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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 30, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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-- captions by vitac -- that's it for "new day." now for the one person who makes grumpy cat smile, carol costello, "cnn newsroom." >> thank you. that's a tall order. thanks for that. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," breaking overnight, fire ball. explosions at a florida propane plant. >> they are just shooting off like missiles right now. >> tanks, yes, tanks flying off into the night. also, busted. >> i can confirm late this afternoon an arrest was made. >> the lincoln memorial, the national cathedral, our national
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treasures splattered in green paint and now a 58-year-old woman in custody. the park police talks to cnn straight ahead. plus, your car hacked. >> here's where most of the ecus in the car are. >> under the hood and over the top. >> if you look how much gasoline we have right now. i can pretend we have a full tank. >> how they do it and how easy it really is. and "blurred lines". ♪ it's a smash single played on radios across the country. ♪ the song of the summer, but should it be? you're live in the "cnn newsroom." ♪ that's going to be in my head all day. good morning, thank you so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. a sleepy central florida
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community sounds more like a war zone when propane tanks start exploding. one resident said it sounded like bombs were going off at the plant that refills propane tanks. 53,000 tanks with more than a million pounds of propane are housed at this facility. now this morning thousands of those tanks are scattered across the property and the surrounding area, unbelievably, only eight plant workers were taken to the hospital. adriana hauser has more from tarvaris, florida. >> did you see that? >> reporter: one after another after another. explosions so big and so loud they could be seen and heard and felt for miles. the raging inferno lighting up the night sky just after 11:00 p.m. over the blue rhino propane
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plant in tarvaris, florida, northwest of orlando. the danger so great, officials forced to evacuate residents a mile away. >> they are just shooting off like missiles right now. >> reporter: this video captures what looks like propane tanks shooting up into the sky. fires burning out of control just feet away from three large propane tanks. dozens of emergency responders racing to the scene to treat the injured while firefighters fought to put down the flames. >> jesus. >> reporter: plant officials have accounted for the two dozen employees working at the time. at least seven were taken to area hospitals. miraculously, no fatalities. >> there were propane cylinders stored in various parts of the property. 53,000 20-pound cylinders. >> reporter: this plant explosion on the heels of a deadly one at a fertilizer plant just three months ago and that rocked the small town of west, texas.
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15 people died, most of them first responders. the devastation there spanned a five-block radius. the cause of that deadly blast is still under investigation. the investigation here in florida, just beginning. >> and adriana hauser joins us live now from near orlando, florida. you just finished a walking tour of the plant. is there anything left? >> reporter: good morning, carol. there is a lot left. there is actually 53,000 cylinders of propane that were actually inside of the facility at the moment of the explosion. many of them you can tell have exploded and there's a lot of debris all over. as you walk towards the plant, you can see debris all over. and then when you get to the plant, it's piles and piles of these cylinders that were 20 pounds each and many of them exploded. we also, carol, had an opportunity to listen to richard keith, he is the fire chief of the city of tarvaris. he confirmed that the number of
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injured has gotten up one number. it's now eight people in hospitals. the extent of those injuries are not known yet. we also know about 20 ems workers responded to the incident, 60 firefighters, none of them injured either, fortunately. the authorities here are calling it a blessing, a miracle, given the dramatic flames we got to see last night here when those propane tanks started exploding one after another. we also, carol, have a little bit more of an idea of what could have caused this explosion. authorities here in tarvaris are saying that the cause, they don't think, was sabotage, possibly equipment failure, possibly human error, but there is an investigation going on, and until the investigation is concluded, we won't know for sure. carol? >> adriana, thanks so much. reporting live for us near orlando, florida. a 58-year-old woman under arrest this morning in
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connection with throwing green paint inside the national cathedral in washington, d.c. paint was splattered on an organ, the floor, even a mural. police say the paint was still wet when they came in to investigate. this comes just days after green paint was found splashed on the lincoln memorial. pamela brown has more for you. >> reporter: cleaning crews spent monday night scrubbing green paint after an organ and a wall inside two national cathedral chapels. >> at least it did seem to be minimal cosmetic damage that can be cleaned up fairly easily. >> reporter: police arrested a woman and charged her with defacing property. a law enforcement source says she was found with a green paint can when she was arrested. >> the original vandalism was found in bethlehem chapel in the lower level, so we closed the lower level, then later in the afternoon, additional paint had been found in children's chapel.
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>> reporter: still not known if the vandalism is linked to three other vandalism. green pant was splattered on the lincoln memorial. as crews continue to clean up the historic landmark, author y authorities discovered what looks like green painted symbols on the statue of lincoln henry. adding to the mystery, green paint was discovered on the statue of martin luther. officials are still investigating whether the vandalism is linked or if these are copycat crimes. >> pamela brown joins u live on the phone right now. pamela -- >> hello. >> i know your truck died and that's why you're on the phone. i'm thankful you can be here to share new information with us. >> reporter: so, carol, what i can tell you right now, we have obtained a police report and what we know now is that the 58-year-old woman who was
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arrested yesterday at the national cathedral, authorities say that she actually had several green paint cans inside three bags that she had on her. when they discovered her, she was carrying a green paint can, allegedly, and tried to put that in one of her bags. we know that authorities have taken her clothes that she had on and sent them to forensic to see if the paint on her clothes matches up with the paint on the other d.c. landmarks, but at this point, carol, this is still an ongoing, active investigation. authorities have not been able to link the vandalism at the four d.c. monuments yet. the woman in custody is only linked to the vandalism here at the national cathedral, so it really remains a mystery at this point and authorities are still looking into whether these could be copycat crimes. >> all right, pamela brown reporting live by phone from washington, d.c. this is cnn breaking news. >> all right, we have a bit of
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breaking news. it's actually good news, fantastic news. let's head to the new york stock exchange and alison kosik, all has to do with the housing prices, tell us. >> we found out home prices jumped 12%. this is actually the biggest jump we've seen since 2006, year-over-year jump. this is good news if you're out there selling your home. if you're trying to buy a home, that's another story, especially since what's been happening lately is we've been seeing interest rates edge back up because what's floating around now, more than just a rumor, is the fed, the federal reserve saying it's going to scale back its stimulus and that's causing interest rates to creep back up, so as much as the housing recovery really is taking charge of the overall recovery here for the u.s., we are seeing the housing market take a few hits. one example pending home sales fell yesterday. those are the number of contracts, number of homes under contract. that number actually declined
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because of the rising interest rates and the pending home sales are a good indicator of what's to come. you're seeing the housing market take charge of this recovery in fits and starts, but the fact housing prices are up this much is a good sign. just to give you an idea, we're seeing in the southwest and the west, these home prices really jumped. interestingly enough, washington, d.c. is no longer the stands-out leader and the eastern sunbelt states like miami and tampa are lagging behind their western counterparts. we also saw a weakness in housing prices in detroit. carol? >> that, perhaps, is expected. alison kosik, thanks so much. anthony weiner, he's way, way down in the polls, but he says he's going to stay in the race. but it gets worse this morning, because the woman behind weiner's latest sexting scandal took to the airwaves this morning to tell her story to howard stern. sydney leather said she thought she was in love with weiner at the time but told howard stern
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things fizzled because weiner was clingy and, quote, like a needy girlfriend. >> there were times he talked to me multiple times a day. he was like a needy girlfriend or something. he's like this clingy person. it actually was a turnoff. that's part of why things started to fizzle out because he was clingy with me. he would get pissy with me over guys complimenting me on facebook. >> late night comedians also piling on. well, they are, trust me, they are. you've probably watched them, they are, they are piling on. cnn's rosa flores is live in new york with much more. anthony weiner says, hey, i'm not quitting still? >> i know. and you know, carol, everyone wants a piece of this puzzle because there's a lot of attention given to anthony weiner right now. here's what's interesting. we've covered many of weiner's events since, you know, all of these raunchy text messages were
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revealed. once again, i can tell you he's received applaud and support during all of his appearances, so you might ask yourself, is this the reason why he still is in the race? >> as a candidate, you should have moral values, and right now i think that his moral values are shot. >> harsh words and even a harsher reality for embattled mayoral candidate anthony weiner. his poll numbers plummeting from first to fourth in a new quinnipiac university poll. the survey conducted after a new round of lewd internet chats were revealed. take a look, the former congressman's support dropping ten parsage points in five days from 26% to 16%. >> i'm going to lead this to the people of new york to decide. >> his vow to stay in the race angering the clintons. a source close to the political power couple tells cnn they are livid with weiner personally because they care about huma.
