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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 19, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." thanks for watching. brook baldwin picks up our coverage right now. wolf, thank you. i'm brook baldwin. top of the hour, one day closer to the first of october. one day closer to a possible government shutdown, and now something approaching really civil war has broken out among conservatives about who hates obama care the most and who is most willing to shut the government down to keep it from working. here's an idea for you as far as what we have been seeing when we talk about disdain for obama care. this is an ad out today from a self-describing libertarian outreach group. take a listen.
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>> okay. so those folks don't like obama care much. no doubt about that. neither does house speaker john boehner. today, here he was. he announced he has scheduled yet another vote to try to quote/unquote defund the law. >> law is a train wreck. and it's going to raise costs. it's destroying american jobs and it must go. >> so that is speaker boehner. clearly, he doesn't like obama care. neither does republican ted cruz of texas. you see him there today. he has led the senate's push to defund obama care. but now you've got these house republicans suggesting that cruz's disdain for the health care law doesn't run deeply enough. i want you to take a look at this tweet. this is from our colleague, our chief congressional correspondent dana bash. this is what she got from a house republican leadership aid.
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wendy davis has more balls than ted cruz does. huh? suffice to say, that unnamed leadership aid isn't impressed with cruz's commitment to the anti-obama care fight. by the way, cruz just said he will do anything, anything, to try to shut down obama care. bottom line here, government shutdown looming, and to avoid it, you will eventually need some republicans working with some democrats. right now, the republicans are not working among themselves. so a lot of threads here. here to help us try to sort them out is chris. national correspondent for the national journal. so chris, nice to see you. boy, oh, boy. first, you have congress, right? we covered this some time ago. congress passes a law, in this case, obama care. then some of its members turn around and essentially try to sabotage it. again, i repeat, it's a law. certainly not the way that the founding fathers maybe drew this thing up. >> that's right, brooke. you're absolutely correct when
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you say it's a civil war here, because even though we just saw john boehner get up and say that this is a terrible law, it's unworkable and they need to take another shot at getting rid of it, this was not a fight he wanted to pick in the context of the fiscal showdown that we had. this is not a fight that house republican elders believe that they can win. now, the conservatives have pushed them into tying the defunding of obama care to the continuing funding of the government and to the debt limit and raising that so the government doesn't default on the bills it's already racked up. but all of washington understands that this is not something that the senate democrats are going to allow or frankly that president obama wants to see. so they're playing a losing hand here. >> but when you listen to the vit rheeal, to the words, and usually, harsh words used among republican. you know, quite a few have said that taking on obama care by threatening a shutdown is
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idiotic. one word. how can two sides, chris, within the same party view things so differe differently? >> that's been the story of this house that is controlled by republicans. you have a more -- it's a very conservative body all the way around, but you have conservatives, a handful of 24 to 30 conservatives who are just rib-rocked and believe that shutting down the government would be a good thing if it gets you rid of obama care. this is what house speaker boehner has to balance. he needs 217 votes. he needs republicans to get onboard, and he needs to show them he is serious about enacting their agenda. and by and large, the very, very conservative members of the house have been able to dictate the agenda and house speaker boehner has been unable to control them or to corral them into a more moderate, workable stance. >> believe it was my colleague dana bash who said he had to go
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before everyone, kicking and screaming, to talk about defunding obama care. chris, thank you so much. >> amid the threat of a government shutdown, i want to take a look at the big board. it's down just a tick, 42 points down right now. two hours to go in the trading day. this is one day after the new record high we saw on wall street. in other news here, three days after a shooting rampage, the washington navy yard getting back to routine operations today. and as workers there try to get back to normal life, more strange details are coming about about this gunman who terrorized these people. investigators found that 34-year-old aaron alexis had etched some phrases into his shotgun. phrases such as, quote, better off this way, and my elf weapon. authorities believe alexis entered the compound with his remington 870 disassembled and surveillance video shows alexis
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going into the bathroom and then walking out with a shotgun. also new, the fbi revealedads soon as he left the bathroom, he started shooting at random and he went floor to floor to floor. at some point, alexis reached the cubicle of a man by the name of john weaver who hid and later heard his coworker get shot. >> the reason that he did not see me was because he was so intent on shooting her. and i spoke with her this morning, and she told me the reason that was was because she was looking him dead in the eye when he shot her. >> so this is a coworker who was released last night and she's doing okay? >> she's doing very well. i mean, we spoke with each other this morning. and i was just -- just so glad that she was alive and that nothing else happened to her, and that she got out. and then when he shot her, she told me that the force of the blast was so strong, it drove
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her into the ground, and now she has a black eye. and bits of her scalp are scattered all over her cubicle. >> two other survivors hit with gunfire. a civilian and a police officer are still in the hospital, listed in fair condition. investigators think the officer's scott williams, is the one who shot alexis. >> and now to a quote from the pope from pope francis. i am a sinner, he says. this is how the pope describes himself in a 12,000-word interview just released a couple hours ago in 16 countries, granted pope francis is a jesuit. his interviewers were a jesuit priest and he was able to approve the interview, but still, what the pope reveals, according to religious observers we have been in contact with, this is one of the most honest profiles ever given by the leader of the catholic church. i want to go to father edward beck, and father beck, i think one of our belief blog
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correspondents put it best, talking about this. this is very unpope like behavior for a pope to sit for an interview like this. >> well, indeed. not only to sit for it but then to say what he said. not only does he put himself in the context of sinners, but he says the primary mission of the church is to heal the wounded, heal the sinner. he compared the church, he said it should be like a field hospital on a battlefield. and so by putting it in that context, he's saying that is your job. love and mercy. not condemnation, not judgment. love and mercy. and so of course this is embraced widely, this kind of message, by people who have felt so alienated from the church. >> speaking of folks who have felt alienated. let me read a quote when he talks about gays. a person once asked me in a provocative manner if i approved of homosehomosexuality. i said, tell me, when god looks
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at a gay person, does he indorse this person with love or condemn them? we must always consider the person. here we enter the mystery of the human being. what does he mean by that? it seems to me that is quite a different tone than we have heard from pontiffs past. >> you know what is remarkable about it, brooke? he's saying you cannot look at people as categories of sin. you have to take people where they are. he says over and over again in this interview, start from experience. don't theologize in the evans and tell everyone this is what you have to conform to. learn about their lives and say this is the church teaching. what does it mean for you? he's taking a individualistic approach talking about experience rather than coming down on somebody. by the way, he said the church, interestingly, the infallible church is not the pope of a hierarchy, it's all of the people together, that's who is
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infalliable. it's a different tone from the top down kind of language. >> a stunning interview. father beck, thank you. i know a lot of you want to read this. go to our belief blog. it's many, many headlines made there. and now to this. in colorado, an eerie moment of music in a flood-ruined home. ♪ ♪
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♪ it's beautiful, isn't it? tears for fears. mad world. that's the name of the song, mad world. look at this, the mud, the muck. this colorado man who lost nearly everything went home, sat down at his piano, and played this haunting song. his peon oh, one of the few items not completely ruined by the flooding, the mudslide. this is mark. he is playing his piano. i tell you this video has gone viral. a moment of solace in the face of disaster. mark is joining me now from boulder, colorado. mark, i have to tell you, i saw the video this morning and i have not been able to get your piano playing out of my head. it's really buv. it gave me the chills. can you take me back to the moment where you're going back to your home and assessing anything and the decision to sit down and play music? >> well, you know, the home was just overtaken.
