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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  July 23, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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that's it for us. thanks for watching. join us one hour from now for the cnn special "will & kate plus one." "piers morgan live" is next. hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. this is a special royal edition of cnn newsroom. i'm at the cnn center. >> i'm zane berj i in london. it's 8:00 in the morning. everyone is celebrating the big news. in case you hadn't heard, it's a boy. the duchess of cambridge and prince william welcomed the baby into the world yesterday afternoon and now royal watchers here and around the world are waiting anxiously for their first glimpse of the little prince. we don't know if it will happen today. we're keeping our fingers and
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toes and eyes crossed that we'll see a glimpse in a few hours. the royal birth was announced literally from the rooftops to an outpouring of well-wishers from around the world. >> god save the queen! >> the news traveled little more traditionally as well. there was this town cryer that read it out from the steps of the hospital where the third in the line to the throne was born. the announcement was posted outside buckingham palace. it did not include a name. that will come later. we're having a lot of good fun speculating on what it could possibly be and what the odds are on the favorite names. but the ease he will outside buckingham palace told the world that her royal highness and child are both doing well. the papers, as you can imagine, are all over the story of the royal birth. i want to give you a flavor. this is the straightforward.
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it's a boy. the daily mirror, our little prince. the daily mail has a picture of prince charles and says oh, boy. one is a grandpa. i like this one. the son spelled stoday. it's a popular tabloid. there's a certificate framed at buckingham palace. inside there's a picture of harry that says please let him not have red hair. please let him not have red hair. the papers are having a good time with this. the whole country is very excited. there's so many plans to celebrate the birth of the royal baby boy. let me give you a flavor of what's expected today. >> the new father is expected, we hope, to make comments oufd the hospital. then there are going to be gun salutes at several locations across london, including the tower of london and the best at
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westminster abbey will toll in a few hours. if the doctors discharge kate from st. mary's hospital today, the newborn is expected to make his big introduction to all of us, the world, on the steps of the lindo wing. the appearance falls in line with the royal traditions they have here. princess diana and prince charles both introduced william and harry from those very steps. we're not on the steps but close to them. be odd if you were on them. you can't do that. tell us about what we can expect today and where they're going to go. >> we're hoping for another announcement from kensington palace to at least tell us, if nothing else, how mother and baby are doing. we understand that they spent the night at the hospital with prince william and hopefully got a little bit of sleep. if they're feeling better, then baby cambridge and parents will probably be discharged from the hospital. we're hoping we'll get a first glimpse at those steps behind me. as you point out, it was exactly
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on those steps in 1982 that prince charles and princess diana came out with prince william. so we're hoping to see some of that same scenes today. but we're really going to have to wait for a confirmation from kensington palace. the other thing is whether or not we'll hear a name today. we don't know if we'll hear a name. when prince william was born in '82, his name wasn't announced until a week later. we'll have to wait and see. it might mean a little bit more of a wait for those expecting a full name today. >> i think the queen took like a month to name prince charles. so we won't be too hopeful about getting a name today. london is celebrating. give us an idea of how people are going to be doing that today. i've still got my good old bottle of champagne waiting to celebrate once i'm done. >> i think there was a lot of champagne last night. no doubt about it much there was
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a lot of dancing as well. we'll have more formal official celebrations as well, including the horse artillery guard will have a 41-gun salute in green park near you. quite loud where you are. we'll be seeing those kinds of official celebrations throughout the day. but there are also a lot of royal fans here, including several that have camped out overnight here hoping to get the first glimpse of baby cambridge. >> atika shubert, thank you. john? >> zane, we thank you for that. we'll catch up with you in a moment. we thank atika shubert for bringing us the latest. congratulations have been swift in coming to the royal couple. especially from commonwealth countries. canadian prime minister steven harper said, "this new beginning reminds us of a remarkable and
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enduring relationship our country has enjoyed with generations of the royal family." australia's prime minister had this message. i think all australians at the bottom of their hearts wish the royal bub all the best and certainly wish the new parents all the best as well. this is a day of great joy. so on behalf of all australians, we wish the family all the best at this wonderful time of celebration. >> and allow me to translate for my prime minister being australian. a bub is essentially australian for the baby. anyway, in case you were wondering. we'll have much more on the newest member of the house of windsor when we come back. the life of luxury that's awaiting him. as zain said, everybody seems to have an opinion for the proper name for the child. we'll tell you what the bookies think. that's coming up next.
