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tv   Around the World  CNN  April 15, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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so much for sticking with us all day. a lot of ground covered. i appreciate it. >> pleasure. >> thanks for watching everyone. i'm john berman. "around the world" comes up next. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> and i'm michael holmes. welcome everyone. >> we begin in north korea where threats of nuclear war give way to celebrations today. they are marking the birthday of north korea's late founder kim il-sung. his grandson is the current leader kim jong-un and he appeared publicly for the first time in weeks. secretary of state john kerry had a message for him if he wants to hold talks with world powers, he needs to ditch north korea's nuclear program. in venezuela he was once a bus driver and now he will be the president. shortly before his death hugo chavez tapped maduro to be his successor. using that leverage maduro narrowly won yesterday's election. >> he squeaked by with 50.7% of the votes.
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his opponent capriles is refusing to concede. he is demanding now a recount. in china a 4-year-old boy carrying the bird flu virus but not showing any symptoms. doctors are taking a close look at him to figure out how to treat others perhaps using him as a case. two more people have died from bird flu bringing the total death toll to 13. the world health organization is trying to find the source of the infection. it could be china's poultry market. several cities in eastern china have suspended trading in live poultry. and in france and across europe the search is now on for a gangster who used explosives to blow his way out of prison. a lot of people talking about this story. >> how do you get explosives into prison? that's what everyone's asking. that's the guy we're talking about there. raide faid. this is in northern france before bursting his way to freedom. it all sounds of course like something out of a hollywood movie blockbuster.
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but this is far from it actually. >> i want to go live to france. this is where our dan rivers is outside that prison. tell us a little bit about him. he's a notorious figure in france. what was he locked up for? and how on earth did he manage? >> well, he is a notorious figure, suzanne. he has courted publicity. as you say, he's said his inspiration for his life of crime was taken from films, he's written an autobiography and done interviews with french tv cameras in the past boasting about what a great armed robber he has been. he's done ten years of a 30-year sentence in the past. right now he'd been in this prison here because he'd broken the terms of his parole while awaiting another trial for master minding if you like an armed robbery in which a french policewoman was shot and killed. so some serious pretty serious
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case he was facing. but his publicist said he couldn't stand being in jail for a moment longer and that's why he broke out. now, this prison is not a supermax prison, but it is nevertheless a detention center. and it's as you can see pretty secure. but somehow he managed to get explosives -- enough explosives to blow not just one door but five consecutive doors off their hinges. the last one of which is right behind me there. you can see they've been repairing it all day, but there are armed guards there now. pretty menacing guying in ski masks. they weren't there when he came out. he'd taken four people hostage, four guards hostage. he finally made a run for it, got to a local freeway. and there was a getaway car waiting for him and they drove off. that car was later found burned out. and now the trail really has gone cold. >> of course, dan, the thing now with europe it's borderless. you can't like seal off france anymore. he could be in any one of 26
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countries, couldn't he? >> he could be anywhere from here to anywhere. a huge area is open in france. this is a huge issue in cases like this. int interpol have issued what they call an arrest warrant to track him down. and obviously across europe and beyond they will be on the lout for him. if he orchestrated this detail of plan of escape he will have had a plan of what he was going to do next, where he was going to go and hide out and lay low. i think the big question here as you mention is how on earth he got those explosives into the prison in the first place. no one knows how that was done. clearly someone brought it in. was it one of his visitors? was it some sort of inside job with a guard helping him out? that's what they're focusing on right now. >> extraordinary. dan, thanks so much. dan rivers there in lille, france. >> he's got to have a network of supporters inside and outside.
