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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 17, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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circle downtown d.c., evening rush hour, was an attorney with a high-powered law firm. >> seeing no limits. mike brooks, thank you very much. i wished we had more time. i'm brooke baldwin "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> when he sang the thrill of getting the picture on "rolling stone" he probably wasn't talking to would-be terrorists. juror b-37 calls on those in power to change the laws that let george zimmerman walk, even after saying that trayvon martin, quote, played a huge role in his own death. our other national lead, if it was a "time" magazine cover, no one would bat an eye, but probably he couldn't do it using
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a blue steel pose. is there some harm behind the shock value of this "rolling stone" cover. and russia mulling over -- but should team usa bobsledders have to pay the price? senator lindsey graham joins us to explain his discussion of a possible olympic boycott. good afternoon, everyone. we'll begin with the national lead. she has the most famous silhouette. b-37, she was one of the six women who found george zimmerman not guilty if you're angry, and many people are, she seems to be saying don't blame her, blame florida law. she gave an exclusive statement to cnn that reads in part, quote -- my prayers are with all those who have had the influence and power to modify the laws that left we me with no vertebra option, in order to remain within the instruction. no other family member should be forced to endure what the martin
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family has endured. she doesn't specifically mention florida's stand your ground law, but she did tell our anderson cooper that the jury did consider the law, even though the attorneys never envoked it in the courtroom. she may want to see the laws change, gull in her exclusive interview, she did not let trayvon martin off the hook. >> i feel bad we can't give the verdict they wanted, but legally we could not do that. >> do you think that trayvon martin played a role in his own death, this wasn't just something that happened to him -- >> i believe he played a huge role in his death. he could have -- when george confronted him and -- he could have walked away and gone home. he didn't have to do whatever he did and come back be -- her first interview was also apparently her last, according
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to her statement today. most of her fellow jurors are now distancing themselves from b-37. four of the remains five jurors wrote we ask you to remember we are not public officials and did not invite this attention into our lives. we also wish to point out the opinions of b-37, expressed on "the anderson cooper show" were her own and not in any way represented of the your listed below. you may have heard b-37 had a book deal, well, that went bye-bye. she explains it like this. the relationship with the book agent ceased the moment i realized what had been occurring in the world during 9 weeks of nigh sequestration. also in national news today, the latest edition of "rolling stone" is looking more like "tiger beat" for terror suspects. the cover features dzhokhar tsarnaev in a soft touch glamour shot more reminiscent of jim
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morrison walgreens, cvs, and the new england grocery chain are now boycotting "rolling stone." the grocer said music and terror don't mix. former national security spokesman for president obama and a native bostonian joins me now. tommy, you were not happy about this cover? >> yeah, i think first of all give "rolling stone" credit for writing the article. the question is how does a normal kid do something this evil -- >> that's their justification for the cover. so when you look at the cover, he looks like jim morrison, or john lennon. this is manage you might aspire to. a lot of what you -- haz undercut the extremist narrative that there is something noble.
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we all know, as reasonable people these murderous immortgage attized. i think that's appealing to young people. >> "rolling stone" put out a statement -- the fact he's young and in the age group as many of our readers makes it all the more important to examine the complexities of this issue. and gain more of an understanding of how a tragedy like this happens. are they underscoring your point? >> the articles article that. i credit them for the piece of journalism. i just think the cover was probably ill-conceived. when you step back and think about the real concern of self-radicalized people in the united states, and the critical work the government and people in communities, in churches, in mosques do every day, this sort of undercuts the extremist
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messages they see on the internet. >> it's not dplam russ, don't do this, you won't become a big celebrity, and this magazine cover seems to send a different message. >> this magazine cover says, you know, terrorism can get you rock star treatment or status, and i think that's a bad message. >> your former mayor is outraged. he writes, quote -- the cover rewards a terrorist with celebrity treatment. he says, to respond to you in anger is to feed into your obvious marketing strategy. he suggests they do story about the victims, though i no longer feel that "rolling stone" deserves them. you're a bostonian, you're going there tomorrow, in touch with a lot of people there. have you heard from people who are upset about this? >> no, i think most bostonians will do what i'll do tomorrow, drink some dunkin' donuts coffee, think about the red sox and not think about these two
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punk kids another machine minute s. we should make sure we take care of the victims for as long as they need it. >> we asked our graphics department to envision a cover that might be more suitable. here it is, the four victims -- the four people who were killed. there are obviously dozens more, but the four victims who were killed. martin richard, the young boy, of what -- that would be or "rolling stone" cover, i suppose, in any case we should point out this is not the first time "rolling stone" has put somebody accused of horrific crimes on. they had a charles manson cover. that was an issue and article that won journalistic awards. i'm sure i don't remember. i was one. your parents hadn't even met, but do you think it's similar? here is a horrific crime that everything is talking about, and they're not glam rising it, but they do do serious journalism.
