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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 15, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> you can catch the season premier tonight. that's going to do it for me. have a great rest of the week and rest of the weekend. we're still in the weekend. there's don lemon. >> i have to sit in my office and watch it. >> nobody ever knew you put on anything. oh, stop it, don. everything is all right. >> have a great couple days off, see you next week. >> i am don lemon. we're going to hear from emergency officials that is just a mess today. northern colorado, denver, ft. collins. 4500 square miles of busted dams.
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everything is detooer rating there. lots of still-stranded people who need help. here's the problem today, these helicopters are flying nowhere. the heavy rain started again and this is not flying weather. lehere's what the next few hours look like for northern colorado. it's clearing up but not enough for thousands of people who have been soaked every day since wednesday. >> my, god. the river outside of our house. >> and here's the worst news, six people believed dead from the sudden flooding.
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an 80-year-old woman who was hurts and prevented by the rushing water from leaving her home. i want to get straight to the news conference now. >> this afternoon at 5:00 p.m., we're not -- it's not open to the general public. it's deaf niltly for the evacewe wees. we want to get word to those folks who may be in hotels or stay with friends that that meeting will be at the evacuation center on south taft. and in addition here, we have a meeting at ft. colins at 7:00 p.m. which is our other evacuation center. and that's only for the evacewe wees. and thoen, for those who have needs for specific information on the incident, our joint information center, number 9704985500. we want to continue to encourage
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folks to call that number if the need to register information is missing. that's obviously the goal. any help with that would be appreciated. in addition, we've got red cross is safe and well fungszing on their web site that peemd can register on, as well. we will take a few questions in the end. that's really all i have at this point. i'm going to turn it over to our incident commander and let hem introduce himself and say a few words. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, i'm shan shane delgrosso. i'm the incident commander of rocky mountain incident managen't theme, team a. we're a type ii team. just give you a little background, many of you are from the colorado area. many of you have heard of probably our teams when it comes
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to fire fighting. whether it's west park or a type ii team. we're an interagency team. we're made up of federal, state, local and cooperating anyonen sis. so it is a true inner agency team. this is one of the things we do when it comes to natural disasters that are all-risk hazards. we often get called in to support, in a support role like some other incidents that we've been involved with. you talk about the space shuttle recovery efforts. they brought in teams like us. the horizon oil spill brought in teams like us. 9/11, we often get these types
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of calls to come in and help our mission is to provide support and assist in coordination with fema to provide coordination, oversielgt and leadership in the command and control in bringing all of these entities and coop rating agencies together. >> okay. they're going through some generalities there explaining what happens to the emergency management team and what have you. part of the sheriff's office from the incident management team in colorado. they are just being inundated. let's go live to boulder colorado right now as that news conference is going on. george howell is there. george, people obviously sick and tired of this rape and we can see the water flowing behind you.
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>> don, and a lot more water. we're in the middle of a break. we had some rain earlier. you see what the result of that rain is here. look at this water. look at the debris out there that's kicked around in this water. keep in mind, we're in the mountains. they are big rocks that are also in this waterer. it's dangerous to cross. dave, can you count over and show the street? let me give you some perspective. four hours ago, there was no water crossing the street. three hourings ago, when we did our first live shot, the water was just starting to cross the street. an hour ago, we got to the point where you couldn't cross. down there, that used to be topaz streetment right now, it is a river. the hope is that they got across here. i know they had access to get over this creek. i should say this river. they had access to get over the river a couple hours ago.
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hopefully they did because now there's no crossing it. with this rainful, more communities are cut off. and, as we mentioned, the rescue operation with the national guard has been halted until the weather passes. >> george, how many people are we talking about? how long before they can be reached? is there any idea? well, we know there could still be hundreds of people that are cut off in different kmumpbties. and more. like i said, this was not a problem just four hours ago. and now look at it. this is another area that you can't cross over. there's a chance that more people are stranded until the water
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wat water recreed resooeds. they still have to let them know if they need those air lifted supplies. >> look at that water just flowing there. it's unbelievable what is happening. unbelievable. george howell, if you'd like to help the victims of the flood, make sure you visit you know what that music means, we've been playing it for weeks now. we're going to talk about syria. a deal is in place to find and destroy syria's chemical weapons. now comes a dip llomatic pitch u.s. allies. >> he called the plan a
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framework, not a final agreement. and he said the threat of u.s. force will remain in place. on a taped interview, president obama said the situation in syria has come a long way in a very short time. >> we're definitely in a better position. keep in mind, mid entire goal throughout this exercise is to make sure that what happened on august 21st does not happen again. that we do not see over a thousand people, over 400 children, subjected to poison gas. something that is a violation of international law. and is a vie lagsz -- >> it won't happen again? >> well, i think we had the possibility of making sure that it doesn't happen again. >> let's talk more about syria joining me here at cnn. cnn military analyst and retired air force lieutenant, colonel rick francona. i want to talk about syria's israel trip.
