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tv   Early Start  CNN  September 9, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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maybe something else will still evolve out of this. >> maybe the things i've done and am still doing will still shine a light and give them hope at some point. a carnival nightmare. children plunge to the ground when the ride shuts down. good morning, everyone. happy monday. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> happy monday! that is nice and cheery. thanks for being with us this
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morning, it is monday, september 9th, it is 5:00 a.m. if you heard him ahead of time, you would believe he didn't mean it either. >> nonetheless we will start right away with the latest on syria. it is the beginning of a crucial week. the battle over whether to bomb syria takes place on tv. president obama sits down for key interviews after he was a surprise guest of isn't that true republicans to get author 6:00 for an attack. president assad allowed his first television in america in years. the balance of the power of this debate lies in congress. back in the capital to begin a week of deliberations, the outcome far from certain. the latest cnn count shows the senate equally divided about half of that body still undecided on giving its okay for a strike. only 25 senators say they will vote yes right now. the numbers are even more striking in the house about a third of house members say they
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definitely plan to vote no. but 25 tell cnn they will give their okay for military action the rest undecided. clearly the president has a long way to go in congress and in the country to win the support he so badly wants. katie murray has our first report. >> reporter: congress is back to work monday expected to top the agenda, debate and votes on a resolution giving president obama the go ahead to take military action in syria. though, it's far from certain how events will unfold, what does seem clear is the uphill battle the president faces to convince a divided congress. but for once, the divide is not down party lines. democratic representative jim mcgovern says obama should withdraw his request for authorization. >> we are being told that there two choices. to nothing or bomb syria. clearly there has to be some other choices in between and we ought to explore them.
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>> reporter: the senate foreign relations committee passed a measure and the senate could vote on it as early as friday or saturday. the gop leaders say they will wait for the senate to act. the republican chairman of the house and intelligence committee mike rogers supports's obama's call for military action in syria, but says the administration has failed to make its case to congress and the american people. >> there is a quconfusing mess to this point and i think a challenge on what an important issue and this cannot be about barack obama. it has to be about what is in the best interests of the united states of america. >> reporter: president obama hasn't said whether he would proceed with a strike should congress vote against his resolution. but white house chief of staff dennis mcdonough says the president has the final say. >> the president ultimately is going to make this decision in scheduletation with congress on his best time line. >> the administration is continuing to make its pitch
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overseas. secretary of state john kerry is in london this morning where he met with britain's foreign minister. the government there officially supports an air strike but parliament says it will not authorize british involvement. kerry met sunday with arab league leaders and announcing that qatar and saudi arabia are backing an intervention but unclear what the two nation might have in what sort of military action against assad and we are seeing part of the administration's case against syria. these images are disturbing. showing what the white house says is the aftermath of the chemical attack. you can clearly see that people are convulsing. not in those particular images. you can see bodies wrapped there. secretary kerry, defense secretary chuck hagel and susan rice are expected to show these images and many more to congress later today. coming up in our next half hour, we will speak to our reporter in london about secretary's trip to europe and if he won any more support for a military strike on
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the assad regime. >> we are hearing from bashar al assad himself. the syria president telling charlie rose of cbs and pbs his administration had nothing to do with the chemical attacks. assad suggestses the rebels may have been behind it and says syria may retaliate if it is attacked by the west. >> one country not planning to strike back is iran. the country's foreign minister is brushing off reports it has asked militants to go after the u.s. embassy saying the world needs a peaceful diplomatic solution to this crisis. where does president obama stand now? we will find out later today. wolf blitzer sits down with the president to talk about the situation in syria and the effort to win over the votes in
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congress to authorizing military action and coming up at 6:00 p.m. interest and stay tuned at 6:30 for the premiere of "crossfire." the panel will debate syria and a lot of issues of today. >> a big debut tonight at 6:30. not 6:30 a.m. 6:30 p.m. they don't get up like us. >> i'm sorry. did i say p.m.? >> you did but i'm just reiterating. they don't get up early. we want to go to connecticut and very scary moments for parents and their children. they are supposed to be enjoying a fun day at a festival but the fun turned awful when a carnival ride malfunctioned. >> i heard a big bang. the whole apparatus, the swings came smashing down into the bottom of the swing. >> i looked to my left and i saw the swing ride. it collapsed. all of these people were there. i actually saw someone fall out of the cart. >> reporter: this swing ride in
