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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 23, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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we have a camera and many people's eye is on big ben, they're timing every minute and second of what's going on, but the bells have been going on for hours. now you can hear the 7:00 local bells of big ben chiming. one of the ways this baby was welcomed, today, many hours after it's birth, was by the major abbyes and cathedrals. >> we watch for the very first viewing of the new royal baby boy. we want to go to brook baldwin now. hello, thank you everyone. welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. here we are again and we do this
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dance. it was about this time yesterday when we learned about the birth of a healthy eight pound six ounce baby boy. now we're honed in on the wings of this hospital where we have son to be a baby boy breathing his first bit of fresh air. we know he will be making his appearance for many, many, many reporters around the world. we have people all around london that will help us carry this globally do we have the tick took? do we have a time line for when the duke, duchess, and the baby will be making their first appearance. >> less than five minutes from now, we got the warning, they will appear on that doorstep. a huge moment in history. so we have been here a long time
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as you well know. absolutely excited about this moment. this is a future heir to the monarchy in 16 countries. he will appear on that doorstep for the the first time. it will be an iconic moment. it will be a huge celebrity in the the united states already. so it will be a fascinating moment. they will come outside, pause, let everyone take photographs. william will come down the steps and answer a few questions, they will go in, put the baby in a baby seat, and -- then, sorry, i'm ducking and diving, and then they will come back out and drive off. here is some of the nursing staff. this is verying exciting for some of the staff. this is, if we look at those
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members, this is an interesting twist on what happened 31 years ago. there was only two cameramen here. there will be so many new images of this one. >> it is amazing. this is brook baldwin coming to you, we were doing this last time. you're fine, we're we doing this this time yesterday when you broke the news that it was a healthy baby boy. let me check in as we keep the live picture up of the doors. let me hop over to matthew chant. he is where, from what we understand, this couple, with the baby, and the baby -- the royal car seat, if i may, head
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toward their new home. >> i'll get your name right if will definitely be the place they will set up home. that is in the public domain. this is the palace here where the royal couple have decided to make their family home. they're going to bring their newborn son, the prince of cambridge here very shortly by the sounds of what max foster was saying to us. it has been a royal residence for three centuries, but it has a lot of symbolism for william as well. it's where william and harry were brought after they were born in that same hospital as well. it's why diane in a tried to keep and shield them from the public eye. >> and matthew, they're apartment, their beautiful
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apartment that i know we have seen photographs of kate around london, is not finished, correct? >> they spent a lot of money, hundreds of thousands on renovating it for them to come back with their new baby, and it will be finished. you see there is some building works continuing now. that is the actual apartment, but they will be fine. they have a very famous neighbor, prince harry will be living in the apartment right next door. >> i remember being a little, little girl sitting with my mother watching princess diana, charles, and baby william 31 years ago. do you remember where you were? >> yes, do i. i was in the united states
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beginning my career and watching from there what was going on. a new story that i certainly did not cover, but being part english myself, and seeing the royal wedding before, it plays into what is such a special moment for this country and what signifies this, it's the royal story, the story of thesend has been for so many, many generations. it is part of people's life, it really is. to that end, you had people all over celebrating. somebody was saying it could cost some 90 million pounds in celebrating the birth. people going to the pubs, buying wine, beer, and ale just to celebrate the birth.
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and so this is something that this country really loves and also feeds on. you obviously have in corners of the country, people who don't. republicans if you like, which is not to be compared with the american political party, but people who believe that the monarchy is outdated. and the polls taken that it shows that it is something very, very central to people's lives. and to lives of people all over the world. because is draws people from america, europe, and all over the world. there have been so many tourists that rushed to see the
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proclamati proclamation. that was meant to be the only way. and the first way we were meant to hear about it, but they decided at the last minute to senld out a press release on the birth. it means a lot to the people of this country and to the fabric of this nation as well as the prime minister said after the baby was born last night. >> yes, and integral part of lives not only in britain. this is news worldwide. if you're just now joining us, we're watching as we got that five minute warning. any minute now we should see the duke and duchess walk through those doors. we will not move, we will not budge from this spot, and i promise i will stop talking. we just want to soak in this historic moment. for now, i would like to go over to becky anderson who is at
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buckingham palace. the tourists taking the photographs, you know, fortunately in town, for such an incredible event, what has london been like? >> the prime minister talked about this, we had a royal wedding, a diamond jubilee, and now this iconic moment as we await the departure of kate, william, and their first born from the lindo wing at st. mary's hospital. i'm here at buckingham palace. there are crowds still getting their tablet photos as it were with that easel. there was huge crowds here last night. it was outside when the baby's birth was announced. as you rightly point out, eight
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pounds six ounces born at 4:24 in the afternoon, and that's all we know, we're not expecting to find out what he will be called, so still much speculation and money being taken. eyes trained on that door. >> thank you, becky anderson. we learned harry's name the day of his birth. we learned william's name a few days later, charles many days later. often times back in the day, the world didn't really get to see that one photoon. that moment, that baby boy or girl until the christening. >> that's right, it goes to show the multimedia storm.