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the u.s. will maintain the threat of force under this agreement. is that enough to enforce it? >> i think it's very important that we maintain that as part of the agreement and that the russians know that and that the syrians know that. it is that threat of force. we haven't seen any movement out of the syrians yet towards this agreement. the test will come this week. >> nick, i want to talk to you now about israel. israel's prime minister appears to be on board with this greemt. what are the israelis looking for? >> at the end of the day, they want to be pretty sure any chemical weapons are a threat to them in some ways. i think they're possibly looking at the next few years seeing most people want to do them harm
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in the region, doing harm to each other. they're in a difficult bind, too, because of the past two weeks, that it would be agitating too much. they don't want the people in the u.s. to be bombing only behalf of israel and stirring up our opinion against them. i would think in many ways, they'll want to know where these weapons are inc. go. and they want to also be shurg that they're declaring efg. the people that are watching that area most intensely, is probably the israeliss. >> we expected the u.n. to deliver its report tomorrow on august 21st -- on the august the 1st attack in syria: what impact will that have? >> i don't know that they're going to be able to definitively say who used it. but i think our intelligence tells us who used it. but we're also going to have help, and nick brings up a very
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good poibt point. we're going to have access to a lot of israel intelligence. if nibble's got a handle on the syrian weapons program, it's the israelis. >> russian president putin doesn't have the same values as the united states. but, i mean, that the two countries could still work together. what do you think he mernt bip that? well, i don't think that's too outrageous. we have a whole system on a variety of whens programs. this is just another one in that step. you don't have to is have the same values to make an agreement with him. but you sure have to make sure you can trust them. that's going to be the crux of all of this. can you trust the russians? but, more importantly, can you trust the syrians? i really have my doubts. i worked w the syrian military for seven years and you could just never get a straight answer out them. >> stay with me. meantime, i'm going to tell you
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about some breaking news out of washington. >> he has withdrawn his name from consideration. somers had been seen as a top candidate to replace ben bernanke. more details on that as we get them. up next, bullets fly near times square. a man attacks police, they fire shots and innocent people get hit. later this hour, my conversation with kmeeds yan bill cosby to his critics and thoughts leadership in the black community today. >> what we need is for people to real ietz i want to raise my kid. i want to go back and get my three kids. i want to take oon that responsibility. i want to love my which i shall. i'm beth...
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police open fire near time square. margaret connolly takes us to the scene and has video that captures the shooting. >> don, police opened fire right here near the heart of times square. the action all took place right on that corner behind me. police were trying to chase down and subdue a man who was agit e agitated. and he was darting through traffic.
2:17 pm
>> reporter: crowds panic as new york police officers fire three shots, missing their target and hitting two bystanders, instead. both were women. one took a bullet this the right leg and the other was grazed in her backside. witnesses say police were chasing a man who looked confused. >> the guy was wondering in the street like he was lost. >> he continued to look at the officers and sometimes, wruz reaching into his pockets. >> after firing bullets, police finally subdue the man with a tazer.
2:18 pm
he was admitted to a hospital as emotionally digs tushed. >> one of the bystanders has been treated and released. he's facing a strij of charges, including drug possession, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. don? >> margaret connolly, a police officer has been charnled with voluntary manslaughter after killing an unarmed man who may have been looking for help. investigators believe he was getting his car when they arrived. the officer shot him several times killing him. he's being held on a 50 rksz 000 dlarsz bond. ahead this hour, danger in the water. a rare brain-eating ameba that kills. so why is the water still okay to drings? the doctor is in to explain. and it's the image that might
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for most of her life, emmett miller has been burdened by her weight. she's just completed a triathelon. >> growing up in tennessee, annette miller always dreamed of playing basketball. as soon as she was old enough, she signed up for the team. >> i came running home and i was so excited. instead of getting a signature, i was told you're too fat to play. >> at ten years old. and plr than 200 pounds, she says, that montra santly changed her life.
