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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  April 29, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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city bombing. "cnn newsroom" coverage continues right now. this is our special coverage of the boston bombings. i'm wolf blitzer. two weeks after the terror attacks here in the united states russia launches an attack on suspected jihadists half a world away. russia forces raided a militant group with possible ties to the suspected boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. russia says two of the jihadists thatere killed in the raid in dagestan. meanwhile, the bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is now locked inside a 10 x 10 foot cell with a steel door, a slot for food and a small observation window in that door. a prison spokesman says the 19-year-old is now able to speak and has been interacting with medical staff. and a memorial for the victims continues to grow in boston's
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copley square. thousands of people are going there to pay their respects. we have reporters on the scene bringing us all the latest developments. investigators right now are searching for any clues that will help them determine whether the boston bombings suspect tamerlan tsarnaev had tied to jih jihadist. and that overnight raid in russia is raising even more questions. for more on how the group may be linked to the boston terror suspect, let's bring in cnn's nick paton walsh on the scene for us in moscow. nick, what's the possible connection that authorities are investigating? >> well, the raid you've just been seeing pictures of took place very early yesterday morning in a village in dagestan. it killed a man with relevance part of a militant group headed now deceased. how does that tie to tamerlan tsarnaev? well, a video was linked to his
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youtube page. so tamerlan tsarnaev clearly had an interest or knew of abu jian. the other men remaining in his militant group are being tracked down by russian forces. we don't know if tamerlan tsarnaev ever met him or the man killed in the raid yesterday, but it is interesting as this continuing channel of information between russian services and fbi continues a man linked to the group that tamerlan tsarnaev links to off his social media has been killed in a special forces raid, wolf. >> i know you've been in contact, nick, with the parents of the bombing suspects once again even within the past few hours. what have you learned about their supposed plans to travel to the united states? >> i spoke to the father briefly. he's in a very bad state. said simply i'm sick, i'm sick. the mother went into more detail confirming his high state of health, high blood pressure, body shaking, not in good shape at all.
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that's delaying his long-planned trip to the united states. and she herself has said travel plans keep changing. but in her mind once she's sure that dzhokhar, her youngest son as you mentioned in custody, once she knows she's able to see him, she says she'll go to the u.s. regardless of outstanding arrest warrants against her, regardless of how the investigation seems widening and may have a further interest in speaking to her. i should point out one of the piece of breaking news we're hearing an aide to president vladimir putin says there will be continued high level constant negotiation and cooperation between the american and russian security services as consequences of the boston bombings. i think the real attempt by the kremlin to be out front saying we're continuing to cooperate as much as we can, wolf. >> that could be a really significant development if in fact that cooperation does take place. nick paton walsh on the scene for us in moscow. thanks very much. we're getting new word on the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev,
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he was the 26-year-old suspect who died. cnn's aaron mcpike is on the scene for us getting some new information. what are you picking up, erin? >> well, wolf, earlier this morning we saw federal investigators leave katy russell's attorney's office in downtown providence and came right here to katy russell's parents house, which is just behind me. about 20 minutes ago we saw five of those federal investigators enter katy russell's house. they've been in the house for about 20 minutes now. one of those investigators came outside the house. and we asked are you with the fbi, they said no comment. we have since seen that they are with the fbi. we of course don't know exactly what's going on inside the house whether they're searching obviously probably talking to katy russell, but we do know that the fbi has entered katy russell's house, wolf. >> did she go by the name just katy russell even after she married tamerlan tsarnaev? or did she change her last name?
