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tv   Starting Point  CNN  April 30, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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president and coo of the golden state warriors and jason collins' high school coach greg hilliard. plus trading jabs at a debate for a south carolina congressional seat. >> when we talk about fiscal spending and we talk about protecting the taxpayers, it doesn't mean you take that money we saved and leave the country for a personal purpose. >> she went there. elizabeth colbert-busch comes out swinging against opponent mark sanford. but who won the night? and this just in to cnn, a militia in libya has the justice ministry there surrounded. we will have a live report from that hot spot coming up. it is tuesday, april 30th, and "starting point" begins right now. dramatic new developments to tell you about in the boston marathon bombing investigation. female dna has been found on fragments of one of the explosive devices.
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now the big question is, whose is it? the fbi is visiting tamerlan tsarnaev's widow at her parents' home in rhode island and leaving with bags of dna evidence. they're also trying to piece together katherine russell's every move in the days before and just after the attacks. meantime, the medical examiner knows what killed tamerlan tsarnaev but not releasing the details because the family has not yet claimed his body. as for surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team, death penalty expert judy clarke is now part of that team. she has represented high profile clients in the past and we want to get right to pamela brown live in devens, massachusetts with more on this investigation. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, john. investigators are trying to figure out whether katherine russell, the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev, had any role whatsoever in the boston marathon attacks. they went into the home she was staying in yesterday and did not
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walk out empty handed. fbi agents searched this home belonging to the family of katherine russell. the widow of boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev, who she married three years ago. agents carried out two block equipment cases and clear plastic bags marked dna samples. sources say the fbi took these samples to see if they match up with female dna discovered on the pressure cooker devices used in the boston marathon bombings. russell, who has denied any involvement in the attacks, has been staying in this north kingstown, rhode island, home, ever since her husband's death during a police shootout. nearby in this apartment, the fbi has interviewed mikhail allakhverdov, the mysterious man known as misha, identified by the suspect's relatives as a key influence in radicalizing tamerlan. the attorney for misha's family says they're cooperating. >> today they have answered all the questions that have been asked of them by the
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authorities. they're fully cooperating. and that's it. there's really nothing more to say. >> reporter: misha denies any wrongdoing and says he hasn't spoken to tamerlan in three years. according to a reporter who recently interviewed him. >> what he told me was, i was not his teacher. if i had been his teacher i would have made sure that he knew that doing something like this was wrong. so he was very, very emphatic about that. very upset. >> reporter: this new youtube video has surfaced allowing us to hear dzhokhar tsarnaev's voice for the first time as he plays with his niece. >> look at me, i said. >> reporter: he's now at this prison hospital here in devens, massachusetts, locked up in a 10x10 foot cell where he will spend all his time except for one hour allowed each day for outside activity. devens prison hospital officials say tsarnaev is interacting, talking with medical staff, but they won't say whether he's taking advantage of that hour a day he's allowed to be outside his cell. now we have learned that a judge
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has appointed judy clarke of california, the experienced death penalty lawyer, to tsarnaev's defense team. she has represented a number of high profile clients, including jared loughner, the tucson mass shooter, and interesting to note here, john, that most of her high profile clients have received life in prison rather than the death penalty. >> unabomber ted kaczynski, as well. pamela brown live for us in devens, massachusetts. thanks so much, pamela. kind of a milestone moment here in boston overnight. we saw them repainting the finish line, the spot where the runners crossed the finish line here in boston on boylston street. traditionally they repaint the finish line the night of the marathon after the runners finish the race. this year for obvious reasons that whole process was delayed by a couple weeks. if you want to know the impact, the reach of the story here in boston it's had a direct affect on our other major story of the day, jason collins, basketball player coming out as gay said the marathon bombings changed
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his entire outlook on life and was a key impetus to come out. christine romans back in new york with that story and the rest of the other day's top news. >> that's right, john. it's a brave new world for jason collins. the longtime nba player who just revealed he's gay. in less than 24 hours the 34-year-old collins who played for six teams in a twelve-year career has gone from journeyman to trail blazer. cnn's rachel nichols following developments for us this morning. >> good morning. there's definitely a feeling in the athletic community that this was coming. whether it was the environment in the country, the people thought this might happen in the nfl. even word of a group of nfl players coming out at the same time to lessen the media burden. maybe the nba. but nobody expected jason collins to be coming out on the cover of "sports illustrated." giving you insight into just how much of a surprise this was his twin brother, who also played in the nba at one point said he
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didn't know that jason, his lifelong best friend, was gay. but it turns out that jason collins, while not expected, might have been the perfect person to make this revelation. for the past twelve seasons, jason collins has done the nba's dirty work. his seven foot, 255 pound frame protecting the basket night after night, with little or no recognition. but with his revelation in this week's "sports illustrated" that he's gay, that anonymity is over. in explaining his decision, collins said, quote, i've endured years of misery and gone to enormous lengths to live a lie. i was certain my world would fall apart if anyone knew. and yet when i acknowledged my sexuality, i felt whole for the first time. president obama called collins to say he was impressed with his courage. the first lady tweeted it was a huge step forward for the country. many from the nba community also expressed support. >> character is found in those who lead. i like to commend you, jason, for coming out and showing us what leadership looks like.
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>> i'm glad he took that step. i know he feels liberated for doing it. i wish him the best and i hope that you know, nba guys can get past sexual orientation. you know, all that b.s. you know at the end of the day he's a good guy, he's a hard worker, he's a good basketball player and that's what he should be judged for and that's what he should be known for. >> reporter: not everyone is accepting of his sexuality. a prominent espn basketball analyst called collins a sinner. >> i'm a christian. i don't agree with homosexuality, i think it's a sin, as i think all sex outside of marriage between a man and a woman is. >> reporter: in his magazine article, collins said he first thought about revealing his secret during the 2011 nba lockout but it was the boston marathon bombings that pushed him to action. helping him realize things can change quickly, and there would be no perfect time to divulge his sexuality. collins also revealed he decided to wear rarely seen number 98 as a tribute to matthew shepard, the gay university of wyoming
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student tortured and murdered in 1998. collins is not the first male athlete to come out. but he is the first to do so while still playing for one of the four major u.s. pro leagues. that said, collins is a free agent, which means right now, he's looking for a job. and that's really the big question, is we keep talking about him being a current player coming out. but we're going to find out just whether there is a backlash undercover or not. we're getting a very positive reaction from the league, from the teams. in fact i was at the nets/bulls game last night and the brooklyn nets organization, actually jason collins played for that organization for nearly seven years they came out very supportive of him. however they're not offering him a job so we'll have to see if anybody does over the next few months. >> rachel nichols stick with us. we're going to talk to two athletes who know all about this. wade davis is a former nfl player who came out last year. he's now on the advisory board of the you can play campaign which works to promote equality in sports and a wrestling coach
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at columbia university is founder and director of athlete ally that's a group who encourage straight athletes to fight homophobia and transphobia in sports. i want to start with you, wade. president obama called jason collins last night. players are giving him support like steve nash i want to read something that nash tweeted he said the time has come, maximum respect. of course the player with the los angeles lakers, that's yesterday via twitter and twain wade said via tweet jason collins showed a lot of courage today and i respect him for taking a stand and choosing to live his truth. here's the issue though, we would be naive to think there isn't homophobia in some of those locker rooms and on some of those basketball courts so does this change the game? >> i think this changes the game on a multiple front. i think even the biggest game changer is that you have players like kobe bryant, paul pierce, and dwyane wades who are leaders in the locker room making comments like this, and a team will follow rank.
