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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 31, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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make most readers blush. >> it's extraordinary. this delegation from the u.s. congress just came back from guantanmo and they say detainees have access to books and movies and one says the 50 shades books are requested more often than the koran. i'm not buying it. thanks for watching. >> cnn newsroom starts right now. we're following breaking news here in the cnn news room. we just severed word from the nevada parole board granting o.j. simpson parole. ted is joining ounce t ining us.
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tell our viewers what is happening with the former nfl star. >> reporter: he has been granted parole and one might think that means he's getting out of prison but that's not the case. he's been granted parole on some of the charges. the current charge on the robbery that he was serving. however, starting october 2nd he begins serving other charges. he will likely spend four more years in prison. this will reduce the amount of time he spends in prison but this was expected. he'll not be getting out of prison because of it. still on the table is a motion for a new trial that a judge in las vegas is still mulling over. they're awaiting her decision over the next week or two expected. that is where o.j. simpson's lawyer believe he has a good chance of getting out of prison if she grants him a new trial.
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he's been in prison for five years for that robbery attempt and kidnapping in a las vegas hotel room. he went in to get his memorabilia from two of his old cohorts and spent the last five years in prison. he remains in prison. >> one of the reasons they site for this decision to grant him parole are his positive institutional conduct, participation in program, lack of prior conviction history and he has consecutive sentences yet to serve. i just want to be precise in what the board said. the parole of o.j. simpson
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becomes effective when he reaches his eligibility parole date of october 13th. after that date he will begin serving the 12 month minimum term on four concurrent 12 to 72 month sentence impose for using robbery and kidnapping. he will be seen by the board in 12 months for parole consideration on these four sentences consecutive to these four enhancement sentences. bottom line from all of that is that even though he will be eligible for parole on october 2nd of this year, he's still going to stay in jail for what another four years unless there's another change. >> unless there's another change. i just got off the phone with his attorney. this was expected that he would be granted parole.
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two weeks ago he met with the parole board via a video conference and he talked to the board at length and said he is a prisoner of counsel. his record is clean. they expected he will be granted parole october 2nd. they really had their fingers crossed on this motion for a new trial to be litigated during the spring. they think he does have chance of getting out of prison when that decision comes down in a few weeks. for now he does remain in prison for at least the next couple of years unless he's granted more parole. yes he's on parole but he's not getting out of prison. >> not getting out yet but i'm sure he and his attorneys are encouraged by this decision. he's 66 years old. obviously all of us remember the trial back in the 90s. he was found not guilty of killing two people including his
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wife and other individual in los angeles. how is his health right now? you were in the courtroom. you saw him up close. >> he's aged. he's put on some weight like anybody. he's aging. there's been rumors he's suffering from horrible health. according to his attorneys he's just fine. he's aged maybe more than the normal person because frankly spending time in a nevada prison is hard on anybody but they say his health is fine. he's very much looking forward to getting out. he has regular conversations with his family and his children. he's very positive this hearing in the spring did prove his case for a new trial. a new trial is one thing but getting out is another. the he's granted a new trial he will likely be released. he's already served more times
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than prosecutors wanted him to on this case. there was a deal for just two years which he turned down. he's been in prison for five years. if he gets a new trial he'll be out. >> you say we should know within the next few weeks if he'll get a new trial. >> we should. the judge has had this now for a couple months. we anticipate she will release her findings one way or another within the next two weeks. the good news from o.j.'s standpoint is he'll hear from a couple of weeks. >> nevada parole board giving o.j. parole. that's the headline but he's not out yet. if he gets a new trial there's no doubt he will be out of bail. >> one would think so because he have granted bail throughout the first trial and as was
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established by this decision today he's been a model prisoner. one would assume if he's granted a new trial he would be out on bail and likely released from charges. >> all right. we'll stay on top of the breaking news. o.j. simpson getting paroled on some counts as early as october. we'll see what happens with this new trial if he's out of jail any time soon. we'll stay on top of this. thanks very much. we'll take a quick break. there's lots of other news happening on the cnn newsroom including the latest developments on anthony weiner. there's new developments on that in new york. stay with us. ñó5wó ñw?ñçñññw?ñçó]ç9wjyó
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but for all these symptoms, you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms. kaopectate. one and done. despite repeated calls for anthony weiner to resign from the race he said he's not going anywhere. he said quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. rosa flores has the story. >> want to come out with something embarrassing about you in your private life, you have to talk about that a while. >> in damage control mode tweeting our a revamped message.
