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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 22, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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also known as lou gehrig's disease which is a fast-moving fatal disease that impacts more than 30,000 americans. we will look at people coping it with including former nfl player steve gleason and look at f families supporting them including my own and look at the technology helping to improve the quality of life of those living with the disease. that is tomorrow, and thursday and friday. that is it for me, and brooke that is it for me, and brooke baldwin join s s us from here. -- captions by vitac -- a possible serial killer is behind bars as we learned that he idolized a monster. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. did weight play a role in a woman's tragic death on a six flags roller coaster. what happened now? she was sent to prison after telling police that she was raped. and now a dramatic twist. plus a congressman gets emotional after learning the
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results of a paternity test. >> even though the biology is not there, the bond is. that's something that i am sure warms your heart as well. true, congressman? >> yes. >> and in arizona, drivers stranded, and people trapped as floodwaters and rescue crews rush in. good to see you on this monday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin and just into us, word that george szimmerman has reemerged nine days after the jury acquitted him in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. it was last wednesday and apparently zimmerman has helped a family on a florida highway after their suv somehow overturned. we were told that there were two parents and two children inside of that vehicle. everyone is doing okay. and it was szimmerman who was oe
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of two men who helped them to get out. police say that he was not a witness to the crash. making phone calls as soon as we get more information on that, we will pass it on to you here at cnn. also just in, and some sad news on this monday. actor dennis farina has died. you know his face if you are a fan of "law and order" and he starred on the show for years and years and multiple movies over his career including "saving private ryan," get shorty" and before becoming an ak or the, farina worked as a police officer in chicago for years, and his publicist sent a statement reading in part, quote, he will be greatly missed by his family, friends, colleagues and we hope that he finds a new life for great roles that are plentiful and the cubs are always winning the pennant. just a short time ago we received these new photographs of the boeing pas ssenger plane that crash landed in san francisco, and as we look at the
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pi pictures together -- look at this. i mean, you are likely to wonder how the crash could have produced so many survivors. we will continue the flip flu the pictures, and you can see the charred remains of the seats and the interior of the plane, and keep in mind as you look at these, more than 300 people survived p -- this and this, and the story of the asiana flight 215 is even more amazing. with us from san francisco is our correspondent dan simon. dan, are you like me, because when i saw the pictures i thought how did so many people survive? >> absolutely, brook. these photos certainly caught our eye when they were posted on the internet by unknown photographer, and we don't know who took the pictures, but they are dramatic. the most dramatic is seeing the picture of the rear of the aircraft and basically a charred mess. you are also seeing pictures from the front of the plane where you can see that the seats basically were disjarred or jarred from, you know, the foundation on that fuselage, and
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then the dramatic picture of the fuselage being hoisted by the crane and ultimately taken to the airport hangar and just amazing stuff, brook. >> and as we continue to look at the pictures and are amazed, we learned last friday, dan, one of the three victims one of the girls 16 years of age from china turns out she was killed by one of the fire engines that was rushing to the scene, and we are learning today that her death could have been prevented. what do you know? >> well, we know of course that on friday, the san francisco fire department and the coroner's office confirmed that a fire truck did hit this young girl and ultimately caused her death. certainly a tragedy for everybody involved. we also know that this fire truck did not have heat sensing technology that ultimately could have spotted this young woman. as of 2011, the faa has required that all emergency trucks at airports have this kind of
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technology, and this particular truck did not. we are not entirely sure why, and we have reached out to the airport officials for more clarification, but the bottom line is that even if it did have this technology, we don't know if it would have prevented it, but it certainly does raise some questions, brook. >> dan simon in san francisco for us. dan, appreciate it. now no the news that has been putting the world on hold and perhaps you have heard that the royal baby and something about this, and i kid, it is a baby that might someday by sitting on the british throne, but right now, it is a waiting game. inside of this ordinary day in london is the princess of prince william, duchess kate, and this woman has been in labor of upwards to 12 hours and soon the world will find out if the royal family is welcoming perhaps a little boy or girl. atika shubert is outside of the hospital and part of the whole
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watch and wait. and atika, let me ask you, is it possible that kate has had the baby and the world doesn't know y yet? >> certainly possible, but what we understand is that once she has the baby, the first people to know be notified will be the grandparents and especially the queen, and then kate middleton's parents and then once that is done, the proclamation will be signed with the doctor with a few details, boy or girl, the exact weight of the baby and then that notice will come out of this door and put in a waiting car and rushed to buckingham ball lpalace and the is going to be put on a gilded easel lthat is the traditional method of the announcement. and then we shortly after expect an announcement out on twitter, but it is possible, and at this point we dot no know, but whwe labor is progressing as normal and right now, it is really up to the baby. >> oh, that baby sure is taking
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his or her time. i'm think of kate, and atika shubert for us at the hospital. we will come back to you if there is any more news. let's continue the royal baby conversation. and joining us is victoria arbiter, and she is unique, because she lived in kensington palace in her teen years as her dad served as the royal press secreta secretary. and victoria, it is nice to see you. i love all of the pomp and the pageantry, and whether it is the wedding jubilee or this, and si called the home secretary, and you know, the births past, you would have a person who would have to watch the birth to make sure that the baby was not switched, and that is now defunct, correct? >> yes,p tha thankfully that is tradition that has been done away. for quite some time. and it goes back to james ii because it is believed he had a baby smuggled into the palace, because his own child was stillborn andf that, there were
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stories that the baby was perhaps illegitimate so up until the birth of alexandra, there was nobody in the room making sure nobody could go in, but when the queen was pregnant with prince charles in 1948 her father said, we are past that and we don't have to do that, so thankfully, no home secretary. >> and one more question here, because we are in the age of 2013 and not just twitter, but text messaging and i have to wonder, because we talk about this sort of archaic, but traditional system with the note to buckingham palace and notifying the queen before us plea barga plebeians find out about the rest of the child, and is there texting going on between william and the queen or imimpossible to think that? >> well, it is impossible, because they are so worried that anything will be intercepted and i'm sure that prince charles will be keeping up engagements
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today, but he is checking in. but like any father will tell you that when the wife is l laboring away, his job is to get ice chips and make sure that she is comfortable and look after her, so plenty of time for family celebrations, and notifications once kate has made it through. >> and the standard flag is flying high over buckingham palace and you know living behind closed doors of amazing places, and what do you think is go ing on? is. >> i think that the queen is giddy with excitement. she has two grand babies and not to diminish her love at all, but what is exciting about this baby is that it secures the future of the monarchy and the first time since 1984 that a living monarch will have three direct heirs to the throne living at the same time. the last sovereign to experience that was queen victoria in 1894, as said, so it is exciting and i can't wait to see the picture of the queen holding this baby, because really, it could be potentially the first monarch of the 22nd century. >> let's hope for kate's sake
