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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 16, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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want to start with this story, a desperate dad saying that marijuana may be the only thing that can save his 2-year-old daughter's life. and he is pleading with his governor. the only, the one and only new jersey governor chris christie, he wants him to help by signing a bill that makes medical marijuana available to children, including his child. the governor has thought about it and he has proomsed mised toa decision by today. i do want to warn you that some of the images and scenes that you're about to see may be difficult to watch. >> it's been like two months now. it's very well come coupdocumen. >> these are very complicated issues. >> reporter: this is a conversation between chris christie and a concerned father.
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christie sitting on a state legislature bill that was introduced two months ago that could safe his daughter's life. 2-year-old vivian wilson suffers form a severe form of epilepsy with only about 500 reported cases. that's according to the national institutes of health. her family says she suffers 20 to 70 minor seizures every day, averaging major seizures like this one every four days. >> she has stopped breathing many times during seizures. >> reporter: she sleeps with a heart and oxygen monitor, wearing an eye patch because certain patterns in the environment trigger more seizures. her dad says, she's been on temperature different drugs and a special diet. but nothing works. wilson wants to try a form of medical marijuana not available in new jersey.
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because he says he's seen it work in other children. although the american academy of pediatrics opposes canibus. >> we're looking for an oil or a better, some sort of an extract. >> reporter: governor christie says it's -- an impassioned plea, father to father. >> now, obviously it is extremely difficult for little children to inhale any kind of marijuana as a treatment. and it's also very dangerous for little kids to inguest marijuana in a longeze form. so a different form o introductory like an edible
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form. chris christie said this, i am not going to turn new jersey into colorado and california. i'm not legalizing marijuana in new jersey. the wilson family says that this type of medical marijuana that they want for their little vivian doesn't actually get the child high. in fact the treatment isn't about the high or the thc that you would get in recreational marijuana. it's about the other properties that come in cannabis. i want to bring in dr. sanjay gupta th gupta, what timing to have this on today because you have been doing this incredible report on the highs and lows of weed. it airs tonight at 10:00 but i want to weigh in on what we're seeing and connect it to the piece that you have done, little charlotte because they seem to be identical cases. >> you're talking about young children who basically develop a form of epilepsy or ease yours pretty early on in life, for whom nothing works. they try all these different medications. i know in charlotte's case and i
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had spoken to brian wilson yesterday as well. they have been on several different medications at a time. and these medications could be said dating. and these medications can -- her mother has had to perform cpr on her a few times. there's some real concerns about safety. and in charlotte's case, after trying all that and finally getting approval for an oral form of marijuana, a tincture which is high in the medicinal part and low in thc which is the medicinal part, she went from 300 seizures a week to basically one a week, or three or four a month. >> a lot of people have reactions to do, we should try anything when it comes to kids
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that could die and that compared to other people who say dear god what is the proof, that marijuana works with children like this? do we have any kind of definitive proof? >> i will preface by saying these studies are hard to do with any medication, they're hard to do for adults and even harder to do for kids. so studies are hard to come by. marijuana as a term is really referring to cannabis. and so the idea of conjuring up reefer madness where people are using the stuff with a high thc. we're talking about kids, they're not smoke it and it doesn't get them high. so i think that's important to point out. if you look at draves, which is what brian wilson's daughter vivian has, you're talking about 41 states where it is legalized
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medically, marijuana is, some are getting more benefits than others. but it's a whole other discussion just simply getting the science done in the united states is very hard to do for all sorts of different reasons. we would love to see more studies on this, but as brian was describing, there is some pretty good data. >> i learned a lot watching your documentary "weed. your program airs again tonight at 10:00 eastern time. if anyone has any questions, we encourage you to watch sanjay's reporting. right now in harrison, new jersey, there's chris christie who's at a public event right now, whether he will be asked by anyone else in the audience as he was are previously, what are you going to do today about giving marijuana to kids.
