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tv   Around the World  CNN  April 19, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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brothers from a predominantly muslim region in russia. they have gone to school here, they've said they're grateful to be here and love the country. right now a door-to-door search is underway in the boston suburb of watertown as police look for the younger brother 19 years old believed to be extremely dangerous, possibly armed with explosives, wolf. >> and that is 26-year-old brother, the older brother, died after a shootout with police. we're told he was wearing explosives and a triggering device when he died. this dramatically intensifies overnight. police say the suspects shot and killed an m.i.t. police officer, 26-year-old sean collier. they then carjacked a man at gunpoint. police chased down the suspects in the stolen car. that's when the shootout happened. >> right now all the boston area schools are closed. businesses are closed. public transportation shut down. wolf almost wasn't able to get here when he landed at logan airport coming back. so why? abundance of caution, explosives are involved, they want to have less opportunities for invasion
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by the suspect, hence the instruction everyone stay in your homes if you can because officers are going door-to-door right now. >> chris lawrence is at the campus of the university of massachusetts in dartmouth. actually had been registered there as a student. at this hour the campus is closed and controlled evacuation, those are the words. a controlled evacuation on the campus is underway. chris, what are you learning? >> you know, wolf, we're standing here basically surrounded by police. not only university of mass dartmouth police, but state police as well as well as local officials. and we're seeing just literally dozens and hundreds of students streaming off of the campus. we've had a chance to talk to a few of them. one of the students said basically they got an e-mail earlier saying that the campus was on lockdown. then their r.a. started coming to their door door by door saying look, you've got to go,
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you've got to evacuate the campus. and then we ran into a few students who are sitting outside the campus who say they know tsarnaev, that they went to high school with them. one of the young men we spoke with says he remembers tsarnaev being a wrestler. he said he thought he was in some advanced placement classes in high school. he said we weren't great friends, but he said i did know him back in high school. he said he was a good guy, never saw any signs of problems or anything like that. hadn't kept up with him too much in college, but said he had seen him around campus a bunch of times and was just pretty much blown away by the news that's come out in the last 24 hours or so. >> i think everyone seems to be shocked. chris, you're there, chris lawrence. in this type of a situation, once we begin to learn more and more and more, there may have been a public face for these two
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brothers, but clearly something was going on behind the scenes that very few if any of their friends or associates knew anything about. that's the picture you're getting over at the college campus where you are, right? >> by far, wolf. no one here that we've been talking to had any sort of indication so far that something like this was even possible. a lot of the students here were sort of shocked to, you know, go from e-mail and web postings about, you know, this potential link. and then some of the students said they could see umass dartmouth police literally putting police tape around that dorm. they said they had a pretty good view of that. and they knew it was serious when they started to see state police officers and just the amount of police descending on their campus. many of them now are standing outside campus or have tried to call their parents, mom and dad,
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to see if they can get picked up. some of them trying to call friends in the area to see if they can come stay with them because right now they're being told they can't go back on the campus. >> that university of massachusetts, dartmouth campus, how far is it from downtown boston, chris? >> took us about an hour. it's about an hour drive. maybe, you know, 50, 60 miles from boston proper. >> chris lawrence on the campus. chris cuomo is watching all of this unfold. let's just reset, chris. the younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar is on the loose right now. authorities believe maybe an associate is holed up in watertown, that's where deborah feyerick is and why the enormous military police presence is there. >> we've been checking with them. we have them on the line. deb, what's the latest?
