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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 23, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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thanks for watching. now for our viewers on cnn international, i guess starts right now. >> cnn newsroom in the u.s. beginning with wolf blitzer right now. right now. >> see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac -- authorities are questioning ten people in connection with the deadly shopping mall attack in kenya. security forces claim they have taken control of the mall. we're going live to nairobi. also, right now, president obama's arriving here at the united nations. he meets with the nigerian president in a few minutes. we'll listen in to see if he says anything about that terrible mall attack in kenya. i suspect he will. and the president is in good company. right now leaders from all over the world, they are gathering here in new york city for the annual united nations general assembly.
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i'm wolf blitzer reported from the united nations where officials from almost 200 countries will meet this week. iran's new president sure to make headlines. also, prospects for peace in syria. we're going to have extensive live coverage of the u.n. general assembly, that's coming up. but first we turn to the story that's held the world's attention since saturday. we're talking about kenya, kenyan authorities say they have arrested more than ten people in the deadly assault on a nairobi shopping mall. the hostage standoff now in its third day. here's the latest information coming in. authorities say they have taken full control of the mall after an assault that killed three attackers. but gunfire erupted since their assault and it's not clear how many hostages may still be inside. earlier, black smoke was seen billowing from the mall. kenyan officials say the smoke was from the fires set by the attackers. the red cross now says 62
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people, 62 people have died since the siege began. that number either way was revised down from 69. authorities say some of the bodies earlier had been counted twice. nearly 200 people have been injured in the attack. the tense situation is unfolding minute by minute in kenya. gunfire continuing to break out. our own zain verjee. watch this. she had to take cover as she was getting ready for a report earlier today. >> do we have the helmets? where is the helmet? [ shots ] >> she's joining us now live from nairobi. zain, kenyan authorities claim they have taken control of the mall from where you are and you're there on the scene for us, do you get a sense they actually are in control of the situation right now? >> reporter: they made a statement earlier saying yes,
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they're in control of the four-story west gate mall. a short while later, there was sporadic gunfire and everybody had to take cover. i made some calls about that. what i was told was that yes, they were in control, however, at that moment there were pockets of al qaeda or al shabaab and they were fighting back. there was heavy gunfire exchanges between the security forces and the militants. since then, woclf, it's been a number of hours, totally silent, both gunfire, no explosions and also total silent on information. we're trying to put together and get clarification. where i am with the medics and the emergency response, they've been told to pack up. typically in a hostage situation we would get some information about them, but there's nothing. i asked about the gunmen, also nothing. i've spoken to a couple of
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sources that are in contact with officials on the ground there that say that it's pretty much clear inside. so i'm just trying to put the pieces together and understand where are the hostages, what happened. do they have the gunmen. where are the bodies, if any? and did anyone come out alive? we don't have the answers to any of these questions. the operation is said to be over. these are outstanding issues. >> zain, i know you're from kenya, your family still lives there. they frequent this popular mall in nairobi. first of all, how are you doing? how is your family doing? what's the mood there? people must be in shock. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, i'm pretty miserable. this is just crazy. it feels totally surreal. my family is just tense. the three of us here. millions of kenyans are totally
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shocked at what's happened. people that are living in this area go to west gate like you have your starbucks latte every morning. it's what you do. so this is a part of everyday life. there's another place there that everybody kind of meets, a chicken place and it's a real social community gathering location. and so it's completely transformed the lives of people around here. it's still a situation that, as far as people around here are concerned, is ongoing. it may technically be over per the statement. but people are traumatized and shocked, especially at the horrible stories and the brutal description that is are starting to emerge and the cold blooded killings of children, of women, that occurred at this mall. everyone is kind of wrapping their heads around that and the funerals also have started to
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take place. so that's something that we'll be learning about. >> zain, be careful, please and we'll stay in very close touch with you and our best wishes to your parents and everyone else there as well. zain verjee on the scene for us in nairobi. people were going about their business shopping at this popular mall on a saturday afternoon. then all of a sudden, the shooting started. terrified employees and shoppers crouched behind displays. a north carolina woman who had moved to nairobi only in july hid behind the metal gates of a store with dozens of others. >> while we were back there, methodically, they were going from store to store talking to people, asking questions, shooting, screams and then it would stop for a while and then they would go to another store. >> the state department says
