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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> as for baby-sitting, prince harry says he's not so sure william and kate can afford him. i'm brooke baldwin. "the lead," with briana keilar starts now. >> the saga with anthony weiner is starting to sound like "50 shades of gross." >> and mayor bob filner treating the city like his own singles bar. he decides it's time to take a break. >> and trayvon martin's mother speaking his one juror said george zimmerman got away from murder. and the national lead, he won't die for his crimes but he'll spend the rest of his life
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behind bars. ariel castro talks about the demons that drove him. we begin with the politics lead. for the last week woman after woman has come forward accusing san diego mayor bob filner of grabbing, groping, kissing, literally drooling on them and acting like a whistling, howling wolf in a tex avery cartoon. just hours ago he offered his apologies, but not his resignati resignation. >> i apologize to my staff, i apologize to the citizens and staff members who have supported me over many years. i apologize to the people of san diego. and most of all i apologize to the women that i have offended. so beginning on august 5th i will be entering a behavior counseling clinic to undergo two weeks of aggressive therapy to begin the process of addressing
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my behavior. i will be at the clinic full time. i must become a better person. and my hope is that becoming a better person i put myself in a position to someday be forgiven. >> that was actually from take two of filner's statement. he had more than a little bit of trouble the first time around. the audio cut out, leaving the mayor to stand there awkwardly for minutes on end and then he decided to exit the group and regroup, as the audio visual team came in to try to fix the situation. first swap being the microphone there. no effect. then they swapped out the podium, put in a whole new podium. only at that point did mayor filner come out, read the statement from the top, named it. mayor filner's decision today came after the san diego democratic party voted to urge him to step down from office. there's also a recall effort under way to drive him out. four more women came forward yesterday accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior, a
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business woman, a retired navy rear admiral, the head of the port tenants association and even a dean at san diego state university. that brings the total number of women who have gone public against filner to seven. the four latest accusers did a group interview with kpbs, at least one saying she was on the receiving end of the now infamous filner head lock. >> i turned and he just slobbered down my chin. and i was so violated and i was so offended. >> and he ran his finger up my cheek like this and he whispered to me, do you have a man in your life? then he gave me a hug. >>y groped me on my back side inappropriately. >> this is inappropriate, it unwanted and it shouldn't be happening. >> we're joined by gloria allread. her client filed a lawsuit
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against filner. let's start with you, morgan. is this enough for you you, two weeks of what he's calling intensive behavior therapy? >> absolutely not. it actually very insulting once again by this mayor. i'm at the truck right now, let me see. >> you know, what we're trying to set you up there in front of the camera. as you do that, we're going to bring in gloria allred for just a moment. gloria, what do you think that filner needs to do to make it right? obviously you would say go much further than this. >> yes. we did file a sexual harassment lawsuit. we're the only ones to have filed a lawsuit so far on behalf of maureen mccormick jackson. and i want to commend all the other women for coming forward since then. i would say what i want is the mayor to resign.
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i think that this is a ploy to try to buy time. he has damaged many, many women. if it is true that all of the allegations that these women have made and this is not about just apologizing to him. it is about the harm that he's done. he has disgraced the city of san diego. he needs to resign and he needs to resign right now. >> and obviously this is a sensitive question that i want to talk to you about, and i think a lot of people do sta understand why some of these women may not have come out sooner. but you look at a lot of them on paper, these are very upstanding, professional, seemingly believable women. why wouldn't they come out sooner do you think? >> can i only speak for my client. she was his director of communications. she was part of what he called his core team and she was trying
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to tough it out. but finally she couldn't tough it out anymore. and the mayor now is announcing, what, that he's getting therapy. so i ask therapy for what? does he need help to know that you don't say to a person who is working for you such as irene that she should come to work without her panties on? does he need therapy to know that you don't treat women as pieces of meat? does he need therapy to know that you don't say that you want to consummate a relationship with a woman and tell her you love her and want to marry her as you did with irene who was working for him and the city? this man needs to resign. it's simple as that. then he can get therapy after he resigns. >> morgan, is that what you would like to see? you'd like to see him resign, i imagine? >> yes, absolutely i agree. he is addicted to power and control and has been for at least all of his public life.
