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tv   Bostons Finest  CNN  August 31, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and the end of the day he made this choice because this could go on for a lot longer than the limited -- >> he needs congressional support. i don't think the way he's handled it in the last few days has been very effective. >> thank you very much, everyone. i appreciate your perspectives. i'm don lemon. stay with cnn for the latest developments on the crisis in syr syria. tomorrow secretary of state john kerry on cnn's "state of the union." gloria borger will be hosting for candy crowley. i'm don lemon. good night. we are on target. make sure everybody is ready to move into the target locations. >> we're ready to go. >> on location. we're ready to go. >> alpha 5, all set to go. >> boston police. got it come to your door.
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let's go. you have to open. >> boston police. we have a warrant. >> on the ground. hey, folks. attention, roll call. 411. officer. 102, officer rogers. officer penton. 421, officer mcgrail. >> they're handing out warrants in district e-18 today.
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for jen penton, the subject is allison, who allegedly cracked open her boyfriend's head with a beer bottle. for these ops the case is a not so subtle reminder of how hard it is to find the perfect mate. >> i think i'm going to get a cat. >> i hate cats. >> you don't like cats cats? >> i hate cats. they serve no purpose. >> they kill mice. >> put out mouse traps. >> i don't know, a cat is better. >> no, cats, suck. get a dog. >> who doesn't like cats? >> i do not like cats. >> so if you found this girl smoking, really sweet girl, she's educated, good job, doesn't seem crazy. >> okay. all right. >> she's all about you. >> i'll play along. >> you find out she has a cat. >> see you later. >> let me add she's really awesome in bed. >> to me or the cat? >> i thought i knew you.
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it's a deal breaker to me that you don't like cats. cats beware. >> why don't you take a little -- >> gander -- >> yes. at some of the warrants. >> i told you what happened to her. she took a corona bottle to her boyfriend's head. >> really? >> i get the call. on the way i run into ems. they're like, she's still in the house, still in the house. i two go to the house. i'm banging on the door. she's not there. i go to the hospital. i meet with the victim. his head was busted up. he's bleeding everywhere. she's on probation for smashing him with a hammer a year prior. >> love hurts. >> she's a bad ass. 109 on her record. you have to, like, really try to get that money. you know, i'm assuming someone with this much experience with the criminal justice system knows once we lock her up, she's going to be held. she's not going anywhere for a while. >> this is the -- >> that tan one. >> all right.
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>> hey, it's officer penton. >> hey, how are you? >> not bad. >> how's the head going? >> it's coming along. >> is she here in. >> no, she's not here. >> where's she at? >> she called me a couple days ago, like, at 2:00 in the morning saying, pick me up. >> where is she staying at? >> i don't know. i'm not sure. >> okay. thank you. good luck. i'll step out. watch it. >> what did he say? >> she's not there. she hasn't been here since the incident. >> you tell me she hasn't been here at all? no clothes, no nothing? >> yeah. >> bull [ bleep ]. he came right out. >> i've been going to that house since i was on days, so at least, what, maybe five years
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ago. it's just one of those couples that they're going to be together always no matter what. >> on the streets of south boston, a sudden spike in drug traffic has had deadly consequences over the past few weeks. a double murder on west broadway. a fatal stabbing on east 9th street. now the question is, what comes next? >> hey, lieutenant. >> hey, buddy. >> how you? >> thanks for coming in. >> no problem. any time. >> lieutenant detector, robert, the head of the department's drug unit, has come up with an ambitious response. take down south boston's most dangerous dealers all in one shot. >> as you know, we've been banging them on the street over there, mostly street impact, drug dealing. west broadway development, d.o.d. street projects. >> he's chosen the head of the
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fugitive unit, brian albert, to help plan the operation. >> they're kind of intimidating and terrorizing the residents in the development there. >> yep. >> so we want to make a difference for the people over there. what do you anticipate we should have per -- >> for the houses, body warrants, you're going to want at least six to eight cops. i'd like to have a minimum of two on the perimeter. everybody else inside and one for the front windows. >> i'll have an accurate count on all the dcu guys and fugitive guys today and actually going to reach auto out to gerard bailey. three targets, three search warrants. as you know, you've done more of these than anybody. we want to kick everything off at 6:00. most of these folks know each other, live in close proximity. >> if two or three of them get picked off, that will be the end of the that. >> i'll get back to you before the end of the day. >> yeah. no problem. >> thanks. >> any time. i appreciate it. see you soon. take care, brother.
