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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 2, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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be sure to tune in "new day" saturday. what else? politics. find out his next pick. >> that is all for us here on "new day" for kate and john, that's it for us. back to carol costello, "cnn newsroom" have a great weekend, carol, if i don't see you. >> he's talking about politics. i'm telling you to have a good weekend and you go right to the politi politics. all news, all the time. >> we'll take it. >> "newsroom" starts now. happening now in "newsroom" jobs, jobs, jobs. >> good jobs, middle class jobs, well-paying jobs. >> the white house with the new
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numbers, obama and middle america. from coast to coast as fast food workers march for fairer wages, the country looks for work and a pay check it can live on. also, anthony weiner, aka, carlos danger. >> i'm going to leave this to the people of new york to decide. period, end of conversation. >> a major endorsement over night. here's a hint. >> the rent is too high. >> remember that guy? >> one more time. plus, major league baseball said friday it will announce which players it is penalizing for steroid use. so far the rumor is, all of them. speed ball, steroids, the boys of summer and the big waiting game for the rest of us. and i'm not a crook. >> everything about that trip was televised.
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i mean, it was a production from start to finish. nixon, a fantastic new flick and it's only on cnn. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, thank you so much for being with me, i'm carol costello. and happy, happy friday. we start this out with a snapshot of one of the most important numbers in our nation. how many people have a job and how many people don't. just 30 minutes ago the labor department said we gained 162,000 jobs last month making the unemployment rate 7.4%. slipped a bit. of course, those are just numbers. you can't see the numbers or feel the numbers. so, what do they really mean? when we see pictures of striking fast food workers this week, marching for a wage they can live on this week, what do those numbers really mean? to try to shed light on that, we'll talk to our b iiz expert
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christine romans and steven moore. they'll join us in five minutes. we have to tell you about this first because the u.s. embassies across the muslim world will close on sunday. a rare and scary move and it comes after threats of a possible terrorist attack. we're talking about embassies and consulates in egypt, libya, saudi arabia, kuwait and iraq. think of what happened in benghazi. a deadly attack on u.s. consulate. officials call today's threats serious and credible. a former ambassador to iraq, he's on the phone right now, thanks for joining me this morning, mr. ambassador. >> good morning. >> good morning. how credible is this threat? >> well, the u.s. government is constantly monitoring websites and all kinds of sources and i think it's fairly claire that they have a credible threat. but it's probably clear, too, they're not sure exactly where
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it is. it is somewhere in the middle east and it isn't a threat to everybody. simply a threat that they cannot pin down to one country and out of an abundance of caution as the spokesperson said they decided to go and close all of the posts and presumably they will be reviewing security and finding out what more they can find out about this threat. >> rumor is this is an al qaeda threat. we are learning that al qaeda is substantially weakened yet they're closing u.s. embassies across the muslim world. >> presumably it's an organization that has at least a regional reach, if not a global reach and it's a serious organization and the inference that it could be al qaeda. to understand al qaeda today is to understand a kind of franchise operations and it's hard to determine whether it's in this case centrally directed or not. so, i think it really speaks to the abundance of caution and, as you said in the set up, has to
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do really with benghazi when there was also a threat to the region. >> so, you are saying there were lessons learned after what happened in benghazi? >> oh, i think you're going to see that the state department it takes all these threats very seriously. i think they always have. but i think in the light of benghazi, it's really necessary to, you know, to move as broadly as possible. again, it doesn't mean it's a threat to everybody. it's not a necessarily a case where several embassies are being threatened. but they do have to include all the embassies that could be in this threat and that's why they decided to do this. >> ambassador hill, thank you so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> pleasure. so, let's get to our other top story this morning. the jobs report. this one hurt. just 162,000 jobs added. the unemployment rate did tick down to 7.4%, but that's a change of 0.2%.
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so, let's talk about this with our cnn business anchor christine romans in new york and steven moore the senior economics writer at "wall street journal." he is in washington this morning. welcome to both of you. >> good morning, carol. >> the job report, the stock market, though, that's fantastic. so, wealthier americans or those with 401(k)s are making money, but wages remain stagstagnant. so, talk about a mixed message. how should we characterize our economy, steven? >> i've been somewhat upbeat about the economy. i'm disappointed in this report, not a bad report, just not as good as a lot of us has hoped. we did reduce the unemployment rate and that's kind of the headline number. the problem is we have more problem dropping out of the labor force. that's been the persistent problem during this recovery period. the other thing is, another pick
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up in part-time work. hours worked per week fell and you showed those pictures of restaurant workers striking. unfortunately, that's where all the jobs are right now. a lot of the new jobs are in low-wage service industries. >> christine, talking about wages, they ticked down this time around. they didn't lose much, but going in the wrong direction. >> the workweek is getting shorter, too. because of all the new part-time jobs and you talk about burger flipping, bartending, part-time hotel room cleaners. those are the kind of jobs we're creating. health care really growing part of the economy and also growing very sharply and strongly at the bottom end. those are about $19,000 a year jobs. we have an issue of quality and quantity. when will we start creating the jobs that will pay better and be the ladder to the middle class. one thing interesting in this, rate. a lot of people are making a lot out of this. economists looking at this.
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the lowest since 1978. that means we're actually fewer and fewer and fewer people, a smaller share of people who are ready, willing and able to work are actually engaged in the labor market right now. since 1978. the lowest share since 1978. that's something that is really troubling. >> so, last question. who is at fault for this? some people would blame the do nothing congress, right? they're not doing nothing to help the economy grow. things are stagnant at best there, stephen. >> well, you know, it's interesting because it is, there is a lot of people who believe, christine and i have talked a lot about this on her show obamacare deterrent because of all these mandated new benefits. it's interesting if you look at a this new report for the first time, christine, and as long as i can remember, at least a couple years, government employment actually kicked up a little bit, it had been falling. state and local governments are actually starting to hire, again. >> moving to the work part of the sequester.