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adding salt to the wound, democratic candidate for comptroller eliot spitzer trying to resurrect his own career after his own sex scandal is turning his back on weiner. >> you're not going to vote for anthony weiner, can you say that now? you don't think he should be mayor of new york? >> correct, fair to say. >> i'm interested in what politicians say, but not that much. >> despite all, he continues campaigning across the city and finding supporters at every stop. wooing voters in queens with a little mandarin. making it clear he's fighting for every vote he can get. now weiner has also been sending supporters e-mails asking them for their vote and, of course, for their money because, as you and i know, campaigns are very expensive. now i can tell you that right now he's in the bronx and he is hitting the campaign trail again, shaking hands, carol, again trying to get those voters
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out there for him to support him. again, i can tell you, we've seen people very enthusiastic about him, so that might just keep him going at least for the moment. carol? >> maybe so. thanks so much, rosa. so with all of that, to be a fly on the wall following hillary clinton this week in washington. this morning the former secretary of state and potential 2016 presidential candidate is sitting down for breakfast with vice president joe biden. this breakfast will take place at mr. biden's home at the naval observatory and it comes one day after clinton's lunch date with the president and a backyard chat with the man she spent four years traveling the globe for, logging 1 million air miles. brianna keeler is in washington and joins us with more. good morning. >> good morning. you don't believe hillary clinton is just here sort of catching up with her pals, having lunches, having breakfasts? >> no, i'm sure she's saying it's okay, i'm going to run for president, not you.
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>> you know, maybe smoothing something over, carol, yes, this does follow -- she's having brunch or breakfast, you could say, as we speak. i will tell you about all that we have learned from officials who are aware of this breakfast and following it, what they are eating, scrambled eggs, avocado, whole wheat toast, but i bet the conversation is something that you'd really like to listen in on. this comes on the heels of her lunch yesterday with president obama just steps from the oval office. and certainly this meeting with biden we've been told was previously planned, but it sort of does give the sense he's sort of in the mix as there's been so much political buzz over clinton being here and meeting with president obama. certainly an interesting relationship that they've had over the years, very much at odds during the 2008 primary. and then she's going on to be his top diplomat. he really sort of went above and beyond compared to what he does
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normally when members of his cabinet exit back in january, he went and did a "60 minutes" interview with hillary clinton making sure he praised her and getting that out there publicly, but as you mention, carol, when you look at the polls, there's so much contrast. if you look at democratic likely voters, clinton is definitely the person to beat. a recent poll showing that she would get 63% of the vote, joe biden just 13%. as you said, perhaps she is saying, you know, joe, it's okay, but 2016's pretty far away. neither one of them have said they are jumping in. >> it's fun to surmise, isn't it? brianna keiler reporting live from the white house. alex rodriguez's future in baseball now coming into sharper focus. major league baseball could suspend a-rod this week as part of a doping scandal, but should he fight that ban? the commissioner's office is
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looking at ways to keep alex rodriguez from ever playing baseball again. joe carter is following the story in tampa. good morning, joe. >> reporter: hi, good morning, carol. yeah, we're just outside the yankees spring training facility here in tampa, florida. alex rodriguez showed up to the facility just a short time ago dressed in a t-shirt, dressed in shorts, ready for his typical daily workout. he usually spends about two to three hours here at the facility, in the batting cage, taking ground balls, working out on the fields. as he continues his workouts here in tampa as normal, trying to rehab from hip surgery, as well as a recent strained quad, major league baseball could be on the verge of handing down the biggest punishment in sports history. of course, alex rodriguez and as many as 20 other players are accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs from a clinic in south florida, a now closed clinic. of course, alex rodriguez, the biggest name on that list. his attorney telling a new york
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radio station last night that they not only plan to fight any suspension that comes down, their goal is absolutely no suspension at all. now the new twist to this whole thing, carol, and this saga has gone on now for many weeks, but the new twist is the commissioner, bud selig, could not only be going after alex rodriguez for drug violations, he could also choose to go down another path, and that's going after him for violating the collective bargaining agreement. some of the violations would include recruiting other players to this clinic and interfering with major league baseball's investigation. if they choose to go down that path, that would mean alex rodriguez would have to start serving his suspension immediately. that means he would not be able to play baseball during the appeals process. the yankees have a decision to make come thursday. they could decide to put alex rodriguez back on a five-game minor league rehab assignment, that means his return to the
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yankees could be as soon as a week from today. as we wonder and wait, major league baseball has a decision to make and according to that decision is imminent on suspension suspensions. just ahead, real housewife getting a hard dose of real reality in federal court. we'll have all the details for you next. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
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checking our top stories at 22 minutes past the hour, time warner cable and cbs trying to hash out a deal. contract negotiations back on after making an impasse overnight. time warner even said it was yanking cbs-owned stations off the air in new york and other key markets. now it's saying it won't do that for now. time warner is the parent company of cnn. san diego mayor bob filner is facing a slew of sexual harassment accusations, now he wants san diego to cover his legal expenses. that might be a bit complicated, though. 7 of 9 members on the city council have urged the mayor to
6:23 am
resign. city council will hold a session today. in money news, you might find long lines out of mcdonald's and wendy's today. fast food workers are walking off the job in seven cities this week. they want higher wages, at least $15 an hour and the right to form unions. real life is getting a lot messy for two stars of the real housewives of new jersey. theresa and joe giudice are expected in court on fraud charges. prosecutors say the couple lied on loan applications about how much money they had to defraud lenders and get mortgages approved. theresa's attorney says his client looks forward to vindication in court. >> flossie has been pounding hawaii with heavy rains and rough surf, but the storm is now weakening. indra petersons is in our severe weather center with better news this morning, good morning. >> always good news when we know it's weakening. a depression, so we're seeing
6:24 am