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>> sergeant albert cut his teeth as a marine in operation desert storm. he views his work back in boston as equally important. and he knows it's just as dangerous. >> push. push. >> in order to makes cases on suspects who are selling drugs, you have to have undercover police officers actually going out, posing as buys and make drug buys. it's dangerous work. anything can happen. when you have a drug dealer out on the street, seems kind of mundane, one person sells drugs to another person, you know, what's the big deal? it's a huge deal. oftentimes drug dealers are carrying weapons. there's fights, stabbings, shootings. it ruins the community. really in the big picture, it ruins society. so we try to drop the hammer on
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what's going on? it's officer penton. how are you? you have the number here at the station, or if you want my cell, i can give it to you and if you get information about her whereabouts, we'd like to pick her up. the community is a huge, huge source. hello, ma'am? one of the best sources for getting information on the criminal element in our city. >> jen penton and pat are looking for event allison, wanted for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend with a beer bottle. today they're reaching out to sources in the neighborhood. >> any more info about your girl? oh, really? >> it turns out yvette is staying with a woman named sabrina santos who happens to be a fugitive, herself. she's wanted on identity theft and fraud charges that put her on massachusetts east wanted
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list. >> thank you. >> she stole someone cease identity and got credit cards in massachusetts and connecticut. >> all the warrants are for forgery, larceny, et cetera. >> for her to be on mass most wanted is a pretty significant crime. they don't throw anyone up here. >> jen and pat have two targets to go after. yvette allison and sabrina santos. two fugitives under one roof. >> we'll see if we can get them both. maybe a twofer. >> that would be good. >> without a search warrant for the apartment, they need to get one of the two suspects to let them in. >> can you open the door, ma'am? boston police. did you call 911? >> no, i did not. >> did you hear an argument going on
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building? this is apartment 2, right? >> no, i'm not opening the door. >> your mother's not there? how old are you? >> please, ma'am. please. why don't you just open the door and we can have a conversation or have maintenance come open the door. it's up to you. >> sabrina? you have an i.d. on you? >> you live here? you have no i. department hed. no nothing? >> you have several warrants. >> for what? >> larceny, check fraud. >> brookline. >> brookline. yeah. >> take off your hat. take off your rag. kind of looks like you, right? >> yeah. >> turn around. >> who's that? >> who's that? a person who looks exactly like you. >> take your hands out of my pocket. >> have to get my phone. >> step out here. step out here. put this down. where's your other girlfriend? yvette. >> yvette don't live here. >> i know she doesn't live
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there. she was staying with you. >> she went out. >> to you know where she went? >> yvette allison is nowhere to be seen. >> that's hers. >> sabrina santos, a tfugitive n state's most wanted list is a huge store for jenn and pat. >> good to go. double check if we phone's in there. see if her phone's in here. >> teeth? chompers. >> nice job, buddy. >> there we go. her saying she was 18 years old, that was hilarious. >> we were both -- oh, did you see me die? like, i was just, like -- >> like, you're not 18. >> did he come out of the house?