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five americans were among the 175 people wounded in in brutal attack. one of them, a university of california berkeley graduate from san diego. >> i'm okay. i'm very grateful to be alive. i'm also very grateful for like the kenyan people. everyone was so helpful and supportive. i don't want people thinking that -- something about kenya. i'm very prideful for the country and i love kenyans even though i'm american. >> the group al shabaab says it did carry out the attack. the fbi now investigating claims by the al qaeda affiliate that americans were involved. let's bring in our justice reporter evan. i know you're speaking with your sources at the justice department, the fbi. they're trying to figure this out. what's the latest we're getting? >> wolf, the confusion and the
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claims that zain verjee reported from nairobi is what the law enforcement is dealing with as well. the fbi has a pretty big operation in nairobi. it's a regional center where they keep an eye on things in somalia and east africa. they're sharing intelligence information. we know that they're looking at communications, intercepts, that kind of thing to try to figure out which claims from al shabaab to believe. whether or not they're americans or other westerners involved. they're still not confirmed at this moment. they're working to try to figure that out. it may well be until they figure out -- until they arrest the suspects that are inside or those that are killed for them to do an identification work for them to get this all figured out. right now, there's still so many questions, wolf. >> it's a murky situation. evan thanks very much. stay with us. we'll have much more coverage of the kenya mall attack at 1:30
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p.m. eastern. a little while from now. about 20 minutes or so. the former fbi assistant director tom fuentes, a cnn analyst, he'll join us to talk about the challenge of rescuing the remaining hostages inside, ways to keep shopping malls safe. he's standing by to join us. i'm here at the united nations as the 68th general assembly gets under way. the highlight is the general debate which features speakers from most of the 193-member nations. president obama arrived here in new york just a few moments ago. he's expected to meet with a couple of the world leaders here at the general assembly before the formal speeches kick off tomorrow. the united states traditionally is second. second on the speakers list right after brazil. others we will be watching closely, of course, syria, israel, afghanistan, palestine which is considered a state by the u.n. general assembly. tomorrow afternoon the iranian
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president, hassan rouhani addresses the assembly. there's a different move, when it is mahmoud ahmadinejad. now there's talk of an actual possible meeting between presidents rouhani and obama. but here's former secretary of state henry kissinger's assessment of that idea. >> has been building with great energy a nuclear program and i would be more at ease if the meeting of the presidents occurred at the end of some diplomatic achievement. but i can see the temptation. >> let's discuss what's going on with our chief national security correspondent here at the u.n. as well. do we know for sure there will be a meeting between president
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obama and president rouhani? >> no, we don't know. they were open to outreach but no meeting on the schedule. many of the meetings won't happen by accident, an accidental meeting with a relationship as important as this. what we can expect from president rouhani is a radically different approach than president ahmadinejad in the past. no america baiting, none of the holocaust denying. i think it's unlikely to have a specific proposal on iran's nuclear program. it would happen in side meetings when the permanent five members plus germany, those ministers meet. that will include secretary john kerry. >> there was an exchange of letters between the presidents, president rouhani and obama. president rouhani sent a new year's greeting worldwide to the jewish community on rosh hashan hashanah, which people thought
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was significant. >> i've been there a number of times as well. clearly the most significant outreach from iran since the 1979 revolution. what does that lead to -- that is concrete and that's something that capitol hill is watching too. the president received a letter from senators menendez and lindsey graham saying we urge you to make clear achieving the solution but our resolve to take whatever action is necessary from preventing iran from having nuclear weapons. that remains the position here. military remains on the table while they are open to a diplomatic resolution. >> henry kissinger was ee alluding to this. there hasn't been a meeting since the takeover of the embassy in tehran. lesser officials, shall we say, lower ranking official, even henry kissinger thinking of china when he opened the doors to china, there were contacts
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going when president nixon. nixon went to china. i assume that's what he's referring to. >> no question. the stakes have been raised so high, all of us talking about this. many other diplomats about the possibility of a meeting. many of us not denying it, the iranian side not either. you've set the expectations high so if you don't have the meeting, it might be considered a step back. look at where we were two weeks ago before this election by president rouhani. a radically different approach from both sides to u.s. iranian relations. >> we'll see what happens. maybe there have been secret die logs going on that we just don't know about. >> i'll be the first to tell you if i hear. >> he'll be here with us all week. we'll have live coverage of president obama's address before the general assembly, so stay with us for that tomorrow. seven days until the u.s. government runs out of a lot of money. now the ball is clearly in the u.s. senate's court. will they let it pass? will they smash it back to the house of representatives?
