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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 17, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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around the world, joining cnn's continuous coverage. we have breaking news in the investigation here in boston of the marathon attacks. i'm joined by julia kiner and john king. what is the latest? >> we're told fran townsend has a federal source, i have a boston law enforcement source saying an arrest has been made. that is a dramatic breakthrough. waiting for more information. i was told earlier this morning an operation was under way after they had clearly identified a suspect. the breakthrough came, remember, just last night, we were talking about how much progress they made in the how and exactly when. but they hadn't gotten to the who. i'm told based on a video camera at lord & taylor department store a few blocks from here, based on a video camera from that store fixed on the location from the second bombing, across the street from the second bombing, they got what they were looking for. video analysis showing a male showing up and placing the black bag with the explosive device in it, and because of the video enhancement technology, mostly
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dprept sto from the department store, they clearly identified a suspect, a single suspect and an arrest has been made. a briefing scheduled for later this evening, obviously. >> so let's reset chronologically. do we know what point they wound up identifying somebody, do we know a time window? >> i can tell you i was on just before 10:00 last night with anderson cooper and an hour or so before that i talked to a boston source who said we're stymied at the moment. we're doing a great job with the forensics. we know how the bombs work. we know about their power. we have a very good idea of the timing obviously because of all of the video. the who part, this source said they were stymied, so clearly from yesterday evening to the overnight hours, in analyzing this additional video, they were all day yesterday canvassing through the neighborhood, it is a holiday, the stores were closed and on monday when this took place. they go in and say what do you got, and looking at reams of evidence and so many millions of
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frames of video and finally they got what they were looking for. >> fran, help us clarify this, fran townsend, to take this half step back, they're looking at video, they have been asking everybody, call 1-800-fbi and they get video from lord & taylor, look at it, see somebody who puts down a bag, that proximates what they believe was holding the bomb, they identify him as a brown-skinned individual. then through what, fran, do they wind up figuring out who that man is in the video and arresting? >> made some progress on the videos they have, more videos on this one than any case the fbi ever had. especially across from lord & taylor -- >> it was vacation and he said, yeah, leave town, you know, this is going to be a long story. so something good happened between midnight and essentially noon today. >> but help me clarify this part, it is going to be confusing for folks watching us now. they see somebody on the video.
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they say look what he just did. that's our guy. how do we go from that to arrest? >> so we don't know who this individual is. i'll be cautious and say this is a generic law enforcement 101. that person may have already been known to either federal, state or local law enforcement for a variety of reasons. that person might have been part of a community of which they were already known to that community and people had already come forward and said, hey, since monday we haven't seen this guy. now, we're being very cautious and speculative at this stage. but people are known to law enforcement for a lot of reasons, including prior arrests. so law enforcement has a lot of pictures of us for passports and all sorts of other reasons if they're on a search like this. that's generic, how would you find this person. now, determining where he is, if they in fact have him, would have just been following a lot of clues they were getting. what we don't know from the outside is they may have been getting a lot of not just
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eyewitness about what was happening here, but, hey, there was someone who used to live here who doesn't live here anymore. hey, there is some guy in hiding over here. they're getting all sorts of stuff. i want to just say, if all of this unfolds as quickly as we think, at 5:00 today with an announcement, it has been a long two days, but that's pretty remarkable. >> also know this, keeping a calm mind as we go through this, everybody wants to know who did this, it is so terrible, it is so wrong. however, an arrest does not mean guilt necessarily. >> they are -- let me just tell you, on a high profile case like this, they are not going to make this big of a mistake without sufficient evidence. it has happened before. i agree with you. but let me just say, there is a certain -- because it has happened before, a lot of lessons have been learned about how we're going to go forward, how is the government is going to go forward in these cases. now who he and who he -- i always say who he thinks he is, people may be part of a group or they may think that they're part of a group, right?
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his affiliation to domestic or international folks or organizations will have to be shown -- >> important point. we're hearing about one individual right now, one arrest, no understanding even though this vague description of brown skin, whether foreign or domestic, whether they're part of an organization or lone wolf, we don't know any of that, right, john? >> my sources would not go there when i asked about motive and shut down the questioning. we have one individual suspect. are there other suspects? i was sold we have one person in focus, that's our focus now. we'll try to apprehend that suspect, they did concede they clearly identified we are now told an arrest has been made. but these are all great questions including the point about, they say, they say, reputable sources, who says the video, the enhanced video analysis is indisputable of an individual showing up and placing the bag. you make a key point, an arrest leads to what we believe will be a criminal prosecution which opens up a whole host of
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questions. >> can i say on that point, that is why the last couple of days when we have been talking about the response -- >> hold on one second. in terms of understanding where we are, according to the ap, the suspect han taken by u.s. marshals to a federal courthouse. that's obvious procedure. this is a federal crime, done by federal agencies, federal marshals would be the right service agent for this suspect. and taken him to the courthouse. they're following the steps. that's not unanticipated. continue your point. >> on the evidentiary part, we were talking about this, a lot of compliments for the response at the marathon, a shock to everyone. the reason why is because we now -- the government now has to build a case against this individual. and that case will be evidence, it will be the visual evidence of who he was and did he up this bomb down or this explosive down. but also all this material over here. that's why it has been so pristine, so important to get all those runners off. >> and interestingly, this morning, very early, 2-30, that site of the second explosion, lots of people in white jump suits walking around, around the
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mailbox, much busier than the other locations -- >> would lead you to believe they circled back after seeing something in the investigation, also to make clear, chris, we're saying -- we know -- fran has a federal source saying an arrest has been made. i have a boston law enforcement source saying that operation was under way, heading toward an arrest. as always there is some conflicting information about this. and one of our justice producers is saying there is not an arrest yet, apprehension, an arrest, miranda rights being processed, these can all mean different things to different people in the cloud of this. but i am told by a boston law enforcement source that they believe that they have the suspect. >> with anderson cooper here now, word of an arrest here and the boston marathon attacks. we have heard the u.s. federal marshals have taken the suspect to the courthouse that would be obvious procedure in a federal investigation. we believe it all started with videotape they were analyzing from a store across the street from the second explosion, we believe it was a lord & taylor, a man was identified, putting
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down something that officials believe proximated the type of bag that was holding what they thought was an explosive device in one of these that we have been showing you all morning. one of these pressure cookers. and they found him. we're not exactly sure. we don't know what the procedure was, what they cross referenced to find this particular individual. juliette and john said may have been a known person, but now in custody. >> it wasn't just the one video, we believe there was a second video that authorities were also using, correct? >> i was told by the source briefed on the investigation that the major breakthrough came from the department store, lord & taylor, very close to the second explosive location. they said they had a very clear image of a suspect making the drop. the way it was described to me, making the placement of the black bag and backing away and leaving the site. i was told that some additional video provided to authorities by a boston television station, doing live reporting and other taping, filming in the old days, taping in the area had also provided some video that was very useful as part of that enhanced video analysis. i was told the department store
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was the key element, but there was some additional video provided by a boston television station and they enhanced it and that technology improved so dramatically in recent years in part because of post 9/11 investigation, and other criminal investigations, that they said they were able to get in to a very close image to clearly identify a suspect. >> do we know at what hour he was actually arrested? i saw an e-mail from you earlier this morning, really, saying you had a source who was saying there had been significant developments. >> significant developments and apprehended the suspect. the suspect -- as we have at this hour, the associated press, another news organization is reporting a suspect has been brought to the courthouse. we have other sources saying there may be an operation under way but questioning whether an actual arrest has been made. fran townsend, excellent forces in federal law enforcement and national security issues is told by a federal source an arrest has been made. i was told by a boston law enforcement source we got him. so there is a -- >> an abundance of caution here. there couldn't be a more prejudicial arrest to have on you right now than this one,
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when this man is seen, when his name gets out, and that's a whole issue, do we report the name or not, you have to get this right. >> the other question is, is there more than one suspect. was there more than one person? the fact that a timing device was involved, though, could very easily be one person. >> and the question, one person who did this. and this is the actual make and model of the pressure cooker, is there one person who did this completely on their own? was there someone else who knew? was somehow part of the education, if you will. those are the questions that law enforcement will ask. when i asked my sources this morning, i was told we have one suspect, focused on him, we have a breakthrough in the investigation. they just shut down -- they didn't say yes or no, they just shut down the questioning and when i tried to ask about motive, they said we're at a point in the investigation we want to get the suspect, talk to the suspect and we'll deal with -- >> and it happened very quickly, which we were talking about before, trying to figure out how that is possible. >> we were just talking about
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last night, juliette, this potentially being something that goes on for months and months when you look at the atlanta park bombing, the olympic park bombing in the mid-'90s. >> think about the press conference yesterday when we were all remarking and i think they did this in a good way was, look, we need your pictures, we need this film, the media was the second visual that got this guy. and so that all coming together was the most unique way and interesting way in which they were engaging the public in helping us find or helping them find whoever it is they have today. >> also, if they're able -- the fact they were able to sort of realize this was not a device, which could have been set a day or two in advance, and this was not a device which could have been laying out there for many, many hours, it allowed them to kind of whittle down the actual hour they were looking at. >> and one of the -- one of their operating assumptions was that this is someone who worked out -- you have dignitaries, a
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lot more focus on the finish line when the elite runners are crossing and then a changing of the crowd, if you will. people who are your average marathon runners, who finnish four hours or so, everyday people. and you have the some of the families around at that point. the largest number of people crossing. the elite runners are gone, a lot of dignitaries are gone and the boston police and the others are saying that security operations do not lapse, however, there is a changing of the crowd. >> you're looking at live aerials of the courthouse. we're looking for -- we're looking for any kind of movement, if the suspect has in fact been brought there. >> right. i think, you know, john and i,ive with been talking all week about sort of what happens at that finish line and we got here yesterday that they clearly believed then and confirmed by this device that somebody has been here for some time, who knows, a week, maybe they lived here, put the device together, walked it over, knew the marathon pretty well, knew when it got -- john was saying, it is very tight with the elite
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runners and family members, sort of the average runners come forward and place them there. sort of knew this was a boston story, who knows where this guy is from, who his affiliates are, but this has been an investigation which essentially was probably all done here. >> why did the device have to have been put there? notwithstanding the video -- >> not sophisticated, but also, you know, a device that could explode relatively easily. if you wanted to transport, you would never put it on the airplane. you couldn't get it on to an airplane. if you wanted to transport it, even in a car, a shaking could detonate it. this was not a suicide bomber. it was a cowardly -- >> you also have a highly secured area, where dignitaries are going to be and there are security sweeps in the days, even on that day and so it has to be in the last several hours. >> i used to do security when i worked for the governor of the boston marathon and people have been talking about bags.