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i want to bring in defense attorneys danny savalos and jeff gold who's also a prosecutor. when it comes to this, there is a lot of support for medical marijuana and there is a lot of dissent. and as sanjay said, it's hard just to do the studies. as a former defense attorney, can we not rise above that this is still a drug that the feds consider criminal, to do at least the research on it? >> the new jersey legislature and the governor have been at war over this really. the bill was held up by the governor's regulation. he imposed additional regulations that the legislature didn't which is what's going on right now. a lot of politics. there's an election coming up in new jersey. so in addition to the problem between the feds and the state, there's also a problem between the legislature and the governor and an election. >> here's a question and i'm sure that this would be extraordinary for the wilsons right now. they legal can't use that form
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of cannabis that charlotte is using, they can't do that in is state of new jersey. can they do it legally any other way? can they get their hands on it and try this for their children any other way, danny? >> not in new jersey. that's the fascinating thing is that we're now getting that patch work legal mess in all these several states. and isn't america fascinating in this we take marijuana and we place it in schedule 1. that means the government thinks it has no medicinal value and a high level of addiction. compare that to alcohol that has no medicinal value and a high level of addiction. america has a fascinating view of its drugs. alcohol is in our history and traditions is legal, and the court has used that term, history and traditions. marijuana is not part of that. >> i'll do you one even better, i learned from sanjay's report
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on weed, that the government holds a patent on doing research. danny and jeff are going to stick around because we do have a lot more reporting and i do want to remind you once again that sanjay gupta has a special on the highs and lows of weed, you have to watch it for charlotte and charlotte's web alone. coming up this hour on "legal view" the first pictures of 15-year-old hannah anderson. plus back it up, shut up or pay up. yeah, those would be the words of judge judy, on her left, that's the son. and he is suing law enforcement for defamation. she's weighing in in only the way she can. and the family of teenager alexis murphy angry. angry about the story that the suspect who's been arrested is
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welcome back to "legal view." hannah anderson has made her first public appearance since her rescue. her friends are talking and saying that hannah is a very strong person and knew she would come back. >> she's always that person to go to with my problems and she held always help you out. he didn't deserve this. she's an all around good girl. >> she's an outstanding person, she's always, like, putting others before her and she's so smiley and, like, just cheerful and everything. >> casey wians has been reporting on this story. >> reporter: hannah anderson looked perhaps a little scared as she hurried past maybe a
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dozen cameras. but once inside people said she was much more comfortable with her neighbors and her peers. what she really wanted to do was thank everyone who supported her during and after her ordeal. hannah anderson's arrival at a funder raise came as a surprise to her family and friends. >> this was an unexpected reunion, honestly. all her friends were here, it's like we haven't skipped a beat. >> reporter: the media were invited to this restaurant where the fund rairais-raiser is bein. >> reporter: wearing hannah strong t-shirts helped raise money for hannah's mother and brother's funeral. >> i want to thank you all for coming. this is a small community that we're a part of.
8:15 am
the community came together and put on this great fund-raiser for hannah and hopefully her future and healing. >> reporter: what good is coming out of this ordeal. >> it's -- the fundraising event crew a large crowd. raffle sales and t-shirt sales all donated to the anderson family. >> we have a lot of expenses in front of us and right now we're just looking to her future and getting settled. >> reporter: her family helping hannah adjust. meanwhile we're still learning new information about what police discovered at dimaggio's burned down home. this newly released search warrant said that police uncovered a handwritten note to hannah which proves dimaggio had control over that house.
