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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 23, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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i want to give you the latest information we have. residents at boylston street are starting to return to the area. they're being escorted in over several hours today. we're hearing more about what the surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is telling investigators. the 19-years-old claims no foreign terrorist groups were involved in the attack. they were self-radicalized jihadist. it was to defend islam. meanwhile the fbi has to answer to congress today about it's handling of the bombing. did federal agents miss critical clues after interviewing tamerlan a few years ago. this morning we heard from their mother obviously
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distraught over what happened. here is what she said. >> what's happened is a terrible thing. i know my kids had nothing to do with this. i know it. i am mother. i know my kids. i know my kids. really my kids would never get involved into anything like that. >> nick paton walsh is in dagestan with us. before i bring him in, i want to show a little bit of that interview. >> do you believe what he was told? >> they're being accused because they were muslims. nothing else. >> reporter: do you think they'll get a fair trial?
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>> i don't know. >> nick paton walsh joins me now. you also had a lengthy phone conversation with her. do how recently she lived with her sons? she says she knows them well, but do we know how often she was actually living in the home? >> reporter: i believe they were together in the united states for a period of six months. quite a bit of overlapping, but mostly what i heard in that phone call a deeply distraught woman that finally realized that it was her son that had been killed.
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she still believes he has nothing to do with the boston bombing. she thinks it is some conspiracy to try to frame him. angry in many ways. said to me she is so distraught, she doesn't care if her younger son is killed. she wants to join both her sons in heaven. very emotion conversation. tamerlan would be buried today or tomorrow in cambridge, massachusetts by his sister. >> she said they had made funeral plans already for the older brother. >> she said that. we can't confirm that, but she is anticipating the burial to take place today or tomorrow. she said she anticipates
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speaking to authorities at some point today. very normal. they talked about the cat of all things, mommy i love you. that's the last she would have heard from tamerlan. >> we appreciate that. there are other family ties to dig deeper on. katherine russell is the widow of the older brother. investigators want to find out what she may know. tell us what did you find out about this woman. >> just in the last five minutes, katherine russell returned home to her house after a meeting with her lawyer. she went for a meeting. we know he has been speaking with some of those investigators on her behalf.
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perhaps we are getting closer to the point she may address some of their concerns directly. as they look at the fact that s she shared that cramped apartment with tamerlan tsarn v tsarnaev. she is devastated by this. the investigators want to know exactly what she may have known as they try to piece together what happened and try to determine when and where he may have assembled some of those bombs. that's the reason they want to talk to her. her attorney still tells us she had no idea any of this was going on. anderson. >> i mean, obviously it is understandable why they would want to be asking her questions. if she's living in a small apartment with her husband and the younger brother is visiting and they're allegedly plotting this attack, it would be hard to
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imagine that she wouldn't have some pertinent information. do we know at this point, and we may not know, if she was living full-time with her husband or was she living sometimes with her parents in rhode island? do we know? >> reporter: from the attorney, we get that she was staying at that apartment in cambridge. we saw pictures of her leaving that apartment as recently as a few days ago. what we're getting from the attorneys and some of our sources, a, katherine russell did not speak russian. investigators are still speaking together when and where those bombs may have been assembled. we also know from the attorney that katherine russell was working very long hours.
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six, seven days a week. sometimes 70 hours. the last time she saw him was on thursday before she went to work. she assumed that he was home and would be watching their young daughter. of course, later that day is when his images started to be blasted out all over the place. that's the point she realized that he was a suspect. >> chris lawrence, we appreciate that. we are learning new details about another victim, shawn collier. this happened before that wild car chase and shootout in watertown last thursday night. it appears the police officer had no chance to respond. >> reporter: no he didn't. there was some speculation that while the brothers felt they had
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been spotted by the individual, but what we're being told by a source, shawn collier did not radio into the dispatch. nor did he have time to activate his emergency alert. it is clear from that in fact they came up upon the police officer who was sitting alone in his squad car and they ambushed him. they executed him. he was shot four to five times both in the head and the chest. he was wearing bullet proof vests, but he was alone at the time. it was not clear whether he was shot through the window. they came upon him allegedly. we're told police received a number of 911 calls reporting shots had been fired. police officers did not realize that shots were fired in connection with one of their own
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for several minutes. collier did not respond to any sort of calls. usually you have people keeping track of where police officers are. that's when they found him and he was shot. the two alleged bombers left that scene heading east and then we are told they hijacked. they carjacked that individual and circled back around in the direction of where this officer was shot. they were making their way, step by step, slowly to watertown. and that is the big question, why? why were they headed there and what were they hoping to find? that's where all the activity was going on on friday. all of that right now under investigation. it does appear that this officer didn't even know that they were there. anderson. >> appreciate the update. you'll remember there was that carjacking before the bomb
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suspects shot it out with police in watertown. we're still trying to piece together all of this night. the victim said two men were suspects of the bombings. they forced him to withdraw money from an atm. the gas station manager is talking about it. >> in after maybe 30 seconds i call the police. he came here. he go. he went inside the back area and he closed the door. this morning i call the police. but i remember the gun. they want to shoot me. he was very, very -- he was screaming. he was nervous. he can take his brace so -- it is too difficult for me to tell you.