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did she continue to go by katy russell? >> well, here in this town they still refer to her as katy russell, not katy russell tsarnaev though we have seen different things in different statements. we have seen the attorney's statements simply refer to her as katy, wolf. >> do we know of if in fact she's already started answering fbi questions? >> well, wolf, what we have known for the past week is that the fbi has been very interested in her. her attorneys have said that they are simply cooperating with the fbi, buthey would never say whether or not katy russell had met yet with the fbi. we know that katy russell has been to her attorney's office several times for about 90-minute meetings. she was there on friday for a meeting friday afternoon with her attorney. she was back in her attorney's office on sunday morning for about a 90-minute meeting. so they've been preparing for this. the other thing we can tell you is that federal agents have been
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stationed outside the russell household all week. we've seen a number of federal agents in the area around the russell household and stationed right outside this house. so this seems to have been coming for about a week now, wolf. >> we'll see what happens. erin is on the scene for us. erin mcpike reporting from rhode island. thank you. we're also getting new details on a man who's been accused of brainwashing the boston marathon bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev and turning him into a strict islamist. the man has been referred to only so far as misha by members of the tsarnaevriter for the ne review of books actually tracked him down to a modest apartment in rhode island. listen as he describes their conversation. >> when i asked him about tamerlan tsarnaev, it was quite -- he made it very clear that he had indeed known him. he did not specify any details about the nature of their relationship, but he was very, very, very intent on explaining that he had nothing to do with
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any kind of radicalization. what he told me was i was not his teacher. if i had been his teacher, i would make sure he knew that doing something like this was wrong. >> brian todd's joining us now from rhode island as well. brian, what can you tell us as misha? because when iinterviewed the former brother-in-law of the tsarnaev brothers, he insisted that misha i effect was responsible foring tamerlan tsarnaev into a radical muslim, if you will. >> that's right, wolf. that's what relatives have been telling us, to you and to some of our other people who have interviewed various relatives in the united states and elsewhere. this misha still seems to be an illusive character. what we do know is a reporter for the books interviewed someone in west warwick, rhode
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island, who thi reporter and in his article claims is the misha in question, but it not clear at all at this point if this is the misha in question. law enforcement authorities a little cage about whether this is the right personr not. we've been staking out this person's apartment in west rho time ago. parents' apartment, this is an apartment we identified as being the parents of this person. an attorney went into the apartment, stayed there for a while, came out and talked to reporters. his name is richard nicholson. he said he isnttorney for the father. what the attorney told us is that the authorities have spoken to the parents of this person and that they've answered all the questions and that he expects this case to be wrapped up fairly shortly, that the parents are nervous that the mother has some kind of a health condition which is preventing her from fully dealing with the situation apparently. but this is what this attory
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has just told us. now, what the new york review of books has reported in speakingn tamerlan tsarnaev but he was not the person who said he was never his teacher and he never influenced him one way or another and if he was his teacher, he would have told him not to do what he allegedly did. this person saying he was not involved in the bombings in any way. this is what he told the "new york review of books." so what we're trying to get now is the reading whether in fact this is the misha everyone is talking about. it maye heard in recent days la enforcement authorities are working with overseas partners to try to locate this person. is this misha in question? there seems to be a lead on this in rhode island, but it's not necessarily clear if this is the right person, wolf. >> is this misha in rhode island of armenian decent converted to islam with a red beard as he had been described in earlier
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interviews including the interview i conducted with the brother-in-law? >> that's the way the new york review of books described him as of being of armenian decent, convert to islam with at least a slight red beard although the appearance again is kind of a little squishy as to whether he actually has a red beard or not. we're trying to put those pieces together as to whethhiof books s is in fact the same person who's parents are at this apartment. we believe it is, but is the misha, we're not quite sure about that. we have not been able to find that person ourselves to ask him directly if he is that person. so, again, putting some of these pieces together not clear right now this misha still seems to be a fairly elusive figure, wolf. >> brian todd in rhode island working the story for us. i know you'll continue your own investigation, brian, thank you. coming up, he's being held in a 10 x 10 cell away from others. we're taking a closer look at dzhokhar tsarnaev's prison conditions right now.