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birth of the future king. the london eye ferris wheel was in red, white and blue and piccadilly circus in london, the sign simply read, there it is, kate. zain, you have to wonder what sort of life this child will have. this is the first day of the rest of his life. a baby born to be king. >> well, we can say safely, he's destined for a life of privilege. he's going to want for nothing. as much as william and kate want to make him as normal as possible and go out and meet with people, have a burger down at mcdonald's, go to the park, they're still going to be the fact that he is going to be a future king and going to have all the trappings that that comes with. of course, he's always going to be in the public spotlight as well. which can be difficult as we all know from the royal family here and what that's like. randi kaye looks at what's in store for in newborn prince. >> it's good to be the royal
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baby. he's officially welcomed into the world with tolling bells and a royal gun salute. not bad, eh? wait, it gets better. when he leaves the hospital, he'll go home to a palace. >> primarily the baby will live with william and kate at kensington palace in apartment 1a, the former home to princess margaret. >> that's not all. the royal baby will have access to at least three other palaces. his grandmother's home, buckingham palace and its 775 rooms, balmoral, a sprawling scottish castle where the royals like to summer and sandringham house where the royal family spends christmas. >> how many nannies do you anticipate this royal baby will have. >> at this time there's no nannies. kate grew up where her mother was waiting at home for her. it was family oriented. her parents were at everything, they're a very close family. i think in the beginning if they have a date night, i think grandma middleton will be roped in to baby-sit.
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>> the duchess of cambridge wants to be a full-time mom and raise her son with as small an entourage as possible. when the royal couple's son is old enough to attend school? >> schooling will probably be similar to the way william and harry were schooled even kate. william was the first heir of the throne to go to a primary school. charles didn't go to proper school until he was eight years old. boarding school will definitely be in the future. >> is it fair to say this royal baby will grow up fairly spoiled? >> i think, yes, on obviously this baby will be showered. if you remember diana, she took pains to make sure william and harry appreciated their position and how privileged they were. yes they went to theme parks and did fancy stuff, but they went to aids hospitals without the photographers there. >> what will the royal baby wear? >> kate is practical with her own clothing of the shooem be well aware of the fact that the babies grow quickly. between diapers and being sick, they can go through clothes
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quickly. you won't see baby all dressed out in baby dior. >> when he's out and about, keep an eye out for the trendy stroller retailing for $1,000. the duchess of cambridge reportedly purchased a bugaboo. >> being a royal baby is isn't all fun and games. it's work. there are obligations. royal children usually join the queen on the palace balcony for her birthday and attend other historic royal occasions. then there are the trips overaes. as a baby, william went to australia and new zealand with his parents. as with any member of the royal family, security for the newest royal will be key. princess diana was able to take william and his brother harry to theme parks and fast food restaurants, even movie theaters. paparazzi were there, but in this day and age, the duke and duchess of cambridge also have to worry about camera phones and regulating the general public. judging from the looks of it today, that will be no easy
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task. randi kaye, cnn, new york. as we're speaking of royals and who will reign in the future, i'd like to report to you that it is now officially raining in the spirit of everything british as we welcome baby cambridge. the queen is in buckingham palace. we know this because the royal standard is above the palace and that basically means she's there. the other focus today is going to be about baby names. which ones are the most popular that people are talking about and which ones are the betters putting out there. there's a bookmaker called pad i listing the top three names as george, james and alexander. next on the list, louie, albert and philip for the newborn prince. john vause joins me. john is not at the list on the top but it's somewhere down there, you know. >> outrageous. i still think the best comment,
12:15 am