2:23 pm
>> you're too fat followed me into aadulthood hood. >> so she changed her diet. she started walking. she hit the gym. she was determined to get the weight off. by november of 12012, she was well on her way. >> i'm prude to say that at this point, i've lost over a hundred pounds. >> and she wasn't finished. >> there's a little ten-year-old kid in here that still wants to play. be a part of the team. >> and she was accepted in january. >> congratulations. we've already pick ed picked -- eight months, she trained to
2:24 pm
compete in the triathelon. and she got below 200 pounds for the first time in decades. >> i never had a break down on the scale, bup i started crying. >> amazing. i made the turn around. i knew i had it. >> if i can do it, you can do it. >> next up for miller, surgery to remove the excess skin leftover from her years of being overweight to complete her transformation. >> drmplt sanjay gupta reporting. squl up next, scenes of hurricane katrina. victims of the flooding and the colorado rescue by air. we are talking ant the heroic rescues underway. ♪ turn around
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ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you. back to our lead story, days and days and days have created a disaster. as many as six people may be dead. the whereabouts of 480 people unsnow. and for now, anyway, the aircraft is keepings are cue on the ground.
2:28 pm
on the phone is lunt colonel mitch utterback from the colorado national guard. so, colonel, this must be very frustrating for you, obviously. tell us when you're be able to get flying again? >> well, don, let me tell you. it's not frustrating so much because we have had ground evacuations continue iing today. the national guard has 45 clearance trucks operating in boulder county that can forge feet and feet of water. they've been bringing first responders of people, delivering supplies all day. although the weather kept the helicopters out of the sky so far this morning, the ground rescue effort has continued. and i've got to tell you, looking out the window here, it's very exciting to see the pilots putting on their
2:29 pm
equipment and heading out to the helicopters. >> so once they get to flying, talk to me about priorities then. >> do you already know where to go first? >> yes, they keep a roster of priority commissions that need to be conducted. so they receive those testings from the incident commander here. they relay them amongst themselves over the radio. and then they'll dispatch themselves across a wide geographic area to go pick up people as needed. it's really something, i have to tell you. over the course of just 2 spsz 1/2 days of flying between the national guard and the active duty aviation unit from ft. carson, 745 rescues made. and all we have here is, right
2:30 pm
now, active duty pilots. >> how many people have been evacuated already? how many national guardsmen have been act vaivateactivated? and how long will you stay, excuse me, on this mission. >> this is a real math problem. everybody get out something to write with and something to write on. we have 200 national guardsmen here in boulder county activated for search and rescue efforts. quince dently, national guard pilots rescued 200 people the first day of flying. an the pilots from ft carson,
2:31 pm
over two days of flying, have rescued 745 people. and i want to say a couple hundred pets. we leave no pet behind, also. education specially if the person is coming with their pet, they're both coming out. katrina was like 4300. national weather service has been calling this biblical proportions. have you ever seen anything like this? >> here, we vnt seen the flooding. i haven't taken any flights that has the military leads on my position right here.
2:32 pm
everyone is shocked, is the best word. >> colonel from the colorado national guard. aapreesh yapt your time. we appreciate you coming on cnn. >> thanks for getting the word out for us, don. >> absolutely. if you, at home, would like to help the victims, you can visit >> back now to the cry sisz in syria. john kerry meets tomorrow with paris, france and britain to discuss syria's chemical weapons. let's talk more with it about our senior analyst and retired air force lieutenant and former
2:33 pm
chief u.n. weapons inspector david kaye joins us right now. thauj. mr. kay, e, cnn's brian today reports two experts blooech in the august 21 gs attack in syria contained up to 50 times more serin gas that first thought. is that a surprise? what does that say to you? >> it's not a surprise in the sense that particularly the children that were killed, almost 400 of them, seemed like an unusually large nunl ber from a very small rocket, which was the first estimate. >> so i think moegs of us thought it had to be more than that. what happens next in the u.n.?