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the work part with the last few months. maybe, ironically, a good sign that we're navigating through that provided that congress doesn't give us any crazy curveballs in the next few months. >> that's a big if. >> christine romans, stephen moore, many thanks to both of you this morning. >> you're welcome, carol. today marks edward snowden's first full day of freedom and spending it with a home in russia. now, the move has heightened diplomatic tensions just days before a planned meeting between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. phil black is in moscow to tell us more. good morning, phil. >> good morning, carol. edward snowden spent his first night away in six weeks. adjusting to this new-found freedom and ensuring his personal security and
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surrounding himself by people he thinks he can trust. he says those people are american. that man with his back to the camera is edward snowden and this was the moment he left moscow's airport after six weeks there. that's according to his lawyer anatoly kucherena who is standing next to him in the photo. he takes some of the credit for asylum application. this document grants snowden permission to live in rush frau one year which also keeps him beyond the reach of the united states for that time. kucherena describes his location as secret and safe. he says he's staying with other americans who live in russia. they're people that snowden doesn't know personally, but reached out via the internet and offered to help while he was staying at the airport. the lawyer says snowden will now take a few days getting used to his new freedom and recovering
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from his airport ordeal. after that, he'll do some media interviews and then, well, he doesn't know. edward snowden must now build a new life in a country he officially entered for the first time just one day ago. so, carol, snowden is already making friends and now working to get some family here, as well. his lawyer is already working on the formalities to get his father a visa so he can travel to moscow to be with his son as soon as possible. >> something else. i understand snowden is getting a lot of job offers in russia. tell us about that. >> there's been one very public job offer, a high-profile one from a hugely popular social networking site. often described as the russian version of facebook and the founder of this company said he's pround of his country, russia, for helping snowden in this way and would love him to
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join his team of star developers because he would have an interest in protecting the millions of people who use this social networking site. carol? >> phil black reporting live from moscow this morning. alex rodriguez stepped closer to rejoining the new york yankees. he begins a new assignment in trenton as he rehabs from that quad strain. he says people try to strike a deal in a doping scandal. rachel nichols has more for you. >> reporter: alex rodriguez is in the middle of a delicate dance with major league baseball and as the yankee third baseman career hangs in the balance, baseball fans are left waiting and waiting and waiting. so, what's the hold up? baseball is giving a-rod the chance at a lesser suspension, if he admits to wrongdoing and promises not to appeal. similar to a plea bargen. that's the route ryan braun
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chose after his admission of guilt, he was suspended only 65 games. down from the 100-game mark baseball had reportedly started at. initially a-rod's representatives insisted they had no interests in making a similar deal, but baseball officials have spent the past few days working to change their minds. they reportedly presented "volumes of evidence." they also linked that the commissioner is considering a lifetime ban for a-rod. a threat meant to further pressure him. a-rod remains noncommittal. in a recent interview with cnn, rodriguez declined to address his situation directly. >> so many he said leaks here and leaks there. it's important that we have a process. i think we have a good system with major league baseball and let's let it play out. >> reporter: it's a process that has turned into a waiting game, possibly the most important game alex rodriguez has ever played. >> rachel joins us live now. how hard is it going to be for
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these two sides to hammer out a deal? >> well, it's not going to be easy, carol. because even if alex does cooperate, not like baseball is going to give him a light punishment here. they feel officials have alleged that alex was more involved in this miami clinic than any other player. they actually believe that he tried to impede their investigation by trying to buy up some of the evidence himself. so, no matter what happens here, even if there is some sort of plea bargain-type situation, alex is going to have to admit wrongdoing and miss a significant amount of time, maybe up to the 2015 season and, obviously, have to give up all that salary that would go with it. there are a lot of people who think that might just be too tough for him to swallow and too tough for him to agree to. major league baseball would issue the big ban and that is a big threat hanging over rodriguez that could cause him to swing the other way. that is total ex-communication from baseball that is giving up not just the salary he would
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miss for the suspension but all the salary after that. certainly into his retirement not being allowed to associate with the game. a-rod's representatives have been saying privately, hey, that might not hold up. but here's the catch, carol. if alex fights a lifetime ban, if they go ahead without any kind of cooperation between the two sides, he can't play during that time. so, he's essentially going to be suspended anyway. it's a little bit of a catch 22. going to be interesting to see how it works out. >> when we finally know a definitive answer like today -- >> they think that monday is probably the drop dead deadline. of course, nobody is saying that, but if you do the math, the other players who, by the way, are waiting for all of this to play out, a lot of them trying to work out their own deals in the meantime, will be suspended for 50 games. if you do the math going back, a guy like the texas rangers nelson cruz if he's suspended starting monday and you go through those 50 games, he can come back and play in the post-season with his team. baseball doesn't want to
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penalize a team like the rangers because alex rodriguez can't make a deal. you have to put an end date on it because we're all dying over here. it could come sooner. let's see what happens. >> rachel nichols, many thanks. from new york to los angeles, people are dumping russian vodka into the streets. gay activists leading the protest saying it's an effort to draw attention to russia's strict anti-gay laws. so bars and clubs nationwide are boycotting stoli vodka. the boycott is inspired by an online camp pain called dumpstoli. but the activists may have it wrong. the makers of stoli who buy in the united states say it sports gay and lesbian and opposes the russian government's policies. at the same time, others are calling for a boycott of the 2014 winter olympics in russia.
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>> reporter: russia prepares for the 2014 olympic games. half a world away, short track speed skater trains in his event physically and mentally. the only gay athlete known to be planning to compete in the game. >> i would say i'm a little bit worried, not so much afraid. >> reporter: skype from his calgary camp he is well aware of russia's intolerance of gays and lesbians. new law jails and fines people who express any support of people's rights for gays. gay pride rallies, banned. police have the power to arrest anyone who appears to be spreading "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations." despite the international olympic committee assurances that athletes will be protected. russia's sports minister and a prominent lawmaker say the new laws against gays and lesbians will be enforced, even for visitors like blake. >> what kind of statement are you making by attending the games? >> i think it's important to
6:18 am
stand up for this and i think it's important for somebody to say something and that person at the moment is me. i feel like a small responsibility on my part to voice my concerns. >> reporter: russia's laws have already sparked grassroot protests in cities around the world. the community in los angeles pouring out russian vodka into the streets. cultural politics and the olympics have collided before. black american jesse owens competed in the 1936 games in symbolic defiance of nazi german regi regime. mexico city olympics tommy smith and john carlos raised salutes in support of the black power movement. for 2014, gay athletes have united under groups like athlete ally saying power is to show up and not boycott the games. tennis champion and four-time olympian is a gay athlete and activist and calls sochi 2014
6:19 am
the era of civil rights. >> we're here and we're here to compete and we're as equal as everybody else. we want to go there, as a gay athlete you want to go there and compete and also go there and compete and show everybody in the world that we're on level pegging with any athlete. >> we're now not just hearing from the athletes but u.s. lawmakers are joining in. jeff orcly from oregon says he plans on introducing a resolution to the floor of the u.s. senate that would oppose, say it opposes these russian laws, as well as call for the protection of the athletes, as well as spectators who go to russia for the games. we should point out, though, this is a resolution. it won't have any real teeth in russia. cnn, los angeles. just ahead in "newsroom" it was an eight-year wait, but, boy, was it worth it. showtime at yellowstone, next.
