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tv   Around the World  CNN  July 23, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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he gloated. the dodgers said watching him talk right now it makes me sick. she said he had a signed braun jersey in his house. he said he would take it down from his wall and i got to think he's not the only one doing that. >> there could be more fall out. this could be one of the biggest scandals in american sports history. >> absolutely. we'll keep our eye on it. thank you so much for watching. "around the world" is next. a glimpse of the new prince. that's what the world is waiting for one day after the royal baby boy is born. a prison break in iraq. hundreds of al qaeda militants on the loose after deadly coordinated attacks. now the search is on for the terrorists. super human strength. a woman trying to get off a train in japan falls in a gap by
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the platform and passengers come to the rescue pushing the train out of the way. welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. we haven't seen the royal baby yet. crowds still waiting on the first appearance at st. marys hospital where he was born 24 hours ago. >> no mistaking the new member of the british royal family has arrived. that was the salute at the tower of london. tributes ring out across the uk welcoming the future king. thousands of people toasted the baby. buildings lit up in royal blue for the baby boy. >> the parents william and kate may leave the hospital and we'll see the baby. >> our royal correspondent max foster has been watching every
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moment of this outside st. mary's where he's been for days. we know kate's parents arrived for a visit earlier today. what did they say? >> they came about an hour ago and they went in. they were the first to visit the baby. the first to visit this new future heir and they're first grand child. they said a few words. hopefully we can listen to that now because carol spoke for the family. >> he's absolutely beautiful. they're both doing really well. >> how are the parents doing? >> fabulously. it's all coming back. thank you. >> reporter: all smiles. everything seems to be going well. the duke and dutchess mchess ma
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the hospital in the next few hours. we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens, if it does happen. it's kind of a positive atmosphere. everyone going in and out of the hospital is smiling. i think they will probably come out sooner rather than later. >> where do they go when they leave the hospital? are they going home? >> reporter: that hasn't been confirmed yet. the feeling is they will probably go to kensington family. they will probably then go to the middleton's. it's very safe. they don't have a home at this time. they are having an apartment done up. the williams only taking two weeks of paternity leave and will be heading up to work . the feeling is she probably want
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to be with her mom the early days and weeks of prince's new life. >> i'm sure they'll find somewhere to stay. they can bunk with families or friends. good work. it's going to be great to see them on those steps exactly where diana stood years ago with william. >> this is a huge deal for a lot of people. they've got quite a number of headlines here. full coverage. we're talking about the headline. heir at last. to one of the other big tabloids gave a nod to prince charles, oh boy, one's a grandpa. >> i love this one. you may not love what's in this if you live in england. the son is famous tabloid newspaper. they are very cleaver and they
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changed their masthead from the son to son. >> this is celebrated with a big headline. have a look. just in case you were caught up in royal baby fever. they say you can click on this tab that said not a royalist. if you clicked it, all the royal baby news goes away. you don't have to deal with that stuff. some people want to take a break. >> exactly. stay with us for the latest on the royal baby boy. prince cambridge we'll call him for the moment. our crews in place to tell you the details as we get them. let's turn to some other stories making news around the world. an incredibly brazen prison break in iraq. >> a massive man hunt to find more than 500 prisoners who got out, most of them from the group al qaeda in iraq.
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nick payton has been covering it. it shows if it was al qaeda that they have not been brought to their knees as elements of the iraqi government suggested over time. >> reporter: certainly, michael. two sophisticated attacks on two of iraq's most important jails late on sunday night. you can hear the gunfire. one of these jails seems to have been relatively unscathed and held off the attackers. it was overwhelmed by car bombs and then al qaeda suicide womaners debt naded themselves.
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many of whom linked to al qaeda. still in evidence but the wind in their sails at this point because of this brazen attack and over the last few months we've seen this daily death toll in iraq. dozens of them killed every day. part of a campaign directed by al qaeda. >> where do we think the prisoners are going to go? do we think they will fade away? is there an effort to get them back in this prison? >> reporter: iraqi prime minister is launching a massive man hunt. if you plan an attack as sophisticated as this, you'll have a way of letting the people disappear into society. i remember a similar break in afghanistan. many senior taliban commanders let out.