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>> out of this house here on the left where that lady is. surveillance of the operation is a big part of the groundwork that leads up to the actual raid. >> over at 108. >> going to stay at 108. then the rest of guys are going to go over and meet winston over at south boston. >> in preparation for a coordinated assault on south boston's drug dealers, officers from across the department keep around-the-clock tabs on all 12 suspects. >> we try to just get, you know, a patent down as to the comings and goings of the suspects. when they come in, when they go out. watch them enter into the early morning hours. see a suspect go home. put them to bed so to speak. you're confident he's going to stay in there for the night. >> as the drug dealers are put to bed, lieutenant detective
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robert merna's son, eric, patrols the streets of roxbury with his partner, mike burke. >> my father's been a police officer for 25 years. now he runs the drug unit citywide. >> eric may have a high-ranking cop for a father, but the rookie isn't looking for any shortcuts. >> i work in roxbury 4:00 to midnight. the busiest shift we have in the city. if i wanted to take the easy way out, that wouldn't be where i work. a lot of the guys i work for worked with my father. break my chops. it's all in good fun. >> 103. somebody broke in through the front door there. >> okay. we got it. >> 103. she's hiding in a bed room and the line's been disconnected. another unit went around the back to try to gain access. >> as a police officer, you go wherever the radio call sends you. you don't know where it's coming
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103. somebody broke in through the front door there. >> suspect spotted on -- >> from the 103, what's the status? >> we got him. i got him. >> nice job, buddy. >> you said the guy you had in handcuffs is the guy. >> just from looking out the window. >> just from looking out the window. >> i saw stripes. >> you saw stripes. >> okay. >> a glimpse of stripes of a guy through a door can put a guy in
6:21 pm
cuffs but the cops need more for the charges to stick. >> dropped one. >> golden found this in the hoodie pouch. >> he may have used this to get in one of the locks. >> how's that? is that the cat? >> i hate cats. >> oh, dude, check it out. >> yeah. >> see the other half of that credit card? >> is it? where? >> it's got to be it. >> that's going to be it. yeah, that's good. >> they got what they need to hold the suspect and the d discovery in the neighbor's apartment. >> these doors were ajar. scale? the first drawer. baggies in the second drawer. and a pipe in the closet. >> points to the possible target of the break-in. another violent crime with drug-related motives at its core. >> being a female police officer and telling that to a person you might date is not the easiest thing. i think it can be a turnoff for
6:22 pm
some guys whether it's because i work with all males or i'm in an assertive role. so i don't think being a cop helps my dating life at all, actually. i don't really need guys, to be quite honest. if i go out, it's usually to talk to my friends and, you know, catch up. i would say that i'm particular, but i don't think i'm so particular that i'm passing up on good guys. i want a big family. i didn't have a big family growing up. pat's going to have four kids. he doesn't know it yet. >> 35 years old. i'm all set with kids. have a niece and nephew. >> you're not going to have any kids? >> if you were going to have kids, you'd have them now. >> not necessarily. you can have them forever. >> you'd be a really good dad, i think. >> to be honest -- >> you're good to be. you're very nurturing. >> yeah. >> if, like, really, there's no one suitable in, like, the next few years, i'd consider.
6:23 pm
your eyes and my dark features would make beautiful kids. >> i'm not going to pay child support. >> why would i pay child support? >> they're your kids. >> you have four of them? i'm not paying child support for four kids. what am i getting out of this deal? >> beautiful children. >> this idea just gets worse and worse every time you bring it up. ♪ what to know ♪ what do you think you know >> so of my friends have recently had babies, gotten edge engaged or married. our circle of friends. i'm like, what am i doing wrong? >> i've seen certain people in your life, i look at them, i'm like, he's awesome, he's awesome. like, so, what is it that doesn't make it work? >> i have that ideal, i have that falling in love. i so want that, like, that excitement. and i don't want to settle for something less than that.
6:24 pm
like, ideally, 30 to 40, nonsmoking, works out, has a job. >> we're getting the whole truth now. >> the dating scene in boston seems to be -- i'm a little jaded by it. >> you should try speed dating. you have some time. speed dating. >> wrap it up in a happen an hour between the gym and work. >> we're wrapping it up. i'm speed dating. >> a teacher. >> she wouldn't pass as a teacher. ♪ careful, please be careful >> hey, all right, let's listen up real quick. we got a total of 12 targets. three search warrants that are going to be executed. all right? >> it's the final hour before the fugitive gang and drug units launch their coordinated assault on the biggest drug dealers in south boston.
6:25 pm
>> almost every one of these individuals are the 12 targets, all have firearm violence on their -- everybody wear a vest, a raid jacket. when we go in as usual. there's a k- canine coming on at 6:00 a.m. if we need a drug dog. do don't want to kick off until 6:00. we want to do it in unison so people don't start locking doors. >> sergeant brian albert and his hands-picked team, an alleged drug dealer named julio soto. >> we'll get on the spots by 6:00. what we'll do is give you guys a little head start in case that's a total horror show, then i'll leave two at my spot and fly over to help yours. just s.o.p., when we're doing these houses, great parameter, communication from the inside to outside. any shots fired in the house during the incident or during the hurt, perimeter doesn't run. the perimeter stays out obviously to prevent escape. i'd prefer if you guys have vests on.