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there are with so many bags. anyone who has seen a marathon, there are lots of bags. and so the chances are nothing was left well before the marathon, but someone would easily drop a bag during it. >> jewuliette, we have deb feyerick on the phone. you spoke to a photographer who was near the suspect? i'm not hearing -- >> hello? hello? >> yeah. deborah, can you hear us? deborah, can you hear us? >> yes, hi, chris. hi, chris. hi, everyone. we -- the pictures that you are probably showing on air right now, a man who seems to be running from the location and what makes this picture so interesting and why the fbi has been asking the gentleman who shot it is because the man ran away from the blast virtually at
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the moment -- the second after it detonated. and the positioning of the body, his -- the way he's faced, the fbi is looking at it to understand. the man who took that picture works in the building next door and was snapping photographs all day and decided to wander over to the scene, wander over to the window at that moment and then he heard the blast. he recorded about 12 different snapshots of this individual running from the scene and so we know that the fbi has questioned him as to what he may have seen, but it happened so quickly, it is just -- the positioning of the body, the man actually jumps over a woman who has fallen on the ground and behavior -- the way he's moving, the way he's acting, running away from the
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blast, that's being looked at by the fbi at this moment. >> deborah, you talked to the person who took the images. at the time, did he notice anything about that person or was he just videotaping the scene without realizing what he had captured? >> that's what is so incredible about this. he said that the explosion happened and it was deafening and everyone was in shock. if you look at the people who are around this -- that one image of the man who is sort of coming through the smoke, everyone was stunned, except this one individual. he didn't know what he was looking at. a photographer didn't even know what he was looking at. he downloaded the images and realized that there was something on there that simply didn't fit. wasn't consistent with the responses of everybody else. the fbi has not identified any names, has not spoken to anybody, but what is fascinating about this entire investigation in a way is that they're
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re-creating everything through the images. almost as if they had thousands of witnesses, each of whom may have seen this one sliver, one snapshot that pieces together the whole of what went on there. but, no, he didn't even realize what he was looking at because it happened so fast. but we do know he was turned away from the blast and running within a second of it going off. >> well, first of all, amazing that this man took it upon himself to go back and review the photos because he had this instinct about it, literally a normal citizen reaching out, may have helped the investigation. just to clarify, deb, you're sure that federal officials have been meeting with him, have this photo in their possession, it is something that they have reviewed? >> they absolutely do. they spoke to the photographer at least three times, asked him about the photographs, and they have reviewed these photographs to see whether in fact they're consistent with images that
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they're now piecing together through others. now, certain snapshots that are circulating at the highest levels of individuals, people with interest who may have been identified. so how the fbi has their names, how they were able to join on the actual identity, that is clearly good work on their part. but we do know that, in fact, he was interviewed, but, again, when something happened that fast, people react differently. maybe this individual was just trying to run, get away from it. but if you look very closely, at everyone around him, the way they're holding their ears, the way they're stunned or flattened, you can tell that this is just -- it is out of context, it is not an ordinary behavior for what we're talking about at that moment. >> deborah, we understand authorities, another video that has been instrumental is this video taken outside or near the lord & taylor department store.
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do you know where this -- the person you talked to, we have been showing where that camera was in relation to the camera by the lord & taylor? >> the camera that he was pointing out, this was right by the finish line. the man works at a building positioned right at the finish line, and so he was focused out. so, i'm not 100% clear in terms of what the juxtaposition is, but, again, one thing that has to be kept in mind as well, this was the first blast to occur, and then they have to piece together whether it would have been possible for a single individual to detonate the two devices at the same time or whether in fact there were men in the crowd communicating with each other about dropping their packages and moving on. so sort of items that they got to cross off their list. >> can i -- can i just say something, so this is -- i shouldn't say this on tv, but
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this is a good time when tv unfolds, maybe faster, there is a difference between identification, which everyone can confirm now, right? everyone is saying it and whether there is an arrest. and the arrest is significant because the 5:00 p.m. presser, which is now confirmed, is going to tell us either we have the guy, or it is going to say we need your help finding the guy. and that's significant for the public, for our sense of safety here. so this may be very different about an hour if we learn there has been no arrest. but the good news is is that there is an identification of an individual. >> this is someone who could be taken into custody without an arrest. >> there this is all the termin. nobody can confirm right now be, at least a public official is confirming right now that there is an individual in custody -- something legal about to happen to him. until we know that, then the 5k p. 5:00 p.m. is relevant, because we'll learn if we got him, which is great, that was only 48
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hours, or we'll need your help finding him or he's long gone. >> it is extraordinary, just the omnipresence of cell phone cameras, how it has changed everything. and it appears aided in this investigation. >> that's what they knew. when they came out on monday, tuesday was just particularly sort of -- desperate is the wrong word. just asking people to come forward. >> there had been a lot of concern yesterday afternoon that they were learning more about the device itself, devices themselves, that they didn't have -- they weren't very far along on any kind of suspect. whether or not they had information then they weren't giving out or the break was made subsequent to that afternoon press conference, we don't know. >> right, exactly. by the time i finally went to sleep at about midnight, i had had a conference with someone in boston police who sort of implied that this was going to be a long haul and everyone should get some sleep. >> 30 different government agencies involved, one very easily could be obsessing over this manufacturer, where they were sold, but at the same time, if you're processing the video and see an image, and cross
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references with this photo, then it has really nothing to do with the pressure cooker, you identified it independently. you made the point about the arrest, though, we should take a second on. if there is an arrest, that means they found more than identification, they found probable cause for this. that's a pretty legitimate legal -- >> that's what i was saying. everyone is watching. i have enough confidence in government having served in it that there is not going to be a very public screwup and that's why i'm going to stand here and be somewhat cautious about what we know in terms of a specific arrest as compared to knowing who the individual is. now, this is going to unfold in a half hour, an hour, people will know more in sort of a short time. but -- >> they could bring him in without an arrest, it could be an interview. he could have consented to it. >> he could have consented to t but the kinds of information that is going out is it would be -- let's say there is -- there is a performance factor going on here for the government as well. that they, you know, they had a good response, but, you know,
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people are -- people involved here, the jttf, the fbi, the department of justice, this white house, they are not going to put someone forward and say, oh, sorry, 48 hours later. so let's just -- we should be cautious until we actually know there is a person in custody. why this is relevant is if there is still someone on the loose, i don't want to say this person will do something again, we'll need the public again to tell us as we have in other cases, maybe you've seen him, maybe you saw him leaving boston, this city emptied out since monday. we have hundreds of thousands of people here during the boston marathon. a lot of people are gone. and so if that person is not here, they may be -- >> there are also people still in the hospital, still in critical condition, who may have seen something who were very close to the device when it went off. those closest to the device, those most injured, and they may be upon information down the road. >> it is very possible we have all this information and we know
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who the individual is between the picture and previous information that we have about this person. and as i was saying before, just in general law enforcement, you're going to track a picture down, might have a picture of someone, they might be a part of a community that has been worried about where this person had gone, i'll be vague here, and the capture of that person. and until -- we don't want to get too far ahead of this, this has significance for the capture of this person, if he's free, if he's out and about, the public needs to know who it is. >> remember, just take half a step back, this is accelerated incredibly quickly. even by john who is ahead on the reporting, within the span of an hour and a half, we went from them saying on videotape, they identified somebody putting down a bag, right, they said, well, we know the individual is a brown-skinned male. that's what they said. a lot of people get offended, why are you describing him like that. within an hour and a half, we get word he's in custody. >> right. >> obviously --
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>> the other question is, remember two days ago there was that bolo, be on the lookout, alert to law enforcement, for somebody in a dark sweatshirt, with a black bag who had attempted to gain access to a secure area and was turned around. apparently with a foreign accent. we have no idea if that correlates to the person that seems to be a suspect at this point. >> and to what government has going for it now is at least a sense of competency, this has been handled by local, state and federal law enforcement, in a really measured sane way, it is very scary for those of us who live here, what happened. the response was good, the investigation has been very open and public. to make an arrest that they don't have enough on is just -- i'm pretty confident that's not going to happen. if the public loses confidence in what is going on, they're going to lose confidence iny our safety and security and that's not something any government official wants. >> obviously the person, if they have been arrested or when they are arrested has -- is read
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their miranda rights, has the same rights as any other criminal -- >> this is good old-fashioned law enforcement and works in a lot of these cases. >> even though it is described as an act of terrorism, they still have -- >> criminal terrorism. >> the other -- so many questions once they identified this person to answer. did this person act alone? did this person place the device alone and yet have cohorts who helped manufacture the device. >> doesn't have to answer any of that. >> that's where the investigation will go. >> these are hypothetical. he will be in law enforcement custody. there are a lot of ways to entice people to speak, there are a lot of ways to -- if you have an individual, to determine who he has been with or other -- >> where that person lives, what their neighbors have seen, if he come and went from the apartment, phone records. >> this was not a suicide bomber, right? so this is a person with a lot of motives that might be able to be used by good law enforcement to get other information out. this is not someone who wanted