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this baby comes soon. victoria arbiter for us. nice to talk to you. >> thank you. well, police have identified one of f those three women whos bodies was wrapped in plastic over the weekend, and while the bodies were badly decomposed one has been identified as angela deskens of cleveland. and police have suspended the search for more bodies today after scouring empty homes in this neighborhood. amid fears that michael madison may have been inspired by a convicted serial killer. the police commissioner gary norton expressed concerns that there may be more victims sdlchlt th. >> this is a sick individual who
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appears to be influenced by another sick individual. it is horrible and atrocious, and again, we believe that this individual that we are dealing with killed three women in a span of about ten days. that is insane. and we know that if he had been out for one more hour, no telling what would have happened. >> the bodies were found within a couple of blocks of one another after neighbors reported a foul stench. >> we all was complaining that it was stinking around here. we thought it was the garbage. that could be my daughter or my little cousin in one of these b bags that they just found. >> and we are live in the east cleveland neighborhood where the bodies were found. and anna, i want to begin with the victim just identified, and what do you nknow about her? >> well, angela deskens and her body was found behind me in the basement of an abandoned house. and she was a 38-year-old mother, brook, who according to the friends was a quiet girl and
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kept to herself, and they don't know how she got involved with michael madison. i spoke to a friend of angela's a little bit earlier, and she had been missing since may. so there were fliers being put out, and her face literally pictured around the city along with dozen os other women are missing, and this is what is frightening, brook, dozens of women are missing here in east cleveland and have been for weeks and months and if not longer, which is really fueling this speculation that there could be more bodies and on top of that, we know that michael madison was inspired or certainly idolized anthony sowell, and anthony sowell is a serial killer who murdered 11 women here in cleveland in what became known as the house of horror horrors. he is convict and currently on death row, but according to madison, he was a role model and that is why the police are so concerned. the search is resuming tomorrow,
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and they believe that they will be continuing to look around the area. there are a lot of abandoned homes and this is east cleveland and a place doing it tough. so there are many, many homes boarded up that are vacant, and they have to go through these neighborhoods, and they are doing it with the residents as well, and, you know, hopefully they don't find anymore bodies, but the fear, and the real concern is that they will, brook. >> and quickly, anna, how are the police so quickly able to link the multiple women, and the multiple bodies found? >> the multiple bodies that were found were literally found within 30 yards of where i am standing, one in a basement and one in a vacant lot and one in the garage of michael madison. so you mentioned that stench in the introduction and it was a gentleman that we introduced yesterday who worked close by and people that at his business had been complaining about the foul odor, and so he went to check it out and called the police and sure enough, they broke into the garage and found the body wrapped up in plastic and wrapped nupup in a blanket
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he said that there were things that were liquid that poured out of the bag and absolutely revolting and the most revolting smell that he had ever experienced in his life. and you have to remember that if this, you know, the time span of the deaths over the last 6 to 10 days, last week, you know, it was a heat wave. so certainly that would perhaps explain how these bodies have been decomposing. >> yes, anna corrin, thank you. we will mention that she talked to the person who can provide first-person perspective and also what this man was like as a neighbor. that is coming up at the top of the hour. meanwhile, a frightening fall to her death. >> and when it drops the come down, that is when it released, and she just tumbled. >> she just tumbled. what six flags is staying about the roller coaster from which a woman fell on the seat, and one expert tells me whether her weight had anything to do with that. and plus floodwaters sending
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might fear, but never actually expect to happen. a woman visiting six flags over the weekend in texas was thrown from the 14-story high texas giant roller coaster friday night. it was rosy esparza's first trip to texas six flags and we have the latest. >> reporter: some people told the news media that esparza was worried that her seat restraint had not locked properly. and esparza's son and other family members rode with her and they had to ride out the 2:00 roller coaster fearing the rest of the way. >> they were screaming and trying to get out of the restraint screaming "my mom, my mom." >> reporter: six flags refuses to answer questions on camera, but they say that are committed to finding the cause of this tragic accident and it would be a disservice to the family to speculate on what transpired. >> i want to bring in an accident reconstruction who has done accident reconstruction for six flags, and as frighting for
11:19 am
me, because i love the roller coasters, but when you hear the bits and pieces coming forward for the case, if you were an investiga investigator what would you be honing in on first? >> the ride and the design of the seat. we are dealing with the dynamic situation here which ejection can occur, and anything over 0.2 gs can cause displacement, and this individual, the woman who was ejected, mrs. esparza, was a person of very large stature, and you would look at the seat, and look at the design of that seat, and the design of the retention mechanisms and try to determine if in fact she fit properly in that seat or if there was a combination of the issues of seat design and the dynamics of the ride and maybe an issue with the maintenance of the ride or possibly the operations of the individual. >> you know, you bring up her side and i have read article after article and many people bringing up her size, and you know, look, when it comes to passenger size and i have been on many a roller coaster and you
11:20 am
get on the roller coasters and you see the "are you tall enough" signs, but nothing regarding one's weight, and does that exist? is. >> what drives it, and what the ride is designed to do is to reach a 95 percentile human design form which is a 225 pounds for a woman, and 208 pounds for a woman. this is much higher sizes than what is a normal ride. there are no documents that i have seen other than the operators, themselves, screening people that restrict people that size or even smaller people from rides that are of a certain age. it is an area of concern, and an area that needs to be evaluated. >> well, it is something that we looked into once her size was taken into account, and the past incidents of harry potter had to be modified in orlando to accommodate larger women, and in knox berry farm, and also in six
11:21 am
flags in new england, a 210-pound man who came out of a superman ride. there is no oversight on the roller coasters and the rides and this is up to the park who is supposed to be mountding a fair and transparent investigation, and do you trust them? >> well, six flags, when we have worked with them they are very good and conscious about what they are doing, and probably one of the top in the list, but that is a concern. that is something that needs to be evaluated and it is something that the industry has talked about and dealt with. more work obviously needs to be done. >> obviously. robert swint, accident reconstructionist who has worked a number of times with six flag s. thank you very much. and coming up the race to find survivors after a strong and shallow earthquake kills dozens. we will go the beijing next. the new guy is loaded with protein!
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in egypt today, gun fire erupted between supporters and the opponents of the now overthrown president mohamed
11:25 am
mor morsi. a group of supporters was marching near the palace where the supporters had been camped out and then at some point automatic gun fire erupted and one person fell to the ground and his or her condition is unknown. in china, the number of dead has now risen to 89 from an earthquake this morning there. and cnn's david mckenzie has more from beijing. david? >> this powerful and shallow quake struck china early monday morn morning and followed by a series of aftershocks that could have been quakes in their own right. look at this security footage released by the state media which shows the immediate effect of the quake as it struck. the tremors lasted for at least a minute causing people to rush out of the buildings for safety. this is one of the poorest areas in china, and one of the worst affected areas appears to be a county where many of the dead were found, and entire buildings destroyed and homes damaged.