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and in his very weak decision to go into therapy, he still gets his addiction. he still gets his fix of keeping the power and control. and in doing so he sub ju gates us once again, it brings back all of our experience with him, the dehumanizing way that he treated us. this is a man addicted to power and control and he's not about to give it up and he doesn't care that we still have to suffer with him as our so-called mayor. >> morgan, talk about that. how egregious were his advances on you? how did you feel going through that process? >> well, like i've said in many of the interviews, i had not been restrained by a man in 24 years and in that moment 24
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years before i vowed i would never let that happen in my life again, and i have worked diligently to make sure that didn't. and here i was handing him the hope of america's children on the america's angel campaign to the obamas and then he treats me like a piece of meat. he was entrapping me, he would not let me leave unless i kissed him, which that was not going to happen. and it brings it all back up again. and, you know, there's a saying that i might forget what you said but i will never forget how you made me feel. none of us will ever forget. we hear his name and it all comes back to us, much less his face and thinking he's in power as our mayor. >> at this point you have seven women coming forward. how long did this go on for you? do you expect you'll be seeing more women come forward? >> i do expect, yes, there will be more women coming forward.
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because there is a catharsis to be able to say yes and to hold him accountable. even if he resigned i would still want to see women coming forward. just to keep him feeling at some very superficial level what we feel, the humiliation, the shame, all of that, if he's capable of feeling those thing. >> gloria allred, a final word from you. >> he should get therapy after he resigns. it's just absurd that the mayor at age 70 doesn't know that sexual harassment is against the law, doesn't know it's not appropriate to say to someone who works for him that he'd like her to come to work without her panties on and he still continues with his sexual harassment. this is a ploy, we know what it it is, we see what it is, we're not going to be fooled by it and we are going to continue with
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our lawsuit against him. >> thank you. >> when we come back, he pleads guilty to his crime. ariel castro pleads guilty to 900 charges. and we'll talk to christine quinn who just leapt over anthony weiner in the polls. opportunity here. i can userls walmart's education benefits to get a degree, maybe work in it, or be an engineer, helping walmart conserve energy. even today, when our store does well, i earn quarterly bonuses. when people look at me, i hope they see someone working their way up. vo: opportunity, that's the real walmart.
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out there in the world, so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? welcome back to "the lead." in national news, an admitted kidnapper and sexual predator avoids the death penalty. ariel castro agreed this morning to take a plea deal involving over 900 charges that he faces in connection -- or faced i should say with the kidnapping and abuse of three women in cleveland. under the deal he agreed to plead guilty to 937 counts in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. it recommends a life sentence plus 1,000 years.
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in that the house where the three women were held be demolished. it should keep the three women from having to testify in court against castro. they released a statement saying they are relieved by today's plea, they're satisfied by the resolution to the case and are looking forward to the legal proceedings drawing to a final close in the near future. we go to lydia who is covering this case. and let's start with you, lydia. we'll heard a lot from ariel castro. how would you describe him at this hearing today where you were? >> reporter: for the first time you hear him a lot in the past, he had his head down, eyes closed, hasn't spoken very much. for the first time today, he looks and sounds like the ariel
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castro the neighbors have been saying, talks a lot, gregarious. though he wasn't laughing, he was a lot more pleasant, chatty, more so than in past appearances. of course because he got the book thrown at him, that's probably wihy. >> and he was rather bizarre i think it's fair to say. this is whether he was asked if he's fluent in english. >> english i'm very good at spelling and i'm very good at reading but i can't comprehend because, like i mentioned earlier, my addiction to pornography and sexual problem has really taken a toll on my mind. >> so that question isn't even related to him being a sexual predator and he sort of sexualizes it in this very bizarre way. >> it's clearly on his mind,
