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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  July 22, 2013 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> thank you so much for us right now. that is it for "the lead." our royal baby coverage continues with lord wolf blitzer, the duke of "the situation room" coming up. john, thanks very much. the world welcomes a new royal baby third in line to the british thrown. just ahead we go live to london where all the excitement from this historic event is unfolding. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." you're looking at extraordinarily pictures, mass crowds gathering at the gates of buckingham palace, celebrating the arrival of the first child, a son, born to catherine, duchess of cambridge and her husband, prince william. here's what we know so far. the baby boy was born at 4:24
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p.m. london time, weighed in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces. prince william just issued a statement minutes ago saying, and i'm quoting now, he and catherine could not be happier. this was the historic now a short while ago when the official bulletin announcing the arrival was displayed outside the palace. max foster is just outside st. ma mary's hospital. he joins us with the latest. what is the very latest? >> reporter: the very latest is a statement from the prince saying "we could not be happier." i've just got confirmation he is staying overnight in the hospital. this is a father who spent the whole labor with his wife, only the two of them and their medical team in the hospital. so he's issued a statement. i don't think we're going to get
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any more tonight. some word he was going to come out. we're not getting any more tonight. he was going to come out and speak to cameras. that's not going to happen. so that's the final update. we've heard from the prime minister and prince charles speaking on behalf of the family. all delighted, it was a natural birth, from what we can tell. it certainly wasn't a c-section. it seems as though it went really smoothly actually. and when we saw the doctors come out, the three royal doctors, they had big smiles on their faces. i think that's probably the best sign that things went well. >> the baby was born at 4:24 p.m. london time, weighs 8 pound, 6 ounces. everybody wants to know what is the baby boy's name? we don't know but when are we going to find out? >> you have to read between the lines when speaking to the palace aides. i get the impression they're going to do what they did with
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prince harry and that was announce the name when prince harry left the hospital for the very first time. that may happen tomorrow. we don't know what sort of condition the duchess is in. she's likely to leave tomorrow. or they could do what they did with prince william and leave it for a few days. the impression i got is we'll see the couple on the doorstep with their new baby tomorrow and we'll get the name. >> it said in the statement her royal highness and the child are both doing well. becky anderson is outside buckingham palace where a lot of folks say you can literally feel the excitement from the thousands who have gathered there. becky, what's it like? >> it's a wonderful atmosphere down here. there are people from -- cue. it's a wonderful atmosphere down here. the sense of anticipation has been absolutely extraordinary. there are people from all over
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the world, not least australia. these guys have actually brought presents and a card, flowers, champagne. what does this card say? hang on a minute. it says "dear kate and wil, huge congratulations on the birth of the bubba, long live the king from briget, and jenna. and they've gone with frederick. we may find out, guys, it's like live we'll find out the name of the baby possibly tomorrow when the happy couple leave. you want it to be frederick, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: what about you, sir? >> i'm from spain. >> reporter: what would you like the name to be? >> frederick. >> reporter: a friend of mine here from sri lanka was telling me it is a full moon here in
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london. that means something to you, doesn't it? >> yes. i'm a buddhist from sri lanka and buddha was born to a royal family and the family protected him because of he was going to be a prominent person. >> reporter: you were telling me early on you think this baby will play a significant role in world peace and religion going forward. thank you very much indeed. and we have more australians over the back there from near sidney. how excited were you guys today? >> edward. we want edward. >> reporter: the odds on edward on not bad. the odds on frederick are pretty loaf. >> reporter: where are you from, sir? >> new jersey. >> reporter: are you here by
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chance? >> yes. i think andrew. >> reporter: my friends from japan this evening. you're very excited? >> yeah, so wonderful, exciting. >> reporter: believe me, i haven't got this cohort of people together just to show you this is a very international affair down here tonight. it really is, wolf. and the atmosphere is absolutely wonderful. i know everybody here would love to see the happy couple and indeed the queen, who is in residence. but we know it's close to her bedtime at this point. i don't think there's any chance we're going to see her tonight and she's off to balmoral in the middle of the week to go on holiday. it doesn't matter what happens here tonight. they've seen the gilded easel. >> at some point this new family
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will be moving to where you are over in buckingham palace. once they leave the hospital, where do they go, when do they wind up at buckingham palace? >> reporter: that's a really good question. by royal protocol, normally the couple would bring the baby to the queen. we're expecting them to go to ke kensington palace, the left-hand side of hyde park. it's literally a three or four-minute drive from there. and the odds are that they would leave the palace tomorrow and come here to see the queen, show the queen her new great grandchild and then she will get off to balmoral. more cheers here, i think it's just as people see the birth notice. but we don't know any of that for sure. so we're sort of surmising some of this.
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some of the -- a press announcement, which doesn't normally happen. we'll just have to wait and see. my bets are on for tomorrow, though. >> becky, we'll get back to you. becky reporting from buckingham palace. the birth makes prince charles a grandfather for the first time. he released a statement among other things saying "both my wife and i are overjoyed at the arrival of my first grandchild. it is an incredibly special moment for william and catherine and we are so thrilled for them on the birth of their baby boy. grandparenthood is a unique moment in anyone's life as countless kind people have told me in recent months. we are eagerly looking forward to seeing the baby in the near future." a lovely statement indeed. we're following all the breaks news celebrating the birth of this new heir to the thrown. prince william and the duchess
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of cambridge now, the parents of an 8 pound, 6 ounce boy born about six hours or so ago. let's bring in the british ambassador to the united states, peter, who has been following what's going on. first of all, congratulations to you and the entire united kingdom. how excited are you, mr. ambassador? >> thank you, wolf. it's a very exciting day for all of us. there are lots of people here who have been in touch with us already. years ago i worked for the grandparents, prince charles, princess diana. >> and you have a lovely tie on to celebrate this moment for all of the u.k. and people around the world. >> well, why not.
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>> it's tremendously exciting for everyone around the world. >> i hard for us to quantify why people around the world people that way. when people talk about the queen, there was one queen. this is a queen who will be there all the way through. she has been on the thrown for 60 years, commanded respect and affection around the world. those events, royal weddings and royal births, even in the horrible cold weather, the diamond jubilee brought people from around the world. it's probab . >> there's been speculation
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maybe she would step down, hand over the monarchy now that she has a great grandson. is that realistic knowing the queen as you do? >> i think it's extremely unlikely. the rules in the monarchy and united kingdom are that this is a responsibility a a responsibility, a duty, a job for life. i think the idea where you have a monarchy where you step down and hand over the reigns when you've had enough, it's not how the british monarchy works. >> explain to us how you select a name? >> that's a very tall order. i think the bookies are coming up with prince half tag or wolf. >> there are certain names which apparently are going to be right at the top of the popularity list. they're talking of james, george, they're talking alexander. we don't have a clue. it will be up to the parents.
