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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 15, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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be a boston marathon next year. but for certain, the boston marathon has been changed forever. >> it certainly has. thank you so much for joining me. >> you are welcome and please to all of your viewers, please share your thoughts and prayers with those in boston tonight. >> indeed. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> and that's all for this tonight. we will have a much stronger story. stay with cnn for team coverage of the boston marathon bombing. >> hello, everyone. >> this is breaking news coverage of the deadly terror attack during the boston marathon. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> absolutely. you know the city of boston is reeling after a stunning attack that has left three people dead. more than 140 wounded and everyone wondering why.
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the carnage came with two blasts barely 100 yards and just seconds apart. that was the first. here is the second. >> all of this happened right at the finish line. turned into a nightmare of chaos, confusion and bloodshed. the fbi has taken the lead in the investigation and police say they have no suspects right now but they are on the lookout for a man who tried to enter a
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restricted area just minutes before the blast. >> and a boston global journalist was at the finish line and he caught the blasts on tape. look.
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>> weave had an attack. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god.
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>> president barack obama says he has ordered the full resources of the federal government to respond to the boston attacks. he stopped short of calling it terrorism, saying authorities don't yet have all the answers. >> we still do not know who did
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this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this and we'll find out why they did this. any response -- any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice. >> president of the united states earlier today. we are learning of some interesting police activity in revere, massachusetts, just five miles from downtown boston. >> brian todd joins us on the line can you tell us, are police still there on the scene? >> reporter: yes, they are still on the scene. state police are here. possibly other local police and possibly federal officials on the scene. they have been here for several hours investigating, we're told, one apartment here on ocean
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avenue they did not say what they were looking at or who they are talking to. we asked a short time ago if anyone had been arrested and they would not answer that question. what we're told is that the police and other officials have been here since about 5:30 this afternoon. but when we got into the lobby and started to ask state police questions, one of the state police top officials, one of their superior officers came down and said basically that all the questions had to be referred to the fbi and they pretty much shooed us out of the lobby. they have been here for several hours. >> take us into the apartment complex.
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>> the fbi bomb squad, cars with dogs, have you seen that? >> reporter: we have seen a little bit of it. we spoke to a neighbor that said she and her family were scared because of all the activity. there are two apartment buildings connected to one other and she was saying that she was concerned about whatever activity is going on. we are not really sure whether this is any kind of a solid connection to the case or not. we do know that it's got to be related, too, to other local police are here. >> and brian, it's john here. we have to be careful about all
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of the reporting that we're doing and there is a lot of activity but how do we know this is a solid lead? >> you know, we really don't, john. they have only told us that they're checking out one apartment. we're not sure what led them to this apartment. i did talk to the police commissioner. all of the surveillance video and trying to work with the fbi as well in getting other video. possibly from some media outlet's who were at the finish line. they will be working to get some of that video plus surveillance video.
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that was the information that i got at that time. he did confirm as you all have been talking about that there were three fatalities and more than 100 injured. >> thank you. brian todd on the scene of that surge and apartment building. >> i have been hearing on social media that the police have been at the complex all day and some residents have been tweeting and saying that they are looking for a man or men in a sheridan there. we want to check in now with a couple correspondents in boston. have you been able to thereon
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any of the scanner traffic? >> no, don, there is really still so much that we don't know. we're standing here at the corner of exitor and commonwealth. we have been seeing official vehicles come in. unmarked cars going in the perimeter. the fbi has taken over this investigation. they have set up a crime scene perimeter. there is a resource center set up for victims and their families for counseling. there is a whole lot we don't know still about these explosions. we don't know if this was a foreign or domestic attack. there were no early warnings before this attack. no credible threats is the word
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that authorities were using. they are pursuing many leads. who mae have been involved around the scene of this crime, we are still waiting to learn a lot. >> they were saying that there were more than two devices? only two explosions but there may have been another device or two devices that did not go off and that will help investigators in this particular case? >> earlier today we heard many different reports about a number of different explosive devices around boston, even as far out as jfk library, but that turned out to be a fire incident. our chief national correspondent
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talked the one law enforcement official that said yes there were, you know, other devices that were being looked into but they were cautious about
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>> and welcome back to cnn's continuing coverage. >> thank you so much for joining us. it was just before 3:00 eastern time when that blast went off and then a second one. details have been trickling in. >> there were 500 thousand people who lined the roof and