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right? he's getting locked in right now. it's going to be very hard for him to get out of this procedurally now, he's plead guilty. but he wants to talk about his sex addiction. he's probably been waiting in jail, waiting to talk about poor ariel castro, what his life has been like and how he feels. >> so he feels victimized, right? >> and he started to say that at the beginning, i was a victim as a child, we'll get to that later. we'll get to that at sentencing. >> he did say he was sexually abused. i imagine this is pretty common in cases somewhat similar to this. >> it's sad. it's a tragic sort of cycle. that said, most of them don't grow up to become ariel castro, taking women off the streets,
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chaining them in his house, keeping them for ten years. this is extraordinary, the end of human evil. >> and the women say they're relieved for this to come to annd. we also heard the house where the women were held is going to be demolished. is that going to be a symbolic moment for the community do you think? >> i think it is. when ives been in the community talking to a lot of the folks there, they're so tired of seeing the house. they say it's an eyesore. they remember castro as this other person, friendly, talking with them. in fact, when the girls were missing, he would come and say, oh, god help them, god bless them, i hope they find them. so they're so upset over him and that house. so certainly when it comes down, i'm sure there's going to be a celebration. besides the fact you have a lot of people just driving by and wanting to take pictures of this
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house of horrors. >> thank you to both of you. we know that tim tebow has a new boss does he have a new job? >> and later prince harry talks prince george. he opens up about his first visit with his new nephew and share as warning for his brother, william. [ male announcer ] come to the lexus golden opportunity sales event and choose from one of five lexus hybrids that's right for you, including the lexus es and ct hybrids. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection. ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪ ♪ trains! they haul everything, safely and on time.
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in national news, the mother of trayvon martin listened along with the rest of the country when one of george zimmerman's
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jurors believed he got away with murder, even though she helped acquit him. she said she was devastated to hear that. today she vowed the verdict would not define her son. >> my message to you is please use my story, please use my tragedy, please use my broken heart to say to yourself we cannot let this happen to anybody else's child. >> juror b-29 told abc news that she wanted to convict zimmerman of murder but florida law would not allow it. >> and tim tebow is supposed to throw it so what is he doing catching it? he was seen at the new england patriots camp doing drills with the wide receivers and running backs catching passes.
1:23 pm
keep in mind these were just drills, nothing written in concrete yet and coach bill belichick is not saying much. when tebow did take some snaps, he didn't do so well. he was back with the quarterbacks not long afterward. let's check in with a political panel in the green room. that does happen to be the color of paint some splattered on the lincoln memorial. what should the punishment be? >> there's a legend if you deface the statute, it will rise up out of its seat and come and get you for doing it! >> really? that's interesting. we'll see. stick around for the politics lead. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases.
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anthony weiner took questions today about the in, budget, the aftermath of sandy -- no, wait. it was about his sexting scandal. >> this is from a year ago. since i've gotten in the race, a lot of this information, the base beiic facts of this inform, some of them said there are concerns but many of them want to talk about their future, no my past. >> he was greeted by this. normally gracing the cover of a news magazine would be a compliment. i doubt he's placing a thank you call the "new yorker." perhaps his biggest benefactor is christine quinn. she's picked of endorsements from the national organization
1:28 pm
of women a. >> when former congressman weiner decided to get in the race, i thought it was his decision to make. now it's the decision for voters to make come primary day. this is the greatest city and it deserves a lead who aer who is serious. all we've seen is a pattern of reckless behavior, an immaturity. i'm going to folks on having a conversation with voters about my record, about my vision for the future because that's what they deserve is a substantive conversation, not the kind of circus the former congress member has brought us. >> you're in a strange position. you're the beneficialry politically of anthony weiner's
1:29 pm
