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tv   State of the Union  CNN  September 29, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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"reliable sources." i'll be online after the show so tweet me @brianstelter or use the #reliable. "state of the union with candy crowley" begins right now. closing down the government and rolling out obama care. today, debate, division and deadlines. >> the house republicans are so concerned with appeasing the tea party they've threatened the government shutdown. >> it's the right thing to do to fund the government, avoiding the shutdown, but not to fund obama care. >> this is it. time has gone. >> a spending bill moves from the house to the senate to the house and back to the senate. legislative ping pong likely to end in a government shutdown. has anyone got a plan d? we'll ask congresswoman debbie
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wasserman schultz. then -- >> what does this open enrollment mean? >> ready, set, go. obama care open enrollment begins tuesday. former governor howard dean. and -- >> i spoke on the phone with president rowhani. >> our powerhouse political panel weighs in on whether a short chat between the presidents of iran and the u.s. can lead to a potential -- >> parts of the government will shut down unless a deal is reached tomorrow. legislation that will fund the government but also delay obama care. that bill now goes to the senate where democratic leaders say it will be rejected. republicans in the house don't appear to be caving. they insist their strategy can
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work. >> if this fails will you go for a -- >> how dare you presume a failure. how dare you. how dare you. how dare you presume a failure. the fact is -- the fact is this country is based on people saying they won't do things and at the end of the day coming together for compromise. >> and right now there is no sign of any bipartisan negotiations that might bring us back from this brink. we have a stalemate. debbie wasserman schultz from florida, chair of the democratic national committee. thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> be a pundit for a moment and tell me how this ends. >> i can tell you how i hope it ends, as a member of congress who represents hundreds of thousands of people in south florida. i hope it ends with cooler heads prevailing on the republican side of the aisle, where they finally understand that they should not hold the economy hostage, that they should not play chicken with our economic
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stability by tying a completely unrelated issue, obama care, the affordable care act, to whether we are, a, going to keep the government running or, b, pay the nation's bills. that's totally and wholly irresponsible. >> and republicans will say and have said, first of all, obama care will affect the budget, does affect the budget. we are spending on the budget. more than that, they hope democrats will come to their senses and do some negotiating. if it's so important and it's going to be so terrible when the government shuts down, shouldn't some democrat somewhere and some republican somewhere say wee why don't we have a meeting and figure the way out of this? >> if you lock at the polling, candy, even of people who oppose the affordable care act, they overwhelmingly oppose using the strategy of defunding obama care and oppose shutting the government down and tying it to obama care. so what should happen? i sit on the appropriations
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committee. we used to do this all the time, sit down today, hammer out negotiations over what we are going to fund in the budget. what level are we funding education and health care and our troops? >> the normal budget process which hasn't happened in six years. >> you're right. that prs needs to be fixed. last night you have republican tea party extremists actually celebrating on the house floor, publicly celebrating that -- michele bachmann said she got everything she wanted. other republicans who said they're delighted over shutting the government down. what they need to do is come together. let me give you an analogy here. there's clear evidence that the tail is wagging the dog and you have republicans on the other side who are irrational and not playing with a full deck. would you, if you didn't like the redesign of your kitchen, would you burn the whole house down or would you try to make modifications to the kitchen? these people have come unhinged.
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>> that's fairly rough. you are talking about people who come from districts who have constituents who don't want obama care. that's what they would say. it may be irrational, but this is our chance to make some difference here. i wanted to play for you something that senator rand paul, who is opposed to obama care, but didn't think that this was going to work. and he had a suggestion here. it's about a conference committee. >> why don't we have a conference committee on this? you could appoint one today that could meet tomorrow and hash out the differences. that's the way it's supposed to work. republicans and democrats are supposed to find a middle ground. right now it's the president saying my way or the highway. >> and, in fact, can you not look at this through the other looking glass and say, here is senator reid saying -- republicans are saying why are we the ones shutting down the government when harry reid is over there refusing to negotiate and the president won't pick up the phone?