11:26 am
tragically, the elderly and the very young, according to the state media who were affected the worst, because they could not run from the debris as it fell in time. the chinese government and the red cross have mobilized hundreds of rescue and relief workers to the area to try to assist and to find any of the missing. this area has seen torrential rain in recent days and more rain is forecast which could make rescue efforts and relief efforts that much more difficult. david mckenzie, cnn, beijing. david, thank you. coming up next, will katherine jackson lose her temper again after a testy exchange last friday, michael jackson's mother faces more question in the civil trial over her son's death. and boy, oh, boy, to be in the courtroom, the more f-bombs and in the kurtroom of the reputed mob boss whitey bulger. wait until you hear what came up
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i'm brooke baldwin and great being with you, and it is arguably the most action-packed trial not on television, but the one on reputed mob boss james "whitey" bulger and you know the deal, no cameras in federal courtroom, and keep in mind it is monday and already off to a fiery start. steven "rifleman" flemmi served as hi right-hand man to bulger, and oso today, the shouting started from the brother of a victim, and the testimony that bulger had strangled a young woman who was a liability and then went to lie down the rest. and then flemmi says that several times he witnessed bulger having to rest after killing someone. flemmi made no mention of steven
11:31 am
rakes' death who was the 59-year-old found dead on the side of the road last week in massachusetts, less than 24 hours after he learned that he had been dropped from are the prosecution witness list. and rakes had been waiting decades to testify against whitey bulger. most of the people think of him as the man who eats bizarre food, but andrew szimmer has ben dealing with more than odd edible edibles. he is working the services for the underserved to help homeless new yorkers get back on their feet. >> i'm andrew zimmer, and we can make an impact on providing housing and special services for those most in need. getting ready for the first course -- and people are surprised when i looked them in the eye and i say, i'm a recovering addict and alcoholic and homeless for a year in new york n. is a personal issue for me. >> how many people here have been recently working? >> sus provides homes and
11:32 am
services for the underserved communities in new york. it is not enough to give a homeless person a home. you have to train them to get back into the job service system. you have to address their mental health issues and their physical health issues. >> we have 11 of the greatest chefs in the world here tonight to do an incredible dinner for better new york. all benefits sus. >> the greatest gift i have been able to receive in life is another chance. join the movement, impact your world, coming up next, george zimmerman reappears after days in hiding, and get this, this story involves a dramatic rescue on a florida highway. stay right here. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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more now on the developing story that we told you about at the top of the hour. george zimmerman reappearing days after being in hiding following as you know the acquittal in trayvon martin's death. cnn producer vivian quo was in sanford for about a month and now back in atlanta, and tell me what happened. >> yes, we are covering this story and trial for about a year and just when you thaought it could not offer more turns, it keeps giving. we are finding out that the seminole county sheriff's department responds to a single car accident in florida and they get there and spot a blue ford explorer suv overturned off of the road and two men in there helping the occupants in the vehicle out. one of the men is george zimmerman, and we don't know
11:37 am
much, but we don't have a police report, but we know that george zimmerman and his companion were helping two kids out in this reportedly nobody injured in this, but after george zimmerman gave the police his statement, he left, and then nine days after the verdict, we have not heard squat. >> and now we have heard of him reacting to the accident, and you got off of the phone with the defense team, and what did you learn? >> well, they spoke at length to george zimmerman friday and he said nothing of this, and monday, they learned the same from the sheriff's public information office, today. >> okay. vivian quo, if you find anything else out, find out. cnn producer, we appreciate you very much. and now the mother of the late music legend michael jackson is back in court today. katherine jackson is testifying her wrongful lawsuit against
11:38 am
ae aeg, and we got a look at mrs. jackson's testimony here, and cnn obtain ed this exclusive clp not played in court. alan duke is all over the story and back into the courtroom today and tell us what is the latest here, alan. >> well, katherine jackson does not apparently does not like martin putnam, the aeg live lawyer, and she has been fiesty in response to the questions, and reminding him twice in questioning that i have already answered that, and her lawyeren acknowledged that she had actually lost her temper, but did it in a christian-like way. right now, they are asking her about her son's drug difficulties, and she doesn't believe that he abused drugs. she says that she did take part in an intervention along with some of her children in 2002 at the neverland ranch, but however, she does not believe he was a drug abuser, and she does not believe that he was broke at
11:39 am
the time of his death, and she says that the things that she has heard in the trial in the first 12 weeks are making her very upset, and that is why she is there on the stand to straighten them out. martin putnam has a difficult job to not look like a bad guy asking questions of this 83-year-old matriarch of the family, and still wanting to win $2.2 billion for his client. >> yes, if the lawyer of aeg live is calling michael jackson a freak, that has to be risky for them. >> yes, it is a very difficult thing. because this jury has sat for 12 weeks sat jt a few weeks from katherine jackson and watched her laugh and cry in the testimony, and they have probably feel like they know her now from all of the many hours, 53 days in the courtroom, and there's got to be or you would assume that there has to be sim
11:40 am
pa thy amongst them for her at this point, and for marvin putnam the lead lawyer to question her in an aggressive manner as is happening is a difficult act for him to do, but that is what is happening now. >> alan duke in l.a. thank you. and still ahead, video of dramatic video of rescuing folks in floodwaters. and apple is hacked! what may have been taken from the computer giant. i don'without goingcisions to angie's list first. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic! find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out
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now, to some of the stories
11:43 am
in rapid flash. roll it. first up in utah, take a look with me as you will see the flash flood causes monster debris flow that is slow enough for the storm trackers to outrun this. watch. >> now, go! >> look at them running. david rankin from utah shot the video and he said that more than six hours after a major downpour in southern utah, he had positioned himself to four miles to the south, and look at what he captured, the waters overwhelming the area. and too much rain plagued another state, arizona a monsoon hit the phoenix area pretty hard forcing a half dozen rescues and swallowing cars sunday, and one woman witnessed a driver's close call. >> well, i was filming and then the corvette comes bobbing down the water, and he got out of the
11:44 am
vehicle and sitting on top of it, and you could not, because the water was so high that you could not see the vehicle at all. >> wow. >> corvette bobbing down the water she said. and the area got 1 to 2 inches of rain per hour and the ground was saturated already from rain saturd saturday. and hack-a-tack on apple. you see the message onch to the screen will be back because an intruder hit the site for the software developers who creates the apps and apple said that sensitive information was not compromised, but it cannot guarantee that some names and addresses were not accessed. this video may make you crin cringe. >> oh! we are showing you this to you, and we are showing you this off of the top, because he walked a waway with minor bumps and bruises, and he is trying tout new helmet cam, and hits the car at 74 miles per hour, and tosses
11:45 am
the bike and goes over the hood of the kcar, and despite what yu are looking at, he walked away with bumps and bruises. for the first time in the history of the catholic church, a latin american pope will land on his own ground. millions of young catholics are gathering for world youth day celebration celebrations, and the pope -- there you go, the pope just touched down in brazil, and the pope will be also met by a wide variety of protesters trying to use his visit to draw attention to their myriad of causes. coming up two marine planes dropped bombs near the beautiful great barrier reef, and now the u.s. is responding. plus, dna proves that they are not related after all, but congressman steve cohen says that the bond exists between him and the woman he thought was his daughter. you will see the emotional interview only here on cnn.
11:46 am
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11:48 am
you may remember this story from february, and in fact, the president's state of the union address, you had this congressman tennessee steve cohen sending texts in the president's speech to this young woman, an aspiring model victoria brink, and the siren blared and off we all went until
11:49 am
the congressman announced that vi victoria brink was not a mistress, but rather that the out of wedlock daughter, and he had only known her for three years and at the age of 63, he was becoming a dad. so it was all touching and listen to this, because it is now touching and cohen has found out through dna that victoria brink is not his daughter, and he's devastated he says. here he is with chris cuomo. >> so, where is your head and heart in this situation at this point? >> well, they are both in the state of flux. i mean, i have, ecstatic to know that i had a daughter and victoria and i were working on a relationship and it had been three years-plus, and i had visions of her being my heir, and going to her wedding and having grandchildren and all of those things, and loving her, and she the most lovable, sweetest person in the world, and we will still have a relationship, but obviously not the same, because she is not going to have my grandchildren
11:50 am
and my child and so i care about it greatly, but it is heartbreaking and devastating and i'm crushed. >> you didn't like something that we selectively edit dited and it bothered you and we want to help you with that. >> well, it is clear that victoria's mother who told me that i was the father and victoria, too, because some people thought that i looked at the facebook page and googled her and decided she was and that is not true. secondly, there is nothing creepy about me tweeting her from the state of the union. and i will never take my ipod to the state of the union again, u but i was so estatic that she was watching the state of the union and she has other interests and just starting to get an interest in politics and i was ecstatic. >> and the perception is that it is creepy, because we didn't know it was your daughter, and that is the original perception and when victoria says that he is not my father and biological father and to share a bond to be clear, you are not her father in
11:51 am
any identifiable way? >> right. she sent a bouquet for father's day and said she i will always be her father in some way, and sent me a card. >> i know this touches you and even though the biology is not there, but the bond is, and i am sure that warms your heart as well, true, congressman? >> yes. >> all right. you know what, i want to do something that i almost never do with politicians, i will give you a break on this and move on, because you want to talk about the work of being a congressman. >> right. i don't want to be john boehner. >> right. he says he is talking about the chronically gruff speaker of the house who is also prone to tearing up from time to time. and coming up next, a story that you don't want to miss. a mother and her 4-year-old girl diagnosed with cancer just days apart. i speak with both of them in a candid and emotional interview about the prognosis and just how rare their situation is.
