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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 13, 2013 11:00am-1:30pm PDT

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you really have to be careful about the swings. >> they will trade anything. they will trade anything. even on wall street. thanks for joining the conversation this week. make sure to catch us at the new time one hour later, 2 p.m. eastern starting next saturday. find me on facebook, tweet me, my handle is christine romans. have a great weekend. hello, everyone, i am fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories in the "cnn newsroom." with north korea showing no signs of backing down, u.s. secretary of state kerry pays a visit to the north's big ally, china. what the u.s. is saying after that key meeting. a plane trying to land in bali misses the runway and ends up in the ocean. this isn't a story about tragedy. it is about survival. everyone on the plane made it out alive.
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margaret thatcher's daughter says it will be a difficult and tearful week. preparations are under way for "the iron lady's" funeral awednesday. critics have called to people to celebrate her death. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in choo inatoday and wants leaders to pressure north korea to tone down threats against the u.s. and south korea. kerry met with china's president and foreign minister a day after meeting with south korean leaders. elise la vet is in washington. what was the tone coming out of the meetings? >> very pod, fred, came out did a press conference with the foreign minister and they have unprecedented cooperation on north korea. take a listen to what he said shortly after the meeting with the foreign minister. >> we both joined in stating the united states and china remain fully committed to the september
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2005 joint statement of the six party talks and to its core goal, and that core goal is the verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula in a peaceful manner. >> now, fred, john kerry sounds like he heard what he wanted to hear. the question is is china going to do what the u.s. asks which is crack down on north korea, really get tough and stop the illicit flow of weapons and money it is helping fuel the nuclear program and get north korea to back down from all of these threats and get back to the table? in the past china said all the right things, hasn't really acted. maybe this time will be different. >> what does the white house saying about any possible ballistic missile tests from north korea? >> well, you saw in the last couple of days there was a report from the defense intelligence agency saying maybe north korea had a nuclear weapon that could possibly reach the united states, but not so sure
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about the reliability. the white house, the director of national intelligence, john kerry, all pouring a little bit of water on that report saying they do not believe that north korea has a ballistic missile that could be mated with a nuclear warhead that could be fired towards the united states. they are making a lot of progress in all areas of the nuclear program, so that's why everyone is saying it is prudent to take all the defensive measures that the u.s. has but not so far along as people are suggesting and certainly not as far along as the north koreans are saying their program is. >> elise labot, thanks so much. for the first time in four years someone other than the president or the vice president gave the saturday white house address. this morning it was the mom of a child shot and killed at sandy hook elementary school. francine wheeler urged the senate to pass a gun control bill. >> david and i have two sons. our older son nate soon to be
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ten years old is a fourth grader at sandy hook elementary school. our younger son ben, age six, was murdered in his first grade classroom on december 14th, exactly four months ago this weekend. for him and all of the others taken from us so violently, and too soon, we have to convince the senate to come together and pass common sense gun responsibility reforms that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. >> the wheelers and other families from newtown, connecticut, have been in washington pushing congress to pass tougher gun laws. sensitivity about the newtown massacre is what prompted a u.s. senator to protest a nascar race sponsored by the nra. the nra 500 race kicks off tonight at the texas motor speedway. this week connecticut senator chris murphy asked fox sports
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not to broadcast the race calling it inappropriate in light of newtown but the race will be broadcast on fox. tiger woods is going for his fifth green jacket at the masters right now. he just teed off with a two stroke penalty against him. rachel nichols joins us from augusta. tell us more about the penalty and why tiger woods says he is not going to dispute is, he accept it is? >> this is definitely going to make his weekend a lot tougher. here is what happened. he hit the ball into the water on hole 15 yesterday. we have all done it on golf courses and like all of us acourses across the country he took a drop. the rule says he has to do it as closely as possible to the spot he hit his initial shot. well, he did that except it may have been a little further than it needed to be. rules officials started reviewing this while tiger was still on the course yesterday.
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they deemed that where he dropped the ball was appropriate, so they let him sign his score card. however, later tiger gave an interview where he said that he dropped the ball, you know, about two yards from where the initial shot was. well, that's too far, so they went back, looked at the tape yet again and talked to tiger this morning and watched the tape with him and decided he should have the two stroke penalty and did stop short of saying he should be disqualified because they said they made the same initial error in looking at it the first time and shouldn't penalize him for reaching the same conclusion that they did. all of that being said, that means tiger has a much tougher chase. he is five shots behind the leader. that is a lot tough to her make up over the weekend than three shots he thought he was when he walked off the course yesterday. >> rachel, it seems in large part the crowd there is really cheering for him, really hoping for this kind of comeback story, particularly this comeback right there at augusta. >> reporter: yeah. it is interesting.
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the opinion here is very divided on tiger today. there is a large number of people think this is unfair, he was just playing golf and took the drop two or three feet back from where the initial shot was, wasn't trying to take an advantage by going forward and you have a large number of people disputing that saying he should have been disqualified or disqualified himself, three times masters champion nick faldo went on tv and said he should have disqualified himself even if the tournament didn't. it is creating a lot of chatter and good for golf >> rachel nichols, thanks so much for the update from augusta. gabby giffords survived being shot in the head but she still has a deep appreciation for guns. >> aiming for my pot. whoa. >> we'll take to you target practice as the former congresswoman cheers on her husband. >> this is the same kind of gun gabby was shot with, a glock, a .9 millimeter glock.
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introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. as we cover the on going battle over new gun regulations, a powerful and influential voice is rising above all the noise. we're talking about former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband former astronaut mark kelly. they're not just watching from the sidelines. they are in the fight pushing for expanded background checks. the battle is of course deeply
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personal for them, more than two years after giffords was shot in the head by a gunman, she is still on a journey of recovery. dana barb spent two days with giffords at her home in arizona and here is part one of her exclusive interview. >> gabby giffords will never not same after being shot through the head yet one thing hasn't changed, ironically, her appreciation for guns. in fact, target practice is still a form of entertainment at her mother's house, deep in the arizona desert. watch this. he is aiming for my pot. whoa. >> husband mark kelly using planting pots and water bottles as targets while giffords watches from the patio with her mother cheering him on. >> excellent. >> excellent. >> excellent. >> and kelly isn't shooting with just any kind of gun. >> this is the same kind of gun gabby was shot with, a glock, a .9 millimeter glock, but in that case it had a magazine that
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held 33 rounds. this, when it is full, holds 17. shot 33 rounds. every round hit somebody, we think. >> how long have you had this gun? >> i gave this to gabby as a gift. >> when? >> a number of years ago. she is a gun owner. she is from the west. >> still, we asked the question a lot of incredulous people seeing this scene would ask. really? this guy still has gets his kicks or recreation for him is shooting a gun after his wife was shot through the head? >> gabby used to like shooting a fwun, too, occasionally. >> yes. >> not all the time, and gabby owns the same type of gun she was shot with. she didn't want to get rid of it. now there is a round in the chamber. >> to be sure, this is meant to serve a very political purpose, to show giffords and kelly are legitimate gun owners and credible messengers for their new cause, tightening gun restrictions. in fact, kelly also showed us a gun he recently bought and
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videotaped for the sole purpose of demonstrating how easy it is to get a background check and why he and giffords want them expanded to private sales like at gun shows. >> when we timed it it took 5 minutes and 36 seconds, not a lot of time. you can do the same thing at the gun show where people are currently not subject to a background check in most states. >> giffords and kelly formed their organization, americans for responsible solutions, in january, the second anniversary of the tragic shooting that left giffords partially paralyzed and robbed the once articulate politician of her gift of speech. >> optimistic. >> you're optimistic. >> optimistic. >> i am, too. especially when we're talking about universal background checks. >> the sandy hook shooting spurred them to take a stand. >> sandy brook. >> sandy hook. >> brain damage from giffords own gunshot wound make it is difficult for her to find words, even sandy hook. >> sandy brook. >> sandy hook. >> sandy brook.
