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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 8, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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that is it for us on "new day." >> i hope you are talking about me, michaela. >> she was. >> i am so not happy to see you guys this morning. >> why? >> because that means neither of us won the powerball and we both have to work for the rest of our lives. >> all right, guys. have a great day. nice show. i'll see you soon. happening now in "newsroom." flooded and frustrated. america's heartland storm weary and water logged inundate towns from colorado to the carolinas. nissan and kia test results
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just released. linkedin or linkedout. can the social media site really help you get a job? plus, this -- >> does it treat me like a princess. almost like he doesn't know who i am. >> maybe he doesn't. >> that is diana, a new trailer. the secret lover. nischelle turner has the best assignment of the whole morning. "newsroom" starts right now. good morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us, i'm don lemon in for carol today. we'll begin with new concerns about flooding in areas where they have already been inundated. national guardsmen have been called out. a body of a 4-year-old boy swept awhy by the floods has been found. while the search for his mother continues, a section of interstate 34 has been closed due to the flooding and 200
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families have been forced to leave their homes. >> i want to cry! that's all i can say. i want to cry. i don't know, i never had to deal with anything like this. >> i grabbed clothes and diapers. and that was it. >> we've got friends that they lost everything and that's their homes. their house have floated off foundations. >> live to kenneth ramsey emergency management director for the county in missouri. he joins us now by phone. 200 families have been forced to leave their homes. give us an update on the situation there. what are you guys doing to help out? >> we've had very few people in various counties have to leave their home. most of them were upriver from mary's county. we've got some shelters available, however, they have not been used yet. the river effectively cuts mary's county totally in half. you cannot get from the east side to the west side of the
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county. watt going a very long distance around probably over an hour's trip just to go from one side of the river to the other. the river has dropped a little bit overnight and our major concern at this time is that we have 400 gravel roads in this county and over 400 low-water crossings, which the western side of the county is basically 85% damaged and the eastern sides have very, very limited, very minor damage at this time. >> you're saying it is hard to even get, to see, you know, all parts of the county. you have not been able to get out or have you to assess the damage and to see if you have any more injuries or possibly deaths because of this? have you been able to do that? >> we've had no death reported. we had some very minor injuries reported. and in the last 24 hours.
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but, basically, most all the highways close to the river are totally closed. >> everything is totally closed. do you have any indication of when they can come back up so you can help these people? >> really can't. we have to wait for their water to go down. >> yeah. all right, thanks very much, mr. ramsey. we wish you all the very best and we'll be thinking about you and from too much rain to not enough. a drought in the western states prompting concerns of a record-breaking fire season. today we are following a fast-moving wildfire raging across southern california. it has grown to 6,000 acres in just one day. hundreds of firefighters backed by air units are responding there. cnn's stephanie elam with the very latest. good morning, stephanie. >> good morning, don. yeah, talking about a fire that started around 2:00 p.m. local time yesterday. it hasn't even been 24 hours that this fire has been burning and now the fire line is about
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eight miles long. i can tell you about 1,000 firefighters that are in there fighting and there are also 15 structures that have been damaged. we don't know how many of those are homes and i can tell you that two firefighters were injured and one civilian also injured from what we understand it could have been pretty bad injuries, but we don't know for sure how bad they're doing. i talked to one woman yesterday who was evacuated and she paints a picture of just how close it came for her to get out of her house. take a listen. >> the fireman helped me bring out pictures and stuff and then i couldn't get to my purse and my medication in the back bedroom and they wouldn't let me back in. they wouldn't let me go get it. i told them, please, i can make it in a minute. no, you just have five minutes. we'll take care of everything. get in the car. get in the car. >> and that's what she did. she actually spent the night in her car to be with her bird
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because she couldn't take it into the emergency shelter. just staying there because she didn't have any money. she didn't have her credit card or i.d. lots of people evacuated. 1,500 people out of their homes. they don't know the status. we heard from a few people who don't know about their animals. as you can take a look at the fire behind me now that dawn has broken here. you can see the smoke is still very heavy heading out towards palm springs and that is making it hard. because you can see it's still really windy out here, don. it's cold. that helped the fight overnight. they're hoping to get the water ships in here and drop water and help from the ground and the sky. >> still not over yet. stephanie elam, thank you very much. you know, more help could be on the way for relatives of some of the arizona hot spot firefighters. a bill being drafted in the state house would grant additional benefits to the families of 13 of the 19 men killed in june. those firefighters didn't qualify for certain benefits because they were seasonal
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employees and not full-time. according to the arizona republic, all the families will get a one-time payment of more than $300,000. well, this morning an amber alert blankets oregon as a search for a suspected killer and a missing teen grows more desperate. it is now been four days since crews found james dimaggio's home in flames and two bodies inside. dimaggio has been missing ever since. along with 16-year-old hannah anderson. one body is confirmed as her mom, the other is likely hannah's 8-year-old brother, ethan. today the search intensifies as a vigilant public scambles for help. miguel marquez in san diego with the very latest now. miguel? >> good morning there, don. we should say the officials here are still trying to do dna on the two bodies in there. they know that the mother, they can make identification on her, they're still trying to make a complete, positive identification on the child's remains that were found in there. there are no other reports of
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missing children. so, it is likely the body of ethan in there. but the family is holding out hope and these two credible and possible sightings up in oregon and northern california have given this family a lot of hope that this thing may come to a somewhat happy conclusion. >> several states on high alert this morning after possible sightings of the blue nissan driven by james dimaggio. the man suspected of killing a woman, possibly her son and then abducting her daughter. both sightings on a remote stretch of road. the first in california and then hours later a possible sighting in neighboring lakeview, oregon. police on high alert scouring the area for any signs of dimaggio, 8-year-old ethan anderson and his 16-year-old sister, hannah. friends and family tell cnn that dimaggio developed a worrying
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relationship with 16-year-old hannah in recent years. angelina a friend with the andersons has kids hannah's age. >> from what i understand, hannah had a crush on a boy. i don't know if they were officially dating. that's something that my girls would know. i know hannah did say she was creeped out when jim told her he had a crush on her. >> reporter: hannah told her friends she didn't want to visit dimaggio any more. the last time they were seen alive was saturday afternoon. they left to spend the night with dimaggio, a long-time family friend at his home 50 niles away in boulevard, california. ethan was supposed to be at football practice 8:00 a.m. sunday morning, he didn't make it. later that night, dimaggio's house was set on fire. now, the other thing that we don't understand yet, don, is how long it was between the deaths of the individuals in that house and that fire. so, in other words, we don't have any idea how much of a lead