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>> people say you might want to quit. quit isn't the way we roll in new york city. >> his message could be drowned out been an explosive rant about a former intern's criticism of the campaign in the new york daily news. in a four letter word rampage morgan used offensive language describing the ex-intern olivia as fame hungry and threatening to sue while saying she quote sucked at her job. in a statement morgan said in a moment of frustration i used inappropriate language in what i thought was an off the record conversation. it was wrong and i'm very sorry. that's not all. the controversy escalated again following weiner's response to daily news columnist. when asked there is no one you are sexting now?
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he answer, you can quibble about beginnings, middles and ends but what we're talking about is over a year ago. we asked the question ourselves but we couldn't hear his answer. morgan, the same spokesperson now tangled up in her own media frenzy confirmed his response to us following the event. >> rosa flores is joining us. she said no. i understand you also learned he can't officially get out of the race if he wanted to. >> technically he want withdraw from the race. this is according to the spokeswoman from the board of elections in the city of new york. he be on the ballot regardless. the date a candidate can withdraw from the race has passed. it was july 15th.
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there are three ways to withdraw. if he moves out of state, dies or gets convicted of a felony. >> thanks very much. hearing is under way to decide how much time an army private will serve for the biggest leak in u.s. history. the sentencing phase follows the judge's verdict only 24 hours ago. she acquitted him of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy but was found guilty on 20 other charges. manning avoided a life sentence but could still face many, many years in prison, maybe even decades. tell our viewers how we got to this point. >> wolf, bradley manning had a troubled history long before he started leaking the information. one former military said that will be a mitigating factor in
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his sentencing and those hearings are going on as we speak. we've investigated manning's background and got information on a broken home and other social issues. >> reporter: he was once on suicide watch in a military brig. now he's avoiding a verdict of aiding the enemy but it's possible he could still spend the rest of his life in prison. before a all there broke, manning, according to friends struggled to fit in where ever he went. born in oklahoma, his parents divorced in 2001 and manning moved to my mother to wales. he is described add a headstrong, quirky computer genius. removed out of that school and came back to the states in 2005.
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he was gay and felt he have ridiculed in the military for it. manning wrote i've been isolated so long. i just wanted to be nice and live a normal life but events kept forcing me to figure out ways to survivor. smart enough to know what's going on but helpless to do anything. now he's a world renowned whistle blower or traitor depending on your point of view. the judge could take several days to decide his sentence. i was told a short time ago in today's hearing prosecutors and defense attorneys have gone back and forth on the expertise of a general who is a military official and that person may be testifying on the damage to national security. >> on the point the head of wikileaks has weighed in on the damage caused by manning's leaks. >> there's been no accusation that anyone was come to any harm
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as a result of his leaks. investigation, prosecution for tor chture have taken place bece of the leaks. >> thanks very much. bryaned to reporting for us. sleeping on the job and stealing from passengers. damaging new report against the tsa. the same agency charged with keeping us safe. "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers." "we work directly with manufacturers," "eliminating costly markups," "and buy directly from local farmers in every region of the country." "when you see our low prices, remember the wheels turning behind the scenes, delivering for millions of americans, everyday. "dedication: that's the real walmart" [ all ] who's new in the fridge! i help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete!
