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tv   Around the World  CNN  September 18, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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new details about the d.c. navy yard gunman. the shooter's mother speaks out for the first time and she says she is glad that he is in a place he can do no longer in he harm to anyone. and a passenger train slams into a double-decker bus in canada. the front of the bus completely sheered off during impact. we've got a live report on this still breaking story coming up. plus, zip lining to safety. that is what people are actually doing to escape massive flooding in mexico. thousands of tourists are trapped. supplies are running dangerously
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low. >> welcome to "around the world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company today. >> want to get you up to speed on several new developments. this is in the navy yard massacre, of course. military officials there are promising to look for answers, many, many questions still remain. >> indeed. they have launched several military reviews, this two days after 12 people were killed at its historic facility in washington. the navy yard in washington does not surprisingly, remain a crime scene and off limits to all but essential personnel as investigators try to piece together what made military contractor aaron alexis go on a shooting spree. >> we are learning more about his mental state today, about a month ago, he told police he heard voices in his head. people talking through walls and floors and using microwaves to
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keep him awake. the defense secretary chuck hagel said he has now ordered a review of defense department procedures for granting and renewing security clearances including that of contractors. >> he's also formed an outside panel to look at dod security and clearance procedures. >> where there are gaps, we will close them. where there are inadequacies, we will address them. and where there are failures, we will correct them. we owe the victims, their families and all our people nothing less. >> we are also hearing for the first time from the mother of the navy yard shooter, cathleen alexis was fighting back tears earlier today as we she issued a statement just a short time ago. >> the statement is the audio only. let's listen in in its entirety. >> our son aaron alexis has murdered 12 people and wounded several others.
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his actions have had a profound and everlasting effect on the families of the victims. i don't know why he did what he did, and i'll never be able to ask him why. aaron is now in a place where you can no longer do harm to anyone, and for that, i am glad. to the families of the victims, i am so so very sorry that this has happened. my heart is broken. >> deborah feyerick was present for that mother's statement and joins us from new york. you could obviously hear the emotion in her voice, deb. tell us about what you saw, what the feeling was in that room. >> well, i can tell you, michael, that i was the pool reporter inside the home for that statement that she read. she refused to take any sort of questions. she seemed drained by the whole experience. she's a slender woman. she was wearing a black sweater, black pants. she was supported on each side of her by two community bishops. at one time, it almost seemed as
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if she was leaning on one of them for support. he tried to comfort her saying she was a victim too and she said no, no, she was clearly focused on the families of the people who have lost loved ones during this massacre, this shooting spree committed by her son. but she was frail. she seemed tired and knew the impact of this and perhaps the most poignant statement was you know, he's somewhere where he can no longer hurt anyone. that was very emotional, but we tried following up with a couple of questions, but she didn't want to answer anything. she doesn't even know how she's going to be able to go back to work. mikele? >> deb, i can't imagine a mother being able to say that about her son that he's in a better place now that he's dead but he's no longer able to kill anybody. did she shed any more light what he was like as an individual or whether or not he had any problems that she was aware of? >> no, she really didn't. you know, she mentioned the fact that she believed there were
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inaccuracies being reported but would correct any of those. she wouldn't comment on what his connection was to 9/11. you know, we were able to determine through sources that he was working down at the borough of manhattan community college by the world trade center. he was there the day that those towers fell. that campus actually became a staging ground for first responders. so he was in the immediate vicinity of that day, but she wouldn't shed any sort of light on what he had witnessed, what he had seen, or what the trigger for this may have been. she just -- she really just wanted to say what she said and move on with her life. suzanne, michael? >> all right. deborah feyerick, thank you. a man who was the shooter's stepfather for many years, is he also speaking out. he spoke to a british newspaper called the daily mail. you'll hear what he told that reporter later this hour. >> a little bit more inside, hopefully. family members of those killed in the massacre are starting to speak out, sharing share stories about their loved ones.