steady winds about 35 miles per hour. you can tell the center of this is actually north of the islands, even though you're seeing a lot of convection here down to the south. still looking for heavy rain and strong winds as it makes its way closer to kiawah. in about 72 hours we expect it to dissipate. that's the good news of what's left of flossie. speaking of heavy rain and flooding, though, unbelievable amounts of rain yesterday, especially out towards kansas. record breaking rain, seven inches of rain. slow moving system with heavy thunderstorms embedded within it. you can see a current look at it right now on the live radar. still seeing that make its way to the mississippi valley. another two to four inches of rain is possible in that area, so that is something we're going to be monitoring today, especially with the flood threat in this area, everything else going on, watching a nice dome of high pressure bringing cool temperatures, beautiful weather really right around the great lakes. you can see the contrast expected today, notice all the heat down to the south and
6:25 am
rights around chicago, look at this. awesome temperatures, 70s, beautiful weather expected and also what's not too bad, anywhere from the northeast to southeast getting a break from the rain we seen all summer long. it's been a weird summer, june and july filled with rain. i'll take this day. >> i will, too. many thanks. still ahead in the "newsroom," judgment day for the largest classified leak in u.s. history. we'll talk about bradley manning next. cashback concierge, here. what is a cashback concierge? well there's lots of ways you can get cash back. i'm here to help you get the most out of your cash rewards. it's personalized, and it's free. i want that. we have a concierge! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with cashback concierge.
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good morning. thanks so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. opening bell set to ring on wall street, so let's head there right now. alison kosik is there. alison, good morning. housing prices are fabulous this morning. will that have any effect on the numbers this morning? >> you know what's really depressing about this as far as
6:29 am
the market goes, those housing prices we found jumped 12% from last may, but they didn't move the needle on stock futures. seems the bulls are going to peek over the fence ever so slightly to help stocks jump again today. you know what's in focus more so than the housing numbers? it's really a busy earnings day. the pharmaceutical sector is taking center stage on wall street. here's why. merk and pfizer both handed in their report cards for the second quarter and reported declines in sales. this seems to be the ongoing problem for the pharmaceutical industry because what's happening is these pharmaceutical companies are losing patent protections on big name blockbuster drugs. pfizer lost its patent protection on lipitor and sales of lipitor fell 55% compared to a year ago. singulare taking a hit, too, sales down 80% for that drug.
6:30 am
generic competition really hitting pharmaceutical companies hard. but you look at the big picture, stocks for pfizer and merk are up 18% for the year so investors are optimistic these companies are finding ways to stay profitable. wall street, carol, also has an eye on the federal reserve today. it's beginning its policy meeting, two-day policy meeting. we could see investors staying away from big moves as they wait on the outcome of the meeting, that we'll learn tomorrow. that was the opening bell, looks like the dow is up 19 points to start. >> good start, thanks so much. other stories we're following this morning at 30 minutes past the hour, authorities are trying to figure out what cause add fire and huge explosion in central florida. eight workers had to be rushed to the hospital. when you see these images, seems pretty incredible. those workers survived. there may be a big break in the rash of vandalism incidents
6:31 am
hitting d.c. monuments. a 58-year-old woman now charged with defacing the national cathedral with splashes of green paint. she was carrying a can of paint when she was arrested. splotches of paint have also been found at the lincoln memorial and on a statue at the smithsonian castle. is private first class bradley manning a whistle blower or traitor to his country? we could know today when a judge reveals the verdict in manning's court marshal. he's accused of the largest leak in u.s. history, handing over 750,000 pages of documents and videos to wikileaks, including this video, a u.s. helicopter gun ship attack in 2007. two reuters photo journalists were killed in the attack. an investigation determined the crew of the gunship believed they were firing on insurgents, mistaking the cameras for
6:32 am
weapons. attorney alan dershowitz is an adviser to the team of julian assange. wikileaks has never confirmed manning was its source, but it's widely believed it was. mr. dershowitz, thank you for joining us. >> the statutory framework is so vague, what manning is convicted of, the new york times -- there are no standards. most of the material that the private produced should never have been classified, for example, that helicopter film. the public should have a right to see that and judge for itself whether or not the united states made an honest mistake, which i believe it did, or whether there was something more nefarious at work. this is all up to the judge. he has to make a decision as to what was inside of the private's
6:33 am
head, whether or not he intended to help the enemy or whether he intend to help the united states and the public by being a whistle blower. i hope he makes a rational, calculated decision and doesn't just throw the book at him in order to discourage other people like snowden, because the snowden case hovers above this case. >> well, bradley manning in court said he was just trying to create a public conversation about war and what he saw in those documents upset him. on the other hand, he dumped these -- these thousands and thousands of pages of documents willy nilly, not really knowing what exactly he was giving to wikileaks. >> well, he knew he was giving them to a responsible person who was not going to publish material that was very harmful to the united states like the names of spies or safe houses. wikileaks, in fact, then turned them over to the new york times and to the guardian and other publications and the end result was hard to find any real harm
6:34 am
done to the united states. now, obviously, we have to draw lines and manning has already pleaded guilty to some of the offenses, but he honestly believes he did not intend to hurt the united states or help the united states' enemies, and i think doubts have to be resolved in his favor. he is both a whistle blower and clearly has committed offenses under the united states code. the problem is, our statutes are so vague. we overclassify so much and then we don't protect our real secrets. a man like manning should never have been given access to our deepest darkest secrets that really need protection, and because we give people like him access to so much and overclass fi so much, we invite this kind of disclosure. we're going to see more and more of it unless we straighten out the law. protect just a limited number of categories of things that really have to be protected, require a high level of intention,
6:35 am
distinguish between those who take the material and those who publish it. those are all things we have to do and private manning, who's a young kid, naive, i think well intentioned, should not bear the brunt of all of this and get the kind of life sentence that some are calling for. >> we'll see what the judge decides in about three hours. alan dershowitz, thanks for joining us this morning. just ahead in the "newsroom," a real housewives star and her husband in federal court right now. we'll break down the charges they are facing.
