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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 22, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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line breaking the record by more than a thousands. it kicked off the samuel beckett bridge on sunday. the question is why? why did that guy have a horse head on his head? >> we're going to break a record one day. >> i'll see you tomorrow. you're back. "cnn newsroom" starts right now. a woman falls to her death on a roller coaster ride at six flags in texas. could loose regulations be to blame? >> she goes up like this and she just tumbled. in cleveland, ohio the bodies of three women are found
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wrapped in plastic. he's behind bars but police say there could be more victims. royal baby on its way. we're live from outside the london hospital where the dutchess kathryn now in labor. this is cnn newsroom. just over an hour ago police filed aggravated murder and kidnapping charges against a man that killed three women and wrapped their bodies in plastic. 35-year-old michael madison is being held on a $1 million. police have identified one of the bodies found over the weekend. they say it's 38-year-old angela deskins. the medical examiner talked about the identification methods. anna is joining us live from cleveland. i understand police are searching for additional victims. why do they think there's other people who might have been killed? >> reporter: the reason why
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police think there could be more bodies is michael madison has elaborated in his interview he was influenced and idolize anthony sowell. he's a serial killer convicted in 2011 convicted of killing 11 african-american women here in cleveland. he was convicted and is on death row. in interviews with police he's said he looked up to anthony. some of the people we have spoken to said they knew the darker side of madison and that he did at times indicate he wanted to sowell certain women. that's why police are concerned. the other reason is there are a lot of women who are missing. they think more than half a dozen in the last two years. there were families and
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residents who came out to us yesterday and gave us flyers trying to raise awareness of these missing women. they are trying to find out whether or not their loved ones are among the dead. >> do we suspect there's a certain type of person that he would allegedly target? >> reporter: dwoewe don't know this stage. there's only one victim identified. she's a 38-year-old african-american. we're trying to find out more details. we don't know where they worked or anymore details like that. anthony sowell preyed on prostitutes and women that were down and out. >> i understand we have some sound from the medical examiner's office. >> currently the identification
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efforts are actively under way. the individual was identified with fingerprints. we're awaiting fingerprints from a larger database to possibly obtain the identity. we're also working on dna profiles as well add dental charting which may also be able to let us get positive identification. >> it sounds like they are definitely working to try to identify some of those other victims. thank you so much. we appreciate it. if you get more details, we'll come back to you. a lot of worried people in that pcommunity whether or not they have a serial killer on their hands. their mom died in a roller coaster accident. they say this experience has been a nightmare. rosie was on her first trip to six flags over texas on friday. she was rieding the texas giant.
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this is a 14-high roller coaster. she was sitting next to one of her sons. we have the story. >> reporter: a spine tingling drop. this is where witnesses say they saw rosie fall from the wooden roller coaster. she was next in line to get on the ride when she heard the screams. >> she goes up like this and when it drops to come down that's when it released and she just tumbled. >> reporter: some witnesses told local news media said she was worried her restraint hadn't locked. >> they were screaming when they came back. they were screaming we got to get my mom. >> reporter: six flags over texas hurricane harbor refuses to answer questions on camera but says we're committed to determining the cause of this tragic accident. it would be a disservice to the family to speculate regarding
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what transpired. according to a national safety council analysis there were just over 1200 ride related injuries in 2011. about 4% of thoese caused serios physical harm. roller coaster accidents accounted for 28% of the injuries. amusement parts are loosely regulated and it will be six flags in charge of the investigation. >> whatever organization comes in, whomever comes in their work is the property of six flags. it will remain the property of six flags because there's nothing in texas or many other states that make them have to release that information. >> ed is joining us live. what is next for this family? i imagine they are in shock at this point. are they considering a lawsuit? how do they want to hold this amusement park accountable? >> reporter: there's no question
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that shock probably still hasn't settled in. family members are not made any public statements. i did get a chance to speak to one family member who referred all of our calls to an attorney they say they have hired. i reach eed out to that attorne as well. you can imagine behind the scenes a very intense situation. six flags over texas officials have been fight ltight lipped. >> thank you. appreciate it. naacp is holding a town hall meeting. it's focusing on the aftermath of the trayvon martin shooting. this meeting follows weekend rallies that were planned in more than 100 cities. in houston you had duelling demonstrations playing out. watch this. >> we fired up. >> go home racist. sglo home racist.