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>> we can tell you -- i want to tell you -- sorry, i'm juggling phones and iphones and everything else. we want to tell you that we're being told in fact s.w.a.t. team is making entry into one of the buildings there. now, this is going to happen all day. earlier i reported there's sort of an ebb and flow of people going in and people coming out. they had somebody on the ground who was contained, circled, a lot of police cars around him. now they're making entry into a house. could be related, could not be related. but, again, what the teams are trying to do is they're trying to make sure that they go to every single known area that this person may have been. this is just following leads. this is just following up the leads they have to follow-up on. they had somebody on the ground. and now we are told that in fact they're making entry -- s.w.a.t. is making entry into one of the homes. wolf. >> deb, thank you. just so they understand the context here. they have asked for a russian translator, it became confusing. we got word from investigators
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this isn't about the suspect, it's about somebody we believe an associate in a coordinated effort or just someone who can help us get closer to him. so they have brought in that translator. that's what deb is referring to. and all of this turns on something that happened that was completely unexpected. investigators say they believe it was pressure from putting out the pictures and video of these two suspects that made them do something stupid. they robbed a convenience store. maybe they were desperate. it offsets the idea of this being a larger planned event because they had no exit plan. after robbing this convenience store, they hijacked a vehicle, took a hostage whom later was either released or was able to escape. they told the hostage, we are the marathon bombers. that's what the hostage says he was told by them. they then senselessly -- they were not confronted by this m.i.t. security officer, at least that's what we're told from investigators. and they go up and they kill him. that's what precipitated this manhunt. why they decided to do this, why they decided to create this
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violent exchange, we don't know. in the car chase they then were throwing improvised devices, explosive devices, out of the window, hand grenades. some went off, some didn't. they wound up having to stop. one of the suspects got out, was shot, allegedly was run over by his brother in his attempt to escape and died at the hospital later on. we're told he had an explosive vest on. that triggers concerns about what this suspect has on, they're worried he could have a vest as well. >> because this 26-year-old brother, he's dead, but when they did find him, he had devices what could be described as a suicide vest on his body with explosives. we don't know if he tried to trigger and didn't work or whatever. but that's why there's such concern that this younger brother, dzhokhar, only 19 years old and had been registered student of university of massachusetts at dartmouth, he also may have one of these suicide vests or explosive
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devices on his body. >> and there's an extended concern that wherever he goes may be a stronghold, a cash of explosives. it's not unusual, as you well know, when people are getting ready to be a bomber, they practice, they experiment. they have to figure out how to do things. there may be other devices, pipe bombs authorities have said they're worried about being placed in random areas. they don't know what the plan was, however all of that is also cutting against a different theory that some investigators have if this was planned for them to lead us through this, they never would have started it the way they did. again, a lot of speculation by investigators as they try to put this puzzle together. >> we know that the older brother who is now dead was a naturalized u.s. citizen, only a year or so ago got his u.s. citizenship. the younger brother, only 19 years old, he does have a green card, so he's legal here in the united states. there seems to be some confusion though were they from kyrgyzstan, chechnya, one of those predominantly muslim areas of the former soviet union.
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>> the uncle says family's chechen, muslim. american loving as they've assimilated here. the brothers went through kyrgyzstan, that's how they got the visa to come here and then asyl asylum, he used the word asylum in his press conference. the boys are here without their broth father, the man's brother. the point was they had immigrated through kyrgyzstan into here and then became part of american life. went to school. the older brother now dead was a successful boxer, allegedly wanted to box for the country, went to salt lake, utah, as a boxer. the other brother competed in high school sports, had friends, jobs. and then this. >> i want to re-play right now what we heard just a little while ago. this is the uncle of these two brothers. the uncle's name ruslan tsarni. we're going to hear from him. he lives here in the united states. he's going to be speaking about his two nephews, these two
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suspects. >> what happened and what we heard this morning about people associated with my family, my family associate d, i want to start and i will finish with that. first, our only purpose here is our condolences those who have been murdered, those who have been injured, this boy, this chinese girl, this young 29 years old girl, i just been following this. i've been following it from the beginning, but never ever would imagine that somehow the children of my brother would be associated with that.
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so it is atrocity. we're shocked. again, i don't know if family does not know how to share the grief with the victim. >> could you tell us the last time you saw them? >> we've not been in touch with that family for number of years. for number of years. pardon me? no. they never lived here. they never lived here. >> when is the last time you saw them? >> the last time i saw them was 2006. i'm sorry, december 2005. >> did you ever know them to have any ill-will towards the united states? >> no. no. no. i never knew even if i had to guess or something -- >> what do you think provoked
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this? >> being losers, hatred for those who were able to settle themselves. these are the only reasons i can imagine of. anything else, anything else with religion, with islam, it's a fraud, it's a fake. >> do they have any military training at all? >> no. i've seen them when they were kids. we seen them only in 2005. huh? we're muslims, we're chechen. we're ethnic chechen. if that happened, most likely somebody radicalized them. but it's not my brother who spent his life bringing bread to their table, fixing cars. he didn't have time or chance or
