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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 19, 2013 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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marriage. as i said, two daughters, both have children, and with all the freedom in the states, they just, you know, don't want to stay with their husbands put. they want to travel. >> how many siblings? >> four all together. >> they have two sisters? >> yes. >> are they in boston? >> they have to be in boston. >> how old are they? >> one is older than dzhokhar, one is younger. no, actually dzhokhar is the youngest. >> one in the middle. >> there are some reports that he or someone by his name posted a video on al qaeda youtube-like account. >> saying what? >> a video, black banners, a prophecy. >> this morning, when i saw like it says, this might be tamerlan.
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and, again, might be. and i clicked on that and there is this click, and, by the way, i went in there also, you know, some time ago, and i thought to myself, what an ugly boy found in that clip. that's, you know, even i went in there because, you know, in youtube, there is always something pop up. you watching something like, you know, the secrets, listening to that, and there is something in it unrelated will come up and then it goes on and on and on and on. and then you're just, you know, being -- have interest just to see what shift is that. sometimes there is a lot of it. what is that? you click on it and i heard it this morning, this morning. and i thought, if i was there, why wouldn't just, you know,
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just out of curiosity tamerlan wouldn't go in there also. >> would you say your nephews were devout practicing muslims? >> he was not devout practicing. but just recently maybe two years ago he started praying five times a day, which is, i don't see anything bad in it, you know? it takes off your mind, five times, you set up the time, you say gratitude, words to creator. there is nothing said about this. i would rather him praying than he would be smoking, doing drugs, and doing some other unlawful stuff. >> which nephew are you referring to? >> that's tamerlan. >> i thought you said he was a devout christian. >> his wife. >> wife. >> i wish you were lawyers like me, because when i listen and speak, i say only what i know. it was my sister --
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>> the aunt of the two brothers speaking from canada earlier in the day. we heard from the young men's uncle, who was critical of them, essentially calling them losers. welcome to our breaking news coverage of the situation here in boston. i'm anderson cooper. boston, massachusetts, remains that the hour under a virtual lockdown. thousands of police, s.w.a.t. teams, troops, helicopters, flying overhead. all in search of this man, the second boston bomber, dzhokhar tsarnaev. a naturalized u.s. citizen, 19 years old, considered extremely dangerous. the hunt is focused, but not confined to a series of communities west of boston proper, including cambridge and watertown. 21 hours since the photo was first released, dzhokhar named on the loose. his older brother, his alleged co-conspirator in the bombing at the marathon died early this morning in a clash with police from which the younger brother escaped. according to one law enforcement
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source, actually driving over his brother's body. here is the brother's uncle in an emotional plea delivered late this morning. >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness. and the victims, from the injured and from those who left, ask for forgiveness from these people. >> we already obviously are learning a lot about these two suspects. we know that dzhokhar who is 19 years old, first came to the united states in 2002, he was 8 years old. his family, he came here on a tourist visa. we know with his mother and his -- at least with his mother. let's go back to the aunt now speaking in canada. >> naturally, i guess, you know, whatever i feel will come out. natural. it is so natural. what is so different about it? >> have you talked to police at
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all or -- >> i haven't talked -- nobody is contacting me. i called fbi first line. fbi line. if you have any hints, let us know. that's the number i called because knowing these two boys, knowing -- believing, strongly believing they wouldn't do this, that's why i called. but i called not right away. first reaction was anger. how could this happen? how could this do this? for what? for the sake of what? what belief? what prompted them to this? this reaction. but then i went through material, whatever is in there. quickly, quickly. my first call to fbi, they could not have done this. where evidence? all you're showing, that's just footage. two guys are walking. and i found it strange, tamerlan is walking in the front, dzhokhar is in the back. why wouldn't they come together?
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just, you know, together as brothers, as i used to know them. >> are you suspicious that maybe they didn't do this? >> no, i'm suspicious that this was staged. the picture was staged. >> by who? >> whoever needs this. >> why would they -- >> whoever is looking for those who need to be blamed for these attacks. >> so you think they're being set up by someone else, not the authorities. you think they're being set up by someone else? >> what do you mean someone else? >> who is setting -- >> who is interested in this case? when you are blowing up people, and you want to bring attention to something, for some purpose, you know, you do that math. you do that math. why me? i'm used to being set up. before i left former soviet union country, that's how i lived. always. straight way. best student. best worker. i'm a chechen. i have to prove myself twice,
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triple times more than others who live on their own land. >> they were tracking your nephews overnight, and that they were following a vehicle that they were in and that they were throwing explosives out the window. >> nobody said that to me. that's why i'm saying why i'm not getting contacted if they want to know my opinion. give me evidence, then ask me. what do you think? >> you heard those reports, though, that -- >> why is it that the question -- do you believe, if you have evidence, if fbi has evidence, why are you asking questions i do believe they could do this? if they have done this, i have to believe. i just would know that they have done it. what else? >> what kind of young men are they? >> i told that already. they are normal young men. tamerlan is almost two meters tall, very athletic, smart boy,
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seemingly did not find himself yet in america. because it is not easy. my younger brother ruslan, he had a very high expectations of him because he knows he was smart. he knows he could use his potential. but, you know, since -- and then when he found out that he dropped out of university, that was ruslan was desperate because he always demands more of his children, of his nephews, especially tamerlan, his favorite, so as i said, starting with dzhokhar is, you know, he's smart guy. >> can you tell us about when they came to the united states? where they had been living before that? >> i brought them here. i was in the states, going through my paperwork, to canada.
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>> when was that? >> that was 2001. so then in 2002 my older brother came to the states, that's when i filed his paperwork myself, for the refugee protection claim. >> your older brother? >> older. >> you've been listening to the aunt of dzhokhar, who is now on the run. clearly she is in a state of denial or not really aware of the whole impact of what has happened here, what is going on. she denies that her nephews could be involved in this. she said they're being set up. we heard earlier, as you saw from the uncle of these two young men, who clearly has a different opinion, he seems to refer to them as losers, and urged dzhokhar to turn himself in. he's the only one now still on the loose. as i was saying, we know dzhokhar came to the united states in 2002 when he was 8 years old. said he came with his family. we're not sure exactly what family members.
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they applied forreceived that a a citizen on september 11th, 2012. it was four years later that his older brother came to the united states, did not receive citizenship, but did have a green card here. his brother, who died in a hail of bullets, early this morning, at the age of 26, explosives found on his body with a detonating device, he was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead there. want to check in with our deborah feyerick. we have reporters all throughout boston and the surrounding areas. she is in watertown. deb, just set the scene of where you are and what you're seeing around you right now. >> reporter: anderson, we're in the area where there were three pretty big incidents earlier in the day. first one happened just about 5:30 when there were a number of cars that came up the street, just behind me. and they went into, they staged
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a tactical strike they went into a home. it is unclear as to why they were looking at that home, why they were targeting that home, but then we understand a forensic team went in following that. they were looking there. a couple of hours later, right on the street, just in front of me, and here is what we're seeing all day, anderson. i'm sure a lot of people are, but you're seeing sort of heavy artillery vehicles. this actually may be a shift change. and that's going to work in the favor of law enforcement. because you have to remember, this 19-year-old kid, he is -- he may be finding a place to sleep, but he's been up for an awfully long time. he witnessed the death of his brother. and now he is on his own. he's on his own. and he is, as far as we know, isolated, though it does appear that he isn't reaching out to the outside by some sort of device or some sort of internet device. unclear there. but things are slowing down. there have been a shift change. and what we're being told is that law enforcement still gearing up for what could be a very long night.