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go home racist. >> no justice. >> on one side supporters of george zimmerman and stand your ground laws and demonstrators on the other side demanding justice for trayvon martin taking to the streets. they want federal charges filed against zimmerman. martin's mother attended a rally in new york. she told the crowd she wanted their voices to be heard but she also called for the demonstrations to remain as they have been in large part, peaceful. also attendsing the new york rally, jay-z and beyonce who are responding in the zimmerman trial. the president of the urban league talks about the aftermath. he joins me live. this is 1:30 p.m. to talk about just that. we're also working on this. we're watching royal baby could
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thmpbl this is man versus fish. the fish almost winning. the helicopter plucking the man from the hull of his boat. what happened here. he hooked a 230-pound tuna. this happened on friday. during the fight the giant fish capsized the boat. wound up tossing him overboard into the water. he was able to call his wife in the water. the tuna was still on the line. they reeled the big fish in and brought him to shore. we're following this. every moment counts. the wait for the newest member of the royal family almost over, we hope. kate went into labor overnight.
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this is the same hospital where her husband william was born and grandfather to be prince charles kind of take it in stride. >> it's for the baby. >> thank you very much. >> our own royal correspondent max foster is there watching closely. first of all, how long has it been she's been in labor. is it going on 13 hours now? >> reporter: 12 hours roughly. at least 12 hours. she came in 12 hours ago. she was already in labor. this is a long labor. it may have happened already. there is a process they have to go through before it's publicly announced. there are other people that have to know first, the queen, the prime minister.
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we just heard from prince charles saying i'm grateful indeed for my rather slowly approaching grandfatherhood at the moment. we're all grateful. >> slow approaching. i'm sure it feels slow for kate add well. i understand she wants a natural childbirth. no main medications there. do we know who is at her bedside and how this will unfold? >> reporter: you have the medical team. there are some aids going in and out of hospital as well. i suspect they are around the room as opposed to in the room because they will be getting ready for the formal announcements that happen afterwards. the press secretary will be the guy that comes out with the notice and hands it to a
10:15 am
messenger. that bit of theater is still to come. we're all rather looking forward to it. it could be tomorrow. we're hoping it could be today because they did come in very early today. >> the same area of the hospital where we see the doors and people are waiting. explain the significance because it's historic. >> reporter: this is where prince william came out 30 years ago. it will be reminiscent that you see the picture and compare it to when william was a baby. if you can switch the camera around that way. this is one end of the street. people are trying to get as close as they can to try to witness something. sitting there they're not going to see very much. they will be able to say they were here for this moment in british history. also have to tell you we are
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expecting prince william potentially to come out and say a few words after the baby is born. that will depend on how he feels. it can be exhausting to fathers as well. i'll point that out as a knowledgeable father. >> that's absolutely right. it will probably be worth the wait. they probably set up lunch, dinner, breakfast, tents, whatever. they will be waiting and get the first word on all that. stay with cnn for the latest. our crews are in place. hope for peace in middle east reignited with word that israel's prime minister and the a palestinian authority leaders could meet in washington, d.c. could john kerry's hard work go the distance? we'll look at the latest move toward a solution. to discover the heart-pounding exhilaration beyond the engineering. ♪
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this is something we brought to you the last hour. this is out of cairo, egypt. there's fighting that's taken
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place in tahrir square. a gunman has opened fire using an automatic weapon. one person fell to the ground. there were a group of pro-morsi supporters were marching toward the u.s. embassy when they were diverted toward tahrir square. that's when the fighting broke out. i want to bring in reza who is tell us what is taking place. >> reporter: this were fierce clashes between supporters and protesters. they happened right outside the parameter of tahrir square. multiple witnesses telling us several hundred protesters were marching toward the u.s. embassy