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prince william was the first heir to be born in a hospital. what is different today is the fact that back there there were kite a few cameras, but today we have the world media representati represented. it's a beautiful time of year to be in london, everyone getting to witness this moment in history that is so very exciting. it's the first time since 1894 that we have three direct heirs living at the same time as the living monarch. >> i think that bears repeating as we continue to watch this do door, 1894. max foster, let me go back to
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you as you're standing in front of -- we can't see you, we're trained on these doors, and something that you said that struck me, talk about 31 years ago, when we saw baby william. tell me how many camera men were standing outside of these doors. >> at that time there was dozens outside of the door, but just two video photographers. that is the big difference. i can't count them. they're literally from every part of the world. so that just gives you an idea. >> and we should point out maybe the royal couple running a tad late. we forgive them, they have a little baby in toe. remind our viewers, match, who are watching around the world what we should hopefully.
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>> i see them pushing open the door. let's see. the duke and duchess are about to come out on to the doorstep with their new heir. he is a prince. i see the senior royal aids around the door. the press team that had a huge amount to deal with. there is security there as well hoovering through the door. they're picking their moment, but they're is your honorly planning on coming out. >> i keep hearing screams of people thinking it's them. those people that just came out. . i can see william, here he comes, i can see kate. there is the baby. the new royal heir in the united
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kingdom. and the duchess of cambridge smiling and looking so well. and prince william looking so proud. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] >> first time seeing him really. they need a chance to catch up. very emotional. >> very emotional. i think for any parent, knowing what this feeling feels like. >> i'll remind him of his tininess when he is older. he has her lips, thankfully.
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>> no b wi, no, no. >> you'll have to wait and see. >> we have done that already. >> thanks a lot. thank you. max foster, i see you
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putting a microphone back on you. i see a car pulling up. this is the car, max, are you with me? in which they will put the baby sit? >> yes, they will put the baby in a baby seat. which any new parent will tell you is not as easy as it seems. a lot of frustration amongst the photographers who didn't get a proper picture of the face. we'll see when all of the photos eventually do come in. >> so as we watch for them to reappear with the royal car seat, i had a tough time making out what kate and william said through the screams of the crowd. other than the fact that they said he has lots of hair, and william says he has her lips. what did we miss? >> i didn't hear it all properly
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either. the one that i caught was he is a heavy boy. having followed william for some time, he was really, really pleased. kate looked really relaxed and completely natural. it was interesting to see how she came out with the baby in her arms, and william then took the baby from her and that would have been a choreographed move. it's not just his child or just her child, they are two very hands on parents. >> and max, how incredibly fitting for william and kate in that baby blue color, and the beautiful ring of her, all blue, all tied together for this moment. the royal baby making his first
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appearance. born around this time yesterday as you were live on our air, reporting the news. a healthy eight pound, six ounce boy. and we're seeing for the first time, this prince, saying hello to the world. now we wait because they go back inside, they grab the car seat, and then they hop back in and they're off to kensington palace. here they are. this was moments oob. beyond arriving at kensington, what does the next week look like? >> they're not telling us yet. the family home will be ready in the autumn. so i suspect they will only spend a few days there and then they may go back to bucklebre.
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the queen goes on holiday on friday. so i would have thought one of the priorities will be to introduce the queen to her future heir. there are now three heirs to the squeen and that has not happened since the time of queen victoria. let's watch them get in the car. >> here we go, the car seat and the baby. >> this is so sweet. >> so sweet. >> is he driving? >> he is driving. there is so much here that is symbolic. him putting the car seat in,
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being here throughout the labor overnight. this modern monarchy, that is the message that we got from that. there was not hundreds of aides. this is cakate and william's ba. it's a modern era. you can certainly tell that from the media here. we really got a sense of that from the way they rehearse -- but that was choreographed. they want to show they're hands on. >> incredible. max foster at st. mary's hospital where we know the royal couple and the little baby prince has now officially left. we know that car is en rouroute
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kensington palace. let's go to kensington. matthew, we await the car, we await the arrival. >> yeah. remarkable scenes out there, wasn't it? really astonishing. what struck me was the amount of media out there. the life this prince has to look forward to. he will be absolutely documented, photographed, and videoed every step of the way. you mentioned there is an apartment in apartment 1a. it is the biggest inside. it is being renovated, apparently hundreds of thousands being spent. they will live in a small cottage on the grounds with the ultimate aim of moving into that apartment. they will do that when it's
11:23 am
ready. they will have a very famous neighbor, the prince's uncle. he will is going to live in an apartment here as well. this is where william and harry grew up with their mother diana. so there is an enormous emotional bond for that family to this building behind me. >> we'll check back in with you, we don't want to miss the moment when the car arrives. >> i would like to bring you in and bounce off a point that max foster made. he pointed out that that was clearly a choreographed move, she hands the baby to her husband, and ultimately we see william, many people assumed he would not be the one driving home, but indeed he got in the
11:24 am
driver's seat. he placed this baby in the car seat, and away they went. what message do you think this cup is trying to send. >> he tends to drive the couple a lot. he is very keen for people to see that he is normal. we hear about his desire to be normal. he is a family man, husband, and a father. i was impressed with the car seat moves. he has clearly been practicing. when you do it in front of the world's media, you have to practice, but it goes to show. they don't have a nanny. they want to be hands on. the fact that it was just the two of them for that 24 period is just a really lovely family unit. they looked radiant. >> many mommies to be are saying look, the prince can do this, you can too.
11:25 am
we talked about normalcy, that was instilled and him and his brother by princess diana, how is it possible in this day and age? >> a good question because it really isn't. what's great for william is the fact that he is only second in line to the throne. his child is third, which means there are not the same pressures on them that charles faced. he is able to have a bit more of a relaxed schedule. charles was doing all royal duties as well as diana after having william. so i think they're quite fortunate in that respect. they will be normal in the way they don't have a nanny. william is going to change diapers. charles grew up with nannies. so i think we're really going to see a lovely threesome presence more often then not.
