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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 25, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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happening now in "cnn newsroom." >> i do not lining them sam, i am, i do not like green eggs and hams. >> love it or hate it your government at work. and the president of iran has a message for you. >> i bring peace and friendship from iranians to americans. >> reporter: but no handshake for president obama. christiane amanpour sits down with hassan rouhani. this is the craziness i've ever seen. >> chaos at yankee stadium. they're clamoring for a mariano bobblehead. and -- get ready. "dumb and dumber to" is happening.
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seriously. we're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. of course, we begin in washington where senator ted cruz and others are still talking after cruz took a fight against obama care to the senate floor in an epic speech. >> i will say standing here after 14 hours standing on your own feet, there's sometimes some pain, sometimes some fatigue that is involved. but you know what? there's far more pain involved in rolling over. >> that was about four hours ago. cruz's efforts are drawing praise and criticism on twitter. he's using #makedclisten and
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mark takano is tanlgi itaking a from kanye west. ted cruz i'd like you finish but wendy davis had the best filibuster of all-time. love it or hate it this is your government at work. dana bash on capitol hill this morning, what's he talking about now? >> reporter: a took a peek at the senate floor and he was talking about ashton kutcher. with talking for almost 19 hours, you kind of run out of things to say and one little teaser, we're going to definitely play this for our viewers in the next hour. he was talking about "star waz" saying to fellow senator mike lee he was his father and did this in the darth vader justice. i cannot do it justice.
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we have to play it for people to understand. let's look at the reason why he is giving this very long speech. >> madam president. >> reporter: ted cruz seized the senate floor and vowed not to let go. >> i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stap. >> reporter: this is theater, whether he speaks for hours the vote timing and outcome will be the same. cruz aides fully admit he's using the senate floor stage to speak directly to his audience, conservative grassroots activists who fueled his tea party upset last year. >> where is the outrage? where are the senates standing here saying what a straf gee that young people are being denied a fair shot in the american dream because of what we have wrought, because of obama care? >> reporter: his talk fest is exactly what his republican leadership who oppose his tactics were triying to avoid. as he started gop leaders were
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urging him to abandon what they consider a complicated fool'ser rand. for procedural reasons, cruz is opposing the bill he supports, funding the government but defunding obama care. maes' why many worried republicans are exasperated. effectively he's saying the fact that you all are not standing with him means it's washington's business as usual. does very a he have a point? >> we're hard pressed to sflan why we're opposed to a bill we're in favor of. >> reporter: tying defunding obama care to a must pass spending bill is enflaming many fellow republicans who think if this causes a government shutdown they're going to get burned. what is your end game? you knew you were not going to be able to defund obama care. why put congress through this in. >> dana with respect i disagree with your premise. i believe we can and if we stand together we will defund obama care.
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>> until we defound obama care! >> reporter: cruz's supporters call all this determination. his gop detractors delusional. gop senator bob corker tweeted "i didn't have to harvard or princeton but i can count." part of cruz's problem is the senate runs on relationships and he doesn't have many. something he acknowledged with uncharacteristic humor. >> this fight is not about personalities. look, most americans could not give a flying flip about a bunch of pop tigss in washington. who cares? you know, almost all of us are in cheap shoots with bad haircuts. who cares? >> reporter: and carol before we toss to that piece i told you about, a darth vader moment on the senate floor you have an amazing team they were able to turn it around so let's play it for our viewers. >> i will confess that phrase a
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rebellion against oppression conjured up to me the rebel alliance fighting against the empire. the empire being the washington, d.c., establishment, and indeed immediately on hearing that phrase, i wondered if at some point we were going to see a tall gentleman in a mechanical breathing apparatus come forward and say in a deep voice "mike, lee, i am your father." this is a fight. to restore freedom to the people. this is a fight to get the washington establishment, the empire, to listen to the people. and just like in the "star wars" movies, the empire will strike back. but at the end of the day i think the rebel alliance, i
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think the people will prevail. >> wow. okay. we didn't get a wide shot, nobody is really listening to him, right, except we're putting him on television and everybody out there is listening but nobody in the senate is listening. >> reporter: exactly and throughout the night and yesterday afternoon into the morning he has definitely noted that many times, chiding the senate for not being there, said where are you at cocktail parties, fund-raisers, maybe out for dinner, why aren't you here discussing this with me? i was here late last night. i didn't pull the all-nighter but it is a virtually empty chamber. there has to be a senate of the democratic party presiding and of course there are the workers who have to be here all night as well the senate clerks but for the most part he has had rand paul, marco rubio, had some in
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his words "gray beards" some older, more veteran republicans who have supported him but mostly the younger crowd because as i pointed out in the piece most of the people in his party think this is unnecessary to do. i should also let people know where this is heading and what the point is. it isn't to talk to people in the senate. it isn't to talk to his fellow colleagues. it is to try to get the message out, that's why his hashtag is " #makedclisten. what is going to happen at 12:00 no matter where is he in his speech he has to yield the floor and at some point they're going to have the vote so that is also the important thing to keep in mind, carol. this is a very long speech, it is not a traditional filibuster jimmy stewart style where can he talk until he drops and it will change the outcome of anything. the wheels are already in motion for the timing. >> dana bash we'll check back in