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plus, where the investigation is going from here. and he may have deleted his social media accounts, but there is one website cnn was still able to access. coming up, a look at a terror suspect's digital life. this is our special coverage of the boston bombings. ♪ [ agent smith ] i've found software that intrigues me. it appears it's an agent of good. ge has wired their medical hardware with innovative software to be in many places at the same time. using data to connect patients to software, to nurses to the right people and machines. ♪
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extra security is in place right now at a federal prison about 40 miles west of boston. that's because the surviving suspect in th marathon bombings, dzhokhar tsarnaev, now lives there. don lemon is outside the medical facility in devens, massachusetts. don, tell us a little more about this place and the conditions the suspect now is living in. >> yeah, wolf, you said extra security. there you can see some of it. there have been as many as four different officers there, different cars with ofcers, as many as 12 officers standing there to make sure people don't get in. and also to answer questions for the media. there's a sprawling facility here as you said 40 miles west of boston, the devens medical center where they bringfor medi in the custody of the prison system or in the prison system. we've been showing our viewers this cube graphic all day about
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what it's like -- what kind of facility he's's a 10 x 10a little cube with a metal door and then a slot at the bottom of the door so that they can slide a food tray in. and then above that is a small tiny window so that they can look in and observe him. he's being observed 24 hours a day. 10 by 10 really not that big. in your head you go what is 10 by we said we wanted to see what it's like and this is what we're told it's like inside. a small bed on one side of the room and then there is a sink and then a toilet in another part of the room. just a very small area, wolf, you see to movehere. so he doesn't have much room to move around. and if h indeed convicted of these hor accused of, some people say this is even too good for him, hn that. we're also told that he is able to speak now. he had the neck wound and wasn't
10:16 am
able to talk for a while. he's able to sp communicating w, nurses, the medical staff, but so far not communicating with investigators since his miranda rights were read to him, wolf. >> don lemon on the scene for us outside that prison in devens, massachuses. we'll check back with you later, don. thank you. let's talk a little about the legal case against this 19-year-old suspect. investigators are working full-time to try to find out everything they can about the bombing and the tsarnaev brothers. so prosecutors build their case? paul callan is joining us now. paul, let's first talk about the mother of these two suspects if she were to come to the united states from russia, what legal issues could she potentially face? >> this poses, wolf, an enormously difficult issue for the united states. obviously, if they do not allow the mother to come for the burial of her older son and the
10:17 am
trial of her younger son, i suppose we would be accused of lacking humanitarian spirit, but on the other hand we have seen many reports now indicating that she was possibly discussing jihad with her son. that she may have been involved in radicalizing her son. so authorities would have a legitimate basis to ban her from entering the united states. it will be verycertainly if she she'll be questioned by law enforcement authorities very closely about what she knows about her son's link toadist organizations. >> she also is facing an outstanding warrant on shoplifting charges. she allegedly stole a few thousand dollars worth of clothes from some store a store in massachusetts. so she effectively is wanted on that totally unrelated part of this story. how does that fit in? >> well, it fits in in that the united states could have a
10:18 am
legitimate basis to bar her entry into the united states since there's an allegation that she's already committed a crime while in this country. we certainly -- the united states certainly has abundant justification for preventing entry into the united states should that course be selected. but as i there may be intelligence reasons, there may be reasons that u.s. authorities would like to question her. she certainly seems to be someone who may have information that would be helpful in this prosecution. >> i'm sure they would like to question her. now, what about katy russell tsarnaev, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev in rhode island. your heard erinials over at the house right now. does she face potentially legal problems as well? >> well, she certainly will if it can be established that she had an awareness of the plot and participated in some way maybe by hiding materials in her home
10:19 am
or in fact hg intentions. however, i think it's unlikely that that's going to develop. i think she's probably going to turn out to be more of an intelligence resource than a source of hard information in the case. >> obviously they would love to question her. she's got a team of lawyers representing her. we don't even know now all these days later if she's started answering fbi questions. what does tha say toyou? >> well, the fbi obviously feels that she's a source of legitimate information. they're questioning anybody who had a link to both of these individuals, one who's dead and one who now is under arrest. but the fact that she's lawyered up so quickly, there's really no way to compel her to testify unless through some bizarre developments she was deemed to be an enemy combatant and, you know, taken down aiftainly i do
10:20 am
happening under u.s. law. >> paul callan is our cnn legal analyst, former prosecutor himself and a criminal defense attorney. paul, thanks very much. coming up, a closer look at some other news we're following right now including the michael jackson wrongful death trial. opening statements are about to begin this hour. the trial's expected to answer the did aeg live hire or supervise dr. conrad murray, the physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter? we'll have the latest up next. to prove it, we set up our call center right here... [ chirp ] all good? [ chirp ] getty up. seriously, this is really happening! [ cellphone rings ] hello? it's a giant helicopter ma'am. [ male announcer ] get it done [ chirp ] with the ultra-rugged kyocera torque, only from sprint direct connect. buy one get four free for your business.
