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tv   Anderson Cooper Special Report  CNN  April 19, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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there as well. >> the red sox play again tomorrow at fenway park. that's all for us, our coverage continues now live here on cnn. this is cnn breaking news. >> cheers in boston as a hor horrendous week that began with the boston marathon double bombing ends with a collective sigh of relief. just hours ago, authorities captured the second of the two suspects in monday's deadly terror attack on the marathon. i'm john vause at cnn's world headquarters in atlanta. i'll be joined shortly by brook baldwin, live in boston. we'd like to welcome our viewers here in the united states and
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around the world. to end this manhunt it did not come peacefully. >> early friday evening gunfire erupted in watertown. dzhokar tsarnaev was apparently putting up a fight after finding himself surrounded by police. what followed was a tense standoff with the 19-year-old tsarnaev. friday night ending would be different, unlike his older brother, the youngest tsarnaev would be captured, injured but alive. this photo shows tsarnaev being transferred to an ambulance. we are told he is now in serious condition.
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the art of dzhokar tsarnaev was greeted by cheers. we'll have a live report from poppy harlow to the reaction of the arrest. friday night's dramatic events followed a massive manhunt. after thursday night's gun fight that resulted in the death of his older brother, dzhokar tsarnaev was finally cornered late friday afternoon hiding on a boat in the backyard of a watertown home. now we go to cnn's edward davis. >> he exchanged gunfire with the police this afternoon. >> there was an exchange back and forth of gunfire this afternoon in the boat location, is that correct?
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>> that's correct. that's what i've been told. the boston police department, the massachusetts state police, and fbi agents surrounded the boat. there was an exchange of gunfire and eventually they came in. he was able to remove the suspect without further injury. >> just some of the details of what was a very dramatic day in boston. let's go live to brook baldwin. hey, brooke. >> driving here to this live location where we have been c p camped out for the better part of air week here in copley square, it's been celebration in the stleets, driving here, given everything that happened in the last couple of hours, jubilation. i think this is the first night ever since send people here in
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boston will finally be able to sleep. we'll talk you through what went down. i spent my day in cambridge and learned more about this 19-year-old suspect who is now not too far from me in a boston hospital. talked to a lot of young people who went to high school with dzhokhar. they never knew much about where he was from his his roots. i want to stay some sounds. >> one thing we do know is that whatever hateful agenda drove these men to such hasn'tous acts cannot prevail. whatever they thought they could ultimately achieve, they've already failed. the people of boston refused to be intimidated. they failed because as americans we refused to be terrorized.
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we will not waiver from the character and the compassion and the values that define us as a country. nor will we break the bonds that hold us together as americans. that american spirit includes staying true to the nation, like no other nation in the world. >> what a week been here in boston. we're getting the new details, new video. we'll show that to our viewers over the next few hours here in boston. >> the first word that police had that the suspect had in fact been taken into custody, the big announcement came via twitter. >> suspect in custody,
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officering standing the area. boston's mayor twisted simply, we got him. anderson cooper. >> suspect in custody. around 8:45 p.m. boston police department tweeted that the suspect is in fact in custody. this seems to ver what our he aliz beth coat . >> he was taken to beth israel deaconess hospital where he's listed in serious condition. shaken but undaunted. the people of boston came out friday night to hold a vigil at the finish line of the boston marathon. the scene of monday's deadly bombing. here is one of the brief glimpses we got friday night of the suspected bomber, dzhokar tsarnaev. this is by wmur.
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it shows tsarnaev's face through the window of an distance. let's get a rundown of everything. joining me again is chris lawrence. he is standing by at the hospital. and, chris, there must be incredible security there right now at the beth israel hospital. >> john, literally state police and other guards surrounding every corner of this hospital. one of the officers telling people you can't go through this way. literally, just about an every corner there are police stationed outside. whether that investigation goes, it will start here at beth israel hospital. the same medical team that
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treated his brother is now treating him. we're told he's in serious condition. when they found him in that boat he was covered in bloor. he probably joined that fight early friday morning. that means he was likely on the run and wounded for an entire day. they are not giving us details, we know that when his brother was brought here, his brother was in full cardiac arrest. he had yirs from what looked like a blast or explosion. the younger brother, jah may not be as injured as his older brother was but could be some of
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the same. >> when will authorities get to talk to him? >> that we don't know. that's going to be up to the doctors. it's interesting because his care, when he would be released, when he would be well enough to leave this hospital is all up to the doctors. yet we've been told that updating us and the public on his medical condition will come from the fbi. normally you'd go to the hospital officials who would release information. when they say serious condition, it's in the a term that medical positions use against themselves. it's more a way of giving us some information about his condition without really saying anything specific.