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on investigators or those looking for mr. dimaggio. how much of a lead they had on him. even though these are plausible and credible sightings up in northern california and oregon, they're asking people to keep watch everywhere across the country, even in mexico and into cr canada because they're not sure they'll pan out to be anything. a lot of hopes this week and a lot of dashed hopes but they're hoping, this family putting everything they can into hoping that hannah is okay. don. >> we wish them well, thank you very much. news about your car safety now. the honda civic earns a top safety rating in a new front end crash test. well, that test by key insurance group looked at how 12 new small car models fared when they got hit outside their main structural zones. along with the sieving, the dodge dart, focus, the hien day elantra and scion ic performed
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well. but several models did not. the worst performance being nissan sentra and the kia forte and soul. i think it's the forte, right? >> you got it right the second time, don. so, we're talking about small cars here and they really are big sellers on the market. but there's one highway safety group that says the way manufacturers are making some of these small cars, it leaves drivers really vulnerable to some serious injuries. that same group crash tested a dozen of these small cars and here are the results. it's this type of crash that happens on u.s. roads thousands of times per year. watch closely. not quite a head on, but what the insurance institute for highway safety calls overlap frontal crashes. where part of the car's front end strikes an object. the group says some popular
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small cars on the road don't make the grade in overlap crashes. 12 small cars put to the test. the honda civic received the top grade. the head and chest of the test dummy was protected. the airbag released on time and the structure of the car did not cave in on the driver's side. the kia forte performed the worst. >> the structure collapsed. we've got the restraints not doing a good job of controlling the motion of the occupant. >> reporter: the group says manufacturers have built cars to best absorb impact in the center. take a look, a more head-on impact on the left and an overlap crash on the right. the damage much worse in the overlap crash. >> so, as manufacturers redesign their cars, they need to try to figure out ways to provide better protection for the people inside. >> reporter: along with the honda civic, the dodge dart, ford focus, honda elantra passed
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the test. the volkswagen beatle, nissan sentra and kia soul all performed poorly. >> all right, well, if you have one of these cars the group says, don't worry too much. even though half of them performed poorly in this particular crash situation, they say that does not necessarily negate the overall safety of the vehicle. now, we did reach out to the automakers of those vehicles that performed poorly and they tell cnn that their vehicles, they exceed the federal requirements, but two of those companies, specifically, nissan and vw plan on reviewing the results of the recent crash test. don? >> rene marx, thank you very much. you know the linkedin request that pile up in your e-mail. if you're looking for a job, you might want to start answering
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them. more and more recruiters are turning to the social network for candidates and they could be looking for you. alison kosik at new york stock exchange with that story. so, alison, many people, i'm sure me among them. all of these requests. does anyone every look at this recruiter, you say, yes now? >> i say yes. a big yes because if you're looking for a job that the thing you need to do is get on linkedin and keep it updated. what's happening is the social networking company is completely transformed how people find work. you look at these companies. they're not waiting for you to come to them any more. it's become this hunt where they're looking for you and this is really been the big trend over the past five years. it really is astounding. 77% of companies use social media to recruit people. back in 2008, only 34% did and here's why. they actually are looking for passive candidates, meaning people who aren't actively looking. they're really looking to go in, look at somebody's profile and
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poach you from the company that you're at right now. and it basically gives the company that's looking for people, it gives them more options. in fact, 238 million options. that's the number of people who are on linkedin. but then, of course, you have the flip side of this. for the 11.5 million people who are unemployed, it means there is more competition out there because those people may not have applied if they weren't approached. so, you look at how this breaks down. where companies go to to find candidates. "a," they go to linkedin first. second, they go to facebook and third they go to twitter. that's a lesson for many people on facebook. take the pictures off. linkedin is taking this to the bank. their stock almost tripled since its 2011 ipo. >> did you say take the naked pictures off facebook. >> you can't get a job with a naked picture on your facebook page. >> i appreciate it, alison
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kosik. still ahead in "newsroom" a violent crash caught on video. a speeding truck slams into a tour bus and sends passengers flying. you'll never believe what happened to the driver.
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it is time now to check your top stories on cnn. a disturbing scene in china where a driver was thrown out of the window after a truck slammed into a tour bus full of people. the accident, which took place on friday was so powerful that passengers were ejected from their seats. the driver of the speeding truck was killed but amazingly the driver of the bus survived. now, to texas where a suspect is now in custody after a shooting spree left four people dead and four others wounded. authorities say the shooting began at the dallas home of the suspect's ex-girlfriend. but he left when he discovered she was not there. he then went to a second home in desoto where he found her, used an explosive device and fired additional shots. police arrested the suspect when he ran out of ammunition. outrage in new york after vandals deface a statue of
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jackie robinson and his teammate reece. police say a swastika and a racial slur were found scrambled across the statue on wednesday. now "new york daily news" offering a reward for the person or persons responsible. and in sports -- ouch. home fans hated when fans were visiting team come to cheer in their ballpark. so, cleveland indian fans had this response to detroit tigers' fans trying to rally their guys. detroit's bankrupt. bankrupt. well, looks like sports fans can take a page from the business section. not very nice, though. army major nidal hassan gunned down dozens of people at fort hood and now he wants to be the next to die.
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they want off the case because they say hassan himself wants to be executed. ed lavandera covering the court-martial in texas for us. ed, what is the very latest on this? >> good morning. we are waiting for court procedure proceedings to bedwgin this morning. this is after everything was dramatically shut down in the courtroom yesterday after the three attorneys that are essentially standing by major hassan's side, he is acting as his own attorney, but the military has invited three attorneys that help him guide through any legal procedural issues. they are not actually speaking in the courtroom because hasan has been doing it. those three attorneys started voicing concerns. hasan is trying to help the prosecution to ensure that he gets the death penalty and those attorneys don't feel like they can stand by and watch that happen. as soon as the attorney said that the judge shut everything
6:22 am
down and put into private meetings that we haven't heard anything else as to anything else is going to happen. we are eagerly anticipating and the court is beginning this morning to see what the judge will tell these stand-by attorneys. they're helping major hasan. what is the judge going to tell these attorneys? a lot of legal experts say they expect the judge to tell these three attorneys that they must continue on doing their work. many people following this case know whole well that military death penalty cases are very difficult and can be easily overturned in the appeals process. that is something that military prosecutors here at ft. hood want to make sure does not happen. we'll be able to update you here shortly within the hour or so and see exactly what the judge is going to tell these attorneys and how this trial continues to move forward. >> ed lavandera, thank you very much. interesting. a court-martial, not a civilian court. we'll see what happens in court-martiali court-martialing. thank you very much, ed lavandera.