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the next hour of "newsroom." for all the talk surrounding the possibility of a brief handshake, the presidents of the united states and iran may be thawing after all. the iranian president offered peace and friendship. of course those are just words. jim sciutto is in new york. good morning. >> good morning. where you think the relationship was a few weeks ago or certainly last year at previously u.n. general assemblies we're already in a dramatically different place. there was so much expectation about the face-to-face meeting which would have been historic. christiane amanpour asked the president about this. he told her he gave it serious consideration that crucially he had the backing of tehran but diplomacy takes time and it was not the right time for this meeting so we didn't get to see it but still a lot of other positive signs in this
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relationship. the historic handshake didn't materialize. president obama was ready, say us what officials but president rouhani was not. still from the safer distance of the podium, both leaders called for a new era of cooperation between the u.s. and iran, even using nearly the exact same phrase to describe a new basis for friendship. >> i do believe that if we can resolve the issue of iran's n e nuclear program that can serve as a major step down a long road toward a relationship, one based on mutual interests and mutual respect. >> translator: iran seeks constructive engagement with other countries based on mutual respect and common interest. >> reporter: president rouhani spoke exclusively with cnn's christiane amanpour. >> i would like to say to
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american people, i bring peace and friendship from iranians to americans. >> reporter: in an ambitious move, obama publicly directed secretary of state john kerry, seated in the audience, not far from his iranian counterpart, mohammad zarif, to immediately pursue a nuclear agreement with iran. he cautioned the u.s. must know iran is serious. >> to succeed conciliatory words will have to be matched by actions that are transparent and verifiable. >> reporter: what might the u.s. need to see in any potential deal the disclosure of all of iran's nuclear sites, a reduction in the number of centrifuges and a cap on uranium enrichment levels, well below 5%. many iran observers are
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skeptical that's possible. >> i don't think we should trust rouhani. i think we should test rouhani, and that's where the obama administration is, too. >> it may be domestic iranian politics that stood in the way of this meeting. the iranian president faces stiff opposition to his outreach from iranian hardliners and may have decided too heavy a lift. there is an important meeting later this week and tomorrow, sec. stare of state john kerry and mohammad zarif, that will be part of the 5,5 plus 1 talks, the permanent five members of the u.n. security council plus germany, an important meeting the last time a u.s. secretary of state met an iranian foreign minister was in 2007 and what's key about that meeting they'll be discussing iran's nuclear program, that's truly the issue of disagreement here so we'll know, carol, if this is for real, based on if there are any hard things coming out of that
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discussion. >> christiane amanpour will talk with us in the next half hour. her sitdown, 9:30 eastern on cnn. checking our top stories, kenyan officials say the al shabaab fighters never wanted to negotiate, they only wanted to kill. kenyan authorities are questioning a british man they arrested as he tried to board a flight, suspicions were raised because of injuries to his face and the way he was acting. a sweeping report from some of the top climate scientists in the world is expected to blame humans. it will be released friday in stockholm and says there's a 95% certainty that man-made global warming is real and there hasn't been a leveling off in global warming since 1998, because much of the heat appears to be sinking into the oceans. federal workers may have to hand over their government blackberries and iphones if a shutdown happens next week,
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under a 19th century law, furloughed federal workers were are banned from doing anything work related under a government shutdown. that could be as simple as checking work e-mail. various federal agencies will decide how to follow the law if needed. every year more than 200 people die after being backed over by cars, and almost half of them are children. now after years of delays the federal government will finally add rear view cameras to a list of recommended safety measures for new cars. the decision came just before two parents are expected to file a lawsuit today against the government after they accidentally backed over their children. alison kosik is in new york to tell us more about this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. to be clear we're talking about the backup camera it's right there in the dash in a new car or the rear view mirror of some of the older cars. the nths is going to add rear
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view video cameras to its list of recommended features that new cars should have, but here is the issue some are having with this. others say that the problem here is that this is just a recommendation, it doesn't have teeth. it comes years late. these people are saying that nhtsa dragged its feet. safety groups say the recommendation is not enough especially if you look at how much time has passed. congress set a deadline in 2011 for the department of transportation to issue new higher safety standards on rear visibility because of all the accidents involving kids but what happened over time is that the d.o.t. kept pushing this deadline several times, blaming the complexity of the issue, also the large volume of public comment because there is red tape when trying to push something like this through before the rules are in place, there has to be a public comment period t takes time. you look at the statistic, it's tirible, 44% of backup accidents involve kids and many times the driver is the child's parent but ultimately this is just a
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recommendation. carol? >> alison kosik thank you so much, reporting live. you have the "blurred lines" song out of your head and now back into your head thanks to an atlanta braves fan. he gives props to the playoff bound braves in video called "base lines." ♪ we got the uptons ♪ we got the johnsons ♪ we're pretty awesome ♪ the whole world they ain't ready, we got the freddy ♪ ♪ we want our ready ♪ all these base lines ♪ i got a feeling this post'son we gonna be winnin' ♪ >> it's been a long time for the braves, joining in the video homer the braves mascot tommy hawk and rapper austin myles and cameo with half ger lopez. still to come the pros and cons
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of obama care but what about the real costs, what will it cost you? we have some numbers for you next. ♪ ♪ unh ♪ [ male announcer ] you can choose to blend in. ♪ or you can choose to blend out. the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move.
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ted cruz's marathon, anti-obama speech marathon now in its 19th hour, but it's not just policy that's on the senator's mind. from green eggs and ham to white castle he even gives a shout out to ashton kutcher in the process. here is a look at some quirkier moments. >> i will credit my father he invented, wasn't for the restaurant but invented green eggs and ham. i tweeted a speech ashton kutcher gave, i'm a big fan of eating white castle burgers. i don't believe there's been a day on this senate floor i haven't worn any argument boots but i took the coward's way out and purchased black tennis shoes so i am not in my argument boots. i want to take the opportunity to read two bedtime stories to my dwirlz.