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>> look, we could absolutely have a conference committee. in conference committees, there is give and take over an appropriations bill on the funding for the government. >> not for the cr. >> the cr is -- >> how about for this -- not a budget, but -- >> the other issue is, not to get too technical, if we don't have conference committees over the cr -- >> the government is going to shut down. >> if the government shuts down it is wholly the republicans fault because we have voted three times now for the affordable care act which has been settled for three years now. they're willing to shut the government down and deny further health care research. they're willing to close national parks. they're willing to close some head start programs all over whether or not we are going to make sure that everyone in america has access to quality, affordable health care. their amendment last night to delay obama care by a year, what it does, it would prevent people like me, who have a pre-existing
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condition as a breast cancer survivor from knowing that we have the comfort of never being dropped or denied coverage for a pre-existing condition. that is what they're willing to shut the government down over. >> if you look at what they proposed, they came back and said let's delay it for a year. they are compromising, they believe, on their side. would you look at the medical device tax, which is also there? >> we are not going to allow the republicans to hold the economy hostage over whether or not we are going to make sure that people have access to quality, affordable health care. congress passed this and the president signed it into law. we had an election in which president obama was re-elected over the central question of obama care. and the republicans won't let it go. enough already. let's move on. >> how about the medical device tax, which a lot of democrats don't like the tax on medical
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devices. they would like it repealed. how about -- and the idea that, no, we're not going to delay obama care but how about -- >> how about we don't shut the government down? as president obama has said -- so many of us have said, the implementation of anything, such as the affordable care act, will not be smooth. let's work together to iron out the kinks as they come out. let's not allow extremists in the republican party to hold our economy hostage and stall what is already a fragile recovery and prevent people from affordable health care. that's not negotiations, that's hostage taker. >> let's say speaker boehner says fine, i'll put a clean cr on the floor. he may lose more than half his caucus. are there enough republicans, quickly if, you can tell me -- enough democrats, i'm sorry, to fill in that gap? >> we'll pass a clean cr.
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absolutely. let's work together to iron out the kink. >> debbie wasserman schultz, always nice to see you. >> thank you, candy. at the crux of this congressional battle is the fate of president obama's health care law. it's a crucial week. tuesday, health insurance exchanges open for enrollment. b brianna keilar joins us at the white house. >> reporter: the biggest concern is really just getting people to be aware of this program, of obama care. you know, we talk a whole lot about it. it may be hard to imagine. a lot of folks just don't know about it. a recent poll shows two-thirds of those surveyed lack basic understanding about obama care. we found anecdotal evidence of that going out, talking to people. a lot of people don't know a whole lot. president obama has taken it
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upon himself to be the main messenger on that, holding a couple of high profile events this past week, one with former president bill clinton, another big campaign style event in maryland, reminding people to go to health that's the tag line he has been using. there are a number of other concerns as well, targeting those young, healthy people, many of whom are uninsured at this point. many of them take the risk of being uninsured because they don't get sick and make that gamble. but they are required under the law to sign up for health insurance. and it's essential to keeping costs down, because they really are healthy. so it doesn't cost a lot for their health care. a couple of other issues. the technical glitches -- we've seen some of these, for instance, in the online enrollment website for small businesses. we were expecting that to be online coming tuesday. that's been pushed back a week.
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of course, the white house is concerned that there will be bad press around some of those glitches, candy. >> busy week for you as well. thank you. former vermont governor, howard dean. let me start with the question i asked brianna. you've both been in practice. what are your long term concerns, if any about, the affordable care act? >> it won't be affordable. it's going to be sticker shock and number two, it will be harder for people to get what they wanted, the care they need from a doctor they want at lower cost. the president made a couple of promises with the exchanges and said it would be cheaper than a cell phone bill. i don't expect a lot of people to be able to find something less than $71 a month on the exchanges. people are going to be paying more. he said if you have a doctor, you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
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we've seen exchanges that trying to get the price down have had to exclude many doctors. >> governor dean, it really does seem to me -- it depends what state you're in. this is very hard to keep track of. in some states some people are saying, mine will be much lower. in other states it appears to be much higher. >> candy, the vast majority of the states affected are significantly lower, including mine. really lower, like 40% in some cases. so i would disagree with senator/dr. barasso on that. i think there will be glitches. i wasn't a big supporter of this bill. now that we're at d-day, i'm looking forward to it, and i think it will change health care. doctors always have trouble accepting. some doctors don't accept medicare. there are going to be glitches.