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and pretty much the destruction was hard to comprehend. so we had been moving about ten hours straight at that time. and had just been in reaction mode. and it was just sitting there. and it seemed like the right time. it was kind of a combination of exhaustion and just kind of wanting a little bit of a break from a little bit of the cay aus surrounding all of us. >> why this song, why "mad world." ? >> well, one, i can play it. another is, you know, it seemed to capture its whimsical, it's beautiful. it's sad. and it touches you in a lot of ways. i think that that's a pretty good explanation of this whole event because this is nature and nature is beautiful in a lot of ways. it's also incredibly destructive and sad, and people are suffering right now. and it's -- it's very appropriate, just given what people are going through right
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now. >> you live in beautiful boulder. but as you mentioned, people are suffering. how are you? how is your home? where are you living right now? >> we're doing relatively well. our room mates and i are doing really well comparatively. there are a lot of people in the state who are still struggling who may not be able to see their homes for over a month or who have lost loved ones so that's why it's great to raise awareness about it. people should be donating to red cross. there's a lot of people suffering worse off than us that could use the assistance. >> go to we have all the information, as mark mentioned, the red cross. mark, keep playing. thank you so much, mark, for joining me. >> thanks. >> i should tell you that vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be going to colorado monday to tour the flood devastated areas. colorado's recent floods could cost homeowners to up $900 million in damages, expenses,
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and the thing is a lot of the homeowners, in fact, most of them, do not have flood insurance. nearly 18,000 homes have been damaged in colorado. coming up, it is safe to say senator john mccain not a fan of vladimir putin. the republican senator writing an op-ed in response to putin's letter to americans, and mccain doesn't hold back. that's next. plus, the vid yei'm about to show you, it's called crazy toledo cop. and what it shows is a police officer threatening, getting physical with a family, during a traffic stop. you will hear and see why it has so many people furious. woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you
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vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. it is round two of a foreign relations brawl playing out in of all places the opinion pages. just a week after russian president vladimir putin wrote this op-ed in the "chicago sun times" entitled a plea for caution from russia about u.s. threats to its friend syria, senator john mccain is firing back with his own scathing article on the rub site in russia. mccain's headline "russians deservethanpute" can stinging blows like this 1.
11:18 am
they write laws to promote bigotry against people whose sexual orientation they condemn. they throw the members of a punk rock band in jail for being provocative and vulgar and having the audacity to protest president putin's rule. >> i remember 18 months ago, putin accused mccain of being crazy as a result of his time of being a p.o.w. talk to me about the history of these two men. >> certainly, there's no love lost. in fact, vladimir putin was speaking at a conference today. he was asked about this mccain editorial and he essential answered, look, the man is ignorabout. his exact quote is, it all speaks to the fact that mccain has a deficit of information about russia. then he wanted to present himself once more, vulladimvlad putin, as the diplomat, the man who embraces those who oppose him. adding the more we speak to each other directly, the better the reaction will be. there you have the reaction from
11:19 am
putin saying on the one hand, sort of, taking sort of -- it was a one-two punch, but then adding the fact he would like to be able to discuss these things more openly. one of the interesting points, brooke, is where this editorial was published in russia. >> why? >> right, well, provdov, has this history that's deeply steeped in the cold war. it means the truth in russian, and it was the official sort of newspaper of the soviet leadership. but then it was closed down. the provdov we're talking about today is not that newspaper from the cold war years. it's it's not widely distributed and it is not the equivalent of the "new york times" where vladimir putin wrote that scathing editorial dressed directly to the american people. here, john mccain is also addressing the russian people directly. you mentioned one quote, another one from mccain, i criticize your government, speaking to russians, brooke.
11:20 am
it is not because i am anti-russian. it is because i believe you deserve a government that believes in you and answers to you and i long for the day when you have it. as i mentioned, some reporters in moscow went out today trying to find a hard copy of this. this is not the "new york times." it is perhaps not the audience john mccain was hoping for, not the wide russian audience he was hoping for. this is more for internet savvy russians who have access to this website and who read this particular website. >> hmm, not quite the equivalent of the "new york times" is what i'm hearing from you, hala gorani. thank you very much. and new to this horrible traffic stop that goes terribly wrong when a police officer ordered this entire family down on the ground, including this teenager. whole thing caught on cell phone. you'll see that. plus, a lawsuit over what happened right after whitney houston died. we'll tell you what one police officer is accused of saying and doing to another.
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a police officer in ohio is now on mandatory paid leave after this youtube video, and i'm quoting the title of the video, crazy toledo cop. this thing went viral over the weekend. a neighbor videotaped part of this encounter in toledo. you hear the bleeps. there's a lot of colorful language exchanged. neighbors say this officer you see on the right went too far after he pulled over this woman for a routine license plate violation. he wound up ordering her family, including her 14-year-old son, to lay on the ground, drawing his gun and taser. watch. >> [ bleep ] shut up. >> nobody touched you! >> you'll do it. >> keep that video rolling. >> get up. >> i can't get up [ bleep ]. >> yeah, we need toledo police
11:25 am
here. we need toledo police in washington township. we got an officer in distress right now. okay? [ bleep ] >> yeah. >> hey! >> yeah, he just put her down. >> [ bleep ]. >> we're getting them right now. >> he's pushing me up against the truck. >> you keep coming. >> stop! >> okay. okay. all right. >> screaming, the cursing. lynn berry, hln, joining me. explain to me how a routine stop turns into what we just saw? >> exactly, brooke.
11:26 am
i watched it and i was sort of like this the whole time. it really depends on who you ask. the guy is aaron. and he said he got home and he saw his daughter being pulled over for a routine traffic stop. he didn't like how the officer was aggressive with her. he got out of the car and said move your patrol car, you're blocking my driveway and don't talk to my daughter-in-law like that. the officer orders him back in his truck. when he got back in the truck, the officer dragged him out, cuffed him, cuffed his girlfriend, his daughter-in-law, and put his 14-year-old grandson on the ground. the officer, we should say, when you look at the report, said everyone involved repeatedly disobeyed his orders and were charging him. we should note that doesn't support the allegations, but he handcuffed them after he asked them to move the car. we should also note the officer was there by himself. he reported to the scene by himself and there were a number of people in the scene, but in the police report, it says
11:27 am
something interesting, he asked to be taken to the e.r. and when he was put on the cot, according to the officer, he looked at me and said, this act ought to make a good payday for me, thanks. that noted in the police report. it depends on who you ask in the situation. >> he's on this mandatory paid leave, but the police department, they're standing by him, aren't they in. >> they are. he's on mandatory paid leave. they've turned the investigation over to the sheriff's department because they want this to be, you know -- >> clear and separate. >> exactly. and they're looking as to whether or not there were criminal or civil rights violated here with this particular video, but they really said it was important to note the fact that this officer arrived on the scene by himself, he was outnubbed, he felt threatened. the other side was painted differently and this video has had hundreds of thousands of hits. >> incredible what's on video, what's on youtube these days. >> and you hear him say, start filming this. start filming this, to the witnesses. keep rolling. keep rolling.
