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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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good evening, everyone. we'll have the latest on britain's new prince making his public debut today. but breaking news, and there's no prince charming in it. anthony weiner, the sexting congressman who resigned in
8:01 pm
disgrace. again, he was doing this a fuel year after he shamefully resigned from congress after he apologized to his constituents and apologized to his wife. and his wife was by his side when he spoke to reporters today. >> some of these things happened before my resignation, some happened after. but the fact is, that was also the time that my wife and i were working through some things in our marriage. >> the explicit messages were sent on form spring, which published them. weiner using the online handle carlos danger. the question tonight, what drove him to keep at it long after it seemed he was over it, long after it wrecked his career and strained his marriage? first, dana bash has the latest. you covered the weiner scandal when it broke around two years ago. did you ever in your wildst
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imagination think you would see what you saw today? >> reporter: no, not a chance. let's just go back in time. i couldn't believe what happened happened at the time. but certainly knowing the people who are close to him and around them, it seemed very clear that this was his wife giving him a second chance and that he was going to therapy and dealing with it. one of the many things that was extraordinary that it was his wife who revealed the news that it was just a year ago he was still engaging in this activity. listen to what she said. >> our marriage, like many others, has had its ups and its downs. it look a lot of work, and a whole lot of therapy to get to a place where i could forgive anthony. it is not an easy choice in any way. but i made the decision that it
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was worth staying in this marriage. >> so dana, the timing of this, i'm assuming this means that he was sending these explicit sexual messages to other people while his wife was pregnant even after his child was born. is that correct? >> reporter: it certainly seems that way. if you do the math going back to when he resigned in the first place, huma, that is when she revealed she was pregnant. i think she was in her first trimester. if you look at what was on, it said that he was sending these messages in july and august of 2012. their son was born in december of 2011. so it appears that way. but he did make clear it happened well into last year. >> obviously one of the -- when this press conference ended when they were walking away, one reporter was yelling at, why should anybody trust you. you know huma personally. how unusual is it for her to
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speak publicly? >> reporter: i don't know her well, but she is very well respected. she is just known as huma, because she is such a fixture, especially in hillary clinton's inner circle. there's been a lot written about how private she is, and she certainly is. she's also incredibly politically sophisticated. she learned from hillary clinton and was the go-to personal for anyone who wanted to get to hillary clinton, which means she had to believe one of the most discerning, savvy figures in politics. >> must have been a difficult day for her. more to talk about on this. let's go to london now, st. mary's hospital. prince william and catherine, giving the young prince his first look at the world and vice versa. for now, it's a world of paparazzi, press and cell phone cameras. for his first interview, he let mom and dad do the talking.
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>> he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. he's a big boy, quite heavy. but we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. but first time we've seen him, so i think we'll catch up. [ inaudible ] [ crowd cheering ] >> very emotional. >> yes, very emotional. any parent knows what this feeling feels like. >> very special. [ crowd cheering ] [ inaudible ] >> it was. i remind him of his tardiness when he's a bit older. hopefully you can go back to normal and we can look after him. [ inaudible question ] >> he's got her looks, thankfully.