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serious questions now about flying and your safety. if you think you're always safe you might want to think again. misconduct by transportation security workers up now by more than 26% over the last three years. some of the most serious violations including tsa agents sleeping on the job, allowing family and friends to go through security without screening, leaving work without permission and stealing. more than 1900 of the incidents were deemed significant enough to be seen as security threats. there are also changes
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coming in over at the san francisco international airport. nearly a month after the deadly crash of that asiana airlines jet, international flights landing on one of the main parallel runways can no longer touch downsi side by side with another plane. dan, i assume this is the direct result of that asiana crash? >> reporter: let me tell you exactly what the faa is saying about this. they're saying that since the crash on july 6th, they've seen an uptake in the amount of fo foreign carriers aborting their landing. this is a measure to try to reduce the chance of another major incident at the san francisco international airport. the faa says foreign airlines landing on one of the main p parallel runways are no longer allowed to land side by side with another plane. this all went into effect last week and is just temporary.
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the airport works to upgrade electronic systems that help pilots land planes. that was taken offline as the airport works to upgrade systems. the faa didn't elaborate as to why only foreign pilots are affected by this. this is bound to generate controversy. the bottom line is the faa thinks this is in the best interest of the public. >> how will this change or affect flight delays arrivals at the san francisco airport? >> reporter: the faa says do not expect significant delays. we should note this did go into effect last week and thus far there haven't been any major problems. >> dan simon in san francisco. we'll get back to the breaking nudes we're following. the nevada parole board ordering
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parole for o.j. simpson. he's going to be in jail bit longer. we'll have the latest information. parole for o.j. when we come back.
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we'll get to the o.j. simpson parole in a moment. there's some more news we're following. the man add mmitting to keeping three women locked in a room will hear his sentence tomorrow. he pleaded guilty to over 900 charges last week. his plea deal riecommends a lif sentence without parole plus 1,000 years. an american college student who was abandoned in a holding cell has settled with the u.s.
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government for $4.1 million. he drank his own urine to survivor and wrote a farewell note to his parents. he was locked up and forgotten last year after drug enforcement raided a home that was used to distribute ecstasy. he was never formally charged or arrested. he made his plea there by video conference. his wife was the former head of women's neurology. the former president of penn state and two former officials at the university are headed for trial. they're accused of obstruction of justice in connection with the jerry sandusky child sex
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abuse scandal. they appeared eed at a hearing week. prosecutors claimed they knew about allegations. all three are pleaded not guilty to the charges. something is making lots of people sick. lettuce. there's something mixed with lettuce in a pre-packaged salad sold in super markets. they're still trying to pinpoint the brand name and where it was sold. nearly 200 people in two states have come down with a nasty intestinal bug now linked to the package. stephen is the head of food and consumer safety bureau and the iowa department of inspections and appeals. thanks for coming in. based on the information you have what's making the people sick and what are you doing
10:28 am
about it? >> what we have going on in iowa and nebraska and we can only speak to those two is we have package salad mix that includes cabbage and carrots and romaine lettuce. the salad mix, we need to correct something, was distributed through a variety of sources. that's our best understanding. i can't tell you if it was the grocery environment but it went through a lot of distribution channels. >> let me interrupt for a moment. just explain what that means, variety of sources. they weren't all contained in some package product that people were selling? >> they were in packaged salad mixes but not exclusive to the grocery environment. we saw it through food service
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environment while restaurants also. we want to make sure that the public is ware of that. we're wofk working with the cdc and fda. the farms were not in iowa and nebras nebraska. they where are outside our jurisdiction. >> could you tell us where that farm is or what state and what city? >> we can tell you it's well outside of nebraska. most of this produce is not grown in areas that your viewers are well aware of. we can't tell you that for sure. >> you don't know. is that what you're saying? >> we're saying at this point there are lots of possibilities. we have narrowed it through a single source but there's lots of ingredients.
