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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 22, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we were showing it earlier today. he had an suv here outside city hall and inside several boxes, one of the indications that he may be moving out of his office or at least preparing to do so. he has been in those negotiations that ended last night, and over the last three days and conferring with his attorneys and has been making absolutely no public statements. >> when you say negotiations, specifically who is he negotiating with? is this the former press secretary and her attorney? can you give us a sense who are the major players, specifically behind the scenes in the negotiations? >> they have been involved in those negotiations, her attorney was here personally on monday and hasn't been here personally the last couple days. this he have schedule add i news conference in los angeles later this afternoon. we may hear more details from her. also in those negotiations that former federal judge who is mediating and has been mediating and the san diego city attorney
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and two powerful san diego city council members including the president of the city council who would not acting mayor if in fact filner does step down tomorrow. >> when you talk about a settlement here, what would happen with the 18? our last count is 18 women that alleged some sort of harassment by the mayor. this settlement, would it just involve the mayor and the former press secretary or could this actually open up for all 18 women to somehow get something out of this? >> hard to say. it is our understanding that the only legal action has been filed by that one woman, his former press secretary, irene mccormick jackson. we do not know what the plans are are all of these other women. we'll have to wait and see. we do know many of them have reported the details of their allegations of inappropriate behavior to the san diego county
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sheriff's department which has been had a hot line open for women to come forward and report the allegations and in terms of any lawsuit that is may be filed down the road, we don't know. >> before i let you go and get into more of the legal weeds of this, paint a picture for us. i know there are people that had a recall effort, people that have been ekt cling signatures to have him to step down and recall as well. are there protesters? there have been groups on both sides involved in this. are there people where you are who are gathering who are waiting to see what happens with the mayor? >> it is pretty quiet, suzanne, i have to tell you. there have been protests, rallies, and those signature gathering efforts in that recall campaign, those organizers say they will continue to do that until the mayor has stepped down, and a special election has been called. that hasn't happened yet. they're going to continue to gather signatures. they are taking credit for putting the pressure on the mayor to reach this proposed settlement. basically it is pretty quiet.
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i think a lot of people have been waiting for this day that they expect it to happen, 80% or so of san diegoans want the mayor gone and it appears he is very close to doing that. >> wheat goal back in a minute for more details. i want to bring in our legal analyst joey jackson joining us from new york. first of all, walk us through potentially when they talk about a settlement with the mayor, what kind of terms are they looking at? >> sure. first of all, suzanne, as we know, it is private at this point because it has to be shared and otherwise approved by the city council. however, i would presume that the mayor has an interest and the city has an interest. what are both of those interests? we know them well. the city has an interest to ensure that they have a representative who of course doesn't engage in any type of sexual abuse, who represents the people and does so in a way that the people admire and respect unlike what you can argue happened here. the mayor of course has his own personal interest and that is will he be afforded pay, if so, what type? will there be any severance
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package, if so, the nature and extent and would there be health care and how long would it last and i would presume the mayor and his representatives are arguing and debating and of course negotiating with the city to ensure that those mutual interests coincide, and finally, suzanne, you know that any legal action would be protracted and as a result of that, that's something you want to avoid. it does not serve the people's interests, and it certainly wouldn't serve the mayor's interest. as a result, i think they want to read some common understanding so that he can go and they can get the representative that they need. >> so, joey, just to be clear here, let's say they have a settlement here. he agrees to resign and have a deal when it comes to pay. does it mean all of the women, the other 17 women, would they have any legal resource? could they charge him? would he face additional charges of sexual harassment or sexual abuse in the workplace or outside of the workplace? >> sure. that's a wonderful question, suzanne. what generally happens in any settlement is what you try to do is you wrap everything into one.