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[ inaudible question ] >> wait and see, wait and see. [ inaudible question ] >> he's got way more hair than me, thank god. thank you. >> a short time later, the royal family left, leaving the same way he did with his mother more than three decades ago. parents and baby rode home in a black suv where kensington palace. matt, describe the mood outside the hospital when they stepped out with their son for the first time. >> well, we had been waiting so long for this moment. obviously not as long as kate and will, but there was a huge
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crowd outside, journalists that had been gathered for some people two weeks. so it was a truly electric atmosphere. we were getting briefings from the palace about what to expect when. so there was a sense of anticipation. i have to say, i've never seen such a vast press pack. you saw the camera going in one direction. it would have been interesting to have a camera on the other side of the street, because you couldn't see the end of photographers and journalists. right where they were talking, that in many ways would be william's worst nightmare, but he was relaxed and smiling. that huge smile on his face, and the duchess looked really relaxed. there are some pictures of the baby crying, but he wasn't crying a lot. this is a family that has bonded. after the baby was born, they
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had a four-hour gap before they announced it. what they were doing was trying to have a bit of time together. they didn't have visitors until today. this was just the three of them. he stayed overnight. so i think william's priority, and kate's priority is to create a little family unit. she was brought up in that, his little family unit was hit very hard when his mother died and he wanted to make sure the little boy had the perfect family. >> it was obviously carefully choreographed, the passing of the new baby from kate to william. the baby was put in a car seat inside and william brought him around to the car and drove off in the vehicle together. it was all very thought out, very sweet. but these things are all planned. yes? >> yeah. we were told exactly what was going to happen. apart from them handing the baby over, you can see the way they were doing that, that had been
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planned, as well. it's often the case of those two. they do sort of plan what they're going to do. this is how kate looked so relaxed and so in control, because she planned what she's going to do. she thinks about what she's going to do. i think there was a bit of emotion there with kate. that was the first time i've seen that with her, it's understandable of course. but this is a big, big moment for them, and to have her little boy exposed to that torrent of media is so symbolic for so much about the world he's being born into. >> seeing william driving off, actually driving the vehicle himself, that's something i don't think i've ever seen before from a member of the royal family. certainly you don't see charles driving his own car. >> no, he didn't have to do it, did he? i remember when my boy was born, i was really scared about driving him for the very first time and putting him in the car
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seat even. i would have gladly had a driver drive he home. but he wanted to do that. as you say, they thought about everything. really it's about them doing it their way. they keep control of their lives. they keep a sense of normality by doing everything their way. him being there overnight and not having lots of visitors and aides around him. it was all about them having a unit. it just wouldn't have happened that way 30 years ago. >> max, stick around. i want to bring in katie nickel and victoria arbiter. it was interesting to watch the symbols of the modernization of the monarchy through this appearance today. >> it really was. even looking at what william was wearing. when diana and charles came out of the hospital, charles was in
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a double breasted suit. charles is always dressed befitting his position. you rarely see him in casual clothes. again, william is showing how the monarchy is adapting to being included in the modern word. people don't often wear suits to work anymore. and the fact that he was so hands on leaving the hospital, as well. i think diana walls very keen for him to have play dates and do things his friends did. we saw that play out today in the that sense. >> we're looking at these pictures from 31 years ago, the exact same steps as william himself was introduced to the world. it's hard to believe that he's now a dad. >> i know. it was 31 years ago. you just can't believe that time goes so quickly. i don't think anyone would have watched the couple come down the stairs today with their little bundle. they really were following very
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famous steps. but as was just pointed out, this is a new modern royal family. they are doing things differently, william and kate have already paved the way for this future monarch, which will be leading us into a different century, certainly very different times. >> in terms of the names of the baby, what is that process? >> well, it takes seven days to release william's name back in the day. it took a month to release charles's name. i think william is not going to make us wait that long. he'll be eager to have the furor die town. it was interesting that he said to the press, you can go back to doing what you do while we take care of the baby. so i think we'll probably have a name by thursday or friday. >> and victoria, kate middleton's parents visited before prince charles and camilla parker bowls. >> charles and camilla were in the north today. and charles is duty, duty, duty,
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do the job and hand and then go to london as quickly as he could. >> they do seem to have a respectful understanding, the role of the press. that's something that -- obviously he's grown up in the public eye and it's sort of in a way sympathetic to reporters, but at the same time wanting his own privacy. >> you know, it's been a difficult relationship for the press, because of what happened to their mother. but it is a better relationship, certainly with the british press. and i'm not sure it will ever be ammicable. but both accept and appreciate that there is a demand for information and for pictures and what we'll see now going forward is now that's going to be balanced and managed. they've got some very good private secretaries, a very
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experienced team. i think there has to be a happy compromise. i think lit be found. >> where do they go from here, max? their apartment is not ready yet. >> that will be their family home, so it's a big grand apartment. it's effectively a mansion part of the palace. that will be ready in the autumn. they are currently tonight staying in a two bedroom cottage on the ground. i suspect they're going to end up in bucklebury. that's going to be a private stay. i think kate will want her mum involved once the family unit has bonded properly. but there's something interesting about the palace right now. they're taking their baby back there. i spoke to a palace aide when prince harry moved into the palace and it was made clear that william wanted prince harry there. this month you have a whole team, the team that kate is talking about, that fantastic