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the perimeter, very, very fluid. it was really hot here earlier in the day. they actually even stopped a man, put him on the ground and there is a lot of police presence on that. but now the perimeter seems to be more fluid. it is going to different areas as investigators go, track down who tsarnaev knew, what friends he may have made. you look on his website and his twitter account, it looks like he had a number of friends at umass dartmouth. they're looking at that. they're tracking down as many possible leads as they can. you got thousands of investigators here in boston and elsewhere and they are trying to just piece together where he might be, who he might be talking to, and more importantly, where he might be hiding, anderson. >> yeah. obviously this is a situation which has been ongoing all night, and i'm sure you've been following this all throughout the day as well. it began around 10:00 last night, local time, police responding to reports of a robbery in progress at a
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7-eleven near the m.i.t. campus in cambridge. police officers responded there. about 20 minutes later, police also then responded to a report of an altercation nearby, when some police got there, they found a police officer, an m.i.t. police officer in his vehicle, shot dead. then there was a report of a carjacking, a chase ensued, a person whose car was jacked was taken by these two men, held for about 30 minutes, finally dropped off near the charles river. a chase then continued, ended up in watertown, where there was an exchange of gunfire. the older suspect, suspect number one as he was referred to in that initial marathon bombing video, suspect number one was killed by law enforcement personnel. explosive devices were also used allegedly by the suspects according to law enforcement personnel. the suspect was found with explosives on his person. his brother, 19-year-old
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dzhokhar, is said to have driven over his brother's body and managed to escape. and that is where we stand now with a manhunt. house to house searches is what we're seeing. we're joined now by national security analyst and expert jim walsh. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> first of all, have you ever seen anything like this in a major metropolitan city in america? >> first of all, i've never seen anything like it at all. and in particular how it is touching various parts of my life. yesterday i taught my class at m.i.t. from 1:00 to 3:00, you know, hung out at my office, made my way home, only to see on the news that two blocks from my office a person who workeds for the same place i do, m.i.t., had been assassinated. i woke up this morning, to the sound of helicopters. i live -- i live on the watertown border. i woke up, my phone is ringing off the hook, i drive to watertown. blocks from where a reporter is,
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that's where my studio is. and streets are blocked off. the streets are empty. there were national guard, tactical police, state police, lots of media satellite trucks, i go into the studio like i always do and lock the door, right, because we're all on lockdown now. and then began to talk to your colleagues and then i received a phone call from my daughter. and my daughter who grew up in watertown and grew up in cambridge, went to school locally and asked, dad, you know what are you doing in the studio? why aren't you sheltering in place at home? i explained it to her. and then she said, she had been talking to friends, she did not know the suspects personally, but she had a lot of friends who went to cambridge and rindge high school and have been talking all day through facebook and other social media. we have seen this throughout the course of the day, even those who knew him up to a year ago and people seemed very, very surprised. my daughter, you know, sort of one circle away, to be at
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m.i.t., have a colleague killed, and then to be driving around, just fantastical. >> it is very interesting and there is still a lot we don't know about the dynamic between these two young men. we don't know if they were the only ones involved in this, if there may be other suspects as well. we do know this older brother did travel to russia for about six months or so. left school in order to pursue boxing, was a competitive boxer here in the united states, won a number of awards with that. but, again, we do not know, i mean what is interesting is to hear over the last several hours all the reports from people who knew the younger brother, dzhokhar, 19, who described him as well adjusted, who described him as having friends who -- >> went to parties. >> went to parties, partied with people, and you can read into that what you will. the older brother described himself as not drinking alcohol, not smoking, had either a
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girlfriend or a wife, we're not sure of their exact relationship and according to family members a 3-year-old child as well. so we're trying to find out more about the family dynamic, about any kind of motivation behind that. but right now, the obviously the -- all resources are being devoted to trying to locate this young man at 19 who could very well be barricaded in somebody's house, could be on the run, we simply don't know. >> i had to stop, there was more than a dozen police on this side street next to the studio, i stopped, you know, made myself clear and open to them, they were going house by house, checking houses, i explained what i was doing, they let me go through. this is so sad. it is so sad in so many ways. a lot of emotion the last several days for someone who lives here, works here, is engaged with all of this. the part of it is i'm reminded sadly because we have brothers here of those -- remember the shootings, series of serial
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and welcome back to our continuing coverage of the massive manhunt now going -- now going on here in boston and surrounding areas, particularly the area around watertown, a lot of activity in cambridge, a controlled detonation is expected to take place in the residence where these two brothers have been living. that has not taken place yet. we'll obviously want to give warning to anybody in that area when they hear that explosion, that is what police are trying to give plenty of warning on. there is also now another police are on the lookout for -- they want this information out there, police are searching for another potential suspect car, massachusetts license plate 116 gc 7, a '99 honda sedan, a green honda sedan, described as a possible suspect car, police obviously saying do not approach that vehicle. if you do see it, immediately contact law enforcement. cnn's carol costello has been piecing together the timeline of all of this, because in all the
11:22 am
rush to report the latest information, it is easy to lose sight of how we got here and the extraordinary developments that we have seen over the last 24 hours in this fast and moving manhunt. take a look. >> reporter: it started thursday night at 5:10 when the fbi held an extraordinary news conference. >> today we are listing the public's help to identify the two suspects. after a very detailed analysis of photo, video and other evidence, we are releasing photos of these two suspects. they are identified as suspect one, and suspect two. they appear to be associated. suspect one is wearing a dark hat. suspect two is wearing a white hat. suspect two sat down a backpack at the site of the second explosion, just in front of the forum restaurant. >> reporter: thousands of tips poured in, flash forward to 10:00 p.m. thursday. >> a robbery took place. >> reporter: one of them captured on a surveillance camera. police say it is the suspected
11:23 am
marathon bomber in the white hat, dzhokhar tsarnaev. 10:20 p.m., shots are fired at m.i.t., a campus police officer is found murdered, shot multiple times in his cruiser. it wasn't long after two men carjack a mercedes suv, watertown police spot the car and all hell breaks loose. >> during the course of that pursuit, several explosive devices were discharged from the car at the police officers. in the exchange of the gunfire, we believe that one of the suspects was struck and ultimately taken into custody. a second suspect was able to flee from that car and there is an active search going on at this point and time. >> reporter: a transit officer was shot and wounded in the gunfig gunfight, but police did shoot one man. tamerlan tsarnaev, identified as suspect number one. tsarnaev later dies at the
11:24 am
hospital, strapped to his body, bombs. >> this was a trauma arrest, multiple injuries, probably we believe a combination of blasts, potentially gunshot wounds. >> how many gunshot wounds. >> unable to count. >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear the rest of that. >> probably a blast injury also. >> blast meaning one? >> explosive device, possibly shrapnel, thermal injuries. >> describe where it was? >> it was pretty much throughout the trunk, multiple wounds. >> would it be consistent with perhaps a bomb strapped -- >> unclear. i think the medical examiner will be able to conclusively say that. >> reporter: police cessa say tsarnaev's brother manages to escape, running over his body's body, scattering a line of police to get away. the younger tsarnaev is armed and dangerous and may have explosives strapped to his body two. police evacuate watertown and surrounding neighborhoods warning them in robocalls. >> hello. this is detective coners with the watertown police department. >> reporter: soon the entire
11:25 am
city of boston is on lockdown, public transit stopped, cabs ordered off the road and no fly zone set up over boston. by late friday morning, the manhunt continued. carol costello, cnn, atlanta. a manhunt unlike any this city or any city in the united states has seen probably in our lifetime. chris lawrence is on the campus of the university of massachusetts at dartmouth where the younger suspect actually attended school. he joins us now by phone. chris, what are you seeing there? >> anderson, some more developments just in the last half an hour or so. we saw yet another blackhawk helicopter land here on campus, in a grassy field, near the entrance of campus. they -- the crew off loaded a state police tactical team, about a ten-man team, fully armed. they got off the helicopter, they were met by an armored vehicle that pulled up.
11:26 am
they loaded up on that armored vehicle and then drove further into the interior of the campus. this is at least the second time we have seen helicopters land here at the campus within the last hour or two. clearly there is something of interest, some potential evidence, whether that be something that was perhaps left behind, something that investigators want to check out, or perhaps a person or persons that investigators still want to talk to, but clearly with the police presence here, they feel there is something of interest still here on the campus of umass dartmouth. we spoke with a lot of the students who know dzhokhar, that's how they refer to him as dzhokhar. some of them live on the same floor, a couple of doors down in the same dorm. they said they would see him at the gym a lot. in fact, at least two students said they saw dzhokhar here on
11:27 am
campus after the bombing. they couldn't be sure exactly what time it was, they knew it wasn't in a classroom, it was around the dorms, and one of the young men we spoke with had seen him, he also said that a friend of his had seen him in the gym. that would mean that he would have had to probably swipe his i.d. to get in. we flagged down the provost of the school to try to verify that. they were not going to give any comment. but, again, at least from a couple of students they claim that they saw dzhokhar here on campus, sometime after the bombing. the students here were evacuated, started out with texts and e-mails telling them they should leave, that then ramped up to resident assistance r.a.s coming to the door, telling them that it was time to go. we spoke with one young man who was debriefed by the fbi and the state police for several hours earlier this morning.
