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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 26, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> you have an incredibly loving family, a very loving husband, who is a special guy and patient and you have us. happy birthday. >> i love you guys. who knew, we could actually be nice to each other. >> give it to carol. >> what a fun friday. >> happy birthday, kate. >> thanks, carol. >> you're welcome. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in "newsroom" breaking overnight. lincoln vandalized. >> it's a crime. >> hoping they catch whoever did it. >> somebody splattered green paint everywhere. the memorial to america's 16th president shut down. also -- >> george zimmerman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. >> anguished and apologetic. zimmerman juror b29 speaking out about the case that is still
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dividing the country. >> for myself, he's guilty. because the evidence shows he's guilty. >> straight ahead, the interview everyone is talking about. plus, the camera doesn't lie. brand-new surveillance video showing the ex--nfl star apparently holding a gun on the night his friend lloyd was killed. what does this mean for his case? and -- ♪ >> oh, yeah. start me up. rolling stones frontman mick jagger celebrating his 70th birthday today. >> mick not slowing down. a worldwind tour, headlining music festivals to the greatest rocker in the world, happy birthday. you're live in the "cnn newsroom."
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>> i wish we could come into my show with that music every morning. happy friday to you, i'm carol costello. we start with exclusive new details this morning about what it was like inside one of those speeding train cars and the deadly crash in spain. from an american onboard, a teenager from utah who told us what it was like to walk away from the wreckage. >> there was screaming, there were bodies and smoke and it was after 30 seconds or a minute i finally thought to myself, i don't think i'm asleep. i think this is real. that was a scary realization. >> we also have new video this morning of the driver of the train, the conductor as authorities led him away from the wreckage. he is now under formal investigation. officials say there could be more bodies still trapped under the rubble. at least 78 victims, including a mom from aural aiarlington, vir already been identified.
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karl penhaul is live at the crash site to tell us more. good morning, karl. >> good morning, carol. really, so many details coming out on the technical level and above all on the personal level. the people who survived and the people who died. harrowing experience for rescue workers and residents who lived trackside and a cnn team managed to talk to stephen ward a young american from utah. he survived. he was one of the lucky ones. he had this to say about that terrible accident. >> i was writing in my journal and i kind of looked up and saw the speed and thought, oh, that's funny. i thought it might have been an error or something and then we went around a sharp turn and all of a sudden like you could tell one set of wheels left the rails. we were just kind of riding on one set of wheels for two or three segments and there wasn't really screaming. most people were like, oh.
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but no one got super scared about it. a few things of luggage fell off the racks and then after one or two seconds you could feel us leave off the tracks and i blacked out before we hit the ground, which was very lucky for me. and the next thing i knew they were helping me out. come to is a funny word to use in this situation. i thought it was a dream for a couple of minutes. i vaguely remember someone helping me out of the car and then they kind of helped me out. the train had fallen into a ditch where i was and they helped me up and off to the side and i looked around and one of the first people they helped out. people were helping and people were trying to get people out as quick as they could. i sat there dumbfunded for a while. >> just a regular train ride that suddenly turned into a nightmare. it was a nightmare for rescue workers, as well. just a few moments ago i was talking to one of the first firefighters on the scene. just about the same time that stephen was being pulled out. that firefighter said he hasn't
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slept since wednesday and hasn't been able to going around in his mind the image of young girl that he tried to rescue that was trapped by one of the axles. she was a young girl saying to him, please, get me out of here, get me out of here. i want to go home. she died on the spot because there was nothing that could lift such a heavy axle away. a nightmare, the train driver being led away and he is in formal detention accused of crimes linked to this accident, carol. >> unbelievable. karl penhaul reporting live from spain for us this morning. here at home, parts of the lincoln memorial were splattered with green paint this morning. yes, the monument dedicated to the man credited with saving the union has been vandalized. several hours ago someone or some group went to the lincoln memorial and they splattered that green paint across parts of abraham lincoln's statue.
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now the monument is shut for cleaning. seriously? >> good morning, carol. yes, it did happen some time overnight. now, the security here, the police has reviewed some of the security footage and they seem to know what has happened. they are going to be briefing us here in just a little bit. but as you can see behind me, they just put up some barricades and the cleaning crews are starting to arrive. what i can also tell you is having walked up as closely as i could, there is green paint on the knee cap and on the foot of the statue, but abraham lincoln is not covered in green, but the cleaning crews are arriving and should be taken care of some time today, carol. >> will it be easy for them to figure out who did this? don't they have security cameras mounted inside the monument or something like that? >> they do. heavy tourist season. we're seeing a lot of activity here and sometimes things happen overnight sometimes.
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there is access to the monuments here in washington, d.c., but they have already reviewed the cameras and we should get some updates here in a little bit. >> erin, thanks so much. reporting live from washington monument this morning. two weeks after george zimmerman walked free in the killing of an unarmed teenager one of the jurors says she's trapped in her own personal hell. b29 is puerto rican and the only minority member of that panel. she said zimmerman got away with murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin and identified only by her first name, maddie. a lack of evidence forced the acquittal, even though she had doubts about his guilt. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. and at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with. the law kocouldn't prove it, bu you know, you know the world goes in circles.
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>> what was your first -- >> my first vote was second degree murder. it was hard. a lot of us wanted to find somethi something that we could connect to the law. for myself, he's guilty. because the evidence shows he's guilty. >> he's guilty of? >> killing trayvon martin. but as the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't find, you can't say he's guilty. i was the jury that was going to give them the hung jury. i fought until the end. it's hard for me to sleep, it's hard for me to eat because i feel that i was forcefully included in trayvon martin's death. and as i carry him on my back, i'm hurting as much as trayvon martin's mom is because there's no way that any mother should
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feel that pain. >> but you feel in your heart of hearts that you and the jury approached it and came with the decision and you stand by that decision to this day? >> i stand by the decision because of the law. if i stand by the decision because of my heart, he would have been guilty. >> so, let's take a closer look at this. joining me now, criminal defense attorney page pate and columnist for "chicago defender" welcome back. jason, let's start with the emotion of this case. what that juror just said that she carries this on her back and she will carry this in her forever. >> this is huge and interesting that she is the only juror that wants to come forward and be seen because there is a classic example. a difference between the law and justice. she reflects with a lot of people out there protesting over the last two and a half weeks we're talking about. everybody knows this guy did
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something wrong, but whether we can fit that into the law, that's the challenge. >> page, like juror b37 she seemed to be confused by the law. maddie said, "that's where i felt confused. if a person kills someone, you get charged for it. as the law was read to me, if you have no proof he killed him intentionally, you can't say he's guilty. did she get that right? >> she did get that right but she started out as a guilty, a guilty on the more serious murder charge. what happened back in the jury room is you had other jurors who had listened to the defense explanation of the law and they convinced her and they convinced her and two others to switch their vote. what you have to do as a prosecution is the same thing mr. o'mara did. follow the law. explain to your jurors why they're right. >> and a final question. a national push to review these stand your ground rules. the laws in florida. with this juror coming out and
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saying these things, do you think that would be added ammunition? >> there's all sorts of research that shows a disproportion to impact depending on what color the race is, the person that's shot and this that and the other. but it provides some solace for those people out there protesting and even possibly trayvon martin's family to know, look, these people really were convicted and it was not just b37. >> thank you so much. sydney leathers, the woman who admits sexting with anthony weiner said she was shocked he had returned to the behaviors that tarnished his career. this week he admitted to sending more sexually explicit messages to several more women after his resignation. he was controlling and manipulative she says. >> so, at what point did it break off and why? >> there wasn't really a specific reason and neither one of us ever really officially ended it. it just kind of started to
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fizzle out. he got controlling with me towards the end. >> how so? >> he told me he would be jealous and look at my facebook and tell me he would get jealous if other men would compliment me and just little stuff like that. i felt manipulated. >> why? >> because, obviously, i felt like he's saying one thing to me and saying another thing to his wife and saying another thing on his campaign trail. i don't know who the real anthony weiner is, i guess. >> amid all the controversy, he refused to drop out of the new york mayor race. look at this, his favorable poll numbers in new york are sinking and sinking fast. down more than 20 points since june and this is just among democrats. cnn's mary snow live in new york with more. good morning, mary. >> good morning, carol. you know, anthony weiner would love more than anything to change the topic back to politics. but it doesn't look like that's going to be happening any time soon.
