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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 21, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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a gram of gold was offered for people that loss over course or is a. >> people are encouraged to go shopping or walk the mall. shopping centers open early and close late. that's it for me. thanks for watching "around the world." >> i'll see you tomorrow. "cnn newsroom" starts now. police say he kidnapped a 16-year-old and killed her mom and brother. the family of the alleged murder wants to know if he was the father of the victims. an 18th woman has come forward accusing san diego's mayor of sexual harassment. hear in this businesswoman's own words what she said bob filner
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did. a man armed with an ak hfr 47 takes workers hostage and fires shots at police. no one was hurt. we'll hear from the hero who made all the difference. we begin this hour with the latest on the a crime that has ripple effects across two continue innocents. we're talking about an australian student studying here. three teenagers have been charge add adults. police say they were bored looking for someone to kill. one newspaper calls these mugshots the faces of evil. >> there's a young man hesitate just standing in ditch and he's got blood on him. >> reporter: a frantic call for help by a woman who saw chris lane moments after he was gunned down during an afternoon jog. >> is he breathing or conscious? >> he's not conscious.
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is he still breathing? barely. >> reporter: police say the 23-year-old east central university student from australia was the victim of three teens on a politician to kill. >> it was in is second interview of the 17-year-old, he was asked why they did it and he said we were bored. didn't have anything to do and decided to kill somebody. he was our target. >> reporter: 15-year-old james edward jr. and chancey luna is charged with murder. >> i'm going to do everything i can to ensure we see these three thugs pay for what they did to christopher lane. >> reporter: the father of the one of the accused says he's suffered a loss. >> the family is hurting. i'm hurting the same way. i don't cry on the outside. i'm crying here from the heart right now. >> first of all, tell us more about the victim. a lot of people just wondering,
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this poor guy who ends up getting caught in all of this. really horrific situation. >> it really was. he was 23 years old. he was from australia. he was in oklahoma going to school at east central university on a baseball scholarship. his teammates and also his coach say he was the kind of guy you wanted to be around. just a really good hearted person. >> what are their raages? is this something where they could be put to death, life in prison? it seems like the motive when talk about being bored seems extraordinary. >> the charge of felony murder in oklahoma carries a maximum sentence of death. in this case because the suspects are minors, the district attorney tells us that means they will not be eligible for the death penalty. >> thank you. there are stunning developments in the hannah handerson kidnapping case.
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it only gets stranger. the family of james dimaggio who police say killed christina anderson and her son and kidnapped hannah is asking for a paternity test to see if dimaggio is the bilodge cam father of hannah and ethan. the family said she didn't meet dimaggio after she was pregnant with hannah. we're following all the details. >> reporter: overnight a painful twist to an already trajic story. low lorie, the sister to the man accused of kidnapping and murdering the family is wanting dna. she wants to know if he was the children's father. >> there's been a lot of rumors about whether or not jim might be the father of either or both children. we find it strange he left this
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money with any explanation. >> reporter: the money is from a life insurance policy that named hannah's grandmother. it's worth around 110 thorough through. jim's sister was the beneficiary up until 2011. >> expected grandmother to use the money to take care of the two children. he stated specifically he didn't want to give toyoit to parent. he's been described as a platonic friend, referred to as uncle jim in an interview with new day while hannah was still missing. hann hannah's father was asked about the relationship. >> he became like part of our family. we were good friends. there was nothing to show any indication of this. there are now 18, another woman has come forward to accuse san diego mayor bob filner of
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sexual harassment. se she has filner put his hands on her butt during a photo op after meeting three months ago. so far he's refused to step down. he's under growing pressure to resign. casey is following developments for us. what do we know about the latest accuser? >> the latest accuser is a woman by the name of diane york. she's a san diego business owner who was meeting with the mayor about some financial difficulties. she was there with some of her colleagues and hear is what she said happened while they were taking a picture with the mayor. >> after approximately 30 minutes or so of conversation with the issues at hand, we got up to leaf and took photos and he placed his hand on my
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exteri exterior. he totally startled me. i feel very violated. i feel extremely violated. >> reporter: sounds very familiar to some of the stories we heard from 17 other woman who accused the mayor of inappropriate behavior. mrs. york said she's going to report the allegations which occurred about three months ago to the san diego sheriff's department which keeping a hot line open for alleged victims of mayor filner to share their stories. >> a recall campaign against him in full swing. have they persuaded him? where is the mayor? what is he doing? >> reporter: we don't flknow whe the mayor is. he was expected by many to show up for his job yesterday. he did not. we know he was in this building
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behind me where mediation negotiations have been under way for the past two days regarding lawsuit filed by former employee. those negotiations were expected to continue today. we haven't seen the mayor yet or any other principles involved. in terms of the recall campaign that effort is going. they're trying to gather the needed amount of signatures. they have 30 days to do that. they are opening new locations to try to get the mayor out. as of right now he's showing no indication that he's willing to step down. the democratic national committee is going to have a vote this week and they say they may officially ask him to resign as well. >> thank you. here is also what we're working on this hour. bradley manning will spend the next three decades in prison. 35 years, that's the sentence for the former army intelligence analyst convicted of leaking classified military documents.
