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tv   Early Start  CNN  August 14, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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minute and just butt out. because, frankly, we're getting kind of tired of blurring your junk on the "ridicu-list." "early start" begins right now. breaking news this morning, an intense 12-hour hostage standoff is finally over. and police shoot and kill the gunman after he opened fire on his captives. we're live at the scene. also breaking overnight, egypt's military forces moved in to clear protests. we have reports of beatings, arrests and deaths. at this hour, police continue firing tear gas and bulldozing tents. this situation is unraveling by the minute. and we are live in cairo with the latest. and new details on rescued kidnapped victim hannah anderson. we hear from her for the very first time since her traumatic ordeal. find out why she did not run. >> fascinating. >> good morning, everyone.
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welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. it's wednesday, august 14th, 35k a.m. in the east. we're going to begin with a tense 12-hour standoff at a bank in louisiana. it is now over, and this morning with the hostage-taker dead and two of the hostages shot. it happened in st. joseph, that's near louisiana's northeast border near mississippi. alina, what you can tell us? >> reporter: zoraida, this is still a very active scene. we're going to zoom into the bank so you can see the police remain here. investigators continue to comb the bank for vefd. now louisiana state police have identified the alleged hostage-taker as 20-year-old fuaed abdo ahmed. authorities say ahmed walked into this tensas state bank with a gun and took three employees hostage-over the course of 12 you hours, ahmed made several demands, even leased a female
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hostage. just before midnight, local time, a s.w.a.t. team stormed the bank because the gunman, according to police, threatened to kill the hostages. ahmed was shot dead. police say he shot dead both hostages before he was killed. the man and women were taken to separate hospitals in the area. at last check, according to police, they are listed in critical condition, zoraida. >> alina, thank you very much. we'll continue to check in with you there. we're going to turn now to cairo, we have majoring troubling developments overnight. police have moved in firing tear gas and guns as they try to break up two massive sit-ins there. these sit-ins were filled with supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. the pictures we're getting back are very dramatic. we have conflicts reports on the number of deaths and injuries. let's get the latest from cairo ian lee there for us.
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e eian, what can you tell us right now? we're seeing the pictures there. we don't have ian right now. overnight, troops from the government, the military, moved in from the sites of the two sit-ins. at the sit-ins they have been fortifying the area lately, protesters, they've been building stone walls, storing rocks, even gathering bird shot to use against the police in the military, in the event, that the authorities moved in to break up the protest. that now has apparently happened. as we said, we're getting conflicts reports about the number of dead and injured. anywhere from a handful to much more than that. these pictures that you're looking at right now is very, very dramatic, as i said, this situation has been developed overnight and continues to develop through the morning. we'll bring you the latest. we'll get the reporters in cairo. three minutes after the hour. new this morning, the surprising online discussion of just what kidnapping victim
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hannah went through. the mother of one of hannah's closest friends tells the associated press was hannah who answered questions on the social media site ask sm. that just days after taken captive. among the questions hannah apparently answered did you want to go with dimaggio. a reply, no, not at all. why did you run, she was asked -- she wrote, he would have killed me. why didn't you run. how did you separate from your mom and brother. she answered, he tied them up in the garage. then asked, are you glad he's dead. hannah wrote, absolutely. meantime, a fund has been established to raise money for hannah and her family. we have a link on our website i'm told we do have a reporter up in cairo. ian, tell us what's the latest
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right there. >> reporter: well, right now, we have an ongoing security operation at one of the two major protest camps of the supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. earlier this morning, one of the other camps was cleared by security forces who made arrests but the ongoing clash at the main protest camp has seen at least seven people killed. and dozens injured on the pro-morsi, pro-president -- former president mohamed morsi. also the interior ministry saying two of their security officers have been killed in the clashes. that is ongoing. both sides saying, on the security forces side saying they're only using tear gas. on the protester side saying protesters. but what we're hearing from the ground is that gunfire has been used at that protest. both sides claiming the other side is using weapons, live rounds, to attack the other.