though, was from joan rivers who said she's very relieved the name would not include words like ivy or apple. which is a joke. it reflects on kate. because they're a traditional couple. that's why we can expect a very traditional name. >> right. exactly. they're going to pick a traditional name. we're not going to see a hank or a kevin or a bruce. >> or elvis. >> none of those sorts of names. elvis is on the bookmaker's odd sheets at 500 to 1. >> right. >> you can try. but you know you're not going to get that. >> very true. >> the name could actually be announced today. so, john, like you and i are talking aboutt there's so much speculation. people are focusing on what can it be. everyone gets into it here. when kate went into labor, there were 50,000 online bets that were placed at that agency. the betting is getting heavy as well today. that's one of the subjects that's been drawing the interest of gamblers, john, as we
12:16 am
continue to follow this so does erin mcteague. >> long odds for chardonnay. chardonnay? just a potential royal baby name that got some punter to pluck down a spot of cash. with the heir to the british throne finally here today, there has been big business in betting. >> the most popular bet so far is the name definitely. ever since the duchess of cambridge was seen where she took the teddy bear and nearly made it sound like a daughter. it's all been about girls names. >> but it wasn't. it was a boy. as for what prince william and kate middleton will name their son, the smart money for boys' names has been on james and henry. there's also interest in what color hair will appear on the first born to the royal couple. most think the royal son will be a brunette like the mother. there's a little bit more money on a ginger like prince harry than on a blond like prince
12:17 am
william. there are bucks on everything from what kate's sister pippa will wear to the hospital to what college the future monarch may attend almost two decades from now. >> ever since the duchess of cambridge was announced to be pregnant in december, really the ball started rolling then. it's grown and grown and grown. it's been really exciting. lots of money on the name and the weight, lots of money on the date the baby will be born which is really reaching a kre shendo now. >> it's definitely a more female friendly type of bet as opposed to a bet on the football or the horses. this is a kind of product that will appeal to the female customer. it's the kind of thing that everybody has opinion on. >> for the betting takes on the name, sex and birthday of the royal infant, you soon may be able to collect your cash. but it will be a while for those who are alread wagering on where the royal student will go to university. here's a tip if you want to up
12:18 am
the ante. the best bet with the bookies is the university of st. andrews where prince william and kate met. erin mcpike, cnn, washington. john, i can't help myself. i saw these cute baby shoes with the royal crown here and i thought i would buy them and send them over to you as a souvenir. many people are buying hundreds of thousands of little, cute little booties like this for the pitter patter of little royal feet. it's going to boost the economy here. give it a little bump of about $300 million. >> i'll dangle them from my rearview mirror in my car. they look very sweet. by the way, do you know who actually picked it that it was going to be a boy? me. got the tweet to prove it. >> you picked it? >> yeah. i said it. >> i would like to see that tweet. i don't trust you, john. i want proof. >> of course you don't. i said a boy called george. >> go bet. >> thanks, zain.
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take a short break here. when we come back, pope francis is making his first international visit as pontiff. we'll show you how the crowds in brazil may have gotten a little closer than planned. a jetliner's front landing gear failed in new york. ten people were hurt. that story is also when we come back. george zimmerman has helped rescue a family in trouble. those details just ahead. john vaus
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some turned towards anti- -- demonstrations who were in the square. pope francis has been mobbed by a frenzied crowd as he riefd in rio de janeiro on a first international trip as pontiff. the driver for the pope reportedly made a wrong turn and thousands rushed his car, some
12:22 am
reaching in through the open window to try and touch him. the scenes were unnerving but a spokesman says the pontiff was never concerned for his safety. we get more on the pope's trip to brazil from shasta darlington. >> an historic day in rio de janeiro, the world's first latin american pope arrived for what's turning into a huge and joyous homecoming. pope francis in what's becoming his trademark style refused to be driven around in a bulletproof vehicle. instead, he went to downtown rio and rode around in an open back pope-mobile where thousands of pilgrims, adoring fans waving flags were waiting for him and greeted him there. he then went to the governor's palace for a meeting with government officials. there have been some security concerns, however, at the shrine that the pope will visit on wednesday, police discovered a small homemade explosive device
12:23 am