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the woman now tat the center of the anthony weiner scandal says the best description of the former congressman is one he offered to her himself. >> he is an argumentive, perp perpetially middle aged man. >> reporter: she talked about her conversation online and on the phone with weiner last summer a year after he resigned from congress and why she's speaking out now. >> making campaign promises, but he had totally changed and he was a better man now and he learned from his mistakes and i am proof that that is not true. >> reporter: lisa wise, who exchanged exclusive messages with then congressman weiner in 2010 and 2011 doesn't blame leathers. >> i would speak to him about politics and then, you know, he sort of turns the conversation into a sexual thing and it becomes very flattering. >> reporter: weiner appearing with his wife by his side
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admitted tuesday to a new round of lewd exchanges with women after he got caught and left office. on thursday, for the first time, he put a number on just how many women. >> i don't believe i had any more than three. >> reporter: as for how many altogether? >> it's not dozens and dozens. it is six to ten, i suppose. >> reporter: when he launched his mayoral campaign he raised the possibility that other women may come forward. now he says that's all behind him, but admitted he continues to get professional help and when asked if it's an addiction -- >> i don't believe it is. the people thattium are working with don't believe that it is. >> all of this, as you can imagine, dominating the headlines and weiner is showing no signs that he is reconsidering his run for mayor. he's expected to be out later today at a campaign stop and is showing no signs that he is going to stop his campaign
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despite the repeated calls for him to drop out. carol? >> mary snow reporting live for us this morning, thank you. on the heels of his impassioned trip to the rio desd detia nero neighborhoods. he is hearing confessions from five pilgrims in a public park before sitting down with young prisoners. he will be met by flocks of catholics, probably not as many as yesterday. that was insane. the pope getting rock star status and his first international trip since being chosen to leave the church and despite security concerns, the pope is spending a lot of time in the midst of these crowds so he can get the chance to meet everybody. just last night the pope worshipped with 1 million young people on copa cabana beach. federal investigators know why a southwest plane's front landing gear collapsed on landing this week. they say planes are supposed to land on the back wheels first but the southwest plane landed
6:16 am
on the front landing gear, which cannot support the plane's weight. >> normal approach would be an aircraft coming in like this and then actually touching down and then going like that straight across your runway. >> i just saw you tip that nose up a bit. always should remain upwards. >> should be up and that nose gear be the last to touch down. >> the ntsb says the plane's nose shifted downward just before landing. southwest says the landing is "not in accordance with our operating proermcedures." the investigation goes on. the largest environmental disaster this country has ever seen and now halliburton is admitting it destroyed evidence in the gulf oil spill. the explosion killed 11 workers and spilled millions of barrels of oil into the sea. who could forget these pictures. the impact still being felt today. a government agency recently said fish, oysters, shrimp and crab catches are all still down
6:17 am
compared to those before the spill. and to add insult to injury, a little perspective. halliburton is pleading guilty to criminal charges, but will pay a fine of just $200,000 for a company worth $24 billion. it's like paying pennies, though. just to make clear, halliburton built the wells in the gulf, is that right? >> it was a part of the whole operation. yes, that fine is pretty low when you consider what happened there. with this deal, halliburton is essentially settling with the justice department and pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. misdemeanor violation for pressing the delete button on records related to the disaster in the gulf of mexico. i know what you want to know. what was it hiding? it was hiding documents for the cement testing for that well and computer models that would have weakened its case that bp neglected to follow critical
6:18 am
advice from halliburton. by hiding these documents, halliburton was trying to pass the blame over to bp, which, as much asphalt as bp is already pleaded guilty criminal charges related to the explosion and paid billions of dollars in fines and continues to pay billions of dollars in fine. going back to this deal for halliburt halliburton. paying a penalty for $200,000. that is the maximum fine. halliburton also voluntarily gave $55 million for the national fish and wildlife foundation. with this deal, carol, the justice department is agreeing not to pursue any more criminal charges against halliburton. on this news, hal beenliburton s are up 2% in premarket trading. >> alison kosik, thanks so much. lions and tigers and a bear, oh, my. no lions or tigers, but there was a bear. don't know what they were drinking in this bar, but it must be potent. i'm just saying. only one guy noticed that the six-foot tall, 300-pound black
6:19 am
bear wandered into the bar in the rocky mountains and the guy who noticed the bear was outside. he said he shout under to the bar, hey, there's a bear, he's in the bar. the patrons remained oblivious. in the end the bear got bored and left. it was like he was barely there. it's friday. i want to know what they were drinking in that bar. still ahead in "the newsroom" a cop fired for pepper spraying occupying protesters now seeking workman's comp for trauma he says he suffered. you really couldn't have come at a better time.