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>> explosives, a gun, four hostag hostages, he knew what he was doing. probably another book when he gets done with it all. >> yeah, another book to write. korean peninsula, we are watching that very closely, the world watching for the next move by the communist north after weeks of nuclear threats against the united states and south korea by north korea. well, today as you know a very big day for the north koreans. >> it is. they're celebrating birthday of the country's founder, the man they call the eternal president kim il-sung. our anna coren joins us now from the south korean capital of seoul. anna, north korea's current leader, kim jong-un, he appeared in public for the first time. everybody was waiting for the build-up and pretty much nothing happened, right? >> that's exactly right. as you say his first public appearance in weeks following a month-long of warlike rhetoric day after day. he paid his respects to the
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where his grandfather and father lie in state. they laid wreaths at monuments around the country, but michael, no rhetoric whatsoever out of pyongyang and certainly no missiles. the two medium-range ballistic missiles still positioned on the east side of the country. they are fueled up and ready to go, but so far no movement whatsoever. and analysts sort of say that today would have been highly unlikely for them to fire those missiles because firstly they wouldn't want to upstage festivities and wouldn't want room for error. they wouldn't want failure on such an auspicious day. >> do we think that secretary of state john kerry his trip to the region and also his statements about talking to north korea if they give up their nuclear ambitions has weighed into this at some point? >> well, it's interesting, suzanne, that you ask that because perhaps we are starting to see a sign that maybe his words, his message of diplomacy is finally getting through to pyongyang. there was quite interesting
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rhetoric that came out of north korea yesterday where they made reference to dialogue with south korea as an empty shell, the words were an empty shell and that it would have to change its attitude for north korea to consider entering into talks. now, certainly no indication that they've prepare today go to the negotiating table just yet, but they didn't rule it out. which some analysts believe might be a shift in the thinking of pyongyang. but as you say, john kerry, he reiterated his offer for diplomacy before he left tokyo for the united states this afternoon. and basically said we will talk to you if you are serious about denuclearization. the problem being, suzanne, north korea has said it is a nuclear state, its nuclear weapons program is not up for sale, it's nonnegotiable. so here lies the problem. >> anna coren, thanks so much. always been a game of carrots and sticks. >> if you're going to predicate talks based on doing away with the one thing that he says he will not do away with, not a lot
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to talk about at the moment. we'll see what happens. don't forget we have more on the mounting tensions there on the korean peninsula. a special edition again of "the situation room" tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss that. the op-ed is entitled "gitmo is killing me." a powerful piece published in "new york times" by a prisoner at guantanamo bay. i've been on a hunger strike and lost well over 30 pounds. >> he says i will not eat until they restore my dignity. now, this prisoner says he's being jailed for more than 11 years, has never received a trial. he's not even being charged with anything he says. i could write -- i could have been home years ago, he said. no one seriously thinks i'm a threat. but still i am here. years ago the military said i was a guard for osama bin laden, but this was nonsense. he goes onto say he became sick last month and refused to eat. in the op-ed he describes being force-fed. >> they tie me to a chair in my
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cell. my arms, legs and head are strapped down. i never know when they will come. sometimes they come during the night as late as 11:00 p.m. i want to bring in our chris lawrence from the pentagon to explain this very unusual you hear from a prisoner of war in an op-ed. how did this come about? and is there any response to what he is going through or what he alleges he is going through inside gitmo? >> this isn't normal, first of all, suzanne. but there's nothing normal about the situation at gitmo especially recently. just over the weekend there was violence broke out between some of the inmates and the guards because of what the inmates consider that hunger strike. basically what had happened in speaking to some of the officials is the inmates had disabled some of the cameras in their cells, in their individual cells. so the decision was made to move them out of these communal areas and put everyone into sort of single cells.