in the bathroom in the parking lot. . they say this wasn't an area that would be visited by the pope or pilgrims but still something to keep an eye on. on the other hand, here in rio de janeiro, there have also been protests outside the governor's palace where the pope is meeting with government officials. this has been an issue over the last few weeks. that's part of the reason there's 30,000 army and navy troops and police on the streets of rio and sao paulo. a week-long celebration aimed at energizing the church and especially the young people. no doubt about it, pope francis is the man to do it. shasta darlington, rio de janeiro. peace talks between the israelis and palestinians could
12:24 am
resume. john kerry spent four days prodding both sides. negotiations broke down three years ago. christiane ammaanpour has a report. >> the ue, the european union passed measures that say there can be no funding for any activities in israeli settlements in the occupied west bank. that is obviously putting pressure on israel. is that one of the reasons why you're coming to the table or now is the time -- the time is right? why do you think the time is right to come to the table now? >> i believe that the time was right also years ago. i support deeply not only the idea of negotiations but the idea of the need to end the conflict between israel and the palestinians. this is in the israeli interest. it's not a favor to the palestinians or the eu or the president of the united states. it is our own interest and this
12:25 am
is reason that the idea of launching the negotiation is not because of a pressure or because of a favor or doing something for the sake of others. it is the interest of israel. >> if that meeting actually does happen, it would be the first time in years that both sides have sent high-level official toss participate in the talks. the mayor of the city of san diego in california is under increasing pressure these days. he's accused of sexual harassment by a former employee. and today she filed a suit against him. the plaintiff in the suit wants a top aide to the mayor said that "i had to work and do my job at an atmosphere where women were viewed by the mayor as sexual objects. stupid idiots." the mayor replied in a statement, i humbly ask through this vicious storm of controversy people take a moment and temper their rush to judgment. george zimmerman, the man
12:26 am
who shot trayvon martin is back in the news. zimmerman and another man helped to get four people out of a vehicle that crashed and overturned on this stretch of florida highway last week. two adults and two children were inside. a witness says the vehicle appeared to catch fire once the people were safe. rescue efforts in began xu province after a earthquake. thousands of emergency workers have been deployed to the region. weather conditions may slow efforts. let's get more on that from ivan with the details. we're expecting a lot of rain. >> by this time tomorrow we're expecting some rain to move in. clear skies right now. that is excellent news. a few clouds rolled in. but certainly nothing that would hamper the rescue efforts ongoing. 31 degrees at the closest location as far as weather reporting stations. look at the scene and what they've been dealing with. you'll notice a couple of things.
12:27 am
first the extraordinary human effort taking hold across this region because of what transpired in the last 24 hours. literally, just brute force there trying to get folks out alive buried in the rubble from this devastating earthquake. look at the sky there. sunny. and that is what we're in right now. in a window of clear sky and that's going to continue for today. tomorrow, the rain moves in. as you can see there, we don't want that. that's just going to obviously complicate things. not only because it's raining on the rescue efforts but also because of the potential for landslides from that rubble there. that is certainly a danger we'll have to watch. it's because of this feature moving in. it will continue to march east. it's not going to tall over. but it will bring a quick shot of heavy rain in the next 24 to 48 hours. forecast in the mid-20s. lower 20s for daytime highs and in the low teens heading to the overnight hours. the other big story is the warmest day yesterday since 2006
12:28 am
in july when we hit 35. it was 33.5 yesterday and it has been quite a summer in london. and in the rest of region, look at this. temperatures in the mid-30s where they should be in the low to mid-20s. today, we're not going to be in the 30s in london because of this feature that's moving in. showers and thunderstorms will continue to develop as we head through this afternoon, my concern will be lightning, the potential for hail and some very gusty winds there. certainly if you're watching this from london, keep that in mind. despite the fact that we don't see action here, i think what will happen is that with that heating of the day, this will fill in and we'll have another line that will develop. a squall line moving tough later this afternoon. certainly, watch for that. paris included with a bubble up of thunderstorms as we head through the next 24 to 48 hours. john, that's the way it's going to go across europe. scattered storms and the heat wave ending at least in the uk. >> well, those storms in london not good news for zain verjee as she stands outside buckingham
