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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. we begin tonight with a birth announcement, a baby boy. quite a party for the little guy. the first child for william and catherine. celebrations across the u.k. the papers already out, take a look the daily mail headlining it, oh, boy, one's a grandpa. the sun with the pun renaming itself the son. as for the boy who launched hundreds of front pages, there's no name yet. but we'll talk about the possibilities and the betting favorites. first the big moment, how the news and the baby arrived. >> reporter: the news the world was waiting for came at about 8:30 p.m. london time. >> brooke, okay, her royal heiness, the duchess of cambridge was safely delivered a son at 4:24 p.m. local time.
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the royal heiness and child are both doing well. 8 pounds, just a few hours ago. >> kate middleton was in labor for about 10 hours before the birth. all the while, the crowds were gathering in anticipation of the news. >> it's been a sense of anticipation all day. the crowds ran toward buckingham palace, you can see them there now. they are awaiting that gilded easel. >> the gilded easel, a tradition since the 18th century, awaiting the formal birth announcement. >> ed perkins coming out right now, with the formal notification of the birth. huge cheers from the crowd that's gathered here. he's got a big smile on his face. it's been a few hours since the
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birth, there he is, a big moment for him. he's only been in the job for less than a year, and the car goes off. >> off to buckingham palace. >> where the birth notification is handed to a royal aid who brings it inside to be framed. >> then we have the queen's press secretary. she has just placed the birth announcement on the gilded easel. this easel has only ever been used for prince william's birth announcement. >> prince william stayed by her side during the birth. he issued a statement saying, "we could not be happier." the baby who weighed a healthy 8 pounds 6 ounces is third in line for the thrown. following his father and grandfather. who earlier in the day was accepting presents on behalf of his grandchild. >> for the baby. >> thank you. i'll see what i can do. >> prime minister david cameron
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called the birth a celebration for the country. and it was smiles all around for the medical team as the two royal obstetricians left the hospital. >> wonderful baby, beautiful baby. the royal baby's title will be his royal heiness, he'll simply be known as baby cambridge. >> sounds like a rapper. christiane amanpour is outside buckingham palace. and katie nichol and victoria arbiter are joining me as well. max, there was a four-hour gap between the baby's birth and the public announcement. what happened during that time? >> i was told by a royal aide they just wanted to spend time together with the baby, the couple. they went through this all on their own. william was there throughout the labor, he's staying in the hospital overnight, as you can see, the weather's back to normal here in the u.k., the sun
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was never going to last long. but tomorrow morning there will be hope for some sunshine, because we're expecting william to come out and say a few words tomorrow morning. and after that he will come out with his wife and baby. i mean, some people suggested it could be later, all the indications are, because the labor went so well, everyone's on good form, we'll see them tomorrow morning. >> are there sort of official celebrations at all planned? >> tomorrow morning our time, a whole list of military engagements will be announced. i have some details of that, it's not being announced until tomorrow. you are going to see some pretty spectacular displays. there is other military moments over the day. it will be a day of ceremony tomorrow. we'll give you more details about that in the morning. >> this is the first time the british monarchy has had a
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living heir to the throne, three generations, in almost 100 years. >> yes, since the time of queen victoria, everybody sees this new baby, not yet seen, but we know he's coming out to meet the public at some point. and thinks maybe he's going to be king in my lifetime. but he may not be for another 70 years or so, this is a family with very good genes, with longevity and there's no hint that he's going to be king any time soon. as for the weather that max is talking about, it's been the most unbelievable heat wave here, and this rain is extremely good luck in some parts of the world. in asia this rain brings good luck in asia. so it's a good omen. >> they've been seen as modernizing forces for this institution that as a time has been criticized for being too stuck in tradition. do you expect they will bring that perspective in raising their child? >> that's exactly right, diana
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really did try to give them as normal an upbringing as possible. it's impossible in the royal family where all eyes are on you. i was talking to the queen's cousin last week, who explained that one of the things that a family of parents can give their kids, even a royal prince, even an heir to the thrown is a normal childhood behind closed doors. i think certainly from all that we've heard about william and kate, that is what they hope to be able to do for their child. incredible that they managed to keep the news to themselves for the first four hours and had that time to bond out of the public eye. >> katie, what this child is going to face, which previous generations have not faced is this world of the internet and twitter. privacy was certainly a huge issue for diana. certainly it was an issue at times for william and harry. but for this child, it's going to be probably even worse. >> i think it will be the