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anything options. he's been working. that's it. no, no, no. i don't know anything about that. >> do you have children close to them? >> no. my family has nothing to do with that family. pardon me? >> are you ashamed by what has unfolded? >> of course we're ashamed. yes, we're ashamed. they're children of my brother who has little influence over them honestly as much as i know has little influence on them. i just wanted my family be away from them. it's personal. again, the only i say what i think what's behind it, being
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losers. not being able to settle themselves and thereby hating everyone who did. i've been in the united states -- oh, they came early since 2003. >> why are they in cambridge? >> they came to -- when they moved to the states and they came to cambridge area. >> why? >> they immigrated. they immigrated. they received asylum. >> were they going to school? were they working there? >> yes. they lived there. >> did they go to college? >> well, i hope they were. i don't know. when they grew up, as i said, me myself and this family has nothing to do with them for long, long time. last time i spoke with was about 2009. >> how do you feel about
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america? what do you think of the united states? >> i say i teach my children and that's what i feel myself, this is the ideal -- entire world. i respect this country. i love this country. this country which gives chance to everybody else should be treated as a human being and to just be human being, to feel yourself human being. that's what i feel about this country. my name r-u-s-l-a-n. tsarni. >> were they involved in any sort of training? >> i don't know. i don't know. again, i don't know. i've seen them as a kid. and if i even slightly be aware that they were involved, i would
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be first one to bring them into responsibility. >> were they ever caught up in the fighting in chechnya? >> no. they've never been in chechnya. this has nothing to do with chechnya. chechen are peaceful people. >> where were they born? >> one of them was born in a neighboring region to pakistan. >> sir, when you saw the pictures on the news, did you recognize them? >> i saw them only this morning when i was contacted from 7:00 a.m. with reporters. >> when you saw the pictures on the news last night, did you recognize them? >> the picture when they said have you seen the pictures, my wife opened up internet. and on aol i saw picture of dzhokhar. i say turn yourself in and ask
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for forgiveness. and the victim, from the injured and from those who left, ask forgiveness from these people. he put a shame on this family -- not our family, tsarnaev family, a shame on the entire chechen ethnici ethnicity. that's what i think. turn yourself in. and whatever -- that's what i say. pardon me? not yet. not yet. >> your name again? >> there was last time i spoke with them there was about three
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months ago maybe. no, no, no. >> where were they going? >> they came here from kyrgyzstan. >> where were they born? >> in kyrgyzstan. pardon me? i don't say losers. i'm saying those who are able to make this atrocity are only losers. that's what i say. there's no idea that they may follow. thank you. >> do you consider them terrorists? >> i work. thank you very much. a 26-year-old tsarnaev, the
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younger suspect, is at large right now. people are wondering his brother is the father of these two suspects, he must have shortened his name from tsarnaev to tsarni. but he's insisting these two brothers if in fact they did commit these crimes, these bombings at the boston marathon have brought shame, shame to the family, shame to all the people of chechnya, shame to muslims. >> he's also saying his nephew, the suspect, should turn himself in, ask for forgiveness. he says they're a disgrace to the family. i misheard the first time i was listening to this. he says he spoke to his brother, the suspect's father, three months ago. but he hasn't spoken to the boys in quite some time. so he doesn't understand how this happened, but he believes they must have been recently radicalized, he said. >> and he blamed people here in the united states presumably for radicalizing him. that's the impression i got from what he had to say in his passionate remarks. >> and whatever the motivation was, we are learning more about the twitter account and all the
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social media access that these men had here in the states. and there are references to extremist movements and pictures of him in extremist settings that friends commented on and now are becoming much more context chul of what he became. >> i think christine romans has been monitoring those twitter accounts. i take it that the 19-year-old, christine, was pretty active on twitter and in fact has been tweeting as recently as this week since the boston marathon bombings? >> you know, wolf, there's been a dozen tweets since the bombing. we have confirmed that the personal twitter account of him. he goes by a handle of americanized version of his name. we have spoken to two of his friends, one from high school, one from college who both follow him and he follows them back. we have confirmed this is in fact his twitter handle. let me read something he wrote on the night of the bombings. he said "ain't no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people."
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it's a song lyric. again, this is a tweet on his personal twitter account. later that night he goes onto say he's talking to one of his twitter friends and says and they -- and we presume he means say and what god hates dead people or victims of tragedies, lol, those people are cooked. also on his twitter account wednesday, wednesday, i'm a stress-free kind of guy. and then there's this, the picture that's a bit older, but it's something his friends tell us he was wearing shorts there that say cambridge wrestling. his friends say that he was on the cambridge wrestling team -- wrestle squad working hard # clearly. his friends say they presume that is a self-portrait of his. couple of things here also on his twitter page he goes by an americanized version of his name
