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tv   To Be Announced  CNN  April 27, 2013 12:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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>> he is offering hope in an unprecedented quality of life to amputees all over the world and that's what earned him a spot on the next list. i am dr. sanjay gupta. hope to see you back here next week. hello, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i am carol costello live in boston. if you want to know what the story line is out of boston this afternoon, it is that look at all of these people surrounding me. look at boylston street, almost back to normal. if you didn't know of the tragic event that is happened just a few days ago, you would have thought to yourself, wow, life is normal here. in fact, the mayor of boston is urging people to come down to boylston street and spend money. as you know, the stores, the businesses, the restaurants have been closed for a week or more
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and lost a lot of money. the mayor says come on down, the police will give you no tickets. parking is free. stay as long as you want. all i ask is you spend $25 to help the business people down here. there is a makeshift memorial directly behind me and we can go to all of these people that have come down to see this memorial and also to be one with boston, so, everybody -- >> boston strong. >> you can see there is just a great spirit down here of americans joining together and trying to bring boston back to normal, trying to help boston heal and even to me it is the greatest feeling. before we get into the investigation and what is new in the investigation and what's new about the suspects and the bombings here in boston, we have to tell you about a breaking news story out of washington. actually, out of mississippi, too. we just got word a mississippi man has been charged now in the ricin letter investigation. federal agents believe this man
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james duhas been arrested and alena is following the story in mist miss. what's the latest, alena? >> we just learned from the u.s. attorney's office that james he have let dust can i is charged with developing and producing and stock piling an agent. that agent identified as rice ricin. as you mentioned he was taken into custody between 12:30 and 1:00 in the morning and arrested here at his home in mississippi. the fbi agents made the arrest and he was then turned over to the u.s. marshal's office. we first learned about dusky at a hearing on monday related to the initial suspect in this case that. man is paul kevin curtis. curtis said that he had been framed and named dusky as a
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possible suspect in the case. on tuesday all the charges curtis was facing were dropped, and then the attention seemed to focus on dusky. curtis was released from jail and dusky was back here and we were told and saw fbi agents searching a former martial arts studio associated with dusky and we know they were here at his home here in mississippi searching at this location. we have been here all day and talking to neighbors, people that have known dutchke for years and we talked to one man and here is what he had to say. >> i am glad they got him. like i told before, i don't care how they got him, as long as they got him out of this neighborhood. there is tension here between the neighbors and dutschke.
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throughout the week she had been telling us her client had nothing to do with the ricin letters. today when we reached out after finding out about the arrests, she told us it is her understanding that dutschke's arrest has been confirmed and she had no further comment. carol. >> i talked to tom fuentes, a former fbi guy, and he said that authorities in the first instance, and i am talking about the first suspect they arrested, sort of rushed to arrest someone. what makes them so sure this time they have the right person? >> that's a very good question. that's something that people are going to be asking, and looking to find the answer to over the course of the coming days. what we do know about dutschke, is he is expected to be in court monday. hopefully we'll find out more and what it is that led investigators to feel confident enough to make this arrest here.
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>> all right. now let's come back to boston where i am and the bombing investigation. we do have some new information coming in about the search for that laptop. i am sure you have heard about it, a laptop belonging to one of the suspects, dzhokhar tsarnaev. authorities are combing a landfill 40 miles from here trying to find the laptop and susan candiotti is live to tell us where the search stands. >> reporter: the search is over. it lasted two days. thursday and all day yesterday. as you said, according to a u.s. official with knowledge of the investigation, the main focus of that landfill search was to look for a laptop believed to long to the accused up bombing suspect in this case, dzhokhar tsarnaev. did they find it? officially the fbi is not saying what if anything they removed from the landfill.