12:29 am
palace the rest of today. >> that's right. >> ivan, thank you. now that the royal baby has finally arrived, when will the rest of us get to meet him? coming up x we'll have the latest from outside the hospital. and diana tried to give her sons a normal childhood. how will william do that for his child? >> the baby has just been born. everybody thought it was a girl at work. it's a boy. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> we had tiaras just in case and crowns just in case as well. it's been a long day. it's worth it. very lovely. >> it's a boy. >> i know. i was expecting a girl. i did want a boy. and i'm here to tell homeowners that are 62 and older about a great way to live a better retirement. it's called a reverse mortgage. [ male announcer ] call right now to receive your free dvd and booklet
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neutrogena® cosmetics. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin. and didn't know where to start. a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors, where i can go ask for personal recommendations. that's the idea. before you have any work done, check angie's list. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i love you, angie. sorry, honey. hi there. welcome back to this special royal edition of cnn newsroom. i'm zain verjee outside buckingham palace in london. it's 8:30 in the morning here. prince william and his wife welcomed their royal baby boy into the world yesterday. now, everyone is waiting to see
12:32 am
him. we want that glimpse. we don't know how long it will take but we'll wait until we get it. that's going to happen on the steps of the lindo wing. we're hoping in the next few hours. the palace says mother and baby are doing well. we want to take a look, too, at the kurpt line of succession. this baby is in line. after queen elizabeth ii, you have prince charles, he's going to become king after her. prince charles, the eldest son william. duke of cambridge he's second in line to the throne. and then baby cambridge. the first born child of prince william and catherine is third in line. next william's brother harry. prince andrew, the duke of york is in line after that. he's prince charles' younger brother. that puts him at number 5 to becoming the monarch. cnn's anderson cooper looks back at how the royal birth announcement was handled by buckingham palace. watch this. >> the news the world was
12:33 am
waiting for came at 8:30 p.m. london iem. >> brook? >> yes. >> her royal highness, the duchess of cam ridge was safely delivered of a son at 4:24 local time. >> god save the queen! >> the royal highness and are both doing well and will remain in hospital overnight. so that's the news. a boy born at 4:24, which is just a few hours ago. 8 pounds. you can hear the cheers. >> kate middleton was in labor for about ten hours before the birth. all the while the crowds were gathering in anticipation of the news. >> it's been a sense of anticipation all day. but the crowds just ran towards buckingham palace. you can see them there now. they are awaiting that gilded easel. >> the gilded easel, a tradition since the 18th century awaiting the formal announcement.
12:34 am
>> ed perkins coming out with the formal notification of the birth. huge cheers from the crowds who have gathered her. he's got a big smile on his face. it's been a few hours since the birth. there he is. a big moment for him. only been on the job for less than a year. the car goes off. >> off to buckingham palace where the birth notification is handed to a royal aide who brings it inside to be framed. after that, the framed announcement is ceremoniously brought back outside and displayed to the world. >> well, there we have the queen's press secretary. she has just placed the birth announcement on the gilded easel. this easel has only ever been used for prince william's birth announcement. >> prince william stayed by his wife's side and issued a statement saying we could not be happier. the baby 8 pounds, ounces is third in line to the throne following his father and grandfather prince charles who earlier in the day was accepting presents on behalf of his
12:35 am
grandchild. >> that's for the baby. >> i'll see what i can do. hasn't quite appeared yet. >> prime minister david cameron called the birth a celebration for the country. it was smiles all around for the medical team as the two royal obstetricians left the hospital. >> wonderful baby. beautiful baby. terrific day. very happy. >> the royal baby's title will be his royal highness, prince of cambridge. until he's named, he'll simply be known as baby cambridge. anderson cooper, cnn, new york. hopefully we'll get a name a little bit later. but we don't know. william took a week to be named, prince charles a month to be named. the world is watching. we're also watching the front door of the lindo wing at st. mary's hospital. we want that glimpse. the first one of baby cambridge. prince william and kate are expected to leave the hospital in the next few hours. atika shubert is there. she's right outside the hospital.