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a very chaotic scene right now if you're in cairo. >> and, ian lee in cairo. no one is backing down here, correct? you still have the authorities, the military government going after the protesters? you still have the protesters refusing to leave this site. this only seems to be s to be escalating? >> reporter: that's right. i'm also hearing reports around cairo, there are supporters of ousted president also taking to the streets. and there have been clashes in other areas, other districts. the government has shut down the national rail service in attempt to kind of isolate all of these incidents. the brotherhood has condemned that, saying they're trying to stop the protesters from voicing their opinions. but this does seem to be
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escalating of sorts as the day progresses, since the early morning raid took place, really, without any warning. >> okay. you can see the development on the ground in cairo. ian lee, we'll check back with you in a little bit. appreciate it. the case of a vicious beating on a school bus in florida. this is captured on surveillance cameras. the 13-year-old victim told authorities three teenagers tried to sell him marijuana, when he refused, they beat him up in retaliation. now state officials are recommending nine months of court-supervised probation for two of the teenagers you see there. there's no recommendation for the third teenager. prosecutors tell a judge they want a stronger sentence and plan to use this video to make their case. >> trayvon martin's father is being honored by florida university's football program. tracy martin was named an honorary captain after making a
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moving speech to the team last weekend. martin will perform the pregame coin toss against mississippi state that happens september 1st. two dangerous wildfires to tell you about. first look at the blaze. the elk fire in east boise. it's grown to 75 square acres. and the fire is only 5% contained. and near park city, utah, the summit county fire is raging. it has now destroyed 12 homes. another 15 structures destroyed. it's a 4,000-acre fire. it also just 5% contained. >> the fires look awfully big. indira petersons is watching that for us. >> unfortunately, it looks like that fire danger is going to build over the next few days. you see the red flag warnings,
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high temperature and low humidity, not a good combination. and it looks like it will build as we go into idaho tomorrow. another ridge of high pressure building throughout the area. thursday looking to be the hottest day, in fact, temperatures could get close to 100 degrees. good news by the weekend, we'll start to reverse that pattern and see humidity. a different picture, though, notice, we have that cold front in the northeast. look what that leaves behind. cooler temperatures, temperatures a good 10, even some case 15 degrees below normal today. cleveland high of 68. do you see there, 77, new york, 74. we are loving this beautiful weather, kind of sticking around in the northeast. but down to that south area, we're talking about that cold front being now stationary. so with that, we are still talking about the threat of rain. and it gets a little bit complicated, not only are we dealing with that moisture in the gulf. but all eyes on the tropics. so in the caribbean, a 30% chance of development. it gets interesting when you
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watch that low as it does develop. what we're looking for is all of that tropical moisture mixing in with that stationary front. with that enhanced rainfall, 3 to 5 inches but when those come together, 8 inches of rain throughout the weekend. >> we don't need that one bit. thank you very much. 10 minutes past the hour. a major airline merger is on hold this morning. the justice department is stepping in block american airlines and us airways from joining forces. it's a deal that would leave you with fewer choices in the sky. here is renee marsh with much more. >> reporter: it would be the largest airline in the world. but tuesday, before the $11 billion deal could take off, the justice department filed a lawsuit, challenging the merger of american airlines and us airways, saying passengers would lose big. consumer advocates agree. you've been saying all along this should not happen? >> this was really good news for
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consumers because we can going to lose an incredible amount of competition within the united states. and when we lose competition that's never good when it comes to price control. >> reporter: the justice department used a flight today to illustrate what's at stake. they say this round trip from miami to cincinnati cost $471 on us airways. and $751 million on american. if the two airlines merge, the justice department says us airways aggressive discounting could disappear. opponents say it would reduce competition, cut service and increase fees. at airports like reagan national where the two operate, a combined airline would control 61% of the takeoff and landing slaupts. in a joint statement, the airlines say they plan to fight the lawsuit. this spring, the ceos defended the merger. >> by putting the two networks together, we're going to provide better service, more efficient service to consumers.
