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tv   Around the World  CNN  September 20, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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this is cnn i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. we are "around the world" starting in washington, d.c. right now. >> it is the budget fight in congress with the very real possibility without a resolution, the u.s. government will run out of money in just ten days. >> and we heard this before. just a few minutes ago, members of the house which is controlled, of course, by the republicans, well, they passed their funding plan. the house bill as it is written keeps the government running, but takes away all the funding
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for the president's health care law called of course, obama care by many. >> the bill has then -- has to pass the senate where the democrats are in charge and defunding obama care is not going to happen. so everything cog stall and if congress can't settle on a compromise or at least a stopgap measure to fund the government when october 1st arrives, the government shuts down. >> now, before the vote, the house held one last debate. minority leader nancy pelosi was not happy with the order of the house. >> this place is a mess. let's get our house in order. we are legislators. we have come here to do a job for the american people. and that job means we have to make the government run for the good of the people. we are not here to expand government. but we're not here to eliminate government. if the idea is to limit government, let's work together to do that.
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but what is brought to the floor today is without a doubt, without a doubt a measure designed to shut down government. >> the president's health care law is turning our full-time economy into a part-time economy. even the heads of major unions who are once so supportive of obama care want to see this law drastically changed to avoid further "nightmare scenarios." let's defund this law now. and protect the american people from the economic calamity that we know obama care will create. >> so in just a couple of minutes congressman steve king, is an iowa republican, he's going to join us live and believes a government shutdown is a better solution than actually keeping obama care alive. we're going to talk to him about that. i want to first bringing in lisa
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desjardins, jim acosta, as well. lisaen ot hill, jim at the white house. lisa, let's talk to you about where we are in this process. we just saw house speaker john boehner get applause. we haven't even this kind of activity from fellow republicans, but this is not far from over. it's got to go to the senate and potential will i, they're going to reject it, get back to the house. they've got to the come up with something else. >> reporter: you wouldn't know the senate is likely to reject this by listening to speaker boehner today. these folks are rallying in the republican party in the house. they had an almost entirely united vote. we'll talk about the senate in a second. here's speaker boehner and how he is addressing the senate. this is what he said a few minutes ago. >> our message to the senate is real simple. the american people don't want the government shutdown and they don't want obama care.
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>> and those cheers there are important to note. really, this is a caucus that has had a tough last couple weeks but was almost completely together today. they're now trying to say if a shutdown happens, it would be the senate's fault. of course, the senate has always said it would not agree to this cr. blame who you will. you're right, right now it looks like the senate will pass a different version without the obama defunding and then they will send it right back to the house probably next weekend where we don't know whattal happen. one quick note, i said the republicans were almost entirely united. one republican did vote with democrats against this plan today. scott ridgell of virginia beach, his folks tell me exclusively, he voted against it because it would hurt his district. v beach obviously a big navy town. he wants the budget cuts replaced. they were not in this bill. >> all right, lisa. jim, let's move over to you at the white house. give us the reaction from there.
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is there a mood of compromise? and you know, certainly for outsiders looking in, here we go again. are we going to do this every few months? >> that is what the white house and president said explicit lit they want to avoid. the president is en route to the kansas city, holding a campaign style event on the economy. and the next couple of hours. and you can expect the preds to sort of go off on this prospect of a government shutdown. white house officials say he is going to be talking about that, and when asked for a reaction to this vote in the house on than continuing resolution that also defunds the president's health care law, white house officials pointed us back to what they put out yesterday. and that is a warning that this administration, this president will veto any legislation that defunds the president's health care law. they've said that time and again. not only would they veto legislation that delays or defunds the law, they are not going to negotiate over the debt
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sealing. en route to kansas city is, deputy press secretary over at the white house, josh ernest was doing a gaggle with reporters. you get the sense they're seeing where this is headed next, to the senate. and so josh earnest filling in for jay carney on air force one was saying look at all the senators say this is a bad idea, pointing to bob corker, people like richard burr from north carolina, kelly ayotte, name checking different republican senators who aren't with the house of representatives right now. and not with senator ted cruz, as well, who has also been out in front on all of this. >> all right. jim, thanks. jim acosta at the white house, lisa on capitol hill, thanks to you both. >> this is 41st time that the republicans, house republicans have voted to get rid of defund obama care. so this is something, as you mentioned, it continues. >> and the whole funding issue, not just of obama care but this
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whole budget lifting the debt ceiling, certainly a game. as outsiders look at how the country is going to run, going to do this every three months? it doesn't look good in terms of how the country is being run financially. >> here's what you can expect if the government does shut down. hundreds of thousands of federal works are being furloughed, pay for u.s. troops would be delayed. we're talking about medical research affected. travel, is tourism, you name it. >> even those things. christine romans joining us from new york. put dollar signs, if you will, on a government shutdown. this is like groundhog day. we were talking about this a little while ago. >> this is really irritating. it is no way to run a business. you're right. looking from the outside in, this is no way to run a business. that's what the u.s. is. when we look back to the 1990s, we know that cost was something like $1.4 billion for those two shutdowns. there's no way of knowing how much it would cost this time around. but it would be a cost. you would feel it.