indiscretions. how does that feel? >> i feel my race has been about my record and my vision moving forward. come primary day when the voters elect me, it will be about the work that i've been in the past eight years, the work i've done on creating new jobs for middle class workers, the work we did together adding 10,000 new full-day prekindergarten seats. this isn't about anthony weiner. it's about the future of new york. today in the papers we see the first post-hurricane sandy baby born. this race is about that child's potential and future, not some adult's misbehavior and that's what this election is going to be about. >> let me ask you, though, about this sort of point of this issue. you're the only woman in the race. do you think that anthony weiner's behavior speaks to a
1:30 pm
kind of sexism? cou do you think a female politician could get away with this? >> i think it's a pattern of recklessness, it's immature, it's irresponsible. no one should have behaved this way, no one should have lied about how he behaved this way. his gender isn't the issue for me. he clearly has a disconnect from telling the truth and a pattern of reckless behavior. but it's about who can get things done for new yorkers' middle class moving forward. and i know i can because i've already done that, protecting tenants, building more affordable housing, expanding early childhood education, protecting teacher jobs. new yorkers are smart people. they're cutting through this circus and having conversations with me every day about the real issues in their lives. and they want the mayor to be about their lives, not themselves. >> i want to talk to you actually about some poll
1:31 pm
numbers. when you look at your supporters, yesterday's poll showed you are now ahead of anthony weiner. but i want to point out something else, more anthony weiner supporters say they strongly support him than your supporters do. what do you say about that enthusiasm gap? >> one thing i know about polls and anybody who has run for office knows they're going to go up and they're going to go down. and in our city there's three polls that matter, the primary day, the runoff and the general election. i'm incredibly confident i'm going to be victorious in all three because i'm the only candidate who has a real record of having delivered for new york's middle class. a lot of other people can talk about it and at the end of the day talk is cheap. i'm the only one who is actually delivering. >> christine quinn, thank you being with us. >> thank you guys. >> coming up, with the clock ticking down to election night, eliot spitzer is denying rumors it's own between him and his wife but "the new york post"
1:32 pm
says he's done. >> and human error is still a factor when something goes wrong with a flight. we'll look at the deadly crash in san francisco.
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welcome back to "the lead." in political news, we all watched in an uncomfortable usa when huma abedin once again found her husband in unflattering headlines. but page 6 is now reporting that the wife of new york's other
1:36 pm
tabloid twin, eliot spitzer, may be ready to call it quits. she is already reportedly living in a separate apartment from the new york democratic comptroller nominee. now the new york post is firing off the rumor that spitzer's wife is waiting until after the election to file for divorce. jake tapper asked eliot spitzer if his wife would be by his side election night if the race goes his way. >> my family is supportive. my daughter is out there, gathered position, my family gathered petitions. but our private lives are our private lives. >> let's bring in our panel now to talk about it. our dim -- jim -- i'm sorry,
1:37 pm
that was a bad slip. >> i've been called dim. >> peter, whether the rumors are true, we haven't seen spitzer's wife on the trail. he was trying to tamp down those ro rumors. >> i'm running for office. no other member of my family is running for office. >> how damaging is this to not have her by his side? >> it's probably less damaging to have her out of the spotlight. she's not constantly in the glare, not getting questions shouted at her all the time. huma has shown a spotlight and been a constant reminder of the frustrate, curious relationship that she has. unless silda goes out into the media, i think it's actually okay. it's out of sight. this scandal is not going to be
1:38 pm
completely out of mind ever for eliot spitzer but if she's hanging out at the apartment and not on the campaign trail, it's okay. >> jim, i think they are probably salivating a little bit as these campaigns implode. one thing that's intriguing is this not making new york city that much closer to a republican pickup. post-giuliani and post michael bloomberg who ran as a republican just because nobody else was running that year and it was an easier path, there hasn't been a cultivated republican party in the city. don't count them out but the problems of democrats doesn't automatically mean republicans benefit. >> they wish perhaps this was happening in a different state i imagine. yesterday nancy pelosi told w n
1:39 pm
weiner to get a clue. what do democrats do to insulate themselves from this scandal, the filner scandal? they're all rolling together. >> it's like trying to watch a robin thicke video. some of it is not safe for work. you might get in trouble. democrats can distance themselves pretty well, it's a new york city race, a san diego mayor. it's not like it's a congressional campaign that's happening right now. it's going to be lots of fun for everybody to watch for the rest of the year from afar but i don't think it will have an impact on what happens here a lot. >> let's talk now about a little friendly fire. new jersey governor chris christie when asked about the government surveillance program. >> this strain of libertarianism