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dzhokhar. peace with be you, that's the traditional muslim greeting. when you go through it there's some links to russian rap, there's some other links to rap. some references do kind of slang and the like, but mostly 1,100 tweets there looks like, you know, a 19-year-old kid with kind of some diverse interests. but what's really chilling about it, you guys, what's so chilling, a dozen tweets since the night of the bombing one of them referenciing claritin and also a tweet about the movie "finding nemo." and so odd to look in hindsight to see the words, presumably it is his twitter account of this young man even since the bombing, gentlemen. let me go to deborah feyerick now, i know you're covering this story as well and have been there since the very early hours
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of the morning, deb, tell us e theethe latest on the situation as they try to track down this 19-year-old terrorism suspect, deb. >> yeah. it really is. something very interesting happened in the last ten minutes. we saw two blackhawk helicopters, one of them appeared to almost touch down. it disappeared. it went below the shored buildings, seemed to touch down and come back off the ground. and that happened two times. now what we're seeing is they've opened up the street, the street that's been closed now for about 40 minutes. that is now being opened. so we understand that they did go in, they did search another home, a second home. they searched one early this morning. forensic teams are in that home right now. they searched another one just a short time ago. the blackhawk helicopters came in and it was amazing because they really it seems as they touched down, they disappeared behind the buildings very, very low and then they flew off
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again. now this main avenue here is opening up. and so it looks like this area is going to be cleared after a little while. we don't really know what is going on. all we can tell you is that at least two homes have been searched. one individual was surrounded and he is with investigators now. >> time-out. we're going to go one at a time. you can back up and hang tight, i'll be there to walk you to your car. one at a time. >> okay. just so you know -- we really have to tell you the police here have been extraordinary. they've got a job to do. we've got a job to do. and everybody's sort of listening to one another. and really playing nicely. nobody wants to get hurt especially with what's going on
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right now. you can see we're now being told that we can move back up to where we were, that first location. so the hot spot now cooled down, erin. >> all right. thanks, deb. i'll take it from here. let's talk to chris lawrence next. he's at umassdartmouth. earlier this morning we were getting more information about the younger of the two terrorism suspects. he was a college student, you're there at the college for us. tell us what we know about this suspect. >> yeah, erin. i just literally within the last couple of minutes spoke with a young man who lived three doors down -- says he lived three doors down on the same floor of the same dorm where the suspect lived. he said he was sort of blown away. said something to the effect of i just can't believe that someone who could have put our
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lives in danger would live that close. and his friend said who also lived down the hall told us he was the last person you would ever think would be capable. and i've got to tell you just from talking to the students here who knew him, there's a lot of surprise here. and no one has a bad word to say about this man. we spoke with a young woman who had a philosophy class with him. she said the most i really talked with him is when we got an assignment about voluntary armys. and she took the position of being against the draft. he was for the draft. and he had this intense debate in philosophy class. she said other than that, he didn't say too much. i talked to another young man who also lived in the dorm who basically said, you know, he would joke around. never heard any politically motivated statements from him. no overt political leans that
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they were aware of. and earlier, again, just within the last hour we've spoke with someone who went to high school with him who is also a student here who said he remembered him as a wrestler, someone who may have taken some advanced placement classes in high school. again, just the same refrain over and over, we're shocked, we can't believe it. there wasn't any indication. >> you know, chris, i've been going over his twitter account, the two friends, friends from high school and friend from college confirmed indeed it was his. and one of the things that's interesting on the activity there, you know, the pop culture references, slang references, but also now people have been retweeting this talking to dzhokhar and friends are saying, dude, turn yourself in, stop this now. a lot of people who are in disbelief, they're horrified. and then they're talking to each other and trying to encourage him to come in. one of the things that his high school friends have been saying earlier as well is that they didn't know he had an older brother.
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didn't really talk about his family all that much. but that he was really a typical american in boston. he was typical immigrant american student. they fit in completely and didn't really talk about politics. is that what his friends from college are saying as well? >> yeah. i think you hit the nail on the head. they're all saying -- i asked about his voice, what did he sound like? they said, well, you could tell he had an accent. he told people, i guess a couple people here, that he was from russia. but as one of the students said, this is a fairly, you know, multicultural area. so that was no big deal. and he never really got into it very much. it's funny you mention the pop culture references because they would say -- i would say, have you ever heard him say anything that sort of jumped out at you. and he said, well, he would make
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jokes, but they weren't political jokes. he said the same thing. they were sort of pop culture jokes about music or actors, things like that that a lot of college students talk about. so i think that the image or at least the public image that i think is forming or that we're picking up here is that this was a fairly typical college kid if there is a such thing. >> chris lawrence at u. mass at dartmouth, thanks, chris. keep talking to his friends. i know so many of them are in disbelief. wolf, as we go through his twitter account, talk to his high school friends and college friends, we talk to his manager at the pool at harvard where he had a job, you know, everyone i can say again and again we just keep hearing disbelief, wolf. people can't believe -- many didn't know he had a brother and they can't believe this is the suspect. and they're on his twitter page now. he has tweeted since the