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>> we want to share their stories with you, as well. anderson cooper spoke with family members of kathy gaarde with her 94-year-old grandmother who she cared for till last year. moving memories from her husband and daughter at the bottom of the hour. >> well, families of the sandy hook elementary school shooting, they're in the washington, d.c. area today. it was a trip planned some time ago but one that now has obviously new urgency since the shooting rampage at the navy yard. >> it has been nine months since the school shooting in connecticut when a gunman killed 26 people. the group of residents and relatives is called the newtown action alliance, and they're going to attend the stand your ground hearing today leaded by illinois senator dick durbin. >> alliance members also plan to meet with congressional leaders from both parties demanding man dapper to background checks and other measures to toughen gun control laws. >> and to canada now where the
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capital ottawa is the scene of a terrible, terrible accident. this is a passenger train slams into a double deckder city bus. and police say at least now six people are dead, 30 are injured. one fire official says there were bodies and debris everywhere at the site. >> just horrible pictures. paula newton joins us now on the phone in ottawa. how does this happen? >> you know, what has been so chilling to hear, michael, when you hear the accounts of people on the bus screaming, pleading with the bus driver to stop. now, again, the national transportation safety board is on the scene right now cautioning, don't come to any conclusion about what caused this accident. but just listening to the eyewitnesses saying people were screaming on the bus, stop, stop. and whaened up happening was that double-decker bus slammed right into the attention train and the entire front of the bus i'm looking at was completely sheered off.
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utterly devastating. i spoke to people on the platform very close to a station. thankfully it was going slowly. people saw exactly what happened. they heard a loud thud, screeching and then they saw the smoke and couldn't figure out why this bus had done this and what happened. as we said now six confirmed dead, but sadly, more than 30 injured right now. they're saying most of those people from the bus and 11, michael, still in critical condition. mike sfl. >> and paula, do you have any idea, i mean, why it was that the bus just kept going? do they understand? do people have any sense of the condition of the bus driver? >> it's hard to know. the rail crossing was down. there was a safety gate there. it was down. apparently the bus went right through it. if you try and understand why this driver went right through it, some people are speculating maybe he suffered a heart attack, maybe he was having a medical problem and that's why the bus failed to stop. no one knows at this point and
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no one will know till they do a much more thorough investigation at the scene. incredibly tragic in terms of those people actually witnesses it, those people going through it. we saw family members. it is a packed express bus on its way from suburban ottawa to the downtown core. you still have families on the phone frantically trying to find loved ones who may be at the hospital and not able to contact anyone yet. quite a horrific scene at the suburban rail station and still so many questions. i mean, this just doesn't happen. i bus doesn't slam into a train. there are at times failures at rail crossings. but for that bus to go right through a rail crossing when you could clearly see the train is just really unfathomable for many people who witness this had event this morning. >> thank you. it is hard to understand unless there was a medical condition at that time bus driver had, how that was possible. >> took the whole front of the bus off. terrible accident. we'll update you if we get more
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information on this. it only happened a few hours ago. meanwhile, president obama turning to the most powerful people in the business world to help him avoid a looming government shutdown. >> the president spoke at the business roundtable just a short time ago in washington. it's a group that is made up of the country's leading ces. the president warned them when the government stops working, private businesses also stop working >> i think this is the time for us to say once and for all we can't afford these kinds of plays. i know the american people are tired of it. i'm tired of it, and i suspect you're tired of it too because it's pretty hard to plan your businesses when these kinds of things are looming >> republican leaders in the house say one of the plans to avoid a government shutdown is to pull all the funding from the president's health care plan. >> there should be no conversation about shutting the
