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tv   Around the World  CNN  September 6, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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welcome to "around the world." >> leaders of the most powerful economies concluding their summit in russia. >> russian president said he and president obama did discuss syria and they did not reach an agreement. they remain locked in staunch opposition over how to handle the syrian crisis. >> all the leaders put on their smiles as they always do for the g-20 class photo. president obama scheduled to head home.
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it's going to be wheels up on air force one. >> he's going to address the american people on tuesday about his proposal to attack syria in response to last month's chemical weapons attack. meanwhile, syria's parliament has written a letter to the houu.s. house calling for civilized dialogue. >> wrote a letter to the british parliament. there's a reported plot by iran directing militants to attack u.s. interests if there's a strike against syria. this is from the wall street journal that says u.s. intelligence and deceptive messages from the leader to militants based in iraq. >> the one thing that everyone wants to know from president obama, is he willing to go alone if congress says no on syria. that's what bwas asked during a
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news conference. listen to how he responded. >> on the resolution to authorize the use of force. one of the big challenges right now isn't just republicans, but it's from some of your loyal democrats. it seems the more they hear from classified briefings that the less likely they are to support you. if the full congress doesn't pass this, will you go ahead with the strike? also senator susan collins, who breaks with her party to give you support she says what if we execute with this strike and he uses chemical weapons again, do we strike again? how do you answer her question? >> well, first of all, in terms of the votes and the process and congress, i knew this was going to be a heavy lift. i said that on saturday when i said we're going to take it to
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congress. our polling operations are pretty good. i tend to have a pretty good sense of what current popular opinion is. for the american people who have been through over a decade of war now with enormous sacrifice and blood, any hint of further military entanglements in the middle east are going to be viewed with suspicion. that suspicion will probably be even stronger in my party than in the republican party. i understand skepticism. i think it is very important for us to work through systematically making the case to every senator and every member of congress. >> i want to follow up because it seems these members of congress are simply responded to their constituents and you're seeing a lot of these town mall
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hals. the more the opposition grows and maybe it's just or more the opposition becomes vocal. why do you think you struggle with that? you keep talking about a limited mission. we have report that says you've asked for an expanded list of targets and one military official characterized it as mission creek. can you respond to that? >> that report is inaccurate. i'm not going to comment on operational issues this are sourced by some military official. one thing i've got a pretty clear idea about is what i talk with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff about and what we have consistently talked about is something limited and proportional that would degrade
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mr. assad's capabilities. in terms of opposition, chuck, i expected this. this is hard. >> i still haven't heard a direct response to the question. if congress fails to authorize this, will you go forward with an attack on syria? >> you're not getting a direct response. she asked the question very well. >> it's a pretty basic question. >> am i going to give you a different answer, no. what i've said, and i will repeat, is that i put this before congress for a reason. i think we will be more effective and stronger if congress authorizes this action. >> briana is joining us from
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russia. you know you're on point when you have the whole press corps following you up, asking, trying to get an answer on that question whether or not he will go it alone. what do you make of the fact he just did not answer? he did not pursue that. >> reporter: i get the sense he's leaving his options open. i think the white house is banking they will get some congressional support. the senate is seen as an easier go. the house more difficult and not because of the opposition party but because there's bipartisan opposition to what the president wants to do here and it's because members of congress are hearing from their constituents. the most recent nbc news poll says 50% of americans don't want their to be any u.s. military action in syria. only 42% support it. then when you ask them what about military action without congressional approval, four out of five of those surveyed say no, that's not how we want it to
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go. that's why i think the president made a strong case for this strike, he doesn't want to say he's going to go ahead with it if congress says no. he was sort of signaling, not totally clear, that's not what he wanted to do. he said this wasn't a symbolic practice where he put this before congress. he talked to observers and they think if president obama gets both chambers saying no that he may not go ahead with the strike. this will be devastating to his presidency but there's the open question. if just the senate says okay will the president go ahead with that and that's where he's not committing. >> i'm curious about the dynamic between he and vladmir putin. mr. obama had hope to go there and do some convincing. it sounds like there was a lot less dialogue and a lot more just restating already firmed positions.