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bombings 12 tweets or retweets. they're on his twitter page now saying please turn yourself in, wolf. >> christine, hold on for a moment. i want to go to deborah feyerick. it looks like they're getting ready. chris cuomo is here as well. looks like they're getting ready for a news conference over there with an update on what's going on. maybe deborah feyerick has more information. what are you picking up, deb? >> wolf, right now we can tell you that it looks like a young man is being arrested. it's not clear. this is definitely not the suspect. this is definitely not the guy that they're looking for, but he's a young man. he's got a backpack, a red hat, red baseball cap. he's got his hands on his head right now. and a state police officer has his hand on the person's shoulder. the other hand on his arm. and there's another state trooper who's also sort of standing guard. it could be just coincidental that this young guy was trying
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to walk towards an area na right now is being investigated. there's no -- for example, he's wearing a backpack but no sort of bomb squad. looks like this person was trying to get some place he shouldn't have been trying to get to. so they've stopped him. right now he's got his hands on his head and standing there with two state police. wolf. >> that's a pretty dramatic scene, chris cuomo, as we hear the words from deb about this individual. we have no idea who this person is. >> no idea who he is, why they're taking him into custody. we do know they asked for a russian translator earlier. we don't know if this is connected to that. again, 30 different government agencies, boston's finest, ten different locations we're told they're looking at now. so there's going to be a lot of activity. there's going to be an abundance of caution especially as this picture of this suspect starts to emerge. all of his friends saying he's such a sweet kid and great
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wrestler is in stark contrast to pictures of him in jihadist situations and searches he did on instagram and some things they're finding from him online. and then the other layer, wolf, that we're learning now is this nonchalance in the aftermath of the bombings, the tweets he was putting out that seemed indifferent to them. i'm tweeting about claritin, an allergy medicine, and things of that sort. >> we haven't seen the video, but law enforcement authorities who have seen the video after the bombs went off at that boston marathon, they describe the two suspects we believe they are these two brothers one of whom is now dead and one is still on the loose as sort of nonchalantly cavalierly walking away very confident, very cool as if nothing really had happened even though two bombs within a matter of 12 or 14 seconds went off. let's go to this news conference and get an update on what's
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going on. >> testing. is that better? thank you. governor first. >> do you need to do something? >> no. >> good afternoon everyone. just a couple of points we want to make, myself, the mayor, colonel albin and chief of the watertown police force, we're not going to be able to take questions. i'm sorry. i know you have many. first of all, i want to -- we all want to thank the members of the public who have respected our request to stay indoors. we know what an inconvenience it is in watertown and in cambridge in particular, but really throughout the areas that we've asked for this. but it's been enormously important and helpful to the many, many in law enforcement who are trying to do their jobs. and we thank all of you for
9:34 am
helping to get that message out. the stay indoor request continues for the time being. that is unchanged. there are continuing developments in the investigation, which we will be able to talk about. not now, but later. but it is important that folks remain indoors and not open the door -- keep the doors locked and not open the door unless there is a uniformed identified law enforcement officer on the other side of it requesting to come inside. i think that's all i want to offer, mr. mayor. >> thank you, governor. thank you all for being with us today and thank you for your patience. we're so proud of the work that the public safety officials have done, state police, boston police, national guard. proud of what they've done over the last several days. and also the citizens. the shelter-in-place is working.
9:35 am
like the governor said, don't let anybody here in a home -- to be identified by public safety official until forward. in the last few hours while we continue to gather information, that's the public safety job. my job is to make sure that the public safety is best we can. we'll keep the public informed as we get the information. so be patient, but as the mayor of the city of boston, we are one city, we're not going to let a terrorist win over. we're going to continue to work hard. we're going to get through this. we're going to be a stronger city moving forward. thank you very much.
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>> good afternoon folks. i'm the colonel superintendent of the massachusetts state police. i want to thank you for your patience. i know we said we'd be out here at 10:30 and we're obviously way behind. it's indicative of the leads we continue to run down here. and things change, they change quickly. and sometimes we have to change direction. i want to begin by saying we are progressing through this neighborhood going door-to-door, street-to-street. we're well over 60% or 70% of what we want to cover up there. we do not have any development to tell you in terms of that search up there. there has been no apprehension at this point. the second thing i want to talk about just briefly is this afternoon there will be a controlled explosion, if you will, by some of the explosive ordinance folks over in
9:37 am
cambridge. that's going to happen on norfolk street at a house we have secured earlier today. it's done out of an abundance of caution. it's done for the safety of the law enforcement officials that are over there before they proceed with a search of that premises. so that will be happening this afternoon as well. our plan at this point as we are going to continue with the following up in that neighborhood, we've got several other new leads that just developed within the last few minutes and we're working on that. and i will be back here, i hope, within an hour or slightly above that to give you the next briefing. should we have any development between now and then, i'll be back even sooner. so i want to turn it over to chief devoe from watertown. >> thank you, colonel. i want to thank the media for getting the word out. there's been a lot of heroic actions as you'll hear about in the next few days what happened last night, early this morning and over the last couple of days as everybody knows.