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to die for the cause. that means there is a weak link there. >> it is very possible that if this was done with some sort of political agenda, some sort of desire to make a statement, that person may very well may want to continue to make a statement using their own words. >> they may have that -- a lot of people believe that they are part of an organization of which that organization has no idea that they're a part, a lot of people have delusions, a lot of crazy people, so if we learn that they believe -- >> juliette has been saying this from the beginning, sometimes people think they're acting in direction of a cause that they're really not even a part of. >> right. people have delusions of grandeur. so we have to be very cautious about his representation of who he is, right? i'm a member of some grand organization, whether it is domestic or foreign, and really where the evidence points. and that's what law enforcement is for. but this is, you know, the debate we had for the last 12 years about whether terrorism should be a war of law enforcement this is how it
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unfolds. >> we're getting some conflicting reports about an arrest. we have tom fuentes with us now. tom, can you hear us? are you with us? >> yes, i can. >> all right, tom. what are you hearing? >> i have actually three separate sources, but two that are very highly placed and close to the investigation that have just told me that there has been no arrest, and, in fact, a suspect has not been identified by name yet, that they have -- they're looking for someone, but don't have anybody in custody yet and don't have an identification. >> okay. now, that would be, you know, we don't know what's right or not right at this point. as anderson always says, you don't want to go down the road of speculation wrongfully, but to say they went from spotting someone on a videotape with a very vague description to finding him in such a short amount of time is a very unbelievable thing. it is possible. >> my caution, though, it is -- look, the people involved with law enforcement, sorry i've been
11:29 am
so cautious and i was getting a little nervous we were getting ahead of this, but there is a lot of people involved in this investigation and a lot of people only know some pieces. someone may have heard something. and i think, you know, in some ways just waiting to turn. but on your point, this -- the idea that they went from millions of people -- pieces of evidence to a picture of a guy is not bad news. this is good news. and then now we're going to have to engage the public to get the person. >> tom fuentes, formerly with the fbi. repeat that. what you're hearing from three separate sources is no arrest, and they do not know the identity of the person. what do they have? >> well, they have the photos that have been described, and the photos are pretty clear as to what the person looks like. so they have a description to work with. and try to be seeking an individual, for sure. but they don't have someone in custody yet, and they don't have the identity yet to be putting
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out, so there has been nobody arrested or -- you can parse the wording, whether you want to call it custody or arrest or detained or any of that, no one has been brought to that status yet, where they have somebody that they have been talking to. >> all right, tom. you want to bring in fran. >> one more question. do you have a sense whether they are going to appeal again to the public for -- to try to help identify this person or is this something that at this point they don't feel that's necessary? do you know? >> i think that would be necessary. and i'm sure they'll continue to appeal it. and even if they had a suspect in custody, they would still be appealing to the public to get additional information to provide ample evidence or more evidence to support the prosecution down the line. so they would always be continuing to seek the public support all through this process of the investigation. there is going to be as much or more investigation that would need to be conducted after a person is in custody as much as
11:31 am
getting them to the point of being in custody. >> right. >> all right, tom, let's consider another source. we have fran townsend with us now. what are you hearing? >> wolf, anderson, so, look, i've been on the phone, as has tom fuentes, as you just heard from him, i've spoken to two senior administration officials and another federal official. all have said that what tom said is right, there is not somebody in custody or arrested. that the situation is very fluid. they're working closely with their local counterparts, that they're working to positively identify the individual, who is on these two videotapes. and that there -- there was a misunderstanding. that was said to me, not so much that we misunderstood, but there has been a misunderstanding and lots of cross communications as understandably as law enforcement tries to work through this, what they have got, who it is, what the purpose of that is, and what the next
11:32 am
steps are. so i, myself, have had conflicting reports and i want to just to be clear with you that they think that is a result of the chaos and quickly unfolding law enforcement situation up in boston. >> so the minimum standard of what we believe to be true right now is that after cultivating evidence of photographs and of videos from surrounding stores in the area, law enforcement believes that they have identified a male, who seemed to act in a way that was consistent with putting down a bag that they believe could have contained a bomb, and in the photos seems to exit the scene in a manner and at a time that seems consistent with having put down that bag, knowing what is in it and leaving? that's what we seem to be -- >> that's what we talked about yesterday, that they had stuff before, stuff after and that image they finally got, that person, though, we do not know, or we cannot confirm as fran
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said, there is a lot of noise out there, where that person is or even if we know who that person is. and that is why -- the press conference has been pushed a couple of times by public officials. the reason they're trying to figure out what is our message to the public because this may be part of a -- a manhunt now. which is not atypical. >> a difficult task, also. everybody wants this person caught five minutes ago. to go from an image in a photo or on a piece of video to knowing who that person is, is a big leap. >> 48 hours. it has been a long 48 hours. >> joe johns is standing by. i'm told he's not standing by anymore. we'll try to get in touch with him. joe has excellent sources and we have been relying on him in last 48 hours for an awful lot. joe, are you -- if you're there, what are you hearing? >> hi, anderson. can you hear me? >> yeah, you're on the air. what are you hearing? >> i have talked to a pair of
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highly placed department of justice officials, and they both tell me that no arrest has been made. and it appears that no one is in custody as far as they can tell. i was told by one of the officials that they had actually triple checked. so that seems to be the case over the department of justice and they have been trying to figure out what the confusion is and where all this information is coming from. back to you, anderson. >> it is just a reminder, and a reminder that we have been -- that we have gotten time and time again instances like this initial reports so often are wrong. there are so many different agencies involved, so many different people that have small pieces of the puzzle and tell reporters a small piece and allows us to try to paint the larger picture. >> background in law enforcement it make me cautious on that because i do think -- i think what is animating a lot of the need right now by government, local, state and federal, and is that something bad happened,
11:35 am
unprecedented 48 hours ago. that was -- we have not had a successful small scale terrorist attack since 9/11, and it did shake us. so what is important is that the investigation is going forward, we're getting these links, we only have been 48 hours, we have a picture of a guy, that he hasn't been arrested yet, should not be viewed as bad. >> critical to this investigation was their ability to secure the crime scene very quickly, to move people out in an ever expanding radius of -- >> security at boston marathon, worried about dehydration and, of course, crowd control issues and exhaustion. and that's what that medical tent used to be for, became a triage unit before. and the sort of almost, you know, simultaneously decision to move thousands of people away from coming over the crime scene. crime scene was huge, was brilliant from a perspective of
11:36 am
retaining the evidence. >> to divert the runners who had not -- >> they could have got stuff in their shoes, could have walked over things, they would have sort of made this crime scene messy. it was messy already. you didn't need thousands of runners making it more messy. that's going to be the solid evidentiary work that then leads to a -- if we find a person, to bringing a -- the goal is not just a case, it is a successful case. >> so let's do this. let's close the circle on this initial report that there may be someone in custody, jake tapper is over at the court. jake, if you're with us, is there any sense of any activity on that end? >> well, there sure are a lot of reporters here, chris. there is a huge media throng. there do seem to be some law enforcement officials out in force as if something is about to happen, but while a crowd has collected to look on to whatever may happen and there are dozens and dozens of tv cameras and reporters and satellite trucks, there is nothing concrete happening in terms of the perp walk that some seem to be
11:37 am
expecting now. >> let me know if you hear anything. to be clear, if there is no arrest, if there is no one in custody. >> and multiple sources are telling a variety of our reporters -- >> that seems to be the case. >> and, in fact, no name of a suspect. >> we don't know. they might have an internal name they're not going to disclose because they have some information that is going to lead them in the next 48 hours. >> what would they be doing right now? what are the different avenues to identifying someone that they pick out from a piece of video? >> okay, so, they might have a picture of this person already through either public sources or through other investigatory sources, got to be careful here. we don't know if this person has under have surveillance, if they were part of -- part of a group that they're already looking for. >> a known quantity. >> a university or a college or someone they can make the facial identification which would then give you a name. if they don't have that, if this is some random guy, don't have a picture of him, i would anticipate that by the end of
11:38 am
the day they will probably try to engage the public as they rightfully should because the person lived here. we -- had to have been here for some time. i have been saying -- i know the boston marathon is a global event, but it is quite local. and -- >> why not have made the device somewhere else, driven into town, and -- >> you could drive it. it would be risky to drive. >> why? explain why? >> temperature factors might have this detonate, the bouncing might have it detonate. and i just keep going back, this was not a suicide bomber. so that makes it harder, right? because they have a motive and they're also gone. this is someone who did not want to die for the cause. that means that they wanted to protect themselves as they were dropping this at various sites. and then what that also means is in the investigation itself, right, in the questioning, this is going to be -- you're going to be able to use the fact that he may not be as strong for the cause as a suicide bomber to get information from them.