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>> so the car, the alleged carjacking victim, was able to get out of his own vehicle and seek safety and then called 911. police were able narrow their search to the watertown because the victim left the cell phone in the vehicle. they were able to trace the vehicle through that cell phone that was still in the car. the case against dzhokhar tsarnaev, it may seem like a slam dunk. some experts are saying not so fast, defense attorneys in particular. we're going to talk with the attorney that represented the oklahoma city bombers when we return.
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...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. prosecutors are calling it the worst terror attack on u.s. soil since 9/11. the charges filed against him yesterday. it could bring him the death plen penalty. is the case against tsarnaev a
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slam dunk? my next guest says maybe not. we appreciate you being with us. do you think this young man can blame the whole thing on his brother? certainly from what we're understanding, jake tapper reporting from one government source, it was basically it was his brother who was taking the lead on this and he was kind of following. do you see that as part of -- ultimately what could be part of a defense strategy? >> it could be part of a defense strategy. it is difficult to second guess what another lawyer may do or may not do. certainly, there are some indications in this case that that defense will at least be thoroughly investigated. the fact that the older brother went to georgia. that he was of interest to have the russian security services. those are all points that the
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defense will explore, not unlike the d.c. sniper. you will recall there that the older man received the death penalty but the younger one did not. the defense has plenty to work with here. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev is 19 years old. dzhokhar tsarnaev is an adult. he was going to college. he has some level of intelligence here. so i'm not sure he can make the same kind of case in the sniper case that he was under the sway of an older person, no? >> that will be the question by the government and the defense will look at. the fact that he's 19 and a college student -- i've taught college before and a lot of
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19-year-old college students are not very well versed in critical judgment and decertainment. there may be an issue there the defense can use. >> how else do you go about defending a case where you have multiple video images -- the fbi says they have an image of one of these men placing the backpack device? >> well, first the public defender, the federal public defender, that is representing him has an excellent reputation. they are the cream of the crop. that's true in the new england states. they will have the financial resources and the investigative resources to investigate all leads that might be help for the de
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defendant. no case is a slam dunk. there mr. mcveigh was convicted and given the death penalty, but terry nichols was convicted of manslaughter instead of murder. that's a pretty shocking difference between the two men. it shows in any case where you have multiple players, it gives the opportunity for a skilled defense lawyer to protect their client. the question always is can the government convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt under the rules that the evidence is sufficient to convict? that's a high standard, and it remains to be seen whether the government can meet that standard. >> steven jones, thank you. we'll look at some other stories making some headlines
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welcome back. we are continuing our live special coverage of the boston bombings, but we do want to turn our attention to other stories. in spain, they have arrested two terrorist suspects. they have a similar profile to the boston marathon attacks. the arrest comes days before the madrid marathon on sunday. about 26,000 runners expected to take part there in the race. an alleged plot to attack a canadian passenger train headed to the united states. they had support from al qaeda in iran.