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>> reporter: that's right. i think that president obama really had high hopes that he was going to make any progress with putin. a couple of days ago when he was in sweden he said that u.s. relations, u.s. and russian relations hit wall. he said he always remains positive but privately white house officials felt they are barking up the wrong tree or it was pointless to go forward with this. you really got the sense from putin and president obama that even their 20-minute discussion today where they were stating their positions, disagreeing that what they were talking about privately was basically what we were hearing them talk about publicly. >> indeed. good to see you. something else to add on the question of whether president obama does plan to go it alone if congress says no to strikes on syria. the president's deputy national security advisor was
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interviewed. his response was rather telling. >> he says the president does not intend to go forward with strikes without approval from congress. i want you to listen to this for yourself. the portion of this interview that has a lot of people asking some questions about the president's intentions. >> after the events of august 21st, we reached out to congress and had conversations and the one thing we heard is they wanted their voice heard. the president had the authority to act but it's neither his desire nor intense to use that authority without congress backing him. >> there's been numerous e-mails going out clarifications of the point of view there. they do not want to get ahead of the president but they are calculating whether or not he gets one or both chambers if he decides it's going to go to strike. >> if he does get a no vote and
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does go on strike, what is the point of going to congress to begin with? he'll be jumping right back into that heated debate trying to convince members of congress to support the plan for what he's describing as limited, targeted military against. the president said assad crossed the red line by using chemical weapons on his own people. right now there's a lot of lawmakers not so sure the military strike is the correct response. i want to bring in dana bash to talk about this. we know that about 25% of congress opposed to military action in syria. a lot of lawmakers still undecided. what do they need to hear? what are they hearing from c constituen constituen constituents? >> reporter: what they are hearing is overwhelming opposition. these are democrats. these are republicans.
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even diane fienstein saying she's also getting calls. she's saying they don't know what i know. she is somebody that has a lot of insight. when you're talk about the broader congress, what they have been doing every single day, including today going in as much as they can, getting classified briefings and getting information about whether or not assad used chemical weapons, but more importantly it's trying to get a better handle on what the military action would be and what the con ttingencies would .
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they really are going in expecting to hear some specifics and not really getting them. again, the key, key concern among so many lawmakers are is inability for anybody to really know ha kind of pandora's box this could open if the u.s. does strike. >> one question here the president was asked is whether or not he could consider a proposal that some are floating in congress to ask syria to wait. wait for 45 days, sign a chemical weapons treaty and say they will get rid of those weapons. is that something he's considering, a 45-day delay? >> reporter: this is a new idea that's popped up. it's coming from two of the president's fellow democrats.
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one of whom has said he's a know. what they are proposing is this 45-day delay to give assad the ability to or the opportunity to sign the chemical weapons treaty. it's not likely to happen but the goal is for the president the use this time to buy time and buy support from the international community that he doesn't have. the question is whether or not, also, if the president feels he won't have the votes in the senate or the house, that he could use that as a fall back measure or fall back method to go forward. >> we'll all be working over the weekend. the president cancelling his trip to california because he's be lobbying those members of congress. we'll be talking throughout the weekend. thank you. let's have a look now at how the vote is breaking down so far. there's a couple of remarkable
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aspects to this. in the house 15 democrats, 8 republicans are backing the president. 23 democrats and 92 republicans are against him. 295 lawmakers either undecided or their feelings are unknown at the moment. that's a huge number. let's have a look at the senate. 17 democrats and 7 republicans support a strike against syria. five democrats, 14 republicans do not. 57 senators, more than half, still undecided or unknown. you can see the details right at pop over there if you want to keep an eye. here is also what we're working on. john kerry says syria's leader is a thug and a murder. his father may have been worse.
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shaq 1, pain 0. [ male announcer ] new icy hot advanced patch with 50% more medicine. pain over. all american government ploys considered nonessential have been told to get out of the state department in beirut. >> they say they're just not safe there now that the talk of military attack just across the border in syria is getting louder and more specific. >> the same warning is but issued for americans living in or traveling to turkey especially for the area closest to the syrian border. the concern is this, if there's outside military action in syria, certain elements might feel the need to lash out
9:19 am
against any americans involved or not. i want to go live to the pentagon. chris, tell us why is it. what is the evidence behind the concern that american interest could be at risk in iraq? >> reporter: the wall street journal is reporting the u.s. intercepted communication iran ordering militants in iraq to go after and attack americans and in embassy in baghdad. this is if the u.s. were to conduct a strike. i've been to that embassy in background when it's being shelled shel shelled by mortars. it's like a fortress. they are concerned it would cause them to retaliate against americans in the region.
