north korea. according to intelligence, they have been thinking they would fire these rocketings. now, it's important to note, fredericka, north korea said
9:04 am
they would test these missiles. however, that was the intelligence we were receiving. there's a big date coming up on the north korean calendar, monday the 15th of april. that, of course, is the anniversary of the birth of kim il-sung, the grandfather of kim jong-un. so, if the rockets don't fire by then, i think a lot of people are thinking, perhaps, they won't launch at all. i guess it's a matter of just a wait and see. >> anna coren, thanks so much from seoul. back in this country, a nascar race in texas today is at the center of a political controversy. some are upset over a decision by organizers to award naming rights to the race to the national rifle association. our susan candiotti is live from ft. worth, texas. susan, the nra 500 getting under way this evening. you know, how much is this resonating, whether it be in the state of texas or beyond? >> reporter: certainly the fans coming to this race are all
9:05 am
about stockcar racing. this is a huge event. it draws hundreds of thousands of people and who knows how many millions watch it on television. the people who come to this event are here to see their favorites on television. they even camp out here days ahead of time to watch and come to this event. so, for them, all this talk about the nra sponsorship and the gun control debate, they're just here because they want to see racing. here's what they told us. >> i don't see a problem with it at all. i understand his views but to cancel a race or to not televise it, i think that goes a little bit too far. >> reporter: so, for them, fredericka, it's all about coming to this big deal and there will be a ton of people coming here tonight. >> in fact, one of the women you talked to is responding to the request to not have it telele vized. it was a connecticut senator, chris murphy, who asked fox not televise the race. what was the response from nascar?
9:06 am
>> reporter: well, this will be broadcast. it's up to fox. this is the agreement they have made under a contractual agreement. so, it will be on television tonight. fox is not commenting on that, of course. but senator chris murphy, as you said, said the main question here for him and for a lot of people who live in the state of connecticut, certainly for newtown families, is that the timing about this is just wrong. with the gun debate going on, he wishes nascar had intervened and that fox wouldn't broadcast it. listen. >> they could have found another sponsor for this race. they could have waited until after the debate to have the nra sponsor a race. it's just really, really poor timing. >> reporter: so, it appears everything there go on as scheduled. but if senator murphy had his way, that wouldn't be the case. >> and nascar's response? >> reporter: nascar saying, we are -- this -- because we are
9:07 am
sanctioning this race, it doesn't mean that we're taking a position in favor of the nra or against it. we are apolitical on this. here's what nascar is saying, however. they recognize there is a controversy here. nascar is saying that maybe we're going to take a look at our policies a little bit more closely down the road, so to speak, because it is the speedway that negotiated the nra sponsorship. nascar has the right to approve it or disapprove it. so, nascar is saying, maybe we'll take a closer look at what happens when this comes up, if it comes up, the next time, our policies. >> susan candiotti in ft. worth, texas, thanks so much. let's talk about another sport, this one on the greens. tiger woods starting the masters today with a two-stroke penalty. he was penalized for taking an illegal ball drop on the 15th hole yesterday. woods is the world's number one golfer. again, he is going for his fifth green jacket and 15th major championship title. we'll take you live to augusta
9:08 am
at the bottom of the hour. and a huge blow to the los angeles lakers. their leader, kobe bryant, may have torn his achilles tendon during a game last night. an mri is planned for today to confirm the injury. and further investigate it. bryant fought back tears when told that he can't walk. >> i was just hoping it wasn't what i knew it was. just trying to walk it off and hoping that the sensation would come back, but no such luck. >> reporter: what was that sensation? >> i had no achilles. that's the sensation. >> kobe showed even more emotion and anger on facebook. he wrote, quoting here now, this is such bs. all the training and sacrifice just flew out of the window with one step that i've done millions of times.
9:09 am
there's more to that statement? all right. we took it off the screen there. all right. the frustration is unbearable. now i'm supposed to come back from this and be the same player or better at 35? how in the world am i supposed to do that? that from kobe bryant after his injury. president mubarak's retrial began today. even before it started, a surprise announcement from the judge left everyone shocked and the u.s. is making the rounds to the country's bordering north korea. we get the inside scoop on what may be happening behind closed doors from a man who played a crucial role on the korean peninsula. angie's list is essential. i automatically go there. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. if you want to save yourself time and avoid a hassle, go to angie's list. at angie's list, you'll find the right person to do the job you need. and you'll find the right person quickly and easily.