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norwalk, connecticut, became a dangerous terrifying thriller on sunday when the ride suddenly lost power and sending children to the ground. >> just injured kids everywhere. the parents ripping out the gate just trying to get to their kids. it was horrible. >> reporter: sitting in chairs suspended by chains, 13 children were injured, at least two seriously, when the ride malfunctioned. other right side in the annual oyster festival were shut down as a precaution but soon reopened following inspections. >> portable rides have a very good safety record and the state of connecticut, however, they are only inspected once a year. >> super amusement owns the ride' posted this to their website saying in part the ride suffered a mechanical malfunction and we are continuing to cooperate with authorities as they investigate into the root cause of the accident. the ride was inspected on friday, just two days before the
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incident. this comes on the heels of a deadly accident in july at six flags amusement park in arlington, texas. a woman fell to her death from the popular ride, the texas giant. known for having one of the steepest drops in the world. there are currently no federal agencies enforcing safety regulations on fixed amusement parks like six flags and some experts are calling for a change. >> because this particular ride in connecticut was a traveling ride, there will be federal oversight and an amusement ride is an amusement ride and they need to be the same inspection guidelines for amusement rides all across the country. >> pamela brown, cnn, new york. 91 emergency workers who rushed to the pentagon in shanksville, pennsylvania, on 9/11, are planning for federal compensation and they are also seeking health benefits. even though there are no studies suggesting those sites were never where as toxic as ground
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zero in lower manhattan, other have applied for the benefits after developing illnesses. the united states spent over 60 billion taxpayer dollars from 2003 to 2012 to rebuild iraq. the job not even done according to stewart bowen. his report on iraq reconstruction says the u.s. spent $15 million a day during the nine-year project, but unexpected security costs left the work incomplete. bowen warns that an attack on syria could leave the u.s. with a rebuilding bill there in the tens of billions. new allegations this morning against the nsa that it targeted private computer networks at google, a bank transfer company, and brazil's state-run oil firm. brazil's global tv says documents leaked by edward snowden says the nsa training manual shows instructions to target those networks and the obama administration are not
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denying the claim saying the intelligence community roux routinely collects information. dennis rodman told reporters it wasn't his job to ask kim jong-un to release kenneth bay and it was open to president obama and hillary clinton to secure bay's release. rodman used a vulgar anatomical term to describe the president and former secretary of state, but he did reveal the name of kim jong-un's baby daughter and described the north korean dictator as, quote, a good dad. >> there you go. let's get a check on the forecast. we are hoping for good news but i'm looking at like 37 degrees behind you? what is that? >> a little chilly, right, in the morning? it feels like fall already. kind of cool in the afternoon as well. you start off cold and end up
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cooler in the afternoon. it will change as a warm-up is on the way. boston about 53 and new york only about 57 and a lot of 30s. 30s! by wednesday talking 90s in the northeast. dome of high pressure that is going to be building into the northeast but that means it will be escaping the midwest. if you think we are hot, look what they are expecting in des moines. 21 degrees boabove normal. they will take that in the northeast to see that relief. >> i like the idea of getting hot. >> good for you. serena williams riding high
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this morning celebrating after picking up her fifth u.s. open championship. literally jumping for joy there. it took nearly three hours. second set i say is one evident best sets of tennis i have ever seen. serena dropped the second set and i thought she was done but fought back hard in the third and clenched her second straight u.s. open title and 17th grand slam crowd and one i didn't know those chris everett and martina navratilova. he was complaining about the wind and she had bad body language. >> she said, "i can't play with that wind." yes, you can! >> it was not like the wind only affects one side of the court there. she won the third set and it was amazing. she is incredible. i love to see her pick up a few more. steffi graf at 22 grand slams
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and it seems far away but she could move up that list. >> i like that too. a teenage prank turns into a horrific tragedy in colorado. how a surprise for a friend ended in blood shed. olympic victory. tokyo celebrating a win this morning. that's when we come back. ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ it goes something like this ♪ everybody here is a friend of mine ♪ ♪ everybody, tell me, have you heard? ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with tide pods... a powerful 3 in 1 detergent that cleans, brightens, and fights stains. three chambers. three times the stain removal power. pop in. stand out. ♪