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police also recovered incendiary devices leading them to believe that that fire was caused by human actions. some of the items that police uncovered during that search, chilling. empty boxes of camping gear. empty boxes that once contained handcuffs and lots of ammunition. >> i wan to remind you that this weekend you can watch anderson cooper's special report "kidnapped: the rescue of hannah anderson." the friday of anger has erupted into anger and violence. state television is reporting that gun fire can be heard there at the police station in cairo. mohammad morsi had called for a national day of protests today what. they're protesting today is actually what happened in earlier protests. a deadly crackdown on the pro
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morsi demonstrations that happened earlier this week. oprah sat down to talk about a whole lot of different subjects including the trayvon martin verdict. >> i talked to a juror on the trayvon martin case who clearly did not understand or did not feel linked to trayvon martin, felt connected to george zimmerman in a way but not to trayvon martin. and i wonder if she felt that race was not a part of this case at all. >> people believe it's not race because they don't call it race. that's not what they call it. you know what i found too? a lot of people if they think they're not using the n-word themselves, they actually physically are not using the n-word themselves and do not harbor ill will towards black people, it's not racist.
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but to me it's difficult to look at that case and not think that race was involved. when you see pictures like these of prince and paris and the little boy called blanket jackson, do you ever wonder what kind of family routines they had? what about family pictures that sort of thing? you might be shocked by the revelations that came out in the courtroom yesterday. you might be surprised to hear how much like you they are. hear that story next. investing p our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need. and that means growth, lots of cargo going all around the globe. cars and parts, fuel and steel, peas and rice, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
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from celebrity court, welcome back, i'm ashleigh banfield. michael jackson -- all of these
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stories about padding around his house in jam mys, walking around in his slippers and reading stories to his kids. his ex-wife actually appeared in court yesterday to tell us about those anecdotes and a lot more too. >> debbie rowe told stories -- in her second day of testimony, michael jackson's ex-wife mesmerized jurors talking about her life with the king of pop, including his journey into addiction which she said started after this whorrific accident i 1984 that burned jackson's scalp. but she also talked about the good times. he wanted to be the best parent he could be as photos of her and
8:23 am
jackson and their children were shown in court. he stayed in costume while she gave him a ride and rowe broke down in tears while this concert video was play from 1996 in munich, germany. munich is where rowe testified she saw doctors administer doses of propofol to induce jackson's sleep, the drug that eventually killed him. she said she told her boss jackson's dermatologist that jackson was addicted to propofol. aeg lawyers say that's why they called her as a witness. >> she couldn't do anything but help our case. people talked got his propofol use in the 1980s and the early 90s. >> reporter: she referred to paris jackson's recent suicide attempts saying, quote, she's devastated, she tried to kill
8:24 am
herself, she doesn't feel she has a life anymore. and ashleigh, clearly she did help aeg to establish that she did confirm michael jackson's propofol use. but she also continued to himanize michael jackson, she absolutely did that. >> we'll continue to update you as those updates are warranted. we have another story as well. imagine if you had someone you knew, god forbid a family member kidnapped. the family member of this adorable girl now has to listen to the guy who was arrested in her disappearance talking smack about her and not just a little.
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so complete outrage from a missing teenager's family today.