11:28 am
>> lynn berry. stay on it and let us know what happens to the police officer and the other guy. thank you very much. coming up, boy, oh, boy. hundreds of teens throw a party in the mansion of a former football player. turns out this guy was watching this whole party unfold live on twitter. now he's hunting these teenagers down. he will join me live. plus, a police officer filing a lawsuit against a fellow cop accusing him of quote/unquote gawking at whitney houston's body. those details are next. ♪ [ jen garner ] what skincare brand is so effective... so trusted... so clinically proven dermatologists recommend it twice as much as any other brand? neutrogena®. recommended by dermatologists 2 times more than any other brand. now that's beautiful. neutrogena®.
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[ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. other disrespect at the scene of singer whitney houston's death. a police detective allegedly took a quick peek at houston's body under the sheet and made comments about the way she looked. the claim comes in the form of a lawsuit filed by another beverly hilled police officer there on the scene. allen duke is on the phone with
11:32 am
us from los angeles. allen, what exactly was said? what does this suit allege happened in houston's hotel room? >> this is a senior patrol sergeant with the beverly hills police force who says that he is suffered distress and in fact has been retaliated against by his superiors after he complained about an incident that happened that night whitney houston was found dead in a hotel bathroom, the night before the grammy awards. he says that another detective walked into the hotel room where he had covered up whitney's corpse with the sheet, pulled it down so that she was naked, looked at her and made the remark to the effect that she's still looking good, huh? and there was some laughter. he said he reported it, and that nobody did anything about it. and in fact, he was the one who was punished, taken off his position with the s.w.a.t. team and the canine unit and also denied training and promotion. this is a labor complaint for
11:33 am
damages, but it could very well evolve into a full-blown lawsuit. >> so wahl is the police department saying about this? >> police department says they never heard a complaint. there's nothing in their records about a complaint. how can we retaliate against him about reporting misconduct if there weren't any complaint, if we weren't aware of misconduct? that's exactly what the beverly hilled spokesman said yesterday. and they're saying this police detective had a reason to look at whitney houston's body, because that's what detectives do, they investigate. >> alan duke from los angeles, thank you. it was quite the house party for hundreds of teenagers. food, booze, damage. damage in the thousands of dollars. and now a homeowner, former nfl who knew nothing about this party at his own home, turns to social media to help crack the case. he joins me live, next. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain.
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imagine this being you. so we're going to she you what former nfl player brian holloway found when he walked into his home this week. windows broken, graffiti on the walls, garbage everywhere. family heirlooms gone. $20,000 in damage. it turns out neighborhood teens got into this home, this is near albany, new york, and threw a party. holloway is trying to sell this house. now lives in florida, so he was out of town at the time and you can only guess none too pleased
11:37 am
about the damage he saw, but he wants to help the kids who trashed his million dollar home. brian holloway joins me now, and i'm sorry about this for you, but help me first understand, so you're in florida at the time. this is happening in your home in new york. do you even know, brian, how these teenagers got in? >> well, we learned that they had broken in. they used a couple different ways to enter the house. they broke and kicked in a couple windows. they came in through one back door, they took a ladder and got through the window. we didn't have to guess because we were watching their tweets happen as this thing was going on. and shockingly, we had to sit there and watch this unfold on our cell phones right there in florida. >> let me stop you there. how did you even know to look to twitter to see your home being trashed? >> it was wild, because one of my son's classmates started picking up this twitter feed of something going on. they researched it and they sent the information to my son in florida. and he sent it over to me, dad,
11:38 am
something's going on at the house. i thought it was a prank because he's a producer, digital guy. i thought him and his classmates at usf in the enj nooring department found a way to tweak something out. turns out it was real, so we started listening to these tweets. i can't believe we're in the house. i can't believe how we trashed it. i can't believe how much alcohol is here. we're going to be partying for three days. i can't believe she's passed out. look at her over there. this is an amazing night. i can't believe they're on meth. give me some of those drugs. >> this is all on twitter? this is all on twitter? >> all on twitter. yeah, and then, you know, the cops are here. go run. everyone hide. go, head out to the fields. get rid of the bottles and the drugs. they'll never find us. they can't catch us all. let's get out of here. this is the greatest nightf our life. >> sorry to interrupt you. these are some of the photos. we blurred out the faces, but not bright, what they have done. and let me ask you, you mentioned your son, does he know
11:39 am
any of these kids who broke into your home? >> well, we knew some of the kids there because they've been up to the house before. but we would have tremendously big parties, no alcohol, no drugs. the kids would stay overnight in sleepovers. i would be making the burnt hotdogs and nasty hamburgs and they would eat 100 pancakes when they stayed up all night long. when they got too excited on the blankets, i poured cold water on them. we had done this for years. they just took it to another level. >> broke into your home, clearly damaged it in the tens of thousands of dollar range, i wanted to ask you about the website. it's help save you have continued to compile these listoffs names of teenagers you believe were at this party. you have called them out and posted some of their pictures, and i know parents, from what i read, are pretty critical of you for putting their kids on the website and asking for money to
11:40 am
fix your home. they say you should clean this up. how do you respond to that? >> well, this is a wake-up call to everybody. all that i did was unveil something that was actually happening. and so the kids use twitter and social media. i've been doing twitter and social media and facebook and blogging since 1995. i understand it. i'm out from silicon valley. i helped many companies build out their social media platforms. all i did was use the same medium to communicate with them directly. we have over 175 pieces of verified evidence of them tweeting at the party. i don't know how to respond to a woman who says i'm mad at you because your put your son's picture up there. i'm going, actually, he's at my house and robbing and breaking in and drinking and doing drugs. and you're upset with me posting the picture that he posted on twitter? and so, but aside from that, you know -- >> what do you want to happen?
11:41 am
do you want these kids arrested? or do you want to get them all together and give them a good big message? >> well, i think there's a bigger message here. it's not just the kids. it's the parents. because we all have to stand accountable for this. the kids didn't just turn out that way. we as a community have to respond to these conversations the kids are having that we don't know about. so a big question i'm going to put to the parents is, hey, let's bring them back up here. let's have a conversation and you tell me. that's your child. what should we do about that? >> you think the conversation is good enough? >> and how did we get so far off track? >> you think that's good enough? >> how do we find our way back? >> you think a conversation is good enough for what they did to your house? >> it's going to be a little more than a conversation because we gave them an opportunity to come up yesterday help fix and repair some of the stuff. only one person showed up and one parent. i got that message loud and clear. that was a backhanded slap in the face again. and so things are going to be handled a little differently.
11:42 am
so tomorrow is going to be a completely different day, and there will be bigger stories that will be released tomorrow, i assure you. >> brian holloway, good luck. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, all they wanted was a little r & r in paradise. instead, they experienced this. thousands of tourists trapped as deadly mudslides and flooding hit mexico. the storm is now a hurricane manuel. we'll tell you where it's headed next.