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i do so like green eggs and ham. thank you, thank you, sam i am. so i want to point out just a few words of wisdom from duck "dynasty." you put five rednecks on a mower, it's going to be epic. redneck rule number one, most things can be fixed with duct tape and extension cords. happy, happy, happy. >> can you tell me senator cruz, where do chinese gooseberries come from? >> from new zealand. >> what kind of world the panama hat comes from? >> ecuador. >> a camel's hair brush do you know what it's made of? >> squirrel fur. happy, happy, happy. >> happy, happy, happy. we continue to watch the theater unfold on capitol hill. there is new information on just how much obama care is going to cost you and it's less than expected. the obama administration unveiling the monthly average
6:22 am
for a mid tier plan when those health care exchanges open less than a week from today and in an appearance at the clinton global initiative president obama spoke to its democratic predecessor about the cost benefits. >> i think it's important for you to tell the people why we're doing all this outreach. >> when people look and see that they can get high quality affordable health care for less than their cell phone bill, they're going to sign up. >> less than their cell phone bill. really? cnn business anchor and most of "your money" christine romans has a breakdown of the numbers. >> if you are uninsured in this country, the president is right. there will be a majority of the uninsured will be able to go on the state exchanges and purchase a low level, the entry level insurance program for $100 or less. so that is what the president is
6:23 am
talking about there. let me run down the numbers for you. these are numbers that have been crunched by hhs, the department of health and human services six days before enrollment of the online exchanges. the state exchanges are meant for people not getting health insurance through their work or currently uninsured. the average price $328 a month. that's what the white house says is the average premium cost before you're talking about all of the subsidies. there's going to be wide variation, i want to be clear about that depending how many people in your family, how much money you make and where you live in the country. so let me give you an example here. let's say you are single, you are 27 years old and you live in texas. this is an example that kathleen sebelius, the secretary of hhs their office gave. you live in texas and make $25,000 a year. you'll pay for $83 for a bronze plan, bronze, silver and gold the entry level plan. if you want to up your coverage get the silver plan for $145 a
6:24 am
month. family of four also in texas, income $50,000 a year, $57 a month for the bronze plan, $282 for the silver plan. why those number at that level? depending how much money you make and how many people in your family you'll get subsidies and tax credits from the government for enrolling. they're going to help you pay the bill here. so people who don't make as much money as other people are going to pay less. you will be fined if you do not have insurance you will be fined those fines start at $95 and they get bigger every year. we expect in the first year there will be some people who should go and get insurance, they will not, they will get a fine, to push people into the exchanges so everyone is covered with health insurance. critics are saying this is a narrow slice, this is the slice that means people currently uninsured and do not get health insurance through their company there could be a wide variation
6:25 am
of increases. these are the numbers the white house and hhs finally delivered. we will know for sure, will you know for sure if you are shopping for health insurance, you're going to know for sure in six days, october 1st, when those, that enrollment begins. >> hopefully most people will know where to go to sign up for the health care exchanges. lot of people are confused about that and secondly, when you say the average is $328 per month, what's the average now? what do i compare that to? >> those people are not shoord and so you're comparing it to absolutely uninsured and you don't have coverage through your work and out of the system. the whole point of health care reform is to get all these uninsured people coverage to get coverage for people, to move these millions of people. >> i understand that, if you wanted to buy insurance you could if you have enough money, you could buy an insurance plan if you wanted. >> i think the point is these people who are uninsured don't have enough money. they don't have the money or not
6:26 am
going to spend the money to buy insurance and it depends on where you live, it depends on what insurance company it is. the insurance companies are gettinging in with the states and they've got to have these exchanges so that you can go on there and you can have these different options. really i want to be clear it's very different. we're completely remaking how we deliver health insurance coverage in this country. it's going to be very different for people and they're going to start seeing if you're a small business owner you already know that by law you have to let your employees know what their options are. if they're not getting insurance through you, you have to let them know clearly you have to very clearly let them know how they can go on the state exchanges so small business owners are also in this trying to figure out how to make sure their uninsured employees are directed to the right place. you'll hear a lot more from hhs because october 1st is the date this begins. >> i hope so. christine romans thanks so much. still to come in "cnn newsroom," hln host dr. drew with a stunning announcement as
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he tossed to a break during his show last night. >> i'll talk personally about something that has afflicted me the last couple of years, you may be surprised to find out i have cancer. >> how he treated the disease and his advice for every man out there. [ taps baton ] [ dings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every thought... every movement... ♪ ...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪ performing together with a single, united purpose. ♪ that's what makes the world's leading airline... flyer friendly. ♪
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dr. drew pin country is revealed on his show last night he's been diagnosed with prostate cancer, he was diagnosed two years ago. he said the cancer was removed during his surgery in july. >> i was diagnosed with prostate cancer like millions of men about two years ago. i had my prostate removed in july and my executive producer said can't you say you don't have cancer anymore? i'm a cancer patient because of thought work by moon cancer team. i look for a normal life expectancy without cancer because it's common for men. if a man lives long enough odds are he's going to get this
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cancer. treatments are different at different ages and different grades of tumor, it is something you should be not freaking out if you get this diagnosis. >> easy for him to say but a lot of people would freak out. listen to dr. drew, he credits his wife for pushing him to get a physical which led to the cancer discovery. he says he came forward with the news in the hopes of helping other men. so get to the doctor. still to come in "the newsroom" the icy relationship between iran and the united states, is it thawing? >> i bring peace and friendship from iranians to americans. >> iran's new president speaks out about possible nuclear negotiations in a rare interview with cnn. christiane amanpour next. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened
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president obama and the
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president of iran did not meet at the u.n., they didn't even shake hands. it was considered too complicated for iran but from the podium both leaders called for a new era of cooperation. cnn's chief international correspondent christiane amanpour sat down with the iranian president. let's listen. >> why didn't you? >> translator: there were some talks about it, in fact, to perhaps arrange for a meeting between president obama and myself so that, given the opportunity, we can talk with each other, in preparation for the work was done a bit as well. the united states declared its interest in having such a meeting and in principle iran could have, under certain circumstances, allowed it to happen but i believe we didn't have sufficient time to really coordinate the meeting but speaking of the ice breaking that you mentioned, it's already beginning to break because the environment is changing and that has come about as a result of the willing of the people of
6:36 am