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>> this is why your job and the job journalists do is tough. you deal with these at the as simple things as when a fan runs on the field, they they do that activity, so these are tough things journalists weigh when you look at really different important issues, but making sure we're not gives people who do bad things what they said, which is publicity. fenway strategies, is the name of your organization named after some baseball park somewhere? i'm not really sure. there's a team involve with it. should athletes that train for years give up their dreams bomb ward snowden, one republican senator says yes. i'll talk to lindsey graham, next. is she hoping for a prince or princess? the queen gets asked touch questions. [ mrs. hutchison ] friday night has always been all fun and games
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welcome back to "the lead. "our world lead, yes, edward snowden, as far as we know is still sitting in the transit zone of the moscow airport, but after three weeks, his lawyers say he could leave the airport after some paperwork has been cleared up. just a fun fact, the u.s. does not have an extradition agreement with moscow. they cannot make an arrest on russian soil. he has applied for temporary asylum. while putin has not said yes, he has not set no, either. so when lindsey graham was asked if he would consider boycotting the 2014 winter olympics in russia, graham said it should be on the stable. the u.s. olympic committee released a statement saying boycotts don't work, and while we acknowledge the seriousness, we strongly oppose the notion of
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a boycott while jay carney had a more, let's say pessimistic response. >> you guys aren't jumping to a superficial headline, are you f if. senator, welcome. in terms of putting this on the table, a boycott of the olympics, your own friend john mccain, disagrees, and listen to what john boehner said this morning. >> i love senator graham, we've been close friends for 20 years, but i think he's dead wrong. why would we want to punish u.s. 59 legalities, who have been training for three years, to compete in the olympics over a traitor who can't find a place to call home form. >> your response, sir? >> john is my good friend, but it's not just about snowden. russia has aligned are to keep assad in power.
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here's my question to the congress and to the president? what does russia have to do before we push back? do i want to cancel the olympics? no. but would i go to moscow if they were continuing to support assad, and the king of jordan had been toppled because of the civil war in syria, iraq is falling apart, the arms that the russians are selling assad falls into hezbollah's hands? they give snowden asylum and help the iranians march toward a nuclear weapon. would i accept an invitation to sit by putin? no. i don't want to boycott the olympics, but i want a policy that will get the russians' attention. i see a pretty dark figure, and at the independence of the day, the obama 5d mrgs's policies, whatever it is, is not working to john boehner, john mccain, my great good friends, we have to
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up or game when it comes to russia before it's too late. >> senator, is there more about snowden or more about syria, this discussion of boycotting the olympics? >> it's all about russia, and what they're doing in the world at a time when it matters. would assad stay in power if russia stopped selling him arms? no. if he left, would the world be a better place? yes. if they gave snowden asylum, a man that's been charged with serious crimes, it would be an affront to us as a nation. at what point does the president, who has a policy i don't understand regarding russia, and the congress begin to push back? should we have gone to the olympics in berlin and give hitler a propaganda -- >> you're not comparing -- >> no, i'm not, but would you have the olympics in iran?
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i don't think most people would. is is russia iran? no, but they're heading in that direction. >> on the snowden subject, vladimir putin today addressed some of these concerns. let's take a listen. i want to get your reaction. >> translator: bilateral opinions are far mor important than the activities of the secret service. we warned mr. snowden any action by him that could call damage to russian/american relations is unacceptable for us. >> he says the u.s./russia relationship is important. does that alleviate any concerns? >> i guess my view toward him is not very good. if he wanted to change relationships between us and russia, send snowden back. that's the right thing to do, to stand trial for the crimes he's been accused of.
1:17 pm
bush got it wrong with putin, obama has it wrong with putin, congress is doing virtually nothing, and if from now there are 200,000 dead in syria, and weapons prolive rate because of what russia sold -- i guess we should go to russia and have a party and celebrate the olympics. that seems disconnected to me. >> senator, before i let you go, what is 9 status of the obama administration's attempt to provide more military-related assistance to the rebels? i've heard that congress is holding it up. >> if congress is holding it up, i want to know who is. i was in the mid eve about two weeks ago. i cannot see activity on the ground, but at the end of the day, if talking about sports would focus the nation's attention on russia, who is up to no good all over the planet, then i welcome this discussion.
