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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 18, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm wolf blitzer. we begin with the breaking news. police say they have now found 14-year-old ayvani hope perez. she is alive. she was grabbed from her home by a pair of intruders early tuesday morning. martin savidge has been following the story for us in ellenwood, georgia, right outside of atlanta. martin is joining us on the phone right now. fill us in on the good news. she's okay, is that what we're hearing? >> it is good news is, the answer to every parent's prayer ever since she was abducted 2:15 in the morning on tuesday. the fbi is telling cnn she was found apparently she was dropped off at some point. we don't know the where and we don't know exactly when. but she was picked up by police, and they say she is fine.
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which means of course, she is alive and reasonably well and that she is being checked out at this particular time. and we expect that's shortly there's going to be some reunion. we're in the neighborhood here in ellenwood, the subdivision which has been rocked by all of this because so many people felt this was just something that couldn't happen in their neighborhood, that there would be a home invasion in the middle of the night and the most precious commodity, their children, would be taken, in this case that 14-year-old girl. the good news from the fbi, she has been found alive and well. we do not know what happened to her abductors. two men were not identified but their images were broadcast all over. the investigation we're told continues into how she was taken and why. wolf? is. >> martin, we were told originally and i want you to update these guys allegedly broke into the house. they demanded jewelry, money, when they didn't get it, they took this little girl with them
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and then they wanted ran some money in order to release her. is that what happened? >> right. these are all questions that have been spiraling around this case up till now. authorities are really not wanted to say anything out of fear it could jeopardize this girl and her situation. so it does appear that when in fact these men who broke into the home didn't get jewelry or didn't get what they wanted, that they fled and took the 14-year-old with them as if it were some kind of hostage or kidnap situation. that's in fact the fbi quickly said it was when you've got a kidnap situation. that implies you're holding somebody in exchange for something else. there was talk there was a ransom demand. some family members said it was around $10,000. we don't know how those negotiations went or how deeply into the talks they were. but there was a lot of law enforcement that was brought to
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bear very quickly it was the local police, the county police, there was the gbi, the georgia bureau of investigations, then the fbi, then on op of that homeland security. this quickly mushroomed into what they would call a major law enforcement effort. maybe those holding this girl realized they were up against something pretty strong and they opted to let her go, but that is just the early signs. we're getting a news conference expected at any moment. we're ready to cover that when happens, wolf. >> we're expecting this news conference from the clayton county police and the fbi. the fbi as you point out were brought in. she's described ayvani hope. er rez, hispanic, black hair, brown hairs, 4'9" tall, weighs 93 pounds. and so hopefully, she's fine. and she's free and we'll get all the latest information from the authorities. the law enforcement authorities, the local police, the georgia police and the fbi. they're about to hold a news
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conference. we'll have live coverage of that. martin stand by, we'll get back to the story. the good news is she's okay. let's turn to the deadly shooting at the washington, d.c. navy yard. the latest information coming in, the white house now says president obama will attend a memorial service this sunday for the victims of the shooting. 12 people were killed, eight wounded in the ramp andage. chuck hagel today announced a review of access at all u.s. military installations worldwide. the shooting has raised questions, serious questions about security clearances at u.s. military facilities. >> obviously, there were a lot of red flags, as you noted. why they didn't get picked up, why they didn't get incorporated into the clearance process, what he was doing. those are all legitimate questions that we're going to be dealing with. >> more details are coming out right now about the gunman, aaron alexis. they paint a picture of a man