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hundreds, including women and children killed by chemical weapons in syria. that is a claim by syrian opposition groups. hear what the u.s. is now saying about that attack. a worker tells us a gunman who burst into a georgia elementary school that she loves him. it might be the reason he gave himself up. you'll hear from her, next. man: 'oh i can't go tonight' woman: 'i can't.' hero : that's what expedia asked me. host: book the flight but you have to go right now. hero: (laughs) and i just go? this is for real right? this is for real? i always said one day i'd go to china, just never thought it'd be today. anncr: we're giving away a trip every day. download the expedia app and your next trip could be on us. expedia, find yours. ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need.
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capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis. the man responsible for the largest leak of classify information in army history is learning his fate. today military judge sentenced bradley manning to 35 years in prison. he was convicted last month of stealing 750,000 pages of documents an videos and giving them to the website wikileakss. his rank will be reduced. he will forfeit all pay and benefits and be dishonorably discharged. he will get credit for three and a half years he's served. the ft. hood gunman wraps up a defense without calling a single witness. closing arguments expected to
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begin tomorrow. he's charged with killing 13 people and wounding 32 others in a 2009 shooting rampage at ft. hood. he admitted he did it during his opening statements when he said i am the shooter. he is representing himself with defense attorneys on stand by. the defense lawyers say he's trying to get a death sentence. it's not clear if he plans to deliver a closing argument tomorrow. the danger level at the crippled nuclear plant in fukushima japan is about to jump from a one to a three. three is classified as a serious incident. it's the highest level it's been since the huge earthquake and tsunami triggered that meltdown back in 2011. yesterday the plant operator revealed 300 tons of highly radioactive water had leaked from a storage tank. the water is so toxic that a
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person standing close to it for an hour will be exposed to five times the limit. chad meyers will tell us what's this new elevated danger warning. what does it mean for the people in japan? we're just getting confirmation that the u.n. security council will meet less than two hours from now to discuss today's clhemical weapos attack in syria. many of these images are difficult to see. they're difficult to watch. they were posted online by opposition groups following a poison gas attack by government forces. many of the dead are women and children. a doctor at a field hospital says the victims died of asphyxiation. the syrian government is denying
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these accusations. it breaks your heart when you see those pictures of the kids. why are so many victims children of this allege ed chemical atta? >> reporter: it's difficult to say at this stage. watching doctors trying to treat these children as they are gasping for air, looking at their listless bodies just lined up on the floor, we have seen a lot of horrific images coming out of syria for the last three years but what we've been pouring through goes beyond all of that. one doctor said that his location ran out of medicine within an hour. all he could do for the victims is wash them off and give them oxygen. the symptoms ranging from dilated pupils and difficulty breathing. the victims were foaming at the mouth. this is why doctors and
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opposition members believe it was a chemical take. the government denying that. >> it's hard to understand something like this. is there any way of figuring out because it's so murky when you look at this of who is responsible for leasing those chemicals because there's stories on both sides. >> reporter: yes. it's incredibly murky. both sides blaming each other. in this case the syrian government flat out denying any sort of involvement in the past. we have not seen a death toll that is this large. in the past when it camed to other alleged attacks both sides were blaming each other.