9:38 am
but i want to also speak to the watertown community. you've done great. we've done everything we've asked. but we need some more time. you have to stay in your homes, stay in place. we have as the colonel said we still have some work to do even after we clear the area there's a major crime scene down there that's going to take some time. but i've been assured to all the gentlemen behind me that they're not going to leave until the town is safe. so it may go today, tomorrow and over the weekend before we have the whole crime scene under control. the watertown community has always stood strong and i've asked them to do that this morning and they've done terrific. i want to thank them. thank you. >> thank you, folks. >> thank you. >> all right. so we just heard from the governor of massachusetts, the mayor of boston, the massachusetts state police, watertown police. one interesting note that i want to point out, chris, is that
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they're going to have what they call a controlled explosion which suggests that they found some moord nants. >> absolutely. thags been the big concern here. when they shot the first suspect and he had the vest on and they used bombs before and supposedly throwing them out the window in the car during the hot pursuit. they must have found some. controlled explosion to keep everybody calm this afternoon. >> that could be a powerful explosion. tom fuentes, our cnn law enforcement analyst, former assistant director of the fbi. when you heard what law enforcement, massachusetts state police, watertown police, what they had to say, of course the governor and mayor, what was your immediate bottom line on state, tom, of this effort to apprehend this suspect, this alleged killer? >> wolf, i thought it's a good job on their part to come out and just let everybody know that they're methodically working through these issues.
9:40 am
when they say they're 60%, 70% through with what they're trying to accomplish, when they say what they're doing in the neighborhoods and a controlled explosion, i think it's basically telling everybody they're there, they're making everybody safe, they're going to resolve this, they're working through the public safety issues. and i think that, again, it's an example of each agency of a task force brings to the table their expertise. so, yes, you've got the federal investigators off trying to cover leads all over the world and resolve issues on the subjects of the case. but then you also have the police doing their responsibility of local public safety and making sure these neighborhoods are safe and they're going to get these apartments and other physical locations secured. >> and if they do go ahead with that controlled explosion, if you will, they've got to be really careful. it's a good thing, tom and chris, that they notify everyone that they're going to be doing this to make sure people aren't
9:41 am
overly alarmed when they hear a big boom. cnn has now confirmed and i want to relay this to our viewers that this 19-year-old suspect sdar car tsarnaev was in fact a naturalized u.s. citizen. he received his u.s. citizenship september of last year. his older brother, tomar tsarnaev 26 years old now dead killed in a shootout with police, he was also a naturalized u.s. citizen. apparently both, chris, had claimed asylum as a result they got green cards and eventually became u.s. citizens. >> horrible irony that a place decided to protect them and give them a chance at a new life they decided to turn against. now, that does seem to be reading into motive, but the more we understand even placing aside that investigators and authorities believe that they are the bombers, that they told a hostage that they had last night that they were the bombers, online the activity of the suspect that they're pursuing right now does suggest an interest in extremism. so the pictures becoming much
9:42 am
more full of this man. >> yeah. there's some activity going on in cambridge right now. brooke is on the scene for us. what are you seeing and hearing. >> hey, wolf, you're exactly right. we have zoomed in to see the firefighters -- there they go. actually, i'm moving closer down norfolk. that is the street. i would say just about a football field and a half from where you see those firefighters down norfolk is where we believe is that apartment complex where these two guys who'd been living here in cambridge. i have been here for several hours this morning, and what we just learned in that news conference from police jives with this tremendous law enforcement presence. you know, we have additional ambulances on standby, possibly in the case that there could be injuries with this controlled explosion. but we saw firefighters pulling out the hose, we're sort of waiting for possibly signaling
9:43 am
cover your ears. waiting. waiting to see when the explosion happens because, you know, you never know what could be inside of that apartment before they can go in, before they know they have the all-clear to search, they need to make sure it's safe, wolf. >> brooke, so just to repeat and i want to make sure we're hearing this right. there will be what they call this controlled explosion in the cambridge area where you are right now? do we have any idea when that's going to occur? >> we don't know yet. you know as best as i do given what we just heard in that news conference. but we have seen quite a presence, a lot of fbi agents, they've continuously through the course of the morning, wolf, back this up farther and farther. as we await that, i would like to provide a little color on this 19-year-old dzhokhar because i was just speaking in the last 20 minutes or so with a couple of his friends.