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look, federal workers would feel it most. hundreds of thousands of federal workers would be sent home without pay. maybe they would be paid back later down the line, but that lost spending in the meantime would hurt the economy. federal offices and programs closed. national parks and museums closed. air traffic control, for example, critical functions of the american government at least on this point, you would see a government that would be functioning and working national security. they would maintain the power grid, for example, essential parts of the banking system would pay open. you would have to pay your taxes, everyone and the u.s. would still be able to have bonds to issue bonds. but it would be very, very disruptive and costly, no question, you guys. >> christine, we remember the government shutdown during the clinton years. people pushing for this, you know, they don't remember actually. actually too young to remember what it was like during that time. what are economists saying about the damage that could be done because we still are in a state of a fragile economy.
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>> economists are saying there could be serious harm, serious harm to this fragile recovery if this were to go on for too long. mark zandi has advised republicans yesterday testifying to the joint economic committee, he said shutting 9 government down for three or four weeks would do significant economic damage reducing real gdp by 1.4 percentage points in the fourth quarter. the economy doesn't grow as much and it hurts you. you just asked muhammad al arian who runs pimco. why are stocks up then if -- why are stocks up if we're so worried about the government shutting down. this is what he told me. >> the assumption in the market right now is at the end of the day, these are just games and they're going to sort it out. if they don't, if they get true close and can't pull back, then the markets will get hit really hard. >> if those games turn really serious and something terrible happens and we shut this thing down, we're talking about paying our bills again, that would be very, very serious for anyone with a 401(k), anyone with a
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job, anyone with a savings in this country, you guys. >> really is head bangingly annoying and aggravating we're doing this yet again and asking you exactly the same questions again, christine. thank you. christine romans there. >> hopefully it will be sorted out. we're going to hear from house republican steve king. he's going to leave the chambers and join us live in a couple of minutes to explain his vote. >> yeah, that's going to be interesting. washington not the only capital face'g major deadline. of course, syria's government has now submitted its first list of chemical weapons. it's got to provide more information in the next couple of days. this is the first real test of its commitment to hand over its stockpile. that's ahead, as well. [ male announcer ] for certain medical conditions where straining should be avoided, colace softens the stool for effective relief from occasional constipation. go to for savings. to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is.
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that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan? vo:remember to changew that oil is the it on schedule toy car. keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95. >> the mexico is facing its worst weather crisis. this is in decades here. we're talking about a one, two punch. powerful storms slamming both sides of the country leaving nearly 100 people now dead. >> there's been more bad weather since that happened. we're talking flooding, mud slides, houses destroyed. half a village washed away actually. also, roads, bridges, thousands of people trapped in remote areas. 68 people unaccounted for in
9:14 am
that one town alone i mentioned had the landslide. >> as streets are turning into muddy rivers, some acapulco residents even had to deal with, you see there a crocodile. thousands of tourists remain stranded in the resort town. shasta darlington is in acapulco with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, suzanne. i'm right here in front of the convention center that's been turned into a shelter, but also a check-in counter for three different commercial airlines. you can see people mulling around behind me, some of them are tourists just desperate to get home. 40,000 tourists were stranded here when manuel hit on sunday. only about 15,000 have managed to get out. that's because the airport was flooded. the main roads were cut off. there's a glimmer of hope today for them. that's because the main highway to mutual fund monday cocity is opening back up. nonetheless, we've seen hundreds and hundreds of people waiting in lines, scrambling to get on
9:15 am
these emergency flights because there's no guarantee these roadses will be 100%. they were covered in mud and rock. so it's just a vet cautious opening. if they can, they're still trying to get out on these flights. then of course, there are the many communities where the rescue work continues. 68 missing. we just don't know what has happened to them and what will come of that, suzanne. >> unbelievable. that picture we're showing right there, thanks so much. that hill just fell down the side of the mountain and buried half a village. absolutely horrifying for those people there. that's where a lot of those missing people are, by the way. >> a tragic situation. >> look at that. the village was there. >> no longer. it is the most powerful storm on the planet right now. we're talking about the outer bands of a super typhoon starting to reach taiwan right now. the center of the storm churning in the western pacific ocean. this is a massive storm. it is 620 miles wide with winds up to 162 miles per hour.