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>> sandy hook. >> sandy hook elementary. it is something we just can't -- 20, 20 first graders. >> died. >> in their classroom. >> it is awful. >> the couple originally called for a ban on assault weapons and limits to high capacity magazines. giffords made a dramatic plea to senators. >> be bold. be courageous. americans are counting on you. >> they now admit there are limits on what is politically realistic. >> if you were to name the number one thing that congress could do to prevent the kind of violence that you were the victim of, what would it be? >> background checks. >> yeah. certainly. without a doubt. >> giffords has learned to navigate an ipad for e-mail with her left hand because her right
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hand is paralyzed. most of her communicating with former colleagues press fog for new gun laws goes through kelly mostly on the phone although she doesn't have to say much to make her point, especially in person. >> when gabby sits in their office and tells them how important universal background check bill is, they hear that. she is a former colleague. she was doing her job like they do every single day when she was nearly killed. >> when giffords was in congress, she represented this red arizona district on the mexican border filled with voters who expected her to defend their gun rights. she pushed to over turn a gun ban in the district of columbia and voted to allow guns in national parks. a conservative democrat herself, she knows firsthand how politically hard it is for former colleagues to support gun restrictions. >> it is tough. >> tough. >> it can be a tough issue. that's because of the influence. >> yes. >> of the nra, you know, and the gun lobby. >> what do you think about the nr a's argument that the only
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way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun? >> it doesn't work. it doesn't work. >> realistically had she not been shot with the pro gun congresswoman have been open to voting for stricter gun laws? >> candidly, would you have said yes? >> yes, yes. >> i think it depends on who those measures were. >> yes. >> gabby was middle of the road. >> middle of the road, straight in the middle. >> there is no question the gun culture is deeply engrained in giffords. it has to be to still expose herself to guns, even after her near fatal shooting. >> what's it like to sit and hear the gunshot go off? does it startle you? >> no. no. >> i think it is because gabby doesn't remember the gunshot going off the day she was injured. right? you don't remember that? >> no. >> if you could, would you shoot a gun today?
11:17 am
>> yes. >> we have talked about it. gabby has actually held it, hasn't shot one since she has been injured. a few days ago she was trying to aim with it with her left hand. >> is it your hope to be able to shoot a gun again. >> i don't know. >> not a big priority in your life right now? >> not really. >> not at the top of the list. >> still, what's so devastatingly altered her life now infuses her life with purpose. >> i have seen it written there is irony that you are such a good spokesperson for new laws to curb gun violence because you can't speak very well. >> i guess that's kind of maybe bad irony. i don't know. it is something that -- >> stinks. >> it stinks. it stinks. >> coming up, we'll hear more from gabby giffords as she talks candidly about her health and future and that and much more after the break.
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it has been more than two years since former congresswoman gabby giffords was shot and critically injured by a gunman in tucson, arizona. since then she has come a long way in her recovery n a cnn exclusive giffords told dana bach she's had to face new tough realities. >> what is most shocking about gabby giffords now is how much she looks like her old self. her golden locks are back, sparkle in her eyes, her broad smile, the gabby giffords we knew whether she was shot. gun is the short hair and thin frame we saw at the beginning of her recovery. she knows she will never not same. >> in your recovery process do you want to find and discover
11:22 am
the old gabby giffords or do you want to sort of rediscover another new gabby giffords? >> stronger, stronger, better, tougher, stronger, better, tougher. >> being with giffords, it is immediately clear she understands virtually everything going on around her. she follows conversations, reacts, offers unsolicited ideas, but it is still a huge struggle to turn her ideas and thoughts into words, like when trying to explain how she spends her days. >> occupational therapy, yogurt. >> yoga. >> yoga. yoga. >> the right-handed giffords still has no use of her right hand. that arm is paralyzed. so is her right leg. she wears a brace and literally drag it is with her good left leg to walk. she also doesn't see very well. >> how is your vision?
11:23 am
>> not really -- >> not great? >> not great at all. >> so gabby's blind to the right side, right, in both eyes. >> both eyes. >> so she has no peripheral vision to the right at all. she is looking at you, she can't see anything to the right. >> over there. >> you can easily see how she and her husband keep up her spirits, humor. >> it is good if i want to sneak up on her. >> you wouldn't do that, would you? >> all the time. i will come from that direction. you wouldn't want to come from this direction. >> for giffords and kelly, a retired astronaut and space shuttle commander, this is the new normal. >> it is different in good ways, too. a lot of good ways. >> like living and working together now. >> i am just looking forward to making a change this fall. >> before she was shot, they had a commuter marriage. she jetted between her congressional district in tucson, arizona, and work in washington, d.c. he lived in houston, texas,
11:24 am
where he worked at the space center. this is the first home they bought and live in together. another plus, before giffords was shot, she had a rocky relationship with kelly's two teenaged daughters from a previous marriage. >> but sort of tense relationship that you had with your daughters, that's changed. >> yes, changed. >> that's a positive? >> yes, yes. >> that koz come out of this tragedy. >> a lot better. >> a lot better. >> they have also grown up a little bit, too, and as a family we have evolved because of certainly because of what happened, so it brought us all closer together. >> giffords now fully understands that six people died and 13 were injured because of did he ranged young man jaird he had loughner set out to assassinate her. she brought him up unsolicited. >> loughner. >> kelly spoke at his sentencing as giffords sat stoically staring loughner down.
11:25 am
>> to sit in the courtroom and look at the man that shot you through the head, what was that like? >> beady eyes. >> well, yeah, he had some interesting expressions on his face. >> yes. >> and she did not look away when she stared him -- >> beady eyes. >> did he look back at you. >> yes, yes, yes. >> did you get a sense that there was any kind of remorse, any kind of understanding of what he put you through and what he did to the six people who didn't survive? >> so sad. mentally ill. >> newly released court documents reveal that loughner's parents knew something was wrong, that he heard voices and exhibited other alarming behavior and they did not get him help. >> i am curious, have you ever heard from his parents? >> no. >> no. >> would you want to?
11:26 am
>> not really. >> as a parent, you certainly on one level you can empathize with somebody that went through that where their kid just does a horrific thing. at the same time, you know, there were indications of his mental illness. the school knew about it. his parents knew about it. he didn't have -- didn't seem to have a lot of options for good treatment. >> giffords suffered another tragedy a few months ago. her father spencer with whom she had a special bond died suddenly. he taught her a lot about humor, strength, and responsibility, handing her the keys to his tire business when she was just 26 years old. >> you know it would make a difference. >> yes. >> giffords grit and determination also comes from her mother gloria, a force of nature, an artist whose home is in the middle of the desert miles from civilization. you have to go off road to get there. so many desert rocks that on the way home kelly got a flat tire.
11:27 am
>> should lower the tire. >> took this cell phone video of giffords, daughter of a tire salesman and expert tire changer in her own right out in the dark helping. >> i am concerned about the mountain lion. >> her bond with her mother is tighter than ever. gloria giffords sat by her daughter's hospital bed for countless hours and plays a central role in giffords' recovery and there may be a sliver of hope for giffords, now age 42, to have a child of her own. when she was shot, she was trying to get pregnant with fertility treatment. >> you were in the middle of ivf. hoping to have a baby. >> yeah. >> obviously the challenges are quite different now. >> yes. >> they still have two frozen embryos and given giffords injuries they likely would have to use a surrogate. >> i don't know. >> you know, we talk about it. we talk about it. haven't made a decision. >> sure, giffords has her moments of frustration and anger, but that does not define her. >> not resentful?
11:28 am
>> no, no. >> how is that possible? >> move ahead, move ahead. happy. >> you are happy? where does it come from? how do you keep this kind of optimism given what you have been through and what you're still going through? >> i want to make the world a better place. i want to make the world a better place. >> giffords is due to be back in the u.s. capitol building on tuesday to honor one of her aides who was killed in the shooting and also expected to urge senators to support new gun control legislation. we'll be right back. aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah! what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving.