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greatest obstacle of protecting their little boy now. we're going to have a first photo, we'll have pictures from the christening, where do we go from there? will we see him on his first day to wetherby sole where william went? this is an age where everything is captured on digital cameras, iphones. they're really not safe to go. yet this is a couple that will want to go and push their carriage around the park. i think we're going to see new parameters established, and william and kate trying to find their feet and really come to an agreement with the press. we'll give you access, in return for that access, we want privacy and our down time. >> how do you think the upbringing of the duchess will sort of impact this child. i mean, she -- i don't know if the word commoner is used any more, but in previous generations that's what she
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would have been referred to. >> she's from a common background. really, kate's childhood is going to have a big impact. she grew up in a house where her mother was waiting for her when she came home from school. she was there waiting for her. the fact that they went to the middleton's for christmas last december was huge. royals don't do that, they don't go to their in-laws for christmas. christmas was the queen's occasion. i think already william's been very clear he wants the middleton's to be involved, he's close to them. that's what diana didn't have, she didn't have a close knit family, which is one of the reasons she felt so let down and so alone. >> how much of a role does the royal family have in determining the future of this child, the schooling, the care for this child? these days, is it simply the
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parents who make up all the decisions? >> it is. >> people are surprised to hear that. they think the queen rules with an iron rod. if something happens she doesn't quite agree with, she'll come out and say it, this will be william and kate's decisions, where the child will go to school, what type of school it will be, what kinds of things they do as a family. it's going to be very difficult, because we live in this multimedia age. diana was able to do things with the boys, relatively privately, there was a paparazzi photographer, how do you begin to regulate the general public, everybody has a camera phone, they'll take a picture pop it up on twitter, thinking it's quite innocent. next, it's around the world. international media is picked up and william is upset. >> the role that diana played in her son's life, i mean, that's clearly going to have a big impact on the way william raises his child. >> it will. and we were saying, i was saying with christiane amanpour earlier, she didn't have those
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boys raised by governesses, she had them out there. she took them to regular schools. she took them to theme parks and shopping on high street. i think the background that kate comes from, a very normal tight knit family, that is going to be the foundation for how they raise this little boy. but with that will have to be royal protocol, tradition, and all things embedded in this child. it's going to be a balancing act. >> it's interesting. for all the decisions that they make, there are certain things this child will be expected to do. the future for this child is sort of set, isn't it? >> absolutely, anderson, this is a royal family, and this is their profession. they are professionally in
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service to this country. that is their duty, no matter what they do. some do it better than others. people who have been watching the royal family for generations are -- have seen that they're subject to all sorts of criticism on the one hand, praise on the other -- >> we're having some technical problems. we're going to take a quick break, we have a lot more to talk about. let us know what you think, follow me on twitter @andersoncooper. the picture from new york's laguardia airport, southwest flight 345 nose down on the tarmac, after the nose gear collapsed on landing. the toll of injuries when we come back. our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive, dedicated support, we constantly evolve to meet your needs. every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next.
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breaking news tonight. earlier this evening, the emergency evacuation of southwest flight 345. the nose gear collapsed on landing. it happened at new york's laguardia airport. there have been injuries, mary snow is monitoring late developments, she joins us now. >> flight 345 was coming in from nashville, and with that collapsed nose gear, port authority spokesman telling us there are 11 people who were injured, six passengers, five crew members. we are told these injuries are non-life threatening. six people were taken to the hospital, southwest says there were 150 people on board the boeing 737, they've all been evacuated and taken to the
8:16 pm
terminal. the airport was shut down for a period of time, the port authority is now telling us that the airport is reopened, but to expect delays and because this is such a busy airport could create a ripple effect across the country. >> do we know what caused the crash? >> the faa is saying southwest reported possible front landing gear issues before landing. the faa is saying the nose gear collapsed as the plane landed. a spokesperson for the port authority said that they believe that a wheel popped off the aircraft while it was taxiing after landing. there is a news conference that is scheduled shortly. we expect to have more information. >> and is it clear at this point where -- were all the people who were injured in the same area, or the nature of those injuries? >> we don't know. all we know is that six people were passengers and five were crew members on the southwest plane. >> five of the injured are crew
8:17 pm