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president obama here in new york. he's getting ready to come to the general assembly. shortly he will be meeting with the president of nigeria. we expect some comments at the top. we're covering t i assume the president will want to say something about the brutal massacre at the mall in nairobi, kenya. stand by for that. we'll bring it to you as soon as we get it. there's other news we're following including the high stakes battle on capitol hill in washington. get this. we're only seven days away from a possible government shutdown. both sides say that's not what they want. but we seem to be heading in that direction anyway. last week the house of representatives approved a bill to keep the government running for a few more months. but in that bill, they took away the funding for the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. this week, the senate votes and that's where it's getting interesting. lets bring in our correspondent dana bash. she's watching all of this. walk us through the schedule.
10:18 am
seven days left, dana. what's the latest? >> the first thing to keep in mind is that nobody thinks the votes are there in the senate. the democratic-led senate to fund obamacare. even ted cruz who is leading this fight admits that. let's start there. that means that senate democrats believe that they have the votes to strip that out and pass a straight spending bill to keep the government running through the middle of december. the question at hand is how long are the opponents of obamacare going to play this out. i want to put that calendar back up to give you a sense of how things could play out this week. today is one week away from the end of the fiscal year, september 30th. it is possible that ted cruz and his few republicans who have been demanding that spending is linked to defunding obamacare could play this outside procedurally. they have the tools to do so until sunday the 29th. so the day before the end of the fiscal year. assuming that the votes are
10:19 am
where everybody thinks they are, eventually after it plays out, obamacare -- the defunding of obamacare is stripped out, the government is funded, it goes back to the house, then the republican-led house would probably have a day to decide whether or not to do something else or they will just agree to pass keeping the government running, pass this level of funding for the next couple of months and a lot of that depends on whether the votes are there, which they weren't in the past. republican sources, democratic sources on both sides of the capitol have said to us they believe that is likely going to happen. the republicans and the house will be able to pass funding the government with the help of democrats. but wolf, as we've seen, there's so much that has been happening here that's unpredictable when it comes to the matters of spending and the president's health care law that we don't know. i mean, there's no question that nobody wants the government to shut down. but we have to see see how this plays out because it's likely to go down to the wire. >> we'll see what happens.
10:20 am
obviously, seven days to go and next weekend. saturday, sunday, monday will be critical in this process. usually they wait until the last minute to resolve it if they're going to. no guarantee they will this time. dana, thank you. up next, a renewed debate about gun control in america after the shooting in the navy yard. the president gave a eulogy lashing out about the new normal when it comes to guns. the nra unwilling to yield. gloria borgia standing by with us. we'll talk about the latest in this continuing debate. mr. mojito? ok it's got to be really fast, i've got one second hey no way wei hey, ca va? nudeq nuqdaq duch doch bolz stop calling me oh my god, no! how are they looking? we did it baby woohh oi ma yerp yerp moshi moshi, meow what?! ♪
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the gun control debate flaring up once again after last week's navy yard massacre exactly one week ago today. president obama is calling for some sort of transformation when it comes to american gun laws. he gave a very, very passionate eulogy for a memorial service for 12 people that were killed. it marks the fifth time in his presidency that he's grieved with families after a mass violence.
10:24 am
he calls it a creeping resignation about gun violence. >> our tears are not enough. our words and our prayers are not enough. if we really want to honor these 12 men and women and be a country where we can go to work and go to school and walk our streets free from senseless violence without so many lives being stolen by a bullet from a gun, then we're going to have to change. >> earlier sunday the nra president had a different take on what went wrong that day at the navy yard. wayne la pierre appeared on "meet the press." >> the problem is there weren't enough good guys with guns. when the good guys with guns got there, it stopped. >> our chief political analyst gloria bore gentleman is joining.
