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tv   Early Start  CNN  July 8, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. happy monday. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> it is monday, july 8th. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. this is certainly a very big news day. we have a lot to get to. >> i want to get to the news out of san francisco. the deadly plane crash. new information about the man who was at the controls this morning. south korean officials say the pilot did not have much experience flying a boeing 777. he had never landed one at that airport before though he had been through there in other planes several times. two teenage girls from china died in the crash. more than 182 people injured. we are at the international airport this morning. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to what the ntsb is saying, we have exclusive video to cnn from the person who shot the plane crashing. the pilot, though he was
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experienced only flew a 777 a total of nine times. investigators are trying to figure out why he came in so steep and so slow into the airport. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this morning, a stunning revelation. asiana airlines saying at the controls was the co-pilot with 43 hours of experience in the 777. he never landed a 777 at san francisco before. though he was a veteran pilot with 10,000 hours of flying time -- >> oh, lord have mercy. >> reporter: this was considered a training flight. flight 214 clipping the seawall, sliding down the runway and pin wheeling at one point almost fully vertical and erupting into a cloud of dust and smoke. >> i was watching it come in. my initial reaction was it was trying to overt the landing. >> reporter: officials say the pilot tried to increase speed
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seven seconds before impact. at four seconds the 350 ton plane shake stick warned it was going to slowly, stalling. >> i looked out the window and i knew we were too low. >> reporter: 1.5 seconds before slamming into the seawall, the pilot called to abort the landing. >> there's no discussion of aircraft anomalies or concerns. >> reporter: the new photos show seats crushed and jumbled together. amazing so many survived. >> most ash -- everywhere ash. >> reporter: some passengers thrown from the plane suffering road rash from skidding along the runway. >> we got there within three minutes flames were coming off the planes. >> reporter: p parents of two girls grief stricken, their daughters headed for summer
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camp, here in southern california. more than a dozen are hospitalized, two of them paralyzed. a violent crash and so few injuries and deaths. >> it is nothing short of a miracle we had 123 people walk away from this. >> reporter: a miracle prompting many questions. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: to add to the tragedy here, we now understand from the coroner one of the two women who died here may have been struck by an emergency vehicle. it is not clear whether they were already dead when the vehicle struck. they are trying to figure that out. another piece of information that is very frustrating and upsetting as the reality of what happened here comes out. john? >> it's a tragic twist to an already sad story. thanks to miguel in san francisco. thanks, again. meanwhile, a deadly plane crash taking place in alaska. a pilot and nine passengers were
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killed when their plane went down at the airport about 150 miles south of anchorage sunday. the plane was taking off and burst into flames. it was fully engulfed by the time firefighters arrived. they are looking into the cause. it looks like a war zone coming from canada's prime minister after he got a firsthand look at a town devastated by a train explosion. at least five people were killed. authorities expect the number will climb dramatically. paula newton is live in quebec with the details. what is the latest? >> reporter: the latest, john, is that at least the rail cars have stopped burning. that means investigators and unfortunately, the people who need to be looked for the missing can get to the sight this morning. you know, john, it's tough to fathom what happened to this town and what they have to go through. there was no escape.
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an inferno so intense it incinerated everything in the path. minutes before the unmanned run away train pulling 72 tankers filled with crude oil went careening into a town, derailed with unimaginable consequences. earth shaking explosions followed. a fire burning for 36 hours. the silence ominous. there was no word of sons and daughter who is never made it home. friends and family that yes, vanished. town officials say some were likely vaporized by the sheer intensity of the blaze. >> of course, we are working hand in hand with the coroner's office and with the victim unit to talk with the families. all the bodies were transported to the montreal forensics to be
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expertised. >> reporter: the fire consumed the very heart of this town in every way, waiting for word of the missing has been excruciating. >> we are numb. we are just numb. >> reporter: canada's prime minister, steven harper toured the devastation and forshadowed the grim new that is is sure to come. >> waves of emotion as the extent of this and this is a very big disaster in human terms, as the extent of this becomes increasingly obvious. >> reporter: the montreal maine and railway company, the owners of the train said after the crew parked the locomotive for the night, the air brakes likely failed leaving a load to barrel its way into town, crashing a few feet from where people were enjoying a warm summer's night. you know, john, many people here bracing themselves for what comes next. as you say, investigators now
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being able to get to that scene and start that search for bodies. john? >> it's going to be a tough, emotional day there. paula newton, thank you so much. six minutes after the hour. we have breaking news from egypt. at least 42 people have been killed. another 300 wounded outside the republican guard headquarters in cairo. it's where mohamed morsi is said to be held. the military lobbed tear gas at them and began shooting. they said it was an attempted raid on the complex. they claim to have arrested some 200 terrorists who they say were heavily armed. critical but stable condition at a boston hospital suffering from an undisclosed illness. the wife of john kerry was rushed to a hospital in nantucket sunday and later air lifted to massachusetts hospital in boston. the 74-year-old became ill at their vacation home in
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nantucket. defense workers start feeling the pinch of the sequester. three paquarters of a million wl be forced to take a day off. they handle support tasks like repairs. cutting some workers salaries by 20%, it's expected to save $2 billion. p pentagon has to cut $40 billion from the budget. it will slow their ablility to respond around the world. stand down on the phone spying program. new york times reporting the electronic privacy information center will file a petition asking the high court to stop getting data. cuba's president, castro says latin american countries have every right to give snowden asylum. he did not indicate if he will let him fly through the nation on the way to venezuela.
