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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  April 23, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> a government source says that dzhokhar tsarnaev placed the blame on his brother. >> he was competent and lucid on monday. the federal authorities are taking the lead in the investigation. for more on all of that, we are live in boston. good to have you with us again. let's start with what authorities are learning from the suspect.
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>> reporter: what he has included so far to authorities is that any sort of foreign terrorist groups are not involved. however that is just what he has indicated and the fbi still have to do a lot of investigating to find out whether that is actually true. as you mentioned he laid the blame at his brother's feet. his brother is now deceased and they cannot do more to determine that. but those are two of the main points we are getting. and they are radicalized online watching videos about making the explosive devices. >> right now he is facing one charge of conspireing to use a weapon of mass destruction resulting in death but he could face further charges, right? >> reporter: he is facing two federal charges but so far the
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state of massachusetts has not charged with him just yet. as you know, an m.i.t. law enforcement officer was, sean collier was killed on tuesday night and that murder has not been charged yet at all and we should see the state do more work on that front in the coming days and weeks, we expect. >> as you talk about going forward in all this what do we know of how the process progresses from here? there was that legal hearing on monday. what happens next? >> that was just the very beginning, a complaint was filed. he still will have to appear in court, be indicted and there is a hearing set for may 30th at 10:00 a.m. that the judge mentioned in this hearing monday morning. >> before i let you go, erin what do we know about legal defense? did he have legal representation in that hospital room?
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>> reporter: i have the transcript of the court hearing here there is controversy on friday and over the weekend about him not being mirandized. they went through it twice today and offered the use of an attorney and the one word he spoke was no when asked if he could afford an attorney and he was presented with defense attorneys today. we want to bring you a look at the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev in the federal complaint against him. >> reporter: according to the complaint 2:38 on race day 11 minutes before the first explosion two men are seen walking toward the finish line carrying large knapsacks, tamerlan tsarnaev is in front
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and dzhokhar tsarnaev is a few feet behind. the two are seen a half block away from a restaurant camera. a minute later, bomber one, tamerlan walks out of the crowd with a knapsack on his back. at 2:45, alleged bomber two, dzhokhar walks to the finish line. he has a cell phone in his left hand. the affidavit says he stops near a metal barrier his back to the cameras and he is apparently slipping his knapsack on the ground. he stands there for four minutes, looking at his cell phone appearing to take a picture and a deadly final 30 seconds. just before the first explosion, dzhokhar tsarnaev lifts the phone to his ear as if speaking on it. for 18 seconds he keeps the phone to his ear. as he appears to finish his call
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the crowd reacts to the first explosion. virtually every head turns toward the blast except for tsarnaev who virtually alone among the individuals appears calm. he glances to the east and starts walking rapidly to the west away from the finish line without his knapsack which he left where he was standing. ten seconds later an explosion occurs in the place where he left the bag. joe johns, cnn, washington. >> with one suspect dead, and the other who can only nod they are keep to talk to tamerlan's widow. she has been staying with her parents in rhode island. crise lawren chris lawrence is there with more. >> reporter: they are looking to get an answer as to what she
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knew about what her husband was doing and if he was involved or affiliated with anyone besides his younger brother. her attorney said she had no idea what was going on. and as for cooperating with the authorities, he told me this, quote, she understands the needs for doing it. this is the way the government looks at it and she understands this. it's a threat to national security and she gets that. and she's a really good person, very sympathetic to that. katy's just trying to bring up her daughter. the daughter refers to two and a half-year-old girl, the daughter of tamerlan tsarnaev and katy. she graduated high school six years ago and the attorney said she was raised christian and converted to islam after she met tamerlan and she is fairly
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observant. she does wear a head scarf and we have seen her in videos wearing that head scarf. she has moved from the apartment right here to her parents' home in rhode island where she is staying and where her attorney says she is cooperating with the authorities. >> chris lawrence there and katherine russell's lawyer she learned about her husband through news reports. a separate investigation to tell you about, authorities in canada say they have foiled a terror plot and arrested two suspects. the men were planning to attack a passenger train traveling between the u.s. and can ka. >> reporter: after months of surveillance two suspects are charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist act involving passenger trains in canada.