10:21 am
to protest against u.s. meddling in egypt affairs. some members shifted and started marching toward tahrir square which is the home base for opponents. witnesses say both sides were firing weapons. one witness telling us an individual from the morsi crowd took out an automatic weapon and fired into the tahrir crowd and two people dropped to the ground. it's very difficult to figure out who is who and if anyone has any official affiliation with any movement or political party. the muslim brotherhood and supporters of mr. morsi will be under a lot of pressure to explain why some of their supporters headed toward tahrir square and one of their protesters took out an automatic
10:22 am
weapon. all of this is happening into the backdrop of a political crisis. this interim trying to make a smooth transition of new leadership but supporters are outraged. they are standing in their way and causing turmoil that we saw tonight. >> they were headed toward the u.s. embassy. do we know if anybody is in there? >> reporter: the marches took place after hours. it's all clear. it was no violence there. the fviolence that witnesses sa took place in the outskirts. >> be safe. appreciate it. at least 89 people are dead. more than 580 injured. this is after a strong earth
10:23 am
wake. this is in northwest china. rescue teams are scrambling to reach the hardest hit area in a remote mountainous part of the country. at least 17 people are now believed missing. eyewitnesss say that the shaking lasted up to a minute or so and train service was interrupted throughout the region. there were hundreds of police who have been dispatched to help prepare a major highway which was also damaged as well. sad news, white house journalist helen thomas died over the weekend. she was 92 years old. she covered ten presidents. she was a fixture at the white house news conferences. she made presidents and their spokesmen squirm with her pointed questions. she was the longest serving white house journalist and breaking ground as the first woman. she will be buried in detroit.
10:24 am
a memorial service planned in washington in october. a possible breakthrough now. this is in middle east peace talks. john kerry has announced an agreement has been reached between the israelis and palestinians on a basis for resuming talks. perry has made several trips to try to get both sides to come back to the table. jill, they're calling it a breakthrough. they're coming to washington to negotiate. we've covered this many years and know it comes and goes. this might be chance for something to take place or it might be fleeting. why do they believe something might get done? >> reporter: because they haven't had talks for three years. you could describe this as a
10:25 am
breakthrough. what we know right now is this week it was expected or perhaps next. there would be negotiator from the palestinian side and from the israeli side coming here to washington, talking and just a couple of minutes ago at the state department the spokesperson said they would be talk about the agenda and the process moving forward. when asked when will they will here, when are the talks happening and almost anything else about the subject, she said we don't know. it's not determined and stay tuned. at those initial talks secretary kerry could be taking part in those talks. they're very, very cautious. this is just the very beginning of a process that's fallen apart
10:26 am
so many times. >> thank you. two days after the president's reflective and thought provoking comments black leaders are asking what is next. we'll talk live to the head of the national urban league which is meeting this week in philadelphia. (now arriving: city hospital) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop: financial center) let's get to work. [ susan ] i hate that the reason we're always stopping is because i have to go to the bathroom. and when we're sitting in traffic, i worry i'll have an accident. be right back. so today, i'm finally going to talk to my doctor
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republican senator joins the call to review stand your ground laws following the verdict in the trayvon martin shooting. president obama called for a second look at the law during a lengthy and personal remarks he made regarding trayvon martin. john mccain echoed that call on cnn state of the union with candy crowley. >> stand your ground law may be need to be reviewed by the florida legislature or any such legislature. obviously a lot of things need to come up for review.