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a prominent member of the russian parliament calls this snowden's last chance. the nsa contractor is said to be at the moscow airport where he's been stuck for two weeks. could tropical storm chantel cause problems for this country? it's expected to affect barbados and st. lucia. winds are 40 miles per hour. strengthening could happen in a day or two and affect the mainland usa by the end of the week. chad, i have been doing your work here. i need to let the professional do his job. >> the water is warm enough. the first couple of storms you ever get in june, even early july, they don't have a big chance. here, because we are close to the equator, this has a chance to get stronger, maybe make a run at the dominican republic and up to the u.s. if it stays on a southern track and doesn't get affected by the
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islands, haiti is tall. lots of mountains in haiti. if it stays on the southern part, it doesn't get affected here. it could be a stronger system, possibly running over cuba. if you are out at an airport this morning and didn't expect tok because you planned on flying yesterday, you are not alone. there are many people out there that didn't get to go where they wanted to go. the storms pop up in the afternoon. new york, pennsylvania, there's a line of storms where you couldn't get across the country from west to east. flights out of atlanta were canceled last night. take your time this morning. itis going to be awhile. the problem is, you have a plane this morning with ten empty seats. the problem is, 150 people didn't get on the plane yesterday. you have 140 people not getting on these planes. itis going to take a long time to get it cleared up. new york city is cooler than yesterday at 88. everything changes this week. the rain is across the northern part of the country. it may be cooling us down a bit. it's nice. if it's hot like yesterday, you
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get a cloud or shower, it helps a little bit. yesterday was brutal. >> very brutal. thank you. appreciate it. it happened again. this time, no gorings. the annual running of the bulls in spain, thousands taking to the streets, as aulsz. four people treated for injuries. none were seriously hurt. for ch natalie, no one was gored. there's still time. the festival goes on for another eight days of insanity. there's a lot of things in life i would like to do -- >> that's not one. sthak is definitely not one. 11 minutes after the hour. coming up, week three of the trayvon martin murder trial. the defense taking over now. big days ahead. can they prove george zimmerman shot the teen in self-defense? a home up in smoke. a family lucky to be alive.
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it is the third week of the george zimmerman trial. they are making case for acquittal. friday brought family members to the stand to try to explain a critical piece of evidence. >> i have had george -- >> reporter: a rare moment of emotion from george zimmerman in the courtroom as this week's testimony could see more family on the stand to testify on his behalf. friday, zimmerman was visibly affected listening to his uncle when he heard the screams on a 911 audio tape. i said that is george. i stood up and looked at the tv. >> also, zimmerman's mother. >> dune whose voice it was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> who's voice was that? >> my son george.