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what it probably means if you look at how others have been classified in that area is basically some of his fight al. so, again, they will be working on him for as long as it takes. and investigators, again, wilin taking it from the hospital to one day now puching it forward into the legal system. >> chris lawrence, thank you. live for us at the hospital. brook baldwin standing by in boston. he's a crucial piece of evidence in all of this. >> he's a treasure trove of evidence. this way he can face the judicial system here in this country and they can ascertain a
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lot of information as far as why they would have done something like this if he is convicted. it's been more than four hours since police caught this alleged second bomber, this 19-year-old. elizabeth cohen talked with anderson cooper about police ee. >> i'm not sure exactly what just happened, but they erupted in applause, the police car tame caught, took a left and headed down the street. someone yelled out, is that him? the police officer said yes.
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>> reporter: what a week it's been for boston police, fbi, multiple jurisdictions throughout this year. and with that news tonight, people to the streets of watertown where this whole thing went down to cheer the police. look. >> reporter: what a crowd. suddenly fear turned into relief. the boston marathon suspect, dzhokar tsarnaev. there is also plenty of appreciation here in boston for the s.w.a.t. team. it swooped in and helped in this manhunt.
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the governor of massachusetts added his personal thanks. governor duval patrick declaring it's a night where i think we're all going to rest easy. but as the sell was here, an another say, if you're thinking about us, go home. thiscy young town, a university town. take a look at these spontaneous celebrations. >> reporter: on this friday night, those students are out and about. they had an extra excuse to get out, celebrate. showing their gratitude to police here.
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a police officer who worked for m.i.t. in cambridge, the but now students at m.i.t. say they are relieved. >> i'm here to celebrate getting the suspects. i feel like everybody is relieved. we've been watching the tv, the computer, the live updates since the beginning of school. i feel like i can go back to school now. and knowing i'm safe. >> cab drivers were fearful being on the streets, some of them. this ye leaf in boston, a terrifying week for people who live and work here.
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as poppy harlow report, that fear thankfully is now gone. >> reporter: it was moments after the news came that police captured the second suspect in the boston marathon boston. we ran into a group of i'd say about 400 college students from northeastern university. they just filled the streets outside of their dorms. they were jumping into the streets. they were saying this is boston. you could hear the joy. some of them haven't had class all week because of how close your eifert is at the crime scene. they they feel like they're safe, rest gun. it a acroacross this one.
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it's 80,000 feet up in the air. we heard of a flight that the pilot announced the sukt pekt number two had captured. it's being melt everyone where. we have to remember this is a see that is still reeling from such a tragedy. at this hour, you still have 58 people that are covering from injuries from the attack. three of them are in critical condition. then you have the four beautiful lives that were lost. the officer murdered last night, sean come lu, martin richard who died from the attack. crystal campbell and of course, the chinese student studying here at boston university, lingzi lu.
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>> poppy harlow, thank you. we're in copley square. there was a bass that screamed boston. people are finally smiling as poppy\said, inally able to take one in the world. >> i get the sense people need to be in other people. thank you, brooke, we'll take a short break on cnn's continuing coverag a coverage. ♪
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this is cnn breaking news. back here live in boston, i'm brook baldwin. a rainy night in boston but hopefully a restful night in boston given what's happened over the last couple of hours. the younger suspect in the boston marathon bombings is in custody tonight, bringing an end it a massive manhunt and incredibly tense day for this
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entire city. i want you to take a look at this map and the time line of how the whole drama played out during the past 24 hours. what a day it's been for investigators, folks who live here. beginning with late thursday night, police say the two suspects, they stop at a convenience store across the river from me here in boston in cambridge. soon after that, a police officer from the massachusetts institute of technology, m.i.t., was shot and killed while in his car. authorities say these two brothers, these two suspects then run away, hijack a black mercedes suv, at gunpoint, a couple blocks from that convenience store. police then begin the chase. they chase them from cambridge into an area just next to boston called watertown. that's where police and these two suspects got into this shootout. the officers wounded one of the men, the older brother later
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identified as tamerlan tsarnaev. he was declared dead at the hospital. fast forward to tonight, authorities say they have dzhokar tsarnaev cornered on a boat in the backyard of a home in watertown, in a boat. after a tense stanoff, boston police confirm he is in custody. they release the lockdown and some people finally got out and about, started walking and one very astute person from this neighborhood parentally saw some blood on the boat, saw movement and immediately called police. >> it was an incredible moment, saying that the lockdown, the stay indoors was being lifted. suddenly the whole police action