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checking top stories. democratic leaders in san diego are calling on mayor bob filner to resign. four more women, making a total of seven women who have come forward accused filner of inappropriate sexual conduct. >> he would come in and try to k kiss me on the lips and i would have to squirm to get away. just as recently as a few months ago this happened and i turned and he just slobbered down my chin and i was so violated. >> filner showed up at a trolley station ground breaking and refused to answer cnn's questions. >> bad message to the city of san diego that you are not addressing these allegations directly right now. mr. mayor, what do you have to say to these women that came forward and accused you of inappropriate behavior? >> a legal process by which all of this will be decided. no other statements regarding except for the legal process. >> one woman has filed a
6:23 am
lawsuit, but the mayor has tried making light of the controversy. >> i see you found a wonderful way to attract media attention for our efforts on the trolley. >> filner has admitted to treating women badly but denies any sexual harassment. university of pittsburgh professor under arrest. the school has placed robert ferrante on indefinite leave. he managed a laboratory at the school. witnesses say he ordered cyanide in the days before his wife's death. his wife was a physician and former head of the women's neurology department at the university. and remember the cop woo casually pepper sprayed a group of occupy wall street protesters in california. his name was john pike and he was fired after this incident, but the officer is now seeking workman's compensation claiming psychiatric injury following the confrontation. hearing on the matter is set for
6:24 am
august 31st. tropical storm dorian is losing some of its strength, but it's still a bit of a weather wildcard for the united states and the caribbean. indra petersons is in new york tracking the storms. good morning. >> you described it perfectly, carol. overnight, all this dry air kind of tore this apart. no where seeing as much of the structure as we saw yesterday. yesterday 60 mile per hour winds and here's the good news, more dry air lays ahead and that's what it needs to get through. so, potentially, we could see this rip apart even more. so, hopefully we see this weaken. unfortunately, the forecast model does say the newest track is farther south than the previous track. that is bad news. the reason for that is now it is looking like it could potentially hit turks and keic e
6:25 am
caicos. the weekend. everyone wants the beautiful weekend. kind of a mixed bag no matter where you go. into the southeast a little bit of a breather only to have another cold front swoop through by saturday and sunday. out in the northeast, amazing. 30 degrees cooler yesterday in new york and today boston gets that, as well. we're loving that. >> all right, yes, thank you, indra. just ahead in "newsroom" new evidence in the case of aaron hernandez as we get a different look at the former nfl tight end in the hours before and after the murder he's accused of committing. [ woman ] we had two tiny reasons
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good morning. thank you so much for being with me. happy friday, i'm carol costell tello. stories we're watching in "newsroom." opening bell getting ready to ring on wall street. right now looking at a lower open and possibly a day of late trading. alison kosik at new york stock exchange. i'm waiting for the bell. come on, bell. >> it will ring soon, i promise you. look like the bears will come out on play. consumer sentiment comes out in less than an hour and the expectation that consumer sentiment went up this month. you could wind up seeing some caution in the coming sessions because you'll see investors kind of wait for the next thing. that next thing could be the fed
6:30 am
meeting happening next week. also, the july jobs report next week. the big government jobs report comes out. we are, however, watching facebook shares. we can't take our eyes off of this. facebook shares yesterday dumped almost 30%. in fact, yesterday was one of the best days since the month after, actually since just the days after facebook went public. mark zuckerberg's net worth went up but it appears some other investors have taken the opportunity to cash in today. we are seeing facebook shares down more than 2%. hardly a surprise. we've been watching this stock just go lower and lower since it went public. when you see it pop and you're an investor, you want to take these profits. >> you got that right. alison kosik, thank you so much. the justice department is trying to stop texas from passing a voter i.d. law. asking for a court order to force the state to get approval from the federal government or another kind of court before making any changes to its voting
6:31 am
laws. the texas voter i.d. law was blocked by a lower court, but last month, as you know, the supreme court threw out that ruling and ordered the court to reconsider it. new and potentially damaging evidence against former patriot tight end aaron hernandez who stands accused of murder. surveillance photos show hernandez with a gun in the hours proceeding the death of his friend olin lloyd. this is new video from inside hernandez's home. susan candiotti has more for you. >> reporter: carol, we're in front of aaron hernandez's home where those surveillance photos were taken. photos you're able to see for the very first time after the judge ordered their release to the public following a request from cnn and other media organizations. potentially damaging images taken from former new england patriot aaron hernandez's home security system. it's hard to make out in these blurry photo copies, but just before 1:00 a.m., a few hours
6:32 am
before olin lloyd is murdered, prosecutors say he was in his living room apparently holding what appears to be a firearm. 2:32 a.m. hernandez and two other men pick up the victim at his home 30 miles away. about an hour later, lloyd is shot five times execution style. his body is found less than a mile from hernandez's home. a few minutes later 3:32 a.m. cnn obtained this photo of hernandez still wearing a white shirt back home with ortiz and wallace. a second later, hernandez is at his basement door. authorities say the time stamped system is 12 hours off. court documents state he appears to have a gun in his left hand. the next three black and white images immediately follow with hernandez still apparently holding a gun. no murder weapon has been found and hernandez has pleaded not
6:33 am
guilty. his lawyers have not responded to cnn requesting comment but defended their client on wednesday. >> given the facts of the case as we know them, we're confident that aaron is going to be exonerated. >> reporter: a law enforcement source tells cnn prosecutors suspect this possible motive. hernandez was angry about olin lloyd discussing an unsolved double murder in boston with some people connected to the two men who were killed. at his first preseason press conference, new england patriot tom brady talked about the arrest of his ex-teammate. >> i think we as a team have tried to, you know, move, move forward with better awareness and understanding of these types of things and hopefully, you know, nothing like this ever happens again. >> reporter: there are two grand juries in two separate jurisdictions investigating aaron hernandez. one right here in bristol county where olin lloyd's body was found and one in boston where a grand jury is trying to
6:34 am
determine whether there is evidence to charge hernandez with a double shooting. carol? >> susan candiotti reporting for us this morning. up next in "newsroom" we could see a plea deal today in the case of the accused cleveland kidnapper, ariel castro. eathe... but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announcer ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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we'll take you out live to cleveland, ohio. this is the courtroom where ariel castro the man accused of kidnapping three women and holding them for nearly a decade will soon appear. we suspect ariel castro will accept a plea deal from prosecutors today. we suspect he will. gary tuchman is covering this trial for us. this hearing. gary, what do you think? will he accept a deal? >> carol, that remains to be seen p seen. a framework has been decided upon but not positively. the judge has to be the one to
6:38 am
say, okay, we're going to go with it. that is what is going to happen. 25 minutes from now in this courthouse behind me will be the last time we see ariel castro in court. this case will come screeching to a halt if the plea bargain is accepted. his trial is expected to begin a week from monday on august 5th. the death penalty would be taken off the table for ariel castro. instead, life in prison without the possibility of parole. the only way he can get out of prison is if they pardon him. other than that, he's not getting out of prison. the incentive is that the three women who were held hostage, prisoners for a decade will not have to go through the ordeal of testifying. ariel castro is charged with 977 counts rape, kidnapping, sexual abuse and the one that carries the death penalty, he is charged with beating and starving and
6:39 am
she had a miscarriage and that is the aggravated murder charge. what has to happen, this is never complete until the court goes to session because the judge will have to question castro extensively. enough to say, mr. castro, do you understand what's going on? do you agree with this? if he is incoherent or is not paying any attention, the judge says, i don't think you agree with this, you will have to go to trial. it will all happen at the top of the hour. >> that's interesting you say that because ariel castro hasn't exactly been alert in the courtroom. >> no, he has not been the epitome of mr. articulate or mr. paying attention in court and who would expect that after what he is accused of. that's why the judge will grill him. been in these courtrooms before where they sign plea bargains and the judge will say something to the defendant and the defendant will grunt something and the judge will say, i need you to give me yes or no answers and i need you to use complete sentences before i accept this.