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>> this is creating enhanced competition. today you have two really big airlines, united and delta. and this creates a third as a counterbalance to that. >> reporter: the justice department says the companies can thrive on their own. >> so, they're going to do just fine. they're not going to go away and reeb dufd to nothing. >> reporter: well, the justice department saying they don't have a problem with airlines making money, but they do have a problem with reduced competition. and they say these two airlines compete directly on thousands of routes. rene marsh, cnn, reagan national airport. for the second time this year, an air force nuclear missile has failed a safety and security inspection. this time, the 344th air base in montana. seen to be unsatisfactory waiting for untactical errors
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during missile exercises. it's one-third of all interconnell nenl missiles. hooters is taking a stand against embattled san diego mayor bob filner. yes. more than a dozen women have accused filner of sexual harassment. now four hooters in the city have posted signs saying, quote, the mayor of san diego will not be served in this establishment. we believe women should be treated with respect. the parent company later tweeted its support. quote, our hooters girls in san diego have spoken. not a corporate gig, but we support our girls. >> just for the record, on the subject of hooters, just to remind people, of the two of us, which one actually has been to hooters? and why do you go? >> i love the wings. >> there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. i've never been, in my life -- >> send me pictures if you've been in there. >> 13 minutes after the hour.
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an a completely separate note, i promise anthony weiner, an uncomfortable squirmy debate with opponents for mayor. and maybe a bigger battle with the clintons. and an alleged murder for plot busted in florida. why police said he wanted his entire family dead. mine was earned in djibouti, africa. 2004. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999.
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welcome back, everyone. so is the clinton boom falling on anthony weiner? yesterday we told you how weiner seemed to drop a hint about hillary clinton's presidential plans. he was asked about his wife huma and her role in the buzzfeed interview? >> do you know what the role of hillary clinton is going to be in 2016? >> i do. >> what will it be? >> i'm not telling you. >> a lot of people heard that,
2:18 am
and said, oh, really? is anthony weiner intimating that there say plan. and is hillary clinton part of it. >> and they wrote, no, we have absolutely no absolute what he was talking about, maybe his campaign is, doubt it, though. that was the zing 34. zinger. clinton, though, has officially yet to declare her intentions for 2016. >> really? 18 minutes past the hour. new york mayor cory booker a step closer to becoming a new york senator. he won the democratic primary in a special election to replace frank lautenberg. booker will face steve lanigan. we could hear from convicted leaker bradley manning, the former army private is expected to speak in his defense during the sentencing phase of his court-martial. he was convicted last month of espionage for giving a trove of
2:19 am
documents to wikileaks. he could face up to 90 years in prison. a detroit police commander facing disciplinary action after an e-mail containing the bra sizes of some 20 female officers was mistakenly sent department-wide. the woman had provided their weight and height and bra size to be fitted for a bulletproof vest. at least one has filed a grievance. the detroit police plans to meet with the officers to offer a personal apology. the department says the incident was a clerical error, and definitely not a lapse in judgment. >> what you're not seeing is zoraida shaking her arms at the camera here, apparently not convinced about the clerical error. >> oh, my goodness. it would be nice to talk to them, wouldn't it? >> a lot to learn there. a businessman being charged with trying to hire a hitman from el salvado, to murder his
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wife, his mother-in-law, his brother-in-law and his 9-month-old baby. prosecutors say jason simmons tried to rig his home and wipe out his family after his wife told him she wanted a divorce. it's part of the bulldog equipment that provides tactical equipment and assault equipment to government law enforcement. today assess road warriors. we've all been there. you find a really cheap airfare, you book it and you realize all that you save has been eaten up by crazy fees. one airline has rolled out a program that may put an end to that frustration. united airlines will now let you pay for a year's worth of checked bags. you can do that up front. for $349 a year, you can check one bag on each flight within the united states. the cost goes up, depending on where you fly, how many people you're traveling with. but is it really worth it? currently united charges $25 to check your first bag. so travelers would have to fly