11:26 am
>> it was so difficult to hear them speak amid the moist of the media, but william said this little boy has more hair, he has her lips, and i think kate said something to the effect of any parent really knows what this feeling feels like. the royal couple and the baby, we'll call him baby cambridge because we may not know for days and days what his name is. let me hop over to buckingham palace. i value your opinion and what we have witnessed in the last ten minutes. >> absolutely remarkable, isn't it. this is such a moment in time to see william driving off as we do on our screens. this is a very modern monarchy,
11:27 am
isn't it? you would not have expected to hear a huge cheer, but there are many, many, many people still going to get their photos of the guilded easel. so yeah, it's a fantastic time. you see taxies, for example, cabs, with huge signs in blue saying it's a boy last night. there are signs that say toot if you're excited for the boy and everybody is honking. >> the london eye was blue, the water in the fountains was blue, and we have gone blue crazy. there has been a lot of blue. now we have a future king.
11:28 am
>> kate, one thing william said, he has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he is a big boy. he is quite heavy, we're working on a name we'll have that as soon as we can. yeah right. he has a good pair of lungs on him. so he certainly heard this baby. >> william slept in a separate room, an adjoining room, but we know when william was born, one of the announcements was the same. so he inherited his dads lungs. >> i live close to kensington palace. so let me give you a tense of times as much as i can. they left the lindo wing in paddington about three or four minutes ago now.
11:29 am
i would suggest if you had an escort, which it looked as if they did. certainly a security detail behind them, if the roads are clear, or even in traffic, that journey is no more than about six or seven minutes. it is really, really close. this is the local hospital so kensington palace. and i'm sure the area is electric. >> hopefully we will have that photo-op. if you're just joining us, i'm growing to assume you know what we're talking about. the first hello to the world from baby cambridge.
11:30 am
here is the baby! the new royal heir? the united kingdom. and the duchess of cambridge smiling and looking so well, isn't she? prince william is so proud. [ cheers and applause ]
11:31 am
>> he has a good pair of hungs on him, that's for sure. he is a big boy, he is quite heavy, but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. we need a proper chance to catch up. >> very emotional. i think any parent knows what this feeling feels like. >> it's very special. >> i'll remind him of his ti
11:32 am
tininess when he is older. hopefully you can go back to normal and we can look after him now. >> he has her lips thankfully. >> no, no -- >> wait and see. we have done that already. it's good. >> he has way more than me, thank god. thanks a lot. thank you. >> just listen to that crowd. finally we were able to hear better what the royal couple said. you heard the william joking that the baby has more hair than
11:33 am
me, saying thank goodness he has her looks. and saying that the little one has a good pair of lungs, it's heavy, and they're still working on a name. i just want your reax to the back and forth from this couple, to what we're looking at now. william, you know, driving his family now home placing the car seat in the car, what do you make of this? >> here we are, where they have been ringing the bells for hours welcoming the birth of this child. now it has come out, the world as seen the baby and i think everybody is trying to get what they can, and this couple has tried more than anything to be as normal as they possibly can. they met in the university, they have been together years and
11:34 am
years. they finally got married. it was a great, great boom here in england, brought huge amounts of tourists, good will, and money in, and it gave a real boost and shot in the arm to the royal family again. that's what this couple has done to the royal family. of course at the same sometime the queen had her diamond jubilee. people have been celebrating her 60 plus years on the throne. it's a moment where sometimes this royal family has gone through, as everybody knows, it's ups and downs. it is basking in popularity, and nobody will be able to resist the picture that was not quite identical, but william and the baby, 31 years ago, his mother, princess diana, who is no longer around, and prince charles.
11:35 am
and that seemed like the first time people saw a royal family come out, and it started a progression to, in many ways, more modern aspects. this is not just a modern bicycling royal family, this is one that is still deeply steeped in so much tradition, pageantry and pomp, bells were ringing from all over. 41 gun salute in green park. this is also pomp, scircumstanc, and it's something that everyone family can identify with what they're feeling right now. >> every parent knows this feeling. thank you, we will come back to you as we look at this. again, just to remind all of you, not since 1894 has the
11:36 am
world seen three direct heirs to the throne in addition to the reigning monarch. and victoria, i can't help be see this young couple wearing baby blue and kate with a beautiful sapphire engagement ring that william gave her from his own mother, i'm reminded, never far from mind, is the late princess diana. and the emotion, right? look at these pictures. the won on the right 31 years ago. the left side of your screen, moments ago. the same steps. what a moment. >> diana and kate are wearing polka dots. we have all seen these images
11:37 am
for years of charles and diane in a carrying william out, and those photographs are iconic. especially when he was getting married. so to see william and kate in the same position, it's a special moment for us to witness. whether or not you're a royalist, people can't help but appreciate the history here. it is working, functioning, doing the jobs that royals do, so we have a new generation, and of course any monarchy goes through ups and downs. who knows what will nap 70 years from now, but when the queen looks at these images today, she must be very proud looking at her own track record of duty that the monarchy is certainly in safe hands. >> there have been so many comparisons between diana and
11:38 am
kate come from commoner families. is it a fair comparison? >> diana was technically a commoner. but she was the daughter of an earl. i think kate and diana share a lot of the same type of family. they both want to be very hands on mothers. so i think unfortunately it is kate's cross to bear to always be compared to diana, but i think diana would be very proud of the woman that william mar married. >> you tell me, set the scene for me atika.