6:40 am
that's what we accept will happen shortly. >> when the hearing begins in 20 minutes, gary tuchman inside the courtroom and we won't be able to talk to you until the hearing is over, but tape the proceedings live so you can see it for yourself. gary tuchman, many thanks to you. it is one of the world's, yeah, it is one of the world's biggest party cities. is this live pictures of -- yes, pope francis does it, again. as you can see, many, many people in brazil following pope francis as he makes his way -- i think he's going to hold private meetings with some young people and he will hold the private confessions and then on to visit a prison where he will bless the prisoners in a local jail. back with more about pope francis right after this. ♪ ♪
6:41 am
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all right. let's take a live look at pope francis. that's his modified pope mobile. he's waving to the crowds gathered in brazil eager to see him. as you can see, they're -- people have been throwing flowers to the pope and special things that they've brought just so that the pope can have them to bring back to the vatican and the pope mobile actually stopped and they picked up, oh, that's a baby. i think the pope has been kissing record numbers of babies. but anyway the pope right now on his way to the archbishop palace and then after he makes a stop there, he's going to go on to a prison where he will meet with inmates and he will bless them. but let's concentrate on rio de janeiro yesterday. let's go back to the pictures on tape that we have. there it is. you know, one of the hardest partying cities on the planet. you have carnival and drugs,
6:45 am
legal prostitution, but in the past few days, pope francis has transformed rio, copa cabana beach was transformed into an enormous church and a giant park in the middle of the city is now home to a sea of confessionals, or at least it was last night. see these makeshift confessionals and all the young people coming to confess their sins. if you're a catholic in the united states. joining me from new york is father edward beck. >> good morning, carol. you mean, you don't go to confession any more? >> i can't lie to you father, no. i haven't gone to confession in years. no, i haven't gone, but i'll go, i promise. now i'll have to go. thanks a lot, father beck. when you look at these pictures of pope francis in brazil, what goes through your mind? >> i'm amazed at the
6:46 am
transformation in that city. when you saw that stage last night which is now an alter and a church, what struck me is this is not a traditional gathering by any means. you know, we've been losing in brazil catholicism has, catholics to evangelicals and pentecostals in brazil. why we're losing them people say is because there's not enough life in the catholic liturgy and that celebration last night and the ones we'll continue to see certainly are incorporating all of that. it's a live liturgy. they want to present live church and the transformation, as far as i'm concerned, is remarkable. >> you mean the catholic church is now borrowing from evangelical christians and turning their gatherings into more positive, upbeat celebration? >> well, i think what we have to see is what's wrong with making the liturgy something exciting
6:47 am
and something people want to come to. if it's seen as a little removed, maybe we can learn something from those who have good music, good preaching. if you take a page from that playbook and it can help catholicism, especially in developing countries else where, i think it's an important thing to look at. >> father, i know this sounds crass, but this trip has been great pr for the church. it is amazing. who do you think is calling the shots here? is it just pope francis? >> certainly i think pope francis has been calling the shots in many regards. remember, the first day he arrived sat security breach. he doesn't want the armored vehicle and be able to touch the vehicle and have them touch him. that got him into trouble in the beginning there, but it worked out just fine. he moved into the slum which, by the way, has been known as the gaza strip. it's so violent there. he walked so comfortably among the people kissing babies, going
6:48 am
into somebody's house. he said to them, i wish i could knock on every door and have a coffee with everybody. by the way, no rum, he made a little joke. no rum, just the coffee with everybody. but since i can't knock on every door, this is going to represent all of brazil for me. he picks the slum to do that. this is a man who really wants to be with the people and calling the church to be with the people. >> father beck, thanks for your insight this morning and i'll make my way to confession. thanks so much for joining us. >> all right, carol. up next, he is 70 years old and still kicking in a big way. a big happy birthday to one of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll. we'll tell you what mick jagger is doing now. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow.
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♪ ♪ satisfaction ♪ i can't get no ♪ satisfaction the song that started it all here in the united states, "satisfaction." it was our introduction to mick jagger. the crowd still goes wild for him. today mick jagger celebrates his 70th birthday. okay. we are bogey to show you -- he is 38 years old. he 38 in this picture? he looks the same. it is incredible. he still has the moves.
6:52 am
thankfully he lost the white pants he's wearing in this shot. 50 years together and the rolling stones have a few firsts. this is mick and the boys rocking it out in the uk earlier this month. will it is. debut as headliners. big happy birthday from all of us at the newsroom. and wishes for many, many more years to come. incredible. coming up in the newsroom, turns out alex rodriguez has something in common with all of us. even baseball's highest paid player -- has to listen to the boss. all new at the 10:00 hour of "newsroom." ariel castro could plead guilty. castro's case highlights a frightening epidemic of missing women in cleveland. >> president of the united states of america, bring in the national guard to find these women. >> 500, yes, 500 women may be
6:53 am
missing. is anything private anymore? plus -- >> the idea i could play nancy reagan was too much to resist. >> jane fonda playing the beloved republican first lady. wait until you see the outrage it is sparking. it is all new at 10:00 eastern. ♪ ♪
6:54 am
♪ every day, more people enjoy their music on the iphone than any other phone.
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6:56 am
the new england patriots reported for training camp thursday but the top of the discussion was not football. everybody wanted to know what tom brady had to say about aaron hernandez. andy schultz is here to tell tuesday bleacher report. good morning. >> good morning. tom brady speaking with the media yesterday for first time since aaron hernandez was arrested on murder charges. the patriots quarterback called this whole situation very tragic. brady said the last six weeks have been very distracting but the start of training cam subpoena fresh start for the entire organization. he declined to comment on specific hernandez questions but did talk about moving on from this unfortunate situation. >> i think everyone had certain range of emotions, what they might have been. those are really personal. i dealt with them. you know, at some point you have to move forward and -- i think we as a team are -- doing that. it has been a challenging offseason. you know, we are going to try to move forward as best we know how. >> the university of there like
6:57 am
the patriots continue do what they can to distance themselves from hernandez. the school removed a brick celebrating the tight end's status. alex rodriguez changed his tune and will accept another rehab assignment from the yankees. during an interview in new york yesterday, a-rod said i'm an employee and i have to follow my boss. even though he says he's healthy enough to play, a-rod will report back to the minors august 1. of course, everyone is still waiting to see when and how long major league baseball suspends a-rod. today is an amazing dunk. check it out. the windmill. look. he is wearing his boots his fatigues. incredible. last night during the team usa
6:58 am
scrimmage in las vegas. easily the highlight of the night. gives new meaning to the term sports hero. >> he does. should sign him up. >> in boots. boots. jumping in a windmill dunk. >> thanks, andy. next hour of "cnn newsroom" break.
6:59 am
7:00 am
happening now in the newsroom, we take you live on a cleveland courtroom where at any
7:01 am
moment ariel castro could plead guilty. what does a plea deal mean for his lee victims, though? plus -- >> george zimmerman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. >> anguished and apologetic, zimmerman juror b-29 speaking out against the case that's still dividing the country. >> for myself, he's guilty. >> straight ahead the interview everyone is talking about. and -- >> i don't think that whatever differences there may be in our politics really matters. >> jane fonda may not have a problem playing nancy reagan but a lot of other people sure have a problem with it. we will tell you about it. live in the cnn newsroom. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. we begin this morning with new
7:02 am
details on what went on in the jury room in the george zimmerman trial. two weeks after zimmerman walked free in the killing of trayvon martin, one of the jurors says she's trapped in her own personal hell. juror b-29, only minority member of the panel. she says that zimmerman got away with murder and n the shooting death of trayvon martin. identified only by the first name, mady, she says a lack of evidence forced the acquittal even though she had no doubts about zimmerman's guilt. >> george zimmerman got away with murder. but you can't get away from god. and at the end of the day, he's going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with. the law couldn't prove it. but, you know, you know the world goes in circle. >> what was your first vote? >> my first vote was second-degree murder. it was hard. a lot of us wanted to find
7:03 am
something bad, something that we could connect to the law for myself, he is guilty because -- the evidence shows he's guilty. >> he's guilty of? >> of killing trayvon martin. was the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can't find -- you can't say he's guilt guil guilty. i fought until the end. i mean, it is hard for me to sleep. it is hard for me to eat because i feel that i was forcefully included in trayvon martin's death. and as i carry him on my back, i'm hurting as much as trayvon martin's mom is. because there's no way that any mother should feel that pain. >> but you feel in your heart of hearts that you and the jury
7:04 am
approached it and came with a decision and you stand by that decision to this day? >> i stand by the decision because of the law. if i stand by the decision because of my heart, he would have been guilty. >> all right. let's take a closer look at this. joining me now, criminal defense attorney. thanks for coming back. i appreciate it. you were with me through that long zimmerman rile and i found it interesting but this juror chose to show her face although she didn't make her name public. >> people are going to find her. she put herself out there. i think what's interest sing some of the people who felt that this was a miscarriage of justice, they will say then why didn't you hold out? why didn't you stay longer? you guys made your decision in 16 hours. for some people this will provide sol and as others it will cause anger. >> you can see how difficult it is to serve on a jury.