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none of them so far are major. we'll see. the big one is the federal exchange, where all the folks, governors who refused to become part of the -- their own state exchange are now on a big 33-state federal exchange. that's what they've got to do right. we'll see how it works. when they see what this looks like, this debate that we're having, which is outrageous, is going to look really stupid. >> you go ahead with the outrageous debate. >> exchanges are being held together with duct tape and chicken wire. >> they haven't started yet. >> we see many states, even the governor's home state of vermont is having troubles, won't be able to accept payments online. oregon is backing down. district of columbia last week said, hey, we're not ready. huge liability for fraud or identity theft on the exchanges. bottom line, it's not just an issue of will doctors still see
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patients? patients will have a hard time finding a doctor to take care of them under these exchanges in new hampshire where howard was on monday, giving a speech. we know there's an uproar because anthem blue cross/blue shield is excluding 28 hospitals from the health care and pediatricians won't be able to take care of the kids they have been taking care of. >> that does need to be taken care of but that's a fault of the new hampshire state board not affordable health care. they said the sky was going to fall and it was going to be awful. >> concierge doctors or -- >> that was happening long before this ever started. >> exactly but will we see more? some doctors say forget insurance. if you can come and pay me, write me a check -- >> there's not much of a market for t there are a couple of those in vermont. there's more in new york and
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l.a. this is what's going to happen. people are going to have a different system. the glitch in vermont and d.c. is a minimal glitch. it doesn't matter if you can pay for it today or november 1st. it doesn't go into effect until january 1st. i looked at it from the point of view of somebody who didn't like what they got in the beginning. we could sign up for something that we knew what it was and understood it more recently. we are where we are. this will be a very positive thing for the public. i think you have the desperation of kathy morris' voice that they realize once this goes into effect, people are going to like it and the right wing, very conservatives let's not spend another dime people are going to be stuck supporting another entitlement, which is really impossible. >> it's unworkable. it's unpopular. it is unaffordable for us as a nation. it's hurting jobs and the economy. i was at a health fair in
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wyoming yesterday. it is unfair. why is it that the president will give my boss a one-year delay? the bosses are getting a delay, but the workers are not. >> hold that thought. we'll come back with that. enrollment opens tuesday. the question is, will the patients sign up? my mantra? always go the extra mile. to treat my low testosterone, i did my research. my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied
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for a store near you go to i'm back with our two doctors, former vermont governor howard dean and senator john barasso. if you don't have insurance now and you're going to be offered insurance you can afford along with government subsidies to help you get it, you are better
9:22 am
off. what does it do in terms of putting 40 million new people into the marketplace for doctors and what does it do in terms of patient choices, from their point of view, what's in it? >> first of all, it doesn't put 40 million new people into the marketplace. they're in the marketplace now. it takes them out of the emergency room and keeps them from getting really sick before they go get care. the people that are most opposed to it, over 55-year-old people who have been laid off and can't get hired because nobody will take their risk and personal insurance pool. that's a problem. those people will benefit disproportionately. the other people who will benefit, which i think -- this is an unintended consequence of the law -- small businesses. they'll dump their employees into the exchange. that's a good thing. john mccain proposed it in his 2008 campaign to separate employment from health insurance. that's something the
9:23 am
conservatives have wanted to do a long time until recently. i think that will happen as a result of this bill. >> he just said small businesses are going to dump their employees, who they're currently paying for their insurance, dump them on the exchange, dump them to taxpayer funded insurances. there are lots of people who like their insurance and can't keep it because their employers are going to dump it. the people who will be most abused by this are the young people, those who will be forced to pay more than they would based on their own risk to subsidize others. >> we disagree on this. i support community rating. we've had it for 20 years in vrmt. we have a better insurance market than some states. i know a lot about this, because we did it. a lot of obama care we did in 1992. and it's worked really well. every child in our state is covered under the age of 18.
9:24 am
we have community rating. you can't charge 55-year-olds 25% above what you charge 25-year-olds. that's what's copping in obama care, something like that. >> community ratings mean you can give no incentives for people who go to the gym, who watch what they eat, who take care of themselves, who do wellness programs. no benefit of that at all. >> they will cover -- >> that's not really true. >> they will be required to have healthy care benefits. >> that's the way they do it. >> but can i -- go ahead. >> you know, this is my life, right? so, the large companies and high end small business will not dump their people into the exchange. low-end small businesses will benefit from doing that. you'll see a leveling of the playing field in the small business community between those who can afford it and who can't. in small or large businesses, fortune 500, will not do this. they use health care benefits as
9:25 am
an traction to attract employees. i think it's in the private sector. the benefit of that is that you'll see the flexibility and the ingenuity, private sector scope this thing and in some ways that none of the people who voted for it ever expected. >> are we headed to, as some democrats hope, a single payer system? by that, i mean government-funded health care insurance? >> that's what harry reid said in a discussion in nevada. he said the obama health care law is going to fail and we'll go to a single payer system, which is like the system in britain or canada where the care is free, but the waits are very long. i've operated on people from canada, who have come down because they couldn't wait. they couldn't afford to wait for their free operation. and death rates from cancer are much higher in england than the united states, because the care is delayed. >> 50 million people in this country are already in a single payer. it's called medicare.