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you know, so if kobe bryant speaks for, the rest listens. >> does this help or hurt his chances of getting another job? >> he can play so i don't think that it hurts him at all. he's 34 years old. he's in great shape. he averaged about 15 minutes last year. if he can help a team win someone will definitely -- >> you think the fans -- >> definitely. >> you don't think there's going to be anything cruel, any even in the heat of it on the basketball court from other players? >> nba is a family. he's a member of that family. everyone is going to support him. -- >> it -- >> it helps being seven feet tall and then as he talked about that in this magazine article about, hey, he goes against the stereotype of what people think a gay athlete might look like or be like in the way people might talk to him. but it is interesting because we've seen some teams say, they wouldn't want to be around players who attract a lot of media and who are a distraction. it's not necessarily homophobia. there have been players for all kinds of reasons we're watching
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tim tebow try to get a job and he's supposedly a distraction so teams don't want to take him for a totally different reason. it could be an issue as we go forward. >> you know the tennis player martina navratilova told our anderson cooper that 30% of -- are related to a sexual orientation crisis. i can imagine it's incredibly difficult in sports as well, that atmosphere. as a coach how do you identify with kids, how do you help kids and use what's happening right now to help kids who may be in crisis about their own sexual orientation? >> sure. so you know, one of the most important thing as a coach and with athlete ally is victory through unity. we're going to be the most successful athletic community when we are the most united and any amount of homophobic or sexist language divides us. it creates a cultural of individuals -- >> maybe even thoughtlessly use words that that mean horrible words that are thrown around in sports. >> absolutely. i think you know, i was raised by that athletic culture. certainly i use that language
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for many years in my life. but you know, when you have athletes like jason coming out, it gives this entire conversation contegs. it shows people that our words expand and resonate and can affect people in unforeseen ways. and so jason coming out i think not only serves as a reminder of why we need to start speaking out as allies but also that the young lgbt kids can participate in sports and be open about their sexual orientation. >> here'sed thing about young fans they want to see someone on the field who looks like them, who is like them. it's why mark sanchez has struck such a chord because he has sanchez for young american kids. if you are a young, gay teenager trying to find your way in the world, if you can look at somebody who you see as a hero, somebody who you see accomplishing things and say, they're like me, i can be like them, that can be only a good thing. >> all right. rachel, wade, hudson, thank you all for joining us this morning. next hour we're going to hear
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from collins' high school coach and also rick welts the president and coo of the nba's golden state warriors. breaking news just in to cnn, armed men in trucks with anti-aircraft guns mounted on them surrounding libya's justice ministry in tripoli. on the phone from tripoli right now, what's the latest? can you hear me? okay we just lost her. obviously we are covering a very fluid breaking news situation in tripoli with the justice ministry that's been surrounded by trucks with guns mounted on those trucks. we're going to get our producer back and try to figure out what exactly is happening there. but again, fighters surrounding libya's justice ministry. some unrest this morning in tripoli afternoon there. all right a grim search in lower manhattan this morning after boeing confirms that metal found in a new york city alley is part
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of a wing flap that one of the jets that crashed into the world trade center on september 11th. the new york city medical examiner now looking for human remains in that alley. the plane part will be removed after the search for remains is completed. amanda knox breaking her silence about her explosive murder trial in italy. in an interview with abc news the former college student from seattle says she's glad her story can finally be told after six years. the case made international headlines with knox being labeled a temptress and a she-devil. >> for all intents and purposes, i was a murderer. whether i was or not. and i had to live with the idea that that would be my life. >> knox was convicted in 2009 for the murder of her roommate but then had it overturned in 2011. italian prosecutors want to try her again. mark sanford running for congress and trying hard to run from his past.
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the former south carolina governor attempting to resurrect the political career that ended in disgrace. after he told voters he was hiking the appalachian trail, when he was really visiting his mistress in south america. during a heated debate last night, san ford's democratic challenger elizabeth colbert-busch, she couldn't resist revisiting her opponent's past. >> when we talk about fiscal spending and we talk about protecting the taxpayers, it doesn't mean you take that money we saved and leave the country for a personal purpose. >> everybody is -- >> she went there, governor sanford. >> i couldn't hear what she said. >> sanford never actually responded to colbert-bure's comments. the two candidates square off in a special election for a house seat next week. the rising red river has the town of fargo and neighboring
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surroundings on edge this morning. that's because the the national weather service predicts the river will swell to 35 feet and that would make it the ninth highest crest ever recorded. all the late season snow that's melting is making the latest is making this the latest date the red river has ever peaked. all right we're going to go now to jumana for us in tripoli. we know armed men in trucks with anti-aircraft guns mounted on them surrounding libya's justice ministry in tripoli. on the phone right now from tripoli we have the latest. what can you tell us is happening there? >> christine, according to the country's justice minister who we just spoke to the main building of the justice ministry here in the libyan capital has been occupied by a force of about 20 to 30 armed men who are heavily armed in military fatigues. this is a continuation of what we have been seeing over the past three days. on sunday armed men took control of the streets surrounding the country's foreign ministry, banning staff from entering the
4:17 am
ministry. and a scene which has moved now to the justice ministry. while the foreign ministry does also seem to be under siege. this is a very dangerous situation here, christine. as these gunmen are trying to force lawmakers to pass a law that would ban the gadhafi era officials from holding office in the current government. but they seem to try to do this using force. >> so they have a very politi l political, a very simple political message here, the one the one law that they're trying to push? >> yes, christine. this is their main demand. this is a bill that has been under bebait between lawmakers here in parliament for months now. it's very "inaudible." but lawmakers are saying they could not be used into past law. it is a very critical one that needs to be certain of what law passes really can isolate a large number of people, including people who hold positions in the current
4:18 am
government. so this is a really dangerous situation. the justice ministry telling us basicly gunmen are trying to black mail the government and they're hoping that the libyan government authorities here will take a firm stance in dealing with these armed groups. >> all right, thank you. stay safe. as you cover that developing story. ahead on "starting point" police step up the man h hunt for a person who stabbed an 8-year-old california girl to death. who they're questioning now.