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still ahead here on cnn, pastor rick warren fighting against the stigma of mental illness after his son's suicide. but warren also has to fight scammers. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] it's a golden opportunity to discover the heart-pounding exhilaration beyond the engineering. ♪ come to the golden opportunity sales event to experience the precision handling of the lexus performance vehicles, including the gs and all-new is. ♪ this is the pursuit of perfection.
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pastor rick warren hoping to change perceptions of mental illness after following the april suicide of his son. but the pastor has another challenge as he gets the message out about matthew warren. scammers are trying to use his tragedy to make money. mary snow is here with more information. what is this about, mary? >> it is such a painful time. pastor rick warren is dealing with online scammers creating phony facebook pages and targeting his supporters. pastor rick warren was warmly embraced when he recently returned to the pulpit for the first time since his 27-year-old son, matthew, committed suicide in april. warren, author of the best-selling book "the purpose driven life" is now making it his mission to fight against the
6:27 am
stigma of mental illness. the saddleback church which he founded set up a fund and warren credits his family, particularlily his daughter, for providing strength. >> i'm in a family of spiritual redwoods. it is a rock solid family and, actually, when matthew died amy said, you know, daddy, she said, satan picked the wrong family to pick on. he's going to lose big time on this one. >> reporter: but as he grieves along with his family, warren is also finding himself dealing with a different kind of fight. one against scammers. he wrote on his facebook page tuesday, 179 of over 200 fake rick warren facebook pages created by scammers to make money on my son's death have now been shut down. we're still working on the rest. thanks to you friends for reporting them. pastor warren has declined interview requests since his son's death, but other mega
6:28 am
church leaders like joel olsteen have been targeted by phony facebook pages in the past and the head of an evangelical research organization says he's seeing more and more of these scams. >> people are going around soliciting funds and people see the name and they click friend or like and then the people that, the criminals begin to sort of reach out to people who are trusting that they're hearing from a trusted christian leader. i think it's important that people always recognize that there's a lot of evil people in the world and those evil people try to do evil things. >> reporter: while facebook will shut down pages once alerted, scammers copy photos and profiles so the pages look real. it was the postings that raised red flags. >> the posts are not like i would post and they began to contact people and those people said, that doesn't sound like you, at all. >> now, we've reached out to fa facebook for comment. a spokesperson told us the
6:29 am
company can take action on fraudulent pages like these when reporters use them. if they discover a page that is suspicious, report it to facebook. don? >> mary snow, thank you for your reporting. still ahead here on cnn, more flooding problems this summer of storms for much of the country. we take a look at the areas being hit hard right now. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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okay. get to some breaking news and this video is coming out of middle, tennessee, we've been telling you about the flooding there. this is a baby being rescued there this morning. again, from our affiliate krn. it's in nashville, tennessee. and we're told that rescuers saved a baby that was trapped by flash flooding there this morning. a number of roads, as we've been talking, even in the midwest there is flooding and the same thing is happening there. a number of roads impassable. this heavy rain caused flooding all across middle tennessee area this morning. dozens of people had to be rescued from high water. this is only one of the children. a number of children had to be rescued. one in madison and another one near white creek. at least all is well for now with this child. we'll continue to watch this flooding for you in middle, tennessee, and bring you the
6:33 am
very latest. in the meantime, everyone. good morning to you. bottom of the hour. i'm don lemon, carol is off today. stocks dropped for three straight days on fears the fed may cut back on the stimulus. could the markets be poised for a rebound today? i am sure everyone hopes so. joining me now from new york just ahead of the morning bell is alison kosik. a rebound, alison? >> actually, the bell rang about three minutes ago. stocks starting off in the plus column. looks like these stocks are getting a boost from positive trade out of china and upbeat earnings here in the u.s. groupon, shares up 23% right now. the daily deals site reporting better than expected quarterly sales. after the bell yesterday, it said it had its strongest quarter ever in north america. what a great year groupon has had. up almost 80% to $8.08. but a lot of ground to make up to get back to their ipo price
6:34 am
which was above $20. shares of tesla jumping 17% right now. posted a surprise profit. people are buying the model s plug-in like crazy. separately, we also learned this morning that weekly jobless claims rose last week by 5,000 but still staying to a five-year low. not expected to have a negative trade on the day today. not improving a whole lot but treading water. don? >> alison kosik in new york this morning, thank you. we'll see you soon here on cnn. this morning a blankn ambert blankets oregon. it has been four days since they found james dimaggio's home in flames with two bodies inside. one body is confirmed as her mom and the other is likely hannah's 8-year-old brother, ethan. we'll have an update for you on that story very soon on cnn.
6:35 am
a whole lot of people waking up richer this morning. at least three tickets had the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing worth $448 million. it was sold in new jersey and minnesota. but, there could be more out there. there could be more out there. here are the numbers for you, just in case. check them. 5, 25, 30, 58, 59 and 32 wefor e powerball number. for weary americans the latest to feel the brunt, ohio, where a house was damaged by a possible tornado that tore through the north central part of the state yesterday. thankfully, there were no injuries there to report. indra petersons is in new york with a lot more on this weather. what is going on, indra? >> we're talking about slow-moving system. take a look at the flood threats. kansas, missouri and as you mention now, nashville, tennessee, dealing with day after day of rain and flooding.
6:36 am
this is going to be spreading. take a look. >> i just seen a funnel cloud come down and trees and debris come up. >> reporter: a roof ripped off a home and trees uprooted after a possible tornado touched down in ohio. parts of the country are battling severe weather and even the threat of flash flooding. a powerful storm tore through wisconsin, leaving behind a path of destruction just outside of green bay. one man was killed while clearing away debris. missouri is under flood alerts. deadly waters have reportedly claimed the life of a young boy in waynesville and police are still searching for a woman who may be the child's mother. heavy rains hammered the area and dozens had to be rescued after waist-deep waters rushed into residential neighborhoods. the governor declared a state of emergency, calling in 50 national guardsmen. >> i want to cry. that's all i can say. i want to cry. i never dealt with anything like
6:37 am
this. >> reporter: flash flooding could affect cities from colorado to the carolinas and even stretching all the way up to the northeast by the end of the week. in missouri, on i-44, there was flooding as far as the eye could see. between 100 to 200 structures were destroyed. this submerged neighborhood could get hit, again. and check out the hail from minnesota earlier this week. in the southeast, the storms have been relentless. gilmore county, georgia, has been hit for the second week in a row. they've already seen three to seven inches of rain and there's even more rain in the forecast. and in birmingham, alabama, the heavy downpours have caused flash flooding in the suburbs. >> so, here's looking at a low up in canada, but that trailing cold front behind it that is producing storms right ahead of it. notice the bottom half, it's stalled out. heavier rain in the southern portion of it and in the northeast, watch how fast or slow it moves to see how much rain we're going to be getting.