11:52 am
imt. . >> i think that now, we are in a better position, because we can all be together. so we do -- we do have a way to go. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth.
11:53 am
so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
11:54 am
i want to tell you now to keep the tissue box close for what you are about to hear. an oregon family received not one, but two stinging blows
11:55 am
within a week. first the mom learn ed thed tha has stage 4 breast cancer and then days later the family found out that the then 3-year-old girl also has cancer. we are told about this story of inspiration and we will talk to the mom and her little girl and share it with you in a moment, but first, here is kathy marshall from our portland affiliate kgw to set up the story. >> i wanted to forget about myself, and i wanted to forget about my own diagnosis, and put all of the treatment plans that we had initiated aside. >> reporter: but last fall, summer started her own treatments at st. vincent's the same way. >> i have no idea how they have dealt with it, but they have had tremendous grace under pressure. >> reporter: the father left his job to be a full time care giver. >> i wish i could put all of the sickness within me and deal with it. i would deal with it a lot b better. you don't know until the scans
11:56 am
come out. and so, every child needs a mother, and i just hope for the best. >> the ruelles also have a 6-year-old son jaden and i talked to summer who had sapphire by her side and also joining us is our medical correspondent elizabeth cohen and asking her about the odds of one family suffering from the two cases of cancer at the same time. take look. >> you wonder, is there something behind this, and so i have been speaking to the experts about this, and they said that it is a chance that it is a totally sad random event, and just a coincidence, but it is also possible that there is a genetic syndrome at play here, and it is a syndrome that is basically a problem with the gene or one of two genes, and the families will have a higher likelihood of getting several cancers including breast and leukemia and that could be at play or a very sad coincidence.
11:57 am
>> and straight to summer and sapphire, and i hear that sapphire's voice. summer, how are you doing? >> oh, we are doing better i think now than we have. in the previous months. we have endured myself multiple surgeries and both of us girls have endured treatments for the past 10 months, and we have come a long way, and we have a ways to go. this is going to be a lifetime chronic illness for me. so it is essentially leaves me with a lifetime of unsecertaint there. is no cure for my disease. it's treatable, but it is not curable. you know, essentially our family is living by scan-to-scan and right now, i'm getting scans on three-month increments and at the time i received some scans on the chest yesterday, and i'm
11:58 am
grateful as of today, my cancer is stable. so i do have, you know, some spots that we are watching, but, you know, again, anything could change at any given time. there is not any point that my doctor will say that i'm cured. >> i am listening to you, summer, but i am distracted because i am watching your daughter, too, because here you are a mom. you have your hands full, and sapphire, i know you wanted to bring her along and she has an ear peace in, and sapphire, if you can hear me. sapphire, how are you? >> yeah. go good. >> you are good. >> yeah. really, what we try the do as a family is try to find joy in ev every single day. you know, the children even sapphi sapphire, and she just is a strong little girl, and you know, she really -- she's really support of me and my treatment, and we have gone through this process as a partnership with
11:59 am
each other, and we have a very, and you have heard in the other interview that i mentioned that we have a special mother/dau mother/daughter relationship, and we do take, and have a lot of similarities in the process that we are going through, and she coaches me through the process just like i coach her. when we are having difficult times, you know. there are days that she'll have a difficult treatment and still want to go grocery shopping and i may not feel up to it, and you know, her encourage maybe be what held minneapolis to get through the day. >> i appreciate you and you bringing your little one into the studio. i see the love and feel it and i thank you very much mom and daughter. thank you, guys. bye-b bye-bye. i like the wave. bye. you could not hear her little voice, but she says bye-b bye-bye. the prognosis for the mom and daughter is mixed. while the cob or thes are optimistic that sapphire will recover, it is not as promising for the 36-year-old mother. summer's cancer has spread to both her bones and lymph nodes,
12:00 pm
but summer and her husband have had to quit their jobs and set up this website to let the family know about the prognosis and if you'd like to donate, you can donate there on the page, and they pay $1,700 a month in insurance premiums alone and that is not day-to-day living expenses. if you are touched by the story and you would like to help that is the ruelle r-u-e-l-l-e. did weight play a role in a woman's tragic death on a six flags roller coaster. i'm brooke baldwin and the news is now. a possible serial kill ser -- killer is behind bar as we learn he idolized a monster. as michael jackson's mother fights a concert promoter in court, she cries on the stand and reveals private conservations with her son. what happens now? and plus a woman sent to
12:01 pm
prison after telling police that she was raped. now, a dramatic twist. and f-bombs fly, and tempers flare and outburst interrupts the trial of the reputed mob the trial of the reputed mob boss whitey bulger. -- captions by vitac -- and we continue on. good to be with you. i'm brooke baldwin. in cleveland police have identified one of three women whose bodies were found wrapped in plastic in east cleveland over the weekend and while the bodies were badly dekcome po posed the authorities have been able to identify one of them as 38-year-old angela deskins of cleveland. and 35-year-old michael madison is charged with three counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping and is currently being held on $6 million bond. the police suspended the search for more bodies after scouring
12:02 pm
the homes in one neighborhood amid fears that madison may have been convi been inspired by a kconvicted serial killer, and the police chief claims there may be more victim victims. >> a sick individual who appears to be influenced by another sick individual. it is horrible and atrocious, and again, we believe that this individual that we are dealing with killed three women in a span of about ten days. that is insane. and we know that if he had been out for one more hour,telling w happened. >> i want to bring in shayon child, and you are the one who called the police because you smelled something and you thought it was a dead animal. take me back to last week. >> last week, on monday, we all came into the work, all of the employees of the east cleveland cable, and we started to smell the smell when we came into the
12:03 pm
building. that smell carried on all of the way up to tuesday. on wednesday, the smell went away when we came in, but what happened was i had to go into one of the garages to get some cable to stock up my truck that i work for east cleveland cable, and started smelling the smell. and on wednesday in the garages and i went back on thursday into another garage, smelled the smell again. on friday, i came into work, and one of the employees normally park in one of the garages, and he backed out of the garage and the fact that he said that the smell was real horrible, i started laughing not knowing what was going on. i told him, yeah, i smelled it on thursday. after that, he went inside of the office and i cam back out and pulled up in the garage, and went in there and looked around, and ran back out, and another employee came in, mickey, and we went out and grabbed the lysol to spray it to see if there were any dead animals under the
12:04 pm
crates that we have inside of the garage. realized that there was a lot of flies that was on the wall. they were actually trying to like go from one side of the garage into another garage. so i knew from that point that it had to be something else besides an animal. i called the authorities up and told them that i was smelling a horrible smell, and would they send out, you know, could they send out an officer out, and also, mickey, another employee, gave them them a call, and they came right out, and we tried to get s.s. into the garage, and couldn't get s.s. to come in. >> let me jump in, because not only did you and your colleague call the police and you actually called if i am correct, you called mr. madison who is now charged with some of the crims.s what did you say to him and what was his response? >> e well, mickey, the other employee called him and said that we need access to the
12:05 pm
garage, and she asked was he upstairs and he said he was not upstairs, and so, you know, asked him to -- me and him had a conflict with each other and so mickey did all of the talking. and she asked him to come out, and could he open up the garage, because the authorities wanted to, you know, see what was going on in the garage, and he said he was not around, and from there they had to get access another way. >> and why did you have conflict with him. and what kind of man is he? what kind of neighbor was he? >> i mean, you know, we talked at first. he was a good man to me. and we just had a conflict, you know, the traffic that, you know, trying to get my truck out of the move of equipment from back and forth and blocked him in, and he got upset. we had our words, and from there, we had to like amends, and we went on. i went my way and he went his and we saw each other everyday, and that is it.