11:39 am
>> as soon as they good into the car, everybody jumped up, and it became chaotic. >> i can't begin to tell you the emotion in the crowd when they came out. what did you think when they came out? >> it was exciting and fantastic. the crowd erupted. we got down here about six and it was already about ten people deep, and then people kept coming out throughout the evening, everybody would start screaming, but it wasn't them. then when they came out they erupted. it was fantastic. >> what did you think when prince william took the baby in his arms. >> it was fantastic. they both seem very relaxed. they just seemed really happy and relaxed and like a normal
11:40 am
family, really. it was lovely. >> and they put the baby in the car, and prince charles got into the driver's seat. and they drove off. is that part of the appeal. >> yes, i think he is just a genuinely nice guy. i just think that is what appealappea appeals to a younger generation. they're so down to earth and such a normal couple. that's why we came down here today was just to wish them well. >> do you have any special messages for the new family? >> i hope they have time to enjoy themselves as a family, and she rests up, and i hope to see a lot more of them in the future. >> thank you for talking to us. that is eliza wells, and she saw everything here. that's how a lot of people felt, they looked like any family that
11:41 am
just had their first kid. >> what an incredible moment to be able to cover. as you're looking at the crowd, tell us what cameras couldn't capture. we saw them balk through the door, but how many people, immediate kal staff, visitors, and media are there? >> there was scores of people there. i heard more than a dozen languages being spoken here. part of the scrutiny is just from japanese, philippines, french press, and the world is really fascinated i think by the royal family, but in particular prince william. he grew up before our eyes. he was brought out here the day he was born for everyone to see in the arms of princess diana and prince charles.
11:42 am
now to see him be married and have his own son, people felt like they have been part of that and watched him grow up. so an incredibly charged moment. now for the bless, their work is not done. it's still going to be a little more work for everyone here. >> many of them are already rushing to kensington palace. we know they have officially left st. mary's hospital. they're heading home to their apartment, 1a in kensington. we have to get a quick break in. we will talk to prince charles' god daughter. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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>> it has been an exciting last 45 minutes have we have just been introduced to baby cambridge. kate and william are now enroute from st. mary's hospital. i would love to bring in prince charles' god daughter. 687 in line to the throne. you have been watching this with the rest of us, seeing kate hand the baby to william, seeing him speak, he drove, he had the car seat, what are your impressions? >> how modern it was. and just how down to earth it was and exactly what we expect from a couple like that. i think it is extraordinary to think that when my god father came out holding william, there were two camera men there. now 31 years there there were
11:47 am
180. imagine how difficult that must be for a new mother to come out and face that. i think we just have to think of them as a normal family. they're not thinking that we all have our eyes on them. they're more thiling about getting a baby in a car seat. i think he will be much less aware. kate will be more aware because she didn't come from this, so it is different. >> you were a bridesmaid in 1981. and when we talk about diana and charles walking down those same stairs 31 years ago, and i see kate, and they're both wearing polka dots, it's hard to miss.
11:48 am
>> diana was painfully young. she was only 21 when she married. kate is much more mature. she is extremely sensible. she takes her work incredibly seriously. before she goes out to do an event, she has done her home work, she knows exactly who she is talking to and what to say. not to say that diana didn't, but kate has had more time with her husband alone. she was not pushed into that limelight the way that diana was at such an early age. i think we're starting from a very different point here. i think also, just the really lovely fact that kate is so normal. i love that she is wearing, today, of course, an english designer, but that in general she will wear high street mixed with well known british names. >> look at them waving to the
11:49 am
cameras. the final question, i know we saw the middleton's, kate's parents today, we saw charles and camilla. what about harry and pippa? >> harry i know is incredibly close to william and kate. he will not be far away. when you think about having your own babies, you want that beginning bit to be very private. so then this is their baby, but it is also a baby of some importance. >> india hicks, thank you so much. we appreciate talking to you, were perspective there, thank you. we will continue to watch and follow as we now know this car with royal baby in the royal baby seat are enroute to their home. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's
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11:53 am
couple have now arrived home at kensington palace. tell me about the arrival. >> they arrived, brook, through a very discreet entrance a short distance from here, not one we could see from this position. there were a few cameras there, there were a few shots of them going in. i also think it's probably the last glimpse we'll have of the little prince. because kensington palace is very much a haven from that media spotlight. you saw the amount of attention they were getting as soon as they stepped out the door. absolutely phenomenal interest around the world, and this young child is going to have to deal with that. his parents will have to protect
11:54 am
him for that for years to come. it's in the palace. william and harry were pektedrod by their mother diana, and it's that building that has such a strong emotional bond to this building with prince william in particular, of course, and his family. >> do we have any idea if prince harry is home? is he in there saying hello to the little guy? >> yes, i was talking to india hicks who has the inside track on this. it's family time inside kensington palace. they're going to be relaxes and getting away from that media spotlight. the media have come out here, in
11:55 am
force yet again, and it has become the next leg in that media circus. >> indeed, matthew chants with us at kensington palace where they're getting a little private time. if you're just now joining us, we have been watching. we saw the first hello from this little baby as he was taken in first the arms of his mother, and then passed along to his father. they gave a few brief remarks. if you missed it, we will play it in entirety on the other side of the break. i think farmers care more about the land
11:56 am
than probably anyone else. we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. ♪ i save time, money,st,
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11:58 am
the roil baby just about at the top of the hour. you hear the music, and that means you have to see this little one. we just did just about an hour ago. we were fixated on the front doors of the lindo wing here. you see william, this is where he was born, we saw the photo-op 31 years ago. the wife has watched them grow up, they're both wearing baby blue. we learned that we will not know the name of the baby tonight.