6:38 am
as far as the current forecast, atlanta one to two and heavier rain, really again through missouri and now kentucky and tennessee as we've already seen today and then the northeast looking at heavier thunderstorms that could have downpours with heavier rainfall amounts and more scattered than we're looking at in the southeast. either way, don, a lot of flooding in the forecast. >> indra petersons, i'm sure you'll keep an eye on that. just ahead on cnn, we know she nailed a look, but can naomi watts really become diana? >> more after the break.
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but hurry, sleep train's interest-free for 3 event ends sunday! superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the movie "diana" heads to theaters later this fall while we had time to see naomi watts
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as the princess, we haven't had a chance to hear her until now. >> doctor, this is diana. >> perhaps i can show you around. >> i'm serious. >> i don't know how to contact you. >> i have a mobile. actually i'm not like most people, i have four. >> cheers. >> doesn't treat me like a princess. almost as if he doesn't know who i am. >> maybe he doesn't. he may be badly informed. >> the film focuses on the final two years of her life. nischelle turner in new york with the story. a lot of interest in this, i'm sure. >> very much so, don. as you can see the first official trailer really shows diana and her love affair and how it began to unravel and diana almost seemed a little vulnerable, almost like a school girl as she falls in love with him. the trailer also really
6:43 am
highlights the challenges they both faced with all the fame, the flashing lights, the paparazzi that came along with being the princess of wales, which sadly led to diana's death in 1997, when she got into that fatal car accident while fleeing the paparazzi. let's take a look at a little more of this trailer, shall we? >> the next few days are going to be a little bit tricky. >> i have to marry the whole world, as well. >> that's not possible. >> anything's possible. >> i am a surgeon! i can't work with the paparazzi sticking their cameras in my face. >> when you fall in love, you keep going despite the warning lights. >> you keep telling me everything is going to be all right. it's not lr, it's all wrong. >> we received an offer from dodi fayed. >> i was trying to find a way for us to be together. >> diana! >> and there you see when she
6:44 am
begins to fall in love with dodi alfayed. there was the short preview trailer that was released in june and we saw some still photos but now we get to hear naomi watts speak and put this altogether. "diana" will release in the uk on september 20th and here in the u.s. in october. >> you know, having reported on this, you know, if you're old enough to remember diana, surprisingly, a lot of people don't. we said she nailed the look. i'm not so sure. that's not to say anything about naomi watts. do you think she looks like her? >> the surrounding things do. she doesn't actually look like diana. there are some times if you've seen the still photos there are some times within this it's a pose from her and a look from her that does mirror diana. sometimes the mannerisms. i think she has a lot of those down. not so much the face, but we'll
6:45 am
have to see the movie to see her mannerisms and that walk and that shy look that princess diana would give to you and give to people. that's one of the iconic looks we saw from her. we'll see if naoma watts could nail that. >> maybe naomi watts will do that, as well. let's talk about the heart surgeon. he looks familiar. >> remember where we've seen him before? >> andrews from "lost." looks different there. little more buttoned up. that is him. you know, he played in "lost" and so good there and we haven't seen him for a while and he's ba back. >> i'm not a royal watcher and i still want to see it.
6:46 am
who didn't like diana. thank you very much, talk to you soon. want to eat more chocolate? who doesn't, nischelle turner does. i know she does. i give her chocolate. i bring it to her office. medical science may have just provided the perfect excuse, but are you old enough to use it?
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a massive manhunt expanding for a southern california man suspected of killing a woman and child this morning and is suspected of her murder. james dimaggio is suspected of killing a mother of two and hannah anderson is believed to be kidnapped. now disturbing new information that the suspect, who was a friend of the family and
6:50 am
expressed inappropriate feelings toward the teen. so the case is a carry reminder to parents that the phrase stranger danger or a warning to stay away from people they don't know, it doesn't always go far enough. so what should parents tell their children? cnn digital correspondent is here, kelly wallace. she joins me now from new york. kelly, we often tell our children not to talk to strangers but in this case the family knew dimaggio. what do families need to tell their children now especially in cases like this? >> absolutely, don. from the littlest ages we should be talking to our kids about inappropriate behavior. my girls are 5 and 7. i try to talk to them any time i can and say if someone does something that doesn't feel right, such as asking to see their private parts, they should come to me or another adult. if something doesn't feel right, if someone says inappropriate
6:51 am
things, has an unusual interest in them, they should tell someone. if they don't feel comfortable going to their parents and maybe when they become teens and tw tweens they don't want to go to their parents, they should set up a safe circle of friends, a aunt, a therapist. >> and here is a friend who describes the relapgsship between the suspect and 16-year-old hannah anderson. >> from what i understand, hannah had a crush on a boy. hannah did say she was a little creeped out when jim did tell her that she had a crush on her. >> okay. so if a child feels uncomfortable around a family friend, what advice should parents give their children? >> again, it's kind of that same thing. you know, if something doesn't feel right and is inappropriate, go to someone, go to a parent and really the parents have a
6:52 am
role to play here, too, don. that's really kind of communicating, hey, if you don't feel comfortable coming to mom or dad, go to someone else, your aunt, a counselor, friends, et cetera. parents should be observing what's going on in their children's lives, in their activities. see hough grownups interact with them. if someone seems to be taking an unusual interest in your child, you might want to learn more. if they want to give your child gifts or money, you might want to talk to your child and find out a little bit more about what's going on. and moms and dads, go with your gut, right? if something doesn't smell right, doesn't feel right, something might be going on and you may want to explore more. >> parental involvement. not that anyone is to blame here, again, create a safety zone around your kids and where they feel they can say anything to, it's very important. i imagine it's almost like having fire drills or emergency evacuation drills. do you think it's appropriate for parents to be conducting
6:53 am
kidnapping drills with their children, kelly? >> you know, this one goes on you probably want to give your kids as much information as you think they can handle. when i keep talking about stranger danger too much with my girls they're like, mom, we get it, enough, stop. at the same time you want to arm them with as much information as you can. there is a great deal of terrific information on the web site for the national center for exploited and missing children. tell them to use their voice, scream, yell, it's more important to get out of that situation than it is to be polite. and the role for parents, learn as much as they can about the people in their kids' lives. and there are videos out there, don, self-defense drills. as your kids get older, maybe you think that's something they can handle and give them important information. the key is to be open and talking but also understand how much information and what kind of information your kids can handle at that time.