members. that's interesting. you said that they were aware of something before the plane landed? >> that's according to the faa. the faa said that southwest did report possible front landing gear issues before this plane landed and that the nose gear actually collapsed as it landed. >> mary snow, thanks, we'll continue to follow. more now on the young prince. mom and dad staying in the hospital overnight. bringing the baby home will be a global media event. prince william is expected to come out and speak first, and then introduce the baby to the world. his home is an apartment, as 360's randi kaye tells us it will be an apartment in a palace. >> take a look. >> it's good to be the royal baby. he's officially welcomed into the world with tolling bells and a royal gun salute. not bad, eh? it gets better, when he leaves the hospital, he'll go home to a palace. >> primarily the baby will live
8:18 pm
with william and kate. that's not all, the royal baby also will have access to at least three other palaces, his grandmother's home, buckingham palace and it's 775 rooms, balmoral, a sprawling scottish castle where the royals like to summer. >> how many nannies do you anticipate this royal baby will have? >> at this time there's no nanny. kate grew up in a home where her mother was waiting for her when she came home from school. it was very family oriented. her parents were at everything. they're a very close family. i think in the beginning if they have a date night, i think grandma middleton will be roped into baby-sit. >> reporter: the duchess of cambridge wants to be a full time mom. when he's old enough to attend school. >> schooling will be similar to the way william and harry were
8:19 pm
schooled even kate. he was the first to go to nursery school. charles didn't go to proper school until he was 8 years old. boarding school will be in the future. >> this royal baby will grow up fairly spoiled? >> this baby will be showered. if you remember diana, she really took pains to make sure that william and harry appreciated their position and how privileged they were. yes, she took them to theme parks, they got to do all these fancy things, but they also went to aids hospitals and homeless shelters. she's going to be aware of the fact that babies grow very quickly. they can go through clothes quite quickly. you're not going to see baby sort of all dressed up in baby dior. >> when he's out and about, keep an eye out for his trendy stroller that retails for about $1,000. the duchess of cambridge has reportedly purchased a bugaboo.
8:20 pm
>> being a royal baby isn't all fun and games. there are obligations. royal children usually join the queen on the palace balcony for her birthday and attend other historic royal occasions and then there are the trips overseas. william went to australia and new zealand with his parents. security for the newest royal will be key. princess diana was able to take william and his brother harry to theme parks and fast food restaurants, even movie theaters. paparazzi were there, but in this day and age, the duke and duchess of cambridge, also have to worry about camera phones and regulating the general public. judging from the looks of it today, that will be no easy task. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> my next guest has a good a picture of any as to what kind of parents they will be.
8:21 pm
christopher, let me start with you. you heard victoria say in the piece, there's no nanny as of now. do you think that's going to last? is it possible for them not to have some sort of a nanny, given the public schedule that these two have? >> no, they've got to have a nanny. it's interesting how close these people grow to their nannies. william and kate were very close to their nannies and extremely close to their nanny after diana died. so i think a royal nanny is inevitable. at least one. >> it is a difficult relationship with a nanny, it really does become like a mother figure. >> it really does, yes. it's got to be somebody that provides continuity, because the royal schedule is not 9:00 to 5:00, they could be working nights, gone in the morning. diana was keen to make sure that her schedule allowed for her to drop the boys off at school. i don't know that we're going to
8:22 pm
see a live-in nanny with william and kate. there is going to be a nanny, it's inevitable when kate goes back to full-time work. but she's going to be keen to running that nursery herself. >> the way charles was raised no doubt the way his parents were raised, children were sort of seen but not heard. they were probably ushered in for a short amount of time to see their parents and then sent away to boarding school at a very young age. >> times change, expectations change. there was a time when parents would go out to dinner and not take their children. that's just regular family. these days children are welcome at anything and everything. i think also looking back at charles' time, when the queen went away on her tour of the commonwealth, it took six months to go around the world. it doesn't any more with jet travel as it is. take the baby with you, you can travel for shorter amounts of time. i think really expectations change, we live in a modern world, kate and william are
8:23 pm
going to have a lot more freedom. >> they're going to live at kensington palace, apartment 1-a. do we have any idea what that is like? have a lot of people seen that? >> it's four stories, immense, but it's not ready yet. it's not going to be ready until the beginning of the order. what we're going to be looking at really, from tomorrow. where are they going to. it will be tight to move back to nottingham cottage. two bedrooms, next to the big house. if they do go back there, it won't be for too long. there are reports that they might head to bucklebury. at the moment they don't have a family home that's ready for them to move into. >> when i heard 1-a, i thought it was like a basement apartment somewhere. i thought, wow, they're on the ground floor. >> no, kensington palace, katie knows a lot about it. i know it as the big palace in the park that's quite near where i live. it's a real tourist hub as well.