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with very serious psychological issues and a very troubled history in the u.s. navy. also in morning, we're hearing from the shooter's mother for the first time. for that, let's bring in national correspondent debrable feyerick in new york. what is the mom saying about the son, aaron alexis and the shooting? because i know you heard her personally. >> yeah, as a matter of fact, we were the pool reporters for this particular interview with the mother. she didn't answer any questions, did not deviate from a prepared statement. she printed it out on a one-page piece of paper. she was subdued, very dignified and she talked about this tragedy. >> our son, aaron alexis, has murdered 12 people and wounded several others. his actions have had a profound and everlasting effect on the families of the victims. i don't know why he did what he did and i'll never be able to
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ask him why. aaron is now in a place where you can no longer do harm to anyone and for that, i am glad. to the families of the victims, i am so so very sorry that this has happened. my heart is broken. >> now, mrs. alexis would not elaborate on anything in that statement. the only sort of cryptic comment is the fact that her son can no longer harm anyone and for that she's glad. the question being, was there some sort of a temper issue there. but again, you have to take it at face value. she would not comment on anything. i asked her when the last time it was she spoke with her son. she would not discuss it. she said she's worried to go back to work and doesn't know what her co-workers will -- how she'll be received, what they'll say to her. wouldn't tell us what she did or where she, would. she wants her privacy back. she like everybody else is grieving. during this, wolf, she had a bish yop clergyman on each side
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of her. one of them looked as if he was supporting her. she was very drained. you could hear the emotion in her voice. clearly this has had a deep impact on her, as well. she wanted to focus on the victims and what they're going through, wolf. >> deborah feyerick, thanks very much. what a heartbreaking story all around. on a normal day, the washington navy yard would be buzzing with 3,000 workers going about their jobs. again today, it's closed to all but what are described as essential employees. still a crime scene with forensic teams searching for more evidence from monday's shooting. renee marsh is on the scene for us once again today. into the frantic moments and hours after the navy yard shooting, what are you learning? >> that's right. wolf, we have the recordings from the first responders. the seconds in which they got on the scene there and also we're learning more about the victims. one victim's family members saying don't remember my dad as
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a victim because in life, he was strong. those are the words of this daughter. they give incredible perspective simply because you realize that these people who were killed, they were more than victims. they were the rockets of their families, they were fathers, mothers and they were caretakers. >> right now, police confirm five people shot. could be others. >> dramatic new audio from police dispatch as the massacre unfolded at the navy yard monday. >> we have an officer down. building 197 on the third floor. also female shot on the roof of building 1333. female on the roof. >> victims found one by one as first responders rushed to the scene. >> all units in the main triage group need to move west. the ambulances in line need to move west way out of the line of fire. >> reporter: police flood the compound in fear there might be fear there might be more than one gunman.
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>> we're doing a sweep for security. we still have a second suspect and the scene is not secure. >> law enforcement later confirming there was no additional shooter. two days later, just miles from the site of monday's shooting rampage, washington pays tribute to the 12 lives cut short, 12 families forever changed by this senseless tragedy. kathy gaarde rd remembered for herselfless devotion to her 94-year-old mother who died last year. >> she was so caring and she would do anything for anyone she loved. >> richard michael ridgell served lee years as a contract security worker in iraq. he is survived by three daughters. >> i want him to be known as a dad above a victim of a shooting because he was a great dad for all of us. >> martin bodrog graduated from the naval academy and was a decorated officer. my knees just got weak, you
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know? everythinging about marty just a great guy, you know, wonderful husband, father. >> michael arnold, frank kohler, vishnu pandit, mary francis knight, sylvia frasier, gerald l. read and kenneth bernard proctor all victims of this inexplicable tragedy. >> and wolf, you know, lee additional people, they were shot but they survived. we can tell you that as of last night, one of the three was able to leave the hospital, two remain in the hospital at had point. wolf? >> our hearts go out to those families. what a sad story. renee, thank you for that. we're going to have more on breaking news we're following. that 14-year-old girl found alive in georgia. a news conference clayton county georgia, police will be briefing us together with the fbi. this is right outside of atlanta, this 14-year-old girl has been found.