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that didn't go over so well with some of the prisoners. i'm told at least one of the prisoners was able to fashion a sort of baton made out of shredded water bottles and scotchtape. there were some bruises on several prisoners in altercations with the guards. also a prisoner suffered a laceration. this has been a period of heightened tension so to speak between some of the prisoners who are on this hunger strike and then some of the guards as well. >> yeah. chris, i suppose politically it's a difficult one for the u.s. too. sort of how does the u.s. criticize other country's human rights when they have somebody in their custody saying i haven't been charged with anything for 11 years. you've been down there. you've seen the conditions there. tell us about it. >> well, let's lay it out. first of all there are 166 prisoners left right now at guantanamo bay. i talked with an official here who said, look, despite what was written in the editorial, he said all of the so-called
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sold-in-prisoners are long gone. those are the guys who got ratted out by rivals trying to get them in trouble. he said they're long gone. he said the people who are left now, the 166, are the ones who need to be there. they continue to be a danger. of those 166, 43 are determined to be hunger striking right now. but only 13 are being fed intravenously like this prisoner is having done. they say -- the officials here at the pentagon say most of those 13 just sit in the chair, they get the meals usually twice a day. and it doesn't happen like that. there is no fighting. there is no, you know, sort of altercation. but they say they do follow the bureau of prisons protocols in that if they are being detained, they feel they have an obligation to make sure that they are being fed. and if they miss more than nine meals, they're considered to be
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on a hunger strike. and they have to be fed. >> so, chris, what are they going to do with this particular detainee? how are they explaining how this has all come about? >> well, basically they're pushing back on this whole op-ed. i just want to read a little clip from one of the pentagon officials pushback on this who say unlike those in the press who willfully pass along enemy propaganda under the guise of an editorial unlike a few members of the defense bar who would hold their detainee clients up for public curiosity, the department does not discuss these individual detainees who are not currently before the military commissions. so in other words he's not before a commission right now. but, again, that ties into his argument saying, you know, i've been here for 11 years and i'm still not before trial. >> yeah. extraordinary. chris, thanks so much. appreciate that. chris lawrence there at the pentagon. really does hurt u.s. in terms of what it can say to other countries about human rights.
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they can turn around and say that. >> it's so controversial. every administration, president bush, now president obama, they've been trying to close gitmo down and it is a very difficult thing for them to do. lots of negotiations with various countries. >> yes. indeed. here's more of what we're working on this hour for "around the world." >> more back and forth over jay-z's trip to cuba. a u.s. senator criticizes him and now a cuban-american rapper weighing in with a rap of his own. we're going to hear from both. >> more rapping. also delivering clean needles to drug users, that's what a group of canadians is doing. remember we touched on this last week. we have more. they can barely keep up with demand. we're going to go for a ride on a mobile needle exchange. and for the first time ever a golfer from australia, that's right, an aussie -- oh, michael's home country, put on the green jacket at the masters. going to show you adam scott's dramatic win. with a deadline. and from national.
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baghdad. >> yeah. security checkpoints, shiite neighborhoods, political offices, they were the targets all of this coming just days ahead of the country's first elections -- local elections these are, since the u.s. troop withdrawal back in 2011. politicians fear the violence will keep voters from going to the polls, but they hope not. in egypt the deposed president hosni mubarak had hoped to be set free today. he's waiting on a retile of charges of killing protesters during the 2011 uprising that brought him down. he won a petition for release, but now the court says he has to stay behind bars because of other cases against him. in washington state they're still trying to find a man who was carried away by an avalanche over the weekend. you see him on your screen. mitch huntgate is his name. he was hiking with friends when the snow came crashing down. they got carried 1,200 feet at speeds reaching more than 50 miles an hour. just imagine that. that same day a woman walking her dog was caught in a slide on another mountain. she died of her injuries.
9:18 am
and florida senator marco rubio not happy everybody's still talking about this story. it's very popular. not happy about jay-z and beyonce's recent trip to cuba. rubio is cuban-american and he says americans traveling to cuba are just propping up an oppressive dictator. >> it's not the last word on this. another prominent cuban-american from south florida has something to say. and he's saying it in rhyme. we're talking about the hip hop artist pit bull defending jay-z and beyonce in a new rap. >> rafael romo joins us for all things, rapping and the controversy continues though. everybody's weighing in on this. you can't ask anybody they've got an opinion. >> i'm going to write the screen play for the movie, politicians versus the rappers. anyway, this is just incredible. the bottom line is that rubio represents the cuban exile in
9:19 am
miami. and he says that of all the places that they could have gone to the world they chose wrong, they chose cuba, they chose to support an oppressive regime and that they shouldn't have gone there. now, we had him on our "state of the union" show with candy crowley. listen to what he had to say. >> there's a rapper in cuba -- there's a hip hop artist in cuba on a hunger strike and has been persecuted because he has political lyrics in his songs. and i wish they would have met with him. if they really wanted to know what was going on in cuba, they should have met with some of the people suffering there. not simply smoke cigars and take a stroll down the street. >> oh. >> now, another rapper is entering the scene you probably know him as pit bull. he's 32 years old. he came up with a totally new fresh rap. let's listen to what he had to say about this controversy. ♪