9:26 am
that's how the canadian payer system works, basically the way our medicare works. 50 million americans are already in a single payer. >> that's a huge difference. >> it is, but it works in america for people over 65. there's no reason it can't work for more people. >> in canada, they say we're going to do this many total care joints a year and that's it. usually that's up till halloween and after that -- >> don't have joint problems after halloween in canada. hillary 2016 presidential run? build character through quality. and earn the right to be called a classic. the lands' end no iron dress shirt. starting at 49 dollars. starts with freshly-made pasta, and 100% real cheddar cheese.
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joining me today around the table, chair of the center for american progress, arthur tavs, former democratic congressman
9:32 am
from alabama, but switched to the republican party over policy differences on entitlements for health care. syndicated radio host and cnn commentator, ben. let's start with polt numbers and whether or not they affect the president's hand as we watch this fight over the possible government shutdown and the debit ceiling fight. >> well -- >> well -- go ahead. >> you're too polite. >> we're all too polite. who is it who is going in the republican party who is going to feel compelled to support him or less compelled to oppose him because his poll numbers are low? we're so divided and so factualized that, look, you want stronger poll numbers. but his party is essentially with him on keeping obama care,
9:33 am
keeping the government running, avoiding the debt ceiling. and the other party is in a different position. >> i think obama just doesn't care. it's pretty obvious. he's playing golf yesterday as a sign, i think, really, i'm not going to negotiate with you. i'll negotiate with tehran. i'll negotiate with assad and chemical weapons, terrorists, but i will not negotiate with republicans. i think that message will probably hurt those that are running for re-election that are democrats. how can you say you're willing to work with those people but you refuse to acknowledge the house of representatives? by the way, you're not in the majority there. you're in the minority. and that's a problem. >> look, he has come into this fight with the gop wanting to foment a crisis. that's what he's got. that's the story that people are hearing around america. and they had an opportunity, after the senate sent the continuing resolution back to have a clean continuing resolution, to keep the government functioning.
9:34 am
they chose again for the 43rd time to vote to defund or push off obama care and i think that the public gets that it's the republicans that are forcing this crisis. >> candy, two quick points. there's no question that obama has an incredibly weak hand. if you had said six months ago his approval rating would have been in the low to mid 40s, no one would have bought that. as a republican, i do worry about the way this debate is playing out. i think they win the substance on obama care and they've been winning the substance for three years. i'm not convinced they win the argument over the mechanics. >> shutting the government down. >> or over brinkmanship. i would much rather see them saying we, as a party, can do this better than the democrats. >> we have, though. >> not making that case, but arguing, frankly, let's leave health care alone, let's not do anything about it. >> but this is the point, though. republicans made this case and took back the house by making
9:35 am
the case that obama care was not a good thing. the american people believe that obama care is not a good thing. doctors are not out there, championing this. even members of congress are saying, i don't even know if i want to be part of this. they did make the case. the problem is that the president is not willing to negotiate. unfortunately, we live in a country for him right now where your job is to negotiate with congress. saying i refuse to negotiate, the american people will look at that and say that's not real leadership. >> you say republicans made that case, but republicans made that case in 2012. guess who got re-elected president? and the poll numbers -- >> before people read the bill. >> the poll numbers -- no, that wasn't before people read the bill. i think poll numbers that may be relevant is however obama care polls, people do not want to see a shutdown over defunding or delaying, as you say, obama care. and that's where i think you're totally right, the republican party is in a pickle. >> this is the challenge right now for republicans.
9:36 am
we win an argument over whether or not these exchanges are too complicated. we win an argument over whether the mandates are a good thing. we win an argument over all the unpredictability and whether people's premiums are going up. we win overall of that. we do not win an argument over brinksmanship and haven't won one as a party for the last 15, 16 years. i want to see where the republicans come to the table and say we can fix this, run it more efficiently and -- >> it's clear that the republican leadership did not want this brinksmanship to take place. ted cruz is now running the house. it's very clear they're forcing the government into a shutdown. >> i'll pick up on this point when we come back. we'll be talking about republic infighting. owered her fever. you raise her spirits. we tackled your shoulder pain.