10:30 am
the four ingredients. what we can't tell you is where every single one came from. we can't defin tiitively tell y. >> there's one source. can you tell us the brand name of the product that was sold, the package? >> state law in iowa prohibits us from releasing that information unless there's an immediate public health interest. at this point it was determined there's not. it's been out on the market for 30 days, probably closer to 40. >> we'll see what happens. a lot of concern out there. tank thanks very much. it's now the bottom of the hour. we're following breaking news on o.j. simpson. he's just been granted parole but that doesn't mean he's walking out of jail today or necessarily any time soon.
10:31 am
he was convicted of kidnappings, armed robbery for bursting into a hotel room in las vegas. he said he was trying to reclaim items he declared was rightfully his. he spent five years in jail in nevada. he's 66 years old. just moments ago the nevada parole board granted him parole. they said he would be eligible october 2nd of this year. that's in a few months. october 2nd, 2013. they also said after that date he would begin serving the 12 month minimum term on four concurrent 12 to 72 months in prison. he might still have to spend as much as four years in prison. he still could get parole earlier. they're waiting to see if he gets a new trial. if he does, he'll be out much sooner. we'll have a lot more on what's
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going on with o.j. simpson this hour. they're not in the 2016 race but chris christie and rand paul are taking about each other. choice words from both of them when we come back. she's still the one for you - you know it even after all these years. but your erectile dysfunction - you know,that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently.
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i tthan probablycare moreanyone else.and we've had this farm for 30 years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's howmake oiving and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us. the feud between rand paul and chris christie sizzling now
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like bacon on the stove. the latest is about who brings home more pork from washington. senator paul defended himself against christie's allegation that he was bringing home too much money for his state. >> this is the king of bacon talking about bacon. we have two military bases in kentucky and is governor chr christie recommending we shut down military bases in kentucky. >> let's bring in john king. what do you make of this feud going on? what does it mean as a prelude to 2016 in. >> it's a lot of fun. you have two of the most colorful and combative figures in the republican party going at it. some democrats are celebrating saying here go the 2016 republicans already into the mud
10:36 am
pit. just five years ago senators name obama, clinton, biden were going at it pretty good too. sometimes this can impact a party negnegatively. the republicans are out of party. that are not only having debates about who should lead the party but what the party is about. they have been fighting about the nsa surveillance program. rand paul doesn't like that program. he thinks it's too much government, too much big brother. part of it is personal. part of it is philosophy. you get a big debate like this when a party is out of power. look at this, paul ryan does a lot better than rand paul or
10:37 am
chris chris christ chris christie. >> paul ryan was the vice president shl nominee even though they lost. he's been at the fore front of the big budget battles. he is better known nationally to republican and republican leaning voters. you have paul ryan all with relatively strong poll numbers. chris christie less strong that others. he's the more moderate of the group. those are roughly good numbers. of those four they are all possible, some would say likely contenders which means the republicans will have a good spirited race between some very interesting characters.
10:38 am
>> one of those numbers, let me put that poll back up on the screen and remember these are republican leaning voters. 30% is a pretty snant number. i'd look at that 30% and wonder what's going on. i assume that's the result of what some republicans think were overly warm welcome to president obama just before the election. >> right. chris christie only had praise for the president and a lot of people think that's what hurt romney in the final days of election. we'll see if he does run whether he pays a price for that. >> let's talk about the new information you're getting on
10:39 am
b ben benghazi. >> we're right in the middle of that. it's led by jason of utah, lindsey graham in the senate. signing onto a letter saying this. this is draft of letter. it's been more than ten months of the attacks. we appear to be no closer knowing who is responsible today. this is unacceptable. they are demanding mr. comey find out what's going on and report back to congress. there's a lot of politics in benghazi. it has been almost a year. four americans including the ambassador were killed. the fbi has posted photographs on its website of suspects but no one has been arrested.