9:16 am
>> that's the strength of a category 5 hurricane, by the way. just to give you an idea. it's called usagi. that's the name of it in its sights, taiwan, the philippines, folks in hong kong are rushing to prepare because it's going to make landfall there on saturday. >> a lot of people worried about this. it is huge. >> also coming up, red flags, unexplained etchings on the gun. new details that the shooter started his attack after an darting into the bathroom. the latest on the washington navy yard shooting. and people who clearly have a lot of time on their hands are lining up at apple stores around the world. the first day of the 5s and 5c are on sale. >> it's an iphone craze this hour on "around the world." >> iphone crazy. [ sneezes ]
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the california teachers association. 150 years of making a difference that lasts a lifetime. hour, of course, at cnn. the house in just the past few
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minutes or so passed a funding bill with two very heavy impacts. number one, it provides for the government to keep running past that the shutdown deadline, but here's the other side. it strips all funding from president obama's health care plan called by many obama care. >> so we just heard house speaker john boehner claiming victory with his republican colleagues. he says the vote represents the will of the american people. here's house he put it. >> our message to the united states senate is the simple. the american people don't want the government shutdown. and they don't want obama care. >> congressman steve king joins us live now. congressman, woof r you've made your position clear about the president's health care plan that you do not want to fund obama care. 41 times, house republicans have voted to defund obama care. has not happened yet. what's going to be different this time? >> well, what's different this time is, this is on a continuing
9:21 am
resolution. that has never happened before. i brought this language to the rules committee on february 14th of 2011. and my amendment was denied rules and under the similar rules or maybe even exactly same rules we have today. if we had done that then, we would be in a better position today. this is the first time we have put this shutoff of obama care funding into an aappropriations bill, a must pass piece of legislation. so this now sets up drama between the house and the senate. harry reid and john boehner. we need to stand strong in the house. the vote was a very strong republican vote in favor of cutting off all funding to implement or enforce obama care. >> the drama of all of this is what voters are really, really frustrated with here. four different occasions we've gotten to the point where there is on the verge of a government shutdown and people are thinking, this is not the way to get something repealed to tie it to the federal budget. >> you know, if you just simply say i'm going to give in, then
9:22 am
never is when you get the job done. but the american people have gone to the polls in 2010 and 2012. they've sent a resounding message and reject obama care. every polling i know, as well. this is in response to the american people. i think that the republican conference is, i know they had said last week we want to do this. we insist we do this. and now the house has spoken. that's what we're directed to do constitutionally. >> but you know the senate's going to throw it back. so you know, really what's the point? it's a frustration for most americans that their government is essentially and their economy is being held to ran some over this. >> i wouldn't say essentially the economy. we will provide all of the funds necessary to fund our government at sequestration levels. john boehner has been very clear about that since he was speaker elect. the house will make sure the funds are available. if the president should decide he's going to fund the government, it will never be the
9:23 am
house of representatives. it will be an can the an of either harry roitd or the president or them working in conjunction with each other. we'll put the resources out to run the government. if the president decide to shut the government down, it will be tantamount to etan trum. i'll punish you by shutting had the government down if i don't get my way. i think that's the argument. the american people will decide in the end. >> we know that congressman, we know the president has drawn a couple of red lines he has said he's not going to negotiate on the debt ceiling issue and certainly not going to sign anything. he's going to veto anything if there's anything that delays or defunds obama care. you have a political fight on your hands here. we don't have time to get into the details of all this. we'll bring you back and see where this goes. it is very clear that the senate is not going to move forward with this. >> can i just say the president's red lines have been blurry in the past. i don't take them to be gospel when i hear them today.