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however, the settlement here is some who complex. first, the women who of course he engaged in this with they want recourse. if the event they want to sue, they should be entitled to do that and any side agreement the mayor has with the city should not void that ability. that is a complex nature should that be covered here. if it is covered, the issue becomes to what extent should the city be on the hook for his conduct? obviously you can make the argument that he was acting within the scope of his employment and to that extent the city would be on the hook if it could be established that he did it at that time. so i would suspect that this mediation agreement will cover all of what you just addressed. that is the extent to which the women can sue, what would be the price tag associated with it, could we reach an agreement to avoid any litigation into the future and those are all the item that is this agreement should account for so that we can end it and end it here. finally, something called a waiver and release. that waiver and release means you waive any claims and release
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the city from any further liability. i think the women he is alleged to have abused would certainly want to have their say in any agreement which would void their potential for moving forward legally against him and the city. >> all right. joey, thank you very much. following another breaking news story here. this is involving former nfl star aaron hernandez. we have just learned he has been indicted for murder. hernandez is accused of gunning down his friend in june. he has been held without bail since his arraignment. this happened two months ago. want to bring in susan candiotti. what are the details? >> reporter: well, the grand jury returned this expected indictment we have to say but just a little while ago, and it does indeed indict aaron hernandez for the murder of odin lloyd. this happened over night on father's day. what this means is that a court appearance scheduled for the top of this hour that was meant to
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be a probable cause hearing during which the state would have to provide nor evidence to prove they have enough information to move forward, that probable cause hearing goes away. instead, prosecutors are expected to formally announce the indictment, and this also means that from here on out the case will move to a higher court called the superior court. they will probably set an arraignment date also at that time. that's not expected to happen today. >> what do we know about the latest on the other grand jury investigation involving the double murder in boston last summer? could that also mean more legal problems for hernandez as well? >> reporter: it could indeed. there is a completely separate grand jury seated in boston and sources tell us they're looking at whether aaron hernandez was involved in an unsolved double homicide in boston just last summer. you might remember we have been telling you that authorities sources tell us they seized an suv in the driveway of aaron hernandez's uncle's home in
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bristol, connecticut, hernandez's hometown, and also just this week we learned that authorities found the suspected murder weapon in that case, so certainly that grand jury investigation is also moving forward, so we are waiting to see whether that grand jury might do it aaron hernandez in that case as well. so he is obviously in a lot of legal difficulty to say the least right now, suzanne. >> and where is he being held now and when might we see him next? public? >> he is being held in a local jail here and will be in court at 2:00 this afternoon for what was to be the probable cause hearing. he will be there to hear about this indictment in person. the next time we'll be expected to see him is when he faces an arraignment on this indictment. that could happen in the next few days, a week, probably we'll find out the exact date later today. >> susan, thank you, following the breaking news. kidnapping victim hannah anderson is speaking out.
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she is trying to set the record straight about her relationship with the man who police say killed her mother and brother. we're talking about james dimaggio. topping off the list of what she wants to correct here, those 13 phone calls and text messages she exchanged with dimaggio the day she was kidnapped. listen to what she said on "the today show." >> the phone calls weren't phone calls. they were texts because he was picking me up from cheer camp, and he didn't know the address or like where i was so i had to tell him the address and tell him that i was going to be in the gym and not in front of the school and just so he knew where to come get me. >> i want to bring in stephanie elam in san diego following this. stephanie, first of all, is there a sense of a need that she feels to set the record straight? why does she feel she has to explain herself? is she faced with criticism in the social media world? >> reporter: she has been dealing with a lot of that.