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but it had a link to al qaeda from iran, something that we have not heard before in connection with terrorist cells. take a listen. >> the individuals were receiving support from al qaeda elements located anin iran. now i can tell you there is no indication to indicate they were state sponsored. >> reporter: the suspects will appear in court tuesday morning. police say they believe this was a real but not imminent threat. it had no connection to the boston bombings and at no time was the public in danger. they allowed many elements of this plot to carry out at the same time wire happening phones and computers and homes and addresses to be able to listen in and gather more evidence. they say the threat was not imminent but it was a real threat. a real threat to perhaps even
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derail or target a train from canada into the united states. iran is denying allegations that al qaeda is operating in its borders and rejects connection to the terror plot in canada. but peter bergen says that it's nothing new. >> for more than a decade now, a number of the top leaders of al qaeda have been living ain iran under house arrest. if there was a deal between the united states and iran, the regime was keeping the al qaeda figures as a bargaining chip for a grand bargain that never came. one is a guy who is a long time million tear commander of al qaeda. today is saad bin laden who has played a leadership role in the group. and if you will recall the spokesman of al qaeda was
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brought to new york city to face charges and as it became clear he had been living in iran for a decade and it was his decision to go to turkey that brought him to a manhattan courtroom a few weeks ago. these links have been there for a long time. what we haven't seen, wolf is al qaeda and iran plotting attacks against the united states or canada or in the west that we know of. we have seen al qaeda and iran plot against saudi targets. this is a new development but the idea that al qaeda in iran is not a new idea. they have long had a presence there. >> a marriage of convenience. as tamerlan tsarnaev became radicalized did the u.s. miss key signals he was a threat.
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welcome back, everyone, it is just past quarter past the hour you are watching cnn's continuing conch of the boston terror attacks.
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suspected bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev says that his older brother was the driving force behind last week's deadly attack and denies any international terrorist groups were behind the double bombing. he was charged during an official court hearing at his bedside in a boston hospital where he is recovering from gunshot wounds. it was russia that asked the fbi to look into tamerlan tsarnaev's activities back in 2011. he was a follower of radical islam and needed a second look. phil the kronnology suggests that moscow thought this man was trouble before the united states did, before he went to dagestan and long before the rest of us heard his name. how much can you tell us about the early suspicions and the kronnology? . >> it is still a very, very firm
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no comment from the russian security service, the fsb. is it not a very leaky organization when it chooses to be so and at the moment is it maintaining a very strict silence on what it knew about tamerlan tsarnaev and why it was worried about him and why it asked the fbi to investigate him in 2011. we know from the fbi they were told by russian officials they believed this man had become a radical follower of islam and he had -- those views had changed dramatically since 2010 as he was planning to visit russia. but we don't know why that is. but that rather vague information supports what we're hearing from tamerlan tsarnaev's own family in dagestan itself where they say, by the time he arrived in dagestan to visit them in early 2012, after the russians asked the fbi to investigate they say at that point they were surprised by how
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religious, how devout, how conservative he had become how seriously he took islam. far more seriously than the rest of the family. from their own words they say this is something he taught himself while he was still in the united states. >> it isn't ancient history but cold war history. we were chasing each other for decades how well are they working chasing terrorists and suspected terrorists together now? >> it is a big question. as we've heard in the wake of that request from russia to investigate tamerlan tsarnaev in the united states the united states said they went back to russia with questions and never heard anything again. political relations between the countries has "v" been frosty and cold but government officials, working together with
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their counter parts in the opposite country say they continue to work relatively constructively particularly where their interests converge. but on this issue there appears to have been a question mark. russia has been angry with the united states and other countries because they believe they are not taking seriously of the threat of islam in the northern caucasus. more than 5,000 miles from boston one family feels the pain of the attack more than most. nick paton walsh sat down with the aunt of the tsarnaev brothers and she tells how she learned of their violent deeds. >> reporter: she saw tamerlan tsarnaev grow up and leave for
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america. but strangest to his aunt was his return here last year as a devout muslim. tamerlan taught everything to himself. we were happy about it because he didn't start doing drugs or alcohol. now he doesn't speak to other women he's not related to. they're not important to him. it's a sin to look them in the eye. she saw him for four of the six months he was here and he went to chechnya twice. >> translator: yes, he went to chechnya for a couple of days i don't know where his relatives there lived. they were from his father's side. that village was bombed in the second war though. >> she reveals that she rang the boys to check they were well and they rang her again when they were on the run just the day before tamerlan died.