11:39 am
but i've been saying, patience is hard, i know, but this is the kind of thing that as i said, you -- you want a case, you want a person, but want the right case and the right person and we want a guilty verdict. that's the goal. >> when we hear the joint terrorism task force is overseeing this, involved with this, we know the fbi is the lead investigation, agency on the case, how does. jttf work? they're all sitting in a room together? >> there is a room where they meet, i won't disclose where it is, it is here, it is run by an individual, tends to be an fbi agent. they are -- for many things, just sort of a management person, they are managing all the different pieces coming in. and, you know, in this instance we might have immigration, department of homeland security may have a big role, immigrations, customs and border enforcement, you'll have state and local officials, they sit in a room. when there is not a case, it is a lot of sharing information, we're following up on this. when there is a case, they have been there 24/7, they have gotten support from d.c. there are other people here.
11:40 am
we're all pretty tired. part of what you learn and in crises is also sort of emotional management, right, and energy management. you have to. it is -- and because this could be a long haul. they are then sharing information, but the head of the jttf has done press conferences and will work with the fbi and the case is eventually brought by the u.s. attorney here in d.c. >> the truth in analyzing video, they have hundreds of videos, thousands of still photographs to go through. do we have a sense of how big an operation that is? are there multiple video terminals and screens? >> i would guess thousands of people are involved because we have different federal agencies that have the capacity, the fbi couldn't do this alone, you'll have the ncc, the department of homeland security, the counterterrorism center, you're going to have state and local have capacity and so everyone is looking. >> and then once they have identified through, say, that lord & taylor video and the
11:41 am
other video, we believe two videos that were key to the identification to the extent of this apparent suspect, alleged suspect, once they do that, i imagine they have to go relook at everything they already looked at with that person in mind. >> right. and then -- my guess is that's what made them pretty confident because they had -- they finally had the middle piece, they didn't have before, then they could go both backwards and forwards and see what this guy was doing. he did start running after he dropped the bag in terms of timeline. >> we don't really know how confident they are. we believe they saw somebody who they think is acting in a suspicious way, but who he is and what he was doing and what the rational would be. mike brooks is with us. he's a legal analyst, worked in the area of homeland security f you can hear us, what would be the basis of sufficiency to make the call to arrest someone in a situation like this? >> i was with the fbi's joint terrorism task force as a washington field office for six years. and was one of the team leaders with their evidence response team also, worked bombings
11:42 am
overseas, here in the united states. one of the things they're going to do, we talked about technology, we talked about this video and all the pictures. we have seen this picture of this person, we have been looking at, deb feyerick was talking about the ben thorndike photos. what they have done, they will take this picture, any video that is along that route, and they will try to put together a timeline. going back before, during and after and what they'll do is they'll take this video, and they will send it to quantico. the fbi lab at quantico has an engineering section. i've used them on a number of my cases to help enhance video, and the technology has increased so much, you know, over the years -- >> mike. >> yes, go ahead. >> mike, i'm sorry, joe johns, we're getting word, has new information on the justice department. j joe, what are you hearing? >> again, anderson, the sum and parcel of what i've been told is
11:43 am
that no arrest has been made. i talked to one justice official who said that person had checked three different times, three different sources. a second justice official e-mailed me and said no arrest has been made. so, i mean, that's essentially where we stand at this time. we're trying to get some -- >> so we got that. joe, did they -- okay, good. >> yes. >> joe, where are they willing to go? no arrest, we got it. do they believe they have a specific individual, a name, do you know what type of level of information they're acting on? >> no, not at this time. and i'm not willing obviously to speculate on what they may have. the communications have been pretty curt and to the point to me. it was a one sentence statement pretty much, no arrest has been made. i've checked three times. so there you have it. at least at this point. >> okay. john king is also now joining us
11:44 am
of the you've been working your sources. >> i was one of the people first on the air when we said fran townsend had a federal source saying an arrest has been made, i had a boston source saying we got him. i'm checked they as high as the attorney general of united states who would know if an arrest has been made. this law enforcement communicated with significant progress has been made, but no arrest. anyone who says an arrest is ahead of themselves. went back to the boston law enforcement sources who said got him, identification on arrest, the source says can't talk to you right now, says there is significant blowback of the leaks. more information later today. one source i was communicating with said even to say there was an specific identification was to go too far. but several boston and other sources said we have identity based on the enhanced video. they call it a significant breakthrough but there has been some significant confusion and question of an arrest. >> what identification means is also up for debate. that could mean actual name, that could mean a video image. we don't know.
11:45 am
>> legally it means we do know a little bit. it is a term of art. identification means this guy, that's all it means. doesn't mean they have a name. it doesn't mean he's recognizable. we're looking for this -- >> they were saying earlier -- they were saying a couple of hours ago that they had clearly identified a suspect. that indicates that they were looking at a specific individual. >> i think we know there is no arrest because there is not 10,000 cops at the federal courthouse. there has not been an arrest like this in a very long time. that could be confirmed. but maybe we're a long way, unfortunately, this is going to make how far they have come look like not far enough. it looks like -- put this in perspective. this event happened -- >> it is a needle in a hay stack, even if you take it at the minimum standard. even if they believe they isolate somebody who they see in a photo or piece of video doing anything they believe is connected to what looks like the bag and the bomb that they're looking for, it is a need until
11:46 am
a hay sta needle in a hay stack in and of itself. >> this is a significant move that is not the person, probably means at 5:00 we'll learn a little bit more and also engage the public in the search. and it is relevant because if we get too far ahead, people -- the culprit may you know, sort of do things we don't want him to do. so we will remain until we know his name, we'll sort of keep it close. >> the question becomes process. >> yes. >> the question also becomes, again, to say this, part of this reflects on us, part of it also reflects on people you talk to, reliable sources, and fran townsend is one of our finest people, boston law enforcement source saying we got it. when you have people who have been reliable sources if they're ahead of themselves, we need to circle with them. we need to figure this out ourselves. but you to have -- there is clearly something afoot today and now you have people who are out there, pulling back some and need more information. >> and part of this may be if there are -- part of the reason for this is that this individual
11:47 am
may be known or unknown. this individual may have -- may have a name we know about. but there are accomplices and affiliates of him we don't have yet. so we don't want to get too far ahead of this. all of this is sort of unfolding in a way you would expect given that it was only two days ago. >> let's give mike brooks, you still with us? >> still here, chris. >> let's pick up on this point of assuming they have seen someone on a video, let's use the word identified, they're trying to pursue, what are the different tools available, how does this usually work at this point? >> as i said, they're going to try to enhance that to try to identify who this person is, have they had any contact, they're going to put it out across every field office in the fbi. and law enforcement, to find out who this person is. you know, i go back, if you want to go back to the centennial olympic park bombing, i was running the show up in d.c., the olympic site up there, people
11:48 am
running the whole security there, and when that happened, we put up the phone lines. well, we had an image and we were getting -- we put it out there to the public, said, do you identify -- do you know this person? can you identify the clothes? who is this person, try to identify. this could be where we are. but there is a lot of other things too. this person, they could have a person in pocket, if you will. waiting for certain things to happen, waiting for certain testing, pictures to be enhanced before they do anything. i just got a text from one of my federal law enforcement sources, two words, no arrest. so, you know, is this person in the hospital? this picture we were looking at earlier that we were talking -- started to talk about before joe johns came in, the ben thorndike picture, that person, i have looked at that this morning, i blew it up, looking at a number of different pictures, that person is burned. you see the clothes hanging off of that person. now, is that -- is this person
11:49 am
in the hospital possibly with injuries? we don't know. these are all questions that remain unanswered. could this person that we're talking about be in a hospital? and they're still waiting for certain things to happen before they make an arrest. these are all questions that we don't have answers to. >> yes. >> mike, as you were saying, you were involved in the centennial park bombing. talk about the timeline of that investigation a little bit because richard jewell, who identified the bomb -- the suspicious package before it went off, called over some law enforcement personnel, they were actually able to get eyes on the device before it detonated. they were able to start to clear out the area, even before one person was killed by the device, another person died of a heart attack on the way running to the scene. but they actually got eyes on the device and even with that, how long did it take for the investigation to actually determine who was responsible? >> well, in that particular case, you know, yeah you mentioned richard jewell, you know who was a security guard
11:50 am
there at centennial olympic park who pointed out to law enforcement and then he became the focus of law enforcement for quite some time. and, you know, wound up suing some news agencies, the government, anyway. but they were able to identify some pieces of that particular device and able to link that, you know, with eric robert rudolph, to a bombing of a clinic here in sandy springs, georgia, and then a secondary device, a device back in birmingham, alabama, and then a device that they were able to render safe at a nightclub here in atlanta, and that is how they were able to come up with eric robert rudolph along with surveillance video and a lot of other evidence that they had. but it was a number of years before they were able to arrest eric robert rudolph in murphy, north carolina. i broke the arrest for cnn of his arrest. >> even identifying him, my
11:51 am
point is even having eyes on the device before it went off, being able to tell what kind of device and compare that to other devices, that investigation took -- we're talking months, i believe, so the speed with which this seems to be moving is quite notable. >> right, you know, you have a lot more social media, you have everyone who was a video journalist with their camera, or anything else, and here you had on boylston street probably the most filmed block, if you will, along the boston marathon of anything that was going on in the united states that particular day. so you have all of that, but we look at all of the pictures, and you had investigators going up and down boylston street, trying to collect every piece of video, from any stores that may have had their own surveillance cameras and asking for the public's help. in talking to some of my sources yesterday, they said, yeah, we're making progress, but really didn't have a whole -- a whole lot, if you will.