6:26 pm
if you want to select a different channel so there's not two teams yelling out the same communication. you can be the "b" team. i mean, as usual. right? we can start getting out to the spots. >> the city is still asleep. but 11 teams totaling 7 7 cops s spread across south boston. set to take 12 hardcore drug dealers by surprise. >> okay. both of those. despite hours and hours of planning, each cop knows any misstep could have dire consequences. >> we have a secondary for -- >> this target, there's, like, two secondary addresses. >> let's make sure everybody is
6:27 pm
ready to move in so we can start right at 6:00. >> we're ready to go. >> at location, ready go. >> we're ready to go. >> okay. we're all here. we'll get up. >> got the bazooka. >> it's just about 6:00 a.m. just about time to strike. >> it's real important to do it all at once. most of these guys, they're all friends with each other, all connected. sometimes they're part of the same gang. sometimes the same drug supplier. the support and that individual make a phone call or telling their girlfriend to let someone know.
6:28 pm
>> victor alpha 5. all teams set to go. >> boston police. got to come to your door. let's go. got to open up. >> down on the ground. [ male announcer ] if she keeps serving up sneezes...
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i'm don lemon with a look at your headlines. president barack obama delayed what seemed to be an all but certain syria. he sent a letter to congress asking the house and senate to debate and vote on his request.
6:32 pm
he said syria's use of chemical weapons leaves the united states no choice but to take action. >> over the last several days, we've heard from members of congress who want their voices to be heard. i absolutely agree. so this morning i spoke with all four congressional leaders and they've agreed to schedule a debate and then a vote as soon as congress comes back into session. >> president obama has already sent a letter to house and senate leaders, officially requesting authorization to take military action against syria. the president's proposed legislation asks congress to approve military force to, "deter, disrupt, prevent and degrade" syria's potential for the future use of chemical weapons. majority leader harry reid says the senate will vote on a possible military strike in syria no later than week of september 9th and senate foreign relations committee will hold public hearings starting tuesday to hear from senior
6:33 pm
administration officials. reid said he personally believes a use of military force is, quote, both justified and necessary. obama! hands off syria! >> opponents and some supporters of u.s. involvement in syria's civil war chanted near the white house today. chants of hands off syria could be heard outside the white house gates. police officers on horseback kept the two groups apart. recent polls suggest a majority of americans do not want support, do not support military action, without congressional approval. those are your headlines this hour. i'm don lemon. keeping you informed. cnn. the most trusted name in news. boston police. you have to open up. >> when you're doing these operations, everybody you're dealing with are going to be different. all the suspects are different. >> no, no. >> violent felons, they'll do just about anything to get away. >> down on the ground.
6:34 pm
>> some are going to try to run. some are going to try to hide. sometimes it's diving out windows. they're going to do whatever they can to avoid chapter. 62 pest 7 th. >> when you're doing the operations, every once in a while you'll hear a team go off saying they got their guy as you're still looking for your target. >> tony, how are we doing there? >> the element of competition comes into play. >> yeah, we're in. >> original target. >> they got their guy and got their guy and then, you know, gives you like a little motivation, like, we have to get our job done as well. >> hello. >> who is it? >> it's boston police, sir. >> how are we doing? >> as they hear about other captures over the radio, the fugitive unit still hunts for julio soto.