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welcome back to "early start," everyone. it's money time, commercial-free with christine romans. good to see you. >> good morning, guys. this is a $12 billion tweet. carl icahn tweeted that he bought a large stake in apple. he said he thought apple was extremely undervalued. and he also said he spoke to tim cook about it and there was more to come. that tweet added more than $12 billion to the value of apple's stock. the billionaire icahn said it to be trading at a time at that. the men's wearhouse without george zimmer for years of "you're going to like the way i feel," the new commercial is a departure from the traditional advertising the company was known for. uh-huh. there he is. you have to see how men's
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wearhouse customers take a look at this brand-new look on television. but, yeah, he kind of ogles that school girl. you heard this, right, that to have a credit history, you have to have a credit card and use it? well, guess what, the credit company vandage score says maybe not, there very millions out there who may be immigrants or recent graduates who don't have credit card history tore but they are still good credit risks. at least a third of them would be prime credit customers. even though they don't have the large credit history. calls it a sweet spot. finally, becoming harder for average buyers, 69% of homes down sharply. for a family earning a median
2:27 am
income of $64,000. as home prices rise, as mortgage rates start to rise, affordable will slip away. >> it ain't easy. coming up, a violent day on the streets of cairo. police moving in to break up sit-ins. protester, fighting back. we'll be live there with the latest. honestly, who would do this, a father accused of using his daughter to hide drugs. she's only 2. that story's still to come. [announcer] there's no hiding the goodness of the latest from
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a violent, bloody crackdown in cairo as protesters and police square off. is it a dangerous developing situation. we are there live. breaking news in louisiana as well. a hostage situation there coming to an end there overnight. with the hostage taker dead. two hostages shot. we're going to have the latest from the scene. imprinting organs? that's right, scientists say they can now 3d print kidneys. look at that. we're going to tell you about this remarkable advance. >> welcome back to "early start," everyone. a lot going on this morning. i'm john berman. >> and i'm zoraida sambolin. in cairo, a promised crackdown on protesters has turned very violent as police moved in around the two sit-ins around
2:32 am
fire and shot and demanding that the supporters of mohamed morsi leave. but they're refusing to leave. reza sayah is live. reza, where are you and what are you seeing? >> reporter: we're in cairo, zoraida, and this place looks like a war zone. this is an awful, awful scene here. this is -- it's been going on for more than six weeks. the military-backed interim government had promised a crackdown operation and that happened. 6:30 a.m., local time, security forces, came in from all directions, closing in on this demonstration. they say they initially fired warning shots. but at some point, the weapons,
2:33 am
protesters -- it's not clear who's doing the shooting. in the past, the interior ministry security forces have repeatedly denied this. but from what we're seeing, there's a lot of people who have been hurt. a lot of people here who have been killed. we personally witnessed bodies going past us. we're standing right in front of a makeshift clinic here. and there you see, one of the victims just covered in blood. being helped by someone. this has been the scene all morning. obviously, it's a highly charged atmosphere. a lot of people, emotional. you're seeing people cry. this demonstration has been filled over the past weeks, with lots of families, women, children, they're here. obviously emotional. and i don't know if you can hear in the background, we can still hear them -- some of them sound like automatic gunfire. it's impossible to tell what's happening beyond our vantage
2:34 am
point here. who's firing. but we can tell you, what's very clear, a lot of these supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi have been hurt. they've been hurt badly. and a lot of them have been killed. and now we wait, zoraida, to see what the coming hours brings. and what the outcome of this operation is going to be. >> reza, i know we have a very bad connection, but i want you to stay with me here. you're talking about all of the violence there. we're seeing the people being taken into and out of the hospital, are they disbanding? are they leaving? is there any effect happening? >> reporter: well, we can say people are not leaving. but we're hearing witness accounts that security forces, police, riot troops, have penetrated a number of entrances that would be barricaded. what we believe -- we believe