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let's check some other news we're following here in the "cnn newsroom" right now. a killer is on the loose in northern california. 8-year-old lela fowler is dead. police say her 12-year-old brother found her stabbed and severely wounded in the family's home outside sacramento on saturday. she later died. the brother told police he'd seen an intruder leaving the house. the sheriff's department says it has a lot of evidence including fingerprints and possibly dna. > in los angeles michael jackson's family is back in court today. lawyers for his mother and children are hoping to convince a jury that the pop star died because of the negligence of his concert promoter. they w money that jackson might have earned on his future tours. and now to oxford, mississippi, where a couple hours ago the man accused of sending ricin-tainted letters to
10:24 am
president obama and other government officials made a brief court appearance. james everett dutschke is charged with possession and use a biological agent as a weapon. duchke says he had nothing to do with the letters. he's represented by a court appointed lawyer. the judge set a hearing for thursday morning. we'll go live to mississippi for more details in about half an hour. the president is the commander in chief, but saturday night at the annual white house correspondents' association dinner he became comedian in z. washington reporters get to take a little time out to socialize with many of the people they cover. conan o'brien headlined this ye's seconsuzanne malveaux was . she served on the white house beat for cnn for many years. she was at the dinner. i'm sure she looked gorgeous, had a fabulous time as she always does. so who knew, suzanne, that the president of the united states -- he's usually prettyfu
10:25 am
little funnier this year. >> he's getting better, i think, wolf. he's a pretty funny guy when he needs to be. the president, i think he gave it as good as he got. really had to balance some serious issues, news and tragedy like thebut this occasion was e to lighten the mood in washington. one of the stories we covered last week, jay-z and beyonce's controversial trip to cuba, well, the president, he too hea >> for example, this whole controversy about jay-z going to cuba. it's unbelievable. i've got 99 problems and now jay-z's that a lot of folks liked. there's been a lot of controversy over whether or not the president has also been reaching out to republicans. the president, he himself, called it the charm offensive and he noted how popular the first lady is. so he suggested doing something aittle different. checkout, wolf. >> i understand second term, need a burst of new energy, try
10:26 am
some new things. and then my teamnd i talked about it. we were willing to try anything. so we borrowed one of michelle's tricks. [ laughter ] i thought this looked pretty good. >> wolf, he might look good with know. this is called as you know essentially the nerd prom, attracts celebrities as well. had a chance to catch up with some of them. one of the hottest series on tv, scandal, the star of the president's favorite tv show, this is homeland. he plays aterrorist, you might know. and chance to catch up with someone who's been in the news of course, he is a louisville basketball star kevin ware. he broke his leg during the ncaa
10:27 am
basketball tournament. he says he is doing much, much better than he thought he ever would. so it's really good, wolf, to see him as well. he says he's hanging in there. he hopes to get off the crutches and be on his way fairly soon. >> so happy kevin was there as cnn's guest. and you did gorgeous as you always do. >> thank you, wolf. >> love the dress and the whole package was fabulous. as i knew it would be. >> it was a good time. >> you had a great time.q unfortunately, this year i couldn't go. i was inrybody else had a fabulous time. >> we missed you. next year. >> next year for sure. coming up, we have -- he may have deleted his social media accounts, but we're getting some new information. there's one website we were still able to access. we're getting a closer look at dzhokhar tsarnaev's digital life as our coverage of the boston bombings continue. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take
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welcome back. i'm wolf blitzer reporting. we're continuing our special coverage of the boston bombings and the investigation. we're getting some new information coming in right now. apparently there's no evidence that the suspects tested the deadly pressure cooker bombs that were used in the bombings in the united states. the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, had received we're told training in bomb making --
10:31 am