11:28 am
he says that he was the one who helped dzhokhar move into his dorm when he first got to college here. when he saw the pictures yesterday on one of our broadcasts, he tweeted and posted some posts saying i know this person, i know who that is, and he said when he got up this morning, there was a knock on his door, and there were several investigators at his door basically wanting to talk to him to get his insight on dzhokhar, what he knew, if anything, inside his person or people he may have known. again, this was very early this morning. said he talked to them for several hours and then was told, thank you, and he came back here to campus. so bottom line, anderson, right now, umass dartmouth is a ghost town. students are all gone. the only people that we can see on campus are the s.w.a.t. teams and the k-9 units. anderson? >> chris, let me just clarify
11:29 am
one thing. to your knowledge, is he actually now living on campus? you said he moved into a dorm on campus. there is this other house in cambridge that police are at, where that controlled detonation is. are you aware, was he living there in cambridge or was he living on campus still? >> i don't know exactly where he was living as of, you know, this week, for the last week or two, but people here say he was still around campus. the young man we spoke with who lives in the same dorm, the sophomore dorm where he was living, said, yeah, i live a few doors down from him and we would see him occasionally in the hallways. so we haven't had any trouble here finding people on campus who knew him, many of them didn't know him all that well. they said he was a big fitness nut, a lot of -- several of the young men we spoke with say where they saw him most was in the gym, working out, lifting
11:30 am
weights, and that's where they would have small talk with him. and i can tell you, a lot of folks here -- this may not be all that shocking, but they're surprised. they say he -- >> obviously, yeah. >> came off as a typical college student there was nothing to raise any red flags here. >> all right, chris lawrence, i appreciate that reporting. chris seeing another blackhawk helicopter, about ten tactical individuals and tactical gear landing, taking some equipment out. again, not clear if there is any specific thing or threat on that campus, but clearly they want to, out of an abundance of caution, there are thousands of police officers, law enforcement personnel, national guard troops, here in boston in watertown, all throughout this city, trying to facilitate, trying to help as much as they k we're going to take another short break. our coverage continues in a moment. i get here? dumb luck? or good decisions?
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welcome back to our continuing coverage of the massive manhunt now under way for 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, his brother killed earlier this morning. he now one of those two marathon bombing suspects still on the loose. i want to show you just a map if you're not familiar with the boston area, the watertown area,
11:34 am
to give you an overall sense of where the layout of everything is and where this manhunt and where the various interactions with police have occurred really over the last 24 hours. maybe about 16 hours or so, starting in cambridge, where that first report of a convenience store being robbed brought police to the scene. that is also in cambridge, massachusetts, where a police officer from m.i.t. was killed, found dead in his vehicle. apparently shot by one of the suspects and that is also where the carjacking began and ended up in watertown. our brooke baldwin is standing by live in cambridge. brooke, explain where you are and what you are looking at. >> okay, so anderson i am about a block away from norfolk street, so these are live pictures. i stepped away from the camera so you can see basically what i'm looking at. norfolk street down the road, about a football field and a half, is where these suspects,
11:35 am
these two brothers apparently lived. i have been here in cambridge for i'd say five to six hours and we have been watching off and on, a lot of law enforcement activity i've seen local police, state police and a huge, huge presence of fbi agents. in the last ten minutes or so, huge change. we all have been waiting for these controlled explosions that police had briefed us on, about two hours ago. we heard no booms. no explosions here on the street. to the left, and i was in this crush of cameras, the press, where suddenly a loud, much, much closer and in fact, everyone was standing, as i was a moment ago before hopping on tv with you, i was in the midst of the cameras, where they're now positioned is a perspective in which they can get video as soon as presumably the law enforcement -- the big trucks, the armored trucks begin to leave they will be able to capture the video, that we're not getting a lot of communication from the police out here. but i can tell you, when we were trying to get information from
11:36 am
the cambridge police officer here on street, we said is it done, is it done? he said, yes. so is that official word that the search of the suspect's apartment is done? perhaps not officially, but that's what we're hearing here on the street. again, no bombs going off that we could hear, but that's the latest on the street in cambridge. back to you. >> okay, brooke. i got a couple of questions for you, brooke. first, for our viewers, we're obviously don't want to do anything that gives away any kind of tactical information, any kind of ongoing tactical operations. that's been a problem in years past. it can even be more of a problem with live television. we're very cautious in terms of where we're pointing the cameras, what we're showing you, putting things on tape delay when warranted. the -- obviously everybody's role here besides our role to inform you, we don't want to do anything that impedes or hampers this investigation, it is very possible this suspect is hunkered down in some home somewhere watching television, the concern we have with the
11:37 am
massive manhunt under way with chris dorner months ago in california. a couple of key questions. do we know, we may not know this, so let's not speculate, but do we know for a fact these two suspects lived at that addre address? i asked chris lawrence about he had heard -- he had talked to a young man who helped this younger suspect dzhokhar at 19 move into a dorm on campus. university of massachusetts dartmouth. but it wasn't clear whether he still lived in that dorm or whether that has just been in past years. do we know who exactly lives in that apartment? >> you know, we have -- i have -- a couple of crews are here. it is a great question. a couple of crews, cnn crews here on the ground. we talked to different people who attended high school with the younger one, dzhokhar. as far as precisely whether or not they lived in this apartment, elizabeth cohen here in cambridge talked to the neighbor, so according to this neighbor, yes, they did, in fact, live in this particular apartment building here on norfolk street in cambridge. >> okay. we also now heard reports that
11:38 am
the older brother, 26-year-old tamerlan who was shot and killed earlier in the early hours this morning, that he had a wife or girlfriend and also a child, a 3-year-old child. do they also live in that address or, and, again, if we don't know, we don't know. >> i asked the exact same question of people who knew dzhokhar, they knew of the brother, but they had no -- i asked about the wife and the daughter and they had no idea he was married or had this child at all. >> okay. so as far as you can tell, we don't know whether a controlled explosion has occurred or whether they have decided not to do that at this point, right? >> we do not know. but i think the fact they're allowing a lot of these families who have had babies out here on streets for many, many hours, they are letting them back into their homes, i think we can assume that all is clear as far as any potential controlled explosion. anderson. >> okay.
11:39 am
brooke, i appreciate the update on that. let's check in with joe johns now in washington, d.c. joe what are you hearing? what is the latest on the investigation? >> i've been talking to investigators and others connected to all of this. and i have to tell you, series of questions out there. we have contradictory information. this is no reflection, anderson, on the law enforcement people who are trying to figure it out and trying to chase this individual down. nonetheless, i wanted to go through some of the information that seems to be conflicting a little bit and let you know what our questions are. first, anderson, you started out talking about the green honda civic that authorities are looking for, connecticut police put out a be on the lookout for that automobile. it has massachusetts license plates. now that is actually the second suspect vehicle or alleged suspect vehicle we have heard about. today, the first was a mercedes suv, that would be the vehicle
11:40 am
that was carjacked earlier this morning. so two suspect vehicles we heard about, we also have gotten some contradictory information about the controlled explosions that you were just trying to sort of explore there with brooke. now, the issue there is where are they doing controlled explosions and what are they blowing up? we do know there were some explosives found with the suspect who died this morning. it was believed to be on his body. there were also reports of some types of explosives perhaps being thrown out the window of a vehicle. so we're told by authorities that there were or were shortly going to be controlled explosions for those. the question, of course, was whether there was also something at that location where brooke is, and, frankly, very difficult to say. so those are probably the
11:41 am
biggest things, you know, you have two cars, you have controlled explosions alleged at separate places, and we're trying to figure it all out. we're obviously not blaming the police officials, they're doing the best they can. and there is a lot that people don't know. again and again, people have told me there have been false alarms as one law enforcement authority called it, false alarms all over. and that's adding to the confusion, anderson. >> joe, just very briefly, though, obviously while this manhunt is going on, there are other aspects of this investigation which are going on. a lot of people in the united states and overseas looking into these two suspects, to any possible foreign connections, to any possible overseas travel. there had been a report that the older man, 26-year-old tamerlan, had travelled to russia for about six months before coming back to the united states. so there are multiple prongs ongoing while this manhunt is under way. >> that's absolutely right.