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last time it took a week before we heard what prince williams' name was. given that the duke and duchess chose not to know the sex of the baby until it was born, i think they're entitled to a little bit of time. >> certainly they are. is this a decision made by only mom and dad or do others weigh in? >> i think it's the parents who make up their mind. i think it will be their decision. >> reporter: now, your embassy is here in washington, d.c. on massachusetts avenue. will there be a place for americans to go there and send their best wishes to the royal couple and the newborn baby boy? >> wolf, we're already planning a celebration, to which you will of course be invited in a couple of days' time. what i think people should do if they're really interested is go online and go to the twitter feed for clarence house, there are already there now,
2:13 pm
invitations to sign their name and send their best wishes. that's probably the most efficient way of doing it. if anybody wants to write in to the british embassy, we will send best wishes to the palace. we have been specifically asked not to accept any gifts for the enough baby. >> not to accept gifts. but if people want to make a contribution in honor of the child and the family, they can do that. >> to a children's charity of their choice is what the duke and duchess have said. they don't want, please, teddy bears to be forwarded to the u.s. embassy and forwarded. >> in an important moment like this, what do you do? you're the ambassador in washington. do you have to report to the state department? to the white house? do you have to give official word of this? do they come to you? what is your official responsibility with the birth of this child? >> i think my main responsibility is to celebrate in a way that is appropriate. i happen to be giving a big reception this evening, which i'm going to transform into an opportunity to drink a toast to the new baby and we'll have
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pictures of the duke and duchess there. we will be doing something specific in a couple of days' time. in the old days i would have had to go down to the state department with a note and inform them of the birth of the fourth in line to the thrown. >> when you say "fourth," i think you mean third -- >> yes, third. forgive me. >> we have prince charles, the prince of wales, prince william and then the new baby. prince harry is fourth? >> yes. and whether it be a boy or girl that, child would have been third in line. we changed the law. >> the parents did not know -- mom and dad did knnot know what the sex was? >> no. they chose not to know. >> really?
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nowadays the parents want to know. >> well, some do, some don't. >> and they're doing fine? >> baby is doing well. the baby was rather large. we follow a certain tradition. so an easel was put up in the front court yard of buckingham palace with the announcement of the baby being born and mother and baby are doing fine. i understand they will be spending one night at the hospital and then they will come home tomorrow. >> so we expect that shot, that photo tomorrow of mom and dad leaving the hospital, dad carrying the baby you think? as we remember -- >> he hasn't yet told me but i think it's possible. >> maybe dad carrying the baby. and at that point we're told they may -- they may share with us the name or names, because presumably it could be a bunch of names. >> royal babies tend to have a bunch of names, as you say. i simply don't know when they
2:16 pm
are expecting to announcement. last time round it did take them a week to decide on williams' name. so don't hold your breath. maybe. we could be lucky. >> can you stay for a little bit? >> i can stay for a little bit. >> when we come back, much more of the breaking news we're following, including what the birth means for prince harry. copd makes it hard to breathe...
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2:20 pm
congratulate the duke and duchess of cambridge on the joyous occasion of the birth of their first child. we wish them all the happiness and blessings parenthood brings. the child enters the world at a time of promise and opportunity for our two nations. given the special relationship between us, the american people are pleased to join with the people of the united kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the young prince. the president and first lady welcoming this new child. joining us once again, the british ambassador to the united kingdom, peter westmacott. also joining us, victoria arbiter and christiania amanpour. i'm sure you're very happy with the statement from the president and first lady. >> perfect statement, couldn't be kinder, very warm and very much framed in the context of the very special relations that do exist between our two countries. yes, i'm delighted.
2:21 pm
>> christiane, the relationship between the u.s. and u.k., probably the strongest of any two countries. but an event like this really brings these countries together. explain. >> reporter: well, you know, it's a special relationship, isn't it and the ambassador knows that so well. wla it's what we hear all the time in war and peace and happy events such as this one. this is something that goes beyond the relationship of two countries. it speaks volumes about what makes britain britain and what makes britain so attractive to so many people around the world, including americans. and the american in charge of america's diplomatic business here in great britain also issued a statement to that effect, how pleased they were about this birth and how close and affectionately both william and kate are held in the united states and remembering their
2:22 pm
very warmly received visit to california shortly after their marriage. so i think this is something that is really sort of historic in terms of the ties between the two nations. but what's happened tonight is something that everybody can identify can because a birth is a birth and families are families and parents are parents and they love it and the people out here is been so incredibly happy all day. from the when the duchess of cambridge first went into the hospital early this morning. i'm joined by kate williams, an historian. >> it is three heirs to the thrown, all waiting like airplanes trying to land, they're all waiting. the last time we've seen this was 120 years ago when queen victoria would abdicate, she had her son and she was in very poor
2:23 pm
health, not in the marvelous health of our lovely queen. so it really happens very, very infrequently. and the reason why it does happen is simply because the windso windsors live for so long. this child may not come to the thrown for 70 years. >> this would have been something incredibly different had the baby about a girl because by an act of parliament, legislation this year, they changed the whole idea of succession to allow a girl to be queen. >> you're so right. that's a great phrase. it's business as usual, it's a boy. it will be charles, williams and this young man and after him, whether it's a son or daughter. if there was going to be a queen, the law was rushed through but the law was rushed through in britain and voted through but it wasn't in all the commonwealth countries where it
2:24 pm
has to be. only three of the commonwealth countries, there are more than a dozen more that hadn't ratified it. that was a slight problem. we don't have that problem now. >> reporter: i'm sure it would have been figured out, even if it took a few years. i just noticed ambassador westmacott's fantastic red, white and blue tie. there is quite a lot of patriotism and joy happening right now here in great britain. wolf? >> christiane, stand by for a moment, kate stand by as well. the ambassador is still with us. i want to bring victoria arbiter into this conversation. you have unique perspective, especially because your dad, correct me if i'm wrong, he was once the press secretary for qui queen elizabeth, is that correct? >> he did. he worked with peter.
2:25 pm
he worked for the prince and princess of wales and worked for the queen. he very much enjoyed his time at the royal household. >> give us your perspective on what this means now, the birth of this baby boy. >> reporter: really, i think it's thrilling given the renewed sense of optimism the royal family is enjoying right now. their popularity is riding high. i think the queen having dedicated so much of her life with such a life of duty for 61 years, to be able to see that charles is first and then william and then this baby. we're seeing the monarchy safe for many generations to come. for the queen, she does have two great grandbabies already but this one is going to carry the mantle of her good work for many years to come. >> 87 years old, a greatgrandmother right now.