9:24 am
>> all right. steve king, we'll bring you back and have more on that debate, as well. >> i look forward to that. thank you. >> i think there's a lot of people watching right now in the electorate around the place who say this is politics at play and an economy held to ran some because it is. >> the republicans themselves are divided over this, as well. syria's government, of course, we're following that being fast tracked on its way to giving up its political weapons. the assad regime has submitted its first list of chemical stockpiles and has to provide more information in just a matter of days. >> first real test of the government's commitment to hand over its arsenal. we're going to discuss that and the impact of it, too. is iran in play at the moment, as well? coming up. the coffee you drinkp over the years... causing deep, set-in stains. crest 3d white whitestrips go beyond where most toothpastes can reach, safely removing stains below the enamel surface to whiten as well as a $500 treatment. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), which may be fatal. stop taking victoza® and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, and headache. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. in chicago, another outburst of gun violence left 13 people injured, among them this
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3-year-old boy. he is listed in serious but stable condition. and what you're watching here, these are live pictures of a press conference taking place there. the chicago police superintendent gary mccarthy calling again for a ban on high assault weapons that he believes were involved in that shooting. >> yeah, the shooting we're talking about happened last night in a park on the city's southside. police say the attack appears to be gang related. no arrests so far. of course, this is just the latest of a troubling trend in the nation's third biggest city. the fbi reports chicago leads the country in homicides. last year, 500 of them. >> the mayor rahm emanuel canceled a trip to washington today. his office issuing instead this statement saying senseless and brazen acts of violence have no places in chicago. and betray all that we stand for. this is just the first of
9:29 am
the major steps destroying syria's chemical weapons under way right now.cnn has learned the assad regime has at least submitted an initial disclosure of its chemical weapons stockpile. more information is also expected over the weekend. >> yeah. it's procedure they have to follow. it's all started now being handled by the world chemical arms watch doug, the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. ar wal damon followingiññ developments from neighboring lebanon. she's there in our beirut bureau where the process normally takes about 60 days. it is being pushed forward a bit quicker in the case of syria, seven days or so. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: yeah,ing this level of speed is actually unprecedented at this stage, michael. the syrian government is the expected to disclose even more information over the next few days. is the watchdog's an executive council was supposed to be meeting over the weekend. that has been postponed to a
9:30 am
date not yet set, but expected to be sometime next week. once they receive is the full declaration, then comes the very difficult task of trying to put together a plan top verify the information that the syrian government has given them to get teams into the country and also ultimately to oversee the process of destroying syria's chemical weapons arsenal. but this is not only unprecedented because of the hasty time line that has been put into place but also because syria is a full-on war zone. so a very difficult task lies ahead for sure, michael. >> arwa, we've seen reports about satellites showing trucks moving in and out of sites where syria is known to store chemical weapons. are they moving these things around to hide them, consolidate the stockpiles? what do we know about that? >> reporter: well, that's the big question right now. we do not note what the motivation is behind the syrian
9:31 am
government's decision to begin moving at least what u.s. officials say was it moving its chemical weapons arsenal. we do know at the beginning of the civil war in syria, the government did, in fact, move some of its chemical weapons stockpi stockpiles, especially thoses in areas with are there was a lot of fighting outside aleppo, for example, and the americans and other spy agencies have been trying to monitor the movement of syria's chemical weaponry. at this point in time, there's not a lot of faith in the syrian government. so it most certainly does not look good they are potentially moving those chemical weapons again, but it could be they're trying to consolidate them for the time getting ready for when the inspectors would be arriving in the country. >> arwa damon from beirut. more coming up, as well. to have caracas in venezuela. the u.s. has some explaining to do, the u.s. begs to differ. venezuela's foreign minister says that the state department tried to prevent.president ma
9:32 am
dur rose's plane from entering u.s. air space over puerto rico. >> but a senior state department officials tells cnn it is not true his office also said the u.s. denied visas for several members of their delegation. they are heading to the u.n. general assembly in new york next week. the state department also struck that down saying they have issued the visas and they are have been approved. >> now to yemen where suspected al qaeda militants killed at least 26 soldiers and police officers. two attacks in a province in the south of the country where al qaeda in the arabian peninsula is very active. you see the bodies lying on the ground outside a military barracks where witnesses say gunfire and several explosions rang out this morning under the cover of a heavy fog. >> and friday's attacks were the deadliest in the country against the military since may when a suicide bomber killed more than 90 soldiers in the capital. red flags, unexplained