11:43 am
11:44 am
11:45 am
hurricane manuel hammering parts of mexico right now. hurricane made landfall again today in northwestern mexico and is heading inland. dozens of people are mizing after a mudslide buried homes in the small mexican village. some 40,000 tourists, many of whom are americans are stranded right now in acapulco. one woman said she has been stuck there for days. >> we tried to leave on monday. after we all got together in the car to go, and the road was blocked. we didn't get further than a mile. >> she says her situation is better than many others suffering there in mexico. manuel is just the latest punch from this deadly trio of storms that have slammed mexico in recent days. at least 80 people have been killed. and to colorado where thousands of people are homeless from the widespread flooding,
11:46 am
and to find out how you can help, go to our impact your world page on either of these tragedies. go to just ahead, a gripping interview. life after the horror and tragedy of the boston bombings in april. one woman who refuses to be called a victim opens up about the attack, about her healing, and why she must return to the boston marathon. [ male announcer ] this is claira.
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flexpen® is insulin delivery my way. covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today. maybe you remember the name mary daniel. we have been following her progress since she was injured in the boston marathon bombings some five months ago now. mary lost a leg that day and her life hasn't been the same, but our poppy harlow reports this woman is moving on. >> that's what i'm getting? >> yep. >> this was mary daniel two months ago. getting a prosthetic leg. >> something hurting you? >> my knee. >> today, she's walking on her own, no crutches in sight. and -- >> she wants to be up front. >> she's doing this. >> you did it. how many miles? >> 26. >> it's very, very encouraging
11:50 am
to see, despite what she's been through. >> just five months ago, mary was rushed to the hospital, severely injured in the boston bombings. her heart stopped twice while doctors amputated her left leg. >> it's amazing to see from seeing her first in the hospital bed only a few days after the marathon to now, to seeing people do this thing. where i it's incredible. >> in a show of solidarity, she wroed 26 miles in the ride to recovery with wounded veterans. >> i think we share a common link in life right now because a lot of them are -- they have injuries that are similar to mine. >> even more, get your weight over there. >> relearning to walk has been daunting. >> it's extremely difficult. sometimes i don't even want to get out of the bed because putting the leg on, i didn't feel like i could put it on. but you know, they have to force you to do what you have to do. that's how you're going to progress. >> helping in her recovery,
11:51 am
mary's two brothers and sister came from haiti to live with her. >> i was so excited to see them. i think it's really good to our family. it's a form of support. >> it's 3 1/2 bats. >> she's now hunting for a home big enough for them all. mary is moving on, past the horror and tragedy. >> i'm not self-conscious, although some people do stare, i don't take it personal. now, it's part of me, part of who i am right now, so i move on and i'm learning to live my life, and that, to me, is like i'm winning. >> she is winning. and she has a lot to live for. >> what do you think? are you proud of mommy? >> is part of this about showing sierra, your 5-year-old daughter, what you can do and how you can overcome even huge, huge obstacles like this? >> yes. definitely is. because i want to teach her that no matter what happened, not to lose enthusiasm.
11:52 am
and no matter what happened, to keep going strong. >> one, two. >> next up, passing the medical boards and becoming a doctor. after that, she plans to run a marathon. the boston marathon. you've said don't call me a victim. >> no. i'm a survivor. >> poppy harlow, i'm so glad you're following her progress. in all the places you have been with her, all the time you've spent, what surprises you most about mary? >> i think the fact that when you say to her, you know, you're so strong, she honestly doesn't think she is. she thinks this is just what she has to do to get through, to be there for her family, for her 5-year-old daughter. she just accepts this, moves on, deals with it, and takes on challenges like that, like biking 26 miles without breaking a sweat, less than five months after this. you were there throughout, brooke. you covered this with me. to see this kind of resolve is incredible. she said a few things like, seeing other amputees and
11:53 am
talking with them through this process has really helped her. she's also becoming a doctor. she's been through medical school. she has to take her boards and she said now she's thinking about going into rehabilitation medicine because it's helped her so much. so if our viewers want to help her, i want to give them the website. if you want to help her, you can also go to the bostonone fund to help all -- i would say victims, but survivors. >> absolutely. keep following her. we're behind her 100%. poppy, thank you. coming up, in one neighborhood, a group of vigilantes attack a suspected rapist because he hadn't been arrested yet. plus, just getting word, secretary of state john kerry moments away from making an unexpected announcement on the situation in syria. we will take that live for you here on cnn coming up. ♪ turn around
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11:57 am
dash mihawk is an actor. he was in the movie "silver linings playbook", his latest drama, ray donovan, on primetime. he has survived in this business despite having a disorder many consider a disability. and he's become a role model for so many others. dr. sanjay gupta explains. >> i was a fighter. i didn't -- >> dash is a fighter. both on and off the screen.
11:58 am
>> the dollvnovan family, boxins a part of life. >> on showtime's ray donovan, the fighting takes place in the ring. but when the cameras stop rolling, dash fights for something quite real. >> i've had tourette's syndrome since i was 6 years old. part of the reason i became an actor is because i was so experienced at hiding it and acting all the time. >> when dash is acting, you barely notice his tourette's, but look what happens when he loses that focus or becomes distracted. tourette's is a neurological disorder that causes repetitive involuntary movements, even sounds sometimes that are called tics. >> growing up in new york city can be a very tough place. and you know, schools are tough enough. new york, there are so many people around that there's people looking at you all the time. >> tourette's is genetic and as it turns out, both of dash's older sisters have it as well. here he is at age 11 talking about tourette's with his sister
11:59 am
gwen. this is a video for the tourette's syndrome association. >> i have to look at it in a funny way or i can't concentrate. >> dash has come a long way, appearing in films like "romeo and juliet" "the thin red line." and while his career was taking off, it was this report on that caught his eye. >> his name was jalen arnold. >> his mother taped him ticking to show others how severe the condition can be. >> a young man with tourette's syndrome who was brave enough to start his own website to educate people about tourette's syndrome. >> together, they captivate their student audience. working with jalen's challenge foundation to put a stop to bullying. >> bullying that way? >> no! >> and when they're not raising awareness about an often misunderstood odisorder, they hang out like brothers. >> i would like to say to anybody who is watching this
12:00 pm
that i'm just like you, just a little bit different. and you're a little different from me. and i have nothing but love for you. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> and here we are, top of the hour. i'm brooke baldwin. we're looking at this live picture from the state department. as we have learned, john kerry, secretary of state john kerry will be giving an unexpected statement on syria. we'll keep a close eye on this. we'll take you live. meantime, let's stay in washington. one day closer to the first of october. one day closer to a possible government shutdown. and civil war has broken out among conservatives over who hates obama care the most. and who is most willing to shut the government down to keep it from working. first you have house speaker john boehner. he has scheduled this vote tomorrow on a bill to keep funding the government. and attached to that bill is a measure to, quote, defund obama care. >> the law's a train wreck, and
12:01 pm
it's going to raise costs. it's destroying american jobs, and it must go. >> so the position of a lot of house republicans appears to be fine, we'll keep the government running, but only to spell the end of obama care. but then you have the other republicans and they're saying this, that that is simply taking things a little too far. that threatening to shut down the federal government if they don't get our way on obama care, take a listen. >> obama care, and i have supported repealing it, that's one of the reasons i ran for the united states senate. as you know, in 2010, but i don't think that shutting down the government is going to be productive. >> the only effective way to truly stop obama care, and i think we ought to do it, to stop it, would be totally reverse it. we don't have the votes to do that. >> someone asked me earlier on a
12:02 pm