8:24 am
paul is live what can you tell us? >> reporter: really interesting morning in court. he remains in custody. his family would not say anything about confirming where he was born or how long he lived in canada. to be frank, they looked like they were in a very good mood and calm. this plot has concerned canadians. they were following the suspects for quite some time. they decided to pull the plug. boston did contribute. the boston attack had nothing to do with what's going on here. you've been following this for several months -- they let it go. they let it go. they want more evidence. at this point in time, they decided it was finally time to
8:25 am
pull the plug on what they alleged was a terror attack to attack those trains. they're not clear if they were going u.s. bound or canada bound, but definitely a link between canada and u.s. >> just a couple of quick details. do we know -- was this as pir ration ration rational? did they have any kind of weaponry or explosive devices? >> reporter: they're in the process of executing those search warrants. from what i understand, they do not expect to find explosive devices. the attack was a real one. they believe they had the capacity to carry at it, but had not yet got to that point. they were likely going to bomb the tracks on the route. there are new alleges that
8:26 am
syria is using chemical weapons against forces. this time it is come israel. it is likely syrians are using sarin gas. if that is true, it is going to increase pressure on the u.s. to intervene. the pentagon says they are investigating. >> dzhokhar tsarnaev is revealing new details about the bomb plot, who was involved. the latest on what he's telling investigators right after this.
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in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. welcome back to a special edition of cnn news room. i'm reporting live from boston. we're getting some new information from our affiliate about the carjacking victim.
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this is an exclusive off camera interview that wmur had with the alleged carjacking victim. it was off camera. the carjacking victim does not want his name used for his own safety. he was forced into the front passenger seat as one brother drove the vehicle. according to this alleged carjacking victim, he said, and i quote, they asked me where i'm from. i told them i'm chinese. i think they will kill me later. if that was their plan, they did not get the chance. his car was running out of gas, so the men needed to fill up. one brother went inside to pay for the gas. the other brother was pumping the gas. the alleged carjacking victim says he took out. i thought it was a very good chance for me to run. i used my left hand to unbuckle
8:31 am
my belt. i jumped out of the car. the guy outside the car tried to catch me using his hand. he tried to catch me, but i ran very fast. the man said he could hear the brother swearing at him as he ran. i was worried. it was very scary at the moment. i'm very lucky. although the experience was terri terrifying, it doesn't change his view of the city. earlier in the broadcast, we played you some sound from the convenience store operator. he ran in screaming what had occurred. they dialled 911. that's what left police to track down the vehicle in watertown. we know the carjacking victim left his cell phone in the vehicle. that's how authorities were able to trace that stolen car to watertown where that final
8:32 am
confrontation took place. we're getting more information on dzhokhar tsarnaev telling investigators -- the 19-years-old is unable the speak. i spoke to a s.w.a.t. team member who was one of the men who took him down off the boat, he thought it looked more like a stabbing wound, but it is not clear what kind of wounds he had to his throat. he communicates by writing and nodding. here the latest information we have. he claims in international terrorists groups were behind the attack. the radicalization happened from watching online videos. the motivation was to defend islam. all these claims are going to be verified by investigators or further investigated by law
8:33 am
enforcement personnel. he says his older brother was the master mind. he's been charged in the deadly attacked. he's on a ventilator, but he's still communicating with investigators. tom, what do you make of what he's telling investigators? essentially blaming his brother. >> anderson, if that turns out to be true, they'll investigate intensetively to try to verify every statement he makes. in a way, it is good news because it means that there isn't an additional terrorist out there as part of this particular plot. and it also means that he didn't go back, or the older brother tamerlan didn't go back to the
8:34 am
old country and over there get training, funding, encouragement, or direct orders to come back to the united states and wage an attack on the u.s. and on that regard, you have the group in chechnya, saying they didn't do it. they weren't behind this. if it is only limited to these two individuals, that is good to know. >> from your law enforcement background -- i have talked to a lot of people who have experience with explosive devices. they all say they must have tested these devices. you can't build something off the internet and not have tested it before. what do you think the likelihood is that they tested these devices and they got the information off the internet? a lot of people i talk to say somebody must have some hands-on
8:35 am
experience. >> if you look another the case in canada, the toronto 18, what they've already been convicted and imprisoned there. this was back in 2006. that individual took a mechanical engineering course, one course. based on that he tested a device in the living room of his apartment. he placed a toaster in the center of the living room, wires it, connects it, and sets it off with a cell phone. that was used at evidence because he videotaped himself doing this. later that toaster goes off. you see a puff of smoke. it didn't bring down the apartment building. it showed to his satisfaction he could do it. later in the investigation members of the community
8:36 am
reported he was recruiting in the neighborhood and contacted the authorities. they were able to work this case. later in the investigation they have them trying to obtain three metric tons of a fertilizer bomb. that's actually three times the amount of the same explosive that timothy mcveigh used in oklahoma city. here is a person just with a little bit of education, internet, books, magazines, he was able to actually create a more sophisticated device than these were. >> that's fast nating. at least a dozen people lost limbs in the boston bombing. up next, we're going to talk about the uphill battle they face. we're going to talk to a man who
8:37 am
lost both his legs and dedicates his life to helping fellow amputees.