2:26 pm
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the baby boy 8 pounds, 6 ounces born a little while ago. max foster is outside of st. mary's hospital. do we know what's going on
2:30 pm
inside the kind of room the mother has? i know the dad is staying overnight at the hospital. do we know -- can you describe for us, max, what's it like inside? >> it's very small. it's one of the best maternity units in the country, very smart, very modern. they've got a few rooms there, they set up an office area to deal with all the announcements they had to make. they rang the australian prime minister and the british prime minister from there and then we've got the responses as well from president obama's obviously made a statement and the australian statement as well. prince william staying overnight. all he did was issue just a few words saying "we could not be happier." so tomorrow we're really expecting the whole family to come out and appear on the doorstep as the final sort of phase in this labor process and this very exciting moment. from many parts of the world, people have been gripped by this story. finally they know a prince has arrived and probably tomorrow
2:31 pm
we'll hear the name as well. >> i have a comfortable place for prince william, here in the united states i know fathers wind up trying to sleep in the chair. i'm sure they made some arrangements for the dad. >> reporter: i'm sure. the interesting thing was no one else came along. you had the medical teams and there was this four-hour gap between the birth and announcement. i was told kate wianted to spen time with the baby. her mother was a housewife, brought up in rural england, very close with her family. i'm sure she would have picked up on that type of parenting. williams was also brought up by his mother and also had that
2:32 pm
tragic background. he was also brought up bay nanny. i think he's going to be a hands-on dad. i think you're going to find him becoming more and more protective of this unit. >> was that expected, to let the palace wait four hours before letting the world know it was a boy? >> reporter: no. we knew we'd be told afterwards and we knew there was this process that had to be gone through where certain people like the queen and the prime minister had to be notified. certainly it was a longer period than expected and that's been justified on the basis they just wanted to have some private time on their own with the baby without the world pontificating it too much. they wanted a bit of time on their own. >> shortly after the announcement, we learned that it was a boy. the prime minister of britain went outside and spoke.
2:33 pm
>> it's wonderful news from st. mary's paddington. i'm sure across the country and across the commonwealth people will be celebrating and wishing the royal couple well. it is an important moment in the life of our nation, but i suppose above all it's a wonderful moment for a warm and loving couple who got a brand new baby boy. it's been a remarkable few years for the royal family, a royal wedding that captured people's hearts, that extraordinary and magnificent jubilee and now this royal birth, all from a family who have given this nation so much incredible service. and they can know that a proud nation is celebrating with a very proud and happy couple tonight. >> the prime minister david cameron, british ambassador of the united states, peter westnac -- westmacott is still
2:34 pm
with us. what does this new role do now? >> i think the government carries on governing the country. the prime minister did exactly the right thing, which was to come out in the evening and just explain the balance of personal joy, country's proud but this is fundamentally about a warm and loving couple and how thrilled they are and how we all join in that happiness. but also making the point that it is not just the united kingdom. the queen is, after all, the queen of 18 different countries around the world. that's why the prime minister was talking about the commonwealth as well. i think the role of the government is to bring together the public sentiment of enormous happiness at this good news but to carry on doing its job as well as. >> there was enormous speculation. if it had been a girl works the name diana have been appropriate? >> you're taking me into the realms of speculation, wolf. i just don't know. there was a lot of excitement
2:35 pm
about the possibility that it might be a girl as we changed the ruse on inheritance and whether she would be the third in line as the little boy will be. so that doesn't arise. as for the names, i don't know. there was tleplenty of talk and speculation, just like there's speculation now about boys names. >> maybe there's going to be a girl down the road. >> who knows. >> and just once again before i let you go, remind our viewers not only here in the united states because we're being seen around the world, if folks would like to make a contribution to a good cause in honor of this new child they should do what? >> there are two things they can do if they want to celebrate the happiness of this occasion. they can go on to the clarence house web site and twitter feed and signal their own pleasure and warm congratulations. the other thing they can do if
2:36 pm
they'd really like to but nobody should feel any obligation is to make a donation to the children's charity of their own choice and make this donation in the pleasure in the birth of the enough baby prince. >> a children's hospital? >> a children's hospital, a home benefiting deprived children. that is what the palace would most want. what they don't want is for people to send in gifts whom they don't know personally. that's understandable. >> ambassador, i know you're going to be busy. thank you. congratulations to you and everyone in the united kingdom on this very special day. >> it's a very special and proud home to be british prime minister. >> any final thought? >> no, i think that's enough. >> thank you. peter westmacott is the british ambassador to the united states. >> now that the royal baby is here, how is the baby going to be raised? stand by. ready for you first day, little brother? i guess.
2:37 pm
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we're following the news of the birth of the baby boy. with the long-awaited birth over, the parents can now turn their attention to what's expected to be an unconventional royal upbringing. let's talk about that with our digital correspondent, kelly wallace, who is joining us right now. i know you've been doing some reporting and what we can expect, kelly. what do you see out there? >> we've been asking real moms to give some advice for kate and william and many of them say forget about being royal. forge your own way. we all know you have the parents, the inlaws and well-meaning stringers who are goi -- strangers are who going to tell you how to raise this child. raise the child the way you
2:41 pm
want. another great piece of advice, sleep when you can. one mom joked kate could turn into a royal zombie if she doesn't get any rest. and get him involved from the start. that means getting him to change diapers, have him spend some time with the new baby boy so that they forge an equal partnership and that will do well for their marriage and also for this new baby. >> i assume there's going to be a whole bunch of royal nannies, if you will, who can help out this royal couple. >> reporter: exactly. they are going to get a ton of support that most american families don't have, but watching kate as we have and listening to her upbringing, it's clear she wants to be very hands on when it comes to parenting this time, and william, too. she's going to be very involved, william is going to be very involved but most of us in the united states are thinking oh, my gosh, right after you have a baby, your body is not the way
2:42 pm
you want it to be, you want to get the maternity jeans and oversized sweater and the last thing you want to do is have photographs taken of you. most people can't imagine what kate will be dealing with, most likely on tuesday. advice to her her body is not exactly going to be right at the start but hopefully it will be down the road. >> she's gorgeous and i'm sure she'll look lovely when she walks out of that hospital tomorrow with her husband and the baby. kelly wallace, thanks once again for joining us. once again, welcome back to cnn. >> thank you. >> just ahead, how the royal baby will feel the influence of her grandmother, princess diana. ] no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money
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we're back with the latest on the birth of the royal baby. joining us, our chief international correspondent christiane amanpour and also victoria arbiter and kelly victoria, let me get your thoughts on how princess diana may have paved the way for this new royal son. >> reporter: i think diana is credited with giving her sons as normal a childhood as possible. she was eager they experience the same thing their friends
2:47 pm
experienced, by going to fast food restaurants, going to movies, going to play dates. you have to remember kate did grow up in a family where her mother was waiting for her when she came home from school. she's used to that and she's going to be keen to emulate that for her child. >> christiane, a lot of people talking about princess diana at this royal moment in london right now? >> reporter: look, most of the focus has been on kate, whether it's been her dresses, how she's carried herself these last nine months, literally or what she's been saying when she has spoken publicly. really i think so much attention is on kate and william and on their baby. but of course how can one not help but think about princess diana because that was the last time we saw -- well, obviously harry was the last baby that was brought out in terms of, you know, in line to the thrown. what do you think people are thinking about, you know, the
2:48 pm
absence of princess diana at the moment? >> it's at times like this, these important and poignant family moments that we really feel that loss, that absence. we felt it on the wedding day, we felt it on the iengagement day. we do feel it today and we wonder what the late princess of wales would be feeling if she was were here. >> and of course william game his mother's engagement ring to kate. >> he wanted diana to be a part of it. that was a way of remembering his mother and bringing her into the celebration so that she was remembered. >> reporter: we just heard talk about how diana enabled william and harry as much as possible to have a normalish childhood. what will it be like for this royal son, this prince? >> well, i think there will be a side of this princess's life that will be relatively ordinary and i think that's thanks to diana because she really broke the mold.