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we're still trying to find out whether that laptop was found. the reason that they were looking for it there came from according to our official source with knowledge of the investigation, this is a u.s. official, telling us that in part they were led there from interviews that were done with the suspect in this case as well as other investigative leads with people who also may have knowledge of what happened to that laptop after the bombing, and the apparent alleged attempt to get rid of it. we don't know again whether they found it. if they do, that could contain all kinds of information about the context of the two main suspects in this case may have had leading up to the alleged plot, leading up to the bombing that happened in boston as well as research they may have done looking into how to make a bomb, e-mails, appointments, calendars, phone numbers, this kind of thing, so, carol, still waiting to learn more about that. >> i just can't imagine how they
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would ever piend it. it is like finding a needle in a haystack. even if they found it, it may be smashed to pieces in the landfill, right? >> reporter: certainly, if they did find it not knowing what kind of condition, you're right, it may have been in. was there an attempt to smash it, wipe it clean? who knows? of course they hope it was in good enough shape they could retrieve information and of course the fbi has evidence response teams and investigators and people that specialize in this kind of thing at quantico, virginia, at the lab and very good at trying to retrieve information from computers. >> hope they find something. susan candiotti reporting live from massachusetts this afternoon. another startling find and authorities found something and you won't believe what it is, part of an air liner's landing gear wedged between two buildings at ground zero. the new york city police department announced it is likely from one of the hijacked
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planes flown into the twin towers and it can't say which one. the question is how did it get there and why it was just found now? alina cho is in new york. >> it is such an amazing discovery on so many different levels. here is what happened. it all started on wednesday morning when surveyors were here looking through the backyard of this building behind me. they were looking to do construction work, and they stumbled upon what they call a mechanical part. they didn't know what it was. upon closer examination they were able to see a boeing serial i.d. number and it was at that point they realized it was likely the landing gear from one of the hijacked plane that is crashed into the twin towers on 9/11. an amazing november for two reasons really. number one, the sheer side of the piece. it is 5 feet by 4 feet by 17 inches in depth. and where it was found. it was wedged between two
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buildings. the width of that space is just 18 inches which begs the question, how did it get there? >> it is a big part, and obviously very, very narrow confined area. somehow the part gets down here. could it have been lowered at some time? it is possible. there is a rope that is on it. it looks like it is intertwined with that part. it would have had to fall down exactly. it hit at a certain angle that make it go right down. >> this is incredible on another level. one of the buildings here behind me is actually the site of that controversial ground zero mosque. as for the investigation, the chief medical examiner and others will be back here at the site on monday. they will be sifting through the material looking for toxins and possibly human remains. of course this brings up so many terrible memories for the 9/11
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families who call this discovery frankly outrageous and disgusting, and they say it is further proof that a proper search of the area after 9/11 was never conducted. >> wow. alina cho reporting for us from new york city. onto something, well, you need to hear to believe. you won't be surprised after all. maybe you will be happy if you have a flight scheduled. i don't know. the faa suspended the furloughs of air traffic controllers and they say everything will be back to normal by tomorrow night. thousands of flights as you know were delayed because some air traffic controllers were forced to take days off. here is the catch and here is what i was talking about. that's the good news i just said. the flight hangup, it turns out the bill now on the president's desk that allows the faa to bring back the controllers cannot be signed by the president because it has a typo in it, a miss spelling. a house gop aid says it will
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definitely be fixed by tuesday and also added the delay will not keep controller from getting back to work so no more delays for you. just a slight delay in the form of a typo for that bill now on the president's desk. still ahead in the newsroom we'll speak with the international security expert, jim walsh, about where new terrorists are being recruited and trained. be right back. [ female announcer ] what if the next big thing, isn't a thing at all? it's lots of things. all waking up. ♪ becoming part of the global phenomenon we call the internet of everything. ♪ trees will talk to networks
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. thousands have come down to boylston street. take a look. people are leaving flowers and teddy bears and american flags, runners left shoes in honor of the victims and to remember them. there is poignant messages written on walls. you can't see it from this picture. this he have makeshift walls set up and people are writing messages, we love you, boston. here for you. stay strong, boston. we're proud. it is a magnificent day in the city of boston and people are trying to get back to normal and frankly not let the terrorists win. welcome back to special coverage in boston. even after visiting the russian republic of dagestan and taking an interest in jihadist groups, one of the suspects, tamerlan tsarnaev still flew under the
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radar of the fbi. a lot of questions like that. are areas like northern russia the new hot bed for terrorists that will target the west? jim walsh is the international security analyst and joins us now. welcome, jim. >> good to see you, carol. looks like a beautiful day in my home city. >> it is a gorgeous day. you would be proud of everyone. they're out here and spending money like the mayor asked them and trying to live life as normal. they figure that's the best way to beat the terrorists. in talking about the terrorists, we know the two suspects are from ethnic chechen. do we really need to worry about chechen terrorists coming to the united states? >> you know, i really don't think so, carol primarily because even though there is extreme, extremism there and there is a long and bloody history, the focus, the target focus for chechens and those in the caucuses has been russia, the people they battled in the streets are russian. the targets of their terrorist attacks have been russian. similarly, i think in north africa, another place where you