2:16 am
>> are you certain of that? >> because he's my son. >> gladys zimmerman testifies after sabrina fulton told the court what she heard. >> that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >>reporter: martin's oldest brother testified the screams were from his brother. in cross-examination, he was put on the spot for once telling a reporter he wasn't positive who was screaming later to conclude it was trayvon martin. for most of day nine, jurors listened to the medical examiner who did the autopsy on martin. >> i believe he was alive for one to ten minutes after he was shot. >> reporter: but when challenged by the defense, he admitted he only recently reached that
2:17 am
opinion. just three weeks earlier, he thought martin was alive one to three minutes after the shooting. they pointed out how the team damaged or mishandled evidence. >> i do not have any recall. i do not have any memory of the day of autopsy. >> reporter: attorney mark o'mara asked the judge to acquit his client arguing prosecutors have not proven second degree murder. the judge denied the motion. >> the motion for judgment of acquittal are denied. >> reporter: putting the defense on deck. george howell, cnn, sanford, florida. >> it will be a big week in florida. aaron hernandez is expected to be arraigned. he's charged as an accessory after the fact. he was in the car with hernandez
2:18 am
and odin lloyd. meantime, at least 1200 people took advantage of the team's offer to exchange their erin hernandez jury for that of another player. 300 of those turned in over the weekend were in youth sizes. accused mob boss, james whitey bulger, weeks is expected to take the stand. he cut a deal with the government to testify against his former friend. prosecutors want him to identify what they say is bulgers handwriting on a cryptic note found in a safe. he faces 19 counts of murder. he was the head of the winter hill gang. dramatic pictures from a detroit suburbs this morning. that was a hos house exploding. >> i heard a serious loud boom. loud. >> get out, get out.
2:19 am
you gotta go. >> it blew up. the house literally blew up and the whole back of it was down. then we seen a guy come out. his pants were blew off of him. it was horrible. >> that man they saw is being treated for burns to his legs. he drove himself to the hospital. police think is explosion was caused by a gas leak. >> maybe he was in shock. >> to drive yourself to the hospital. coming up, big companies set to let us know how well they are doing. this could impact your investments. what the earnings season means for you, coming up next.
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"early start." wow wharks a beautiful skyline a. beautiful start to "early start." >> welcome back to "early start," everyone. it is money time. poppy harlow hot off the
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airplane. >> weather wasn't that nice when i was trying to get here last night. a beautiful morning here. stocks are pointing higher this morning. the major u.s. average closing 1% higher on friday. it's when investors kick off the week. last week, the dow gains 1.5%. the s&p 500 up 1.6%. a stronger than expected june jobs report on friday gave investors a much needed boost of confidence. investors will be watching closely on wednesday. it's when ben bernanke will give a big speech about where the fed thinks the economy stands and everyone will read into every word he has to say to see if we are really turning that corner and when the fed is going to pull back their stimulus program. meantime, the earnings parade begins on wall street today. the traditional first company to report alcoa, an aluminum giant
2:24 am
will report after the closing bell. later in the week, big banks, jpmorgan chase, wells fargo and yum brands. it's a good indication of consumer spending. we'll hear from them as well this week. corporate earnings under a lot of scrutiny. we are waiting to hear when the fed is going to pull back all the stimulus that has been inflating the economy. here is my favorite story of the morning. flush with cash. chinese buyers are flooding the u.s. housing market and paying top dollar for our real estate. chinese buyers account for 18% of the more than $68 billion. 18% they spent in the 12 months ending march 21st. the median home price, $425,000 showing us they are buying more expensive homes than other foreign buyers and nearly 70% of
2:25 am
them are paying fully in cash, guys. fully in cash for the homes. that's not helping those of us who would like to buy homes here. >> how does that happen? >> well, if you are selling a house in california, it's good news. >> california is where it's happening most. if you are selling a house in california,itis good news. if you are buying a house in california and you don't have all cash, not so much. this is what we are seeing in new york, too. we have outrageous numbers in terms of new york home prices. it's a lot of foreign investors coming in and scooping up real estate. >> thank you so much. this is interesting. 25 minutes after the hour here. coming up, a deadly night. deadly day in cairo, too. gunfire leaving dozens dead. was it military or what they call terrorists behind the shootings there? we are going to go live there nexz. humans.
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moment of impact. a close-up look at what happened the moment a korean jet liner crashed in san francisco. chaos in egypt. deadly protests overnight, hundreds of arrests and calls for the new president to step down. forget vegas. the newest game in gambling at buckingham palace. the world waiting on will and kate's baby. >> it's going to be a girl. >> i'm going with boy. >> all right. welcome back to "early start." >> 29 minutes after the hour. the latest on the crash of
2:30 am
flight 214. something went very wrong when a plane crashed into a runway killing two, injuring more than 180. new this morning, more details emerging on the man flying the plane. the pilot had only 43 hours of experience flying the boeing 777. this was his first landing at san francisco international. he had landed other jets at the airport before. and the crew tried to abort the landing seconds before the crash. there may not have been enough time. one big question now is, was the plane coming in too slow and too low? >> reporter: air traffic control clears asiana 214 for landing. the crew setting a target speed of 137 knots. then, the first sign of trouble on the cockpit voice recorder.