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secretary of state john kerry says the u.s. and china are committed to the peaceful did he nuclearization of north korea. he was in china meeting with the country's president. he also says the u.s. and china will work together to tone down threats from north korea. the white house is pushing ahead with its fight for tighter gun control today. the mother of a 6-year-old boy killed in the newtown massacre delivered the presidential weekly address. francine wheeler made a tearful plea to the senate to pass gun control legislation. this was the first time in more than four years that someone other than the president or vice president has given the address. it looks like a little bit like the miracle on the hudson. remember that? a plane, in this case trying to
11:32 am
land in bali missing the runway and landing right in the ocean. everyone on board survived and only one person so far was reported injured. a new online ad from k-mart is going viral and it is tongue in cheek humor has the internet buzzing. in an effort to promote the free shipping service for the online customers the retailer is using good old-fashioned potty humor. >> you can ship your pants right here. >> you hear that? i can ship my pants for free. >> whoa, i just may ship my pants. >> billy, you can ship your pants, too. >> i can't wait to ship my pants, dad. >> i just ship my nighty. >> i just shipped my bed. >> oh, my. the ad has already received more than 2 million hits, so what do you think? is k-mart's word play funny or do you think it goes a little too far? you can tweet me your thoughts
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on twitter. >> a familiar face is coming to cnn. anthony bourdain travels the world exploring different cultures and the food she eat. tomorrow night his new show anthony bourdain, parts unknown, makes its debut. the first stop, myanmar. >> just two years ago speaking to a western journalist would have put you into prison for an indeterminate amount of time. i was stunned by how open people were and how eager they were to talk to the camera and how frank they were with us and how freely they spoke, that's something very unusual in a situation where freedom of speech . >> he brings you the world as they travel to myanmar, columbia, libya, peru and more. anthony bourdain starts tomorrow night. their clients list, it is kind of like a who's who of
11:34 am
celebrity defendants. among them michael jackson and chris brown. ahead, two of the country's best known defense attorneys weighing in on the jodi arias trial and other cases making headlines right now. >> sustainability is basically using resources but not compromising for future generations. we as a human race have not been very sustainable. >> hello, everyone. i am the owner and founder of rancho margo. >> a living university in so many ways. basically we produce our own food. we make our own furniture. we produce our own energy, electricity, and cooking gas. we compost waste and heat water with it. at the same time we produce a luxury environment for people to come and enjoy themselves and it is all within an environment that you just say, wow, i can't
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in the jodi arias trial they heard a lot of testimony from a defense witness claiming arias was a victim of domestic abuse. there are indications the jury may not be buying that story. here is ted rowlands. >> fred wreak a outside of jodi arias, alice la violet, the domestic violence expert spent more time on the stand than anyone else in this case. a lot of that time was battling with juan martinez, the prosecutor, but she had to take very tough question from the jury. >> i will continue to ask the jurors questions. >> many of the questions for defense expert alice la violet showed that some jurors don't
11:39 am
seem to believe her testimony, that jodi arias was a victim of domestic abuse. >> we have a gunshot to the head, a 4" deep slit throat and close to 30 stab wounds delivered by jodi to travis. is not the perpetrator jury. >> they had more than 150 questions and many of those days were spent sparring with prosecutor juan martinez. >> isn't that an indication of stocking behavior? >> jodi arias had to sit and watch as martinez used la violet, her expert witness, to argue his case including that jodi arias was stalking her ex-boyfriend travis alexander before killing him in 2008 and at one point martinez was able to get la violet to admit that alexander was afraid of arias. >> isn't it true that mr. alexander was extremely afraid
11:40 am
of the defendant based on her stalking behavior? >> he was afraid of her, yes. >> because of her stalking behavior, correct? >> correct. >> jodi arias is charged with premeditated murder which carries a possible death sentence for shooting alexander in the head and stabbing him almost 30 times. arias claims she killed alexander in self-defense. next week we expect the prosecution to put on a relatively short rebuttal case and then after closing arguments it will be time for this jury to begin deciding the fate of jodi arias. fredricka. >> thanks so much, ted. i want to bring in two of the best known defense attorneys in the country. between them they have worked with michael jackson, scott peterson, chris brown and many others. they have collaborated on a new book called mistrial. in it they promise to reveal the good, the bad and the ugly in
11:41 am
the judicial system. they join me now from new york. mark and pat, good to see you? >> hi, fredrika how are you? >> doing great. so before we talk about your book at length and how it came to be, let's talk about this jodi arias trial. mark, do you see any real kind of intrigue similarities between this case and some of the high profile criminal cases from o.j. simpson to michael jackson trials you talk about in your book? >> i think there are a lot of similarities. starting with the removing of jurors, that's something we have seen in a lot of these cases for somebody that supposedly did something is or didn't do something correctly and that's a similarity and i see this gaining of traction in the media and the almost obsession with it people on the case and reminds me quite a bit of peterson's case in a lot of ways. >> what is with the obsession? what are the common denominators
11:42 am
in case that is seem to engage viewers and on lookers and people who just become so enrap sured by watching every move in a trial like this? >> a lot of it has to do with obviously if there are cameras in the courtroom, that obviously helps it gain traction. i think for people who have become involved in it. i think when you have somebody who is good looking or photogenic if you will, that helps as well. you take a look at casey anthony, o.j., peterson who by all accounts was a very good looking young man and in this case you have somebody in jodi arias' case where she has some of those fem fatal pictures of her before even though she looks more frumpy. >> a transformation. >> pat, so the jury, does seem to be a bit skeptical of aifr as' abuse claims listening to the questions they asked by way of the judge. how do you size up her defense right now?
11:43 am
>> well, i think the defense is obviously -- they're just looking for one juror. they recognize that they're not going to get 12 jurors to come in and find her not guilty. this entire concept that somehow the defense is trashing the boyfriend and how horrible it is to the public, they're not playing, the defense is not playing to the public. they're playing to one juror trying to find one person on that jury who is willing to sit there and say, well, i kind of buy that. i think that's a possibility. if they hang the jury, then the prosecution likely isn't going to retry the case. they would probably offer her just life in prison with no death penalty which is what they want in the first place. >> so i wonder, to both of you, if there were the situation in any number of cases that you all were working on winona ryder, michael jackson, and any of those cases at all if the jurors were allowed to ask questions, do you think the outcome would have been far different, mark?
11:44 am
you first. >> i was going to say in california we have that option. most judges don't use it. i always am against it. i think it is an interesting insight into the jury at the time if you're the lawyer and at the same time i think it takes the juror out of the position of being an impartial arbiter and almost a deputy prosecutor if you will or advocate so that's why i am against it. i don't think it would have necessarily changed any verdicts one way or another in any of the high profile cases that we have seen over the years or that i have handled. i just think it has a tendency to let the jurors be a little too much interactive in advocacy and that's not what they're supposed to do. they're supposed to be impartial judges of the facts. >> okay. and you know, pat, as we look at this michael jackson wrongful death civil case right now, does it seem to have the same kind of allure that maybe the molestation case has had? anything that involved michael jackson in the past?
11:45 am
>> anything that involves michael jackson has allure. it is phenomenal. when we took the case when we first got on the michael jackson case and it was announced we were his lawyers within about an hour our entire computer system shut down in our office from the e-mails and from all of the different communications mostly quite frankly from over seas. there is a huge fascination with michael jackson overseas and especially in the asian countries and anything you mentioned michael jackson, any time there is anything we even write about or blog about or having in our website, it is overwhelming reaction. as long as he the name is out there michael jackson will always be a huge attraction. >> wow. pat harris and mark, want to you stick around because we're going to be talking about jurors with agendas, other behind the scene things that happened that you write about in your book mistrial, all involving some of those most highly publicized cases.