iran to create a new era of relations between the people of iran and the rest of the world. >> are you authorized to start talking negotiating with the united states? are you authorized by the supreme leader back in iran? >> i think that the president of iran has the authority whenever the national interest of the country is involved. when it's necessary and expedient and required to speak and talk with others in order to promote the rights of its nations for circumstances to be laid properly, the supreme leader of iran has said that should negotiations be necessary for the national interest of the country, he is, in fact, not opposed to it. he has specifically mentioned it in a recent talk that he is not optimistic regarding the issue of talks with the united states, but when it comes to specific issues, government officials may speak with their american counterparts. now, if an opportunity was created today, had arisen today,
6:37 am
and the prep work for that had been done, most probably the talks would have taken place primarily focused on the nuclear issue or the developments on the middle east. therefore, the supreme leader, i can tell you, has given permission from my government to freely negotiate on these issues. >> christiane amanpour joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> so it seems like there is a thawing in the relationship, seems like iran is reaching out but words are just that, words. what is he offering that's concrete? >> well, he and the u.s. have now said that their foreign ministers, the secretary of state and iranian foreign minister can lead on the vital issu issues. before he came to new york there was 80 political dissidents who were released, there was all sorts of gestured and tweets and statements that really did break the ice and of course people are asking what is the substance behind this style. in my interview, he talks about
6:38 am
specific areas around the nuclear issue that may or may not be, well, he said they may be on the table for negotiation. he is the only iranian president who has actually been a chief nuclear negotiator so he's obviously not going to tell me all of this on television. he did indicate there were areas around that program that could be on the table, also said that iran would have to keep its rights towards being able to keep its rights to enrichment, but he did say there was room for negotiation in a peaceful manner. also, he spoke very clearly about the holocaust, about what his predecessor had used to do, which was deny it, call it a myth, take this u.n. podium and spout the most awful, awful hate speech and anti-semitic speech. he walked that back very, very strongly. you can see that he condemned the nazi crimes against the jews, as he said, and also he said that it is not iran's policy to threaten or attack israel. i asked him because of what his
6:39 am
sprepredecessor used to say abo wiping israel off the face of the map and also president obama saying he cannot tolerate anyone who threatens our ally israel with destruction. on many issues he was forthcoming including censorship in iran, human rights and other such things. we'll have the whole interview on my program later and i'll put it online because it is a vital moment and a vital relationship to try to manage. >> it's fascinating, too. christiane amanpour thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. still to come, closing arguments resume in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. the jackson family attorney says the concert promoter was motivated by one thing, that would be money. take you live to los angeles next ♪ nice car. sure is. make a deal with me, kid, and you can have the car and everything that goes along with it. [ thunder crashes, tires squeal ] ♪
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. closing arguments will resume today in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. an attorney claims aeg live should also be held responsible and claims the company hired dr. conrad murray who is serving two years in prison. casey wian is live in los angeles with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, car roll. for the first time, the attorney for the jackson family revealed just how much they're seeking from aeg live in compensation for michael jackson's death. it could be as much as $2 billion. but before they get to that figure, jurors must decide who actually hired dr. conrad murray, the doctor who gave jackson that fatal overdose of p proprofol. >> reporter: michael jackson was so intoxicated that a concert promotion examine ekive had to slap him and put him in the shower just to get him to the
6:44 am
podium. jackson family attorney told that story during his closing argument in a wrongful death lawsuit to show the concert promoters should have known better than to hire dr. murray to care for michael jackson. >> michael jackson had a well-known problem. he had abused prescription medications during times of pain, anxiety, and stress, but aeg sought when they brought dr. murray in to assume responsibility for taking that risk, they chose to run the risk to make a huge profit, and they lost. they are responsible. >> reporter: spectators in the court teared up when he played a video highlighting michael jackson's career part of an effort to show the king of pop could have earned more than $1 billion had he lived, damages
6:45 am
should go to jackson survivors. first jurors have to decide if murray was an employee of aeg despite the fact neither jackson nor aeg signed his contract. >> we want to remind him that it's aeg, not mj, that's paying his salary. >> reporter: that e-mail may be the e-mail may be the strongest in favor of katherine and children. she had dramatic testy changes with aeg during the trial. paris and prince testified by videotape. paris survived a suicide attempt during the course of the nearly five-month trial. during aeg's closing arguments, attorneys also planned to bring up jackson's long history of drug abuse, but they'll use it to argue he was responsible for his own death. now how responsible michael jackson was for his own death could play into the jury's ultimate damage award if in fact they find in favor of the
6:46 am
jackson family. the attorney for the jackson family concealeded as much yesterday in closing arguments that aeg is going to argue that this 50-year-old man was largely responsible for his own death. >> casey wian reporting live from los angeles, thank you. here's what's all new with the next hour of "the newsroom," two middle school kids suspended for firing toy guns in their yard. >> i don't know anything but it is it not look like they were playing. >> reporter: it went down feet away from the bus stop. the kids said they were having fun. >> we were in our yard and this had nothing to do with school. >> has zero tolerance gone too far? plus new york has a message for drivers, no excuses for taking your hands off the wheel. now they've got special spots for you to stop and text, and distracted driving leaves the detroit lions down a player, a
6:47 am
starting player's season in jeopardy after he tried to save a falling pizza. are the lions cursed? that's all now in the next hour of "newsroom." [ male announcer ] this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers.
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ten days. there have been nine dam failures across colorado but there have been no injuries or deaths from those failures. usa today is reporting that twitter has for the social media site. twitter is hoping to avoid the problems that facebook faced when they listed on the nasdaq. they are back. just days after winning a best actor emmy, the very picture was posted on twitter. >> ah! >> yes, we have to take you back 20 years. can you believe it? since "dumb and dumber" hit
6:51 am
theaters. filming has already started for "dumb and dumber to." oh, man. still to come in the newsroom, yankees' fans wait in line for hours. most for post-season tickets, mind you, but for a bobblehead. up next, the nightmare at yankee stadium. ment. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
for the third time this season, a picture of a loss and no-hitter happened to the st. cardinal rookie. i felt so bad for him, andy. >> carol, this is why they say it ain't over until it is over. this was his ninth start of his career and he was this close to a no-hitter but unfortunately luck was not on his side. he hits this ball right over wacha but his throw hits off the bag. sdpl zimmerman called safe. they gave wacha a huge ovation as he walked off the field. great outing by him. all right. a crowd broke out at yankees' stadium as a crowd stood in line
6:55 am
for a mariano rivera bobblehead. there was one problem, the bobbleheads were not even there. >> this is the most unorganized i have ever seen. >> mob scene. you know, it was a lot, a lot of people here. >> so the trucks delivering the bobbleheads were delayed and didn't arrive until the third inning. fans had to get in another long line in order to finally secure their rivera souvenir. >> will they be worth something in the future? >> they are going for $100 on ebay. >> okay. i stand corrected. i would have stood in line myself. >> the ncaa announced they will gradually restore the scholarships that they suspended
6:56 am
boy by 2016 they will be restored. the xavier made a dream come true for a 12-year-old. signing him to a letter of intent along with his parents. trey got to spend the entire day with the team. he's the youngest prospect ever to sign with xavier. >> you go, trey. that just brightened my whole day and made me forget about what is happening on capitol hill. thank you, andy. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" after a break.