if he had received formal training, it could have come while he was overseas. a source tells cnn neither testing nor training has been eliminated as a possibility. the source is cautioning. the source says the two-day search of a landfill in new bedford for a computer laptop ended without success. the fbi was following leads when the bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev and others that his laptop was thrown into a dumpster and picked up for disposal at a landfill. the official added the laptop may be a crucial part of the investigation. they haven't found it ye more a the bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev through a deleted laurie seagal has this cnn exclusive. >> a deleted instagram account that sources say belong to dzhokhar tsarnaev. unlike the rest of his digital life, it hasn't gotten much attention since his arrest. close friends say dzhokhar used
10:32 am
the name jmeister, but a trail shows images that he liked in the past. several include references to chechnya marked with dozens of hash tags. one shows a chechen war lord who master minded terrorist attacks against russia but killed in 2006. dzhokhar interacting with users. an expert on chechnya says they show an understanding of chechnya and struggle for independence from russia. from what they saw used instagram for social purposes. so how are we able to resurrect? here's how it works. >> this is the copy as it exists on the web today. and we can see t users, these 19 users have liked it. and we can see there are six comments on the photo and here are the hash tags. however, we can also go back in time thanks to the google web cast. here's another video of that, we
10:33 am
can see there's the same six comments there are today. and here's a list of users that liked the photo. most of which are already on there. and there have been some new ones. but there's one that liked it in the april 10th version of the page, jmeister one you can see is not on the current he delete account is likely to get a close look from investigators. if i were an investigator right now, obviously the platform he deleted matters the most. were there clues embedded in the combination of images that can tell us something about what dzhokhar was thinking? some of those pictures are very benign, some of them standing alone don't mean anything. >> digital footprints konts continues to get bigger as more and more people are willing to put their lives online. >> laurie, we heard all about that twitter account. why haven't we heard at least until now much about this instagram account? >> it's a great question, wolf. you look at his twitter account,
10:34 am
it was public. he now has 100,000 followers. but in short the instagram account was deleted ahead of the bombings. beyond that we called up a lot of them said we know him, we would know, but we were able to confirm with a couple friends this was in fact his account and they said it was his account but he did delete it, wolf. >> laurie seagal doing good work for us. thank you very much. fbi investigators are back at the family home of the widow of the bombing suspect, tamerlan sarnaev determine what 24-year-old catherine russell knew about the plot allegedly master mined by her husband. she says she knew nothing. her attorneys are also at her parents home in north kingston, rhode island. the family has issued a statement through her attorney's office saying she is "doing everything she can to assist with the investigation and that she and her family are sho deva" other news we're following
10:35 am
including some political news. the next presidential election is more th three years away, but hillary clinton already topping the list in one brand new poll. and she hasn't even said if she's going to run. one big question is this, will this stop others from jumping into the race? [ female announcer ] allergy congestion?
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welcome back. we're continuing our special coverage of the boston bombings. we're going to have much more coming up shortly, but thers other news we're watching including some news in the world of politics. it's never too early to start talking about the next presidential race. we're more than three years away from the first in the nation new hampshire primary. right now though hillary clinton is the clear favorite on the democratic side. and the latest wmur granite state poll of liky voters 61% say they'll support hillary clinton in 2016, 7%
10:39 am
prefer vice president joe biden. 22% say they are undecided. let's bringz in analyst gloria. gloria, what do you read into these numbers beyond the obvious that hillary clinton is by far the overwhelming favorite this early in the process among democrats? >> well, it is early, as you point out. she is the presumptive nominee. she has the highest name recognition of course. but as you dig deeper into these numbers, wolf, what jumps out at me is that when you look at her favorability ratings, she n ondemocrats and independents, b if you lk at the same numbers, she has a 57% favorability rating among republicans. now, joe biden on the other hand if you look into his numbers only has a 30% favorability rating among republicans. so i'd have to say that being secretary of state, staying away from the obvious sort of
10:40 am