2:49 pm
she took things up. she was the first royal to give birth in a hospital rather than a palace. she has paved the way for kate, for future royals. in terms of this boy's upbringing, i think we'll see him go to a regular school, not a state school but a normal upbringing where he mixes with ordinary people. that's very important to this couple. if you look at this life behind closed doors, it's actually very normal. >> reporter: except for all the crowds that have come here, it's anything but normal. that's really what attracts so many people here. coming up tomorrow, there's going to be all the gun salutes, the peelling of bells from westminster and st. paul's cathedral. >> and we'll be covering it every step of the way. guys, don't go too far away. kate baldwin will have much more on the growing royal family, including rare interviews with relatives and close friends of the proud parents.
2:50 pm
"will & kate plus one" airs here tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. when we come back, betting on the royal baby. now that he's here, what will he be named? stay with us.
2:51 pm
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
the royal baby is now here. as we all know, eight pounds, six ounces. born at 4:24 p.m. london time. now the question is what will the baby be named? lots of betting has been going on. erin mcpike is looking into this. what are you seeing? >> reporter: it took a week
2:54 pm
before prince william's name was announced and it also took a month before prince charles's name was announced so there's still plenty of time for people to be making their bets. the betting is going on in britain because it's not legal to be betting on entertainment here in the united states. but you might want to get those office pools ready. pretty long odds today for chardonnay. chardonnay? oh, just a potential royal baby name that got some punter to pluck down a spot of cash. with the heir to the british throne finally here today, there has been big business in betting. >> the most popular bet so far is the name, definitely. ever since the duchess of cambridge was seen at the public appearance where she took the teddy bear and nearly made it sound like she was going to say daughter, it's all been about girls' names. >> but it wasn't. it was a boy. as for what prince william and kate middleton will name their son, the smart money for boys' names has been on james and henry.
2:55 pm
there's also interest in what color hair will appear on the first born to the royal couple. most think the royal son will be a brunette like the mother. there's a little bit more money on a ginger like prince harry than on a blonde like prince william. there are bucks on everything, from what kate's sister pippa will wear to the hospital, to what college the future monarch may choose to attend almost two decades from now. >> ever since she was announced to be pregnant in december, really, the ball started rolling then and it's grown and grown and grown. it's been really exciting. lots of money on the name. lots of money on the weight. lots of money on the date that the baby will be born, which is really reaching a crescendo now. >> jennie is a spokeswoman. >> it's definitely a more female type of bet as opposed to having a bet on the football or the horses. this is a kind of project that will appeal a bit more to the female customer. and also, it's the kind of thing that everybody's got an opinion on. >> for the betting types who have put down dough on the name,
2:56 pm
sex, and birth date of the royal infant, you soon may be able to collect your cash. but it will be a while for those who are already wagering on where the royal student will go to university. here's a tip if you want to up the ante. the best bet with the bookies is the university of st. andrews, where prince william and kate met. now, wolf, as i told you earlier, my money is on spencer. at least for the middle name. but you have a bet on a boy's name? >> the only thing i know is we're probably going to be surprised. i don't know that, i'm just guessing. now, you thought it was going to be a girl, obviously. >> i did. i thought it would be diana. >> you notice my outfit today. >> you were prepared. i was not. >> but i have the blue shirt, too, so i was hedging on my bets because i didn't know. >> i was, and i called it on my facebook page and i was wrong. >> why did you think it was going to be a girl? >> because i think that's what the smart money was on. earlier today, 56% of betters took a girl and 44% took a boy.
2:57 pm
>> so you're looking at the statistics. you're the nate sullivan of cnn. >> exactly. >> all right. thanks very much. just ahead at the top of the hour, we'll have much more on the breaking news, the birth of the royal baby boy. we're going back to london live. plus, george zimmerman back in the headlines all of a sudden less than two weeks since his acquittal. you're going to want to see what happened and why. stay with us. my mantra? trust your instincts to make the call. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant
2:58 pm
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3:00 pm
crowds and celebrations at buckingham palace just hours after the birth of a baby in line to become king. we're covering every angle of william and kate's big announcement, including the mystery of their son's name. a new damage assessment in the nsa leaker investigation. how the agency's crown jewel slipped through his fingers. i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you're in "the situation room." this is true lay joyous moment for the royal family. an historic event for britain an the world. a baby boy, eight pounds, six
3:01 pm
ounces. the palace baby announcement within the last few hours with old fashioned pomp and modern day technology. we're told the little prince and his mother are both fortunately doing well. we have a full team of correspondents and analysts standing by, including max foster. he's over at st. mary's hospital in lon dochdolondon. becky, let's go to you. set the scene for us. what's going on? >> reporter: it is a wonderful atmosphere here at buckingham palace. just after 11:00, and you're all still here. [ cheers and applause ] i've got people from all over the world, wolf, and it really is an international occasion here. lots of people from the uk, as you can imagine. but lots of people from the states, for example. you're from california. how excited are you? >> we're all students, yea! >> reporter: how excited are you about being here today? >> we are so excited. we've been waiting all day for
3:02 pm
this. we've been waiting a live screen for the baby to be born. >> reporter: did you want it to be a girl or boy? >> we were thinking it was going to be a girl, because alexandra, her birthday is today. >> reporte >> reporter: that's right. there was a possibility, a good possibility if it's a girl, it would be called alexandra. you must be disappointed. >> it's still fun to share my birthday with the royal baby. >> reporter: this baby will be a cancer by 32 minutes. there was much speculation. but according to astrologists, by a whip stitch, 32 minutes, this baby is a cancer. and you are -- >> i'm also a cancer. >> reporter: so you share more than just the birth date. where are you guys from? from dubai here this evening. >> political yan. >> reporter: but you live in dubai. >> i live in london. my daughter is in dubai. i want to say hi to them.