8:15 pm
team of private secretaries and press secretaries, they're really good at their job. and he's created a little court there, william in kensington palace, and once they've got their home and staff around them, they've moved away from prince charles and that whole machine, you're going to start seeing there everything taking shape. and it really is kate, william and harry. they've always been seen as a threesome. >> thank you very much. next, more on the haunting parallels between young catherine and diana and how the woman who would have been her daughter-in-law is setting herself apart. later, the image of huma standing beside a man who has embarrassed her more than once. a lot more ahead. la's known definitely for its traffic,
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>> to her, thankfully. >> so many people said that william bears a striking resemblance to his mother, the late diana, princess of wales. more on then and now from "360's" randi kaye. >> reporter: britain's newest prince was introduced to the world in a manner that may seem familiar. 31 years ago, it was princess diana and prince charles coming down the steps to introduce their royal baby, prince william. >> may we see your son? >> reporter: who is now in the role of the proud, happy father. but all eyes were on catherine today, just as they were on princess diana 31 years ago. both new mothers in polkadot
8:20 pm
dresses. catherine in blue. diana in green. >> any parent knows what this feeling feels like. >> reporter: this is not the first time she's been compared to princess diana. take a good look at these pictures. notice anything similar? that's princess diana in milan in 1985. and kate middleton at a london fund-raiser in 2008. both in the same color pink. >> lots of people ask, is kate trying to dress like diana? i don't think so. this is her style. she is too smart to try to emulate an icon like diana. she knows she has to blaze her own path. >> reporter: and that's exactly what she's doing, despite some similar outfits. and despite headlines like this one, suggesting she's diana 2.0. up like diana, catherine has a confidence about her, with good reason. she's known her prince for years. she and prince william attended university together, and they've
8:21 pm
lived together. diana and prince charles had dated for only six months before he proposed. and their interest could not have been more different. the blushing pride seemed so uncomfortable around her prince, she earned the nickname shy di. >> there's not that shy look that we saw with diana. who finally broke down under the pressure of all of this, even before the wedding at a polo match. but there's none of that. kate is confident because she has the support of william, and he has the support of the royal family, who have learned from their mistakes. >> reporter: the duchess also has the advantage of age and maturity. she was nine years older than diana was on her wedding day. she's also five months older than william. diana was 13 years younger than prince charles. but despite their differences, the two women will inevitably continue to be compared,
8:22 pm
especially now. catherine and diana, both mothers to the future kings of england. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> amazing to see it side by side like that. i want to explore it further with lana marks. thank you very much for being with us. you were a friend of the late princess diana. when you saw the royal couple today, what was your first reaction? >> my first reaction is how sad it was that diana wasn't here to share this wonderful, wonderful moment. she would have been so proud and overjoyed and befuddled. i know that she's here in spirit. >> she must -- as you said, she would be so extraordinarily proud about both -- how both of her sons have turned out. >> oh, she would be absolutely delighted and is delighted. and the fact that william has done such a great job.
8:23 pm
he's doing everything perfectly. and with catherine by his side, it would be beaming from ear to ear, she would be so thrilled that william has done such a perfect job with catherine and all her lessons with her majesty at buckingham palace would have worked out so well today. >> do you think -- do you see diana's influence on these two young men how they live their lives, the choices they make, the careers they pursued, the life they live? >> oh, my gosh, especially enormous influence on both william and harry. teaching them how to be the royals for the next generation, diana has ensured that william is going to be the perfect king for our generation, for the next
8:24 pm
generation, to all his 2 billion subjects worldwide. and she has brought him into the modern era in a way in which it could not have been done by anybody else. she's done a magnificent job, and the fact that william is performing so perfectly, and another thing, anderson, diana would be so proud of william, and the incredibly correct choice that he made in catherine and her family. it's working out so well, and i suspect going forward that the press are going to have the most remarkable love affair with them. >> there's such a risk in growing up in that kind of a bubble that william and harry grew up in, and yet they both seem to have -- i assume it was really diana's influence, but they both seem to have figured out ways to pierce that bubble and to be in touch with people from all different walks of life, even though their careers on a daily basis and their
8:25 pm
service in the military puts them in contact with regular people every single day. >> absolutely. diana's influence 100%, and everything is thought out so carefully and so wonderfully with william's future role as king. his military career, which is impeccable. his university career together with catherine, both of them, which are impeccable. she has a art history degree, which is going to be incredible in her assistance with william in the future. and also the fact that they're doing things in such a normal way, in such an abnormal setting, in such a crazy world setting. and the fact that they are able to satisfy the media, and then go back and have a wonderful time, a normal family life with the middleton family who are being enormously protected, as well as william. i think this is a huge formula for incredible success. and diana, i know, would be
8:26 pm
beaming from ear to ear, knowing that all the time she spent with william and all the teaching, she would be so delighted and so proud of him and she would say good job, wills, and give him an english high fives. >> thank you for being so honest. thank you. >> thank you very much indeed. a great honor. >> for more on the new prince, go anthony weiner admitted he was still sexting more than a year after dropping out of congress. but he isn't dropping out of the mayoral race. a close call for two divers who almost became dinner for two humpback whales. tonight, i'll talk to the divers, ahead. i want to make things more secure.