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alexis murphy was last seen at a gas station in virginia on august 13. that was 13 days ago if you're counting. but her hair, at least a small part of it was found in a man's camper. that man, her alleged abductor is randy taylor. and he was arrested. that's a picture of randy taylor. mr. taylor is telling an alleged tale saying she wanted to buy marijuana. and alexis said that she could help him out. and alexis and a mystery drug dealer went to his camper and left in separate cars. taylor says that guy was the last to see alexis and not him. >> why didn't you call authorities on monday when you saw her missing persons flyer
8:29 am
hanging up and on the news. you had your opportunity. i can't imagine that this sick person being able to do this to another young girl, this -- it has to stop. >> you can imagine how this family is feeling, they're already suffering through having a missing child and loved one and now the story that she was going to help deal pot. joining me now is defense attorney lisa bloom, she's also a legal analyst for, this is not the first time we have reported about someone who's been arrested and accuses a mystery other story. how does it come down to what this man said he was arrested? >> we call it the sodi defense, some other dude did it. i heard other family members say this is a young woman, 17 years old who was always on her phone,
8:30 am
she was always texting and tweeting as many teenagers do. yet all of that activity stopped at the gas station when she met this man. if she had met voluntarily with a man who brought her into the camper, she would have continued all that texting, she would be saying i'm going to this trailer with a man. bottom line is this guy has to say something, he's not going to confess. very few people do. this is his story, the question is whether the forensic evidence and everything we know about this tsang woman matches up with his story. but what about the actual ceiling of all of the warrants and all the accusations that might give us a clue of what else has been said or done in this case? >> they don't want the media to know what's in there, i assume it's an open investigation, and they're trying to keep some of
8:31 am
the facts close to the vest. that's typical while an investigation is going on. >> does the family have any recourse for those kinds of public comments when the famiso comes out and says? missing girl was actually a conspiring pot dealer? >> the things that we attorneys say in public are subject to the defamation laws and he's defaming her saying she's part of a drug deal, because that's an illegal activity. his statement would have to be proven that's a truthful statement. this family does not want a civil lawsuit, what they want is to find this young woman and get him criminally prosecuted if he's indeed the perpetrator. >> i think defamation may not be their biggest problem on their legal team. it's good to see you, lisa bloom, thank you so much. so here's one for you, i know
8:32 am
you're going to like this story, i'm going to bring you to the home of some of the richest and most powerful and the most prestige yious people in this country, they're getting ripped off. i'm talking about jewelry, watchwatc watches worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. how are the robbers getting away with it? the mystery when we come back.
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welcome back to the "legal view." there's a good reason why we're
8:36 am
playing that song and showing manhattan because it is expensive to live there. now there's a thief in this lovely bourough that has some good taste. and i'm talking really good taste. someone has been stealing really high end jewelry from the residents of this address, 740 park avenue. if you're not familiar with 740 park avenue, think of jackie onassis, they are the gloriously wealthy with a remarkable pedigr pedigree. if you make it here into the co-op, you have finally made it. >> this story has similarities to the film "tower heist." only this time is tower is 740 park avenue, new york city's
8:37 am
most famous white glove residential building, with a series of jewelry heists, on four separate occasions in four different apartments while the residents were away on vacation. among the things sto-- all of t thefts, no signs of forced entry. >> what fort knox is to gold, 740 park is to rich guys. if you're that rich, this is where you live. it's a club and it's a really small club because there are only 31 apartments. >> jackie o grew up here, john d. rockefeller once lived here. vera wang and ronald lauder and billionaire businesses dave coates and steve schwartzman. >> 740 park means you're there.
8:38 am
the only way you can buy an apartment in this building is if you have $100 million liquid. >> but who could have pulled this off? >> i think it's an inside job. if they go back to the security cameras and surveillance they'll realize anybody that doesn't belong there, a new maid that came on, a carpet cleaner, somebody inside the building. >> i think there's another hollywood sequel to this. thank you for the report and we'll continue to watch that story and see if they catch the guy or girl. a story we brought you yesterday, google vigorously responding to claims that they're violating the privacy of their g-mail users when they monitor g-mail accounts. yesterday we made a comparison to the n -- this is not related to the government requests for user data. here's google's statement, we
8:39 am
take our user's privacy and security very seriously. reports claiming otherwise are simply untrue. we have built -- no matter who sends an e-mail to a g-mail user, those protections apply. here's what google's chief eric schmidt told our christine romans when she asked him about the privacy concerns. >> you have control of the information we have about you, you can also have it deleted. you can also search anonymously. you can choose not to give us this information. but if you give it to us, we can do a better job of making better services for you. >> so the issue all stems about google being sued in june all over their scanning of e-mails, your e-mails, anybody's e-mails. the company actually uses an algorithm to do that.