10:30 am
>> i want to bring in our chief political analyst. it's really interesting to see the debate spilling out over the weekend. people are still talking ant it this week. it's very passionate. now you have john mccain also expressing support for re-examing stand your ground law like this president was as well. >> reporter: he also expressed support to candy about taking another look at it in his home state of arizona. the governor of arizona has said that stand your ground laws are a constitutional right. it doesn't seem like she's interested in changing them. almost half the states in this country have some form of stand your ground laws. while it may come up in a bunch of state legislatures, they seem to be pretty popular right now. there's nothing that, for example, the federal government can do even though eric holder talked about it, the president talked about it.
10:31 am
this is a state issue. it has to come upstate by state. i wouldn't expect you'll have a ground swell to overturn stand your ground laws now. >> one of the reasons the people are discussing this is the president weighed on this debate. this was on friday. he does not like to discuss race and racial matters. we know that from covering him but he did some soul searching himself and he said that we need to move beyond this. we need to deal with this. the head of the national urban league also said he'd like to see some new things happen, a new dialogue. here is what he said over the weekend. >> what i hope it leads to and what i hope we will see is not only a discussion that started and ends quickly but a discussion that will lead to serious action steps by the nation. >> we know the president will be talking about the state of the economy on wednesday. he's taking his agenda on the road.
10:32 am
what is the push here? what are expectations in terms of what he can do in talking about real ways that the black community can move ahead? >> reporter: it's interesting. i think that conversation will have to occur very much without him. i think he's said his piece on this. i think the congressional black caucus has said it will continue this conversation. i think what you'll see the president do in traveling to the midwest is try and reset his agenda and go back to kind of the terra firma of the economy and enabling the middle class to succeed which is what got him reelected in the first place. i think what we'll see is a turn to the economy. you've got the debt ceiling and the budget coming up this fall. i think we'll hear him sound a little pop you list during the campaign and remind people he's
10:33 am
there for the middle class. we're seeing him trying to say i've said my piece on race. i know where we are on immigration reform. i want immigration reform. i want gun control but i'm heading back to the things that really matter to americans front and center right now which is what's happening in their pok pocketbooks. >> running out of time. needs to bet that focus back on track. thank you. good to see you as always. there's some krcritics who are calling the president's observation too little too late. the talk show host said the president's comments missed be mark. >> i appreciate the fact that the president did show up but this town has been spinning a story that's not all together true. he did not walk to the podium for an impromptu address to the nation. he was pushed to the podium.
10:34 am
pressure building outside the white house. he still had not answered the most important question. where do we go from here? >> i want to bring in the head of the urban national league. i know you're holding a national conference in philadelphia this week. a lot of questions for you. if you could respond to tavis smiley's comments that the president was slow in responding to this. does it matter he was pushed or that he spoke and got involved? >> it's important for people to know that my good friend tavis smiley has been a persistent and consistent critic of the president of the president before he became president of the united states. i doubt if the president turned water to wine, i doubt if tavis could have anything positive to say about it. i say that and he's a friend of mine. here is what the nation heard. i think what the nation heard is a president who agonized a bit
10:35 am
and has agonized throughout his presidency how to con front one of the most challenging and difficult issues that faces the nation and a president who spoke in a way that he always speaks and only can speak and that is in a personal way, in a heating way and a calming way. i agree with gloria that he said his piece and it's time to move on. these issues that this trayvon martin situation and tragedy has brought to the surface are not issues that are only of concern to some americans. i think they are issues that all americans should be concerned about. an economic agenda for the middle class has to necessarily include the urban community. it has to necessarily include communities of color. this is a time when the president's going to pivot a bit and rightfully so to confront this. the anger in the community is
10:36 am
not going to subside. when you take what happened along with the supreme court's decision on voting rights, combined with the efforts to eliminate food stamps, combined with the cutbacks in investment in human programs like education and work force, a message is being sent. that message is being responded to by how people are responding to this case. this case ignited that feeling. >> i want to talk about the economic situation here. that's clearly what the president is going to be focusing on on wednesday here. you take a look at these numbers when it comes to the african-american community. employment rate 12.7%. now it's at 13%. where does this go from here? how does he address the real serious economic concerns of the black community?