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have al qaeda elements and extremists of various kinds, that's an area of the world where does it border? it borders europe. i think the targets are most likely to be for reasons of convenience and also because of ideology, france or other states in europe rather than the united states. in the decade after 9/11, i think what you have seen is al qaeda central has broken up and sort of deinvolved and lots of local groups in yemen and northern africa, and the focus is local. they're acting in a way unsavory but reduces the probability they would be able to execute attacks against the u.s. homeland. >> everybody is trying to figure out why. did the two suspects just use chechnya and what's happening there as an excuse? are they actually muslim extremists? in your mind what are they? >> at the end of the day you have to say at least the younger brother is an american, and the older brother lived long enough in the u.s., didn't get
12:17 pm
citizenship but had a green card, lived here a long time and was unhappy as an american. these folks are closer to home grown terrorists than they are what we normally think of as foreign terrorists. that doesn't -- i think they're in some ways that's the tough one, right? they didn't have a track record. no prior record of doing this. they didn't have any affiliations with organizations. i think the u.s. has done a very good job in the decade plus after 9/11 in targeting organizations abroad, following what's happening abroad, following people that have a record, a track record or have statements or other sort of data that would lead you to believe they could be suspects. these folks were really off the grid. yes, she showed up on the tide list but not compared to the other threats people are being looking at. as i look to the future and i think the question is a good one. where do we look as we look forward? i don't worry about northern africa so much. i worry about the future of the syrian civil war. a lot of extremists are being
12:18 pm
drawn to syria. eventually that conflict will resolve itself one way or another assad will lose or win, and then we're going to see what happens. do those folks leave and then where do they put their sites? who do they begin to target at that point? i think looking forward we to want keep an eye on syria, and that's one of the reasons why it is a tough policy call for the u.s. does it get involved and get stuck with the tar baby? does it stay away and let extremists begin to drive that train? that's why syria is such a tough policy problem for the u.s. >> wow. jim walsh, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. >> you're welcome. a new arrest in the ricin letter investigation, yes, a new arrest and another suspect in custody. we'll have the latest details coming up and a live interview with the attorney of the man wrongly accused of the crimes just last week. we'll be right back. we're all set to bundle your home and auto insurance together. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. [bell dings] ladies and gentlemen,
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paint. she and her husband that appeared in a news conference in russia left their home in dagestan and are living in another part of russia. the father's planned trip to the united states has been put off indefinitely. the mother jumped bail last year in massachusetts on felony charges of shop lifting and destruction of property. no new word on when the parents will be arriving here in the united states. an attorney for katherine russell, the american woman married to the deceased bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, says she knew nothing about her husband's alleged terrorist activities. since the bombing she has been laying low at her parents home in rhode island. erin mcpike is outside that home. >> the only time we have seen her in the past week was tuesday morning and friday afternoon when she left the household with her attorneys and they took her both times to their office and on friday afternoon she met with those attorneys for about 90 minutes. we don't yet know whether or not the fbi has gotten a chance to question her. when she arrived at her
12:23 pm
attorney's office on friday, i did get a chance to ask her how she was doing, and if she could tell us what was happening. she didn't answer those questions and the attorneys ushered her inside. i can only tell you she just looked overwhelmed and bewildered with what was going on. we do know security vehicles have been stationed outside her house all week and when a family member leaves a security vehicle generally trails them. we haven't seen katie russell outside the house other than meeting with the attorneys and we know the fbi is very interested what she has to know about tamerlan, dzhokhar, and what was going on inside the tiny apartment they lived in cambridge, carol, and as far as we know the investigation will continue until she does talk to the fbi, carol. >> eric mcpike reporting live from rhode island. charges filed in the ricin letter case and we'll talk to the attorney of a man wrongly arrested and talk about the new suspect and what we can expect.
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we'll be right back.
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. he is now free and clear. certainly his life changed after that experience. does he plan to take legal action for being wrongly accused now that police and the justice department rather has placed another man under arrest? christine mccoy, who was curtis' attorney joins us now on the phone from mississippi. hi. >> hey, carol, how are you? >> i am good. thank you so much for being with us this afternoon. the justice department, investigators have arrested a
12:30 pm
man named james dutschke and this man pointed him in that direction. tell us how this all came about. >> caller: it is my understanding that my client was arrested on wednesday night and he was interrogated for several hours and gave them the name of mr. dutschke. later we found out the fbi interviewed mr. dutschke on thursday, that following day. we went throughout our proceedings. i never mentioned his name. his name was brought up until monday in part of the hearing, you know, his name was mentioned as someone who may do this to him. even after that there was no indication from the government that they were even looking in that direction. however, i since discovered and thankfully so that even while they were investigating kevin and had their sights on kevin,
12:31 pm
they didn't stop there. they were following other leads. at this point even after the arrest i can't conclusively say what the tips were, the evidence they had. i do believe they have firm evidence against mr. dutschke that they never had against my client. >> does mr. curtis or you have any idea why mr. dutschke would allegedly send ricin laced letters to the president and other public officials? >> caller: you know, it is pure speculation. we do believe that kevin was not the target, that this was an action -- this action was not designed to hurt kevin. that was more of an after thought based on kind of what we know, we do believe that it was intended for president obama, mr. wiccer, and judge holland. i have been told and again this is not by law enforcement, that
12:32 pm
mr. dutschke -- he has run on the republican ticket before in mississippi on local races, so we know that he was kind of not in line with president obama's issues and politics, and we have been told that mr. wiccer had taken a stance recently that informs line with president obama and that that infuriated mr. dutschke. again, that is just what people who know him have said. i don't know that to be the truth because quite frankly i can't imagine why anyone would do that, but i am confident that he did it. i am very comfortable and confident that i believe that. >> we should reiterate mr. dutschke has been charged. he has been arrested. of course he has not been tried in a court of law. in regards to your client, mr.