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they went back into insurgency. their expertise causing a real problem in the months ahead for them. that's what people will be concerned about in the weeks ahead. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. >> a lot of people are worried with a lot of those fighters could end up in syria because there's been a lot of fear of those wars bleeding into each other. we are watching this. this is north of tokyo. dozens of passengers pushed a 32-ton train car off of this woman who was trapped and others pulled her to safety. she had fallen into this eight inch gap between the train and the platform. watch this. >> translator: who would imagine they could fall and get stuck in somewhere so narrow. >> translator: everyone saved her, right? that's wonderful. >> translator: wonderful. >> team work there. the woman not even seriously
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hurt. all chipped in together to start it running again about eight minutes later. they like to keep the trains on time in tokyo. here is more now of what we're working on this hour for around the world. no bullet proof glass. just a little hatch back. the window rolled down. that's the pope in there. i guess he's sending a different message about being close to people. >> can you imagine what it's like for his security team. it's a nightmare. we'll take a look at what life will be like for the new prince. also, climbing the world's tallest volcano. that's going to take you months of prepation or you can skip the hard work, sit on the sofa and take the trip from your living room. we'll explain. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
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quake. >> the newest concern is more heavy rain is in the forecast and there's fear of possible land slides. a head on bus crash in thailand killed 19 people today. one of them a 3-year-old child. the truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, crossed the lane, ran into the bus head on causing it to burst into flames. >> most were trapped on the bus as it burned. the truck driver survived. 20 others are being treated for injuries. pope francis getting mobbed by the faithful. amazing pictures here. an apparent wrong turn by the driverer causes some anxious moments. >> have a look at that. he's got the window down as well. he likes to get close and personal with the public, with the faithful but driving through a crowd with the windows down that had all kinds of security
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implications. the driver went down the wrong street. the crowds couldn't believe their luck. >> unbelievable. the pope in brazil for international youth day celebration. we have more on the significance of the pope's visit. >> reporter: pope francis off to a low key start on his biggest trip yet. as his plane landed everything here stopped. then he emerged. his ride from the airport a silver hatch back sent the un s unmistakable message, this is a different pope. when it stopped he was swarmed by pilgrims. this trip is important for the church because it will bring all countries together and make for a strong emotional experience. the moment so many have waited for. the first public experience by the pope with a quick spin
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around down rio. this is what it sounds look. this is what it feels like for the first latin american pope to touch ground and be seen in a latin american country. there were some protests. >> we don't believe the government should spend public money in covering the events and the security of the pope. >> reporter: protesters even tear gassed at rio's government palace. excitement over this pope's visit hard to overcome. good start for a man on the mission to reinvigorate the church. >> the pope likes to get close to the people. if you wanted to give your security chief a nervous breakdown you do that. >> reporter: yeah. this is exactly what they're going through today. he's always a security nightmare for them because whether it's in rome or other places he breaks
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away and does what he wants. that was a concern. this was some miscommunication between federal authorities and local authorities. rather than a wrong turn he went down a wrong lane which put him in that situation. >> we're looking at these pictures. it's unbelievable. how did the pope react to all of this? >> reporter: he was happy as a clam it seems. they brought a baby over so he could kiss it. it's amazing his openness. john paul ii was the same. he had the incident where she was shot and that closed things down. it wasn't like this. it does cause a lot of issues for them. this is a guy who wants to come here. he's tweeting today. he wants to meet the people. very excited to be here. he didn't sleep on the plane at all as well. this is his first big trip. he's back on his home turf almost. he wants to make a great showing
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for the church. they just seem to love him. >> he's quite the individual. it's going to be an exciting with this pope. not a lot on today. thanks. >> let him do what he wants to do. that's a battle with the security force. >> if he's got a day off today i beat he's at the beach hanging out with the people. amazing. another story we're following. life as a refuge. these kids had to flee their home in syria. they are dealing with a growing resentment in a foreign country. >> reporter: they hit us describing how the boys beat him up. they said to me every syrian. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
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welcome back as we take you arran around the world. the white house may want to arm the syrian rebels but they're not too keen on a military build up in damascus.
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>> the white house is in a plan to move forward. today, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said u.s. military involvement in syria would cost billions of dollars and carry a whole range of risks for the forces involved. first they were met with a lot of support by the lebanese but as their numbers increased so has resentment. we have news from one of those refugee camps. >> reporter: he escaped the war but life's no happier. i work so i can bring money for my family he says. school's out of the question so this 8-year-old syrian refugee consist of gathering eggs from a nearby farm.
9:22 am
harder still was the trauma he went through. they hit us he tells me. describing how boys his age beat him up. they said to me damn every syrian. it's a different kind of brutality he faces. they're eyes look far older than they do. no childhood spark to be seen. smiles few and far between. i asked this 15-year-old girl what life's been like for her here. life, she asks unbelievingly as if the question was a farce. we manage to live but it's nothing like before. in makeshift refugee camps like this one the overwhelming feeling is sadness. the syrians i've spoken with today say they can't believe their lives have come to this.