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have taken part in this attack in some way. investigators are slowly piecing together exactly what happened. there is a suspect who is wanted but so far they have no suspect in custody. even before the dust and smoke settled, the frantic rush began. strangers were helping strangers. >> is that blood on the sleeve? >> my pants and clothes. >> show me that flag. >> that was a flag i was holding the bhoel time. this is how the flag ended up carrying the blood. all of this victim. >> my goodness. >> yeah. >> let's go live now. where some of the victims were taken. >> we have been hearing so much about the victims. we have heard there were some amputees. some people had to lose their limbs. what's the very latest on the victims of the bombing there? >> they're dealing with all of
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that here. at one point one of the nurses came out and said it has been an eploegsally trying day. you can really see that on her face. he basically said when the ambulances started coming in, they were coming in in droves and they were coming six at a time. then they started seeing the injuries just as you described. injuries to bone tissue. mostly to the lower extremities. they had to deal with amputees. they also talked about the shrapnel. one doctor told me about that. he said yes, they are in the process. but he wasn't sure if the shrapnel came from a device or materials in the area. that will be part of the investigation. doctors will be helping out when they describe the injuries. 31 patients brought here to the hospital at last count from the
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doctor. at one point nine of the patients were in surgery. doctors working hard to save the lives of the two most critically injured patients. the youngest, a 3-year-old. that young child was taken to children's hospital. so at this point what you have is maybe as one the doctors described here. he said we have been trained in drills for something like this happening but he said nothing in terms of what they have seen could have prepared them for this. >> this must have strezed resources. we know that nine hospitals were involved in treating the wounded. let's look at where they were taken. the numbers that were take on the the individual medical facilities. what have doctors been saying to you about the chaos and confusion that they went through in the hours after the blast?
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>> i'm going to tell you and maybe it's because of the training that they have had but the trauma doctor told me that even though they were seeing the very violent types of injuries that they were seeing he did not use the word chaos at all. it was probably from their point of view it was time just to get to work. the training clicks in and that is what they were dealing with. in trying to treat them and save lives. >> okay. jason, thank you. with the very latest on people who have been injured by the bomb blasts. >> we know now that the fbi is taking over -- a federal agency has taken over the lead on this particular investigation. we want to get insight on that. a former operative who will give us insight on what investigators may be doing right now and who might be behind this right after
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>> we heard the first bomb, okay. and you look and say what? what? and you smell and think oh my god it's a bomb. and then the next one is going off and we're in between the two. the men with us, they just went girls, under us. get down. and they're like go, go. you know? i'm walking and they are hovering over us. you're thinking where is the next one going off? it was quite scary. i went numb and you just do what you're told. it just hits you now. we're out of the city now. it just hits you like oh my, what did i just live through? you know?
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it's crazy. >> one of the many accounts from witnesses who saw this today. president barack obama says whoever is responsible for monday's deadly terror attack will be brought to justice. three people are dead and more than 140 wounded, many of them critically. no one has claimed responsibility. police say they have no suspects. authorities are scouring surveillance video for in clues. for now there are a lot of questions but there are just not too many answers. >> let's try to get some answers. where do they start, bob? >> well, first, i would look at the wiring. how sophisticated was this? the fact that two bombs were
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used? there is a certain level of sophistication. what was the detonator? what was the explosives? they can tell from the wiring. the person had experience. having made these bombs before, it's not easy. you just can't get it on the internet and make two of these bombs go off fairly closely together. somebody had some experience. somebody practiced. they're going to want to know if this came out of the middle east. >> i'm quoting from the quire here. one unexploded device was found and another found at an undisclosed location. what does that do for investigators that there are possibly two devices that did not go off? >> first of all it tells me we're dealing with a group and
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not an individual. this is not like the bombing at the olympics. we're dealing with an organized group. it's going to be a treasure troef. you could find fingerprints on these things. there are a lot of pieces of evidence that will take weeks to put together before we have any idea unless we get very lucky. >> are you willing to make a call yet whether this was a domestic terror group or maybe it was some kind of foreign terror group? >> let's put it this way. entirely speculation. they suggest an al qaeda like group. if it were domestic they would probably come after it the first
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takes on these are always wrong but the mass casualties suggest a middle eastern group or somebody who is really psychotic and crazy. >> why has nobody claimed responsibility? usually pretty quickly after something like this they would claim responsibility. >> these things are inevitably somebody is on the phone or throwing a tape over. so that's another mystery in the hull and why hasn't somebody claimed. >> this was an international event. we had 500,000 people lining the streets. how does that complicate the investigation? >> a 27 mile run, you cannot
10:28 pm
protect these. i don't think we should look at the vulnerables. did they make a mistake? crowds are very difficult if not impossible to protect. >> you have all these people from all over the world how does that make things so much more difficult? >> you can't keep them there. to get out, if it was foreign i wouldn't be surprised if they're on a plane right now. if they are sophisticated, people are gone. >> great insight. >> the twin explosion. there would be initial blast, second blast when the responders arrived to cause maximum amount of injury. it is a hallmark of al qaeda.