2:34 pm
>> the framework suggests quite a quick timetable for them declaring kem cam weapons they have. but it requires a u.n. security council resolution to be passed. so people will be looking in the days ahead to take what happened in geneva and convert it some w somehow. >> oemp the years, the series developed their own capability. so much of what we're seeing in syria is home groun. and i think the russians may still be surprised what we find there. >> they're believed to some of the state of the art vx for their war missiles.
2:35 pm
i want to see that's all declared and taken care of. i think we're gingrich to be fighting a hard battle with the syrians to get at what they really v. . >> i want to pose that question to you. and that's whied there's such skepticism here. what's your response? >> i think rick is right. soviets provided them their first assistance. over the years, i suspect they've gotten precursor chemicals from a number of people. i wouldn't be surprised if a large number came from western europe or the united states. but, look, this program -- rick is right. the syrians have developed a very high-class chemical weapons program. and serin is the least worried. it's the least persistent.
2:36 pm
vx, which lasts for a very long time, is in the strategic warheads. . they have their own terrorism problem. and amongst the ranks, you see chechens to the south of russia fighting alongside some of the more hard core syrian rebels. so you can imagine people thinking the last thing we want to see is that country collapsing even further and some of them getting their hands on the chemical weapons and brings them back to russia. that could be in the back of their minds. >> i want to talk about iran. what is iran saying publicly about the usz agreement snlt. >> we're getting sort of mixed messages.
2:37 pm
broadly, in the last couple of weeks, we've seen social media messages and hibts a lot of skepticism there for potential conflict in the region. be many are thinking are they perhaps seeing an avenue here to soften their posture? >> well, don, you feel to realize, iran was the last country to have chemical weapons used against them by iraq. and the world, at that time, stood aside. i think they have a very conflicted attitude. it's a very pain vl memory of the iraq experience using kem cam weapons. so ill think the ie rain yans, only this i shall shoe, are really, trully conflicted. it is true the president is putting a new public face. but it's also true that the s a
2:38 pm
strategic weapons program in iran, the nuclear activities, are not run by the president. >> lots more to talk about and we will get it all in on this broadcast. thank you very much. for this particular segment, jentle men, we'm see some of you a little bit late ir on. >> more violence today in the mideast. exploelgsings killed stlooes 24 people. the multiple blasts targeted mostly shiite areas. booked a cruise lately? interesting question. they're more affordable than they used to be and this image might be the reason why. now, the costa concordia is about to rise again. engineering looking at how to make that happen. and that's next. [ male announcer ] this is jim,
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xarelto® is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit more than 20 months after it ran agrouchbd off the west coast of italy, killing 32 people. you can see the remarkable salvage operation from the air as crews begin to haul 132,000 ton vessel. >> there's a lot at stake here, don. it's more than just a ship on its side right now.
2:42 pm
it's a graveyard, folks. two victims are believed to be inside. it's like a mini battery that's urjd water. now, take a look at this animation. the crew will be using a method called par buckling. all is that means, folks, is th they're going to roll the ship upright. there are a lot of riszings here, associated with this because hear this, the ship has. >> reporter: settled in 14 feet into the rock. now, it's been in salt and water. and so the metal has been deteriorating for months. now, this par buckling process is expected to take between 12 and 14 hours. one of the fears is that it could roll over into deeper waters and they have one shot at this, don. there are no second chances.
2:43 pm
once they start pulling those cables, that's it. they've got one chance to do this right. >> oh. okay. or else it becomes a pew sooem under water? but is there a contingency plan for this? >> technology, also, has a huge part of this. now, one of the things is what if something does go wrong. well, instruct her going to know early because these crews have installed microphones and sensors throughout. so, throughout this entire process, they're going to be able to monitor what's happening under water. if it fails, it could ask the government to cut the ship up into pieces and remove it that way. but, don, you've got to consider there's a lot of stuff rotting in there. so it would be a huge, environmental toll in that area. and, as you know, i mean, this is off the coast of italy. it's beautiful there. and, you know, it would be a huge burten on the environment. >> yeah, very interesting.