12:33 pm
curtis, how has his life changed since he was suspected in these ricin poisoned letters and now he is cleared and now another man placed under arrest? >> caller: right. you know, the last week or so now we're going on ten days, it has been such a roller coaster for kevin. to just be arrested in and of himself t took him a couple of days to actually process. when i was meeting with him thursday, i was -- i could tell that kevin really did not have his mind around what was going on and, for example, we went into a courtroom, and he is looking around and there are all of these people, media, and he said are these people here for me? it is clear that he really did not grasp the significance of it. since he has been released, he has pretty much been on a whirlwind as far as the press, of course, is very, very interested, and we obviously wanted to accommodate, and we have done our first live interview with cnn, and then we
12:34 pm
went to new york and did a couple of shows there, and at this point he is just trying to decompress and family time and these are people that -- and i am going to guess mr. dutschke's family is the same way. these are people that go about their daily lives with no interruption or anybody even interested, so it has been quite a roller coaster. like i said, kevin is decompressing now and trying to spend time with family and taking aj deep breath and tryi to get back to his life. >> yeah. i can't even imagine actually. christine mccoy, thank you for joining us this afternoon. we really appreciate it. the justice department has placed another man under arrest and charged him with sending the ricin poisoned letters to president obama and to other public officials. his name is james dutschke. as you know, authorities originally arrested kevin curtis and he is now cleared. while investigators are figuring out what motivated the
12:35 pm
bombings in boston, people are finding ways to move forward. they're rallying around the celtics and i will talk to a team co-owner next. . very logical thinker. (laughs) i'm telling you right now, the girl back at home would absolutely not have taken a zip line in the jungle. (screams) i'm really glad that girl stayed at home. vo: expedia helps 30 million travelers a month find what they're looking for. one traveler at a time. expedia. find yours.
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as you can see, it is a very busy day here in the city of boston, everybody coming down to take a look at this makeshift memorial that sprung up in copley square and people writing messages. it is a beautiful site, and it is a beautiful day here in boston, massachusetts. welcome back to our live coverage in boston. people surrounding me and throughout the city are honoring victims of the bombings and very many special ways. sports fans got a way to honor
12:39 pm
local heros and first responders at last night's celtics game. >> volunteers from the boston athletic association, they are all and will always be heroes among us. >> as you can hear the applause was thunderous. it was the first home game since the bombings and although the celtics did win game three, the sense of unity was apparent throughout the arena. joining me is the co-owner and managing director at bank capital. you already have donated $1 million to boston's one fund. that's incredible. tell us what it is and what it does. >> it is set up rapidly by the mayor and the governor to help the victims, and they have ken feinberg coming in to distribute the money and i learn this had morning it is already over $25 million. >> you're kidding? >> i think in ten days now. the out pouring of support from
12:40 pm
everywhere in the commonwealth and outside the commonwealth, it has been amazing and sports teams collectively have done over a million dollars between the sell tceltics and the bruin the patriots and the red sox. we had a warm up shirt and we sold 2,600 the first day and they're sold out now. >> take a look around you and look at these people. can you imagine? >> boston. it is great. >> doesn't it warm your heart everyone is out here to show their support and love for the city of boston? >> it is amazing, and the garden was just overwhelming on friday night. just a sense of unity and we had the first responders there and people from the hospital and people on the front lines that did all the heroic work out there. we always have a thing called heroes among us. i think this is the record for the amount of had he rows we had on the floor at the same time and also a record i think for the outpouring from the fans in
12:41 pm
the garden and outside. it was just incredible. >> i wondered through this makeshift memorial and there are so many touching messages written on them. people left their running shoes, american flags, and i couldn't help but cry, and i would imagine last night was really emotional for you as well. >> it was really emotional. boston is really a small town and the pro sports here are almost like a college sports and to have everybody focused on this and praying for the victims and caring for the victims, my offices are right here looking down on this street, and we heard the explosions, and then learned and came over to the window and saw an amazing thing. they were running towards the people, not away from the bombs, and you heard the story before. they were diving in there and getting people to ambulances and the governor told me that the first person operated on 27 minutes after the explosion happened. >> wow. >> that is incredible and the governor and the mayor have done an amazing job and prepared for disasters. he told me in 2007 they started
12:42 pm
doing drills to make sure if there was a disaster people would get to the right hospital and they would have the ambulances lined up and it was an amazing the response of this city from first responders and citizens to the government officials and very proud to be a bostonian. >> it is amazing to me, the streets are cleaned and most of the buildings repaired and a couple of the restaurants are still closed obviously but people are out shopping and laughing and talking and nobody is panicking. i saw a few people embracing and crying. others came to comfort them, and it seems to me that this best revenge is to get back to normal and live your life. >> boston and america is really resilient. you saw that at the celtics game and the courage of the victims that will affected by this for many years and that's why this one fund is so important to raise this money to help those victims. it is just the outpouring and support has been wonderful. >> awesome. thank you so much. >> great to be here. thanks for covering this and all