2:35 am
they've moved in to the heart of this demonstration. so what's clear, this is an operation to clear this place out. but this place is so vast, over the past few weeks, it's mushroomed into a small town. they've been building tents. they've been bringing lumber in to set up shelters. entire families have moved in here. it's an incredibly difficult task to move everyone away. as you can see, a lot you have people here are defiant, they're determined to stay. i can't tell you how many people i've spoken to who tell me that we're not leaving. and we're prepared to die. >> all right, reza sayah, we really appreciate having you there. we're glad to see that you have a protective vest on. please be safe there. thank you. >> just amazing, people being carried right behind reza, right behind it all. >> he said they're defiant. other news to tell you about right now, a tense standoff
2:36 am
apparently over now at a bank in a rural part of louisiana with a gunman ted and three hostages freed. two of them were shot by the gunman as a s.w.a.t. team moved in to end the standoff. they are both in critical condition right now. this all happened in st. joseph along the mississippi river in the northeastern part of the state. it began early tuesday afternoon, when police say a 20-year-old a man went to the bank, apparently to rob it. it's not clear why he stayed and took the hostages. but we now know, he is dead. two of the hostages were shot and injured. they are being treated. a lot going on between egypt and louisiana. busy morning. and indira petersons is keeping an eye on the dangerous weather around the country. >> we have red flag warnings around salt lake city, that fire
2:37 am
danger on the rise thanks to warming temperatures and lowering humidities. not a good combination there. this will actually spread into idaho by tomorrow. thursday expected to be 100-degree mark. all things from the dome of high pressure that is building in. that is bad news for fire relief. but fortunately, towards the second half of the week, we talk about monsoonal moisture moving in and cooler temperatures and higher humidity towards the weekend. look at the dome towards the northeast, that dome building in as that cold exited and brought the heavy rain and cool temperatures straight down from canada. we love it. let me show you what it's feeling like for the next several days. temperatures in cleveland highs today just into the 60s. 13 degrees below normal. indianapolis, 73, chicago, 74. and spreading to the northeast, 74 even in new york city. so beautiful weather in the northeast, but unfortunately, that frontal boundary has stalled out once again into the southeast. but look at all the heavy rain
2:38 am
expected. all of that moisture out of the gulf is fuelling that. especially along that boundary. two to five inches of rain possible over the next three days. that's not the only thing going on. we're looking for potential development in the caribbean. as it goes below the gulf, we could see the low in the next several days. if that happens we have that low combining with that frontal boundary, with all of that, once you combine that tropical moisture to warm and humid air. not just three to five inches of rain, but potentially eight inches of rain in the forecast as we go through the weekend, and we definitely don't need it. >> thank you. so it wasn't that long ago that anthony weiner was actually leading the field to beat new york city's next mayor. that was until the latest revelations about sexting. so when he and his fellow candidates met to discuss the race on tv, just knew that weiner's past would come up. >> reporter: it was the shouting
2:39 am
match outside and a boxing match inside. the democratic candidates for new york city mayor facing off in their first televised debate. anthony weiner apologizing once again for his latest sexting indiscretions. >> i've made mistakes, embarrassed myself and have hurt my family. >> reporter: the embattled candidate sparring with city council speaker christine quinn repeatedly. >> i've apologized for my personal behavior. the speaker refuses to apologize for overturning the will of the people for the slush fund scandal and for things in her professional record. >> neither me more anybody else on this stage or any new yorker, quite frankly, should be lectured by anthony weiner about what we need to apologize for tonight or ever. >> reporter: the other three opponents seemed perfectly content ignoring him. >> i don't want to talk about anthony. >> mr. lu? >> same thing. >> reporter: focusing again on the issues facing the city.