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welcome back. more on tonight's breaking news. anthony weiner, with his wife at his side, admitted to sending additional sexually explicit messages more than a year after he resigned from congress. >> as i've said in the past, these things that i did were wrong, and hurtful to my wife and caused us to go through many challenges in our challenges that extended past my resignation from congress. while some of the things that have been posted today are true, and some are not, there is no
8:31 pm
question that what i did was wrong. this behavior is behind me. i have apologized to my wife, huma, and i'm grateful that she has worked through these issues with me and i have had her forgiveness. >> one of the most extraordinary moments came when she took the mike and backed her husband. >> anthony has made some horrible mistakes. both before he resigned from coress and after. but i do very strongly believe that it's between us and our marriage. >> some people it was a big dose of deja vu. weiner denied he tweeted a photo of a man in underpants. he said his twitter account had been hacked. then he backed off a little, saying he couldn't be sure if the photo was of him or not. >> you will not deny that that photograph is not you? >> here's what i will say, we'll
8:32 pm
trying to figure out exactly what happened here. >> this is strange. you can't tell me that is a photo of you or not? >> i'm reluctant to say to you definitively anything about this. >> is there a picture of you out there in your drawers that you are worried about? >> you know, we've been sitting down a brief moment and you are asking me if there are pictures of me in my drawers. >> and there were. after more photos surfaced, he claim clean. >> for the past few years, i've engaged in several inappropriate conversations over twitter, facebook and e-mail. i've exchanged photos of an explicit nature with six women over the years. for the most part, these communications took place before my marriage, but some after. i have never met any of these
8:33 pm
women or had physical relationships of any kind. >> ten days later he resigned from congress. dana, let's just talk more about the timeline of when this behavior was going on. he left congress in 2011. it seems like it was going on for a long time after that. >> it certainly does. he didn't give an exact date of when it was happening, but they both admitted it was happening after he resigned. if you believe the, which is the website that posted this, it said that the exchanges that it posted, which were explicit at times, happened in july, august of 2012, which was a year ago, and a full year after he resigned. so that really is what is shocking. people who have covered him and covered his attempt to resurrect his political career with the mayor's race in new york, but
8:34 pm
also with forces i've been talking with here in washington who knew him well when he was in congress saying you've got to be kidding me. they thought this was his chance at a second chance, many of whom they thought he was trying to do it too soon, but this is unbelievable. even to people who went through the very difficult scandal with him two years ago. >> gloria, you can't underestimate the importance of having his wife by his side today. >> no, you can't. it was stunning to hear her speak. a lot of times we hear the good wife. we see her but we don't hear her. today we heard from huma. she was very direct. she said i have forgiven him and i believe in him. so a wife can really be a very strong character witness. she said they had been through a lot of couples therapy. i think the question voters in new york will be asking is running for mayor another part of couples therapy or is this somebody we can trust, whose
8:35 pm
judgment we can trust? maybe we need more time to work it out with his wife and family, and not also try to be the mayor of a big city like new york. >> simone, as you look at this through the lens of a psycho sexual therapist, what do you make of this? he said they put this behind them a year ago. is it that easy, is this something you just stop doing? >> no, you've got to have treatment for a long time. but the language he was using, anderson, gives us an indication to how much work he needs to do on himself, because he was talking about he's caused the stress on his marriage. of course the what causes stress on your marriage is not taking the garbage out, not what he did. when he talks about i made a mistake, he's not using this sex addictive and recovery language, where he would be very much
8:36 pm