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the u.n. team's mission was not to establish who used chemical weapons but if they had been used at all. it's going to be quite interesting to see if the syrian government will help facilitate a u.n. monitoring trip to the site of theeds most recent attacks as well. >> thank you. we really appreciate it. 2009, was a brutal assault by insurgents leaving american soldiers badly outnumbered in a remote post in afghanistan. lives were lost and braver men wounded, but in end an unlikely hero emerged. we'll have one soldier's incredible story. picasso painted one of his master works at 56. doris taerbaum finished her first marathon at 50. not everyone peaks in their twenties. throughout their lives. passion keeps them realizing possibilities. an ally for real possibilities. aarp.
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it was one of the dead llie days in the war of afghanistan. 53 soldiers took fire from as many as 400 insurgents. eight soldiers were killed and 25 were wounded. through the dust an unlikely hero emerged. 29-year-old army staff sergeant
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ty carter. jay has the story. >> reporter: >> reporter: hours into the battle the soldiers of black night troop are fighting back. two of them are pinned down in a humvee. >> you're in this humvee and you're sitting ducks. >> yeah. >> you can't leave but you can't stay. what happened? >> it got to the point where a sniper knew where i was at. i would open the window and fire across the river at insurgents and i remember closing the window. as soon as i closed it sparks shot out. the two inch gap i had in my rifle the sniper zeroed in on it and was trying to put a bullet in the vehicle. >> reporter: to make matters worse taliban fighters were
10:22 am
inside. >> everyone around us that w friendly was wounded or dead. he was exposed to the enemy. >> he says help me please. sgr jay tapper is joining us from washington. very, very powerful story. tell us how this ends. >> reporter: the story for ty carter is he runs out of the humvee into danger, grabs the specialist and does first aid on him and brings him back to the humvee. they get out of humvee and the men of combat getting pushed back and beat the taliban with the help of a lot of air support. that's the short version but o obviously it's a very harrowing account. a battle that lasted from dawn
10:23 am
to dust. we'll look into all of it tonight in our special. the larger issue of why this out post was put in this vulnerable place. >> thanks. very powerful reporting. an unlikely hero. that's tonight. it airs at 10:00 eastern on cnp. > . 20-year-old break sboos an elementary school. this could have ended very badly. no one was hurt. hear from the woman who made all the difference. how long have i had my car insurance? i don't know, eight, ten years. i couldn't tell you but things were a lot less expensive back then. if you're 50 or over you should take a new look at your auto insurance. you may be overpaying. actually that makes a lot of sense. old policy. old rates. and thanks to your experience behind the wheel, you might save $350 by switching to the
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denied him a transplant caying he had a history of noncomplian noncompliance. what does that mean in that means doctors doubt he will take his medicine or go to follow up appointment. the family think it was because he had low grades and briefly in a juvenile detention facility. after they went public be hospital reversed their decision. a florida man shot in his own driveway is speaking out. he was shot at 15 times by officers who mistook him for car thief after getting a 911 call from his neighbor. luckily 13 of their bullets missed him but the remaining two shattered his leg which is held together by metal rods. he said the incident shouldn't have happened in the first place. >> they should have asked me did i live here or ran my address and license plate or something
10:28 am
before somebody is a suspect in their own yard. suspecting of what. >> do you ask yourself why? why did this happen to me? >> why they shot me first an then why shoot so many times afterwards. >> the county sheriff is depending the officers. he says middleton was a suspect who refused commands and lunged at them. a school clerk is being hailed as a hero because she convinced a shooter to put down his weapon and surrender. here is how she described the situation. >> she said no one loved him and i i said i loved hill and it was going to be okay. i told him that if he just go ahead an surrender since he didn't hurt anyone that i would stay there with him until they came to get him and so i walked
10:29 am
him through taking everything out of his pocket, taking call of the magazines that he loaded and the additional weapons and everything that he had on him out of bag and put the bag on the counter along with everything else. >> an amazing story. she told him she loved him. he's in police custody now. thankfully nobody hurt in that incident yesterday. right here in the atlanta area. it was no reassurance to the parents of the 800 students. david matingly has more. >> reporter: hundreds of kids ages four to ten running for safety as gunfire erupts. inside 20-year-old michael brandon hill armed with an ak-47 and a number of other weapons taking officer workers hostage and tell them to call a tv station. >> i've never experienced anything like this. he wanted us to start film as
10:30 am