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you probably heard the expression boston strong in the last week. that's what boston strong is all about. haslett-davis is one woman who truly represents that phrase. she's a dancer. she lost her foot and part of the her lower leg in the bombing. thankfully her husband was not injured as severely. i went to their hospital room to talk to them. >> i was -- i woke up and my parents were there and i hugged them and kissed them and i said mom, can you help me? i feel like my foot is falling
8:41 am
asleep because it feels like my ankle is falling off the pillow. i realize now that was phantom pain. she looked at me scene said adrianne you don't have a foot. your foot is gone. it was really hard to here. >> you're determined to dance again though? >> i am. >> dancing is important to you. >> it is important to me. it is my life. >> what about it? >> dancing is the one thing i do that when i do it i don't feel like i should be doing anything else ever. i feel so free and so wonderful. i'm big on music and i feel like all of us when we hear music we kind of move to the music. >> not me. >> we're going to change that. >> i told you i'm going to teach you.
8:42 am
i'm going to hold you to that now that it's on camera. i feel like it is such a freeing thing. it is a such a big part of my life. part of my life is being able to teach people how to do that. not only is it big in my life for me and an outlet for me, i get to share that and see it developing in other people. >> you want to run the race next year? >> i do. i can't believe i said that. my husband has been making fun of me the whole time because i'm not a runner. >> you're not a runner? >> no, but at one point i wasn't a ballroom dancer, but i am. >> she had an amazing spirit and attitude. at least a dozen survives have had to undergo amputations.
8:43 am
they have to face learning how to walk again using prosthetic. here a golfer who lost his legs in a boating accident a few years ago. he was a cnn top 10 hero back in 2009. he plans to go pro as a golfer. you can relate to what some of these victims are going through. what's the most important thing early on when you're facing a traumatic loss of a leg or limb? >> thanks so much for having me. the most important thing to have is determination and absolutely being committed to getting back. for me, i was so determined to get back on the golf course and not let this prevent me from doing the things i love to do. it is amazing what what you can
8:44 am
accomplish if you're determined to do it. >> the advances in prosthetic in the last few years have been extraordinary. how quickly can one learn to walk again, to use these prostheti prosthetics, even run again? >> it is amazing -- you're absolutely right. prosthetics have come so far so quickly. my accident was in august and i was walking a month and a half later. i was determined. it was really a quick turnaround for me. there's nothing that i can't do. i'm not limited by my accident, and it's amazing if you're determined to do it, these prosthetics will enable you to do just about anything you want to do. >> you're playing golf again. can you play at the same level you were playing before?