12:43 pm
the help you guys have done here in the city. >> any time. thank you so much. >> thank you. go celtics. have to get the win on sunday. >> that's right. they will do it this time. >> funny, a little pin for you here. >> awesome. >> it says boston stands as one. >> i love that. i will put it on. thank you so much. very nice meeting you, too. >> bye-bye. >> we'll be right back. i've always kept my eye on her... but with so much health care noise, i didn't always watch out for myself. with unitedhealthcare, i get personalized information and rewards for addressing my health risks. but she's still going to give me a heart attack. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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welcome back to cnn's special live coverage out of boston, massachusetts. we're learning more about the social media presence of dzhokhar tsarnaev including a new deleted instagram account. the profile is no longer active and some information is still available. laurie segall gives us an inside look. >> a deleted instagram account sources say belonged to dzhokhar tsarnaev. unlike the rest of his digital life, it hasn't gotten much attention since his arrest. close friends say he used the name j micer but it was removed before the april 15th bombing. a digital trail shows images he liked in the past. several include references to chechnya that are marked with dozens of hashtags. ones shows a warlord who masterminded terrorist attac ann 2006. several show dzhokhar
12:47 pm
interacting with other users and an expert on chechnya says is shows an understanding of chechnya and the struck he he will for i understand expense from russia. the close friends say from what they saw he used it for social purposes, so how are we able to resurrect them? here is how it works >> we're looking at a photo from instagram on stat gram and this is the copy as it existed on the web today. we can see that these users, these 19 users have liked it and we can see there are six comments on the photo. here are the hashtags. however, we can also go back in time thanks to the google web cache. here is other data around that back from april 10th of the same photo. we can see there is the same six comments there are today and here is a list of users that like the photo and most of which are already on there and there have been new ones and there is one that liked it in the april 10th version of the page, jmeister version not on the current version. >> they say the deleted account is likely to get a loes look
12:48 pm
from instigators. >> if i were an investigator right now, obviously the platform he deleted matters the most. were there clues embedded in the combination of images that can tell us something about what dzhokhar was thinking? some of those pictures are very benign and some standing alone don't mean anything. >> digital footprints continue to get bigger as people become more and more willing to put their lives online. >> laurie segall joins us live now. how valuable is this instagram account for investigators? >> we spoke to national security expert that says this is very valuable because we have seen the social media and what we haven't seen is this account he deleted. you know, i can't connect the dots but the idea that this account was deleted make it is valuable, so now we see what is the next step for law enforcement? are they going to go to instagram? maybe they have gone to instagr instagram. they wouldn't comment either way. they will need more information
12:49 pm
than what we are able to scrape from google's archives. they will need access to this deleted account because as you can imagine, there could be all types of information on there, whether or not they need to rule this out or whether or not it could lead them to something. carol. >> and i am looking. i was looking at your story in a tiny monitor, and i swore i thought his instagram had 100,000 followers. did i see that right? >> no. if you look at it, his instagram account, essentially it is completely wiped out except for these traces you can see on the web. you look at his twitter account now and it has 100,000 followers because after the fact so many people are accessing it and so many people are interested in his digital imprint and the mark he made on social media and i think the big question for investigators, to find out who followed this instagram account that's been deleted and who did he follow and does any of this fit into the piece of the puzzle that they're trying to really make out? >> reporting live for us today.
12:50 pm
thank you so much. friends and family of the 8-year-old boy killed in the boston bombings are holding a memorial parade for him. it is really touching. you have to see it. we'll show it to you next.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
roky anderson is a legend for fans of early psychedelic music. >> it was something i could always look forward to, you know, if i would get out of school early, i could go home and play guitar. >> the 13th floor elevator. you' you're gonna miss me. >> we have roky, 17, you know, making music. going to "american bandstand." ♪
12:53 pm
>> his son recalls the day his dad's day changed. >> there was a joint on a person he picked up. >> so avoid prison, he pleaded insanity and committed to a psychiatric hospital. he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and treated with electroshock therapy and experimental medications. >> he described it a little bit to me. i didn't expect it. he said, sometimes, you know, i hear something and it's -- i tell it to shut up. and i do the best i can. >> what kept him alive he says is music. >> find the things that you have that you love important and make sure that you know you have them with you.
12:54 pm
♪ >> if he didn't have his music career, he'd do it on the street holding a sign dealing with the mental illness. ♪ >> 40 years later, every day is still a battle. but roky says his mental health is improving and today he's back touring performing with his son's band the hounds of bas ke kerville. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting.
12:55 pm
it is a gorgeous day here in boston, massachusetts. i'm carol costello.