12:21 am
the day before they spoke and it was like always. mommy, everything's fine with us. mommy, we're totally fine. "mommy" that's what they call her. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> translator: we miss your warmth and caress, they said, tamerlan said mommy, i love you and dzhokhar's voice said i love you too, mommy. she watched the boy's father filmed her earlier in the week see them on the news for the first time and he says to me, this is dzhokhar and tamerlan and says here is tamerlan in the blue jacket and dzhokhar in the white jacket and i say anzor these are boys with the packs
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and his wife says it can't be happening. i don't believe it. the children are dead. i would have cried out myself. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> nick paton walsh, cnn. tensions between japan and china are flaring up again. and the shocking rape of a five-year-old girl reignites protests in india. for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away.
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welcome back, everyone. it is approaching 3:30 in the morning on the u.s. east coast. we have new pictures we want to show you in the boston marathon attack investigation. this is a surveillance photo apparently showing dzhokhar tsarnaev leaving a bank machine in watertown late thursday night. >> we are assembling a chronology of where he went and what he did. they allegedly carjacked a driver that same night and took his bank card. tamerlan was later killed in a gunfight with police. >> dzhokhar was captured friday after that day long manhunt. we have reports of a large explosion in the french embassy in tripoli. the blast apparently came from a car bomb. >> it injured two french guards
12:27 am
and caused serious damage to the building. we'll have details when we get them. police in india have made a second arrest in connection with the brutal rape of a five-year-old girl in the country's capital. it has rekindled outrage on violence against women in india. >> reporter: the gruesome rape of a five-year-old girl in the indian capital is prompting daily protests in new delhi. it's not the large scale protests we saw after the student was gang raped on the moving bus. this time they are organized by opposition parties and they stalled both houses of parliament today. but many people are shocked by the number of rape cases being reported in the media every day and the gruesome nature of many of the case. the delhi police commissioner is facing the brunt of criticism
12:28 am
that there are accusations that the police did not act quickly enough and two police officers allegedly bribed the family of the five-year-old girl not to report the case. many protests are asking for the police commissioner's resignation but he says he is not the problem. >> if my resigning will prevent such depraved actions of society, then i'm prepared to resign a thousand times. but that is not going to address this problem. >> reporter: the police commissioner went on to say that 97% of the rapes take place inside homes in india not in public spaces and the police and authorities should not be held accountable for not being able to prevent the crimes. the alleged rapist is the girl's neighbor. the five-year-old is recovering inside the hospital in stable
12:29 am
condition now. a territorial dispute between china and japan is heating up. japan says eight chinese ships have entered its territorial waters. what is going on? >> john, a tense face-off between japanese and chinese ships in the waters of the east china sea. around five uninhabited islands that both china and japan lay claim to. a group of activists organized a flotilla of fishing boats out to the islands and the chinese government says after the coast guard ships spotted the flotilla the chinese rushed a number of additional coast guard ships to the area to a total of eight.
12:30 am
it's not the first time we've seen these kinds of face-offs takes place around these disputed islands. but the japanese coast guard is saying it's the largest gathering of chinese vessels they have seen in the area in seven months. the japanese government summoned china's ambassador to tokyo to lodge a formal protest and there were tough words of warning for beijing. take a listen. >> translator: the senkaku islands are under our active control. since it has become the abe government we made sure if there is an intrusion into our islands we will deal with it strongly. >> the japanese coast guard issued a warning to the chinese ships basically to back off and the response from the chinese
12:31 am
ships was we are in chinese territory. so the dispute continues. >> some of this is hard to understand. when you look at the island it doesn't seem to be anything to be angry about. they are uninhabited and look like forelorn empty pieces of rock by the looks of them. >> that's right. and some of the dispute is rooted in decades of bitterness that goes back to world war ii and blood letting that took place before that. and some of it is nationalists on both sides in both countries who don't want to give an inch when it comes to these dispulte rocks. the u.s. government energy information administration predicted there could be tens of millions of barrels of oil under the sea in the east china sea
12:32 am
and of course whoever controls these bits of rocks may make it easier to lay claim to the precious resources. >> valuable bits of rock, let's call them. let's turn our attention to business news now. the trading day in asia is winding down. pauline chu joins us now from hong kong. how have things looked today? >> reporter: we are seeing a good bit of selling today. this is a reaction to new data about china. let's look at how the indices did. the data i'm talking about is hsbc the flash pmi for the month of april. factories in china are slowing down from last month. the shanghai composite is down by 2.5%. and the hang seng ended down by
12:33 am
more than 1% right now. the pmi showed a slow down in exports which signals weak global demand this adds to the weak gdp numbers out of china a week ago showing that the economy is slowing to 7.7% gdp. the u.s. dollar fell after the weaker than expected pmi reading came out. the nikkei fell by 1/3% but this is from profit taking. the yen strengthened today as the dollar fell and one japanese stock we are tracking are the maker of the dreamliner battery it was down 3/4% by the close. we will be watching the move of the took now that boeing says that the repairs are being made on the battery.
