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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 25, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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though. >> oh, god, don't do it. on that note, let's go to carol costello. >> i guess we have answered the boxer or brief comments. >> i guess we have. >> oh, no, no. >> have a great day, guys. "newsroom" starts right now. happening now in the newsroom. the time did not line of the texts. >> she officially contacted him through twitter. brand-new details emerging on the anthony weiner sex scandal. what happens, how it happened and how money could be behind it all. >> this is an opportunity action you should make money from it. >> sydney leathers confidant breaking his silence, speaking only to cnn. also, crushing injury. >> braves pitcher tim hudson trying to cover first base, he
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gets he ankle stepped on. >> the possible career ender and surprises moments after the injury, that you just have to see. >> plus back pedal, fallen and disgraced, now finger pointing. lance armstrong now blaming his old sponsors, saying they should have known he was doping. you're live in the cnn newsroom. good morning, thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. major developments in that deadly train crash in spain. we are now learning there were americans on board that train, although we don't know how many. also just into cnn, the incredible video, the entire crash caught on camera. oh, there you see it, the train leaving the track, slamming into the wall. right now police are questioning the driver of that express train
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after a top transit official said it was going too fast when it derailed and then split apart. so far 78 people have died. it's unclear why this train was speeding so fast, or exactly how fast it was going. rescue crews are still going through the debris. they expect to find more victims inside the wreckage. jointing me from santiago decompostela in spain is karl penhaul. >> reporter: let me just set the scene for you, carol. behind me, that's the curve where the train derailed. rescue workers going on the best part of 16, 17 hours since that crash happened, and approximately half the train, half the wagons and lock motives have now been taken away for crash investigation. again, to put the scale of this tragedy in perspective, a full one third of the passengers aboard that train have died and
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really nobody walked away unscathed. we're told that 95 people are still in hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. one of those train wagons at one point leapt more than 18 feet into the air, landed right on top of the railway embankment 45 feet away from the track. so, of course, everybody is asking now, what caused this accident. yes, certain ministers from the government have said they believe that speed could have been a factor in this this, but there's no consensus on this right now. investigators and the government say they're keeping all possibilities on the table. you mentioned that chilling video of the moment of the crash. that was film by surveillance, a cctv camera just down here, as you would expect with those cameras, no sound on there, about you you can see the rear end of that slewing off the tracks and crashing into the concrete pillar. but if you look closer, a fraction of a second before that
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happens, about midway back along the train, you see a puff, a puff of smoke, a puff of dust. something happened at midpoint in the train, then you see the front lock motive slewing off the tracks. >> i can see the train should have been going -- we have no ol word on how fast it would have been going when it hit this curve. this is one of the tightest
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curves along the six-hour route. this right -- we have seen some media reports suggesting it was going much faster than it could have been. certainly what the government is insisting is that we cannot take anything off the table. but of course, a key piece of evidence will be that chilling video that we have had a look at. yes, we see the front lock motive sloughing out of, but at that point it must be said the front had clear the tightest point of the curve. the jury is still open on this one. >> karl penhaul reporting live from spain. as we told you, we expect some americans may have been injured in that crash. as we get new information, we'll pass it along. anthony weiner in disgrace, his future very much in limbo this morning.
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weiner returned to the campaign trail in the hopes of salvaging his bid to become new york city's next mayo. beal hear some of his comments. his spotlight could soon be stolen by his self-described sexting partner. cnn has identified her as sydney elaine leathers, and yes that's her real name. there are reports she could go public as early as today. in the meantime we spoke to her confident daniel who spoke exclusively to cnn. >> you don't know that they ever met, but from the chat logs and what she showed you, do you know if they had any kind of sexting? >> absolutely. there was tawdry sexting going on, you can see the descriptions, he apparently has a shoe fetish and apparently a domination fetish, and that -- that was the basis of their relationship. sydney thought the basis of the
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relationship would be some sort of mutual respect, loving, you know, as idealistic that would have been. >> okay. dana bash is cnn's chief congressional correspondent. she's covered weiner's years on capitol hill before his 2011 resignation, and she continues to wolf him now. good morning, dana. >> good morning, carol. it's not every day that a candidate for public office on the campaign trail reveals he's still in therapy because he has been sending dirty messages on the internet, but that is what happened on the trail with anthony weiner yesterday. even some of his friends are calling the campaign an unfortunate circus. >> an idea question about using facebook or twitter is really acheward. >> all i can say is don't ask me. >> reporter: a lighthearted moment after one opponent confronted weiner. >> people around the city have called on you to withdraw.
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you're distracting from focusing on the middle class and ideas. >> if you want to play to the -- i'm having a serious conversation about the issues. that's what these good people came to here. let's honor their being here. >> reporter: a day in the life the scanned after-plagued weiner. >> the fact of the matter is we need to change the way we do things. >> reporter: minutes after a silent protest, a handful of women turn their backs on him. his indiscretions literally followed him. a man dressed as carlos danger, his screen name for lewd messaging. weiner admitted to reports that he fumbled his comeback by not disclosing he sent texts to strange women a year after resigning from congress for the same thing. >> there isn't a lot better way for me to answer these questions. >> reporter: he still isn't answering all our questions. >> reporter: what do you say to people who say yes, sir, this is personal, but also an sure of
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judgment? and do you have the judgment to be in gracy mansion? we asked new yorkers ourselves. does it bother you? >> um, no. i mean, a lot of politicians have their issues, and i just -- i think this one we can put behind us. >> i think it's kind of creepy. i don't think i would want that as my mayor. >> reporter: one open question is what did weiner's wife really know about his relapse into sexting a year ago, a year after resigning from congress. a source close to humana said she found hout in the fall, she was furious, that's it, this time i'm leaving, but after a bit of time she obviously reconsidered, and the reason is because of their young son. they have an 18-month-old who was not even a years old at the time and decided this was an important decide to make to staying together for the sake of the family, carol. >> dana bash reporting live for
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us this morning. the drama continues in moscow. americas's secretary of state on the phone with russian officials trying to get russia to not grant a temporary visa. still it could just be a few pieces of paper and he could be free to leave. he's been stuck in a transit zone for more than a month after admitting he leaked details on the nsa programs. his lawyer says at any moment, russia may grant him permission to leave the airport while the government considers the asylum situation. phil black is live in moscow to tell us more. >> reporter: in noir just a few pieces of paper is all he needs. we thought yesterday it seemed likely, his lawyer thought he would get the russian media. to get the necessary
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documentation to actually leave the airport, but it doesn't happen. now his lawyer says it's taking longer to process the asylum -- because he says it is complicated, unprecedented. he says, however it is possible there are other things in play here. the russian government knows to let snowden out of the airport and that will likely trigger a very angry response from the united states. so it's approaching five weeks, he has no choice but to continue waiting. he's brought him a change of clothes, shirts and books, and some classic russian literature as well to help pass the time. as he says, he's now very much involved in russian culture and language. >> so secretary of state kerry was on the phone with a russian minister yesterday, i assume, saying don't do this. how much are russian officials taken american concerns in making this decision?