6:35 pm
>> i don't remember seeing him. it might have been. a lot of them used to go up there. >> you said a hispanic family living up there? no one's been up there since? you think it's vacant. >> how are we doing there? >> looks like this will be a negative hit. >> thank you very much, sir. >> okay. >> 30 minutes into the operation, the gang and drug units have made 11 arrests but sergeant brian albert and his team have come up empty. the more time they give their target, more time they give him to disappear. >> everyone's getting engaged and married off and having babies. >> you'll be fine. you'll find the guy at speed dating. you'll find the one. >> did you say -- >> it will be a great story, though, right? >> okay. i'm sitting here reflecting on my life and the fact i'm 30 and have yet to find mr. right. >> right. >> and your answer to that being my best friend and knowing, you know, everything i've been
6:36 pm
through and the things that i want in this life -- >> yeah. >> and your answer is maybe i'll find the one at speed dating? that's your support. that's your -- that's what's supposed to comfort me right now. >> umm, not good enough? not good. >> you think? >> all right. so -- >> you want to try that one again? >> that would be a great story, though. >> yeah, awesome. >> wouldn't it? you met at speed dating. >> met at speed dating. >> they make movies about that [ bleep ]. >> i can't believe that's what we're going with here. i'm doomed. i'm going to be the cat lady. >> yeah, that's pretty much the way our friendship is going to end. >> me or the cat? damn-it. >> an hour has passed since a coordinated strike on 12 dangerous drug dealers. but sergeant brian albert and the fugitive unit are still looking for alleged dealer julio soto. >> yeah, no, no, definitely, we're still hitting stuff. >> finding people is what the
6:37 pm
fugitive unit does. and they've uncovered another address where soto might be hiding. >> searching houses not easy work. joe, keep your wry under that door. >> is some of the most dangerous police action that you can do. >> boston police. boston police. we have a warrant. >> the person you're looking for, that's their castle. if they wanted to assault you, they know the places to hide. >> boston police. >> you know, doorways are tough. closets are tough. how do you search a closet without searching a closet? sometimes you take a deep breath and just stick your head in there and hope that, you know, you don't hear the pop. we looked for soto at that location. we fanned out. we did our search. he wasn't there. >> time is critical for sergeant albert and his team. every minute that passes is
6:38 pm
another answer fchance for soto a way to vanish. >> hey, sarg. >> go right? >> yeah, get over there. >> okay. go right. you need to go -- hold on one second. you need to take a right and go to force hill street. we got information that that female, the one who hit her boyfriend with the corona bottle -- hold on one second. >> we just came from there. >> it's fine. staying at a family's house on the 2 side. we're going to have them meet us there then we'll take care of looking. okay. thank you. bye-bye. >> that's the street i just brought us to. >> it's okay. >> that makes absolutely no [ bleep ] sense. >> i know. don't take it out of me. >> then, again, you tell me to go to certain streets. i guess on the street and you have me go right back to the street. >> i'm sorry. i was talking to -- i'm sorry. i'm distracted.
6:39 pm
i'm not good at multitasking. i suck. >> you don't suck. >> don't hate me. >> i don't hate you. >> okay. there's the unit. >> yvette allison has been arrested more than 20 times for domestic violence. with a record like that, the cops take every precaution. >> we're looking for yvette. so if she's here, can you have her come to the door? she's upstairs? thank you. seeing her boyfriend with the blood all over him in the hospital, you know, you have a real victim who, you know, is getting beat up. even though he is a guy and she's a female doesn't change the fact that it was serious and the next time he could die. get out of bed. take care of your warrants, yvette. we're going to book you and bring you right to court. so turn around. we deal with domestic violence cases more than anything else. people to not get along very well. and when they don't, we end up
6:40 pm
on scene usually taking one of the parties away in handcuffs. >> yvette allison is being brought in for booking, but domestic violence cases are rarely as simple as they sound. they heard from the boyfriend. now they'll get yvette's side of the story. [ male announcer ] for diarrhea, you take kaopectate.
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but for all these symptoms, you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms. kaopectate. one and done. yvette allison is under arrest for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend with a dangerous weapon. >> going through this door right here. >> during booking, jenn penton has a chance to hear more about the troubled relationship. >> so what happened that day? honestly all i got it was pretty
6:44 pm
much all you. >> i went and took the kids out to eat, his kids. >> not even his kids. >> out to eat. went to movies. $250. he couldn't come because he was too busy getting high and doing whatever he was doing, you know what i mean? so i take my food home. the next morning i wake up, you know how you wake up after drinking. >> i understand. >> you know what i mean? where's my ribs at? he gives me the box. i open the box. there's three rib bones in there. so i'm like, you creepy bastard. >> you're looki ining forward t your ribs. >> looking forward to the food i brought from the restaurant. he's like, you better shut up, yelling at me, you're making my stomach upset. [ bleep ], your stomach, you greedy bastard, you ate my [ bleep ] food. shut up or i'm going to [ bleep ] out of you. you're not going to put your hands on me. i see the bottle. he pushes me. i grab the bottle when i'm falling back. i swing the bottle. i didn't mean for it to break.