11:59 am
that's from max foster's royal sources. it's fairly typical. we knew harry's name the day he was born, but it took several days to learn william's name. here they are, and they stood, they spoke, and in case you missed it, let's reroll it. >> the you heir in the united kingdom. >> and the duchess of cambridge looking to beautiful, isn't she. prince william looking so proud. [ cheers and applause ]
12:00 pm
>> he has a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he is quite heavy. we're still working on a name, so we will have that as soon as we can. we're having a proper chance to catch up. >> it's very emotional. >> yes, it's very emotional. i think any parent knows what this feeling feels like.
12:01 pm
it's very special. >> it was, and i will remind him of his tininess when he is older. i know how long you have all sat out here, so hopefully you can get back to normal now and we can look after him. >> he has her looks thankfully. >> no, no, no. wait and see. we have done that already. thanks a lot. thank you.
12:02 pm
and off they went back home to kensington palace where they are entering discreetly. this baby hat a couple visitors today including kate's parents. >> he is absolutely beautiful, they're both doing very well and we're so thrilled. >> how are the parents doing? >> fabulously. amazingly. it's all coming back. >> will you tell us the name? >> absolutely not. >> so we heard the absolutely not earlier and we weren't sure what the question was. that was a swift response of the reporter asking for the name of the baby that will remain known as baby cambridge. prince william saying they're still working on the name.
12:03 pm
they were visited by prince charles and camilla. atika joins me now. if you can, just talk about the message that clearly this royal couple was sending by william driving and placing the car seat in the car, and the modern monarchy message. >> it is a message that they're a young, modern family. that warmth really came across in the way they chose to answer questions, talk tos press. the way that prince william really took. someone asked about the baby's hair, and he said the baby has
12:04 pm
more hair than he does. there is incredibly loud clearing, everybody want as shot of them. there is scores of reporters, and they managed to come across as we're just trying to do the normal thing, get our baby into a car seat, get him in a car and get him home. and the ability to do that while the entire world is watching, you can't under estimate that. >> i keep hearing the word normal, and i have to point out that i find it fascinating to think that 31 years ago, for baby william, there was two cameras, and now scores and scores of members of the media. when we say the word normal, what does it mean for this little baby? >> i think the reality is there is no way that a royal baby can really that v a normal life as any other kid can have. having said that, they want to
12:05 pm
try to bring him up on their own. they said they both want to be hands on parents and they want to try to give him a sense of space, and they want him to grow up as a kid. they want him to have a childhood. of course he will have royal responsibilities, just like prince william had, and in that sense, i think he is fortunate. prince william really grew up in the public eye. we saw him being brought out of the very steps he brought out his son today, and we followed him through the highs and lows. and as a result, he learned from that and he learned to live in the public eye while keeping his own life private. so we will be seeing pictures, of course. i think many people said to me tide they hope they have a happy, normal live. >> and perhaps their seeking
12:06 pm
some normalcy. atika, thank you. just done the road there is kensington palace where the new royal mom and dad will be living. here is the car. this is the entire motorcade. amidst the motorcade is the car, through the gates at kensington palace, going to the back entrance, and as was pointed out, this is a discreet retreat. this is perhaps the final time we have seen the baby for perhaps days or weeks. becky anderson is standing by with more reaction. do we have any idea when grandmother will be meeting her little baby boy? >> it is great grandny, remembe? listen, you can rely on the facts that she will be seeing
12:07 pm
this little baby very, very, soon. kate williams is here with me, and there is a possibility that pipa and james, case's brother and sister, will be at kensington tonight, and also a big possibility that if prince harry is in the u.k., he would also be there. we don't expect granny to pop over there, correct? >> no. it is rather small. it will be a cozy evening if we do see them. harry was with his regiment yesterday, but he could come up this evening. he is delight todd be a uncle for the first time. i think he will be a naughty cheeky uncle with lots of jokes. the queen goes on holiday on
12:08 pm
friday. so william and kate will concentrate on the next few days bringing the baby to see the queen. she will meet the next keep, she is already a great grandmother, but this one will be a king. >> this one is going to be a king some day. and her first great grandson, of course, so special to her. and he said earlier on, and let's remind our viewers, he has a good pair of lungs. this is william eluding to his son outside of the hospital. she a big boy, he is heavy, and we're still working on a name. so we have to have time to catch up, he said, at this stage. it is the first time we have seen him, really, so we're having a proper chance to catch up. we think they have a few names in mind, but certainly we're not going to be finding out tonight,
12:09 pm
are we? >> william will not let them slip. one of the them. so william is saying we're still working on it, and we're thinking it's george or james, but you, becky, think albert? >> i'm betting on albert. >> let me remind you of one of the other things and i think this is important. remind him of his tininess when he is older because i know how long you have been standing here. now you can go back to normal and we can look after him. he is trying to say it's over for the time being, please give us some time. the hospital needs to get back to normal business, and we're not seeing the little one for
12:10 pm
awhile. >> thank you, what an incredible excitement today. there was quite a difference between seeing kate, being released from the hospital, and perhaps what many you moms have experienced here in the united states. we'll talk to elizabeth cohen who is joining me here in the studio about some of the differences in how moms are treated, and some of the help that those in britain get. that's next.