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11:49 am
here in new york and some guy came up and was obviously somewhat under the influence and started giving us a very hard time about some of the clients we have represented and then at the end of the conversation what do you do and he says i am a civil litigator and i thought to myself and turned to pat, if even the civil lawyers have a tough time understanding what it is you're supposed to do as a lawyer, maybe we should write a book. >> and then here we are. so, pat, you know, you write that politics has shifted the balance of the judicial system in favor of the prosecution, your word were the pendulum was beginning to swing heavily in favor of the prosecution, the balance being up ended. at what point did you come to that conclusion and decide that there is a real influence by politics? >> i think what you started seeing was all the politicians using the phrase soft on crime that it is society, liberal judges, defense attorneys turned
11:50 am
the country soft on crime. we got what we began to see was actually in the courtroom when it got scary because you would have jurors come in and we would go through investigator dire and question them and you would hear them use phrases this country has gone soft and crime and i can't serve on a jury because liberal judges, you just try to get people off and i think that's when we began to see that the politics had seeped over into the courtroom. >> and as it pertains to politic that is susan macdougal case comes to mind, the white water defendant who wouldn't answer grand jury questions, but before that trial were to take place, pat, she was your fiance and it was mark who she hired and you weren't so sure about that at first. >> well, have pat tell you. first time i walked in i actually -- susan called me the night before and said she hired a lawyer and was in jail at the same time and mark and i said i have no idea who that is and i will have to go in tomorrow and
11:51 am
fire him. i went in the next day to his office to fire him and an hour later i ended up working with mark and then susan and i broke up and mark got custody of him during the breakup. >> so what clicked with you guys? how did you see that you were either yin and yang or you were both on the same plane or what happened with that relationship. >> i will tell you the greatest thing about pat, i mean, he has a lot of wonderful qualities. he is i understand could of my muse when it comes to selecting jurors. he has a sixth sense. i don't want to call him an idiot savant, but a savant when it comes to selecting jurors. >> probably accurate. >> that's something we bonded over. when you go through as many trials together as we have, we tried quite a few cases, and it is like going to war, and if you're in a foxhole, he is the guy i want next to me. >> it is interesting, too. i think that mark is somebody who has taught me a lot about no fear in having no fear and being willing to go out in the courtroom and do whatever it takes, and i really learned a
11:52 am
lot from him and that's what i appreciate. >> i think most would agree the two of you are fearless. mark, pat, thanks so much. the book is mistrial. it really is a fascinating need. >> thanks for having us. >> former congressman anthony weiner is one of the men in the spotlight asking for a second chance after a public fall from grace, so why do some get a second chance while others don't? answers straight ahead. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. connecting to the global phenomenon
11:53 am
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11:55 am
lester 2010y along with his wife are packing boxes to ship overseas. they're the founders of care package from home, a volunteer organization that sends goodies to servicemen and women in iraq and afghanistan. since it began five and a half years ago, they have sent items to 150,000 troops.
11:56 am
although it is a labor of love, a more personal reason drives him. back in 1940 he enlisted in the national guard and was then transferred to the army division and ended up in the philippines. then japan attacked pearl harbor. one day later, japan invaded the philippines. the fighting became so one sided that the u.s. had to surrender, and on april 9, 1942, american soldiers were brutally forced to march to a pow camp 80 plus miles away in 100 degree heat with no food or water. >> it was called the baton death march not just because of how many died but because of the way they died. >> 20he says there are no wordso describe what happened. >> if you couldn't take another step you were killed. they killed you for no reason except for the fact you did not move. >> he made it to the pow camp and was eventually shipped to japanese coal mines and survived until the end of world war ii.
11:57 am
>> it was freedom that you can't over describe. >> now a retired professor of economics, he and his wife live in california. he had never stopped thinking about his days as a prisoner of war, the loneliness, the fear, and that's the reason he started sending packages to the troops. >> they know where i have been, maybe they do, maybe they don't, but the one thing they do know, they do know that we care. >> at 92 lester tenny is one of the few remaining survivors of the ba ttan death march. how did he survive. >> i think my first thought after that is i can't die because the japanese want to kill me and they're working hard to do it and if i die, then they win. i just making sure they did not win. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> a packed afternoon straight ahead including a look at the man behind the number 42, jackie robinson, talking to a fellow
11:58 am
legend that knew jackie robinson as well.
11:59 am
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a plane trying to land in bali misses the runway and ends up in the ocean. this isn't a story about tragedy. it is about survival. everyone on the plane made it out alive. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is paying a visit to china today. he is trying to put more pressure on north korea to tone down its threats. and security tightens in central london as some people who opposed margaret thatcher's conservative policies celebrate her death. preparations are under way for the former prime minister's funeral. it will be held wednesday. turning our attention to sports now, tense moments for tiger woods at the masters. he broke a rule and could have been disqualified but got away with just a two stroke penalty instead. rachel nichols is in augusta, georgia, so what happened exactly and how does this change his chances for winning a fifth green jacket? >> well, fred, it is definitely
12:02 pm
going to be harder although he is off to a good start today. take you back to yesterday and what happened on 15. he struck the ball so well, in fact, it actually hit the flag stick that was stuck in the hole. unfortunately, it then careened off and went into the water. then he did what we all do on the golf course, while we hack it around on the weekends. he took a drop. the rules say he had to take that dron, quote, as close as possible to where his original shot came from. instead, he took that drop more than a few feet away. while he was still on the course a television viewer of all people called into the masters, said tiger had broken a rule, and the rules committee took a look at it and then decided that he was within the rules and he was clear he signed a score card, and unfortunately in the post game interview he talked about being quite far away from the original place he took the shot. that caught the committee's attention again. they brought him in this morning to discuss it. they decided to assess him a two stroke penalty.
12:03 pm
there is some outrage even among golfers, three time masters champion nick faldo is on the golf channel saying that tiger should have disqualified himself. however, the rules committee says that they, too, thought it was not an error at the time they signed his score card and they will let everybody say this is a mulligan and have a do over today. >> another big story in the world of sports, we're talking about basketball star kobe bryant, his injury, and what it means for his game playing. >> this is a huge hit. really the reverb reconciliations around the entire nba. the lakers were in this contentious battle to make the playoffs so much so that kobe played nearly every minute of every game over the past month or so and has implications whether dwight howard ends up resigning with the lakers next season. instead, all of those questions just became more murky and kobe went down with a torn achilles and i want to tell you what kobe said on his facebook page in the
12:04 pm
middle of the night. he posted this, he admitted, while he was putting on the vicodin so a little prescription drug laden rant to help him get through this very tough moment. take a look at what he said. he said the frustration is unbearable, the anger is rage. he says now i am supposed to come back from this and not same player or better at 35? how in the world i am supposed to do that? i have no clue. maybe father time defeated me. then again, maybe not. it is 3:30 a.m. my foot feels like dead weight, my head is spinning from pain medicine. i am wide awake. stop feeling sorry for yourself, get to work with the same conviction as ever. we don't quit. we don't cower. we don't run. we endure and conquer. quite an insightful statement from a professional athlete and 34 years old and the healing time on this is six to 12 months depending on how severely he has torn that achilles. it will be a lot to get back, but he says that this is not the end of him, that we will see him
12:05 pm
on a basketball court again. we'll see. >> he took a little time there and thought about his words and laid it all out. now we have gotten inside the mind of kobe bryant for a moment. thanks so much, rachel. appreciate it. the debate over guns and gun violence has landed right on the texas motor speedway. a u.s. senator from connecticut is upset the nra is sponsoring tonight's sprint cup race, the nra 500, claiming it is too soon off the shootings to have the nra sponsor such a high profile race. susan candiotti is they track and nascar makes a whole lot of money and is one of the most popular sports in the country, so is it realistic that i guess nascar would say or even fox would say, you know, no, we're not going to honor this race as the nra 500? >> fred, it doesn't really appear to be realistic at this point anyway. the negotiations for the nra to
12:06 pm
sponsor this event, the texas motor speedway, were said to have begun before the newtown shootings happened. but they weren't really finalized until just last month, and at that point nascar had to give the final approval to it and they did. they didn't have to. they did sign off. of course the back drop for all of this is the debate going on on capitol hill about gun control legislation, and senator chris murphy of the state of connecticut says even if it isn't true, it certainly gives most people the impression that nascar is taking sides and supports the nra. >> they could have found another sponsor for this race. they could have waited until after the debate to have the nra sponsor a race. the it is really poor timing. >> now, race officials here say this race is not about politics.
12:07 pm
>> and something else that makes this race interesting, the race winner is often given two resolvers loaded with blanks and a cowboy hat while taking photographs in victory lane. the fastest qualifier is awarded a shotgun. so is this unusual or has there been any requests to try to modify that given the climate of things? >> the texas motor speedway says it has had virtually no complaints about this from the people who are attending this race or from the outside. now, that's a tradition that goes back forever, it seems. they put on the cowboy hat, they shoot off the reinvolver firing blanks, it is just the way it is. it is just that sthor murphy and other people are saying it just seems like an insensitive thing to do given this moment in time with everything else going on with the gun control debate and that's why they wish it wouldn't happen, but it will go on.