11:42 am
and we're told that investigators are searching under every rock to try to determine if there are any foreign sources to -- foreign terrorism that might be unearthed. and when i last checked, i wasn't -- i was told that authorities were also certainly looking at the possibility that this could be an entirely domestic situation, that no one has drawn any conclusions, they entered it with an open mind and haven't put out any information either way, anderson. >> all right, joe johns, appreciate that reporting. we'll continue to check in with joe. we're going to take another short break and our coverage continues. [ female announcer ] birdhouse plans. nacho pans.
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11:46 am
we have been out here all morning with other media, watching fbi agents and county police, police from here in montgomery county, coming and going. we know from the fbi that they interviewed actually two uncles here at this location. but we only have been able to speak with ruslan tsarni, and i can tell you about an hour ago, i believe we have video of this, mr. tsarni left his home and walked just up the street here, we're at the end of a cul-de-sac, telling us the media he wanted to apologize to his neighbors about the commotion that had been created here this morning by this news. he walked into the home of a neighbor who we're told by other neighbors is close to this family, spend a few minutes inside with her and walked back out with her, all of them escorted by montgomery county police. they went back into his home and have been there for the last hour, as i said, just a few minutes ago, the four young girls arrived, delivered here in a truck that left, pulled out, and they got out. i can tell you that we haven't spoken to ruslan tsarni in the last hour. but when we last saw him, we asked if he had spoken to the
11:47 am
suspects' father, he said he had not. and earlier today he spoke at length with the media, and gave a really impassioned plea to dzhokhar to turn himself in, to ask for forgiveness. let's listen to a little bit of what he had to say. >> i say, dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in, and ask for forgiveness, from the victims, from the injured, and from those who love you, ask for forgiveness from these people. people a he put a shame, he put a shame on our family. he put a shame on the entire chechen ethnicity, because everyone now names shame with the word chechen, so they put that shame on the entire ethnicity. that's what i would say. turn yourself in and whatever,
11:48 am
whatever -- put yourself at the discretion of those. >> you heard from him pretty impassioned words there. i had a chance to ask him if he had anything more to say, he said not at the moment. i should say, we asked him earlier if he knew about the brothers, if they had any sort of military training, weapons training, if they were radicaled by events in chechnya. he said, they haven't been to chechnya, they grew up here. he felt shame, he felt the brothers brought shame on the chechen community but did not believe they had any sort of relationship to chechnya directly because they were so young when they came here. one more thing i should note, though, he said he had not seen these two young men since december of 2005, which is, of course, some time ago. so he was only able to be rather vague, i should say, about whether they had had any sort of military training. didn't sound like he was in a position to know that. he did say he had spoken last with the brothers' father about three months ago. but not recently.
11:49 am
anderson? >> yeah, just important to emphasize e emphasize, he has not seen these young men in several years. he's not quite aware of what's been going on in their lives but interesting to hear his perspective. i want to hear the perspective of sierra swartz, she went to cambridge high school with dzhokhar tsarnaev. i appreciate you calling in to us. what do you know about him? what was he like back then? >> he was a very, you know, gentle, kind person when we knew him. of course, this is not the case anymore, with the recent horrible tragedies, but at the time in high school, he was friendly, he had lots of friends, he seemed, you know, like a nice person. we never -- no one in my community had any suspect of any of this behavior. we're all deeply, deeply shocked. >> sierra, let me ask you a couple of detailed questions. what years did you know him?
11:50 am
>> i knew him all four years of high school. we had one acting class together and that's really when i got to know him the most out of those four years. but when i knew him in my class, he was very kind, very, you know, kind of quiet, but, you know, said funny things, said nice things, he was a good friend to those who were friends with him. >> okay, so you knew him from high school. you weren't -- >> oh no, no, no. i'm sorry. go ahead. >> okay. what -- did very any kind of extracurricular activities, after school activities, beyond just what he did in the classroom? was he interested in particular subjects? do you have any knowledge of that? >> i don't know what subjects he was interested in. but i know he was a wrestler in high school. he was, you know, an athlete, he got scholarships. he seemed -- all signs seemed to point towards bright and
11:51 am
promising future. so clearly something intercepted that and changed him for the much worse because, you know, the unspeakable acts going on, it is very hard to comprehend that someone seemed so -- like a good person, could have done something so evil. >> so what year did you graduate high school? because he's 19. so it was quite recently. what year did he graduate? >> yeah. him and i were both class of 2011. >> 2011. okay. so he became a citizen really in september 11 of 2012. so he became a citizen after graduating high school. to your knowledge, and, again, if you don't know this, that's fine, to your knowledge, he did date anybody during high school, did very relatihe have relation he go parties? did he smoke? did he drink? >> he hung out -- he had friends. i saw him at some parties. i don't know anything about his relationship life, but he seemed like any other, you know,
11:52 am
adjusted high schooler. you know, had plenty of friends, went to parties, but also worked hard in school, got scholarships, you know, took honors classes. so, you know, it just seemed like he had a great future, just like, you know, we would have expected from someone coming from my high school. there was no signs of any sort of negative activity when he was there. >> did you know of him as somebody who was of descent from the caucasus region, from chechnya or dagestan. did you know of him as somebody being born overseas? did he talk about that at all to your knowledge? >> we knew he had emigrated, but we -- i never heard him talk about anything suspicious at all. nothing that, you know, would have made it sound like he, you know, would have been involved in any activity. sometimes his name spelled out the way it is, sometimes he would make jokes about that his name was hard to pronounce, but apart from that, he never said anything that would have made
11:53 am
u.s. is picture that u us suspect that he was part of this activity. >> thank you for taking the time to try to piece together -- yeah. yeah, i can imagine. we're obviously trying to piece together the pieces of what has occurred. not only if it may help the manhunt in any way, but also just to try to understand what led these two people down this path and obviously that's something we may not know for many hours, many days, weeks, if ever. we're going to take another short break. but before wie do, want to brin in national security expert jim walsh. this is an investigation, which i said to joe johns, is multipronged. we're focusing on a manhunt. there is a lot we're not seeing in terms of tracking down travel records, immigration records, everything possible that might lead investigators to understand is there any kind of foreign connection, are these people who
11:54 am
were somehow radicalized in the united states, if so, where? we saw among somali populations in the minneapolis area, i believe it was, a number of young somalis who went overseas, first suicide bomber in somalia a couple of years ago was an american, naturalized american. there is a lot of questions about what happened to these two in the united states and the relationship between these two. you this 19-year-old and you have this older man, this 26-year-old, who we know did travel overseas who clearly seems to -- was he the one in the lead? we simply don't know. >> you're right to characterize it that way, anderson. this is an investigation which is moving from the inside out. and from the outside in. from the inside out, what are they doing is this trying to talk to all the family members to try to identify who his social network is. and perhaps find someone who might be able to talk to them, if they are able to locate him. but in any case, to try to document his social relationships. they have gone to university of massachusetts at dartmouth presumably because he display had a gym locker in addition to a dorm room and are looking
11:55 am
for -- it seems unlikely he would return there, but there may be physical evidence in addition to trying to map his social network. while they're moving from watertown out there are other parts of the u.s. government starting from the outside, foreign intelligence and others who are working their way back in. so they're rechecking all of the intelligence and chatter they have looked at in the last four days to see if something makes sense now that didn't make sense before or if something shows. they're look at signal intel tel je intelligence, interviewing contacts overseas. between moving out, and coming in, they're hoping to round out the picture and hopefully to find someone or find a way to persuade him to just stop before this reaches an end that no one wants to see. >> it is not as if -- the older brother was in russia, we don't
11:56 am
know who he was in contact with. >> right. and i -- i love the way that we have been cautious at each step here. we know the last four days, the police have made errors, eyewitnesses made errors, it is easy to make errors. but one of the things to keep in mind is, sure, to be radicalized by a foreign group, you would most, not always, but many travel overseas, but not every overseas trip results in radicalization. >> doesn't require that now with the internet. people can radicalize here, watching sermons and the like online. our coverage continues. we'll take another short break. we'll be right back. this is kevin.le anno] to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve.
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today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. and welcome back to our continuing coverage of the massive manhunt now u
11:59 am
garage and go in as if you're going through the white house or some place really secure with the mirror they look under your car and they also have k-9 units, dogs there as well. and according to the police officers i've spoken with, they're going to go section by section to every single home in watertown until they find this person here, until they feel secure enough that this person is not here or until they find him, anderson. >> about how many -- i mean, let's not talk actual numbers, but you've seen multiple state, federal, local agencies in that area.