11:52 am
but now, you know, are we moving towards an arrest right now? we really don't know. >> you have this one we keep pointing out, domestic versus foreign. why is it relevant in the analysis? >> if it is domestic, the person has only domestic ties, i think the investigation will be easier because it is probably much more localized, boston, massachusetts, new england. if it is a foreign affiliate, it is going to involve other countries who may not want to go public with their assistance to us and other intelligence agencies. so it gets bigger. but why it sort of is very important to be cautious is, one, we haven't seen a picture of this person, so we don't know who he is, or who he might look like. but if there are affiliates, just -- you don't want to tip anything. and so what we know is a nonsuicide bomber has been identified at least on a picture, that picture, whether we have a name or not, we don't
11:53 am
know, and that that person will be hopefully found because the end stage isn't that big and hopefully he didn't get on an airplane. and that's all we know or can confirm. that we have a picture is excellent. this is good news. may not be the news everyone in boston or the united states wants, but it is pretty good. >> a picture and also the remnants of the device itself, with perhaps identifiable numbers, serial numbers on them or -- that may be able to be tracked down. >> right. as i said you want the right person and the guilty verdict and those take time. so the fact -- the speed -- the government is not being judged by speed right now. the damage has already been done and it is now just going to be judged -- you get the conviction. >> how difficult is it when you have dozens of government agencies, state, federal, local, all in a room, trying to work toward a common cause? obviously everybody wants to be on the same side, but how
11:54 am
logistically difficult an operation is this? >> i tell you, the terrorism task force, the fbi realizes when they're in cities like boston, washington, new york, they can't operate by themselves. that's why you have a task force. that's why you bring all the locals together, get them security clearances, and they can assist in your operation, because who has better sources on the street, who has better assets than the local law enforcement? you know, i can also tell you that i was there for six years, i had an office in the fbi field office, when we went overseas. you know, i was the team leader, running the post blast investigation in nairobi, in kenya, at the u.s. embassy there. they take you and you're basically sworn in, as a deputy u.s. marshal, you have federal arrest power. and so i think the task forces have come a long way. and working together, you're there as a joint operations center, as they get tips in, you f know to the fbi tip line who
11:55 am
takes this lead, where is this going to go, they take the leads, field them out to the different field offices and it is all case management. and that's one of the things the fbi does best. now, when we're looking at the pressure cooker and all of the frag and everything else along the crime scene, all of that is being taken down to the fbi explosives lab. they have explosives examiners who will take this, compare this with components of other bombs that have gone off in the united states and overseas. what a lot of people don't realize, a lot of the ed ordina that goes off as we're investigating in iraq and also afghanistan, a lot of that comes back to the fbi explosives lab to see if there is any link analysis between anything that may go off in the united states, overseas, also other allies, our intelligence agencies. they're talking to each other about the makeup of these bombs. you know, back in 2010, in july of 2010, an information bulletin
11:56 am
went out to all law enforcement talking about pressure cookers as a possible improvised explosive device, and the makeup of them. you know, we have seen also other journalists that mention this. so we talk about domestic, international, transnational, it is really too early to tell because it is not something that has not been on the fbi's radar before, because you can take anything for the most part, guys, and put together an improvised explosive device. >> yeah. deb feyerick is standing by, some information she's been getting. what are you hearing? >> well, anderson, we want to confirm, wrap up sort of a couple of loose ends. the fbi is staunchly denight that anyone has been arrested. a statement now being posted says there has been no arrest. and they warned members of the media that we have to be careful in our reporting because in their words there are unintended
11:57 am
consequences. earlier, john king reported that they do have sort of an identifier of somebody putting a package down across the lord & taylor at one of the blast sites and that's a big deal. what we can't do is get ahead of ourselves and say that they know who that individual is. and that's what the fbi is working right now. that is what all the law enforcement agencies are working. there have been no arrests. i asked whether in fact does that mean somebody is in custody? is somebody being questioned? do they have somebody on the radar who may have been on a watch list or somebody whose name comes up again and again and they said no. there are no arrests. all they really have are the photographs. and in the words of somebody i spoke to earlier, anderson, he said, look, what is going on now, it is like trying to document grains of sand, piecing everything together, to make sure that it all fits, they know who was where, when, but no arrests, no one in custody, no one being questioned.
11:58 am
but right now, they are going and interviewing people who may have seen things, but they know clearly that they have gotten images of somebody and now they're searching down that image, anderson. >> so let's reset. thank you, deb. just back up. there has been a lot of different things going on here. so, here is what we understand at this time. a quorum on it. you have a massive effort, 30 federal agencies, state and local, federal, working together, thousands of people, some here, other states as well. we get word today that through an analysis of videotape, they believe that they have seen the authorities, somebody act in a suspicious way with respect to a bag that they believe contained a bomb. they believe he exited the situation and because of that, they are now looking for him. we have gotten reporting out of the authorities that they have identified somebody as opposed to just seeing something on the video. from that point on, that's really all that is reportable at this time.
11:59 am
yes, different people involved in the investigation have given more information. okay. that is not just the name, there has been action taken. the ap was reporting someone was on their way to the courthouse. none of that is true at this time. there is no arrest, as far as we know, as far as what is reportable, there is no arrest, no name to be offered. but we know at the end of the day, good news. >> right. and just to say, this person now knows they're identified. this is now -- that is going to have relevance for trying to get him. and that is -- that may have been purposeful. in other words, the leaks, the media may have been used, i don't know, to be told we have the picture. this person now knows they're identified. >> why does he now know that? >> people report it, right? >> they report someone is identified. >> but it is a picture of him. so now he may do something stupid. that's good, right? someone hiding out now gets worried they're being watched,
12:00 pm
they do something stupid, sort of show their hand and get arrested. so this may be part of a -- >> law enforcement uses media. >> are you shocked? >> shocked. >> it is interesting. and kind of a delicate dance for law enforcement at this point now do you go completely public with what you have in the hopes that -- like they did with the unabomber, releasing his manifesto, that led to the brother of the unabomber identifying some of the nature of the writing. do you go public with all of the information you have in the hopes that that will stir the pot and alert somebody, or do you try to hold it close to your vest? >> it may be too soon -- i think it will depend on whether there is a hot trail or a cold trail. if there is a picture of someone and they have no idea, hundreds of thousands of people at the boston marathon, the trail may be cold, and they may want to go public because, as i've been saying, this person was here from -- for some time. we can know that just
12:01 pm
intuitively, this is a person who knew the area. if it is hot, no. they might be close. and they're hoping he's doing something stupid right now, that would -- >> just to close the circle on this, we have reason to believe that they have someone identified, it is progressing that way. no more information at that time, it is good news. we have a correspondent over at brigham and women's hospital, elizabeth. there is activity over there. what do you know? >> yes, there is. very quickly it transformed from having a little bit of police presence, having a lot of police presence. and what we have been told by two brookline police officers is that they believe the hospital or at least a part of it is being evacuated. that's what we were told by brookline police officers. brookline is a town right next to boston. and you can see that the streets to the east, francis street to the east has now been blocked off. there is no traffic coming to or from. you can see the policeman in the middle there who sat the
12:02 pm
brookline police force is also state police troopers here. we were told by two police officers that the hospital is -- they believe the hospital is being evacuated or at least a part of it is being evacuated. >> all right. >> is there any reason why, elizabeth, that it has been offered other than just these two police officers saying it? >> no. no. we asked about that and they don't know. these are police officers who are here just doing their job and trying to help people get across the street and blocking off the traffic and they didn't have a reason why. >> we should point out, in a situation like this, after a big story like this, oftentimes there are people who call in all sorts of threats. we have seen this, and frankly a lot of it is not even worth reporting because you don't want to do anything that encourages other people to call in threats else where. there have been a number of evacuations in places, novel junot just in boston. i think all of this kind of
12:03 pm
should be taken with a grain of salt. step back and kind of look at the bigger picture here. >> i think the fact there is not a major police presence at the courthouse suggests that the 5:00 p.m. presser by the public officials will be more here's where we are and this is good and we have advanced a lot more than they did from 24 hours ago and figuring out whether they're going to release the picture. and the picture tells -- >> for point of perspective frrb the beg from the beginning, to go so quickly from identifying somebody on a videotape, even if you think you know a name, how you get to that point, unless they're a known quantity, is shocking. >> right. >> to then get word they had an arrest -- >> it would have been fast. >> shockingly fast. at the risk of seeming naive about it, if they turn out to have an arrest, happy to be wrong, i should have never been startled, that's on me, that's fine. but it makes sense that this is going to go slowly and that they are very fortunate as an
12:04 pm
investigation, if they have anything to work on that includes a specific individual. fair point? >> very. and the -- i keep saying, the -- the attack has already happened, right? your goal is to prevent the attack. that's already happened. your next goal as the government is only one which is the successful prosecution and guilty verdict. that is the next goal. so if that takes two months and if it takes six months, that's okay, right? because unfortunately the bad thing has already happened. >> yeah. and, right, to use that grain of sand analogy, it is not just trying to find a grain of sand, also you want that grain of sand to stick. you want it to be a successful prosecution, not just a prosecution. >> right. and because this is a big deal. we don't have many -- once we get someone, if you get someone, there has not been high profile -- there hasn't been high profile post 9/11 case in
12:05 pm
federal court. there hasn't. and so this will be a big deal. and so caution is good. and time is good. and time is on the side of this investigation. >> now, you know, as a report, you want information, whenever you can get it. as an attorney, it makes sense to me if i were doing the investigation, i would keep everything close to my vest as possible until i was ready to move forward on the probable cause case. how quickly can they move from getting an image of somebody and sending it to security at train stations, at the airports, to make sure that they can start looking for an image? >> the apparatuses there, so in terms of just the technology, that is the post 9/11 world i work in, you have all sorts of ways to communicate with all sorts of different pieces of federal, state and local law enforcement, including private, as the case may be with amtrak or something like that. so they may know that he went to, say, amtrak or south station or logan airport or an airport
12:06 pm
after. that may be disclosed over time. it depend house got image was. we haven't seen an image of the front, so it depends on how good the image is and those people are tracing back, is he actually -- could learn a lot, if there is no images of him at south station, our train station, or logan airport, he got in a car, you check the tools and you check -- so this is what has been happening and this is sort of how it unfolds in real time, that that individual now may still be out there, there is a lot of people that are getting much closer, though. >> all right. and we're going to take a quick break now. as you can see, everybody has one device in their hands, we're reporting was he go, trying to figure out more information to leave right now for a break. we believe there has been substantial progress made in the investigation. that's the word from authorities. they believe that someone has been identified from videotape, who they believe is responsible for placing a bomb and then exiting. we'll be back with more reporting. ♪ [ female announcer ] from more efficient payments.