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22 mns past the hour. pope francis reaching out to
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muslims as they prepare for the close of ramadan. calls for muslims and christians to respect one another and his message is esteem and friendship for all muslims. aaron hernandez said he can't wait to prove all the haters wrong. wrote a jailhouse letter to a pen pal. tmz obtained that letter and it has some choice lines. "all the people who turned on me will feel like crap." hernandez has been charged with first degree murder in the death of his friend oldin lloyd. he has pleaded not guilty. talk about a surprise show. check this out. that's yellowstone national park steam boat geyser, the world's tallest waking up. it erupted this week for the first time in eight years. the high-pressure burst of steamy water shooting 300 feet into the air. meteorologist indra petersons at the weather center and the reason this is so amazing is because this is known as unfaithful. >> pretty much.
6:24 am
it's been so long. what's so cool is even after that geyser we saw that steam there for a good 24 hours after. what are geysers, how do they work? it's important to know that yell yellowstone is a volcanic crater. we're talking about the core the center of the earth and then the center and the crust. now that you got that, what we're dealing with, you see the water percolate into the crust. the heat sources out of the mantle and those two come together and once in a while you shoot out a geyser. now, that's because it's the thinner plumbing channel. if it was thicker, you would get hot springs out there. that's what we saw out there, pretty impressive, especially when it is one you don't get to see as often. yes, it is the weekend. we love it. let's talk about where it's going to be nice and what days. that affects our plans. from the midwest to indiana today, best chances for showers, and towards florida, thanks to the remnants of dorian there. by saturday that storm moves over to the mid-atlantic.
6:25 am
looking for rain in that area. by sunday pretty nice towards the east but another storm will pick up just east of the rockies going into the northern plains. overall, everyone will have one nice day this weekend. that's a good note. >> we'll take it. we'll take it. indra petersons, many thanks. still ahead, anthony weiner sexting already has him in hot water and now some are taking issue with the alias he used to hide his internet liaison. we'll talk about that when we come back. cccccheck it out! [ male announcer ] this summer, savor every second of vacation. but get your own cookie. enjoy a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie at check-in and more, with rates as low as $99 per night
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for being with me. anthony weiner's online alter ego is causing problems, this time the hispanic community pressing weiner for the name he chose for his latest escapade.
6:29 am
they ask weiner while he chose carlos danger. rosa flores has more for you. >> reporter: regardless of what he says -- >> i'm going to leave this to the people of the city of new york to decide. >> reporter: anthony weiner can't erase the doings of his latin alter ego carlos danger. eric salgado tells cnn, it's offensive. not only to him, but the entire latino community when weiner masks bad behavior under the pseudonm carlos danger. during an interview with univision he was asked "why did you pick a hispanic name?" it was a joke in my personal life between me and one person. presumably self-proclaimed sexting partner sydney leathers. she trashed weiner on howard stern's radio show earlier this week. >> i think i was flattered that
6:30 am
he trusted me to send it and completely baffled that someone so book smart could be so stupid in life. >> reporter: prominent democratic figures like james carville giving him the cold shoulder. >> if i were working his campaign, would i probably say, look, i can't take this any more and resign, yes. >> weiner says he's not looking for the support of politicians, but rather middle class new yorkers. but he did gain at least one new supporter. a perennial political candidate who's run on some unique platforms. lacking political clout, but full of character and confidence. never giving up. much like anthony weiner. now, anthony weiner plans to hit the campaign trail starting today at 10:00. now, earlier this week, he was in the area of flushing in queens and he spoke a little and yesterday he spoke some spanish and we just have to see today
6:31 am
what surprise he has for us. >> can't wait. many thanks to you. opening bell is just about to ring on wall street, let's go there now. investors are hitting their first chance to digest the latest jobs report. alison kosik at new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, carol. looks like a thumbs down. stocks starting out in the red. the reason the job numbers came in below expectation showing employers added only 162,000 jobs in july and then, also, they added fewer jobs in may and june than originally thought. we'll see what investors do today is unraveling what these job numbers will mean for the federal reserve. look at the unemployment rate fell to 7.4%. you see the unemployment rate creep closer to the fed's target so it raises interest rates and the problem is the lower unemployment rate that came in may be for the wrong reasons and the number fell. so, people literally left the
6:32 am
labor force and gave up looking to work and that is not the reason you want to see the unemployment rate tick lower. you want to see people getting jobs and that's the reason why you want to see the unemployment rate go lower. what is the good news? the dow and the s&p 500 is beginning the day at record levels and also friday in august, so, could turn out to be a pretty quiet day as the session wears on and everybody gets out of here and takes their long weekend. carol? >> i like ending with the glass half full. thank you, alison kosik. up next in "newsroom" coming face-to-face with a monster. michelle knight's emotional statement about her years of abuse and what her incredible courage means to other victims across the world. iand we're talkingl time with diane about the walmart low price guarantee, backed by ad match.
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people across the globe are still talking about the incredible michelle knight. no longer victim, but a woman with a voice. knight is only 4'7", but when
6:36 am
she walked up to the judge with ariel castro glaring at her, those watching couldn't help but, say, yes. watch. >> ariel castro i remember all the times you came home talking about what everybody did wrong and act like you weren't doing the same thing. you said, at least i didn't kill you. you took 11 years of my life away. and i have got it back. i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. i will overcome all this that happened, but you will pay for eternity. from this moment on, i will not let you define me or affect who i am. i will live on, you will die a little every day.
6:37 am
as you think about the 11 years andatrocities you inflicted on us. what does god hypocritically think of you going to church every sunday. coming home to torture us. you don't deserve that. you deserve to spend life in prison. i can forgive you, but i will never forget. with the guidance of god, i will prevail and help others who suffered at the hands of others. writing this statement gave me the strength to be a stronger woman. and know that there is good, there is more good than evil. >> incredible. so, let's talk about this. i'm joined by sandra miller,
6:38 am
welcome. >> good morning. >> good morning. you counseled hundreds of rape victims. what message did michelle knight send them? >> michelle said, you did not silence me, you did not take my voice away. i am strong and that healing is possible. >> i'm telling you, i talked all night last night with my friends about michelle knight and, i mean, we were all empowered by her, you're right. >> yeah. she is a hero among heroes. i don't think we can overestimate the amount of courage that it took for her to walk in that courtroom and say what she said yesterday. >> ariel castro clearly had an emotional reaction to knight's presence in court. you can see his face was flushed and he kept looking at her as she sat in the courtroom and he reacted strongly when michelle knight said that he would spend the rest of his life in hell. i know he's a monster, but what to you suppose he was thinking as michelle knight was talking? >> i don't know that any of us can pretend to know what is going through his head, but i
6:39 am
hope he was thinking about how long those years are going to be ahead of him. >> it clearly bothered him, though, that she was in court. >> yes. and for some survivors it's so empowering to walk up and read that statement. it's just like taking your life back and taking back power from a person who tried to take it away from you. it can be very therapeutic and very empowering. amanda's cousin also read an impact statement in court. she said amanda berry doesn't want to talk about what happened, doesn't want anyone to talk about what happened, doesn't want anyone to write about what happened. but here's michelle. she's out there. why the difference between these victims? >> you know, no two survivors have the same reaction to trauma. and i think we have to give amanda, gina and michelle, we have to give them as much choice as possible because their choices have been taken away from them for so long. so, for michelle this may have been very powerful, very therapeutic but for gina and
6:40 am
amanda, that doesn't take anything away from them that they didn't want to show up in the courtroom. we have to trust that they will make the decisions that are best for them. >> just the last question, we couldn't help but notice in michelle knight's impact statement, she didn't mention amanda berry. should we make anything of that? >> i don't think so. i don't think we need to read anything into that. >> all right, sandra miller with the cleveland rape crisis center, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. still ahead in "newsroom" a pro football player and a fallout from a racial slur. riley cooper does not get a warm welcome at the philadelphia eagles training camp, despite michael vick's forgiveness. ♪ don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom! don't tell mom. okay. don't tell mom. don't tell mom. don't tell mom? yeah.