9:23 am
they're not just destitute but also discriminated against. some people say god bless assad's hands, the hands that slaughtered you all. you deserve worse. she said it's told as a joke but she and her family aren't laughing. aide workers warn resentment is on the rise. >> even though very generous at the beginning, now they cannot take the burden anymore. tensions have worsened as some people have been displaced. they say their landlord replaced them with a recently arrived syrian family willing to pay double the rent. their boy's anger clear as day.
9:24 am
there's nothing left for us. his father's outrage is reserved for others. we're not against syrians. he have to help the refugees. our government has to take care of us too. my son here, now he has to work too. it's awful. his oldest son just sits and stares. hopelessness and exhaustion apparent. he isn't just drained, he's also desperate. >> a tough way to go. >> tragic situation. many people were waiting as the royal baby came into the world but back in the day a hundred people were in the room during the delivery to make sure there was no baby switching. >> talk about lack of privacy. some interesting royal traditions up ahead. huh...fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent
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love the music. >> very grand. >> very appropriate for the occasion here. >> we should keep it. >> the royal baby has arrive and so has the celebrations. watch. >> as we speak prince charles arriving at the hospital. grandpa charles he might be called any moment when he gets inside there. let's listen to the crowd.
9:29 am
>> that is the moment everyone has been waiting for and it just happened. >> just like that. >> entering the hospital. >> you got to see it live. they pulled up and got out. prince charles acknowledged the crowd to a degree. camilla was there as well. >> let's bring in our royal historian. tell us about the significance of that very moment there. i imagine that perhaps we'll learn more about the baby. perhaps see the baby in the coming days. >> is he likely to speak, probably not, or do you think he might? >> reporter: charles has obviously gone in to see the baby. we saw the middleton's go in. now prince charles gone in to see the baby. it's very exciting. he said how thrilled he was to be a grandfather and how excited and overjoyed. he's the grandfather for the first time. he's going to go meet the baby. it's not only his grandson but also the next king of england
9:30 am
after him and william. sometime to come to the throne. >> tell us what the crowd, how the crowd is responding. we can only hear it but i can't imagine what it looks like over there. >> reporter: the crowd is so excited. i was here last night at buck g buckingham palace. it was full of people dancing, singing from all over the world. the hospital is a celebratory place. people want to have their baby parties. they want to know whether or not they should buy pink plates or blue. now they now. >> max, you're right there at the hospital. tell us what it was like. >> reporter: michael will like this one because the only comment he made was a gesture to the journalist saying have you been there long. he's been ribbing me.
9:31 am
he expressed that sympathy for us. we'll get the proper comments when he comes out. carole middleton came earlier. i'm sure he will after he's met his first grand child and his heir after prince william. this is the first time he'll see his successor. trulyi truly exciting moment. >> a grandfather at last. you were saying your feeling is he'll probably pop out and say a couple of words. >> reporter: only because he's not shy of saying a few words. i think he'll come out and say something. we'll keep it up for you. don't know how long he'll be in there, 15, 20 minutes. paving the way for the couple to come out as well.