3:03 pm
they're watching me now! i'm so excited. i've been watching all day. as soon as i heard it, i came straight away here. took me ten minutes and i love it. >> reporter: and what would you like the baby to be called? >> maybe edward. >> reporter: that's not bad. i know you're from london. >> maybe george or henry. >> reporter: the odds are pretty good on george, henry, and edward. who else? you're from canada, i know. what are you doing in london? >> i've been in london the past year. i found myself down here by accident. >> reporter: have you seen the guilded easel? >> i did, but it was hard getting there. >> reporter: it's late at night, but the crowds are pretty thick still and i'm expecting them to be here for some time. back to you. >> i'm sure they're going to be very excited. it will be extremely exciting if we hear tomorrow what the baby
3:04 pm
boy's name is. let's go to st. mary's hospital in london. prince william expected to spend the night there with his wife, new child. max foster is standing by. there are some indications we will learn the name maybe as early as tomorrow when hopefully they emerge from the hospital, the three of them. >> reporter: that's my sense. i get the impression they're going to go with the prince harry route, if you remember all those years ago, prince william's name wasn't announced for several days. prince harry's name was announced when they left the hospital by charles and diana. and i've been led to believe that's what's going to happen tomorrow. the couple say they couldn't be happier. william is staying overnight. very hands-on modern dad for a royal family, where, you know, there are all sorts of traditions. if you go back just a few generations, used to have the home secretary in the birthing room to confirm the birth, and now you just have the couple and the obstetricians, and he spent
3:05 pm
the day with his wife and his baby. it was quite a long delay between the baby being born and the announcement because william and kate wanted to have personal time with their new son, and he's staying overnight. so this is a modern couple. i do expect them to come out. it's probably going to be earlier rather than later tomorrow, wolf, i'd say, simply because everything seems to have gone so well. the doctors have big smiles on their faces. everyone in the family is thrilled. prince charles came out with a statement very quickly. so it seems as though everything went pretty smoothly. there wasn't an emergency operation to get the baby out. it was a natural birth in all intents and purpose. so i think we're going to see them on that doorstep tomorrow. and before they come out. i also think we're going to hear from prince william on camera as well. he's going to have a few words with us. that's the impression i'm getting. >> when you say with us, max, does that mean with all of the news media, or with us narrowly defining cnn? >> reporter: well, no, it won't be -- the demand, as you can
3:06 pm
imagine, is huge. he'll be there, he'll come up, we'll all have access and he'll say a few words. he'll just say he's thrilled, i'm sure, and maybe a couple of comments, but he won't take questions. just give a sense really a sense of how he's feeling. and shortly after that i suspect you'll see him and the family on the doorstep in that iconic setting where we saw diana and william for the very first time all those years ago, 31 years ago now. >> who can forget that? thanks very much, max. we're going to check back with you shortly. william and kate are creating new traditions for a royal birth that could have an impact for generations to come. let's bring in our chief international correspondent christiane amanpour. she's in london along with cnn royal commentators, kate nichol also in london. victoria as victoria arbitor is joining us as well. give us a comparison between how the current birth has gone along
3:07 pm
compared to what we remember with the two brothers, almost 30 years ago. >> of course the palace never gives too many details in terms of the nitty-gritty because there are some elements of the birth that should remain private. but diana's baby, she was induced. she had the pressure had simply been too much, so she just wanted to get the show on the road. we do know that kate had a natural birth. we don't know whether she was induced or not, but it was suggested this morning that everything was progressing naturally, so she had gone to the hospital when mother nature was ready for her to go to the hospital. i think really it's been pretty similar. hopefully kate will leave the hospital tomorrow. things have gone smoothly. and so i think she'll probably leave sometime early afternoon. in the same way diana did. she left the next day. >> one thing that's different this time as opposed to 30 or so years ago, there was always
3:08 pm
enormous media attention on any royal couple, but now all of a sudden we've got a whole new aspect of this, all the social media, everything else, it puts an enormous amount of additional pressure on this young couple. >> reporter: well, it does. and you know what was so interesting about this was that from the very beginning, the palace had come out with a very clear script about how things would go, and they particularly made a point of the fact -- or rather all the royal watchers and reporters and everybody had made a big point of the fact that even though we live in twitter and facebook and instant messaging and social media world, that this announcement was going to be done the old fashioned way, by royal proclamation, on that easel in the court of buckingham palace. it was, but that wasn't the first word. the first word came even quicker than that by press release, which obviously went out all over the wires, social media, and all of the rest of it. so at the very end of it, the news did come out pretty
3:09 pm
quickly, and we didn't wait to see this incredibly theatrical display of people walking out of the hospital with the bulletin, into the car, and then it being put up in the court. i hear what was really incredible and i'm sure everybody is delighted for the couple is they at least managed to keep it private for four hours before they decided to publicize it. i think anybody who's ever had a baby knows that much less if you're a royal and you've got the entire world's eyes on you, that those first few moments, those first few hours, even days are invaluable and you'll never have them again, you'll never live them again, and those were special moments, so they got at least four hours of that. >> hold on for a moment, because there's some breaking news i want to get to right now. this is cnn breaking news. >> and there is an incident happening right now at laguardia airport in new york city. barry snow has been watching what's going on.
3:10 pm
it involves a southwest flight from nashville to new york. take a look at this picture just getting in. what do we know about what happened at laguardia? >> reporter: we're hearing from the faa that this plane that you're looking at right now, a southwest flight from nashville, had problems with its nose gear. the plane did land around 5:45. no reported injuries. the faa tells us, though, that passengers are still onboard that flight and that laguardia airport here in new york, according to the faa, is not accepting planes for now. we're monitoring the situation. as soon as we get more information, we'll be back. but again, this is a southwest flight from nashville. nose gear problem, landing at new york's laguardia airport. again, no reported injuries. >> the good news, no reported injuries. passengers still on that plane.