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checking our top stories at 43 minutes past the hour. in the middle east, the terror
6:44 am
threat to close u.s. embassies across the region. they'll shut their doors on sunday. ed royce tells cnn he believes the threat is al qaeda linked. edward snowden now staying with americans in moscow after russia granted him asylum for a year. the nsa leaker left the moscow airport yesterday where he had been holed up for six weeks. snowden's attorney said his clients are hosts he doesn't know personally but who reached out to him on the internet. remember this. there were big, big celebrations when 33 workers trapped underground for months in chile were rescued three montyears agt today only outrage because prosecutors say no one is to blame for the collapse and now they're closing the case. two of the miners say they want the mine's owners to be held accountable. in d.c. a court hearing is happening this hour for the woman accused of splattering green paint inside the national cathedral. the hearing is to determine if
6:45 am
this woman will remain in custody. she's been charged with felony destruction of property. fans of the hit film "avatar" will love this. three, count them three sequels are in the works on the highest grossing movie of all-time. director james cameron will be back at the helm. the first sequel is expected to hit theaters in december of 2016. up next in "newsroom" the nixon presidency as you've never seen it before. discover the footage the fbi has locked away for 40 years.
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6:48 am
it is richard nixon like you've never seen or heard of him before. shot by nixon's closest aides just released from the government's vault. now part of a new cnn film titled "our nixon" airing sunday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. you can listen to nixon talk about tv, about hippies, about homosexuality homosexualities at the downfall. >> i told bob the other day i was trying to tune into the baseball game and then the game went off and cbs came on with a
6:49 am
movie. >> of course, he's talking about "all in the family." joining me now is brian frei, he co-produced the documentary. good morning, brian. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm glad you're here because i watched this movie and i thought it was terrific. what it really does, it emerimms
6:50 am
you back in the time, you feel like you're back in the who nixon really was. >> thanks. that's really the feeling we wanted to evoke. obviously, i was not alive then myself but we really felt like we got a feel for who these people were while we were working on and making the film. and hopefully that came through in the movie that we made. >> the other thing i noticed, you can learn things from the past, we all know that. when you watch this movie, you really know that. what can we learn from richard nixon and his men? >> i think one thing we can learn is, you know, sort of what not to do, like how not to react to people who -- who criticize you or who treat you badly. i think we see at least some of that with the current administration. i think that, you know, president obama certainly has learned not to break the law
6:51 am
when responding to people who have been critical of him. >> the other thing that really struck me, and we all -- we've all heard that richard nixon was so paranoid, right? so he was talking about, to one of his aides about a speech he had given and he was saying how grit it was and what a great delivery he had. he was complimenting himself. at the end of the conversation, he said, i didn't hear back from so-and-so. could you call him back and see what he thought about the speech? what does that tell you? >> it was typical of nixon's reaction and relationship with hist aides as well. as much as he is criticized today for being paranoid, there was a deep nar cicisstic streak to him as well, where he really needed the approval of the people who worked for him and
6:52 am
people he knew. he always wanted to know what people thought of his speeches, what people thought of everything that he did. so after every speech, he spoke to h.r. haldeman, who was his chief of staff. they had an hours long rundown of all the press, you know, talking to all the different cabinet members and so on. that was very typical of his relationship to his staff members. we really wanted to capture that relationship in the film. the movie is really about nixon's his staffers, to the people who worked for him. nixon seen through their eyes was the nixon we wanted to capture. >> well, you did. it's a terrific film. brian frye, co-producer of "our nixon." thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> "our nixon airs this sunday night 9:00 p.m. eastern, only
6:53 am
all new with the next hour of "newsroom." having it all without children. it's a choice more and more women are making. why? plus, ex fro player aaron hernandez claiming his innocence and god has plan for me and at least i'll know my true supporters. and lee goes on. ♪ >> reporter: after the death of actor corey monteith, the show decides how to move forward. the next hour in "newsroom." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] we don't just certify our pre-owned vehicles. we inspect, analyze and recondition each one, until it's nothing short of a genuine certified pre-owned...
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6:56 am
a alex rodriguez's representatives continue to negotiate with major league baseball to try to reach a deal. meanwhile, a-rod is returning to the field. >> right now. it's business as usual for a-rod. he'll be back in the field in trenton, new jersey as he begins another assignment. the yankees announced he will play tonight and tomorrow. his reps continue to work on the deal to allow him to avoid a
6:57 am
lifetime ban and serve a suspension for his role in the biogenesis scandal. a-rod could join the yankees next week but they're expected to announce his suspension before then or at least we hope they do. eagles riley cooper continues to deal with fallout after he used a racial slur at a concert and it was caught on video. michael vick came to his defense saying he knows what kind of person cooper really is. running back, lesean mccoy wasn't as kind saying he no longer respects cooper. >> it's new. hopefully it wears off but at this point, i just -- i speak for myself and other teammate, i know it's definitely different. >> they called it the x games for a reason. during practice yesterday, very scary moment, going for the backflip, he bails. >> oh! >> falls very hard. he ended with a broken dislocated right hip. he had to have surgery late last
6:58 am
night. another scary moment at the x games. in skateboard big air competition, goes up for this jump and he face plants, as you can see. he was in a lot of pain. guess what, carol? got right back on the board and ended up getting the bronze medal in the competition. >> good for him. >> he's definitely a lot tougher than i am, i can say that. >> man, i would have been crying and started sobbing right there. unbelievable. >> i would have been down for the count. >> thanks, andy. the next cnn "newsroom" after a break. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event
6:59 am
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a terror threat in the middle east. the united states is taking it seriously, ordering some american embassies and consulates to close. plus, we thought the american economy was doing better. another bit of bad news on unemployment. we'll tell you how the markets are reacting. having children and a career, is that really having it all? many women are now saying no. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. thanks so much for being with me. i'm carol costello. we start this morning with a new terror threat targeting americans. u.s. embassies across the middle east will close on sunday.