10:37 am
>> reporter: i think economic concerns of the black community are linked to the overall concerns of middle income americans. what we have seen since the great recession is those at the very top have had an awesome recovery. those in the middle and at the bottom it's been a stagnant recovery. i believe a reset around the economic agenda is warranted given the facts that we face and that the fortunes of african-americans and latinos are tied to the fortunes of all working and middle income americans. it has to be targeted policies. there has to be an investment in these communities. i think if we did it we'd see economic growth. that's the important thing to realize that the solutions to these problems are linked to what i think is an overall stronger american economy. >> we'll be listening closely to the president on wednesday. whether or not he addresses tarting the african-american community when it comes to job
10:38 am
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nature wreaking havoc. hundreds of workers still trying to reach the site of a powerful early morning earthquake. 89 people are dead. 580 injured in the tremor. take a look at this video. this is something we just got. this is from southern utah. this is unbelievable. you can see the water rolling in after the flash flooding. in arizona, weekend flooding led
10:42 am
to this, stranded motorists and the closure of two roadways. i want to bring in chad meyers to talk about the earthquake. it was strong. it was shallow. how did this thing play out? >> the earthquake, they figure out how bad the earthquake will effect people. there was a 65% chance that less than one person would be injured. manager is very wrong in this area whether it's how the structures were build or what mountain may have come down but to lose almost 100 people. only a 5.9. that isn't very big but it was only six miles deep. the shaking was so severe. if you get an earthquake that's 200 miles deep it gets padding from the date of birirt an crus. there was no padding. >> what about the flooding in
10:43 am
the united states? in atlanta it was raining and raining all weekend. >> in arizona when a storm pops up they don't move very fast. they just sit there and it rains and rains and then it dies off. the video here is out of utah. there are flash flood chasers. this is what a flow debris. >> what's flowing there? >> that's trees and stuff on the ground. at the beginning of this flow it's almost like a little beaver dam. that water gets very quick and very high. you don't see the water rising slowly. it comes down like a wall of this muck. those are sticks and twigs.
10:44 am
>> it's moving fast too. >> that's how people get caught off guard when driving across a bridge or somewhere that's not flooded at all and all of a sudden you see that coming, you don't have a chance. >> thank you. appreciate it. a florida alligator handler says he wasn't afraid when a gator start eed chomping on his arm. he was doing some tricks at a gator park. the alligator went for it and clamped down on his arm. he tried to stop the attack but the gator was too fast for him. >> lunging at me before. he came up. he grabbed my hand and bent it backwards. >> this guy is lucky. another animal handler came to the rescue and saved him. he's got a broken arm and severe skin lance rations but heist going to be okay.
10:45 am
we're watching this. this is the royal baby on its way. how different will the delivery be? quite different apparently. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places. (girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out
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in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. some breaking news now. actor dennis farina who turned a star on "law and order" has now died. he was 69 years old.