2:31 am
>> a call from a crew member to increase speed was made approximately seven seconds prior to impact. >> reporter: inexplicitly, the plane is approaching the runway far too slowly. >> the speed was significantly below 137 knots. we are not talking about a few knots. >> reporter: seconds later, the pilot's controls shake, warning the plane is about to fall out of the sky. >> the sound of the stick shaker occurs approximately four seconds prior to impact. >> reporter: just before sl slamming into the seawall -- >> a call to initiate a go around occurred 1.5 seconds before impact. >> oh, my god. oh, it's an accident. >> reporter: an attempt to abort too late. it bursts into flames. >> asiana 214, emergency
2:32 am
vehicles are coming. >> reporter: renee march, cnn, washington. >> almost everyone on board flight 214 lived. how quickly many got away from the jet as it burst into flames. more than 180 people injured, some critically. the two who died were 16-year-old girls from china on their way to church camp in the san francisco area. authorities are looking into whether one was hit by a first responder vehicle on the runway. we are hearing the voices of some of the survivors now. among them, eugene raw. he made the flight many times. this time, he was worried as they were coming in for landing. >> i looked out the window and i knew something was wrong. it's because, you know, we were too low. at one point, i kind of, you
2:33 am
know, felt this is not right. it's because i see water right there. right there. right outside the window. i should not. i knew. i knew it was going to happen. so, i tried to hold on to, you know, whatever i could. it was long bang. the impact was so powerful. >> rah helped others and walked away with cuts and bruises. despite flying so many times, he's nervous to hear a plane flying overhead. this plane crash was in alaska. it left ten people dead. the air taxi went down about 150 miles south of anchorage. everyone on board, the pilot and nine passengers were killed. investigators right now looking into the cause. company officials say brake failure may have caused a run away train loaded with crude oil to derail and explode destroying
2:34 am
a small canadian town near the border. at least five killed. crews are searching for 40 others missing at this hour. canada's prime minister visited the town. the death toll is likely to rise. >> i know there's going to be waves of emotion over the next few weeks as the extent of this
2:35 am
and this is a very big disaster in human terms, as the extent of this becomes increasingly obvious. >> there's no engineer on board when the train derailed. thousands of area residents had to be evacuated. breaking news in cairo egypt where at least 42 people are dead and 300 injured after gunshots rang outside the republican headquarters. it's where morsi is said to be held. reza is monitoring the situation for us. every second it gets further and further out of con an ugly, ugl in cairo. a lot of egyptians were hoping the transition to a new government would be smooth and easy. this is a strong sign it's not going to be easy. 42 people killed, 300 injured in clashes between supporters of morsi and security forces. early this morning around dawn, 4:00 a.m., seven and a half hours ago, it happened in front of the presidential guard headquarters this is where mr. morsi is being held. security forces saying this attack was launched by an armed group of terrorists. they know this is the security forces who attacked. they are saying they fired during or shortly after morning prayers. again, all the claims, it's difficult to verify what
2:36 am
happened. the aftermath, bloody, chaotic. hundreds of the victims and many fatalities race to a nearby makeshift hospital. many fatalities placed on the ground covered with blankets were already seeing the fallout from this incident. the ultraconservative islamist party, such an important part of the coalition that's here to form this transitional government. john, they have already said they are pulling out of the coalition in protest of what happened this morning. >> reza for us in cairo. we'll check in with you. the situation is fluid and deteriorating. a radical cleric who fought extradition for years is back facing terrorist charges. he's held in a high security prison. authorities say several prominent terrorists including a shoe bomber, richard reid, turned to him for advice. he insists he's innocent of
2:37 am
playing a role in two terror plots against foreigners. a special remembrance for a team of firefighter who is died fighting the battle in yarnell. their remains are home in prescott, arizona. a somber recession carried the firefighters from phoenix to prescott. they traveled more than 100 miles passing through the town of yarnell and ultimately ending in prescott. >> very moving image. there was rain and a lot of it in west virginia. the town of kingwood suffered significant damage. the heavy rain and high winds brought down trees and power lines. many people clearing trees from their yards. crews are clearing lots of debris from the roads to make them passable. >> a huge mess. chad myers is tracking it for
2:38 am
us. >> it's another day where we are good in the morning. it's where we are now, new york city is calming down. a great time to fly out of the big cities. thunderstorms fire out of the appalachians from new york to philadelphia and into new jersey and some of those storms could slow down airplanes. some could knock down trees again. a line of weather coming into chicago is going to pass by. this morning could be a few minutes late. here is where we were last week. and this weekend. brutally hot in the east. brutally hot in the west and kind of mild in the midwest. that changes this week, completely. the jet that is down here will lift all the way to the north and so will our jet pattern for weather. the big weather will be farther to the north where the thunderstorms will be. always follow the jet. it's the road the storms go on. the storms, the wetness, the rain is farther to the north than it's been. atlanta, 86.