9:20 am
>> it's a massive embassy. i think like the biggest in the world. you've been hearing scenarios about how the u.s. might launch attacks. tell us what you have been hearing. >> one of the options under consideration is using care craft. a long range bomber to add to the fire power that's already there with the ships in mediterranean sea. he says things have been changing on the ground. they've had to update the target list. he said these bombers would still have the capability. the ability to sit outside syrian air space. >> all right. chris lawrence from pentagon. thank you.
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bashar al-assad was raised to create a dynasty. those who know him say it was his father who set him on the path to dictatorship when he was just a young boy. >> we're tracing the roots of the syrian leader. >> reporter: recognize the boy on the swing? it's bashar assad. he likely wouldn't have imagined it taking the turn it has. >> is this a dynasty and is it crumbling now? >> it's a mafia dynasty an it's
9:25 am
definitely crumbling. >> reporter: to understand what's happening in syria now, it helps to know about the strange regime built by his fath father. >> he was the most cut throat, cunning leader in a region full of brutal dictators. >> reporter: he rose through the ranks of the syrian air force but it was hardly lly that straightforward. he thrived in the back rooms of syrian intrigue. he betrayed friends, killing and vanishing enemies put you on the fast track. there were more than 20 unsuccessful coups when he took power. he was involved in three of them through the 70s, 80s and 90s. he played the middle east power game like a fiddle negotiating peace with israel while keeping
9:26 am
america from being a full fle e fledged enemy. he made friends with terrorist groups like hezbollah. in 1990 and '91 when george bush needed to build a coalition, look who was on his side. the u.s. still considers syria a haven for terrorists. >> reporter: how did it crumble. it was because they ruled to brutal by as a minority. bashar has had other difficulties changing the old ways of his father. >> he stabilized syria through a closed system. people couldn't travel. when bashar came to power he lifted the restrictions on travel and allowed people to read international newspapers, satellite, television and the internet.
9:27 am
how do you control this system and how do you have tyranny rule. >> reporter: when he brought the internet into syria, it was against the advice of his security staff who were his father's old cronies. they said they would have trouble controlling it. they were right. >> as we've been reporting for the last few day, the refugee problem in syria is enormous. two million syrians are refugees. half of them children. we'll take you to a camp are syrians struggle to get basic things like food and water. [ female announcer ] a classic macaroni & cheese from stouffer's starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese. but what makes stouffer's mac n' cheese best of all.
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welcome back. leaders of the most powerful economies in the world have wrapped up their summit in russia. he and president obama did
9:31 am
discuss syria. >> they didn't reach any agreement on it. they said it was tough talking but nobody changed their positions. the two presidents remain locked in staunch opposition over how to handle this crisis. >> president obama is heading home this hour. he will address the american people on tuesday about his proposal to attack syria in response to last month's chemical weapons attack. >> syria's parliament has written a letter to the u.s. house calling for civilized dialogue not blood and fire as this crisis escalates. they did the same thing to the british parliament which ended up voting no. >> more than two million people have fled the fighting in syria. they are seeking refuge in jordan and turkey. >> they need food and medical care. in lebanon, the arrival of hundreds of thousands of refugees has caused a severe
9:32 am
spike in the cost of rent and food for citizens. >> this is near the lebanese-syrian border. >> we're in walking distance from the border and we've been to some of the refugee camps trying to figure out how people are being cared for. we're in this secretive clinic. it was a mosque. i want to show you something here. the victims of gunshot wounds or explosions. they are getting their care in this makeshift clinic. the entire staff and the doctors and nurses all part of that coalition from the free syria army as well. just minutes away from the border. the concern is for so many people here especially the medical staff what to do if the numbers grow. if they have dozens, hundreds or thousands of more people. they don't have enough resources. they don't have enough room or
9:33 am
supplies to be able to take care of everyone. we're trying to come up with emergency plans. this is what it looks like. these are the consequences of what we see. so many people having suffered these wounds and now trying to get the pebest care they can. >> the situation is critical inside syria. those hardest hit always the kids. >> a lot of those kids are dying. in the next hour, arwa damon will take us to one of those makeshift hospitals are struggling to stay alive. they don't have food. they don't have the proper medical care. >> literally starving. terrible. the new jobs report is out at the u.s. unemployment rate did fall but maybe for the wrong reason. we'll explain that when we come back. so you can have a getaway from what you know. so you can be surprised by what you don't.