9:32 am
maybe they're ready to be discharged. >> a delighted view after days and days of absolutely nothing. >> there's a ton of excitement. i imagine people have been out there if more days and this is a moment thai beey've been waitin. >> reporter: they've brought the hospital staff out as well. there's a huge sense of participation. people really want to see this new baby for the first time. >> a bit of the crowd around you. difficult to mover that camera around. i want to go back to kate. the original thing we're going to talk to you about which is fascinating having lived in london for five years back in the '80s, i was amazed at the traditions in england. they go back centuries. we had the town criers out
9:33 am
announcing this. tell us about that and why that began. >> reporter: we love town criers in britain. we had them in the old days when people couldn't read and there weren't any newspapers if they could read. that's how the news was spread. when something like a great world birth occurred, how will you know about it? that's because the town crier will come out there. he's pass the news from crier to crier ringing his bell. that's the reason we have the 21 gun salute. we had the 41 gun salute which was to announce the baby has been born. you've had a pretty noisy time of it here in britain with the crowds, criers, bells and the guns. there's no one in this country who doesn't know the royal baby has been born. >> you have the tradition but you also have kate and william
9:34 am
as a modern couple tweeting. they're tweeting the announcement as well. >> we got to leave it there. appreciate that. the other thing is it's a boy, we don't get to see the new law come into effect where if it was in the girl she would be in the order of succession. >> this is more traditional. >> it's going to be the boy regardless of the change in the law. this is what u.s. intelligence officials are saying about edward snowden's security leaks. we have details up ahead. and i know the results will be fantastic! find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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authorities have identified a second woman found dead over the weekend. this is in east cleveland, ohio. she was 28 years old from cleveland. she's one of three women found dead over the weekend wrapped in
9:38 am
plastic bags. >> 35-year-old michael madison, you may have heard has been charged with three counts of aggravated murder and three counts of kidnapping. police think he may be a serial killer and they fear they are going to find more victims. you know how worried officials have been about the nsa leaker edward snowden leaking a budge of intelligence and the secrets behind it. it turns out the secrets may not be as bad as we thought. >> here is barbara starr. >> reporter: a new conclusion about edward snowden. it could have been worse. one u.s. officials tells cnn snowden did not get the quote, crown jewels of the national security agencies secretive surveillance programs. he did not get access to the most sensitive information. contests of intercepts of communication of terrorists and other countries. the u.s. intelligence community has been reviewing what the
9:39 am
computer programmer stole according to a u.s. official. that's not to say it wasn't damaging. >> our adversaries have noticed these revelations. it's too early to tell if it will have impact. >> reporter: since the leaks the u.s. has seen signs of terrorists changing passwords and ensuring their communications are encrypted. >> we have concrete proof that terrorists are making changes, taking action and it will make our job tougher. >> reporter: officials insist they are not suddenly down playing snowden's revelations. it will now take two people to down load some classified information. information will be more segmented making it harder for future documents to be so easily grabbed. >> there was an enormous amount of information concentrated in
9:40 am
one place. that's a mistake. >> barbara starr joins us now from the pentagon. always a pleasure. we heard a bit there at the end of the report. expand on that. what's to stop another contractor, another edward snowden to go in there and do the same thing again? >> the reality is if someone wants to commit a crime, anyone in the intelligence community will tell you they can do it. they are putting new roadblocks in the way. passwords, two-man teams to download documents. making sure not so much information is put on one server in one place. a lot of this was already in the works. they believe it's possible snowden knew that and grabbed this before they could finish making the improvements that they did. they believe they're putting the things in place to slow it down.
9:41 am
>> good to see you. >> snowden in the airport there in russia. officials still worried about what's going to happen here. >> long time in an airport though. who has four castles, a fleet of expensive vehicles? only about a day old. what it's like to grow up royal, up next. around the world.
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this is flight into new york's la guardia airport. this plane ran into trouble when touching down. the nose gear failing. ten people got injured. >> touching down, bashing down really. the accident under investigation. passengers are eager to say what happened. >> it was very clear as soon as we went down that something was really wrong. we did not land on wheels. >> strong boom. you could tell something hit very, very hard. didn't realize that the front of
9:45 am
the wheels had come down until we came to a stop and realized we were tilted some. >> the ntsb investigation is on the crew's action upon approach. not sure what that means. the massachusetts state police officer who reached photos of the boston marathon's bomber capture is learning his fate right now. sergeant shaun murphy was suspended for day for releasing these photos. they were published. he did it because he was angry that rolling stone put that photograph on its cover. he says it glorifies the bombing suspect. more than 59,000 people have supported him on the save sergeant shaun murphy facebook page. there's always one of those.
9:46 am
the royal baby boy will become the king. >> you love that music don't you? >> i do. for a couple of day at least. he's going to have to wait. he's got to wait his turn. he's third in line to the throne. >> you can imagine growing up as a future king. life is not as the rest of us. >> the commoners that we are. >> there will be plenty of volunteer work. you'll get a nice education and there will be cars that others will driver for you. >> it will also be life in palace walls. we take a look at the life of a royal child. >> reporter: it's good to be the royal baby. he's officially welcomed into the world with tolling bells and a royal gun salute. not bad. wait. it gets better. when he leaves the hospital he'll go home to a palace.