12:08 pm
most people tell us here here here because of the race and not because they're taking a stand one way or the other about gun control. >> susan candiotti, thanks so much. north korea's battle for the hearts and minds of its people, a did he if he can tore who lived there reveals the emotional impact of the country's propaganda machine. former congressman anthony weiner is one of the men in the spotlight asking for a second chance after a public fall from grace. why do some get a second chance while others don't? the answers straight ahead. hitting theater this is weekend, 42, a movie about the man that broke baseball's color barrier, jackie robinson, and ernie banks joins me to talk about robinson's impact on america. many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know there's a cereal that's recommended by doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart disease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient:
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starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. secretary of state john kerry is in china today reaching out to north korea's biggest ally to try to help ease tensions on the korean peninsula. he met with china's president and foreign minister a day after meeting with south korean leaders. >> we both joined in stating that the united states and china remain fully committed to the september 2005 joint statement of the six-party talks and to its core goal, and that core goal is the verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula in a peaceful manner.
12:12 pm
>> while kerry is in china he is expected to bring up the issue of computer hacking originating inside china. a fascinating element in this situation with north korea is how that government uses propaganda and the propaganda does more than try to pull the wool over western eyes. its main purpose seems to be brain washing and controlling north koreans, and the pop grande is so powerful t still haunts the people who have escaped. >> bizarre. over the top. welcome to the one and only television channel available in north korea, korean central television kc tv.
12:13 pm
the images run to from the weird and ridiculous to unbelievable and out landish propaganda. look what happens as she watches it. >> their god, she says referring to north korea's trinity, kim jong-un, his father and grandfather. >> how can people think of him as a god. that's what they're taught since birth said this did he if he can tore who fleed ten years ago fleeing the regime. she says it has been a long time since i last saw this and i feel i am getting emotional. i don't know how to express this. ♪ this is not a lie. this is not an act. it is real. if anything happens, north koreans will give up their lives. they will even jump into a fire. >> this is very powerful, even though you left ten years ago, this still has power over you.
12:14 pm
we watch a children's show she remembers, the good north korean cat defeating the south korean rat. and a war film that depicts the north koreans defeating americans. if there is a revelation for this woman that fled north korea so long ago, it is this. you didn't know kim jong-un. do you feel the same love and devotion to him that you felt to kim jong-il just by watching this television? >> yes, i feel the same. he looks like kim il-sung, exactly like his grandfather. he is the same. he is doing exactly what his grandfather and father did. the power of propaganda on a people, the power of a regime. krn, seoul. . more than 60 years ago baseball legend jackie robinson
12:15 pm
became the first african-american to play major league baseball. a new movie about his life is out this weekend. straight ahead i will talk with baseball legend ernie banks about how robinson broke barriers on and off the field.
12:16 pm
12:17 pm
this weekend hollywood is honoring jackie robinson on the
12:18 pm
big screen. robinson broke the color barrier in the major leagues when he took the field for the brooklyn dodgers in 1947. as we see in the new film 42, robinson endured a lot. >> just as tight as a new pair of shoes on a rainy day. goes into the wind up. >> oh, my. robinson is down. he is down. >> next guy up, right in the head, all right? >> no, no, no, no. get me up. get me up! just get him out. just get him out. understand?
12:19 pm
game is too important. just get him out. play ball. >> you're a tough man. >> not only is jackie robinson credited with opening doors for black players but his reach went far beyond into other sports and front offices. jimmy lee solomon was the highest ranking african-american in major league baseball from 2005 to 2012. he is here in the studio with me, and joining us live from chicago is another baseball legend hall of famer, ernie banks, the first african-american to play for the chicago cubs. mr. banks, thanks so much for joining us from chicago. >> thank you very much, fredricka. >> fantastic. gentlemen, let me begin with you, mr. banks. jackie robinson breaking the color barrier. did you ever consult him or study his play in order to kind of best handle what it was like
12:20 pm
for you to be the first with the cubs? >> yes, i did. i really did. i first met jackie at wrigley field. he came over the third base and we shook hands and he said ernie, i am glad you are here, and nice to see you, and just listened and you would learn and i followed jackie robinson's life all the way through to 1972. >> wow. and when you see that clip from the movie 42 which premiered last night, do you see that depiction of jackie robinson? do you see that they got it right the way he handled, you know, everything on the field and off the field that was very negative but he seemed to shake it off according to that clip. >> he followed his pattern, his life, i followed him a lot and went to speeches with him. i played against him. i saw him a lot and he inspired
12:21 pm
my life, and i wanted to follow his life. >> did he seem bigger than life then to you since you got to know him personally? >> yes, he did. he felt bigger than life to me. i was with him. i went to japan with his wife rachel. i was around him a lot. listened to him. i followed his speeches when he was president of the freedom bank, when he gave chockful of nuts in new york and started free housing in brooklyn, new york. i just followed jackie robinson. he was like my father, my uncle, my friend. >> oh, that is so sweet. so what is it about him that you really wanted to emulate, you know, as an athlete, really as an ambassador of sport given that he had this kind of reach not just on the field but beyond? >> yes. he had that beyond because he trained people when he played for the dodgers, how to get
12:22 pm
along. a lot of players didn't like him, was against him, leo was the manager, and he was that way with the players and got along well with them and tried to get hem to understand and houls his own family and most of all jackie wanted to make this a better world. he worked with kids to get through college. he believed in education for kids, and he got a lot of young kids through college. >> and mr. solomon, you had the honor and the pleasure of watching 42 with jackie robinson's widow rachel. what was that like? did you feel like you were able to really enjoy the movie? do you feel like you had a special, much more special connection to that movie and all that was taking place just by watching her reaction? >> of course. she is a giant herself. i mean, she carried on jackie's legacy for this long. think about that. jackie was a hero. he was a god, but rachel was very, very strong, and because
12:23 pm
of her we all know the story of jackie. >> does she feel like that movie that they got it right? do you feel like they got it right, they really kind of crystalized who he was? >> i think they did. i think they did a very good job. a few things were left out that i was surprised about, but other than that, i thought it was a fantastic depiction of what he had done. >> what's the lesson that comes from that movie, from jackie robinson's story? >> the lesson is very clear. we stand on the shoulders of gods and we should recognize that. jackie made his own life secondary to his mission. his mission was for all of us, all of us to be able to work together, to live together, to succeed and to basically be in harmony together, and i think that jackie's life basically showed that. >> jamie lee solomon, thank you, and ernie banks from chicago, thanks to you as well, gentlemen. appreciate it. >> thank you. tiger woods made history at the masters becoming the young toast ever win the tournament in
12:24 pm
1997. a sex scandal tarnished his image but he is making a serious comeback. ahead we'll look at how public figures who fall from grace are able to clean up the tarnished image. >> every night he serves meals to 300 kids in anaheim california. work he was honored for as a cnn hero. >> the most amazing moment of my life. after the cnn show a lot of people call me, what can we do for you? >> it was bruno who wanted to do more to help families living in area motels. >> when i sent the kids back to the motel i always have this moment because i know where they go back. >> you can all share the markers. sit here and color. >> it is a hard life to escape. ask this family who lived in a motel with their five children for more than a year.
12:25 pm
>> the living room/bedroom. it is here. the rest of them sleep sardine style on this bed. >> he got laid off. i started working just a month ago. it is really hard for us to i have sa up to get into an actual home. >> i come over to say this. let's pay the first and last month. >> by providing rent and a deposit bruno now helps families leave the motel life behind for good. working with a local non-profit, 29 families have now gotten a fresh start in a home of their own. >> what do you think? >> i love it. >> the kids just have been around and explored and found their rooms. >> this is yours. >> this is mine. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> my heart is full of joy. >> putting back people to their own home. >> bruno hopes to move 70 more families by the end of the year. cnn hero is a new recipe for helping others. the humble back seat.