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we're standing by for a news conference. the 14-year-old girl ayvani hope perez has been found. she is alive. we're expecting a news conference, the clayton county police chief gregory porter, the fbi agent in charge of this investigation is, rick maxwell. she has been found alive, abducted in the middle of the night from her home in a suburban atlanta subdivision but now police say she has been recovered after being dropped off at a location. she's been picked up by the police and reportedly doing fine being checked out right now. we'll have live coverage of the news conference once law enforcement authorities show up. stand by for that. let's check other important news we're follow. as colorado copes with the aftermath of the deadly floods, the high waters are nowal roing towards nebraska. this map shows you the forecast for flooding. the runoff is rushing down the
10:15 am
south platte river which runs from denver into nebraska. meanwhile, in colorado, thousands of residents are starting to return home to their flood ravaged neighborhoods. while their homes are still standing, the amount of damage is staggering. >> it was overwhelming really. i didn't realize that floods brought in a ton of mud. it just ruined everything. >> we're already planning for probably about 50,000 td, $60,000 to get it all redone. >> cnn's george howell has been following this disaster for us. he's joining us from boulder. george, are residents now finding out that they'll get the help they need to rebuild? because this must be a shock to so many thousands of people. >> well, wolf, certainly now that fema is here, that is very important news for people here who saw so much devastation because fema will help. they will obviously take
10:16 am
applications and help people with the given problems, the different situations where you have flooded homes, all of the issues that people will apply for, but keep this in mind, wolf. when it comes to homeowners' insurance, most of the time homeowners insurance will cover acts of god, fires, lightning, things like that, but when it comes to floods, typically homeowners insurance does not cover that. we learned through the rocky mountain association of insurance they don't -- there's a large percentage i should say of people who do not have flood insurance? these affected counties. we're finding a lot of people will very likely be relying on fema as they come through and help. >> i was just saying the shock factor must be so enormous. they come back to homes, see the devastation, they see is the destruction. all right, george, i know you're all over the story for us. pass along our best wishes to
10:17 am
all the folks there. and to find out how you can help the victims of the colorado floods, here's what you can do. visit our impact your world page heading south, at least 57 people have died in the storms in mexico. severe weather has hit from nearly all sides, causing torrential rain and flooding. 40,000 tourists are stranded. this is one of the reasons why. look at this the acapulco airport is flooded. this is a scene from one of the towns along the federal highway that connects acapulco to mexico city. people are using ropes to cross the roads. the ceo of starbucks is taking out full-page ads in several major newspapers to deliver a direct message to customer who want to get a cup of coffee while armed. what he had to say coming up. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain.
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we're standing by for live coverage of a news conference. there you see the microphones, reporters have gathered in clayton county right outside of atlanta, georgia. they have fortunately, found
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ayvani perez who was kidnapped from her home tuesday in this atlanta sburve ellenwood. it's a neighborhood outside of atlanta. we expect to hear from the clayton county police chief, also the fbi agent in charge of this investigation. we'll have live coverage as soon as they show up. stand by for that. in the meantime, other important news. with negotiations seemingly going nowhere right now, we may be headed for a government shutdown. right now, agencies are actually being told to prepare for the worst with the deadline for a deal looming just 12 days away. here's what we heard out of washington over the past few hours. >> we're going to continue to do everything we can to repeal the president's failed health care law. this week, the house will pass a cr that locks the sequester savings in and defunds obama care. the president has signed seven bills over the last 2 1/2 years to make changes to obama care.
10:22 am
i sincere lie hope our friends in the senate have plans to make this an eighth time. >> i'm happy to negotiate with them around the budget. just as i've done in the past. what i will not do is to create a habit, a pattern whereby the full faith and credit of the united states ends up being a bargaining chip to set policy. you have never seen in the history of the united states the debt ceiling or the threat of not raising the debt ceiling being used to extort a president or a governing party. >> we can't let the government shutdown. we can't be kamikazes and we can't be general custer. >> let's discuss what's going on with our chief political analyst gloria borger. two issues, the government shutdown which happens if there's no budget by october
10:23 am