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well, let's talk reality tv, as in reality tv. real housewives stars in real trouble. two of the bravo's "the real housewives of new jersey" theresa and joe giudice showed up in court where they'll answer to 39 counts of fraud charges against them.
6:39 am
nischelle turner outside live of the courthouse in newark, tell us where the fraud charges stem from. >> reporter: well, carol, you know, definitely a media circus out here in front of federal court this morning. we're talking about bankruptcy fraud allegations, mail and wire fraud, bank and loan application fraud allegations, all of it laid out in this indictment here, all 39 of those counts. and yes, for these reality stars, things are getting pretty real. it's a real life legal saga for two stars of bravo's reality series famous for bringing the drama. a u.s. district court has indicted table-flipping housewife theresa giudice and her husband, joe, on 39 counts of fraud and tax charges. the giudices are accused of exaggerating income before applying for loans and then hiding their fortunes in a bankruptcy filing after the
6:40 am
first season aired. the federal indictment alleges the giudices lied to the bankruptcy court, to the irs, and to a number of banks. the pair faces stiff penalties on the most serious charges, up to 30 years in prison and up to a million dollars fine if convicted. joe giudice was also charged with failure to file tax returns between 2004 and 2008, a time where he earned nearly $1 million, adding to an already checkered legal past. >> we've been hearing rumblings in the news for years now and it's all come to a head with the latest charges. >> joe's lawyer did not immediately respond for request to comment, but theresa's attorney told cnn she will plead not guilty, saying she will support her husband and adding, quote, i am committed to our family and plan to maintain our lives in the best way possible, which includes continuing my career. as a result, i am hopeful we will resolve this matter with
6:41 am
the government as quickly as possible. with the real housewives of new jersey in its fifth season on bravo, teresa's future with the show is potentially in jeopardy. >> you can't really shoot the level of glamour and weave pulling behind bars. >> reporter: now we should say that we reached out to bravo, which is the network that airs "the real housewives of new jersey," they did not have a comment on this matter. theresa and joe giudice will be in court at 10:00 this morning. keep in mind, this is not an arraignment, it's an initial court appearance, so they don't have to enter a plea here. but also keep in mind that joe has another case pending here in new jersey to where he has to answer to allegations that he fraudulently got a driver's license, basically posing as his brother to get a driver's license. back in april he turned down a plea, exactly, that he turned down a plea in that case that would have sent him to prison
6:42 am
for four years, so that's still hanging over his head, as well. >> very, very strange. all right, nichelle, i know you have to pop into the courtroom, so we'll let you go. nischelle turner, thanks so much. coming up on the "newsroom," forget computers, cell phones, and bank accounts, the cars we drive are viable to hackers, the steering, the odometer, the gas gauge, and that's not all. i'll explain next. ♪
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if your bank account or facebook page weren't enough to worry about, it turns out your car can be hacked, too. according to a new report by forbes, it is possible for someone to actually take control of your car while you're driving it. forbes reporter andy greenburg
6:46 am
put it to the test. he was in the driver's seat with two security experts in the back seat taking control of the car. take a look. >> it's quite terrifying when you don't have brakes, right? >> my instinct is just to, like, jump out the window. it's really scary. >> okay, i wouldn't be laughing about that. michael is the executive editor of "forbes." good morning. >> good morning. >> so, can that happen remotely or do the hackers have to be in your back seat? >> well, actually, probably can happen remotely. those two guys actually were in the back seat. they hacked directly into the car, but there's been proven wireless vulnerabilities to cars, usually through something like the onstar systems or bluetooth connection or an audio file that can be put in the cd player can let hackers take control of your car remotely. >> have you ever heard of this actually happening? >> so far we don't know of any
6:47 am
instances of this actually happening in the wild, as they say in the security world. this is only something that has happened in the lab, but it's something to be very concerned about. andy talked to one of the people in the field and they said the level of security in a car is what computers were like in the early '90s when they first got hooked up to the internet. >> what are the car manufacturers saying about this? this is freaky. >> we talked to toyota and ford. neither actually really did much in the way of talking to us. ford issued a statement saying they take this, quote, unquote, very seriously but didn't tell us exactly what they were doing and toyota pointed out they had physical access to the car and they weren't worried about it for that reason, but for three years now there's been proof you can get into these cars wirelessly. >> is there any way i can protect myself from something like this possibly happen something. >> not at the moment. and what's really scary is it's going to get worse, because cars are becoming more and more computer like as we get closer to the idea of a driverless car
6:48 am
like the google driverless car. >> okay. that's scary, michael, but thanks for bringing it to our attention, "forbes" executive editor, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. >> back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:49 am
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6:50 am
stacey: thanks to obamacare, we can now afford the care... that zoe needs. and for her, that's a lifesaver. . checking our top stories at:50 past, two potential rivals for the democratic presidential nomination are breaking bread this morning. hillary clinton is meeting with joe biden, the vice president, for breakfast. this just one day after mrs.
6:51 am
clinton met with president obama at the white house for a private lunch. hawaii got quite the soaking from flossie. 10,000 people have lost power, but flossie thankfully is now weakening. it's now a tropical depression. influential government health panel wants heavy smokers screened. it's recommending people who have smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years getting annual ct scans to check for lung cancer. experts say that could save 20,000 lives per year. take a look at these guys, they look pretty tiny. zoo atlanta officials say twin newborn giant panda cubs are gaining weight rapidly. one of the cubs has actually tripled his weight in two weeks to 361 grams. aww. these brothers were born on july 15th. they're the first giant panda twins born in the united states in 25 years.
6:52 am
all new with the next hour of "newsroom" diane lane as hillary clinton? a blockbuster mini series, the former first lady and her husband and an intern named monica. also -- >> [ chanting ] furious fast food workers walking off the jobs. the minimum wage in the cross harris. what it is and how it's not enough to survive on.
6:53 am
iand we're talkingl time with maria about the walmart low price guarantee. you got your list? let's go. if you find a lower advertised price they'll match it at the register. really... yeah, in a "jif". you ready? what?! that's the walmart low price guarantee backed by ad match. bring in receipts from your local stores and see for yourself.