3:11 pm
here are live pictures we're now getting in. we can see all the emergency vehicles surrounding this aircraft. doesn't look like anything is obviously on fire or anything along those lines. but you do see -- i think you can see the stairs that hopefully people are getting off of. the airport, laguardia, the faa, the spokeswoman laura brown says laguardia has been shut down at least for now as they deal with this situation, is that right? >> reporter: that is correct. that's the latest that we've heard from the faa, that the airport is not accepting planes for now. >> and the problem, front landing gear, or some sort of -- or they call it the nose gear problem that clearly you can see the front of that plane, obviously in a situation where it's not supposed to be. i'm sure we're going to be getting video at some point from laguardia showing this plane coming in for a landing, but fortunately, it looks like, at
3:12 pm
least according to the faa, they say no reported injuries, passengers still onboard. i'm sure they're going to try to get everyone off that plane as quickly as possible into the terminal. we have no idea what caused this problem. we're watching it. let's take a quick break. we'll resume our coverage of this right after the this. [ male announcer ] come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. mhandle more than 165 billionl letters and packages a year. that's about 34 million pounds of mail every day. ever wonder what this costs you as a taxpayer? millions? tens of millions? hundreds of millions? not a single cent. the united states postal service doesn't run on your tax dollars. it's funded solely by stamps and postage. brought to you by the men and women
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and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. breaking news out of laguardia airport in new york. look at that plane. that's a southwest flight from nashville to new york. if you see the front nose, that is all the way down. obviously a major nose gear problem coming in on landing. we're told by the faa, no reported injuries. passengers were onboard. i'm not sure if they still are onboard. but you see a lot of emergency vehicles surrounding the aircraft right there on the tarmac. the runway at laguardia airport. mary snow is in new york getting more information for us. i know we have a crew on the way
3:16 pm
over there. what else are we learning about what happened at laguardia airport? what else can you tell us? >> reporter: wolf, this is the latest information we're getting from the faa's spokeswoman laura brown, telling cnn that the pilot's nose gear did not extend, which means it didn't come down, and that the back wheels did come down. again, you -- i just want to reiterate, there were no reported injuries. the latest word we got from the faa was that passengers are still onboard this plane and that this plane landed on runway four at laguardia airport just around 5:45. just about a half-hour ago. and what the faa is telling us is that laguardia airport is not accepting planes for now. and again, that is from spokeswoman laura brown. >> have we gotten any word yet
3:17 pm
from southwest airlines? have they issued a statement on this flight from nashville to new york? >> reporter: we have reached out to southwest airlines. we have not gotten a statement just yet. but we have reached out to them. >> and it looks like the front landing gear didn't open up, so we can only assume right now that the plane came in for a landing, the rear wheels were working okay, but the front were not, and so it must have sort of crash landed and slid along the way. i'm just saying that, mary, as a result of this photo. this still photo that we're showing our viewers right now. >> reporter: right. the wording that the faa is using is a gear-up landing. just to reiterate what you just said, the information we're getting from the faa is that the nose gear obviously did not extend. the back wheels did come down. again, this southwest flight was coming from nashville into new york's laguardia airport. we're still trying to determine
3:18 pm
the flight number of this southwest plane. >> so we don't know -- they issued a statement a little while ago, the faa, saying that all the passengers were still onboard, but we don't know if that is still the case right now. >> correct. this statement came out about roughly ten minutes ago. as you see, obviously, on these live pictures from laguardia airport that we're looking at right now, a number of emergency vehicles surrounding that plane. but the last word that we had from the faa was that, again, no injuries, but that passengers were still onboard that plane. >> stand by, mary. our cnn producer has been getting us information. he's joining us on the phone. what are you learning, mike? >> this is a boeing 737. it looks like from the pictures that they have slides deployed, the evacuation shukchutes.
3:19 pm
laura brown from the faa tells us that at this time, there are no reports injuries. passengers are still onboard the plane. and it looks like they're trying to make arrangements to get the passengers to the terminals. because of the emergency gear on the strip there, they have halted -- they put a ground stop on other planes headed towards that airport. so that will tie up -- that always has some type of ripple effect across the nation when you take one of these major airports and you close down runways. but at this point right now, it's just again, we have this southwest flight from nashville. it reported a nose gear problem, landed on runway four. again, at about 5:45. no reported injuries. that's the early report. and we're trying to get additional news. >> you see the water being
3:20 pm
sprayed at the top, at the front of that plane, the nose of that plane just to make sure that there would be no sparks. but explain why the passengers would still be on this plane. that happened 35 minutes ago, this landing. why would the passengers still be on the plane 35 minutes later? >> we saw that in the asiana flight. the pilot was criticized for telling a flight attendant not to evacuate. i think what they wanted to do, in that case and in this, is contact the control tower and just see what the conditions were outside the plane. in the asiana flight, a flight attendant noticed flames, that's when one of the engines caught fire. in this case, i'm sure they have a lot of eyes on the plane and saw that there was no fire, there was no smoke, and they just made the determination to have a kind of controlled exit of the plane. i'm sure the decision would have been different had they seen flames. but right now, from what it
3:21 pm
appears, it appears like everyone is still on that plane. >> hold on for a second, mike. we just got a tweet from southwest airlines and it says simply this. it says "stand by for more information regarding flight 345 from bna to lga." that's nashville to laguardia. that's a statement just tweeted by southwest airlines. mike ahlers is working his sources. mary snow is working his. once again, serious incident at laguardia airport, the airport in new york city now shut down because this plane came in apparently on its nose. we'll be right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover a hybrid from the luxury car company that understands that one type of hybrid isn't right for everyone. come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lex hybrids
3:22 pm
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3:25 pm
we're following the break news out of laguardia airport. these live pictures courtesy of our affiliate wabc in new york. laguardia airport is now shut down because this southwest flight 345 from nashville to laguardia had an emergency landing. clearly you can see what's going on. the front nose gear had a major, major problem, according to an faa spokeswoman laura brown. all this occurred at around 5:45 p.m. eastern time. that's about 40 minutes or so ago in new york city, at laguardia airport. the plane came in. the nose gear problem developed. the plane came in on runway four, we're told. and the airport for all practical purposes not accepting planes right now. southwest airlines tweeted just a little bit ago stand by for more information regarding
3:26 pm
flight 345 from bna, that's nashville, to laguardia. we're gathering details, we'll post a statement soon. there you see this tweet from southwest airlines. fortunately, according to the faa, no reported injuries. that's what they're saying onboard. that's what they're saying at least for now. passengers, according to the faa, are still onboard, but we see those chutes that have been lowered and hopefully folks are getting off that plane right now. it's a boeing 737. mike ahlers, our cnn producer, tells us that all the aircraft of southwest airlines are boeing 737s. the plane was coming in for a landing, had a front nose gear problem, and as a result this emergency landing took place. you saw water being sprayed at the front of the plane, but fortunately, it doesn't look like there were any sparks or flames or anything like that, and as a result, no reported injuries. so we'll stay on top of this story for you. we'll get more information. in the meantime, once again, if you expected to meet someone or
3:27 pm
expected to fly into laguardia, get ready, they're not flying in, at least for now. we'll stay on top of this story for you. i want to get back to the other story we're following out of london, the birth of a baby boy. very exciting news for the royal family. the people all over the united kingdom and the world. and the president of the united states and the first lady have issued a statement. let's bring in our chief white house correspondent jessica yellin. jessica, tell us the reaction from the president and the first lady. >> reporter: hi, wolf. the president has issued a statement from the white house here on paper to begin with. he says that michelle and i are so pleased to congratulate the duke and duchess of cambridge on the joyous occasion on the birth of their first child. we wish them all the happiness and blessings parenthood brings. the child enters the world at a time of promise and opportunity for our two nations. given the special relationship between us, the american people are pleased to join with the people of the united kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the
3:28 pm
young prince. you see he uses that phrase "special relationship." that was made famous by winston churchill to describe the bond between the u.s. and britain formed during the war, and it extends to today. president and mrs. obama first met with the duke and duchess of cambridge in 2011 at buckingham palace, and on a very light note, there was the question today of the baby gift, will the obamas be getting one for the duke and duchess. the history is spotty on this. the ration d the reagans did get a gift for prince william but not for prince harry. yes for the heir, no for the spare. i'll have more on this tomorrow. >> you did hear the british ambassador tell us a little while ago that if you want to celebrate the birth of this little baby boy, don't send a gift. make a contribution, a financial contribution. you don't have to. only if you want to. to a charity for children.