1st, no funding for various agencies of the u.s. government. people will start not receiving checks, all that kind of stuff. the other issue is the debt ceiling mid-october, according to the treasury department when the u.s. runs out of money. they'll default if they don't raise that debt ceiling. both sides seem to be digging in strongly, gloria. >> yeah, and what you have there in john boehner, wolf, is the house speaker that is really being held hostage by the conservative wing of his own caucus. what they're saying is they're tying this to repealing a piece of legislation, a large one passed three years ago that they do not like, repealing obama care, which by the way, is the president's signature piece of legislation and what john boehner seems to be doing is saying okay, we're going to tie it to the repeal of obama care. we'll pass that out of the house of representatives. it will go to the senate, it won't pass and then the big question is, wolf, whether if it
10:24 am
goes back to the house, stripped of this repeal of obama care, whether these conservative republicans will actually end up voting to fund the government. and that is the big question now that they all face. and i don't think anybody around here knows the answer to it. >> a lot of republicans remember what happened in the mid-90s when there were two government shutdowns. newt gingrich now with cnn one of the new co-hosts of crossfire, he remembers. he was speaker of the house. they remember vividly the american public blamed the republicans for those government shutdowns and certainly helped propel bill clinton get re-elected in 1996. so republican who's lived through that period, correct me if i'm wrong, they're very worried like peter king, for example, about another government shutdown now and how that could damage the republican brand. >> right. and if you look at the polls, wolf, already, republicans are blamed or voters say we would
10:25 am
blame republicans more for shutting down the government. but you know, a lot has changed since then. there are some republicans so anti-government and voters have become more anti-government. they believe that okay, shut down the government for a couple of days. big deal. we've been through this before. big deal. we've done this, big deal. we always go to the brink and somehow we get around this. so at had point, wolf, the public isn't paying a lot of attention to it. when you do shut the government down and people realize that first responders are paid for by the government, that they might not get their social security checks or their medicare benefit oz are medicaid benefits, then people will start paying attention and that's the danger that congress mann king was talking about because he's been there. people will blame republicans for playing games. but we don't know -- we just don't know where this is going to wind up and not quite sure where the public is right now.
10:26 am
>> yep. we'll continue to watch what's going on. the former house speaker newt gingrich, one of the new hosts of crossfire will join me later in the situation room. we'll discuss this. you'll be joining me, as well. >> down memory lane, right, wolf? we'll go down memory lane on the shutdown. >> i remember it vividly. i was white house koept for cnn in those years. the shooting at the navy yard has highlighted the gaps in u.s. security. now there are new details about a complaint coming from the fraternal order of police and their lack of manpower. we'll have details. stay with us. = ♪
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10:29 am
clayton county district attorney's office and u.s. attorney's office. folks, this is a prime example of community policing. prime example of collaboration through a situation where it ached not only clayton county community but the metro area. i'll entertain any questions at this time. >> reporter: how did you find her? >> through hard-core law enforcement work. boots to the ground. again, the people i just mentioned worked tireless hours to make sure this young lady was safe. >> what specifically though led to you her? >> i'll let the fbi touch on that. again, we're going to limit certain questions about the investigation. we do not want to compromise the integrity of the investigation. >> reporter: earlier you had said there was nos connection between the family and these alleged kidnappers. is that still the case? is there a relationship between
10:30 am
the mother and the kidnappers that you can share with us? >> again, i'll let the fbi touch on that. >> reporter: someone will -- >> yes. >> was she injured at all? >> no, she's in good health being evaluated as we speak. she's been reunified with her family. >> reporter: [ inaudible question ]. >> again, it started off as a home invasion and probably lingered over into the abduction of this young lady. >> reporter: was she harmed in any way? >> she's being evaluated at this point. >> reporter: any injuries or anything like that? >> not at this point, not that we know of it. >> reporter: can we say she wasn't -- >> she still is being evaluated at this point. >> reporter: was the family targeted or was this random? >> we don't know at this point again, like i said, it initially starred off as a home invasion and lingered to an abduction of this particular young lady. >> reporter: why? >> can you tell us where she was
10:31 am
dropped off. >> the address in conyers, we have the address. we will get that address for you. >> reporter: can you just give us the narrative of how she was dropped off, how that happened? >> i'll let the fbi touch on that. i'll let them -- any other questions? i mean -- >> one question at a time. >> reporter: names? >> two people are in custody. fbi will be provide that information to you shortly. >> reporter: chief, how much manpower went into finding her? >> we had like i said over 150 people involved. persons involved, personnel involved. many manhours. like i said, again, i want to thank the people that i mentioned along with the hard working men and women at the clayton county police department. >> what about the ran some money? did the family ever pay any money or was that true? >> there was some mention about that, but i don't want to get