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6:55 am
major league baseball could hand down a major suspension to alex rodriguez as early as today, but don't expect a-rod to go down without a fight. andy shultz is here with "the bleacher report." >> yesterday on a radio show, his lawyer said not only are they planning to fight a suspension, but their goal is to for a-rod not to face any punishment at all. bud selig is looking to suspend him for the use of performance-enhancing drugs and for violating the collective bargaining agreement. that's according to multiple reports. a suspension would allow selig to suspend him immediately in
6:56 am
what is known as the best interest of baseball privilege. a-rod still owed a little less than $100 million for the next five years. for every 50 glams he's suspended the yankees save a whopping $7.5 million. the brewers are hope the way to cure a fan's broken heart is through the stomach. they'll be giving away $10 vouchers in an effort to give back. the vouchers will be given away to any fan at any brewers' home game in august, can be used for food, merchandise and tickets. a big blow call last night. check it out. boston's daniel nava coming in from third. he slides in, but the umpire in terrible position. he calls him out. that run would have been the tieing it run for the red sox. instead it's the final out. rays go on to win the game and take the lead in the american
6:57 am
league east. well, fresh off their stanley cup win, the chicago blam hawks are giving their fans a chance to own a piece of history. piece of history is ice or better yet melted ice. they have souvenir packages that include actual multied ice from the center. the vial is what it comes in. fans can follow the team on twitter for more information. teams have auctioned off pieces of the floor, carol, that's easier to display than a vial of melted ice, which i guess is water, right? >> tremendous foresight, though, right? >> not a bad idea the i kind of like it. tell me. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break.
6:58 am
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happening now, home prices keep soaring, buy? sell? what? we'll take a look. one resident said it sounded like bombs going off. several explosions rock a south florida town as a propane plant goes up in flames. fast-food workers walking off the job. how it is and how it's not enough to live on. diane lane as hillary clinton? a blockbuster new mini series in
7:01 am
production, the former first lady and her husband and an intern named monica. good morning, thank you so much for we begin this hour. home prices are soaring. now at the highest year to year rate since 2006. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. tell us more. >> yes, gaining steam up 12.12% from last year. the housing market keeps getting stronger. that's -- so this is a great sign that the recovery has staying power. it's earning season here on wall street. companies said that higher interest rates caused -- between the first quarter and second to fall but clearly with this
7:02 am
report. so our wondering what is fueling it. there's a drop in the number of foreclosures at the moment. which is tightening the homes for sales. i notice what you're thinking, what about a bubble? many believe we have a long way to go before prices return to pre-recession levels, but you real listen don't want to see prices climb too quickly. some experts are suggesting some cities are seeing an unhealthy increase in prices, like in phoenix and the southwest. they're seeing a 20% increase in prices, so there's a bit of worry there. look at the index totally, though, prices up in 20 cities in the index, san francisco has the biggest monthly increase. prices up 24 1/2 from last year, that's one of the more worrisome markets. prices are also up more than 20% year over year in cities like las vegas, phoenix and atlanta. when we talk about thinks home prices going higher, it doesn't
7:03 am
just help that person in that house. it helps the broader economy. sellers may come out of the shadows and put their homes on the mark. it's a huge cease, so it makes us feel healthier and it could encourage consumers to spend more. >> thank you so much. a sleepy center florida community sound more like a war zone when propane tanks started exploding. one resident said it sournded like bombs were going off at the plant that refills propane tanks, a massive fire send the cylinders high into the air like rockets. 53,000 tanks and more than a million pounds of propane housed at this florida facility, and thousands of those tanks are scattered around property.
7:04 am
unbelievably only eight plant workers were taken to the hospital. aidryiaena tavares joins us with more this morning. >> reporter: we had an opportunity to tour the facility and saw the thousands of cylinders at the -- it's very impressive to see piles and piles of each one 20-pound cylinders scattered. some of them had exploded, some were just scattered around. you can't definitely see that they had been flying around, as we approached the plant, we saw some of them, and the closer we got, the more piles of cylinders we saw. the investigation is now the focus going on here, now that we know there were fortunately no fatalities. we do have eight people at hospitals injured. we don't know the extent of the injuries. we had the opportunity to listen to richard keith, he's the fire chief of the city of tavaris.
7:05 am
he firmed that eight people were hospital. we also know they have a better idea of what could have possibly caused this series of explosions. richard keith is saying that the cause they don't think was sabotage, but could have been either equipment failure, human error, or both. however, until this investigation concludes, we will not know for sure. they're calling the fact that there are no fatalities here a blessing, a miracle, given the dramatic scenes we saw last night. we also had the opportunity to talk to the mayor of the city of tavares, mayor robert wolf, and he said he was very relieved given the circumstances. let's take a listen. >> it look like the plant itself is still operational. it's good that the large tanks here weren't affected, and so for right now, i don't know what will be the status if they want to reopen or how long before
7:06 am
they could reopen. >> reporter: carol, important to say that there were 24 employees at the facility when the explosion happened action and it's important to say that these employees are actually manipulating the cylinder, so they are actually in touch with the slender serious. that's one of the reasons why they think it's possibly human error or equipment failure. osha actually in 2011 cited a safety violation for this plant, the blue rhino plant, and we had a command to speak with robert bucklemeyer, from the parent company. he said the violation was minor and had to do with a air nozzle missing an component. even though osha called it a serious violation and the plant was fined, the spokesman for the parent company saying it was minor and had nothing to do with what went on today, they don't
7:07 am
think. adrian, thank you. on a day that president obama pushes for higher-paying jobs. a wildcat strike for higher pay. workers will walk off the job today. the wildcat strike was organized by fast-food forward, a national movement launched toic thatle the increasing number of low-wage jobs in this country. employees all will take part, and here's what they're asking for, the right to unionize and increase in wages from $7.50, to $15 an hour. further translation, from about $15,000 a year to $30,000. let's talk in depth about this. as you know, the wage gap in this country is growing, and so is the poverty rate. thomas mcginnis will strike today, and christine romans is our business guru. welcome to you both. >> thank you. >> hi, carol.