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>> reporter: we have no way of knowing for sure, carol, but i think the fact that snowden has 345ed little progress so far is perhaps a sign that they are indeed quite concerned about this. we've had this very almost contradictory russian position through this whole issue, where are usuala refuses to send snowden back, but hopes that doesn't damage u.s./russian relations. she say that's a concern for them. the fact that he's not been released. the fact that there has been no saul pin one way or another on the asewell limb, which seem to indicate they are not ready to rush in yet, that it could some some way have a lasting consequence. >> phil black reporting live from moscow this morning. let's head to brazil, where pope francis is it embarking on another heavy day of heavy
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security. you're looking at livid i don't. in just a few minutes, the pope will meet with the mayor at city hall and receive the keys to the city. he also will the olympic flags that flew -- he's expected to head to a shanty town. it visits squarely with his devotion to the poor, but sure to give security detail heartburn. after his car got pinned down in a crowd on monday, his security rick was raised from medium to high risk. a storm is swirling across the atlantic, and could reach the united states next week. indra is in new york. who may get it? >> here's the thing, carol, dorian is currently a strong tropical storm. you see steady winds getting toward the hurricane status. we're watching how it will strengthen or whether or not it will strengthen.
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the thing we all want to know is, where is it going? this is the current thinking. now, assuming it holds together. by month, 65 miles per hour, so still a tropical storm. it's not expected to make a direct hit to the island,eall r just some rough seas action a t dominican republic. there's a lot of uncertainly, and also sea surface temperatures are cool and also some win shear. the good news is we're hoping it wok actually make it there i want we hope not. a frey play will end tilled hudson's season. he was covering first base on a routine ground ball, when his ankle was stepped on by eric young.
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he collapsed, he has a broken ankle, and in the spirit of what's great about baseball, the mets' eric young, he immediately ran to hudson's eight. young apologized over and over again. he was visibly upset, even wiping away tears. they shake haends at the hend, telling young, it's okay, it's okay. after the game eric young said this -- i saw hi foot as i'm going for the base right there, and as i came down, i knew i didn't get any of the base. he said there was nothing i can do about it. that made me feel somewhat better, but still bummed he's going to be out for a while. the braves pitcher, as you might expect, will need surgery, so our prayers are with tim hudson, who is 38 years old. just ahead in the newsroom action another shocking claim by lance armstrong. for years he denied rumors of doping, but now he says his
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sponsor should have known he was doping. ♪
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an outrageous claim for one of the most hated athletes in
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sports. lance armstrong now says the postal service should have known he was doping. that's his defense to a $120 million federal whistle-blower lawsuit. the u.s. postal service says he and others defrauded the government with the use of performance-enhancing drugs. armstrong's image, as you know, has taken a huge beating. he explained just a few days ago. >> the reaction and fallout was more than i expected, but that's life. i'm a big boy. batting average reporters join us now. good morning. >> good morning. >> you guys broke this story. i mean, seriously, lance armstrong is blaming the u.s. post office for his own doping? >> it's a legal defense with a lot of chutzpa.
6:20 am
basically my fraud was all over the news and there were rumors of it. so it's a very interesting defense. >> but vanessa, he denied doping. >> and in this country, a lot of people believed his denials, of course, for so long. it's interesting that his lawrence are -- that they renewed sponsorship at a time when there were allegations about doping. most of them were covered in europe, but didn't really make their way to the united states. the postal service did in fact renew the sponsorship in november of 2000. even so, he issued the vehement denials, and the post appear service renewed its sponsorship, spending $40 million essentially to sponsor lance and the team.
6:21 am
>> so they didn't exactly investigate these charges, right? >> no, they didn't. that's one of the things he as arted in his lawyer. look, the time to investigate this was actually years ago. there were allegations in the press, as vanessa said, there was an investigation going on in france to whether or not the team was doping, and they just waited too long. that's another tenet to their legal argument, that this is past these statute of limitations. >> so the suit is, what, $120 million, vanessa? it makes me wonder what his finances are like. >> well, one of the interesting things about lance and this case is that also lance's lawyers are arguing that beyond what the postal service spend, the $40 million that was spent, they got a publicity value from lance that far exceeded what they spent on the sponsorship. that's one of the ways they're tallies up the value.
6:22 am
now, we know that lance made many, many mills onwhile he was cycling, racing for the postal service, not to mention all the endorsements that he had that added up to about $75 million, and he lost a lot of those, as we know, last year. >> one of the things we should explain is the sponsorship value over the years was $40 million, but under this whistle-blower law, plaintiffs can actually recover up to triple of damages. the plaintiff here is floyd landis, a former teammate, as they were close friends. now obviously they're bitter enemies, and floyd is i having to profit off of his knowledge of the doping of the team. >> it's a fascinating article. you can go to or "wall street journal." thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. you're welcome. after the break, we'll talk about rough sailing. the ceos of two major cruise
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lines get a tongue lashing from members of congress. will their apologies result in better service on the high seas? that's next in "newsroom." you really couldn't have come at a better time. these chevys are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me, the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first, it's mine. i called about that one, it's mine. mine! mine. it's mine. it's mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. it's mine! no it's not, it's mine! better get going, it's chevy model year-end event. [ male announcer ] the chevy model year-end event. the 13s are going fast, time to get yours. current chevy truck owners can trade up to this chevy silverado all-star edition with a total value of $9,000.