2:44 pm
rosa flores will be following this. we wish you luck. >> okay, be careful about what's in the water. this isn't a warning about sharks. it's about a rare brain-eating ameba. and it is deadly. why is the water okay to drink? the doctor is in to exz plain. ♪
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it so i understand lisound like science fiction, but it's all too real. tests confirm the presence of a rare, brain-eating ameba. they say the water is safe to drink, but they caution people against getting water in their nose. first, what is an ameba? and how does it get into the brain? >> it's kind of like a bacteria. it can cause an infection. but it's grouped in a different category. the treatments that we normally use to kill bacteria don't work as effectively gebs it. and it seems to have some adaptation that allows it to get into the brain through the nose. >> the officials there are insisting the water is okay to drink, everyone knowing that an ameba is in the water? >> so, if you drink the ameba or get it into you that way, it doesn't seem to affect the gut. what it goes for is the brain itself. if you get it into the nose, it can travel up the nerves that get to our sense of smell.
2:48 pm
so it has a way of getting passed what we have called sa blood-brain barrier. it's the body's fortress that protects the brain. it gets passed that and our drugs have a hard time getting passed that same fortress, which is why it's so hard to treat. >> so if you drink it, it goes in internally and your body day je digests it and you get rid of it. >> exactly. >> so the parents of the 4-year-old boy also spoke out last month. i want to listen to them. >>. >> a very happy child. it's hard foe see your child laying there. i was waiting and waiting for him to jump out of the bed. >> he's a strong kid. i thought he was going to pull through. but, day-by-day, it kept getting worse and worse. from this, i hate to see where my son is at, but it's helping other people save other lives.
2:49 pm
j so he said it's helping other people save lives. apparently, he was playing in a ditch when it went up his nose. had he not died, would this be discovered? >> probably not. we weren't in the habilitate of testing the water supply. most people catch it from ponds, river, lakes, fresh water. now, finding it in the tap water, we have to worry about it for people who might use tap water for sinus allergies or people who use public walter fountains. that's where it can spray into the news. >> all right. good information. thank you, dr. debbie, as always. up next, my conversation with comedian bill cosby. his conversation on going to college. >> just go and sit there and understand you're going o get an education. that's what happened to me at age 19 1/2, i just knew that i
2:50 pm
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just want to tell you about again about the breaking news at the top of the hour. it is from washington. former treasury secretary lawrence summers won't be the new federal chairman. the white house announced today he is withdrawing his name from consideration. summers lost support from some democrats on the senate banking committee. earlier today, we spoke with lawrence summers and accepted his decision to withdraw his name for consideration for chairman of the federal reserve. that's from the president there. he says, larry was a critical member of my team as we faced down the worst economic crisis since the great depression.
2:54 pm
and it was in no small part because of his expertise, his wisdom and leadership that we wrestled the economy back to growth and made the kind of progress we are seeing today. i will always be grateful to larry for his perilous work and service on behalf of his country and i look forward to continuing it seek his guyance and counsel in the if you tour. that's from president obama on lawrence summers withdrawing his name as secretary treasury. who is ready for a second serving of anthony bore dane part's unknown. he takes us to learn about history and religion. >> divided into four corners. there is muslim quarters. there is a jewish quarter. there is a christian quarter. and an armenian quarter. each one functions independently. but people that live in a certain area are all from that religion. >> right.
2:55 pm
>> now we're walking in the steps of jesus christ, right? >> as i so often do. >> so this is the last trip jesus did before he was crucified. so people feel very emotional. they come here and say, oh, my god, i'm walking in the steps of mohamed, david or jesus. like jesus was here. i feel like i should be more, something. >> a little bit more bias. >> little bit. >> too late for me. >> make sure you pack your bag. time to get lost again. anthony bourdain season two, parts unknown. don't miss it. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them.
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iconic entertainer, but bill cosby has also taken a lot of heat in the black community for his opinions. he was in birmingham, alabama yesterday to commemorate the church bombing that killed four little girls. before that event, i asked him about our next generation of leaders. >> so i want to ask you about, i've been talking and thinking, you know, after the ath anniversary of the march on washington, 50th anniversary of four little girls, about leaders. and especially african-american leaders. who are they? where do you see -- do we need one? do we need leaders in the same sense that we needed a dr. king or ruston or james baldwin? where do you see our leadership now? >> i think it has to come from the same place -- i think it has
3:00 pm
to come from the university. i think, women, strongly. because when you see 70% in research that says they're the leaders of the household, what we need is what people to realize, i want to raise my kid. i want to go back and get my three kids. i want to take on that responsibility. i want to love my children. you know, one of the great pictures that, you know, reaches me, because it is special. is to go to for instance, the essence affair and walking around to see -- yeah. to see a black male with his