8:24 pm
it's not like it's isolated, people come in, they come out, they go up to the doors. it's been changed, the entrance has been moved from one side to the other. looks out on this beautiful statue of queen victoria, kensington palace is fixed in people's minds as the place where there were literally mountains of flowers when princess diana was killed. remember, it was just as far as the eye could see. people waiting almost five deep into these flowers, it has that memory to it. >> we have to take a break, when we come back, we're going to talk about the royal name game, and what kind of a life this child would have. there's so much fantasy around the royal family, the reality of life for this child we'll talk about that coming up. and also, how princess diana's influence will be felt.
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on this day, we welcome a new -- >> the royal crier delivering the royal news. interestingly enough wolf blitzer had the exact same
8:29 pm
outfit at home. the new baby boy is just hours old. we may not know his name for a while. it took a week before william's name was announced. they're giving the shortest odds to james and george. whatever name they choose, his title will be his royal heiness of cambridge. is it possible william and kate will toss out the rule book all together? research focuses on modern british and european history. we know it's a boy. what does go into the naming of the baby? >> the royals tend to stick to names with a sense of history, continuity, and also there are a plethora of names to choose from.
8:30 pm
we've had eight henrys, aid georges. there is a continuity in that respect. i think william and kate may step outside the box a little bit. they are a traditional couple by nature, i think the longshots, we have author and albert, it's the queen's father's name, and her beloved grandfather, i think we'll see phillip as a tribute to a middle name. >> most royals have three to four first names and honor previous monarchs or relatives, right? >> that's correct. they have the option of signalling with a lot of the choices, honoring different members of the family. >> it's interesting to me, we all focus on sort of the glamour of all this, there's this idea of wow, what a life this child is going to have. i look at it in a different way, it's going to be extremely difficult, not only to be in this fishbowl, but if you have
8:31 pm
some sort of thing you want to do with your life, you can't do that. you're sort of -- you're set at birth with what your life is going to be. >> it's really hard. i've written a book about both of the princes. i remember being told that when prince william was 18 and in chile. he was discovered around the camp fire with some of the kids -- friends he made. and he said to them, i envy all of you, because you all have normal lives. he had no choice really apart from going into the military. there wasn't much choice for what he was going to do. his life will be one of duty. dane produced the heir and the spare. ince harry has it easy, he's not going to have to follow in william's footsteps. for any royal child, there is a sense of duty, with all that privilege, it comes an enormous sense of responsibility. yes, it's a life in a palace but
8:32 pm
it's a gilded cage in a lot of ways and loss of your privacy, which william struggled with for many years, i think probably makes most of us quite sympathetic. >> it's not the toughest paper on the planet. but there is that limitation, you were saying during the break, harry, who's -- harry is viewed with a jaundiced eye. >> hair he -- harry has done incredibly well with his training. he's been voted the top flyer and still, the cynics will say it's only because he's prince harry.
8:33 pm
no, the government's not going to let you get into a multimillion dollar machine because you're prince harry. it's viewed quite flippantly. it's a struggle, because it's duty, duty, duty. these are not set hours, you are expected to show up in everything. it comes at quite a price. >> does the royal family matter? you look at the history of all of this, it's import for burden is what, now? >> i think it's hugely important for britain, this is a nation that's really searching for a identity right now. the royal family is really something the family can rally around. >> you agree with that? >> completely. i think at the moment, the monarchy are enjoying a resurgence of popularity. you go back to diana's death, i don't think the royal family would have dared contemplate they would be in the situation they're in the states. i think you saw it most recently as the celebration of the queen's coronation, previous to that, the diamond jubilee
8:34 pm
celebration, there's a sense of goodwill. at the center of it, is a glamorous hardworking couple william and kate. >> and it has come a long way. i remember covering the funeral. that was the nature in terms of a lot of perception. >> the '90s were devastating for the royal family. there were divorces, toe sucking incidents. >> i'd forgotten about the toe sucking. >> it was just back to the -- you couldn't write a movie and someone think this is -- it's a soap opera. it was a soap opera, i think what's really exciting right now, when i look at the queen, who has sense of duty and dedication. now she can look at this baby, her first great grandson, she can see the future of the monarchy, this baby is the first sovereign of the 22nd century, she can see it stretching out before her childhood. >> is there any possibility of the queen stepping down before?
8:35 pm
we've seen the monarch in was it belgium just stepped down and gave it over to his child. >> no, it's never going to happen. when the queen took her oath, it is before god, it is profoundly religious, when she took this oath, she meant it sincerely and said it before god. she's all about duty. she's so criticized for not coming down to london and being with the people surrounding diana's death. it's the only time in her reign that she's chosen family over duty. she felt her responsibility then was to be with her grandsons. i think it will be interesting to see now as we move forward, she is 87, she's very robust, she's healthy, going to have no plans to step down i don't see happening.