6:57 am
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this week on "the next list," the cutting-edge of prosthetics. >> a person wears the robotic vest and he or she will use his or her brain activity to actually control the movements directly of these vests. and the vests will provide some type of feedback to the person's select temperature, fine touch. the concept is to get the signals translated into a language that a brain can interpret. >> i was injured ten years ago to probable to inevitable. >> the designer melds high-tech with high fashion using laser
7:00 am
counters and lights up the showroom with her interactive designs. next saturday, 2:30 eastern. >> "the next list" is brought to you by lexus and their pursuit of perfection. go to you . ♪ or you can choose to blend out. the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. happening now in the "newsroom," he's still going. >> when americans tried it, they discovered they did not like green eggs and ham and they did not like obama care either. they did not like obama care in a box with a house or with a fox
7:01 am
or a mouse. >> senator ted cruz's all day and all night talk is in its 19th hour now. plus -- >> i bring peace and friendship. >> iran's president reaching out directly to you but never accepting a handshake with the president. how serious is iran about working with the united states. and they offer this as a safer alternative to tobacco but now the makers of electronic cigarettes are under fire. critics want to know why they are exploding. the second hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with what some are
7:02 am
calling washington's version of the famous ted talks, only this one doesn't feature entertainers, ceos or scientists. this is none other than texas senator ted cruz. let's bring in chief congressional correspondent dana bash. last check, he was talking about star wars. >> he's moved on from that but i have to say i just spent some time inside the senate chamber, which is pretty empty. there's a smattering of tourists there, as you can imagine, a lot of press. at that point there was only one of his colleagues with him. he looks pretty good, carol, certainly if i were if i were standing or talking for 19 hours. he just sort of set the scene, he's got papers strewn all over the desk. you can't really see that here. he's got lots of binders that he's been reading from on the floor. he's got a pretty weary looking staffer next to him. hopefully they have been rotating throughout the night.
7:03 am
look, he has certainly been trying to pass the time with some -- with a lot of substance but he has been trying to put some pop culture references in. he talked about ashton kutcher, he was reading dr. seuss. but this morning he had maybe the kind of biggest doozy when it comes to interjecting pop culture and it was about star wars. >> i will confess that phrase, rebellion rebelled up to me the rebel alliance fighting against the empire, the empire being the washington, d.c., establishment and indeed immediately on hearing that phrase i wondered if at some point we were going to see a tall gentleman in a mechanical breathing apparatus come forward and say in a deep voice, mike lee, i am your father. this is a fight to restore freedom to the people.
7:04 am
this is a fight to get the washington establishment the empire to listen to the people. >> reporter: and now, of course, there's a lot of theater here. there's kind of the whole point of ted cruz standing and talking and getting a help of a handful of his colleagues throughout the night. but what's he doing? what's the purpose of this? what he has been doing and what this is all about is he has tied defunding obama care to a must pass spending bill. the government will run out of money and shut down on monday night at midnight if it doesn't pass. much to the chagrin of the establishment, the empire, he has tied this together even though he knows he does not have the votes. he wants to make a point. that's why he's going on and on and on. let's listen to the substance of why he's so against obama care. >> they said it was doomed to
7:05 am
fail, the house of representatives would never pass a continuing resolution condition on defunding obama care. it wouldn't happen. and then last friday, the house of representatives did exactly that because courageous house representatives stuck their heads out and a leadership and action for which i commend them. listen to the american people. >> now, this is a talk-a-thon. it is not a traditional filibuster that people might be used to where somebody stands and talks and talks until they drop and that delays the progress and process on the senate floor. this is already prescribed, carol. when the clock strikes noon, the senate will technically reset, the new day will begin and he's going to have to stop talking for the procedural things like perhaps the pledge and the prayer. and then there will be about an hour, he might go back to the floor to talk and then we'll see the vote, this first key procedural vote which we know,
7:06 am
because his own parties leaders are against them and never mind democrats are against him, it will fail. >> okay. we'll keep watching. we'll join a little later. dana bash reporting live from capitol hill. despite both iran and the united states calling for a new era of cooperation at the united nations, president obama and president hassan rowhani did not shake hands. they said it was too complicated for iran. iran's president is open for negotiations. he insists that the nuclear program is peaceful though the u.s. and others accuse iran of trying to build a nuclear weapon. christiane amanpour asked him about that. >> in broad, what is it that you're willing to do to inspire confidence? i know i've asked you this already but i don't hear you saying -- maybe i don't understand -- but clearly what people want is full
7:07 am
transparency. so is iran, yes or no, willing to give that level of confidence that there is no doubt that what you say you're doing you're actually doing? >> translator: over 40 countries have enrichment capacities and many of them have ongoing enrichment operations. what is the difference between iran and those countries. now there are countries that have not even accepted the mpt or even agreed to work with the iaea that iran has accepted and is committed to the mpt. iran has accepted and committed itself to the safeguards agreement. all of its activities are under the supervision of the iaea. >> cnn's nick paton walsh is at the united nations. we know that the president and iranian president will not meet or shake hands but there will be
7:08 am
some meetings between the officials, right? >> reporter: correct. that will be on thursday. john kerry will meet with germany and the permanent five members of security council, iran's foreign minister javad zarif. that's about getting iran's nuclear program diplomacy back on track as quickly as possible. barack obama mandating kerry to take the lead in those talks. but many people are still trying to work out precisely what the tone of hassan rowhani was yesterday. you heard him talking to christiane there. he also talked about ahmadinejad and how the holocaust may have been a myth. but also if you look through his speech at the u.n., many focused on his desire for peace. he kept saying for iran to be moderate, for there to be direct talks but within that, too, there was a lot of staple
7:09 am
iranian vocabulary against israel and perhaps the meeting didn't happen because of the hardliners back in tehran were against it. carol? >> nick paton walsh at the united nations, thank you. it's about 9 minutes past the hour. kenyan investigators are still looking into a deadly terror attack at a mall and those responsible. authorities are questioning 11 people they have in custody. kenyan forces killed five terrorists. 67 other people died in the attack. in another development, kenyan police have arrested a british man trying to board a flight. we don't know if he's been linked to the flight but a source says there was no record of the man entering the country. retired pope benedict xvi breaking his silence. he's written a letter to defend himself against critics who say he mishandled sex abuse cases in the catholic church. the pope emeritus is claiming, i never tried to cover things up.
7:10 am
joseph ratzinger covered all abuse cases for the vatican. closing arguments continue in the michael jackson wrongful death trial. on tuesday, a jackson family attorney argued that aeg live hired the doctor who gave jackson a fatal dose of pro propofol. he wants $35 million to go to jackson's mother. a key segment of the key seems to be looking up. home prices have jumped and now this just in, new home sales pric prices rose 7.9% last month. alison kosik is joining us. >> the number, 7.9% rise in new home sales for the month of august coming in line with estimates. you have to put it in perspective. august is still considered the peak selling season for homes. it's actually at the end of it.