9:20 am
>> i hear conflicting reports or conflicting messages about this. on the one hand he's saying cuba is where they will bury me, but on the other hand he's siding with jay-z and beyonce. and just to remember how this whole thing started, jay-z and beyonce were in cuba for a week, the first week of april they toured havana, they went to different sites that are favorite places for tourists. and after coming back to the united states and learning that the trip had created quite a bit of controversy, jay-z himself came up with a rap. and he, let's say used some choice words to talk about what senator rubio had to say. let's listen. ♪ i done turned havana to atlanta ♪ ♪ white shirts and ban danas. politicians never did nothing to
9:21 am
me except lie to me to start history ♪ ♪ obama said, chill, you going to get me impeached ♪ >> so, michael and suzanne, you hear the reference to president obama and this rap. the white house reacting saying that the white house itself or president obama had nothing to do with this. it's all handled by the treasury department. the treasury department saying that this trip by jay-z and beyonce was sanctioned as a cultural exchange trip. so there's nothing illegal about it. >> can i tell you guys how refreshing this is. i listen to rap. i listen to hip hop. and they're debating politics now, right? it is not all about violence. it's not about -- it's about politics. i think that's amazing. >> i also think there's a disconnect between the younger generations and older generations and you see that within the cuban community in miami themselves. with the older generation saying that the embargo should stay in place and the younger
9:22 am
cuban-americans saying maybe it's time to look for an alternative. but, again, it's always a very controversial and very difficult issue to deal with. >> certainly a warm welcome for them in havana, wasn't it? good to see you, rafael romo here in the studio. >> rap getting back to its roots. very political. i like that. that's good. big step in the battle to let women now drive in saudi arabia. >> yeah. that's right. a saudi prince says he's all for it, but his reasons, well, they don't really have much to do with equality or freedom. we'll explain all that when we come back. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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welcome back. in saudi arabia the king's billionaire nephew is throwing his support behind allowing women to drive. we're talking about alawi ben ta lal. >> so mohamed jamjoom is joining us from beirut. mohamed, where did this change come about? is this something that's been
9:26 am
brewing for a while? why did he weigh-in? >> it's a good question. first let's talk about the actual tweet. this was sunday when the prince tweeted this. he said the question of women driving will result in being able to dispense with at least 500,000 foreign drivers, in addition to the social and economic benefits. so let's try to break that down. in saudi arabia a very conservative place, okay, when you have somebody as powerful and popular and rich as the prince coming out publicly and saying women should be allowed to drive, that is a big deal. but the timing of this is key. why? because in the last several weeks you've had a campaign in saudi arabia to try to drive out illegal workforce, people that are staying there in saudi arabia. thousands of people have been deported. concern in saudi arabia that too much money is being sent out of the country. the fact prince wa lead puts this clause in there that if women are granted the right to
9:27 am
drive, then that would mean they could save 500,000 jobs. a lot of the womens rights activists i've seen reaction from today on social media, they've been saying, well, this really isn't so much about equality, it's more about economy. and it really dilutes the message. suzanne. >> mohamed, dive in here, i'm curious. there is no actual law, as i understand it, banning women from driving. so how does it work and how have women been fighting back? >> it's a good question. there's a lot of misunderstanding in this. in saudi arabia you don't actually have a law on the books that bans women from driving. it's more societal, more based on religious edicts and customs. we must remember that in 2005, which was when prince abdullah became king abdullah of saudi arabia, he quickly gave an interview that within five years women might be given the right to drive, it was up to society. women there have been pushing for the right to drive. in fact in 2011 one woman who
9:28 am
realized no statute on the books actually posted videos of herself driving. she was detained for nine days because of that. that galvanized support for the issue. there was a huge campaign in saudi arabia, hundreds of women went around different saudi cities driving and posting pictures on twitter and youtube and facebook and other social networking sites. there's a real movement to get women the right to drive, but it hasn't happened yet and it's led to a lot of frustration. womens rights activists saying they want this right now. and in saudi arabia, women, they cannot open bank accounts, they cannot get educated, they can't go even traveling out of the country without the permission of their male guardian. >> and, mohamed, we cover that quite a bit that whole protest and the arrest that followed that and the youtube videos of those women driving. very quickly here you said womens groups are responding well to this, but what about the men in saudi arabia? does it look like something that would move this forward or not so much? >> it's a very controversial
9:29 am
issue. there has been support by men in saudi arabia, i've seen that reaction online today. there are a lot of men in saudi arabia, ultraconservative who say they're against it at any price, not worth it for economy, belief women not to be granted the right to drive and seems nothing will sway their opinion. >> all right. one of those things you'll always talk about. women and driving in saudi arabia, whether or not that will ever change. >> exactly. well f you need a heroin fix but can't find a clean needle, a canadian program has an easy solution. >> so they actually bring the needle to -- this is a story of the mobile needle exchange program that is up next. our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn.