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moving at a slow pace now. that's the word out of washington. the economy adding 169,000 new jobs in august. that's fewer than what economist predicted. the jobless rate fell to 7.3% from 7.4% in july. >> the drop happened because more than 300,000 people actually gave up looking for work. they took themselves out of numbe numbers. the report affecting stocks today. the dow jones is up 31 points. >> this is causing a lot of consternation. your private e-mails, medical records and internet chats are not so private. the latest documents from the nsa leaker tell us that the nsa has broken the codes on all of
9:38 am
that personal communication. >> the nsa developed more covert ways of unscrambling the private online safety nets after losing a public battle in the '90s to put back door spying programm g programming. it looks like they did it any way. the driver of train that crashed earlier this summer, he told a colleague he was distracted. in the phone recording released on spanish media, he said he was going more than twice as fast as he intended when he came to that bend where the accident happened. >> the video still shocking to watch. he said he previously reported that that curve in the track was dangerouses but he aladmitted h going fast. a harmless cloud of smoke or
9:39 am
a dangerous explosive. are manufacturers exploiting loopholes to sell dangerous materials that blow up on impact. then at 8:00, can president obama convince lawmakers to strike against syria? at 9:00, if congress approves an attack on syria, what happens next? is there an end game for the u.s.? these stories all ahead on cnn tonight. tonight on cnn. california was up, up and away. no issues for richard branson's spaceship two. it reached its highest alt constitute. >> the craft reaching 69,000 feet before using that tilt wing
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welcome back. gearing up for what is sure to be a heated debate on syria next week. they are already flying for the lawmakers here at home. >> senator john mccain got a taste of that. he's been pushing hard for military action going beyond the obama administration's plan. this is a town hall that happened last night in arizona. getting an earful from his constituen constituents. >> i'm very heartfelt by the syrians. that's a whole other part of the world with a whole other countries that can do something about it besides us. >> this is what i think of congress. they are a bunch of marshmallows. why are you not listening to the people and staying out of syria? it's not our fight. >> we cannot afford to turn syria into another iraq or afghanistan. i beg you. >> my effort is to not put a
9:44 am
single american life in danger. >> members of congress wrapping up summer recess and then they will brace for a busy week. those town halls are happening throughout the country. >> a lot of people objecting to this. we have the calendar up. as soon as members get back to washington, lawmakers are expected to begin their debate on the president's proposal authorizing that limited strike. the measure was approved by the senate foreign relations committee on wednesday. >> a vote in the senate is expected next week. the president will be returning from the g-20 summit in russia tonight. he will then deliver a national address on tuesday before the american people. also next week a russian delegation will come here to capitol hill to lobby against the strike. >> it will be interesting to see
9:45 am
who meets with them. president says that fellow g-20 leaders all agree that something has to be done about syria and what he is pressing for is military strikes but there's a spectrum of possible international action. >> there is. bombs and missiles just one end of that but here are some alternatives. the international community could choose to arm off the rebel forces fighting syrian troops. >> united nations could squeeze syria harder with tougher economic sanctions or get involved in more humanitarian ways. senators are talking about giving the assad government 45 days to sign a chemical weapons ban or face military action. >> interesting option. there's also the yidea of tryin
9:46 am
to break up the army from the inside. the country also, some analysts are saying doing nothing about syria is better than making a big military mistake. former u.s. secretary joining us now. when you ran the pentagon there were times you had to get directdirect ly involved in internal conflicts. how does that decision making process unfold? what are you up against? >> it's always difficult. it's the last decision that any president wants to make. it's the last thing you understand. even something called a surgical strike. it sounds very anti-septic, it's
9:47 am
not. you will kill combatants and innocent civilians as well. it's not easily reached. in this particular case the president has felt compelled by virtue of the fact he drew a red line which he claims now is an international red line against using chemical weapons. havi assad having crossed that line some reaction has to be taken. the question is what military action is the president planning. you talk about a limited strike, what does that accomplish? you have people like senator john mccain and lindsey graham saying that's not enough. you need to help the rebels in a much more robust way. then you will alter the balance of power on the ground. if that takes place you have chance of bringing assad to the bargaining table. that's the rational behind it. the president has made two different arguments. on the one hand those reluctant to go to war as such, it is an act of war, he's saying it's limited. to people like john mccain and