9:33 am
ex-ings on a gun and new details that the shooter started his attack after darting into a bathroom. >> the latest on the washington navy yard shooting up next. ♪ ♪ you're all alone friend, ♪ pick up the phone then. ♪ ring ring, call them up, ♪ tell them about the new trends. ♪ ♪
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9:36 am
surveilance video from the navy yard allowed us to piece together critical early moments of the massacre. we have put together and imation based on the information from authorities. so take a look. here's how it unfolds. the fbi says that aaron alexis was spotted entering a bathroom with a bag. >> minutes later, he emerges with a sawn off remington 70 shotgun, 8:12:00 a.m. the first shots are fired on the fourth floor. he then goes down a stairwell and emerges on the third floor. now, at this point, he is
9:37 am
seemingly picking his victims at random. >> 8:26 a.m., alexis is then heads to the first floor, shooting a security guard, taking his handgun and investigators say he runs out of ammunition, uses the guard's gun to continue shooting his victims. >> and, of course, we know alexis killed 12 people in that shooting rampage. evan perez is following the investigation in washington. what is the latest information you're getting there from law enforcement? >> reporter: hi, michael. that's right. the authorities today are still trying to interview witnesses. they're trying to go through all the videotape. trying to make sure that they will try to figure out exactly what the order of events was on monday. we know he entered building 197. he goes up to the fourth floor, as you just showed. he comes out and appears he starts shooting randomly. he's not hunting anyone in particular. on the fourth floor, the authorities say there is some i.t. support office there which
9:38 am
he may have been familiar with. and one of the questions, obviously, is was there a workplace issue? was there something that set him off that brought him there on monday to start shooting. that is still something they're struggling with. they don't quite note how to put it together. but at this point, it can loos like he goes through the building, shooting randomly. goes down to the first floor. then back up. all of this goes down about 30 minutes before the authorities are able to bring him down and shoot him dead on monday morning. and like i said, right now, it's still very much an effort to try to figure out what might have motivated this on monday morning, mike. >> evan, there is some reporting perhaps he was -- had he worked with some of those individuals that he was targeting or that he shot. is that true? did he actually know the people that he was shooting? >> that is still an open question. the fbi is going through, like i said, interviewing witnesses. as far as we can tell, they still are puzzed by the idea of how he started doing this on the
9:39 am
fourth floor. it doesn't look like he was trying to shoot anyone in particular, according to the video. >> all right. evan, thanks so much. evan perez reporting from d.c. and coming up, it is, of course, drawing crowds around the world. the new iphone. it is the c and s. people are lining up at the stores for hours to buy the new smartphone. >> really? i mean, really? we're going to have a look at the craze when we come back. i mean, really? >> they really are. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age? [ male announcer ] that's why there's ocuvite to help replenish key eye nutrients. ocuvite has a unique formula not found in your multivitamin to help protect your eye health. ocuvite. help protect your eye health.
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just moments ago, the house voted to prevent a federal government shutdown, about you, always a about you, isn't there, to take away funding for the president's signature health care law. 230-189 pretty much along party lines the final vote. what next and how will this action affect financial markets. >> it's already been a wild week on wall street. record highs for the dow and s&p index. the dow jones up rather down, 79 points. >> half a percentage point. >> all this as the president is in kansas getting ready it talk about the economy. we'll go live as soon as he starts speaking, as well. >> market a little bit nervous there by the look of it of what let's seeing in washington. now we're going to talk about, you've got the -- i'm an equal
9:43 am
opportunity -- iphone and android. there you go. blackberry. we've got them covered. but it is iphones today. they've gone on sale. have you seen them yet. >> i have not. but i hear they're pretty snazzy. the iphone 5s and 5c hitting the shelves around the world. shanghai, hong kong, folks lining up to snatch them. >> that is the market that apple would liking to snare even more of. china. in australia, you can see there, sydney people camped overnight on the streets to get a good spot in the line. now, that looks like london actually where it was rather chilly. but there was quite a hub bub as the stores opened, everybody flowed through. >> there's probably a lot of buzz in new york. zain asher, what are you seeing? >> hey, guys. i'm outside the apple store on 67th and broadway. right now the line has roughly around 100 people and stretches all the way around the corner.