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9:13 am
around the world. the judge in the retrial of egyptian president hose any mubarak quit the case this morning. [ speaking foreign language ] >> he referred the trial to a lower court saying he stepped down because of medical reasons. the court has 60 days to pick a replacement. today is the first day of the retrial. mubarak was brought to court on a stretcher. he was flown back to a military hospital on a helicopter. secretary of state john kerry is still in china today. he met with chinese officials to talk about the increasingly tense situation in north korea. yesterday he was in south korea meeting with leaders there. christopher hill is the former u.s. ambassador to south korea. north korea seems ready to test-fire a ballistic missile, at least poised to, and even
9:14 am
going as far as saying there are four targets, including colorado springs, even though their map is quite inaccurate by about 1,000 miles. so how do you interpret this? >> i think it's more bluster. they obviously don't like having the secretary of state meeting with our allies and certainly they don't like a meeting with china. certainly, they're not winning themselves any friends. and i suspect that secretary kerry's discussions with xi jinping and others will go well. i'm hoping they'll make the point they're a little out of control these days. >> how do you separate the posturing at this point from an actual threat? >> well, i mean, there are a number of natural technical moons by which you would look to see if they're moving troops and things like that. we do know they've been moving missiles.
9:15 am
we do know on birthday celebratio celebrations, and we're coming up on the 101st of kim jong-un's grandfather, that they've often test-fired a missile. so, i think that is quite a possibility this time. >> john kerry says there will be no negotiating directly unless north korea is willing to talk about the nuclear program. do you see this as realistic, that north korea would kind of denuclearize? >> well, i think -- i think it's a realistic and it's the correct policy to say, look, we are prepared to enter into discussions, but we're not prepared to talk to a nuclear north korea, that is, a north korea that insists that it needs to be nuclearized. we had an agreement with them. this agreed to abandon nuclear weapons in return for consideration. we're prepared to talk about that agreement, but the idea that they should walk out on it and then we should -- we should talk to them or give them something else, i think, is really not something our country
9:16 am
wants to do or, frankly, needs to do. >> do you worry about north korea making nuclear materials, weapons, available on the black market? >> well, yes, indeed. i mean, they've produced an amount of fissile material through their plutonium reactor. we were able to get that shut down back in 2007, even disable it. they talk about bringing it up online, which will take time. we don't want more fissile material. more the chance they could sell it to unsavory types around the world. i think it's important that we really work with others, especially the chinese, to prevent this kind of thing from happening. >> the chinese have already expressed some disappointment in north korea for very -- or seemingly acting in very selfish, you know, reasons.
9:17 am
how far would china go to penalize north korea? >> i think the problem lies in chinese decision-making, which is often done in a sort of consensus mode. i mean, it's not enough to just have the chinese president feel one way. they need to get other chinese on board. in fact, they, frankly speaking, need to get most of the bureau on board. i think as we approach china, we need to not embolden them to say, look, america is trying to push us around. i think that accounts for the real care and caution the obama administration has taken. they're trying to make sure they can enlist the chinese. when they do enlist the chinese, and i do believe that china's coming around on this issue. i think they're sick to death of the north koreans and i think they consider the north koreans kind of bad for business and bad for china's business. and i think at that point the chinese can do a lot in terms of shutting down some cross-border stuff and also shutting down their financial system to north korean money.