9:48 am
lindsey graham he's saying we'll do much more. we have to be clear. is it much more or much less. you can't have it both ways. >> we were watching the g-20 summit and we saw the president as well as putin come out. they met for 20 minutes or so and both acknowledged they don't agree over whether or not the u.s. should strike. he did say the foreign ministers, the lead in the future looking at what the president accomplished overseas, do you think there's an alliance he's built that's adequate enough when it comes to canada and france among others that would make this a successful military mission or are we really doing this on our own? >> first, i would hope the president an president putin could have met longer than 20 minutes. you're talking about the two w
9:49 am
powers on this mission. i would hope they spent more time together. i would hope also that president obama will go to the security council and lay out the overwhelming evidence he claims we have and demonstrate, here is the evidence. action must be taken. if russia disregards irrefutable evidence, it's futile to go to the u.n. for any security action in the future and encouraging the breakdown of the international rule of law and encouraging u.s. and other countries to take measures on their own. that's not a healthy thing to be doing. if russia and china insist that nothing should be done, then i think we're headed in that direction. >> you nus make tjust make the
9:50 am
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expect a tweet from the designer promoting his products. >> there time he tweeted boots on the ground or not, let's not forget about sandals or pumps. >> he did a similar thing over the uprising in egypt. what's this about? >> some are saying it's not he's trying to promote his brand. they think he's trying to promote himself. he wants to get his name talked about. i was looking on twitter and looking at the reaction to a lot of people to these tweets. one person saying there's nothing funny about the kenneth cole tweet. i lost many friends in war. another person said i think his marketing department must know what they are doing. they are getting a ton of free
9:54 am
media. on any given day, a kenneth cole tweet gets about eight to ten retweets. this particular one was retweeted 500 times and favorited 230 times. he is standing by the tweet. he's not taking it down. listen to what he posted to ins instagram. >> i've always used my platform to promote important issues. i'm aware of the risk that come with this approach. if this encourages further awareness then all the better. >> also on his twitter account he does ascribe himself as an aspirining humanitarian. >> a lot of people are saying this isn't the right way to promote dialogue. >> we're playing into his hands by talking about it now. >> yeah. absolutely. it does seem that way.
9:55 am
i do want to mention one of his lines is called kenneth cole reaction. obviously reaction is what he's getting from this. if you look, this tweet was posted from his personal account. not his corporate account. the corporate account makes no mention of this what so ever. i did speak to branding experts who say it does appear he's overstepped the line but people do tend to have short term memories and will forget about it. we have new images of what rio looks like for the olympics. ] oj, veggies -- you're cool. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! 'cause i'm re-workin' the menu, keeping her healthy and you on your toes. [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants,
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. we'll soon know who the host is going to be for the 2020 summer games. we have some new impressive images. >> shasta has the images. >> new images have been unveiled showing rio like you've never seen before. this is a mock-up of what the area will look like. the park was designed by the same british architects who built the 2012 london park. this time the flowing path ways are supposed to resemble the amazon river. some of the lights look like the
9:59 am
olympic flag. the park is currently under construction. everything is on schedule. >> tomorrow the international committee will name the host city for the 2020 games. finalist madrid and tokyo. istanbul. >> it will be interesting who they pick. madrid is interesting. this is the third time they have applied and given the financial crisis in spain, a lot of people are worried about that. they have a will the of festivities already set up. >> tokyo's bid is overshadowed by concern over continuing radiation leaks but that's 150 miles away. >> who you going for? >> let's see, i think madrid. >> i want istanbul. it's roughly the size of new mexico. that's what scientists are
10:00 am
saying about this under water vol ca v volcano. >> the largest active volcano on dry land is in hawaii. that's about 2,000 square miles. time for me to go. thanks for watching. cnn newsroom starts right now. this is cnn newsroom. president obama will take his case directly to the american people. the president said he will deliver a nationwide address on tuesday. his statement coming during a news conference. this was at a summit


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