talking about i seek forgiveness. sex addicts know they're in pain and feel bad about it. i can't see him feeling bad about it. >> is this some sort of compulsive -- that word addiction is thrown around a lot, and whether or not there's sexual addiction. is this some compulsive behavior? what goes into this? >> i think it could believe an acting out, it could be a thrill seeking, power hungry acting out in itself. so we don't know whether it's narcissism, he's doing it because he feels entitled to, or whether he has an addiction. but what we're certainly seeing is he's ruining his political career, but he isn't showing any remorse. that's why i'm sort of sitting on the line. i would like to be able to call him a sex addict, because guess what? there is more chance of him recovering and their marriage
8:37 pm
saying strong if he is. if he's a narcissist, there's no hope. he'll carry on just acting how he wants to act. >> gloria, from a political stand point, in the city people are willing to give people a second chance. >> sure. >> i guess the question is, is this a third chance people will be giving him? will people buy this latest story, which is basically a new one? >> you know, i think voters anywhere don't like to be fooled. they're willing to forgive and we always talk about the politics of redemption and all the rest of that. but the notion here is that weiner, while he sort of vaguely eluded to the fact early on that there were other women, the timeline of this, as dana pointed out, is so important. because the feeling was that after he left the congress, he was working on his life, he was working on getting his head back on straight, and now we discover for another year he was still sexting. and new yorkers may say you know what? you probably tried to get away
8:38 pm
with this without telling us all the details until it was divu e divulges on a website and they won't like that. >> he is a formidable campaigner, though, dana. >> he, is and he is very, very stubborn. go back to two years ago. he just didn't come out that he sent these pictures and these texts and then resigned the next day. it was weeks, anderson, and it was after many, many phone calls from his closest confidants and friends, from party leaders saying enough already, get out. and him saying i'm not going to go. it frustrated them and it was a story that went on and on. so it would not be surprising if he stays in for a while, even through the end and let the voters decide based on the way he was so determined to stay in, even in the face of unbelievable pressure from even his closest friends. >> dana, thank you very much. gloria, simone, thank you very much. coming up, the ntsb steps in to try to figure out why the
8:39 pm
nose gear of that southwest jet collapsed on landing. we have the latest in the investigation. also, the encounter caught on tape between scuba divers and humpback whales. i'll speak with the divers that were in the daughter when that happened. ly and on time. ♪ tracks! they connect the factories built along the lines. and that means jobs, lots of people, making lots and lots of things. let's get your business rolling now, everybody sing. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪
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tonight, a close encounter of the huge kind, scuba divers off the coast of california got a shock of their lives and caught it on camera, shawn and some friends were out diving when two humpback whales jumped out of the water. he was filming underwater as his friend was filming from the vote. but first, take a look at the incredible video. >> oh! holy [ bleep ]! oh, my god! >> it is amazing. shawn stanback and the other diver made it back to the boat
8:44 pm
safe. they join me live now from california. shawn, the video is amazing. it gives "close call" a whole new meaning. did you have any idea that there are were whales in the area? >> we knew there were whales in the area, but they were three quarters of a mile to a mile away from us. so we had no idea that those two had snuck in and decided to take a meal, you know, right from underneath us. >> so shawn, there's that moment on the video where you see a school of official. i don't know if those are sardines or what, but did you sense then -- >> anchovi, i think. >> they were clearly in a frenzy. they must have sensed there were predators there. >> i had my face down, and the fish swam underneath me going
8:45 pm
horizont horizontally. all of a sudden they all changed direction and started trying to get out of the water. and at that moment, i knew that there was something going on, and i had no idea that there was a humpback whale chasing them. seconds later, i pulled my head out of the water because i heard some yelling and i just made a d beeline to the back of the boat. >> what was going through your mind when you realized it was happening? >> i sense a little bit of danger before it happened. if you watch the video, i turned back and tried to go towards the boat and i relaxed a little bit. i didn't even know that the whales were behind me. i saw them come down, but i didn't see them breach out of the water. >> so neither of you saw the whales as they were coming up? >> no, i saw them coming down. i thought shawns what behind me.