9:18 am
>> former u.s. ambassador to south korea, christopher hill, thanks for your time. >> thank you. hooters is getting slammed with a lawsuit from a former waitre waitress. her claims about what her boss said after she had brain surgery may sound pretty outrageous, but will it hold up in court? and, winning the lottery should be a dream, right? but it's becoming a nightmare for coworkers in a lottery pool who are now in a fight for money. ♪ beep beep what?a score alert ♪if you set your phone to vibrate ♪ ♪ then it might alert your button flies all the ♪ ♪ girls and the guys wanna keep that credit score ♪ ♪ high like a private jet free-credit-score-dot-com ♪ ♪ don't forget! narrator: offer applies with enrollment in try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪
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a hooters waitress claims she had to quit after brain surgery left her with a scar. she's suing the restaurant for discrimination after she had a mass removed from her brain. when she went back to hooters, her scar was visible and she was shocked by what she said her managers told her. >> he said, you need to find a wig. if you don't by your next shift, we need to know so we can get it covered by another girl. it was impairing my healing process on my scar. and it also makes you more prone to any kind of infection. >> lupo refused to wear the wig. she said her schedule shift drops and she was making so
9:22 am
little money she eventually quit. hooters denies her claims and wants the lawsuit dismissed. let's bring in our legal guys, and richard herman -- >> hi, fredericka. >> -- criminal defense attorney and criminal law professor as well. >> hi. >> all right. let's talk about how her case will proceed, avery. is this plain and simple, a discrimination suit she's pursuing or something else? >> it's a little bit more complicated. yes, it's a discrimination case but did hooters perceive her as disabled and did she take an adverse action and she's saying she did it in front of a federal judge? what's intriguing here is hooters, it's a restaurant. and the people that show up at this place never look above the neck anyhow. maybe that's the defense. sounds a little overcaffeinated to me. because it's in federal district court, i think a federal judge will set these parties down and say, come on, this is an awful
9:23 am
case. it's a public relation disaster. in addition to the legal issues, i think this case has to resolve very, very quickly. >> interesting. richard, you know, if appearance is something that is, i guess, a requirement, appears to be a requirement, to someone's job and in this case that's what hooters, according to her, you know, is saying, is that defense enough from the employer that, you know, that is part of the decorum here? we have certain requirements or criteria as to why someone has a certain job. >> she knows what it is, that's why she wanted to work there, to make money off her looks. i'm assuming that's why she went there, to make money. now, how did avery refer to the restaurant? i didn't hear that properly. >> you say it, avery. >> you heard it. you heard it, pal. >> oh, okay. fred, this case is going to settle for a bucket of wings and that's it. she has absolutely no claim.
9:24 am
>> oh! >> avery's's right. the judge is going to sit them down say do something here, some nomal value and move on, people. she has no disability. the courts have held if you have successful brain surgery, it is not a disability for an action under the american disabilities act. the deceptive employment claim will fail as well. she quit. she quit. they didn't fire her. she quit. they reduced her hours and she quit. >> no disability but if there is a health matter that leads to a disfigment or, you know, whether it be temporary or permanent, aren't there any presentation for that? >> zero. in this case she gets nothing. >> no, you don't have to prove disability. if she's perceived as disabled, she has an argument. if a federal judge lets it go to a jury, there's a problem. we agree with the end of it, but we don't agree how we get there. i think the case does have
9:25 am
value. >> all right. let's move on to the case of a next one. work lottery pool. in this case, it went wrong. it end up in an indianapolis court this week. seven hairstylists are trying to block their coworker from cashing in on a winning ticket. they say she was supposed to buy tickets for the whole group. she says she did. but then she also bought some tickets just for herself and the winning ticket, coincidentally, happened to be the personal one. she says she can actually prove it because she picked numbers based on her kids' and grandkids' birthdays. let's weigh in on this one. richard, you know, they apparently all went in together but she claims that, you know, she's got the birthdays. that's her best defend as to the winning ticket. >> isn't it incredible how these stories come, fred, on these huge lottery victories where the group invests and the person says, oh, i bought it personally. listen, the place is called
9:26 am
lou's creative stories -- i mean, lou's creative styles, that's the place they work at. listen, the employees say, we had a deal. we all put in. there's no side tickets. in the past they've won nominal wins. put the money back in the pool there. based on the testimony of all the other people involved here and the course of conduct and history, the judge is going to make them split this. >> really? even though the winning numbers are -- i mean, the commonalities are her kids' and grandkids' birthdays? doesn't that seem like it's a little more personal? >> that sounds like a lou's creative story. that's what it sounds like to me. >> you're not buying that? avery, what do you think? >> i hate to agree. but i think richard is actually right here. the argument was there was an agreement among all -- look at these hairdressers, they all look alike, don't they? what they've said is, look, no personal purchases on quick
9:27 am
picks for the lotto because you'll never be able to sort out the difference. that's exactly what christie shaw did in this case. that's exactly why judge heather wells, who's the judge in this, who granted the restraining order, saying, hey, there are seven people who say there was an agreement on this thing. i think just by the sheer weight of the evidence, i think it's going to wind up being the split of $9.5 million. christie shaw will be perfectly fine in this case. she's not going to walk away with $9 million, though. >> right. the sheer weight of it all and in the end i guess they're all just splitting hairs. we'll see. >> oh, all right, fredericka! >> richard, avery, we'll see you in a few more minutes. in this case we're talking about the jody arias trial. is the defendant in the murder trial tweeting? we'll be back in a few minutes to discuss that. a big penalty for tiger woods at the masters. we'll tell you what happened and what it may mean for his bid for a fifth green jacket.