radio show, are you voting to shut the government down? i say, no, absolutely not. >> i think we're going to have enough adhesiveness among ourselves to stick together and, you know, ted cruz and mike lee have been asking for this fight. the conservative base have been asking for this fight, so we're going to give them the fight. >> nobody is talking about killing each other or doing those types of things. we're talking about fully funding the government. nobody is talking, nobody is talking about a government shutdown. >> the last person you heard from was saying, no, no one is talking about a shutdown. so it's all a little confusing because it seems to be precisely what some of the republicans seem to be threatening. so gloria borger, can you help us sort this whole thing out? >> i'm pulling my hair out listening to this, honestly. >> isn't it true that quite a few republicans seem ready and willing to shut down obama care, and if not, shut down the federal government? >> well, even karl rove in an
12:03 pm
op-ed in the "wall street journal" today said look, republicans are on a fool's errand. they're trying to make a political point, which is they want to kill obama care. fine, we've heard this for years now, brooke. and house republicans finally drag their speaker into this, kicking and screaming. he laid down the quantigauntlet, okay, we're going to vote to defund obama care, send it to the senate, and they feel like they have been deserted by senate republicans and now they're hanging out there. what are they saying? we're not the ones who want to shut down the government. it's those people, those democrats who are going to vote against us. they're the ones who want to shut down the government. it reminds me of my kids when they were younger and they would have a fight, and you would say, whose fault is it, who started it? and they point to one another. exactly. >> what about democrats, though? what do they have to say here? usually, one party enjoys when the kids are pointing at one another, the others are sitting back and saying that's so fun to
12:04 pm
watch. >> look at them, they're in trouble, right? >> are they worriedabout obama care? >> the democrats understand that obama care is not going to be repealed. what they're doing is standing back now and they're pointing neon arrows, neon fingers at the republicans and saying look at these guys. they don't know what they're doing. they can't agree on what they want to do. and by the way, all of you independent voters out there who don't want to shut down the government, take a look at this. because they understand that the american public doesn't want to shut down the government. they understand the repercussions of shutting down the government, particularly politically for the republicans. they're sitting back and saying, okay, watch them make a mess of it. at a certain point, we're all going to have to rescue ourselves from this chaos that's been created. >> okay. hope you're not pulling too much of your hair out because this is just beginning here, gloria. >> we have another week to go. >> yes, we do. thank you. and we have talked before
12:05 pm
about this competition among conservatives to see who can hate obama care the most. well, here's an idea as to what we're now seeing. when we talk here about disdain for obama care, this is an ad out today from a self-described libertarian outreach group. watch this. >> ah! >> okay. so those folks don't like obama care much. there is zero doubt about that with this ad. rene marsh is joining me now from washington with more on this. where to begin? who is behind the ad, rene? >> well, it is a group by the name of, and they call themselves a libertarian group, generation opportunity. again, brooke, let's put this into context. this is all coming out just days before that critical october 1st enrollment date and opponents of the president's health care law. they're really ramping up the
12:06 pm
ads. one you just saw there, and they're really pushing the envelope. these ads in the creator's own words are creepy. and the group says they're hoping to convince people not to sign up for the affordable health care act if they don't want to. see another ad that they just put out for yourself. take a look. >> all right, well, these ads, they're geared toward 18 to 29-year-olds. they're appearing online, on websites like youtube and hulu. the group is generation opportunity. they told me today when i spoke to them on the phone that they believe that a fine, you should go ahead and pay the fine. it would be cheaper for the individual to pay the fine instead of signing up for
12:07 pm
affordable health care and instead, you could go ahead and buy a private health care policy that doesn't cover all of the things that the health care law would require. they believe it would be cheaper to go ahead and get that fine. they're going to pump an estimated $750,000 into even more ads like the one you saw there. >> you're saying the group itself who put the ads out are calling them creepy. i have to imagine that the responses are already coming. >> that's right. we have started to get some responses. we know that one liberal group, they're pushing back on the ads saying that this is nothing more than scare tactics, trying to scare college students into not getting health care. they also say that ads like the ones you just saw there, that you're looking at there, giving the impression that under the health care law, doctors would be doing more invasive exams, and these liberal groups are sailing that's nothing but a myth. we should point out, when you
12:08 pm
look at the numbers and you look at the kind of ads on the airwaves. these ads against the health care law -- >> got to interrupt you. got to go straight to the state department. secretary of state john kerry talking syria. >> lunch was good. thank you. as you all know, before i became secretary, i spent 28 years in the united states senate, and i witnessed some great debates and some of the best senators there produced some of the best debates i've seen. sometimes. and some of the senators, i learned, liked to debate about just about anything. as my pal john mccain was fond of saying, a fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed. but it was also in the senate
12:09 pm
where i personally heard former ambassador of the united nations turned senator from new york daniel patrick moynahan end more than a few debates with his own bottom-line reminder. you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. and those words are really worth using and focusing on as we head into next week's general assembly meeting in new york of the united nations. we really don't have time today to pretend that anyone can have their own set of facts, approaching the issue of chemical weapons in syria. this fight about syria's chemical weapons is not a game. it's real. it's important. it's important to the lives of people in syria. it's important to the region. it's important to the world. that this be enforced, this agreement that we came out of geneva with.
12:10 pm
for many weeks, we heard from russia and from others, wait for the u.n. report. those are the outside experts. that's a quote. that is the independent gold standard. that's a quote. well, despite the efforts of some to suggest otherwise, thanks to this week's long-awaited u.n. report, the facts in syria only grew clearer and the case only grew more compelling. the findings in the report were as cat gorical as they were convincing. every single data point, the types of munitions and launchers that were used, their origins, their trajectory, their markings, and the confirmation of sarin, every single bit of it confirms what we already knew and what we told america and the world. it confirms what we have brought
12:11 pm
to the attention of our congress, the american people, and the rest of the world. the u.n. report confirms unequivicably that chemical weapons including the nerve agent sarin were used in syria. and despite the regime's best efforts to shell the area and destroy the evidence, the u.n. interviewed more than 50 survivors. patients, victims, health workers, first responders. they documented munitions and subcomponents. they assessed symptoms of survivors. analyzed hair, urine, blood samples. and they analyzed dirty soil and environmental samples. what did they learn? they returned with several crucial details that confirm that the assad regime is guilty
12:12 pm
of carrying out that attack. even though that was not the mandate of the u.n. report. but anybody who reads the facts and puts the dots together, which is easy to do, and they made it easy to do, understands what those facts mean. we, the united states, have associated one of the munitions identified in the u.n. report, the 122-millimeter improvised rocked with previous assad regime attacks. there's no indexz, none, that the opposition is in possession or has launched a cw variant of these rockets, such as the kind that was used in the 21st of august attack. equally significant, the environmental, chemical, and medical samples that the u.n. investigators collected provide clear and compelling evidence
12:13 pm
that the surface to surface rockets used in this attack contained the nerve agent sarin. we know the assad regime possesses sarin, and there's not a shred of evidence, however, that the opposition does. and rocket components identified in the ground photos taken at the alleged chemical weapons impact location areas are associated with the unique type of rocket launcher that we know the assad regime has. we have observed these exact type of rocket launchers at the assad regime facilities in damascus and in the area around the 21st of august. so there you have it. sarin was used. sarin killed. the world can decide whether it was used by the regime, which has used chemical weapons
12:14 pm
before, the regime which had the rockets and the weapons, or whether the opposition secretly went unnoticed into territory they don't control to fire rockets they don't have, containing sarin they don't possess, to kill their own people, and then without even being noticed, they just disassembled it all and packed up and got out of the center of damascus, controlled by assad. please. this isn't complicated. when we said we know what is true, we meant it. now, before i head to new york for the u.n. general assembly, we have a definitive u.n. report strengthening the case and solidifying our resolve. now the test comes. the security council must be prepared to act next week. it is vital for the international community to stand up and speak out.