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government down. that's not the goal here. our goal here is to cut spending and to protect the american freedom obama care. it's as simple as that. there's no interest on our part in shutting the government down. >> budget negotiations will then not moving at all. federal agencies warning employees to brace force a possible shutdown. without a past budget, the government's money actually runs out at the end of this month. >> here's more of what we're working on for this hour foraround "around the world." thousands of tourists are now stranded in acapulco, mexico, after massive flooding swallows homes and cars. more incredible pictures up next. >> and united nations inspectors are going back to syria to continue to investigate chemical weapons claims. there are more of them now. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula
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and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment. south of the border today, mexico has been getting hammered is hard by three serious storms all hitting at the same time. a triple whammy, nearly 60 people already reported killed. >> the hardest hit area near the
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beach resort city of acapulco. this is a bird's eye view showing the water up to window level but are from up high you can't see just how dangerous this flood is. >> wow. so it's just a few miles inland from acapulco. the only way to get across streets have turned into raging rivers. >> rescues are becoming incredibly difficult. relief supplies often impossible to get in at the moment. about a million people, mexican citizens and tourists, as well are either trapped, stranded or hunkered down against these deadly storms. nick parker is in mexico city today. >> reporter: dramatic scenes in the popular beach resort city of acapulco. manuel created chaos there was many residents struggling to kope with the aftermath. 40,000 tourists have been stranded with the airport only just reopening. the main road to the city is
9:16 am
still closed. further north, rays from tropical storm ingrid are raising fears of further flooding. dozens of people have been killed in the twin storms. authorities are now closely watching a tropical wave near the city of cancun. >> chad meyers in the cnn severe weather center. this is coming from many different places and it's kind of a con. influence of a lot of different weather events. >> one storm on the east coast of mexico ingrid. another that could be here for the weekend named jerry. and then the "m" storm in the pacific named manuel. so we always talk about the bad side of a hurricane, the right side. acapulco was on the bad side for hours and hours. it rained for hours at least a foot of rain on those coasts there around acapulco. let's look at the google map. acapulco is a bowl. there's an empty spot where there's an ocean there, but it is a three dimensional bowl. the rain ran up the mountainside and all the rain came down.
9:17 am
this is not unlike what happened in colorado last weekend. when you put rain up a hill, it has to come down the hill. it rained right and rolled right back into acapulco. gobs of people trying to run for their lives, tried to run up the hills as the water was coming back down the hills. >> pretty unusual weather event one would have to say. having been hit from both sides at once. >> this has never happened since the '50s where two storms with names have hit within 24 hours. they didn't combine, didn't even hit the same areas. one hit the east side near cancun and up toward brownsville, texas. the other at the west coast. there's the sierra madre in the middle. they can't converge with a mountain range in the middle. people are running for their lives. the water is still going up in some spots. >> chad, thanks. >> you're welcome.
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colorado still dealing with the aftermath of record flooding there. better weather is allowing emergency crews to evacuate towns where people remain stranded nearly a week after that record rain. >> the death toll has now been revised down to six. more than 300 are still unaccounted for.
9:19 am
meanwhile, some evacuees are starting to return home, only to find ruins. more than 19,000 homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. floodwaters are now rolling east towards nebraska. >> good heavens. the damage done there just extraordinary. russia says the u.n. chemical weapons report on syria is distorted and one-sided. they still have their theory on what happened in syria. we're going to be live in moscow with the very latest. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain. you make him rookie of the year. we took care of your cold symptoms. you take him on an adventure. tylenol® has been the number 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever for over 20 years. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more.