12:00 pm
>> yes. i've seen from plymouth, from watertown, from boston, when we were here earlier, when i first got here, i guess about 6:30 this morning, there were city buses, two city buses filled with boston police officers. about ten minutes late, three more buses filled with boston police officers. about 30 minutes later, i counted seven buses filled with boston police officers. and then we saw different swat units, different tactical units. different bomb squad units from different municipalities all coming in and into this particular area. and i would imagine that this is not the only street they're coming into. there are other routes into watertown, so i would imagine there are thousands upon thousands of police officers that they're using to go door to door in this neighborhood. earlier where deb was, you know, there was a center of attention because they thought they had some suspect in there, they were looking at a car. but you heard the people in the press conference say, listen, we only have a certain percentage
12:01 pm
of the area covered. it may move from area to area. and as we have been standing here, we have seen it get closer and closer to where we are. and once they search a particular area, they will allow certain residents to go back in or allow an ease of entering and returning or leaving and returning to the home, but they only do that, you can only go into those areas once they have searched every single crevice of that area, you can either get in or out. otherwise it on lockdown. it is blocked off. you cannot go in and out of the neighborhood, anderson. >> all right, don. i want to bring in tom fuentes formerly with the fbi. as you've been watching this manhunt, and as we have been watching this manhunt unfold all day long, at this point, what stands out to you? where do you see it? >> i just see that it is a very methodical process, which it has to be. i know we're all impatient, want this resolved, want him apprehended and the threat from the community removed. and bring him to justice.
12:02 pm
but, you know, we have to also understand that those police officers, as they're walking up to the doors of each apartment, they know they could be ambushed, they know there could be booby traps, they're in a very dangerous spot. and this is a guy that just last night assassinated a police officer who wasn't even approaching them, much less the officers today who are going after him. so they just have to take it very slow, very carefully, deliberate process, hope to not touch off a booby trap, not only get themselves killed, burn down an apartment building and have other problems, so this is something they're just going to have to do it safely, methodically, and unfortunately that's going to take a while. >> tom, what do you make of the fact that the bombings themselves were not suicide attacks, and yet these two, these two suspects, if they are in fact the people who committed these atrocities, they didn't seem to have an exit strategy.
12:03 pm
they seemed -- their plan seems to be -- started to unravel last night. >> i guess my armchair psychology about that would be that -- that they weren't ready to leave boston on monday, and by last night they were ready to leave this world and go out in a blaze of glory. and i think that, you know, we have the situation on monday where they wanted to enjoy the, you know, basking in their glory, admire their own handiwork, they stay at the crime scenes where people are so severely injured and killed, and they don't even leave. much like an arsonist stays at a fire to watch the handiwork that he did. so then these days go by, the pictures go on the media last night, and i think if they saw that, they realized they have got people that are going to turn them in before too long, that their hours and days are definitely going to be numbered. so they go on offense. and i think that's what led to the very first thing last night to start their battle with the police and society, their final
12:04 pm
battle and that was killing the m.i.t. police officer. once that happens, the carjacking, the chase, the shootout with police, all of that, they initiated. they weren't still trying to hide. they weren't still trying to escape. they decided to take a stand and go on offense and go out in a blaze of glory. i think at that point, especially if it is true that they're both wearing explosives, it seems as though the older brother was, then that's telling you that they're now ready to commit suicide and be martyrs or be -- the blaze of glory. i don't want to say martyr because, you know, they may not have been, you know in that fervent religious mode. they may have just been doing this for some other personal reason. but in any event, i think they made the decision that they're going to go out and, you know, many times in these cases you have suicide by cop. in this case, much like dorner, dorner and the california case
12:05 pm
in february, you have guys that, you know, they're trying to have suicide by cop with cops and take people with them. i think that's -- at least that's my assessment of what the mentality was that changed. that as of last night, when those pictures went on the media worldwide, immediately i think they felt the walls closing in and the pressure to do something. >> from a law enforcement standpoint, tom, how much do law enforcement wants to capture this young man alive? just -- not only in terms of bringing this person to justice, but in terms of kind of unraveling all of this and trying to figure out if there are other suspects involved, what other kind of motivation there is, any kind of foreign involvement. >> well, you just said all the reasons why they want him alive. it would be a lot easier if he was taken alive, and chose to cooperate and then they could determine definitively that they weren't funded and doesn't appear they were funded by an
12:06 pm
overseas group, and how wide the support was, maybe they had no support, just each other. and also if the younger brother was under the control or spell or pressure from the older brother, that's lifted now. the older brother is gone. and if he's on his own, i would think as a 19-year-old, it is a different psychology with him than it would have been if it was he and his brother captured together and then they're, you know, still under the spell, let's say, or the pressure from the brother, under the control of the brother. so i think it is a different dynamic from that standpoint, that he doesn't have the older brother ordering him around or trying to persuade him or pressure him. and, you know, from that standpoint, if they get him alive, i think it would be a lot easier to learn from him what led to this in the first place. if not, they'll be able to go a long way anyway with phone and internet and now that they have
12:07 pm
their identities, that's in progress right now. who they have been in touch with, what discussions they had, what e-mails they sent what postings on social media, all of that is already being put together as we speak, but, again, if he's alive, it would be easier if he helped -- helped with that piece to put together. >> it certainly, jim walsh is also joining us on site in boston, it helps law enforcement to know that this 19-year-old dzhokhar has lived in the united states since 2002, since he was 8 years old. so it is not that he's only been here a year and is not that familiar with this -- >> he is an american. if you've grown up, and he was an american citizen and he's lived -- foreign influence or foreign -- so that changes it.
12:08 pm
>> joe johns in washington as anderson cooper tries to re-establish his signal. we can see a line of police officers there. and this is a very disturbing situation in massachusetts right now. we have seen many hours of lockdown in watertown, massachusetts, as that whole situation actually expanded out to the city of boston as authorities look for the one remaining bomber. just wanted to take you back through some of the developments that brought us to this place. the death of a police officer at massachusetts institute of technology reported at 12:45 a.m. today. after that, cnn's drew griffin reported that explosives may have been involved in the situation. and then we were off to the races. police advising watertown residents to stay inside.