12:26 pm
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it looks a bit like the miracle on the hudson, a passenger jet trying to land in bali, missing the runway and landing in the ocean. everyone survived. only one person so far is reported injured. about 100 people were on board. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is paying a visit to china today. he is trying to put more pressure on north korea to tone down its threats. china is considered north korea's strongest ally. lakers star kobe bryant could be out of the game all of next season. last night he injured his achilles tendon playing the golden state warriors. the injury to the star player comes as the lakers have two
12:30 pm
games left in the race to secure a spot in the western conference playoffs. summer is just around the corner. that means now is the time to start planning that much needed vacation get away. if you have already picked your destination and you still need a place to stay, you may want to consider a vacation rental. i talked to an executive editorial director about advantages of renting a house instead of a hotel. >> it can be better instead of boonging a hotel room when especially when you're looking at summer vacation rentals. you want a week or longer and traveling with friends, a group of friends or with families, so it is the cost of each room and a house can wind up being less than the cost of a hotel room if you had to book multiple rooms and you also get access to a kitchen which will save on restaurant costs because you won't be dining out all the time. you can make meals at foam and it is really nice about it, you get the feeling of feeling like a local in the place you're
12:31 pm
visiti visiting. it is a nice home base in a place that may not be home. >> how far in advance do you need to start looking? >> i would say you need to start looking now. definitely still availability for the summer. peak season run from july 4th to labor day. there is definitely still lots of availability right now, but i wouldn't wait too much longer. >> and now let's talk about some of your favorite destinations. what would you recommend? >> first off, if you're east coaster, martha's vineyard is fantastic. i rented a house last can you remember with a grup of friends, a great way to save on the trip and this is classic new england. have you the old wailing captain's homes and great sunsets every night and fabulous lobster every day of the week if you want. >> we did that once. i must say that was far more interesting than in a hotel room and a place like that. any other locations folks need to think about for the summer? >> if you're in the midwest, lake geneva is a fabulous destination, new port of the west, all kinds of gorgeous
12:32 pm
mansions built by summering chicagoans and you can basically walk around, tour the mansions, and also get out on the water which is wonderful, go swimming, boating, and of course try lots of ice cream, lots of fabulous ice cream socials over there. great for families. >> great. so it can be pretty overwhelming looking for these vacation spots. you have to start with at least a location destination like you mentioned. so is the internet the best route or are there other routes in which to find the best vacation houses available? >> i would say the internet is your best route. everything is there. you can look at vacation rental by owner,, home vacation, so there is a lot out there and what's great about the sites, they show photographs so you you get a sense of what you're booking and you can filter by your choices. if you need three rooms, two rooms or amenities like you want to be on the coast or more woodsy area so you get a flavor for all that's out there and then ultimately once you book through the sites you are
12:33 pm
contacted by an agent and the conversation can happen offline at that point. >> fantastic. air bell la, thank you so much. >> great to be here. thank you. >> and speaking of travel, there is a new show debuts on cnn this weekend. tomorrow anthony bourdain brings his taste for adventure to cnn, a new show with no boundaries. they travel to myanmar, libya, peru and more sunday at 9:00 eastern and pacific. former congressman anthony weiner resigned from office after he tweeted risque pictures of himself and there is talk of running for office again. can he? and other disgraced high profile figures, how do they make comebacks? that's next.
12:34 pm
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12:37 pm
anthony weiner made a high profile exit from politics two years ago. you may remember he was caught sending nude photos of himself to women he met online. now he is considering a run for mayor of new york. can he make a political comeback? >> the cameras once again following former u.s. congressman from new york, anthony weiner. >> i don't have anything more to add than what you read in the "new york times" story, but i will be glad to sit down with each of you individually sometime next week. >> this after the "new york times" magazine released its profile on him and his wife. in it weiner admits he may want to run for new york city mayor saying i want to ask people to give me a second chance. i do want to have that conversation with people whom i let down. this image is what caused weiner who at one time many democrats
12:38 pm
considered a rising star to resign in disgrace. and it wasn't just the tweet he sent to a 17-year-old girl but also his explanation of it. >> someone was pranking me and punking me. >> a lie weiner repeated. >> this is a twitter hoax, a prank that was done. >> when we caught up midscandal he was still trying to save his political career. >> can you tell us about the communications or any communications you have had between yourself and say the clintons or anyone he will advise you? >> no. i have had conversations with people. i am not -- i have made serious mistakes and immediate to redeem myself and i am working hard to get back to normal and try to serve the people of my district the best i can. >> calls for his resignation kept coming and soon weiner had no choice. >> i am announcing my resignation from congress. >> in the nearly two years since then, weiner disappeared from the political spotlight until now. the time says weiner spent more
12:39 pm
than $100,000 on polling and research to gauge voter's feelings about a mayoral bid weiner telling the times he is a different man saying if i ever go back to doing politics again, i don't think i will be as good at it. either that or i will be a crazy new kind of politician. could a comeback work? former democratic president bill clinton and recently former republican south carolina governor mark sanford both examples of coming back from sex scanda scandals. >> the problem here is what people visualize in the campaign posting. normally they wait to see a head shot, not a shot of someone's crotch and what they see when they see his face will be the twitter photos. >> many will forgive but not forget. >> he would not be appropriate to run at this moment. >> i would never vote for him for mayor. >> weiner has until july to decide. jason carol, cnn, new york.
12:40 pm
>> if anthony weiner makes a political comeback, he won't not only person to turn things around after a high profile fall. tiger woods is once again the number one golfer in the world and former south carolina governor mark sanford, he is a republican nominee for his own congressional seat so i want to bring in howard bragman, vice chairman of and robby vorhouse. are there kind of common themes among those who have been able to repair their reputations, just those three people we mentioned? they're making a comeback or have already made a comeback? >> truth is the ultimate -- truth is the ultimate spin, and for anthony weiner, he said let's go ahead, i made a mistake and now he has to run and did a lot of work ahead of time. tiger woods is just -- he keeps hitting one after the next and if he goes on and wins the
12:41 pm
master he will show what a great golfer he is and the same with sanford. he said i made a mistake and now he will go on and if he gets the votes, he will win. >> so, howard, is it an issue of surrounding yourself with the crisis management team or is it reinventing yourself in what happens? what has to take place in order for someone to rebound? >> well, hopefully -- >> howard. >> hopefully you do have a team of people who are surrounding you who have been through this before who you listen to and, fred wreak a i think there is three things you have to do. one is that apology. a sincere apology, a believable apology. two is there has to be a level of punishment, if you're sanford or weiner, have you lost your congressional seat, you have lost your political office. if you are tiger woods you have lost hundreds of millions in endorsements and three and the
12:42 pm
secret ingredient and we see it in all of these cases is time. if enough time passes, we're liable to forgive a little more. we don't forgive over night. when michael vick was accused of dog fighting, on friday he was denying it, on monday he apologized and said he discovered jesus over the weekend. it doesn't work like that. >> so the common denominator here, robbie, for sanford, weiner, woods, about a couple years if there is amount of time that has toy lapse before people are i guess either willing to embrace them again or see them, you know, make a comeback. it seems as though a couple of years, two to three years seems to be the common denominator here. do you agree? >> it depends. if it is a political figure, yes. if it is a business figure, it depends on what you can demonstrate and what period of time and how quickly you can come back. if it is an entertainment, like, for example, charlie sheen, you can come back pretty quickly because the entertainment industry is lot more for giving.