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a lot of people have had a lot of questions about decisions made about where she has been and some of her public appearances and the social media aspects of what she has been saying and i think it is important to keep in mind this is a 16-year-old girl. she is very young. she is still dealing with the fact that she has lost her mom and lost her 8-year-old brother and in fact during that today show interview listen to what she said about her family members that she lost. >> he had a really big heart, and she was strong hearted and very tough. she knew how to handle things. >> reporter: she is also talked about how the social media helped her keep in touch with friends and feel a little normalcy, suzanne. >> one thing she has to deal with and plus just kind of add to the trauma and the exasperation she feels here, the
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pain, is the fact that the family of dimaggio, dimaggio's sister is calling for a paternity test, dna, to figure out whether or not they believe that dimaggio is actually the father of she and ethan. is there any way that that family is coping with that request? how are they dealing with that? >> reporter: yeah. i spent time with hannah's grandparents, the parents of tina, hannah's mother and they call the claim ridiculous. if you at that i a look at a picture of brett anderson, they look just like him and they think the whole claim is ridiculous. the one person in the family with fiery words was the maternal grandmother's brother, david braun. listen to what he had to say. >> what i would tell the dimaggio family, i would tell them to shut up with their accusations and their implications until after the funeral, until after my precious tina and precious ethan are
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buried. >> and that's one thing that the whole family, the anderson family wants everyone to take a look at and focus on is the fact that right now everyone should be remembering ethan and tina, especially leading up to the memorial on saturday. suzanne. >> stephanie elam, thank you. appreciate it. here is what we're working on for the hour. tuition costs now have been sky rocketing with americans owing about 1.2 trillion, that's with a t, dollars in student loan debt. hear what the president wants to do to keep college cost in check. suzanne. do to keep college cost in this day calls you.
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shaq 1, pain 0. [ male announcer ] new icy hot advanced patch with 50% more medicine. pain over. talking about right here in the atlanta area, a twist of fate that may have saved 800 elementary school students from tragedy. this is an amazing story. we are learning that antoinette huff, being hailed as a hero .
10:16 am
it reveals. keep in mind the gunman told huff he is unstable and stopped taking his medications. martin savage has the details. >> it is a remarkable call. >> i am on second avenue in the school and the gentleman said tell them to hold down and he says he will start shooting. he says tell them to back off. >> alone in the office ann toe net is face-to-face with a man farmed with an assault rifle and close to 500 rounds of ammunition. >> he just went off and started shooting. one. >> can you get somewhere safe? >> yeah, i got to go. he's going to see me. he's coming back. >> it isn't just her life on the line but the lives of hundreds of students and staff as well as dozens of police officers now outside. >> he said to tell them to back off and he doesn't want the kids
10:17 am
and he wants the police. back off. and what else, sir? he said he don't care if he die. he don't have nothing to live for. he says he is not mentally stable. >> okay. stay on the line with me, okay? put the phone down if you have to. don't put it on hold so that i can't hear >> okay. tell me where you are. >> the front office with him. >> he has an ak-47. she is only armed with her words and puts her own life on the line. >> i have to let them know you have not tried to harm me or do anything with me or you want to but that doesn't make any difference. you didn't hit anybody. okay. let me ask you this, ma'am. he didn't hit anybody. he just shot outside the door. if i walk out there with him, if i walk out there with him, so they won't shoot him or anything like that? >> to connect with the suspect she pours out her own personal story of a marriage that suddenly ended. >> don't feel bad, baby.
10:18 am
mys husband just left me after 33 years. yes, you do. i mean, i am sitting here with you. >> her own thoughts of suicide. >> we all go through something in life. no, you don't want that. you going to be okay. i thought the same thing, you know. i tried to commit suicide last year after my husband left me but look at me now. i'm still working and everything is okay. >> there is no hint of fear, no sense she is lying to save herself. her cool and collected nature moves even the police dispatcher. >> ma'am, you're doing a great job. >> moments later after convincing the gun plan to put down his weapon and lay down himself, the police barge in. >> on the ground. on the ground. do not move. on the ground. >> only then does antoinette tuff finally break down. >> let me tell you something, baby, i have never been so scared in all my life. >> you did great. >> oh, jesus.