7:02 am
it's a rare and scary move and comes after threats of a possible terrorist attack linked to al qaeda. we're talking about embassies and consulates in libya, egypt. saudi arabia and kuwait. more from barbara starr. >> reporter: in and extraordinary move, the u.s. is closing embassies around the world after what one senior u.s. official told cnn was more than the unusual chatter about a potential terrorist threat. >> the department has been apprised of information that out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and others who may be visiting our installations indicates we should institute these precautionary steps. >> reporter: the move comes as the holy days that mark the end of ramdadan approach and nearlya year after the attack on the u.s. embassy in mbengacy and now tripoli will be closed.
7:03 am
other embassies in the middle east also posted they will be shut. from egypt, where nearly a year ago violent protests threatened the embassy in cairo, to televiv, baghdad, riad and qatar. all embassies quote normally would have been open on sunday will be shut down and the closings may expand to include additional days. another official told cnn the obama administration is monitoring threats against the american embassy in yemen. the move came on the same day president obama met with the president of yemen, who has cracked down on al qaeda. >> what we've seen is al qaeda in the arabian peninsula or aqap, moved back out of territories it was controlling. >> barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> the other big story we're following this morning, the monthly jobs report. we hit a speed bump in july.
7:04 am
just 162,000 jobs added. the unemployment rate now at 7. 7.4%. the markets are not too happy with those numbers. the dow dropped as much as 68 points at the open. so let's get down to the nitty-gritty. i'm joined by cnn business anchor, christine romans in new york. what jumped out to you in this report? >> i think the way you described it, a speed bump is the perfect way to look at it. 162,000 jobs created, nothing to write home in the month. it is enough, when you look how much we created in the past year to slowly bring down the unemployment rate. to me, what i like to look at is the trend. every month there can be noise in the economic news. i like to look at the trend. that's the trend for job growth the past year. you want to see it coming in closer to 200 thousand more because you want to start eating through the rest of the jobs we lost during the great recession but it is enough to lower the unemployment rate. 7.4%. it has been trending down.
7:05 am
part of the reason it dropped to 7.4% this month is because of people dropping out of the workforce. you can see again from the trend, carol, the trend is moving lower. last august it was 8.1%. we've been slowly moving down from that. you've been hearing me talk about quality versus quantity and this jobs report, retail jobs, drinking establishments, we're talking about bartenders, retail store clerks, jobs that are part-time jobs. there was an increase in part-time jobs. part-time jobs that don't have benefits. we're adding thousands and thousands of these kinds of jobs, carol. at the same time, we want to see more high paying jobs coming into the economy. we're also looking at this shrinking labor force, the shrinking share of people in the economy who are actually working, who are actually looking for work. it's called a labor participation rate. it's the lowest since 1978. that's a structural problem. we have to get more people, carol, engaged in the labor
7:06 am
market. we have to have an economy and labor market working for everyone. you saw the fast-food protesters in the streets. a lot of people have been sidelined by this labor market. we want to keep moving forward. we're glad to see the progress we are. we need more and better paying jobs. christine romans, thanks. i want to talk more about that and take a deeper dive on the jobs reports. and we join alan kruger, at the white house this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> car sales are up, home prices are up, jobs are edging back and ben bernanke downgrades our growth to just modest after the fed meeting. what's going on here? is the economy getting better or not? >> i think it's clear the economy is gradually getting better but we'd like to speed up the pace of the improvement. over the last three months we
7:07 am
added 3.1 million jobs but needs improvement given how many jobs were lost during the recession. >> it kind of makes you frightened when ben bernanke gets to the point he doesn't have to prop things up anymore. what happens after that? >> as a general rule, the administration does not comment on federal reserve policy. they're an independent agency. i can tell you the president has very robust agenda to grow the economy from the middle out. that's part of the reason why we're seeing progress because part of his agenda has been enacted and the president is going to keep at it. he's committed to seeing the middle class expand, to providing more ladders of opportunity into the middle class. that's why he gave a major speech in illinois and follow-up speeches since then and he will continue to lay out his plans for investing more in infrastructure and for supporting american manufacturing. you'll see him continue to lay out his agenda for expanding the middle class. >> i'm sure -- we all want to expand the middle class. but -- and the president has
7:08 am
those ideas, but congress isn't exactly buying into those ideas. that's a problem. they can't seem to work together. another problem is stagnant wages. you heard christine say it. the jobs we added were in the retail sector, fast-food workers across the country are striking because they don't make enough money to live on. what can be done about these persist accident problems that aren't -- p aren't-persist accident -- per sis problems that aren't going away? >> you're right about the problems that haven't gone away in two decades and why the president proposed raising the minimum wage in the last state of the union address and why he has his agenda to provide more ladders of opportunity to the middle class, by improving education, providing preschool education so we can start young. but i do want to add one thing, so that we can continue to build on this progress.
7:09 am
it's most important that congress doesn't inflict wounds on the economy. we don't want to have a shutdown of the government that would slow the recovery. unthinkable would be to have another fight over the debt ceiling. so i think most important, we should follow the rule of do know harm. that's really up to congress in the coming months. >> isn't it in part up to the president, too, to try to get congress on board, at least a little bit or is that just an impossibility? >> the president has done everything imaginable to reach out to the congress. he has had meetings with different groups within congress and he'll continue to reach out. just take the issue of the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling says that congress -- that the treasury should pay the bills congress already rang up. what we saw in the summer of 2011 was an unnecessary fight over the debt ceiling where congress was literally playing games with defaulting on the full faith and credit of the
7:10 am
u.s. currency. those are the kinds of manufactured crisis that can slow down a recovery or do much more damage to the u.s. and world economy. that's why i think it's so important that congress does its job, when it comes back from recess, and raises the debt ceiling without drama. >> i was just going to say, i'm sure they're all thinking that on their summer recess. alan kruegekrueger, thank you. we appreciate it. >> thaw for having me. this morning, edward snowden woke up somewhere other than the moscow airport. you can see the nsa leaker in this photo with his back to the camera striking out on his new life of at least temporary freedom in russia. phil black spoke with his russian attorney. >> reporter: this document permits snowden permission to live in russia for one year which also keeps him beyond the reach of the united states for that time. his attorney describes his current location as secret and
7:11 am
safe. he says he's staying with other americans who live in russia. he says they are people snowden doesn't know personally, but reached out via the internet and offered to help while he's staying at the airport. >> while snowden may be free but his father says he is not safe. lon snowden talked with anderson cooper? >> based on what i have seen thus far i have faith and confidence in those people who have taken my son and are trying to keep him safe and secure. do i think he will be in a condition he can be safe in public for some time? no. i think it's going to be a long time before my son can safely walk the streets and function as a normal human being. i don't know that will ever happen again. >> as you know, the white house is furious over snowden's asylum just weeks before the president is supposed to meet with vladimir putin.