12:36 am
atika? >> that's right. we're rooted to the spot waiting to catch that first look at baby cambridge. we're not the only one. not only is the world's press here but a number of well-wishers as well. people have even camped out to get the first look. we've seen some bringing in presents. including kit cartwright from british horse racing. why did you bring this today? >> we brought it here today because the queen, great grandmother is a massive fan of horse racing. you only have to look back when her horse ron the gold cup at royal ascot. the excitement that she showed, the true passion that she has for it. we're looking to instill that at an early age with the new prince. we hope -- this is dressed in the queen's silks. the same silks that were carried to victory last month. we hope we're giving him this little chap. he'll start to enjoy racing as
12:37 am
well pretty soon. >> how excited. you have the world's media here. everybody seems to be watching. how excited are people here in britain to have a new royal baby. >> you only have to look at the reactions and the scenes last night. people outside buckingham palace. people flooding here to catch a glimpse. i think, yeah, it's exciting and people are happy for him to be born. it's great news. >> obviously, there's a lot of different names being thrown out there. we're hearing james as a favorite, george, henry, philip. all possibilities. do you have a favorite? >> i probably have to say i go for james. i don't think we've had a king james for a while. i know it will be a while until he's king but i would say james for myself. >> we'll see how it goes. thanks very much, kit for joining us today. >> thanks. >> you heard it there. there's a vote for a james. a prince james. if that happens much we don't know, zain, if we're going to hear that name or whether or not we'll see them on the steps of the hospital today.
12:38 am
we do understand that baby and parents are doing well. we'll have to wait and see whether or not they're discharged from the hospital later today. >> when they're discharged, atika, where will they go? >> after that, they'll head home to kensington palace. but there are still renovations there. they're not expected to be completed until september. so they'll be staying at a temporary apartment inside the palace for now. what it means is they probably won't be able to settle down into a normal family routine at the home until the autumn. >> atika shubert, thanks so much. astrologers are suggesting the royal baby could be quite a handful. i'm going to play mystic meg for a moment and tell you what kind of traits a baby will have born on the 22nd of july. actually, i won't. we looked at the website, astrology. let's go to the experts. it says the children born on july 22nd have a huge pool of energy. so much so that their lives
12:39 am
could actually be a big emotional roller coaster. the site goes on to say in its predictions that the baby will have razor sharp reactions and seize opportunities quickly. a carpe diem type of baby. the zodiac sign is cancer. if he was born 32 minutes later, that would have been him a leo. he's a cancer. that could make him a good fit with the royals. because cancers are said to take a lot of great pleasure in the comforts of family. john vause, are you a cancer? >> no. i'm a leo. >> you seen to like the fine trappings of life. >> oh, leo. i get on well with leos. >> absolutely. i know a lot of people believe in astrology hocus pocus. you included. prince harry is a virgo and a virgo is described as being shy and modest. how did that one work out for you? >> well, that one backfired completely. or maybe he has a shy and modest streak. we just don't see that.
12:40 am
>> he runs around hotels naked. >> zain, we'll catch up in a bit. come up, we'll look at the diana factor. she broke with royal tradition when it came to raising her children. will her son follow suit?
12:41 am
12:42 am
♪ > ♪ catherine and her new baby have a lot of people celebrating. there's so much excitement and enthusiasm for baby cambridge. they're also looking for similarities to princess diana as well as young prince william. here's one. take a look at this. this ease he will was used to announce the new baby's birth on
12:43 am
monday. the only other time it was used was actually to announce william's birth 31 years ago. many people just waiting. to compare the new royal family photo with the one of princess diana and prince charles walking out of hospital with young william. hopefully we're going to get that in a few hours and see. and then just compare and contrast what that will be. that will be such a special moment for them as well as for the rest of the world to see the future monarch in line to the throne. for more on the royal baby and what's ahead today, i'm joined by kate williams. great to see you. >> good to see you. i'm in blue. >> absolutely. >>let look at the fact that there are so many living heirs now with baby cambridge in the mix. >> yes. we've got three. we've got charles, we've got william, we've got now baby cambridge and of course, we have the queen in buckingham palace. she'll be eating breakfast with the corgis in a moment. she could go another 20 years.