7:08 am
>> thomas, you've worked at domino's for 24 years. how much do you make? >> 7.35 an hour. >> and you've worked there for 24 years? >> yes, i have. >> plus tips. how have you managed to live on that? >> well, actually in the last three or four years i had to get a day job, and i also cut my domino's hours, because it was killing my car, a thing that often happens to drivers. >> so, you know what most people would ask you, it's why don't you just get another job? >> actually i was at that point, but the organizers came along right at the right time. and apparently 7.35 is not enough to survive on. i think anybody who works full time should be able to make a living wage. it's just not possible now. so some of these fast-food restaurants say these kinds of jobs really aren't meant fob full-time jobs, but part-time or
7:09 am
temporary jobs. what would you is a i to them, thomas? >> well, that's a common opinion, but a lot of people make their living off of it. and i don't think it's unreasonable to expect someone who works 40-plus hours a week, especially in probably the hottest and least comfortable conditions, to make a decent living. you know, i think they probably work harder than a lot of people in corporate offices. >> christine, tell us why we should all pay attention to this wildcat strike? >> carol, i've got a third of americans now who earn less than $24,000 a year. that number is growing. the kinds of jobs this economy is creating are low-wage jobs. when you look at they retail and fast food jobs, 18,400 a years on average, that's if you're working full time. most people just like your guest there, are working one or two jobs. these are part-time jobs, not really full-time jobs in a lot of cases, so people are juggling between one or two jobs. the disconnect is there's a lot
7:10 am
of demand for high-skill highly educated jobs in engineering, science, sales, information technolo technology, health care and there's a huge and growing sea also in health care, but in fast food and retail that aren't paying well. when you tell companies, we want you to raise your wages, they want we can't double wages right now, especially small independent owners of some of these franchises. they say i can't. if i double my wages, i would have to lay people off or raise my prices. so it's a big debate. it matters, because we are creating so many jobs like that. later president president will speak at an amazon warehouse. those jobs are going to pay bers, 30% bers, and some benefits. >> before we talk about that, because we're going to talk to an executive at amazon, so i want to go back to, you know, if we double their wages, it will
7:11 am
hurt our bottom line. mcdonald's maid $5.5 billion in profits alone last year. >> yeah. those are the shareholders. you'll hear from these companies with franchisees, the independent stores are owned -- they'll say we're a big company with a lot of small business owners. so the winners are shareholders, for sure. workers say they are not the winners, and small big owners and franchise owners say we're not the winner, either. we have higher costs, we're going to have new health care laws coming in. everyone says they're losers but the shareholders, basically. >> thomas, what do you hope will happen today? >> i think the lower you go down the ladder the more you're victimized. the franchisees feel like they're not getting their fair share. maybe it should be off the top if there's these record profits. how can somebody be comfortable making the life that's not
7:12 am
available to any of their employees, kind of while sucking the life out of the communities. the communities are doing horrible. there's a lot of people working, you know low-wageworker jobs that are also on food stamps. there's a lot of finger pointing that goes with that, too. >> many thanks to both for your insight this morning. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. we're switching gears now. 58-year-old woman under arrest for throwing green paint inside the national cathedral. it was splattered. police say the paint was still wet when the vandalism was discovered. this comes just day after green paint was found splashed on a lincoln memorial. cnn's pamela brown live in washington. good morning, pamela. >> reporter: good morning, carol. this 58-year-old woman was taken into custody, and so far thee
7:13 am
only been arrested and charged on one of the crimes. you can see there's still green on the statue form it's still puzzling for authorities. they're, woing into whether there could be copycat crimes here and really trying to understand why this is happening. >> at least it did seem to be cleaned up fairly -- >> a law enforcement said a 58-year-old woman was found carrying a green paint can when arrested. >> the original arrest was found in the lower level. later in the afternoon, additional paint had been found
7:14 am
in children's chapel. >> it's still unknown if the suspect is linked to the vandalism of three our d.c. landmarks. on friday authorities discovered green paint on the lincoln memorial. as crews continue to clean up the historical landmarks, authorities found -- the first second tear of the smithsonian. adding to the mystery, dpreen paint was discovered on a statue of martin luther at a d.c. church, the day before. officials are still investigating whether the vandalism is linked or if these are copycat crimes. according to the police report cnn obtained, we have learned that the woman had green paint cans on her when please made the arrest, in fact three bags full of paint cans. we're told the clothes she had on were sent to a forensic lab. to see if the paint on her
7:15 am
clothes matches up. she'll appear later in court this afternoon. meanwhile, authorities are looking at video from the linking mummial. they're not telling us what's in that industry i don't. so it's still a very active investigation and still a lot of unanswered questions here. >> pamela brown reporting live from washington, d.c. this morning. just ahead in the newsroom, a dangerous storm pounds a tropical paradise. flossie lashes hawaii. we'll have the latest on the storm, when we come back. you really couldn't have come at a better time. these chevys are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me, the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first, it's mine. i called about that one, it's mine. mine! mine. it's mine. it's mine.
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saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at sploo checking our top stories, bradley manning will find out his fate today, and the handing over 750,000 pages of classified documents and videos to wick i leaks. real life is getting to be -- well, it's getting to be too much real life for the starts respect stars of the "real housewives of new jersey." prosecutors say the couple lied
7:19 am
on loan applications about how much money they had to get loans and mortgages approved. teresa's attorney says his client looks forward to her vindication. san diego mayo bob filner is facing a slew of sexual harassment accusations. now he wants the city of san diego to pick up his legal tab. that might be complicated. seven of the nine members on the city council have urged the mayor to resign. the city council will hold a closed session today to figure out what members want to do. a tropical paradise tang also with a dangerous storms. flossie -- it all seems well now. good morning, indra. >> though flossie is downgraded to a tropical depression, you can see the eye. it's a little tough to see as it starts to weaken.
7:20 am
we're still looking for kauai to see anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain, depending on the topography. in about 36 hours it will be a remnant low speaking of heavy rain, unbelievable amounts of rain, huge lightning storms really pushing through kansas yesterday and missouri. the record-breaking rain almost about 7 inches there, that same storm very active. you can see it pushing into the mississippi valley, another 2 to 4 inches of rain anywhere through the mississippi valley today. there's another look at that low. other things going on. we have a break from all the rain, maybe in afternoon thunderstorms, but really through the entire last couple months. high pressure, this is actually the big story here right around the graek lakes, look at this temperature contrast, there you're starting to see the 70s. feeling so much better, all thanks to cold air from canada. >> thank you, canada.
7:21 am
yeah, right? thanks, indra. coming up next, one of the most popular songs of summer, but "blurred lines" does it cross the line? ♪ ♪ la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for it's smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the busses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution to the earth. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. to take skincare to the next level you're ready for roc® new roc® multi correxion
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7:24 am
chances are you cannot drive to the store without hearing this top tune on the radio. ♪ okay now here ♪ try to do mist indicate you ♪ but you're an animal ♪ baby it's in your nature it's women wearing plastic. "blurred lines" is the song, it's been a scorcher hit this summer. right now the hot hit tops the billboard, but not without a bit of controversy, actually a lot of controversy. lyrics suggesting violent sex and date rape? plus the video has been banned
7:25 am
in some places. this is what robin thicke said. we tried to do everything that was tab book. and everything that is completely derogatory toward women, because all three of us are happily married with children, we're like the perfect guy to make fun of this. people says, hey, do you think it's degrading? of course it is, what a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. i've never gotten to do that before. i've always respected women rmgt end quote. a lot of people love the song. you are live in nuke, where some realual stars already channelinged with many, many -- and we're talking about teresa and joe giudice. >> reporter: we're blurring the lines in a bit different way. i'm kind of pulling double duty out here.