10:48 am
he played detective fontana. he was a police consultant when he first became interested in acting. he started acting at various chicago theaters and appeared in numerous tv shows and appearances. midnight run, striking distance, big trouble snatch. mob squad. just to name a few that he was a part of it. he died at 69 years old. he leaves behind three sons with his ex-wife patricia, dennis, michael and joseph. he publicist released a statement. it says we're deeply saddened by the loss of a great actor and a wonderful man. he was always warmhearted and professional. a great sense of humor and passion of his profession. he will be greatly missed by his
10:49 am
family and colleagues. we hope he finds a new life. a sad day. dennis farina died at 69. we're watching as with the rest of the world. kate went into labor overnight. her labor is progressing normally. we know that giving birth in the united kingdom is pretty different compared to having a child here. this is really our favorite story. it's fascinating. >> you think giving birth is giving birth and how can it be different. i was in london last month i was surprised when i was there how
10:50 am
far different things are. in the united kingdom they have a big emphasis on what they call normal births. outside st. mary's hospital in london the crowds have been swarming. everyone waited with baited breath. inside a team of doctors is working. and the first question on everyone's but normal in england may be more painful than normal in the united states. in other words, kate's royal birth may be a royal pain. in england only 3 of 10 women have epidurals compared to 6 of 8 women in the united states. the delivery rooms in overton hospital in london are designed to avoid epidurals and instead, the moms can have auk which d l
10:51 am
aquadurl aquadurls. and kate wanted one of these constructions kate would sit in front and william behind her. >> this is kind of instead of an epidur ral. >> yes. >> she grabs on to this and feels better? >> yes, and also helps from pinching the husbands. >> one pain drug is quite common here. i'm here in the delivery room with april who is about to have a baby, and she is doing something that is almost unheard of in the united states. she's taking laughing gas for pain. >> it doesn't make you laugh even though it is called laughing gas. >> reporter: nothing is funny right now? >> no, nothing is funny. >> reporter: and now of course, we don't know how exactly kate will give birth, du our royal correspondent katy nickels says she will have a birthing ball and all of the accouterments to have a normal birth. >> and including the hanging curtain. >> and yes, anything to e help you there the labor.
10:52 am
and a judge has approved a whopping $1.6 billion settlement to compensate drivers whose cars suddenly accelerated. we have more after the break. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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welcome back to the "cnn newsroom." i want to take you to the check on the money right now and head over to wall street, and zain ashford, new york stock exchange, how is it going? >> well, suzanne, we are down 11
10:55 am
points right now, but we are in record higher the toierritory, d tech stocks are rebounding from the beating on friday, and hewlett packard is offsetting the companies such as mcdonald's who fell short of expectations, and sales rose in the u.s., but fell in europe and asia despite new food items added to the menu. >> and zain, a judge approving a billion dollar settlement with toyota, and who gets the money? >> well, the vehicles lost value following the 2010 recall of toyota cars that allegedly accelerated on their own. claimers can have as much as $6,000 in economic loss damages depending upon the model and the year and the date of the sale. any one who is eligible for the settlement should have received
10:56 am
a check notice already, and the deadline is july 29th and one week from today. if you want more information go the toyota e.l. >> zain, thank you so much. just getting breaking news here that i want to read and this is news after george zimmerman was acquitted here. this happened on wednesday, july 17th, and this is according to the seminel county courthouse and they said that george zimmerman responded to a single car accident in sanford hospital, and they rescued a person from an overturned truck and it was a blue ford explorer suv traveled off of the car and rolled over and four people were inside and two parents and two kids apparently, and they say that one of the people who was rescuing this what looks like apparently a family was george zimmerman. so, we are getting new details about what he has been doing since the days of his acquittal and thiss happening on wednesday. we will have more details at the top of the two to explain what
10:57 am
it is that we have learned in this interesting development. michael jackson's mother, catherine jackson, and she has taken the stand today to be cross-examined in the trial of the concert promoter aeg, and find out why she was upset friday in what some are calling, quote, a very interesting way. ey your skin can grow more beautiful every time you wear it. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin. neutrogena® cosmetics.
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join us tomorrow as we launch the fighting als series and we are shedding light on als also known as lou gehrig's
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disease which is a fast-moving fatal disease that impacts more than 30,000 americans. we will look at people coping it with including former nfl player steve gleason and look at f families supporting them including my own and look at the technology helping to improve the quality of life of those living with the disease. that is tomorrow, and thursday and friday. that is it for me, and brooke that is it for me, and brooke baldwin join s s us from here. -- captions by vitac -- a possible serial killer is behind bars as we learned that he idolized a monster. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. did weight play a role in a woman's tragic death on a six flags roller coaster. what happened now? she was sent to prison after telling police that she was raped. and now a dramatic twist. plus a congressman gets emna