8:36 pm
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william arrived in 1982. princess diana broke tradition by giving birth in a hospital. until then, it was custom for royals to give birth at home. here's how prince william described her in 2007. >> she did everything because she felt it was right and it was what she wanted to do. she didn't go by what she thought was the best thing to do or be told to do something, she did it from the heart. and fully immersed herself into it. and she cared. she cared massively. we were the most important thing in her life.
8:41 pm
after that, it was everyone else, charity, everyone else. to me, that's a really good philosophy that she just loved caring for people and helping. >> they said they intend to be hands on parents, william was in the delivery room, he's taking paternity leave. i want to bring in mark saunders. victoria, you have no doubt that the influence of diana is felt in the lives of both of her children. it's prince william who gave kate his mother's engagement ring? >> he did. that was a way of keeping her close, keeping her honored. he likes to honor her privately, there's no question her parenting style is going to come into play for william and kate. he has the job now moving forward of teaching his child the importance of his position and his role. but that he has the opportunity to do good for other people. when diana was taking the boys to aids hospitals and homeless shelters, she wasn't doing it to shock them, she was doing it to learn empathy and sympathy, and
8:42 pm
talk to people that were suffering as well as they can talk to the queen and the pope. i think william's going to want to emulate that, so his child understands the difference he can make in other people's lives. >> will william continue to serve as he has? what is it, i'm not sure the branch of the military he's in. >> it's with the search and rescue team. that's a very good question, and i'm told through sources at the palace that we're to expect an announcement in a few weeks' time, possibly at the end of the summer, a lot of speculation that he is going to stand down. a lot is happening to that direction. the r.a.f. is going to be privatized. that's not making william redundant, but it's changing his team and his fleet, this is seen
8:43 pm
as an opportune moment to step out. you also need to look at the duke of edinburgh and his ailing health. the queen is 87 and in robust health, but certainly scaling back. is it time for william to stand down? is he a prince or a pilot? he's a prince, and now is the time to get on with princely duty. >> a lot of people compared kate to diana, obviously, kate has become very much her own woman. >> well, i said from the start that it was very unfair to do that. because princess diana was such a unique person, that it would be virtually impossible to follow in her footsteps. but catherine has done a remarkable job making herself popular. it wasn't a given the british public would warm to her as quickly as they did. i do notice many similarities between diana and catherine. she gets along with people very easily. on the first job they did together after they got engaged. i remember using the word
8:44 pm
chivalrous the way william protected catherine at all times. she's grown because of that support. >> the learning curve for someone who doesn't -- hasn't grown up in a royal family, even the learning curve for this child, it takes a while to kind of figure out the role. >> it does. i think that's why william and kate waited so long to get married. they were the first royal couple to live together before getting married. she was the first bride since diana. there were lots of steps they took to make sure kate really knew what she was getting into. it's a thankless job, everything you do is analyzed, pulled apart, picked apart. she had a very good education, she comes from a tight close knit family, she has william there to guide her. the only person she's learning from is william. and he takes very good care of her. >> do they have more privacy than diana had?
8:45 pm
i mean, obviously, the world now moves even faster than it did back then. you have twitter and all this social media. maybe i just don't pay enough attention to it. it seems like they're given a little more space. >> there's definitely been a major shift in terms of the way the press approaches the royals after diana's death, it was largely believed that the photographers were responsible, and i think it really made everybody take a step back. >> that's been amazing that it's held on this long. it remains to be seen what happens. baby's sell newspapers and the international press is not following the same guidelines as the british press. it was international media that published those topless photographs of kate and the photos of harry. really, i hope this holds off, because william, he just starts to close off more and more and more, the minute he feels like he's losing control. they're going to have to find a balance. >> thank you very much. coming up, the latest on the breaking news tonight. a scary landing for passengers aboard a southwest airlines
8:46 pm
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more on the breaking news we're following from new york's laguardia airport. this video shows the evacuation of southwest airlines flight 345. there were injuries, nonlife threatening we're told. as many as ten people were treated at the scene. mary snow joins us with more information on the accident. there was a press conference at laguardia airport. what did you learn? >> ten injuries, none life threatening. six people taken to the hospital, the flight crew was also taken for observation. one change, though, the faa had earlier reported that the flight had reported possible front landing gear before landing. the faa is saying that that is no longer the case, they have retracted that statement. exactly what led to the nose wheel collapsing is unclear, but take a listen. this is the general manager of laguardia airport.