6:54 am
>> great information, kelly. i haven't told you this on the air but it's great to have you back. thank you so much. >> great to be back. thank you. >> we'll be back in a moment.
6:55 am
6:56 am
the first round of golf's final major of the year is under way. tiger woods still looking for his elusive 15th major title.
6:57 am
andy joins us this morning with the bleacher report. andy, take it away. >> that was great, don. absolutely amazing. all eyes will be on tiger this week as everyone wants to see if this is finally the week he ends his major drou drout. it -- drought. this is tiger's last chance of winning a major this year. he's on the course now, he's one under through four holes. you can watch all the action starting at 1:00 eastern on tnt. you rarely hear of any former patriots players criticizing bill belichick and his coaching ways, but that's exactly what wide receiver wes welker did in an interview with "sports illustrated." he said he got tired of
6:58 am
belichick calling him out last year in front of the team. he said he's still in his head, that he's not worried about what his team will say, he's worried about what bill belichick will say. >> and utley collides with catcher navarro. amazingly navarro holds on to the ball for the out but he paid for it. the cubs' catch her to be carted off the field. luckily x-rays were negative on his ankle. he's expected to be okay. >> last night's real madrid-chelsea match, a fan runs on the field and all he wanted to do was give ronaldo a hug. get this, ronaldo hugs him back. this can be a scary thing but ronaldo embraces him. this is an uncomfortably long hug. check how long it takes for security to give over there. ronaldo finishes the hug and
6:59 am
escorts the guy over to the cop. usually you see the guy getting tackled on the field. this guy got all the way to ronaldo and got a 45-second hug out of the deal. i'm sure he'll have plenty of time to think about this as he pays for this with either jail or a hefty fine. nothing to say. >> bow-chick-a-bow-bow. >> everybody loved him. that's what everybody says about the man who killed his wife and might have kidnapped his daughter. >> next to that was a picture of a swastika. >> racial slurs and a symbol on the famous statue of jackie
7:00 am
robinson. now there's a $10,000 reward to track down the racist scum who did it. and while you play angry birds, hackers could be spying on you. we'll show you how one wrong click lets them watch everything you do. the cnn "news room" starts right now. >> a lot of news for you this morning. good morning, everyone. i'm don lemon, in for carol today. a manhunt stretches along most of the coast. james dimaggio is accused of killing a mother of two and abducting at least one of those children. just last hour, cnn's chris cuomo spoke with the father of those children and chris joins us now.
7:01 am
chris, what did he say now? >> i got to tell you, don, this is tough, about as tough as it gets for this man, for him to find the strength to go on television, you know, as a father but really just as a human being, your heart goes out to him. he told me his entire story. this is the first at-length interview hige's given. and there's really no pride in that. the this is a story we really need to tell. cnn has been all over this story. not every outlet has and it's starting catch on and that's good because there is hope for rescue for his 16-year-old daughter hannah. mr. anderson tells you the story of an extended family. this guy dimaggio was family to him. they were a good friend. they've known each other since hannah was like 1. he was part of their family. when he lost his job, anderson did, in san diego, had to go to tennessee, this is one of the
7:02 am
guys he relied on to keep his family safe. they went to the cabin, he relied on him to get his son to football. it was worst kind of crime as someone who was closest to this family. listen to the interview yourself. >> thank you all for joining us. first of all, what's obvious is we feel for your pain and i'm very sorry to have to meet you this way. hopefully by getting the word out, there we'll raise attention and keep people focused on finding dimaggio. we are very sorry for your pain, mr. anderson. >> thank you very much, i appreciate that. >> let's take a step back if we could. this story is confusing to a lot of people. explain the relationship between your family, your kids, their mother and mr. dimaggio. >> mr. dimaggio came into our lives about six months before
7:03 am
hannah was born. he and i had a very close relationship over the years and we've done many, many things throughout the years together and he basically became like part of our family. he was always around and we always did stuff together as a family. sometimes he took the kids camping. but we were just very good friends. >> this is your buddy. you know him. was there ever anything about him that you found suspicious? i know the easy answer is no because you wouldn't have had him around your family, but searching your history now, was there anything there? >> you know, i have come up blank. i have been through every scenario in my brain. there was nothing ever to show any indication of this. everybody you could even talk to loved him. he would give you the shirt off his back, and he was there to help at any time you called and nothing ever like this indicated
7:04 am
anything. i'm hearing different stories but, you know, nothing to me ever indicated anything like this. >> so in piecing this back together, your kids and their mother going up to his cabin not unusual, happened all the time, can't read into it? >> that is correct. i can't say it happened all the time but a lot of times he was down at our place and every once in a while the kids, even myself when i was in san diego would go up there and stay the night and we'd ride a go cart or do whatever, you know. it was just like being like camping out because of his cabin. >> now, we have heard these rumors, as had you, that your 16-year-old daughter hannah had become uncomfortable around him, that he had expressed a crush. we don't know what happened but have you heard anything about that before now? >> i had not heard anything
7:05 am
about that. if i had heard something about that or my wife, it would have been cut off. >> no question about it? >> no question about it. >> again, this is just a huge blank spot. when did you learn about this? >> i learned about this on the day of the fire. my cousin called me and said did you hear about jim's house? and so i just googled it and found, you know, the pictures and they said there was one body, which at that point i thought was jim. so i was very upset for jim. and then things just downward spiralled from there. >> tell me about your kids, mr. anderson. tell me about hannah. tell me about ethan. >> give me a is second. >> i know this is difficult. i cannot imagine talking about my kids in this situation but we
7:06 am
want people to feel connected to these people and who may be lost. tell me if you can what's special about them to up. >> ethan wore his heart on his sleeve. he would do anything for anybody, loved everybody. we spoke often when i was in nashville. he was just getting back into football for a second year. and hannah was just a beautiful, beautiful girl. very good student, hundreds and hundreds of friends. and there is nothing bad to say about my kids. they never did anything to anybody. they were always wonderful. we were pretty tight even though i was a couple thousand miles away. i -- i don't know what to say. it's surreal to me right now. >> when you found out that they found your wife in the house and that she's gone, could you
7:07 am
believe it? >> no. i could not believe it. i can't fathom what happened in jim's head, what happened. he obviously just lost it. >> tell us about her. tell bus your wife. -- tell us about your wife. >> my wife and i, we had been together for many years. we have been married about the last 11 years. hi taken a job in nashville. my job here in san diego went under. and we still spoke on, you know, at least a couple times a week and were working things out. she was a very lovely lady, very friendly to everybody. she has good friends, loved by her family and she wouldn't hurt a fly. and for this to happen to her
7:08 am