7:05 am
the emotional pain it causes. and you can also see how -- jurors didn't quite understand the law. i guess she could have held out, right? she felt she did the right thing. >> it is difficult back in that jury room. this is why the selection of the jury is so critical in a case like this especially self-defense case. i think it is clear that this juror was able to relate to trayvon martin more than the other five jurors were. she could not hold out. she was simply outnumbered in the jury room and did not have any good legal arguments to respond to it. >> you were going to say? >> you are held hostage at some point. if you are the one hold-out, i don't care what happens, this guy is guilty. if the other five say we are not going to have a hung jury you are stuck. i don't see how she had a choice. >> i will ask you from lawyerly perspective did the prosecution lose this case? >> they can have done a better job. i think that's the simple answer. you still have difficulty with the law, i think, having to
7:06 am
disprove self-defense was very difficult burden for the state to meet. but i think they could have done things differently. they could have given jurors like this juror some better arguments to go through the law, don't just use emotion. about give them something to fight with back in the jury room. they didn't do that. >> i want to switch gears now and take our viewers back live to cleveland. that's where ariel castro will enter this courtroom. we are expect thing man to plead guilty. it would spare castro the death penalty and avoid a trial. ariel castro is the man accused of kidnapping and raping three women over a period of almost ten years. attorneys for those women say, you know, they don't want their clients to testify at trial. it will be too painful. we can see by the courtroom that court is about to bin. i don't think the judge has entered the courtroom. i was distracted by your interesting conversation. paige, take us lou what will happen in this hearing.
7:07 am
>> if it is a change of plea hearing the judge is going to make sure that mr. castro 2340ez exactly what he is charged with. knows he has a right to go to trial. knows he does not are to enter a guilty plea. he's going to have to make sure it is knowing, it is voluntary, and he understands potential punishment that goes along with it. >> i would suspect and you are from ohio, cleveland area, i would suspect all of cleveland just wants him to plead guilty and let's be done with this awful case. >> exactly. mob, nobody, wants to see these swrim to get on the stand. i don't think they want to go through it. i don't think the city of cleveland. you just found three other women a week and a half ago. the city itself so disturbed by this kind of violence, they just want this over. i hi everyone will appreciate it. >> paige, couldn't they testify via videotape or something like that? >> not in a criminal trial. you have a right to confront witnesses against new court. think about the expense of the death penalty trial. and the time. the endless appeals. there would never be any closure unless they tried to end it. >> while we await the judge to
7:08 am
come into the courtroom and also ariel castro, do we have the gary tuchman piece ready to go? i'm talking to my producers. we do. you mentioned it, jason johnson. will are many more disturbing things going on in cleveland. in the poorest neighborhoods in cleveland, than just what ariel castro had done. sorry. we don't have that? i don't think we have the story. all right. we don't have the story. do we have the story or not? we have it. okay. as i was saying, there are many more problems in cleveland than just ariel castro. here is gary tuchman. >> time to take the stand! >> reporter: on the same block where three women's bodies were found days ago in the city of east cleveland, ohio, angry and frightened residents protested. a disturbing number of women are missing in the cleveland area and many others have been found brutally murdered.
7:09 am
it has gotten so bad that residents are calling for -- >> the president of the united states of america to bring in the national guard to find these women. >> reporter: posters of the missing, like these, can be seen all over impoverished neighborhoods in the cleveland, ohio, neighborhood. the website lists 54 women as currently missing within the city limits. that compares to three women in the cincinnati police website. a similarly sized ohio city. baltimore, larger city than cleveland, there are six missing women on the list. police acknowledge such lists are incomplete and hard to keep accurate. and many community leaders in cleveland say the numbers are higher. much higher. minerva is one of those women missing. one of three sisters. >> she was the baby. >> i just want her back. i just want to see her. >> cleveland resident ashley
7:10 am
summers has been missing since 2007. debbie summers is her aunt. >> i want to you come home. i want you to know i love you and miss you so much. i will never give up on you. never. >> reporter: in many of these cases family members believe the police have not done nearly enough. the relatives just fall off the grid. case in point, charlene price. this is her nephew and niece. >> wouldn't listen. july 2, 1997. >> reporter: 16 years ago. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: do you feel everything to be done to fine her has been done? >> no, i don't. >> reporter: the police defend their work over the years but acknowledge the problem is very serious. the mayors of cleveland and east cleveland do, too. >> in the cities combined there are far too many people missing. >> that was gary tuchman reporting. by the way, gary tuchman is inside that cleveland courtroom. he is going to listen firsthand to the proceedings today and, of course, we are keeping an eye on exactly whether ariel castro enters the courtroom and we are
7:11 am
awaiting to see if he accepts a plea deal. if he decides to plead guilty to all of these 977 charges against him. let's move on and take you to brazil. to the poorest people. pope francis turns to the pilgrims and the prisoners. the pope started the day hearing confessions from five pilgrims in a public park. he was greeted once again by flocks of catholics. this hour he is meeting with young people now in prison in rio de janeiro. miguel marquez section live in rewroe with more. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: good morning. those meetings they are having now in the administrator bishop's palace here in rio, there is a throng of people outside waiting. i think it is fair to say. thousands and thousands of people came out. he took the pope mobile from the last location though this location. i'm going to dub this one the processions of babies tour. he must have kissed 12, 15, 20
7:12 am
babies along the way. seems the crowds are preparing for him along the way. literally babies appear out of nowhere and has would, lee lined up. he kisses them all. he also had a very sweet moment. an elderly woman he between and chatted with her for a few minutes. he put his hand on her head and looked like she almost broke into tears. another unbelievable moment where a little kid about 6, 7 years old came up and pope gave him a big hug. the kid -- when he got down on the ground literally his hand in his face looked like he broke into tears and was very, very sweet. carol? >> i bet so. miguel marquez, thanks so much. to spain, we are learning much more about what it was like inside that speeding train. and the deadly crash in spain. a young man from utah spoke exclusively with cnn about what it was like to walkway from the wreckage. >> i thought it was a dream for a couple of minutes. i vaguely remember someone helping me out car. i don't remember what it looked like inside at all.