7:26 am
they're facing 39 counts of long application and bankruptcy -- that is what alleged against them. it's not an raiment, it's their initial court appearance. while we wait, we are talking about what people are calling the unofficial song of the summer. this song has been seen -- the video has been seen more than 140 million times already this summer. there is a version of the video, like you were saying, has been banned some in places. it's the r-rated version. there's a lot of nudity and youtube banned the video. but robert thicke says his wife, and t.a. sis hess wife was there when they shot the video.
7:27 am
i know there was a writer from "the daily beast" that started this quote/unquote controversy and questioning some of the lyrics. i'll be honest. i haven't heard much else controversy behind that, behind that article written, so i think a lot of people are just listening to the beat or maybe they're just not offended by it. >> i was going to say who listens to the lyrics anyway. >> in the original video they were like totally naked. with lines like "i want to do mist indicate you" and "you know you really want it." maybe we should take it in the spirit of fun? >> reporter: well, but the lyrics go on -- it did say i know you want it, but the line continues to say, but you're a good girl. so i mean, you can look at it two different ways. so i'm not sure, it depends on how you look at it, thicke has
7:28 am
said he was being completely sarcastic, of course we're degrading women. it was more like of course we're degrading women. he's been married to his high school sweetheart paula patten for a very long time. they fell in love and have been together through high school, so he's never been one to even be accused of being a player in hollywood. so i think it's an interesting debate and conversation to have. we're having it this morning. >> we are. michelle turner, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. before we have the real housewives or kardashians, there were the griswolds. >> first ones here. >> but we're so far away, clark. >> right. right. and at the end of the day when the lot's all full and everyone's fighting to get out of here, we'll be the first ones out. why? because we're the griswolds.
7:29 am
>> believe it or not it was 30 years ago that the classic film "vacation" hit theaters. it followed the family's memorable attempt at a perfect vail occasion. check this out. in honor of the 30th anniversary, a family who actually is named griswold jumped in a custom-made replica, and they drove from georgia to disney world in florida. good for them. pretty cool. still ahead in the newsroom amazon offers thousands of warehouse jobs topping traditional retail pay. they're paying way above. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members,
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining us. checking the top stories at:32
7:33 am
past the hour, a fire official says equipment failure and human error may have caused last night's terrifying explosions at a florida propane tank. eight workers suffered injuries when propane tank cylinders exploded. the fire is now out, the cause still under investigation. maybe a big break in the rash of vandalismibles dents. a 58-year-old woman is now charged with defacing the national cathedral with splashes of green paint. she was carrying a can of paint when she was placed until arrest. splotches of green paint have also been found at the lincoln memorial and a statue at the smithsonian castle. hawaii has survived a brush with flossie. it whipped the island chain with torrential rain, gusty winds and rough surf. schools were closed, and residents and vacationers had to hunker down. there were also scattered power outages. it's expected to push on past
7:34 am
the state today. amazon is hiring. the company has announced plans to hire 7,000 workers nationwide. 5,000 of them in warehouses, 2,000 of them at customer service. cnn's maggie lake is here. i know you just talked to an amazon executive, dave clark, and they're going to pay above the minimum wage. tell us about it. >> yeah, that's news we don't usually hear, isn't it, carol? they are going to pay above the minimum page. part of this is clearly when you're a company like amazon, you need employees who are happy and going to stick around. amazon actually has a pretty high turnover rate, so they're clearly looking to address that. but the company executives are also well aware of the larger debade we're having in this country about the quality of jobs being created. jobs are really heart to support a family on. i put that to david clark who
7:35 am
was -- is being opened. the president is going there later today. i asked about the quality of these jobs. have a listen. >> we think these are great jobs. these jobs pay typically 30% more than a traditional retail job. they're full-time jobs. they start with benefits on day one, our employees are stock owners and participate in stock programs for the companies. we have 401(k)s matched by the company. >> carol, the other thing they're talking about is a fact they have a program called career choice, where they play for their employees to go back to school. hopefully skills that will help them move up the ladder at amazon, but if not they can take it to another job to fulfill themselves, so they hope to keep employees working at amazon, but no doubt that's something the president will talk on, the educating, training up the workforce to hopely november on to a better job. >> why can a company like amazon
7:36 am
gladly pay their workers above the minimum wage while other owners say they can't afford it. >> interestingly, carol, amazon is an unusual position where they operate on raider they have hind profit margins, they pump all the money they make and a lot of it, pump it back into the company, invest it back into the company, and they get away with it. a lot of investors really believe in the vision of jeff bay southeast, so they stay committed to the company even though they continue to pour their money back in. not always the case when it comes to other companies, shareholders demand they get some of that money. if you're a small business owner you're obviously not in the same position, amazon able to do what a lot of other companies can't do, but a lot of officials and xhoiees wish they would. >> maggie lake reporting for us. thanks. coming up, hillary clinton is getting the hollywood treatment. and yes, that's diane lane. she may be playing -- actually
7:37 am
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7:40 am
it has been a jam-packed week for hillary clinton, and it's only tuesday. just one day after her lunch with president obama, the former secretary of state sat down for breakfast this morning with joe biden form the two potential rivals for the 2016 democratic presidential nomination are dining it is vice president's official residence, the naval observatory in washington. we'll keep you posted. did i mention there will be a mini series coming out about hillary clinton, and that the actress diane lane is now taking on the role of the former first lady for the upcoming nbc mini series? jake paper has more for you railroad clinton, a name in the
7:41 am
national spotlight since as long as any 25-year-old can remember. his campaign, his campaign action his scandal, her campaign, her cabinet appointment, and, well, you get the idea. now as the glare of 2016 lays in wait for hillary clinton's possible presidential journey, hollywood is seeking to capitalize on it all. nbc announced over the weekend that it will produce a four-hour mini series, and the role will go to dianne lane. >> mrs. kent, i'm lois lane from "the daily planet." >> she played a secret service agent looking for a murder in the white house in the thriller "murder at 1600." >> the president and first lady, they were in the white house. >> reporter: this latest project will return her to that setting with a different scandal afoot.