7:12 am
joining me at the white house to talk more about that is dan lothian. good morning, dan. >> . >> reporter: good morning, carol. >> we know a big summit is coming up. will the president pull out? >> reporter: that is the big question. not only face to face meeting planned for the president in moscow but g. -20 in st. petersburg and also in september and the white house is now evaluating. at this point it still remains on the schedule but, of course, we wait to see if the white house will make any changes in reaction to what has happened in russia. this comes at a very difficult time, tense time between the united states and russia, while sources had told us that there was some signals that russia would be making this move. white house officials saying that they were not told ahead of time that snowden would in fact be getting this temporary
7:13 am
asylum. all of this is putting pressure on president obama. a bipartisan course of lawmakers saying this is a slap in the face, an embarrassment for the u.s. the president himself has not responded directly to this but white house spokesman jay carney reacted this way. >> we are extremely disappointed that the russian government would take this step, despite our very clear and lawful reque requests in public and in private to have mr. snowden expelled to the united states to face the charges against him. mr. snowden is not a whil blower. he is -- a whistle-blower. he is accused of leaking classified information and charged with three felony counts and he should be returned to the united states as soon as possible, where he will be accorded full due process and protections. >> reporter: carney said that u.s. officials will continue to be in contact with their russian counter parts, expressing this extreme disappointment and continuing to make the case there is legal justification for
7:14 am
snowden to be returned to the u.s., carol. >> all right. dan lothian, reporting live from the white house this morning. coming up in the "newsroom," we've seen plenty of scary storms and tornadoes this year but thankfully, hurricanes have been in short supply so far. that may have a lot to do with what's happening in the sahara. we'll tell you why next. what a ? ow! that hurt! no, no, no, no. you can't go to school like this, c'mon. don't do it! no! (mom vo) you never know what life's gonna throw at you. if i gotta wear clothes, you gotta wear clothes. (mom vo) that's why i got a subaru. i just pulled up. he did what now? no he's never done that before! oh really? i might have some clothes in the car. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i'll just press this, and you'll save on both. ding! ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
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checking our top stories, 17 minutes past the hour. a ninth woman has come forward accusing san diego mayor, bob filner of sexual harassment. emily gilbert met the mayor at a fund-raiser last year and says the mayor grabbed her tightly and squeezed her behind. mayor filner has not commented on this incident though he has apologized to the women he offended. he enters therapy next week. pope francis has a message for muslims and christian, respect one another and educating today's young people is the way to do that and personally signs the message as quote an expression of esteem and friendship for all muslims.
7:18 am
winn-dixie and bi-lo are yanking some meet off store shelves because it has been contaminated by e.coli from a beef packing company earlier this week and no illnesses are reported. aaron hernandez says he cannot wait to prove all the haters wrong. the tight end wrote a letter to a penpal and tmz obtained that letter and has choice lines. "all the people who turned on me will feel like crap." that's a quote. aaron hernandez has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his friend, odin lloyd. he has plead not guilty. what a night for the fenway faithful. the boston red sox score six runs bottom of the ninth to beat seattle 8-7. the game wins hit, a blastoff the center field wall. there it comes as the second straight walk-off win for the socks and leading 11 of the
7:19 am
season. unbelievable. visitors to the yellowstone national park got a fantastic sight this week. the steamboat erupted for the first time in eight years. without warning steam shot 300 feet into the air. then the gueyser, the world's tallest, kept steaming for 24 hours. let's talk about weather now, shall we? we're right in the middle of hurricane season. so you might ask, why is it so quiet in the atlantic? we're happy about that, but still wondering. >> i have the answer for you, right? the last storm we remember is tropical storm dorian and all we have left of that are remnants producing heavy rain in florida. i want to show you what it looks like in a wide view of the atlantic. this is a good thing but there's a reason for this. typically we see our hurricanes form with a low here and turn into a hurricane by the time it makes its way in the warm waters. what is going on, it's called
7:20 am
the saharan air layer. we have all this dust out there really off the coast of africa. you can see we're trying to form some storms here but it's really inhibiting their growth. that is what's saving us as we looking through this outlook and it will take its time as it makes its way across the atlantic and save us time for the hurricane season for at least another week. we have to see what pans off the coast of africa. that's the reason it's so quiet. that is the atlantic. remember, the atlantic is a different hurricane season than the pacific. the pacific also very active. we do have gill still currently a hurricane winds steady at 85 miles an hour. interestingly enough in front of it, a 20% chance for development. behind it another area that has chance for development. the good news, they are so close, they are competing with each other a little bit and the track of gil currently forming is a hurricane and that will enter cooler waters. it is expected to dissipate and also go south of hawaii, this time is a plus for them and they
7:21 am
get the surf we all know hawaiians love. that's a plus for them. good news on both ends, right. we are going to be watching as far as the weekend is the forecast. we all want to know when are we going to be seeing the rain. a couple short moves going through and which one is the best time to be a couch potato and the best to go outside. we have indiana being the heavier thunderstorms and then the waive kicking farther to the east and the mid-atlantic saturday will be that wet scattered thunderstorm type weather for you. by the time we get through sunday, this should kick off. another wave behind it moves through, east of the dakotas, maybe northern plains, you'll start to get those showers there. i can't complain, if you have one nice day and one day to veg out, carol, i'm pretty happy. >> i'm ecstatic. thank you. coming up in the "newsroom," this nasty parasite is making healthy people sick. health officials around the
7:22 am
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bagged salad, tainted with a nasty parasite may be causing hundreds of people to get sick. we're talking maybe 400 people in 16 states across the united states, 113 cases in texas alone. the disease is called cyclospora and causes numbing problems and worse. health officials have a lot of question about how it's spreading despite what you've heard. dr. sanjay gupta his here. this is confusing and makes me angry because i thought it was bagged salad and now it's not. >> it's probably bagged salad in many cases but haven't been able to completely identify it in all the cases. i agree, this hasn't been very satisfying. having identified the food outbreaks the process usually goes faster. we're talking june and six weeks is a long time to wait. >> why is it so difficult to determine what's causing this?