6:45 pm
i was defending myself. >> now, had he been drinking and stuff? >> yeah, he had been drinking. he had been up all night sitting here playing wheel of fortune, smoking. you know what i mean? >> how long has he been fighting with addiction and stuff? >> we've been together ten years, all right? before that he was doing his drug thing. i keep thinking maybe if we try one more time, i can do this better. >> has he ever tried to get some help? >> realistically, i've never seen -- >> something tells me that you two -- sometimes you have to be strong enough to realize that. some people can't change. as much as uyou want them to, a much as you love them, you can't love them enough to make him change. i think that it might be better off apart. >> all right. let's get you off to court. i'll give you probation officer a call and we'll go from there. after you. >> thanks. >> you're welcome.
6:46 pm
>> dude, what kind of coffee did you get? >> i got a hazelnut. she said something was wrong with the house blend. >> got hazelnut right now? >> kind of nice. >> it's kind of getting in my loop. >> as long as you don't go large blueberry with extra extra cream. >> extra extra sugar. extra, extra blueberry. >> we'll deal with it just find. >> bravo 103. >> 103. >> you guys head over to the area, cunningham and wood ridge. caller believes she heard six shots, people running out of [ bleep ]. >> 103 on the way. >> watch yourself. >> to cunningham. >> i got it. >> got shot twice.
6:47 pm
this guy. >> we're almost there. ran down cunningham. >> you guys see anything? >> i just heard gunshots. >> were they in a car? >> no, just came out of nowhere. >> got hit in the back, too? >> merna finds a victim on the curb with minor gunshot wounds in his back. >> a normal crew hanging around here? >> i haven't seen him in a while. >> looks like the man was an innocent bystander. >> the one that got hit is not the target. >> he and the victim are standing with their backs turned to that fence. the guy peeks around the corner, one yells out, hey richard pryor. >> who the hell is richard pryor? >> he looks like richard pryoro. >> i don't even know who that is. >> tonight, your speed dating. >> yeah, i'm kind of freaking out. it's funny. i can do, like, the stuff that work and run around and chase bad guys, and then you put me in a situation like that and i am
6:48 pm
totally freaked out. >> yeah, because you're not in control. you know? >> i have to go in with, like, some sort of game plan. i'll get all flustered. won't be pretty. like, so -- >> if only i could be a fly on the wall. >> what if they're really good looking and they don't think i'm -- >> so? that's the thing with speed dating. you're not really stuck. >> next. >> waiting out 30 seconds and you get another date. you know? yeah, you'll be fine. >> i brought pictures of the dresses just so you can help me pick one out. this is the first one. >> okay. >> and then this is the other one. it's cream on the front but then in the back it's gray. >> okay. and you feel more comfortable in this? >> yeah, it's a little bit longer. >> i definitely think you should be wearing the one you feel more comfortable in. >> we have to go and buy some -- >> oh, do we? >> yeah, i need some.
6:49 pm
thank you for being my wing when i needed it. you know i would never do this. >> i wouldn't do this on my own, either. >> i think i'm a little more nervous than excited. we're here now. >> got you. got you. >> welcome to date and dash. how is everybody doing tonight? now, guys, every time you hear this, that will be your cue to rotate one number higher. we're on the clock. thank you. >> how you doing? i'm joey. >> joey? jennifer. >> what's your favorite letter? >> "l." >> that's a good one. i like it. >> hi. i'm j.j. >> what's your government name? >> my government name. >> nice to meet you. >> can i sit down? >> you smell nice. >> you smell great yourself. what do you do now? >> i'm a paralegal. >> you run around doing what lawyers want you to do. >> what do you do for work? >> i work for the city.