9:28 am
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here's a look at what's trending. the follow-up to gangnam style is here. he performed his new single "gentleman" in seoul today. he says he hopes people will enjoy it as tensions remain high on the korean peninsula. big controversy over the wizard of oz song "ding dong the witch is dead," sales have skyrocketed after margaret thatcher's death. now the bbc it will play a short clip on the playlist tomorrow. jonathan winters passed away. he was 87 years old. he was best known in movies as
9:32 am
"morkmindy." tiger woods continues vying for his fit green jacket at the masters but he starts today with a two-stroke penalty. we're joined now from augusta. i understand after that penalty, tiger also started tweeting about it. >> reporter: absolutely. you know, it's the modern times. you got something to say, put it on twitter. it's great we could hear what tiger woods had to say about this incident. he basically ran through in his tweet, if you want to throw it up there, what happened to him last night and this morning. he talked about how on hole 15 i took a drop that i thought was correct. in accordance with the rules, he said, i was unaware at the time i violated any rules and i didn't know i had taken uncorrect drop prior to signing my score card. subsequently, i met with the masters committee saturday morning and was advised they had reviewed the incident prior to
9:33 am
the completion of my round. their initial determination was that there was no violation but they had additional concerns based on my post-round interview. after discussing the situation, was that there was no violation, but they had additional concerns based on my post-round interview. aft the violation was for the first time called in by a television viewer. so, this is good for everybody at home later if you're watching the masters broadcast, get out your pen and note pad. you may be involved in what happens here on the course. it's kind of like "american idol." i don't know. but they called it in. the masters committee looked at it while tiger was still on the course. they ruled at the time that he committed no violation. it was only in his interview afterwards when he started talking about it they thought that he did have a violation and that's how it got to this two-stroke penalty today. certainly, an unusual chain of events. >> wow. for those of us who are, you
9:34 am
know, not verse on the golfing rules, what was the drop supposed to be like? >> reporter: he has an option when the ball goes into the water like that, to have it drop in a couple different areas. the option he took is called closest to the point of the original shot. he has to determine what's the closest he could put the ball to where he originally had the shot that went in the water. well, he actually did it a few feet from that spot. and they said at the time that they thought it was within the rules. and then when he went on tv after his round, he said actually, he goes, yeah i dropped it a couple yard from where my initial shot was. that caught everyone's attention, started this whole chain of events. hopefully tiger doesn't stop talking to the media because that's what started this. >> thank you for that. now we're golf savvy. jodi arias might be sending out messages from behind bars. speaking of tweeting, she's
9:35 am
apparently doing just that, or is it a friend on her behalf? how might that impact this dramatic trial? [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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9:38 am
a second juror in the jodi arias trial is dismissed. juror number 11 was dismissed yesterday because of an illness. it comes as the jury gets a chance to question yet another defense witness. ted rowlands has more. >> reporter: fredericka, outside of jodi arias, alyce laviolette spent more fim on the stand than anyone else in this case. a lot of that time was spent battling with juan martinez, the prosecutor, but she also had to take some very tough question this is week from the jury. >> i'm going to continue to ask the jurors' questions. >> reporter: many of the questions for defense expert laviolette showed some jurors don't seem to believe laviolette's testimony. that jodi arias was a victim was domestic abuse. >> we have a gunshot to the head, a four-inch deep slit throat and close to 30 stab wounds delivered by jodi to
9:39 am
travis. is not the perpetrator of the greatest domestic violence jodi? >> reporter: jurors had 150 questions for laviolette, who spent 11 days on the witness stand. many of those days were spent sparring with prosecutor juan martinez. >> isn't that an indication of stalking behavior? >> reporter: jodi arias had to sit and watch as matter necessary used laviolette, her expert witness, to argue her case, including that jodi arias was stalking her exboyfriend, travis alexander, before killing him in 2008. at one point martinez was able to get laviolette to admit that alexander was afraid of arias. >> isn't it true mr. alexander was extremely afraid of the defendant, jodi arias, based on her stalking behavior? >> he was afraid of her, yes. >> because of her stalking behavior, correct? >> correct.