9:47 am
>> the baby will live with william and kate at kenningston palace which is apartment 1a. >> reporter: the royal baby will have access to three other palaces. his grandmother's home buckingham palace and it's 775 rooms, the castle are they like to summer and the estate where the royal family spends christmas. >> how many nannies do you anticipate he will have? >> at this time there's no nanny. kate grew up in a home where her mother was waiting for her at school. it was very family oriented. i think in the beginning if they have a date night, i think grandma middleton will be roped in to baby sit. the duchess wants to be a full-time mom. when he's old enough to attend
9:48 am
school. >> schooling will be quite similar to the way william and harry was schooled. william was the first to go to a nursery school. charles didn't go to proper school until eight years old. boarding school will be in the future. >> is it fair to say the baby will grow up fairly spoiled in. >> i think the baby will be showerere showered. >> diana took pains to make sure they appreciated their position. they went to theme parks but they also went to homeless shelters and aids hospitals without the photographers there. >> reporter: what will the royal baby wear? >> kate is practical with her own clothing. she will be ware of the fact babies grow quickly. often times between diapers and being sick, you're not going to see baby sort of all dressed out in baby dior. >> reporter: when he's out and about keep an eye out for his trendy stroller that retails for
9:49 am
about a thousands dollars. the duchess has purchased a bug a boo. >> being a baby isn't all fun and games. it's work. royal children join the queen on the palace balcony for her birthday and then there's the trips overseas. william went to australia and new zealand with his a parents as a baby. security for the newest royal will be key. princess diana was able to take william and harry to theme parks and fast food restaurants. in this day and age the duke and duchess also have to worry about camera phones and regulating the general public. judging from the looks of it today that will be no easy task. >> he'll be wearing nappies and
9:50 am
not diapers and cart, not a crib. the little thing in the mouth is not a pacifier. it's a dummy. >> dummy or not he's going to have a good life. there's finally way, this is a view from japan's mt. fuji. >> there's the google guy climbing up. dad. how did you get here? i don't know. [ speaking in russian ]
9:51 am
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if you've ever used google map street view, and who hasn't, you know how cool those images can be. all the way to the great barrier reef. >> street view is going to new heights to japan's highest peak. this is mt. fuji. >> reporter: a lucky snapshot of mt. fuji from an early morning flight. a few hours later we're climbing it with a team from google street view. >> that's heavy. how many cameras do i have on top of this? >> 15. >> reporter: the load bearer goes on ahead so our camera doesn't get in the way of his.
9:54 am
david marks explains the concept. >> this year in particular wi there's going to be a lot of climbers and it would be great if they could see the trail before they got here and able to prepare for it whether mentally or physically or whatever. >> reporter: so far google street view has trekked grand canyon, parts of antarctica and a stretch of the great barrier reef. anyone on their way interesting can apply to take the trekker back backer with them. >> the technology is so simple that you can train someone in half an hour and you can go. >> reporter: or that's the theory. we're at station seven but the google street view trekker is at station six. >> great stuff there. we're going to go back to london. prince charles and his wife exiting the hospital there after
9:55 am
popping in to see prince charles's first grand child. >> it was a brief visit. we expected it wouldn't be too long. let's listen in. >> you'll see in a minute. >> said it was marvelous. i think that's the first thing he said. max foster, i don't know if he's there and can fill us in. how long was that? about half an hour or 40 minutes, 20 minutes maybe. not all that long. popped in to see prince william, his son. >> the heir to the throne. we do not know his name yet. we're going to take a look at the pictures again of them leaving the hospital. max, tell us about this electrifying moment. tell us what he said. we weren't able to hear him. maybe we can listen again. >> reporter: we all predicted it to say marvelous.
9:56 am
i didn't hear the last part of what he said. it wasn't major statement. he had a big smile on his face. a thrill to see his grand child for the first time. this is the future monarch that will be following in his footsteps. we had the middleton's have gone in. the royal family has gone in. the way is paved for the duke and duchess to come out. there's still a chance it will happen in the next few hours. it's a chance it will happen soon than tomorrow morning. that's the other option. >> we'll get the lip readers out for the rest of it. i caught that marvelous myself. what do you think. you cover the royal's full-time. was he really looking forward to this, this whole grandfather hood thing? >> reporter: i think so. he's got the since that he jokes about it.
9:57 am
he's in his late 60s. a lot of people when they get a grand child it makes them feel older. you can only be thrilled when your son has a healthy, very healthy, over eight pound boy. camilla looks really pleased. she's a professional grandfather. she will throw herself in close to kate. >> these are the moments that people will remember. we'll be right back.
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we're following what is happening in london. we haven't seen the royal baby yet. we did get a quick glimpse of the grandfather. watch. prince charles, duchess camilla arriving at the hospital. i want to bring in max foster at the hospital to give us a sense of what that moment was like. >> reporter: it was incredible. the interesting thing he said was he was asked about


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