6:50 pm
>> you do? >> i do. >> so do i. >> what do you do for the city? >> fireman. >> oh, god. >> uh-oh. >> you're a firefighter? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> no one hates firemen. with that reaction, there's only one occupation that means. you're police. >> i'm >> you guys get a much better reputation than we do? i honestly think they like you guys more because you don't take them off to jail. >> you yell at them. >> you don't know me. most cops do. >> save any cats lately sf. >> no. >> what do you do? >> i work for the city. >> meter maid. >> law enforcement? >> yeah. >> you a ball buster? >> a full day has gone by and the fugitive unit is still on
6:51 pm
the hunt for alleged drug dealer, julio soto. all the hard works are paying dividends. his officers, mason and de leon, have dug up a lead. >> they have an address for his girlfriend they think is good? >> most cops can tell you, love can be the key to catching a fugitive the . >> a girlfriend might try to hide a suspect or an angry ex might turn one in. either way, the rule is simple. follow the love interest.
6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
it's the police. >> whether the girlfriend opened the door, she was obviously nervous. we don't know what will happen next. we don't know if he is going to be hiding or if he will be assaultive. we fanned out like we usually do and made our way searching every room. so when we go to that last room -- >> on the ground. show us your hand. >> right away, we look at the suspect's hands to make sure he is not armed. he was kind of standing flat foot with nothing in his hands. obviously, he was more compliant. >> watch your hands. this is bull -- >> 24 hours into the drug sweep, the final target on the list is under arrest. alleged drug dealer, julio soto is off the street. >> it is very rewarding when
6:56 pm
someone commits a crime or they hurt somebody and then you're the person that actually catches them. as far as policing, it is probably one of the best things you can do. stop. >> i don't think we have ever eaton lunch here. >> don't think you are getting off that easy. you'll have to tell me how speed dating wept last night. >> oh, my goodness. >> i'm sure it was a great experience. >> well, at least i can say i did it. >> was it that bad? you found no one even -- >> there were a few nice guys. there was a larry, who i thought was really nice. he was a firefighter, believe it or not. he was giving me a hard time. >> did anyone ask you what you did? >> just about everybody brought it up. i think i'm good. i think i'm going to go back to my whole -- i think i'm going to hibernate for a little bit longer and continue to focus on
6:57 pm
work and my other priorities. >> jen, when she is telling me she is dating, honestly, i'm like, here we go. she is in love one second. she hates the guy. she loves him again. she hates the guy. that's fine. i know i usually will have to be there to pick up the pieces at the end, because we are good partners and good friends. >> what do you think is the best place to try to meet someone? >> considering you think i'm old, you probably think the best place for me is a nursing home. >> bingo. >> i'm good with numbers. >> a mocker. >> i'm trying to build you up. >> thanks. building me up to tear me down again. >> i feel like i want to drive today. >> to the dock? >> i can drive at night. >> sure. >> crews are equal. >> we are good. i think we're all set. >> that was really good.
6:58 pm
thank you so much. >> so miss equality, there you go. there is the tab. >> we can start equality tomorrow. with boston, every day brings a different story and with the boston police, stories of every mission echo lightly. ♪ >> we were up in moore street chasing a kid. i'm right behind him. we jump up on the fence. i'm pulling him down and i jump over it. break the fence, split my head open. the kid gets away. you know, you are embearrassed.
6:59 pm
you don't want to get on the radio. we lost him i split my head open. >> if you don't have a sense of humor, you are done. >> absolutely. i felt bad when we started bang, bang, bang and you were running from address to address. >> everyone is arresting somebody except for us. >> i thought they were the fugitives. what the hell is going on there. >> where did you end up getting him? an obscure girl's house we didn't have in the morning. >> the key to it is the females. >> always has been. >> one of these kids have always pissed one of these girls. >> for 29 years, my wife has never said to me, make sure you wear your best. >> replace the convoy.
7:00 pm
cheers, fellows. nice job, everybody! >> nice job. i'm don lemon with a look at your headlines. president obama has asked congress to authorize military action against syria. congress is ready to debate. the senate foreign relation committee will hold public hearings starting tuesday the strikes that once seemed certain have now been delayed. here is cnn's barbara starr president obama still has a military option on the table. five u.s. navy warships remain in the eastern mediterranean. each with about 40 of those tomaha tomahawk cruise missiles on board ready to strike if and when the president orders. a spokesman for the joint chiefs of staff told


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