was just uncalled for. >> and this guy dimaggio was one of the people you thought you could depend on in your absence to make sure that your wife and your kids were okay. is that true? >> absolutely. i spoke to him often and, you know, and he would help get my son to football practice on days that hannah had dance or whatever and he was constantly there for me. >> they are going through this very difficult forensic analysis of what happened inside the house. they know they found your wife there. there's another body they're trying to figure out. is not knowing the most difficult part for you right now? >> i know that they're looking for dna and everything but i wish -- i hope that's not my boy but i have to kind of think that it is. that's kind of my mindset right
7:09 am
now. so right now a lot of focus is on trying to get my daughter back alive. >> 16 years old, she smart, she's strong but she is with an adult male. do you have any idea where he would think he could go, what he would think he could do in a situation like this? >> i have no idea. he -- he's into camping. he could be anywhere. that's why people that are going out to different camp spots, please keep your eyes open, i don't care where it is. i just have no clue. look i said, it's surreal to me. i can't imagine this even happening, just kind of taking it day by day and hoping for the best. >> what is the hardest thing for you emotionally in this, dealing with having your wife, your daughter and your son all in
7:10 am
some type of not being with you anymore? what's the hardest thing for you emotionally in dealing with all of this? >> i believe the hardest thing emotionally is still to come when i have to go and start cleaning out their apartments and rooms. but i have a lot of support here with me and we'll try to get through it. >> we are here for you as well. we want to get the word out that everybody is looking for dimaggio, that we're looking for hannah and, yes, we have ethan's face out there just in case. what do you want to say to this man if he monitoring the news? >> like i said, you've taken everything, the damage is done, just let my daughter go, let her be home safe and let her be with
7:11 am
me and try to mend things from there. >> that's all that matters to you is getting him back. what happens to him is secondary? >> that's correct. >> it must be impossible for you to stay strong like this. i give you all the respect in the world for coming on and talking about this. anything we can do to help, we will. and we know that there's been a fund set up, yes? >> yes, there has. i don't have a whole lot of information but it's called the anderson family memorial fund and it's set up through wells fargo out of the sparks, nevada wells fargo. and it was done very quickly by a friend mine and some amazing people named andrew davis and michelle st. pierre. i can't thank them enough. we will try to get more information on you with how this works as time moves on. >> what are you going to do with
7:12 am
the fund? >> well, i'm not a rich guy. i'm going to you, you know, most likely use with any upcoming expenses and if there's anything left over, i will donate that to someone for exploited children. >> that's very noble. if anything develops or things you want to get out, we are a phone call away from you, okay? >> i appreciate that. >> i am very sorry to meet you this way but we will keep hope alive that hannah is alive and that she is safe. >> thank you very much. >> take care. tough situation, don. we see them a lot but for this man to have literally lost everything and feel that he wasn't there when they needed him, it's just a tough spot to be in. hopefully it's one of the opportunities where the media gets used for good and that the word is out there, the face of dimaggio is out there, the face
7:13 am
of hannah is out there and this amber alert does what it's be brought to justice and n can hannah's found safe. >> what do you say after that, chris. you have kids. people aren't always who they present themselves to be in public. i always say that. this man is doing the best that he consideration he lost his job and thought this person could be there in his stead and help watch over his family. >> yeah. you know, i do everything i can to avoid the cynicism that what we do for a living kind of brings with it. we tell stories that are generally dark in nature, right? most of what makes news winds up being troubling a lot. but he knew this guy for 15 years, he was his buddy, he was part of his family. you just don't expect this to happen. but when it does, it has to cut
7:14 am
more deeply. to have one moment to takes everybody who matters to you away is unfathomable, let alone to a parent. you've been all over this story from the start and that's what we have to do when we do our job well. >> we'll have more on the story later this hour, including the frustrations many californians felt after getting that amber alert very late at night. the question is did it do more harm than good? it's an interesting one. that's coming up at 10:30 here in the newsroom. we'll be right back. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. beneful is awarding a $500,000 dog park makeover... in the 2013 dream dog park contest.
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vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. army major nidal hasan wants to be the next to die. his own defense lawyers want off the case because they say hasan wants to be executed. the judge just ruled on that motion. ed, what did the judge rule? >> reporter: well, simply the judge told these standby attorneys, there's three of them, that their motion has been denied. what this means is that they will have to continue working alongside major hasan. major hasan is acting as his own
7:18 am
lead attorney so he's legal strategy, his decisions are his decisions and the judge in this case said those standby attorneys must continue to work alongside him. yesterday they had started to tell the judge that they believed that major hasan was working in concert with the prosecutors to ensure that he gets the death penalty, but the judge says that this disagreement is simply a disagreement over strategy and that major hasan has every constitutional right to determine how he wants to proceed since he is acting as his own attorney and that major hass hasan is capable to represent himself hereby has the constitutional right to do what he wants and this is simply a disagreement over legal strategy and that isn't good enough to have these attorneys removed or modified in any way. now this trial will keep on going down the road and prosecution witnesses will resume taking the stand here in just a little while. >> any indication of how much
7:19 am
longer we have? you said prosecution witnesses about to take the stand, how much longer we have left in the trial after this delay? >> you know, it's interesting. it's a little bit hard to gauge just exactly how long this is going to take. it appears and we're not getting a lot of information as to what to expect from date to day, but it appears that prosecutors will essentially call as many witnesses and victims as possible to lay out a detail record of what happened in this massacre where 13 people were killed, more than 30 others wounded. a lot of detail will be put into the record. so it's a question of just how long that will take. but i think one of the things that will shorten this is the very fast that if it goes the way it went the first day, major hasan has had very few questions of his own. it makes you wonder how many witnesses he will call when it's his turn to put on his defense. some have speculated this could take several months, others are speculating it could just be a matter of weeks.
7:20 am
>> ed lavandera, thank you very much for that. >> we're going to go to an attack on an iconic figure. >> you playing ball or socializing? >> playing ball. >> play ball! >> playing ball. >> obviously that is from the movie but that moment of pee wee reese showing such solidarity with jackie robinson. a vandal defaced it with race slurs. the "daily news" is offering a $10,000 reward for the villain
7:21 am
they call "racist scum." we turn to ron. thank you for joining us this morning. new yorkers are calling this an insult, even a desecration today. >> absolutely. i happened to be there yesterday for the ball game. and on my way to the ball game i heard on the car radio about the incident at the statue and the statue has been there for eight years untouched, except people touching the statue, children have their photographs taken by their parents at the statue. it's never been vandalized in eight years. i was there in 2005 during the dedication when rachel robinson was there and sharon robinson, his daughter and pee wee reese's wife was there and johnny padre, the pitching hero for the dodgers world championship in 1955.