8:51 pm
kind of describing what happened when the southwest flight from nashville to laguardia came in to land around 5:40 this evening. >> from what we know, the aircraft landed on runway four. the landing gear collapsed. the nose wheel specifically collapsed, the aircraft skidded down the runway on its nose and then veered off and came to rest on a grass area between the runway and taxi way. about halfway down the runway. >> this was a boeing 737. the airport anderson had been closed for a little bit more than an hour. it has been reopened, but the plane is still there and the ntsb is on the scene. >> mary snow, i appreciate it. joining us on the phone is kathy bowles. thanks for talking to us, what can you tell us about the landing. at what point did you realize something wasn't right? >> it honestly wasn't until it hit the ground. it was like any other landing,
8:52 pm
we just skid. it was a bang and a bounce. and then just a slam on the brakes, skidding feeling as we were trying -- you could tell they were trying to stop the plane, the pilots were doing their best to stop the plane. it was very clear as soon as we went down that something was really wrong, and we did not land on wheels. >> you didn't land on wheels at all or the nose of the aircraft? >> on the front. i was sitting close to the front and so it was just a hard impact from the plane. and then just a desperate try to stop the plane as quickly as possible. >> what does that feel like with the nose of the plane i guess just scraping along the runway. does it bounce? did you get jerked out of your seat? >> it was definitely a hard impact. you could feel a jolt to your body. the scariest part was the smell
8:53 pm
of the smoke, and i don't know whether the smell of the -- burning smell, maybe the asphalt and the plane. i'm not sure what that was. >> you smelled something. >> probably the most frightening part of it all. >> did the chutes automatically deploy and everyone -- or did the pilot say anything for the people to evacuate or how did that work? >> it was a little bit -- not being in the situation ever before, fortunately, i'm not sure exactly how it normally goes, but it was a bit of a delay. the -- we weren't really sure what to do. they actually, i think kept the doors closed purposely, i would guess, to make sure the bottom of the plane -- like i said, there was that smell of burning and immediately you could hear water hitting the bottom of the plane. i don't know if that was to ensure there was no fire. i'm not sure why that was. the plane hit the field for a
8:54 pm
good bit. and then there was smoke inside the plane. i think that was really frightening for the passengers. it was just everybody's reaction to get up and want to get out of here, and you couldn't. >> you're doing okay? >> i'm sorry? >> are you doing okay? >> oh, yes. i mean, i feel extremely blessed to have come off that, i mean, it just felt like the plane really could have broken in half. and i mean, it was just such a hard impact. but i do, i mean, it was -- coming down the slide and seeing everybody rush. it was really more frightening turning around and looking at it, with all the emergency crew and all the people just -- it was an unbelievable feeling. >> i'm so glad you're doing okay, and i'm glad the other injuries weren't life threatening. thank you so much, kathy boles. a lot more happening tonight. isha sesay is here with a 360 bulletin. >> a small explosive device was
8:55 pm
destroyed over the weekend near a sanctuary the pope planned to visit later this week. when the pope arrived in rio his car was mobbed by cheering crowds. as you can see, he chose to ride in a sedan rather than the pope mobile. >> florida authorities have confirmed that george zimmerman helped rescue a family from an overturned suv four dates after he was acquitted of murder. and charges of aggravated murder and kidnapping after three bodies were found in east cleveland. a judge set bond for michael madison at $6 million. the bodies were discovered over the weekend. officials said madison may have been inspired by a local serial killer. a medical examiner has ruled a woman who plunged to her death
8:56 pm
on a texas roller coaster died from multiple traumatic injuries. six flags over texas has closed the ride and is investigating. the victim raised concerns about how secure her lap bar was before the ride began. and anderson, off the coast of california, a couple divers had a close encounter to humpback whales. the whales are making a meal of some fish. you can see how close those divers came to becoming dessert. >> you see all the fish and the whale pops up -- that's unbelievable. amazing. >> they were lucky. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] some question physics. some question gravity. and some... even have the audacity to question improbability. with best-in-class towing and best-in-class torque these are some of the bold, new ram commercial trucks -- built to blow your imagination. guts. glory. ram.
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that's it for us. thanks for watching. join us one hour from now for the cnn special "will & kate plus one." "piers morgan live" is next. >> this is piers morgan live. i'm chris cuomo in for piers. it's a boy. take a look at the front page of the "sun." the nation