7:13 am
then they -- helped me out. the train fell into a ditch. they helped me up and off to the side. i looked around and was one of the first people they helped out. they were helping other people out. they were screaming and there were bodies and smoke. it was after 30 seconds or a minute i thought to myself, you know, i don't think i'm asleep. i think this is a real. that was a scary realization. i mean -- people were helpping, people were trying to get people out as fast as they could. i sat there dumfounded for a while. >> we also have new video of the train conductor as authorities led him away from the wreckage. he's now under formal investigation. we just learned that this conductor has been under police guard at the hospital since yesterday afternoon. we are told they can keep this conductor under detention for 48 hours. a mother from arlington, virginia, has been confirmed dead in the crash. officials say the lincoln memorial may reopen later today after parts of lincoln statue were splattered with green
7:14 am
paint. the vandalism was discovered overnight. >> the park service is disappointed this national icon was damaged. it has paint splattered on it. it is not permanent damage. it can be cleaned. we have very good historic preservation crews right up there now. they are clearancing it as we speak. it will be back in the shape that it was. >> police are looking through surveillance videos to figure out what the rest of us are wondering. who does this kind of thing? we will keep you posted. energy company halliburton admits to destroying evidence relating to the worst oil spill in u.s. history and has agreed to plead guilty. the justice department says halliburton destroyed computer simulations showing the number of devices needed to cap the broken oil well with different from what bp had installed. the people at the explosion in
7:15 am
2010 killed 11 workers and spilled an estimated 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. southwest plane's front landing gear collapsed on landing and now we know why. it could be pilot error caused the crash landing. we will tell you about it next in the newsroom. (girl) what does that say? (guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places. (girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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7:18 am
saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at she is one of the most beloved figures in the history of the republican party. nancy reagan and she will be on the big screen next month. actually she won't be but the actress playing her will be. the movie is called "the butler." here tees catch. nancy reagan is being played by jane fonda. or as many americans like to call her hanoi jane. michelle turner is in new york with the story. this is making a lot of people angry. >> it is. we are showing that clip right there. you saw there's definitely a likeness between the two. when jane gets into character. critics have been complain being her playing -- being cast to play nancy reagan since this movie was announced. the movie schedule to released august 16. now we are seeing our first
7:19 am
clips of jane upon the did a in the role. studio released this clip and sound bite from fonda talking about playing nancy reagan. take a look. >> no. not as -- not as a butler, cecil. i'm inviting you as a guest. >> but the president refers to me to serve him personal. >> i don't you worry about ronnie. i will take care of that. the idea i could play nancy reagan was too much to resist. i thought it would be fun to play her. jane fonda is playing nancy reagan? i don't think that whatever differences there might be in our politics really matters, you know, as an actor, i'm a human being and happen to know she's not unhappy i'm playing her. >> there you go. there are plenty of people who have never forgiven her for her activities during the vietnam war. one of them has been running a facebook page calling for a boycott of the film. there is a recent statement on
7:20 am
that page saying that i knew we could never stop the movie or would stop her from portraying nancy but i knew it was way to get the word out again to people that didn't know especially the younger generation of what this treasonous woman did during vietnam. in april the page of 8 thousand likes. now are than 20,000 as we get closer to the release of the movie. will are a lot of people that arewith had a. jane has called this role a cameo in the past. she said people accept with her involvement need to get a life. and any controversy will probably help sell more tickets though the movie. you couldn't see because we had the banner up when we were playing the sound from her, but what shehe was wearing in that interview, which was a mug shot of herself on it, from that era. she is not backing down from all of this controversy. by the way, that t-shirt of hers, it is for sale on her online store. >> i'm curious as to why she would wear this t-shirt knowing people are -- >> you know why, carol. you know why.
7:21 am
because she never shies away from controversy. >> she is a gutsy lady that way. >> that's true. still. why inflame things. michelle turner, i'm sure this story will not end here. thank you so much, michelle. >> generating a lot of talk for the movie. checking out our top stories. leaders in san diego are calling on bob filner to resign. he is charged with inappropriate con zblukt he would try to kiss me on the lips and i would have to squirm to get away. just as recently as a few months ago this happened. i turned and he just slobbered down my chin. i was so violated. >> filner showed up at a roll i consider station ground breaking and he refused to answer cnn's ca questions. >> reporter: bad message to the
7:22 am
city of san diego you are not addressing these allegationings directly right now? >> mr. mayor, what do you have to say to these women that came forward and must bely accused you of inappropriate behavior? >> there is a legal process that will decide this. there will be no other statements except for the legal process. >> one accuser already filed a lawsuit but the mayor, after that scenario, tried making light of the controversy. >> i see you found a wonderful way to attract media attention for our efforts on the trolley. >> filner admitted to treating women badly but denies he sexually harassed anyone. a group casually pepper sprayed protesters in california. looked like he was doing it from a fire hose. his name is john pike. he was fired after this incident. but now he's seeking workers compensation claiming he has a psychiatric injury following this confrontation. a hearing on his claim is set
7:23 am
for august 13. would tropical storms to watch over, dorian in the atlantic and flossy in the pacific. andrew peterson is tracking both storms. good morning. >> good news with dorian. we have a lot of weakening going on. lot of dry air ahead of the system. tearing the structure of the sky apart and there's still more dry air ahead of and it that's the good news. could it continue to weaken. bad news is the latest track has moved farther down to the south. if it holds together once it pushes past that dry air, we are going to be talking about potential
7:24 am
potential. we will be right back.
7:25 am
7:26 am
7:27 am
let's head back to the cleveland courtroom. we are awaiting the appearance of the judge and also the defendant, ariel castro. the man accused of kidnapping and raping those lee women from cleveland over the period -- over a period of ten years almost. we expect him to plead guilty today. we expect that the prosecutors will come up with a lee deal for him. they took the death penalty off the table. the proceedings were to begin at 10:00 this morning. it is now 10:27 eastern time. we are wondering why this could be taking so long. luckily we have the defense attorney here paige pate to take us through what might be happening behind the scenes. >> a number of different things could be going on. number one, logistically, you have to get someone who is in custody in handcuffs, in shackles, up into the courtroom and get him ready to stand in front of the judge. the other thing that could be going on is last-minute discussions between the defendant and his lawyers.
7:28 am
do i want to do this? do you understand all the factors that's going to go through this? >> in past court appearances castro appeared almost catatonic. it is quite possible they are having some trouble with him getting him to understand what he is signing? >> it could be. if he really has problems understanding what's going on and the judge will want to make an inquiry into that because if he is not competent, then he cannot enter a plea, guilty or not guilty. >> again, you are from cleveland and you -- spent a lot of time there, talked to your friends and family. if that happens and he can't understand it and can't understand enough to sign the plea deal, what are people going to think about that in cleveland? >> politically it would be the worst thing possible. the police department, the mayor's office, everyone is taking so much heat for this. if somehow ariel castro was delayed somehow got off on a technicality because he was found to be incompetent or insane, i can't even imagine what the political consequences
7:29 am
will be. it will be terrible. >> we are going to keep our eye on this. hope reply ariel castro will enter the courtroom soon. gary tuchman is sitting inside of the courtroom. he will have what transpires. we now know why a southwest airline plane's front landing gear collapse order landing at la guardia airport. it is raising serious questions about possible pilot error. here's cnn's renee marsh with more. >> reporter: federal investigators revealing dramatic new details about the hard landing of southwest flight 345 at new york's la guardia airport. when it comes to landing, the 737's rear landing wheels touched ground first. the front wheels, second. investigators say that's not how it happened here. the front wheels came down first and it couldn't withstand the
7:30 am
weight of the plane. >> normal approach with an aircraft like this and then touching down and then going like that straight across your runway. >> i just saw you tip that nose up a bit. is it -- always remains upwards? >> should be up and that nose gear would be the last to touch down. >> what's troubling, in the final four seconds the ntsb says the plane shifted from two degrees nose up to three degree nose down. >> does this open the door at all to the possibility of human error? >> well, there could be things and we will take a look at in terms of why that nose gear touched down like that. human error could be a possibility or it could be something else that is unknown at this time. >> southwest tells cnn the landing scenario, the ntsb describes, is not in accordance with our operating procedures. this is now the second investigation looking at potential pilot error in a matter of weeks. flight 214 crash landed at is
7:31 am
san francisco airport earlier this month, killing three people. renee marsh, cnn, washington. >> again, we are keeping an eye on the courtroom in cleveland. at any moment now, at least we think so, accused kidnapper and accused rapist, ariel castro, might enter that courtroom and plead guilty to all 977 charges against him. can't say 'one size fits all'. it doesn't. that's crazy. we're all totally different. ishares core. etf building blocks for your personalized portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. these chevys are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me, the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first, it's mine. i called about that one, it's mine. mine! mine. it's mine. it's mine.