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4:22 am
loose and that has residents here tense. sheriff's deputies on foot and in patrol cars made their presence seen at jenny lind elementary school where leila fowler, the 8-year-old girl stabbed to death in her valley spring home over the weekend, attended third grade. some classmates held flowers for leila. their parents held on to fear. >> i'm scared for my kids and for the family. it's horrible. he was friends with her in class. classmates. they sit together at school. it's very sad. things like that don't happen here. >> tell us what you have and why. >> i'm sad. i didn't want her to die. >> reporter: leila's mother told cnn via facebook, we are devastated. she was full of life. look at our baby girl. she didn't deserve this. leila's parents appeared at a news conference monday night. they did not speak and were
4:23 am
understandably emotional. through police, they asked for respect and privacy. michael range lives near the fowlers and heard of leila's deadly stabbing from a neighbor boy. >> i took my kids in instantly and locked the doors. and waited to find out what happened. it was scary. we've been inside all weekend. >> reporter: a lot of residents here feel trapped, pinned down after the mysterious death of leila fowler, who would have turned 9 in june. and tonight, 7:00 pacific time, they'll hold that vigil for little leila. back to you now, christine. >> all right, paul vercammen. thanks, paul. ahead on "starting point," nba player jason collins has made history coming out as a gay athlete. but will this help or hurt his career? you're watching "starting point." look is only the begi. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "starting point," i'm christine romans. "minding your business" the s&p 500 record high, the nasdaq 12-year high. those two indices on track for six straight months of gains. today being the last trading day of the month. all this comes as the unemployment situation in the eurozone hit a record high. 12.1% compare that with our 7.6% in the u.s. stock futures this morning are fixed. veteran nba player jason collins announcing he is gay. could it boost his marketability? some experts are telling us yes. he could make maybe seven figures from this revelation. right now collins only has one endorsement deal, it's nike. and nike doesn't use him currently in any ads. that could change. other endorsement deals, speaking engagements could
4:27 am
follow. brand experts pointing out that this kind of burnishes his reputation on the court. more companies are trying to seem tolerant and open minded that's the kind of brand they wanted to be associated with jason collins. ahead on "starting point," investigators looking into a possible canadian connection between tamerlan tsarnaev and a boxer turned jihadist who was killed in russia. we are live in dagestan next. plus we could soon hear testimony from the michael jackson wrongful death trial. why lawyers are promising this will get ugly. and remember this little boy fighting cancer but scored a touchdown? he just scored another goal. we'll tell you what it is next. oh, boy. [ groans ] ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
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new this morning on "starting point," an intriguing development in the boston marathon bombing investigation. female dna discovered on fragments of one of the explosive devices that detonated near the finish line. federal investigators taking a
4:30 am
close look now at tamerlan tsarnaev's widow katherine russell. agents leaving their parents' home with evidence, including dna samples. they're also trying to figure out what she did in the days before, and just after, the attacks. as for the surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, another lawyer has been added to his defense team. death penalty expert judy clarke. she has some high profile clients in the past, including susan smith, who was convicted of drowning her two children. this judith clarke also represented unabomber ted kaczynski and tucson shooter jared loughner. all these clients avoided the death penalty getting life sentences, instead. we're now joined by richard barrett. he's the former director of counterterrorism operations for mi-6 and director of the suppan group. let me start by asking you about this dna evidence. investigators say they're finding evidence of female dna on one of the explosive devices. they're looking at the wife of the suspect tamerlan tsarnaev.
4:31 am
how many different ways can dna get on a device like this? >> well it could be put there by somebody in the shop from which he bought it, i guess. it could be put by somebody who is handling it in some other way. or even, i guess, it could be put there by a victim of the bomb itself, in that the fragment may have connected with somebody, and left their dna on it. so there are various possibilities as to how it got on there. >> of course one of the things they're trying to look into is if this woman, katherine russell, the wife, what she may have known in the days leading up to or after the attacks. one of the things she says is that she doesn't speak russian well so she wasn't aware of whatever conversation tamerlan tsarnaev may or may not have been having. but how realistic is it to suggest that she knew nothing about what was going on there? >> well, it's not surprising that he was married and had a small child, because that actually is a feature of several people who've committed this sort of atrocity. and often in those cases, the wife has not known anything about it at all. if you go back to the london bombings of 2005, for example,
4:32 am
two of those four people there who committed those attacks were married. and both of them had children. and in both cases, there was no charge brought against the wife. so i wouldn't at all exclude that she knew nothing about it. on the other hand, of course, there are instances where those relatives did know about the plans. but, from what i've seen so far, i'm sure that the investigators are doing a very thorough job of looking into this. but i'm sure they're not jumping to a conclusion that she actually had some involvement. >> that's right. very possible perhaps that he did know it all. i want to shift focus now to russia and what went on there during those six months that tamerlan tsarnaev was over in dagestan in the russian caucasus because we're learning overnight that he had possible contact with a canadian, a man who russians say was a jihadist, a man killed there right during that time that tamerlan tsarnaev was in the region. is that just too much of a coincidence?
4:33 am
>> well, it certainly is a coincidence. i mean, the fact of the matter is that most plots don't have necessarily a foreign connection. but almost all plots do have some sort of group, some sort of local group that are involved in some way in radicalizing the individuals concerned, or in discussing with them perhaps their plans. even not getting directly involved. one can't rule out that tamerlan met people in dagestan, or even went to dagestan to meet people who in some way increased his radicalization. i think at the moment what we know, just by william plotnikov is too vague to say that he had some sort of direct involvement, and certainly we haven't heard that from the russian authorities. you can imagine that the russian authorities would be taking a very close look at this themselves. so, it's a very interesting development. but again, unfortunately, i think it's too early to jump to any conclusion about his significance. >> all right. it is a very interesting development and we want to speak
4:34 am
more of that. richard barrett, the soufan, former director of mi6. thank you so much for being with us this morning. let's stick on the possible russian connection because there is this potential new development overnight that federal investigators want to explore. did the boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsarnaev ever know this man named william plotnikov. our nic robertson is live this morning in dagestan. nic, what do we know about this man? when he was in the region and where might that contact with tamerlan tsarnaev have occurred? >> well he was certainly in the region at the same time as tamerlan tsarnaev. he was here about 2010, according to his family, and he died in a shoot-out with six other rebels here with security forces in july last year. and that was his death came just two days after tsarnaev left this area, went back to the united states. so there is, you know, the possibility you can hear,
4:35 am
possible sort of cause and effect there. now both men shared the fact that their families had moved them to north america. tamerlan to the united states, plotnikov had moved to canada with his parents. both of them were now following this sort of radical branch of islam. the question is, did they share anything else more than that on the ground here? and that's something -- that is what the investigators are focusing on. there is another connection here, a potential connection with a possible recruiter, according to some local news articles here. a half palestinian mahmoud nidal, known according to these newspaper articles through russian security purposes as a recruiter. possibly, possibly tsarnaev met with him. that's another point that investigators will be looking at, john. >> still in the blank of that six-month period that tamerlan tsarnaev was overseas in the
4:36 am
region. it is fascinating to learn the details as they come out almost every day. nic robertson, thanks so much to you. let's go back to new york now with christine romans with the rest of the top stories. >> good morning again, john. police in michigan this morning combing through dozens of leads in the search for a missing gas station attendant. investigators believe 25-year-old jessica hearing ga was abducted from her job at an exxon mobil gas station as she prepared to close up shop friday night. police are searching for a silver minivan that was seen at the station just a few minutes before she disappeared. witness testimony about to get under way in the michael jackson wrongful death civil trial. a suit filed by jackson's mother claims concert promoter aeg live is liable to the tune of $40 billion for the pop star's death. both sides in opening their statements were playing the blame game. cnn's kyung lah has more from los angeles. >> reporter: you could barely see jackson family members amid the crush of cameras. they arrived at the wrongful death civil trial. the familiar circus that follows michael jackson, even beyond the grave.