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it's no pleasure cruise on capitol hill. the ceos of karn valid and royal caribbean international got grilled by members of congress about the rancid conditions that passengers endude on recent trip. with guarantees like easier access. joining me now from washington is renay marsh, so what happened? >> you know, the bottom line was to fight for the consumer, the people who are taking these cruises. the focus was making sure that they are safe on board and if and when things do go wrong, they said these folks to know what their rights are. the stench on the carnival cruise, the fear on "the grander of the seas" the tragedy on the "kosta concordia" all on display
6:27 am
on capitol hill. >> i've been assured that things will get better. take a look at the eventsds off efr over the past 16 months, every and tell me if you think this is what "better" looks like. >> they were stranded for five days on a ship lacking power and adequate toilet lingered at the hearing. >> it smelled like sewage and human waste. >> we really put our guests in an uncomfortable position. that bothers us a great. >> the industry says the new passenger bill of rights addresses the problems -- >> a deeper look shows that the passenger bill of rights is -- >> serious crime on cruise ships is underreported. the report says that 959 serious crimes to the fbi, but only 31 are posted on the coates guard 'public website. that's because the database
6:28 am
discloses only crimes no longer under investigation by the fbi. >> consumers have no way to find out what the real risks are before they take a cruise. >> all right. well, the industry told lawmakers they quickly adopted that consumer bill of rights, which spells out what passengers are entitled to when things do go wrong. it was an effort to really restore consumer confident. the industry says now they're in the process of rewriting the fine print on both those tickets as well as cruiseship contracts, so that it can essentially reflect all that is on that passenger bill of rights. rene marsh, thank you. up next in the newsroom, by hi side and behind his wounded political campaign. we'll talk a look at huma abedin and her decision to stay behind her emballotsed husband. [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you very much for joining us this morning. the stories we are watching right now in the newsroom. we have to head out to brazil. inside that corolla with the window rolled down is pope francis. he's on his way to a poor neighborhood in brazil to talk to those who are in need of his blessing, or in need of so much more. the pope's whole purpose on this visit is to convince people they should get to the poor and support them more. as you can see the window is down in that he corolla, and the pope is sitting in the backseat just like a normal guy. many, many security vehicles behind the corolla. the security risk is high in brazil. they want to protect the pope as much as they can, but you see
6:33 am
the problem they're having. the pope just wants to be a normal guy, wants to sit in the corolla with the window down. when he gets to that neighborhood, we'll take you back to brazil. the. the opening bell, probably did ring, markets looking to open flat this morning, backing down from the record highs we have seen recently. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, carol. the markets overall taking a bit of a breather again. there are some concerns about china, a slowdown in growth that's hanging over the market, so a bit of an excuse to take profit off the table. but guess what? there is a monster day going on for shares of facebook right now. facebook shares up 26%, facebook reported a huge jump in the number of mobile users, and a corresponding increase in mobile advertising revenue, getting more than 40% of the ad revenue from mobile, so that is music to
6:34 am
the ears of any facebook investor. there are a lot of them. 80 million shares of facebook have traded hands in just the first few minutes of the trading day. 4 million shares have traded hands for bank of america. so people are flocking to facebook to trade today. general motors, profit spell, but there is good things going on, and guess what, carol? gm says it plans to hire more people, so that's always good news. >> you're right about that. alison kosik, thanks. anthony weiner back on the campaign trail, and facing fallout from his latest sexting scandal. several women in the audience turned their backs on the may i don't recall candidate as soon as he started talking. weiner could also face new details from the self-described sexting partner. cnn has confirmed that the partner is sydney elaine leathers. that is her real name. there are reports she could go public as early as today.
6:35 am
in the meantime we're hearing from her confidant, who spoke exclusively to cnn. >> she initially contacted him through twitter. she was a fan. he said that she was a fan. i assume that based on how beautiful a young lady that sydney is, anthony weiner had no choice but to act on his instincts and go after any pretty woman that gives him the time of day. within conversation i had with sydney, he had contacted her a week after she had done the big magazine and capitulation asking for a second chance, so this idea that he somehow reformed or he somehow is sorry for what he did is not true. he's sorry just like any other person who's sorry when they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. our alina cho takes a closer look. you talked to some of the people
6:36 am
who know anthony weiner's wife. >> the close friends say they're not at all surprised that huma abedin is staying with her husband. they tell me that nobody forces her to do anything she doesn't want to do. maybe the public thinks she's standing by her man, but those closest to her say she's very much her own woman. when huma abedin spoke of her dwoes to anthony weiner on tuesday. >> i have forgiven him. i believe in him. >> reporter: the public may have been surprised, but not those that know her. members of her inner circle say she was out there because she wanted to be. a good wife, she is not. look no further than the september issue of "harper's bazaar" a revealing essay. she writing -- yes, i'm out on the campaign trail. it's where i want to be, because the choice for me is simple. i love my husband, and we both
6:37 am
love this city. >> i was struck by how much i could feel her love for her husband, and her clarity about why she believed in him. >> reporter: one friend from the clinton white house days, who did not want to be identified says backs when the sexting scandal first broke in 2011, el she, mean humana, wanted him to keep his congressional seat. >> my wife is an enormous asset to the campaign, she's the not so secret weapon of this campaign. >> reporter: another close friend who spoke to her just before she game the racks said she found out about the latest transgression last fall, much before the public, and in the friend's words, was furious. now she writes in bazaar, the scandal has made her husband a better man. >> hoo uma abdin also tells bazaar that new yorkers will have to decide for themselves whether or not to give him a
6:38 am
second chance, i had to make that same decision. i notice in my heart i made the right one. carol, her friends agree she mace be elegant, stylish, dignified, but above all, she is ambitious. >> you wonder why, why doesn't she just run for hoif, get rid of her husband and run for herself? >> it's interesting you should say that, because i think people tend to forget -- they want to call her the good wife. they want to call her the scorned woman, the long-suffering wife, but the reality is huma abedin is very much her own person with a very strong career. remember she was the so-caused body man to hillary clinton, just a heartbeat away from hillary clinton. this is a whom who could be the next president of the united states, the first female president of the united states. she speaks arabic. she is -- nobody is closer to hillary clinton. in fact, as i have said, at humana's wedding hillary was
6:39 am
overherd saying, you know, i have one daughter, but if i had a second daughter, it would be humana. so the two are very, very close. in hillary clinton goes on to be president, she will be just a heartbeat away. >> alina cho, thanks so much. the great film series "rocky" is getting a spin-off. want to know who the hero will be this time around? not sly. we have all the details next. stacey: my daughter zoe had her first open heart surgery...
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haven't you gone to philadelphia? haven't you run up the 72 steps and done this very thing? michelle turner, i bet you have. i have done it. >> i was thinking the same thing. i was doing the same move. >> still after all these years, it does something to you. i don't know if i'm the weird one in the room, but it gives me goosebumps. after six sequels, it's about time for a spin-off. the new one is reportedly about the grandson of apollo creed and not actually focused on rocky balboa. according to, it would follow his privileged grandson. he needs a mentor. you see where this is going. he finds his father old nemesis turned friend. he convinces rocky to come back
6:44 am
and train him. what has me excited, creed's grandson is reportly to be played by pikal b. johns are, who is currently serving in "fruitvale station." i can't tell you how much i love, love, love it. it opens in wide release this weekend on july 26th. michael b. jordan, if you look at his face and think where have i seen him? he has a cult firing. he's been on "the wire" and "friday night lights" but this is a step up for him, and also for ryan cube her, just graduating from usc film school, so i think it will be very cool. and working them out. i love this idea. >> i do, too. i can't way. michelle turner, thank you so much. >> absolutely. all right. i got to take you back to brazil
6:45 am
for these unbelievable pictures. you see the popemobile there. he's on his way to a poor city in brazil outside of rio de janeiro. he got into his popemobile. moments ago, you can see what happened. security against having trouble keeping people away from the pope. in fact, from what i understand, some people were throwing things at the pope. i don't know why that was whether it was in anger or love or what testify? but security having a heart time keeping people away. the pope decided to use that modified pope mobile with the open sides, because he wanted to get close to people. often he'll kiss babies standing by in the crowd. but the security risk in brazil is now at high. they are concern about the pope. we understand that shortly the pope will actually, after he
6:46 am
will then walk to the soccer stadium. that also has them concerned about security. miguel marquez is there, and we'll take you there live at the top of the hour, so stay with cnn. we'll be right back. ♪
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:48 past the hour, a wisconsin state trooper, you see him standing there, and then a semiruns into his police cruiser, and then just keeps going. i bet that trooper hopped in his car and went after the truck. he did cite the driver for not paying attention and failure to move over. wow. the new chevy impala is rated betts new sedan by "consumer reports" the first time an american sedan has been rated that high in at least 20 years, but -- my dad had an impala, but impala used to rank at the bottom of the heap. "consumer reports" today says the car has transformed to a modern and enjoyable vehicle. jason sedaikis is leaving "saturday any of life. kgs he tells david letterman. >> me?