10:29 pm
>> i don't think we should underplay, underestimate -- everyone is saying this is really crude. usually someone as organized as quite, it's a bit more sophisticated than this. usually home grown terrorists are crude in this manner. >> as we said, lots of questions, not too many answers. when we come back we will go to the scene of the hospital for the latest news on the bombing and its victims. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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[ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. >> this is cnns continuing coverage. >> we have a lot to get through. >> why don't we tell everyone what we know right now. >> we are now just hours into
10:33 pm
what promises to be a massive terror investigation. the attack near the finish line. more than 140 people have been injured and doctors had to amputate the limbs of at least ten victims. this is classified as a terrorist attack. >> the race made its way into the more populated areas of boston. the first bomb exploded right into the heart of the finish line. officials say the explosions were about 50 to 100 yards
10:34 pm
apart. authorities are scouring video footage and cell phone videos looking for any possible clues. >> they will be trying to obtain copies. the iphone cameras, personal cameras that were being used at the time to see if they could get a view of what individual may have actually placed the device. that's going to be extremely difficult. probably more than half carrying backpacks so they have dry clothing. you're going have people from all over the world carrying packages and backpacks and setting them down on the sidewalk because they're out
10:35 pm
there a long time. >> once again, live, authorities say they have no suspects right now. >> that's right, john. earlier today, officials put out a law enforcement advisory again they are not saying this is a person of interest or a suspect. they are looking for a darker skinned or black male who was wearing a black hoodie and had a backpack and apparently tried to access a restricted area in the marathon site just a few minutes before the bombing. that's according to a bulletin. >> that's a very vague description to say the least.
10:36 pm
what about the security procedures which have been put in place when people wake up later this morning. they will be dramatically increased security. what can they expect? >> there will be tons of street closings in town. but it might be a little bit easier in parts to get around than earlier today. nobody knew where to go. cars were being turned around. just behind me is where the first explosion happened. they set off a crime scene perimeter. it's about a six block radius and nobody will be allowed in there. >> okay. thank you for that. peter was on the scene it has been a long day.
10:37 pm
>> and somebody on the scenes. watching from the sidelines when the blasts went off. here is how he described the scene. >> and then i heard a big explosion about 100 yards down. further from me towards the finish line. it looked like it was on the sidewalk or perhaps the parking lot and i would say the smoke went up as high as a three or four story building. about 20 yards from me another big explosion. i'm not entirely sure. then people started scrambling. people were terrified. this one was awfully close. then i looked to see about six or seven people strewn about
10:38 pm
that area down on the ground. everyone was scrambling to get out of the way. i saw what looked like separate six or seven people being treated by emts or plifs. >> he is one of the hospitals where the wounded had been treated. i can only imagine the stories that you're hearing and loved ones at the hospital. >> it has been an incredibly emotional day. whether it be to check on a loved one. treating the injuries. you have seen the pictures by now. you have been looking at the pictures all day long. even one of the trauma surgeons here told me with all of the
10:39 pm
training they have dealt with, nothing really could prepare them for what their experienced here today. he explained the extent of the injuries, what types of injuries they were seeing here take a listen. >> there is a lot of blast defect. a lot of injury to the muscle and skin. bones are broken. the shrapnel has been a relatively minor issue. no suggestion that the shrapnel was part of the device. >> 31 patients were brought here and the doctor also explained a little bit more about the lower extremities. i thought that was interesting because it gives you a sense of
10:40 pm
the direction of the blast. a lot of those who are in danger of losing a limb, it is their legs. who are critical. the youngest patient who was brought here, a 3-year-old boy. or what we believe to be a 3-year-old boy taken to children's hospital. that happened a little earlier todayment once again it was just, what i really came away with is the look on the faces of the nurses. and some of the doctors as they were leaving here. but it is business as usual. >> thank you very much. when you look at the video of the actual blast you can see how
10:41 pm
targeted some of it was. some of the people around this gentlemen who fell down barely got a scratch. you can see how the force of that blast went out in certain directions. >> it was a concentrated blast. the vast majority of those injured were spectators. >> if we could back that up. i think it's interesting where the one gentleman falls down and the other people around him, there it was. they're not really moved that much. >> nobody trying to figure out exactly what happened. >> it was a compact blast. and lower limbs have been the ones that have sustained the most amount of injuries.