10:19 am
>> that is unbelievable, remarkable story. thanks, martin savidge. students at ronald mcnair discovery learning academy went back to class today. this is the first time since tuesday's incident. tonight an anderson cooper 360 exclusive, the 911 dispatcher on the tape that you just heard is going to be reunited with the book keeper, the brave school book keeper that stopped the tragedy. this will be an amazing exchange. this is first meeting since the fateful day tonight at 8 eastern. you won't want to miss that. bradley manning says he wants to live as a woman named chelsea. he wants to be provided with hormone injections in prison. going to take a look how this could affect his 35 year sentence for giving documents to wikileaks. only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno®
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this happened today about
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12:20, nasdaq suspended options trading here. what that means to me and you is really this does nothing to do with equities. we're not talking about if you own stock in apple, facebook, whatever, that doesn't apply to that, so options as a means of trading is actually quite sophisticated. so for the regular investor it may not mean a whole lot to say the 401(k) or investments. as we know there is an investigation happening. we heard from the sec. they're looking into what caused this, i don't know what they're calling it, i guess a glitch, and we'll hear further details. right now we know it is options trading has stopped on nasdaq and this is not impacting equities. >> do we know when it will resume? >> i am hearing from nasdaq, i just got off the phone with a spokesperson there and they said momentarily, so they have to figure out what's going on with what's called utp and cip, too complicated for the audience but really how the information,
10:24 am
trading information is disseminated and that has to clear up, and they have to figure out what that problem is, but they're saying that it should resume momentarily. >> thank you. appreciate it. bradley manning is beginning his prison sentence with a rather stunning revelation. the army private says he wants to live as a woman and plans to seek hormone therapy. this is just a day after being sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified military documents to wikileaks. his struggle with gender identity came up during his trial. a picture released by the military showing manning wearing a wig. in a statement released today manning says, quote, as i transition into this next phase of my life, i want everyone to know the real me. i am chelsea manning. i am a female. given the way that i feel and have felt since childhood, i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. i hope that you will support me in this transition.
10:25 am
joey jackson joins us again from new york. so, joey, first of all, the military prison system, how would they handle this, this request, would they even be prepared really to do so? >> well, at this point, suzanne,er thesuzanne, their indication is they're not prepared. an official request would be made and the issue would be whether they could be compelled to provide that therapy. now, here is how it would with play out legally, suzanne. what happens is that we have an eighth amendment. we know that under our constitution and speaks to the issue of cruel and inhumane treatment and punishment. here is what happens. you are required to give if you are a federal prison or any prison for that matter, medical treatment to a prisoner. however, the issue here will be whether or not the denial of this treatment constitutes the deliberate indifference and is in a serious medical condition. the answers to those questions will have a lot to do with
10:26 am
whether he is afford this had treatment or continued thdenied treatment. >> this is what the u.s. army official told cnn saying here that bradley manning will be treated like anyone else at forth leavenworth. as far as the prison is concerned, he is inmate number xxx and a lot of inmates have issues they're dealing with, even if you have gender identity disorder, you still serve your sentence. he is not asking for gender reassignment surgery. he is asking for these hormones here essentially. could that legally be a necessity for him, saying this is a medical issue? >> it certainly could, suzanne. there is precedent for this. there are 2.3 million prisoners of course in our federal bureau of prisons. it is a lot of prisoners. certainly only a fraction of 1% of them have anything to do with gender or transgender issues. however, given that that's an issue, and he has been diagnosed
10:27 am
with what's being called gender disfor a as a result you can argue it is a medical condition and needs treatment to the extent that the prison denies that, you could say it is deliberate indifference and so the hormone then would have to be required. the issue then becomes what cost? we know that gender reassignment surgery which you have indicated he has not asked for is between 12 and 0,000 and we know or have a sense the hormones would be about $200 a month. if he could establish that as a result of this diagnoses that he received that the denial of that would constitute deliberate indifference by the prisoner officials, certainly he would be on his way to being requiring and compelling the military prisons to provide him the treatment that he desires. >> and two quick questions here. first of all, who would pay for the hormone treatment and, secondly, would there be any situation that the prison would be required to ensure his safety like separating him from the other male inmates if they did not feel like they agreed with what he was doing? >> sure, suzanne. the issue is to both.