6:50 am
no, i'm definitely done. i'm not coming back in the fall. >> you won't be back in the fall. >> no, no. >> now, do they know that? have you run this by someone? >> i don't know what kind of ratings you're getting these days, but i would hope that someone would tell them -- >> you should have called first. >> he went on to >> sudeikis went on to say he almost last year. we say hello to britain's baby prince, george alexander louis of cambridge. it is a traditional name but with a modern twist. >> named george quickly by royal standard. charles and diana took a whole week before announcing a name. that anticipation over. the great baby name debate has
6:51 am
ended. introducing his royal highness, prince george alexander louis of cambridge. the name is a hit on the streets of london. >> good old fashioned british name. >> reporter: a tribute to queen elizabeth. she met her great grandson for first time. her father had a stammer as portrayed by colin firth in the movie "the king's speech." >> i'm not here to discuss personal matters. >> reporter: alexander for queen victoria and louis is his third name, a moved to the queen's husband, prince philip whose much beloved uncle. this little man only has three names. most royals have four names. some have five. henry viii, seven. what they are trying to do is
6:52 am
make their son like the other little boys when he goes to school. problem is he will be a king. >> reporter: after spending his first night out of the hospital at kensington palace he was whisked away to more humble surroundings. her family's home. they released a statement saying this is now a private and quiet time for them to get to know their son. the future king now living the quiet life in a commoner's accommodation. the name george, of course, splashed across this morning's headlines. here is the cover of "the sun." quite sweet. baby formerly known as prince george alexander louis of cambridge. then you have the time which says -- kate and william stick to tradition, by george. and then there's "the daily mirror." boy george. >> my favorite. love that.
6:53 am
i don't know if the prince and dutch less love it but i do. thanks so much. coming up in the newsroom, the strange relationship between alex rodriguez and the new york yankees. it just got stranger. learn why another doctor says the slugger is not injured. he should return to playing baseball. announcer: sunday's your last chance
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a-rod and the new york yankees took another bizarre turn as the third baseman sent a doctor on a media tour to say a-rod's fit to play. andy schultz with the bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning. according to a source, a-rod believes he is healthy enough to return to the lineup but he thinks that the yankees are are conspiring against him to keep him off the field just so they can collect the insurance money for the more than $25 million he's owed this season. without permission from the yankees, a-rod hired his own doctor to take a look at the mri of his quad and the doctor said he didn't see any signs of a injury 37 a-rod is the one that first complained about his quad and continued to admit they want him back on field as soon as he's physically able to play. of course, we all are waiting to see when and for how long major league baseball suspends a-rod for his alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. the new england patriots head coach bill belichick speaking publicly for first time since former patriots tight end aaron hernandez was charged with murder. belichick, who is usual livan
6:57 am
ail white comes to speaking with the media, was much more forth come while discussing the situation yesterday. >> i and other members of the organization were shocked and disappointed in what we learned. having someone in your organization involved in a murder investigation is a terrible thing. >> bang-bang play first base looks like it will end for tim hutchins. trying to cover first base. routine ground ball. eric young jr. stepped right on his ankle. hudson goes down immediately in pain. he would stay right by his side during this and apologized over and over. great moment there. very unfortunate for hudson and the braves. got a broken ankle and will need surgery and likely miss the rest of the season and the postseason. >> just hard to watch. boy, eric young sticking right by him, tears in his eyes. that's amazing. tim hudson saying it ises okay,
6:58 am
young man. >> nothing he can do. hudson's leg is a little over the bag. such a quick play. very unfortunate. >> thanks. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
6:59 am
7:00 am
happening now in the newsroom. pope francis in one of rio's
7:01 am
poorest neighbor sxhoods then he walks, yes, walks, to a soccer stadium. is the pope risking his safety? also, sydney leathers and carlos danger. >> she was in love with him and then fell out of love him. the vision of him was not true. >> miss leathers may reveal herself today. plus -- airplane repo. >> zip, baby. pull right over. >> a new tv show. tough task of separating rich boys from their toys. you are live in the cnn newsroom. good morning. thank you so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we begin with pope plan sis in brazil getting mobbed like he is a rock star. this was minutes ago as the pope headed from downtown rio de
7:02 am
janeiro to a very poor neighborhood just outside of the city. the pope is in that small city now and is expected to pray with the people and bless a new altar. then he will walk to a packed soccer stadium. it is a testament to his love for ordinary people but it is also a huge security risk. miguel marquez is in rio to tell us more. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning. look, they are taking enormous efforts to secure the pope at every step. it is very clear now when he's moving he was in the pope mobile for a very short time as he went into the slum in the city of rio. there was, you counted, 15, 16 motorcycles behind him. as many as 12, 15 of his personal security around him. there was a lot of uniformed security along the route as well. you know, people are coming up to him. some of these mothers almost throwing their babies at the
7:03 am
pope as he is coming by. people that want to shake his hand but he is in a moving car. they stop. you can see them jostling with the pope. look, he wants to be touched by the people, he wants to touch the people. a lot of his speeches, he wants to knock on the door of brazil -- of all brazilians. look, i would love to have a glass of water and a coffee with every one of you but i just can't. but he's certainly making every attempt to touch every brazilian that he can. he's kissed more babies than i have seen a politician ever kiss in a single day certainly. he's getting very, very close. right now he's in this little chapel and will bless the altar and present them withand will ha meet with several people. ground central for the drugs trade here. the -- gangs that run the drug business. the police have v tried to pass pie and calm this place. but it is part of a mum number
7:04 am
places in rio, the gaza strip here locally. it is so dangerous. carol? anthony weiner back on the campaign trail and facing fallout from his latest sexting scandal. at his appearance in new york a campaign appear arranges several women in the audience turned their back on weiner as soon as he started talking. the mayoral candidate could also face new details from his self-described sexting partner. cnn identified her as 23-year-old sydney leathers. yes, that is her real name. there are reports she could go public as early as today. in the meantime, we are hearing from her confidant that spoke exclusively with laurie segal of cnn money. >> we looked at chats. she said -- she said -- i thought i loved him. i was in a bad place at the time. was that tone? >> absolutely. sydney -- you have to understand
7:05 am