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12:10 pm
and juliette kayyem. we have been going through what we understand to be substantial progress in the investigation. federal sources say they have identified somebody on videotape who they saw acting in a suspicious way, putting down a bag and exiting right before the explosions at the marathon finish line. now, a federal source tells me that, yes, they do have somebody on videotape, a name is taking it too far at this time. certainly that information isn't being leased it being questioned. that makes sense. we have been talking here throughout. we want more than that. would be great if they had him arrested and he admitted it. it was one person, so it gets even more simple. >> and there have been a lot of conflicting reports about an arrest being made, multiple law enforcement sources are saying that is simply not the case. >> new york attorney confirmed no arrest has been made. >> that makes sense. to go from finding an image tomato making an arrest in hours would be shocking. >> we anticipate a press conference at 5:00 today in which it will be interesting to see what level of information
12:11 pm
law enforcement is going to be giving out publicly, whether they continue as they have been over the last 48 hours, asking for the public's help as much as possible and how forth coming they will be with information about this particular individual, about the images that have attracted so much of their attention really today is an open question. but it is really today that earlier today that we started to get word that something significant had happened. >> yeah, there is always hints. i have served in government long enough that you know how government works. the first hint is when they postponed the 1:00 to 5:00. this is a normal press conference, they have been having it every day at 1:00, so something was going on. and i think, you know, they have been working sort of nonstop here, right? this is a significant investigation that something would give relatively quickly, i think, just shows the intensity of the investigation. but like what chris was saying, you know, all these -- all these rumors about sort of, you know, do we have a name and do we have
12:12 pm
an arrest, sort of matter little if you're not going to get a good case in court. so that is sort of -- keep our eyes on the prize and the prize, you know, americans were killed at the boston marathon and the prize is getting to someone and convicting them. >> even if you have videotape of somebody, even that isn't and a home run in and of itself. >> that is put together with other pieces. they do have a visual of a person, possibly putting something down, is going to get you a lot further than what we had 24 hours ago. >> also, once the public starts to see it, it may jog the memory of somebody would was there. there were theoretically, well, we know there were hundreds if not thousands of people in that area. somebody saw something. somebody even knows who this individual is. >> right, yeah. and, you know, one of the challenges with the vacuum that is created in just this process is people sort of think, okay, it is someone who has affiliates of a foreign country or someone
12:13 pm
who is domestic or home grown and the truth is we're no more closer on motive. i tend to be less concerned about motive at this stage because raley do think that once you have the person, as i've been saying, not a suicide bomber, there is all sorts of ways to utilize a person who is not willing to die for their cause to find out that they're really about. >> in terms of where we are now, the crime scene, is it still a lockdown crime scene? it is still a crime scene they are investigating, they thdo fe they have pieces of the device itself. >> securing that site was important because to think of the runners and their shoes you didn't want evidence going away with their shoes. clearing it out quickly was important. and there has been activity here nonstop. and the evidence isn't -- the stuff over here is not just important because you want to find the right person, but that
12:14 pm
this has to be pristine to be utilized in the u.s. court. it has to survive the chain of custody standards. those are important standards, they protect defendants, even defendants we don't like. as a prosecutor, you want to make sure the chain of custody is preserved. it is interesting, it is not just lawyers who think about this now. first responders, it is the fire chief, the emergency managers all think about it. >> it is not just evidence which is at the crime scene, was at the crime scene or may still be at the crime scene. it is also evidence which is in people who have been wounded. people who are in hospitals. bob fuentes, formerly with the fbi, you were the watch commander the night of the bombing, they were able to figure out the brand of carpenter nails removed from some of the individuals who got hit by that bomb and through that were able to track where they were purchased, correct? >> i can't hear him on this phone.
12:15 pm
>> tom obviously having problems hearing. mike brooks is standing by. mike, you were also involved in the olympic park bombing. again, the kind of nails that were used by eric rudolph in that bombing came from a fl particular batch that had a particular defect that they were able to trace, right. >>metalaurgist, they have a database on explosives, on me l metals, paints, you name it, they have a database and if they don't, one of their partners, someone in the uk, who has the biggest database on some plastic explosives, semtec, for instance, they'll ask for their assistance. they were able to do that by getting this evidence out of the
12:16 pm
victims. >> just, let me get in there for a second, not to worry people, we reported earlier that elizabeth cohen outside brigham and women's hospital said that police officers told her there may be an evacuation. employees are now being allowed back into the building. so whatever that threat was, and as anderson was saying often things are called in around -- surrounding events like this, that are cruel jokes or just, you know, wrong calls, and so people getting back into the hospital, in cause for threat there. >> i think it is a general policy from a reporting standpoint, not a big believer on reporting on things like evacuations because it seems to encourage other people, and it happens so often and -- >> they really do, they really do happen often. no one pays attention until after. one of the aspects of the of the 9/11 world is there is so much noise and i remember going into government -- back into government for the first time and you just sort of react every time there is some situation to report, and then after a while you're able to read through them
12:17 pm
and sort of get which ones are real and which ones are not real. we're on heightened alert, that's natural. the oklahoma city incident, false alarm this morning, natural given the week it is over there. >> jason carol is standing by at the courthouse. a lot of reporters have gone to the courthouse because of a variety of reports from law enforcement sources saying someone was on their way to the courthouse, but there has been no arrest. so there is no activity down there. obviously having trouble getting jason carol there from the courthouse. jason carol, can you hear me? >> yes, anderson. i can hear you. what i can tell you is i just wrapped up a conversation with carmen ortiz, the u.s. attorney, no sooner did i get into the lobby when i was trying to make a phone call when security guard came up and said they were having to clear the building. as you can imagine, hundreds and
12:18 pm
hundreds of members of the press who were all here after that word came out, about possible arrest in the case, so you had hundreds and hundreds of members of the press out here, security guard coming out and saying everyone had to clear building. at first we thought it was members of the press that had to clear the building and we were told it was everyone had to, in fact, clear the building. we have now seen some emergency vehicles pull up. a fire truck and another fire truck pulling up. but all we're being told is that the building has to be cleared, no reason was given for that. so at this point we're standing by, we were right in front of building and then they told us to move a little farther back. i have noticed that hundreds of members of the press are literally, i would say, standing about 50 feet or so from the building, and so perhaps some indication that if it was something more serious they would be asking the perimeter to
12:19 pm
be stretched much, much further back. anderson? >> right. yeah. again, just what we were talking about, these things happen all the time. so let's just -- to the folks at the headquarters in atlanta, let's just dial back on going to any place where there is an evacuation because people call this stuff in all the time. it happens all the time, let's just step back from it. >> i lost track what time it is, but i know there is a press conference at 5:00 and that seems look a far time away, but i'm pretty confident that at least there is going to be a decision made about what picture they're going to show. there might be multiple pictures. so what picture they're going to show. and then determining whether anyone has any information. i've been saying -- there is a local feel to this investigation. doesn't matter where this person comes from, who his affiliates are. >> big decision. if you're going to put out a picture of somebody, and say, do you know this person, how sure
12:20 pm
from a government perspective do you have to be that they have done something criminal because you're releasing a photo of one of the most emotionally charged events in history. >> you better be sure because in a world in which bad things happen, and there is terrorism, people want to feel like they have confidence. this is not political. confidence in their government. and if they do something really wrong, quickly, then they won't have confidence. and that's when people actually feel unsafe. competency makes people feel safe. >> you also don't want to put out somebody's picture and divert resources to looking for that person and not for the real person if you're not absolutely sure. the richard jewell incident. >> that is the memory of everyone, right? and that what they decide to disclose will be only for law enforcement purposes, they don't need to satisfy the media or the public's desire to know, only