9:40 am
>> reporter: jodi arias is charged with premeditated murder which carries a possible death sentence for shooting alexander in the head and stabbing him almost 30 times. arias claims she killed alexander in self-defense. next week we expect the prosecution to put on a relat e relatively short rebuttal case. then after closing arguments it will be time for this jury to begin deciding the fate of jodi fredericka? >> thanks. let's bring in our legal panel. i'm joined by avery friedman in cleveland and richard herman in los angeles. very interesting stuff. we heard not only what the jurors might be thinking of this case by way of their questionings, but now we're also talking about this issue of tweeting. and that jodi arias may have been tweeting her sentiments by use of a friend. so, you know, richard, are we talking about potential contempt here? would there be, you know, potentially, you know, a
9:41 am
mistrial that, you know, prosecutors would be asking for? what could happen from that? >> well, the only way there will be a mistrial, fred, is if they find out some of the jurors are reading these tweets. i mean, this jury is not sequestered. that's a big problem. this judge should have sequestered this jury. the fact they're going home have night, despite the judge asking them every day, have you heard, read, seen anything outside of the courtroom, they all say no, i mean, come on, do you really believe that? it's on -- hln is covering this 24/7. you flip the tv, you'll see stories about this case. i am sure these jurors have seen it and have discussed this case. it's been so long. it's so gruelling, this trial, that how could they not talk about it with people? so, unless they can uncover some of the jurors who may have seen this, those jurors will be removed and we may have a mistrial here, fred. but if jodi is directing someone to post tweets, i mean, at the end of the day, how are you going to prove that, really? >> so, avery, how much effort
9:42 am
would be -- would go into that to see if that could be proven, if she's tweeting? >> well, i think where it comes out, i'm not in a court, i think she is, indeed, using an intermediary to post remarks about juan martinez, even about nancy grace. and the fact is, i mean, is the defense team on propofol? i mean, really, if they're aware their client is using an intermediary to tweet -- >> why wouldn't they say anything? >> what in the world? i'm shocked. >> what would you say? >> look, if this continues, i'm out of it. i'm going to petition the court to get out. i mean, this is outrageous behavior. and i think that there are daigle daigts additionally incriminating consequences of that. for example, the name calling, showing the kind of character that she is. again, if it can be established, if it is true. it appears that it is, but the idea of defendants in a capital case tweeting and sending
9:43 am
messages out to the public, it just demonstrates that social media and technology is so ahead of the law, fredericka, that no one ever pondered, contemplated this possibility. but it seems to me the defense lawyers really have to take charge here and stop this. >> but, fred, there's no way the judge would let any of these defense attorneys off the case at this stage. and the jurors technically are not supposed to see or read or discuss this case or look at any tweets. so, it should have no impact at all what she's doing. let's break it down real quick here, fred. number one, did she premeditate to kill him? that's why those gas cans are so important, to show that she planned, that she mulled it over, that she intended to kill him. there was a loaded gun in the room. there were knives upstairs. did she intend to do this? if she did, the next issue is this transient global amnesia, is that viable for her not to remember, go into a fog? is she an abuse victim? is that enough to give her a
9:44 am
self-defense claim? did she have a reasonable fear that he was going to kill her? >> and didn't -- >> because the jury's not going to buy it. >> did that -- >> no, no. >> did that defense witness kind of -- the testimony kind of backfire from laviolette -- >> yes, yes. >> -- saying it was alexander, the boyfriend, that feared her, jodi arias? avery, how are jurors going to forget that? >> i think absolutely it has a profound effect. i mean, the fact that laviolette actually conceded that during martinez's cross-examination is significant. indeed, the person that she was supposed to be supporting as a domestic violence expert, she concedes that, you know, jodi -- >> if may have been the other way around. >> -- was stalking. it's unbelievable. disturbing event after disturbing event, i just don't see where the defense team has created that necessary reasonable doubt. i don't understand it. >> look, it's a very difficult case to defend, but -- >> we have to leave it there.