7:26 am
>> part of the problem, in this investigation you're counting on people trying to remember what they ate several weeks ago and you probably don't remember what you ate for lunch a couple days ago. that's part of the problem and what do they have in common. they found out in nebraska and iowa, that it is probably a mixed bag salad. mixed is important. in a restaurant they may have gotten romaine lettuce some place, carrots from somewhere else and red cabbage somewhere else and i find that interesting as well. i find this interesting they don't have to disclose the brand what everybody wants to know, if there's not an imminent public health threat. they say the salad is off the shelves because it was sitting in your rimpgts and shouldn't have been sitting there six weeks. >> come on. >> they say, will this actually cause continued problems, they don't think so. >> as a consumer, even if that brand is out of my refrigerator the past six weeks, i still want to know what brand it is so i
7:27 am
don't buy it in the future. >> they don't think that brand is no longer contaminated. >> even so i wonder about it from on out. >> you never want to buy it again? a lot of consumers feel that way. but they want to fix the problems and big brands we still buy today have significant outbreaks associated with them. i think there is accountability for sure. the bigger issue, people have stopped buying bagged salad all together because they don't know which brand it is, probably a larger problem. >> larger problem, it makes it's easier to eat healthy you buy the bagged salad, you don't have to wash it. you will keep following this, i'm sure. something else i want to talk about, you have something special coming up this weekend. >> i, like you, i was fascinated to watch what was happening with the hearing with ariel castro. one of the things that came up, he said he was a sex addict. you've heard this defense before. >> yeah. >> i said we will dive into this this weekend and find out, people have said is this a
7:28 am
mental disorder? is this even real? what's the science behind it if any. we will dive into this topic. i walked in as a little bit of skeptic that sex addiction is an excuse. it's not in his case obviously but what does it really mean? >> i'm dying to know the answer to that because obviously he was using it as an excuse to commit these horrible crimes. >> it's awful and made a lot of people's heads turn. an alcoholic doesn't get away with a dui, a gambler doesn't get away with not foreclosing on their home because they lost all their money. it's not an excuse, but what it is exactly? is it real? >> i will be tuning in. thank you so much. we see mothers with their children everywhere. what about those women who have chosen not to have any kids? after the break, the freedom and the pressure that comes with not choosing to be a mother. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004.
7:29 am
7:30 am
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7:32 am
good morning. thanks so much for being with me. i'm carol costello checking our top stories at 32 minutes past the hour. hiring hit a slump last month. the economy added 162,000 jobs, well below what some analysts had predicted. retail and food service workers were a bright spot, with 85,000 jobs added in the sector. in the middle east, a terror threat is prompting the state department to close u.s. embassies across the region, embassies in israel and across the nation will shut their doors on sunday. ed royce tells us the believes it is al qaeda linked. and options being weighed in light of russia's decision to grant edward snowden temporary
7:33 am
asylum. the pres stted to meet with vladimir putin next month. the administration is now quote evaluating the usefulness of that meeting, according to jay carney. the birth in the u.s. has been free falling for years hitting the lowest level in history. that means one out of every five women in their early 40s chooses not to have a child, double what it was in 19 vicks. in more and more cases women are choosing not to have children because their careers are their lifestyles or because they just don't want to. the trend is now the focus of the latest issue of "time" magazine. see the headline here, the child-free life. see the man and woman on the cover enjoying life on the beach entwined with one another and perfectly happy. joining he, radicka jones and editor at large at cnn digital
7:34 am
also doing a story on this topic. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> kelly, i know you have three kids and i will start with radicka. you have chosen not to have children, as i have. i think it's hard for women who have children to understand the pressure we feel in not having children. >> i think it's fair to say we women get judged for any choice we make, it seems, whether we have no children or one child or seven children. it's true, i think it's often ove overlooked because motherhood is so much the cultural norm and because we hear so much noise about it, we hear so much about the fights between moms with kids at work and stay-at-home moms and we hear about the trials of parenting, we don't often hear from people who have chosen not to have children. it's not because their life is a beach despite our conservatver, i'm sure you can attest to. >> we have our problems, too. >> we have our problems, too, we
7:35 am
have plenty going on. it felt to us here at "time" this was part of contemporary woman hood we aren't hearing a lot about. when people ask me, do you have children and i say, no. they always look at me and say, oh, i'm sorry. as if there's something physically wrong with me and i'm unable to have children or i'm a poor sad selfish person and please go away. >> i know. no one ever asks me, hey, kelly, why did you have children? no one flips it around and ask why did you decide to have kids? i will admit, a lot of women have been talking about this online, we all sometimes have that gut reaction, kind of surprised, like why doesn't she want to have kids. iowa kind of wanted to slap myself when i think that. not everybody wants to have kids, not everybody feels that, not everybody feels that motivation. i applaud time for this story and this conversation we're having. i think we need to get this out there, that many women, based on
7:36 am
the choices they're having and the lifestyles they're having, are choosing not to. we shouldn't think it's selfish. one woman in that ireport on said isn't it more selfish to have kids for the wrong reasons, not for the right reasons than to not have them at all? i thought that was such a good point. >> i know. when i think back through my life and i never wanted to have children, even when i was a child. why would i want to have children. oh, so they can take care of me in my old age. that's selfish to me. >> it is. they often don't. so counting on that seems like a mistake. i think, you know, i wasn't that kind of -- in fact, in terms of my decision, i'll still on the continuum. there's a woman on the story who says for many women, decisions about having children happen on a continuum, you start in your 20s, i will have three and your whole life isn't in front of you and different opportunities come up and you start to realize you have different fulfilling and
7:37 am
rewarding relationships that maybe don't involve you being a mother. maybe your friendships, romantic relationships, even your relationships with your parents and own siblings and family can change and deepen as you grow. i think it's almost -- it's almost a question of, you know, just being able to absorb that women's lives are incredibly multifaceted now. the there's no default position really. >> something interesting in the "time" magazine article, kelly, there might be some biologic, genetic reason why some women choose not to have children. for example, what i found really interesting, if you were a little girl and didn't play with dolls and didn't play scenarios, i didn't, i wanted to be a professional baseball player, maybe i was just born not to have kids. >> i know. that was one of my takeaways with the story, carol. it doesn't seem like we know for sure, right, if there is a biological connection. the author of the story said many of the women she interviewed decided not to have kids, kind of like you didn't
7:38 am
play with dolls when they were kids, didn't want to baby-sit, didn't dream of playing house. there is something for that. i just know for myself. i remember in my early 30s, you know the quote biological time clock ticking. it was ticking. i really felt. i was a reporter in new mexico. every time i was doing stories with kids, i was like, i really want to have children. didn't feel that in my 20s and up until that time. not every woman feels that. maybe there is some genetic or biological connection. some of us have that motivation and some of us don't. >> radicka, did you feel that same way? i didn't get married until i was 42 years old. that wasn't a big, i have to -- it wasn't part of me. i just happened to meet a really great guy. >> i will say one thing that resonated with me in the story, so many of the child free women we spoke to, they have lives full of children, very close relationships with nieces and
7:39 am
nephews, god children and many supportive of friends' children and when i say supportive, i mean financially supportive, emotionally supportive. these are not women who dislike children necessarily or don't see the point of them or don't want those kinds of relationships, they just, as many of them put it, they just don't feel the need to own one. i thought that was a very striking way to say it. >> kelly, i still would love to meet your kids. i remember when you were pregnant. >> i know. how big i was, exactly. >> but you were beautiful, too. i didn't think you were ever going to leave work. we kept saying, when will kelly go home and have this baby? she will have it on the job if she doesn't leave soon. >> she's 7 now, 7. hard to believe. >> hard to believe. thank you both for a great conversation. radihka jones and kelly wallace. just ahead in the "newsroom." acting, singing, dancing, corey monteith could do it all.