10:32 am
into the specifics of it. again, folks, we're still wrapping up this investigation and still in the preliminary stages. i think what is important at this point she's safe. >> reporter: before you turn us over to the fbi, i'm hoping they can answer these other questions, were you present for the reunification? >> no, sir, no, sir. >> were any of you present for that? with her family? >> no, not to my knowledge. >> reporter: with you all saying she's now at a hospital? where is she being evaluated? she's nearby. due to the confidentiality of this young lady, the age and so forth, we're limited in what we can say about it. >> reporter: what can you say about how the two suspects were captured. >> through hard-core police work, boots to the ground. >> no narrative how they were caught? >> was it an easy capture? >> we worked tireless hours trying to bring this situation to a closure. and again, i think what is important at this point, she's safe with her family and we need to -- again, i want to thank the
10:33 am
media for you all's help. >> reporter: was there any confrontation, violence? >> i wasn't there. i'll let the fbi speak on that. >> what can you tell us where she's been in 30 something hours? at somebody's home? >> she's been in the metro area. >> do you think she was riding around in a car the whole time? >> we're still interviewing and evaluating her health at this point. >> who from the fbi can talk to us right now? >> before i -- i'd be remiss if i did not recognize chairman turner, chairman of the clayton county commission board. i want him to say a couple words. then i'll give him an opportunity to say something. >> good afternoon, and as the chief said, well, first of all, i'm chairman jeff turner. chairman of the clayton county board of commissioners. as the chief said, it's a great day for law enforcement, great day for the community. definitely a great day for the perez family. you know, this can should be as an example of what happens when
10:34 am
law enforcement comes together to work clab ratively. the results are young lady was saved. local, state and federal agents came together, worked together, and was able to bring this young lady home. i would be remiss if i did not say my thanks to the community. they immediately jumped on social media outlets and spread the word. the word spread very quickly. media responded. thank you for putting out the word "in" response to the kidnapping, as well. so again, i would be remiss if i didn't thank each and every one of you, the citizens of clayton county and definitely the men and women who are standing behind me are representative of those standing behind me for the hard work they put in on a regular basis. so thank you. >> i'm just going to introduce. >> you so there you got the headlines. great day, in fact, the little girl ayvani perez, 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped in the
10:35 am
middle of the night from her home in an atlanta suburb is safe and we now know that the two suspects have been arrested. they are in custody. we'll continue to monitor the news conference. we'll get the latest details. martin savidge is watching what's going on. the headline ayvani perez is okay. we'll take a quick break. more news right after this. [ chainsaw buzzing ] humans.
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welcome back to "newsroom." i'm wolf blitzer reporting. the latest on the deadly shooting at the washington, d.c. navy yard, the white house says president obama will attend a memorial service this sunday for victims of the shooting. 12 people were killed, eight people were wounded in the rampage. defense secretary chuck hagel today announced a review of military installations
10:39 am
worldwide. we're also learning that the fraternal order of police for the navy yard issued a complaint about security. brian todd is joining us with more on this part of the story. what are you learning, brian? >> reporter: wolf, i just spoke to a police officer named anthony nili, an official with the fraternal order of police for the naval district of washington. on the phone he complained to me essentially they didn't have the enough police officers navy yard police officers assigned to duty on the morning of the shootings. he said they had only five deployed at the time with one officer coming in who had been on an overnightshift joining back in to respond to the shootings. he said they needed twice that many as least because they're covering an area of 41 square acres here at this facility plus 3,000 people who work here. he said if they had had more manpower and at least a few more officers he believes they could have prevented some of the loss of life on monday. we called the naval district of
10:40 am
washington's spokesman. teld not comment on the complaints. but have you that will complaint now from a member of the fraternal order of police for the navy yard police. we have to reiterate the metropolitan washington police did respond very quickly to this and got to the scene and engaged the shooter as did the navy yard police but at least for the immediate facility here, are there's a complaint they just didn't have enough police officers on duty, wolf. >> brian todd reporting for us. thanks. i know brian will have more in "the situation room" 5:00 p.m. later today. the families of the 12 people who died in the shooting are dealing with the anguish of losing loved ones so suddenly and unexpectedly. the wife of arthur daniels told "the washington post" i can't believe this is happening again. the paper says the couple's 14-year-old son was shot and killed just four years ago. we're also learning more about all of those 12 people killed, about the lives they led and the loved ones they left behind.