that when the initial scandal came out, it was a big disagreement between me and sydney because i was not a fan of his behavior and she was and she wanted to give him a second chance. >> tell us more what he told you. >> look, he -- they have been friends quite some time. he said as this relationship got -- went on she got jaded. she initially liked him. i should put this into context. they wanted to make money. that's what he said. they wanted to make money off of this. he also shed light on the timeline of -- which is for when you think of this when they actually mishly started talking. listen to this, carol. >> she initially contacted him through twitter. she was a fan. she said she was a fan. i assumed that based on how beautiful a young lady that sydney is but anthony between her no choice but to act on his instincts and go after any pretty young woman that gives him the time of day can you give as you timeline on this? was this after he resigned from
7:06 am
congress? >> this was absolutely after he resigned from congress. one conversation i had with sydney, he remarked that he contacted her less an week after he had done his big magazine, capitulation in public, asking for a second chance. this idea that anthony weiner somehow reformed or that he somehow is sorry for what he did is not true. he's sorry just like every other person who has ever been sorry when they get their hand caught in the cookie jar. >> carol, i should say, you know, this man came forward because, lou, as a confit daunt, why is he coming on if sydney is not speaking but he thought they would make money off of this. she ended up leaking it without him. he just can't -- just can't make this stuff up. >> it gets more tawdry. how were they going to make money off of this? like what was their plan? >> you know, look, he leaked multiple conversations online they had together. initially was nervous about
7:07 am
saying i want to go -- profit from this. as the conversations went on you could tell, you know, look, he is not the guy i thought he was. maybe i should make money from this. go about this the right way. i mean, they are -- there are pages and pages of conversations. she gave conversations she had with -- with car dose danger for anthony weiner. it is interesting stuff. she is a very politically active woman. she's on facebook. has multiple facebook pages devoted to politics. that's how they initially met. >> thank you so much, laurie. major developments also this morning in a deadly train crash in spain. we are now learning that there were americans onboard the train. although we don't know how many. we do know at least five of them were injured. also just in to cnn, this incredible video you are about to see. the entire crash, look at it, caught on camera. you can see the train leaving
7:08 am
the track and slamming into that wall. watch that little puff of smoke before the train crashes into the wall. investigators are trying to figure out what that was. also trying to figure out how fast that train was going. they are questioning the conductor of that train after a top transit official said it was going too fast when it derailed and then split apart. so par we know 78 people are dead. it is unclear why the train was speeding or exactly how fast it was going. rescue crews are still going through the debris and expect to find more victims inside of the wreckage. let's head to spain now. tell us more about the investigation. >> reporter: i think we have to be very careful there because, yes, we have seen speculation in the local media, excessive speed could have been to play -- a part in this derailment. it certainly seems that fuel something of that is speculation, officials from the
7:09 am
ministry of development who said at an earlier stage they thought this train was going too fast around that curb. but the rest of the government led by prime minister himself is kind of -- backing away from that or at least urging the investigators keep an open mind. he is saying that it is -- not a foregone conclusion that the train was going too fast and that all options should be considered. however, one must also say that one of the options they don't seem to be considering right now is that this was a terrorist act and doesn't seem to be any question of that right now. of course, this chilling video will be a key element there. look at it again. the locomotive, when that comes off the tracks, the locomotive had come around the worst of the curb. locomotive -- point it comes off the tracks is actually entering the strait again. it is the eight wagons pretty much on that curb. as you mentioned before we see the locomotive come off the tracks about midway down the
7:10 am
whole train of the length of the train, we do see a puff of something. is it smoke? is it dust? that's something that investigators will be looking at right now. but there's something that none of us can -- the scale of this tragedy. one-third of the passengers onboard that train have died. 78 people confirmed dead now. around 100 still in hospital receiving treatment for their injuries. safe to say nobody emerged unscathed from this accident. >> just terrible. karl penhaul reporting live for thus morning. other top stories we are following. the drama continues in moscow. the united states urging russia to hand over edward snowden. the russian could grant the nsa leak area temporary visa at any time now allowing snowden to leave the moscow airport where he has been stuck for more than a month now. snowden applied for temporary asylum in russia. the response to that request could talk many months.
7:11 am
nasty stomach bug has spread to nine states leaving nearly 300 people sick. states are highlighted here. mostly in the midwest and northeast. along with texas and georgia. the bug is caused by a parasite. cdc can not nail down the source but it comes from contaminated food or water and cannot be spread person to person. closing arguments expected in the trial of bradley manning. army private accused of aiding the enemy in espionage after handing over intelligence to wikileaks. the prosecution is calling him a traitor. the defense sarging he is a principled protester. if pound guilty manning could face life behind bars. senate passed a bipartisan deal that keeps interest rates low for students taking out loans for college this fall. but as always, there is a catch.
7:12 am
alison kosik has the details from new york. >> good morning. that catch is rates will be tied to the financial markets meaning the interest rate on the ten-year u.s. treasury bond. that means that lower interest rates would go higher if the economy i am proves. the senate is estimating those rates could go as high as 7% for undergrads and 8.5% for grad students by 2017. once this bill passes, the subsidized loan rates will be 3.86% for undergrads and grad students will pay 5.4%. parents will pay 6.4%. retroactive to july 1 because on july 1 those rates on new loans actually doubled to 6.8%. what this deal does is it erases those doubled interest -- the doubling on the interest rate. this is for new loans only. democrats were against tying rates to the market. as a compromise the rates will be capped at 8.25% for undergrads. 9.5% for graduate students. >> let's turn the corner and talk about-face book. it is having a huge day. tell us why.
7:13 am
>> investors are liking facebook today. get it? all right. bad joke. anyway, yes. it is having quite the banner day. facebook, up 25%. shares trading at $33. last time you saw facebook trading at $33 was june of last year. this is a stock that debuted at $35 in its ipo facebook reported a huge jump in the number of local users and second-quarter earnings report. also, an increase in ad receive knew. it is getting more than 40% of its ad receive knew from mobile so that's why you are seeing investors really cheer this stock today. it is music to the ears of any facebook investor. >> i bet it is. alison kosik, thanks so much. let's head back to brazil now to a little town outside of rio de janeiro. as you can see, the pope, as promised is walking to a nearby soccer stadium. he was just in a small church bless something of the folks there. praying. then he left the church and is now walking to the soccer
7:14 am
stadium. i believe he will meet the soccer great pele. i'm not 100% sure of that. i think that miguel marquez mentioned that. yes, he will meet pele. she right in the middle of the crowd. people are taking pictures. they are shaking his hands. miguel thinks the pope has kissed a record number of babies. maybe lit make the "guinness book of word records." who knows. the soccer stadium is not far from the church. 100 yards or so. but still, it is an amaze sight. seeing the pope out and among the people whose security surrounding him shielding him from the rain and you can hear the excitement in the crowd. let's listen for a little bit.