3:29 pm
a good charity for children. so maybe the president and the first lady might want to consider a charitable contribution to help kids as opposed to an actual baby gift, if you will. >> maybe they'll do both. we'll see. >> i'm sure that the royal couple would accept a baby gift from the president and the first lady. all right, thanks very much. i want to get back to the other breaking news. laguardia airport right now is shut down. no planes coming in because of this. this is southwest flight 345 from nashville to laguardia. at around 5:45 p.m. eastern, this plane landed, but there was a nose gear problem, and as a result, you see what's going on. once again, no planes coming in. mary snow, you're getting more information. what else are you learning? >> reporter: this is what we have from the faa, wolf, is that obviously there was a problem with the nose gear not extending, the back wheels did
3:30 pm
come down. being called by the faa a gear-up landing. what the faa has told us is that there are no reported injuries. and as you mentioned, the airport at laguardia has halted all arrivals in the 45 minutes since this plane came on to runway four at new york city's laguardia airport. again, it's southwest confirming it is flight 345. we do expect shortly to hear from southwest. they have confirmed the flight number coming in from nashville to laguardia, but said they will coming out with more information. again, the faa telling us at this point, the last we heard from them is that there are no reported injuries. >> that's good, no reported injuries. we're looking at these pictures that show a situation, a clearly problematic situation for
3:31 pm
southwest flight 345, a boeing 737. the former managing director of the national transportation and safety board is joining us now, senior vice president at o'neill and associates. you look at this picture, peter, what does it say to you? >> well, wolf, this happens on occasion, for both commercial airlines and for private planes. it's always a challenging situation. the flight crew trains for it. they know what to do. it appears the flight crew did the right thing. >> so correct me if i'm wrong, the plane is coming in and the front nose -- the wheels in the front don't go down, but they still decide to go ahead with the landing, or the wheel sort of collapsed after the plane touches down? >> yeah, it could be either one. but generally, what you try and do if you're the pilot, you try and hold your nose up as long as
3:32 pm
you can. and drop it down as gently as you can at the last moment because you know there's going to be a lot of sparks. you want to put it right down on the center line. you don't want to probably throw too much thruster on to it because that puts even greater pressure on your nose. you've got enough road, you can do it. it's not a problem. >> i assume if they had a problem coming in and landing, and you've investigated a lot of these problematic landings, if they had a problem with the nose gear, not necessarily going down, you would expect a lot of preparation from ground crews, if you will, emergency vehicles on the sidelines getting ready for some sort of emergency landing, right? >> that's exactly right. you would expect that there would be crews lined up, and apparently whatever happens,
3:33 pm
took the emergency crews a little bit by surprise. >> hold on for a moment, peter. i want to bring in an eyewitness who saw what was going on. peter, where were you and what did you see? >> i was in the d terminal and i saw the plane come in. and from what i heard other people say -- i didn't see the landing gear come down and the wheels come off, but someone else said they saw the wheels come off. i went over to another terminal, took a couple pictures, videotaped it. i saw the flags coming out and people getting off the plane. i got out of laguardia as quick as i could and into a car so i could head back to the city. >> once again, because we lost a little bit of the communication, the connection not perfect. let me hear once again. repeat what you saw. the plane coming in, and then
3:34 pm
what happened? >> other nearby me saying they saw a wheel roll away, on to the runway. there was no emergency peoples ready for it. they came out afterwards, after the plane started skidding, we started seeing -- it skidded to a halt. >> i'm going to break this up, because unfortunately we have lost our collection with bobby abtahi. peter goelz is still with us on the phone. i think you can make out the gist of what he was saying. what does that say to you? >> what it says is they saw a piece of the landing gear break loose on one of the tires. it means that it probably took the flight crew by surprise that a failure occurred suddenly, and didn't have enough time to radio ahead to alert the rescue squad
3:35 pm
that he was coming in. so i think that's the issue. >> all right, peter goelz, i want you to stand by. we'll continue to watch what's going on. you can see this plane is a southwest airlines flight 345 from nashville to new york. about 5:45, that's almost 50 minutes or so ago, the plane came in and had a major problem with nose gear. but the faa told us no reported injuries on that plane. the airport at laguardia now shut down to incoming traffic. we're going to stay on top of this story, we're also going to bring you other top news stories. officials are now assessing the damage done by edward snowden. they say they have a much better idea of exactly which secrets he stole. "i'm part of an american success story," "that starts with one of the world's most advanced distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks,"
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3:39 pm
getting new information now. apparently three people are reported injured in this emergency landing of the southwest flight. this is a boeing 737, a southwest flight from nashville to new york's laguardia airport. it came in almost an hour or so ago at 5:45 p.m. eastern. a problem with the nose gear in the front. you can see that plane dipping down in the front, and as a result, the airport right now not accepting planes, and that's been going on for a while. earlier, the faa had told us that there were no reported injuries, but now a source close to the situation is telling cnn three injuries. we don't know how serious. but we're getting more information. you can see the live pictures coming in from laguardia right now. the other breaking news story we're following right now in london at the palace. the hospital there, baby boy, has been born. weighi ining eight pounds, six
3:40 pm
ounces. the parents are going to spend the night at the hospital in london and presumably, assuming everything goes smoothly, come out tomorrow with the baby. we're going to go to london shortl with a complete update on what's going on there, so stand by. but there's some other important news i want to share with our viewers here in the united states and around the world right now. cnn has learned that u.s. intelligence, the united states intelligence community, now believes edward snowden did not, repeat not gain access to what one official calls the crown jewels of the national security agency, the nsa, programs that secretly intercept and monitor conversations from around the world. barbara starr is working this part of the story for us. i know it was a serious breach. how bad was the breach? what did snowden get, what didn't he get? we're getting new information. >> reporter: indeed, wolf. what are the crown jewels of the nsa? well, an official explains to us
3:41 pm
that would be the content of the international intercepts that they collect. the recordings, the conversations that terrorists might have amongst themselves about planning an attack. they now believe, and this is their belief, that edward snowden did not get access when he downloaded thousands of documents from the nsa. there that as a contractor, he did not get access to that most sensitive information. they call it eci, extremely compartmented information. they say they are not down playing what snowden got, that he had plenty of information about some programs, how they worked, how they ran. they don't believe he has full understanding of some of the documents he has. now, we cannot independently confirm this. we don't really know. we know what we are told. officials say they are not down
3:42 pm
playing it and that they do believe terrorists have growing familiarity with what snowden is saying. they are reacting to it by making more arrangements to keep their own information safe. wolf? >> barbara starr working her sources at the pentagon. elsewhere, another important story we're following right now, including this one. less than two weeks since being found not guilty in the shooting death of the unarmed american teenager trayvon martin, george zimmerman is making headlines in his community again. this time, for helping pull a family from an overturned suv just four days after his acquittal. we're only learning about this now. cnn's victor blackwell is joining us with details. what do we know, victor? >> reporter: well, wolf, no one was sure that george zimmerman was even in florida, but this happened less than a mile from where he shot trayvon martin in february of 2012. the 911 calls from this night had just been released. i want you to listen to a
3:43 pm
portion of one of those and then we'll explain what happened after. >> i just witnessed an accident on the off ramp coming off the 417 to get on to i-4 over in sanford. >> reporter: mom, dad, and their two kids were in this blue explorer that rolled as it was trying to go on to the interstate. two people showed up to help them out. no injuries. one of those two persons, george zimmerman. he did not witness the accident. but he was in the right place at the right time, at least, for that family. now, that unlikely will come up tonight. it probably won't be the topic of conversation at the church here in sanford. the naacp here is hosting a town hall meeting to talk about how to move forward from this, especially how to urge the doj, the department of justice, to file those civil rights charges. now, to put this into context, i mean this state, florida, is deeply divided over the verdict that came down two weeks ago. just yesterday, the governor of florida declared sunday to be a
3:44 pm
day of prayer for racial unity. the name of this meeting, "george zimmerman -- it ain't over." two very different approaches the finding a way to move forward. >> thanks very much for that report. victor blackwell on top of the story for us in sanford, florida. we're going back to london. getting new information about the royal baby boy who was born today. stay with us. [ jackie ] it's just so frustrating...