police die. >> reporter: the gunman fire at police a half dozen times officers return fire. when one officer worker kwensed him to surrender pd. >> i just started telling him my life story and wa was going on with me. i asked him to put all of his weapons down and told the police he was giving himself up. >> reporter: police searched the suspect's car for explosives. children had to been escorted from buses away from the school before being reunited with their parents. now in police custody, hill faces charges including aggravated assault on a police officer, terroristic threats and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. parents complain about lack of communication. most say they heard about it on local news. >> after they put the school on lock down and secured the kid, the parents have been called. >> reporter: there's new fears about security from parents deeply shaken by what could have
10:31 am
happened. >> have a button to push to go in and you're supposed to show id. >> are you going to let your daughters go back to school? >> i don't want to. i want to home school them. >> david joining us. david, this took place after so many horrific school shootings, the massacre that happened there. were there any security changes to the plan that the school was going to go on after the previous attack at newtown. did anything change? >> i talked to the superintendent about this. he said they did a complete review. this is a big school system. 138 schools. they have 48 armed officers working in those schools. you don't have enough officers for every school. there are zero officers armed officers assigned to elementary
10:32 am
schools. when i asked the superintendent about this, he told me this, quote, ve have to way budgetary issues as well as where the threats might present themselves. when the threat presented itself here at this elementary school yesterday, here is how the shooter got inside. they have security here. tlp are double doors here to get in. you either have to have a security card for the card reader here or you have to push the button or be visually identified and somebody talks to you. what the shooter did here was he waited for someone with a card or to be buzzed in to go in through these doors and before it closed he grabbed the door and went in straight to the office where he ended uptaking the officer workers hostage. now after all that happened he exchanged gunfire with police. you can see this window was brown out by gunfire and the one next to it, the where you know over here. this one was blown out by gunfire and take note up here.
10:33 am
this is a bullet hole that was caulked and painted over just today. these kids are going to be coming back to school here tomorrow to this very school, back to their desks at the very school where the happened and some parents are telling me unless improvements are made they are very nervous about letting their kids come back here. >> thanks for taking us through that. it shows how you can avert that system and sneak through. we'll have much more on this story throughout the day. 3:00 eastern hour brooke baldwin will speak with the dekalb police chief about that shooting. the nsa surveillance covers more of your internet communications than previously admitted. we'll tell you just how much, up next. [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool
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>> > it's no secret the government has the capacity to spy your honinternet activity b it might be more than you realize. the national security agency has a broader online reach than officials have publicly disclosed. the nsa has only limited legal authority to satisfy on u.s. citizens. now, current and former officials say that the agency has built a surveillance network that has the capacity to reach roughly 75% of all u.s. internet traffic. it's intended to hunt for foreign intelligence. according to the report in some cases it retains the written content of e-mail of people written in the united states and filters domestic phone calls made with internet technology. it's not just the government watching you online.
10:38 am
we see how the internet tracks just about every move. watch. >> reporter: worth more than the company that produced the star wars film, more than mechancdoj makes a year, that's how valuable internet advertising has become raking in over $30 billion annually spurring a gold rush among companies for information about you. fwl the last couple of years you've seen an explosion of trafficking technologies. >> imagine there's a couple that finds out they are expecting a baby. they go online to look up the word pregnancy. what happens? >> right away they share google that they are interested in pregnancy. they can add that to their profile. i start clicking on links. >> reporter: with every click
10:39 am
powerful markets drops cookies onto the couple's track to record their browsing history, what they looked at and for how much they spend. some may link to their real world shopping habits noticing they purchased a home pregnancy test and suddenly comes an aven avenue laj of ads for baby bottle, car seats. all of this could happen before the couple tells their family they're pregnant. >> there's hundreds of companies in the advertising game. they can drop a cookie and say this person is pregnant. >> reporter: if you search something more delegate like escorts. all of this can be tracked. >> consumers are concerned if their children are tracked in this way and there's questions about who is this information given to. can you employer get it?