9:44 am
i did speak to one woman who said she was waiting outside the flagship store on fifth avenue for 14 hours. get this only to find out the phone she was waiting for had sold out. she then came here. said she actually had to take two days off work in anticipation of getting the iphone 5s. i said what are you going to do when you get the phone in your hand? she said she does not want to be bothered and will sleep. the nypd setup shop outside here encouraging people to reg stir their iphone 5s. theft is ramp and the in new york. >> i'm a geeky guy, what they call an earlier doctor. but i can wait a week. what's up? did you ask her, why? >> reporter: i'm sorry. i'm having trouble hearing you guys. >> did you ask her why she would take a couple days off work and all these people standing out there for hours and hours and hours and hours?
9:45 am
>> there is so much brand loyalty among iphone fans. there was about a year ago when apple last released its last device, the iphone 5. that sold around 5 million units. they're expecting the 5s to sell around 7 million units. this is the first time that apple has released two devices in one go. and in several different colors. guys? >> zain, can you get it online? do you have to wait in those lines for hours? >> course you can. >> yeah, people are waiting in line for hours here. it's not as bad as the flagship store on fifth avenue. this line they're waiting several hours right now. >> zain, thank you. >> way too lazy to do that. there's a new operating system out too for the iphone. >> wait a little while, you'll get it next week. >> i admire their persistence. there's a lot of this by the way on a lot of the information and all the good stuff like that. >> i'm going to hang on to mine. this is all right. >> my daughter wants this one. i might end up getting a new
9:46 am
one. >> we are also following, iran's new president extending an olive branch to the united states. hassan rowhani is asking for an end for what he causes unhealthy rivalries. >> he's also offering to help negotiate peace between syria's government and the rebels. it's all in an op-ed. there is a charm offensive under way, diplomacy by op-ed. we're going to talk about it with fareed zakaria. hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve. forty're joking right? that's how often a group of house republicans have voted against obamacare, just to prove their allegiance to their party's right wing. okay - they've said their piece. but now they've gone even further... threatening to shut down the government if obamacare isn't dismantled. it could disrupt social security and veterans benefits, hurt job growth and undermine our economic recovery -
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9:53 am
called germany's iron lady. >> trying to win a third term in office and forbes dubs her the world's most powerful rival. her main rival is a man hon once worked for her, peer stein brook served as finance minister. >> iran's new president now offering to play peacemakering in syria. hassan rouhani is ready to help facilitate dialogue between syria's government and the opposition. >> part of a remarkable op-eded written by rouhani. part of what he says in the "washington post" is this "we must work together toened the unhealthy rivalries and interferences that fuel violence and drive us apart." this is the third high profile political op-ed in the last two weeks. of course, we had the russian president vladimir putin coming out with his in the "new york times" and then john mccain responding on a russian website. all three taking a different
9:54 am
tone. fareed zakaria is following it and joins us from new york. apart from diplomacy by op-ed, this is quite remarkable, isn't it? you've got a new iranian president saying no nuclear weapons. take that as red. we'll help out in syria. this is getting warm and fuzzy here. do you take it seriously? how do you read this? could they meet in new york, obama and rouhani? >> yes, yes, and yes. michael, look, it's very serious. this is the newly elected president of iran. it's also important to note this is a guy who comes from the heart of the iranian establishment. he has been involved with iranian politics at the highest level for 25 years. he has known the supreme leader since 1980. so this is not like ahmadinejad, an outsider. he was a populist mayor of tehran who came to power. rouhani comes out of the heart of the establishment. and forever since his campaign, he's been talking about a more
9:55 am
moderate foreign policy trying to find a deal on nuclear issues. he's been tweeting, as you know, very famously, twitter account maintained by him tweeted happy new year to all jews worldwide. the foreign minister did the same thing. they've both made conciliatory statements. this is not an isolated op-ed. this is part of a concerted strategy the iranians are putting forward. >> fareed, you brick you bring point. " two weeks ago it seemed the u.s. was on the brink of war and iran was still public enemy number one to the obama administration. do you see this particular time as an opportunity for diplomacy not only with iran but also with this chemical weapons deal with syria? >> absolutely. i think they are somewhat separate. i think the chemical weapons issue is going to have to be sorted out with the russians and getting a certain amount of cooperation from the syrians. i'm optimistic there. iran is a much more historic