political budget, fiscal crisis is really kind of served her well and she left at a very good time. >> the fact she's obviously undecided, she hasn't made any announcement, not giving any indication, no hints whatsoever if she wants to be the first woman president of the united states if she still has ha fire in her belly, if you will, does that freeze out a lot of the other democratic potential candidates at least for now? >> yeah, i think it does. i think it places a complete freeze on the field. for example my sources tell me that if shee to say she did want to run, the vice president joe biden would not get in the race. the "new york post" has a piece today saying the governor of new york andrew cuomo has told people if hillary clinton were to get in the race he would also get out of the way. which is why, wolf, she needs to make this decision sooner rather than later in a way. to be fairer to her fellow democrats because they're going
10:41 am
think she might get into it. and her health is an issue. she'll be close to 70. if she were to consider this, she's got a staff in place. she's making some money right nowspeeches. but she does have to decide in the not-too-distant future. >> we'll see what happens. >> yeah. >> she's clearly a favorite among the democrats out there. >> she's been there before. >> that's right. and then some relatively obscure junior senator from illinois shook things up, as we all know. thanks very much. >> sure. people in dagestan right now they are very worried the tsarnaev brothers may have had -- they're very worried about the alleged involvement in the boston bombings. they're worried it will hurt business in dagestan, that's in southern russia. comi r look at how this area of russia right now is responding to the attacks. çtoooowl
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
an overnight raid is raising
10:45 am
even more questions about whether the bombing suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev, had ties to extremists in russia. russian special forces carried out a raid in dagestan that killed two jihadists i associat former leader. tamerlan tsarnaev once posted a video of that leader on social media. it's not clear if their paths ever but some in russia worry the boston bombings will hurt their here's cnn's nic robertson. >> aspiring hopefuls slug it out. training. tomorrow, well, just look at the photographs on the wall in this dagestan gym. the boxers there are cool this 16-year-ol tells me. i'd like to spar with them. find out who is better. learn from them. for centuries young men in russia's troubled caucasus have tested themselves this way. alleged boston bomber tamerlan
10:46 am
tsarnaev excelled at this sport too, but the worry is here his legacy is not going to be boxing but bombing. and that can reflect badly on them and the region. 18-year-old, a regional champion, competes at international level and fears the tsarnaev's trip to the region last year may hurt them. i'd like dagestan not to be associated with what happens, he says. we go to competitions. and now we might face problems. their coach worries about america's reaction. what happened in boston was horrible, he says. but you can't make a judgment on a nation based on two people's actions. these kids all want to be in competition. i don't want any barriers to block their visas. and it's not just the gym. dagestan may once have been so far behind the iron curtain, but few in the west could find it on the map.
10:47 am
but here the reverse was never true. here anything americana means cool. this cafe got its name because the designer thought it would bring in more business, not because they're selling great traditional american food. like the cafe there is new construction here. outside investment is essential. this workexr tells me i just really hope that everyone will understand that it's quiet in the caucasus and it'ssafe. you shouldn't judge because of these two people who did those explosions. even so, for some life's daily grind means news of the boston bombings has mostly passed them by. this veteran bread seller tells me she's not heard of the tsarnaevs and the attack. people here are poor, she says. there are no jobs. no production plants. sometimes i give my bread away for free. all those people think about, she adds, is just putting food
10:48 am
on their table. in the gym or on the streets, everyone here has got their eye on a better future and a prize they dream is within their grasp. nic robertson, cnn, dagestan, russia. >> while we continue to focus in discuss the boston bombings, today is also an important day to remember, it's been six months since the superstorm sandy devastated much of the east coast. where the shore stands right now, that's next. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep, and lunesta eszopiclone can help you get there, like it has for so many peoplbefore. do not take lunesta if you are allergic to anything in it. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving or engaging in other activities while asleep without remembering it the next day have been reported. lunesta should not be taken together with alcohol. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion.