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started up again, focusing on the one house with the -- they brought in helicopters with heat-seeking capability. take a look at these fbi websites. don't take them long to update their poster. both of them had been want, both suspects and dzhokhar, the word under the picture has changed to captured. >> reporter: in the waning moments the press conference which was announcing that, you know, we heard bursts of
10:24 pm
automatic gunfire from what sounded like, i would say, four weapons. they all sound all like the same well in terms of their make and model. i'm sewelling that is not a one-way shot being fired from police to the direction of the suspect. i didn't hear anything like that. and then silence. we saw a -- it was unmistakable bursts of gunfire that began this. >> reporter: the tsarnaev brothers are suspected of leaving a trail of death and misery in their wake. m.i.t. police officer, sean collier was shot and killed thursday night. he was all of 26 years old. it all began monday afternoon at the finish line, about a block
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from where i'm sitting. that was the iconic marathon, the finish line. those explosions, the first one shown here in slow motion ripped through this crowd of spectato spectators, young and old. you can see at least one of the runners collapsing into the street. 178 people wounded, 60 are still in the world, 3 people were killed including 8-year-old martin richard. the ri67ard family released a statement, thanking everyone who helped. we also thank the betweens and quizzes that share images. it worked. tonight our communities once again safe from these two men. none of this will bring our beloved martin back or reverse
10:26 pm
the injuries these men inflicted on our family and nearly 200 others. after word of dzhokar tsarnaev's capture spread through the city shells visited. it's along poile stop par toll them. it's an poile tore where monday'sple boings happened. listen to this. >> i unfortunately saw some of the films of the victims where we saw the shrapnel, the am pew takings, the dramatic challenges they face. we came out tonight to pay some respects to some of the victims. and the three that were murdered this week. and it's particularly touching
10:27 pm
to be here, to be with so many other people, who are coming out to pay their respects as pell. >> when you see these people and think about what's happened in the past week, what are your thoughts? >> i am miss wu, i'm loose a nurse at massachusetts general hospital. as a nurse, especially with bedside nursing that i provide, my heart gouws out to the victims but especially their families. the families are the ones that are left behind. >> i feel a great amount of thanks for law enforcement and first rounders. i'm thinking of the volks that are recovering.
10:28 pm
>> i hope we recover with grace and fortitude. i have no doubt about that. >> fortitude she said. i've heard tenacity a lot this well in boston as well. thomas freedman penned this piece. he brings up a piece saying bring on the next marathon, no flowers, no glass, let's move. i want to be able see him say move on. once they open up the crime scene behind me, what will happen in that place where those two explosions happen on monday. >> it will take some time before normal
10:29 pm
normality sets in. how did they do it? they killed four people as bell. we'll take a short break. we talk robert bear on the actual capture of the two terrorists. here's new video we've gotten in from northeastern university of the celebrations an campus upon word of the capture tonight. >> usa! usa! usa! usa! usa. >> i don't think we can make it through this.
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also for those affected in boston following the boston marathon bombings. we kindly ask that you please join us now in remembrance with a moment of silence. >> that was before the start of the indians versus astros baseball game in houston. the victims of the fertilizer plant explosion but also the victims of the boston marathon. the capture of the second suspected bomber capped off five days of incidents. ryan todd has more.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: the release of the image images let them know they were on to them. at 10:00 p.m. that night it all began to unravel. the suspects went to a convenience store near the famed massachusetts institute of technology. they headed to the m.i.t. campus where shots rang out. >> m.i.t. is currently saying that the situation is active and extremely dangerous. >> an m.i.t. police officer was killed in his car. shot multiple times. police swarmed but the suspects were on the move. just blocks away, a mercedes vuv was taken at gun point.
10:34 pm
the chases would on into the night and the boston suburb of watertown. just after 1:00 al, witnesses heard gunfire, dozens of officers moved in, s.w.a.t. teams in full body gear carrying assault rifles. >> we heard gunshots and saw the explosion. i actually saw a black suv come down laurel street, cross over dexter. it likes like they hit a police car. >> police now knew who they were dealing with, two brothers, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev and 19-year-old dzhokar tsarnaev. the older brother got out of the car, parentally ready to go down and take others with him. we're told he was wearing explosives and a trigger. his younger brother, in a car,
10:35 pm
ran over him and then escaped. 900 police officers were immobilized. >> this is my home and it's scary to think of your homes alike a war zone almost. >> around 4:00 a.m., authorities released a new photo of dzhokar tsarnaev parentally taken from a convenience store camera. >> there's a manhunt under way. public schools and university like harvard and m.i.t. closed. trains, subways, ordered to stay put. an historic city in danger and in fear. >> we believe this to be a terrorist. >> reporter: brian todd, cnn, boston. all of this ended with dzhokar tsarnaev on a boat and this is a photo of that moment. he was on a boat on a trailer.