12:06 pm
>> i read that you heard that madison had conflicts with different girls and upset with some and got real loud, and could you be specifics? >> well, when he got upset with one of the girlfriends he would get loud and you could hear him two blocks away, a nd he would get real loud and deep voice. that is him, the way he respond when he get upset. >> and quickly, how is the neighborhood responding to this? >> well, you know, they were shocked. we were all shocked just knowing that, you know, it was happening right above us, and nobody know what was going on, and it is surprising. you know, i still think about it every time i get a second to myself, you know, i say to myself, wow, how could this happen, and why? i guess i will never know. >> a lot of wows from similar instances in cleveland. thank you for sharing what you saw and what you know. i should tell you that the mayor of east cleveland was in the
12:07 pm
streets trying to calm the fears of the people who live there this weekend and he will talk live to erin burnett tonight at 7:00 eastern on "live to erin burne burnett." and sad news out of hollywood, actor dennis farina has died. he starred in "law and order" and several movies over the years including big ones, "save private ryan" and get shorty" and before becoming an actor, he worked as a police officer in chicago for years. the publicist sent us a statement. part of it, quote, he will be greatly missed by his family and friends and colleagues and we hope that he finds a new life where the great roles are plentiful, and the cubs are always winning the pennant. six flags over texas is investigating friday fight's accident involving one of the biggest roller coasters. a woman fell to her death while riding the texas giant and it is a 14-story high roller kocoast, and media reports that witnesses
12:08 pm
say that she told the employee that the safety restraints had not blocked properly before the ride began. the woman identified as rosy esparza was riding the coaster with her children, and i talked last hour to a accident scene reconstructionist. >> we are talking about anything that is over 2.2 gs could cause problems. this woman, ms. esparza was a woman of a woman of large stature, and you look at the design of the seat and the design of the retention mechanisms and try to determine if in fact she fit properly in t the seat. >> six flags has issued a statement promising a full investigation, but said it would be a disservice to the family to speculate on the accident. all eyes on london at st.
12:09 pm
mary's hospital where catherine, the duchess of cambridge has been reportedly in labor for more than 14 hours. we have been waiting for the birth and you know she is waiting for the birth of the new est member of england's royal family and a baby who might some day sit on the british throne. right now inside of this fairly ordinarily looking building in london is the princess of cambridge kate and we will find out if the world is welcoming a future king or queen. and we are joined outside of buckingham palace where the standard is flying high and the queen is in residence and waiting for the news just like the rest of the world. she is the one who will announce it, but kate, it is just after 8:00 your time, and what happens if she dozes off to sleep? >> yes. well, the queen is not a late
12:10 pm
bird, we know that. she is in residence and we saw her coming in earlier today, and the flag is as you say flying beautifully, but the queen likes to move to go to bed around 9:00 p.m. uk time. so we really only have about an hour for the baby to be born. so what we are suspect is that probably not until tomorrow morning, because the queen is the first person who must be told. when the baby is born, the first thing that william will do apart from holding the new child in his arms is to pick up specially encrypted phone so no one can hack it, and say, hello, granny, it is a baby. and nobody can be told, not the prime minister or the archbishop of canterbury or the heads of the commonwealth and certainly not the public wait iing out he for the news. so when the queen knows that the information will be taken from the hospital, it will be taken from the private secretaries to the palace behind us, and then it will be written on the golden
12:11 pm
easel from the time memorial, and that is how it has been for years. >> and then waiting for the name which could take days or weeks, and let me ask you about primogeniture which means that rules are changes, so if this is a little girl and she has a younger brother, because of the change, and this is history here, she would be the queen. >> yes, that is the exciting thing that previously monarchs could only come to the throne as a woman. if they had no male siblings or only female siblings like queen elizabeth has only margaret, and it does not matter if william and kate go on to have five boy s if it is a girl, she will go to the throne, and so we have finally outdated this age of men only to the monarchs and the women are the leftovers or the second choice, because so many of our best loved monarchs in
12:12 pm
britain, victoria, elizabeth the i and elizabeth the second have all been women. >> thank you, vig or the ya. we hope that we get the news before the queen falls asleep in an hour's time. and thank you for joining us outside of buckingham palace. and five women killed when a limo burst into flames and now we are hearing from a woman who says she was on the phone with the driver when that limo ignited. we will hear what she is saying. and george zimmerman is in the news again and this time for what he did at the scene of a florida traffic accident. that is next. she knows you like no one else. and you wouldn't have it any other way.
12:13 pm
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12:15 pm
nine days after george zimmerman disappeared after a jury acquitted him in the death of trayvon martin, he has
12:16 pm
reappeared of all places on a florida highway. vivian, our producer, is following this, and you were there for a month and now back on george zimmerman again but in a different way. >> very, very different events. this is last wednesday, four days after the verdict, seminole county sheriff's office got a call about a single vehicle accident in florida and when they responded what do they see? they see a blue ford explorer suv overturned off of the side and off of the road and two men helping the occupants in the vehicle out, and one of george zimmerman, himself. >> and you say this location of the accident is how far? >> from the intersection is of state road 46 and interstate 4 in sanford, florida, which is a mile away from the retreat of twin lakes where george zimmerman first encountered trayvon martin and where he was shot and killed. >> we have understood from the
12:17 pm
defense team that they are fearing for his life and safety and he would go underground metaphorically speaking, and you talked to the defense team on the phone a little bit ago and what did they tell you? >> well, for the media, we have no idea where george zimmerman was, and open speculation he would get out of town because of the death threats and it is surprising to us to know that he was still there in sanford, and the defense team said they did not know about the incident and george zimmerman talked to them at length friday and did not breathe a word. >> thank you, vivian. and now to shocking revelations from a deadly limo accident. and remember this in may, and now the wife of the driver is telling the san mercury news that she was on the phone arguing with him as five women died. she said that the music was really loud and i said, i can't hear you, turn it down, and you are not paying attention and like, get off of the phone, and
12:18 pm
stop calling me and i'd hate to have a limo driver like you. and she directly contradicts what orville brown's wife said to me. >> when you are minutes away from the bridge, and you hear the tapping on the partition, were you listening to music? >> no. >> were you on your cell phone? >> no. >> i have read that your brother has been quoted that you keep more, and you could have done e more, do you still feel that way? >> imean, in this situation, you always feel like you could have done more, and i don't know. i mean, you know, everything happened so fast, that i just wished that, you know, there could have been something done more, and i don't particularly know. >> brown's wife raises the question, did the music and his
12:19 pm
wife distract him from the fire. speaking through his brother, orville brown had no comment today except to the fact that he looks forward to the findings of the complete investigation of the death of the bride and her friends about to celebrate and upcoming ceremony. and the pope just landed in brazil and a historic twist to this visit and we will tell you what it is next.