1:40 pm
that's going through both parties right now and making big headlines, i think it's a very dangerous thought. >> now rand paul, his pac fired back in a tweet, chris christie, it says, should hear from more americans who value both security and privacy. peter, can you explain why i guess it says crist, not chris. why is that highlighted there? >> look, this is a big deal that's not getting a ton of national attention today because of the new york stories. this is i think the big first open skirmish on the record between two likely presidential candidates, and chris christie is taking -- you know, making a very serious bet that he's going to be the establishment guy in this race. these comments about
1:41 pm
libertarianism are appealing to the foreign policy establishment, appealing to republican donors, they're out in aspen raising money with republican donors right now. he's aggravated a lot of conservatives over the last year, but not since 1964 have republicans nominated for president a grass roots insurgence. >> we're seeing a bit of a fracture, this vote in the house on the nsa program and trying to limb t limit the nsa's reach on phone records. you had liberal democrats joining conservative republicans. is that a concern? >> it doesn't split on the traditional right/left line. it's a great fight to have. i don't think either one of them is taking the high road in the way they assault the other, though. >> jamaal, more from you next time. hi to give jim the last word since i accident live insulted him. >> i actually agree with rand paul right now. >> that is so bizarre. thank you for that. next on "the lead," who would
1:42 pm
want to mess with one of america's most beloved presidents? green paint thrown on the lincoln memorial and it's caught on surveillance video. so who did it? plus, if you haven't noticed, we are at the lead a bit obsessed about killer sharks raining down on los angeles. that's why we can't wait to tell you about the latest news on the "sharknado" front. we've got that ahead. the world's most advancedh one f distribution systems," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart" delivering mail, medicine and packages, yet they're closing thousands of offices, slashing service and want to layoff over 100,000 workers.
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welcome back to "the lead." in politics, if they'd paint lincoln, imagine what they would hurl at james buchanan.
1:46 pm
vandals splattered green paint on the leaning lincoln memorial. erin mcpike is on the scene there. this is a symbol of american unity. you have lots of tourists that come there. they're probably wondering who these jerks are that tried to trash it. >> reporter: we don't know yet and there is a video and the park police say they will release it to the public if they need help catching the public. >> the national park service is really disappointed this national icon is damaged. it has paint splatter on it. it is not permanent damage. it can be cleaned. we have very good historic preservation crews up there now cleaning it as we speak and it will be back in the shape it was. >> reporter: i just ran up the stairs. there are suds all over abe and
1:47 pm
a little green paint but i think he's going to make it. >> good to know that everything is going to work out for abe. >> breaking news in our buried lead. those are the stories we think aren't getting enough attention elsewhere. in the last few minutes, the white house just announced that army staff sergeant ty carter will receive the medal of honor for his actions in afghanistan on october 3, 2009. earlier, clinton romeshea received the metal for his actions that night. and jake tapper profiled the two men who earned the highest honor in the same battle. >> reporter: it was a devasta devastating taliban attack, captured in this insurgent-made
1:48 pm
video. combat outpost keating, tucked in a valley surrounded by towering mountains. up to 400 insurgents used the high ground to stage an overwhelming assault on just 53 u.s. troops. >> every kind of weapon they could get their hands on they were throwing us. we hadn't seen that before. >> reporter: eight u.s. soldiers were killed that day. but there were heart stopping heroics to defend the base. one has already been given the nation's highest honor for his bravery in the face of overwhelming odds. >> the investigation found it was tactically indefensible and that's what these soldiers were asked to do, defend the indefensible. >> reporter: now there will be a second white house ceremony for
1:49 pm
the same battle, this time for ty carter. he had been risking his life running ammo to troops when a sniper pinned down him in his humvee. the roof mount weapon was destroyed by an rpg. the men inside, sitting ducks. >> they had no more ammo left. they were get being hit from every which way. >> reporter: sergeant heart led two others soldiers to try to provide cover. it was a suicide mission. >> hart came across the net and said they got an rpg pointed right at me. and that was the last we heard from hart. >> reporter: bad went from worse. rounds began penetrating the m humv humvee.