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one headline posed the following question, cruz for house speaker? to convince like-minded house members to stand firm against obama care, an effort not universally appreciated. >> he is a false leader. he has led people down a false path and has been push putting pressure on conservatives republicans. >> ted cruz and the republican blow-up with our panel, next. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened
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i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doctor. ovarian and uterine cancers are gynecologic cancers. symptoms are not the same for everyone. i got sick... and then i got better. is there anyone here who has something serious to say about the health care system? >> ooirm senator ted cruz and i do not like you in a box. i do not like you with a fox. >> oh, no, not more dr. seuss. come on now. >> i speak for the trees, because the trees do not speak. but if they could speak, they would say shut down the federal government!
9:43 am
hearing a who, but all i'm hearing right now is socialism! >> the latest from "saturday night live," opening its season. we're back with ruth marcus, ben ferguson, arthur davis. the role of ted cruz has set up some real now open party feuding, certainly with senate members. and also with some members of the house. where is this headed? >> this is really incredible. if you go back to '95, '96 and the last government shutdown which knocked half a point off the gdp, at least gingrich was in charge of his caucus. now it appears that heritage action and ted cruz and the coke brothers are running the republican caucus. it's a weakness that the leadership has shown in not staring these guys down. >> it's amazing to me how
9:44 am
terrified you are of a guy that ran for the senate saying he was going to do actually what he said he was going to do. ted cruz did not come to washington, d.c. to make friends with john mccain and lindsey graham or with john boehner. he went there with the people who said this is how i'm going to get elected -- let me say this real quick. it's important. john mccain and ted cruz are two totally different people. john mccain says i don't like you because you're getting too much press. i don't like you because you're being too effective. that's what it boils down. >> personalities come and go. what's missing in the republican party right now is someone who is a credible, national figure, who is not just a columnist or pundit, like some of us, who can actually step forward and provide different conservative. there is room in the party that says yeah, we don't want to fix health care in the big, bloted way that the democrats want to do it but we do think we can
9:45 am
figure out ways of the problem of uninsured and deal with the problem of businesses and cost containment but in a better, more constructive way. issue after issue, on food stamps, there is a vision of the republican party that says we're not going to throw the program out and gut it, but we can reform it and make it better. that reform vision is missing on the national stage and that ought to be -- if it's obama against cruz, of course it's easier for republicans -- >> i think there's a lot missing on the national stage of republicans. i don't find ted cruz scary whachlt i find scary is the notion that he is in charge of the house of representatives. of course, if he became speaker -- sfle's not, though. >> if he became speaker, he might find it's not a very pleasant job. what's scary is the absence of boehner, the absence of strong republican leadership who can call the bluff of this fairly small faction of house
9:46 am
republicans. >> and yet they all voted unanimously. >> it's not small. >> i have to get a question, take advantage of john's relationship with the clintons. bill clinton, former president, was on abc this morning, talking about learning the lessons of the last election for hillary clinton in the will she run again -- he said there's lots of lessons to be learned and then he said the next one will be better. it will be different. whether she's in it or not, they're all different. and the main thing you can't do, the great trick in any human endeavor, including politics, is you must learn the lessons of your missic tas and your fail eyrures without becoming a general who fights the war. >> i think she will put off the decision to run. i hope she does. sounds like he hopes as well.
9:47 am
one thing that he said that is very much front and center right now is you have to have a vision for the country. i think she will provide that if she does run. what we're lacking right now is a vision from the republicans about where they want to take the country. even mitt romney came out against what's happening in washington right now. >> i'm going to hang on -- have you all hang on here. we're now going to go global. obama on the world stage did his overtur toward iran help him or hurt him? [ male announcer ] when you have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand. sudafed. open up.