12:20 pm
12:21 pm
12:22 pm
for the very first time in the history of the catholic church, a latin american pope will touch down and has already touched down on his own continent. pope francis arrived a few moments ago and that is the pope cruising down the highway with the window down and the first foreign trip as pope. look at this. you have millions of young catholics there in brazil for this particular day here, and they are hoping that they can reenergize catholics in the native brazil, and look at the pictures. the window is all of the way down and catching the breeze in rio, and, you know. let's go straight to shasta darlington who is standing by in rio. i don't know if you have seen the pictures, shasta, but i
12:23 pm
can't say that i have ever seen a pope -- we have seen the popes in the pope mobiles and we have seen him walking among the people, a nd now here he is officially in his home continent of south america. >> that is right, brooke. these are amazing pictures and it is only going to get better. he is driving to this car to the center of rio where he will switch to back of an open jeep and drive around the streets there, and hundreds if not thousands of people are lining the streets and on the highway and lining the highway to the center, and waiting for him there, and this is a man who came out and said that i don't want to ride around in the bulletproof pope mobile, and i want to be out in the open. he is a man of the people, and he is showing it here in rio de janeiro today. in fact, there is a huge storm moving in, and we will see if he is able to do this, but so far, he is following the plan that he has set, and it is pretty amazing because when he stepped out of the plane, and i'm here
12:24 pm
at copa cabana, and it is lined with huge screens so people can see him appear here and then the huge roar went up people shouting "he's the pope, he's the pope." he is one of their own and a man coming home for so many south americans, and so it an exciting moment, brooke. >> and we could see, and the cameras are honing back closer, and you could see the right hand out of the window that is all of the way down, and we saw some as you mentioned, shasta, people lining the highway and traffic at a standstill on the other side, and have you ever seen a pope, and i don't want to call him rogue, but so comfortable with the people and for me, i think that i'd be nervous. >> well, brooke, i have to say that pope john paul ii was comfortable with people in a different way. what really sets pope francis apart is this humility and this willingness to sort of try to be on the same level as the people, and in fact, this trip was
12:25 pm
actually planned when pope benedict was still in the man in charge and expected to be much shorter and arrive three days later and fewer stops, and the fact that pope francis wants to get out on the streets, and apparently 16 trips in the open-backed jeep already planned. he keeps on changing the schedule and adding more and more and really making people nervous in fact for security reasons. >> right. >> there are more than 30,000 security people standing by so this is definitely going to have people on edge. but for brazilians and the argentines and the spaniards and the italians flying into rio de janeiro to see him, it is exciting, brooke. >> that is a photo-op, a pope in the open-backed jeep. we will wait for that one. thank you, shasta darlington. and media support for the officer who leaked the photos of the boston bombing suspect in a
12:26 pm
watertown and he could lose his job for breaking protocol, but now a growing number of people supporting him online. his story is next. the projects e in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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what's your policy? oh, it is getting exciting and near the bottom of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin and maybe not exciting for duchess of cambridge because nearly 14 hours she has been in labor, and catherine went into labor early this morning and the world awaits word whether it is a little girl or a little boy. traditionally the announcement is posted up on the galts of buckingham palace, the sex and the weight on a framed gold easel just outside of the palace doors, but now we are hearing that suddenly, a change of plan. a change in protocol and now a formal press release containing the details of the birth will be released before the traditional easel announcement. th max foster is our royal
12:30 pm
correspondent who got the scoop on that and he has been wait in outside of st. mary's hospital and max, we are waiting with you and first, tell me about the change in protocol and why? >> well, i'm -- i have the two mic microphones here, because we are waiting for an announcement here, and so the plan has change and the whole easel moment, and when the press secretary would come out with the messenger and take it to buckingham palace and it may still happen, but what we are told is that there will be a press release before then and so we are all glued to the iphones, and could it happen tonight? that is likely, and that is what we are reading into it, and unconfirmed and you know, brooke, you did the whole palace thing last year, because you have to read in between the lines of it. and so there a real sense of excitement here at the moment. >> i will not be insulted if you continue the glance down at your blackberry. >> brooke, brooke, brooke!
12:31 pm
>> yes. >> okay. her royal highness the duchess of cambridge was deliver ed of son at 4:20 p.m. and the baby is 8 pounds and 6 ounces and the duke of cambridge was present at the birth, and the prince harry and dut chchess of cornwell hav been informed of the news. they are doing well, and will remain in the hospital overnight. so that is the news, a boy born at 4:24 which is just a few hours ago. 8 pounds. so wonderful news. you can hear the cheers. can we spin around. there's the crowds that are going to get the information. there you are, brooke. >> i want to sit on this. ladies and gentlemen, the duchess of cambridge has had a little boy. max foster, you have been out there i know for many days as has the media circus and we have so many people to talk to, and tell me, so it was her husband
12:32 pm
and the duke of cambridge was in the room, and do we know what -- i know that you only know what you just got in your e-mail, but what do you know about the lead-up to this birth that she was of due. >> she was overdue, but she has had a really good birth and she always said that she wanted to have a natural birth and that is not outlined in here, but, she came in and she was this the early stages of pregnancy, and that is a few hours ago of labor in the hospital. so it does imply that she was not induced and she was in so 4:20, and she was in hospital, and she was in labor, and so we are talking about ten hours of labor, over ten hours of labor. and a boy, 8 pounds and 6 ounces is a healthy size indeed. i think that you will agree. and the duke of cambridge the hands on dad was there in the room. they must be delight and with we are told that the whole royal family are delighted and the middle tons and of course, they
12:33 pm
would be, because there is so much nervousness. there is a car coming here, and we will check who this is for you, brooke. the cars -- i want to get out of the shot so we can just make sure that we get whatever is going to happen here. so this is not a palace car, but it looks like official car as you can see. and we are going to see what is going to happen, and this is the easel moment, brooke. if we are correct, ed perkins who is the palace press secretary at kensington palace is going to come out with a little notice, and that is going to be handed to the car, i think. it will be driven over to buckingham palace and truly exciting moment, but it is going to contain the same information that we have just been given, and we won't get the name, it doesn't seem, brooke. >> max, let me hit pause, and welcome our viewers in the united states, and around the world, ladies and gentlemen, it is a boy! we are sitting here watching the doors of the private lindo wing
12:34 pm
of st. mary's hospital where the duchess of cambridge has been in hospital and waiting and thinking that she could have potentially been in labor for some 14 hours, but it turns out that we have just learned with the royal cnn correspondent max foster that four hours ago she gave birth to a little baby boy at 4:24 to be precise in london time and the baby was 8 pounds and 6 ounces and her husband the duke of cambridge were standing by and max foster was reporting as part of this, there is of course as we love the british and the pomp and pageantry of all of this and the weddings and the jubilees and now the birth, the protocol has changed. so we have the camera honed in on the doors to wait max foster as you are with me as we are now speaking to the viewers around the world, remind us of this protocol change, because we are waiting for the press secretary to arrive to do what?