7:11 am
this could be possibly the end of seeing these kinds of jumps in new home sales. but this is quite a jump when you look at july when there was a drop of more than 14% in sales of new homes. now, that drop had a lot to do with mortgage rates. they took a little bit of a jump on the expectation that the fed would cut back on the amount of stimulus that's been pouring into the financial system. analysts say now look what will happen. mortgage rates could trickle down a little bit now that the fed is holding. it's a good number but we've still got a long way to go. look how new home sales piqued in 2006. the normal is at 100,000. as you look at the chart, we are currently well below what you normally see on the far right. we're kind of moving along there. so we're seeing improvement. we're not quite back up to where we were but the question is, do you really want to be at that rogue stage where you're seeing home sales go crazy. you want to see it right in the
7:12 am
middle. that's the sweet spot. nonetheless, carol, housing is certainly one of the strongest areas of the economy. carol? >> i'll take it. alison kosik reporting live from the new york stock exchange. thank you. electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity but now some say they suddenly explode. we'll look into that when we come back. hey, buddy? oh, hey, flo. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure.
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manufacturers claim that e-cigarettes have a safer alternative to tobacco. some people say electronic cigarettes have exploded, causing some major injuries. now attorneys general from 40 states are calling on the fda to issue regulations. pamela brown is in new york with more. good morning, pamela. >> good morning to you, carol. e-cigarettes are booming in popularity, largely because they are unregulated, unlike regular cigarettes. now troubling incidents saying that these battery-powered devices blew up. >> he was screaming saying,
7:16 am
mommy, get me, get me. >> reporter: it's an image that she will never forget. >> seeing your 3-year-old on fire and then screaming help me is pretty terrifying. >> reporter: the culprit, according to barlow, the e-cigarette. she was charging it in her car and then -- >> a fire! >> i heard connor screaming in the back seat. >> reporter: connor suffered second and third-degree burns and will make a full recovery but still the incident is troubling. >> the catastrophic failure of the device. >> reporter: and it's not the first of its kind. this woman said that her e-cigarette exploded while it was charging. >> it shook the house up. i screamed. >> reporter: cnn obtained three additional safety complaints from the fda since 2009 relating to e-cigarette explosions. >> you look at the preponderance
7:17 am
and the percentages and with the electronic cigarettes that i'm aware of, i don't think the numbers begat the worry at all. >> reporter: sales are an estimated $1.7 billion and they are skyrocketing in popularity among children. unlike regular cigarettes, they are not regulated. >> i won't ever get another one of those and i have several friends that use them and i have told them i wouldn't -- i would throw it away. >> and an official with the fda tells us that e-cigarettes, along with other tobacco products, will be regulated on the federal level and a proposal could come as soon as october. in the meantime, it's up to the states to regulate their use. four attorneys generals in various states sent a letter to the fda urging them to regulate
7:18 am
it the same way as other tobacco products. we could see a change come very soon. >> we'll be watching. pamela brown, thanks so much. calling on chicago to welcome the national guard, but the police are baulking. we'll tell you why, next. if rz cer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. sudafed. open up. from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster.
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. we've been talking a lot about the continuing violence in the city of chicago. just yesterday on our air, general russel honore said you need to come in and have the streets clean for you. only that will clean up your homicide rate. we wonder what the people of chicago thought about that so we sent ted rowlands out. here's his report. >> reporter: after 3-year-old deante howard and 12 others were shot with an assault rifle, people said maybe the national guard needs to be sent out.
7:22 am
>> something has to be done. >> reporter: the guard is normally used after disasters, like hurricane katrina or the flooding in colorado. it's up to each state's governor to mobilize the guard. in 1970, the ohio guard was sent to kent state university during vietnam war protests. and in 1992, the california guard was used to help restore order during the los angeles riots. while sending in the guard to help police in chicago is technically possible, governor pat quinn tells cnn it's, quote, not an option. and chicago police say they don't need the help. chicago police superintendent gary mccarthy says he needs tougher gun laws and harsher penalties for those who break them. an example, he says, is last week's shooting where one of the gunman was not sent to prison after being caught with an illegal weapon last year. >> if the state wants to give us
7:23 am
some help, then give us some gun laws out of springfield that are going to help, have an impact on what is happening in the streets of chicago. >> it's drastic and it calls for drastic action. bring in the national guard. >> reporter: state representative monique davis whose district is on chicago's south side thinks the city should ask for help. >> they are shooting innocent people who are playing baseball, playing in the park, riding a motorcycle, walking to school. >> reporter: others think the idea of the national guard patrolling the streets of chicago is ridiculous. >> we do crazy things but we are people and i just don't why the community can't be invested into all of the money that it's going to bring the national guard. at some point they are going to have to leave and then what? you're still left with the same issues. >> reporter: the fact is, homicides and shootings are down 20% this year compared to last.
7:24 am
but as long as 3-year-olds are getting shot in parks with assault rifles, there will be demands with something more to be done. cnn, ted rowlands, chicago. still to come in the "newsroom," senator ted cruz taking a stand, literally. >> i will stand until i'm no longer able to stand. >> he's entering his 20th hour. he may be facing an uphill battle as many republicans refuse to support his bid to shut down the obama care. a live report from capitol hill next. whatever business you're in, that's the business we're in. with premium service like one of the best on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio,
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of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. ask your doctor about the only underarm low t treatment, axiron. waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love...