1:50 pm
they were now inside the base. three tried to make a run for it while carter and sergeant brad larson provided cover but enemy fire killed captain gallegos. carter sprung into action, rescuing mace. but they needed to get him help. they retrieved gallegos's radio. "is anyone still alive?" the response came "what's going on"? and the tide began turning. >> over the radio they heard comrades pinned down in a humvee. so they laid down everything they had and with that cover, three were able to escape. but carter's bravery among the brave now deserving the medal of honor. >> two medals of honor for the
1:51 pm
same battle are very rare. it marks the first time in almost half a century resulted in one battle receiving the highest honor a troop can receiver. -- receive. >> and coming up, it is what some are calling a modern day harlem renaissance, but it's happening in hollywood. we'll tell you what's helping to fuel a big year for black filmmakers at the box office. >> try and get home.
1:52 pm
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so i know how important that is. welcome back to "the lead." the pop culture lead. he has enough emmys to collapse a mantle and yet there is one thing oprah winfrey doesn't have. there is already buzz that the academy should start engraving her statue right now for oprah's rare acting turn in lee daniels' "the butler." it's just one of several films with african-american filmmakers
1:55 pm
and stars that garnering a whole lot of critical acclaim this year. and as jake tapper reports, we could be looking at a renaissance of black entertainment in hollywood. >> reporter: it's a new era of african-american cinema emerging. over the next months audiences will see slavery, segregation, poverty. >> we've been evicted? >> reporter: and, yes, racial profiling portrayed in theaters nationwide. "fruitvale station" hits close to home as it depicts the shooting of a young, unarmed black man. >> it was about this man's life and the people he mattered to and what his relationship was at
1:56 pm
the time and why it mattered to him. >> reporter: some of those that matter the most are of those untold. this august we'll see forest whitaker portraying the butler at the white house. >> my property. >> you say that with pride. >> reporter: and later this year, an ensemble cast will show us what it's like to live 12 years a slave. i sat down with my friend neil drumming, whose film "big words" is gaining recognition. >> is this another renaissance of african-american cinema? >> i definitely feel there's a movement for independent black film makers to get their projects out and pursue more unique projects than they've been willing to chase down before. >> drummings' moving deflects a
1:57 pm
frustrated nation, circa 2008. >> it's about three guys who used to be in a hip hop group together kind of coming to terms with the failure of that group. >> yeah. >> and it takes place significantly, i think, from the night at that barack obama is elected. why? >> well, i wanted to write about three characters who had sort of lost their optimism and the bs way to really outline them was to cast them against this evening when it felt like everyone in new york city was looking forward with positivity, with optimism. >> reporter: optimism and strength are at the heart of this renewed push for influential films. as this american debate over racial relations continue, the movies, too, depict a country divided and the characters portrayed in these films are of those who have often been
1:58 pm
unheard. >> independent film festivals have also been credited with launching black films. the 2009 academy award winning movie "precious" was launched at sundance and the festival this year awarded a prize to "fruitvale station." >> doctors diagnosed simon with terminal colon cancer earlier this year and gave him just a few months to live. he was known as a philanthropist but he's been on a huge donation spree giving money to animal rights groups and to feed the hungry. >> and if you didn't get sucked into that "sharknado" hit, regal
1:59 pm
will show it on about 200 screens one week from tonight for one night only. "sharknado" was made for tv, shown earlier this month on the sci-fi channel. when twitter user got wind of it, it blew "sharknado" out of the water and people apparently wanted more sharks falling from tornadoes. a sequel is in the works, set in manhatt manhattan. >> and today's royal baby update is our world lead. prince george alexander louis. >> it's fantastic to have another addition to our family. i only hope my brother knows how expense of my baby-sitting charges are. >> you have to wonder what kind
2:00 pm
of influence uncle harry would have on prince george. this is, after all, the heir who was photographed playing strip billiards in las vegas just last year. don't let him baby sit maybe, right? that's it for the lead. i'm briana keilar. jake tapper will be back on monday. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." >> an impassioned new plea from trayvon martin's mother, begging others to keep what happened to her son from happening to any other child. >> and in north korea, a look at how they're celebrating their 21st century brand of socialism. >> and in the latest sexting scandal. >> i feel terrible that i'm part of that. >> i'm wolf blitzer.