10:28 am
number one, who would be required to pay, you and i, the taxpayer would pick up the cost and the extent he is housed in a federal prison and taxpayers support that prison. that's number one. the second thing is that certainly prison officials have an obligation, a responsibility, and a serious one to provide for anyone's safety. if there is gender identity issue which he does have and has been diagnosed, they will of course need to provide for that and so should he be in a male prison, a female prison or under some type of watch or solitary confinement, all of that needs to be meted out and it is clear the u.s. officials have to plan for this. certainly in the event they do not respond to his request we can anticipate a lawsuit which i am sure you and i will be discussing in the future if that happens. >> joey, thank you. i am sure we will be following the story very closely. thank you. president obama says that college is unaffordable for too many americans and he is proposing a way to help out. it is a total re haul of how
10:29 am
colleges get federal aid. >> the fact is we have been spending more money on prisons, less money on college. >> how he plans to tie federal aid to college performance up next. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive, but not energy or even my mood. that's when i talked with my doctor. he gave me some blood tests... showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% testosterone gel. the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy
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about everything that comes standard with our base auto policy. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? san diego maira cuyor accus sexually harassing 18 women is prepared to resign tomorrow. this agreement was worked out between mayor bob filner and city officials. he has been under fire to step down since a parade of women came forward accusing him of inappropriate behavior. he has spent two weeks undergoing intensive therapy. recall campaign against filner in full swing and fellow democrats urged him to step down. they say the recall is being organchestrated by his politica
10:33 am
opponents. boe biden is headed back home. after undergoing a procedure in houston, biden, of course, the son of vice president joe biden was evaluated at this cancer hospital after feeling weak and disoriented during a family vacation. officials have not said yet what is wrong with him or what this procedure was. after leaving the hospital, biden tweeted this out, it is a photo and a message. he says on our way home, can't wait to get back. thank you, houston. we hope he is well. president obama has a bold new plan to make colleges more affordable and more accountable. the president is on the road today and unveiled his proposal before an enthusiastic crowd. this is the university of buffalo. the president, he is prepared to create -- this is the country's first federal college ratings system. he says it will help students make smarter choices about higher education.
10:34 am
>> the fact is that we have been spending more money on prisons, less money on college. and meanwhile, not enough colleges have been working to figure out how do we control costs? how do we cut back on costs? so all of this sticks it to students, sticks it to families and also taxpayers end up paying a bigger price. the average student that borrows for college now graduates owing more than $26,000. some owe a lot more than that. i have heard from a lot of these young people who are frustrated that they have done everything they're supposed to do, good grades in high school, applied to college, did well in school, but now they come out and they
10:35 am
have this crushing debt that is crippling their sense of self reliance and their dreams and it becomes harder to start a family and buy a home if you are servicing $1,000 worth of debt every month. so under the president's plan colleges would receive federal financial aid based on the new college ratings. the colleges may be rated on measures like tuition and graduation rates and debt and earnings of graduates and a percentage of lower income students who attend. chris cuomo will be talking with president obama about a wide range of issues including college costs as we mentioned before, the economy much, much more. he has an exclusive interview tomorrow right here on cnn. ups dropping its insurance plan for the working spouses of its employees. the company is now blaming president obama. hear the explanation up next. ♪
10:36 am
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ups says it will drop health coverage for 15 thoou worker spouses next year. these are spouses who can get insurance through their own employers rather than using their husband's or wife's plans with ups. the company, they are blaming obama care. christine romans has the details.
10:39 am
>> 15,000 people, that's the magic number of working spouses that will no longer get health insurance coverage through employees working for ups. that affects roughly half of the company's workforce. in this internal memo obtained by kaiser health news, ups states we believe your spouse should be covered by their own employer, just as ups has a responsibility to offer coverage to you, our employee. the shipping giant told kaiser health news the cut is expected to save them $60 million a year, savings it hopes will offset cost increases due to the affordable care act. ups is blaming several aspects including mandatory coverage of dependents up to age 26 and new government fees. the memo also says the health care costs usually increase by about 7% a year but the due to obama care costs are expected to climb 11.25% in 2014. >> gentlemen, thank you for sharing your views. >> ups's announcement, another
10:40 am
piece of kindling fueling the debate. >> she you this have health care and obama care is causing are month and more struggling to lose their health care. >> my friends in the other party have made the idea of preventing these people from getting health care their holy grail, their number one priority. >> christine romans, cnn, new york. >> a man who teaches bee keeping on the next list. here is a preview from dr. sanjay gupta. >> this week on the next list, urban bee keeper andrew cotay. >> maybe it begins as a hob and i then may work up into a small business and then just an obsession and no turning back.