4:37 am
♪ part of the performer's rehearsal for his ill-fated "this is it" tour was the first video clip played by his family's lawyer during opening statements. jackson's mother, katherine, and her three grandchildren, paris, prince michael and blanket, say concert promoter aeg live was a greedy commercial enterprise that put profits ahead of jackson's health by hiring and controlling dr. conrad murray. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for injecting the insomniac pop star with a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol. seated in the court's first row, 82-year-old katherine jackson listened as her lawyer told the jury, aeg ignored the obvious red flags and they hired dr. murray. they were ruthless and they wanted to be number one at all costs. the jacksons say aeg live should pay. on the witness list, jackson's defense attorney in his child molestation trial. >> the question is what was michael jackson's life worth? he died at 50 years of age.
4:38 am
he was the son of a wonderful woman, katherine jackson, the father of three beautiful children. what was his life worth? it was worth quite a bit. he was the best-known celebrity on the planet. >> reporter: but aeg live defense attorney marvin putnam told jurors the blame in jackson's death lies with jackson. promising the case will get ugly. putnam said jackson ex-wife debbie rowe helped administer propofol ten years ago and his decades-long use of the drug was jackson's deepest, darkest secret. they didn't see this coming. they had no idea, said putnam. they were a concert promoter. how could they know? the next step, testimony begins in what promises to be a star-studded lineup from sharon osborne to spike lee and jackson ex-wife lisa marie presley. the trial could last well into the summer. kyung lah, cnn, los angeles. >> next hour we'll hear from tom mesereau who represented jackson in the 2005 child molestation trial. joint military drills between the united states and south korea officially ended this morning but south korea's defense ministry says that
4:39 am
nation remains on guard due to threatening statements north korea has made overed last few weeks. take a look at the mother of all potholes an interstate 81 in virginia. a 20-foot wide sinkhole opened up on the shoulder of a highway near lexington, virginia. officials say this cave-in damaged underground drainage pipes and could take a few days to repair. his name is jack hoffman. he's the 7-year-old cancer patient who became a national sensation when he scored a 69-yard touchdown at a nebraska football game earlier this year. now he gets to cross another major achievement off his list, meeting the president. look at this touching photo. hoffman who is battling brain cancer travelled to the white house, recently spend some time in the oval office with president obama. ahead on "starting point," something rarely seen, just a few hours ago a queen an dickating her throne in favor of her son. why? we're live in amsterdam with the ceremony and the details. then intelligence agencies have been accused of dropping the
4:40 am
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good morning, welcome back to "starting point." happening now, a new monarch in the netherlands. king will em-alexander. he ascended to the throne this morning after his mother queen beatrix abdicated.
4:44 am
max foster, royal correspondent for cnn international is in amsterdam. how is the country reacting to the news? >> well, they've gone wild. well at least at the scene behind me it took ages to get up here because the crowds were enormous. all wearing orange. i sort of joined in to a limited extent. and it was amazing. i was outside the palace where we saw king willem-alexander for the very first time on the balcony and the crowds went absolutely crazy. a very, very popular monarch, the queen was, and also he's popular, as well. so people generally very happy with this transition. but as we speak, special guests gathering in the new church, ready for the investiture. they don't crown their monarchs here. instead the monarch reads out an oath. and we've got crown princes and princesses from all over the world gathering here to witness it. and it's a special, joint
4:45 am
session of parliament to give it the formality it needs to become a state event. so very exciting day here, christine. >> new dutch king. thanks so much max foster for following that. ahead on "starting point," how safe are we? a frontline investigation looks at why intelligence agencies were unable to prevent key terror attacks on the u.s. from 9/11 to the boston marathon bombings.
4:46 am
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welcome back to "starting point." no bail this morning for the man accused of sending letters laced with the poison ricin to president obama and two other people. federal judge in mississippi has scheduled a preliminary hearing thursday for 41-year-old james everett dutschke. she's charged with possessing and using ricin, a toxic substance. dutschke allegedly mailed the letters to the president, mississippi senator roger wicker, and a local mississippi judge. new video shows just how far drug smugglers will go to get their product into the united states. the nearly 1200 foot long tunnel was supposed to connect a warehouse in tijuana, mexico, with another one in san diego. it featured an elevator and its own rail system to transport drug shipments.
4:50 am
the operation was shut down by the mexican army before the drug dealers could finish the job. but they got close, tunnelling within yards of the u.s. border. to john berman in boston. new developments unfolding in the boston marathon bombing investigation. good morning, john. >> thanks so much, christine. you know, in the wake of the boston bombings, there have been a lot of serious questions about what more the u.s. intelligence agencies could have done to prevent the attack. the front line special tonight which looks at what federal agencies are are doing to keep america safe from terror attacks. top secret america, 9/11 to the boston bombings, and in an inclusive reporting by dana priest, a "washington post" reporter. >> what we want to do is turn all of the local and state law enforcement personnel into the tipsters for the fbi. into the frontline foot soldiers looking for possible terrorists.