12:09 pm
the fbi saying it is trying to determine right around 2:31 in the morning if that situation in watertown, of course, was connected to the boston marathon bombing and we all know what happened after that. now, we're going to go back to anderson, and anderson, i can take you all the way through the chronology, but bring us up to date with what you have. >> joe, it is interesting, just going through the chronology with you, again, this did begin with that report of a robbery at a convenience store in cambridge. cnn was on the air reporting it live with the killing of the police officer, 26-year-old police officer, young man, whose colleagues have come out with effusive praise for him over the last several hours obviously. officer wounded in that -- early
12:10 pm
morning hours in watertown, and that was really the last time we saw him. don lemon is standing by in watertown. really the area completely locked down. don lemon, are you standing by in watertown? what are you seeing? >> yes, yes, i am. i'm standing by the picture you're seeing of the officers there. that's what we're seeing. it appears that the focus of this investigation and search has moved here, very near to where we are. and as that helicopter gets closer and closer, may be a bit harder for you to hear me. to my right, what you're seeing on your screen now is what is over my right shoulder. over my left shoulder i'm looking down the street and see just as many, if not more police officers, again, in gear, going door to door, and we have been watching them do that for about an hour now. and according to investigators here, according to police officers, anderson, as we know,
12:11 pm
200,000 to 300,000 people that live in watertown. within a 20-block area, that's the original focus, they're going to go to every single home. if they don't find that suspect or if that suspect is not found by then, they will expand that search to go to every single home in watertown and the surrounding area. of course, watertown, out of all of the other towns here, are on -- is on lockdown. and boston is really on a shelter in place. but boston -- but watertown is on a lockdown. people are being asked to stay in their homes, do not leave, do not let anybody in your home unless you know who they are, unless you see identification that they're a police officer, unless they arrive in gear wearing a police uniform. the people we spoke to say they knock on your door, these guys you see there and the thousands of others who are here, knock on your door. if you don't answer, there is a bullhorn that says open up, we need to get in. if you're not there, don't open up to get in, of course these guys have ways of getting in. they search the entire place
12:12 pm
from attic to basement to garage to yard, the entire perimeter of the residents, they search the property. they are doing that to every single home here. earlier, anderson, we talked about the number of people. we don't want to give away specific numbers as you so correctly indicated, but we can tell you that the full force of the boston police department, other police departments, here in watertown, we saw buses and buses and buses and buses of police officers being brought in here earlier today. and then we saw many of the people arriving on the s.w.a.t. van, as you're seeing there, on those armored -- >> don, i got to jump in here. we're getting sound from the suspect's father in dagestan, in the caucasus region, in the former soviet union. let's listen in to what he says. >> translator: someone framed him. i don't know who exactly did it,
12:13 pm
but someone did. and being cowards, they shot the boy dead. there are cops like this. >> clearly seems to be standing by his son. ivan watson is standing by. ivan, where are you now overseas? you're in where? >> reporter: beijing, china. we have been actually following this story, the strange international roots of the tsarnaev brothers. you heard from their father, anzor, speaking from the capital of the russian republic of dagestan, next to chechnya, he was talking to russian journalists and saying that he believes that his sons have been framed. he thinks that police basically killed his son, he made an appeal in an interview to russian television that they spare the life of his surviving son, and he also said in his interview, anderson, that he had spoken to his elder son within
12:14 pm
the last week, and had talked to him, had urged him to advise his younger son to continue his university studies, to go back to school. when asked about the boston marathon explosions, anzor tsarnaev said that whoever did that is a bastard and he is glad that his sons survived that explosion. anderson? >> so, do we know -- so what you're saying is that the father actually says -- claims he actually spoke to one or both of his sons after the explosions. >> reporter: that's right. he says that within the last couple of days he spoke to his eldest son, tamerlan, and pointed out to him, he says in the phone call, that, listen, you ended your studies because you got married, but tell your younger son, dzhokhar, how is he doing? tell him to stop hanging out with his friends and go back to school. now, we do know that the two
12:15 pm
brothers did consider themselves to be ethnic chechens from that war torn republic of russia that saw so much bloodshed throughout the 1990s. but their path to america was a circuitous one, anderson. they did not come directly from chechnya. they came from a central asian republic, a former part of the soviet union called kyrgyzstan. i talked to the kyrgyzstan government. they confirm that both brothers had kyrgyz passports before they got green cards and moved to the u.s. the interesting thing is that the two republics where these young men were believed to have roots before they got to the u.s., chechnya and kyrgyzstan, both of those governments are seeking to distance themselves from the tsarnaev brothers. the kyrgyz government has issued a statement saying, listen these two guys left our country more than 12 years ago.
12:16 pm
we're not responsible for their actions. meanwhile, the president of the republic of chechnya, he's gone one step further saying these guys were never known really in chechnya, they got their education in the u.s., they were raised there, and whatever evil they may have committed, well, that came from america. anderson? >> ivan, chechnya -- chechen rebels, terrorists from chechnya, were responsible for the movie theater hostage taking in moscow several years ago. i believe more than -- dozens of people were killed in that, i can't recall just off the top of my head the exact number. but there has been a history of islamic fundamentalism coming out of chechnya, and even in the last several months, if memory serves me correct, there have been a number of incidents in other republics around the former soviet union, correct? >> reporter: this is a deeply
12:17 pm
troubled part of the world. the south caucasus -- the north caucasus rather, chechnya was a country that saw tens of thousands of people killed throughout the 1990s. hundreds of thousands of people who were made refugees forced to flee that area. it is calmer now under the current russian leadership that is ruling that area with an iron fist and has a terrible human rights record. the neighboring russian republic region of dagestan, where the father of the two brothers is living, is also having a problem with insurgency, with deaths being reported, killings, assassinations every month. this is an area that has a long legacy of violence. that said, the youngest of the two brothers, dzhokhar, he is believed to have come to america when he was 8 years old. he is not believed to have seen some of these awful things first hand. now, the older brother, we heard from a federal official,
12:18 pm
speaking to cnn, was 20 years old when he moved to the u.s., around 2004, he may have seen more. if you go to his -- what is believed to be his youtube account, for example, anderson, it is full of really links -- many of them to chechen nationalist causes and also islamist videos and causes, many of them in russian, and some of them he's actually writing in latin letters in russian making messages to other people. it did seem that he had become a devout muslim and was very concerned about muslim causes. we don't know about the younger brother who is still alive, if you follow his twitter feed. he sounded very much look a 19-year-old american kid. anderson? >> yeah, certainly does. again, we're trying to learn more about the relationship between the two. ivan watson from beijing, appreciate that. we're continuing to work our sources overseas.
12:19 pm
our reporters overseas are combing through records as well. we're going to take another short break and our coverage continues.
12:20 pm
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12:22 pm
boston is in. there is a preponderance of caution as you can imagine. wasn't to che i want to check in with don lemon -- i should say postponed, not canceled -- who is in watertown right now. tell us what you've been witnessing over the last couple of minutes. >> anderson, i've never seen anything like this domestically. i've been witnessing thousands upon thousands of police officers, hundreds upon hundreds of police officers here going door to door, searching every single home. and i've been seeing as you'll see now, fire trucks, rescue units, tactical vans, armored vehicles, massive police presence, go in and out of this area. i've seen the perimeter move from neighborhood to neighborhood. and it has gotten closer to us every single moment here. and there you go, you see the watertown fire department rushing off to some place. and behind them, an unmarked police vehicle. and that's been the scene here
12:23 pm
really throughout this morning and throughout the entire evening here. we got to witness several door to door searches and spoke to some of the people and they said they were quite frightened when they -- when the police officers showed up because they didn't quite expect it. and, you know, as i've been talking to you here, telling you, imagine being in your home, and you get a knock on the door and sometimes it -- people come over and they don't tell you they're coming over, many people don't open the door. if you don't do that, you get a bullhorn, if not a bullhorn, they come into your house whether you would like them to come in or not. that's what's -- that's what's been happening here. and then -- there are people, not many people walking around. it is really quite -- pretty much like a deserted place here. the only place we have been seeing people, we'll see them sometimes at a convenience store, right next to a 7-eleven and dunkin' donuts and we'll see people there, but i think people see some comfort, some comfort around the media, so they will
12:24 pm
show up around us because there are police officers. if you can pan off, pan off to the right here and show -- don't listen, anderson. we're being protected as well, whether we realize it or not. there is an officer, you see him right there, you see him with the rifle? there is an officer right there who has been -- he's been looking over us, watching out for us. and then on that street he's on right there, they are going door to door as well, and there are officers with tactical gear. pardon the camera, there is a camera in the way, but i want to show you that officer standing there, leekzing at us, his officers are down -- down the street there. and so they have been watching us. and they have been watching over the residents here. but it is pretty much a ghost town, anderson, you can't -- as you know, they said a full lockdown. they don't want you to leave your house. they don't really want you going anywhere. so there you go. >> and, yeah, and on the other part of town, at the university of massachusetts, at dartmouth,
12:25 pm
chris lawrence is on the campus there. there has been a lot of activity there throughout the day. chris, what are you seeing now? >> massive amount of activity, anderson. it intensified in the last five to ten minutes. we saw about ten police cars come roaring down the street in speeding directly on to campus. this follows probably over the last several hours where we saw helicopters offloading s.w.a.t. tactical teams on to armored vehicles and then moving deeper and deeper into the campus. that's as far as we could see. we can't see where they went from that point. you can see the police presence, small presence here, out at the outer perimeter of the campus. but i think the big development now is this massive force at least ten cars that roared in there, just in the last ten minutes or so. >> chris, and, again, we're gathering information, we may not know this -- has actually
12:26 pm
attended that campus. we know he graduated high school in 2011. i just talked to one of his classmates. so do we know how long he's actually been attending classes there? >> i think he's been here for at least a year or two. we talked to a couple students who said they saw him here on campus, after the bombing. they saw him here at umass dartmouth after the bombing earlier this week. one young man told me he saw him near the dorms, wasn't in a classroom, and he said also that other people had seen him in the gym. a lost the fot of the folks we h said he was really big in work out, that's where they would run into him a lot, he would be in the gym lifting weights and they would talk all the time. so, again, we have from a couple of students here who are telling us that they saw him here on campus that at some point after
12:27 pm
that bombing earlier this week, and, again, earlier what we have seen here on campus, first i think the big thing we saw were the helicopters coming in, off loading personnel, they didn't -- we believe they were black hawk helicopters run by the massachusetts national guard. we saw s.w.a.t. teams exiting those helicopters. we couldn't see what they picked up, if anything, because where they took off from was clear over about two buildings behind the one you're seeing there. so we didn't get a good vantage point of exactly what they took from the campus. but you could clearly see over the last couple of hours that the helicopters were landing, offloading personnel and leaving with something, we don't know what at this point. >> it is really fascinating to hear you say that, that students on campus saw him subsequent to the bombing, going to the gym, walking around on campus. did they happen to say if he was
12:28 pm
carrying a backpack? i mean, what i would like to know and we may not know this unless the suspect is caught alive and is actually talking, whether he was confident that he wasn't going to get caught or whether he was armed on campus just in case he did get caught. >> exactly. anderson, i want to draw your attention, here we see u-hauls, several u-hauls being driven by what looks like the same uniform as some of the s.w.a.t. team members we saw offloading off that helicopter. you can take a look. here is another. the sheriff's department as well with one of the state fire marshal, i should say, their van pulling out. so several vehicles also pulling out. again, another fire marshal vehicle. the folks that we spoke with basically say -- i did ask one person if they -- this backpack jumped out at them. and he said, what you would think he would say. he would say on a campus, everybody has a backpack all the time. they're going to classes. he said i can't remember that.