12:44 am
the last time we saw this in queen victoria's reign when george v and the future -- it's 120 years since we've had this situation. >> we saw the royal standard is out there indicating the queen is in residence at buckingham palace. when does the queen get to meet the baby and how? >> we won't expect to see the queen go to the hospital today. babies are brought to her. what's going to happen, the duke and duchess will come out of st. mary's, give the press that fabulous picture of them with a bundle of joy wrapped up in a blanket. they'll set off to kensington palace, their home, they'll stay there and come to buckingham palace. >> the queen wants to get to balmoral. >> the corgis are waiting. they have to go on holiday. if they leave this morning, they'll probably come this afternoon. i'm not sure if they leave in the evening. but the queen goes to bed around 9:00. >> harry accurately predicted it was going to be a boy.
12:45 am
kate's uncle harr -- we all thought harry was joking because we said harry is just a joker. harry likes to play tricks on us. he was right. >> the other interesting thing about harry is princess diana only agreed to have him called henry as long as he would be affectionately popularly known as harry, right? >> that's exactly right. she wasn't too keen on the name henry. that's the big name. what we want to know now. what is the name? we know the weight, we know the sex, the time of birth. what's the name? and we may be waiting for quite a long time. as you say, prince charles, it was nearly a month. william a week and like any couple, diana and charles couldn't decide. she wanted oliver or sebastian. >> oh. >> he wanted ol bealbert. >> i like that. >> it's already here. that's already the case. i think that's -- i like the idea of he wanted albert. maybe albert will be in the
12:46 am
names when they come out. in seriousness, when lee look at the names and the traditional choices, what's in a name for the country and the monarchy and the future and also what the names represent and who they represent and reflect? why is it this significant and the world going crazy about it? >> names are important with the royals. they're very -- they're important internationally. we need a name that's recognizable. a name that's clear. george is very easy for everyone to pronounce across the world. that's one good thing about it. as is james which is the bookies' favorite at the moment. i. a sense of continuity in history. you have george v and george vi. charles may not come to the throne as charles but actually as george vii. >> right. what do you thinkas been the most special moment in the whole coverage and excitement around the royal baby that we have not talked about?
12:47 am
>> i think what we can really talk about is so exciting is that william was there at the moment of birth. there was no one else. the middletons weren't there. it was william and the doctors. >> really hands-on in there. >> that's because they want to be hand on parents. and it's a break with tradition. prince charles broke with royal tradition and was with princess diana in the delivery room. that's not what royal fathers tend to do. they're usually outside. prince philip while the queen was giving birth to prince charles, he was having a game of squash. >> did he win? >> i think he did win. he was too busy playing squash to be there. it was seen as woman's business. prince william was not playing tennis or ping-pong or football. he was there in the room. >> my colleague john has a question. >> kate, it's john in atlanta. someone has to ask this. how long does catherine has before people start asking when will there be a little brother or sister for baby cambridge?
12:48 am
>> oh, no. don't say that. brother or sister, when? >> well, i think we can see a brother or sister pretty soon. that's a great question from john. probably within the next two years. >> going through this again? >> absolutely. see you here in two years' time for the next one. the next royal member of the throne. could be a little girl this time. i think william and kate have said they want a lot of children. kate's always said that she wants to live in the country with lots of children. we're going back to the big royal families. you may see four or five. >> an heir and a spare. >> that doesn't matter anymore. whatever child will come -- we may see more or twins. this is going to be one, the eldest child of many. perhaps four, perhaps five, perhaps six. >> don't say that. kate williams. thank you so much. >> john? >> oh, six times to come. zain, thank you. kate williams, our royal commentator there. thank you, also. veteran royal photographer
12:49 am
edwards was there when prince william was born and he's been documenting his life since. we sat down with arthur and some of his favorite snaps. >> she carried him out and was very careful. both of them were that we couldn't see his face. i got a photographer to stand as high of scaffolding there. i remember. i got a photographer to go as high as he could on the scaffolding with the longest possible lens he had and i said to him, just concentrate on the baby's face. the picture we've got was the only picture of his face. it was just a great moment. it happened all very quickly. they came out, they posed. they did that. they had this baby and got in the car. off they went. >> obviously, you've been on the same job ever since. you got to know william really well over the years. you also know kate very well. i've seen your relationship with her. will kate bring her child up
12:50 am
differently from the way diana did. >> diana was very much her own person. did it in her own way. for instance, this picture was taken in australia. it was very unusual for a child to accompany their parents on an overseas tour. diana said if william doesn't go, i won't go. they were hopelessly in love. they were holding hands all the time. of course, their young son and when we got to new zealand, they did this amazing thing where we saw william crawl for the first time. diana insisted on doing it her way. i think kate will be similar. she'll do it her way. >> lovely photographs there. reporting the breaking news of the royal birth wasn't always pitch perfect. >> brook, her royal highness, the duchess of cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4:24. >> some of the lighter moments coming up next.