10:25 am
is there any reason there's been a passage of a background check since the navy yard attack last monday? >> no, wolf. there really isn't. i think that's why you saw a president that seems so drained by this argument. frustrated by it. he seemed to be talking to the american public more in sorrow than in anger. but i think if you didn't see something at newtown, that this is not likely to change legislators' minds. joe mansi chan said i'm not putting myself on the line again because i don't see any votes changing. if you're county ayes and nays up there, you're not going to get any more votes in terms of comprehensive legislation. just isn't happening. >> did you sense, gloria, something different in the tone
10:26 am
of the president's speech yesterday at that memorial service? >> i think so, wolf. i think he seems kind of drained by it. as he pointed out, this is -- he's done this now a handful of times, had to speak to families, console families, talk to the american public about this random gun violence in our midst. i think he seemed frustrated but kind of ultimately resigned and his message sort of was look, i can't do this on my own. believe me, i tried. i put myself on the line. nothing is going to change here until things change in lawmakers' districts and the pressure has to come from outside of washington because i've done all i can inside of washington to get this done. and it clearly isn't happening for me. i mean, this is a president who has had a lot going on lately. he's got a very large agenda that's been sidelined to a great
10:27 am
degree. in was at the top of his agenda, wolf. i think you'd have to say after newtown and now he's going to have to move on unless the american public actually decides to get engaged and try and change things. >> polls show that there is support for greater gun control but delivering that obviously not necessarily going to happen. >> and you know, there is one thing that could happen. it's not all bleak. one thing that people seem to agree on, wolf, is trying to get the mental health component of this taken care of. have some legislation that provides for more mental health awareness, counseling, reporting so that when you have a paranoid schizophrenic, that person should not be getting a gun like alexis. that somebody who is basically crazy should not be able to get a gun. there is some sort of renewed hope that maybe even congress
10:28 am
can agree on something. it's that simple, wolf. >> gloria, thank you very much. see you later in the situation room. the deadly attack on the shopping mall in kenya raising all sorts of concerns about what are called soft targets. i'll speak with the former fbi assistant director tom fuentes, a cnn analyst about the challenge of securing malls, movie theaters and other public places. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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security forces launch an assault on a shopping mall in kenya where a deadly hostage drama is still unfolding right now. authorities are questioning more than ten people arrested in connection with the attack. the sound much gunfire sent people running for cover earlier today. kenyan authorities say the attackers appear to be on the run inside the huge complex. they say three terrorists were killed in today's assault. kenya's interior minister says security forces are in charge and fires set by the attackers are now being put out. >> we want to assure kenyans that our forces are in full control of the situation. the fire will be put off. >> the kenyan red cross says 62 people have died since the siege began. that number was revised down from 69. the al qaeda affiliated group al shabaab has claimed responsibility for the attack.
10:32 am
it's not clear how many hostages may still be inside. the west gate shopping mall in kenya. the siege is now in its third day. before today's assault, the terrorists were thought to be holding about ten hostages on one level of the mall. let's bring in law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. he's a former fbi assistant director. tom, how do security forces balance the need to rid the mall of attackers while also trying to protect those remaining hostages? >> hi, wolf. yes, it's a very difficult situation to establish a security perimeter outside the mall as well as inside the mall trying to get people to leave that are able to, if they're at all able to walk still and haven't been too severely wounded. that's the other issue is how much of that mall is or is not under the control of the authorities. they're saying they're in control, yet you have hostages being held. you have terrorists on the
10:33 am
loose. fires set that have not been put out. it's not exactly a situation i would call controlled. >> how much concern should there be that attacks like we just have been seeing over these past few days at this huge shopping mall in nairobi, kenya, the so-called soft targets, whether shopping mall, a movie theater, how concerned should we be about that? what can be done to protect against these terror attacks at so-called soft targets? >> we should be very concerned, especially in the case of al shabaab. it's been the most successful of the al qaeda affiliates in recruiting american young men from minneapolis, from some other communities, as well as canadian young men, particularly in the toronto area, to travel to somalia and learn how to be terrorists with explosives and guns and grenades. the issue is, will they come back to the u.s. they were in somalia waging
10:34 am
attacks in somalia and several americans have died there, conducted suicide bombings there. but now in the last couple of years, al shabaab has started to operate outside of somalia. in 2010 we had the bombings in uganda where 74 people were killed by them. the fbi dispatched dozens of agents there because an american was one of the victims killed. and then now you have this large attack in nairobi. the fear is that those young american men can come back to the u.s. and, once they're here, if they're motivated to carry out terrorist attacks, they're certainly going to have no shortage of weaponry to get their hands-on here in the u.s. look at the streets of chicago. it's practically mogadishu west. i think that once they -- if they come back here and they're determined to conduct an attack and if they like the way this worked out in the mall, there's
10:35 am
certainly going to be very little we can do about it to stop that. >> you know, a lot of sporting events, stadiums you go in, you go through metal detectors. do you envision that being necessary going into shopping malls. >> i don't think they could do it. if you take any major mall with 240 or 200 stores. i live in northern virginia, where you have tyson's corner, gigantic maums. there are so many entrances. the idea to put magnetometers and the number of individuals to conduct the searches of everybody coming in and out, the bags and people carrying purses, i don't see it. you have a multiplex movie theaters where each theater and it may have 14 different theaters attached to each other where each individual theater has to have at least two fire doors that exit out into the parking lot. you have to man every single one of those. and some facilities are
10:36 am
operating from 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning to 9:00 or 10:00 at night. you're looking at 12 hours r for the time the public has access, not including the employees that get there before or stay after. these soft targets are going to stay soft. it's not economically feasible to place the security on them. you have the commuter systems, the 3 1/2 million people in new york city that commute in and out of manhattan on the subway system. the number of entrances and exits to that subway system, bus systems, taxis, grocery stores. it's just not going to happen. the only thing that can happen is for the fbi an the cia and all of the u.s. government services to have the best possible effective partnerships overseas to stop this before it comes. to be aware of the individuals on their way back to the u.s. to carry out an attack. and now, nobody is talking about the fact that they're going to
10:37 am
have sequestration, government shutdown. what's going to happen in the u.s. embassies around the world next week? >> it's serious stuff. tom fuentes, good analysis, thank you. syria, here certainly in the spotlight at the united nations. the battle there is on the minds of so many member nation who is have gathered here in new york as they debate what to do next. we'll take a closer look at that debate when we come back. so you can get out of your element. so you can explore a new frontier and a different discipline. get two times the points on travel and dining at restaurants from chase sapphire preferred. so you can be inspired by great food once again. chase sapphire preferred. so you can. accomplishing even little things can become major victories.