4:51 am
dana, i'm so glad you are here. you have studied the intelligence system more than anyone. when you heard the russian intelligence service called the fbi and said, fbi, you should look into tamerlan sper lar tsa what does that say to you? >> they had a file that was supposed to go, stay active, even if they found nothing. these days if someone like the russians or other foreign governments bring information to the fbi's attention it is supposed to go into a repository that basically never gets closed. and the whole idea is maybe you don't know right now if any of the information amounts to much, but you leave it there so when you get more information, pretty soon one-and-one equals two and
4:52 am
maybe rumor suspicioare yo you . it wasn't just the fbi that got information. it was the cia and they did two very different things with it. to answer the question, was the ball dropped? you have to figure out where the ball went. did it end up where it really needs to end up? with a specialist analysis person at the national counterterrorism center, something that was built after 9/11, who is a specialist in chechnya. they have them for various terrorist groups and various parts of the middle east. do they have an analyst that looks at every clue from chechnya. people who travel two and from the country we known this case at least not all the agencies were sharing with one another. we know that the border patrol, for instance, was tipped off
4:53 am
that he had come back into the country after his visit. they told the boston joint terrorism task force which is another organization that was built after 9/11, there is actually something like 120 of these terrorism task forces throughout the country. they are supposed to look into that, and communicate and find out whether the national counterterrorism center, yet another agency that was built after 9/11, you know, is concerned and then they are supposed to pulse the community and hopefully they have some sources in the boston community of maybe muslims, chechens, to see if anyone knows anything and really we haven't seen any information that that was done. we can't tell if they completely dropped the ball. but this massive complex built after 9/11 is still not
4:54 am
communicating in the best way with the other branches of it. >> i was going to ask you, the "frontline" special covers this. you brought up the issue of sharing. have the intelligence agencies learned the lesson of 9/11? >> i think they share when they have a particular mission. if you look at the bin laden raid, the lesson there is you put people on a very narrow and deep subject. bin laden, or chechnyans or hezbollah, and they become specialists in it and understand and learn who throughout the government is a specialist in that area. there are places in the government where that happens, and those are the places where things work well. what doesn't work well. you have people not specialists in an area, combing the waterfront, the idea that the
4:55 am
police there are the ones that found the younger brother, again, an alert american who did that. not this multilayered bureaucracy that was created after 9/11. in fact, it became so big, you have to say, still is it crushing under its own weight? does it need to be streamlined even more and built upon experts in particular fields? >> these are the questions, these may be the lessons of the boston bombings, so after we dealt with the lessons of 9/11. the documentary, "top secret america," that's on "frontline." >> thanks. >> ahead on "starting point," he didn't set out to be the first actively gay player in the nba. jason collins did it. what is next for him, what's next for the league? and we have startling
4:56 am
revelations from collins' high school coach. and testimony begins in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. we'll speak with tom mesereau, a potential witness in the case. so many twists and turns. we'll tell you all about it. you're watching "starting point." [ male announcer ] this is bob,
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ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit good morning, everyone. i'm john berman li in boston this morning. our "starting point," a dwig development in the boston bombing investigation. dna belonging to a woman found on part of a pressure cooker bomb, and they are looking more closely at the dead suspect's wife. an american athlete makes history as coming out as gay
5:00 am
while still naive american sports league. has nba jason collins knocked down the barrier for closeted athletes? we'll speak with the coo of the gorlden state warriors, rick welts and collins' high school coach, greg hilliard. and the michael jackson coach under way. and it is going to get ugly. tom mesereau represented jackson in his 2005 child molestation trial. and remember when president obama reached out to mitch mcconnell? >> why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell? >> mcconnell has a challenge. i think both guys were joking. not too sure. tuesday, april 30th. "starting point" begins right now.
5:01 am
up first, female dna found on one of the fragments of the boston bombs. tamerlan tsavraev's widow has been visited at her parent's rhode island home. tamerlan tsavraev's cause of death has been determined, but no one has claimed his body. dzhokhar tsavraev, another lawyer added to his defense team. death penalty expert judy clarke. we want to get straight to pamela brown, live in devens, please, where dzhokhar tsavraev is being held. you have more on this rapidly expanding investigation. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of new developments. authorities trying to figure out who that female dna found on the
5:02 am
bomb belongs to. and they are trying to figure out whether katherine russell may have played a role in any way in the attack. they went interher home yesterday afternoon and did not walk out empty handed. fbi agents searched this home, belonging to the family of katherine russell, the widow of boston bombing suspect, tamerlan tsavraev, whom she married three years ago. experts carried out two equipment cases and two plastic bags marked dna samples. the fbi took the samples to see if they matched up with female dna, found on the pressure cooker devices. russell, who denied any involvement, has been staying in this north kingstown, rhode island home, ever since her husband's death. fbi has interviewed mikhail
5:03 am
allakhverdov, the elusive mischa. >> today, they have answered all the questions that have been asked of them of the authorities. they are fully cooperating and that's it. there's really nothing more to say. >> reporter: misha denies any wrongdoing and says he hasn't spoken with tamerlan in three years. >> what he told me was i was not his teacher. if i had been his teacher, i would make sure he knew something like this was wrong. so he was very, very emphatic about that. very upset. >> reporter: this new youtube video has surfaced, allowing to us hear dzhokhar tsavraev's voice as he plays with his niece. >> look at me. get out! >> he is at this prison hospital, locked up in a small cell where he is allowed one
5:04 am
hour each day for outdoor activity. and we have learned a judge has appointed the experienced death penalty lawyer judy clarke to be part of the defense team. she has represented a number of high-profile clarks, including ted kaczynski, jared loughner, and with most of her high-proo pro-file clients, they have been able to avoid the death penalty. >> after pleading guilty. pamela brown live in devens, massachusetts, pamela, thank you so much. christine romans in new york with the other top stories we're following. >> good morning. the other stories we're following. long-time nba center jason collins revealing he's gay. first openly gay player. collins getting support from players, coaches, fans, even the
5:05 am
president. we have more on the reaction. good morning, rachels rachel. >> we have had male athletes come out after retirement. but something about the male sports culture, the idea of masculineity and sports, that has made it more complicated for current male athletes, but it turns out when jason collins came out yesterday on the cover of "sports illustrated," he taught us all maybe it's as simple as saying this is who i am. for the past 12 seasons, jason collins has done the nba's dirty work. 7'2", 250-pound frame protecting the basket with little or no recognition. with his revelation in "sports illustrated" that he's gay, that anonymity is over. he said i've endured years of misery and gone to enorm to us lengths to live a lie.
5:06 am
when i acknowledged my sexuality, i felt whole for the first time. president obama called colins to say he was impressed his courage. and the first lady tweeted, a huge first step for the country. many from the nba community expressed support. >> character is found in those who lead, and i would commend you, jayson, for coming out and showing us what leadership looks like. >> i know he feels liberated for doing it, and i wish him the best. and i hope nba guys can get past sexual orientation, all that bs. you know, at the end of the day, he's a good guy, hard worker, good basketball player and that's what he should be judged for and known for. >> reporter: not everyone is accepting of his sexuality. chris broussard, a prominent s espn analyst, condemned him. >> i am a christian and i condem
5:07 am
home sexuality. >> reporter: it was the botch marathon bombings that pushed collins to action, helping him realize, things can change quickly and there will be no perfect time to divulge sexuality and collins decided to wear rarely number seen 98 as train out to matthew shepherd, tortures and murdered in 1998. he is not the first male to come out, but the first to do for while playing for one of the major u.s. pro leagues. collins is a free agent, right now looking for a job. i had the chance to speak with several -- people around the nba in the past 24 hours, and collins will be playing in the nba next year. first of all, seven-feet tall, utility center. i'm a couple inches shorter than that, so i can tell you that's a little bit rare, but also this say league particularly inclusive. had the first african-american
5:08 am
executives, the first female executives, first african-american owner of an nba franchise. a league that has been forward looking in these issues and the feeling has been that it will embrace jason collins. >> he said he want to come out on his own terms and didn't want it to show up in a tabloid. felt there was all of this pressure for the first person to be sort of exposed, and he wanted to control that. that was interesting. >> he kept looking around for someone total raise their hand and finally decided i should be the one to raise my hand this is a kid who went to stanford, he knows what it means to be a leader to make this kind of statement. >> we'll talk to someone who has known him since before he went to sanford. greg hilliard, basketball coach at harvard west lakes high school in los angeles. he was collins' high school coach. you reached out to him yesterday. you heard back. >> i let him know we were very
5:09 am
proud of him and the whole community out here is supportive of him taking that first step and wanted to let him know we will be with him in the rest of the steps. >> have you been surprised by the reaction and support? >> i think the support is great, and i felt it would be there, and i know it took great kournl for him to come out, but i think all of us, now that we've heard the news are eager to be there for him and let him thank we admire his courage and he's exactly who we knew he was, and the perfect guy for this role. >> a little bit of blowback as well. i want to ask you about that. we heard from espn analyst chris broussard. he voiced what others in the nba feel and some fans feel. >> i'm kraisian. i don't agree with homosexuality. i think it's a sin.