10:41 am
it is like crack. >> social robot cist heather knight that brings a human touch to technology. >> i have a crazy idea maybe we come to a world where we replace not people by robots but computers by robots. how about making technology more human? >> their stories on the next list this saturday 2:30 eastern. the film the butler looked at a man that spent decades serving presidents in the white house. next i will speak with a man that served presidents george w. bush and barack obama. what that was like for him from inside the executive residence. ♪ [ woman ] destination assist. this is ann.
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two breaking news stories out of california. the first one you're looking at aerial pictures obviously involving this bus crash here in this tour bus. this is in erwindale, california, and we're getting information. this is from officer ed jacobs. he is with the california highway patrol. you can see all of the emergency personnel that are there on the scene here, but the way he is describing this, it is a three axle tour bus that you see on its side and flipped over. there are injuries. we are told involving this bus accident. we don't know how many. you can actually see these life flight helicopters, they are actually landing there on the
10:46 am
freeway to transport victims of this bus accident. where this is, it is 210 eastbound and three lanes and the 605 are closed and they're reporting now potentially 40 patients involved in the bus flipping over. you can see that they are transporting people through the helicopter there. this is just developing. it is breaking. we have another story as well that is breaking out of the similar area here, we're talking from officer ed jacobs of the california highway patrol says there was a pipe bomb, what appeared to be a pipe bomb in the woodland hills, california, area, the california transportation crew working on a shoulder found what they believe to be this pipe bomb and lapd is responding with the bomb squad there and trying to make sure nobody is hurt. they have actually closed part of that freeway, the shoulder as
10:47 am
well, to make sure that everyone is safe in the area. we're told it is the 101 freeway. there is no time yet on when this is going to get reopened. they're still trying to sort things out over there. we have two developing stories and fairly short order. we'll get more details as we have them. we're also following this, the film the butler looking at a man who spent decades serving presidents in the white house and next we'll speak with a man that served both presidents george w. bush and barack obama. what it was like from inside the executive resident. years. we raise black and red angus cattle. we also produce natural gas. that's how we make our living and that's how we can pass the land and water back to future generations. people should make up their own mind what's best for them. all i can say is it has worked well for us.
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10:50 am
"the butler" giving audience a behind-the-scenes look at the white house. this movie was number one at the box office in its opening weekend, taking in $25 million. >> hey, there he is! >> heard you were coming. what's your name, brother? >> cecil. cecil gaines. >> i'm carter wilson, head butler. don't worry about big mo behind you. he'll steal your wallet before you even know it. this is james hallway, my second in command. >> shake the man's hand first before you start asking difficult questions. >> i just want to know where the man's coming from. >> looks like the jury's still out. >> ready to give you the tour? >> he is. >> i might be able to answer that question if carter would stop running his nasty mouth. >> all right, one of the many clips from the movie i really
10:51 am
enjoyed. steven rashon, a former coast guard admiral who was director of the executive residence and chief usher at the white house, also a consultant for the movie. welcome. we got to know each other during the bush administration, george w. bush, when i covered the white house. and i loved in the last scene of the movie, there was an actor who played you, actually meeting the butler, eugene allen, at the white house. what struck you about him when you first saw him? >> thank you, susan, it's great to see you again. but when i first met mr. allen, it was in 2008. and very distinguished gentleman, but very humble. i had already heard about his background. the story had not been written about him yet. and so he came to do his oral history at the white house with three other former maître d's. and so i was more honored to meet him, i think, than he felt he was honored to meet me, being
10:52 am
the first african-american to be a chief usher. but i had heard about him, and just to be in his presence was just amazing to me. >> and you know, times have changed, because in the movie, eugene allen, he was discovered serving at a hotel. you have served in the military for 36 years. you had nine interviews before you actually got the job. how did you end up inside the white house? >> i walked through the front gates, but not really. i received a call. i was ready to retire from the coast guard with 90 days left in service and the call just came from the white house, asking if i wanted to interview to be chief usher of the white house. and it took a split second, and then i asked, what the heck is a chief usher? it didn't sound very glorifying to me. and so when they told me about the responsibility and taking care of the president of the united states and the first family and all the heads of state and taking care of the most historic house in america,