10:41 am
john roger johnson's wife judy says, i was very lucky and blessed to find the human being that i found in him. a friend of martin bod rod says everything he did was is purposeful, meaningful and intentional. and because of that, he did everything with excellence. she remembers him walking his dog, helping shovel snow from his elderly neighbors' driveways. kathy gaarde took care of her 94-year-old mother till her mother's death last year. her daughter jessica says she wants people to know who her mother was. here's what she told anderson cooper. >> i want them to know she li d lived. she's not a number. or some statistic. >> you want them to know the person that she was and the life that she led? >> yes.
10:42 am
that she was so caring and she would do anything for anyone she loved. >> sylvia frasier's sister summed up what many relatives are facing as they move forward and told "the washington post," no matter how we feel, no matter what information we get from the fbi, we have got to fib, we have to forgive. we can't become bitter. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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millions of coffee lovers are also gun own ares. now the world's biggest coffee chain is asking customers to keep their weapons at home. poppy harlow is following the story for us from new york. the ceo of starbucks gave you an exclusive tv interview on the question of whether customers should be able to bring their weapons into the starbucks stores. tell us what he said. >> that's right. howard schultz is his name, the ceo of starbucks. he says that starbucks has been thrust unwillingly into the gun control debate. it, like most other stores, frankly, wolf, in states where people are allowed to openly carry guns, they are allowed to bring them into stores. but that has put starbucks really in the spotlight because increasingly more and more gun owners have been going to
10:46 am
starbucks for these meetups, visibly showing guns. so howard schultz has pen add open letter to the american people requesting that people no longer bring guns into any starbuck store in the united states. it's not a ban. but this letter which will be in newspapers nationwide tomorrow requests that people don't do that. we talked to him about why he's making this decision. listen. >> why are you doing this and why are you doing it right now? >> i think it's very important just to start the conversation by framing the fact that starbucks is not a policymaker. and in fact, we're not pro or anti-gun. however, we do believe that guns should not be part of the starbucks experience and as a result of that, making that decision, we are respectfully requesting that those customers carrying a gun just honor their request and not the bring into starbucks. this is not a ban. and the reason it's not a ban is we don't want to put our own
10:47 am
people in a position of having to confront somebody who is carrying a weapon. so those customers who will bring in the gun, we hope they won't, we're still going to serve them, not going to ask them to leave. >> now, i can tell you he emphasized over and over in our interview that he and starbucks are not pro or anti-gun. they don't think there's a place for guns in starbucks stores. he didn't go as far as to ban this which he could do. amc movie theaters or peet's coffee have banned guns on their properties. this comes a month after members of the new town community that sufed that horrific shooting sent him a letter asking him to ban guns in their community. they said this is a step in the right direction. they're happy to see this. they would have liked to see a ban but are happy to see they. i can tell you that starbucks has been out front on very controversial issues in the past. vocally supporting gay marriage, for example. so this is not a first for this company and this ceo.
10:48 am
but it is a big name brand making a big step in a heated debate, wolf. >> it certainly is. you're right, poppy. we'll see you later today in "the situation room," as well. thank you. the federal reserve is about to announce a decision that cog dramatically affect your monthly budget. the story, coming up next. a writer and a performer. ther, i'm also a survivor of ovarian and uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick... and then i got better.
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10:51 am
take a look at this. we're showing live pictures of the new york stock exchange. right now, the dow jones industrial, down almost 40 points, 38 points right now. likely to change very soon. we're expging big swings in the stock and bond markets after the federal reserve announces whether it's going to cut back its bond-buying program. very significant for investors. the announcement expected in about ten minutes or so. we'll bring it to you, of course, as soon as it happens. lots at stake. christine romans joining us. a lot of people are nervous about this. we're not adjust talking about investors but also homeowners. how could this affect mortgage rates? >> it could push mortgage rates higher, quite frankly. when you look add a chart, just the talk of this so-called taper, the fed pulling back on its bond buying, the stickulous in the economy, just the talk has sent mortgage rates higher. a 30-year fixed rate mortgage, the highest in two years.