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u.n. weapons inspectors could be back in syria within a week or so. that is exactly what the russians want to hear because they don't think the inspectors did a good job the first go round. no surprise. >> it still boils down to who was responsible for that chemical weapons attack that may have killed as many as 1400 people. the russians have a big problem with the earlier u.n. report that said that the evidence was pointing towards the syrian
9:23 am
government. they say that report was one-sided and not complete. that's not all. >> want to go live to moscow. phil black is there. we know there is a lot of talking going on right now, diplomacy perhaps. you have the president of syria, bashar al assad meeting with not only russian and american delegations today but certainly does this mean that the inspectors is realistically could be back in syria by next week? do these talks actually bear any positive fruit? >> reporter: that is certainly possible, suzanne. yes, because that is their intention. they've got unfinished work to do there. they were already in syriaen 0 august 21st when the big attack took place there to investigate other allegations about chemical weapons use. they didn't get to look at those because they were consumed by that big attacking in damascus. that became their focus. much of the world deemed answers. they went to the location, collected samples, put together their report and russia is not happy with that report because
9:24 am
it's been saying all along in order to have an objective view of the chemical weapon situation and use in syria, you have to investigate all the allegations of use. look at all the information. so certainly if they go back in, that will temper that russian anger. it would certainly have the russian government's support in that case. >> and phil, too, of course, we still have this difference of opinion the west saying the assad regime did it. the russians still saying that it could well have been the rebels about. they now say i think the term was they have material evidence. who's seen that evidence? are they going to hand it over? >> reporter: well, only the russians as far as we know. this is information handed to them today by the syrian government. we don't know what it is. but they say that it implicates the syrian opposition in using chemical weapons on august 21st in the big attack. that would support the ongoing
9:25 am
russian syrian theory that it is the syrian opposition using chemical weapons in syria and they're doing it to try and frame the government and trigger some sort of international intervention on their side. the russian government today is pledging to show the information to the united nations security council. >> it will be interesting to see what that is. phil black in moscow. of course, we are following the frantic final days of the navy yard shooter. up next, we'll bring you the very latest on the investigation including his call to police in the weeks leading up to the massacre. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing.
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who have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of people 50 and over for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you thousands a year in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. welcome back. we are getting more details about the navy yard shooter, his mental health issues, his military record, also his run-ins with the law, all of it added together show a definite trail of red flags. >> here's what people want to
9:29 am are all these signs, how were they hissed? pamela brown traces the shooter's steps and brings us the details where this investigation stands right now. >> reporter: we're learning new details how aaron alexis brought a gun onto the washington navy yard. a federal law enforcement official tells cnn that the gunman entered building 197 with a small bag. that's believed to have carried a disassembled remington 870 shotgun. he's then seen on video ducking into a bathroom with the bag and emerging seconds later with the gun. moments later, he opens fire. >> we got a report on the fourth floor, a male with a shotgun. multiple shots fired. multiple people down. >> reporter: as investigators continue pouring over alexis' life, the trail of red flags leading to monday's massacre is troubling. august 7th, he calls rhode island u police complaining of hearing voices coming through the walls of his hotel room.
9:30 am
according to this police report, alexis said those voices were sending vibrations into his body. using some sort of microwave machine. august 25th, alexis arrives notice washington area where he contacts a va hospital for a second time for sleep problems. september 14th, two days before the shooting, alexis stops at this small arms flang lorton, virginia. an attorney for the gun range says alexis practiced shooting, then paid $419 for a gun and two boxes of ammunition. and on monday, he accessed the navy yard with legitimate i.d. and proper security clearance. >> in a case like this before you've got so many red flags over a protracted period of time, it almost seems this is the type of thing that was bound to happen. >> even more troubling, his record while serving as a navy reservist. eight instances of misconduct including insubordination, disorderly conduct and
9:31 am
unauthorized absences from work. >> it's easy now to look back and piece it together and say somebody should have known. if you think about it, over a long period of time, it's a little more challengings. >> he was honorably discharged in 2011 and retained his navy security clearance which is good for ten years. the defense contractor he was working for has now pointed the finger at the military for overlooking his misconduct as a civilian and during his service. >> looking at the defenses while he was in the navy, while he was in uniform, none of those give you an indication he was capable of this sort of brutal, vicious violence. >> reporter: investigators are now collecting evidence from multiple crime scenes, towing away his rental car, removing boxes of materials from his hotel room, interviews family members in brooklyn in hope of understanding why he did this. >> we're just learning details from the white house briefing. jay carney announcing the president will be attending a memorial service. this is this sunday for the victims of the navy yard