12:43 pm
i think as what howard said, in any great story you need to be able to show a journey, the beginning is what you have done. the middle is how you redeem yourself, how you apologize, and the third act is what you do to come back to show you have died to yourself and it is a new chapter. >> thank you so much. stick around. we'll come back and talk about why some fail at making a comeback next. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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12:46 pm
i am back with howard bragman and robbie vorhaus. before the break we talked about anthony weiner, tiger woods, and not everyone succeeds in rescuing their reputations like o.j. simpson may be an example, john edwards, so why are some able to come back and others not, robbie? >> remember, bill clinton didn't come back as a leader. he came back as a humanitarian. here is a guy at first denied it and then admitted it and went on to use his legacy to do great things. john edwards on the other hand is never going to be able to return and lance armstrong, here is an athlete that lied and cheated and hurt so many people along with the sport and he is not going to be able to come back as an athlete either. >> are you saying it really has something to do with the offense, the act, and less so
12:47 pm
about who the person is or what they did to apologize or any of those things that howard mentioned time has toy lapse the way in which they handled, et cetera, robbie? >> howard is right. if you look at oscar pistorius, he killed somebody. there is nothing he can do to bring that or change that. you look at john edwards again, here is a guy who his wife died in the middle of the scandal and bernie madoff. he will die in prison and his son committed suicide. he can't come back. it is really a question of what is the crime? tiger woods cheated on his wife. he didn't hurt the sport game and went on and now he is winning by achievement. you're judged by your achievement. >> is that, a person's failure at meeting any of these criteria, the sincere apology lacking or perhaps not enough time has elapsed or perhaps it is the offense, it is the thing that they did that people just
12:48 pm
find unforgivable? who comes to mind for you? >> well, i think we have talked about him. i think o.j. simpson, bernie madoff. o.j. simpson was not convicted of murdering his wife but in the court of public opinion he was guilty, and eventually he did end up going to prison for a different much lesser offense and at the same time he is still in prison. a lot of that is the way he handled it, even when he was under arrest for that and saying this was my merchandise and no sense of responsibility and no sense of i did this and no sense of redemption in his mind, and as we have looked at a lot of these, the coverup is often the worst with with weiner, with john edwards, with bill clinton, with a lot of these people, the cover up, and with tiger woods it was how he dealt with the media. i mean, the offense,
12:49 pm
professional athlete, who stepped out on his wife and not such a big deal to be honest, but the way he handled it with the media was textbook bad pr. >> has social media kind of changed the game, howard? >> absolute. >> absolutely. we live in a transparent world, and we have to understand now that a couple things happen. number one, you're going to be caught. if the head of the cia is caught sending e-mails to his girlfriend, you're going to be caught. >> yep. >> number one. number two, everybody has got an opinion. i just read a statistic that is staggering. 20% of all marriages fail because of something that one of the spouses sees on facebook. social media is affecting real people. it is affecting famous people. >> robbie, you can punctuate this. i know you agree social media plays a role here. >> look at manti te'o, here is a guy that had an affair with a
12:50 pm
non-existent woman and he lied at first and then came out and because he is young, innocent, and he admitted it, he will go on and he will win. martha stewart is just as strong and as powerful as ever. i think that as ever. if you're going to hire howard or myself to help you, you better be ready to tell the truth and better be ready to tell the truth often. it's up to the pub ling and your audience to decide, do we believe him or not? >> thanks to you both. you both had a lot of advice out there. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> perhaps you want to be an inventor. reinvent your life perhaps and you don't know where to start. one company wants to help. we'll show you how they bring your ideas to life next. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers.
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12:54 pm
all right. you don't have to be edison to have a great idea for a new product. what you do need though is money and support. one company is helping with that by taking your big ideas and turning them into inventioning. laurie is here to tell us about it. >> make it happen. >> any time i have had a good idea i have no idea how to bring it to market. there is a company trying to solve it. you go on, submit your idea. it can be for -- you pay for it and the outcome can be good. there is a community of influencers. put your idea out there and people will say, hey, this was a good idea. what if this were your tag line. >> do they get credit? aren't you trying to protect your idea? >> sure. but you put it out there and people, influencers, the
12:55 pm
community makes it better. if you have the idea they vote on it. essentially people vote on your idea and the folks say, hey, we are going to use this and bring it to market. say they try to do it, everybody wins. they bring your idea to mark. i was in the studios. they have 3-d printers, people doing all sorts of things. essentially when they're done with that they can bring it to market. if it is sold in bed, bath & beyond you get money. if you came up with the tag line you get money. >> efb wins. >> everybody kind of wins. >> so the stuff you have, consequences of or oh -- >> yeah. someone came up with an idea. this is a flex your power. it's a powerpoint. you want to put in different plugs. essentially you can -- a guy was in college. hadn't graduated. put it on quirky. they brought it to market. the guy's name is jake. there is a picture of him.
12:56 pm
709 people influenced his project. that means every time -- this is in bed, bath & beyond. it's a top seller. every time jake gets the money. he now has $400,000 before graduating college. >> oh, brother. >> and the guy who came up with the flex your power motto. he's made something like $ $50,000. >> wow. >> this is an egg white separator. not something i would have come up with. >> that can be messy. >> exactly. this is a citrus zester. put it in a lemon and -- >> salads and stuff. >> if i maybe voted up the idea on the site i could make a couple cents every time it sells in the store. >> where do you go? >> vote on ideas. you don't even have to have the idea and you can take part in the process.
12:57 pm
>> nice. love the idea. thank you. always good to see you especially in person. >> yes. >> very good. for more high tech ideas and reviews the go to and looker for the gaming and gadgets tab. [ tires screech ]
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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1:00 pm
hello, everyone. looking at the top stories the cnn newsroom now. it looks like the miracle on the hudson, a passenger jet trying to land in bali, missing the runway and landing in the ocean. everyone survived. only one person so far is reported injured. about a hundred people were on board. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is paying a visit to china today, trying to put pressure on north korea to tone down its threat. authorities investigating the murders of a texas district attorney, his wife and a top prosecutor arrested a former justice of the peace. eric williams is in jail on a terrorist threat charge. he was not named a suspect in the killing and denies involvement. he was convicted last year of stealing county equipment and was kicked out of office. for the first time in more than four years someone other than the president or vice president gave the saturday
1:01 pm
white house address. this morning it was the mom of a child shot and killed at sandy hook elementary school. francine wheeler urged the senate to pass a gun control bill. >> david and i have two sons. our older son is a 4th grader at sandy hook elementary school. our younger son ben, age 6, was murdered in his first grade classroom on december 14, exactly four months ago this weekend. for him and all of the others taken from us so violently and too soon we have to convince the senate to come together and pass common sense gun responsibility reforms. that will make our communities safer and prevent more tragedies like the one we never thought would happen to us. >> let's bring in athena jones. the wheelers and other families
1:02 pm
from newtown connecticut have been in washington pushing for new gun restrictions. is there a feeling that the message is being heard? >> the message is certainly being heard at the white house. there is a big question though about whether it's being heard by everyone on capitol hill. certainly the members of congress have heard the message. it's unclear what will happen ultimately with the bills. one thing most everyone agrees on is the need to keep guns out of the hands of the dangerously mentally ill. but the question is how to come up with an effective way to do that. james holmes in colorado. jared loughner in arizona. mental health problems and able to buy guns to kill. with proposed new background checks stop others like them? >> common ground rests on a
1:03 pm
simple proposition that criminals and the dangerously mentally ill shouldn't have guns. >> it's not simple at all. for one thing who is considered dangerously mentally ill. under federal if someone is found to be a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution, but state standards vary widely and often mental health issues don't make it into the database for federal background checks. among concern, privacy protection. the senate bill makes it clear sharing the records won't violate federal law. >> today states barery report. >> take the man accused of killing a sheriff ten months after being released from a mental hospital. he could buy a gun because the state was slow in sending his
1:04 pm
records. cho was deemed mentally ill but the records weren't in the system. holmes and loughner fell through the cracks as well. >> our concern is the way this discussion has taken place mental illness is equated with violence. that has a negative impact on people. not only feeds into negative stereotypes about people but could serve as a deterrent to people willing to seek treatment. >> reporter: so the big question is whether or not this latest proposal in the senate, this compromise reached would really keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill because what this bill would do is exempt so-called personal transfers of weapons from having to go through a background check.
1:05 pm
so someone who is dangerously mentally ill could get access through a family member, a friend or neighbor. let's remember that the case of adam lanza, he got a gun from his mother. it could leave some people still not covered. fred? >> all right. thanks so much from the white house. >> thanks. >> today's nascar race in texas is at the center of political controversy. a u.s. senate from connecticut is upset over a decision by organizers to award naming rights of the race to the national rifle association. the speedway president said he's heard few complaints and that the race is not about politics. >> there is no uproar. we got fewer than a dozen cards, letters and e-mails. the american public is not engaged in this. but the senate keeps trying to stir it up. i can appreciate that. he's in connecticut. we are in texas. his values don't fly here.