2:39 am
d.c. 9. orlando, 91. muggy there. yesterday was 92. today, 88. it feels like 96. i'm not sure i can tell the difference. >> appreciate it. >> big numbers either way. a 2-year-old alabama boy has one more reason to look up to his older brother. this is a big one. an 8-year-old saved his brother from drowning in their backyard pool when he suddenly went under, michael had to think fast. >> i thought to pull him up and yell for help. i don't want anything to happen to my little brother. >> it can happen in a split second. turn your back and they can slip into that pool. >> he had to be hospitalized but he's now back home. the parents have since returned the pool to the store and they plan to buy a backyard play set for the boys instead. >> he's got your back, brother. very good. very good. coming up, could a political
2:40 am
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welcome back to "early start." a new start to tell you about for a politician who last his last job thanks to a prostitution scandal. eliot spitzer is running to be the top financial officer in new york city. he resigned in disgrace back in 2008 after admitting he visited with prostitutes. he's been a commentator including time spent here at cnn. now he says he's the right person to keep an eye on new york's spending and hopes voters will give him a second chance. liz cheney, the daughter of the former vice president called wyoming's republican incumbent to say she's thinking of challenging him in 2014. he's been in the senate since
2:44 am
1996. let's take a look at what's coming up on the show called "new day". >> you sure you want to do this? you're going to get grief on this. >> what's coming up? >> any opportunity to say flavor and error. >> it's how i wake up every morning. flavor and error. berman usually comes with me, just to set the record straight. we are about the record here on "new day." a lot of news, obviously asiana air flight 214. it couldn't be more fundmental to an analysis of what went wrong and why. we have the former inspector general here. she's going to talk about what the video shows from the perspective of pilot error. we have the experts here. look at the video tape, hear stories. we are going to do the story as
2:45 am
only cnn can do. deborah is going to join us live. also, week three of the george zimmerman trial is kicking off. now the pressure is on the defense. what does george zimmerman's attorney's need to do to prove their case, another critical week, maybe the final week of this case, of the trial. we'll see. we have our experts that will be joining us, they will all be weighing in. a lot to talk about. >> unusual. the defense has a burden on it. usually, it's about the prosecution. here, they are arguing self-defense. how will we do it? there is man. bring him back. david hasselhoff back in the light again. >> you are not dreaming. you are not sleeping. >> a commercial that's gone viral. bam! if that doesn't make you want to drink iced coffee, nothing does.
2:46 am
>> what is the difference between dream and reality? >> it's hard to separate the two. >> you are not dreaming unless you are john berman. >> it's the one-handed hang gliding. >> cuomo and hasselhoff at the same time. >> they are not the same person. >> here it is, ladies and gentlemen. you can see what makes the situation. it's a form of the little man to michaela's right. >> you walked into this one. >> we will see you in a few minutes. coming up an "early start," history made at the all england club. a local breaks a seven decade streak to take the wimbledon crown. all coming up next. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating... ♪ the middle of this special moment and i need to run off to the bathroom. ♪
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for the first time in 77 years, a britt won the title of wimbledon. murray brought home the victory. andy joins us with more in the bleacher report. quite a match, andy. >> yeah, it was quite the match. men's tennis has been dominated by roger federer.