12:29 pm
and it wouldn't have stood out on a college campus like it maybe would in certain other places. but i think the one thing that they kept coming back to was, you know, quiet kid, nice kid, they knew he talked about the fact that he was from russia, but didn't talk about it much. no one had heard him say anything sort of political or anything like that. i talked to one young woman who had a philosophy class with him. she said, probably the most intense debate i had was when we were assigned this story or this project, i should say, on volunteer armies. and she had to take a position on being, you know, for volunteer armies. he took a position against volunteer armies. and she said, we had a really intense debate in class, but it was a philosophy class, and so that was sort of expected. outside of that, everyone is telling us he would joke around about pop culture and music or actors or some movie that people
12:30 pm
saw. but they don't remember him saying anything really political, anderson. >> interesting. chris, we'll come back to you shortly. let's check in with brooke baldwin live in cambridge, mass. i know, brooke, you've been talking to people who knew least one of the suspects. >> yeah, anderson. we're here in cambridge. we have been trying to glean a little more information about this 19-year-old, dzhokhar, that everyone is obviously trying to find today. this is sanjaya. we have been hearing cambridge for hours and hours here, you knew dzhokhar, he was your -- you're on the wrestling team with him, he was the captain of the team his senior year. what kind of guy was he? >> he was a very nice guy. i knew him for about four or five years. every time i seen him, he would keep smiling. i don't remember a single time he was mad. only time i've seen him mad is when he lost a wrestling match. that's about it. that's obvious. he just lost a wrestling match, he's going to be mad. other than that, always smiling,
12:31 pm
always happy. >> let me step back for a second. you learned that it was dzhokhar who was one of these two suspects in this horrendous bombing here in boston on monday because you woke up this morning, your mother called you, and you saw a picture. >> when i woke up in the morning, you know, my mom woke me up, i saw a picture, at first i thought it was a joke or something. i couldn't believe it was him. it was so shocking to me. and then my friend, he called me, he told me, let's go down -- because he told me where all the people are. i didn't take a shower, didn't brush my teeth, i came down here. the reason i came here, i want people to know, he's a really nice guy. everyone -- i went to facebook when i woke up and everyone there, they're saying he's a bad guy and all that stuff, you know. >> what has he said ever to you about his older brother? >> he never mentioned his older brother or background at all. back in 2009 i asked him where he was from.
12:32 pm
he said he was from -- >> chechnya, russia. >> yeah. >> interestingly, anderson, you were asking me earlier today, do we even know definitively this 19-year-old lived in that apartment complex, just a block away from us on norfolk street here in cambridge. so i asked you, you know, had you ever been to his apartment, seen him walking into the apartment, and you said, he always had you drop him off around the corner. >> yeah. after practice, we would -- i would drive him down here, he would tell me to stop my car down there and he would walk down there and pointed me, and i asked him where he lived, and he said down the ways. i was, like, okay. >> down norfolk street. finally, if he is watching, we know apparently he's taken to social media, look in the camera and give him a message. >> i mean, all the people from cambridge, all his friends and everyone, they know he's a nice guy, i just want, you know, if he has a gun or anything on him right now, i want him to drop the gun, come forward, and you
12:33 pm
can resolve the situation, you know. you don't have to take it the wrong way. just come forward. everyone loves you. everyone here in cambridge, they love you. he's a great guy. >> you still maintain great guy, even though a lot of fingers were pointing his way because of what happened on monday. >> he's always been a great guy. for me, for me, he's always motivated me. in wrestling, he always motivated me. one of the reasons i won sixth place is because of him. he pushed me hard. >> anderson, that jives with a lot of the stories we heard, he volunteered in the community, he volunteered with the group called best buddies for kids with special needs here in cambridge, he was a leader, and people here are absolutely shocked. anderson? >> we have been hearing that really throughout the day. we're getting new updates about what police found on the scene in watertown. we'll take a short break and get those to you as soon as we come back.
12:34 pm
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12:37 pm
this goes to what eyewitnesss had heard, explosives going off on the scene of the shootout between law enforcement and the suspects in which one of the suspects was killed. we're getting some audio sound, some sound from another uncle of these two suspects. his name is alvi tsarni, a different uncle than you heard from earlier in the day. let's listen. >> america. >> i didn't do this, okay? >> sure, of course. we're trying to understand what happened. >> all over news, everything, we said everything. my brother said, i said, whoever took this -- please, leave me alone, huh? i want to go myself with what's going on. >> when did you see them last? can you tell us that? >> i saw him a couple of years ago. >> was there any indication this could happen? >> what communication? >> have you ever had trouble with them before? have they ever --
12:38 pm
>> anything that worried you or anything that -- >> is that why you haven't seen them in a while? >> tired. i told you, talk to my brother. he knows. his english very good. he can talk everything. he make statement. >> did you think they were going to get in trouble? >> huh? >> did you think they were going to get in trouble? >> of course trouble. trouble, yes? >> i mean, when you last saw them three years ago, did you think -- >> of course not. when i saw them, they were very small children almost. >> yes. >> he was maybe 15, 16, i don't remember now, you know? >> was there a rift in the family? did you talk with them? was there a break in the family? is there a reason you hadn't seen them for a while? >> we will talk now, we will leave everybody, okay? >> sure. >> okay. what you said. >> was there a rift in the family? >> why hadn't you seen them?
12:39 pm
>> trouble in the family? >> we got problem between family. that's it. i don't know how to say it. >> you know the police are looking for your other nephew right now. >> yes, i know. >> how do you feel? >> how i feel? i don't know how to feel. i don't feel anything. i'm just tired of everything. >> are you worried for him, what might happen to him? >> what can happen to him? they will kill him. we know it. right? you don't have to worry about it. what is done is done. >> do you think that -- >> have the boys ever visited you here? what are they like? >> no, they never visit me in this house. >> okay. >> when you saw them, which one did you see three years ago, the name? >> i never see them before. >> three years ago -- >> i talked to them three years ago. >> you talked to them three
12:40 pm
years ago. okay. and do you think that this had anything to do with chechnya or what they were feeling? >> i know like you know. i have to question you, not me. >> yeah. did they ever talk about that stuff at all, though? >> no. we were not talking. >> if you talked to them now what would you say? >> too late. >> still, they're on the loose. at least one is on the loose. any message for him if he sees you here? >> what can i tell him? he's not going to listen to me. what do you think will separate family because they're not listening. they argue with us. >> yes. >> were they close with their parents at all? do you know? >> what parents? >> their parents. >> yes. >> they were close? they talked to them a lot or did they like their parents. >> excuse me again. >> did they have a good relationship with their parents? >> children with their parents? >> yes. >> yes, they have relationship used to. after this, i don't know.