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>> she was really good girl. she was very strong. >> oh, my goodness. the family and police are calling this just a tragic accident. the shooter is now facing charges. police say they are unrelated. >> a big smile for a cleveland kidnapping survivor michelle knight making her first public appearance of the man who held her for more than a decade. she went to the cleveland browns game on sunday. not saying anything about ariel castro's suicide and beaming for the camera. >> she looks great. >> better than the browns, by the way, who lost. 23-10. hope this morning the power of sport might help pull that country together. after an earthquake and tsunami and stag nation the news that toke will host the 2020 olympic games is great. >> reporter: tokyo residents
2:18 am
rushed to read the news. the greatest sporting event on earth will be back here in 2020. we will show the world what japan is, this young man shouts, stay tuned! i'm so happy our children will experience the olympics says this resident. i'm so excited. this was the moment tokyo saw the results of years of planning and hard work. >> tokyo. >> reporter: there were cheers, tears, and gold ticker tape in folk yo and not bad for sunday morning in tokyo. they had built itself as safe pair of hands and what they wanted this time around and it doesn't hurt when your prime minister is willing to leave a g-20 meeting early to help wave the flag. >> translator: the olympic movement in japan will be expanded to the rest of the world. they expect that role to be played by japan and that is why they supported us. safe and secure games to be
2:19 am
staged by us. >> reporter: even concerns over radiation spikes and fresh toxic water leaks at the fukushima nuclear power plant could not derail this bid. >> i was supporting the country's people. i i think japan is dangerous but i'm japs soanese, so i just bel. >> reporter: celebrations played on across the city sunday, including a human message to the olympic committee. not everyone is delighted, though. some question the wisdom of injecting billions of dollars into tokyo when the northeastern part of the country ravaged by that tsunami in 2011 still needs rebuilding. after that, the ongoing nuclear crisis and critics say that this money earmarked for the summer games could be far better spent elsewhere. paula hancocks, cnn, tokyo. 19 minutes after the hour.
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dance. it is, in fact, money time! good morning to you. >> i like this song. nice job! picking the song this morning, thank you. >> early morning workout. >> the market this week. syria and the federal reserve. signs of weakness will enough to stop the fed from cutting back its stimulus program later this month. futures are up this morning and despite friday's volatility the dow gained 112 points last wej. other major markets followed suit. apple will unveil new iphones. first the iphone 5s and faster with fingerprint recognition and next up is the iphone ic is a cheaper version of the iphone and comes in a plastic case. another expected development the release of up dated operating
2:25 am
software and new programming from apple tv. high-end fashion tailor neiman marcus may have a new owner. a group is in final negotiations to purchase the chain. the $6 million. the market is currently owned by two other private equity players. neiman marcus owns 75 stores, including berg doff goodman in manhattan. it's expensive to be a football fan. you end up shelling out $209 on gameday for tickets. most expensive is dallas cowboys at $313 and the least expensive the cleveland browns at $143 and includes two beers and parking. >> two tickets, beer and parking? >> very expensive. >> you can't take your family. >> eat nacho and a bag of potato
2:26 am
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the american president. the syrian president. take to on the air waves. the high profile. big media debate over military strikes on syria. we are live. it was like a black monster
2:30 am
lava. it just came. >> exactly what it is. a monster mudslide. it is wiping out roads out west. indra petersons is tracking the storms and your monday forecast! shark came out of nowhere. grabbed the ankle and the foot and i just took off. >> shark attacks. not one but two men attacked off the florida coastline. what the swimmer saw in the water. >> very scary. >> shallow water too. wicked scary. welcome back. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. the president's fight to win support in congress for a military strike on syria. he is taking to the air waves today to press his case. as lawmakers officially return to capitol hill set to debate and possibly even vote this week on the resolution authorizing
2:31 am
the use of military force. the president had dinner last night with six republican senators seen as key to helping get a strike authorization through congress. no word yet on what they discussed or if any of them are now in the yes column. but it comes as the latest cnn count shows more lawmakers are saying they plan to vote no. more than half of senators remain unskidecided but nearly quarter say they plan to vote against authorizing a strike. in the house the numbers are worse for the president. more than 140 congress people say no. just 25 are committed to vote yes. >> international support for a a strike on the assad regime is not a sure thing either with secretary of state john kerry in europe wrapping up his charm offensive to bring world leaders on board. we are seeing videos that the secretary says makes clear that the u.s. cannot ignore what happened in syria. the question is will the rest of the world agree? secretary kerry just wrapped up a news conference with britain's
2:32 am
foreign minister on the scene watching and we are watching in london for us. what did the secretary have to say this morning, alese? >> laying out for the british people the evidence he has been laying out for congress, for the american people over the last week on this weekend in europe. when the congress voted no to let britain take part. secretary kerry said there is one thing that president assad could do to stop this whole train from continuing to leave the station on military action. he said the president could turn over all of his chemical weapons and went to say he can't and he won't. >> any sense the u.s. has picked up support over the weekend?