3:45 pm
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3:48 pm
mom. cnn's brian todd has more now on raising the royal baby. >> reporter: this baby's grandfather prince charles didn't go to a regular school, royal experts say, until he was 8. the boy's father, prince william and his uncle harry, were the first generation of royal children to go to nursery school outside the palace, thanks to the determination of their mother to break with the tradition of raising and schooling children inside buckingham palace. for william and kate these days, a different set of challenges. >> when you're dealing with regular members of the public, all with a camera phone who are so excited to see william or kate, they pop a picture up on twitter, suddenly it's around the world, and boom, privacy out the window. >> reporter: victoria arbiter, who lived at kensington palace, says it will be nearly impossible for the royal couple to raise their newborn son in a non-fish bowl setting. observers say they will likely send the boy to an outside school. they will take him on trips.
3:49 pm
but what about playing with kids who aren't royalty or aren't rich? >> it will be key for the children to have school friends that will come over to the palace. william and harry had school friends come over for play dates and the such. but i don't know whether it means that it's going to be automatic friends for the parents as well because william simply won't know whether he can trust them. >> reporter: the key to a well-adjusted child in the royal spotlight, good communication between prince william and katherine. child development specialist robin goldstein, contributor to "washington parent magazine," says even very young children can quickly pick up tension between their parents. you deal with people in this town who are high-profile, both parents working who may not be able to spend as much time physically with their children as they want to. maybe much like this couple. how do you think they're going to balance that and what do they need to do? >> everybody can probably tweak their schedules just a little bit, whether we're talking about early morning, or talking about showing up at lunch or showing
3:50 pm
up on facetime or through skype. and also in the evening. the key in the evening is to really put one's attention to, i want to be, we want to be with our baby. it means showing it physically, getting on the floor, no cell phones, computers. physical attachment are crucial. wolf? >> good advice for the royal family. thank you very much for that, brian. an explosive scare as the pope arrives in south america. details coming in. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away.
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3:54 pm
let's check back with mary for a quick look at top stories in the "situation room" right now. mary. >> wolf, the latest on the nose gear of a southwest airlines jetliner collapsing after landing at new york's la guardia airport. it was a boeing 737. a source with knowledge of the incident says three were injured and all passengers are off the plane. >> some tense moments for pope francis back in his native south america. for the first time as pontiff. a huge cheering crowd swarmed his car in rio, nearly crushing it. military police confirmed to cnn that a small explosive device was found yesterday near a religious sanctuary the pope is scheduled to visit this wednesday. >> major league baseball star ryan braun has been suspended without pay for the rest of the 2013 season. commissioner bud selig says he violated the drug policy. he admitted to wrongdoing and
3:55 pm
apologized saying, "i am not perfect." braun is an outfielder for the milwaukee brewers. latest on the headlines. you are watching "the situation room" we'll be right back. de" yummy, scrumptious bars. hmm? i just wanted you to eat more fiber. chewy, oatie, gooeyness... and fraudulence. i'm in deep, babe. you certainly are. [ male announcer ] fiber one. i'm♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪ you certainly are. ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need. and that means growth, lots of cargo going all around the globe. cars and parts, fuel and steel, peas and rice, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪ "that starts with one of the world's most advancedy,"
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3:58 pm
mr. nore now on the royal b. >> reporter: the duchess may have delivered the baby, but the news was delivered mostly via smartphone, listening to an anchor gasp. >> reporter: and prompting confusion. >> stop the presses breaking news from london about the royal baby. let's get to nbc's jim maceda. >> reporter: the baby came, but not the reporter. >> the crowd surging forward. it's a boy. >> a big bouncing boy. >> it's royal baby time. >> i got goose bumps. >> reporter: what must have been a labor of love for the couple was downright laborious for the press, days of waiting and finally. >> kate's in labor. kate's in labor. she's in labor. >> good morning, she's in labor. >> reporter: some thought the
3:59 pm
press belabored the story. and critics hailed a bbc correspondent for his on-air candor. >> plenty more to come from here of course, none of it news. that will come from buckingham palace. >> reporter: the "guardian" allowed read tires get rid of all the royal baby news on the home page with a click of the mouse. >> it's what we have been waiting for. >> what's exciting, if the baby sees its shadow -- >> kate did going into labor during a full moon. >> this is -- we are looking live at a door. >> reporter: of course, fake twitter accounts, written in the voice of the royal baby. >> my first crowning is not going as smoothly as i would like. there were jokes making fun of the jokes. i don't find the royal baby jokes very funny. maybe it's just the delivery. even photographers hung joke notes on their wall of ladders outside the hospital. postpartum ladder sale. royal baby trivia was truly
4:00 pm
trivial. >> cloth diapers are disposable. prince william the first royal baby to use disposable diapers and presumably this baby will too. how could you have lived without knowing this. i have more. >> forget having a buy oy or a girl. >> i am hoping the "game of thrones" she has a dragon. >> reporter: birth of a royal dragon would have been news. >> that's it for me. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> out front next, breaking news. a plane has had an emergency landing in new york city. we are going to be going there live in a moment. >> and a 51-year-old mother flies out of her seat and dies riding a roller coaster at a texas amusement