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[ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biologic medicine welcome back to "around the world." here are some of the top stories that we are following right now. in north korea it is not threats of nuclear war that we're hearing today, but it's actually the sounds of celebrations.
9:33 am
>> yeah, north korea marking the birthday of its late-founder kim il-sung. he of course is the grandfather of the current leader kim jong-un. and the celebrations brought him out in public for the first time in several weeks actually. secretary of state john kerry had a message for him. >> if he wants to hold talks with world powers, he needs to ditch north korea's nuclear program. in somalia the islamist militant group linked to al qaeda says it carried out an attack at a courthouse. 29 people were killed, dozens more wounded. >> witnesses say armed attackers forced their way into the building. some of them setting off explosives. others engaged in a shootout with government security. nine of the militants were killed and several other people as well. that shootout went on for hours. >> and in london they are getting ready now for the funeral of former british prime minister margaret thatcher. earlier today more than 700 british troops rehearsed for that ceremony. soldiers carried a flag-draped
9:34 am
coffin through the streets on a horse-drawn carriage there. lots of pomp and circumstance and tradition. thatcher will be buried on wednesday. in vancouver, canada, drug addicts have a choice. instead of going and shooting up in a dark dirty alleyway, they can do it in a clean place that's actually taxpayer funded. we told you about this last week. >> it's very controversial here. paula newton, she actually talked a little about this. it's a needle injection place, a site where they have stainless steel booths to shoot up drugs complete with nurses who are overseeing this process. and the idea is to stop addicts from sharing dirty needles and overdosing. this week paula's telling us about an alternative for people who don't actually want to go to those sites. >> reporter: within these few blocks of downtown vancouver, hundreds of people inject drugs every day. discarded syringes and crack pipes are signs of the squalor in one of north america's most affluent cities.
9:35 am
not all of the neighborhood's addicts are able or willing to come to insite, so insite has developed a program to come to the addicts. mariner james drives insite's mobile needle exchange handing out clean equipment to locals. these are crack kits we put together contains a mouthpiece, a glass pipe, alcohol swab, set of screens, band-aid and a lighter. lastly, we put together a safer injection kit, swabs, gauze and the needle itself. and this is really the essentials for staying safe. >> reporter: being available to their clients requires this man to spend most of every day and night combing the alleyways looking for users. >> spend 20 hours a day on the road. we have anywhere from 100 to 250 contacts a day. how are you doing? no kidding. i got some extra. >> is there a razor in there
9:36 am
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all right. soccer fans of course right around the world cannot wait for the world cup. it is such a big deal for fans. it's being held of course in brazil. >> that is going to be really, really hot. but there is a problem now. four of the six stadiums not even finished. you might be thinking what is the big deal? world cup not even until next year, right? well in a few weeks you have the confederation cup held considered a dress rehearsal. >> it is. it's a very big event. and that's the 2014 world cup. and chester darlington is going to join us now from sao paulo to talk about this. chester, half a million tickets being sold for the confederations cup. you're going to need a stadium. >> exactly, michael. and, you know, luckily they've already got four. so they have to work on those two. you know, this looks really bad, and it is. i don't want to underplay it. but even fifa itself, the secretary general said the
9:41 am
stadiums will be ready. and he thinks it will be a great tournament. they just won't be 100% operational. and this probably really will play out like a dress rehearsal. so a lot of the things that will happen during the confederations cup will be happening for the first time. and they're going to then see how it goes so they can get it right next year for the world cup. not an ideal situation, but it will go on. the teams will play. one of the unfortunate things here is of course that one of the stadiums that is not ready is the one in rio and that's the one people will be watching most closely. they've really got to get it together. these are games that will be played out across brazil in different cities. they have to have airports, hotels, roads, everything ready. this is not a great sign to start with. >> we're already trying to get tickets for the big event here, but does brazil, any penalties if they don't meet these deadlines? are they kind of embarrassed by what's happening now? >> well, you know, suzanne, depends how you look at it.