12:34 am
the index that went against the grain is the share market in sydney which is up 1%. normally sydney would have reacted to the china data but a dividend announcement drove the share market higher today. >> appreciate it. thank you. the english football association is charging liverpool striker luis suarez with violent conduct. >> despite the indicate liverpool is not sacking scar was but he is facing a suspension. >> suarez has apologized for what he has called his inexcusable behavior. is money well spent. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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welcome back, everyone, federal investigators have officially returned boston's bombing site to local control. >> there was a moment of silence at 2:50 p.m. to remember the victims after bombs killed three and wounded 170. >> the suspected bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev says that his deceased older brother tamerlan was the
12:39 am
driving force behind the attack and denies the involvement of international terrorist groups. >> boston area investigators are trying to piece together the events of last week that left one officer dead and another wounded. >> that violence is what led to the killing of suspected bomber tamerlan tsarnaev and the capture of the other suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. >> wolf blitzer got a moment by moment look at the days from the police commissioner. >> my condolences on the loss of officer sean collier. but these two suspects lived in cambridge and you are the police commissioner there. have you been to their apartment and seen what was inside? >> i have not been to the address. i have been near there. >> the fbi is going through everything? >> it is a crime scene for the fbi, yes. >> what can you tell us about the weapons they had.
12:40 am
they didn't have a license to own a weapon, did they? >> they neither did. the younger brother would not be able to get one by virtue of his age. >> you have to be 21? >> yes. >> what kind of weapons did they have? >> it's still part of the investigation. >> but no authority the buy weapons or having weapons. so somehow they got them. who is investigating that part of this story? >> it's a joint -- there are two investigations going on as you can imagine what took place on april 15th is a federal investigation part of the task force and a homicide investigation conducted by the middlesex district attorney's office. >> what is your role in this? >> we are focused on the homicide investigation. >> the killing of the m.i.t. police officer. tell us how that happened. >> so we had gotten a report of a robbery about the 7-eleven in
12:41 am
central quarter square and an officer shot. we thought the two incidents are connect bud they are not connected to one another and nearly an hour later we got a report of a carjacking obtained photographed from the people that went into the shell station and able to link it back to what we think is the homicide. still very much under investigation. they are still suspects in that kay as well. >> where was sean collier? >> he was beside a m.i.t. building monitoring traffic when this incident took place and was there when he was approached and attacked. >> was there anything that led to that attack? did he do anything? >> he was sitting in his police cruiser at the time. it appears the suspects approached from the rear of the cruiser and fired four to five shots into the cruiser. >> do you know what weapons were
12:42 am
used? >> no. >> they were suspicious that maybe he could be a threat to him them and. >> we have no idea at this point in time. we're hopeful to get some answers. >> another police officer was injured in the course of that exchange as well. another transit authority? >> that was later in watertown when they were able to corner the suspects and the mbta officer received his wounds there. >> tell us about sean collier the 26-year-old m.i.t. police officer. >> he has been on the force 14 to 15 months plaqui. he was very much involved with the m.i.t. community and the homeless shelter in cambridge. he was committed to the community and well thought of and respected and for every
12:43 am
intents and purposes had a bright future in front of him. >> a tragedy. >> it is. >> i assume you have been in touch with the family? >> we have. and we really deeply feel a loss in the police department because we work so closely together. he was part of our training program. it is a tight community and really our feelings and our sympathies go to the family. the m.i.t. community and the police that are suffering at this point in time. >> thanks very much for coming in. give our best wishes to everyone over there. >> thank you very much. the top cop of the boston suburb that endured some of the killing and drama in boston on monday. we are learning more about the relationship between the two tsarnaev brothers and their views on islam. brian todd has that. >> reporter: new information on
12:44 am
tamerlan tsarnaev's spoevs on islam. january 18th friday prayers in cambridge, a mosque leader is giving a service extolling the prophet mohamed and it was too much for tamerlan tsarnaev. >> some people said something to the fact that he said you cannot compare or make a parallel between a prophet and a nonmuslim. some people said he referred to the person giving the sermon as a hypocrite. >> the disturbance was a clear violation of mosque ed etiquette and people told him to back off. we pressed them were there any red flags he was radicalized? >> there were no indications and if trained specialists from the