12:41 pm
>> you're listening to one of the uncles who doesn't know much about these guys, not sure how helpful that was but interesting nonetheless i suppose. trying to get as much information about these two, particularly about the young man, 19-year-old man who is still alive, still out there, still being searched for, house to house right now in watertown and elsewhere by law enforcement. law enforcement spokesman telling cnn a short time ago that a large number of -- a significant number of explosives, homemade explosives were found on the scene in watertown. we'll take another quick break and we'll have more coverage ahead. seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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12:44 pm
and welcome back to our continuing coverage. i want to go to our susan candiotti, who has been working her sources, and also just got some information from boston police. susan what are you hearing? >> we're finding out now that
12:45 pm
investigators who have been working obviously for hours since everything started to come down last night into place, are recovering what they're strike as a significant amount of homemade explosives from the very scenes in watertown, where i'm reporting to you from, last night. so they have been working on putting all these things together. itemizing everything to let us know at a future time when this will be, and i think it will be relatively soon and we'll hear some of these additional details. perhaps as importantly i understand as of now there is still no proof that these two men had any accomplices. but we do know, we certainly know that they created those explosives themselves, according to authorities, that is their belief, and now we know they have been recovering a significant amount, that's how they describe it, as -- of homemade explosives. some of which may have been used during their attempt to get away last night during some of the chases that wound up here in watertown.
12:46 pm
anderson? >> so, susan, we don't know actually the nature of the homemade explosives, over pressure cooker devices or smaller or larger devices, we don't know. >> still working on that detail as well. but we do know that there were certainly -- believed to be reports kind of reports that we had from -- that weren't verified yet, not confirmed that something like that occurred. but we do know that they're finding a lot of it, not only there, but at various scenes. so during the chase where that was happening as well, but we know they have been looking at obviously where they lived, they have been looking at a lot of other locations here. they have been following up a lot of other leads as well as responding to, as you know, various scenes of alleged trouble at houses in the wateren to area. we have watched them go on a number of calls where they cordon off a number of streets and go in with a s.w.a.t. team
12:47 pm
and humvees and two dozen officers going in and out of restricted areas and they have been doing door to door searches of a lot of the neighborhoods as well. there is very little traffic on the streets here in watertown, mainly amounting to a few locals walking around and news reporters and the like. but the police are scheduling, hoping to schedule fairly soon, of course, a press briefing where we hope to get more of those details. >> susan candiotti, appreciate your updating us on that. jason carol is also standing by in watertown. jason, what are you seeing? >> well, basically, anderson, like so many people, trying to put together some sort of e+=o
12:48 pm
school where i'm standing now. bags, envelopes, once again possible evidence. when i questioned the agents and police there what they had found, who they had interviewed inside they said all of that information will be part of the case and obviously was something they couldn't answer at this particular point. also, in speaking about dzhokhar his 19-year-old younger brother all throughout the day not here but in cambridge speaking to his friends, once again trying to find the motive. these are the questions everyone is going to be asking in the following days. why did these men do what they did? their friends have no answers at this point. they have lots of questions. when they talk about him they say they remember the mentor. he mentored some of these younger students as he was himself an all star wrestler.
12:49 pm
he was always there to help out when help was needed. spoke to one of his friends, earlier today, and want you to listen to how he described how he learned about what happened and what he said about someone he one time called a friend. >> now, you know, who knows what happened? as of now he is a really bad guy. but the way i was trying to portray his image was of a good person. people that know him, no one would ever expect him to do something like this and the way they're portraying him was just some dude that -- >> what you're saying is what he is being accused of is not the person that you knew. >> yeah. basically, pretty much. >> how would you describe him? >> like i said, passive guy. he was a nice guy. you talked to him, he wasn't really enthusiastic, but if you talked to him cool, laid back. >> no signs at all that would indicate he would be capable of something like this? >> no. whenever we would hang out we would just joke around.
12:50 pm
normal teenagers. >> reporter: he told me when he actually saw the video like so many people did, he thought he recognized his friend but he just did not want to believe it. anderson, he said, he started calling other people saying did you see the video? did you see the pictures? everyone was starting to call everyone else and came to the agreement it was him and eventually someone did in fact call authorities. something else that was interesting, spoke to another one of his friends who said, i said when was the last time you spoke to him? have you spoken to him recently? he said i spoke to him in about february. i said what was the conversation about? he said we just talked about sports. that is why it is so hard for so many of the friends here to believe that this guy dzhokhar is capable of what he did. obviously as you heard from brooke's live shot a little earlier they are appealing for him to come forward and do it safely without harming anyone else. anderson? >> we've heard that from multiple people who are his
12:51 pm
friends, even acquaintances saying just come forward. come forward. give up now. for more than six hours now boston and some of the suburbs have been on lockdown. we're hearing police cars and sirens going all around. public safety protection, a kind of public safety protection this country has never seen before. no doubt people here are feeling like their city is under siege to some extent. cnn's brooke baldwin shows what they've been through since waking up to the hail of gun fire. >> there is an active incident in watertown right now. >> reporter: a city in terror after a night of chaos and violence. >> all watertown residents should remain in their homes. >> reporter: residents of the boston suburb watertown woke up in the middle of the night during a shootout between police and the boston marathon bombing suspects. they say it was like being in the middle of a war zone. >> we heard gunshots and then saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv come down laurel street, cross over
12:52 pm
dexter, looked like it hit a police car, and then they were just shooting at that and then just loaded with that. >> i freaked out. i called 911. they were like we don't want to freak you out but there is a shooting right outside your house. he's like you need to get down and away from the doors and windows. i just heard explosion after explosion. i crouched down in my doorway and i saw the bullet come from here through there. it was so scary. it was so loud. >> reporter: police rushed into homes with guns drawn. many family's lives disrupted. >> families are still out here on laurel street, roughly eight families who were abruptly woken from sleep, many of them families with little children. they saw the s.w.a.t. team, a group of police officers banging on their door. they were awoken. i had one gentleman who said he awoke to long rifle guns and police officers saying, get out, get out. >> reporter: one suspect,
12:53 pm
26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, was killed. his brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev, on the run. prompted a massive manhunt and lockdown of the entire city of boston and its suburbs. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come here to kill people. we need to get him in custody. >> reporter: stay indoors with their doors locked and not to open the door for anyone other a properly identified law enforcement officer. >> reporter: the streets? deserted. public transit? shut down. schools and universities, closed. as heavily armored police urgently search for tsarnaev before he can hurt anyone else. >> i say, dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in! and ask for forgiveness. >> that is dzhokhar tsarnaev's uncle we heard from earlier. we also heard some sound from
12:54 pm
his father who did live with the family here in the united states but traveled back. here is more of the interview we haven't heard before. he was interviewed by russian tv. let's listen. >> translator: someone framed them. i don't know who exactly did it but someone did. and being cowards they shot the boy dead. there are cops like this. when you try calling the younger one the phone is off? >> all phones are switched off. i can't even get through to my brothers. one of them is a great lawyer and i can't get through to him. i want to get more information. those are my kids. you understand? i'm afraid for my other boy. maybe he will be shot dead, too. they will say, well, he had weapons. kids with weapons? you don't find weapons in a garbage dump. i have nothing more to say. it's all because i'm afraid for my son and his life. they should arrest him, maybe, and bring him, but alive, alive. justice should decide who's right and who is guilty.
12:55 pm
>> translator: you've been living there for a long time. have you ever had any complaints about the justice there? >> no, never. but i didn't ever face it so how can i know about the justice system there? i didn't have any problems. >> the day before you spoke to your elder son. what did he tell you? >> he said everything was okay. i even asked him, how is dzhokhar? did you help him, look after him and make sure he is studying well? so he would spend less time with friends and more time studying. you quit the university because you got married early. so let the kid at least graduate, because in this life a person who doesn't learn is working, working hard. that's why i'm always telling them, study. study. study. >> reporter: did you talk about this explosion and what happened there? >> translator: no, not at all. thank allah they were not there and didn't suffer. this is it. so what explosion? i honestly can't imagine who could do this. whoever did it is a bastard.
12:56 pm
i have nothing more to say. >> phil, what else did the father say? >> reporter: anderson, that interview was conducted in the russian republic and the father described the family as refugees from kyrgyzstan the central asian country which is poor and unstable and says they initially moved to russia and from there after less than a year moved on to the united states claiming asylum because he wanted to give his children a better life. he said he returned to russia not that long ago because he was feeling a little nostalgic. you heard he spoke to his sons only a few days ago, spoke to hem about the day of the explosion. that interview, it is interesting to note, was only so short because the network that was conducting it says the russian security forces showed up after a few minutes and took the father away for questioning. >> interesting. phil black, i appreciate that
12:57 pm
reporting. our coverage is going to continue. i'll be back tonight at 8:00 and 10:00 eastern for the latest information. jake tapper and "the lead" is going to take over after a short break. be right back. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. redesigned site has this new score planner tool with these cool sliders. this one lets us know what happens if we
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welcome back. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead" standing here live on the streets of