7:42 am
nbc says the minutist series will begin at that period of time and proceed through today. >> she's a compelling figure, polarizing sometime action an she's are the public ice for years. >> lane is far from the first to portray hrc. emma thompson played a hillary-like character in "primary colors." >> has some tough times with the marriage, about you we worked them out. >> i love your outfit. >> "saturday night live" had her facing her character head-on in 2008. >> ha ha. >> do i really laugh like that. and more recently sigourney weaver played a strikingly familiar character in the 2012 series "political animals". >> seeing as i'm the nation's leading diplomat. her character was divorced, and as we know, the real clintons remain together. bill clinton sat down with
7:43 am
hollywood producer harvey weinstein on cnn last year. >> if i were to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play you, mr. president? >> gosh, i don't know. i don't know, i would trust your judgment more than mine on that. >> brad pitt, george clooney? >> pretty good-looking, but you could pull bulbous things on his nose. >> and hillary? who would you play hillary in this movie? >> meryl streep? >> very challenging project for any actor or actress to play this larcher than life personality. >> reporter: there are of course any number of potential problems in producing a film about a character who in real life may be trying to cast herself as commander in chief. conservatives are suspicious this will be a puff piece, one that ultimately observes. nbc insists it will be even-handed when it comes to
7:44 am
dealing with clippen and her work. we should also know that cnn films is planning a documentary project by academy award winning producer charles ferguson, and since it's a documentary, the role will be played by hillary clinton. jake tapper, cnn, washington. okay. some things the clintons are reportedly running from, that would be the anthony weiner sexting scandal. the hits keep on coming. sydney leathers appeared on howard stern this morning. we'll let you hear what she said, next. you really couldn't have come at a better time. these chevys are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me, the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first, it's mine. i called about that one, it's mine. mine! mine. it's mine. it's mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. it's mine! no it's not, it's mine! better get going, it's chevy model year-end event. [ male announcer ] the chevy model year-end event.
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anthony weiner is way down in the polls, but the woman behind his latest sexting scandal took to the air waves against this morning to tell her story to howard stern. sydney leathers said she thought she was in love with him, but things fizzled because he was clingy. >> there were times he talked multiple times of the day. he was like a needy girlfriend, a clingy person. it was a turnoff. that's part of why things fizzled out. he what get clingy, and get --
7:48 am
with guys complimenting me on facebook. late-night comedians are piling on, too. >> bill clinton, former president bill clinton is reportedly very upset that anthony weiner is comparing his sexting scandal to clinton's affair with monica lewinsky. clinton is upset. he said real men cheat in person. that's right. true story. >> and it will just keep going on like that. cnn's rosa flores is live with more. good morning. >> good morning, carol. that interview with sydney leathers gives us a timeline of events. she says she e-mailed him after his first sexting scandal saying, quote, i'm disappointed. well, lo and behold a year later he e-mails her back saying, quote, i'm really sorry i let you down. before you knew it, she says, they were sexting several times a day while humana was out
7:49 am
traveling. despite the details, weiner remains in the race. >> a candidate should have moral values. >> reporter: harsh words and even harsher realie for the embassed may i don't recall candidate. his poll numbers plummeting from first to fourth in a new quinnipiac university poll. the surveys conducted after a new round of lewd internet chats were revealed. take a look, the support dropping ten percentage points? just five days from 26 to 16%. >> i'm going to leave this to the people of the city of new york to decide. >> reporter: his vow to stay in the race angering the clintons, a source close to the political power couple tells cnn that her livid with weiner personally, because they care about huma. adding salt to the wound, eliot spitzer trying to resurrect his own career after his own sex
7:50 am
scandal is turning his back on weiner. >> you're not going to vote for anthony weiner, can you say that now? >> fair point. that is correct. >> i'm interested in what other politicians say, but not that much. >> reporter: despite all, he continues campaigning across the city and finding supporters at every stop, wooing voters in queens with a little mandarin. making it clear that he's fighting for every vote he can get. anthony weiner attended a candidate panel earlier today, and he has two more events this evening action and let me tell you something, carol. we've all been looking for humma abdin at these events to see if she's been an it -- at every single one of these events there's lot of people there in attendance, and they always welcome him with applause.
7:51 am
>> but the polls are terrible for him now. rosa flores, thanks so much. checking our top stories at:50 past, the sports world mourning the death of frank castillo. authorities say he drowned in a lake near phoenix while boating with a friend. he played for teams including the chicago cubs, boston red sox, florida marlins and detroit tigers, he was 44 years old. influential government panel wants heavy smokers screened. it's recommending people who have smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years get annual ct scans to check for lung cancer. experts say that could save 20,000 lives every year. arier flossie whipped the island chains with torrential rains, gusty winds and rough surf. schools were closed, residence and vacationers had to hunker down. there were reports of thousands of power outages. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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7:54 am
they look pretty darn tiny here, and they are, but they're going to be big old pandas soon. these pandas, the twin newborn were born at the atlanta zoo, and they're gaining weight rapidly. one of the cubs that is tripled
7:55 am
his weight in just two weeks to 361 grams. they were born on july 15th. they're so pink, aren't they? they don't even look like pandas yet. anyway, they're the first giant panda twins born in the united states in 25 years. did he or didn't he? a vermont man is adamant he did not run a red light and he's not backing down, and i mean he's not backing down. jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: it was a ticket for a red light that had a vermont motorist seeing red. >> you think i'm being silly? >> i think you're being ridiculous. >> le's back up. shell bourn police officers jason lawton was in his cruiser waiting for the light to change when he saw a pickup truck go through the intersection. he followed the pickup for about two miles before pulling it over. the driver was adamant he didn't run any light, but later apologized for his belligerence.
7:56 am
>> i'm telling you the reason why i stopped you. >> yeah, well, i think you're completely out to lunch. are you smoking pot or something? >> yeah, absolutely. >> really? >> i want you to charge me for going through a red light. >> did you? >> yeah, miles ago. miles ago. >> the officer did ticket him, and when mcgifr filed a complaint, he got this e-mail from the officer's superior, sergeant alan fortune. i reviewed this tape. you were in violation. and when you were stopped you asked -- screamed at the officer to issue you the ticket. so please feel free to contest the ticket. mcgifr did, but first he asked for the dash cam video. how hard was it to get ahold of that video in mcgifr said it took weeks, he kept having to ask for it over and over, about five phone calls, a couple e-mails, had to pay a $45 fee. when he finally got it, he watched his pickup go through a yellow light before it turned
7:57 am
red. a judge dismissed the ticket. mcgifr decided to sue? paul claims court for $2,000, about what he estimated all the time he had spent was worth and to make a point. >> i am driven by their lack of honesty. >> reporter: cnn tried to contact the attorney for the officers, but got no response. the officers didn't show up for a court proceeding friday, waiting in a nearby coffee shop. the officer who wrote the ticket told the traffic judge that he saw he saw the truck run the light, but the video admitted that the video showed he was wrong. >> hess as going to learn a different lesson. >> a lesson talked by a guy who got caught red-handed not -- >> i want you to leave me alone. go do your job and finished someone who broke the law. >> i'll be right back. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york. thanks for joining mess today. i'm carol costello.
7:58 am
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