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9:50 am
netanyahu meets with president obama at the white house tomorrow. it's raising concerns for the u.s.'s closest middle east ally. jim clancy is in jerusalem. what's on netanyahu's agenda? >> one big item, candy. turn everything around. israel is really worried that the words that broke the ice between iran and the u.s. will heat up tehran's search for nuclear -- >> i will tell the truth in the face of the sweet talk and the onslaught of smiles. one must talk facts and one must tell the truth. the prime minister will likely tell the world that while president rowhani was smiling in new york, the centrifuges were still spinning in tehran. he will compare them to north korea. he will review intelligence data
9:51 am
and try to make the case that the state that sponsors terrorism, iran, cannot be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon. candy? >> israel's options in terms of what it can and can't get the u.s. to do are what? >> his talks monday with the president certainly will underlie the fear that is iranians will be using talks to stall for time. two months ago, israel was hoping to convince the u.s. that it was best suited for conducting a military strike. last year with the syria deal, they learned they would have to go it alone. even now with iran and the u.s. talking, that appears off the table. candy? >> promise and perils of diplomacy with iran. up next. ter through quality.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
solving this issue could result in a major step forward between the united states and islamic republic of iran, based on mutual respect, helping to facilitate a better relationship between iran and the international community as well as others in the region. >> president obama friday after his phone call with the new
9:55 am
iranian president hassan rowhani, improved relationship with the iranians could sxabd throughout the middle east. we're back, john potedst, arthur davis, ruth marcus and ben ferguson. a meeting tomorrow between the president and prime minister of israel. john, i want to start with you. you met with president rowhani in a small group last week. give us your sense of this guy. there's two opinions, and this might be a break through and don't trust this guy. >> he ran and he won in the first round with the plan to fix the economy. norgd in order to do that, he has to get rid of the sanctions. he came with seriousness, but this will be a very tough negotiation. they're going to demand that the world recognize their right to enrich. i think the world is going to demand that they roll back their nuclear program. i think it will be very tough. one good sign is that the
9:56 am
supreme leader has agreed to let the foreign minister take the lead in these negotiations. he met with secretary kerry. he is a pragmatist. >> one quick point, candy. this is the price of obama's mishandling of syria. the iranian government could conclude that barack obama could not martial the country against iran unless iran were to do something openly provocative. the u.s.'s bargaining hand is weak. >> we're now on the brink of rolling back one of the largest chemical weapons in the world. >> possibly. >> did the iranians look at assad and say he was better off with chemical weapons or better off without chemical weapons? i think they look at his chemical weapons and say we're going to keep developing our nuclear weapons, because
9:57 am
chemical weapons, in a sense, are helping keep assad in power. >> iran has always had a bad history with chemical weapons. >> no, i'm saying with their agenda, it's all about economy, stupid, in iran as well as here. nonetheless, the sanctions -- the question is whether the sanctions are hitting hard enough to make it worthwhile to make them give up the nuclear program. it's not clear that that's happened yet. >> you're not dealing with sane people. that's one of the issues here. you look at iran and look at this new leader. it's kind of like reagan talking to gorbachev. a basic phone call may open up a direct dialogue. if iran can keep barack obama talking and others in our government talking, that gives them more time to get nuclear weapons. once you get them, you don't have to talk to anybody ever again in theory. that's their overall goal. the other issue is barack obama, after syria, the world does not fear him under the leadership of
9:58 am
what he's going to do. because he said here is my red line. and it didn't happen. then we go, we punt to russia, the biggest ally for syria? and now they're in charge? that makes us look incredibly weak. >> co-panelists think it's a bad move to actually destroy the chemical weapons of syria. >> can i ask you all to add -- >> the chemical weapons in syria, it's not a great move to erode the credibility of the united states. that's my concern here. >> how we got there is a process of not assembling an aggressive resolution and obama's failure to sell it in the house. it had 15 votes. >> figure israel into this mix. it, of course, has always said before they acquire nuclear weapon, we will destroy them. obviously, one of tthey want ths a partner if not in the lead. what does a possible blossoming relationship with iran do to the
9:59 am
relationship with israel? >> there is talk and diplomacy. that's a good thing. i think israelis are skeptical. they'll watch it very closely and i think the united states is skeptical, quite frankly, about whether they can get to the end game. ultimately, they must together stop iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> israel is way more cynical about whether the iranians are serious here, and they're way more skeptical about whether president obama can really be trusted to watch out for their security. so, i think with syria that makes israel that much more likely to be willing, if it's necessary for its own survivor, to act. >> own interests and they will not follow the lead of the united states on this question. >> israel is not going to be sitting there, waiting on obama. they'll now have to do what they want to do, protect themselves. >> i have to leave it there. thank you all so much for coming. ben ferguson, ruth marcus,
10:00 am
archer davis, thank you. appreciate it. sotu for analysis and if you missed any part of today's show, find us on itunes, just search state of the union. national security adviser susan rice is next for our viewers here in the united states. this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we have a very important show with two presidents and iran's only jewish member of parliament. we'll start with an exclusive interview with the national security adviser, susan rice, on iran, syria, the middle east and more. then the terror attack in kenya, somalia terror-based group carried it out. i'll talk to that country's president who says al


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