8:45 am
>> absolutely. i'm playing golf much better than i played before. it is a really a testament to the prosthetics. just last week i got some new legs, i'm an inch and a half taller and i'm hitting the ball further. >> how costly are prosthetic limbs? your foundation helps young amputees pay for them. young people out grow them because they're still growing. >> they are extremely expensive. that's one of the goals of my foundation. my legs, for example, are $18,000. kids in prosthetics change every 18 to 14 months. >> is your foundation planning
8:46 am
to get involved in some way to help the victims of the boston bombing? >> absolutely, 100%. i knew immediately we were going to try to get involved with the victims in boston. as soon as i graduate from college in two weeks, i'm going to visit with all the new amputees there and just share my experience and give them hope. i think that is one of the biggest blessings of my life, being able to share with other amputees. it is so difficult for not only the victim, but their families as well. that would be an honor for me to come visit and share and let them know how much hope there is after losing a limb. >> thank you so much for what you're doing and spending time with us this morning. for more on how you can help the victims, go do there's a lot of great organizations for you to help there. stick & refresh
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all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. welcome back. we have a lot more coverage ahead for boston, but we do want to turn our attention to other stories. the federal aviation administration is furloughing a lot of employees. it means fewer take offs and
8:50 am
landings. the travelers are definitely feeling the pain. she was on a flight sunday night from los angeles to la. forced federal controllers on duty. major flight delays. >> i was on 8:25 and when i rebooked our departure time was 1:45 a.m. a company airline employees told us it was due to fog and other said sequestration. >> reporter: it was both according to the union rep michael foote. the airport has four parallel runways that can operate simultaneously on clear days. >> when that weather comes in, though, we normally go to two-runway arrival rate. two run wares open, descending through the cloud but was less than a mile apart. side by side coming down. >> reporter: that requires one air traffic controller monitoring each arriving plane but the l.a.x. control tower and
8:51 am
regional facilities are operating shorthanded. >> without them there, we become a one run-way airport. we go from four down to one. >> reporter: it doesn't take much to create a big backlog and it's not just l.a. nationwide, the faa says 400 flights delayed because of staffing shortages sunday night. >> they need to fix it. i want to go home. >> reporter: >> these are awful and they must stop. we cannot let these delays go through. not only because of inconvenience, but because it's directly hurting our economy. >> reporter: with 10% staffing reductions in effect through september, significant delays are likely. >> if there's some cost cutting and i don't feel it too badly, i'm all for it. if it becomes painful, then i think we need to figure out another way to deal with things. >> we're all going to pay the price. so what can you do? you grin and bear it. >> as if flying is not miserable
8:52 am
enough. if you've had a flight delayed, tell us by sending us a tweet@cnnireport. coming up next, t-shirt with the word massacre" stayed on word massacre" stayed on sale. ents. ♪ to more efficient pick-ups. ♪ wireless is limitless. ♪ from tracking the bus. ♪ to tracking field conditions. ♪ wireless is limitless.
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welcome back. nike is pulling t-shirts with the words "boston massacre" from its outlet stores. shirts have been on sale for years. nothing to do with the bombing. nike moving to stop the sales. allisison kosik is following th tory. >> reporter: this is the rivalry that everybody knows about, it's been going on for almost a century. these shirts are referring to september 1978 when yankees swept a four-game series from the red sox at fenway but the yankees winning four games by a lot that put the yankees in a tie for first with the red sox. yankees won the world series. that was dubbed the boston massacre a reference to the original boston massacre in 1770. i gave you that background because that's where the shirts originated from. but now they're being seen at inappropriate, insensitive, because the t-shirts have blood spatters over the word "boston." we did speak with nike yesterday, and here what happens they told us. this is an older item in light
8:56 am
of the tragedy in boston we, quote, took immediate action to remove this frod distribution. interestingly enough, though, as nike's pulling shirts off the shelves adidas, it can hardly keep up. last week the company created a t shirt that said "boston stands as one" as a tribute to those in the attack. they are available again. what adidas is telling us it's raises more than $1 million for the one fund boston and plans to keep raising as mump money as possible. anderson? >> that's great. adidas isn't the only one. smaller companies are trying to raise money? >> reporter: they are. one call ed chowdaheadz. one with david ortiz's this is our expletive city.
8:57 am
chowdaheadz, trying to trademark the boston strong term. a similar response on ebay with support, boston gear popping up, sellers are planning to give a portion of money they make to help victims. >> so not all of the money's going -- you're saying it's a portion of the money that goes to victims? >> reporter: right. some people are putting up finishers' medals up for sale, out touting they crossed the line. it does go both ways, anderson. >> okay. thanks for the update. since the bombs exploded in boston last week we've season countless acts of kindness and compassion. coming up, we'll talk about why tragedy can bring out the very best in all of us.
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i remember thinking there's a lot i have to do... check my blood sugar, eat better. start insulin. today i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said with levemir® flexpen... i don't have to use a syringe and a vial. levemir® flexpen comes prefilled with long-acting insulin taken once daily for type 2 diabetes to help control high blood sugar. dial the exact dose. inject by pushing a button. no drawing from a vial. no refrigeration for up to 42 days. levemir® (insulin detemir [rdna origin] injection) is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious and life threatening. ask your health care provider about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your health care provider about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. get medical help right away if you experience serious allergic reactions such as body rash,