12:21 pm
for law enforcement purposes and that may be disclosing who it is, because they have a cold trail. but -- it may be that they have a lot more pictures that are coming to them. there is no way this person is not responsible for these explosions drops because he's in both places at the right time. >> we're going to take a short break. our coverage continues in a moment. ts on my own. at angie's list, you'll find reviews written by people just like you. i love my contractor, and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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12:25 pm
press secretary jay carney confirming that an off site mail facility did receive a letter that had what preliminarily tested for trace amounts of the toxin ricin. it was addressed here to the white house, the president, and has gone on for further testing. it was one of two letters and then they found some ricin at a third -- at a facility and they don't -- they didn't tell us if that was actually from a third letter or whether it was just traces left over from some other possible contaminants. so bottom line what this means is there is a lot of investigative work still going on. no suspect identified publicly. no motive identified publicly. big question is this connected to the attacks in boston. so far the fbi saying there is no indication at this time that there is a connection, but obviously it is too early for them to rule it out either. so that possibility clearly remains open, but, again, they
12:26 pm
have not drawn the link either. so at this point it is just a whole lot of open questions. the big picture for the president, he was never in danger because of all of those precautions that were taken after 9/11, mail is cleared very far from the white house, and all people who handle mail have a lot of protective gear on, so we're told nobody themselves was injured either, anderson. >> all right, jessica, it is chris. do we know anything at all about where the letter may have come from, what it said inside the letter, what was written in it if anything? >> reporter: the language they have here is this is -- the letter addressed to both the president and senator -- republican senator wicker is the senator up on capitol hill who got it said to see a wrong and not expose it is to become a silent partner to its contin continuance and it is signed, i am kc and i approve this message. we don't have a suspect as a result of that, but that's the
12:27 pm
peculiar content of the letter and that provides some kind of lead for investigators, though it doesn't tell you and i as lay people a whole lot. i can add for you that the white house has a very broad perimeter around it and in doubt i imagine that has something to do with both boston and this letter. >> jessica, the letter, as i recall, that was sent to senator wicker, was mailed from memphis or post marked from memphis, tennessee. do we know if the same letter that was sent to the white house was also post marked from memphis? >> reporter: nair not explicitly saying that but say they're very similar and they have the same -- i mean, they have the same language and contents. so you can only conclude that, yes, if you're a logical person, you have to conclude they come from the same source, they're they're not saying that it was, they didn't draw that conclusion for us.
12:28 pm
>> all right. dana bash is also standing by, our chief congressional correspondent. dana, obviously mail also sent to representative senator, that is also not opened on capitol hill, correct? >> reporter: -- the white house were made here and it was because of an incident that happened here back in 2001 that changes were made, that nothing officially comes to the capitol complex first, the first site that it comes to is off site and that's where they found this letter that was addressed to senator wicker, which they believe tested positive for the poison ricin. what we're waiting for this afternoon, anderson, is we expect perhaps a formal positive test from a lab that is out in maryland, though according to the senate sergeant at arms, who is chief law enforcement officer of the senate, he is not waiting for that. he fundamentally believes it is ricin and said so in briefings with senators and in a couple of letters that he sent out. now, on that issue, there is
12:29 pm
definitely a heightened sense of anxiety and alert in the capital. there were a few hours this afternoon where there were hallways that were closed down, there were entire floors closed down, people were told to stay in their offices. the reason for that is because there was somebody who had gone and delivered sealed envelopes and maybe a package, both down the hall from where i am now to senator shelby's office and to an office in the hart office building. i'm in russell. the senate sergeant at arms sent out this alert, just about an hour ago, warning offices not to accept sealed envelopes because the whole point of the protocol is to send mail off site is so that they can be screened. the other thing i can tell you is the mail delivery has been stopped. nothing will happen until monday because of the investigation is ongoing. they want to make sure this other pieces of mail did not also include ricin or anything else that could be dangerous,
12:30 pm
considering the fact that they saw this letter to senator wicker. >> dana, appreciate that reporting. jessica yellin as well. we have no idea whether this has any connection or just a coincidence that is happening around the same time as the boston incident. we have no idea when those letters were actually mailed from memphis, tennessee, again. i think it is always important in this kind of a situation to acknowledge what we don't know as well as the information we do know. we'll take a short break. you're coverage here live in boston continues in just a moment. isyou've known?erson we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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welcome back to boston. we are live here with continuing coverage of the attacks at the boston marathon. i'm chris cuomo joined by juliette kayyem, and a host correspondents helping us out with reporting. just 24 hours ago it seemed as though they were dealing with the obvious obstacles of trying to find something in such a huge area and so random. and then piece by piece, they started to fill in this puzzle. the huge part that came with photos of what they believe to be the explosive devices, where we found out about the theory of a pressure cooker. the lid was found on top of one of the buildings across the street from one of the explosions showing how powerful that power cooker bomb could have been. they have been finding various pieces, anyone who has been here can tell you literally 24 hours
12:34 pm
a day that two sites have had men in white jump suits, measuring, taking pictures and taking pieces of things and cataloging all of it, sending it down to quantico, virginia, where they're putting the investigative book together on this. and then another big word comes out of the investigation, which is that looking at videotape, we have been telling you that authorities have been asking for any photos or videotape that you may have or may know of that they can analyze it. so they're looking at a videotape from a store across the street from the explosion of the second bomb, lord & taylor is the store, one of their cameras, and they believe on it they identify a male who is putting down a nylon bag. that's relevant because they believe they found remnants of nylon bag that had parts of the pressure cooker and different parts of the device, timers, wires, batteries, this they feel consistent with the bomb, near where there was a mailbox where there was a second explosion. that bag, they see before the explosion, they see a man there, that they have a description of,
12:35 pm
that they say they have identified, and the way he acts in putting down the bag and exiting before the explosion tells the authorities they believe this is the man they need to find. that is the reportable information at this time. that they see this as substantial progress, they put a body to the location of where the bomb was. now at the same time, we're also following another developing story. an envelope, a letter that had ricin in it, which is obviously a very toxic material, was sent to a senator. and it is being investigated right now by the similar letter may have been sent to the white house, all of that mail is prescreened, of course. there is an active investigation going down there. important to note there is no reason to believe there is any connection between what is going on with those letters and the investigation in washington, d.c. and what happened here in boston. they just happened to be going on at the same time. speculation is meaningless at this time. the government is saying they don't see any connection. so now with that, we know there
12:36 pm
are 30 agencies involved in the investigation up here in boston. they say it is going at a frantic pace. so the question is how is it being coordinated, what is being done? juliette, this is your area of expertise. when it comes to the pressure cooker, i was told by a source involved with the investigation that literally people are identified with the smallest task, who made this pressure cooker. we happen to have one here that is the exact make and model. the reason we know what it is is we got word from the investigators. somebody would have the task of going to the company that made this pressure cooker, seeing where they be with distributed, how they bought them, how minuscule does the detail get? >> pretty detailed. will depend on how relevant is that piece of investigation to the one thing we want to do now which is capture this person. so the -- where it was purchased is key right now. so that the manufacturer, how it was delivered and where it was purchased and the store will be very, very relevant. there would be a lot of people focused on that one issue.