10:52 am
look at the chart, wolf. very clearly, the market is telling us they expect mortgage rates to move higher. if the fed keeps what we all expect it will do and takes the training wheels slowly off the american economy, it will keep moving mortgage rates higher by some estimates, maybe as high as 5% by this spring, if the fed does what so many have expected. it's not just mortgage rates. that's probably where you'll see it first and you're seeing the anticipation of the fed taking the training wheels off the economy. but there are a lot of ways. if the fed starts pulling back on its bond buying and mortgage security buying, you'll see it likely in the stock market. you could see stocks sideways to higher if it does as expected. you could see higher mortgage rates for car loans, variable rate loans on your credit cards. you could also see jobs, big important move here, some people who are concerned job creation could slow if the fed takes away some of the stimulus.
10:53 am
you could also see, wolf, the last part of the scene, gas prices down. so much of this fed stimulus some say has gone into the commodities market, hard commodities, things like gasoline and oil. you could see gas prices come down a little bit. >> as soon as we hear from the fed, we'll share it with the viewers. thanks very, very much.
10:54 am
still ahead here, two former secretaries of defense who worked for president obama uncensored. their blunt words about the president, the congress, and vladimir putin. that's next. is about excitemen. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar, but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® is different than pills. victoza® is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c.
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10:57 am
robert gates said this about the president's plan of attack. my bottom line is i believe to blow up a bunch of stuff over a couple of days to underscore or validate a point or a principle is not a strategy. also, leon panetta, another former defense secretary and cia director, he said this. when the president of the united states draws a red line, the credibility of this country is dependent on him backing up his word. joining us now from cambridge, massachusetts, cnn senior political analyst david gergen who hosted the event with secretary gates and leon panetta. they both said the president shouldn't have gone to congress for authorization to begin with. pretty candid, pretty blunt for two members of his former administration. set the scene. how did this go down? >> both men refrained from speaking in the sensitive moments when the president was making decisions, but once his course was set, they felt they could come to southern methodist university last night and open up. and boy, did they open up.
10:58 am
it became apparent that even in their loyalty, and they remain loyal to the president, they have sharply different views ahow this should have happened. neither would have drawn a red line for starters. neither would have gone to congress once a red line was drawn. they both felt he should have done it, acted unilaterally or whatever he is. both would have armed the rebels much more aggressively. they differ among each other about the use of force. leon panetta thought that the president should use force, having promised to do that in the red line drawing. bob gates feels it would be a real mistake to use force. he said after iraq and afghanistan, we ought to understand the middle east is a powd eer keg. to use force now would be to throw gasoline on a fire. >> it's interesting because when they were asked about the u.s.-russian deal to supposedly do away with syria's chemical weapons stock pile, specifically
10:59 am
gates said if he was asked if he trusted the russian president, my answer would be, are you kidding me? that's pretty blunt as well. >> it is. both are deeply, deeply skeptical this plan will work out. they're worried that assad and putin won't live up to their words, and gates was extremely blunt that we have to take the initiative back. we have to tell them, this is what we're going to do on inspections. his is what we expect. we're not going to leave this in the hands of the syrians to let this play out. we're not going to lev it in the hands of the russians. the united states is a major power in the area, and we're going to reassert ourselves in this and take control of the situation. he was very forceful in that point. >> you don't often hear two former members of an administration speak this openly, candidly about the current president whom they served. >> absolutely. and wolf, i have to stress, they remain very loyal to the president. but one has to wonder, had they been there at his side when this sdegzs were made, would we have
11:00 am
come out in a different place? i think we would because they're heavyweights, two of the most well respected people in the fourn policy community, and both has had over 50 years of public service to the community. >> thanks very much, david gergen. appreciate it. that's it for me. thanks for watching. i'll be be back 5:00 p.m. eastern "the situation room." newsroom continues right now with brooke baldwin. wolf, thank you. i'm brooke baldwin. we begin today with breaking news. good news for a change. after 36 hours on edge, a teenager and her family are right now reuniting after she was kidnapped from her own home. in what started as this home break-in. lease have now just confirmed they have found 14-year-old ayvani perez. we have learned she's doing just fine. she's being checked out. police have the community to thank as well as folks helping out with social media.