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i want to change russian behavior, not to boycott the olympics. in september, the g-20 meetings in petersburg, mr. president, should you go to petersburg russia for the g-20 summit if they give snowden asylum and don't change their policy toward syria? my advice is i wouldn't go to petersburg, i would ask for a change of venue. all right. strong comments from senator lindsey graham. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. in orlando word news, he's been as hard to kill as rasputin, but it seems luck may have run out for al shiri. web sites clay that a u.s. drone took him out sometime after the first week of april. the thing is the u.s. already had him once. he was a prisoner at guantanamo, but then he promptly disobeyed
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his conditions, and they rose to number two. al shirri did manage to survive some -- supporters around the world feel like they're getting the gift. according to his daughter, his health is improving. mandela has been hospitalized since last month. at one point even put on life support, but his family says he's gaining energy and strength and could go hominy day now. mandela will turn 95 tomorrow. only one person in the world can keep the queen waiting and get away with it. queen elizabeth ii seasonal necessarily being shy about the fact that she's growing impatient as the countdown continues. she had a lightharded exchange with kids during a public outing.
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>> do you want a boy or girl? >> i would very much like to hurry, as i'm going on holiday. if this goes on much longer, the royal baby may be in a lifetime of butterscotch candies, and -- we're not sure exactly when ultimate duchess was expected to go into labor, but royal aides have said she's due sometimes in mid-july. when mighty bulge puts a gun in your face, you go out and find the money if you want to live. we're hearing more horror stories. and later, 400 picassos disappear and nobody notices for five years? that's next. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things.
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but anyone can help a foster child. welcome back. these are stories we think are not getting enough attention. the man who allegedly ran south boston's crime scene is now 83 years old, standing trial for his alleged involvement in 19 murders. today a witness testified that his friend was murder it is, a few weeks later, he lured solomando to a dank bar in south, and he demanded $400,000.
1:25 pm
that's how much the dead friend supposedly owed him. he said if you're going to go to law enforcement, prosecutors say bulger gold along with it, because he was in cahoots with corrupt agents. we'll continue to bring you the latest on this trial in the days to kim. stay classy, san diego. they were ought set to give the mayor a lifetime leadership award until he found him facing charges of, sent out a statement, saying we do not toll rat sexual discrimination at any level, then they turned around and asked the mayor to come back for the keynote speaker. as far as the allegations. so broke, hug and -- and
1:26 pm
reprehensible, a chorus of his democratic officials have been calling for him to step down, but the mayor says he will not and believes he's not guilty. he did, however, acknowledge being a hugger. >> i express myself demonstrably. i'm a hugger of both mention and women. as it turns out, if those are taken in an offensive manner, i need a greater self-awareness of what i'm doing. >> the mayor is expected to address the accusations in his speech slated for august. the daughter of pablo picasso's second wife says she thinks a handyman stole the
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paintings in a castle that she inherited. she did not report the alleged crimes until 2011, when a couple of picasso originals were going up for auction. seriously? if somebody's eats my sandwich out of the break room fridge, i notice it automatically. as my producer is listening in the control room, you know who you are. hashtag you're in. "shark nado" created a frenzy. we know "shark. in ado 2" is coming, what is the second part of the title? send your best suggestion to and use the hashtag nest on sci-fi. so. do section scandals leave a
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dent anymore? maybe not if is it puts elliott spits are and anthony weiner on top. and the first lady may be pushing healthy eating, but how the farm bill is larded with subsidies for the key ingredients in your favorite junk foods. stay with us. i want to make things more secure.
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welcome back to "the lead." the politics lead, they both resigned in disgrace, but they are topping the polls in their comeback bids. do voters just not care about sex scandals anymore? the money lead, what are you getting for the subsidies doled out every year? would you believe twinkies? a watchdog group says the government is spending your tax dollars all wrong. and the pop culture lead, political cartoons are dying out, along with the newspapers in which they appear. is there any way to save one of
1:32 pm
our funniest means of deflating the hot air in washington? lust or greed, which is the deadlier sin for a politics? a new poll this week rocked the headlines putting anthony weiner and el yos spitzer ahead. two years after accidentally tweeting out a shot of the goods to the world, former congressman weiner is suddenly at the front of the pack in new york city, and after a last-minute entry, spitzer is trouncing his rival for the democratic nomination with a double-did you get lead. the man the tab lloyds once dubbed "the love gov" sell reese dempgs is all about personal change.