10:40 am
can your insurer get it and learn about your habits. > . >> reporter: still the government is relying on the internet ad industry to control itself even as it grows better at tracking your every move purchased an clicked. >> wow. learn how to protect your privacy. watch erin burnett out front. senator ted cruz tells a crowd how he plans to dismantle obama care and why he believes the country will blame the democrats for shutting the government down. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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what's your policy? this guy just wants to live a normal life but life has been anything but normal for this u.s. navy veteran. an update on michael boat right. he has no memory of his past and spoke only swedish. doctors say he has disassociative amamnesia. police found him unconscious in a california motel in february. the hospital booked him a ticket to sweden since he lived there on and off for about 20 years and the story has a happy ending sort of. his former girlfriend saw a newspaper article and she's now helping him rebuild his life. this, it was a chilling scene. this is new york on tuesday. this taxi jumped a curb and
10:44 am
plowed into a british tourist severing part of her leg. a quick thinking good samaritan jumped into action until paramedics arrived. also on the scene dr. oz whose tv show tapes nearby. the doctor spoke to cnn affiliate about the unlikely items that were used to help save that woman. >> there was a dog leash and a belt. these are two mundane things you wouldn't think of but they saved your life. you don't have much time. you pour out blood. >> it's pretty amazing. dr. oz praised the good samaritan as a hero in facebook post. the young woman was sent to belluvue hospital where she underwent surgery to reattach her leg. republican senator draws the battle lines.
10:45 am
this is over obama care. he ted cruz says he has plan to do away with the health care reform plan. he calls it a job killer that's hurting middle class families and he out lined a strategy in a speech last night. listen to this. >> the house of representatives should pass a continuing resolution that funds every penny of the federal government. everything in its entirety except obamacare. >> it should prohibit the federal government spending even one penny, discretionary or mandatory on obamacare. what happens next? we've all seen this movie before. what happens next is president obama and harry reid will scream and yell those mean nasty republicans are threatening to shut down the federal government. what has to happen after that is
10:46 am
we've got to do something that conservatives haven't done in a long time. we've got to stand up and win the arguments. >> i want to bring in jim acosta. jim, first of all, the budget battle, they use this all the time to score points or change in some way policy. is it likely he could get enough support to carry out the plan to use the budget in way they would not fund obamacare? >> this is going to be the big show in town coming up this fall. ted cruz is very serious about this. he has some other conservative senators like mike lee and marco rubio who are right there with him who feel if the president does not defund his suggest legislative achievement, health care reform that there could be some kind of filibustering or effort to bring the government to a halt and not continue to fund the government unless something is done to defund the
10:47 am
president's health care law and ted cruz was making that point very clear once again last night. he was doing this town hall in conjunction with the heritage action group here in washington. they're going around the country to have these sorts of town halls with jim demint. i talked to an official who called this a game of legislative chicken. as this deadline gets closer they want to drive a hard bargain. nobody thinks the president will sign that into law. that's where the conflict will lie. >> a lot of people speculating he might be a 2016 presidential candidate. he's run sboog some obstacles with a lot of attention that he was born in canada to a american mother and cuban father and faced questions about his citizenship. he called it silly.
10:48 am
does this only add to the speculation that perhaps this is somebody who is serious for 2016. he was just out in iowa a couple of weeks ago with rick santorum and donald trump out there in that very important battleground state. judging by the reception he had out there ted cruz, i think has to be considered as a serious contender for the republican nomination in 2016 as things stand right now. a lot of people will say it's too soon. he just arrived and so forth. just in the way that the issue of government surveillance in drones brought a lot of attention to rand paul and raised his profile as a potential contender, this obama care issue is doing the very same thing for ted cruz and he's seizing the moment, you might say. >> thanks, appreciate it. officials say that you could get a five-year dose of radiation in just one hour from
10:49 am
the water in japan's fukushima plant. why the warning level is the highest its been since the earth wake there.