10:53 am
you know, i says, sounds good. i'll give it a try. >> all right. and i've got to ask you this, because you have the inside scoop here. you were the consultant, one of the consultants for the movie here, in terms of what did they get right, what did they get wrong or fudge a little bit here. give us a little bit of what is it lake to be inside the white house, very close to the president? >> well, suzanne, i pinch myself every day i drove through those gates for four years. and i said, you know, this is amazing. this little new orleans boy now visiting to the white house when i was 10 years old with my mother, at that point i had no clue that i would actually be running the house. so i think there wasn't a day that i went by that i wasn't in awe of the privilege that i was given by president bush. and to meet, you know, mr. allen
10:54 am
and the rest of the butlers, those are the highlights of my time in the house. >> and i know we've got to wrap it up here, but you bring up a point that's really important. you were close to both president george w. bush as well as president barack obama, and then as somebody inside of the white house, that was your job, that you could not be partisan. you had to be loyal to the presidency and the person who was in that white house at the time. >> and it's an excellent point. in the movie, not to give it away, but the person does say to the butler, cecil gaines, on his first day in, he says, there's no room for politics in the white house. >> yeah. >> and we kept that true in the executive residence. >> all right. >> because we had to serve one person to the next. >> admiral rochon, good to see you again. next go around.tle bit more time we've got to take a quick break. >> thanks.
10:55 am
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we believe our customers do their best out there in the world, so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch, up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? regardless of which websites you visit or which search engines you use or who you're actually going to e-mail, your internet activity is probably not secure. tom foreman reports on the problem and some of the solutions as well. >> reporter: every day people around the globe send or receive about 180 billion e-mails, according to research, and much of it in the united states goes through free e-mail services, like g-mail, yahoo! hot maimail.
10:58 am
but across the ocean in london, private activist smari mccarthy says, hold on, some of these free services may be costing us dearly. >> if you're not paying for the product, you're not the customer, you're the product itself. >> reporter: what he means is this. for generations, americans thought of letters as private and many of us still see e-mails as kind of like that. but they're actually much more like postcards, easily read by anyone or any company between you and the person that you're sending this message to. and huge e-mail companies with millions of users do just that. with powerful computers, they scan every word for clues to help them sell precisely targeted ads, so if, for example, you write kayak in several messages, soon you may seen ads for river trips. mention "cars," and you'll get the latest models burning across your desktops. if any doubts, in a recent court
10:59 am
action, google attorneys cited a supreme court decision stating that users should have no legitimate expectation of privacy, so in terms of mining personal data -- >> these services are big honey pots. so the first thing we need to do is decentralize again. >> reporter: mccarthy argues we should all seek out more obscure e-mail providers, which have fewer users and are less attracted to big marketers. or better yet, use an e-mail program that lives in your computer, bypassing the middle man. and he says we should all start looking at encryption software that will garble every message so it can only be read by the person to whom it is sent. it is all very technical and a lot of big e-mail providers insist they do protect their user's privacy. but mccarthy is part of a group developing something called mail pile, which they hope may offer a consumer-friendly alternative with lots of protection soon. >> we're fairly certain over the next month or so, technical
11:00 am
people will be able to start using it, and by january, we're hoping to launch a public alpha release. >> in any event, he believes if we want e-mail security, that is the future we must move toward, no matter where it is. tom foreman, cnn, washington. >> that does it for me. don lemon takes it from here. have a great afternoon. >> you have a great afternoon. thanks very much, suzanne. i'm don lemmon in today for brooke. let's start with former nfl star aaron hernandez due in court right now. a short time ago, a grand jury indicted him on murder charges. hernandez is charged with the execution-style murder of odom lloyd, a man who was dating the sister of hernandez's fiance. hernandez has pleaded not guilty. here are the key dates in the hernandez case. june 17th