9:44 am
they were buddies. they went to the same high school together here in cambridge. it was the cambridge rindge and latin high school. i want to play a piece of this interview because they talk about dzhokhar as a leader. he was the captain of the wrestling team their senior year here in cambridge. he was a volunteer in the community, volunteered for a group called best buddies helping out disabled kids here in cambridge. take a listen to this. let's start with when is the last time you saw dzhokhar? >> i saw dzhokhar maybe last year. just around, hi and bye kind of thing. >> you both wrestled with dzhokhar, what kind of kid was he? >> he was a fun kid. you know, he liked a lot of people. he had a lot of friends. diverse type of friends. he was cheerful. never really mellow. he was like never really mad at the world. he was just mellow and all that, you know. >> can you tell me what you were
9:45 am
his same weight class on the wrestling team. what was he like with you? >> well, i went to college with him. and the last time i saw him it was at u. mass dartmouth. he was a really nice kid. he was the kind of kid that would push me harder. he was a good fighter. he was an all-star wrestler. and i was new to wrestling. he would push me all the time. >> he would push you? was he like a leader? >> he was the captain his senior year, but before that he knew how to fight. and i wasn't so good at fighting and he would help me fight. he would show me moves. help me run faster. just help me do better. >> so someone you respected? >> yeah. someone i would look up to i guess. i kind of thought this is the kind of kid that would go to ufc or something like that. someone i could trust my life over i think. >> tell me a story, something that you recall with you and dzhokhar, an anecdote. >> one thing i can remember is one of the wrestling matches, we
9:46 am
went to wrestling matches and i lost my match and he won the match. and even though i lost the match, you know, he was like i really felt bad because the coach was pushing me hard, he's like you got to beat this guy. i lost the match by a couple points and dzhokhar was like, it's cool, dude, you're going to win the next match. he was the one that always motivated me. >> did you guys ever at any point in time hear him talking about hating americans, plotting anything? >> he was -- at first when i saw him i think he was white like regular american. >> yeah. like i said before, like he loved -- he had a wide variety of friends. he liked everybody. he never hated american. trying to be a typical american boy. like i said, he's an excellent wrestler. he did lots of stuff. he volunteered, apparently, for best buddies club which is like people who volunteer for down syndrome. he loved people in general.
9:47 am
he's cheerful. but he did boxing. i know he's a small person, so i used to make fun of him and he would laugh it off and prove that he's like a good at everything and very motivational. >> what about his relationship with his older brother? what kind of relationship did he have? >> never mentioned anything about his family. he never mentioned his background at all. >> did you know where he was originally from? >> yeah, he told me some part of russia. i'm not sure exactly. >> chechnya. >> yeah. that's all he told me. >> when he talked about where he was from, what did he say? >> i just asked him because he asked me where i was from and i told him nepal and then i asked him where he was from because i thought he was american. he looks white to me. his english was really good. i think he was american and then he was talking racism and like we're friends from all different countries but sometimes we just make fun of each other, we're all friends. all the friends he was saying from moscow -- not moscow,
9:48 am
chechnya, russia. >> one example is like me and him we sat all in lunch together in high school. and everybody used to criticize us because i'm hispanic, it would be me, dzhokhar, this guy right here and we all hang out together. and we would all be like one big community, one big family. opportunity, diversity and respect. so we had respect for all type of people. we just joke around never really hated anybody. >> so if you're telling me he had respect for all kinds of people, all walks of life. when you heard that he may be the one capable of doing what happened here in boston on monday, your reaction is? >> i'm shocked. i feel like it's a dream to tell you the truth. i feel like i haven't woke up today. i'm not sure if it's possible or not, could be or could not be, but i'm really shocked.
9:49 am
i would never expect this to happen. >> when i first heard it i thought it was a joke. i would never expect that to happen. it sounded impossible to me. such a nice kid, i would never expect that. >> final question, you said you were at u. mass dartmouth. so you saw him how recently did you see dzhokhar? >> it's been a year. about a year. i met him at target because i was staying off campus, so he was staying on the campus. and i met him at target. i was buying something and i talk to him about school and stuff and he was telling me he had to take calculus too because he didn't take it in the spring semester so they were making him take in the summer. that was last year. >> so how come if you were such buddies, how come you haven't seen him in a year? did he stop reaching out to you? >> when we're buddies, we don't call each other. if we meet, we just say, hey, what's up? how's it going? in high school it was the same thing. get to lunch, get to a table, friend show up, he shows up.