12:35 pm
>> he will deliver a piece of paper and small piece of paper, and it will be framed and driven to the buckingham palace by this car and placed on a grand old easel and the last time it was done was 31 years ago when prince william was born in the same hospital. so the easelle is dusted down and placed in the fore of buckingham palace. and huge cheers from the crowds who have gathered here. he has a big smile on his face, and the few hours since the birth, and big moment for him and only been in the job for less than a year. the car goes off, and helicopter coming up shortly, brooke, as this goes down to buckingham palace and a huge moment in british history. >> max foster, i got goose
12:36 pm
bumps. max foster standby as we dusted a tough easel and look at the crowds and the people who live in london and people lucky enough to be there on holiday and vacation, and taking this history in. becky anderson is outside of buckingham palace for us in the thick of things. becky, wow. what an evening in london. tell me, just set the scene for me. >> what an evening. it has been the hottest day of the year and one of the hottest days ever here, but the sun is going down and a little bit of a breeze, and the people are -- well, it has been a sense of anticipation all day, but the crowds ran towards buckingham palace and you can see them there now, and they are awaiting that gilded easel and you have seen the birth notice leaving the lindo wing, the private wing of st. mary's hospital where this baby boy, some four hours ago was born. 8 pounds and 6 to the duke and duchess of cambridge. this is the third in line to the throne. it is the 43rd monarch, english
12:37 pm
monarch since 1066 if indeed this kid ascending to the throne. it is a long time before that happens, but these crowds here at buckingham palace and looking behind them and nothing like the crowds it has to be said that you saw in the royal wedding, but i anticipate that there will be thousands of people coming here tonight. we will have a period i guess of about a half an hour, and you saw the car leave the lindo wing of st. mary's hospital. it is a drive under police escort of i would say 10 to 15 minutes from st. mary's hospital in paddington and if you know the geography of london, paddington is to the north of the city and in central london and there's buckingham palace in the center. apparently the birth notice will be taken inside of the palace and once assuming that the queen who is there already knows. we know she was to be rung by william first, and this is about four hours ago and that was done
12:38 pm
some time ago and the gilded easel the moment that we have all been and the tis pating will be brought out into the forecourt there at buckingham palace and the official announcement made. but the plans change, because it never was supposed to be a press announcement, and so to some of the pomp and ceremony a little bit lessened here, but still incredibly exciting day both for the press here for the royal family at least and for the people standing outside of buckingham palace. >> i feel the excitement all of the way here in the united states. i was talking to one of the royal xhen commentators here an least as you mentioned it is likely that william phoned the grandmother of the news, because she is an early riser and early to go to bed and hopefully the phone call happened hours ago and she is perhaps headed in that direction. let me bring in victoria, and stand by with me, becky, because a lot of the voices on the historic day here. and victoria ar biter is joinin
12:39 pm
me and she is live in new york, but she snow knows the royal life very well having lived in kensington palace and her father was the press secretary for the queen for many, many years, and so exciting. your reaction, victoria. >> i am so thrill ed that finaly we know after all of this waiting na we have a boy. my first thought, i have to say, this is how brilliant a royal kate is. there are women throughout british royal family history who have panicked not being able to deliver a boy, and here we are, kate did it first time. so it does mean a change in the next succession conversation is over, and kate has had a healthy baby boy. >> and here is something interesting for people who did not realize as i did my royal homework to prepare for the diamond jubilee last summer i
12:40 pm
realized that before she married who is now the duke of cambridge, prince william, the royal family must make sure that she is healthy and that she could bear a child. >> well, there is a lot of talk about this, but i don't know how concrete and true that actually is. but at the end of the day, they really want william in this day and age, that is the way it was back then, but they want william to marry someone he loves because that is a large part of the future of the monarchy to make sure it is the person he lives with, and not the part of the arranged marriage, and obviously, they want to make sure that she is healthy, but the fact that they loved each other and in it for the long haul is important especially after the trials and the tribulations of the '90s. >> i am sure that you wish you were in london and surrounded by the people to be a lucky tourist to happen past buckingham palace as they bringl there, and it is important to say that it was just 38 years ago when we
12:41 pm
saw another famous couple princess diana and prince charles descend with their baby boy and now prince william. >> and it is going to be a poignant moment because the photographs of charles and diana are iconic and we look back over them and pour over them years and years after when they happened so it is going to be special to see william and kate recreating that pose shall i say, and yes, i really feel that this is when the patriotism kicks in. the british don't tend to get excited and we are a cynical bunch, but give us a little bit of pomp and pageantry, and we do run with it. the buzz in london must be thrilling as indeed up and down the kun tcountry. >> i am sure, victoria, and thank you so much, victoria arbiter for us. and now back to london and where you see all of the people outside of the buckingham palace awaiting the easel, and we saw the people leave the hospital and now next stop is where you are, becky anderson, and the
12:42 pm
official birth announcement. >> yes, it is going to be 10 or 15 minutes before you see the can car pull into buckingham palace and the gates were opened ten minutes ago. the official birth notice we are heard will go into buckingham palace and the gilded easel is on the forecourt, and so it is the question of the official notice of the birth of this baby boy 8 pounds and 6 and born 4 1/2 hours ago and a question of time before we see that official notice posted on that gilded easell l easel. in the past, the official notice was stuck on the gates here at buckingham palace, but they do things a little bit more pomp and ceremony as it were these days for perhaps our benefit as much as theirs, and that should happen within the next 20 minutes or so, and then of course, we come to the question of what will the baby boy be called, and that is never going to to be part of this official
12:43 pm
announce announcement. it took ten days before we knew william's name in 1982. it took a month before we knew prince charles' name, and a month, because they officially announce his name at his chrissening a months -- chris senning here. and kate, 30 people in attendance today, but what we do know that it was simply the duchess of cambridge and the duke of cambridge better known as prince william. >> and the medical team were the only people in the delivery room. some talk of the middleton's being there, and they weren't. the queen is here and charles and camilla on a separate visit in new york, and as you say, very different to the old days in 1688 there was once an announcement that more than 80
12:44 pm
people gave witness to the birth. the birth was a public occasion and great honor the at the end and not so much fun for the consort. >> well, one of the things that used to happen is that the home secretary who is sort of in charge of the cabinet underneath the prime minister used to be at the birth to witness it just in case, i think that i'm right, in case they swapped the babies out a commoner. >> yes, just in case the commoner was born, and a stillborn and they swapped wit a commoner and what a shock, someone better looking or bigger, and so they have the home secretary to check, but king george vi, and oh, my goodness, so do all of the home secretaries of the commonwealth, and too many. >> and this is the car that left the lindo wing of st. mary's hospital. being handed to the royal aide, and the moment here in british history. the birth notice going into the buckingham palace and the next
12:45 pm
time we see that birth certificate and the first time is on that, the gilded easel. the gilded easel where we saw the birth announcement, and 31 years ago again with prince w l william and i go back to the images and the pictures and i remember that 31 years ago seeing princess diana and prince charles carrying a young baby boy at the time. back to you, becky, because you know all about the pomp and pageantry of the british and i'm curious, celebratory gun salutes and royal flyovers for this little one. >> yeah, there will be the gun salutes. 41 in green park which is just where we are. if you know london and the back to buckingham palace and to the left side, there will be a 41 gun salute. and what i understand is that it may not be and that pretty ti -- that won't be tonight, but 2:00 p.m. tomorrow, and possibly so they don't wake up people in the
12:46 pm
evening and a 62 gun salute from the tower of london and the bells will peele and the fountains of trafalgar square will turn blue or pink, and the water will turn blue because it is a baby boy, and 8 pounds and 6 and born at 4:24 about 4 1/2 hours ago now, and it is a little baby boy. >> as we look at the live split screen and the media and the cameramen rushing to the gates there at buckingham palace and on the right side we will see the easel as we await the birth announce announcement, and the next big moment, becky anderson, will we see the shot of the duke and the duchess of cambridge leaving the hospital. and when might that be? >> well, that is one would guess certainly they have said in the announ announcement tonight that they will stay at the hospital for a period of time. now, you know, we are talking a about birth that -- we will bring in kate williams here,
12:47 pm
that birth is 10 hours of labor and exhausting times for somebody who knows that the eyes of the world will be on her when she appears on the steps as charles and diana did in 1982. you want to get yourself sorted out, don't you? and kate will agree with me that it will be 24 or 48 hours from now? >> yes, we don't expect them coming out, and as you say a long birth and hot day and in labor for at least since 6:00 this morning and if not all night. and so i don't think that we will see her for a few days and that moment when diana came out on the steps with charl and william, and it was so iconic and it has gone down in history, and so whether they repeat it and before all royals gave birth at home and we never saw it and when william and kate and the baby repeat it is going to be the child's most notable photo for years. >> one of those television
12:48 pm
moments that will last 15 seconds but all of us will remember for the rest of our lives, brooke. >> other than the moment we got about 15 minutes ago knowing that it is a baby boy 8 pounds and 6 ounces is the next moment. becky and kate, i appreciate you there outside of buckingham palace as we await the birth announcement to be placed on the easel in front of the palace, and now back to victoria arbiter, and my question to you is that i love the pomp and the pageantry of course of the british in this birth announ announcement landing on the easel, but juxtapose that, victoria, with a more modern couple. from what i understand and here we have the duke of cambridge -- victoria, let me stop myself, and walk us through what is happening with the birth announcement. >> that is the queen's secretary who has just placed the birth announ announcement on the gilded easel. this easel has only been used for prince william's birth announcement and we are seeing the first time of history
12:49 pm
repeating itself, and it is lovely to set up this bit of theater i pose that the son of prince william should use the same easel. it is thrill iing. on that announcement we see that it has been signed by the medical team. i can't see it closely, but i think that it has probably got the time of birth and the weight of the baby and of course, the gender which we all know now is a boy. >> this is something that we watched -- correct me if i'm wrong -- victoria, watched from st. mary's hospital come to buckingham palace and walked inside of buckingham palace and what happened in the last five minutes before it was placed on the easel? >> the announcement was taken inside to be framed. it just was brought over on the parchment paper and then taken inside to be framed and the press secretary of the queen was given the honors to place it on the easel. >> and juxtaposing this pomp and pageantry with the modern family with kate and william and i know talk of him taking his full po
12:50 pm
tern ti leave. >> yes, william will take his full pa teternity leave. he is given it by the ministry of defense and when william is at work, he is william wales and just like the other guys and i don't believe that the other ref rescue workers would want so i think they're going to be relishing their time at home with the baby over the next couple of weeks. >> how exciting, exciting. viktor yark thank yc victoria, thank you very much. i want to go back to our correspondent who broke the news live on cnn of this baby boy who was born just a couple of hours ago. max, what are you learning? >> well, i've learned that it wasn't a c-section, the palace sources telling me that. william was there throughout. it was just the two of them and the medical team. a very hands-on father. and there was this gap of three, four hours between delivery of the baby and the announcement.