2:50 am
murray has thrown his name into the group of the best. one year after following federer. murray battled in the second and third set. after three hours, he puts him away. it was the first for a british born man since 1936. >> a step back over the next couple days and sort of relax and think about what i did today. i realize it was a big day in our sport in history. >> the legend continues to grow. the cuban had another great game. the dodgers beat the giants, 4-1. a debate on whether or not puig should be an all-star is in the fans hands. his teammate, adrian gonzalez
2:51 am
was picked for fan voting but he's voting for puig. the voting ends on thursday. the new york yankees will do whatever they can to help the community of newtown, connecticut. they honored 4,000 residents. they displayed the names of the victims on the video board during a moment of silence. the boy's youth choir sang to a standing ovation at the crowd. yesterday's formula one race in germany. webber coming out of the pit, his right, rear tire wasn't fastened correctly. it comes off and barrels into a camera man who wasn't looking that way. it looks like it hurt a lot. a broken collarbone. webber's team, fined over $44,000 for the incident. he's lucky it didn't end up worse than a broken collarbone
2:52 am
and ribs. >> scary pictures there. andy, great to see you. have a great monday. >> you, too. coming up here, think you know everything about the soon-to-be royal baby? put your money on the line. we are live with the odds on the new prince or princess. at university of phoenix we kis where it can take you.cation (now arriving: city hospital) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop: financial center) let's get to work.
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royal baby watchers, the clock is ticking. a son or daugt tore the duke and duchess. william and kate due any day, really, any minute now. a lot of people putting a lot of money on the outcome.
2:56 am
max foster is live outside buckingham palace. matt, you people over there will bet on anything. >> we do. this is a classic example, as you will see, john. these are the two main betting companies. we have jessie and rory. the big bet, male or female. everyone has decided a female is more likely. that takes you on to the names. you have alexandra. >> yes, that and victoria is big here. we have to suspend betting because we had so much money coming in. we suspended betting. now we have victoria -- >> it's changing all the time, victoria looking down on you. >> absolutely. >> you have charlotte. >> it's 40-1. king george iii, his wife. we are taking bets on victoria.
2:57 am
if you want a bet on victoria. >> for selfish reasons, when is the due date? >> about the 16th or 17th of july. >> you agree on that? >> 8-1 favorite. they work out to be the 16th or 17th, just under a week. >> not long now. tell us about the money you have taken. what have you taken so far? >> baby betting is booming. we are currently on 300,000 pounds, about a half million dollars. >> this is the biggest novelty betting. >> a novelty. you are talking novelty. you have hair color, brown, blond, black, ginger. tell us about ginger. >> harry. you don't know. >> are they popular as well? >> absolutely. you can bet on anything. will it go to university. will it represent gb at the
2:58 am
olympics. do you have the name of the first boyfriend/girlfriend? >> first girlfriend of the royal baby. >> yeah. who is going to hold the baby outside of the church. >> there you go. we are keeping ourselves busy as we get ready for the news event. >> serious stuff going on there. matt, thank you so much. i want to bring in "new day" anchors, what do you have on tap, guys? >> thank you so much. >> i'm going to leave it alone. he's going to get a they're going to be looking very closely at flight training,
2:59 am
at the crew's experience. >> breaking new details. the pilot at the controls of asiana 214 only had 43 hours of experience flying that kind of plane. we have the exclusive video showing exactly what went wrong. >> the survivors. we're hearing the harrowing stories from those who made it out alive, but also, did one of the two girls killed survive the crash only to be hit by an emergency vehicle? found on fire. an entire canadian town goes up in flames after a train derails. 40 people missing. what went wrong? >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan, and michaela pereira. good morning. welcome to "new day." it's monday, july 8th. 6:00 in the east. i'm chris cuomo.
3:00 am
>> and i'm kate bolduan. breaking news across the world. that violence erupting in egypt. and over the atlantic, a tropical storm brewing, possibly heading for the u.s. we are covering it all. we're going to begin with the crash of flight 214. cnn has learned this was the first time the pilot had ever attempted a landing at san francisco international airport in a boeing 777. we're also learning more about the two teen-aged girls from china who died in saturday's fiery crash. for the first time we're seeing their photos. they were on their way to a summer church camp in los angeles, we know that. but now a shocking question. could one of them have been killed after the plane had already come down? >> more details coming out really. it seems like every minute we're learning something more about this. we also want you to look at this, cnn exclusive video of the moment the plane crashed. the only known video of this at this time. this is the moment the plane hit that sea wall,


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