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7:33 am
let's listen. >> all rise. court is in session. please be seated. >> thank you.
7:34 am
>> good morning, everyone. here here for two cases of the state of ohio. ariel castro. one of the first things this morning there was a motion filed by the state to amend the indictment pursuant to criminal rule 7-b. do you wish to address that? >> no, your honor. it speaks for itself. >> motion seeks court to amend
7:35 am
the indictment for deletion of the following language of 977. furthermore cause of that count in evidence pertains to sers count one of ariel castro. 1993 mazda automobile. 1999 jeep automobile. 1989 toyota automobile. and 1982 kawasawki motorcycle. with our harley davidson motorcycle. and 2000 yamaha motorcycle. 2001 yamaha motorcycle. also forfeiture language related to those items would be deleted as well pursuant to the state's motion. on behalf of the defense any objection? >> no, your honor. month objection. we waif any defects in notice. thank you. >> that motion to amend for count 977 is granted.
7:36 am
>> all right. thankfully we have experts in the court. what just happened? wait, wait. i think ariel is speaking. let's just jump back for a moment. >> i want to talk to the parties involved. discovery process. on behalf of the defense in the case, demand for discovery was made. posted on june 14 of this year. since that time, discovery has been ongoing and now there is a second case. the state has provided discovery equally for both cases under the one case number. is that correct? >> it is, your honor. >> yes. >> under -- >> provide you with -- our service. >> under criminal rule 16-b
7:37 am
there has been a written demand so the prosecutor was obligated to provide copies of photographs or permit counsel for the defense to copy or photograph items that were material inform the defense, related to the case. or are intended to be used by the prosecutor as evidence at trial. or belong to the defendant or his statements. has the state been engaged and done had a? >> yes. continuously and throughout this period of the pre-trial of this case. defense counsel have been given cd cards, dvds where appropriate and access to certain items that were not provided, physical copies. >> they are just clearing up technical issues now. right? >> that's what they did initially. >> we have had ample discovery in order to properly evaluate the merits of the state's case and potential defense on behalf of mr. castro.
7:38 am
there are no discovery issues presently that are in dispute. thank you. >> thank you. >> there have been some items. consistent with rule 16-c designated for counsel only materials. have you had a chance to receive those, review them on behalf of your client? >> we have. thank you. >> hair the contents if not the exact items, correct? >> you are correct. >> all right. >> judge, one additional point, when we were last here, there was specific -- made about the dna reports. those were turned over on the 24th. signature by the defense. specifically referring to two reports. one dated july 9, 20 pages. and one july 23, 35 pages.
7:39 am
>> consistent with criminal role 16. there is a right of inspection in case of sexual assault. has that been complied with on behalf of the defense? >> no objection. it has been complied with. >> other fashion there -- duty of disclosure by the defense, talking to the prosecutors having made disclosure of the items that may have wished in trial. >> we have. >> is that correct? >> they have, your honor. >> witness list going to trial? that type of information? >> we are well aware there are witnesses, your honor. >> my understanding that there has been plea agreement issued by the parties. i just want -- mr. castro, you understand by virtue of any plea
7:40 am
that would go forward and accepted by this court p. each side is giving up the right to obtain certain information in consideration of reaching a plea agreement. are you aware of that? >> yes, your honor. >> other things the state could have pursued. i believe they have -- in consideration of the agreement ceased some of those opportunities and your counsel has been aggressively and actively preparing for trial. but in light of the negotiation process, they have ceased doing some ever those things because they feel there is an agreements what he wanted to do. are you aware of that? >> yes, i am, your honor. >> thank you. >> mr. castro, have you had a chance now to read and review the newer indictment which is
7:41 am
977 counts in case 57549? >> yes, i have. >> and did you have a chance to discuss that indictment with your counsel? >> we have many times. >> do you understand that there are numerous charges, some of them have the same type of claim or allegation, but they stand different time periods and different incidentses that are alleged. are you aware of that? >> yes, i'm a wheware of that. >> mr. castro, you are here because i have been presented with state's exhibit 1 which purports to be a written plea agreement and recommended sentence to this court. have you been in receipt of this document? >> i have it in front of me. >> have you had a chance to read this document?
7:42 am
>> okay, yes. >> you read it? >> i have. >> have you talked to your attorneys and had a chance to ask them any questions? >> yes, i did. this morning i did also. >> they met with you, correct, this morning? >> that is correct. >> this is signed by a number of people, signed this original state exhibit 1, is that correct? >> we have, your honor. >> yes, your honor. >> you have signed this on behalf of the state, is that correct? >> yes, your honor. >> a signature here and signature line, is that your signature ariel castro consistent with this plea agreement? >> the one on the upper right-hand corner, yes.
7:43 am
>> page 18. >> correct. >> all right. this is your signature. >> that's correct. >> meeting with your counsel and counsel for the state, a plea agreement has been reached in this matter. fully aware of the terms and the consent of that plea agreement. >> i'm fully aware and consent to it. >> do you understand by virtue of a plea you will not be having a trial? >> i am aware of that. >> let me ask someone from the prosecutor's office to outline the plie xwreem and that -- talk with your attorneys and ask them further questions and then i will speak with you again. if have you questions for me at any time please ask them. if you need to take a break at any point please let me know. >> i will. >> thank you. >> thank you. may it please the court.
7:44 am
before we begin, i would make a motion to amend the indictment as to the jane doe, jane doe one is michelle knight throughout the indictment. jane doe two is amanda berry throughout the indictment. jane doe three is georgina de jesus throughout the indictment. jane doe four is jocelyn berry, date of birth 12, 25, 2006, throughout the indictment. >> any objections? >> no objection. >> all right. >> various jane does one, two, three, four, will be amended so it will now incorporate michelle knight, jane doe number two, it will be amanda berry. jane doe three, de jesus, jane doe number four, jocelyn berry.