2:33 am
>> secretary kerry did better than president obama on friday. the original statement that came out of the sidelines of that g-20 meeting only had about a dozen countries, only three european allies. now secretary kerry elicited a statement from all 28 foreign ministers of europe calling for strong and clear action against the assad regime for that august 21st attack. the only thing they want to wait for that weapons inspectors report first. we have our politics washington and they have their politics in europe and that was the kind of price that the europeans said you have to pay for getting our support. arabs are coming on board and secretary kerry saying the saudis would support military action and expect more arab states to come on board the next few days. the international consensus seems to be building, kerry is leaving back for washington in a couple of hours. back to brief members of congress again as the administration seeks
2:34 am
congressional approval. >> a >>. president assad insists his government had nothing to do with the chemical attack near damascus and telling charlie rose in his first american television in nearly two years that the west has no evidence to pro prove the involvement of syrian forces and say the rebels may be behind the use of chemical weapons and syria may retaliate if the u.s. were attack. the president will sit down with wolf blitzer today at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. stay tuned at 6:30 p.m. for the premiere of "crossfire." syria is the main topic tonight as the panel will discuss the issues at the heart of the debate tonight at 6:30 p.m.
2:35 am
eastern right here on cnn. i'm doing that for your benefit, berman, since you were confused as to whether it was a.m. or p.m. >> it is a world debut of the new "crossfire" tonight. very exciting. 34 minutes after the hour. tragedy for the 49ers win over the green bay packers last night. a fan died when he fell from an elevated walkway outside the stadium to the sidewalk below. police say the man who was in his 30s was walking with his brother. witnesses told them the man appeared to be intoxicated. no word yet on his identity. police in upstate new york are trying to determine whether the remains found in a river are those of a baby who has been missing since june. new york state police divers find -- gosh, look at picture there. believe are the remains of the baby who was 10month-old when he was reported missing from utica. on thursday the father was arrested on burglary charges and won't say if his arrest had anything to do with friday's
2:36 am
discovery in the mohawk river. a deadly shooting of a 3-year-old idaho girl at yellow stone national park. police say the child's mother said the daughter shot herself with a handgun. imagine team responded and couldn't resuscitate the child. they say it mark the park's first shooting death since 1978. >> let's give you good news. very good news this morning on a 12-year-old arkansas girl who nearly dried from a brain eating amoeba. she is one of few to ever survive the nsks. she has been in the hospital two months now and now on the mend and well enough, in fact, to leave for a few hours to go to dinner with her family. this is the first time we have heard from her since she got sick. >> i've been in the hospital a long time, a long time. >> and the hospital is no fun. >> huh-uh.
2:37 am
>> what are you excited about doing next? >> walking by myself. thanking everybody for what they have done for me and you all praying for me. >> kali, that a girl! >> kali is only the third person to to have survived this infection in the last 50 years. she may get out of the hospital later this month and doctors say she is getting better. you see it. it is a miracle. thanks to an experimental drug and to very quick treatment, they say as well. >> that is great news. >> she is looking forward to walking on her own. >> thank you for that. from that to a shark attack. sharks! sharks are prowling the waters off a beach this afternoon and two men attacked and take a dip in the atlantic ocean. the victims were a hundred yards away from each other and the water only knee-deep. the sharks apparently came at them a few minutes apart. one bitten in the foot and the other in the shin. >> the shark came out of nowhere. he grabbed the person's ankle
2:38 am
and the foot and just took off with him. underneath the water, went underneath the water and came back up. >> sharks going underneath us and scary. one seven-footer, a six-footer and probably a couple of four-footers. >> way too many feet of shark for me no matter how long they are. a man in his 40s and another in his 20s taken on the hospital. their injuries are not being called life-threatening. >> wow. i would not want to be in that water. north central utah is starting to mop up the mess after heavy rain triggered floods and mudslides in that area. monster mudslides. i would call that a monster mudslide. the flooding so bad in alpine, utah, that about a hundred people who live there evacuated over the weekend. the torrential rain turning roads and yards into rivers. 12 homes in alpine were flooded with water and mud rushing down the side of the mountain. >> oh, my god! >> it was like a black monster
2:39 am
lava. it just came. it was a hundred feet wide, you know? and it just got bigger and bigger and it picked up more and more momentum. >> a lot of water. flooding was also reported in provo and other areas but no evacuation orders in those spots. >> crazy stuff. >> torrential. >> indra petersons is watching the madness for us. more coming? >> we are always watching this in the southwest. what is weirder, it doesn't have to rain at your location. it could be far away or sunny and still come down that canyon and be in your area so we will be watching that. look at the water vapor satellite. you see that the moisture coming from the southwest and south from them and yes in the forecast today as long as we continue to see the moisture moving into the area. you add the heat in the afternoon, we see it wrapping around that high. this is so typical for this time of year. when you get that, you get this rainfall. forecast looking for another 2 to 3 inches of rain.