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president obama is getting ready to meet with the nigerian president. they're meeting here in new york in connections with the united nations general assembly. we'll listen in and hear what the president has to say. i assume he wants to make a statement about the kenyan mall attacks. stay tuned. we'll have coverage of that. one of the other issues during
10:41 am
the united nations general assembly is certainly syria. the united states is standing down on the threat of military strikes at least for now while the u.s. security council considers the russian plan for securing syria's chemical weapons. that didn't stop the syrian president, bashar al assad from taking this shot at the u.s. during an interview on chinese tv. >> translator: if the u.s. wants to find excuses for war, it will find them as it has never stopped war. there was a russian/syrian agreement for surrender of chemical weapons. they raise international omgs for war against war as well as opposition from within the u.s. because there are no justifications for it. >> joining us now our international correspondent. nick paton walsh at the capitol. not coming to new york is assad. i assume others will be here. opposition rebels, they're here
10:42 am
as well. >> they will be attending from the syrian government. in terms of the opposition, we're trying to work out if they're allowed in the building. apparently, some of the leaders have been in new york in the past few days. that's one thing to look out for. on the agenda now, it sort of held off by the hague's -- for the prohibition of chemical weapons. if that plan agrees between them, if that's feasible or doable. that may not happen until thursday. then they give the document to the executive council to ratify it. when that happens, they'll have -- to back up the geneva idea. >> syrians did hand over a catalog of what they supposedly have as far as their chemical weapons stockpile. the reaction from the international community has been -- >> pleasantly surprised in washington. i think the interesting thing to note, assad says it's a russian timetable. actually the u.n. chemical weapons they agreed to join.
10:43 am
still adhering to the u.s. timetable. they wanted it by saturday and they got it. there's a strange dual track where they pretend they're not going along with geneva and waiting for resolution to back it up. i have a feeling that timetable is so quick that the organization in the hague trying to implement it. not keeping up with the pace required. >> the next step is actually send in teams of u.n. inspectors to look and see where the locations are. >> that could be as early as mid-october, which is two, three weeks away now. the timetable moving fast and the case always was, would it be quick enough to find the inspectors to get people on the ground to keep up with it. >> dangerous assignment for those inspectors too. nick, thanks very much. here at the u.n. hillary clinton certainly now become a lot more visible. she has done her first full-scale interview since stepping down as the secretary of state. we'll tell you what she told a
10:44 am
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we're still more than three years away from the next presidential election. some democrats, though, already have been anointing hillary clinton as the party's candidate. secretary clinton herself has been saying not so fast. now she's acknowledging that a run for the white house is on her mind. jessica yellen has the story.
10:47 am
>> in her first interview since leaving office, former secretary of state hillary clinton tells new york magazine she wrestles with the idea of running for president. i do, but i'm both pragmatic and realistic, she says. i will just continue to weigh what the factors are that would influence we making a decision. after living on what she calls this high wire for 20 years, she's enjoying ordinary everyday pleasures. living in new york with former president clinton. we laugh at our dogs, we watch stupid movies. we take long walks. we go for a swim. apparently talking about 2016 is not on their list of favorite things. i don't think even he is focused on that right now, she says. >> i think she'd be the first to tell you that there's no such thing as a done deal by anybody. i don't know what she's going to do. >> really. clinton's friends and allies are more focused on 2016.