10:42 pm
another indication of the explosion. >> what's coming up? >> we have more news to get to on the other side of the break. we will also check in on the asian markets after a big sell-off in the united states. stay with us. hi i'm terry, and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe because you have a numbness but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point, i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica,
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>> welcome back. we want to recap our top story right now. the deadly terror attack at the boston marathon. two bombs exploding seconds apart near the finish line creating a chaotic scene as runners and spectators scramble to escape with their lives. three people were killed. at least 141 people were injured and take on the local hospitals. 17 are in krit kl condition.
10:46 pm
most of the injuries were caused by small metal debris in the lower extremities. some patients will have to return to the operating room tomorrow. president barack obama addressed the nation anded is those responsible will feel the full weight of justice. >> north korea continues its threats of war now with an a ultimatum. >> monday was the 101st
10:47 pm
anniversary of the founder's birthday. it's the most important holiday on the north korean calendar. festivities are still underway today. standing by live at cnn. how is south korea reacting to this latest threat? >> we did speak with the defense ministry and the defense ministry here is saying they find this latest threat to be quite regrettable the hope is that tensions are beginning to deescalate. we are seeing that trend. it's a bit of a step forward and a couple steps back but the timing of this protest is really what set off this latest tirade. it is quite sensitive. a day where we are seeing kim jong un stop by the tombs of his father and grandfather and
10:48 pm
paying respects. you see a very different image coming from south korea. these south koreans certainly know why they are doing this. they know it's a particularly strong insult so that's why we're also seeing a strong response from the north. one thing we would like to point out is when you compare this statement, and you read through the entire thing it is a bit dialed down. >> there has been no missile launch, just more threat. yet the south koreans are saying that a test launch could still be imminent? >> the south koreans have to assume there may be a missile test launch. if you look at all of the tea
10:49 pm
leaves, one of the things that we look at is whether or not north korea has informed the maritime agencies that they will be conducting a missile test. the government is moving towards believing there may not be a missile test launch. >> it seems plab they have backed themselves into a corner. >> want to check on the markets across asia. it was a big sell off on monday. and while they are in the red it's not as bad as some had thought it koultd have been. >> in fact, the composite is gaining ground but the sell off does continue here. the kpos it was down by four tenths of a pert.
10:50 pm
take a look at the board here. we are seeing investors react. and also for a second day we're seeing pressure on commodities and raw material producers. wheat and corn as well. the price of gold has been sliding down more right now. trading at $1359 an ounce. we're seeing it tick back down. the nikkei is flat as well. it lost ground earlier this morning in trade it has weakened and right now the yen is trading at about 97 yen which is helping
10:51 pm
japanese exporters. the bombings in boston are not having a direct effect on the markets here. also this issue of national security is going to be an underlying concern. john? >> thank you for that. the very latest on the markets in hong kong. we have a lot more to get through. we have a great story about the man who was knocked down? he got up and finished the race and still wants to keep going. we will hear from him. hey america, even though she doesn't need them, cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself.
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>> and welcome back. >> he is john boss. the terrorist attack that ended the 117th boston marathon with three people dead and more than 140 wounded. runner and spectators were knocked off their feet. >> the fbi is now heading up this investigation. so far there are no other
10:55 pm
suspects but police have been questioning several people. a 78-year-old man was blown off of his feet. you have been watching him all day a boston globe photographer was there when it happened and piers spoke with him. >> i just couldn't believe the carnage. there were people on top of people on top of people. i just fear that the death toll will be greater than the three it is there now. >> we have now got on the line bill iferic, who is that gentleman in the orange. bill, thank you for joining me
10:56 pm
tonight. >> the whole world has seen the images of you being blown off of your feet. >> well, i was approaching the last straight aways of the finish line. i had a good day and feeling really good. i got down within about 15 feet of the finishing pron and a tremendous explosion. i knew i was going down. so i ended up down there in the black top. i didn't feel any severe pain. but as i rolled over i seen a little scratch in my leg. nothing too bad. i laid there one asked me if tr
10:57 pm
was anything they could do and offered to give me a hand and helped me get up and over the finish line. so we did that and i felt okay so i told them i was probably all right. he insisted on getting a wheelchair. so we started to do that. i said hey, i'm only -- my hotel is about six blocks away. i think i can make it okay. so they let me get out of there and i went on home to my wife. >> goodness. 78 years old and he went on home to his wife. >> and he's going to continue running marathons. the best photo of the day was with police standing over plmplt iffeing. it was a memorable moment. >> 1897, one of the premier marathons of the world. we know that here in the u.s. >> and we will have a lot more coverage here on cnn here in just a moment. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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