7:22 am
and jackie was my favorite player when i was a kid. i'm old enough to have gone to ebbetts field and i met jackie several times. if i hold up a photograph here, this is me with rachel robinson in 1997. >> hold it a little higher. there you go. >> and i'm telling rachel after ball games the players would park their cars behind a gas station and the players would come out and sign autographs. and i'm telling her jackie wouldn't leave until every kid shook his hand or had an autograph. she said jackie didn't want to disappoint the children. this next photograph was taken in 1955 on camera day at ebbetts field. you see a young boy with his
7:23 am
camera and jackie has his arm around david with the photograph. go ahead. >> it just shows you the kind of guy. listen, jackie robinson we know, pee wee reese, two iconic men in baseball, two men to look up to in this day and age when we hear about characters -- people acting out of character with the doping and what have you. this really hits new yorkers in the wrong place this week, doesn't it? >> no question about it. >> all of baseball really. >> the things that this person wrote at the base of the statue is so ridiculous. i mean considering who jackie was, what he represented, the racial harmony that the statue depicts with a southern white fellow from kentucky, pee wee reese and they became best of friends. there was a book published a number of years ago, mostly a
7:24 am
children's book but adults can read it, too, called "teammates." it's about how they met, their friendship. and in 1997 i invited sharon robinson to come to the public school where i was teaching and she came and we had a wonderful day with sharon robinson, brought all my photographs, my collection and it was just a great day. to see something like this happen today is just terrible. it really is. >> absolutely. and obviously whoever did it, a knucklehead, to say the least. >> to say the least, yes. >> if we're going to call names here. we'll be right back. >> hey, number 1, you playing ball or socializing? >> playing ball. playing ball. maybe tomorrow we'll all wear 42, that way they won't tell us
7:25 am
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a disturbing scene in china where a driver was thrown out of the window after a truck slammed into a tour bus full of people. the accident, which took place on friday was so powerful that
7:28 am
passengers were ejected from their seats. 22 people were injured and the driver of the speeding truck was killed. amazingly the driver of the bus survived. i want to go to texas where a suspect now in custody after a shooting free spree left four dead and four wounded. authorities say the shooting began in the dallas home of the suspect's ex-girl friend, but he left when he discovered she was not there. he went to a second home in desoto where he found her. he used an explosive device and fired additional shots. police arrested the suspect when he ran out of ammunition. >> and roadways become rivers in missouri. heavy rains this week have triggered flooding across the south central part of that stay. this has been a terrible summer as far as flooding goes. >> it literally has been one of those summers where it has been day after day of rain. imagine this, don.
7:29 am
there were rescues in a place called hollister where people were on their roofs and hanging on to trees as they were being rescued. and in tennessee, can you see a baby rescued there. this is from just this morning. we actually have this low in canada and it's now slowly making its way across. look at the current radar out there. heavy rain in the exact same place. we're talking about kansas, oklahoma, missouri. that rain will be with them even through saturday. it's not like this is a thing of the past. moving forward, that cold front swinging through the area. we're still going to be dealing with this heavy rain. the southern portion of the front has stalled. we're going to be talking around 2 to 3 inches from some of the
7:30 am
hot spots. hard to believe. >> it is. and indra will be watching it for us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> just ahead in the newsroom, did a late-night wake-up call do more harm than good in we talking about the new standby amber alert that has rattled some californians. are moving fast. i'll take that malibu. yeah excuse me, the equinox in atlantis blue is mine! i was here first, it's mine. i called about that one, it's mine. mine! mine. it's mine. it's mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. it's mine! no it's not, it's mine! better get going, it's chevy model year-end event. [ male announcer ] the chevy model year-end event. the 13s are going fast, time to get yours. right now, get this great lease on a 2013 chevy cruse ls for around $149 a month. a quarter million tweeters is beare tweeting. and 900 million dollars are changing hands online. that's why hp built a new kind of server. one that's 80% smaller. uses 89% less energy.
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what's shakin'? [ female announcer ] as you get older, protein is an important part of staying active and strong. ensure high protein... fifty percent of your daily value of protein. low fat and five grams of sugars. see? he's a good egg. [ major nutrition ] ensure high protein... ensure! nutrition in charge! >> police intensify their hunt for kidnapping suspect james dimaggio and missing teen-ager hannah anderson. the two seen here on a facebook photo. with alert issued after police received a tip dimaggio's car, blue nissan versa had been seen in the state. meanwhile back in california, an arrest warrant has been issued for dimaggio in the murder of
7:34 am
hannah's mother. a second body at the scene may be hannah's 8-year-old brother ethan. this is the first time california has used a statewide amber alert cell phone system. this was the first time many realized this state had this alert. imagine this noise coming from your mobile phone at night. listen. [ loud beeping ] >> that is a loud noise. not everyone found it helpful, including mark cklass, whose daughter was kidnapped in 1993.
7:35 am
>> i they they should have done a 200 mile distribution. i received it very late at night, as did my wife. we had no idea it was coming, were rather alarmed by it and were unable to really find out any more information. >> let's discuss this now. i want to bring in joe cerna, a reporter for the "los angeles times." joe, what are some of the responses you're hearing from this particular alert? >> like mark said, some people were alarmed by it and some thought it was too far. some people were alarmed by it. >> hmm. it seems like you would want to get the alert out there that there is a missing child or missing children right away, but some wonder if, you know, it could -- the statewide system,
7:36 am
this massive statewide system be doing more harm than good? >> well, i guess you have to consider what is the harm versus what is the good. certainly it was an inconvenience to a lot of people. i talked to a gentleman in sacramento who said he was watching a dvd with his girl friend and it just scared the heck out of him, it went off in his pocket, he didn't know what it was. it was an inconvenience to him. others said they got it multiple times where it woke them up and couldn't go back to sleep and it's a huge inconvenience. but proponents say the benefit to kids could outweigh that. >> if could you save a life to be inconvenienced, really? why would it matter? >> that's what some people are saying. but then you have to talk about how wide should that alert go. >> twitter exploded after that
7:37 am
alert. one user wrote "i don't think i'm okay with this amber alert stuff on my phone." another said "this amber alert just scared the crap out of me." is there a chance people will get frustrated and opt out of the alerts or stop looking or paying attention because they're frustrated by them? >> when i talked to people from missing children that people opt out but they did have an opt-in program before. the national amber alert program was an opt-in. over seven years, only 800,000 people opted into it. they decided when they go in 2013, you have millions of people getting amber alert. that's why they like it that way. some people might think it's a little bit of overreach but on your phone can you disable it. you just have to find the settings. they're kind of difficult to find. if you can find the settings, you can disable amber alerts and
7:38 am
other alerts. >> thank you. a community in mourning after two brothers are killed by a 100-pound python. now there are new details about what may have led to their deaths. we'll have those details next. you're in the cnn newsroom.