10:48 am
they talk about how she's grown as when senator clinton became the runner-up. joe hagen interviewed friends of hers. >> she's more comfortable in her own skin, she's her own entity. >> long time aide is quoted saying she doesn't repeat her mistakes. sheehan lies what went wrong here. translation, if she runs, 2016 won't look like 2008. >> if she does, she will win and when she becomes president, she'll be one of the best equipped people to enter the white house in a very long time. >> just to be safe, the political action committee, ready for hillary, raised more than $1 million. the would-be candidate is staying in the public eye. this week, she'll be front and center in her new role at the clinton global initiative. >> at the clinton foundation event this week, her events including a panel moderated by sanjay gupta.
10:49 am
you can also expect her to make an appearance when president obama and former president clinton talk health care reform tuesday night. jessica yellen, cnn, washington. an american is held prisoner. he tells his side of the story exclusively to cnn and at 9:00 on piers morgan live, he brings you closing arguments in the case against michael jackson's next concert promoter. who is real toy blame for his death. it all runs tonight on cnn starting with and just ahead, why the faa is reviewing its policy for electronic devices on flights and how it could change life for a lot of flyers.
10:50 am
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it's the rule when flying, turn off all electronics. for years, flyers were told the rule was there for an important safety reason. but this week, an faa advisory panel is meeting to discuss relaxing some of the rules about when you can use your devices. rene marsh wanted to find out if a smartphone or tablet really poses a danger while traveling. so she traveled to seattle to
10:53 am
visit boeing, the largest commercial manufacturer of airplanes. >> this fall, the faa could decide to relax those restrictions. at boeing's plant in seattle, we asked the people who build the planes if it's dangerous to keep devices on during all phases of flight. >> the emissions are being measured by this antenna here. >> inside boeing's electromagnetic interference lab, engineers have been studying the ieshue for years, testing laptops, phones, and tablets impacting systems. kenny tested my phone. >> this phone is communicating with the cell tower, and these spikes show it's failed. >> its emissions cross the threshold and could interfere with systems like the plane's smoke alarm. next test, a laptop. it showed potential interference with the pilot's communications
10:54 am
radios. aletl in wi-fi mode also failed, but in airplane mode, it tested safe. >> it's not necessarily that a phone can bring down the airplane, the issue is interfering with the airplane and causing more work for pilots during critical phases of flight. >> a recent survey found 1 in 3 passengers left their devices on because they forgot. despite that, engineers say no electronic device has ever taken down a plane. new planes are being built knowing passengers are flying with electronics and they want to use them. so planes like this one being designed with technology that can counter interference. >> turning your electronic devices off. >> he recommends devices not be used in flight againunless the airplane has been tested against every device that could be used onboard, and he said there's
10:55 am
another problem. >> you're asking all the flight attendants to monitor which devices are good and which can't be used. and that's a heavy burden for flight attendants. >> a burden he says is impractical. >> all right, well, that faa advisory board meets this tuesday. that's tomorrow. and wednesday, to complete their recommendations. then they will submit their decision to the faa by the end of the month. now, this new rule which would loosen the restrictions would likely take effect next year, but if you're wondering about those cell phones, that is not being considered, only electronics like ereaders and ipods. wolf? >> rene marsh, thanks very much. speaking of the cell phones, smart devices, shall we say. blackberry, we have learned, has agreed to be acquired led by fairfax financial holdings for $4.7 billion. a lot more on the story coming up in the next hour here in the
10:56 am
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and the emmy goes to "breaking bad." >> that was bra"breaking bad" winning the emmy for outstanding drama series. it was the show's first time winning that award. claire danes took the outstanding lead actress award for "homeland." she's great. the actor jeff daniels won his first emmy for outstanding lead actor for his role as lead anchor will mcevoy in "the news room." he's great as well. >> i've been nominated a few times but then it always goes to somebody else. you kind of get used to that. so it's a wonderful feeling.
11:00 am
i probably -- it will hit me on wednesday. >> on the comedy side, "modern family" locked up outstanding series for the fourth year in a row. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer at the united nations. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." "newsroom" continues right now with brooke baldwin. >> thank you, wolf. great to be with you on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. happening live, a deadly and active hostage situation at a shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. three days after an al qaeda linked militant stormed this upscale west gate mall, the fbi is looking into claims americans are among the al shabab terrorists. here's what we know right now. there are 62 people who are dead and five americans among those wounded. right now, it is nightfall in ob