10:36 pm
we know that he had taken shelter inside that boat when he was spotted by a neighbor. that neighbor called police. that's when the tactical squad loved. we knew he had been wounded but after negotiations with a hostage team they told us it was time to come out. that is the image of at least some of the time when he was on that boat. they're not too sure one but clearly at some point. robert bear is a cnn contributor and did not think the two brothers acted avon. why do you say that? >> the fact that the russians came to washington and said to look at the elder brother,
10:37 pm
tamerland land, tells me they had clear information that he was involved with some sort of group wblg probably in the cautions. that's not a dethey'll that's been let out. i also look at the entire attack and there's a certain professionalism to do, the fact that they could make two bombs, that they're hiydrhydroscopic. they may have used cell phones to dit that them. it's extraordinary, these two men are a running fight with the police. this is not just normal people who decide to do something.
10:38 pm
i think one of them had training, was in a camp. he had been doctrinated. this has the smell that he got some sort of help. >> so what's the movive then? okay, maybe he was trained there. why do this? >> i would say i'll venture the guest that he identified with the hee haddix, a culture flight. he's looking at attacks in pakistan, broken attacks. he found religion, gave him some sort of meeting. you see mitts and pieces.
10:39 pm
>> there's a lot of celebration, jubilation that police, authorities gwynnally the-- do consider this to be a successful operation? >> capturing them. the fact is they went unnoticed. how many or are closed here? even on 9/11 new york city was not clouzed down. >> if they did get help, are there official peoples out there. what don't we know is what scares me. >> do you expect the jihad to talk much when he's out of surgery? >> he probably doesn't know many. he did the left amount of travel
10:40 pm
that we know of. they'll probably get more out after adroos backs. >> we spoke a couple days ago about whether this was a foreign terrorist attack or home grown terrorist attack, given the links to chechnya now, even though one had a green card, what do you consider this? is this still a foreign terrorist attack? >> i think it's important -- it's not what i consider domestic but while premises. this is an internationally inspired attack. the indom trinhation occurs elsewhere, probably in the gulf or -- al qaeda is not an
10:41 pm
organization. it's an ideology. it's an idea. and the fact that these people pick it up and turn it against the united states is foreign. >> so they had help in chechnya, the elder one did in your opinion receive some kind of training. they had no xilt strategy. maybe any made a horrible mistake. you could have concealed his face. he probably wouldn't have been caught. this wasn't truly a military operation. it was easy to catch. we haven't seen any help on the ground so far. the police i'm sure are holding their cords close to the vest.
10:42 pm
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plus special financing on all beds. you will only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. sleep number. comfort. individualized. to find your store, visit this is cnn breaking news. it is coming up to 1:45 in the morning eastern time. you're watching live breaking news coverage for the successful hunt of the two men suspected of carrying out monday's deadly boston marathon bombing. i'm john vause. >> i'm here in boston. if you aren't quite sure how this whole thing unfolded. led me back up.
10:45 pm
applause in parts of mass that is that had nothing to cheer about since monday's bombing. earlier friday evening, gunfire erupted in this boston suburb. in watertown. the suspected marathon bomber, one of them, the younger brother, dzhokar tsarnaev was apparently putting up a bit after surrounds him. we want to go to this rundown of how everything just played out, beginning with susan candiotti who is in watertown tonight. how in the world did they first learn of this man's location? >> i tell you, it wasn't the
10:46 pm
police who found them. after all of this and all of the looking it was a man outside going for a walk. and he noticed something unusual about the fot he had his his house. he could tell there was fun in the get that, timing wise that happened after the police held a news conference to say, well, we haven't found him yet but we're still looking. and it's all right for people to leave their homes now. but they should still be very careful because there's a dangerous man out there. well, that's exactly when they went outside and they saw him. that's how he was discovered. at that point we heard in the area a couple dozen gunshots. you heard -- you played those back a little white ago. soon you have police cars coming
10:47 pm
from every direction. a s.w.a.t. team truck went right by us. they didn't even close the back doors to the van. you could just see the people inside holding on as they rushed over to the scene. they found him susan he had about discovered, the massachusetts state relief was their robot. he was covered by a tarp. then they shot flash bangs to see if they -- we understand there was an everyone change around that time. they used a camera from the helicopter to see if he was truly inside. after the exchange they were
10:48 pm
able to take control of him. they said he was weakened by board loss. >> susan, let me jump in. i want to explain to our viewers what we're looking at. this is a photograph of cbs news. this is the boat with this t.a.r.p. i don't know who this person is. this is the boat. oh, this is him i'm being told, dzhokar tsarnaev, the 19-year-old as he was getting out of his boat finally. >> that's right. >> then there's another photograph of them tending to him. he is whisked away. but the most remarkable fight happened after that as police
10:49 pm
started to pull out by then. the squad cars would come out and the bomb xwaurd cars were leaving. you had perm preventing them from forward going. they were cheering, screaming autopsy, autopsy and celebrating. >> we'll get the cheers now. >> exactly. it was rourkable. it went on and on and on. >> what a scene it was. there was so much activity and then it became a hurry up and wait. we thought something would happen and nothing did. hours later, john vause has this jom lon was lifted, people able to walk outside and it was in
10:50 pm
that moment that he saw the blood, and called authorities. >> he went for a walk and found tsarnaev on that boat. their reaction has ranged from disbelief to disgust. the mother of the two brothers said neither of her sons talked about or. >> he was raised in america. my oldest son, he is in our house, nobody talked about terrorism. we got involved in the region. that's five years ago.