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so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at then you'll love lactose-free lactaid® it's 100% real milk that's easy to digest so you can fully enjoy the dairy you love. lactaid®. for 25 years, easy to digest. easy to love. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. a big drama playing out with five days before the government
7:28 am
shuts down, texas senator ted cruz is trying to rally support to defund obama care. in the meantime, the president is turning to its closer. one final push for the signature legislation. the health care exchanges are opened for business next tuesday. senior white house correspondent jim acosta is in washington at the white house. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, carol. getting back to senator ted cruz's reference to star wars, i guess you could say the rhetoric here in washington will be making the jump to light speed when white house secretary jay carney takes the podium. that's the first we'll hear from the white house in response to the filibuster-like speech. meanwhile, the president has pretty powerful allies on his side as they are responding to cruz and efforts to defund obama care. this white house is talking about the benefits of health
7:29 am
care reform. from washington it was the late show with ted cruz. as the republican senator delivers a marathon speech. hour -- >> i will speak about defunding obama care until i'm no longer to stand. >> reporter: after hour talking about why he wants to take down once in for all in exchange for the government. >> the american people are frustrated because the elected officials don't listen. at tim at. >> reporter: at times veering off subject. >> bill clinton and president barack obama. >> reporter: but up in new york, president obama was putting on a show of his own, entering with bill and hillary making a series of sales pitches on his health care law. >> those who have opposed the idea of universal health care in
7:30 am
the first place and have fought this thing tooth and nail through congress and the courts and so forth have been trying to scare and discourage people from getting a good deal. >> reporter: but obama care bases a key test. in less than one week, october 1st, new online marketplaces open for business across the country, giving the uninsured their first shot a buying into health care plans. >> what we want to make sure of is that everybody in every category, every age group understands why health insurance is important, understands why they should sign up. >> reporter: but cruz and some other republicans will say they will only vote for a government shutdown if it all defunds obama care. the problem for the tea party texan, senate republican leaders have all but abandoned cruz's failing quest. >> i just don't think it's the
7:31 am
best route to defunding obama care. all it does is shut down the government and keep obama care funded and none of us want that. >> reporter: and over the next several days, this white house will be ramping up its efforts to make its sales pitch on health care reform. later today the president will be on a conference call with mayors and other local officials around the country to talk about the implementation about obama care and the president has a campaign-style event that will be taking place in the suburbs of washington, d.c., over in mare la maryland about obama care in an effort to get the word out about online places that are opening up on october 1st. it's that other deadline here in washington that everybody is talking about, carol. >> jim acosta reporting live from the white house this morning, thank you. it's a sign that icy relations between the united states and iran may be thawing. he says he's open to discussing the nuclear relations with the
7:32 am
united states. president hassan rowhani did not meet with president obama. he was willing to meet but it was too complicated for iran. president rowhani is considered to be more moderate than his predecessor, ahmadinejad, who denied the holocaust. he gave a rare interview to christiane amanpour and addressed the holocaust. >> one things that your predecessor used to do was deny the holocaust and pretend it is a myth. i want to know your position on the holocaust. do you accept what it was? and what was it? >> translator: i've said before that i am not an historian and when it comes to speaking about the dimensions of the holocaust, it's the historians that will be reflected and any crime that happened against humanity, including the crime the nazis
7:33 am
created towards the jews is reprehensible and condemnable. whatever criminality they condemned against the jews, we condemn. the taking of human life is contemptible, and it makes no matter if it's jewish life or muslim or christian life. it's the same. the taking of human life is something our reason rejects but this does not mean, on the other hand, you can say nazis committed crimes and therefore they must take the land of another group and occupy. this, too, is an act that should be condemned. there should be an even-handed discussion. >> tomorrow secretary of state john kerry will meet with iranian officials to talk about a possible nuclear deal. still to come in the "newsroom," suspended because of a toy gun? that happened to two seventh graders in virginia beach. what their parents are saying next.
7:34 am
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7:37 am
parents of two virginia seventh graders are outraged that their kids have been suspended from school for shooting toy guns at each other. they were on private property so the school's zero tolerance policy shouldn't apply. >> reporter: at least two seventh graders will not be attending school today because they were near the school's bus stop. they were on private property, the parents argue. speaking exclusively to piers morgan last night saying, it's just a toy. >> isn't air soft gun, it's meant for shooting at a target and that's what we were doing. >> reporter: on tuesday, the school district disciplinary
7:38 am
committee unanimously voted to suspend the boys for possession, handling of a firearm. >> 911, where is the emergency? >> there were two children, i thought they were playing, it was a white child and a black child. the white child appeared to have a gun that he was chasing the child with. >> reporter: at first she's unsheu unsure if it's a dangerous situation or if they were playing. >> i don't know if it was a toy. as it turns out, it did not look like they were playing. >> reporter: the school's principal found the children were firing pellet guns at each other and at people near the bus stop. it also says that a child was 10 feet from the bus stop running away and was still hit. that finding led to suspension and recommended expulsion. >> we were in our yard and this had nothing to do with school.
7:39 am
>> reporter: in a statement to cnn, virginia beach school district says the students in question were witnessed taking aim at other students, not just in private property but on the streets of their neighborhood as well, all while awaiting the arrival of their school bus. all shots fired took place with other children who were playing with him. >> the school board says the children have been placed in an alternative school setting and if they were on their best behavior, the board will consider letting them return to school in the second semester. checking our top stories at 39 minutes past the hour, a controversial race sentence has him close to losing his job. judge t. todd ball sentenced a teacher to only 30 days in prison. he also said the victim was older than her chronological
7:40 am
age. the secretary of the army has approved new regulations that will ban tattoos below the elbow and knees along with those above the neckline. new soldiers would have to pay to get those tattoos removed. current soldiers are allowed to keep theirs. bono has finally unveiled his hidden talent impersonating bill clinton. this was at the global initiative in new york. listen. >> actually, i thought it was a member of his own road crew. it wasn't really addressed right. actually, i felt like the rock star on that occasion. >> bone know was actually filling time while the former president was off stage during the annual gathering. clinton later jokingly said, quote, i must be really easy to make fun of.'s jeff besos has
7:41 am
not talked about his purchase "the washington post" until now. he went one-on-one. >> when you meet jeff, you're struck by two things, the legendary laugh and his nearly unmatched focus on customer service. >> we know customers like low prices, big selection, and we know that customers like fast delivery. those things are going to be true ten years from now. they are going to be true 20 years from now so we can count on those things and put energy to them. >> reporter: we met with him in seattle. one of the kindle tablets is priced at only $139. apple's cheapest ipad is nearly $200 more. >> one of the things you've done so well at amazon is you've undercut all of your rivals but keeping your prices low.