7:15 am
oh, my goodness. p catholics are amazed at this new pope. he is so different from pope benedict. there he is kissing another baby. this pope is so personable. remember, this is a man who is in his 80s. talk about energy and new ideas to bring to the papacy. it is incredible. i think catholics have been waiting for this because they want, you know, catholicism to back to its roots. it is all about helping the poor. being with the people. blessing people. talking about positive things in
7:16 am
our society. miguel marquez. these are amazing pictures. >> reporter: it is fantastic. yes. who could forget. amazing pictures to see. to watch him, he you a -- short time ago he hushed the kids around him, praying with them for second. blessed them. you know, presenting them -- presenting him with their soccer banners, it looks like, with -- t-shirts, with dolls, you know, everybody just wants to touch this guy. they absolutely are crazy for him. i can tell you we are here at the beach now. it will be six, seven hours before he makes his way down here. but there are hundreds of people waiting out here in the rain. the sun almost came out a little while ago. the entire crowds are chanting. chanting for the sun. they are so excited to see this
7:17 am
guy in every place he goes. the concern, obviously, is security. you know, 1981, john paul ii was -- was shot in st. peters square. that was controlled environment. this is not his home turf. he wants to be here and chat with people. you know, in his speeches, he talks about knocking at the door of every brazilian, having a glass of water and coffee with them. this is a guy that wants to be loved. sheer a great shot of the pontiff as he makes his way to the soccer stadium. >> tell us, miguel, he will go to the soccer stadium. what will happen there? he is going to meet pele. i know that. will people be packed in the soccer stadium as well? will he conduct a mass? >> reporter: yes. well, it is not going to be mass. we believe this place will be packed and will meet with a coach that teaches kids soccer
7:18 am
will in this very poor area. keep in mind, this is one of many in an area of -- rio. there's a street along them that the gangs fight over, drug gangs, fight over. the gaza strip. collectively. it is a very, very tough area. a lot of his trip has been spent here talking to the young people about not giving in to greed and drugs and money and power. but to keep your eyes on the ball essentially. he even met with crack cocaine is a very big problem here and met with covering addicts at a hospital in a new wing the catholic church is opening up here. if we could come back, maybe live, want to show what you it looks like out here now. not only do you have hundreds and hundreds -- maybe a thousand people now out -- looking for the best position for tonight's big opening ceremony, there's also several different warships out here, brazilian navy has been patrolling several days now. picked it up. will are even more than there
7:19 am
were before. five, six, seven, eight ships or so out over the beach. it is absolutely amazing to see this effort taking off. i see. i heard the strange sound. they are trying to get the televisions on here. huddled masses here to see what's happening. >> miguel, thank you so much. just incredible pictures. i'm only in my 60's...
7:20 am
7:21 am
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saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at als, we know about it because of lou gehrig's graceful exit from the game he loved. telling a cheering crowd i'm the luckiest man on the face of the earth. very few know what came after that moment. about gehrig's death or 73 years later, what caused his disease, als. suzanne malveaux knows all about als. her mom has the disease. she is here to tell us about it. >> carol, thank you so much for paying attention to this. it was just a year and a half ago when my mother got the diagnosis. it has challenged her and our family in a way we couldn't possibly predict.
7:23 am
it is also redefining what it means to be alive. this is our story. >> alarms are going off. mom is choking. she can't talk or swallow. she was struggling for the next breath. >> reporter: just five months prior, she was leading the mardi gras parade at her birthday party. >> the life of the party. no about it. >> reporter: always vibrant. glamourous and energetic. young looking beyond her years. but then my father started to notice subtle changes. >> pretty much -- there loss of a smile. she had the most radiant smile. unable really to control her facial muscles and her lips and so on. she says -- i can't kiss anymore. >> reporter: but soon other
7:24 am
difficulties developed. >> she tripped and fell a couple of times. then her voice. >> reporter: after several trips to various doctors, our family got the shocking news. mom was diagnosed with als or lou gehrig's disease. >> it is a disease where the cells in your brain and spinal cord, cells that control our muscles, slowly degenerate. they die. >> reporter: a fatal condition that would paralyze her limb by limb. first taking away her ability to swallow. then speak. then breathe. >> devastating. >> you become angry, cry a lot. >> felt like being on the floor was the most comfortable place. only place i wanted to be. >> i have been angry as hell.
7:25 am
whole. >> whole host of emotions. >> i was very afraid. >> reporter: mom responded differently. embracing her new orleans roots. let the good times roll. ♪ in 2012 we squeezed in two family reunions. a beach trip. a birthday party. a visit to the white house. and her own wish come true, to drive an 18-wheeler. but life for mom got tougher fast. within a year she could no longer swallow or breathe on her own. speaking also became very difficult. >> are you angry? >> no. >> month? >> i'm not angry. i'm just dealing with it day by day.
7:26 am
no, i'm not angry. >> reporter: mom decided to fight. first by going before the fda to make drug trials more available. something that was too late for her. mom also wanted to tell our family story. but the week we were scheduled to do our interview mom was rushed to the e.r. with pneumonia which changed everything. >> she was having difficulty breathing and she says, "i'm exhausted." >> she was so scared. you could see it in her eyes how scared she was. >> reporter: mom was transferred to john's hopkins where there are als specialist. >> i thought we could have lost her that night. >> your mother was in the end stage of als. she would have moved into a coma and would have died within a few days. >> reporter: instead mom chose an extraordinary life-saving measure, to get a tracheotomy.
7:27 am
a tube hooked to a machine that would force air into her lungs and breathe for her. a game changer. >> we haven't cured her of the disease but keep them alive. >> reporter: 90% of als patients do not get a trake because they don't have the resources or the desire. shines cannot clear her throat a machine has to do it for her. a procedure done at least a dozen times a day relieve it is feeling she is drowning. mom uses a word board to spell out our conversations. occasionally through a speaking valve, she is able to speak a few sentences at a time. can you say hello? >> hello. >> reporter: it would be nine weeks in the hospital learning how to care for her. a mom that would be able to come
7:28 am
home on life support. >> breaking out. getting out of here. >> mama. >> good luck. good luck. >> reporter: her journey is bringing us closer together and changing us as a family. >> i learned i have inner strength i didn't think i had. >> reporter: mom's message to all of us -- >> be strong. >> reporter: because, after all, mom is still mom. >> she is still, you know, giving me a hard time about my curly hair being messy. >> she is the glue. >> she is a fighter. >> reporter: these days, mom has a new sense of freedom. zooming around the house in a motorized chair. usually with grandkids in tow. surrounded by family, she is still leading the parade. >> oh, i want to give you a big hug. >> wane give you a big hug. >> i want to give your dad a big hug. i can't imagine how he is dealing with this.