1:33 pm
>> whatever one's rod had been, you need to show that you've changed. >> is it spitzer and weiner who have changed or the public's tolerance? >> let's bring in john stanton. live from new york, and a reporter for wnyc, the host of new york's inside city hall, thanks for all for being here. the same poll that puts them in the lead also proud three times more concerned with financial fraud than with infidelity, so i guess the question is are these change the men or do new yorkers just not care about sex scandals? sill you know, people are sort of used to it now. we have more and more of this stuff out in the open in our personal lives. i think that helps a lot, but
1:34 pm
also, the fact is these guys are not really running against people with big name recognition or the kind of people that voters would look at and say, this guy is much better than eliot spitzer, and i think that is help that combination. >> the cover of "new york" magazine is treating them almost as one and the same, but you say these men have to be looked at quite differently. explain. >> for starters, was eliot spitzer getting in the race going to hurt two people, but this poll had weiner doing better. anthony weiner hits the street hitting the town and running en
1:35 pm
that a very local campaign, trying to talk about policy ideas. eliot spitzer has on "the tonight show" a very different strategy for how he wants to be redeemed. >>er roll, you know city hall so we, so do you think that name recognition is drowning out the sins of the past. yeah, i know that name and they almost forget? >> that's exactly right. we're about 55 days out before the democratic primary, and things like the cover help both those candidates. it's a name that resonates with them. they'll say, yeah, that guy. it does a disservice to the other candidates diligently working going from forum to forum, year after year, without scandal or even the taint of scandal. it's one of those peculiarities that voters will probably change their minds about.
1:36 pm
i don't think either will win in a plowout, but for knew this far out this early, eyen though the scandals aren't necessarily over, he said that it's possible that more scandalous photos, whatever could potential come out. take a listen. >> may decide they want to come forward and see here's another e-mail i got, but i'm certainly not going to do that. >> bottom like, what's your take, if something big comes up, could it knock him back down, or do you think this is all water under the bridge? >> i think that's an interesting question. new yorkers do like their politicians brash, but they don't like to be embarrassed. they're used to michael bloom better who commands attention and respect across the country and internationally. if we have a candidate who all
1:37 pm
of a sudden, even if they're two years old, if new photos show up, when he's still asking new yorkers to vote, that i think is a different question. the same poll shows them trailing with women, but not by as much as you would think. 21%, men 29%. spitzer went so far as to call himself a feminist on msnbc last night. >> do you consider yourself feminist? >> yes. i think -- look. i hate to hide the line that life is complicated, but i say to voters, look at the totality of my record. >> do you think these guys can win women over more than they're doing so now? or are they capping? >> i think they can in maybe sort of a general election. it is interesting, though, that
1:38 pm
spitzer has been able to do as well as he has to pull this off. a lot of women look at it very unfavorably as not just sort of a sex scandal, but sort of a sexual harassment situation, as opposed to anthony weiner sending pictures of himself randomly on the internet, but i do think there will be a cap on the number of women who will say yes, we can let this go. >> thank you so much. we have
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. you may have heard that the
1:44 pm
u.s. is no longer the fattest country in the world. we're the second. thanks, mexico, but we've hardly lick the problem, like so much barbecue sauce off our fingers. a news report suggests that the federal government is funding americans' bulging waistlines with taxpayer money that you might think ma -- our atheno jones is following the story for us. just as twinkies are back on the shelves after that horrible period, this report comes out. >> that's right, and it's perfect timing for folks who want toss it changed. so the question becomes, what is the government doing? are they doing enough to help the producers of the healthy foods they say they want to see. twingesies, they're spongy, creamy, sweet, and since their second debut this week, devotees have been snapping them up.
1:45 pm
you might be surprised to learn how much the government subsidizes some of the ingredients that make junk foods so irresistible. according to a in study by u.s. public research interest groups, since 1995, more than $19 million taxes subs diced corn syrup, high fructose cornstarch and soy oils. that would buy each taxpayer 20 twinkies a year, but taxpayers spend just under $700 million subsidizing apples, the only fresh fruit that gets significant federal support. at a cost of 26 cents per taxpayer per year that would buy less than half of one red delicious apple. it shouldn't be this way says tom sherman. >> the way it should be set up is the u.s. government should say, what are our priorities? do we want a healthy people? if that is a priority, how do you go about doing that? you promote, encourage farmers to grow foods that are in the
1:46 pm
best interests of its citizens. you will find small farmers who disagree with the way subsidies work. oliver keppler's family growing mostly vegetables in pennsylvania. he says the subsidy distort the market. >> we just do -- we raise too much corn in this country. we put it into everything and subsidies keep the price up. the government has it locked in. >> reporter: that higher priced corn means more food additives and cheap junk food. twinkies for everyone. so you just heard me say twinkies for everyone. you look like a healthy eater, but i brought you some twinkies just in kay you aren't always an eater of fruits and vegetables. in all sercey, a usda person said -- programs to give more
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support to producers. and my crew, who i never feed, here you go. there you go. very nice, enjoy. enjoy. they were the original memes, the way to speak truth to power. will they disappear along with the newspapers that once featured them? i'll talk to one of the legends of the genre. and here's a life lesson. you don't have to go along with everything that twitter dares you to do, especially when it's going to embarrass your mom. what one all-star fan decided to do. that's ahead. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger.