1:06 pm
you know, we heard from the speedway president. what about nascar. >> reporter: well, you know, nascar says it wants to make it clear it is not taking sides in this. but it is paying attention to this controversy and questions that are being raise bid senator chris murphy of connecticut on behalf of not only himself but he says of newtown families as well. by that i mean that nascar is now saying that it is taking note of what's happened here and that from here on out it is going to take a look at the way it approves of the sponsorships. in this case, nra came to an agreement with texas motor speedway. a final agreement last month. nascar said it was the one that approved of it. it didn't have to, but it did. and sos nascar says it is going to look going forward at how it can handle something like this in the future. for their part, fans say it is
1:07 pm
not that important to them. >> so you talked to fans who say they don't have a problem nor do they really care about what the name of a race is. they just want to go there and have a good time. >> for them that's what this is all about. many of them don't think that this is about politics at all. they are here to see the race. that's what they are telling me about when i asked them whether they feel it was insensitive for nascar to allow this race to take place at this particular time. >> i don't see a problem with it at all. i understand the view. but to cancel the race or not televise it goes too far. >> reporter: said i think it's bad timing and at the end of the race, for example, it is tradition for the winner to be given a couple of revolvers and
1:08 pm
to fire blanks and wear a cowboy hat. he said, again, it's a matter of doing this now with the gun debate going on in capitol hill and sensitivity of the newtown family perhaps this would be the year to drop that. but it will go on. fred? >> thank sos much. kobe bryant's surgery for a ruptured achilles tendon was set to begin this hour. the lakers say the injury could keep him off the court for up to nine months. bryant's injury came last night in a move he said he's made a million times. it happened at an inopportune time for the lakers. the team has two games left for a spot in the playoffs. and tiger woods didn't suffer a physical injury but his score card took a hit after a bad drop on the course. he was penalized two strokes. it's become all the talk at the
1:09 pm
augusta national golf club. rachel nichols is there with the latest on the tournament and if tiger is able to make a move regardless of the penalties. >> he hasn't made much of a move so far. he's at even. that's not what you want if you have been assessed a two-stroke penalty. he thought he would go into the day three back from the leader. instead, he's five back from the leader. he has only two days to make it up. halfway through the round hasn't made up that ground yet. it's been an interesting 24 hours for tiger. people thinking, should he have been peen lieds, disqualified? he came out on twitter and said, he didn't know he was executing the drop of his shot yesterday on 15 incorrectly. when he signed the score card the official didn't indicate he had done anything wrong and when he was called in to speak with them this morning he said he was completely forthcoming and respects and accepts their
1:10 pm
decision. it set him back though, no question. >> and there is criticism just within the ranks as well. right? among the other fellow golferses. . >> absolutely. it's been interesting. david duvall who was a rival of tiger's for a long time came out on twitter himself and said tiger should be disqualified. then you have three-time masters champion nick faldo with extremely strong words not only saying he should be disqualified but if the club shouldn't do it tiger should do, quote, the manly thing and disqualify himself. faldo is a member at the masters after having won the tournament. it seems sometime after those initial comments somebody at the club had a discussion with him because he recently, maybe within the last half hour said, you know, maybe he was too hasty to make those comments. after understanding the process he just thinks everybody here did the right thing. >> wow. the manly remark, ouch, man.
1:11 pm
thanks so much. tensions are high on the korean peninsula and john kerry is trying to convince north korea to cool down the rhetoric by talking to its biggest economic and political ally. we'll have more on that straight ahead.
1:12 pm
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(translated from cantonese) "you still owe him five bucks." your accent needs a little work. breaking news from china. a new strain of bird flu is spreading. chinese immediate is reporting the first case of h7a9. a 7-year-old girl is in stable
1:15 pm
condition. her parents work in the poultry business. the bird flu strain killed 11 people and infected nearly 50 since last month in china. five new cases were reported today. the virus had not been seen in humans until last month. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in china today. he wants leaders there to pressure north korea to tone down its threats against the u.s. and south korea. kerry met with china's president and foreign minister a day after meeting with south korean leaders. elise, what is the message that comes from john kerry's talks? >> well, he came out of the meeting very optimistic about cooperation that he's going to get from china. said him and chinese officials have unprecedented cooperation on north korea and they will work to tone down, as you said, the threats coming out of the region. take a listen to him during a press conference after his
1:16 pm
meeting. >> we both joined in stating that the united states and china remain fully committed to the september 2005 joint statement of the six-party talks and to its core goal. that core goal is the verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula in a peaceful manner. >> so, fred, he heard all the right things but the question is what are the chinese going to do? are they, as the u.s. wants, going to use their leverage on north korea, their considerable leverage, north korea's most important political backer to get pyongyang to stop belligerent actions and the threats against the u.s. and south korea and also stop the illegal flow of weapons and money that are really fuelling its programs. sometimes the chinese say their influence is limited. >> what are the concerns or what concerns remain about the
1:17 pm
possible ballistic missile test out of north korea? >> well, i think you heard some reports coming out over the last couple of days. john kerry, james clapper poured cold water on the report saying they do not believe north korea has the capability to pair a nuclear weapon with a missile and riesch the united states although it is very concerning that north korea has been making a lot of advances in the technology. so they say it's prudent to take a lot of defensive measures. i don't think there is a lot of concern now that north korea has a weapon that could reach the united states. they are a ways away from that. >> thanks so much in washington. straight ahead, we are looking at two heartbreaking cases
1:18 pm
involving teenaged girls who were allegedly raped and bullied. we are digging into the role of social media and what ultimately happened to the girls next. >> sustainability is basically using resources, but not compromising future generations. we as a human race have not been very sustainable. >> hello, everyone. i'm the owner and founder of rancho margot. >> a living universe in so many ways. we produce our own food. we make our own furniture. we produce our own energy, electricity and cooking gas. we compost waste and heat water with it. at the same time we produce a luxury environment for people to come and enjoy themselves. it's all within an environment that you say, wow, i can't believe i'm not doing any
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in canada mourners said good-bye today to 17-year-old nova scotia teen who died sunday, three days after trying to hang herself. her family said she was gang raped and a photo of the alleged attack b was circulated online. no one has been charged with anything. her family says she developed
1:23 pm
suicidal thoughts after the event which occurred almost two years ago. a similar case is playing out in california where three teenager california boys are facing charges of sexual battery in connection with the alleged rape of a girl who lalt later committed suicide. i spoke about the case with attorney joey jackson and our own kyra phillips, anchor of "raising america" on hn. . >> these are tragic stories. it affects you as a parent, a person, a human being. it appeals to that. it's so sad. i think social media, you are seeing a big revolution between the way prosecutors are moving forward in gathering information and using the information in courtrooms to piece together events as they occur. >> meaning there is greater wait on testimony? eyewitness accounts? >> do you know what happens? now you not only have eyewitness accounts but pictures many times. so put together, the information so see if there was an attack, how it occurred. how many parties were there.
1:24 pm
you have a photo there and the sadder part, of course, is it's put on social media and the consequences for the individual are so traumatic. they can't take it. in this instance, my life is ruined says the girl. as a result, she commits suicide. tragic. >> it is. we are talking about this almost seems like it's lifting a veil on a whole subculture here. >> this is what is so painful b about this whole situation. it's called slut shaming and it is a trend. if this happens to girls that they are raped and pictures go on the internet then that's hard enough as a female. as a young girl to see that, right? then when the boys and girls start calling her a slut and sluts aren't welcome here and this is your fault, imagine what it's like for a teenager to listen to and deal with. it really brings it back to the conversation as parents.
1:25 pm
we have to raise our boyes and girls differently. what about boys who think it is okay to do this and put the pictures on the internet. >> it seems like there is a juncture that young people have to come to and license to take advantage of someone's vulnerability. >> we have to teach our girls to be confident and strong and stand up in situations like this. we have to teach our boys that you don't just rape a girl because she's drunk and take pictures of it and put it all over the internet. >> what about the message sent by the legal system? >> i think what you see is legislation develop to more effectively deal with cyber bullying. >> it's a gray area. >> absolutely. what you have in the expansion of the internet and social revolution is the law doesn't keep up. it's a patchwork all over. there needs to be a universal standard, so people understand
1:26 pm
and children understand as they grow up to be men that it is not acceptable to engage in behavior to take advantage of anyone and to be gentlemen as you move forward. >> so many families seeking that kind of advice. all right, the star of the tv show "veep" got to meet the real life vice president at the white house. that's a story trending today. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not for children under 18. people taking maois, linezolid or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin,
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go national. go like a pro. all right. here are some stories trending now. the star of the hbo show "veep" meets the real president. julia louis-dreyfus met joe biden. he joked that he asked her questions and, quote, paid no attention whatsoever. critics of the late margaret thatcher made "ding dong the witch is dead" one of the top downloads in the uk. her funeral is wednesday. get ready to rock out to the sequel to "gangnam style." psy performed "gentleman" live today. and tonight at 8:00 eastern time don't miss