12:56 pm
welcome back. i'm standing in the middle of a makeshift memorial. look at the people around me in copley square. it is amazing how many people are out and about just celebrating boston. just being here for the people of boston. let me show you a couple of displays set up in the area. take a look at this. boston strong. forever fearless. bostonians united. there's some names on there. you see people writing messages. many more people left wreaths and flowers and teddy bears. a lot of running shoes left behind because the marathon was bombing and showing support. over here we have stuffed animals. this is from elementary schools from around the boston area. of course, as you know, that cute little 8-year-old boy died in the boston bombing. he was honored today by the little league team and later by a choir here in boston. we may attend that later tonight. i want to talk to some of the people that are gathered here to pay their respects to the people of boston to support them.
12:57 pm
your name is mary jo? >> from cincinnati. and i have run and run in races and my son ran in the marathon in minneapolis and i ran the last little bit with him and when all of this happened it just was like this is such a wonderful thing to do and then to have something like this happen is just very emotional and we're here on business and i said, we can't leave until we come down here and i really wish i had a flower or something to put here for all of these -- >> i think your presence here is good enough because that's what the mayor of boston's asking. for people to come down here to boylston street, copley square to show the terrorist that is they can't win and boston is strong. >> that's, you know, the rest of the plan would be to stay down here and eat dinner, support the restaurant that is are open again and just been -- it's been just -- i can't describe how
12:58 pm
it's felt to be here. we have been here since thursday and where we're staying in cambridge, we were here last summer, m.i.t. and harvard and here for educational things and then to look out the door and lock out the window and think, what it was like and to have a city locked down. i can't imagine it. and everybody is wonderful. how they're all back. you know? >> i know. thanks to all of you for coming down. the mayor of boston thanks you. thank you, mary jo. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. we'll be back with much more from boston after this. this one lets us know what happens if we miss a payment. oh. this one lets us know what happens if we use less credit. yeah. what's this one do? i dunno. glad nothing weird happened. right?
12:59 pm
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hello, i'm carol costello reporting live from boston with cnn special coverage and just take a look around me at all of the people down here on boylston street, copley square. a makeshift memorial has sprung up behind me. people are bringing flowers and stuffed animals and running shoes. the mayor of boston asks people to get down here, down to the area to shop and get on with life as normal. he's asking to spend $25 in a store or restaurant to help the businesses that were closed down for so many years due to the terrible bombing.
1:02 pm
also, parking is free down here. you won't get a ticket. come on dow a shop and celebrate boston with literally thousands of people. more on the investigations, the boston bombings. first, the new developments in that ricin letter investigation. federal agents in mississippi arrested a man in tupelo and charged him. they believe this man james everett was behind letters laced with poison sent to president obama and two other officials. the white house says the president has now been informed of the arrest. we have a reporter in tupelo, mississippi. bring us up to date. >> reporter: well, carol, he is going to be facing charges. u.s. attorney's office saying he will be charged with developing, retaining and possessing and using a biological agent as a weapon. that biological agent, of course, referring to ricin. he was taken in to custody here at his home in tupelo,
1:03 pm
mississippi, overnight. the arrest by the fbi some point between 12:30 and 1:00 in the morning. and that arrest in reference, of course, to the ricin investigation. and dutschke is turned over to the u.s. marshal's office. we learned about him at a hearing on monday, related to the initial suspect in this case. that suspect's name, that man's name is paul kevin curtis. curtis said in that hearing that he had been framed and mentioned dutscke as a suspect. curtis's charges were dropped and cleared and the focus turned to dutschke. we heard about searches of a martial arts studio. we also know that fbi agents were here at dutschke's home, searching this location, as pel.
1:04 pm
we have been talking to neighbors and friends who knew him for a while and talked to dennis car lock and known him fr a few years and here's what he said about the arrest. >> i'm glad they got him. like i told bunch of them before, i don't how they got him but got him out of this neighborhood. >> reporter: we have also learned that the lee county sheriff's office is also potentially going to try to seek state charges filed against dutschke. carol? >>. now the latest on the boston bombing investigation. two foreign exchange students of kazzic stans who were friends with tsarnaev are held. susan candiotti is live where tsarnaev is being held at a prison medical center. why are the students being held? >> reporter: they're being held,
1:05 pm
carol, on immigration violation charges. according to the lawyer representing the two students, they're being held because they weren't regularly attending classes and here on a student visa, they're in violations so those are the immigration charges that they're facing at this time. however, law enforcement sources tell us that they're still being detained because federal authorities and investigators still want to know what these students might be able to share about the whereabouts of the bombing suspect who's now accused and is being held at the federal detention center behind me, the medical center. the attorney representing the students said they had nothing to do with the bomb plot and investigators said they have no evidence to indicate that the two bombing suspects had any accomplices. but as we said, we are being told by sources that they want to continue to question these two students to see if they can
1:06 pm