9:32 am
shooting. obviously, the president, this defense secretary, many of them is asking some really serious questions how this could even happen on such a secure facility. >> exactly. we're lucky to be able to speak now to captain monty, the commanding officer at the yard. appreciate you being with us, sir. condolences, of course. i suppose let's start off by getting a sense from you of the mood there at the yard you command. >> let me begin by saying that here at the washington navy yard from me to all those families and those affected, my thoughts and prayers go out to you. if you were affected on monday's events. today here at the navy yard, we are going through a period of transition and healing. here at the yard we're transitioning to allow people to come back to the base, again retrieving personal items. for the healing, we have set up counseling centers here on the washington navy yard at our
9:33 am
sister base to help those family members and those affected by monday's events to begin their transition back to normal and healthy lives. >> and captain, i want to follow up if we can, obviously our condolences to many suffering there at the facility and their families. but our reporter pamela brown brought up a lot of important questions and red flags. i'd like to go over those because there was a call to police he had heard voices before. he had reported to a va hospital complaining of sleep problems. at least on eight different occasions he had instances of misconduct. the defense contractor she talked to says that they point to the military, say this is something -- what does it take before this guy's clearance is pulled? how many incidents have to come before before you realize this guy could be potentially dangerous. are you looking at reassessing who gets clearance and for how long? >> my primary concern over the last few days has been to insure
9:34 am
that i have helped all of those family members and the employees that are affected. so that is where my concerns have been. i have not been working on any other issues but to insure that i can begin normal operations tomorrow so we can begin the transition of healing back to normal operations here at the washington navy yard. >> do you think those are legitimate concerns, safe concerns for those people who you see and you work with on a daily basis? there may not be a system in place that really protects them? >> again, my so responsibility here on the navy yard is to insure that every employee is safe. i will continue to do that. right now, we're in a transitional period of healing, and i want to insure that all of those members that were affected get counseling and are able to begin normal operations here
9:35 am
tomorrow. >> we've heard from the defense secretary, of course, chuck hagel saying that where there are gasp, we will close them. where there are inadequacies, we will address them. one imagines that given what has happened there, this horrible incident, this horrible tragedy, that some there who work there might be a bit nervous. are there immediate changes going into effect you as commanding officer know about? >> i have counselors available throughout the washington navy yard to assist those. we also have security guards out and available to help those individuals with very specific needs. so we are ready to assist those individuals on the washington navy yard. >> captain, what is taking place today in terms of the kind of assistance that you are talking about? >> taking place today? we have sprint teams that for
9:36 am
our family counseling centers set up on base. we have those counselors available throughout different areas on the washington navy yard. in addition, we have set up facilities at our joint base anacostia for those families not able to make it here today and those employees that are affected by go to those locations, as well. >> captain, are you worried about the obvious -- obviously there must have been some gaps that allowed this to happen, this incident to have occurred in the first place. what are your concerns as commanding officer in terms of protecting your staff there? >> again, my concerns today are just primarily focused on transition the navy yard back to full operations. i have a very, very professional military security force on the washington neighbor yard. we will continue to remain so. >> captain monte ulmer, we
9:37 am
appreciate your time and we support the families surrounding this tragic incident. >> here's more of what we're working on for "around the world." the family of a woman killed at the navy yard, she is now speaking out to cnn. >> i guess what i want them to know most about her is what a caring person she was. particularly how she cared about her family. >> i want them to know she lived. she's not a number. >> more of this exclusive be emotional interview in just a moment. we'll be right back. [ sneezes, coughs ] i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. oh, what a relief it is. picasso painted one of his master works at 56.
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family members of those killed in the navy yard massacre are now starting to actually speak out. they are sharing their memories of their loved ones whose lives were cut short.
9:41 am
>> kathy gaarde sleeves behind obviously a grieving family and now anderson cooper did manage to speak with her husband and her daughter. >> i guess what i want them to know most about her is what a caring person she was. particularly in how she cared about her family. as i mentioned, we tack care, or she took care of her mother who's lived with us for ten years. she moved here when she was about 85 and lived here till she was 94. that's a lot to take on when you're a full-time mom and full-time worker. she did a great job of that in addition to raising our two kids. which of course is jessica. >> she loved nature. she loved animals. >> she loved animals. we've got them tied up. we've got two dogs and two cats and that's actually down from the number we used to have. >> more than that? wow. quite a menagerie.