7:39 am
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new details in the death of two canadian brothers killed by a 100-pound python. according to preliminary autopsy reports, 6-year-old connor and his 4-year-old brother noah died of asphyxiation. it's causing many to wonder how this could have happened. those images are disturbing, pamela. >> really disturbing and such a tragic story here, don. we have had some questions
7:42 am
answered but many still remain after the death of 6-year-old connor and 4-year-old noah. last night the community gathered to mourn their deaths during a vigil. >> reporter: a somber vigil held as family and friends met to honor connor and noah barthe. disturbing photos have emerged inside glass cages that held snakes. people say they loved animals. >> they played with lamaas and goats. >> jean-claude savoie is the
7:43 am
family friend. >> the python was kept in an enclosure similar to an aquarium. snake experts tell cnn that this type of python typically only kills when it's hungry. an earlier statement said the snake may have fell through the ceiling, which also could have scared it into attacking. >> it was a dark house, they'd been mishandling animals all day, it may have mistaken the kids as food. >> now again the preliminary autopsy results showed that these boys died from asphyxiation. the royal canadian police have launched an investigation.
7:44 am
it's unclear if the store owner had a permit for the python. they're typically only allowed in zoos. don, in the u.s. there have been 34 incidents on record of children being attacked or sickened by con constricter snakes. a real situation but shocking. >> a break through in medical science. how dementia patients could get help from a cup of hot cocoa. fo. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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so here's some tasty news for you. chocolate may boost brain power. it's really good news. that's according to results from a new study that asked people older than 65 to drink two cups of cocoa a day. those with narrow arteries saw increased blood flow to the brain and improved memory. benefits were similar among dark and milk chocolate drinkers. finally some good news. can you see the prompter in
7:48 am
there? it said "blow flow." i'm like what is that? blood flow. cat, this means older folks should start stocking up on some maybe some hershey syrup. >> i wouldn't start sending them to the candy aisle rather than the medicine aisle yet. it showed increased blood flow in patients who already had some sort of impairment and not necessarily improvement on people who had normal blood flow and i'm going to be a kill joy and say those same flavonoids exist in onions, carrots and apples and also red wine. moderation, everybody. >> you're right. everything in moderation. i was talking to the producer before the story and we were saying just everything in moderation, right? you are a kill joy because i
7:49 am
know what the answer to the next question is going to be. dark chocolate. i always go for the dark chocolate and i always go for the dark chocolate candy bar. is there really a benefit to it? >> it's not as parkcked with sur and cream and extra facts. there are studies that show maybe an ounce a week can help fight harmful u.v. rays, it can help your skin some. again, everything in moderation. and if you're going to be eating all this chocolate, you have to be a little bit moderate about everything else you see, especially if you're getting chocolate mixed in with whipped cream and nuts. you're not going to snack your way to health, unfortunately. >> why not? can we just talk here? you know we have this love
7:50 am
affair with chocolate. i've had this report before that it sort of mimics orgasm. you've heard that before. >> oh, of course. yes, it helps in many, many ways. makes your mouth happy, makes all kinds of other things happy, too. did you know the average american eats about a half a pound of chocolate a month. >> now we know why. >> a $4 billion industry, it's not going away any time soon, whether it's healthy, orgasmic, whatever it is. >> certain receptors, certain endorphins. >> great for cramps. >> producers are like wrap it up because don will go off the rails. always a pleasure. if you thought shark week was great, get ready for dog tv.
7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:54 am
dogs, too. japanese researchers studied 25 dogs including a mix of papillons, pit bulls and poodles. look at that little cutie right there. all of them. and you may want to wake up that tired pooch. the first network designed just for dogs is hitting the airwaves. cnnans jeanne moos explains. >> reporter: who would sit and watch three minutes of a dog running through a corn field? not ginger. look, it looks just like you. look! just like you! no wonder it's just like her. it's dog tv. the first television network for dogs has just gone national on directv. what's the target demo? >> wherever there is a dog who is home alone, we feel this is the perfect baby s-sitterbaby-s.
7:55 am
>> don't let your dog get lonely. dog tv. >> reporter: the creators said they did research, watching surveillance cameras set up in 38 apartments watching what dogs do. >> we learned dogs were not too happy with the barking noises. some of them got irritated and anxious. >> reporter: romeo gets so excited, his owners can't watch shows on tv. they've enhanced certain colors to make them more visible to dogs since canines don't see as many colors as humans. there are three types of programming, stimulation, relaxation and exposure to get dogs used to things like car rides and baby and thunderstorms. dog tv costs $5 a month and at
7:56 am
least your dog won't have to sit through erectile dysfunction ads. are there commercials? >> it's commercial free. >> forget channel surfing. some people think dog tv is silly, it makes dogs hyper, trying to make sense of stuff coming out of a box. but the humane society recommends leaving a tv on if your dog has separation anxiety. >> immediately the dog sat down and watched it. >> the creators say some dogs are mesmerized, while others can't be bothered. >> look. no, no, stay. >> ginger, try to stay awake for this, huh? ginger, want the remote? >> we don't expect dogs to sit all day and become canine couch potatoes. >> reporter: ginger became a couch potato without showing even the remotest interest of dog tv, unless she's dreaming of leaping through that corn field.
7:57 am
jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> i like big couch potatoes, too. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm don lemon. cnn "newsroom" returns after this quick break. (announcer) take their taste buds for a little spin with more than 50 delicious flavors. friskies. feed the senses. thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever
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8:00 am
let's get started. we're going to take you first to the west coast where the desperate search for two missing children in california has changed. it has spread to oregon. an amber alert has been issued there for 6-year-old hannah and 8-year-old ethan anderson. of course prompted by a possible sighting of a vehicle that's wanted in connection with this case. authorities expected that 40-year-old james dimaggio abducted at least one of these children after their mother's body was found in a burned-out house. a child's body was also found but so far authorities have not released an identity on that child. the children's father, brett anderson, was on cnn's "new day" this morning. >> i believe the hardest thing is still to come when i have to go and start cleaning out their apartments and rooms.