provide some background on their fellow student. one of the things they know about these students is that they shared a cell phone and iphone that the lawyers said that none of them had enough money to buy one on their own and shared it and they also relied on tsarnaev because he spoke better english than they did and provided help for them. so for now, these two students remain in custody on those immigration charges, carol. >> i'm sure you'll keep following this. susan candiotti today. apparently tsarnaev isn't as generous with clues like the trashed laptop. investigators searching for a laptop in a demp in devin. supposedly before he was read the miranda rights, tsarnaev told investigators they dumped a laptop in a trash bin and authorities have been looking for it. let's get back to the miranda
1:07 pm
rights and when authorities read them to the suspect. what's washington saying about this? >> reporter: hi, carol. you know, this is a subject that's coming up a lot here on capitol hill here in washington. you know, congressman mike rogers, the head of the house intelligence committee, the chairman, he wants the know more about how the suspect was read the rights, right to remain silent and a lawyer monday at the hospital. he sent a letter to attorney general holder asking a number of questions, amid them, did anyone from the department of justice or fbi raise concerns about the reading of the miranda rights? the department of justice didn't yet respond to the list of questions but they have said that prosecutors and fbi agents were told ahead of time that
1:08 pm
this initial appearance was being scheduled and so we do know from at least one law enforcement official who spoke with cnn's susan candiotti, they felt that the initial bedside interviews with the suspect were very thorough and the timing of the reading of the miranda rights didn't hinder them and don't expect it to end the discussion here in washington, carol. >> i don't think it will. anything come from the white house, speaking of the discussions? >> reporter: while, we haven't heard much from the president on this case in several days, we did hear from vice president biden last night. he was speaking at a forum in sedona, arizona. he talked about some comments he had made earlier in the week calling the two suspects cowardly knockoff jihaddieies a said they didn't appear to be professionals. let's listen to this. >> most difficult person to deal with is the self radicalized or
1:09 pm
the one that's marginally assisted not directed specifically by anybody because all of the intelligence apparatus and all of the -- all of the means by which we have to infiltrate or pick up the kind of signals we're able to pick up with our significant technological capability is rendered almost useless. >> reporter: it's an interesting what you heard there from the vice president at the end, technological capabilities. when one of the criticisms here is that signals were missed. not technological signals or warnings and advisories of russia about the older suspect tamerlan tsarnaev and killed in a shootout earlier and going to continue, as well. lots of questions asked. the intelligence community of whether they missed or didn't follow up on certain leads. carol? >> athena jones from the white
1:10 pm
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. boston man recounting in riveting detail what he went through when he was carjacked by the bombing suspects. the chinese entrepreneur who wants to be identified by his american nickname, danny, he gave the details to "the boston globe." they stopped in watertown. they stopped in watertown center so zok half could withdraw money from the bank of america atm using danny's card. he asked for his jacket. guarded by just one brother, danny wondered if this was his chance. a police car drove by, lights off. danny got another chance to escape later after a seemingly
1:14 pm
never ending drive through boston. are you still communicating with danny? >> i am. we talked a little bit and we texted before the story ran just to let him know when it was going to run and then throughout the day yesterday and then again today. and mostly about sort of anything but what happened to him in his ordeal. texting about a name for the boston celtics and one of the things that brought danny to boston and if you think about the twists and turns to allow him to survive that night and without danny -- without the escape, the police don't find the brothers, you know, they may head to new york with the explosives in the car but peel back and a reason he came to boston is in china he was a celtics fan. >> and wanted to watch basketball. look what happened. i have heard many people in the city of boston and new york city consider danny a hero. does he consider himself that? >> he's really -- he comes across as a good and decent guy and very private and very worried -- i think one of the
1:15 pm
reasons he didn't want the real name to be used and didn't to come out in person in front of the cameras is worried that the public would misread him or think somehow he was in cahoots with the terrorists and absolutely nothing of the sort. he was so brave and poised and i told him you're so popular today and everybody wants to know, did you talk to the girl. he was a little bit embarrassed. he said, you know, yesterday he said today is a good day. >> and afraid -- his parents are in china. >> right. >> has he shared this tale with his parents? >> only with his dad. the bombing news was carried in china. they called immediately. they wanted the know if he's already. when the carjacking happened, you are not thinking in china one person carjacked it is your son afterway around the world and he was not a rush to tell them. he got -- he was with the police for 15 hours telling them his story and he told his professor,
1:16 pm
adviser in grad school and friends and then his dad and said, you know, don't tell mom. i don't want her to be nervous. but if my name is out, then, you know, we'll have to tell her. >> so she would be so worried and maybe make him go home to china? >> he is lap pi here. i mean, he's working on a start-up business and, you know, he has an engineering degree and an entrepreneurs and likes boston. a lot of young people here. >> okay. what about the girl? i know i'm interested. as he was talking his way out of this terrible ordeal, he talked with these suspects about mundane things including this girl. >> so he didn't talk with them about the girl. they asked, do you have -- does anyone care about you? he's trying to make himself as nonthreatening as possible and says, no, no one cares about me thinking no one will look for him and then he tells them they have a girlfriend in china and