2:40 am
a lot of places only half an inch of rain in a short period of time and cause flash flooding especially in burn areas so something we will be monitoring. huge dome of high pressure into the midwest again today. look at these temperatures. des moines 21 degrees. the forecast above average! unbelievable. minneapolis, 97. since when is minneapolis 97? st. louis -- >> ever! >> yeah, 99 degrees in st. louis and they need it and guess who warms up? dome of high pressure responsible for it so once they get -- >> we will take it. >> it's fall. i want the cool weather. >> i'm not ready yet. give us a little bit more. we are happy to take it. thank you. coming up. >> on june 22nd, 2013, i hit and killed vincent cansoni. >> his drug driving went viral
2:41 am
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43 minutes past the hour. the leader of one of the country's civil rights organization is stepping down. he led the naacp for five years ben jealous and he says now is the time to leave and spend more time with his wife and two young children. he had been the youngest person to head up that group in its entire history and he is credited with helping make it financially stable as well. he is going to officially step down at the end of the year. now to the stunning online confession. matthew cordarrelle admitted he was drunk behind the wheel when he hit and killed vincent cansoni and we are hearing this morning from the victim's ex-wife who says she believes the confession is genuine. >> he said, i made a huge mistake and i'm going to take
2:45 am
what is coming to me. and i believe that's -- you got to respect him for that. i'm sorry. you do. you know, he -- it's just a shame all of it took place. >> indeed, such a shame. his lawyer expects he will be indicted today on aggravated vehicular homicide charges and maximum sentence eight years in prison. the man made clear in his video confession he intends to plead guilty and his lawyer despite spelgs he may be trying to get a lighter sentence sentence. he said he did this to help people not to drink and drive. >> really people believe he is trying to get off a little bit easier. let's take what is coming up on "new day." good morning! >> good morning. happy monday to both of you. a lot coming up in the show as
2:46 am
you well know. congress returns to work today but a lot of people feel it's time for politics to be open and the question for syria couldn't be more serious. people need to focus what is going on so we will try to give you all different angles as we try to make sense what is the right move for the united states. we will talk to get the perspective what the pluses and minuses on the situation are. >> could not be a more critical time this week as congress heads back today. a terrific moment at a festival in connecticut. some of the kids colliding on a swing ride and we will have the details what they believe went wrong on the ride and update how the children are doing this morning. such a scary moment and it's supposed to be so much fun. >> you have brand-new poll numbers out on syria which are fascinating and we are holding on to those until 6:00 and tell
2:47 am
you where the american people are leaning right now. >> sure does. coming up, fights breaking out when green bay goes the extra mile to take out the 49ers star quarterback. andy shoals breaks it all down in "the bleacher report." it's coming up next! ♪ ♪ so you can get out of your element. so you can explore a new frontier and a different discipline. get two times the points on travel and dining at restaurants from chase sapphire preferred. so you can be inspired by great food once again. chase sapphire preferred. so you can. ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that:
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a lot of stress yesterday. a lot of stress. >> i know you're very excited for football season that it is finally here, right? >> the patriots barrely but the won so let's cancel the rest of the season but i do understand there were some other games. >> did the 49ers play yesterday? >> andy is here with this morning's "bleacher report." >> great games yesterday. the marquee matchup featured two the favorites to win the in
2:51 am
fact, this year the packers and the 49ers. of course, we have been hearing green bay's defense talk all week about how they were going to hit colin kaepernick. second quarter. clay matthews body slams the 49ers quarterbacks out of bounds. late hit anger. a small fight broke out. kaepernick, though, he was unfazed by it all and he accounts for more than 400 yards of offense as san francisco beats the green bay packers 34-28. reigning mvp adrian peterson said he is going to break the nfl rushing record this year and did he get off to a good start. his very first carry of the season, peterson goes 78 yards for the touchdown! despite this run, a.p. finished the day with just 93 yards of rushing and he did score three touchdowns but it wasn't enough as lions beat the vikings 34-24. eli manning and the giants taking on the cowboys. last night in arlington, the giants were driving to win the game in the fourth quarter but