12:37 pm
if you can get the buy, you might have some clue about who the person was or whether they were an affiliate of the person who did the bombing. >> and knowing what they found, is the pressure cooker the best bet in terms of what to track? wires could, you know, very accessible, batteries, even the specific make, what is the easiest thing to track most specifically? >> it is going to be the device itself. but i actually, i do think it is the pictures. once you get the person, a lot will come out of that, even if they lawyer up. you're going to have a lot more information because then you have access to their homes, their computers, to all sorts of information that is going to link you to it. this is relevant for evidence, for determining who they might have known, and in a case, but right now, if you had to put all of your effort at any piece of this, right now it is on that individual person. motive doesn't matter. tactics don't matter. what is going to get you the piece of information that gets you that person. i've been saying this is -- this
12:38 pm
is -- this needs to be done right and that is animating everyone in government. there hasn't been a case like this in a long time. and so that may mean slower. >> so, mike brooks, are you with us right now? >> i am, chris. i'm here, chris. >> all right, good. mike brooks has experience working with the joint terrorism task force. understands the legal analysis involved here. when we're looking at what you would focus on, juliette is making the point, you want to stick with the picture, you want to find the person, but help give us some context. how difficult a task is it to go from looking at an individual, we're getting varying accounts from law enforcement, it is someone who is brown-skinned in complexion, we heard white-skinned in complexion, let's say they know at least what race, person they're looking for, how difficult is it to go from an image on a random piece of video to finding an actual individual? >> very simple. you know, just take it all the way back. does anyone recognize this
12:39 pm
individual? does someone know this person? but when you have an investigation like this, chris, and juliette can tell you, you have a number of parallel investigations going on. you have people looking at the intel side, you have people dealing with the evidence, you have people running down leads, just like you said, you know, where was this pressure cooker made? where was it sold? what make, what model, you know what is the skew number. there is all these things they're looking at. has this been used ever in another incident. when you get down to individuals, and you look at people and at pictures like this, you know, are they able to say, okay, could this possibly -- could this person possibly have been involved with law enforcement before? because, you know, also with these -- with this evidence you're finding is there any kind of dna evidence? is there fingerprints, tears, fibers, look at the unabomber. they were able to get hair inside one of the bombs that helped to make the case along
12:40 pm
with this manifest. there is everything like this that they're looking at and the number of political investigations that are going on as we speak right now into this case. >> all right. mike. as we know at this point, we don't know about anything except the possible image on the video and that's what the authorities believe, the substantial progress at this time. we'll leave you with that as we go to break. when we come back, the first lady has been talking about boston and will attend here with the president tomorrow. we'll give you the latest on that. we're waiting for much anticipated presser from authorities with the latest on the investigation here on the attacks at the boston marathon. stay with us.
12:41 pm
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12:43 pm
welcome back. we're live here in boston with cnn's continuing coverage of the attacks at the boston marathon.
12:44 pm
erin burnett, chris cuomo, juliette kayyem. an arrest in the killings of a texas district attorney and his wife. the wife of a former justice of the peace is in custody now, charged with capital murder. police shared details of the arrest a short time ago. take a listen. >> kim lene williams has been arrested and charged with the offense of capital murder for her part in the deaths of mr. and mrs. mclelland and mr. hasse. she's been held in the kaufman county jail on a $10 million bond. >> so a big bond in this case, shows us how serious it is. i want to bring in cnn's martin savidge in texas. what led to this arrest? >> reporter: chris, a number of things that led to this arrest, primarily events that happened over the weekend, search warrants that focused on this woman's husband. eric williams. he's a former justice of the peace in this county here. he was pushed out of office, actually, forced out as a result
12:45 pm
of the fact that he was convicted of theft from office. and here is the key element to know in that. the man who prosecuted that case, the chief lead prosecutor in the courtroom, mark hasse. the assistant d.a. who was later murdered. who oversaw the entire investigation, that was mike mclelland, the district attorney who was also murdered along with his wife cynthia in their home. so now apparently it is kim williams who has come forward and said, yes, she was part of that, she implicates her husband, the authorities classify it as a confession. they say that she confessed to involvement in the scheme and in the course of the conduct of the shooting deaths of hasse, mclelland, and cynthia mclelland, and kim williams described in detail her role with that of her husband. her husband is currently in jail here, but on a charge unrelated to the specific murder. it really is all beginning to unwind. there were many scenarios that were thought -- that investigators were looking at. now it appears more and more it
12:46 pm
may have been a family that had a grudge. chris? >> right, martin. that's a very important point. let me follow up on that. this is a major twist in the case, you said. the husband of the woman who was just charged with capital murder already in jail, but on unrelated charges. what are you hearing about what could come next? >> reporter: well, we anticipate that there are going to be capital murder charges that will be brought against her husband eric williams. as we say, the wife is now implicated him. there is other evidence that has been gathered, search warrants over the weekend turned up a vehicle that some witnesses say they saw in the areas where the murders were carried out. and also there were a number of weapons, some people say as many as 20 that were recovered. you can guarantee ballistic tests will be done against those weapons and the bullets removed from the bodies of the victims. >> thank you very much. appreciate the reporting. we'll be back to you later on.
12:47 pm
we turn back now to the developing story here. it has been a busy afternoon. a lot of different word coming out of the investigation about that is going on. the big headline that is reportable and has the benefit of being true at this time is that by analyzing videotape and photos, authorities now believe that they have identified somebody on videotape near where the second blast went off who seemed to place down a nylon bag that matches their description of what was containing the pressure cooker device, that turned out being an explosive and then exits and they believe they have identification of him. we have tom fuentes with us right now. tom, we have been puzzling today at how you can go so quickly from finding an image like that of a vague description, putting a name to it, and then ultimately capturing that person. how belabored is that process? >> well extremely. that's why they haven't gotten that far yet. i think that's why the authorities are saying hold horses and wait a minute here. they have a very good picture of a suspect from the video, as we know. that we were aware of. but putting a name with a face
12:48 pm
is another matter, and then once they have that name, then trying to locate that person and get him into custody and then at that point probably execute search warrants at the residence, maybe find other paraphernalia of bomb-making equipment, or wire cutters that could be traced to the cut wires that went to make the device, but these are all incremental steps that are beyond where the authorities have been as of this morning and this afternoon. what we would hope is that the 5:00 press conference they'll put a description out, put the face out there, and say, okay, does anybody know this person, help us locate. that may happen. i don't know at this point. what i do know is that through the morning they did not have the identification by name of a specific person and at no time had anybody in custody or under arrest. i with like ould like to clarif person wounded in the hospital
12:49 pm
can be under arrest. sometimes people are arrested but are in the hospital being treated. they can be in custody with police officers or agents at the door preventing them from being taken out, and escaping, let's say, until their finished with their treatment. so the mere fact that whether somebody is in the hospital, whether they're in an office, whether they're in a jail, the arrest means they're not free to go. the authorities have determined that, they have this individual, they're talking to this individual, and if the person says, okay, i'm not going to talk to you anymore, i'm done, if they can walk out the door, then they weren't in custody. if they don't walk out the door, then they have been under arrest and they are in custody and they go forward from there. >> well, tom, at this point our understanding is no one is under arrest and not in custody, but they have someone who they think can be a suspect. we're in that gray area. my question to you is where do we go from here? if they have somebody that they think is a suspect, want to talk to this person, why haven't they
12:50 pm
yet? is it possible they don't know where the person is, they're still waiting for tips or is there some sort of other issue that could be causing this sort of a delay in us seeing, yes, person is ins in custody and custody and i'm asking questions. >> erin, there are several possibilities in a case like this. if they think there are more individuals involved they may have that person under surveillance and basically will refer to that as being in pocket. they've got the person surrounded so to speak and they're following them but not going to grab him because they don't want to alert other subjects so they might be waiting to locate other people involved before moving on the first person or the first two people if they've been identified. their investigative purpose is varied depending on what they have, how many people they think are involved in this, and where they want to go from there. they would not want the person alerted and escape. it is my understanding the leaks were not intentional this morning. this was not something the top investigators were happy with.
12:51 pm
they didn't want the subjects alerted there even was good photos of them or even good leads that are going to be followed up on during the day. that was not something the investigators wanted to become public. >> tom, thank you very much. we are awaiting as all of you now and chris has been saying we've been waiting for the fbi press conference where we hope to get more information on some of this confusion, who this person is, what they know, and whether they are looking for multiple people. now to washington where michelle obama is also talking about the tragedy here in boston and listen to her. >> i want to take a moment to say that our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in boston. my husband con tibs to monitor the situation, and he has directed the full resources of the federal government to assist state and local authorities as they investigate this horrific act. what happened on monday was a reminder that in times of
12:52 pm
crisis, here in america, we respond with courage and grit and selflessness. that is exactly what we saw from the people of boston and from all those who rushed to the aid, police officers, firefighters, first responders, and our men and women in uniform. that is the spirit of boston but it is also the spirit of this country. >> you know, the first lady is speaking something that is felt so deeply here. we have word today, more good news, a hundred of the 180 people injured here have been released from the hospital. that is a direct testament to the phenomenal efforts by volunteers and medical professionals on the scene and triage followup. that was beautiful at the hospitals. >> right. >> now allowing people to go home and try to put their lives back together. equally in terms of the investigation here the videotape you're looking at now is not one of their cameras. it came from a shopping store. >> right. >> from lord & taylor.
12:53 pm
again, there's been a spirit here of dealing with the situation helping this city get back on its feet. >> there are still those fighting to not have an amputation and every day that goes by is a better chance they are going to make it. that is what we'll hope that all will be all right on that. we'll take a break and come back with our live team coverage from boston. our fastest way to return your car. just note your mileage and zap ! you're outta there ! we'll e-mail your receipt in a flash, too. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders.
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welcome back to boston. our continuing live coverage of the attacks of the boston marathon. we've been following different paths of this story. we are waiting. they say they've made substantial progress in the investigation. we expect it around 5:00. the president of the united states and first lady are coming here tomorrow for an interfaith chapel service. that is at 11:00 tomorrow morning and will mean a lot to the people here as they try to recover this fbi press conference will be significant. there's been a lot of confusion but we think we might get some real answers. tonight we'll be joined by chairman mccall of the homeland security committee. a lot of information he's been
12:57 pm
getting and of course the story in washington with the ricin which has been getting bigger through the day. >> that is being investigated as well. no reason to believe there is any connection with what is going on here but we are following both stories. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first look is only the beginning. ♪ ♪ this is a stunning work of technology. ♪
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