2:40 am
in recent weeks, the scandal-plagued candidate has gone from first to fourth place. his support plummeting from 26% from the latest sexting admission to 10s in the newest quinnipiac polls. how do you think you're doing despite the polls? >> i think i'm doing well. >> reporter: the candidate's wife huma abedin remains absent from the campaign trail. >> i think he's watching. >> reporter: fighting to watch weiner stay in the race. an atlanta teenager son a heart transplant list this morning just days after his family said he had been unfairly rejected. 15 years ago anthony stokes suffers from an enlarged heart and had been told that he only has six months to live. his mother said he initially had been kept off of the transplant
2:41 am
list because the hospital complained he had a history of noncompliance with medical directions. but she said her son was never sick until last month when he was diagnosed with the heart condition. the hospital says it will continue to work with the family. all right. so this is very cool in a kind of a "twilight zone" kind of a way. remember the duck who was given a 3d printed foot that helped him walk for the first time? now scientists in china say they figured out how to print living kidneys, actual transplantable kidneys, miniature ones we're talking about, created using a 3d printer. this is very much in the reresearch phase. it's not ready to be used in humans. but apparently, they do seem to work like real organs. >> that's remarkable. >> it's weird. >> it is weird. can you imagine? >> no. all right, coming up, a beijing man's ideal home soon to
2:42 am
be no more. why this mountain villa owner is being told tear it down. and what the world's biggest drinkmaker is doing now to get you to buy its products. full-page ads about artificial sweeteners?
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2:45 am
welcome back to "early start," everyone. we have an update now on this really incredible story out of china. bous officials in beijing have given a tycoon to remove his building
2:46 am
atop a rock structure. it caused leaks in the building. they complained about late-night karaoke sessions. this whole thing is causing an uproar in beijing. now, the man who built it admits it was a huge mistake. he will have it torn down in a week. >> late-night karaoke bothers you? >> anytime of day bothers me, quite frankly. you can build a mountain on top of my building, just don't sing. 46 minutes past the hour. schools in hartford county, maryland are introducing a new pay to play policy for school sports and afterschool activities. the fees come in response to a $20 million budget deficit. wjz reports that many parents are upset about the fees. $50 for sports, $25 to join afterschool clubs. the costs will mean some students will be left out. a chicago man under arrest accused of hiding drugs in the clothing of his 2-year-old
2:47 am
daughter. police pulled over an suv, emanuel wiggins was a passenger inside. he asked why he was holding his daughter on his lap instead of having her properly restrained. investigators say they discovered 26 tinfoil packets containing pcp stuffed into her clothes. that's not a happy story. >> that is awful. much happier stuff coming up on "new day." chris cuomo, kate bolduan, tell us what is going on. >> good morning, guys. >> put us in a box there, john, the first story is the violence in cairo. we have to cover it, it's very important. the situation there is changing fundamentally, what we were hoping for a peaceful transaction isn't happening. at least 100 dead. violence is breaking out around the country. we'll take you to the scenes of the outbreaks. and we will be live in cairo this morning. the big question is, the fallout from mohamed morsi who is the former president. the protesters aren't backing down. that situation is going to move in one direction or another very soon. also following a story
2:48 am
sparking outrage across the country as well has a lot of folks scratching their heads. a judge ordering a family to change their son's name from messiah to martin saying only jesus could have that title, messiah. we're talking to the baby's mother live about the controversy this morning. speaks of moms, hollywood mom, halle berry, jennifer garner and others pleading with lawmakers to pass bills on tough penalties on paparazzi. but would the bill interfere with real journalism. i'll tell you what they're saying. >> i'm always happy to see you guys no matter what the news. sounds like a great show. see you in a little bit. >> thanks, john. >> we'll be back more live with more news. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7,
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2:52 am
now. ian lee is live in cairo with the latest. ian, we're seeing bloodied, wounded victims on the streets there. and we're seeing no signs, apparently, of either side backing down. >> reporter: exactly. but that is mount here in cairo. the muslim brotherhood is disputing the number killed, saying over 150 of their supporters have been killed. that is, though, coming from the muslim brotherhood. we're going to have to wait until we get independent official numbers to come out. but what we're seeing is the violence escalating. we're also seeing reports of other outbreaks of violence around cairo. not just at the two areas that were at the center of protests. but also other places around the city. now the government has shut down the national rail service to stop protesters from descending on the city. but it looks like the violence in cairo is escalating.