9:42 am
>> what do you want people to know, jessica? >> i guess in addition to what my dad is saying, just with everything going on, i want them to know she lived. she's not a number. or some statistic. >> you want them to know the person that she was and the life that she led? >> yes. because she was so caring and she would do anything for anyone she loved. and she really did have a deep heart for animals no matter what the cost. when one of her animals was sick, she would do everything that needed to be done to make sure they were okay. >> you were planning retirement. >> i am basically retired.
9:43 am
she was -- we were trying to pick the best time for her to retire. she was pretty much planning on probably this january toward the end of the year, unless sometimes they offer buyouts when the budget gets in the kind i have situation it is. she might have left earlier. >> she could have already retired? >> oh, yeah, she was 62 with about 33 years of government service. so that's -- we'd have been very comfortable. but -- >> does it seem real at this point? >> go ahead. >> for me, it's -- it was very surreal but it's like a constant tsunami because i have periods of numbness where it's like the water's receding and then i feel nothing, and then something, whether it be a bill on the counter or i was in the bathroom and she recently bought me new towels and you just see the towels and just all hits.
9:44 am
>> comes in waves? >> yeah. >> hard to watch, isn't it? >> it's very hard. >> that whole striving of people doing in these situations to make sure that people aren't just thought of as a number. >> i mean, putting the face on the story. it's so hard to talk about, but they did a really good job. >> important stuff. just a reminder too, we mentioned earlier president obama is going to attend a memorial on sunday to honor the 12 who died in the neighbor yard massacre. we'll be right back.
9:45 am
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welcome back. when ben ber ban can i speaks, people around the world and the markets react. about would hours from now, the federal reserve chair will be speaking at a news conference. >> everyone -- he is expected to announce cuts to the u.s. economic stimulus program, the quantitative easing which we rolls off the tongue so easily. the central bank is currently buying bonds worth $85 billion a month to keep interest rates low. >> so of course, our richard quest joining us from new york.
9:48 am
we all want to know what does this mean especially for those who own their homes. >> well, the long and short of it is for the last year, the fed has had its food on the gas pedal to try and get the u.s. economy moving even faster. now, do not panic. the fed is not about to put its foot on the brake. that is the single most important thing to understand about today. think of it this way. the fed having got its foot on the gas pedal is just going to easy off a little bit. we expect, maybe just going to reduce by $10 billion. it is still going to be pumping money into the u.s. economy. we are still quite a long, long way of significant increases in interest rates. having said that, the market knows what's coming down the road. and long-term interest rates and mortgage rates have already started to rise. just by a smidgeon.
9:49 am
>> and one imagines, richard, that if he did nothing, that would upset the markets more given that they've been expecting this. and i guess the effect has already been built in. would you say that? >> absolutely. he brilliantly frightened the market at a press conference earlier this year when he mentioned september. and by doing that, he got rid of all the fuss and fuhrer and all the volatility in august. you know, speem are maybe wondering what's going to happen today. when the announcement comes out and a dollar to a pound, it's going to happen today. if it does not happen, i'll buy you the drinks. >> that would be a first. >> that's a deal. the markets are going to going -- tell us something we didn't know. >> tell us, can you tell us about the mortgage rates? we've got a mortgage calculator. we want to bring that up there. what does it mean for your mortgage. >> we've already seen about a
9:50 am
1.5% increase in long-term mortgage rates. we will see that probably rise even more over the next six months to a year as less stimulus is put in because less bond buying means yields go up, prices go down. don't worry about the mechanics. just look at what it means for your mortgage. if you're on a fixed rate mortgage, of course, you're locked in, good luck to you. you've got 30 years at this. but if you're looking to get a mortgage, start factoring in how much you can afford to pay if rates go up half a percent, 1.5 percent, know what you're getting into before you get in over your head. >> yeah, as you say, richard, if there is no tapering as they like to say, what is quantitative easing, it would be a shock if he didn't taper. what would be more of a shaky kind of hope he does it because you're buying drinks. >> don't bank on it. it's happening. it's happening. >> he offers to buy drinks when
9:51 am
he knows it's not going to happen. good to see you, questy. >> all right. >> new details, as well about the neighbor yard gunman. his former stepfather says he is struggling to understand how the "loving boy that he raised as his own. >> caller: could have become a mass killer. ♪ ♪ unh ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ ♪ let's go! ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ ♪ yeah! yeah! yeah! or you can choose to blend out. ♪ oh, yeah-eah! ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain.