12:11 pm
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12:14 pm
this little boy. >> you know, it is just an amazing moment, the crowd is here outside of the hospital, i tell you what, there were tears in that press tent. i think really a very emotional moment for people. they've been waiting for a long time, as william said. >> as we watch the picture, we're all reminding, i remember, being a very small little girl sitting with me mother, and we saw little baby william. and we saw in polka dots, as we saw kate today, we saw diana and charles. and perhaps this is what kate has to face for the rest of her life, her comparisons to what would have been her mother-in-law. >> the comparisons would always be there, wouldn't that. walking down those steps, who would hold the baby, so touching they decided to pass the baby
12:15 pm
from kate to william. and you're quite right, she was wearing polka dots, but i think case's dress was a lot more fashionable than diana's was. big tent like maternity dresses were all the rage at the time. >> i was just talking about that with elizabeth cohen. we were chatting in the commercial break about the moomoo from 1982 versus case's fitted dress. she looks great. is this fairly normal in the u.k.? >> it is. when you look at women that go into spontaneous labor, about a third of them leave that day or in 24 hours. in the united states it's 48 hours. it's part of, how they're modern, modern parents. normal. they want to be like everybody else. and many, many women -- some
12:16 pm
leave within six hours. like a sizable -- small, but sizable chunk leave in. maybe you just want to go home. but that's sort of the norm there. i think she wants to be part of the norm. >> there is so many things to say about being part of the norm and what the norm will be for the baby boy. in the u.k., are there nurses or members of the medical staff who check in on the mom for days? >> yes, as an american, this is a bizarre thought. but yes, the national health service sends a nurse to come visit with you within ten days of having your baby. sots they come several days, one after the other. so it is a very different way of doing things. we were talking about will kate
12:17 pm
breast-feed. i'm very anxious to see. most do in the beginning, and the national health service encourages that. maybe they will issue a photo of her tastefully breast-feeding, but it will be interesting if she encourages other women to do that. >> thank you, coming up we will check back in with matthew chants who is standing by the kensington pal las. -- [ mortazavi ] i'm definitely a perfectionist. details are really important during four course. i want to make sure that everything is perfect. that's why i do what i do. [ male announcer ] it's red lobster's just $14.99. start your feast with a choice of soup, then salad, plus biscuits! next, choose one of nine amazing entrees like new coconut and citrus grilled shrimp or linguini with shrimp and scallops. then finish with dessert. your four course seafood feast, just $14.99. [ mortazavi ] everything needs to be picture perfect. i'm reza, culinary manager. and i sea food differently.
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12:20 pm
we have seen the baby. two little hands in the blanket.
12:21 pm
we have three pictures. we saw the baby breathe his first bit of fresh air in london just about an hour ago. his new parents stepping out to the media and lucky passersby and the staff there at st. marys where we saw prince harry born over 31 years ago. so it kensington palace we go to matthew chants where is where we know the now mom and dad. tell me who may be hope with them and meeting this little one. >> it is definitely going to be family time where the royal couple and baby cambridge are now safely inside.
12:22 pm
we saw the images of them. we saw the royal car going into the discreet entrance a short time ago. and inside members of the family possibly prince harry, prince william's brother, uncle harry to the young child, possibly members of the duchess' family as well, pipa, and kate's brother as well. we're not seeing much of them, i expect, from here on in, brook. >> do we know -- we know that william has about a week and a half left of paternity leave which we hear he will take the rest of. do we know if they will have a nanny? >> i don't want to speculate on that. there is not going to be
12:23 pm
initially. initially i understand they're not going to. it's part of this effort that this royal couple it making to be normal and to appear normal to the rest of the country and people around the world who are so fascinated by their particular fairy tale story. it's very important for them, it seems, to not be aloof. not just for public relation reasons, but it is genuinely important it seems to attain a semblance of normality for his very abnormal family and what will be a very abnormal existence for his child. at first i understand they will not have a nanny, that may change. >> thank you so much. they are soaking up private time.
12:24 pm
we have victoria nearby, here with me. 1894 is the last time we had three living heirs to the thrown, as well as the remaining monarch. and we have the queen, charles, william, and the baby. the queen is still very robust and healthy. it's been sad seeing her out without prince phillip, but she seems happy and jolly, business as usual. we don't expect her to go anywhere any time soon. we could have the queen for another five or ten years. it's possible. prince charles will be 65 in november, and william is only 31. so it could be 65 or 70 years. so it's lovely to think that we are witnesses the arrival of a
12:25 pm
baby that has potential to be the first monarch of the 22nd century. it would have been the hat trick for the turn of the century and having a queen if it had been a girl. >> many americans are fascinated. many are just fascinated by this story line and lyineage. others could care less. the royal family is an integral part of everyday life. >> yes, it is a unifying presence. the brits doo, when there is an engagement, if england is doing
12:26 pm
very well at a sport, the country really had the global stage starting with the diamond jubilee, now we have a baby that is just really a button on what has been a wonderful two years. i think many british people are feeling patriotic and a sense of pride that the word is liking at the uk on these positive stories. the focus is usually on a country because something terrible is going on. we've had two years of big events, and we had a serious feel good factor. it's been an exciting time. >> thank you for sharing. we appreciate you walking us through this encredib incredibl. coming up, we will play, incase you missed it, incase you just tuned in, the world was introduced to baby cambridge
12:27 pm
just over an hour ago. that's when we saw william and kate descend the steps. we will replay that in it's entirety. also, pivoting off the royal baby story. we're getting word here anthony weiner is commenting on pictures with sexually charged exchanges here. what's that about? that's next. humans.