9:56 am
opportunity. remember, we have not had relations with the iranian government since 1979. iran has been locked out of the world. it's one of the most important countries in the region. one of the most important countries in the world really. if there were a way to bring iran back into the global system, this would be huge. this would be not quite on the order of nixon and kissinger bringing china back, but it would have huge ripple effects. of course, that's a big if. but i think the iranians, you know, are getting to the point where they realize the price they are paying by being isolated and sanctioned. it's very high. there is a big debate in iran what to do, and clearly rouhani represents one part of it. but if they win and you know, if we're able to reach out and come up with a deal, remember, we have to give them something, as well. we laxiation of sanctions. if the congress were to agree to that and that's the big if on our side, you could imagine this moving in a very, very positive
9:57 am
direction. >> in many ways, he's speaking not just to the u.s. and to the international community. he's speaking to his own audience back home. as you say, you've got a crumbling economy there largely due to sanctions. to hip populati and so he's talking to them, as well, saying hang on, let me. >> fareed, i know you just spoke recently to former president bill clinton and asked him the question that's on so many people's minds, whether or not hillary clinton is going to run. >> well, as you can imagine he is very, very skill at dealing with those kinds of issues. he said somebody may know but it's not me. what he did say is that he thought that one of the reasons she was -- i said to him, how can another democrat even compete with the kind of poll numbers she has. if i were another democrat, i don't think i would be able to raise any money for a campaign because everyone would assume she's going to get the nomination. he chuckled and said i think it
9:58 am
has to do with the fact she's been a very good secretary of state and people have seen her in office and see what a good job she does. so very loyal, very supportive. also talked about chelsea clinton's potential political career which i thought was interesting. >> let's listen. >> i don't -- somebody may know, but i don't. i'm not one of the people who does. >> when you look at her poll numbers, can any other democrat even get into the race? i mean, how would you raise money when you have -- i don't think i've seen numbers like this. close to 70%% democrats say they would vote for her. >> well, i think partly that's because she served well as secretary of state. and because people across the political spectrum finally got to see her the way those of us who know hersey her. you know, when i was president and she like me was subject to long line of relentless
9:59 am
criticism and she did in the senate. she made a lot of friends in the senate among republicans as well as democrats. people in new york liked her across the political spectrum. it was the first time the country had ever gotten to see her as somebody who just what you see is what you get. she shows up for work every day, gets stuff done and is very strong about it. i think -- but these polls don't mean much. we're a long way ahead. i think she would be the first to tell you there's no such thing as a done deal ever by anybody. i don't know what she's going to do. >> did you believe him, fareed? >> no, no. i think that the -- the body language, the body language is all suggesting she is going to run and going to mount a very, very impressive campaign. >> what they call in england a nudge nudge, wink wink. all right, fareed. thask. thanks so much for talking on that and also?jt on iran. the united nations security
10:00 am
council, of course, expected to meet possibly this weekend. that's ahead of the u.n. general assembly. watch this space on iran. that's the big talker today. >> it's going to be a huge week next week. >> things are changing. >> all right. that does it for us "around the world." thanks forqqr] watching. have a great weekend. have a great weekend. wolf blitzer takes it from here. -- captions by vitac -- right now, house republicans are celebrating passage of a bill that defunds obama care but it doesn't stand much of a chance in the u.s. senate. could set the stage for government shutdown. also right now, president obama visiting an auto parts plant in missouri. speaks later this hour, is expected to warn republicans once again about the budget battle and the debt ceiling. we'll have live coverage for you this hour. also, right now, chicago police are searching for suspects in a shooting at a park. 13 people were wounded. including a 3-year-old boy. authorities say the weapon was an assault-style rifle with a high capacity magazine.


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