8:40 am
g-mail has about $400 million users worldwide. coming up, the son of a tv judge is taking a sheriff to court. not just any tv judge, that one on the right. our legal panel is going to weigh in on that judge judy issue, the district attorney's son and the defamation lawsuit. it's all coming up next. especially today, as people are looking for more low, and no calorie options. that's why on vending machines, we're making it easy for people to know how many calories are in their favorite beverages, before they choose. and we're offering more low calorie options, including over 70 in our innovative coca-cola free-style dispensers. working with our beverage industry and restaurant partners, we're helping provide choices that make sense for everyone. because when people come together, good things happen. ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪
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if you've got legal troubles especially in small claims court, you -- >> you're a 19-year-old zero. >> reporter: judy sheindlin is the tough talking judge you don't want to cross. her daytime tv court show "judge jude". >> you're an idiot. >> reporter: now she's weighing in on a legal matter involving her own son adam levy who slapped a $5 million lawsuit against putnam county sheriff donald smith in a defamation lawsuit. >> i interfered with, used my office and my title as district attorney to influence his
8:44 am
investigation, i was outraged. >> smith has accused levy of interfering with a child rape case involving levy's former trainer. hossu was accused of raping a 13-year-old girl on two occasions in 2010. levy says he recused himself from the rape case as soon as he learned hossi was under investigation. in this 30-page complaint filed by levy, he says that defamatory statements were made against him in various online publications, including if he could have his own way, mr. hossi would never have been brought to justice. >> it's obviously intended to influence the outcome of the upcoming sheriff's election. >> in a statement, judge judy said? about her son. his moral compass is dead center, she added. when someone attacks his character professionally or personally, they best be prepared to back it up, shut up
8:45 am
or pay up. >> and that's judge judy for you. thank you to cnn's pamela brown. back to talk with us about this is criminal defense attorney danny savalis and former defense attorney jeffrey gold. the ultimate proof of defamation is the truth. isn't that the fact? you don't need to go on tv and say all this, you just need to come one the goods? >> the fact is he's saying i wouldn't come out and say all this if it weren't true. the second is politics. the intradepartment rivalries that go on between sheriffs and das, you would think that they would all work together. it was always a surprise to one prosecutor how the fbi didn't get along with the atf, how the local prosecutor's office didn't
8:46 am
get along with the local departments. it was rivalry city, and here on top of this, the sheriff's saying you're coming out with this now because it's election time and you want to get me. >> we want to hear a little bit more fro prosecutor levy, that's judge judy's son. he was actually on "new day". >> when i learned about this case, the investigation, it was march 13, i learned about it and i did what i was legally, morally and ethically required to do. i recused myself and my office. i couldn't prosecute a case against alex hossu who was a family friend. >> shouldn't everything play out of accordingly? and wow, a $5 million defamation case? do prosecutors really make that much money? >> especially in new york, you file for the sun, the moon and
8:47 am
the stars. when it comes to defamation, that's the hardest part is proving your actual defamation damages. you have to prove a tangible economic damage to you, to your reputation and that takes a lot of money. it's throwing good money after bad. >> i wondered does he think he's got a career like his mom. if he thinks he's got a career like his mom and any proof of that. >> the sheriff actually made statements that were published. that's the thing about defamation, if you have published statements, you can look at that and say was that e defamation. >> please tell me what publishing is, it isn't about binding it in a book and sending it out. you can publish to one person, can't you? >> he has said he's not going to keep any money if he gets it, that he's going to done nature all the money to charity.