2:52 am
eli's pass is picked off by brandon carr! he takes it the other way for the touchdown. eli had three interceptions. giants turn the ball over six times! cowboys win the opener 36-31. today, you can read about the most surprising outcome from yesterday. the jets down two with under 50 seconds to go, gino smith running out of bounds and he gets hid by lavonte david! the late hit moves the jets into field goal range and nick folk drills it. what do you know? the j-e-t-s, jets, jets, jets are 1-0! >> we talk about a resilient group and we certainly have it. fought outlet way to the end. unteam, one fight, well, there it is. holy cow. man,, i mea i mean, we will tak serena williams wins the
2:53 am
u.s. open for the fifth time. she battled the wind all day long and final aebble to put aw victoria azarenka. very impressive win by her. john, i'm glad to see you here this morning. i was worried about you yesterday as i was watching the patriots and bills. i thought you would maybe have a heart attack. >> no joke. i was a wreck. i was a complete wreck! they are behind the bills! the first game of the season! >> they pulled it out, right? >> stress, stress. >> tom brady has no one to throw to. sorry, sorry. thank you for your concern, andy. i do appreciate it. >> we will be right back. she took an early spring break thanks to her double miles from the capital one venture card. now what was mrs. davis teaching? spelling. that's not a subject, right? i mean, spell check. that's a program. algebra. okay. persons a and b are flying to the bahamas.
2:54 am
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2:57 am
♪ said it because i can >> do you know this music? >> please tell me. >> i love this guy. do you love it? you don't even know who bruno mars is. >> if you're happy, i'm happy. >> i'll download some video action for you so you understand it. we will take a look at the top cnn trends on the web. yes, bruno mars has won a big prize. he will be entertaining america as the halftime act at the upcoming super bowl at the meadowlands in new jersey and probably the first time john berman sees him but the music is not being greeted with cheers in the area around metlife stadium. why? many are asking why not a major act from new york or jersey like bruce springsteen, bon jovi or billy joel?
2:58 am
i say give bruno mars a chance. >> i will not see him because that is when i go to the bathroom. >> sir patrick stewart. the actor married his long time girlfriend and mr. stewart is 73 and she is 35. they have been together since 2009. don't have any run-of-the-mill minister to do the honors here. the captain is the leader of professor x. he got fellow actor sir ian mcclellan to do the honors and marry them. he married the two. look at that. they seem like a very happy couple. >> i don't know. she is 35 and he is 73. as i was reading the story, i thought, a huge age difference. but i have to say when i saw the picture, he looks really good! >> they look like they are in love. >> do you think they will have children? do you think? >> they look like they are in love. congratulations to them.
2:59 am
that is our official statement from "early start." that is all from us this morning. >> take it away, chris and kate. >> one question, do they look like they are in love, john? >> they look like they are in love. >> look how far berman is leaning away. lean back into your co-anchor! >> what is this about? lean back in. i can clearly see your head. >> trying to save us. thank me later. >> see you guys. >> thanks, guys. see you soon. >> that berman. check your clocks. almost the top of the hour. that means on "new day," it is time for your top news. we cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we have seen out of syria. >> they are back. congress is back this morning. the president is pushing them hard for a strike on syria. but they may want to look at cnn's exclusive new poll. are the voters ready for an attack? disaster at the carnival. a swing ride malfunctions. more than a dozen children
3:00 am
injured. new questions this morning about just what went wrong. sky high. serena williams a champion again winning her fifth grand slam title. she sits . >> this is new day with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and michaela ferrara. >> good morning, monday, september 9th. f:00 in the east. this one may be the most critical for barack obama's presidency. the president is putting all his political muscle into winning support on sirria. he will be doing multiple interview, mere warm-ups. he will sit down with the one and only wolf blitzer. tomorrow ni


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