2:53 am
it's going to continue. and what we've seen in the past, this could really be the beginning of another long stretch of violence here in cairo. as the death toll mounts and the number of casualties continue to grow, john. >> ian lee in cairo. this situation developing ongoing. stay with cnn all morning. we will bring you up to speed on the developments as they happen. we'll be right back. i missed a payment. aw, shoot. shoot! this is bad. no! we're good! this is your first time missing a payment. and you've got the it card, so we won't hike up your apr for paying late. that's great! it is great! thank you. at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card with late payment forgiveness. ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing good around ♪ ♪ turn around barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪
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welcome back. we're happy you're with us this morning. 56 minutes past the hour. we're taking a look at the top cnn trends on the web this morning. just how safe are artificial sweeteners? a newspaper ad campaign from
2:57 am
coca-cola is defending aspartame, aka nutrasweet. saying the sweetener is safe. from the critic who push say its drinks and food products help promote obesity. more legal trouble for chris brown. the singer is being sued by a cousin of r and b start frank ocean. the cousin claiming that the star beat him up last january. outside an l.a. reporting studio apparently started after brown parked in ocean's parking space. and a source for chris brown tells the associated press the suit is frivolous and amounts to a shakedown. aol ceo is apologizing for a very public firing of an employee. tim armstrong sent a note to the staff there yelling to get out. it was a mistake and emotional response. you'll recall armstrong was in the middle of a conference call
2:58 am
discussing layouts at aol's sites when he apparently tried to take a picture. armstrong told him, you're fired. "the new york times" says armstrong has called lenz to apologize. but this very important. he will not be hiring him back. >> i'm really, really sorry, you're still fired. sorry, pal, fired. all right. check out the other top cnn trends. head to that's all for "early start." thanks for staying with us. >> take it away, chris and kate. >> thank yous very much. all right. everybody, almost top of the hour, here at "new day," it means it is time your top news. ♪ all the prisoners must come back. this is in, we are not coming hole. breaking news, hundreds dead in egypt as the government cracks down on protesters. we will take you to the violence in cities across the country this morning.
2:59 am
live in cairo. standoff. also breaking overnight, a 12-hour hostage situation in louisiana ends in bloodshed. three held at gunpoint inside a bank for hours. but the gunman wasn't there for money. we're live with the latest. hannah's words. dramatic new details from hannah anderson herself, reportedly, tells her side of the story on an online forum. how she survived her six days in captivity. >> your "new day" starts right now. good morning. happy hump day. welcome to "new day." it is august 14th, 6:00 in the east, i'm chris cuomo. >> good morning, everyone. i'm kate bolduan, here with new anchor michaela pereira. >> good morning. >> good morning. we have much more on the remarkable online exchange. hannah anderson answering questions, even posting this photo of herself detailing exactly what went on during her
3:00 am
time kidnapped. she talks about why she couldn't escape and her relationship with the man who held her captive and the pain she's going through, a report coming up. the police chase turns deadly in texas. innocent bystanders become victims. we've seen intense car chases on tv, often speeding down the highways. the question they raise is when is a chase not worth it? certainly this situation begs the question. we'll take you through it. also we'll take you through something that's given us pause at cnn, you know the public charging stations for your cell phones, you see them everywhere, at the airport or a mall and you're low on battery power. turns out hackers may be using those charging stations to get your information or worse, implant viruses onto your phone. so much more ahead. let's begin with breaking news. egypt's military moving in overnight to break up two massive miakeshift camps


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