8:46 pm
when i saw that he was safe, i had some relief and was able to laugh about it later. >> shawn, were you concerned that the tail might hit you? getting hit with one of those things i would imagine could easily kill you. >> that was the first thing that went through my mind. as soon as i seen all the fish boil come up in my face and i heard the yelling, i looked up and say the whales just feet from me. the first thing that came to my mind is all the pictures you always see with the tail coming out of the water. i was right in the path of where that might happen. so i tried to get out of the way as fast as i could and fortunately, everything happened the way that it did, and nobody got hurt. >> shawn, did they make any sound or did you just hear the sound of the water churning? >> i didn't hear any sound from the whales. all i heard is a bunch of yelling and commotion on the boat and i looked over and seen
8:47 pm
these two mountains sticking out of the water. >> francis, do you think the whales knew you were there? >> i think so. i think they're fairly intelligent creatures, and i think they avoid us for sure. you know, they're really intelligent and i think that they mentioned to avoid us. >> do you have any plans to get back in the water? i don't know if you're incredible lucky or incredibly unlucky, but does this make you think twice about going for another dive? >> oh, no. i love the ocean. i'll go back right now if i could, but i've got to work. >> shawn, same with you? >> oh, yeah. this is my passion. so i'm not going to let some whales give me a bad stay, stop me from going out and having a good time and enjoying life. >> it's just incredible video. shawn and francis, thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. >> glad you guys are okay. just ahead, new details about a woman's final moments after falling from a roller coaster in
8:48 pm
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8:52 pm
marriage. california's supreme court denying a san diego official's request to stop them. last month, you'll recall the u.s. supreme court ruled that same-sex marriages could resume in the state. new details tonight on the information woman killed while riding a roller coaster. a medical examiner reports that the 5 -year-old was thrown out of her seat. she fell 75 feet, struck a metal beam, and landed on a roof top. federal officials will conduct a full investigation to determine whether the front landing gear of southwest airlines flight 345 collapsed. it happened yesterday as the plane from nashville arrived at new york's laguardia airport. the massachusetts police officer who released photos of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has been assigned to desk duty. he was not authorized to release the photographs. he did so in response to
8:53 pm
"rolling stone" magazine's cover photo of dzhokhar tsarnaev, which murphy called an insult. taco bell will stop selling kids meals at its restaurant next year. let's just talk about that conversation you had with those divers. incredible. >> yeah. it was. is that it? >> no. i guess the thing that struck me is how he wasn't going to let a bunch of humpback whales get between him and his passion. i think he might want to rethink that. >> you think so? i don't think so. i think it makes sense. >> but you're weird. people should. go by you. >> isha, thanks. we'll be right back.
8:54 pm
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welcome back. i hope you join us later this evening for our second in a series of "360" on the halls on race and justice in america. tonight, it's an all-new town hall. this one is focusing on hidden biases that exist, that are widespread in society and people don't each realize they have. here's part of the discussion.
8:58 pm
>> sunny, you talked about doctors prescribing -- doctors are more likely to prescribe invasive surgery for african-americans than they are whites. >> right. in addition to that, it's all kinds of doctors. the study i mentioned last time was about pediatricians and how cruel it was that how bias shows up in these cruel ways, that the pediatricians were less likely to prescribe pain management for young black kids than they were for white kids. how cruel is that? >> but i did understand -- i was looking to the studies. my understanding is when they were informed about that bias, they were able to correct it. >> there's an education point in the insurance industry and in your own life. i've looked at that particular field from an insurance point of view. one, access and ability. two, education, which is a very key part of that. if you don't understand what you
8:59 pm
need to do for yourself, what your role is as a patient or with a patient advocate, then your decision may not be the same as someone who has better level of education. >> but i don't challenge my doctor, i don't educate myself on being a patient. why should -- >> but you should. >> why should an african-american person have to do that. i can kick back and my doctor goes out of his way to be nice to you. >> because you're you. >> but it is your responsibility as a patient. >> you cannot separate, which i think you're getting at is personal responsibility, from historical traumas, right? there is this much african-american history in america life, this much free african-american history in american life. there's very few periods in american life where you can look at black people and say you've
9:00 pm
had a chance to catch your breath and catch up. from slavery to social and cultural violence, to jim crow, to mass incarceration, war on drugs, which is basically just a war on black and brown people, you just go down the line, all the way until you march up until now and say black people, we just want you to turn on a dime or turn on a decade and fix it all and pull it together and get over it. . cultural memories don't work that way. >> i hope you join us one hour from now, our this is piers morgan live i'm chris cuomo in for piers. anthony weiner in for not safe for work texts. >> i have said otherex