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welcome back to "the 4r5ed."
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it's time for the pop culture lead. the slowdown of the newspaper industry also means the slowdown of political cartoons "the washington post's" herb locke made nixon's enemies list. and most recently, matt boris to score political points on the house floor, but even with that plug, there's no denies the field of political cartooning is regrettably fading away. i recently spoke to matt forbes, considered one of the best in the business, about how he's managed to evolve as the member of an endangered species. armed with a ruler, an ink bottle, a coffee-stained sketchbook and sharp political mind, 29-year-old matt boris has mastered a dies craft. i sat down with him. >> creatively it's flourishing
1:52 pm
and doing amazing. i think it will be permanently diminished. >> >> reporter: according to the association of american editorial cartoonists there are fewer than 100, compared to 280 a few years ago. >> the heyday of newspapers is never coming back, so it's more of a freelance position, but there are still people out there willing to do it. >> he's more that willing to do it, and certainly able. his liberal commentary has gained him national syndication and a spot on the short list for a pulitzer prize last year. >> who were your -- >> i always wanted to draw x-men. i didn't get into political cartooning under the run up to the war. "war is boring" that's the title of his first cartoon novel. that same year bors took hess sketch pad to afghanistan to draw attention to the scenes there. now he's inkoppetted those into
1:53 pm
a book that's all his own. >> life begins at incorporation, cartoons and essays. tell us about this. this is also a collection of your thoughts on news of the day, your trip to afghanistan? >> yes, so basically all of my work from the last four years, divided into chapters based on things that -- a chapter on the economy, women's reproductive rights, gay rights. >> so you know i am a failed cartoonist. >> yeah, you failed to become a tv news anchor, so i -- >> i am a failed cartoonist. you are very good. i have to say. i do admire your draftsmanship. it is beautiful. but why don't we have a little cartoon-off, if you don't mind. okay. give me your best obama.
1:54 pm
>> you always have a drone? >> yeah, this little predator drone up there. >> well, mine's a bit more ridiculous. oh, you forgot his mole. >> that's that. >> so pick a republican. we can do mitt romney, john mccain you want to go old school, george w. bush? >> all right. >> george bush would be good at this, too. >> i have to say his painting was pretty good, i thought. i was kind of impressed. was he wearing a sweater vest? >> yeah. bought it from -- >> all right. i see why you're a professional and i'm not.
1:55 pm
if you have to see more, go to, and you'll find a link to his book. state of confusion. nike pulls the carolina panthers t-shirt. can you spot what's wrong? the sports lead is next. my name is mike and i quit smoking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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online scheduling. available now at welcome back. it's like the new dream team play every night. reporting that the lakers could go after lebron james and the carmelo anthony next off-season to play with kobe bryant when they both have the option with free agency. the lakers are in a rare rebuilding year. the big question, are they ready for all those egos? even in a town like los angeles? apparently "just do it" does not refer to proofreading. the logo with the letters "nc" printed over "sc." they've yanked the tees from the shelf. the panthers play their home
1:59 pm
game in charlotte, north carolina, though they were just referred to as the carolina panthers. so if your friend told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? what if 1,000 people told you to run onto the field at an all-star game? that's exactly what one fan did after being egged on by twitter, naught request twitter. the 18-year-old said he what make a dash for the diamond if the tweet was retweeted. he's a man of his word. here's video from the stand as the security steered him around second break. the announcers referred to it, and the tv cameras cut away. the policy is to not show stuff like that. he also posted texts from his mom threatening to kill him when he went home. we asked you to come up with the second par of the "sharkna democratic o 2" sequel. chomped between the moon and new york city. nice, musical.
2:00 pm
2 shark 2 nado, and sharknado 2, oh the hue-manity. get it? the manatee? i turn it over to mr. blitzer. stand for the debate. plus martin family attorney benjamin crump responding to an exclusive new statement from the juror who has only been speaking to cnn. what she's now saying about -- and no relief for parts of the northeast, baking in dangerous 100-degree temperatures. i'm wolf blitzer,