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9:54 am
and the breaking news is good news for a change. you may remember the story of the girl ayvani perez, 14-year-old girl. there was a home invasion overnight monday. early hours of tuesday morning. two men burst into the family's home. they demanded jewelry and money. the mom didn't have any. she was trying to hide the kids. these two men shot the family dog and then kidnapped ayvani perez. 14 years old. the fbi, police have been looking for her for the last couple of days. the good news, found safe, found alive. just breaking in the last few minutes. so some good news there. we're getting more details how she was found and where she was found. but that's the headline there. ayvani perez, that girl abducted during a home invasion found alive. >> we're going to have more at the top of the hour of that story. we keep coming back to the
9:55 am
question of motive in the navy yard massacre. why did aaron alexis go on a shooting rampage killing 12 people randomly? just a short time ago, i spoke to the daily mail reporter paul thompson who interviewed the shooter's former stepfather. >> the aaron he knew he said was a loving very kind boy. as a teenager, he described him as a sponge who wanted to soak up as much information as possible. loved playing chess, checkers. he's totally at a loss as to why his former step son would do such a thing. >> did he like guns? was he violent? did he display any kind of unusual behavior? what does he tell you? >> well, in the years that he knew aaron, he never once said he saw a violent episode. he said there was no interest in guns. obviously when he was in his 20s, he developed an interest in the military. and frank actually said he too wanted to join the military with his step son but he was too old. and was turned down whereas
9:56 am
aaron was very excited to be joining the navy. but up till that time, he hadn't exhibited as far as he saw any violence whatsoever. >> does his former stepfather believe that had anything to do, that kind of trauma had to do with ptsd? we've heard that from other members that perhaps he suffered from other mental conditions? >> in the years between 2001 and when he left to join the navy, frank said he didn't see any signs of ptsd at all. but he does accept that you know, ptsd is there and it was a traumatic event. he didn't witness anything. he said he was in an on/off relationship with his mom so he might not have been there at that time although they were still in contact. >> there have been reports of aaron hearing voices in his head and other kinds of things. did he say he experienced any of that as a child? >> no, there was none of that as a child, none of the paranoia.
9:57 am
he seemed to think something happened in the military. he was -- as i say, he was very shell shocked when he was talking to me. he was trying to avoid reading stuff about aaron because he kept saying that wasn't the boy that i knew. the boy i knew was a kind and loving child. >> finally, does calderon realizing just the kind of pain and trauma those 12 victims killed in the shooting and the families left behind, is there any kind of message he is offering from aaron's family to those? >> very much. that's why he did the interview. his prayers go out to the victims and the victims' families. he's so so sorry. i don't think he can reconcile what has happened with the aaron alexis that he knew. >> fascinating stuff. now, before we go, just a reminder that georgia girl, 14-year-old girl ayvani perez has been found alive abwell after being kidnapped from her home during a home invasion tuesday morning. we'll have more on that at the
9:58 am
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i'm wolf blitzer. we begin with the breaking news. police say they have now found 14-year-old ayvani hope perez. she is alive. she was grabbed from her home by a pair of intruders early tuesday morning. martin savidge has been following the story for us in ellenwood, georgia, right outside of atlanta. martin is joining us on the phone right now. fill us in on the good news. she's okay, is that what we're hearing? >> it is good news is, the answer to every parent's prayer ever since she was abducted 2:15 in the morning on tuesday. the fbi is telling cnn she was found apparently she was dropped off at some point. we don't know the where and we don't know exactly when. but she was picked up by police, and they


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