5:10 am
as i think all sex outside of marriage between a man and woman is. in talking to people around the league, a lot of christians in the nba and they don't want -- just because they disagree with that life-style, they don't want to be viewed and called bigoted and intolerant. >> let's talk about the challenges you think he will face from fans in the looker room. >> i think any time you are the first, you are expectant of some reaction like this. and i think jason is probably listened to and talked to so many in the sport, he is pretty much aware there will be a few isolated incidents like this he will have to deal with, both one-on-one and through the press and media. again, being as articulate as he, he will express it in a way that will make others around him as comfortable as possible, and
5:11 am
i think -- i think he's the guy strong enough to deal with this, and i think he will have issues to deal with along the way. >> gone from being a journeyman in the nba to being a trailblazer in the nba. you have known him and his twin brother for years. every year they volunteer for you in a basketball camp. tell me about i guess the jason collins we don't know. the one have you known for all of these years and what kind of leader is he to young kids? >> from the time the two of them walked in the door of my office, the first time i met them, had to duck to get through the door, i was very expectant of help on my basketball team, and because of them, we had great success during that period. but the thing that we noticed right away is two close to seven-footers in the ninth grade out of middle school, definitely stood out, and sometimes
5:12 am
classmates were a little intimidated. very impressed how they reached out to other students to teachers, made everybody feel they were happy to be part of this community and as the time went by, we played lots of games against a lot of schools, they were such great ambassadors for our school and for our team, and just showed a lot of class and grace attributed to the way their parents raised them. a very good family with great family values. >> greg hilliard, nice to meet you. thanks. >> thank you. developing now, armed men in pickup trucks seizing contro f libya's capital of tripoli. we'll have more on this developing story throughout the
5:13 am
morning. another story out of valley springs, california. they are looking for the killer of 8-year-old layla fowler. found stabbed to death at her home on saturday. this is described as a muscular six-foot tall white or hispanic male. >> definitely looking over our shoulders now, and it's never been like that. >> when your husband is walking around with a pistol on his hip, you get a little scared. >> layla's parents attended a news conference last night with police, but they were too distraught to speak. the look on that mother's face says it all. a 50-year-old woman accused of trying to pous oin customers at a starbucks. she was spotted placing two bottles of orange juice at a refrigerated shelf. one bottle had juice and rubbing alcohol in it the other contained nail polish remover. the suspect was arrested at her home. president obama got a biggest laugh at the white house
5:14 am
correspondent's dinner at senate minority leader mitch mcconnell as a pucnchline. some people don't think i spend enough time with congress. why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell they ask. really? why don't you get a drink with mitch mcconnell. >> the senator is returning the serve. the re-election campaign tweeting a picture of the republican leader sitting at a bar with an empty seat and two drinks. greetings from coal country out of kentucky. ahead on "starting point," the michael jackson wrongful death trial is expected to get ugly. one potential witness is attorney tom mesereau. he represented jackson in the 2005 child molestation trial. live next. we he brought you the story of ryan panetta, he jumped into rushing floodwaters during superstorm sandy to save his
5:15 am
entire family. >> when something brings you down, you got to get up. >> where he and his family are, six months later. we'll bring ryan back too. you're watching "starting point." there's new neutrogena® naturals acne cleanser. acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf treats breakouts. no parabens or harsh sulfates. for naturally clear skin. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® naturals. fi had[ designer ]eeling. enough of just covering up my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events, including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis
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investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. day two of the michael jackson wrongful death suit gets under way in a few hours, and the first witnesses could be called today. the attorneys of the jackson family accused aeg, former concert promoter, of missing warning signs of jackson's failing health. they say it is owed millions because the concert promoter hired dr. conrad murray, convicted in jackson 'death. aeg says that murray was jackson's personal hire. tom mesereau represented jackson in his 2005 child molestation trial. jackson acquitted of those charged. welcome to the program. let me ask you, tom. some ugly stuff? what are they talking about
5:19 am
there? >> well, first of all, they want to show, if they can aeg wasn't responsible for hiring the doctor, aeg didn't hire him and had no responsibility to supervise him if they sale in that effort, they want to dim irn as much as they can the dollar amount that the jury will place on michael jackson. they want to attack his life-style, they will say he was in debt. try and bloody him up as much as they can to reduce the damage amount if they lose on the first issue. i think it will backfire. >> do you think they could -- by showing some ugly stuff, they show this is a troubled entertainer, someone for ten years who was taking propofol, who couldn't sleep. if they paint the picture that with or without aeg, going down the road where his life was at an end, could that help their case? >> i don't think so. the jury will ask if he was so
5:20 am
bad, so damaged tarnished, why did they enter into a contract with him, invest $30 million in him before the tour began? it's a contradictory situation they are in the more they attack him, the more people would say why were you doing business with him? a problematic issue for them. >> it certainly is. and ugly stuff could have so many different meanings. the cornerstone is an e-mail that aeg wrote 11 days before jackson's death. we want to remind murray that is it aeg, not mj who is paying his salary. we want to remind him what is expected of him. june 14, 2009. how important is communication like that to this case? >> it's critical. aeg is claiming they are in negotiations to hire murray, but never really did their lawyer drafted an agreement, sent it to murray, murray signed it and sent it back, and they are
5:21 am
claiming because michael died the next day and they never signed the document, they shouldn't be bound. but under california law, you don't need a written agreement signed by all sides to have a contract. those e-mails suggest they knew they were employing him and trying to direct him as an employer directs an employee. these technical arguments, again, may backfire. >> let's talk about the "a" list of celebrities, how that might affect the case if they take the stand and affect the jury. first hand, you know about the high profile of this, of trial surrounding his life. so diana ross, spike lee, how does that play here? >> well, along with the emotional appeal to the jury, these celebrities will show just what his life was worth. this was the best known celebrity in the world. a dancer, singer, choreographer
5:22 am
beyond comparison. as they take the stand and testify to how brilliant this man was, the dollar value of his lost life -- he only died at 50, his parents both in their 80s, the dollar value of what life is worth will increase in the jury's mind i believe. >> aeg could show a man here deeply troubled who may never have been able to pull off that concert. a man whose best days may have been behind him as a performer. >> look, those concerts sold out in hours, no seats left quickly. this man loved on every single continent, capital. revered all over the planet for his choreography, for huizartistry, fhuizartist his artistry, his humanitarianism, i think aeg will bloody up themselves. ahead, tim tebow off the
5:23 am
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welcome back to "starting point," top cnn trends on the web. high resolution pictures taken from a nasa spacecraft show an enormous hurricane raging on saturn. the eye of this gigantic storm swirling around the north pole 1,025 miles wide, 20 times larger than a hurricane here on earth.