9:45 am
>> -- did she have reasonable imminent fear that she was -- he was going to kill her because she dropped the camera? that's the issue here. >> don't buy it. >> and the jury's not going to buy it. whatever her history is of abuse. >> all right, guys. >> we'll see what happens. >> there's so much to say about this case, but we're out of time. >> the defense case is in fumes. >> i know we'll be talking about it again because this trial continues forever, it seems. richard, avery, thanks much. >> thanks. >> of course, you can catch our legal guys at about this time every noon eastern on saturdays. planning a trip any time soon? perhaps you want to know which airlines have the best on-time performance and lose the fewest pieces of luggage. find out in our "on the go" report. we've reduced taxes and lowered costs to save businesses more than two billion dollars to grow jobs, cut middle class income taxes to the lowest rate in sixty years, and we're creating tax free zones for business startups.
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a familiar face is coming to
9:49 am
cnn, anthony bourdain. his new show "anthony bourdain parts unknown" debut, first stop, myanmar. >> just two years ago, speaking to a western journalist would have put you in prison for an indetermine amount of time. i was surprised how freely they spoke, how franc they were, that's something very unusual in a situation where freedom of speech is such a recent thing. >> anthony bourdain bringing his taste for adventure to cnn. a new show with no boundaries. cnn brings you the world as bourdain and his crew travel to myanmar, peru and other places, starting tomorrow night at 9 p.m. eastern. if you are a frequent flier like anthony, you may have
9:50 am
noticed some changes this year. holly ferfer has the latest on how airlines are performing. >> reporter: the airline quality rankings report is out and u.s. domestic airlines seem to get a little better last year. the report is based on numbers from the department of transportation. >> they got their second best overall results since this survey began. they did better in on-time arrivals. they did better in baggage handling. >> reporter: the airline with the best on-time performance was hawaiian airlines. and virgin america lost the fewest bags. southwest airlines again had the lowest complaint rate. and this in a year when passengers complained a lot more. >> customer complaints were up 20%. and that might seem strange, even though the airlines got pretty good results overall. passengers are complaining about surcharges, ticketing issues, personnel, because airlines are flying fewer but more crowded
9:51 am
planes. >> reporter: one of the biggest complaints of passengers was getting bumped but there are ways to make sure you get a seat. >> you don't get a seat assignment when you make your reservation, check in 24 hours online in advance, otherwise get to the airline two or three hours early. the best thing can you do to make the flight experience more positive, have the right frame of mind. patience is key. >> for more travel information go to things are looking pretty great on wall street, right? is it time, though, to sell before the bubble bursts? we'll have answers straight ahead. we make meeting times, lunch times and conference times. but what we'd rather be making are tee times. tee times are the official start of what we love to do.
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of course, i had no idea what it was. i felt like my feet were going to sleep. it progressed from there to burning to like a thousand bees that were just stinging my feet. [ female announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eye sight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness,
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weight gain, and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. having less pain... it's a wonderful feeling. [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain. the sun is out, stocks are up. what could go wrong? ♪ vacation all i ever wanted vacation ♪ >> the go-goes may have said it best in the '80s, it's time for beaches, boating, and selling stocks. we're heading into traditionally the worst six months of the stock market, may through october. thus, that old wall street adage, sell in may and go away. >> the market has actually outperformed itself november through april compared with may
9:55 am
through october almost 75% of the time. so, it's averages plus batting averages that cause people to say, you know what, investors focus more on their tans in the summer. >> and this batting average is pretty high. since about 1950 from november to april the s&p 500 has gained 1400 points. in may through october it has lost 97 points. >> history says but does not guarantee we probably will advance another 3% before stumbling from exhaustion like the messenger from marathon. >> the most recent marathon has taken the s&p 500 to record highs. >> close your eyes and buy the highs. >> actually, i was thinking of a song called "close your eyes." ♪ don't say good night don't say good night we have time ♪ >> if you decide to sell this may, thanks twice before going too far away. christine roman, cnn, new york. margaret thatcher's daughter is speaking out.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
denuclearization of north korea. kerry says the china and u.s. will work together to tone down threats from north korea. former prime minister margaret thatcher's daughter is talking about her grief over losing her mother and thanking well-wishers saying, it's been a tough and tearful week, even for the daughter of the iron lady, end quote. thatcher will be buried wednesday with full military honors. meanwhile, anti-thatcher groups gathered together in central london to, as they put it, celebrate the former prime minister's death. london police say it will monitor the event to ensure it remains peaceful. coming up later on today, two tragic cases involving two teenage girls committing suicide after allegingly being raped. a look at what role social media may have played. at 2:00 eastern, an exclusive interview with former congresswoman gabby giffords.