12:28 pm
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12:30 pm
royal baby coverage continues. we saw the duke and duchess descend the stairs at the hospital and introduce the world to their eight pound, six ounce prince. and we heard them speak for the first time. >> here comes the baby, the new royal heir. and the duchess smiling and looking so well, isn't she? a big smile from prince william, so proud.
12:31 pm
[ cheers and applause ] he has a good pair of hungs on him, that's for sure. she a big boy, he is quite heavy, but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we
12:32 pm
can. it is our fist time seeing him really, so we need a proper chance to catch up. >> it's very emotional. >> yes, i think it is for any parent. any parent knows what this feels like. >> i'll remind him of his timeliness when he is older, i know how long you all sat out here. >> he has her looks, thankfully. >> no, no, no.
12:33 pm
wait and see. >> he has way more than me, thank god. thank you. i love that at the end when he was asked about the babe's hair, and he said he has way more than me. off the new couple are. we know now they're hope at kensington palace. let me go straight to buckingham palace. you know about the royal family and the queen. let's talk about the middle ton's. it was case's parents that visited the new parents and baby before we saw charles and
12:34 pm
camilla. >> yes, and for me that was the most interesting part of this afternoon. prince charles and camilla were in the north of england. they took a helicopter. the fact that the middleton's were there was very interesting and it says a lot. it says they are incredibly close to them. there is a lot of speculation that once william has had their paternity leave, and they have had their time together, that kate will go back to the family home. that is where she spent her final days before she went into labor. she is incredibly close to her family. and you know what, brook, that was the first time we heard carol middleton speak. but fating that amount of came ras must have been so unnerving. michael didn't look like he want today say anything, and carol was clearly determined to come over and address the paparazzi
12:35 pm
and speak at her delight of being a grandmother. the look of joy was written all over her face. >> my first thought was my goodness, she definitely favors her mom, similar eyes, and her mom said absolutely not when asked by a reporter about giving up perhaps this baby's name which the public will not know for the evening, we know that from our royal sources. but what about harry and pipa? you always have the royal scoop. do we assume they're at kensington palace. >> we think they're top in line to become god parents, they were the best man and the maid of honor. i'm being told their an obvious shoe in, so we'll have to watch the space for it, but that's where i'm putting my money. >> katie nickel, thank you,
12:36 pm
enjoit te enjoy the excitement in london. what do you get a baby that has everything, a tough for a prince. speculation about what the obama's may give the baby who may rule one of our closest allies. jessica yellin joins me with a little exciting news from the president. what do they give this little baby boy? >> i have been researching this so aggressively. i love this story just like you do. my sources tell me that they are still deciding what to get the royal little one. that is a discussion that will take place, i expect to see there will be a gift coming at some point from the u.s. to the royal child. u.s. president's have a spotty record when it comes to gift
12:37 pm
giving. william was giving a tiny little chippendale chair. a gift to the heir but not the spare. i talked to someone who said that is not wise. >> i was wondering what president's past have done. >> there is a silver cup, a silver teething room, that's too common. that's what they get right and left. that's what we give to everyone in our families. it needs to be very special. also, let's avoid the silver spoon, and i will not go there. >> oh, right. >> no silver spoons. she did suggest that a piece of the moon rock might be appropriate. apparently the u.s. is the only country that has original fragments from the moon, and the new prince was born under a full moon. that could be a nice gift. you have to have a back story
12:38 pm
apparently when you give an official gift, and i have many more fegsuggestions. >> i like that, a gift with a back story. the royal wee one will one day appreciate it. jessica, thank you so much. coming up we will move off of the royal baby because we have to talkabout anthony weiner. what is this story all about? and what is he saying? our financial tools help you make smart choices about how to pay for school. our faculty have, on average, over 16 years of field experience. we'll help you build a personal career plan. we build programs based on what employers are looking for. our football team is always undefeated. and leading companies are interested in our graduates. we'll even help you decorate your new office.
12:39 pm
ok. let's get to work.