9:42 am
brazil is at least putting on a very calm face. no, everything's going to be fine. everything's going to be great. but they have gotten a series of scoldings, some a lot less pleasant than others from fifa, some not appropriate language used. but what they say is things will be ready. again, this is the way brazil is. there's going to be beautiful brazil, the beaches, the people, not everyone will notice things are behind schedule. so they're kind of banking on that. at the same time fifa is saying, all right, we're putting up with this now, but we will not perm these delays for the world cup. and they want all 12 of the stadiums that will be used in the world cup ready by december. and they won't allow for delays, suzanne. >> yeah. seems to happen. thanks, shasta. seems to happen like the olympics or whatever the host city is, there's always a delay. >> that's okay. >> it always gets there in the end. i went to the world cup in south africa for cnn, it was fantastic. >> really? good deal. next year we got some time.
9:43 am
we'll make it happen. >> we'll make that happen. >> for the first time ever, you're going to love this, a golfer from australia puts on the green jacket at the masters. adam scott, big winner in augusta. we'll show you how he did it. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro. even in stupid loud places. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultra-rugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect.
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9:46 am
officials at the university they are outraged because a bbc journalist posed as a university student during a group trip to north korea. >> yeah, now the school is saying the journalist put students at risk. it was actually a three-person team. also that it damaged the school's reputation. their documentary's airing on the bbc later. all right. in bali, indonesia, this is that lion airplane that ended up in the water after it missed the runway. all 100 passengers survived. >> that is just incredible video. today, investigators get to work on moving this wreckage and actually try to get that out of the water. lion air, we should note, it's banned from european air space because of the safety concerns. just take a look at that. >> amazing. >> and movie star hugh jackman got a bit more of a workout than he expected this past weekend. the oscar nominee, he was at a gym in new york when this happened. >> yeah. a woman pulls out an electric
9:47 am
razor and starts following him. she did leave when security got there, thank goodness. police caught up with her down the street, arrested her. she is charged with stalking. and this is michael's favorite story. australia celebrating the masterful finish at augusta. one of your own, a mate. >> three of the top five were aussies. unbelievable. what a great time. it is the first time an australian -- and this surprised me, has ever won the masters. 77 years they've been waiting to do this. adam scott is the guy's name. defeated former masters champion angel cabrera of argentina. it was a tense two-hole playoff in the final round. but the green jacket as we say for the first time goes to an australi australian. cnn's in augusta, georgia. got to mention tiger. he was in the mix. it was a good run by him, but three aussies in the top five. i think they've come second eight times at the masters.
9:48 am
and it's now broken. >> absolutely, michael. congratulations to you and every australian. >> i'll take it. >> let's continue with that theme. it was mag nmagnificent. adam scott the winner here. just a wonderful performance. it's about time too. he turned pro back in 2000. i remember se e seeing him myself in his second ever professional tournament. everyone wanted to see him because he swung the club just like tigers woods. he was coached at the time by the same guy when he was at the university of nevada in las vegas. so he has waited a long time. he has managed to win every other big tournament certainly here in america from the tour championship, the players championship to the world golf championship. but the masters and any other major had eluded him. he was leading with four holes
9:49 am
to play but finished with four bogeys and people questioned whether he had the strength to get over and win a big major. it's come at the one they all cherish. the one they all prize above all of the other four majors. and to see adam scott do it the way that he did it, he never gave up. he was extremely patient out there. angel cabrera as you mentioned was the runner up. they went into a two-hole playoff. and cabrera who has won before, he never gave it to him. he had to go and win it. and adam did win it on the second playoff hole with that wonderful putt. it's great for australia never having won a masters before and the oldest living major champion is an australian. so i'm sure he was thrilled. his mentor absolutely delighted crying last night watching adam who is such a great friend of his. and norman has mentored him since the age of 15. so it's fantastic to see. >> it is. it is. and well-deserved too. this is no flash in the pan.