5:27 am
kathryn zeta-jones has checked into a rehab center for treatment of bipolar disorder. two years ago she had a brief stay at another facility. tim tebow has received one offer as a coach. he makes no bones about his strong religious conviction. he has been offered to coach as the flf league, formally known as lingerie football league. who may have influenced boston bombing suspect tamerlan tsavraev what they learned after interviewing the mysterious misha, next. jason collins, being called a trailblazer. will his decision to come out help other players? rick welts, president of the golden state warriors, also gay,
5:28 am
joins us. flying is old hat for business travelers. the act of soaring across an ocean in a three-hundred-ton rocket doesn't raise as much as an eyebrow for these veterans of the sky. however, seeing this little beauty over international waters is enough to bring a traveler to tears. we're putting the wonder back into air travel, one innovation at a time. the new american is arriving.
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welcome back, everyone. a really intriguing twist in the boston bombing investigation. female dna found on a fragment of one of the boston marathon bombs, the question is where did this fragment, where did this dna come from? the fbi has visited tamerlan tsavraev's widow at her parents' home. agents seen leaving with bags of dna evidence. the massachusetts medical examiner has determined tamerlan tsavraev's cause of death. they are not releasing details, because no one has claimed tamerlan's body. dzhokhar tsavraev, another lawyer added to his defense team, death penalty expert judy clarke. past clients include susan smith, convict of drowning two
5:32 am
children, ted cass kaczynski an. there is more information on misha. some believe it was this misha that influenced, maybe even brainwashed tamerlan. brian todd tracked down mischa in rhode island. >> reporter: their search for the shadowy figure of mischa has taken investigators to rhode island. but it's not clear if the man who is here is the same misha who relatives say radicalized tamerlan tsavraev. reporter christian carol interviewed mikhail allakhverdov who said he knew tamerlan. he has been interviewed by federal authorities who were about to close his case. he told carroll he had no role in the boston marathon bombing. >> he denied emphatically he was a teacher of tamerlan tsavraev. he said, no, i was not his teacher. i didn't instruction him in
5:33 am
anything. i had nothing to do wh any of these developments, i couldn't get him to tell me anything more than that about their relationship. he was just extremely agitated and didn't want to go into detail. >> reporter: that interview brought discuss a crush of other reporters to an apartment complex in west warwick, rhode island. identified as a residence of allakhverdov's parents. as he emerged from the apartment and was swarmed, attorney richard nicholson said he represented the parents of someone he identified as michael accident v allakhverd allakhverdov. >> at some point they will close this part of the investigation. >> reporter: but we have not been told that this is the same misha that heavily influenced tamerlan tsavraev. >> i said this person brainwashed him completely. tamerlan is off now.
5:34 am
no any obedience or respect to his own father. >> reporter: mischa seen preaching at their cambridge, massachusetts, apartment late at night. causing tension between the parents if misha has been interviewed by federal law enforcement authorities what would they have asked him about tamerlan tsavraev. >> how did that radicalization go? how much involved this was misha? did he do more than put these thoughts in tamerlan's head or get tamerlan to change his philosophy aboutadding to questions, law enforcement has previously told cnn they were working with overseas partners to try and locate him. brian todd, cnn, north kingstown, rhode island. runners of a marathon in cleveland will have a way to support those in boston. blue wrist brands with the
5:35 am
phrase boston strong. supporters can get one of these with any contribution. all proceeds go to one fund boston which helps families affected by the attack and has raised millions already. christine romans back in new york with the rest of the day's top stories. i'm a 34-year-old black nba center, i'm black and i'm gay. with those words, jason collins made history. this morning he spoke about his decision. >> it's kind of mind boggling. i think i talk about that i never set out to be the first, and it's -- you sort of waiting around for somebody else to raise their hahn. i'm ready to raise my hand. you look around like, okay, come on, guys. >> two years before he became the first actively openly gay player, rick welts was the
5:36 am
highest executive to come out. he joins me now. >> good morning. >> two years ago you came out, became president of the golden state warriors. you said someone in the nba would come out eventually, and predicting when would be impossible. did you know jason was gay? did you ever think it would be so soon? >> no, i didn't know jason was gay. and i think we saw over the course of the last several months, momentum building toward an inevitable moment that we experienced yesterday. the question, what player, which sport, when would it happen? yesterday, jason answered that question. >> it's so interesting. the whole career, you look, he's such a team guy. it's about the team. and the story about jason collins and the leadership he's shown beyond the team. how do you think that will resonate with other players? will it knock down -- knock down
5:37 am
barriers you think for other players? >> well, the toughest thing jason really had to face making this decision was the fact that there has been no players that have gone before him, he could watch from the sidelines, see what their experience would be like. that's the experience that no player has chosen to cross at this point. now that he has done that, yes, i think it will make it much easy why err for others to come to grips, is this the right time for this. >> let's be honest and not naive. some players will think differently of him and some fans. miami dolphins receiver mike wallace tweeted yesterday in response to the "sports illustrated" article. >> all of the beautiful women in the world, and guys want to mess with other guys, smh, that means shaking my head. i just don't understand it. will it change the dynamic on
5:38 am
the team? how will it change the team dynamic? >> well, things we don't understand are usually things we haven't engaged in an honest conversation about, and i would guess that dialog has taken a real step forward. i think that the vast majority of people who reacted publicly to jason's story yesterday were overwhelmingly supportive. that's reflective of where we are as a society today. i think men's team sports has trailed on this subject. yesterday we got a step closer. >> what does it mean in the potential of getting another job. does it hinder or help any chances of him getting a new team? think whatever percentage chance jason had of being on an nba roster when he woke up yesterday, it's identical. in fact, i will take that back.
5:39 am
if he was seven feet tall yesterday morning, with the weight lifted off his shoulders yesterday, is he probably 7'2". it might improve his chances. >> can i ask you why it's taken so long? have you four major sports in this country. he's the first. why has it taken so long? >> i think by definition, these are people at a young stage in their life experience, 20s, early 30s. by definition, they have very short careers, they have a culture in team sports of wanting to fit in, be part of the delicate chemistry of a winning team, and i think for a lot of players, jason is a great example. one of the people who never really sought the spotlight himself and there has been concern by players that by taking this step you have the potential to disrupt the chemistry, not because players will feel about it, the amount of attention it will bring to
5:40 am
you. >> all right. thank you so much, president golden state warriors, nice to see up. new developments in the crash of a cargo jet in afghanistan. it went down shortly after takeoff from bagram air base. seven americans were killed. it was on its way to dubai. cause of the crash not known, but the taliban already claiming responsibility. happening in the netherlands, a new monarch being sworn in. the investiture of king willem-alexander. he will deliver his first official dress as king. the 46-year-old ascended to the throne when queen beatrix abdicated earlier today. she indicated her decision in january to let a new ruler take over. and motions over discovery, including zimmerman's phone records and the unsealing of confidential court records in the zimmerman case today.