10:40 am
one of the likely suspects any administration source will tell you is a guy that's one of the founders. arwa went back to benghazi to do some reporting. she sat down with him for two hours. he says he had nothing to do with the attack. he said no one has asked to interview him. that's why a lot of these members of congress, the republicans are out front talking about it but even in private they will kpas pe rated with the progress. >> arwa will tell us what she discovered. john, thanks very much. much more on this story coming up in the situation room later today. congressman peter king will join us on the latest internal gop fighting. he's suggested he might be
10:41 am
interested in running for that republican presidential race. congress has two more days of left before going on a month long vacation. the truth is legislatures haven't got much to show for it. dana bash takes a closer look what the they have left to do from the farm bill to immigration reform. >> reporter: let's start with the positive. a cent burst of bipartisan. a deal to make sure student loan rates don't double. >> the senate certainly has functioned better over the last six weeks than it has in some time. >> reporter: perhaps but elementary school civics taught us a bill can't be law without the house and senate agreeing. >> this is real. i don't know who the p 9% are that thinks things are working well. >> reporter: still unfinished,
10:42 am
the farm bill. it passed the senate but the house is developing its own plans with no path to stepship for illegal immigrants and congress is way behind on its basic function, funding the government which runs out of money september 30th or the government shuts down. conservatives like ted cruz says that may be necessary if they can't cut money for obama care. >> under no circumstance will i support a continuing resolution that funds even one penny of obama care. >> some republicans oppose that tactic. >> that's a very self-defeating effort. during august recess most of us work harder than we do here. >> reporter: also looming, the debt ceiling. the u.s. risks defaulting on loans as soon as labor day. >> we could put the economy back into a tail spin and it's not the thing you want to do.
10:43 am
>> reporter: many lay makers say they are most useful to their constituents back home. remember those angry health care town halls. this year lawmakers are bracing for the issue to be immigration which could seal its fate. dana bash, cnn, capital hill. it was supposed to be fawn afternoon swim. one teen was in the hospital, put in a coma and her parents were told she may only have days left to live. the brain eating bacteria she got from that summer swim. ♪ this summer was definitely worth the wait. ♪ summer's best event from cadillac. let summer try and pass you by. lease this all-new cadillac ats for around $299 per month or purchase for 0% apr for 60 months. come in now for the best offers
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of the model year.
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doctors in arkansas are holding out hope for a 12-year-old girl infected by a brain eating parasite. no one is known to have survivored the infection in the
10:47 am
past decade. she remains in critical condition in an arkansas hospital. elizabeth cohen reports. >> reporter: when she arrived she was so exhausted she couldn't answer the questions. >> he asked me like a hypochondriac. >> reporter: she insist she's no drama queen. the doctor listened. swimming around in her spinal fluid this brain eating amoeba. her parents were told she might only have days to live. >> i hung on by my husband and asking him what are we going to do. he would tell me that we're going to pray and help her fight. we're going to tell her to fight and she would be okay. >> reporter: to preserve brain
10:48 am
tissue her doctors induced a coma and cooled her body to 93 degrees. doctors turned to the centers for disease control for help. there's no trace of the parasite in her spinal fluid. >> day by day she's showing improvement. we're all very optimistic. >> reporter: she remains in intensive care in critical condition. >> killing the amoebas is one thing but containing brain swelling and the aftermath is the critical part of having her survive. >> reporter: if she does pull through she'll beat the odds. only one person has beat this in the past 50 years. >> let's hope she does. facing numerous accusations of sexual assault, the san diego
10:49 am
mayor is asking the taxpayers to pick up the tab for his sexual harassment lawsuit. what the city council is saying about that. that's next. you think you take off all your make-up before bed. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. can your makeup remover do that? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover.