12:51 pm
and i've been told that kate and william just wanted to spend time with their new baby. had some calls to make as well. didn't take too long. between the two of them they rang the queen, prince harry, the prime minister and the like. a huge sense of excitement. they wanted to spend that time with their own first baby, make the necessary calls. it was a normal labor and everyone is very, very well. so it's gone brilliantly. >> max, i wasn't quite sure, did you say it was or was not a caesarean section? >> it was not a caesarean section. it was a natural birth. >> got it. which is what we know kate wanted. i hear the screams around you. can i just ask you on the fly as we're talking live, can you tell me what's around you outside of this hospital? >> i can, if we're able to turn
12:52 pm
the camera. we're in this very tight pen, brooke. but you got the crowds over there. behind the camera, you got a massive media. but this lot were literally screaming within moments of us announcing the news. they took a chance to come down here today and they saw a moment in history and they're going to stick here, i i'm sure, until you have the moment when the couple appear on the steps. but almost certainly that won't be today. it will probably be in the morning. >> could be in the morning, could be the next day. look at the crowds. max, thank you. look at the crowds lining up outside of buckingham palace. my goodness. matthew chance is somewhere in this crowd outside of buckingham palace. matthew, tell me where you are and, i mean, what a scene. >> absolutely incredible scene. we've actually been kept back from the gates of buckingham palace, which is where that notification has been put out on the easel. you can see there are hundreds
12:53 pm
of people that have gathered outside those gates now. the there's big cheers being raised now. the easel is there, the notification is there for people trying to get a photo of. there are helicopters in the sky as well in what's going to be a great deal of celebration over the coming hours and indeed over the coming days as this momentous event is celebrated by not just british people but by people all over the world. i suspect by a lot of people out here at buckingham palace, a lot of people around the world have come here just to see this uniquely british spectacle. it is an international event, brooke. >> we know when the queen is in her residence it's because the royal standard flag is flying high, she's home. we know the phone call was made from her grandson, yes, we had a boy. do we have any idea what's happening behind those buckingham palace doors? >> well, i expect there's some
12:54 pm
celebrations being had inside buckingham palace right now. you're right, the queen does th traditionally go to bed relatively early. the flag is up there. it's not flying very much. there's no wind today. one of the other features, it's been the hottest day on record for seven years. so it's been really sweltering. so all these people have come out despite the searing heat here. a lot of celebrations going on inside and outside the palace. >> not a fun timing to pregnant, i suppose, in london. matthew, stand by for me. let me go to victoria, she lived in kensington palace, her father was a press secretary for the queen. she knows a bit about the pomp and pageantry that goes along with the british. ism so entirely exciting.
12:55 pm
presumably we see this big photo-op we wait for leaving st. mary's hospital, moving on with their lives. where do they go next? >> my guess is they'll leave early tomorrow afternoon. kate may have some friends visit in the morning. immediately they'll go to kensington palace. i think any new parent wants to have quality time with their baby, learning the ropes, getting to know them. >> victoria, forgive me. let me cut you off. let's listen. [ inaudible ]. >> victoria, do you have any idea what we're looking at? this is clearly outside of st. mary's hospital. >> this is traditionally an old town cryer. i suppose they didn't have
12:56 pm
twitter back in the day. we do have a bit of theatrics here, which is quite wonderful. he's tolling the bell saying "god save the queen" and welcome to t new arrival. >> forgive me for interrupting you. back to where you were, you said they would likely leave the hospital tomorrow, back to kensington palace. >> and after kensington palace, their aides have said they haven't made any decisions yet but they've got a few options. the queen is going to be up in balmoral. it gives the family complete and utter freedom. or they could go to bucklebury. it's a slim possibility they'll
12:57 pm
be there. they could just stay at kensington palace or william has to be back in wales. he as search and rescue work to complete before september. they're going to take it one day at a time and figure out what's best for the family. >> we're looking at live pictures, we saw the official birth announcement signed by the medical staff travel from st. mary's hospital all the way down the road to buckingham palace, which was placed on top of this gilded easel. this was the moment where it was taken inside buckingham palace framed and then placed on this easel. it's a boy. if you're just joining us, the duchess of cambridge came birth to a baby boy just a few hours ago at 4:20 p.m. london time. he is 8 pound, 6 ounces.
12:58 pm
a lot of people were wondering who would be in the room. we have just learned that it was just the duke and duchess. back to you, victoria. you mentioned the paparazzi. it's been a tenuous relationship with the paparazzi. so many people will want to get pictures of this little baby boy. will they respect the royal family's wishes? >> they've respected the family's wishes after diana's death than before. two photographers spotted kate going into the hospital before anybody else knew and they chose not to take a photograph. that speaks volumes about the relationship that has been created between the press and paparazzi. the issue is international photographers and paparazzi. william has a difficult time
12:59 pm
disassociated international media with the paparazzi. of course these pictures will be worth a lot. >> i want to thank all of you for watching. what a day, what an evening for everyone in london. i'm brooke baldwin. john berman in for jake tapper. "the lead" begins right now. welcome to our viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. on "the lead," cigars all around, everyone, it is a boy. katherine, the duchess of cambridge, giving birth to a son, it happened at 4:24 london time.
1:00 pm
let's get to max foster. he's been covering this story from the beginning, practically delivered this baby himself. max, we're now hearing from the family. >> yes. my wife and i are overjoyed at the arrival. my first grandchild. we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. grandparenthood, says prince charles, is a unique moment in anyone's life, as countless people have told me in recent months. i'm enormously proud and happy to be a grandfather for the first time and we're eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future. >> prince charles is first in line to the thrown. now there is a baby at 8 pounds, 6 ounces, baby cambridge, as he's being called, who is third in line to the thrown. what details do we have about the delivery itself? >> so it was a normal r.