1:17 pm
told me was not the case. and that when he got very nervous, there was a time he gets a phone call and it's his roommate looking for him and they tell him, answer it, speak english and say a word in chinese, we'll kill you. he could be giving it away and so he, you know, he was so nervous in the moment and his heart is pounding and thinking about two things, the girl in new york he hasn't told how he felt and whether he can get a chance to let the business succeed. i said, have you told her how you felt in a part of it is modesty or second language, i talked to her on the phone. talking to her with the younger brother in the boat. i told he was i was so glad i had the opportunity to speak with her again and worried i would never speak with her again. >> did he say he loved her? >> i don't know. i have to go back and ask him. we'll -- everybody's saying,
1:18 pm
i'll tell him this, the world is rooting for them. >> make him say it. thank you so much. thank you for joining us. people have been calling this the great american city. boston strong. that strek is matched only by the concern and compassion for those injured an ento the memories those killed. coming up, a look at a living memorial right here in boston. this week on "the next list," innovator of the bionic arm. >> the mission is to blur the boundaries of humans and machines. what we do here is build robot that is attach to the body, to the legs that augment a person's physicality to move again when they're not able to move. >> why do you call it a robot attached to the body? >> we are developing very advanced systems. i would call them bionics. stealing from the hollywood
1:19 pm
term. they're robotic because they have sensors on. they have computers. various computers across their structure. they have motor, tendon-like systems that push and change stiffness and dampen and allow a person to move again. >> how he plans to help amputee victims of the boston bombings, this saturday 2:30 eastern. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first look is only the beginning. ♪ ♪ this is a stunning work of technology. ♪ this is the 2013 lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid.
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washington. conan o'brien is hosting the white house correspondents dinner. it's been dubbed the nerd's program. cel prom. it's a full night of laughs and do not forget catch it all tonight. the white house correspondents' dinner right here on cnn. and we're learning something new about diane keaton. >> biological mother under the impression that divorce is a great big fat sin. >> she's out promoting the new film "the big wedding" but keaton revealed something. she has an addiction. >> you know may i just say something? >> sure. >> because i want to say something. i'm addicted to cnn and i watch it every single day of my life and i just wanted to tell you that. i know all the characters. i'm not kidding.
1:24 pm
it's truly -- it's little bit of a problem. i have a little bit of an addiction to cnn. and it's the truth. i love the infoation. and i love the cast of characters. do you know, i mean -- >> anderson and wolf? >> early morning, too. carol costello. i think she's a crack-up and suzanne malveaux is so sweet and pretty and don lemon, i like don lemon. i like them all! i like everyone. they live with me. and i have it on all the time. and when i get -- you know, like when i work on a movie, i always try to make sure i get it in the makeup trailer because i don't want to be without it. >> that's awesome. >> i try to put it in to my contract. get me a little cnn. please. yeah. i don't care how big the tv is. i need to see them. >> i have always loved diane keaton, but diane, i love you even more now.
1:25 pm
thank you so much. and i hope you never, ever recover from that addiction. we love you at cnn. all week long we have been watching people here in boston come together and today the crowds gather with messages and memorials. we'll talk with some of those people and show you how they're remembering the victims of the boston bombings and how they're helping boston remain strong. big and find a hotel the with free breakfast without bidding. don't you just love those little cereal boxes? priceline savings without the bidding.
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before i leave you this afternoon, i want you to take one more look at the memorial in copley square and the wonderful people dropping off flowers and kind messages and take a look at the picture of richard martin, the 8-year-old boy killed near the finish line of the boston marathon. he's sort of become the face of this tragedy. well, today, in his neighborhood, members of his little league team held a parade honoring martin. just to say what a wonderful human being he was. they also honored his mother and his cyst who are are still
1:29 pm
recovering from their injuries. listen to what martin's coach and the city councilman said about him. >> just a great kid. you know? the type of kid you want on your team. you know? he was like a little mr. baseball. you know? when he was in between the lines, there was just no fooling around. his mechanics and baseball's not something that you just pick up easily. he just had it and he was a young kid. he was 8 years old but he just had -- everything was there. >> it is a sad day but it's also a good day. it's a good day. look at the people out here that we have. everything that's happened over the past two weeks. we're all part of this. we're all part of the grieving but're also all part of the healing. >> oh, and he said it right there, didn't he? we're all part of the healing and why everybody is here today. not celebrating life or fear but life. they're here so boston is strong
1:30 pm
and here to lend support and praise for a safer world. i want to thank you so much for being with us today on cnn and thanks for all the well wishes to us. we appreciate it. "newsroom" will continue in about half an hour. it is time i said good-bye and thank you so much for joining us. hey, there. i want to begin with the latest on the boston bombings. much of the attention has turned to the surviving suspect and thursday he was moved out of the hospital and in to a jail facility. but you know, we don't want to forget the people hurt that day. at least a dozen of the victims had limbs amputated. we'll get a sense of their new normal. i paid a visit to one of the best facilities in the country. kesler institute for rehabilitation. it takes time. about six


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