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san diego city council is telling its embattled mayor he's not getting a dime of taxpayer money to pay for his defense in the sexual harassment lawsuits. casey wian is joining us from los angeles right now. even though the city council
10:52 am
rejected the mayor's request, could taxpayers still be on the hook for filner's defense? >> reporter: it certainly seems to be a possibility, wolf. the city council is trying to make sure it doesn't happen. he asked the city to pay for his legal fees in the lawsuit against him. city council saying it will not pay those bills. they've also filed a lawsuit against filner just in case they are forced to cover his legal costs. they're suing him to get that money back for the taxpayers. meanwhile, an eighth accuser has come forward. she's another very highly respected woman. another college administrator. she talks about a meeting she had with filner where he asked to meet her in private. where he remarked about her wedding ring, asked her if it was real, and twisted it on her finger. here's what else she had to say. >> he then asked me if it could come off while i was in dc and if i would go out with him.
10:53 am
i said i really didn't think so. at that point he pulled my hand closer to him and he reached over to kiss me. i turned my head at that moment, and on the side of my face i got a very wet, saliva filled kiss, including feeling his tongue on my cheek. >> she said she got out of that room as quickly as possible. told her staff about what happened. no one ever reported it, though. it is an eerily familiar story. we have reached out to the mayor's office for comment and they have not responded. >> thanks very much, casey ckac. if you're a fan of bruce springsteen, you may love this documentary about his followers. we're going to show you a little of it when we come back. ms," "and one of the most efficient trucking networks," "with safe, experienced drivers."
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here's another good reason why it's good to be the boss. also good to be a fan of the boss. we're talking about bruce springsteen. die-hard followers are part of a new -- brand-new documentary. y jake tapper has more. ♪ born in the usa >> reporter: "born in the usa" and raised in the arms of his fans for more than four decades. bruce springsteen is not just loved. he's the boss. but it's the legions of fans,
10:57 am
young and old, corporate and blue collar, who are the heart of the springsteen empire. and this month that empire expands to film. the documentary "springsteen & i" had just one screening worldwide july 22nd. it flashes to life for a second showing today in u.s. theaters. the documentary is marked more like an event, like a concert itself, with specific dates and online ticket sales. but this springsteen event is not so much about the man on stage as it is about the scores of us who sing along with him. about the facebook and youtube devotees. >> i used to hold this picture up to my son and say, daddy. >> reporter: and about the proud owners of more than 120 million springsteen albums sold worldwide. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: that's because for this documentary, british director bailey walsh asked fans to submit their own material and to explain to us all what this
10:58 am
man means to them. >> hope. >> passion. >> togetherness. >> reporter: among the first of its kind, the film weavings together more than 2,000 submissions, all relaying together real fans and their real connection to the music. the end result is a film that the new york daily news described as having the specificity, humor and unashamed earnestness of one of springsteen's own songs. and the springsteen team has funneled this fandomanium into spring scre spring stream. videos, pictures. the boss brings all together online. if you're skeptical enthusists can fill two hours successfully, remember they filled the oval office. >> one of the most important forces in american music -- >> reporter: more than once. a die-hard fan leads springsteen
10:59 am
oes home state of new jersey. >> on on hold in the christie administration you're going to hear bruce springsteen. >> reporter: "the la lady show daily show." fans are everywhere. the 2,000 submissions added up to 300 hours of footage. that was melted down into 83 minutes of documentary gold. jake tapper, cnn, washington. >> good reporting. jake is a huge, huge springsteen fan. rob brownstein, our political analyst, another huge springsteen fan. of course, we know, brooke baldwin, she loves bruce springsteen as well. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'll be back later today. 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." brooke, getting ready to pick it brooke, getting ready to pick it up from here. -- captions by vitac -- the government says its snooping helped stop dozens of terrorist attacks.
11:00 am
one senator who's seen the classified information says that's not the case. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. a russian lawmaker reportedly insists guy athletes are banned from next year's olympics. now guy barsay bars across amer protesting by pouring out vodka. a radio host live tweets his mom's dying moments. you'll hear what he wishes he would have done in life. plus, richard nixon unplugged. >> [ bleep ]. >> former adviser tells me about his boss's demons. 190 miles an hour. thousands of feet in the air. a rocket man flies alongside a bomber.