7:40 am
now "glee" has found a way to move forward without its star. ♪ ♪ (growls) (man) that's a good look for you. (woman) that was fun. (man) yeah. (man) let me help you out with the.. (woman)...oh no, i got it. (man) you sure? (woman) just pop the trunk. (man vo) i may not know where the road will lead, but... i'm sure my subaru will get me there. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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it is a sad fact of life but any who works in show business
7:43 am
knows this. the show must go on. it's no different for fox's hit show, "glee." ♪ ♪ >> yep. the show will come back for its new season without its breakout star, corey my monteith, who dif a heroin dose last month. how does "glee" plan to do that successfully? torey joins us from los angeles. good morning. >> hey, carol. this is one of the many questions since cory monteith died last month from an overdose. how does fox plan to deal with "glee"'s new season after his death. according to "entertainment weekly," drugs will not be the cause of death for monteith's character, finn. just yesterday, kevin riley told
7:44 am
reporters the plans for that episode are yet to be finalized. we do know public service announcements on drug abuse will air during that show and they will focus how it's wrong to assume all addicts look and behave certain ways. according to "entertainment weekly" as well, the fox chairman also revealed that the popular "glee" series will likely end its run after season six. so, carol, that's sad news for "glee" fans who shouldn't anticipate more than two more seasons unless producers find breakout stars and a hot storyline. season five of "glee" premieres on september 26th. you may remember that date was pushed back because of monteith's shocking death. so a little bit of a teaser there that the show is most likely going to end, but who knows? maybe they'll find those breakout stars. >> maybe so. torey dunnan, many thanks to you. aaron hernandez breaks his silence in a letter written to a penpal. all the details for you next. is , a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat.
7:45 am
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try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! all your important legal matters in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. checking our top stories at 47 minutes past the hour. in d.c., a court hearing now taking place for the woman accused of splattering green paint inside the national cathedral. the hearing is to determine if this woman will remain in custody. she's been charged with felony destruction of property. remember this? there were big big celebrations when 33 mine workers trapped
7:48 am
underground for months in chile were finally rescues three years ago and today there is outrage because no one is to blame for the mine's collapse and they will close the case. they say they want the mine's owners to be held accountable. we're watching two systems for you. first, dorian may be making a comeback. the remnants of that tropical may be making landfall in florida and expected to weaken as it moves over cooler waters. how do you top the world's highest grossing movie of all time? make one, not two, count them, three sequels, that's what "avatar"'s james campbell plans to do. it took in $3 billion in 2009. expect the first sequel in theaters december of 2016. football star sends fan a letter. seems pretty cool, pretty normal, right? this is a gridiron hero gone wrong. the letter is from the
7:49 am
jailhouse. tmz is reporting murder suspect, aaron hernandez, is proclaiming his innocence in a letter to a penpal. the former new england patriots tight end is not pulling any punches. in the letter he says all the people who turned on me will feel like crap. that's a quote. jerry greenberg is here to tell us more of what the letter said. >> that's lofty expectations for a man who's gone from a $40 million nfl contract to facing life in prison. aaron hernandez now awaiting trial, carol, for those murder charges. he also said in the letter, made a request, to keep this off social media. that didn't last very long. if indeed this letter is legit and tmz is verifying it indeed is from hernandez, this is the first time we've heard hernandez talk more about this case and says he's not guilty and this time goes on. he's exchanging with a man names carl. tmz says carl 15 years ago was in the same jailhouse hernandez is serving in right now.
7:50 am
>> you're kidding. i was going to ask you why would aaron hernandez write any letter at this point? >> there is some connection between this man tmz is calling carl and the man, both have been in bristol correctional facility. it is odd and turns and twists to this story, once again aaron hernandez saying he is not guilty and looking forward to proving people wrong but getting back to the football field. one would have to think the goal first would not be to play football but to clear yourself. i think he is really set in his mind to get back on the gridiron. >> we'll see what happens at trial. even if he's cleared of all these charges, it's pretty unlikely he will return to the football field. >> while he has been cut from the $40 million contract from the new england patriots and the nfl has not weighed in yet, roger goodell spoke out yesterday calling this a black eye, saying this is something, of course, the nfl is not proud of. we have to see if the nfl, if
7:51 am
aaron hernandez is ever cleared, forever they weigh in, in any capacity. >> thanks very much. >> just ahead in this "newsroom" what does kelly clarkson have to do with the author jane austen? some of say nothing. what has britain all riled up.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
originally worn by the author, jane austen and bought that at a british auction. now the culture minister put a temp wirey hold on the ring hoping a brit will bid instead so it won't leave the country. it is rare and that was because jane austen was a very modest woman. joining us and my team really wanted this for the show. you sing for your supper. we have a couple of dogs willing to dance for their dinner. >> it's dinnertime, dinnertime, hope and rosy want their dinnertime because they're hung hungry hungry hungry girls, yeah, hope and yeah, rosy ♪ >> they might as well be english spinn spinners, get it. they're so excited to eat, they
7:57 am
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hello there, everyone. i'm john berman in for ashleigh banfield today. we begin with a new terrorism threat against american targets overseas.
8:00 am
in response, the state department is closing key embassies in the middle east and north africa, including those in egypt and libya. this latest threat comes as we near the one year anniversary of the terror attack in benghazi in libya. that attack killed four americans, of course, including ambassador christopher stevens. chris lawrence joins us live at the pentagon with the latest on this. what can you tell us about this new threat? >> sources say this was more than the usual chatter. the threat is considered both credible and dangerous, enough so that they are closing at least 17 diplomatic posts around the middle east and that region. earlier this morning on cnn's new day, the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee went further. >> it's my understanding it is al qaeda linked, all right? the threat emanates in the dd