12:15 pm
and the strongest possible terms about the importance of enforceable action to rid the world of syria's chemical weapons. so i would say to the community of nations, time is short. let's not spend time debating what we already know. instead, we have to recognize that the world is watching to see whether we can ave avert military action and achieve through peaceful means even more than what those military strikes promised. the complete removal of syria's chemical weapons is possible here, through peaceful means. and that will be determined by the resolve of the united nations to follow throw on the agreement that russia and the united states reached in geneva. an agreement that cleary said this must be enforceable, it must be done as soon as possible. it must be real.
12:16 pm
we need everyone's help in order to see that the security council lives up to its founding values and passes a binding resolution that codifies the strongest possible mechanism to achieve the goal and achieve it rapidly. we need to make the geneva agreement mieaningful. and to make it meaningful in order to eliminate syria's cw program and to do it with transparency and the accountability, the full accountability that is demanded here. it is important that we accomplish the goal in new york and accomplish it as rapidly as possible. thank you, all. >> could you -- >> on a related subject -- >> on a related subjects, could we ask you whether you think the president might meet with president rowhani to test the seriousness of what iran has said? >> i can't speak to that. >> is it a positive sign coming from rowhani in these
12:17 pm
interviews -- in this interview? >> it's been positive, but everything needs to be put to the test. we'll see where we go, and at the right moment, i think we'll have to make clear -- >> okay, so just heard from the u.s. secretary of state, and in an unanticipated message, the crux of that being, listen, it's incredibly important as he's traveling to the u.n., to new york with the security council meeting and making good, passing this resolution making good on what he discussed with his russian counterpart, sergei lavrov, when he was in geneva, talking about the crisis that is syria, talking specifically about this u.n. report that came out monday that definitely says sarin gas was used on august 21st. jim sciutto joining me now here. jim, just curious, why do you think he came out now? is this the halfway point between the u.n. security report coming out and heading to new york? >> i think what you see there is the secretary john kerry exasperated with the comments and denials he's hearing from
12:18 pm
the russians in the five days since he was in geneva making the deals. the russians still trying to sell the story it was rebels who could have launched the attacks and not the syrian regime. quoting patrick moynahan saying you're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts. he didn't mention the russians, but it was clear he was talking about the russian denials and he proceeded to knock them each down in succession. >> and he also said this fight is not a game. how big a sell do you think this will be? >> this has been his word really since he arrived in geneva last week and i was traveling with him, that this is very serious. by saying this is not a game, again, this is a dig against the russians who he says might be trying to score political and diplomatic points with these denials and other criticisms of the americans who have followed since the deal. this is a secretary of state who was in the room with the foreign
12:19 pm
minister lavrov. very difficult negotiations, but came out still with a deal he believes is workable. just then, you saw him end his comments by saying this is possible. it's possible for the international community to remove and destroy syria's chemical weapons through peaceful means. in effect, don't destroy this deal. that's what he's saying to the russians, to others in the international community who are going to be in new york for the u.n. general assembly. but remember, kerry started as a prosecutor in massachusetts. you saw him there acting as a prosecutor, ticking off the information, the kind of rockets that were used, where they were launched from, the kinds of rocket launchers, just to say from his point of view that the russian position is untanable. >> when we hear him talking about the need to pass this resolution, i remember watching you reporting and everything coming out of geneva and remembering this possible agreement that syria would then sign, the chemical weapons convention and they would let the world know where the weapons
12:20 pm
lie, will that come out of the resolution or is that separate? >> the resolution is meant, as the secretary said, to codify or enshrine the agreement the americans and russians made. that was just two countries. syria wasn't even a party to the talks. what secretary kerry wants is for the international community to basically sign this document, approve this deal, so that there's international backing for it, and enforcement, he hopes, going forward. >> jim sciutto, thank you very much. we'll be watching the u.n. security council very closely next week. coming up next, the pope with a blunt admission today. he says, quote, i am a sinner. the pope opening up with some incredibly candid comments on everything from homosexuality to divorce to women. the interview releases just a couple hours ago. plus, $800 million in sales in just 24 hours. grand theft auto 5 is the
12:21 pm
controversial video game setting all kinds of records. coming up, we'll try to explain what makes this game so popular worldwide. you work. and you want to get an mba. but going back to school is hard... because you work. now, capella university offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. it's called flexpath and it's the most direct path, leveraging what you've learned on the job and focusing on what you need to know so you can get a degree at your pace. and graduate at the speed of you. flexpath from capella university learn more at
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it's not a book. but an article of revelations for catholics. the pope gives an interview 12,000 words long, and all kinds of topics from homosexualty to women priests to poverty. even describe s his own self asa sinner in the interview. it just released in 16 countries. here's one example of the pope's candor that seems to contradict past leaders of the church. quote, we cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage, and the use of contraceptive methods. i have nauot spoken much about these things and i was reprimanded for that. it's not necessary to talk about these issues all the time. i want to go to father james marten. father martin, there are lots and lots of headlines in the spectacular interview. what is the biggest revelation in your opinion? >> i think the quote that he
12:25 pm
just mentioned is one of them, that he was reprimanded for not talking about the hot-button issues. i he talks about a lot of things in terms of his view of the church, his outreach to gays and lesbians, candidly about his own failing as a jesuit superior, and as we were reading the translations, we were stunned. >> it's very unpope-like behavior, but it seems to be how he is. pope, you mentioned specifically talking about women, about female priests. he has not supported the idea, but he uses interesting words to talk about women of the church, another quote. the feminine jegenius is needed wherever we make important decisions. women are asking deep questions that must be addressed. the church cannot be herself without the woman and her role. what do you think catholics here worldwide will take away from the pope calling the church herself?
12:26 pm
>> oh, actually, that's actually pretty common. >> is it? >> yeah, i think what people will look at is the fact he says the church needs a deeper theology of women, which is pretty striking because when you think about it, he feels the church's theology on women is not deep enough. so it's very broad minded, and frankly, in the interview in american magazine, it's like sitting down across the table with the pope and having a cup of coffee with him and talking about god and faith and church and very wide-ranging and genial. >> amazing hearing about his plane ride from brazil to italy and opening up there and here he is again. thank you so much. >> and floodwaters destroying everything in one man's home. so what did he do? you're looking at it. sat down to play the piano and started playing this tears for fears song. this video has gone viral. i talked to him. hear what he did it, next. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals:
12:27 pm
help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely.
12:28 pm
our commitment has never been stronger. forty times. that's how often a group of house republicans have voted against obamacare, just to prove their allegiance to their party's right wing. okay - they've said their piece. but now they've gone even further... threatening to shut down the government if obamacare isn't dismantled. it could disrupt social security and veterans benefits, hurt job growth and undermine our economic recovery - tell these house republicans - enough already!