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with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. this is our special coverage of the boston bombings. we'll get back to that in a moment. first, an yupdate on another story we have been following, super storm sandy. the stove ravaged the coast of 72 people and destroying tens of thousands of homes and businesses. 87 others died after the storm, when power was knocked out to millions of people. sandy's expected to rank as the second costliest tropical cyclone on record. the national hurricane center estimates sandy caused $50 billion in damage, second only to hurricane katrina. the new jersey governor chris
10:52 am
christie estimates 39,000 new jersey families are still homeless. 250 families are still displaced in new york. many are renting and waiting for the money they need to rebuilde building codes. today governor christie and the federal task force announced that an additional $1.83 billion has been approved to help people get back into their homes and businesses to rebuild. >> we're not here to take a victory lap because we know that we haven't achieved victory yet, anywhere near it. we're here just to say once again to remind you once again we will not forget you. > christie says every boardwalk that was destroyed at the jersey shore will be rebuilt by memorial day. businesses are reopening for the summer beach season and roads are back open. take a quick look at the markets right now. you can see the dow jones up about 117 points. this came after some good
10:53 am
numbers on pending home sales earlier this morning. looks like april will be the fifth straight month of gains for the dow. the nasdaq also jumped today, hitting its highest level since way back in 2001. jason collin has just become the first openly gay athlete in pro sports. collins is with the washington wizards. he tells "sports illustrated," i'm a 34-year-old nba center, i'm black. a very revealing and candid interview in which he discusses coming out, first to his aunt, he says her acceptance made him feel comfortable in his own skin, he didn't tell his twin brother jerron until last year. says h astounded, so much, he says for twin telepathy. the family is behind him and apparently so is the nba. the commissioner david stern issued a strong statement saying, and i'm quoting him now, as adam silver, the deputy commissioner and i said to
10:54 am
jason, we have known the collins family sinceon and jerron joined the nba and they have been exemplary members of the nba family. jason has been a widely respected player and teammate throughout his career and we are proud he has assumed the leadership mantle on this very important issue. two-thirds of students graduate with debt and it is reaching new highs. averaging almost $27,000 in 2011. to keep your debt down, first decode the financial aid offer. >> it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish what is a grant and what is a loan. they may not even use the word loan. >> here it is, out of pocket. >> reporter: so ask questions and remember, you're not just paying for one year. >> it is not about that first year of college. it is insuring that you are accepting a financial aid package that has renewable money. >> about half of all colleges practice what is called front-loading of grants.
10:55 am
that means that your grant as a freshman are going to be a more generous mix than your grants as a sophomore, junior or senior. >> reporter: if you're disappointed,'t afraid to ask for more money. >> there are other things that can be done. >> reporter: watch your tone. >> colleges are not car dealerships where bluff and bluster will get you a better deal. what you need to do is provide them with documentation, information that they weren't a situation. >> reporter: a job loss, major medical expenses, private k through 12 tuition for a sibling, caring for a special needs child or elderly parent, those can get you more financial aid. so make your case, like erica. she's asking for more since her mom supports her grandfather in ecuador. one school has already responded. >> they went up in the pell grant, which is the free money, they went up about a thousand dollars. >> reporter: christine romans, cnn, new york. the american dream is of a better future,
10:56 am
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the youngest victim in the boston marathon bombings, the 8-year-old martin richard, was honored w at little league baseball. baseball's opening day in his hometown of dorchester. martin loved baseball, and would have been brein glove teammates. a logo was placed in center field with martin's name and uniform number 8. afterwards firefighters took part in a parade and we jerseys with the number 8 in remembrance. the boston one fund-raised more than $27 million so far to help the victims of the terror attack. more than $9 million of that has come from public donations and more than $17 million from orporate dotions. going to one fund good idea. you can also help those victims and their families by visiting impact your world at go to that's it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern
11:00 am
later today in "the situation room." brooke baldwin and jake tapper take it over from here. wolf, thank you so much. good afternoon, i'm brooke baldwin here standing on boylston street as we continue this search for aton marathon b. now two weeks ago today. we're going to talk about next couple of hours about the parents here wt we're learning from both the tsarnaev parents as there had been word possibly they would be coming here to boston. still this elder brother, the t medical examiner's office. also, this afternoon, getting new details from ashleigh banfield who is here in boston. nuggets as far as what she's been learning from the beth israel hospital staff, when this younger tsarnaev, dzhokhar tsarnaev was taken last week, to this prison medical facility in dev devens, massachusetts, 40 miles from