5:41 am
they & lawyers are asking for sanctions against prosecutors for violation of discovery rules. 17 months and counting, that's m months the number of foreclosures has fallen. 55,000 foreclosures done, down 16% from march 2012 core logic measures these numbers. in nearly all of them, things are getting better. the food and drug administration looking into an unlikely assortment of snacks that contain added caffeine. this as wrigley is introducing a product called alert energy gum. officials are watching how newly caffeinated products such as gum, potato chips and jelly beans are being marketed and a list of possible safety concerns. last time the fda gave approval for added caffeine in food or drink was in the 195 0z and that was for colas. have you seen or heard anything like this?
5:42 am
a natural ice crackling reaction in plymouth lake, minnesota. no official return, what you see and hear is the sun drying the moisture out of brittle ice. causing to crack and splinter, much like glass. wow. >> happening right now, live pictures as the tony award nominations are being announced right here in new york city. there you go. tony winner sutton foster and jesse tyler ferguson doing honors. best musical. nominees include "bring it on," matil matilda" and kinky boots." the tony award ceremony will be televised live. ahead on "starting point," we brought the story of ryan panetta, a heroic young man who jumped into rushing floodwaters to save his entire family. >> when something brings you down, you got to get up.
5:43 am
>> we followed up to see where he and his family are now six months later. you're watching "starting point."
5:44 am
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5:46 am
all right. it has been six months since hurricane sandy caused massive destination. the panetta family had to flee their home to escape the rising water. ryan panetta, 13 years old, led his family to safe. poppy harlow is here with an update. six months for them has just been grueling. >> yeah. it's been a nightmare, that's how the mother put it. so many families have been able to move on, but so many families have not. and the devastation just gets worse after they realize just how much they still face ahead. so this is the story of the panetta family. been keeping in touch with them through all of this. one example of so many families in this area, still reeling from sandy. ryan panetta rescued his family from the rushing waters of superstorm sandy. >> i jumped out. >> jumped out here in the water. >> yes. >> i wasn't thinking that a log would hit me or anything.
5:47 am
>> or the electrical power lines. >> he didn't just lose his home. he lost his school was so damaged, he to move to a temporary one. a lot to deal with. >> when something brings down, you have to give up. >> you okay, buddy? what makes it so sad? >> i honestly don't know. >> reporter: everything? >> it's everything. >> reporter: they worked long hours determined to rebuild. the one thing that gave them hope. but six months after sandy, the panetta family could only stand and watch. >> oh, god. >> reporter: after all that work, they were told the foundation was shot. >> where i raised all my babies, and to watch it just be broken down like this is tearing me up. >> tough to go through. watching my house just come
5:48 am
down. >> reporter: their home, gone in an hour. >> the impact of sandy is reliving it every single day for the last six months. >> everything is here. everything we've ever done. this is our whole life here. >> reporter: they are still paying a mortgage on the home that is no longer there. their fight right now is over insurance. >> just to do a foundation is going to cost $60,000 to $80,000. oh, my god. >> reporter: they say they will rebuild. they have to build higher and get approval from the city. a lot of people would ask, why rebuild here? it could happen again. >> no other way to explain other than we love it here. we love it here. >> reporter: that's one thing sandy couldn't take away. >> we'll be together as a family. >> perspective from a 13-year-old. we sauflt neighbors in the community come over while they were watching the house torn down, and say things like new
5:49 am
home, new memories, and hug them. why would you rebuild here? it could happen again? it could, but this is their home, where their children were raised, their school this is what they know. it's interesting. they told me they had mass flood insurance, $250,000. they are being offered $180,000 for insurance. not enough to rebuild. and the catch 22, they have to pay someone to draw up the plans for the house they want to build. that has to be approved by the city. but until they cknow how much they will get, they have to get that, and then the approvfrom t city. >> oh, man. such an interesting story to watch. thank you, poppy. >> new jersey governor chris christie will discuss recovery and rebuilding on the jersey shore. also hard hit, held in long
5:50 am
beach township, new jersey. ahead on "starting point," tony awards just announced. entire list of who is up for the biggest honor. that next. believe it can be tht valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat forward. introducing the all-new, completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. nominations for the tony awards. kinky boots, matilda, the musical, bring it on and a
5:54 am
christmas story. the pistol musical revival, annie, mystery of edwin different rood, rodgers and hammer sine's cinderella, pippin. and david hyde pierce, and tom cruise, and the tony awards ceremony will be televised live on june 9th from radio city music hall. a are covering drug addict credits yoga for getting past dependency. is he passing this on to his own yoga students. this edition of "the human factor." >> reporter: he's been called the unlikely yoga king of l.a. vinny regularly fills this space. >> i think what happens with my class and probably any class as
5:55 am
a community built around the class. but vinny's purpose-driven life wasn't always so grounded. >> i started stealing alcohol from my mother. from the bar in her tupperware containers, starting sniffing glue, started doing pills, psychedelics, ended up shooting cocaine and heroin. >> in new york city in the 1950s, drugs were everywhere. he couldn't get enough of the high life. >> it was a psychic thing no, matter how much i do, i had come down. >> reporter: after a isn't instb and another nine months using, he got clean and immersed himself in yoga. >> it felt great. my body and all our bodies hold stress and yoga, like the possessions and breathing, opened me up and it just felt
5:56 am
right. >> he felt more inspiration when he was introduced to grace slick, lead singer of jefferson airplane and jefferson starship. >> i was like i don't know what to do with myself. she is like teach yoga and the obstacle, going and taking a teacher training program. i don't have the money for that. and she said i'll pay for it. >> today, march marino gets th rush from yoga as he used to get from yoga. >> yoga is a healthy way to get there. more work, you don't just like take something and boom, you have a consistent practice. >> practicing proper posture and breathing helps bring fork discuss calm to the mind. namaste. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting.
5:57 am
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which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. [next stop financial center] welcome back to "starting point, everyone. president obama will speak this morning. he will take questions from the press. stay with cnn. we'll bring it to you live.
6:00 am
obviously the bombing investigation in boston will be a big focus. that's all for "starting point." stay with cnn for continuing live cover rage. a special "newsroom" with chris cuomo starts right now. >> good morning, all our viewers on the east coast and those on the west coast just getting up for the special edition of "newsroom," i'm chris cuomo. carol costello on special assignment in boston. we have new developments on several front of the boston bombing investigation. a new person of interest. this man and they are asking if this canadian boxer turned jihadist may have had a link to the deceased marathon bomber, the alleged bomber. russian troops killed the canadian and other militants last year about the same time the older alleged marathon bomber was visiting nearby.


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