10:51 pm
he never told me that he would be on the side of jihad. he kraz controlled by fbi. for three, four, five they knew what my son was going and what source. how could this happen? this was a terrorist act. >> a mother there in disbelief that her two sons could be responsible for terrorizing an entire city. when we come back here on cnn, we'll take a closer look at that lockdown of watertown and boston, unprecedented actions taking by parts in the united states. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
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this is cnn breaking news. we are coming up on 2:00 in the morning eastern time. you're watching breaking news coverage of the arrest of the second suspect in the boston marathon bombing. it was a dramatic turn of events that few could have imagined 24 hours ago. >> finally here it's been five days since the horrendous events. the dramatic events that unfolded tonight in a suburb of boston in watertown began late last night with this deadly gun fight between the police and these two young brothers. >> there was an active incident in watertown right now. >> reporter: a city in terror
10:55 pm
after a night of chaos and violence. >> advising all watertown residents to remain in their home. >> reporter: residents woke up in the middle of the night during a shootout between police and the boston marathon bombing suspects. they say it was like being in the middle of a war zone. >> we heard gunshots and then we saw the explosion. i actually saw black suv come down laurel street, cross over dexter. looked like it hit a police car and they were just shooting at that and just loaded with that. >> i freaked out. i called 911. we're like we don't want to freak you out but there's a shooting right outside of your house. you need to get down. i crouched down and i saw the bullet come from here through there. it was so scary, so loud. >> reporter: police rushed into homes with guns drawn, many families lives disrupted. >> families are still out here
10:56 pm
on laurel street, there are roughly eight of them who were abruptly awoken from a dead sleep. they saw a s.w.a.t. team like a group of police officers banging on their door. they were awoken. he awoke to a long rifle gun to his face and police officers saying get out, get out, get out. >> reporter: one suspect, 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was killed. and his younger brother dzhokar tsarna tsarnaev, the search for him put the entire city of boston in lockdown. >> stay indoors with doors locked. do not open the door for anyone other than a properly identified
10:57 pm
law enforcement officer. >> reporter: the streets desserted, mass transit shut down. as police search for dzhokar tsarnaev. >> turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness. >> reporter: between the shootouts and the car chase last night and of course the capture tonight of this second suspect, there was this. much of the boston area was on a police lockdown. authorities asked everyone, stay inside. they were out searching for this younger suspect, younger brother who had yet to be caught. now have so many schools in boston, not shutti inting their. train, bus services were halted. it was almost erie trying to be
10:58 pm
out on the streets. it was tough to catch a cab. sporting event in boston are canceled. it's said that the shutdown cost the city more than $330 million. i spent my day in cambridge. we were a block from where these two young brothers lived. i spoke to one of his wrestling teammates. when he saw his friend's face on the news, he couldn't believe it. you knee dzhokhar. >> i can't remember a single time when he was sad or mad. the only time i saw him mad was
10:59 pm
after he lost a wrestling match. other than that he's always smiling and happy. >> let me step back for a second because you learned it was dzhokhar one of these two suspects here in the bombing on monday. your mother called you this morning, and you saw a picture. >> my mom woke me up. i thought it was a joke or something. i couldn't believe it was him. it was so shocking to me. my friend called me, he told me, that's where the people are, let's go down there. i didn't take a shower or brush my teeth. i came down here. the reason i came here i want people to know he's a really nice guy. iy the to took. they're saying he's a badgy and all that stuff, you know. >> what has he said ever to you about his older brother? >> he never


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