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12:30 pm
bottom of the hour. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. vice president joe widen will be touring to colorado next week to tour the damage from the recent flooding. this crisis is far from over. officials say it's still not safe for so many people to return home. the big focus today is reaching those listed as unaccounted for. crews are using helicopters and they're on the ground going house to house. i talked to a man last hour who lost just about everything. and he went back home just to try to salvage what he could, and he ended up sitting down at his piano and taking a break by playing music. ♪
12:31 pm
[ playing "mad world" ] >> this is called "mad world" by tears for fears. last hour, i spoke with mark. >> we had been moving about tn hours straight at that time, and had just been in reaction mode, and it was just sitting there. and it seemed like the right time. it was kind of a combination of exhaustion and just kind of wanting a little bit of a break from a little bit of the chaos surrounding all of us. >> he described it as haunting, sitting there and playing. he said it is incredibly muddy, the piano even was in cased in mud as he played. >> breaking now on cnn, prisoners waiting for sentencing could get less jail time thanks
12:32 pm
to attorney general eric holder. his controversial plan announced last month is designed to reduce the number of inmates by scrapping mandatory minimum sentences therefore reducing the time in prison. it would apply to low-level nonviolent drug offenders, all of this to save some of the $80 billion a year americans spend to feed and house them. evan perez joins me now from washington. the plan got a bit of an update. tell me about it. >> that's right, brooke. we're outside the washington convention center where the attorney general is speaking right about now. he's announcing essentially that this plan -- this new policy that they set in place a few weeks ago to change the way they handle nonviolent offenses is going to be retroactive, so one of the criticisms that happened after this policy was announced a few weeks ago was that there were people who were charged, people who are awaiting to be sentenced who have already pled
12:33 pm
guilty, and the concern was some of these people would not get the benefit of the new policy, so the attorney general is announcing today that essentially the policy is going to be now retroactive so those people can also benefit. this is something that there's a lot of support for, even among some conservatives. for instance, rand paul and patrick leahy are people working on congressional legislation to try to do something similar. right now, the administration is trying to do this by executive order while they wait for congress to do something, brooke. >> okay, so breaking news from the attorney general. evan perez, thank you, in washington. please don't make me ruin all the great work. >> it is one of the most violent video games out there. yet, grand theft auto 5, to be precise, just raked in more cash on its first day of sale that many companies pull down in a year. i'm going to talk to a longtime
12:34 pm
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12:36 pm
it is often criticized for its over the top violence, but the latest installment of grand
12:37 pm
theft auto video game series, it came out with guns blazing. grand theft auto 5 wracked up more than $800 million. let me say that again. $800 million in sales in its first 24 hours. that's more than the top two "harry potter" movies or the "avengers" made in their opening weekends worldwide. grand theft auto expected to breeze past the mark. it took avatar 17 days to do that. peter reuben is wired magazine's resident gamer. he's in san francisco joining me now. peter, let me be totally trance pairaborent and say i'm a pacmad of gal. i have a ton of friends who play. can you give me three reasons why this is so, so huge? >> absolutely. so, what you're looking at is a game that's the latest in a very popular franchise. and the grand theft auto games
12:38 pm
really only come out every few years. this is not an annualized franchise. rock star games, the studio that makes it, has taken almost five years since the release of grand theft auto 4. this is a long time coming, super anticipated, and this is the biggest grand theft auto game we have seen, thanks to technological advancements, so the in game world is as big as the entire l.a. metropolitan area. you can play in the city, in the suburbs, in the foothills and mountains surrounding the city. this is an absolutely vast in-game experience for people, and of course, being an open world game, as they call it, you can do whatever you want to do. >> what does that mean, by the way? open world? >> it just means the world is open. it's not the most indirect way to phrase it. other people call it a sandbox game. basically, the entire world of the game, rather than tasking you to go through in this very linear sense, it lets you play the way you want to play. >> maybe wander around in the
12:39 pm
sandbox, proverbial sandbox. i put this on twitter, what do you love about this game so much? the word i saw over and over is escapism. doing things in this sort of alternate reality you could never get away with in real life. >> absolutely. so many games that are so popular are cloaked in other forms. military games, futuristic science fiction games, games set in the past, games as a spy. this places you in a modern-day fully recognizable setting. there's really this release valve that's in it. it lets you play with this kind of unrestrained feeling and do what you want without consequence, and because it looks like the world you live in, there's something visceral about the connection. >> i read a quote from the "new york times." somebody writes about the role of women. for all the game does right, it has a generally problematic aspect that is not its enthusiasm for violence or sex but its lack of interest in women as something other than
12:40 pm
lustful airheads, one of the women in the game not oversexed and under-read is sucked into the jet turbine. you have bong rips, prostitutes, strip clums, at the same time, the supreme court protected video games two years ago. are the critics not quite as loud anymore? >> well, the critics are always going to be loud, especially with grand theft auto games. like i said, the fact this is a recognizable world makes what people call exploitive nature of some of the things within the game, and certainly some of the sociopaths in the game be much more problematic to those people. i think we're bringing a whole lot of cards into this hand right now so there are a lot of games who have a problematic relationship with gender. no denying that grand theft auto is that. you have underwritten characters who meet an untimely demise. that can be expanded to other games on the market. there are tactics and
12:41 pm
characteristics of the people in the game are not what you would ever be, do, say, or thing in real life. that's what makes it the escapism. the people who do these things in the game don't take on that behavior. >> i'm going to stick to my pacman but i'm going to take your word for it. peter, thank you so much for coming on. i appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. coming up next, tough talk between russian and american leaders that remind some people of the cold war. vladimir putin had some not so nice words to say about americans, and now senator john mccain is responding. and this veteran unleashes a tongue lashing for the president of russia. the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed
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12:44 pm
john mccain's got fighting words for vladimir putin one week after the russian president wrote his antagonistic op-ed in the "new york times," senator mccain firing back with his own
12:45 pm
scathing article in russia. the headlines "russians deserve better than putin" he accused him of ruling through violence and tyrants. jake tapper talking to senator mccain. what you going to ask him? >> the whole origin of the story is that he was on the lead, senator mccain, last week, and we were talking about putin's op-ed in the "new york times," and he said there's no way that pr provdov would ever publish anything by him. a writer then contacted them, the website, not the newspaper, and asked if they would. senator mccain -- >> and viola. >> there you have it, although it's not in the newspaper, which is, i believe, what most people think of when they think of p v provdov, although it's a hollow shell of what it used to be. we'll have him on, talk about the latest in syria and how the
12:46 pm
united states can trust somebody who senator mccain depicts in such scathing adjectives in this op-ed in the website, and of course, we'll talk about all the other business going on in washington, the showdown over funding the government with or without obama care being funded. and much, much more. >> got a lot going on. we'll be watching top of the hour on "the lead." thank you. and you have seen political ads before, but probably not like this. a democratic candidate comes out to his father. nope, not talking sexuality. we'll play the ad for you next, and we'll talk live to the candidate who delivered the surprise message to his dad. you don't want to miss this.