9:50 am
this guy a lot of people think will be the first of many. yes, i could talk for hours, but i shan't. i'll move on. >> another time for the 14-year-old. the 14-year-old sensation that perhaps he'll win come out on the end. >> he did well. good to see you, shane. we'll let you go. all right. you and i have never said this before but we're going to talk about it now. beliebers. even the singer used it. he might have taken it a little too far. we'll explain the controversy.
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
all right. he's all the rage and now he's sparking some rage. we're talking about justin bieber. he's being criticized for a comment he left in the guest book at the anne frank house. >> this is in amsterdam. the "showbiz tonight" a.j. hammer joining us now with what bieber wrote. a lot of people thinking ince e insensitive given who anne frank is and what she went through. >> this particular bit of drama started in a pretty innocent way. justin beieber is on tour and h stopped to visit the anne frank house in amsterdam. after he got a firsthand look at the house where the young girl and her family hid from the nazis for two years, he wrote this little blurb in their guest
9:54 am
book. truly inspired to come here. anne was a great girl. hopefully she would have been a belieber. and that was that last part that got him into trouble. the anne frank house innocently looking to publicize the visit publicized the blurb on their facebook page. that's where it took off and thousands of people weighed in slamming bieber for being so vain that he had to have a note on anne frank focus on himself. this story has become international news with all sorts of slams. we did reach out to justin's rep to ask about the reaction they've been getting over this. they wouldn't comment. >> unbelievable. he's had a lot of controversy on this tour, hasn't he? he seems to be getting in trouble for shooting his mouth off or behavior in some way, shape or form. what's the feeling out there in the show biz world? >> generally people on one side are a bit worried about him and concerned that maybe his fame, his position in life now is sort
9:55 am
of getting the best of him. but then there are a lot of people who really talk about how old justin bieber is and the fact that he is only 19 years old, which is a lot of the reason i think that some people who are willing to let this whole anne frank comment go are doing that. and the anne frank house for their part they're putting a positive spin on this whole thing. they're saying this was a good experience for justin. it's good for the anne frank house. and in fact here's their comment right now. we'd like to point out as we also do on our facebook page, we think it is very positive that he took the time to visit our museum. joousin bieber was very interested in the story of anne frank and stayed for over an hour. we hope that his visit will inspire his fans to learn more about anne frank's life and hopefully read the diary. and by the way, michael and suzanne, i should point out that the anne frank house had a facebook post the morning after justin bieber's visit saying how much anne liked to hang posters of film stars on her walls at the beginning of the hiding period. so who knows, maybe she would
9:56 am
have been a bieber fan. most people seemed to agree justin didn't need to point that out. >> one thing that's good though is there's a lot of attention to the museum and house. i really don't think people would not pay attention if he didn't go there and there was some controversy. now people can learn a bit more about anne frank. >> more people heard about anne frank. and as a.j. points out, he's 19. good point. good to see you, aj. >> you too, guys. >> thanks again. coming up in the next hour of "cnn newsroom," investing in gold might not be the safe bet a lot of people thought it was. what is behind the sudden plunge in gold prices? now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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all right. taking a look at what is trending around the world right now. let's take you to california. ♪ >> bono made a surprise appearance on friday night. he joined belgian artist for impromptu performance at a ranch in california where there were a series of events bringing african and western musicians together. pretty hot. >> yeah, looks like a good time. >> take a look at some of the photos that caught our attention as well. these are buddhists in south asia celebrating the new year with a lot of water works going on. >> in china locals and tourists splash each other in the streets. it's seen as a way to wash away the past and bring in good luck.


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