12:51 am
12:52 am
12:53 am
♪ ♪ and welcome back to cnn newsroom. we speak from experience here. media outlets around the world have been preparing for the royal baby delivery for months. >> and we waited and waited. but when the moment finally came, the media was just as excited as the crowds outside buckingham palace. jeanne moos has the royal delivery, not of the baby but the news of the baby. >> the duchess may have delivered the baby. but the news was delivered mostly via smartphone. listening an anchor gasp. >> brook, her royal highness,
12:54 am
the duchess of cambridge was safely delivered a son at 4:24 local time. >> prompting confusion. >> stop the presses, breaking news from ln done about the royal baby. let's get to nbc's jim maceda. >> somebody coming on the steps. >> the baby came but not the reporter. >> the crowd surging forward. >> it's a boy. >> a big bouncing boy. >> it's royal baby time. >> i just got goose bumps. >> what must have been a labor of love for the royal couple was down right laborious for the press. days of waiting and then finally. >> kate's in labor. kate's in labor. >> she's in labor. >> good morning. she's in labor. >> some thought the press belabored the story and critics hailed a bbc correspondent for his on-air candor. >> plenty more to come from here of course. none of it news because that will come from buckingham palace. that won't stop us. >> the guardian allowed readers
12:55 am
to get rid of the royal baby news on the home page with merely a click of the mouse. >> it's on. this is what we've been waiting for. >> if the baby sees its shadow, it's six more weeks of winter. >> kate did go into labor during a full moon. >> we're looking live at a door. >> of course, there were fake twitter accounts written in the voice of the royal baby. my first crowning is not going as smoothly as i'd like. there were jokes making fun of the jokes. i don't find these royal baby jokes very funny. maybe it's just the delivery. even photographers hung joke notes on their wall of ladders outside the hospital. postpartum ladder sale. royal baby trivia was truly trivial. >> cloth diapers or disposable? prince william was the first to use disposal diapers, presumably this baby will too. how could you have lived without
12:56 am
knowing this? >> forget having a boy or a girl. >> i'm hoping that the show game of thrones that she has a dragon. >> the birth of a royal dragon would have been news. jeanne moos, cnn. new york. it was a good day. >> john, you know i love reading a lot. >> go on. >> i love reading so much. i picked up a little something here. it's called shh, don't wake the royal baby. everybody gathered around the crib and gazed lovingly at the darling baby sleeping peacefully. what a treasure. just then the king strode in. bravo he cried, it worked. three cheers for the queen. hipsher hooray. don't wake the royal baby. it was too late. wah, wah, wah. all eyes were suddenly on the queen as only so much parachuting one can do at my age. you'll just have to try rocking
12:57 am
the crib instead. i'm zain verjee. >> i'm john vause for our viewers in the united states. kate and will plus one will be coming up next. for everyone else, there is more cnn newsroom. zain and i will be back in just a moment. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids. wish i saw mine more often, but they live so far away. i've been thinking about moving in with my daughter and her family. it's been pretty tough since jack passed away. it's a good thing you had life insurance through the colonial penn program.
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the following is a cnn special report. in london big news in a little package. an heir to the thrown is born. >> her royal highness, the duchess of cambridge, was safely delivered of a son, 4:24 p.m. local time. >> i was thrilled. i can't believe that we finally after all this waiting know that we have a boy. >> the first child of william, himself born a prince. >> may we see your son, your royal highness? >> and kate, the shy commoner from the countryside.


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