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
anthony weiner, who is running for mayor of new york city, may be in trouble again. he released a statement confirming texts and photos that were posted on a website. our chief congressional correspondent, dana bash, has more on this. >> anthony weiner is admitting that some of newly emerged actually explicit exchanges are true. the reason he resigned from congress is because he admitted to sending pictures to himself
12:42 pm
to women on twitter and elsewhere. he warned that some pictures and texts may still come out and that is exactly what happened. the key kwsh that cou-- that co or break his career and marge, is that he vowed to be a changed man. the text says these texts and photos took place after he left congress. cnn has not and cannot independently verify that. we have a statement today where weiner is apologetic but cryptic. it does not address the issue of timing. he says i said that other texts and photos are likely to come out. today they have as i have said in the past, these things i did were wrong, hurtful to my wife, and challenged our marriage. some things posted today are
12:43 pm
true, some are not. this behavior is behind me. i apologized to huma, and i want to again say that i'm very sorry to anyone who was on the receiving end of these messages and the destruction this has causes. as my wife and i said, we're focused on moving forward. very carefully written statement there and very cryptic on when the latest texts and photos were send to this unnamed woman. >> not just a former congressman, but running for mayor of new york city. dana, thank you so much. when we come back, we'll pick back up on our royal baby coverage. new photos of baby. members of the american postal worker's union
12:44 pm
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12:46 pm
>> just think of those photographers working for that perfect photo of little baby cambridge. here is the best one we have seen so far of the face of this little one as they walked outside of the hospital just a ju ho
12:47 pm
few hours ago. we talk about this fancy word, which primarily is the male succession and how parliament changed the rules. so had this been a little girl, even if she had a brother, she would have been queen. >> yes, i'm right outside of parliament. the bells were peeling for hours this morning and there was celebrations across the the united kingdom and also in the 15 other territories and countries that make up the rest of the commonwealth. but parliament is specific in this regard because earlier this year they did pass a law, a democratic process to make a hon arky slightly more democratic and that is to make sure the first born, whether it was a girl or boy, would be heir. so i think you found so much of the excitement in the lead up to
12:48 pm
yesterday when we knew that it was a boy based on people hoping it might be a girl, and challenge these laws and sort of be able to follow this new law. but everybody, of course, extremely happy. they're happy about this birth, and about what it does to revive, again, and give another sort of boost of energy to this royal family that is so central to the people of this country. even those in some corners who call themselves republicans, not the american republican party, but those who are not monarchist and believe it is out dadated a abolished. it has done touch for this country in terms of the spirit and attracting to many people from around the world including
12:49 pm
colors a dollars and cents. >> here are you, perched in london for the royal baby, how does this compare? >> well, it was good timing, a coincidence that i was here. usually i'm going around the world, taking stalk of some of the much more disastrous and devastating stories that affect men, women, and children. it is amazing to see this outpooring ou outpouring of joy, a real antedote to the tragedy that we report from all over the world. that is another reason why this story has resonated so much in all of the nine months of waiting for so many people. not just here, but in the united kingdom and around the world. it's not just about what's happening with this family, but it gives people something to smile about, and to find joy when their own lives are not going so well.
12:50 pm
>> thank you for joining me from london. when we come back, many comparisons, and perhaps for the rest of the duchess' lifetime. comparisons with princess diana. are they fair? "i'm part of an american success story," "that starts with one of the world's most advanced distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local
12:51 pm
farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart"
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12:53 pm
you know, in so many ways kate has been compared to the mother-in-law she never met, right down to her pregnancy. kate bolduan takes a closer look. >> reporter: no doubt many were flashing back to june of 1982 when princess diana introduced the world to baby prince william for the first time. when this framed birth announcement was placed on a gilded easel outside buckingham palace, they traditionally became part of a longstanding tradition, like that easel. it's the same one that bore the announcement of prince william 31 years ago. and the hospital. dozens of news organizations
12:54 pm
have been staked outside the lindo wing for weeks. the same place princess diana gave birth to william. >> they are really upholding tradition with the birth of their baby boy. what we're seeing is just following tradition. >> reporter: every moment of their pregnancies was seen and scrutinized around the world from how they looked to what they wore. >> they were actually starting trends. whatever they wore, other people followed suit. and usually whether it was diana or kate, those dresses sold out immediately. >> reporter: will kate mirror diana in motherhood? the new baby prince will be raised in the same home, kensington palace, where william and harry grew up. >> we're going to see probably them take the baby on official tours, the same way that diana
12:55 pm
took prince william and harry on tours. >> the next big question the world wants answered, what will this baby's name be? you can imagine the bets around the world riding high for what this young couple with choose. that report is next. geico's defensive driver,ke 13. good student and multi-policy discounts could save you hundreds of dollus. engineer: uh geico's discounts could save you hundreds of "doll-ars." it sounds like you're saying "dollus." dollus. engineeif you could accentuate the "r" sound
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12:57 pm
a lot of questions about normalcy. what will normalcy look like for
12:58 pm
this baby boy, this baby cambridge, who has yet to be named, at least publicly. here is more from brian todd on this baby growing up in what could be a bubble. >> reporter: this baby's grandfather, prince charles, didn't go to a regular school, royal experts say, until he was 8. t >> for william and kate these days, a different set of challenges. >> when you're dealing with regular members of the public or with a camera phone who is so excited to see william or kate, they pop a picture up on twitter, suddenly it's around the world and, boom, privacy out of window. >> commentator victoria arbiter says it will be nearly impossible for them to raise
12:59 pm
their son in a non-fish bowl setting. what about playing with kids who aren't royalty or aren't rich? >> it will be keen for the children, obviously, or their child to have school friends come over to the palace. william and harry had friends come over for play dates and the such. i don't know whether it means it's going to be automatic friends for the parents as well. william won't know whether he can trust them. >> reporter: the key to a well-adjusted child, good communication between william and kate. even very young children can quickly pick up tension between their parents. >> you deal with people in this town who are high profile, both parents working who may not be able to spend as much time physically with their children as they want to. maybe much like this couple. how do you think they're going to balance that? what do they need to do? >> everybody can probably tweak
1:00 pm
their schedules just a little bit, new parents, whether we're talking about early morning or talking about showing up at lunch or showing up on face time or through skype. and also in the evening. and the key in the evening is to really put one's attention to i want to be, we want to be with our baby. >> brian todd reporting. "the lead" starts now. thanks but no thanks on that whole monarchy thing 237 years ago. add a new baby to the mix and we can't stop gawking. i'm john berman and this is "the lead." prince william and duchess catherine