12:45 am
fbi were not able to see anything, i'm -- you know, i'm sure you can understand how people who are merely acquainted with these individuals, seeing them sporadically at prayers would not see, you know, anything of this nature as well. >> mosque officials say that dzhokhar tsarnaev never came without his brother. and tamerlan tsarnaev was the leader between the two brothers saying that dzhokhar was definitely the follower in this situation. john pinto co-owns a restaurant in their neighborhood. he saw the brothers come in, sometimes sitting down, sometimes getting chicken and lam for takeout. he says that tamerlan always walked in front, swaggering looking serious and tough. >> the way i understand and believe i think that the big one is the one in command. he said okay, we do this and we do this, whatever. he is the one that is always in
12:46 am
front. and another one just behind. >> it may not have always been that way. rose life guarded with dzhokhar in the spring and summer of 2012 and says this. >> there was an effort to create some distance between he and his brother. >> reporter: the neighbors gave us information on the family die ma'amic. >> this is the top floor apartment where the tsarnaev family lives the parents, brothers and sisters lived here tonight at one point. one neighbor said he observed tension in the family when they lived together. >> it was at this address where tamerlan was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. the complaint doesn't show her name but quotes tamerlan as saying, yes, i slapped her. neighbors said they thought the tension in the family disappated after the participants and sisters moved out a couple years
12:47 am
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[ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. welcome back. at ten minutes to this hour it may be the most reassuring conclusion so far. dzhokhar tsarnaev says that he and his brother acted alone and that tamerlan was the drivings for behind the attack. >> dzhokhar was charged with conspireing to use a weapon of mass destruction and he could face the death penalty and more charges. the city of boston paused on monday to remember the victims. >> president barack obama marked the moment with a moment of reflection in the oval office. here our alicia sylvester
12:52 am
explores the moment of science and the unity seen in the city of boston. >> reporter: sometimes grief has no words. 2:50 p.m., exactly one week on the massachusetts state house steps. to the new york stock exchange, to the senate floor in washington. on ordinary streets, to the marathon route where instead of cheers and smiles of a runner crossing the finish line, there is silence. to the flowers and flags, the signs of "boston strong," to the spot where last week two bombs took three lives. to a place where the quiet says more than words can ever say.
12:53 am
for one long minute, the country is silent and remembers and begins to heal. and when the moment is over, there is this. ♪ god bless america [ applause ] >> lisa sylvester, cnn. the city of boston united there and the people of boston also took another step toward healing on monday. [ bagpipes ]. >> this was the ceremony at the site of the deadly bombings on boylston street. federal authorities turning the area back over to the city. >> the flag that had flown at the finish line of last week's marathon was lowered and presented to the mayor to mark the occasion. our coverage continues in the hours to come.
12:54 am
cnn "newsroom" will be live from boston the latest. and helping kids understand what happened in boston can't be easy but a teacher in birmingham, alabama seems to have had unusual success. >> the students struggled to understand what happened but once they got it their first inclination was to try and help. >> that was all their idea. >> reporter: jennifer can't help but smile when she thinks about her students and their willingness to help. >> it's one of my prouder moments as teacher. >> reporter: the day after the bombings the students were struggling to understand what happened. >> the more they learned the more they wanted to help. >> reporter: especially when they learned one of the victims was eight-year-old martin richard. >> they knew he was young, about the same age. >> reporter: the kids took to making bracelets, weaving blue
12:55 am
and yellow yarn in honor of the official colors of the marathon. >> we talked abstractly about we'd -- maybe we can do something to raise money. and it came together into its own. >> reporter: the bracelets are sold to classmates and teachers for $1 and the money will be donated to children's hospital in honor of the victims. >> it has been a long time since i was seven or eight or nine. it is nice to see that care. >> it's a small gesture on the part of the kids that can yield big results. >> we tried to take the big picture which is what can we do to help and what does that teach us about right now and what we're doing. >> john huddleston reporting from hoover, alabama. at the end of a tough seven days for boston, a group of woman who were not able to finish the marathon decided to look tragedy in the face and
12:56 am
keep running. >> they got back on the route and finished the race. no medals or cheering crowds just a poignant statement made with running shoes that boston keeps going. >> we have seen the signs saying "boston strong" they will not be broken. >> we'll keep reporting and be live from boston next hour. cnn "newsroom" continues. [ bagpipes ]
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