7:45 am
mr. thomas. >> thank you, judge. broad outline of the plea and i know you will go through the documents in detail. it is as follows. the parties have agreed to recommended sentence for the court and we ask the court to accept it based on the contract before you. as to count one, count two would be merged into count one and the court with a finding of guilty of both on the plea of aggravated murder and would impose by statue the only sentence available of life without parole and the defendant understands that it means exactly that. that he will never receive a parole date hearing in the state of ohio penal system. that sentence for the remain -- will be followed by the remaining counts for an aggravated term of not less than 1,000 years to be applied consecutively. that is to follow the life
7:46 am
without parole sentence. again, the defendant understands that by virtue of this construct, he will never be eligible for parole hearing in the state of ohio. by virtue of this plea agreement, also understood by the parties of the defendant of what the possibility of reinindictment for specifications which could result in the death penalty being imposed upon him. the plea agreement that -- paragraph 13, lays out in detail that approximately 40 counts are to be -- merged within the body of the offenses. the net count will be 937 offenses after that merger is applied, dismissal of those 40 counts. detailed in paragraph 13. upon successful completion of the plie zbreemt in 575419, the
7:47 am
state will move to dismiss in its entirety the lower case. there has been full discovery provided by the state of ohio, open discovery as we touched on and other than the agreement between the parties. thank you. >> thank you. >> is that the -- your understanding on behalf of your client of the plea agreement? >> yes, your honor. as mr. castro has indicated, he has had ample time to review the written plea agreement as well as discuss the contents of that akreemt and it is our understanding that he will withdraw his form allenterred pleas of not guilty and enter pleas of not guilty as they are outlined in this written plie zbreemt. will were no threats or promises to induce the change in forthcoming pleas and particularly, though, he is aware that this will be finality
7:48 am
for purposes of this indictment and that the state of ohio will not pursue additional indictment with the death specification. >> in other words, mr. castro, each side feels they are giving up something in order to reach this agreement. are you aware of that? >> i'm aware of it. i would also like to say that when first got arrested and interviewed, i told mr. -- i said to dave i was willing to work with the fbi and i would tell them everything. >> the prosecutor mentioned one thing -- i want to make sure have you that understanding. that's one of the significant features of the plea being proposed by the state. okay. the law states a prisoner serving a sentence of life in
7:49 am
prison without parole is not eligible for parole, will not receive parole, and will be in prison until death. do you understand this? >> yes, i do, your honor. >> do you believe for any reason you will be released from prison before you die of natural causes? >> excuse me? >> do you think there is any reason, any hope, you might be getting out of prison before you die? >> i don't think there is any reason, no. >> has anybody ever told thaw the law could change and that you might be released? >> i -- that was one of my concerns with my attorneys. they assured me that nothing is going to change. >> all right. you understand, you will be in prison for life? you don't have the expectation or hope of getting out, is had a clear? >> i do understand that, your honor. >> has anybody told you that people have been released before? has anybody made that presentation to you or given you that hope, expectations? >> i heard it through the media
7:50 am
that mr. mcginty was trying to get an inmate out of death row. >> do you understand that will not happen here pursuant to this agreement? >> i do understand, your honor. >> you will not be getting out, is that clear? >> yes. >> understand that mr. castro, upon entering this plea, you will never be released from prison? >> i do understand that and i say that to -- dave, the sex crimes that i know i was going to get pretty much the book thrown at me. >> sir, you have been represented for several months now. do you have any reason to believe they don't have your best interest in line with regard to your decision to plead guilty in this matter? do you feel they are working in your best interest? >> yes, i do. they were recommended by my uncle. said they are good lawyers. >> do you understand the advice
7:51 am
they have given to you to the present time? >> yes. i do, your honor have you been allowed to ask questions about your case? >> yes, i have. >> have they answered your questions to your satisfaction? >> yes, they have. >> did they go over the discovery information with you that they have been provided by the state? >> yes, they have. >> did they go over the statements that have been made in the matter, not just your statements, but statements of other parties and witnesses? have they gone over those with you? >> yes, they have. there's only few things that i haven't gone -- i haven't learned about is, you know, items that have been taken from my house and stuff like this. >> you haven't seen a complete catalog of all the evidence? >> that's correct. >> but you are aware the attorneys received that information. shared with him the information. >> i am, your honor. >> we have, your honor. >> we have, your honor. >> was there any advice given to
7:52 am
you by the you don't understand? any questions you are not familiar with at this point? >> not right now. i pretty much understand everythi everything. i put my trust in them because i know they are good lawyers. will are some things i have to -- i don't comprehend because of my sexual problem throughout my years. pretty much, yes, i understand what they have been telling me. >> that explains lot to you -- explained to you as it is in ohio -- you understand that? >> yes, i do, your honor. >> now, under criminal rule 11, this -- negotiated plea in a felony case, underlying agreement plea based shall be state order the record in open court. we have evidence of that which is state's exhibit 1 which will
7:53 am
accept in part of our record but also in talking with you, we have to make a oral record and i have to be sure that you understand your rights, potential charges, potential penalties, and what -- what will ultimately happen so that -- that at the end if you plead guilty i can make the representation and i will signify you do understand that you will be doing all of this knowingly, intelligently and voluntarily. is that clear? >> i do understand, your honor. >> as we go forward, i have already told you based upon the plie yeemt and your understanding of the charges that you are not going to be released from prison. however, under ohio law there are some penalties and obligations that are upon a plea. for instance, i have to advise
7:54 am
you becomes control, mandatory, discretionary, length of time. i advise you about that even though you are not getting out of prison. it is counterintuitive. do you understand and let me know if you have questions about that, krekcorrect? >> yes. >> also along with the plea, there's classifications of sexual offender. this -- occurred during the time the law changed so that -- up until january 1, 2008, and after that adam walsh act. even though you won't be getting out of prison i'm obligated to go over those issues with you prior to your sentencing and -- you will have to -- i will go over the forms with you and read them ahead of time.
7:55 am
you are not going get out prison. >> we are bogey to talk about what's happening at this moment. ariel castro will plead guilty to some 937 counts. he will get life plus 1,000 years. the court can't reindict him for anything. the death penalty is taken off the table. what's the judge doing now? >> in every criminal case, the judge has to make sure that the defendant knows exactly what he is getting into. he is going to outline the terms of the deal. he will talk about the offenses. possible punishment. possible defenses. have you discussed all of this with your lawyer? the judge has to go through in any criminal case and especially one that's this serious for capital punishment is a possibility. >> as time consuming as it is, the judge will dot a all the ts and cross all the ts. >> if he didn't mr. castro could come back years later and say i didn't know what i was doing and that could vacate the plea. >> ariel castro said a couple of things we both raised our
7:56 am
eyebrows. he said to the judge, i knew i was going get the book thrown at me. he also talked about his sexual problems. i don't understand exactly what he meant by that. he said i don't understand some things because of my sexual problems. >> yeah. i didn't know how that affected his ability to read. i also thought it was interesting, he said i was going to tell the fbi from the very beginning i was going to work with them all along. this is a different ariel castro. i know he is monstrous no matter when you see him but seems almost at peace. every other instance we saw him he seemed twitchy, strange. i think this guy knows he's going away forever and will be in solitary. they cannot put him in general population. he would be killed. >> ultimately that's up to the people that run the prison. they think he will be a risk to anyone else or other people will be a risk to him, yes, they can segregate him. they don't do it forever. he's in there the rest of his life he certainly understands that. the judge asked him that a million times. right? as far as closure for these women, i don't think that -- i
7:57 am
don't know. it would be difficult for them to have any kind of closure. even though they know he is behind bars for life now. >> lost ten years of your life. there is no closure. i think -- i think emotionally, for the city, for those individuals, there is never a way that you can get past something like this. for some definitely, some of their family members, knowing that he is alive, even if it is in prison, will leave them angry the rest of their lives. a lot of people still hurt. >>ing the district attorney wouldn't have gone to the victims' families before they approved this deal. that's something they have to do in any criminal case and especially one this serious. they would have gotten their approval before they did this. >> the judge is still making sure that ariel castro understands this plea deal and all it entails. to recap, life plus 1,000 years. the death penalty is off the table. the state can't reindict ariel castro for anything. they can't come back and say we are going to charge you with murder now. capital murder charges.
7:58 am
he is going to be in prison plus a thousand years. suffice it to say he is never going to see freedom again. we are going to continue our coverage. that's it for me. i'm carol costello. thank you for being with me. newsroom will continue. we will go back to cleveland right after this. by letting usw who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy.
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hello, everyone. nice to have you with us on this friday morning. i'm pamela brown in for ashley ban peeled. very busy news day today. we want to start with the end of the ordeal for leo owe women held captive for a decade who now won't have to testify in the case against their captor. we got our first glimpse of michelle mite, amanda berry when they released a youtube video thanking people all over the world for the y