7:29 am
>> everybody is doing okay. my mom is in great spirits. you saw she has a motorized chair and has a van. there's a new sense much independence and she gets out now. she goes to church and, you know, it is -- one person described it for me this way. to imagine sitting in a chair being duct taped from head to toe and your spirit is there. he enjoys our company. you see -- they love to be with her there. when i'm having a bad day she tells me -- don't be a wimp. >> that's right. yeah. after 73 years, lou gehrig came down with the disease. 73 years ago. researchers still don't know what causes it. >> no. it is amazing, too. you think bit. mimics a lot of other things or things related to it, lyme disease, ms, all kinds of other things. but they don't have a clue. it is 90% of the cases here, it is not passed on by your family. it really is completely sporadic, random. they have a couple of groups they believe that perhaps they
7:30 am
look at these groups, veterans, athletes, blunt force trauma, maybe there is something in the environment. it is mysterious and indiscriminate. it was -- really shocking. >> so -- tomorrow you are going to -- be back with us and bring us another segment. it is so powerful. >> i know. carol, everybody watches it and it is like you want to give you a hug there because it is hard to watch and hard to endure. one of the amazing things is the people who i have met have the most amazing spirit and drive to live. one of those people, nfl player, steve gleason, he's 36 years old. just 36 years old. he's absolutely incredible. he is a father. and he uses technology to -- just by blinking his eyes to tweet, tweet 27,000-plus followers. he is very inspiring. we are going to have him on the 1:00 hour. we are also going to -- as well, have the cake boss and his mom, very similar to my own, diagnosed with als.
7:31 am
we are going to have him live as well. >> thank you for bring us the story. we look forward to seeing part two tomorrow. if you want to know more about how to help find a cure for als, go to's impact your world. you can also go to suzanne's website. mal la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
7:32 am
7:33 am
7:34 am
i'm talking here because i'm looking at live pictures coming in to us of pope plan sis. he's in brazil. he's outside of rio de janeiro. i believe he's now in the soccer stadium. you can see all of the people
7:35 am
assembled outside of that stadium. the amazing thing about this is before the pope arrived at the soccer stadium, got out of his modified pope mobile and walked from a chapel or -- holding mass. he walked to that soccer stadium. you could see all of the people around him. you are looking at pictures when he was in the pope know sxweel see people approaching, literally flinging their babies at that time pope so the pope could bless the babies and kiss the babies. just amazing. people were tossing t-shirts at the pope and flowers. mementos. wanting the pope to have those to take back to rome. you can see there the pope walking through the crowd and kissing babies. i want to bring in daniel a former secret service agent. he served under presidents clinton, bush and obama. he's now a security consultant. thanks so much, daniel, for being with us by phone.
7:36 am
because i -- i'm curious. the pope decides on get out and walk. the security officials in brazil must be a little concerned about that. >> they should be. having been intimately involved in president obama's first inauguration, you know, get out and walked the inaugural route. it is pretty common. that's not a bad thing as long as the layered detail security planning goes into it in advance. the problem is -- i love the pope's desire to be a man of the people but -- he has a very high threat profile and getting out and walking just creates a number of very difficult security situations for the people putting their lives on the line for him. >> not only that, he's in a dangerous area. drugs are a real problem in this town that he is in now. >> i used look at it through big six. these are the big six problems you have to worry about.
7:37 am
a tactical attack, medical problem, chemical assault, explosives, airborne attack, and fire. that fire could be anything from a molotov cocktail to a pyre that just went off by accident. it doesn't really matter. when you look at those big six they are exacerbated dramatically by impromptu -- walk into a crowd moment. when you can't control the employee of people around your protectee, all of those things get worse. potential for a tactical assault, evacuating -- god forbid a medical emergency with the pope. chemical attack. they are all worse. can you not control the flow of people of the ingress or egress of the crowd or your protectee. getting them in or out. it creates significant problems. >> can you see this video that i'm looking at? >> no, can i not. >> what i'm looking at is the pope is walking down the street. he does have men in suits surrounding him. some of them are wearing
7:38 am
earphones. i saw a military guy pop in briefly but i didn't see a large contingency of military personnel. you can see a lot of men with suits. i assume those men are armed. surrounding the pope. but they are not blocking people from touching the pope. the pope reaching out to touch people. >> the problem i see in having worked with the security detail for the pope before -- secret service protect it is pope on american soil because he is technically the head of state, the issue i see there, with the president of the united states, we have a reasonable degree of control over his security and we can -- tell him, yes or no to an extent. he's still the president. we wouldn't allow him to do that. and -- why they are allowing him to do that, i just -- i don't understand. you know, he's the pope. he is a spiritual leader of the catholic church. i think -- he is not an expert
7:39 am
in security. it is a very dangerous situation. i have done a number of interviews the past couple of days. i'm quite concerned about the details not taking some degree of control over this and just -- sitting him down and sighing, sir, this really isn't going to work. this is not -- this is not an advantageous situation for us. you never want to be playing defense on a security detail. the minute you get to a bodyguarding work it is all over. cerebral exercise of plan sing not bodyguard work. unfortunately it looks like that's what they are doing now. >> definitely. daniel, thanks for your insight. as far as we know the pope is inside that soccer stadium now. you can see him climb up to the stands or take a look at the live pictures again. talking to some folks. he has some priests, i assume brazilian priests, surrounding him. i guess somebody is reading him a message now. he will meet pele. we will see what happens.
7:40 am
seems pope francis has his own mind and own way of doing things and nobody can tell him no. after all, he is the pope. right? we will take break and be back with more. i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand., it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just a click away with our free mobile app. everybody has different ideas, goals, appetite for risk. you can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. etf building blocks for your personalized portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock.
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it is the perfect job for a thief, stealing planes, boats, cars and all of it is legal. we are talking about luxury repo men. taking private jets from the rich and giving it back to the banks. a while back i went along with expert repo man ken cage as he
7:43 am
reclaimed a jet in florida. not an easy task. >> no jet fuel in here. >> then a hitch. >> the jet fuel pump is shut down. so we can't get fuel. we have enough to get there. it is less than we prefer to have. that's the thing. he says we have enough, we have enough. i'm ready when you are. >> thanks so much, man. >> finally, the $700,000 jet is airborne. ten miles later it lands. the own won't know what hit him until he calls the hangar a few hours later. >> it was an exciting shoot. ken has his own show on discovery. airplane repo highlights the risk and reward with dramatic things like this one where an angry debtor tries to stop the repo men from flying off. >> let's get out of here.