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
12:49 pm
okay. follow me here. when then senator john kerry was chosen as secretary of state, the good voters of massachusetts elected congressman ed markey to fill his former seat and now in the race to replace ed markey, one of those running is an openly gay democrat who is running an ad that features his own father who is more of a tea party type. take a look.
12:50 pm
>> he wants to go to congress to take on the nra and the tea party. >> i won't give up on an assault weapons ban. >> or universal background checks or banning high capacity magazines. >> there are some things you don't stop fighting for. also the right to choose, equal pay for women and equal rights for, well, everybody. >> he's been like this for 35 years. >> that's why i approved this message. i still love you, dad. >> me, too, son. >> i want to bring in the candidate himself. carl, welcome. why did you put your dad in the ad? >> thank you, brooke. well, my dad and i have been bantering like this for 35 years, and i talked a lot about his influence on my life and how he raised my brother and me as a single dad and worked hard to take care of us, and despite our strong political differences, he loves me and supports me. we can get along and i think it shows i'm a clear, strong, progressive in this race, i'm going to fight for progressive
12:51 pm
values, but i can still get along with people on the other side of the aisle, people that i disagree with and frankly, still have a positive relationship with people like my dad. >> let's talk about that household growing up. your dad, tea party republican, totally different views than you on almost anything, i would imagine. at what point did you decide to join maybe in your father's eyes the enemy? >> i remember being in college when i came home from college and talked about some of my views in politics and how they were evolving and becoming a very staunch progressive in my younger days. my father and i would just fight, especially around the 2000 election with george bush. i kept saying this is going to be bad, you don't know where this country's going. he would say son, listen to me, listen to me. george bush is the man and we had these fun bickers. as i got into public office, he said i don't know if you know what you're doing but i disagree with you on a lot of things but good luck to you. >> let me ask you this, before you came out to your father, what were his views on same sex
12:52 pm
marriage and has that evolved at all? >> well, i came out to my dad as gay when i was 17. he was really remarkable, very supportive, very loving. he was actually driving when i told him and he gripped the steering wheel very tight, his knuckles went a little white and he said you know i love you, you're still my son, this doesn't change anything. that meant a lot to me. i knew we had a really close relationship growing up and i was worried to tell him but he handled it like a trouper. i'm actually getting married ten days before the election. that was planned before the special election date was set. he'll be at the wedding and supports me in that as well. he's a wonderful dad. >> that's great. i imagine with a few exceptions, you're on one side, he's on the other, that is such a microcosm of the country. which areas do you two see eye to eye? >> well, recently in my congressional race, i came out first of all to candidates in opposition to a military strike in syria. i was strongly opposed to that. the other candidates took a week or so to come around to that
12:53 pm
position as well. i called my father and mentioned it and he said finally we agree on something, because he and i see eye to eye on that. i had a lot of friends and family, including my own brother, serve in afghanistan. my experience was that it was a mistake, the two wars we have been in the last ten years, how they have been handled. i found something, common ground with my dad on that particular issue. he knows i fight for progressive values and we get to banter about it all the time. if you see in the ad, that's actually how we interact. we get along very well, we tease each other a lot while we disagree on things. >> i'm sure dinnertime at your house is fun. thank you very much. good luck to you. appreciate it. >> thank you so much. young kids in fancy dresses and heavy makeup walking the runway. it is all too much for one country. now backlash as lawmakers in france look to ban child beauty pageants. could the u.s. be next?
12:54 pm
a writer and a performer. ther, i'm also a survivor of ovarian and uterine cancers. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick... and then i got better. forty times. that's how often a group of house republicans have voted against obamacare, just to prove their allegiance to their party's right wing.
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from atlanta to l.a., people all over found that getting moving can be fun. in fact, it can be a day at the beach! all in all, we inspired three million people to rediscover the joy of being active. now, let's keep it going all year long and make a difference... together. they are pretty, they are popular, but child beauty contests are not welcome by some french lawmakers. the senate there passed a bill to ban them for girls under the age of 16 and now it goes before a lower house. listen, we've seen the reality tv shows. we have seen the use of glamour, beauty pageants and shows like tlc's "toddlers and tiaras." that's where honey boo-boo became oh, so famous but it's images like these from "vogue" magazine photo spread that prompted french lawmakers to want to roll up the red carpet.
12:57 pm
parliament members say little girls are too young for that spotlight and have to be protected. joining us is kelly wallace. i remember that "vogue" spread. we did a segment on that on this show because we were all like what? but with the ban specifically on the pageants, do you think they're overreacting or do they have a point? >> say that again, brooke? i couldn't hear you. >> do you think the french are overreacting or do they have a point in banning this? >> it's interesting because we put it out online to the american audience. the majority of people who responded say they definitely have a point and think that we should ban these child pageants, especially for girls as little as 3, 4, 5, those sporting fake tans, teeth and wigs. others say government shouldn't be getting involved, dictating what programs kids can be involved in. there's this middle of the line approach where people say what about just some guidelines, some
12:58 pm
rules, what's appropriate, what's not appropriate. maybe the pageant bodies could get together and kind of do a little more self-regulating. that's a sentiment we heard quite a bit as well. >> let me throw sound in here, because this is a perspective, this is from the newly crowned, this was history a couple nights ago, the newly crowned miss america. this is what she had to say about this whole thing this morning on "new day." >> i started at 16. i definitely do think there -- a maturity level has to be there before you can begin. i made the conscious s decision on my own because i knew i had to pay for some of my education and this was a great avenue. but yeah, there definitely does have to be a maturity level to be able to handle everything that comes with the pageant world. >> she's right. there are benefits here in the u.s. do you think what's happening in france might actually impact what happens here in america? >> you know, i think so in a way it's getting the conversation going. but just as you mentioned at the top, think of the ratings gold, the ratings magic for some of these reality tv shows.
12:59 pm
i kind of think about it in the way that some people say you know what, there's too much crime in local news, yet the stations that cover crime get high ratings. it's kind of the same thing. people say oh, no, we don't want to see it, yet they're watching it. so it's hard to see an outright ban but maybe some more conversation about guidelines might take place. >> maybe. kelly wallace, thank you. now to a preview of tonight's prime time lineup. cnn tonight. at 7:00, "outfront." the navy yard massacre. how did a man with a history of mental issues pass a security review? >> eight disciplinary actions were swept under the rug. sounds a little familiar to me. the political correctness. >> at 8:00 on "ac 360" were money and diamonds the real motivations behind pat robertson's work in africa? robertson denies it but anderson talks to the film makers behind the film "mission congo" about their explosive allegations. at 9:00 on "piers morgan live"
1:00 pm
the billy ray cyrus interview. guns, america, miley. it's all tonight on cnn starting with "outfront" at 7:00, "ac 360" at 8:00, and "piers morgan live" at 9:00 tonight on cnn. thank you so much for watching. see you back here tomorrow. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. mr. putin, tear down your ego says our first guest, senator john mccain. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the world lead. so you think americans aren't so special, president putin? well, senator john mccain would like a word with you. 800 words, in fact, about what an iron-fisted tyrant he thinks you are. the senator talks to us about his scathing op-ed to the russian people. the national lead. they say they were minding their own business in an airport when a strange man subjected them to a paranoid outburst. to their shock, they now believe they had a brush with the navy yard killer. also in world


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