7:42 am
does that same theme apply to tablets? >> yes. we sell the hardware at break even so we don't try to make any money when we sell this hardware and we hope to make money when people use the devices, not when they buy the devices. and so that's a very different approach from most companies. most companies are building quite a bit of profit into the sale of these devices. >> reporter: the approach this time also include as feature never seen before on any kind of device. it's called mayday, 24/7 tech support. >> thanks for using amazon assist. i'm your tech adviser james. how can i help you today? >> you can tap your mayday button and a tech support adviser will appear on your screen and can draw your screen and kwid yguide you through thid teach you how to do things. >> reporter: bezos has been in the news for something else. his $250 million purchase of
7:43 am
"the washington post." these are his first comments about the purchase. >> why did you get into the business? >> for me, i'm optimistic about its future. it's a personal investment. i'm hopeful that i can help from a distance in part by providing runway for them to do a series of experiments and in part through bringing some of the philosophy that we have used at amazon to the post. >> reporter: that philosophy, he says, comes down to this. >> what has worked at amazon is focusing on the customer, being very -- putting the customer first, which is easy to say but difficult to do. if you really are customer centric, it's like being the host of the party. you're holding the party for your guest. sometimes the host party is holding the host for the host of the party. that leads to a different kind of party. >> reporter: dan simon, cnn, seattle. still to come in the
7:44 am
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7:47 am
existing car pool lots and rest stops. some people say it sends the right message. joining me to talk about this is robert sinclair from aaa in new york. good morning, robert. >> good morning. >> do people need to text that bad that they need to pull over to text while they are driving somewhere? >> well, apparently. people are doing a lot of texting while driving. they are using the cell phone while driving and it's an ade s addiction for a lot of people, particularly young people as the governor indicated. we think these areas where people can do it safely, when you consider that a quarter to a third of all crashes and fatalities is a result of distracted driving of some sort. >> aren't you just encouraging? why not just discourage people from texting at all when they are behind a wheel of a car? >> well, this is part of a multiprong effort. its education, enforcement, and it's engineering. and we think that this is part
7:48 am
of the engineering effort and probably providing these areas where you can pull over and text but there's also stronger legislation that is in place where you get five points on your license and a $230 fine for a first offense for distracted driving, particularly texting while driving. there are penalties for new and probationary drivers with license suspension. that component is in place and there's an extra component to hopefully dissuade this activity. >> they are at existing rest stops and other places that you can pull off. so can't people just do that anyway? >> well, yeah, there are park and ride facilities, parking facilities, rest stops, true. but probably the biggest component is how many miles it is. if a person did have that in mind, here's a strong reminder
7:49 am
that there's a place where they can do it safely and not jeopardize their safety and others as well. >> others as well. you know, there have been -- it's so confusing because there has been studies that handsfree devices in cars have been more d distracting than actual physical texting. >> yes. we think the most comprehensive study where we're able to quantify and quality the distractions that exist when you're behind the wheel and the most dangerous one that we found was the speech to text technolo technology up there with texting. what's probably the most dangerous of the speech to text is you're maintaining your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel but the mental distraction is very great indeed and it was so bad to a point where people did not see things that were right in front of their vehicle. pedestrians, stop signs, traffic lights, that sort of thing. inattention blindness and tunnel vision, as we called it.
7:50 am
the idea that handsfree is risk-free is an erroneous one. we hope people get that message. particularly where these vehicle allow you to command by voice commands in the car. that's not a safe way of doing it. >> a problem to tackle another day. robert sinclair, thank you so much for joining me this morning. >> thank you very much for having me. still to come in the "newsroom," speaking of distracted driving, distracted driving robbed the detroit lions of a key receiver and there is new talk of a lions' curse. ♪ [ male announcer ] some things are designed to draw crowds. others are designed to leave them behind. ♪ the all-new 2014 lexus is. it's your move. the all-new 2014 lexus is. i had pain in my abdomen... it just wouldn't go away.thing.
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♪ ♪ it is really painful to be a detroit lions' fan just when it seems like things are going really well, bam, like the lions beating washington. the first time they have ever won on the redskins' field. but nate burleson broke his arm in a car accident because he was trying to catch a pizza. curses don't exist but nate burleson breaking his arm in two places in an early-morning wreck because he tried to save some falling pizza in his front seat becomes yet another, are you
7:54 am
freaking kidding me, a confirmation of the existence of lions' luck. what lions' luck? thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure, carol. good morning. >> first of all, tell us what you know of what went down when nate burleson ran into something in his suv while trying to catch a pizza book that was falling off the passenger seat? >> yeah, it's like you said, exactly. when you hear about a football player in a car accident at 2:30 in the morning, you automatically fear the worst but this sounds like a very innocent accident. he was coming home from a team activity at a pizza parlor and i guess nate had to bring the leftovers home so he had two pizza boxes on his front seat. as the story goes, the pizza started to fall off, he drove his car into the median and he broke his arm in two places. he's out for at least six to eight weeks. he might be back this season.
7:55 am
he might still be back this year. >> he had his seat belt on, right? and there was no sign that he had been drinking at all. i just wonder how that happened. >> trust me, we've wondered the same thing. i was thinking about this yesterday. usually when things slide off your seat, you are coming to a stop, you're putting on the brakes, you're not accelerating, you're not on a freeway. that doesn't happen, particularly in a bucket seat like an suv. it does seem very odd. police were on the scene. it was a one-car accident. the police say no alcohol was involved so we take them at their word on the police report. but you're right, it's a very odd story, particularly when you see the damage and the police video that you just saw and the car up against the median on the freeway. it's a lot of damage for seemingly distracting driving like you were talking about before. >> but i guess it's better that jacobe jones getting struck on the head with a champagne ball
7:56 am
by sweet pea. >> yeah, definitely. he could be back. >> i hope he's back. but let's talk about this curse because immediately when this happened to nate burleson, everyone started talking about this curse and then video went viral. what does all of this mean, if anything at all? are the lions cursed? >> well, i don't believe in curses, carol. i don't know about you. the curse of the lions is called the curse of body lane and it goes back to the year 1958. bobby lane is one of the great quarterbacks in lions' history. he helped them win a championship in 1952 and 1953 and then traded in 1958 to the pittsburgh steelers. when he was traded, he's alleged to have said the lions will never win a championship for 50 years. from that point on, the lions have had the worst winning percentage of the entire nfl.
7:57 am
they've won one playoff game since then. of course the 50 years ran out in 2008 when the lions are the only team in nfl history to go 0-16. as a result of that, they had the number one pick in the 2009 draft and they drafted quarterback matthew stafford from the university of georgia. guess where he went to high school? the same high school where bobby lane went to high school down in texas. there's a lot of symmetry and makes it hard not to believe in the curse. >> jamie, thank you. it's been a lot of fun. >> thank you, carol. thanks for joining me. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield after a break. she's always had a playful side.
7:58 am
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mama ni hao ma hello mama namaste wrong number? let me talk hi bon jour priviet woohoo this is dr. flamenco. "dr. flamenco?" ♪ i intend to speak in support of defunding obama care until i am no longer able to stand. >> 20 hours and counting. but something's got to give in the next hour in senator ted cruz's fight against the controversial health care law. and some republicans are just as angry at him as the democrats are over the confrontation that may lead to a government shutdown near days from now. and the gunfire and the explosions at the