8:48 am
>> does he have a good case? >> he does have a good case because it looks like the truth is on his side. there's nothing wrong with what he did. he immediately recused himself. >> it's going to be tricky to work together after this. if you could stay with us, we have got a couple of other things to bring your way. up next, what happens to these millions and millions of teeny weany little shampoo boltless that we believe behind in our hotel room. you'll be surprised about what one person is doing in chicago and this story is fantastic.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
rjts a hotel's crash can become a real treasure especially to a homeless charity and to cnn hero gets involved. thanks to one man's ah-ha moment, tons of stuff that would have ended up in a chicago landfill is helping thousands of people to live better lives. >> housekeeping. >> on day-to-day basis there's tons of items thrown away. i was doing a lot of volunteering and i saw how
8:52 am
desperate people were for all those types of things. i thought i could be that connection, that matchmaker. my john is judson and i collect donations around chicago for charities that don't have the money and manpower to do it on their own. we get a multitude of different items donated. i got a full barrel of shampoo and conditioner and lotion for you. you need hygiene every day. we partner with over 40 hotels and work with dozens of companies. sg fantastic. that's a lot of stuff right there. they're going to love this. the excess is great. there's always an overage for a damaged product that's still good. >> there's a double impact here. we're being environmentally responsible and people in chicago are benefitting from this. >> men and women struggling with
8:53 am
issues with poverty has as much personal dignity as anyone else. anything they can do to look good and feel good is important. it's a simple concept but very labor intensive. this thing is full. when it's empty give me a call and i'll pick it up. if i can improver people's lives it's a double bonus. >> we need your help in finding more inspiring people like this story. just go to cnn heroes and you can nominate someone you know who is making a real difference. this next one, you need to know this. if you've called 911, is it possible you could be liable for what happens thereafter? i'm not kidding. we have a case that will probably surprise you. you want to know how it ends. it's coming up.
8:54 am
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or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ welcome back. i'm ashleigh banfield. what could be landmark lawsuit has been filed in harris county,
8:57 am
texas. some people are worried if it's successful it could scare people away from calling 911. are a deputy is suing a woman that called 911. he says she did not adequately warn the first responders when she said her husband was acting ir rationally. ems was the first on the scene but radioed police when the man became violent. the deputy was attacked, really take preponderance of the evidence the lawsuit claims the attacker was on drugs. joining me is our legal team. first off, what? whoa! if you're calling 911 isn't that the only indication there's a crisis. >> here's what you need to know. when you're land owner and someone comes on your property,
8:58 am
he's called an invitee. there's an exception. you owe a duty to inspect your premise si and make them safe. texas has the firefighters rule that contemplates if you have an emergency, it may not be safe. we're seeing a change where we're holding homeowners where they're liable. if i called because someone is having a heart attack but i left out the fact i have a pet grisly bear and i knew about are that and it attacks the police, that's a pretty good reason for holding the firefighter rule inadequate and holding the homeowner liable. >> there's degrees of what this woman may have done. there was no grisly bear but a man on bath salts and very violent. i think the guy suffered a broken nose, concussions, laceration. that's pretty serious stuff. all she said is he's ir
8:59 am
rational. does that arise to the set of grisly bear? >> no. he's doing his duty there. this is out rageous. i think they ought to reconsider whether he's fit to be an officer if he's not ready to do the things necessary to walk into any situation to make sure that he and hi comrad his comra safe. ridiculous suit. >> she just said ir rational. this was a guy who is super dangerous. >> it means he might be super dangerous. this is a cop we're talking about. ridiculous suit. >> jeff, how do you really feel? i'm kidding. hold that thought. i actually do want to feel. first of all, as a former prosecutor and defense attorney how can you not feel there's some merit? >> i feel there's no merit. it's almost unprecedented. what a chilling affect on people to think if they call 911 on
9:00 am
their crazy boyfriend or husband, they might get sued. >> if this thing is successful people will be worried. they will be worried if they call 911 they could be bankrupted. >> it's an emergency line. >> that's what i'm worried about. >> you guys are good at this. jeff gold very passionate about this. thank you for watching. it's opinion nice to have you with us but that's it for my week. first week on the air. thanks for being here. "around the world" starts right now. [ gunshots ] tear gas, gunfire and a curfew that goes into effect in less than an hour. reporters are in the thick of it. the latest bombshell from edward snowden. a new report details how the nsa has violated the privacy


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