7:44 am
>> brian, you are bogey to get this thing up? >> yeah. it should be able to get up. >> keep up with him. >> come on. punch it! let's burn this sucker. >> ken joins me now from philadelphia. the president and co-owner of internal recovery group. hi, ken. >> hi. how are you? >> how does it feel to be famous? >> well, i'm not famous at all. but thanks to you, yeah, we are doing some fun things now. that's great. >> it is more than fun things. i mean, to a lot of people, including me, this is like a pan it is ay job. you get to like use your detective skills and, you know, your reporting skills and you get to steal stuff and it is all
7:45 am
legal. >> yeah. that's true. i mean, we have our own problems that come up that are fun to work through as well. yeah. we use that -- detective stuff is the most for stuff. i think on the show, that's what we focus on is how hard it is to find the assets. then take possession of them. >> and i experienced that firsthand when i did a story on you guys. it takes a lot of time to figure out like where the thing is you are going the repo, how to get it, and you also have to like build in safeguards so the owner doesn't just suddenly show up and surprise you. >> exactly. that's the hardest thing is the logistical part of it. a lot of times you will see it the show. we are not there in time. we don't get the asset and have to go chase it and makes it so much harder. we use those detective skills we have to figure out where it is going and how far it might be going. trying to get ahead of it. that's the challenge the whole time, trying to get ahead of it. and then we have that inevitable confrontation where we have to talk this formally wealthy
7:46 am
person that, you know what, it was your airplane and was your boat. now it is ours. there's a whole set of fun circumstances that come there as well. >> fun and quite possibly dangerous at times. what's the most expensive item that you have repo' d? >> well, most expensive one we repo' d is the $20 million jet. we did a 350-foot cargo ship for an attorney. that was a different situation. the $20 million jet is the ne. biggest one we have done. that one went fairly smoothly. it was locked away. we were able to get to the hangar with the help of the airport. had a wasn't the scariest one but the $20 million was the biggest. >> unbelievable. you have said that really your job is like giving back to the people. how so? >> here's the thing. when we repossess the item for the bank we are licensed brokers and sell those items for the
7:47 am
bank. give the bank back money -- the money back to pay down the loan. then when the bank gets the money, they go and lend it again. that's where we kind of get the money back into the economy. the banks can lend and people can borrow and then that keeps the marinas going. they are full because of the loans. it is an ongoing thing. we are a small part of it. once we get that money back into the economy, everything seems to roll through and keeps things going pretty smoothly. >> ken, it was fun to talk to you. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks so much for having me. i appreciate it. >> my time. "airplane repo" airs thursdays at 10:00 p.m. eastern on the discovery channel. job market for veterans is looking up. we will take you live to the new york stock exchange next. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth.
7:48 am
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checking our top stories at 50 minutes past the hour, this news just in to us. it happened again. two people have been hurt when a small plane hits a house. it happened this morning near indianapolis. you can see the side of the house on fire. part of the roof is gone. we will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as we get it.
7:51 am
a tropical storm swirl something the mid of the of the atlantic. it could reach the united states as early as next week which could mean lots of rain and wind across the southeast. this is the fourth named storm in the hurricane season that just started on june 1. nation's largest hedge fund is facing criminal charges. the indictment doesn't mince words calling the pattern of insider trading substantial, pervasive on a scale without known precedent in the hedge fund industry. it is run by steve cohen. so far he is not facing any criminal charges. he is facing civil charges, though. uptick in jobless. the unemployed rate for military veterans is dropping.
7:52 am
falling in line with the rest of the country to around 7%. alison kosik joins us live from the new york stock exchange to tell us more. good morning. >> good morning. with something like this, it is good to look at the trend and veterans who left the military after september 2001, they have had a harder time finding a job than nonveterans. that trend is now reversing course. you look at june, the unemployment rate for recent vets at 7.2%. it is the third month in a row. it has been better than the national average and actually down from 11.7% at the beginning of the year. here is what helped. the white house. made hiring vets a priority for the past few years. especially launching the joining forces initiative. headed by michelle obama and jill biden. initiative, what it has done, gotten big-time commitments from dozen of big-named companies and organizations to look to hire veterans. of course, nothing is perfect here. lots of veterans are still on the sidelines. 160,000 recent veterans who want to be working and more than half
7:53 am
a million others are not in the labor force. lot still not working and not in the -- not in the labor force. and women's veterans are lagging behind men. jobless rate, carol, for recent female vets is almost 9%. although improvement is being made, there's still a lot of work to be done. >> all right. alison kosik, thank you. for the new england patriots, it is time to move on. they put aaron hernandez behind them as they get back to work. don't expect players like tom brady to focus on the past. she knows you like no one else.
7:54 am
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one topic everyone wants to talk to the new england patriots about is the one topic we don't hear about. they start training camp tomorrow without aaron hernandez. he sits in a jail cell. tom brady will no doubt feel field a lot of questions about hernandez today. maybe coach belichick -- the
7:57 am
only guy allowed to talk about it. you can bet that tom brady will be asked about it by local media. >> he will definitely be asked about it. bill belichick talked yesterday for first time since all of this went down. he said -- i'm not going the answer questions about it, neither will any of my players. belichick gave a seven-minute opening statement from the hernandez situation which he said aaron hernandez one time. it did go on to talk about how it was shocking and disappointing what has gone on. he apologized to odin lloyd's family for what happened, to everyone else who has been affected by the whole thing. he also talked about how the patriots have taken in troubled players in the past. they had corey dillon, albert haynesworth. randy moss. he had a checkered past. eventually got to the patriots. sometimes these things work out and sometimes they don't. he did describe the process the patriots go through when they are considering these type of players. >> we try to look at every single situation on a case by case basis. and try to do what's best for the football team and what's best for the franchise.
7:58 am
most of those decisions worked out but -- some don't. overall, i'm proud of the hundreds of players that have come through this program and i'm personally disappointed and hurt in a situation like this. >> belichick went on to say hopefully the patriots franchise will -- said they will learn from this outcome with hernandez and move forward. >> it seems like a stoic guy. to hear him say he's personally hurt by the situation, i mean, i don't know. can we -- gain some deeper meaning to that? did he have some sort of close relationship to hernandez? >> you know, we don't really know how good their relationship was and how close they were. but -- you know, i guess you can say -- they will learn from the situation, maybe they won't take chances on these players like aaron hernandez and randy mosses when they have a checkered past. maybe they will stay away from them. in the past they have given them a chance. it is all about the product and trying to win super bowls. >> sadly that's what fans care
7:59 am
about, i think. fans are very forgiving themselves and maybe -- maybe they shouldn't be. andy, thanks so much. painful freaky play will end the season for atlanta braves pitcher tim hudson. hudson was covering first base on a routine ground ball. oh. right ankle was stepped on by the mets outfielder eric young. 38-year-old hudson collapsed to the ground. he has a broken ankle and in the spirit of what's great about baseball, you see eric young there. he immediately ran to hudson's aid. tears were in his eyes. he apologized several times. very visibly upset. he wiped tears away when hudson was carted off the field. the best moment for me when he -- when he shook tim hudson's hand as hudson laid on the stretcher and tim hudson said it is okay, i get it. you couldn't help it. this is what eric young had to say after the game. i saw his foot as i'm going for the base right there in the middle and as i came down, i knew i didn't get any of the base. he said will was nothing i could
8:00 am
do about it. that made me feel somewhat better but still bummed that he is going to be out for a while. braves pitcher will be out for a while because he needs surgery to repair his ankle. still with you, tim hudson. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "cnn newsroom" continues right now. hello, everyone. nice to have you along with us on this thursday monk. i'm pamela brown in for ashleigh banfield. we start this morning with the deadliest train accident in spain in years. this new incredible video right here shows a terrifying moment when a high-speed train jumped the tracks and just before arriving at station in northwestern spain. at least 80 people were killed. 178 were injured. drug at least five americans. cnn's karl penhaul joins us now from spain where the incident happened. karl, tell us. just looking at that video sin credible. we see that first car making it around the tight curve there and the rest of the train just topple