9:50 am
if he doesn't show up, he doesn't show up. same thing in college. if we go to college, we say hey, what's up. if we don't see him. >> no big deal. so there you have it. two young voices, two youngsters here in cambridge who knew and really respected this 19-year-old dzhokhar. clearly they didn't want their faces on camera. they were fearful and they were shocked. one other note, wolf and chris, we talked to one other person who also was on the wrestling team with him and he was absolutely convinced and this is just his opinion, convinced it was his older brother that would have talked him potentially into committing such a heinous act if in fact these two are the ones who did it. we will keep watching the scene here in cambridge, massachusetts, as we await a controlled explosion at this home, this apartment complex. live pictures of the firefighters waiting to go in in cambridge. as soon as we see anymore movement here, we'll come back out here. meantime, chris, wolf, back to
9:51 am
you. >> brooke, quick question. i may have missed it in your interview with these two guys. like everybody else almost in the world when they saw the video and the pictures that the fbi released yesterday, did it even enter their minds that they knew at least one of these suspects? >> absolutely. when they saw and i talked to a couple other people out here in cambridge who went to -- actually, one young woman went all the way elementary, middle and high school. and she said the second that she saw the picture that the fbi released yesterday, she said she knew he looked familiar, but it was the surveillance video from the 7-eleven that was when she had a lump in her throat and her heart sunk and she said absolutely i knew that was dzhokhar. >> yep. that's what happens. all right, brooke, once you get word of that controlled explosion in cambridge, we'll of course get back to you. we'll see what's going on.
9:52 am
brooke boulduan on the scene. no indication either one of these two brothers were directly ever involved in any of those universities. >> it's also important to keep in mind, wolf, as we've been lerping from experts in profiling and counterterrorism all day. just because people had positive encounters with them, doesn't make them impossible for doing terrible things. it's like we have this idea that this is all their about, people snap at different moments, they change quickly. we saw it with the times square bomber, he was a good neighbor, everybody liked him. he was moving his way through american life. and yet at a certain point he changed and had very different intentions and motives. just because people had a good experience with one or both of these suspects doesn't mean that they weren't capable of this. >> yeah. they could have inspired. there's a magazine online "inspire" put out by the late anwar to inspire things like
9:53 am
this major nadal hasan at ft. hood, texas, he was inspired to go out and start shooting his former troops. >> also important to note we're seeing military helicopters and different vehicles, that's to be expected with so many agencies involved. it doesn't mean there's a need for certain capabilities, but that there's such a big operation here, you're going to see lots of military and different authorities and agencies involved. >> as should be. it's a huge operation. a lot of people are nervous here in the boston area. they want this over with. they want it over with as quickly as possible. so does law enforcement. so does the military, national guard, they are on the scene. let's take a quick break. our continuing coverage will resume in just a moment. neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below...
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[ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. we're watching breaking news. we're having continuing coverage here in the boston bombing investigation and manhunt for a suspected terrorist. i'm wolf blitzer in boston. >> i'm chris cuomo. >> chris cuomo is here. we're watching this nonstop. it's a very, very tense moment right now. >> and very fluid. lots of agencies involved. we've been seeing police activity. can't get too far ahead of ourselves, just know it is
9:57 am
active and ongoing. the search for suspects certainly -- suddenly became a police chase and manhunt thursday evening. that's when there was a call that went out that an m.i.t. security officer had been shot, his name is now sean collier, 26 years old. we don't know whether or not he confronted these suspects after they had robbed a 7-eleven or they simply came upon him, but either way shots fired. he was killed. once police were on the scene, they developed an understanding that these were their suspects, became a very intense car chase. there were improvised explosive devices, grenades, thrown out the window. eventually one of the suspects exited the vehicle, was shot and killed allegedly run over by his own brother while he was trying to escape. >> we say allegedly because a lot of this information is initial, it's murky. the fbi released the pictures of the two young men and they announced that the hunt was beginning. as chris just said, that hunt intensified overnight with these dramatic developments. the older brother, as you say
9:58 am
now dead. the younger brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev, he remains at large right now even though this manhunt continues nonstop. >> investigators are trying to figure out what changed? why they did something so brazen as to rob a convenience store and steal a car. >> maybe they needed money. they thought they could get away. had no money or whatever. >> maybe in that rash this is somewhat of a window into whether or not there was a well-developed plan here or not, but the key is that they became very concerned about explosives. since about 35:30 this morning little has changed in terms of disposition of this search. they've been in one main area here in boston. they've been asking us not to give away tactical positions. they have a delay on our video in case something happens that we can't control at the moment. but they're worried about this suspect having explosives. we believe they have found some
9:59 am
ord nants -- in cambridge, that's where they were living. if you hear that, don't panic. >> the older brother who was killed we believe to be wearing an explosive vest, a suicide bombing vest or whatever. and that raised all sorts of suspicions. that's why virtually this whole city and area is on lockdown right now. >> we'll check-in with don lemon. he's at one of the areas with intense police activity. what's the latest? >> yeah. look, a lot of times the press conferences quite frankly is the latest information they know but also like the newspaper, the oldest thing that is out there. because when they're holding those press conferences, there's activity going on. and we saw that as they were holding the press conference as they were saying, hey, listen some areas have been cleared but we're going to other areas. some of the other areas they're going to here, here where we are, we have seen tactical units dispatched to our area, a


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