10:50 am
10:51 am
concerns over a toxic water leak at japan's fukushima nuclear plant are now intensifying. that is because the country is getting ready to push the nuclear accident warning level
10:52 am
to three. which means it is classified as serious. that is the highest level it has been since the huge earthquake and tsunami triggered the massive meltdown back in 2011. the situation is so troubling, japan's top nuclear official is now comparing that plant to a house of horrors. chad myers explains. the warning level here at fukushima is jumping now from one to three. what does that tell us? what does that mean, chad? >> there was a water leak at one of those large barrels that you see. those big white things that were just on the screen. think about, like, you know, those oil tanks around the united states where oil is stored. those big tanks, they're all through here, here, here. many of them storing the water that is pumped into the system to cool it. then pumped back out. but it's so radioactive when it comes out, you can't just dump it somewhere. you have to put it in these big, giant barrels. like 1,000 tons of water can go in each one. they use 300 tons of water each
10:53 am
day. one of these was actually leaking into this pool. it was separated. it wasn't leaking out just everywhere. but it was probably leaking into the ground as well. at least for a little while. about 300 tons of water. so because of that, because of that leak, they're considering taking this from what was just a current level of a one. remember, fukushima and also chernobyl were both level sevens. major radioactive launches into the atmosphere. this was an ugly, ugly event. it was a seven. but after the cleanup a couple of years, now it's back down to a one. with this dumping or this losing of some of the water and possibly into the ground water and into the ocean, eventually, this could go up to the three. three mile island was a five. seven, the only two sevens, chernobyl and fukushima. it's not over. this may take 1,000 years to truly clean up everything. so we're going to have these little bumps in the road, without a question. >> still a very dangerous situation. thank you, chad. appreciate that. scientists, they want to know why dozens of dolphins have
10:54 am
now washed up this summer along the east coast beaches. >> go ahead. feel his teeth there, brian. nice, nice sharp teeth. we look under the tongue. make sure there's nothing. some of the viruses cause lesions. >> we're going to tell you what scientists think is happening to them, up next. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. the beauty and the grace of the dolphin has captured our imagination for centuries. but now government scientists are raising a red flag about a
10:57 am
sudden increase in the number of dying dolphins along the east coast. the death rate this summer is seven times higher than normal. scientists, they're trying to figure out why. brian todd is following the story. >> reporter: they're among the most resilient and beloved creatures to roam the seas. >> look it! >> reporter: but something in the water is killing bottle nose dolphins aloss the east coast of the u.s. and at the moment, it's a mystery. >> we're seeing lesions in their respiratory systems. we're seeing animals having joint problems. we are not seeing animals that are feeding normally. a lot of them are thin. >> reporter: and dead by the time marine authorities find them. more than 200 dead bottle nose dolphins have washed ashore from new york to virginia this summer. this virginia the count is around 80 for this month alone. mostly along the chesapeake bay shoreline. the average number of virginia in august? seven. pollution or bacteria could be possible causes of this die off. at the national aquarium in
10:58 am
baltimore i asked veterinarian brett whitaker. >> we don't know exactly what's causing it. we expect it might be a virus called morbili virus. >> a pathogen that's been deadly before. it killed over 700 dolphins between new york and florida between 1987 and '88. in humans the virus causes measles. experts say it doesn't spread between humans and dolphins. how does it spread so quickly among dolphins? experts say part of the problem is dolphins are very social creatures. they're swimming with each other, touching each other, breathing on each other. that's a way they can transmit illness. they also feed on the same food at the same time, says whitaker. at the aquarium, whitaker and i do a quick exam on both the young mailes. >> feel his tiny teeth. nice, sharp teeth. we look under the tongue. some of the viruses cause lesions under the tongue. >> we check the stomach area. the blowhole. >> all right.
10:59 am
look at that. we've got mucus and basically spit on the side. we take it to our laboratory. we do special stains. we look at the cells which tells us an awful lot about what's going on inside of her. >> reporter: that and a nice clear eye tell us bo is healthy. as for those out in the open water who are infected -- can anything be done to end this or stem it at all? >> the reality is wild populations with an extensive disease like this could be very, very difficult for us to help at all. >> reporter: whisker says that's because dolphins migrate so fast over such great distances that by the time experts figure out what's wrong, try to catch them en masse and treat them, this so called unusual mortality event might be over. still, experts are worried that this will spread quickly farther south. because this is the time of year that atlantic bottle nose dolphins are migrating south. brian todd, cnn, annapolis, maryland. that's it for me. "cnn newsroom" continues. have a good afternoon.
11:00 am
it's a country with no leader and no end to this out of control violence. and now the former dictator could walk free. does this essentially reverse the arab spring? i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. a man armed for war walks into a school. >> thank god no one was hurt. no one. >> but some parents aren't satisfied. dr. phil under fire today for a tweet about sex and drunk girls. plus, another personal struggle for the vice president. and after a baseball player is murdered, new calls to rethink visits to the u.s. >> i don't believe your second amendment provides for semiautomatics semiautomatics semiautomatics, automatics in the suh bushes. the suh bushes. >> we'll debate.